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Oliver Stone

William Oliver Stone (born September 15, 1946) is an American film director, producer and screenwriter.

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Hm Willem Defoe, who later plays a veteran in Born On The 4th(also Oliver Stone). I guess the latter is a sequel then
The idea of being a fan of Sean Hannity is comical. He makes Oliver Stone look grounded in reality.
People who were outraged at claims of Trump groping women. Weinstein . Oliver Stone. Ben Affleck. Kevin Spacey . Charlie Sheen…
If it's like Oliver Stone's "W" it'll leave out the entire election, recast him as proving his father wro…
Don't get your hopes up. . In truth, the JFK Files are just 17 unfinished Oliver Stone movie scripts.
Here's a fun anecdote about Oliver Stone from "The Big Picture: Money And Power in Hollywood" (2006) by Edward Jay…
Woody Allen and Oliver Stone seem scared that the culture around sexual assault will change in the wake of Weinstein. I wan…
⚡ Carrie Stevens alleges Oliver Stone harassed her. All Hollywood sexual predators will have their…
Former Playboy model Carrie Stevens accuses director Oliver Stone of groping her breast at a party when she was 22
Actress charges Oliver Stone assaulted her: 'He just groped my boob and honked it like a horn'
Former Playboy model accuses Oliver Stone of groping her breast when she was 22
Carrie Stevens, an actress and Former Playboy model, alleges Oliver Stone openly grabbed her breast & grinned
Former Playboy model and actress Carrie Stevens has accused Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone of groping her...
Bob Weinstein in serious denial, Oliver Stone's Guantanamo in limbo & Hamilton creators want to bail:
Oliver Stone has "Heard horror stories on everyone in the business". . is real .
Can someone tell Oliver Stone to SHUT UP? He says Weinstein 'Shouldn't Be Condemned..." No he should be in jail!
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So what..? Are the outrage addicts now shrieking for a boycott of all things Oliver Stone? Or a boycott on freedom…
There will be other Oliver Stone's and Brad Pitt's in the Future you are just Mortals and Puppets in my story!
Ben Afleck now Oliver Stone being accused of grooping
One of the dumbest men in Hollywood, Oliver Stone, says it's too early to pass judgement on Harvey Weinstein:
Oliver Stone jerks off to his own films.
I loved Oliver Stone movies but he sure does not dig me! Whatever fella go too *** and the doors will open!
Oliver stone must be have something to hide.
In 2019 Oliver Stone will be interviewing Harvey Weinstein from a bunker somewhere in Romania.
It’s pretty easy not to take Oliver Stone seriously anymore.
Wow wonder why he didn't want to criticize Harvey. I used to respect Oliver Stone.
Two of a kind! When I heard about Harvey, the first person I thought of was Oliver Stone, and it htt…
..Now Oliver Stone accused of grabbing the breast of ex-Playboy PLaymate Carrie Stevens
Oliver Stone is a huge creative influence. Esp on writing dialog. But also, single creepiest meeting I was ever in. Loa…
Oliver Stone has proven to be a souless person in the past, so no surprise me that his sympathy lies w/W…
Oliver Stone on Harvey Weinstein: "A man shouldn't be condemned by a vigilante system"
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Husband said thank God for "waiter karma". It was the next day Oliver Stone got busted for drug possession.
Oliver Stone clarifies HW comments, backs out of 'Guantanamo' TV series if Weinstein Co. involved
Carrie Stevens accuses Oliver Stone of groping her breasts . Oh boy the door is open now!!
Like this one? How can sympathize with HW. Kinda makes you wonder if he's next. http…
Ex-Playboy playmate accuses Oliver Stone of grabbing her breast, report says
Debbie Mazar insinuated on Wendy Williams that Oliver Stone was inappropriate with her while auditioning for The Doors..
we have Oliver Stone's interview to Vladimir on TV tonight
Vladimir Putin told Oliver Stone that the US backed jihadist terrorists in Chechnya as a means of destabilizing Russia. Let…
I'm becoming obsessed with finding out about this shooter's motives. The Oliver Stone in me is asking many questions. Motive still unknown.
Doesn't get much better than George and Laura's meet cute in Oliver Stone's W.
Here are the reasons why I deeply love Oliver Stone. .
I added a video to a playlist Oliver Stone: Obama a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
I liked a video Oliver Stone: Obama a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
You sound like a bad Oliver Stone movie.
He was fine, but the movie was so dumb. Gators in the showers? Oliver Stone is a burn-out. Anything aft…
Hamilton Collection
Trump & his cabinet pretty much debunk by their existence every Oliver Stone conspiracy about the 'deep state', the Kennedy assassination...
"I wasn't there to be charmed". Intervista esclusiva per parla di
Yeye :D Like Putin showing Oliver Stone 2y/old video on his phone of US Helicopter attack & claiming "T…
Director Oliver Stone on the current moment in film: "There are no good endings anymore."
Well it isn’t bad; means fellow, bro or man, or guy in the period that interests you.
Been there. Done that. Can't wait for Oliver Stone to make the movie.
The Directors Cut with commentary by Oliver a Stone, or just the regular theatrical version?
EXCLUSIVE: Was JFK assassination an inside job? via
Used to like Stephen Colbert but he's the Rachel Maddow of comedy. That interview he did with Oliver Stone was so awful- sad.
oliver stone called out and me for conspiring against him during his talk and I didn't have the heart to tell him he's ***
Oliver Stone is probably already getting production up and running for the film.
don't worry. I won't watch. will it be an Oliver Stone flick?
It's hard to believe that Oliver Stone's Platoon was released 31 years ago.
It's more like first Rod Lurie, now Oliver Stone.
Most them are hoping for movie casting with Oliver Stone. Maybe yr callers toked too much Weed in CO OR & CA ?
Peace: Oliver Stone's commentary on American System of violence.
an oliver stone movie but every time he mentions JFK it gets faster
Also all liberals. I smell a Oliver Stone movie coming on.
Whistleblower special - Oliver Stone on Edward Snowden and the extradition of Lauri Love
Oliver Stone, one of a few bravehearts
Thread... . Sick of this oliver stone movie, turn it off...
The Truths! The System grr THESE ARE the most HONEST words you'll ever hear. Watch. and listen to Mr.Oliver Stone.
Am I allowed to like Oliver Stone films and yet vote for fiscal austerity, HannahJane, "Gotcha of all Got…
Can it really be 30 years since Oliver Stone's Platoon was released in the UK?
Is Steven Seagal auditioning to play Sebastian Gorka in Oliver Stone's forthcoming "Trump" movie?
Steven Seagal is one of the Putin's buddies (another one is Oliver Stone) which Putin uses to promote a false persp…
Amadeus, starring Gloria Swanson and Roberto Benigni. Directed by Oliver Stone, music by Erasure. Budget: $20m
clearly you didn't watch Oliver Stone's doc Ukraine is Burning & Occupy Wall St to see isn't grassroots.
Oliver Stone directed the 1993 film Heaven and Earth starring Tommy Lee Jones. Both men were born on the very same day and are 71 today.
Cheers to Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Hardy and Oliver Stone. Heavy hitters on this star-studded day of births. 🎂
It's Oliver Stone's birthday, so here's a bunch of photos of Joan Allen in NIXON to start the day off right. :)
Happy 71st birthday to Oliver Stone! His first film was 1974's Seizure (with Jonathan Frid & Martine Beswick); on t…
is 33 today. Queen Letizia of Spain is 45 Sophie Dahl 40 Oliver Stone 71 Tom Hardy 40 Amanda Wakeley 55
Oliver Stone movie portrays him as a bit conservative. Any change to his polit…
Today I saw Putin smiling. He was sitting with Oliver Stone, watching Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. Surreal.
Moneyball, starring Demi Moore and Natalie Portman. Directed by Oliver Stone, music by The Cranberries. Budget: $50m
JAMES WOODS: Oliver, how should I play this scene?. OLIVER STONE: Just be yourself, James. Be the .
They just don't be forgotten. Oliver Stone, John McLoughlin, and the courage of all people.
It's the system that's at fault, rightly put by Oliver stone..
Have you seen Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States? I am almost done with it, would appreciate your take.
It's a fantastic piece of advice from Oliver Stone. would appreciate if this is viewed by as many
When your filmography includes collaborations with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Oliver Stone, you know it is...
the Good American by Oliver Stone explains how the ground work was laid for that to ha…
the Good American by Oliver Stone explains it
Oliver Stone Tackles Another Controversial Figure in the First Trailer for ‘Snowden’ Academy Award®-winnin
62. Extended promo of Oliver Stone’s Putin Interview . Delivered by . "Not a Coincidence" see Thread.
Unsubscribed from Stephen Colbert's Youtube. Interview with Oliver Stone was the last drop. Close-minded, single narrative…
We are proud to announce the arrival of Herb Stone Birch Oliver
Film maker Oliver Stone on our nation's bipartisan and nearly continuous war-making. Urge that writers speak out...
There's a reflection in the pic of what looks like a guy sitting down holding a smartphone. Need Oliver Stone to investigate
Oliver Stone Rocks. Have you watched his documentaries??? The Putin Files is awesome 😉
I wouldn't say I disagree so much as I'm open to the possibility of being proven wrong.…
Fair point. Equally fair to point out how you've managed to picture and name two women and ignore Viggo, Oliver Sto…
When will this be possible in Pakistan? Oliver Stone - Speech at Writers Guild Awards 2017 [ABRIDGED]
You mean like when Russia uses screen grabs from video games on new…
The Truth Be Told by The story of how Peggy Entwhistle died without seeing the signs.
Makes things easier, but no-where near as straightforward as they promote. You only have…
A Good American by Oliver Stone says it all!!! We could be still seeing this beautiful pic in real life😢
Stone said he wanted to make a film in well Oliver, here are 675k words to work with
That Steve Bannon interview was every Oliver Stone villain come to life, highly verbal, highly, um, caffeinated, border…
Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone, Al Pacino & Steven Bauer on the set of Scarface (1983)
I wonder how Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson, Marc Lamont Hill, Oliver Stone, and Killer Mike are doing today. Still pro…
Oliver Stone to Head Powerful Jury at Busan Festival - Oliver Stone, the ever controversial American-French dir...
Oliver Stone's comments on the Israel lobby were pretty funny lol
I highly recommend Oliver Stone's, eye-opening, Untold History of the United States. See reviews, good & bad, on Amazon.
Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the United States" covers this too, showing how T…
Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the United States": we're effed. . It's all happened before. All the doors are open. .
James Cromwell is totally winning an Oscar for his performance as Robert Mueller in the Oliver Stone movie.
Well, at least Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Naomi Klein and Linda McQuaig oughta be happy..."While opinion polls say...
This, not the awful '80s decor or Talking Heads soundtrack, is why Oliver Stone's Wall St. feels so dated.
TONIGHT: Tune in at 7 p.m. PDT for a live stream of Oliver Stone's discussion with Robert Scheer. More info:…
Anthony paid $100k to place his firm's logo in a scene in Oliver Stone's 2nd Wall Street film
"Oliver Stone was introduced to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow while making a…
Oliver Stone once he stopped making films w/ Rob. Richardson. They really brought out best in each oth…
is like The Battle Of Endor in Return Of The Jedi directed by Oliver Stone or The Searchers made by Michael Bay.
Oliver Stone exposes how the US Warmongers have destroyed this planet at the Writers Guild Awards. .
I've done movies with Oliver Stone and Michael Mann. And I've done quite a few dramas in my time, from the theatre to film …
Loved the scene in which Oliver Stone persuades Putin to watch Dr Strangelove. Didn't see John McCain who I…
Oliver Stone is the Alex Jones of the left: a dangerously insane misinformant.
Oliver Stone defended Vladimir Putin to Stephen Colbert. The audience laughed at him.
Oliver Stone and Stephen Colbert have great karma together. They laugh at the stalkers who don't get it. 😴
Lol. Tucker interviewing Oliver Stone and Megyn Kelly interviewing Putin and Alex Jones. Absolute bottom of the bar…
Oliver Stone: Israel is more dangerous than Russia | Veterans Today
People forget Oliver Stone is a CT and a crank. His movie JFK lionized the Alex Jones of his day - only a fool would adm…
If anyone knows were nutjob Alex Jones is coming from, it might be Oliver Stone.
Best comment from a listener - Oliver Stone is Alex Jones with more money
Oliver Stone interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin about divisive issues of US-Russia relations Parts 1 and 2. htt…
The good news is Oliver Stone is making a movie about WW2. The bad news is Kevin Costner plays Hitler.
Awesome episode 1 of Putin interviews w/Oliver Stone on
Oliver Stone must've needed the money, I guess. He can buy a new suit now that the knees are worn out on all the cl…
“I never saw him lose his cool w/ us. A few times I pushed him more than once & I saw him get rattled & upset.”
watch showtime in Demand for tonight interview Putin with Oliver Stone! It's 4 part interview very interesting!
Awesome interview with Oliver Stone !! Just got done watching !!! ;) . . Peace Brother...
Can't wait for the Oliver Stone movie about Cruz's dad.
Ever the student, Oliver Stone learns to direct an American election on
Mandrake, I can no longer sit back and allow Oliver Stone to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.
Oliver Stone acting like he wrote a mofuggin Hitler hagiography:
I'm not a big fan of his but the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin are miles ahead of anything I've seen the...
Oliver Stone on interviewing Vladimir Putin: "Why should he lie?".. Related Articles:
Periodic reminder that Oliver Stone hasn't made a good movie in literally 30 years.
Robert Parry describes how director Oliver Stone peels back Vladimir Putin's defenses,
Oliver Stone Reveals a Vulnerable Putin - "Da, I was about to cry, I felt so open with Olive Stoner," says Putin.
What the F, Oliver Stone? People who cross Putin wind up dead. Period. What Koolaide did Julian & V…
I wonder if their racist and stupid like these morons over here! Big joke this systemic game!
"I am not a woman so I don't have bad days" Vladimir Putin during Oliver Stone interview
Over the course of two years, director Oliver Stone sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin for what turned…
I didn't like Oliver Stone interview with Putin. But Putin said something important. "Your presidents change but your…
Oliver Stone has a four part interview w/ Putin on Showtime that many see as propaganda. What's not revealed, is his son works…
Their editing it to much cutting it There is more there! Russia sounds interesting I wonder if they need good people
I just watched Oliver Stone's interview with the Russian president very interesting
Putin regime only poisoned critics, shot journalists, abused LGBT citizens, and arrested children...but no "bad-mouthing…
Oliver Stone's son is an employee of Putin's government. He hosts a show on Kremlin propaganda network RT:
"For the whole two years, I never heard him bad-mouth anybody," Oliver Stone says of his interviews with Russian Pres. Vladimi…
not Oliver Stone's duty per se but weird he wouldn't push back on Putin's assertion that US is (solely) responsible for the rise of Taliban
No, Oliver Stone, you are not in any way a black man.
Just ask Oliver Stone. I hope the only people who see his film are the critics.
So if they make a MOVIE about this Trump Presidency, would the DIRECTOR be Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, or Hitchcock ? 🥊🐍🦅
Oliver Stone's Vladimir Putin documentary gives the Russian president a new platform for peddling disinformation. https:…
stop interrupting the guests Gayle King especially Oliver Stone..
Instead of Gayle King saying Putin was fascinating, why not ask Oliver Stone about…
but Oliver Stone asked to come on and say what a good guy Putin Is, he…
Perhaps you should relate that thought to Oliver Stone?
Great 30th anniversary screening of Angel Heart at the PCC today with Q&A with sir Alan Parker... boy does he hate Oliver Stone
Baz Lurhmann is my least favourite, I havent seen a Oliver Stone movie I have liked yet so he might be next
Vladimir Putin tells Oliver Stone: "I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days"
Watching Josh Brolin in "W." Oddly relaxing given our current political climate. I wonder if Oliver Stone will do a Trump movie?
Coming our way -- Putin, the Interviews ... w Oliver Stone, Megyn Kelly, who else? via
It's almost a Jerry Bruckheimer or Oliver Stone movie at this point.
Will Jill Stein, Oliver Stone, Steven Seagal, David Duke, or Leo di Caprio, who are all over Vlad like a rash, be...
Regardless of how this all plays out, I want to see an Oliver Stone movie that dramatizes the events currently unfoldi…
Our late night highlight is Oliver Stone's crime thriller Savages, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Bla…
Sarah Paulson can have the American Crime Story lead as long as we also get Holly Hunter in the Oliver Stone version.
For his brave work on documentaries, director Oliver Stone wins the 2016 Gary Webb Freedom of the Press Award,
Oliver Stone believes Dem party has lost all credibility/cult-like “death pact” 2 “destroy Trump”
Oliver Stone and Vladimir Putin watch 'Dr. Strangelove' together Fool should have shown him Marx Bros Duck Soup
Oliver Stone describes the subject of his new film, Russian President Vladimir Putin, as a straight talker
Oliver Stone interviews Vladimir Putin for four-hour series to air on Showtime
Kate, Oliver Stone said it best in Wall Street...Buy low, sell high! I am a man at the end of his tether, but I do believe!
BUT I think about Kyle MacLachan's Ray Manzarek in Oliver Stone's "The Doors" on a regular basis.
Taylor-Burton's Cleopatra, Kevin Costner's Robin Hood & Oliver Stone's Nixon - the new Churchill will probab…
I mean I hate Oliver Stone as much as most people but its disappointing Ben…
Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers" shows us how sharing a hobby is good for your relationship.
Jaws, starring Will Smith and Ingrid Bergman. Directed by Oliver Stone, music by Lauryn Hill. Budget: $150m
Professor Peter Kuznick and Oliver Stone speak at the 2017 Kelly Lecture. Address concerns for humanity's future…
Tonight's double is kicked off by Oliver Stone's SNOWDEN. Disillusioned IT contractor Edward Snowden (Joseph...
Oliver Stone is now writing screenplays as 'Alex von Tunzelmann'. via
In the movie Platoon by Oliver Stone, what's the point of the scene where Tom Berenger (Sgt. Barnes) is sitting dow…
Michael Mann. His stories are relevant and engaging always. Oliver Stone. Always telling relevant stories no one else…
watching Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States and I'm seeing a lot of terrifying similarities between Truman and Trump.
Remember when watching Oliver Stone (especially new Putin documentary this year) that he called the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 a CIA plot.
Gotta give Oliver Stone credit where it's due: he did what Jim Garrison didn't even come close to doing: railroaded Shaw and ruined his rep.
Admit the Russian invasion was founded on lies from Obama, McCain and Obama!! Total lies- ask Oliver Stone!!
Looking at Oscar Nominations 2017 it is hard to believe that Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Ang Lee, Oliver Stone made films in 2016...
Those are different Stones. Oliver Stone made the movie. Roger Stone is the advisor. Though both have an affinity for Wikileaks.
Thanks for that thread with BC's Oliver Stone. So frustrating to read that kind of ignorance.
Give it 5-10 years, an Oliver Stone made Christopher David Steele film will come out featuring Pierce Brosnan.
Oliver Stone made "JFK," Spielberg did "Lincoln." The movie should be made by David Cronenberg or John Waters, but which one?
My 'review' of Oliver Stone's work in my WaPo piece is a bit different from Sarah Palin's. His "Untold History of USA" was…
Oliver Stone's CIA leak bio "Snowden" crawls along until absorbing final act. Wish the great Melissa Leo was utilized more; JGL is good. ⭐⭐⭐
I've become friends with Michael Mann and Oliver Stone; I've seen tho...
Buck Sexton (fmr CIA) & John Schindler (fmr NSA) in agreement Russia DID hack as opposed to the Oliver Stone articles linked
Scream 2, starring Lynn Redgrave and Scarlett Johansson. Directed by Oliver Stone, music by The Phoenix Foundation. Budget: $2000
I've never seen Paul Krugman, Michael Moore or Oliver Stone at the same NYT 'holiday' gala.
HAA... You should ask Michael Moore our Oliver Stone to produce it. They love filming the truth.
As a Massachusetts native I cannot get behind Patriot's Day. Felt the same way about Oliver Stone's World Trade Center.
Today's Poetry Class:Please be sure to invite Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Oliver Stone!
Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Danny Glover and pushed Hugo Chavez, look how well Venezuela is working
Look what Sean Penn's Oliver Stone, Danny Glover and Michael Moore's endorsement of Chavez did for Venezuela
JFK (1991) 8.5/10 Oliver Stone's epic story about the assassination of JFK. Based on Jim…
send the worthless money to Oliver Stone and Sean Penn who helped cause this Venezuela crisis. Waiting for their help.
I'm waiting for Hollywood elites like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone to rush there to help. Their fault partially.
I'm sure Hollywood elites such as Oliver Stone and Sean Penn are rushing there to help!
Recently watching - Untold History of USA at Netflix Dir - Oliver Stone. Mind blowing facts... Black deeds of USA thru CIA around the world.
Another good review for from Grab a glass of our new mulled wine and come on down!
Mass surveillance exposed by Snowden is about control, not counterterrorism – Oliver Stone to RT
Intensely jawdropping for 2.5 hours. SNOWDEN is an important movie to be seen by all. Welcome back Oliver Stone!.
I had a nice chat with Oliver Stone. And it turned out someone recorded it!
Snowden, Oliver Stone's biopic and thriller of whistle blower Edward Snowden, screens today at 20.30.…
Oliver Stone's "Unknown History of the United States" was unflattering of your time in Carter administration..thoughts?
Interview: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on playing Edward Snowden in the new film by Oliver Stone
Y'all need to watch Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States. I never knew so little until now
Recommendation of the week (2): Oliver Stone's Snowden. My review for
Oliver Stone is our guest on this week's
Vladimir Putin advised Oliver Stone on Snowden film via
Oliver Stone to show his film Snowden at Cuba film festival that banned a *** film critical of Castro . https:…
A home in Venezuela for Sean Penn, Danny Glover & Oliver Stone,they should live in the workers paradise they pushed for
Who would have ever thought? Even though Oliver Stone says that Gordon Gekko is not based on Trump... I say...
Oliver Stone's JFK is one of the all-time fave films of one of this week's guests, editor - you should…
I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Oliver Stone's JFK had been shot.
Oliver from Year 3 proudly showing his creative take away task, a great stone age painting.
Scarface, American crime film directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone, was released on December 9, 1983. h…
You guys see this Oliver Stone "Untold History of the US" thing on Netflix? It's like a 8 hours of Call of Duty: Black Ops cut scenes
Snowden the thriller by Oliver Stone turns a whistleblowing geek into a hi-tech martyr
In light of the US election, the release of Oliver Stone's Whistle-blower on DVD is perfectly timed...
There's going to be an Oliver Stone biopic about this election, right? Who do you cast as Trump? Martin Sheen? Squinty Christian Slater?
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famous admirers of Castro include Vanessa Redgrave, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Oliver Stone. Why would those people admire Actors!
thx for RT. You might like this too on Oliver Stone.
A less misleading name for Oliver Stone's The Doors film would be Chronicle Of A Bellend.
Tarantino... who originally wrote the screenplay to Natural Born Killers only got a story credit on Oliver Stone's film
In new Oliver Stone film, Edward Snowden uses Nmap to win 8-hour CIA training challenge in just 38 mins! Details:
Meanwhile, Oliver Stone is salivating over the movie rights.
Tomorrow Never Dies, starring Uma Thurman and Josh Brolin. Directed by Oliver Stone, music by Evanescence. Budget: $2m
Highlight of my night. I used the same urinal as Quentin Tarantino and Oliver Stone. I don't think they were...
Oliver Stone's W. is new tonight at 9ET, kicking off a Josh Brolin triple bill with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and MILK…
Happiness, starring Chris Pratt and Eddie Murphy. Directed by Oliver Stone, music by Katy Perry. Budget: $50,000
Oliver Stone has made a career of goading America. “Snowden” is more of the same
In UK cinemas from Dec 2nd. Here's my review of Oliver Stone's SNOWDEN for
Wayne's World, starring Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman. Directed by Oliver Stone, music by Babyshambles. Budget: $500
In 2010, Donald Trump agreed to do a cameo in Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He had a few provisos:.
Oliver Stone launches scathing attack on Barack Obama's record of bombing Muslim countries
Oliver Stone has issued a blistering attack on President Barack Obama’s legacy in the White House, questioning...
Great interview: Lunch with the FT: Oliver Stone talks to Janan Ganesh via
The Wall Street squel's on Film4 today and it's weak. But talking to Oliver Stone was awesome!
Jon Voight is exactly who should be cast as Trump in the inevitable Oliver Stone movie.
Lisa Pease explains the value of Oliver Stone's 'Snowden,'
"Pigs, Slobs and Dogs" - Donald Trump's biopic, directed by Oliver Stone. Coming to theaters June 2017
[HQ] Shailene Woodley, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Oliver Stone at the "Snowden" Press Conference during the Zurich Film F…
Shailene Woodley, Joseph Gordon Levitt & Oliver Stone at the Press Conference for "Snowden" at the Zurich Film Festival…
'The Veil' By Peter Gabriel written for the Oliver Stone movie 'Snowden' and mastered here by legend Tony Cousins is out !
BRAND NEW: Peter Gabriel - "The Veil" (Official video) from the Oliver Stone movie 'SNOWDEN'.
Knight, a smart host at Alex Jones, has no clue that Snowden is a CIA operation, Oliver Stone= propaganda for CIA.
finished reading Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick's The Untold History of the United States.
Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick Discuss "The Untold History of the United... via
As much as I hate his movies, Oliver Stone has an aspiration I admire, and that is that he w
Oliver Stone's look at Edward Snowden, hero or traitor? Gordon Levitt continues to amaze. Movie is compelling, scary but…
Oliver Stone on casting Edward Snowden: "was always my first choice."
Best part of the movie: Oliver Stone reminds us NSA rank and file are guilty of war crimes under Nuremberg Law.
I plan on seeing this because of you and Oliver Stone. HOPE that its not "based on" but an actual truth movie.
"He's like a boy scout." examines Edward Snowden in new film.
Oliver Stone speaking about at tonight’s screening of his wonderful new film
New book 📖 Can't wait to get hands on Oliver Stone book, too!
Oliver Stone's cautionary 'Snowden' will leave you paranoid - CNET
Just got home from I'm not really an Oliver Stone fan, but this is a great movie!
Failures of intelligence bring down Oliver Stone's "Snowden"
.on Oliver Stone's mythologized & mythologizing Snowden makes me glad I decided not to review it this week https…
TIL that the movie director Oliver Stone received a purple heart for milatary service via /r/…
Me gustó un video de Oliver Stone on the Personal Inspiration Behind 'Snowden'
This Billboard, for Oliver Stone's Snowden, Has Been Spying on People in Toronto via https:/…
SNOWDEN takes an unexpected approach to its subject. Oliver Stone goes for the personal. My review:
Oliver Stone's movies are just crap. I mean I am left wing, but, boy does that guy bleed.
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Kremlin praises Snowden biopic as 'top quality' and 'nearly a documentary'
Putin’s spokesman says new Snowden film is “top quality” and “a must-see,” 2016 continues to be so weird!
Crazy Oliver Stone hasn't gotten an Oscar nom in 20 years! Total has been!
Crazy Oliver Stone's biopic of TRAITOR Snowden getting bad reviews at TIFF! Many people saying it is very boring!
"Oliver Stone’s 'Snowden' is a bad movie, stuffed with myth, short on drama.". A fair, therefore brutal, review.
"He was 29 years old. You don’t meet many young people who do that." — Oliver Stone on whistle-blowing:
Snowden vs. “Snowden”: Oliver Stone's American hero, and the real guy who told us things we didn't want to know - …
Oliver Stone on Snowden relevance: "The US government lies all the time"
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