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Olivia Pope

Olivia Carolyn Liv Pope is a fictional character played by Kerry Washington, created by Shonda Rhimes and partially based on Judy Smith for the political drama television series Scandal.

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Look at how long she had these valdaya shippers and zevor shippers going back and forth, talk…
happy olivia pope is a concept I stan
Popcorn and wine for dinner ...becoming Olivia Pope
"Remember this. You don't take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope takes you"
I miss when tv shows used to do cross overs... I'd love to see olivia pope walk in on how to get away with murder.
yeah, i don't watch Scandal. Oops. But we thought Olivia Pope wanted to "walk in the sun" with Tony Goldwyn, not Noel.
The one on the left holds a full bottle and the one on the right is the same one Olivia Pope uses!
Imagine If Annalise Keating was Ghost's lawyer & Olivia Pope fixed his & his familys' reputation 😩
At this point the orange *** could bring on Olivia Pope, Ray Donovan and Harvey Keitel from Pulp Fiction and he would still be impeached!
For the record this glass holds 1/2 a bottle of wine. Olivia Pope would be proud. All gone.
9. Mellie Grant. - nothing but respect for MY president. - loves olivia pope. - should rule the whole world with olivia. - needs a b…
Btw, Ur wardrobe is ALWAYS on point, too!🔥🔥 "Maxine" is like the "Olivia…
how many people have told u that u look like Olivia Pope?
Update: Dad pulled through and convinced my mom to let us get the kitten. Everyone, meet Olivia Pope 💕
I'd deadass hire Olivia Pope as my lawyer over Annalise
OLIVIA POPE: Who is this?. OFFICIAL: I'm with the New York City subway--. OLIVIA POPE: Oh *** no
Tonight I'm having the Olivia pope diet
My bougie self loves wine get me some crate and barrel Olivia pope wine glasses and I'll be set 😭
Imagine Proctor and Olivia Pope working together. 🔥🔥 Liv got them contacts, so she don't need him, but still. That would be fire
My motto for the week is "It's handled" Olivia Pope style! After a great weekend I'm ready to…
Olivia Pope at the end of Scandal's finale... absolutely stunning!
good day Ma. Here's an article I wrote, I'd like to share with u. Pls share with others.
Ghost needs Annalise to step in as his lawyer and Olivia Pope to do media damage control at this point b
Molly . Meredith grey. Olivia Pope . Lily aldrin. Lexie (tvd). Yang (Cristina yang lol don't know any actually beginning with y)
i neevr thought i'd see the day where Olivia Pope showed her love for Fitz like this. i am speechless.
Olivia Pope did what she has always wanted to do, she was finally able to kiss the man she loves out in the open. http…
correction I suddenly stan Quinn Perkins, Olivia Pope, and Abby Whelan and I'm only on ep 5
Annalise Keating has Frank, Olivia Pope has Huck. Wish can create a version of them that fits my life.
Shiaaate the best piece of acting I've seen all year Khandi Alexander aka Olivia Pope's mother killing that scene. Wow. Scandalous!
They call me Olivia Pope cause I stay with the Fitz
Jirre if it not Jackson Avery then it is Olivia Pope
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Bye, Olivia Pope is running the county now.
Olivia Pope's father is the best thing that has happened to the world after sliced bread!
Am I the only one that hasn't forgotten that Olivia Pope'scrazy momma is still out there? ..
[Author: karen-mizoguchi] Kerry Washington‘s alter ego Olivia Pope and the Scandal writ...
Olivia Pope may have been based off a black woman but that's about where it ends. She acts like sage steele
Sit down, Olivia Pope. No scandal here: Tony Goldwyn is happily married and definitely not dating Huma Abedin:…
While watching Confirmation I kept hoping Anita Hill will turn into Olivia Pope and take Thomas down. Kerry Washington is a brilliant actor
"I am not going to let you come for me!! NOT TODAY!!!" . The hood in Olivia Pope came out to play, and I LOVE IT!!!
If you watch Suits and Scandal, Answer me this.. Who's wardrobe is better? Jessica Pearson or Olivia Pope?
Why Olivia Pope's look is more relevant than ever.
I am ready for this season of Scandal. Cyrus Beene vs Olivia Pope? It's going to be lit!
lol I should be the next Olivia Pope
Mary Jane ,Olivia Pope and Annalise Keatings . . All the women in us . Be very afraid!
Events in America don't seem to have bothered Olivia Pope and Dr Abigail Bartlet as much as I thought they would.
Yo hoy: "I was raised by two beautiful, empowered, independent strong women". Mi amigo: "your moms?". Yo: "no, Olivia Pope a…
have a bottle of wine and popcorn a la Olivia Pope
Papa Pope and Jake are in play. Olivia's hair is too tight. Gut can't work if brain can't breathe.
Afternoon discussion on Annalise Keating Vs Olivia Pope with a good friend is Everything.
I aspire to be Olivia Pope some day
Olivia pope: Crisis management and seller of vape juice??
I watched tonight, and it seems like Olivia Pope is finally back to her old, gladiator in a suit self.
This is master level PR. The baby's name is Trump! This is Olivia Pope-level.
Olivia Pope has the worst parents ever. ***
drinking game: when Olivia Pope tells someone she doesn't have a relationship with the Fitz, drink 5 bottles of wine & scream internally
Whoever does Olivia pope's sew in on scandal is a god
Olivia Pope is coming for the Oval Office.
America needs Olivia Pope white hat type magic. We need gladiators. Show us the way
Crying over Olivia Pope and the president.
Thank you Olivia Pope/for being the bff Lucas, Pat, and I ever asked for. Happy 40th bday, here's…
Kerry Washington was born in January. I was also born inJanuary. It makes perfect sense that Olivia pope is my spirit animal 💁🏾
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I swear Olivia Pope is always power walking
I want Olivia Pope and her gladiators to do some thorough background research on
Where's Olivia Pope when we need her
'Cyrus will go to prison and Mellie will become our next president.' I'm really counting on Olivia Pope to deliver this.
I would love to be as heartless as Olivia Pope likes to think she is lol
I think this is the season we really see how badass Olivia Pope really is. That ending with her walking out smiling was too good. 👏🏼
Every time Rowan Pope tells Olivia "I'm your father", I want to punch him in his face.
The series of episodes where Olivia Pope gets kidnapped causes THE MOST stress and anxiety...Idk if Shonda is a genius…
Part of the episode of scandal I'm watching was filmed in the hotel we stayed at in LA omg I'm basically Olivia Pope
Rachel reminds me of Olivia Pope and I adore her.
Kerry Washington is so much more than just Olivia Pope
Olivia Pope. - Beauty Queen. - A legend of the feminist variety . - Ran the White House and the President . - No one reads people…
So Is Olivia Pope gonna save us anytime soon or is she busy with the Cyrus thing still?
Explain how you want your life to be rn — Like Being Mary Jane love life or Olivia Pope love ...
reminds me of when Olivia Pope just ditched DC and ran off to a desert island. Heh
I feel like Olivia Pope ... my gut is never wrong
Olivia Pope's dad needs to GTFO.Cyrus can go with him too
Maybe Olivia Pope is right now coming up with a plan that will save us all
I want someone to love me like Fitz Grant loves Olivia Pope
Feeling very Olivia Pope and decided to spend my night enjoying some red wine, popcorn, and
I thought the worst couple on TV. Then I came across Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant. Gahhh.
Olivia Pope and Carrie Bradshaw would definitely be friends
Er was that Jenna Bush from my high school cross-country team interviewing Olivia Pope from Scandal?
I thought I couldnt hate anymore more than Olivia Pope and Alicia Florrick. I was wrong. I hate Clark from The 100 the most. 🙄
Olivia Pope is in Mr. and Mrs. Smith... mind blown.
Wardrobe goals is a mix of Jessica Pearson and Olivia Pope
I would love to live a day in the life of Olivia Pope on the show Scandal. . If you could trade lives with any...
Watching scandal makes me wonder what the government is hiding from us and how much they've lied. Call me Olivia Pope and bring me a Fitz.
If Olivia Pope can't survive how will I?
Why this look like the Great Value version of Olivia Pope and Fitz from Scandal 😂
Olivia Pope got side *** thinking they can make it lol. Let me find out. I'm takin everyone out lol
We don't joke about Olivia Pope getting kidnapped
Can someone please tell me how to become Olivia Pope cause that's all I want in my life
So I finally started Scandal, and Olivia Pope is literally goals.
Fiercest Olivia Pope poster yet if I do say so myself. 🔥
My Gmom called Olivia pope a home wrecker 😩
I would love to meet Olivia Pope tho
Christmas gift idea for me: Olivia Pope sized wine glasses 🎁🍷
On the last of many trains home. Long day. But it's worth it to get back to my kitten, Olivia Pope. I just wish she would…
Can't decide if I am capable of being Olivia Pope or Annalise Keating.
I want Olivia Pope to smack me upside the head with her nude Prada saffiano tote
I need to meet with Kerry Washingtons stylist for 'Olivia Pope' .. I gotta shake their hands.
I actually miss watching Arrow.. I think its time to visit Oliver Queen!😁. Been very busy with Olivia Pope eh.. 😅
I've watched every episode of Scandal. to be a fixer just like Olivia Pope. "Gladiators, let's make Hi…
is our Olivia Pope!🙌 This Collection is for Boss Ladies Only!Thanks to for an amazing job on th…
- I'm sure they will find a way to protect him. Either defer until he's out of office or make it go away (Olivia Pope)😂
Anybody else waiting for an Olivia Pope & /or Jack Bauer plot twist before January 20th? Like Trump was on mission to capture Russian spies?
I have one question, was I the only looking for Olivia Pope when Trump won? We need fixing.
Belle's facial expressions so annoying.. She and Olivia Pope.. Can't stand them
Literally just became besties! Lol Vibing w/ my girl Olivia Pope I mean before htt…
It's always great to see how we can take popular TV shows today and learn from them in our careers…
Who you love should not be a secret👌🏼 - Olivia Pope
5 times Olivia Pope was our style icon💗
lol this man came in my job and was like you look like Olivia pope
Maybe you SY Pope, Olivia's lost little brother!
Olivia pope would have never let this happen
I hope to one day have a place as gorgeous at Olivia Pope's apartment.
feel like Olivia Pope writing this media law essay
Olivia Pope, closest thing to my fixing and strong mind. Mellie has no spine, she's just ornamental in my opinion
Based purely on character and personality, would you rather be like Mellie Grant or Olivia Pope?
Roxane *** says characters in Marvel's 'World of Wakanda' were inspired by Olivia Pope & 'Scandal' htt…
Really wanted to get Olivia Pope, but apparently I'm C.J. Cregg... I guess I'll have to start watching The West Win…
I love Scandal and I love Olivia Pope with all my heart
I keep hoping that somewhere in the world there's an Olivia Pope wearing a white coat & hustling like *** to undo the horr…
I really look up to Olivia pope , most inspirational character ever ! 🙌🏿
if Corey Booker runs in four years I WILL BE his Olivia Pope!
Madam secretary is filling an Olivia pope shaped hole in my heart. And it's doing a very good job of it.
I changed my name to Olivia Pope at work to see how many Americans would notice, & the only ones who noticed were the ppl sitting next to me
Little sister just said Olivia Pope looks like Obama I'm furious 😄🙃
Olivia Pope monologues remind me who tf i am
Where is Olivia Pope to fix this election ?!?!
"Mediocrity isn't an option for me. I don't want that & neither should you." - Olivia Pope
Olivia Pope wouldn't have let this happen to us.
OLIVIA POPE is trending. But Olivia Pope is not real. Whats real is the need for love today. LOVE yourself. Take CARE…
Olivia Pope said she don't need Jake or Fitz.. She got her wine and her box of records Rowan left 😭 ht…
I swear my future self is going to be a semi Olivia Pope. . Y'all wait & see! 😊
For those thinking its about being olivia pope
no wonder Olivia Pope drinks so much wine
clue 4: I wore an Olivia Pope/Hillary WHITE PANTSUIT to Donald's speech
I'm officially Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory and I need Olivia Pope to hold me but even she's like
I need Olivia Pope and her team to pull another defiance for Hillary like they did for Fitz because I just can't right now…
Mererith Grey - "Yes Alex, I called Olivia Pope and she is coming with Annalise Keating. You will not go to jail." http…
Is Mark Ruffalo single? What about Bradley Cooper? Ooo Brad Pitt?!! Olivia Pope needs to set Huma Abedin up with someone exciting STAT.
Hillary Clinton is our Olivia Pope, our Jedi master, our pillar of strength in a white Ralph Lauren suit.…
Angelina Jolie is working with the real-life Olivia Pope on her divorce from Brad Pitt:
i know. I emailed Lupita's team and Judy Smith (the woman who they based Olivia Pope on)
Wait. Democrats are blue. Republicans are red. Olivia Pope would’ve never let this happen.
This reminds me that Olivia Pope is "based" on Judy Smith.
Jane's squad consists of Ari Gold's wife, Olivia Pope and Emma from Once Upon A Time.
thoughts I have while half asleep: where's the real Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard to "handle" Trump?. 😂
I wonder when something go down in the White House do they call somebody like Olivia Pope
Did Shonda Rhimes also produce this white suit because it is some Olivia Pope fierceness
Morgan Freeman narrates a Shonda Rhimes-produced video of Hillary. We’re waiting for Olivia Pope to make a cameo.
"Honey's story is a reflection of a code-switching black millennial who can quote Olivia Pope or drop kwaito lyrics from Doc Shebeleza"
Wait? Nobody told me Judy Smith (The real Olivia Pope) and Tika Sumpter joined the Deaconess…
Please please Judy Smith.. don't you dare answer any calls from Trump staffers don't let them Olivia Pope their way out of this
So attorney Judy Smith (The real life Olivia Pope) and actress Tika Sumpter are now my ??? Welcome to the...
Olivia Pope and Mellie Grant are truly the dynamic duo
Mellie Grant and Olivia Pope are literally who I want to be.
Am I the only one that thinks Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope should cross paths in an episode
Olivia Pope and Emma Swan are in Mr. and Mrs. Smith! It all starts with little roles!
Strongly believe them Frank Underwood/Olivia Pope schemes be happening in real life politics
Again I say. Olivia Pope ain't got nothing on Frank Underwood.
I always think I Kerry Washington can't act then I realised I can't stand how well she plays this irritating Olivia Pope character
i don’t know whos worse, Ally McBeal or Olivia Pope. Both women have so many issues they could have their own daily publication
the writing on this show has become such TRASH. i miss Judy Smith so much. i miss the OG Olivia Pope nw we hav Olivia Rhimes
Do you watch Just interviewed Judy Smith, the inspiration for Olivia Pope, at the
Going to hear from the ORIGINAL Olivia Pope, Judy Smith, talk about crisis management and the…
Olivia Pope from the TV show "Scandal" is based on Judy Smith, a crisis manager for Monica Lewinsky, Enron, and Michael Vick, among others.
Man had Annalise Harvey Specter Mike Ross and Olivia Pope all in his defence team
See real-life Olivia Pope: at the Bush Center this Thurs. 6/16 to talk Tickets & more info:
Olivia Pope! Apparently she fixes everything. If not... I have Mona Scott Young on speed dial!
It's a dark twist, like making Alicia Florrick a victimizer with the slap - except this Olivia Pope story had substantial buildup.
Soo today I got called Lisa Raye twice and Olivia Pope once.why are they whilin' ?
I love Lorelai Gilmore so much she's basically Olivia Pope with a sense of humor and less daddy issues
i would go straight up Olivia Pope crazy *** daddy on their entire family!
"Olivia Pope is amazing as they say" -Harrison she knows how to chair a meeting! 😂😳
Olivia Pope in the making "blessee wants Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa:
I need a tape of Olivia Pope's speeches playing in a loop for when I'm stressed out 🙌🏼
Eli Pope, Olivia Pope and Cyrus are evil thou ha!!! 😳😳😳
Wow. Olivia Pope stood up against command, her father, Eli Pope. Interesting!
anything else is how she's made The formidable ( sic ) Olivia Pope into a subservient, abused black woman.
A criminal is okay for a black female lead, but not Mellie. people don't give a *** about Olivia Pope.
Misty Knight in an Olivia Pope's style dress, done ! with and
What can I major in to be Olivia Pope when I grow up?
If Thomas somewhat had Judy Smith in his corner, Anita should've had Olivia Pope. Just imagine. That would've been WILD!
Ernestine play wifey right by giving Tom that boost of confidence. Ernestine related to Olivia Pope somehow
When I first got into I was all about Olivia Pope but now that I'm watching it again I'm all about Mellie Grant!
omg, you're right. I'm so glad. It looked like some sort of wool white coat that Olivia Pope would rock.
goals: the power Olivia Pope has over these white men who are desperately in love with her
521. Olivia Pope still working for Mellie Grant. I still don't get it. Why working for a woman like that??
Olivia Pope threw a wall up quicker than Donald Trump and made Jake pay for it.
If I were Olivia Pope and I were going to Jake's wedding, I'd wear red, not black. Lucy Coe style.
Yay for bad *** Salsa and let's hope she goes Olivia Pope on Ramsey and takes back the North.
Scandal is great, but Judy Smith isn't Olivia Pope. The white hat is fictional.
But really, seeing Judy Smith working to help Thomas in was jarring. A reminder that there's a real person behind Olivia Pope
Wow! The Press Secretary for Bush was Judy Smith (the real Olivia Pope) during the Clarence Thomas appointment. So Scandal is super real.
Whoa! There's Judy Smith - the real life Olivia Pope while Kerry Washington is playing Anita Hill. That's so weird!
Hey Judy Smith is in this movie and that's who Olivia Pope is based off of as Kerry Washington plays Anita Hill
Olivia Pope teaches us how to flawlessly dump a boy in 5...4...3...2...1.
my favorite gif bc I'm at this phase in my life and Olivia pope 🙃
It's only season one, but Alex Parrish has three bodies already. She keep this up she gonna be the Olivia Pope of the FBI 😂😂😂
Olivia Pope saves lackluster second-half of 'Scandal' season 5: ... phase and has run back into the arms of Ja...
Thanks boo, time to get my Olivia Pope on
A Q&A with Kerry Washington on and mastering time management.
got distracted by amazing Olivia Pope and watched 5 episodes instead of 1
So who would you rather be?. Jessica Pearson or Olivia Pope? . I'm talking in terms style, confidence and perhaps. aura
Still in awe of performance in Her mannerisms, speech pattern were spot on Anita H. No sign o…
When Olivia Pope gets that mischievous look in her eyes you know she's thought of some sick plan
nah...he pulled a Fitz and tried to have his side piece. Monica gets dragged just like Olivia Pope.
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Olivia Pope is outright savage with Mellie's campaign.
I have three different kinds of popcorn in my pantry right now. I feel like Olivia Pope.
Happy, happy, happy birthday to the Leslie Knope to my Ben Wyatt, the Olivia Pope to my Fitz…
I wanna be Olivia pope and fix things but I won't lower my pride for anyone!
I want to be as good as Olivia Pope at my profession when I grow up.
Ísland needs Olivia Pope to manage this fkn scandal
I want to be Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope
I wonder if there are actually people out there like Olivia Pope
okay!!! 😂😂😂 "if you want me, earn me!" -Olivia Pope is my new motto. Because clearly I give the wrong *** a chance 😂😂
"What's your aspiration in life?" . To be the Olivia Pope of the world with a cute pug by my side.
Olivia Pope will not be taken advantage of.
I want a guy to look at me like Fitz looks at Olivia Pope in scandal
So Olivia Pope is a murderer now. Scandal u crazy.
Who is the Olivia Pope behind hillary's campaign making her win domino games in Harlem brehhh
Shonda wouldn't have killed Olivia Pope & expected Fitz to be enough.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Whole time I was watching Confirmation I was waiting for "Olivia Pope" to take stand; subtle, timid, yet firm Anita Hill was played well tho
if it were socially acceptable at 18 to wear blazers and dress like olivia pope every day I would
WOW! Look at those acting chops! You are way more than Olivia Pope. Enjoyed your performance immensely.
Olivia Pope confirmed and back at it 😇
Omg, im literally crying, Olivia Pope me tiene mal :(((
All five of those lawyers washing Olivia Pope with ease save me the smalls
All scrap gotta do is call Olivia pope
My face when people reference Olivia Pope
If Bernie pulls it off, Jeff Weaver is the real life Olivia Pope.
Olivia Pope:. -the beyonce of television characters . -iconic . -layered woc . -unapologetic af. -will roast anyone
Women to look up to:. Annalise Keating, Jessica Pearson, Olivia Pope. Now adding, Leni Robredo.
Kerry Washington may be best known as political fixer Olivia Pope in ABC’s hit drama “Scandal,” but for her latest role,…
Ben should have beat him how Olivia Pope beat the ex-vice prez in last weeks epi of
Yo I hate Olivia Pope. She's been irking my nerves for a while now
Preview campaign ad BEFORE Olivia Pope uses the dirt she's got on the Veep. Watch the ad:
I'm reading a crisis management PR book from the Harvard Business School. Until I have my very own real-life Olivia Pope, it's
"... I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me! Until then, we are done." - Olivia Pope to Pres. Fitzgerald Grant
Whenever I get a puppy I will name (if a girl) it Olivia Pope. For a boy, Fitzgerald Grant 😍
Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (first step is keeping him away from Olivia Pope tbh)
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