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Olly Murs

Oliver Olly Stanley Murs (born 14 May 1984 in Witham, Essex) is a British singer-songwriter, musician and TV presenter.

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It's Toni Kroos' birthday today. Still trying to work out how him and Olly Murs became best friends...
Chris Hemsworth, Olly Murs and more share their cheesy Christmas snaps - Metro
20:10 Michael McIntyre's Big Show: Featuring music from Olly Murs and Rick Astley and comedy from Al Porter.
Sarah Millican, Olly Murs, Craig David and Lady Gaga are on your tablet tonight. Alan Carr's Happy Hour C4 8pm…
Olly Murs, who sold out Thetford Forest in under an hour, is to headline Newmarket Racecourse next year - tickets …
Olly Murs at Thetford Forest is a sell out already so my mum tells me. Oops! I knew it'd happen within a day of tickets being released!
So at mum's work conferences she's kissed Olly Murs and got a selfie with Matt Edmondson. Can I be plus one next year
Olly Murs tickets for Thetford Forest concert date in 2017 sell out in an hour
20 mins until Olly Murs tickets for his gig in Northampton go on sale!! He's performing at the County Ground on 14t…
I'm done with Busted now...but quite fancy Olly Murs at Thetford Forest 🎤
True; JLS, Olly Murs and One Direction spring to mind. Where are Joe McElderry, Matt Cardle, Sam Bailey and Ben Haenow?
Who. Knew. Olly Murs on his surprise celebrity crush. (SPOILER: It's not Caroline Flack)
Michael McIntyre ordering an Uber to Basildon on Olly Murs' account!
Paul Gannon's Breakfast show starting soon! We've got Phil Collins and Olly Murs, our Song of the Week coming and more!!
Simon Cowells got some nerve; people pay for tickets for the result show on XFactor and he gets drips like Olly Murs on.
Olly Murs's album has been out since yesterday, and still no lyrics available for it!?
I'm doing history homework because I procrastinated all day😫but please could you play grow up by Olly Murs? It's my fave rn💗
Great Gatsby party tonight. Risking Olly Murs comments with the hat…
If there's one man contestants could learn from... it's Advice 👇. FULL INTERVIEW //…
Fav atm off his new STELLAR record. . Unpredictable by Olly Murs ♫
Good news, we still have wristbands available to meet Olly Murs next Wednesday
Review: Olly Murs smashes it with new album 24 HRS
Olly Murs reckons that Cheryl would have a very good looking baby:
Cat called Olly after the Murs, hope this counts.
Olly Murs gets a "bit drunk" and poses in a after a Manchester United win!
legit every song is amazing. 24 HRS (Deluxe) by Olly Murs
One day I'll be sat in a restaurant and ill hear instead of Olly Murs💜.
Olly Murs new album 24 Hrs track-by-track review: his best collection yet
I liked a video Olly Murs in Orlando 5/7 - Hey you Beautiful
Will always have a special place in my heart for Olly Murs
I won't be waiting for your call all night, no i don't need your body by my… ♫ Better Without You by Olly Murs —
Olly Murs talking about working with Niall
Trump elected, Leonard Cohen dies, and now Olly Murs has released a new album! When will this week END! FFS
is it bad that I'd rather listen to Olly Murs than Frank Sinatra?
REVIEW: smashes it with new album 24 HRS! * by via
REVIEW: smashes it with new album 24 HRS! *
We spoke to Olly Murs about how he made a breakup album that ISN'T a sad blub-fest:
"Brian Joubert, our favorite !". The commentary on Russian TV of a famous coach Tatiana Tarasova from
Olly Murs says Cheryl and Liam Payne will announce baby news 'when they feel confident':
OMG I always say that Olly Murs and Niall Horan are my ideal guys, that you can take home to your nan...AND NOW THEY'RE ON TOGETHER😍
Olly Murs: My heart goes out to Zayn.. Related Articles:
please tell me Grimmy and Olly Murs didn't just say they didn't realise 11/11 is a big day and that it just sounded cool?
Olly Murs: My heart goes out to Zayn: Olly Murs offers his support to ex-One Direction star Zayn Malik, after the… https:/…
Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight playing on now Tune In!
I keep expecting Sam Allardyce to nudge Bradley Walsh to tell him to bring on Paddy McGuinness, Olly Murs or that *** from One Direction.
Olly Murs in an England WhatsApp group with Sam Allardyce, Paddy McGuinness, Bradley Walsh, Jonathan Wilkes. 'We just talk about lad talk'
Caroline Flack teaching Olly Murs to read an autocue
Olly Murs' seems to have drawn his fashion inspiration from Jihad John.
You chase down Arsene Wenger and demand he signs Olly Murs. (via
I mean Brexit was bemusing enough but the new Olly Murs single not being Top 10 yet has taken my disbelief in British people to a new level.
Sorry, that I couldn't tag you all. Love ya all still, remember that❤️❤️ Muse, John Newman, Ed Sheeran and Olly Murs
Alan Brazil has just asked Olly Murs what it's like to play for Big Sam??! *** Genius radio!!!
Claire Bear taking a penalty & Olly Murs in the same stadium. Mia will be ecstatic.
Jack Whitehall and Olly Murs have more England appearances than Mark Noble
Niall has shown us out with his celeb friends who are also accessible (Jack Whitehall, Olly Murs) down the pub
🔉Olly Murs - Wrapped Up 🔉. This part reminds me so much of He sounds like a happy or 😃😃
Ooo bit of Olly Murs tonight sounds good to me!
Why does it feel so good, but hurt so bad? My mind keep saying run as fast as you can. -Olly Murs
I would love to see either Olly Murs or Jess Glynne :)
"Doing a lot of writing" ~ Niall in an interview before the game!
The guy on bongos looks like Olly Murs
Navy pilot charged with recording 16-year-old
Kiss Me by Olly Murs is in Tavern on Main, Snellville.
Ten-year-old with cystic fibrosis who is awaiting a double lung transplant meets her...
. Olly murs. Danny the script . Drake bell . DM value? Do you know ty
Olly Murs. - underrated overall. - loves to sport. - enjoys a good meal. - could/should squish my head with his thighs http…
Soccer Aid 2016: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to boss Olly Murs and Louis...
So Robbie Williams, Olly Murs, Marvin Humes, Louis Tomlinson & Mark Wright were part of Oh to be in that locker room.
Serge Pizorno playing footy against Olly Murs, Louis Tomlinson and Mark Wright. surely it's 2 tempting to go in 2 footed
📽 | Niall, Olly Murs and the rest of the team at the Coldplay’s concert tonight!
Niall with Olly Murs and Mark Wright last night (3 June). -C
That fan also met Olly Murs, Marvin Humes & Robbie Williams. So Niall & Louis were with the people from the 👌
Niall and Louis with Olly Murs, Marvin Humes, Jack Whitehall, Danny Jones and others recently for Soccer Aid 💪
Alicia Keys, Olly Murs, Andrea Bocelli & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are just some of the Stars of at tonight's final
You go out on the raz with Olly Murs, your best is, with tight trousers on and end up having a kebab on Tim Lovejoy's sofa.
Louis, Olly Murs and Robbie Williams' training kit for Soccer Aid 💖
NEW || The jackets that Louis, Robbie Williams, and Olly Murs will be wearing next week during Soccer Aid training! htt…
What's more embarrassing having Eamon Holmes or Olly Murs as Utd fans ?
Robbie Williams (Danny Jones, Olly Murs, Louis Tomlinson) VS Niall Horan (and his team..) Who's going to win?
We've still got spaces for Olly Murs & 80's Tribute Night on Saturday 4th June. . Great live music plus a 3 Course...
Emma Willis to replace Olly Murs and Caroline Flack as The X Factor's new host?
Perrie & Olly Murs always seemed to have good chemistry on the Xtra Factor. Should they date?.
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Wrapped Up by Olly Murs feat Travie McCoy
Sunday Brunch, do you really have to refer Olly Murs every time you fold something, & Richard Blackwood when you zest? It's getting so old 🙄
Caroline Flack denies she and Olly Murs no longer speaking because 'Olly knew about X F...
George Lucas as in Lucas Arts creator. Olly Murs the singer. Miranda Cosgrove the actor.
Zayn is great friends with One Direction touring buddy Olly Murs and describes him as “like an older brother.” Bless!
I know this love is heading in the same direction. ♫ Up (feat. Demi Lovato) by Olly Murs —
Lol dermot is back to X factor following olly murs and Caroline Flacks horrendous performance last year amazing
Even in his older years and might I add playing in a charity game, Legend Jaap Stam upends Olly Murs https:/…
Hi come on you yellows Wembley is going to be awesome can you play dear darling by olly murs For my partner Mark matzen
Electronic Device Insurance
This time last year I was in Sheffield for olly murs 😿😿
I don't even want to look at my timehop because a year ago today was Olly Murs😥
play treasure by Bruno Mars and troublemaker by olly murs
The Celebrity Smile from yesterday was indeed OLLY MURS well done to all who got it right
I added a video to a playlist Olly Murs - Kiss Me (Official Video)
Wrapped Up by Olly Murs Featuring Travie McCoy is in Room 21, Stockton On Tees. Download it now at
i'm sure i read that Olly Murs once did the same thing, only his mum preferred the cardboard cut-out as it had more personality
please can I have tickets for the Olly murs gig?😂 it was worth a try asking
lol a year ago today I was meant to see olly murs and we couldn't get parking BC the weather so went home instead
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing Olly Murs - Thinking Of Me on.
Wow! Olly Murs his eye socket & started barfing the power of larynx.
Person: "I don't like Olly Murs". Me: don't let the door hit you on your way out
Olly Murs - Never Been Better. Download it now at
Dermot O'Leary replaces Olly Murs and Caroline Flack on The X Factor, adopts a more...
Ora in onda su FormatRadio by : Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight seguici anche su #
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Olly Murs, James Franco stop it, just stop it. 'I'm 20% *** 'I'm *** up to intercourse.' You are straight get over it..
Olly Murs dancing like David Brent has completely baffled us...
New || Niall and Olly Murs at the Manchester United vs Liverpool match yesterday (via
I've said it before but I'll say it again. Olly Murs, Jeff Brazier, James Hill. I have the most basic taste in men (but i like it).
maybe we could see Paloma Faith or Olly Murs too??And then have a threesome obvs xx
Who shot Simon Cowell? Amanda Holden, Olly Murs and Louis Walsh are all in the frame...
Olly Murs has reunited with Claude Kelly of Louis York for his upcoming fifth album. The pair…
I will always support Charlie Puth, Hunter Hayes and Olly Murs. That's all.
Olly Murs reunites with Claude Kelly of Louis York for fifth album
Trading Sam Smith, Barbara Palvin and Olly Murs dms offer me :)
Tune in and sing along to Wilson Phillips, Shawn Mendes, Phil Collins and Olly Murs! has four big songs
Olly Murs to replace Jason Orange in Take That lineup?!...
It's kicking off I'm my house, all because Dad glued a picture of Abby Clancy over Mum's Olly Murs calendar 😂😂😂
Text Santa viewers call for Caroline Flack and Olly Murs to 'get off the TV for good'...
haylor-daily: In an interview today, Olly Murs confirmed that Harry is dating Taylor. During a game of ‘Avoid…
Olly Murs wants Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams and Michael Buble for Rat Pack show
10:00 Graham Norton: Graham is joined by singer Olly Murs and actor Gina McKee.
Olly Murs wants to create his own Rat Pack with Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow …
Olly Murs wants to group adult with Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow...
I'd ditch Olly Murs and have Jay Mcguiness on X factor. Jay was great on Loose women and mega handsome
star Olly Murs to replace Jason Orange in lineup?!
I mean I'm really dying to know Olly Murs or any other mediocrities public view on is...NOT!!
Another Game Changers show this time with brilliant guest.
"I swear you're giving me a heart attack. Troublemaker!"
I'll be the one to cross over. Just tell me it's not the end of the line ♫ Up (feat. Demi Lovato) by Olly Murs —
I never meant to break your heart and i won't let this plane go down.. I never meant to make… ♫ Up by Olly Murs —
Such sad news hearing that David Bowie has passed away! His impact in my life growing up and my families is crazy! Simply…
Watch the official music video for Olly Murs' new track 'Stevie Knows'
I'm listening to STEVIE KNOWS by Olly Murs on
Had a dream I had an argument with Olly Murs and refused to listen to his music again. Strange yeah.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
'DJ Ashley Young' reveals to Olly Murs he only plays Funky ... -
now excuse me if i sound rude, but i love the way that you move and I see me over you now 🎶🎶🍭 ~ Olly Murs
Trouble troublemaker, yeah.. That`s your middle name, oh oh.. I know you`re no good but you`re stuck in my brain.. | Olly Murs feat Flo Rida
Olly Murs to perform with Take..., Olly Murs will perform with Take-Oh YES it's
Never mind Britain. We've still got Olly Murs and Busted.
Olly Murs to perform with Take That -
Lemmy and Bowie. And we're left with likes of Olly Murs. Life just got a whole lot more vanilla.
Olly Murs will join Take That in Hyde Park this summer.
Jodelle ferland: I got sad news to report: David Bowie the mighty singer of England is dead he had a mystery cancer. He was 69. Rest in peace musical brother. You outshine Taylor swift, one direction, and Miranda Cosgrove combined!
X Factor's Olly Murs soaks up the sun after kissing mystery girl
If can have Ola Jordan then i can have Olly Murs 😍😍…
Olly murs - stevie knows puts me in the best mood!!!
you are an amazing singer Olly Murs I love your song troublemaker
30 minutes non-stop with Olly Murs, Charlie Puth, All Saints and more. Tune in to the Mix!
SADFACE EMOJI x 10: Olly Murs MIGHT NOT be single any more:
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Olly Murs kisses mystery Caroline Flack lookalike while on holiday in Barbados
Olly Murs plans to form all-star 'Rat Pack' with Robbie Williams, Michael Buble and Gary Barlow
I'm listening to mucic and that sax and I'm going to see olly murs
Watch the moment Olly Murs kisses Caroline Flack look-a-like as he parties on lads holiday in ...
He entered 2016 as a single man after splitting from his girlfriend of three years in September.But Olly Murs...
Olly Murs kicks off the New Year by enjoying a VERY passionate smooch with blonde beauty…
Olly Murs sees in 2016 with a passionate New Year's kiss as he parties in…
Throwback when Mourinho ran on the pitch to tackle Olly Murs 😂😂
Olly Murs wants Robbie Williams and Michael Buble for Rat Pack-style show
Olly Murs wants to team up with Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow
Olly Murs to form a Rat Pack super gang?
Just caught the end of the John Bishop Christmas thing to see Olly Murs, Kylie & Ian Rush singing last Christmas on stage
Have I just seen Ian Rush on stage with Olly Murs and Kylie Minogue?
Tess Daley's clearly had an Olly Murs moment on Strictly.surely read out 3rd for 1st!
X Factor presenter Caroline Flack: 'I nearly had sex with Olly Murs'
Caroline Flack admits she nearly had sex with Olly Murs, say wha?
Caroline Flack and Olly Murs certainly don't help themselves with these rumours, do they? https:/…
'Not our fault': X Factor host Caroline Flack distances herself and Olly Murs from latest gaffe
X Factor hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack in another massive gaffe
Confident there'll be no mistakes tonight ... Olly Murs and Caroline Flack have a 50-50 chance of announcing the right winner
Caroline Flack distances herself and Olly Murs from the latest gaffe...
Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs is in Anytime Fitness Demo. Download it now at
Olly Murs left hanging by Caroline Flack as the pair fool around backstage at
& FOLLOW by 4th Dec to win a signed Olly Murs book UK Only
I can’t listen to Olly Murs on without thinking of the Norman Wisdom crossover impression that does of him
X Factor host Olly Murs appeared on Alan Carr Chatty Man this week. He admitted he thought his Monica Michael blunder, where he announced
Olly Murs is basically Paul Nicholas for the 21st century. Completely inoffensive.
Simon Cowell 'isn't a fan' of Olly Murs and Caroline ...
Why were Olly Murs and Harry Styles so weird with each on The X Factor last night?
Jennifer Lawrence sweetly handles awkward interview as Olly Murs tries to flirt with her
Olly Murs reveals he's just learned what the word 'penultimate' means and hopes to use it in a sentence before the end…
If really wanted to win at the weekends, they'd replace Olly Murs with John Craven. Have you seen the ratings for Countryfile?
on Voice FM Army of Two - Olly Murs, Forever in the Friendzone - Suburban Legends...
Harry Kewell and Olly Murs on Soccer AM this weekend. I'd rather spend a Saturday morning with Islamic State
is that Olly Murs and Dean Gaffney in the band?
Trouble maker -Olly Murs . Im in love with this song ♡
Help I'm falling into my annual Andy Grammar & Olly Murs obsession
Olly Murs 'splits from long-term girlfriend Francesca Thomas'. via he's back on the market
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