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Oliver Wood

Oliver Wood is an English cinematographer.

Harry Potter Sean Biggerstaff Moaning Myrtle Yule Ball Steve Irwin George Weasley Doug Henning Draco Malfoy Ron Weasley Wood Brothers Neville Longbottom Lee Jordan Tom Riddle Percy Weasley Gilderoy Lockhart Colin Creevey

Also movie Oliver Wood is so cute & probably lives in a tiny fishing village where he used a rowboat for practical purposes
I have morning wood like a Oliver Twist dude I'm so happy
Who's going to the Filling Pieces, Wood Wood, Oliver Peoples, Stutterheim, Norse Projects + more sample sale?
I think we'd better check with Puddlemore United whether Oliver Wood's been killed during a training session
Oliver Wood is a total nutter. I love it.
Oliver wood you're the keeper to my heart 💕
Salford hooker Josh Wood had to drive over on his own from Wigan before the game when it became clear Kriss Brining mig…
When you realise you chose the right place to travel. More at (Photo: Oliver G…
Your camerawork was pretty impeccable. Shades of Oliver Wood's Bourne stuff.
Hermione (Duh) or Sexy Oliver Wood. (tbh tho Sirius is a close second and so is the Ron/Fred/George combo of my dreams.)
Never gonna get over my crush on Oliver Wood. 😍
"Relatively uninspiring as far as tech house goes. ★★" - Me. Listen to my first bit of music ever:
just had this image of Percy explain sex Ed to Fred & George...! *imagines Oliver Wood teaching sex ed!*
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Sean Biggerstaff aka Oliver Wood is woke af? It's the best and I love it.
Watching Harry Potter Told Brian how we all had crushes on Oliver Wood in school & made *** jokes about the last name. He's horrified
Kept on watching Sorcerer's Stone because of Oliver Wood. ☺️💞
Oliver Wood's one second eyebrow raise in the Sorcerer's Stone is the best part of the entire movie fight me on this I dare you
Either you had a crush on Oliver Wood. Or you're lying
I still have a crush on Oliver Wood from Harry Potter 😂
It's already may 14 2016 and oliver wood is still underrated
Oliver Wood: Thank you so much for the…
Also can we just take a second to recognize Oliver Wood for giving the best pep talk in HP1
Always had a crush on Oliver Wood from HP 😍
Why isn't there an Oliver Wood yet ?!
I'd let Oliver Wood be my Keeper, whatta babe
He's, like, a combination of Oliver Wood and Harry Potter himself personality wise. . Gryffindor
no reason in getting foster we have Gordon, wood head and Oliver
Okay, kitten names: Oliver (Wood), Neville, and Sirius. I'm giving in re: naming the girl Luna, although if she's huge: Madame Maxine.
Much like when Oliver Wood graduated, our house Quidditch team has a new captain.
Casting for Giants: Fly-Fishing for Monsters with Oliver White via
Friend: who's oliver wood?. Another friend: just a character from Harry Potter. Me: 😳😳
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'Unionist' Conservative and UKIP AM's vote with Plaid Cymru in attempting to make Leanne Wood Welsh First Minister
"You catch it before the other team seeker." - Oliver Wood
Remember when Oliver Wood made his team practice like crazy & they won the Quidditch cup his 7th year at Hogwarts https:…
Whip ain't got no gas tank but it still got wood grain
this seem to be Flower Boys of Hogwarts? Theodore Nott , Oliver Wood , Cedric Diggory and Roger Davies
Thrilled to have been able to find a beautiful English pheasant head hazel wood knobstick at Oliver Brown, Chelsea.
Jamie Oliver shows you how to cook steak in a wood fired oven -
Why does Oliver Wood look like a young Brendon Urie
Draco, George, Seamus, Tonks, Lupin, Oliver Wood, Colin Creevey are a few of the names that spring to mind.
If the 4 is Oliver Wood then I'll go with that xD
Would you be able to block the rings from Slytherin? . Oliver Wood
Oliver wood burns me so much for some reason i really don't know why he just does he makes me mad
Oliver Wood: George is hurt. We need a new Beater. What are we going to do, Potter?. :Harry looks at Ron:. :Ron blushes:. Harry: Acciari!
Just realizing I saw Voldemort and Gilderoy Lockhart on stage in the past week and seeing Oliver Wood in a play this week!
15th March 1983: Sean Biggerstaff, who played Oliver Wood, is born. 
domain names
March 15: Happy Birthday, Sean Biggerstaff (He played Oliver Wood in the films.
If you were making Harry Potter characters on FIFA, would you make Oliver Wood or Ron Weasley the GK?
Oliver Wood, a portion of my Wood Brothers painting from this evening.
Tom Riddle is def one of the most attractive guys in the movies. Followed quickly by Oliver Wood.
Interestingly, Sean Biggerstaff beat Christopher Tinywand to the role of wizard Oliver Wood, and hasn't looked back since. Good on him.
Just a friendly reminder that Oliver Wood was played by Sean Biggerstaff ;)
I definitely had a thing for Oliver Wood! That quiddich 101 scene is the best part of the movie.
doesn't anyone realize that during the battle of hogwarts, Oliver Wood came to battle with the whole quidditch team on their broomsticks
Watching the first Harry Potter film - I told O I thought Oliver Wood was the cutest and he laughed and laughed. 😐
i had the biggest crush on Oliver Wood and still do
When I was 14 I would have died to be Oliver Wood's girlfriend
I'm still waiting for to admit that Oliver Wood's character was created for the sole purpose of sexual innuendo
Oliver Wood is literally so underrated
tbt to when Harry thought Oliver Wood was a stick McGonagall was going to beat him with...
"Still working on straight arm muscle ups 💕". —Sammy Wood, 12th at this year's CrossFit Games
There are two kinds of people in this world: . 1. People who had an instant crush on Oliver Wood. 2. Liars
Well, that and Oliver Wood. People are crazy over their sports.
a metaphor for my life: Oliver wood struggling to get the bludger back in the box
Im dead! Oliver wood was the best *** squaddie sniper you had maybe and you killed me! Ill return xcom 2 though. Just watch
I'm watching Philosopher's Stone with my mother and I'm definite that Oliver Wood was my first love.
Watching HP 1. Guy that plays Oliver Wood is still the cutest out of all the movies 😍😍😍
Oliver Wood is a better keeper than Ron Weasley. I apologize for nothing.
Okay so there's a fan base, an otp blog about Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood. The world is a strange place.
Just sitting here thinking about how hot (or very un-hot) Oliver Wood could be rn
Beautiful dining table made of old pipes and wood ♡ . (via missjettle)
I feel like that's something Oliver Wood would do 😂
Oliver Wood is such an underrated character
unrelated: i saw the guy who played Oliver Wood in a horror short a few months ago and still super hot. thanks
Oliver Wood will always be one of my favourite character
The actor who plays Oliver Wood's last name is literally Biggerstaff.
speaking of keepers. I'm not Oliver but i do have wood
Oliver Wood. This is one of my favourite scenes in the film😊
I could listen to Oliver Wood talk about quaffles all day.
Watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Oliver Wood was totally Hogwarts' biggest babe.
Beautiful Solid Wood Furniture from Oliver Furniture - I’ve been playing with a thought of getting a bunk bed f...
A how-to guide for chopping, stacking and burning wood sets book charts on fire and cuts Jamie Oliver down to size:
do you think Oliver Wood was a hottie
Liam making me watch Harry Potter 1-8. Oliver Wood is Ridey McRidersen wasn't he?
In which Quidditch position did Oliver Wood play when he was still at Hogwarts?
Great guide to all things firewood and recycling and its a NO1 bestseller, beating Jamie Oliver
John Oliver rekts fantasy sports betting in this weeks episode. Fan duel = scam . Draft kings = scam . You thought the wood chipper was bad. 😂
LOL is there a line somewhere about flying on Oliver Wood's broomstick?
Honestly though. I can see where the fanfic comes from. I mean, Oliver /Wood/?
Oliver Wood: *Becomes Minister of Magic*. "Ok first order of business: YOU CANT CANCEL QUIDDITCH"
Muggle: ball is lyf. Oliver wood: quidditch is lyf
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How come no one talks about how much of a babe Oliver Wood is 😏
Check out Brad Evans' interview with Oliver Wood from the Wood Brothers. Play the Cox Capitol Theatre November...
I still wish they would've brought back Oliver Wood & all the Hogwarts alum in Deathly Hallows like they did…
Excuse to spend Sunday working with this cool tool, the Oliver wood lathe: Improving hand eye coordination for OR
pandorem: Joys that Harry Potter Movie Only Fans will never know: -How amazing Oliver Wood actually is OMG...
/ I'm watching Oliver Twist and Elijah Wood makes my heart go funny
I still am. I still want to bang Oliver Wood. ...he's my beautiful lion 😂
Sketchbook art by vinzul Inktober day 10! Oliver Wood ht…
Good evening , could you please tell us more about Oliver Wood? Thank you :)
Bye Bye Oliver, see you at next year's Ickworth Wood Fair. Don't hold up all the traffic on the way back to Diss!
BREAKING: Ian Allinson has tendered his resignation as Manager of Boreham Wood FC.
“What do I do with it?” - Harry. “You catch it… You catch this, Potter, and we win.” - Oliver Wood
Appeal after man asks schoolgirl, 14, sexualised questions in wood
Wonder if Oliver Niles produced the film adaptation of "Aged In Wood"?
Former SEO company director found guilty after withdrawing $29000 from the business's bank ...: Oliver Wood, t...
Oliver Wood is that boy in your gym class that participates in everything as ... (Vine by pure-blood princess)
Also the short they showed before it had the guy who played Oliver wood in the Harry Potter movies
And so is the Oliver Wood character
Oliver bounced the miniature quaffle he had charmed to be more rubbery against the adjacent wall from him. He was stuck on a-
Omg that is so nice they should call themselves Oliver Wood because they r a keeper
hm Oliver Wood. omnomnom . One of my fictional character crushes since 2002
Admit it: Oliver Wood's reaction to Harry receiving his Nimbus 2000 is the best part of the entire first film
Oliver Wood stood in the office of Philbert Deverill, the manager of Puddlemere United. Philbert was a...
I hate when Matt is right about Bobby Wood, Oliver Giroud, and Fellaini. However, this one I'll deal with.
Web entrepreneur guilty of abusing power - Perth Now
WestBusiness: Web expert Oliver James Wood has been found guilty of misusing company cash. http:…
Web entrepreneur Oliver Wood, of SEO Company, found guilty of abusing power in WA District Court
Web entrepreneur guilty of abusing power: A WEB entrepreneur has been found guilty of breaching director duties,… http:…
Web entrepreneur guilty of abusing power: Oliver James Wood stood trial in the WA District Court and was ...
Skip asked who the actor in 'Pirates' was. I said Oliver Wood. Turns out Oliver Wood is not Elijah Wood & Elijah Wood is not Orlando Bloom.
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The 1991-1992 Gryffindor Quidditch team captained by Oliver Wood, and including first year Seeker, Harry Potter.
Beautifully shot by Oliver Wood and directed by Daniel Espinosa. Hope it makes enough £ to warrant a sequel
In the words of Ron, Oliver Wood really needs to sort out his priorities. Quidditch > Life
The guy that plays Oliver Wood is called Sean Biggerstaff, and I find this fits amazingly and amusing
The bloke who played Oliver Wood is named Sean Biggerstaff. Now THAT is a dirty surname.
if on that list, btw, was not Oliver Wood (Sean Biggerstaff) I AM SUING
in 1983 this day, Sean Biggerstaff, the actor who played Oliver Wood, was born. Happy 29th Birthday!
My all time favorite athlete to come from Scotland:. Oliver Wood (played by Sean Biggerstaff)
A reminder that Oliver Wood is played by a guy named Sean Biggerstaff leading to my most immature giggle of the weekend.
I want Sean Biggerstaff to punch me in the face dressed as Oliver Wood
Shoutout to Sean Biggerstaff (He portrayed Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter films.
Sean Biggerstaff as Oliver Wood through the years.
Was reminded last night of insane teen crush on Oliver Wood in Harry Potter films. Anyone else? And when I say teen, I mean late twenties
Catch the Wood Brothers at the Boulder Theater tonight! Chris and Oliver Wood grew up in Boulder!. MORE INFO:
take on tomorrow at Meadow Park, 3pm ko. Come down and show your support.
My new wallpaper is Oliver Wood, the Keeper of my heart. Thank you to the person who edited this.
Objects in My Office Drawing of Oliver's Wood by My Son. Adorning one wall of my home office are framed...
Oliver better not get no more wood before me lol this *** got dicked down last season !!!
Swap steel, concrete, and brick for wood – wooden buildings are cheaper and cleaner says Chad Oliver
My crush since I was a kid. Oliver Wood.
Lego Harry Potter minifigure Oliver Wood in Quidditch Robes from -
I've got it. I've worked out how Jamie Oliver manages to cook meals in 30 minutes. He opens packets and serves on a bit of wood.
Thank you to Oliver Wood's voice for being my best friend many mornings in a row now
keep calm and always love oliver wood B)
Oliver Wood. you're so cute... — menonton Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Oli-wood? MT superstar chef Jamie Oliver is opening a restaurant in Wellington
U 💔 And Oliver wood bc friendship jinwoo atm reminds me of me And Jessica to HK today, Jessica Jung what. —
I bet Fred or George Weasley laugh saying "Morning, Wood," to Oliver. I know I do.
how I love Oliver Wood after all these years. 😍
I never realised how hot Oliver Wood is. Dayum son.
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*walking into the room surrounded by immaculate wood walls and floors* I don't blame you, Oliver. I would eat in here too
falling in love with Oliver Wood all over again 😍
Oliver Wood, yes. Although in the books his personality is a bit 'argh', isn't it?
Also Hermione because she's my life inspiration and Oliver Wood because HELLO 😍
100-foot wood building in BC soon to be topped as these structures getting taller:
Someone said ..the books will balance themselves.Was that Joe Oliver?😶
Dora's first walk with us at her new and we found a stream...
Why is Oliver Wood only in the first two Harry Potter movies? They got rid of my eye candy!! I LOVED HIM!!!
I was watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on TV the other day, and I think I fell in love with Oliver Wood.
The only person who can work a turtle neck is Oliver Wood
When Fred Weasley and Oliver Wood have a muggle conversation...
We have a Quidditch Talk in LTB 2 now with our James Roy who is basically Oliver Wood :P Come hear how to play Quidditch
The Wood Brothers band (left to right) Chris Wood, Jano Rix and Oliver Wood preform for fans during…
"We're going to train earlier, harder, and longer" sure whatever you want, 💕Oliver Wood 💕
I would join the Gryffindor quidditch for Oliver Wood. To get a ride on his magical broomstick. Hehehe
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... I had a special place in my heart for Oliver Wood for many years, but alas, I never got Wood.
Day 9 Oliver Wood. He would be a strict but fair flying coach.
OLIVER WOOD WHAT “Step brotherrrs! Thank you Simon, sonny and everyone at syco ace gift :D
I didn't know Oliver Wood stopped playing quidditch
Having a bit of an Oliver Wood moment ;) ♡
13 years later and I still have a huge crush on Oliver Wood
Imagine oliver wood protecting the quidditch pitch during the war.
Canvassed Bricket Wood, 2 Valuations booked in and agreed a sale in Borehamwood ... Great day all round!!!
we used to cut class in hs to watch your movies and had a song for Oliver Wood (Oliver Wood you marry me?). thx for the beauty
I once saw this thing on tumblr saying Oliver Wood was just one big innuendo
Oliver Wood will always be my first love!! 😍😙 😍
Oliver Wood was as big a Quidditch Nerd as all us potterheads. He never went anywhere without his broom. Ever. Well, at least in the movies.
Last RT: Chris Wood and Ajmal Shahzad (61) have the most wickets in English domestic List A cricket from 2011 onwards.
We're looking for materials or sponsorship for our temporary installation project at Wood St in October. Can you help
Oliver Wood is my fav minor character
Oliver Wood is bae on so many levels. I can be his seeker. 😍
yep, Oliver still got that good Wood though... *hagrid voice* I shouldn't have said that
Sooo the guy who played Oliver Wood (is 31. Still looking good though
Oliver Wood deserves so much more love than he gets.
I could have gone w/ the obvious, Neville but I think Oliver Wood would do great!
I added a video to a playlist TECHNO CHICKEN (☆ Extended HD by Dj B'Oli Wood) by Oliver Chang ♫
Fully prepared for this to be an unpopular view but I think should have been on
Only concern for Oliver has been his growth injuries over the last few years. Touch wood, all been good 14/15
to quote Oliver Wood from the 1st HP movie, "With me so far?"
Lance Caldwell, Kerry Oliver, Rob Wood... You all have been challenged!!!
Photoset: witch-breed: “Potter, this is Oliver Wood…” you did not have a crush on Oliver Wood you are...
I'm in and got my keepers set: BEASTMODE! Because Oliver Wood and Viktor Krum weren't available.
Grupo de fotografias: i see too little of Oliver Wood on my dash so i’m changing that  ↳13-16/100
People who didn't get enough HP screen time: Oliver Wood, Lee Jordan, Fred/George, Tonks, and then of course the glaring absence of PEEVES.
Imagine what Harry Potter would be like with Tom and Benedict in it. Tom probably a cutie like Oliver Wood
Watching Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone for the only reason anyone watches it: Oliver Wood.
I was so sad when Oliver Wood finished school
According to "The World Continues," Oliver Wood is 41 and is actually a sassy looking Lincoln Burrows.
I'd throw Firenze, Oliver Wood, Fred/George, SIRIUS BLACK (OBV!) and Lee Jordan into the mix
"Oliver Wood love to. Woodn’t you Oliver?" - Fred or George Weasley at some point probably (via slythrxn)
The actor who played Oliver Wood in the Sorcerer's Stone has the last name Biggerstaff wat
Grab life by the golden snitch and don't let go. - Oliver Wood
Need Dudley Dursley Aunt Petunia Uncle Vernon zoo snake, Hagrid Dumbledore Malfoy, Ron and Hermione, Argus Filch professor Snape, Neville Longbottom Madam Rolanda Hooch, Oliver Wood, And Professor Quriell for the roleplay. I want to bring the story to life. Who's up for it?
"Hufflepuff doesn't stand a chance against us. We're quicker, stronger and faster," Oliver Wood said. "Not to mention they're dead scared Harry will petrilfy them if they fly anywhere near him," George Weasley said. "That too," Oliver replied. LOL!
...Oliver Wood was one of the boys, and real life mother-daughter Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson played mother-daughter. 2/2
Do you ever think that Oliver Wood was created for the sole purpose of innuendo? Yes. Even his name is an innuendo. It gets even better when you realize the actor's name was Sean Biggerstaff.
Sean Biggerstaff aka Oliver Wood is so hot. Also his last name... he was meant to play that part amirite
I swear, every girl i know (myself included), has been in love with Sean Biggerstaff aka Oliver Wood at some point.
One night with me and they'll be calling you Moaning Myrtle. Ride me like I'm Nimbus 2000. I'm like Oliver Wood, I'm a KEEPER.
I remember those days which I was confused by Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood
The guy who plays Oliver Wood in Harry Potter is called Sean Biggerstaff. His whole life is one giant innuendo
Oliver Wood was kinda cute in HP and the Sorcerers Stone so you'd think that puberty rocked him out but no he's not very attractive now
ALPHABET GAME Try to think of a Harry Potter related word with the given alphabet. I will pick my favorite :3 Include your house since points will be awarded! :D A- Always (S) B- Bloody *** (R) C- Cornish Pixies (G) D- Draco Malfoy (R) E- Expelled ( from the saying now I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another silly idea to get us killed or worse EXPELLED ) (G) F- Fred Weasley (S) G- George Weasley (G) [I just had to ;) ] H- Hogwarts (S) I- It's Leviosa, not Leviosar (G) J- Joanne K. Rowling (G) K- Keeper (H) L- Lord Voldemort (R) M- Ministry of Magic (R) N- Nearly Headless Nick (G) O- Oliver Wood (R) P- Protego (S) Q- Quirrellmort (R) R- Romione (H) S- Snivellus (G) T- ~Harry
I was showing my colleagues Oliver Wood, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton and gushing about how cute they were and they all said NO. T_T
Oliver Wood was never one who liked to be bossed around. Especially by females. It wasn't that he felt they were inferior to men -Merlin, you only had to look at Professor McGonagall to see how tough females were. No, it wasn't that. It was the fact that being told what to do by females made him feel -dare he say it- weak. How was it that these.. These creatures if you will.. Could tell him -THE Oliver Wood- what to do? He didn't understand women at all. Not one little bit. They were confusing and crazy and beautiful and terrifying all at once. They seemed to have a secret power over men. Oliver had seen males do unspeakable things all to impress the opposite sex. Don't get it wrong. Oliver, himself was not immune to the female charm. However, unlike all his friends, he didn't let any woman control him. Well.. He tried not to anyway. There was one girl in particular that had always gotten under Oliver's skin just a little bit more than he would have liked. That girl, of course, was none other than Katheri ...
MORE PROMOS! Like these awesome pages if you have a chance ^^~ Harry Potter, My Life ^Seeking 2K by June 13th Gryf-uffle-yther-claw “I know how to use a fellytone now.” "A telephone, Ron" said Hermione. On a scale of 1 - Oliver Wood, how much of a sexy beast are you? That awkward moment when Voldemort wants a nose piercing Flitwickaphobia: The Fear of Being Short. ϟ You can't give a Dementor the old one-two" Hogwarts \(•_•)/ Draco Malfoy makes breakdowns sexy. His scar had not pained him for 19 years. All was well.
Hogwarts Rules Part 1 1. I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor will I insist that their House colors indicate that they are "covered in bees". 2. No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class. 3. "I've heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood's name" is not a challenge. 4. Putting up Doug Henning posters in Filch's office is not appropriate. 5. I will not go to class skyclad. 6. The Giant Squid is not an appropriate date to the Yule Ball. 7. I will not use Umbridge's quill to write, "I told you I was hardcore". 8. I will stop referring to showering as "giving Moaning Myrtle an eyeful". 9. I will not insist the house elves serve fried snake to the Slytherins. 10. If a classmate falls asleep, I will not take advantage of that fact and draw a Dark Mark on their arm. Admin -Narcissa
Wake up n thought I was in a tent buh I realize it was jus mornin wood
You see what you Death-Eaters do to Oliver Wood when you destroy Hogwarts?
You Cannot blame though I wanna have them all I know it's wrong but the truth is that I'm just an Oliver twist!!
Oliver is getting a mani pedi...not doing so good with the wood floors in the new house
Ollie it's not nice to call people 'miserable cretins'
You're a grown up man now mr. Oliver wood~
Never heard of it. Burgers on wood is pretty common. Jamie Oliver's is the same I think.
looking forward to joining and Oliver Rackham at Wood
BOY LEMME BITE THAT BOOTY LIKE AN APPLE is something I've sung all the way through the Quidditch game scene to Oliver Wood, let's hang.
I'd sit on Oliver Wood's face any day. Sorry Kenneth.
Photoset: No hate to Brian Wood or Oliver Coipel, but it’s getting a little annoying to see all-female casts...
Great news! Just heard that Oliver Rackham will be joining us tonight for the CCF walk in Hayley Wood
Oliver Wood, Neville Longbottom, teenage Tom Riddle did you mean hot ***
Actually Ginny weasley know whats in Oliver mind, cuz Ginny can Legilimency to Oliver wood.
katie bell/oliver wood man i shipped that thing HARDCORE (what am i saying i still do)
There's a slither in - slytherin joke in there somewhere. I also agree with Oliver Wood. A childhood crush of mine.
I'd like to take whoever invented the deal to where you can video chat on your phone out behind the wood shed!
Remember Oliver wood from Harry Potter when I was like 7 I wanted to touch his pee pee he was fine omg
& Oliver Wood! Mm most handsome Gryffindor Quidditch player there is!
'Potter, this is Oliver Wood. Wood - I've found you a Seeker.'
it pleases me to no end that the Harry Potter character 'Oliver Wood' is played by a dude named 'Sean Biggerstaff'
seen this and thought of you.. Not cos you're a sexy beast, because you like Oliver Wood
admit it, everyone loved Oliver Wood..even just a little bit
and I have no idea what happened to Oliver Wood :(
I still have a crush on Oliver Wood. Hot ***
Watching the philosopher's stone... brb drooling over Oliver Wood
Would like Jacqueline MacInnes Wood back as Sarah Lance, Sarah, Oliver and Laurel would b the perfect triangle for the show :-)
friendly reminder that oliver wood was played by Sean Biggerstaff.
test Marvel NOW! delivers Deadpool variant for Xmen # 1: Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel deliver an all-new ... test
Unbutton her jeans slowly take em off then pull them panties to the side and give her some good wood.
Didn’t realise Jamie Oliver now made wood fired ovens. What will he turn his hand to next
I used to be in love with Oliver Wood
Does anyone else think that Oliver Wood is kinda cute? :3
The Director of Photography for "Step Brothers" was Oliver Wood. I wonder if he plays
Beck Oliver, Gale Hawthorne, Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, and Harry Potter if he and Hermione don't work out.
Draco Malfoy, Fred/George Weasley, Harry Potter, Oliver Wood, Ron Weasley, Dean Thomas, you get the point.
What if every character lookalike that you saw was the actual character? I read this fanfiction where Voldemort is slightly nice so instead of killing everyone, he gives them a potion that takes away their magic, obliviates them, and relocates them in a Muggle neighborhood so it got me thinking (because I saw a Oliver Wood lookalike at Maggiano's)... what if they just turned all of the characters into Muggles and that this is THE REAL OLIVER WOOD. So I started fangirling in my mind... so... yup. // Tris Black the Marauder
HC for Catrina Gernier Catrina honestly did not like Quidditch games. They were wet, extremely noisy and she honestly did not see the point of running around after balls to get points. She would rather be coseyed up in Gryffindor Tower, and deep in thought with a book, or essay. However, this was the last match of the season, and there was no one left at the school. Besides, she thought, settling in, the Gryffindor Keeper who was a year above, was incredibly handsome. The match was inevitably won by that young Potter kid, dashing about on his Firebolt, and she yawned when the Cup was hoisted to the air by a couple of sobbing players. She snorted at how this game was more important to them than life. She was reading in the common room the next day, her light locks spread across the chair when she heard the Gryffindor Keeper, Oliver Wood approach her chair. "Sorry to disturb you, but...Were you there at October's match?" "What?" Catrina was startled. "October's match... were you there?" he pressed. "Of cour ...
I absolutely LOVE that Evanna is as much of a PotterHead as we are!! The flower that grows through adversity is the brightest of all the blooms :) ~ Oliver Wood
Christopher Eccleston and Gary Kubiak have both been deleted. Who to delete next? 1st row, left to right: Troy Tulowitzki, Radar O'Reilly, J.J Watt, Brian Cushing. 2nd row, left to right: David Tennant, Colonel Hogan, Bruce Springsteen 3rd Row, left to right Everyone is gone! *gasp* :O 4th row, left to right Oliver Wood ~RadarWinchester
October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate of colds among the staff and students. Her Pepperup potion worked instantly, though it left the drinker smoking at the ears for several hours afterward. Ginny Weasley, who had been looking pale, was bullied into taking some by Percy. The steam pouring from under her vivid hair gave the impression that her whole head was on fire. Raindrops the size of bullets thundered on the castle windows for days on end; the lake rose, the flower beds turned into muddy streams, and Hagrid's pumpkins swelled to the size of garden sheds. Oliver Wood's enthusiasm for regular training sessions, however, was not dampened, which was why Harry was to be found, late one stormy Saturday afternoon a few days before Halloween, returning to Gryffindor Tower, drenched to the skin and splattered with mud.   Even aside from the rain and wind it hadn't been a happy practice session. Fred ...
Harry spent a lot of time over the next few days dodging out of sight whenever he saw Gilderoy Lockhart coming down a corridor. Harder to avoid was Colin Creevey, who seemed to have memorized Harry's schedule. Nothing seemed to give Colin a bigger thrill than to say, "All right, Harry?" six or seven times a day and hear, "Hello, Colin," back, however exasperated Harry sounded when he said it.   Hedwig was still angry with Harry about the disastrous car journey and Ron's wand was still malfunctioning, surpassing itself on Friday morning by shooting out of Ron's hand in Charms and hitting tiny old Professor Flitwick squarely between the eyes, creating a large, throbbing green boil where it had struck. So with one thing and another, Harry was quite glad to reach the weekend. He, Ron, and Hermione were planning to visit Hagrid on Saturday morning. Harry, however, was shaken awake several hours earlier than he would have liked by Oliver Wood, Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.   "Whassama ...
I walked past Trevor McDonald one year...I saw Peter Mulan in the Disney Store, & sat opposite Oliver Wood on the train. lol
Copy/paste. You know the drill by now. The hols doesn't always take me to a separate page for the story, so I can't link it. And now I'm pretty much just taking up space so we aren't reported. Because by clicking the "continue reading" tab, you are consenting to read whatever is written. K? Harry (freshly divorced from Oliver Wood) and Al go to the manor for Christmas. Scheming kids make for a happy Christmas XD ~Astoria Harry trudged up the walk to Malfoy Manor -- the last place he ever expected to be on Christmas Eve. “Quit dragging your feet, Al. You’re the one who wanted to be here!” he called back to his lagging son. Albus was in his fourth year at Hogwarts and gangly as a new colt. A fresh growth spurt had him tripping and shuffling down the walk, several yards behind his father. Harry was still feeling a bit of shock from looking his son straight in the eyes when he’d come home for the hols. Normally he’d have written about it in an owl to Oliver straight away, but their correspondence wa ...
My cousin in his top of the range tent... Built by the wonderful architect that is Oliver Wood ;)
guys watching Philosopher's Stone I have a growing obsession with Oliver Wood nom.
Round 2, Question 7 Out of these, who would you want to kiss, who would you marry, and you would you kill? George Weasley, Ron Weasley, or Oliver Wood? Mine: Kiss-George Marry-Oliver Kill-Ron. Sorry, Ron. D: ~ Admin Harrlie
I'm watching 'Why didn't they ask Evans?' And ah! It not only has 'Oliver Wood' and 'Arthur Weasley', but it had Rik Mayall, too! He's the guy who was originally set to play Peeves! ~Bones
Who's your partner for the Yule Ball? Copy and paste and remove the + sign to find out! I'm hoping for Draco or Oliver Wood. *fingers crossed* Draco Malfoy /~Narcissa♥
John Cusack in the 80's, Oliver Wood from Harry Potter, and that blondie from One Direction.
Simon Neil and Oliver Wood are the only exceptions for Scottish accents
I wish I was at Hogwarts sitting in a Common Room sipping on tea. With Neville Longbottom as company or even Oliver Wood. ):
((OKAY!! THE FOLLOWING ARE EDMODO STUFF!! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT.. IDK!! BUT HERE!!! ~Oliver Wood's parents hate getting traffic tickets, especially when they're in a rush. (OLIVER'S PARENTS DRIVE?! I DID NOT KNOW THEY HAD BROOM POLICE?! IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A FUI?! ) ~Maggie did her best impression of George Bush, upsetting all of the Republicans in the room. (LOL!! GO MAGGIE!!! ) ~Harry Potter stormed out of the room, taking his basketball with him. *** IT RON!!! WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME?! ) ~The Incredible Hulk to stand up but his legs had fallen asleep. (I don't even.. What? ) ~Cho Chang bought some new magic markers and she's ready to show them off at the big meeting. (OMG!! THE DA IS BACK ON! ) ~I saw Hermione Granger heading to the water slide a few minutes ago so, I don't think she's ready to go home yet. (.. Is it wrong that I think Ron may be at the water slide? ) ~Lucius Malfoy promised to defend me if anyone on the train picked a fight with me. (... I don't even.. How.. I.. What.. CAN I TRA . ...
what would you do if I came in tomorrow married to Oliver wood
I may not be Oliver Wood, but baby I'm a keeper.
you are not Oliver Wood therefore you are not a keeper.
When I write a fanfiction, I always remind myself that I am a firm believer of those already-created marriages, so I don't change those stuff around. That's why I always use the guys who are not taken. Sadly, there's not many choices. Oh well, I can work with just Charlie Weasley and Oliver Wood, since there seem to be only them left. The only thing wrong is that those two boys were the only choices. Look on the bright side, anyway.
Yes jamie oliver you can cook but why do you serve everything on a plank of wood?
Fred, George and Oliver Wood are the cutest characters. ;)
I love Jamie Oliver's recipes, but why does everything have to be served on a bit of wood with stuff chucked on top!
I have the biggest crush on Oliver Wood. :">
Oliver Wood you beautiful creature you 😍
H: H S: *** R: HOGWA G: HOGWAR What position did Oliver Wood play on the Quidditch team?
Oliver Wood is so sexy OMG quidditch captain
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