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Oliver Phelps

Oliver Phelps (October 21, 1749 – February 21, 1809) was born in Poquonock, Connecticut and moved to Suffield, Connecticut, where he apprenticed to a local merchant.

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After re-watching the Harry Potter movies, I have an unhealthy obsession with James and Oliver Phelps!
Can you tell us what show is Oliver preparing in London? I'd love to come from France to see that! Thanks.
will James Phelps be playing at this or just Oliver atm?
Love you. One of my dreams is to meet you and Oliver,but it's impossible. I wish to live in U.K. :c
i lost a close friend today. he was basically family to me, Tanner Oliver
Thank you Oliver for being the voice of reason
James and oliver phelps, the actors who played fred and George Weasley, arents real red heads.
Oh no, my love of Oliver Phelps has skyrocketed again.
hi I was wondering if anyone can answer if james or oliver still receive fan mail?
I just realized that if we morphed & first names we'd get actor Oliver James first & la…
Totally cleaned up on that Potter question! Said Fiona Shaw, Lesley Phillips, Oliver Phelps, Warwick Davis...
Bonnie Wright, James/Oliver Phelps, John Cleese, Warwick Davis...surely one of those must be
i dream of and i was like"omg u're oliver brother, so you are.."I started cry and yelling "OMG FRED!!" and he hug me hard ❤️️
James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) admitted that they have been caught switching roles on set.
11:11. meet James & Oliver Phelps some how next weekend
James & Oliver Phelps are gonna be at a fan expo about 5 hours away from me next weekend
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I can't believe I didn't know that James and Oliver Phelps aren't naturally ginger 😩
Friday food for thought What if James & Oliver Phelps actually switched up who played Fred/George in each ?
Forgot to add Oliver and James Phelps to this list. Oops.
the closer it gets, the more jazzed I am bout seeing James & Oliver Phelps
Happy 30th birthday to James and Oliver Phelps, who played Fred and George Weasley in the films! Stay mischievous!
Wait, not everything on the Internet is true? & talk HP at ECCC:
James and Oliver Phelps and That Scene in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' -
"I told him [David Yates] I just thought of it [Fred's death scene] as me and James not Fred and George." – Oliver Phelps
We learned a lot of interesting info about & at
Warwick Davis, Evanna Lynch, James and Oliver Phelps and Tom Felton at the
Tom Felton is there and Warwick Davis, James and Oliver Phelps and Evanna Lynch 😭😭😭 why
Your telling me that 'James and Oliver Phelps' weren't secret identities made up by Fred and George Weasley.
Ohh so people are wishing Oliver Phelps Happy Birthday bc today is Fred and George's birthday ;_; . How cute
photo op with James and Oliver Phelps??? UM?
Happy first day of spring! Fittingly, our website is undergoing a make-over. In the
only 2 weeks left of it? Can you please have James and Oliver Phelps as guest announcer for next week please 😊
James and Oliver Phelps' first lines in the films.
why do James and Oliver Phelps have a shared Wikipedia page?!
So I may or may not be meeting Oliver and James Phelps next month
Oliver’s cheeky little knee bend does things to me.
I didnt know James and Oliver Phelps is already at their 30's
To buy a photo op with james and oliver phelps or not
James and Oliver +2photos . So good, love those brothers
I seriously didn't know that one i'm the same age as oliver and James Phelps (fred & George Weasley) & two that their bday is feb 25th.
March 15: Happy Birthday, Sean Biggerstaff (He played Oliver Wood in the films.
also I get to meet the James and Oliver Phelps aka the Weasley twins at comicon
Calling all Wizards and Pranksters! James and Oliver Phelps are flying in for
James and Oliver Phelps are going to be at ECCC but not on the day I'll be there. ;_;
and Billie Piper! Please bring back James and Oliver Phelps!
I still can't tell James and Oliver Phelps apart 😕
Current emotional state: Oliver Phelps actually crying in the scene when Fred is dead because he thought about his brother being dead.
"If your boobs were famous twins who would they be?". "James and Oliver Phelps because they always make people smile"
Happy Birthday to James and Oliver Phelps, the original pranksters!
oh and I forgot one of my favorite pairs of twins, James and Oliver Phelps
September 5 2015. first time at and man was it magical :). met James & Oliver Phelps,…
We're at Q&A session with James and Oliver Phelps! Few previews here now - who else is there??
ohyah lol got to see Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, James and Oliver Phelps up close it was great :)
James and Oliver Phelps last night at
Happening now at fanexpocanada talk with James & Oliver Phelps, Rupert Grint & Tom…
I have to add: I love book-Fred and George, also like James and Oliver Phelps very much, but they weren't enough in the movies.
Terrified of twins but James and Oliver phelps are unreal 😍
I'm going to Comic Con and I just bought a ticket to meet JAMES AND OLIVER PHELPS AKA FRED AND George Weasley I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN
Photoset: james-phelps: Last greetings from James and Oliver Phelps, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...
in which country are you and Oliver next?
My best friend put me in as Mrs.Oliver Phelps. Wow I love her so much. (Awkward because Fred is fave twin but OLLIE)
Family James and Oliver after seeing the painting: "After all this time?". James and Oliver: "Always"
Hi James) My name is Tatiana! Thank you for your brilliant acting!) I hope you will arrive with Oliver in Russia)
I really wanted to meet Tom Felton 😓 but James and Oliver Phelps are still going (hopefully) 😋😋
are James and Oliver Phelps still going??
// but still I was like yo. You sound like dumb. That's Oliver and James Phelps.
James and Oliver Phelps will be at in September 4 - 6. Related: My objective is a ginger sandwich. .
You are trying to kill me aren't you? First the cage then this. 😭 I'm ok with it. Death by Oliver Phelps.
*** James and Oliver Phelps are 6'3 dang so tall
Guys,Guys,Guys! Guess what?! 38 more days til September ComicCon! 38 more days til James and Oliver Phelps who played the Weasley Twins come
shame you and Oliver are not appearing in the trailer . Some HP fansites erased you from their newsfeed because of this
why no one apart? that's Oliver ... the one to the left is James
watch football in Russia and draw you and Oliver *-* to at least you hanging on the wall
James and Oliver Phelps are the only twin who didnt use physical appearance to be loved.
James Phelps - Official & Oliver Phelps are slated to appear
Set de fotos: james-phelps: James and Oliver Phelps at the Hogwarts express launch event, Warner Bros...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
So Topspin and Twin Twist could be played by James and Oliver Phelps.
Oliver Oliver Oliver please I just want you to comment on my painting pls I'm proud of this one
The 1991-1992 Gryffindor Quidditch team captained by Oliver Wood, and including first year Seeker, Harry Potter.
Seven years ago today, Michael Phelps won the 200m IM at the Beijing Olympics
James and Oliver Phelps are attractive af!
James & Oliver Phelps are so beautiful, help me.
I added a video to a playlist Oliver and James Phelps - Favorite moments
I liked a video Oliver and James Phelps - Favorite moments
My sister might get to meet Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright and James and Oliver Phelps 😭
My camera roll is basically: The Raven Boys, Harry Potter, Luke Newberry, James and Oliver Phelps and Andrew Garfield and Dane Dehaan
Not like James and Oliver Phelps just walked past my car at the airport..
James & Oliver Phelps most embarrassing moment on the Harry Potter set
So Milo Ventimiglia and James and Oliver Phelps are now coming to Minneapolis Wizard Con. Starting to get tempted to go...
Probably the greatest picture of James and Oliver Phelps ever taken.
James and Oliver Phelps on filming Fred's death scene in DH Part 2.
Photo: James and Oliver Phelps at Harry Potter the exhibition, April 2, 2015 
For the people asking, James and Oliver Phelps are in Singapore now but only INVITED GUESTS to the Harry Potter exhibition can see them.
I added a video to a playlist Pointless Celebrities S4 - Ep6 James and Oliver Phelps
My brother just met Lou Ferringo and James and Oliver Phelps(aka Fred and George Wesley) 😱
Fred and George Weasley, James and Oliver Phelps, signed my Weasley twins stand!!
James and Oliver Phelps, Tom Hiddleston, Elijah Wood, Andrew Scott and Lee Pace .. who are the People that you love?
so I got to meet James and Oliver Phelps, otherwise known as Fred and George Weasley c:
James and Oliver Phelps - did either of you wish you could have played another HP character in the series?
I had a dream that I met James and Oliver Phelps in a supermarket last night and it was beautiful
James Phelps and Oliver Phelps- A.K.A Fred and George Weasley. Possibly the most attractive Twins on Earth♥
and I mean Fred and George, as in James and Oliver Phelps bc dayum
Oliver phelps liked my pic on Insta. This is not a drill.
James and Oliver Phelps look so much better with dark hair ❤️
I told Oliver you guys should come to Sydney next time! Glad you had a good time down under :D
You are coolest in Harry Potter movies ever with your brother oliver. My name is becky money
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Photo : dezmoiness: James and Oliver Phelps!  Excuse the mass smile but Fred and George Weasley!  Supanova...
And Oliver and James Phelps were awesome too!
lol Love Oliver's Zoolander blue steel face!
GODDAMIT, jAMES and Oliver Phelps were at Supernova and I DIDN'T GO URGH I SHOULDVE GONE
After all my years of trawling through Daily Mail online, even though I knew it had the worst news stories, I've...
This is so weird. If you've watched and liked the Harry Potter movies you might like this12. James and Oliver Phelps
Is that Hedwig? Weasley twins James and Oliver Phelps pose with owl that looks like Harry Potter's pet at Aust...
interesting article in yesterdays daily telegraph. Best boys name of 1915 was Oliver. James came 6th that year.
I'm listening to 'Thinking Out Loud' and I can't get Oliver Phelps out of my head. He means the absolute world to me.
We have a problem. I have lost my Oliver and James Phelps ornament and I am very sad. 😭 meh
someone get me off Wizard World sites!! lol James and Oliver Phelps are gonna be at Indianapolis Comic Con! Urgh...wanna go so bad!
Had a great 1st day at Supanova. Saw Alan Tudyk & Tahmoh Penikett in the Dollhouse panel, James & Oliver Phelps aka the Weasley twins panel.
I was in the elevator and James and Oliver phelps just get in and start taking to me. Okay then love u
. hey, im just wondreing will you and oliver be making any celbritty apprence in Southampton :) ?
So which jacket is Oliver's fav? The really nice black leather one, or the atrocious one that looks like an elephant's ***
I've met James and Oliver Phelps. My next goal is Tom Felton.
We had a great night at the Pride of Birmingham, Here’s a shot of me with James & Oliver Phelps of Harry Potter fame. http:/…
idk who the first actor is... But I love James & Oliver Phelps (they play the Weasley twins in Harry Potter).
I'm going to try and get everybody autographs from Harry Potter! I've already got James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley)👍
Open roles the double troubled twins FC: James and Oliver Phelps us to audition
Omg you're and Oliver Cooking can be a good idea
I love James and Oliver Phelps ! 😘 And Ghost Adventures too of course.
James Phelps - Official & Oliver Phelps with Mum Phelps today at :)
Oh my! Glynn Purnell, James Phelps and Oliver Phelps all together in one pic! Did it just get hot in…
Photo : obviouslyphelps: James and Oliver have been cooking in Birmingham today at a food festival. James...
good luck put some photo of you and Oliver cooking
I liked a video A Journey on the Hogwarts™ Express with James and Oliver Phelps - Webcast Replay
Set de fotos: James and Oliver Phelps at Universal Orlando
I added a video to a playlist James & Oliver Phelps talk about filming Fred's death.
Matthew Lewis, Evanna Lynch, James and Oliver Phelps came together at Universal Orlando to announce July 8, 2014 will be the opening date of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley!
On Thursday, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps and Bonnie Wright from the film series enjoyed a sneak peek of the highly anticipated, spectacularly themed environment, The of Harry Potter – at Universal Orlando Resort. Who wishes they could have toured with the Weasleys?
Thank you Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Dan Radcliffe, Bonnie Wright, Tom Felton, and James and Oliver Phelps and many more
Harry Potter World is expanding, & Oliver Phelps told us all about it
Happy Birthday to Chelsea Handler. She is 39 today! Let's see who is celebrating today! Country singer Ralph Stanley is 87 CBS newsman Bob Schieffer is 77 Actress Diane Baker is 76 Actress Karen Grassleis 72 Wrestler Ric Flair is 65 Singer-guitarist Mike Peters of The Alarm and Big Country is 55 Actress Veronica Webb is 49 Actress Tea Leoni is 48 Comedian Carrot Top is 47 Actor Sean Astin is 43 Singer Daniel Powter is 43 Singer Justin Jeffre of 98 Degrees is 41 Comedian Chelsea Handler is 39 Actress Rashida Jones is 38 Singer Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square is 36 NBA basketball player Joakim Noah is 29 Actor Justin Berfield is 28 Actors James and Oliver Phelps are 28 Bassist Erik Haager of Carolina Liar is 27
Happy Birthday, James & Oliver Phelps! We hope your year is filled with tomfoolery, buffoonery and general good fun! h…
Famous Quote Said On February 25 I knew I had him in the first round. I want everyone to bear witness, I am the greatest! Muhammad Ali, 1964 February 25 Birthdays George Harrison (1943 - 2001) Isabelle Fuhrman turns 17 Lee Evans turns 50 Ric Flair turns 65 Sean Astin turns 43 James Phelps turns 28 Carrot Top turns 49 Shahid Kapoor turns 33 Oliver Phelps turns 28 Chelsea Handler turns 39 Rashida Jones turns 38 Joakim Noah turns 29 Maria Kanellis turns 32 Justin Berfield turns 28 Christian Ponder turns 26 Tea Leoni turns 48 Ally Dawson turns 56 Tony Oller turns 23 Jim Backus (1913 - 1989) Anson Mount turns 41 Justin Jeffre turns 41 - All February 25 Birthdays February 25 History 1951 - In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the first ever Pan American Games are held 1919 - Oregon is first state to tax gasoline (1¢ per gallon) 1901 - US Steel Corp organizes under directorship of J P Morgan 1837 - First U.S. electric printing press patented by Thomas Davenport. 1793 - George Washington holds the first Cabinet meeting a ...
seeing the size comparison between James & Oliver Phelps, Kobe Bryant to Devon Murray!
photobomb! Looks like James and Oliver Phelps share the same prankster spirit as their Harry Potter characters, Fred and George Weasley! - USPS Stamps
The quality *** but still! Devon Murray, Oliver Phelps, and Matt Lewis!
At the Harry Potter Celebration about to go in a Q&A with Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan), James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley), Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley)! It's a good day! :)
It's the last day of "A Celebration of Harry Potter" and we can't wait to show you what's still to come! In the meantime, check out the video of yesterday's adventures! From : Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Micheal & Oliver Phelps, Evanna Lynch, Mathew Lewis, Tom Felton.
Harry Potter Celebration Q&A with Evanna Lynch, James and Oliver Phelps, Devon Murray, and Matthew…
Evanna Lynch, James & Oliver Phelps, Devon Murray and Matthew Lewis are here for the first Q&A.
Photo: Matthew Lewis, James and Oliver Phelps, Evanna Lynch and Devon Murray at the Harry Potter...
Harry Potter actors Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis, Devon Murray, Mark Williams, and James and Oliver Phelps, as well as reps for Scholastic and Warner
Five of the cast of the Harry Potter series, Evanna Lynch, Devon Murray, Matthew Lewis, and James and Oliver Phelps, participated in a press
A Celebration of Harry Potter weekend event will be filled with great activities! Some of the stars of the Harry Potter films will also be in attendance, including James Phelps (Fred Weasley), Oliver Phelps (George Weasley) and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)! Wands at the ready!
James and Oliver Phelps and Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch discuss "normal life," respecting fans, coveted Potter props and traveling to premieres around the world in our second cast on cast video!
I'm not over Tom Felton, Oliver Phelps, James Phelps and Rupert Grint golfing together
Special guest Oliver Phelps (aka George Weasley from Harry Potter) on ‘The Wall’
Harry Potter stars James Phelps, Oliver Phelps and Evanna Lynch to appear at 'A Celebration of Harry Potter' at Universal Orlando resort January 24-26, 2014. Read more @
Universal Orlando has announced that Evanna Lynch, Oliver Phelps, and James Phelps will participate in A Celebration of Harry Potter event in January. Additional details about activities during the three-day event were shared in the press release.
Universal Orlando's Celebration of Harry Potter will include appearances from Evanna Lynch, James Phelps, and Oliver Phelps. The three Harry Potter stars,
Staring at your blackberry, trying to figure out if you saw the little rJames and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) admit
I have a unhealthy obsession with Twins.. Joel + Benji Madden, James + Oliver Phelps and biggest of all Bill + Tom Kaulitz ;'O
So,guess who was at tonight's Oilers game?James & Oliver Phelps aka Fred & George Weasley. Of all the…
it's the way yOu make me laugh ,,, when i dOn't even wanna smileJames and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) admit that th
The Harry Potter fanatics in better be freaking out. I'm chatting with James & Oliver Phelps on the show today. FRED & GEORGE, Y'ALL!
I met a lot of people, I mean Adam Woodyatt, Danny Dyer, James and Oliver Phelps from Harry Potter and a few other people
Foto: Bonnie Wright, Mark Williams, Oliver Phelps and James Phelps backstage with Daniel Radcliffe after...
today was the day when I was going to be meeting James&Oliver Phelps but I'm not now:(
To succeed in the world it isn't enough to be stupid, you must also be James & Oliver Phelps full names are James Andrew
it's only just occurred to me that James and Oliver Phelps are not actually related to Rupert Grint 😳
Tom Felton (if he gives up smoking) and Oliver Phelps, both of Harry Potter fame. I did have others but I forget
I share a birthday with George Harrison, James and Oliver Phelps and Gerran Howell from Young Dracula.
such a good day! thanks Supanova! Bradley James, James and Oliver Phelps and Karl Urban were all AWESOME!!
[hugs the Adam Rose, Darren Shan, Chris Rankin, Packy Lundholm, Oliver Phelps and some other replies]
While Luily & Twinkle Toes got to meet James & Oliver Phelps, I met Alan Tudyk! It was so amazing, he's so nice and tall and wow :') Maybe next time I'll get to meet the Phelps twins too! I have a photo of me & Alan if any of you would like to see it :) -The Phantom Otter
Alan Tudyk, Michael Shannon, Sara Underwood, Manu Bennett, Summer Glau, Wil Wheaton, James and Oliver Phelps, and CANDACE BAILEY are going to be at Chicago comic-con. I definitely just crapped my pants.
Harry Potter twins James and Oliver Phelps at the
We all sort of know this story, but it's still interesting to read.   Oliver Phelps opened the first real estate office in the country in Canandaigua, NY.    / Provided by Ontario County Historical SocietyWritten by John Robortella   Sure, is nice to own a home on Canandaigua Lake. But how about owning the whole lake?   Oliver Phelps did just that. He and his business partner, Nathaniel Gorham, bought virtually all of western New York in 1788, for $1 million. They negotiated with the Senecas for rights to sell about 2.6 million acres of it, then set up the first real-estate office in America, in Canandaigua. Their plan was to make a fortune by selling land in the Finger Lakes region at the time, the frontier of the nation.   It was the latest venture in a lively career for Phelps, who was born in Connecticut in 1749, moved to Massachusetts as a young man, opened a tavern, went into merchandising, then served as deputy commissary of the colonial army during the American Revolution. His role in provid ...
James & Oliver Phelps reported to play Guildenstern & Rosencrantz in new Hamlet movie adaptation
My list of people I want to become the 12th Doctor: - Alan Rickman - Ralph Fiennes - Me - Matthew Lewis - Sean Connery - Me - Prince Harry - Rupert Grint - Either James or Oliver Phelps - Me People I don't want to become the 12th Doctor: - Robert Pattinson
when will the celeb version of pointless with James and Oliver phelps be shown?
can i please bang james and oliver phelps? I don't care that they are 11 years older than me.
People that should have been born ginger: Emma Stone. Oliver and James Phelps. Brittany Snow.
What would you do if you saw a famous twin eg james or oliver phelps and didn't know which it was to ask for a pic omg
I swear. James Younghusband looks like James and Oliver Phelps. Both of my sisters think so, too.
Set de fotos: only-phelps-twins: (HHHO) James and Oliver Phelps. My firts gifs. :O Sorry, I tried to do my...
how can you not love James and Oliver Phelps
// My sister thinks that Drake Bell looked like James and Oliver Phelps when Drake was 17 and the twins were 14.
woke up n saw dat mentioned me sayin thank u cuz of a post i did bout him n twin Oliver doin a video 4 a event made my day! :)
The lovely Oliver Phelps has just cut a new reel - have a little watch for an afternoon treat!
“People are going to remember Potter for the legacy” – Oliver Phelps
I like Oliver Phelps and James Phelps. I want to meet him if I can do it.
I refuse to believe that Oliver and James Phelps aren't actually gingers. Nope nope nope.
James and Oliver Phelps as Connor and Travis Stoll? Why not?
I want to marry Oliver Phelps or Logan Lerman.
-- a great idea. Lol then I used to talk to James and Oliver Phelps every week on my fan account.
Hi! Could you give me the Oliver Phelps's post address for correspondence, please? I'll be very appreciated..
Who was the guy who played like a professional football player? I heard that his name is Oliver Phelps maybe...;)
James and Oliver´s teaser video for the HHHO Football match in May
Oliver Phelps could only do five takes for Fred's death scene. Seeing his brother pretending to be dead was emotionally exhausting for him.
Ya'll, I am in Oliver Phelps heaven right now. :) :) :)
ROSE! Oliver Phelps just asked a question on 1001 things you should know. I'm dying
jesus, calm down. You only saw a cricket team. Not like you witnessed arsenal, uswnt or james and oliver phelps :P
oliver phelps never commented back :( I'll go burn my hands with irons now, like Dobby.
who's Oliver Phelps, lesser known brother of Michael Phelps? :/
Oliver and James Phelps..oh my life, they're very, um...yes. Nice faces those lads.
$80 to get a photo with Oliver and James Phelps?
LOL someone come supernova with me just to meet Oliver and James Phelps and Eoin Macken.
Yep lol, it worked with Oliver Phelps from Harry Potter, hurting yourself gets sympathy it appears lol
Oliver Phelps's bio: I pretended to be a ginger for 10 years. Bertie Gilbert's: The back of my head was in a film once.
I Had Weird Dreams Last.The 1st one John Travolta was in.The 2nd one James&Oliver Phelps were in but they were playing Fred&George.
This week I've seen Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw on stage twice and got their autograps and I randomly saw Oliver Phelps. Good times! (:
I mean Jona Weinhofen and Austin Dickinson and Oliver Phelps replied to me but PATRICK STUMP
I think that you look like Oliver and James Phelps in this photo... AWESOME!
Happy Birthday to James and Oliver Phelps!!! the actors behind Fred and George Weasley [who today turn 27]
can't wait for Supernova this year! James and Oliver Phelps are coming and they are like my faves ahhh omg
Also I might be meeting James and Oliver phelps (the weasley twins from Harry Potter) 0mG ehehehe!
this post to enter to win an autograph by James & Oliver Phelps, better known as the Weasley Twins! Good luck!
My second favourite twins after James & Oliver Phelps.
sometimes I see pictures of James and Oliver Phelps and get to the verge if tears before remembering they're not actually Fred and George...
Good God just give me James and Oliver Phelps
I am a big fan! (Personally, I think ur ze hotta twin,no offence 2 Oliver.He's hot too. XD )
I found Robert Pattinson's, J.K.Rowling's, Daniel Radcliffe's, Emma Watson's and Oliver Phelps' wands today, good day :'3
You're planning a nice dinner party but could only in... — Dan, Phil and James&Oliver Phelps (they're twins, the...
You sent the same post to Oliver Phelps TEN times ("spam"). The last follower (recently) who did that... (continued)
Oh almost forget, Happy 27th Birthday Phelps twins! Oliver and James hope you still being our Gred and Forge.
Oliver Phelps, dear. They're twins, of course. But my heart always know the difference of James or Ollie :)
So I've heard you and Oliver will be at Megacon in Orlando, FL. next weekend. Is this true?
"It was so much fun making the film on set, it was like playtime!" – Oliver & James Phelps on filming HP
James and Oliver Phelps thank you for being the best fictional brothers
if you actually reply my letter, I'd scream on the street: OLIVER PHELPS IS THE HOTTEST GUY ON EARTH. HE'S *** PRECIOUS.
I know! I didn't end up getting much because everything was so expensive but I met James and oliver phelps so I was okay
Hi,all I wanted to say is that I admire you very much & hope that, together with Oliver, continue to act,always made me laugh
-& Oliver Phelps in Amsterdam two years ago.
No one will ever know how I feel when I see/meet Oliver and James Phelps. Because I don't even know, how I am going to react myself :)
I had a slight obsession with Michael Phelps during the Olympics..Like I legit thought I was gonna meet him & wed get married. Ahh memories😌
Omg, James Phelps is doing some new movies...without Oliver
Oliver Phelps .. Well, why are you so cool?:*
When Rupert talks about his brother I just assume he means James or Oliver Phelps
what about me..Cody followed,Joel Courtney Dmed,Oliver Phelps replied,Milla Yovovich replied,4Mdot replied etc. loool
Mahal kita means I love you. We love you, Oliver! Lots of love your fans from the Philippines.
Now I'm stuck in the Oliver Phelps tag on tumblr... I think I'm the master of procrastinating.
Oliver and James Phelps will be at the Sydney one. Why do we have to live in Brisbane?
James & Oliver Phelps don't look like the Weasley twins anymore: These pictures of Harry Potter's James and Oliv...
FRED WEASLEY ~Bellatwix Like them? Heck yes Why?/Why not? Because he's one of the twins who are hilariously funny and just great! Do I relate to them in any way? As much as I'd like to be, not really. I'm not really one of those funny people, I can make people laugh occasionally, but I'm not a huge joker I ship them with... No one really... D: Favourite BOOK line of theirs: I FEEL BAD BECAUSE I CAN'T REMEMBER IF ONE IS FRED OR GEORGE SO I'MMA SAY ALL OF THEM! What do I think of their actor/actress who portrayed them (If necessary)? Once again, I can't tell the difference but I love James and Oliver Phelps, although I don't know any others that could've played them, they're the best friend and George. One word to sum them up: Mischievous
Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley) turned 33 March 1st, as James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) turned 27 on February 25th. In both books and movies, the twins are supposed to be older than Ron, who was second youngest in the family.
I've just read the line up for Supanova in Sydney... James & Oliver Phelps, Kai Owen, Eve Myles, Alan Tudyk & I really want to go!
OMFG James & Oliver Phelps,Eve Myles and Kai Owen MIGHT be going to the Sydnova. AH fangirling right now,,
I forgot about James and Oliver Phelps birthday!!! (Fred and George Weasley) It was on the 25th!! Happy Birthday!! ah 27!! :P
When James and Oliver Phelps were doing the death scene of Fred they both started crying in real life
Happy Birthday to James and Oliver Phelps, our Fred and George Weasley!
Happy Birthday James and Oliver Phelps! (Fred & George Weasley) can't believe you're already 27. Time flies
For Yesterday! Happy 27th Birthday to James and Oliver Phelps, our mischief makers Fred and George Weasley!
Today in History -- Monday, Feb. 25 (Alexis Denisof, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps) The Associated Press Today is Monday, Feb. 25, the 56th day of 2013. There are 309 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Feb. 25, 1943, George Harrison, lead guitarist/singer/songwriter for The Beatles, solo career and co-founder of The Traveling Wilburys, is born in Liverpool, England. He died from lung cancer on Nov. 29, 2001. this date: In 1836, inventor Samuel Colt patented his revolver. In 1862, Nashville, Tenn., became the first Confederate state capital to be occupied by the North during the Civil War. In 1901, United States Steel Corp. was incorporated by J.P. Morgan. In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving Congress the power to levy and collect income taxes, was declared in effect by Secretary of State Philander Chase Knox. In 1913, character actor Jim Backus, who played Thurston Howell III on "Gilligan's Island" and voiced the cartoon character Mr. Magoo, was born in Cleveland ...
ACCIO LIKES! :) Can Knight Buses go to Pigfarts? "it's levi-osa. NOT leviosaar" ~Hermione Granger "Where's Hermione when we need her?" - Ronald Weasley We will never forget you Sirius, Fred, Dobby & Snape 'That's Totally Barbaric!' James and Oliver Phelps brought the Weasley twins to life
Hannah Dolins if you see this post you must... MUST... tell us how your getting to meet James and Oliver Phelps went!!! Thank you, Verity
1. What was the last movie you watched on theaters? Les Mis :) 2. What was the first movie you ever remember watching on theaters? The secrets of Moonacre. 3. Top 5 movies: Lotr 1,2 & 3, Les Mis and Prince Caspian!! 4. Top 5 directors: Peter Jackson and umm... 5. A favorite adapted movie: Ooooh um... i have to many! 6. Your best experience on going to the movies: With my mate chloe, we went to see ice age 4 and i walked into someone and fell up the stairs and we laughed so much!! 7. A guilty pleasure: WINNIE THE POOH!! 8. An overrated movie: Clash of the Titans 9. An underrated movie: All the narnia's. 10. A movie that not many have heard that you’ve seen: World on Fire. 11. A movie you watched mainly for an actor: Um... i don't know 12. Top 5 actors: Aaron Tveit, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom. 13. Top 5 actresses: Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch, Georgie Henley, Sam Barks and Helena Bonham Carter 14. VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray? VHS ALL THE WAY!!! 15. Favorite Disney movie (not PIXAR!): Ala ...
Good Morning all its TERRIFIC TUESDAY today and we are very excited to have our Ambassadors Michael Johnson, James Phelps and Oliver Phelps visiting HQ today, What amazing guys they all are!
Hi, James :) I am your fan from Russia. I hope you and Oliver will come to Russia. I love you very much.
I've got the feeling Oliver is *** thats another problem.Anyway Night,My Love. :-/
Reply to James and Oliver Phelps, that is all.
That moment when you want to Harry Potter just to James and Oliver Phelps❤
Gosh, duh! :)James and Oliver Phelps and Rupert Grint are cuties too! :) Now we're up to five..
I love how when I text things like 'I just love James and Oliver Phelps so much' instead of replying with 'Who?' or 'okay...' ...
Clémence Poésy, Domhnall Gleeson, Fiona Shaw, and now James and Oliver Phelps? God, if you could give me Emma Watson next, I promise I'll keep my hands to myself... most of the time.
Born on the same day as Nancy O'Dell and James and Oliver Phelps :)
I wanna meet James and Oliver Phelps and Tom Felton :)
James and Oliver phelps aka Fred and George are going to be at discovery Times Square and I don't have tickets because
Maroon 5 next week and a chance to meet James&Oliver Phelps! Oh and shopping in the city with what is this life I live?
Pikeville 4th grade AAU playing Phelps today at 10:30 and 11:30 at T W Oliver
James y Oliver Phelps saved my life.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Confession 17- I've met Tom Felton, James and Oliver Phelps in person. They are all very sweet and lovely people. James and Oliver both have me a hug even though they weren't aloud to hug anyone. I cried. I was so happy. -Draco
On Sunday during our free time James & Oliver Phelps are doing a signing there we NEED to go
Harry Potter: James and Oliver Phelps to Appear at Harry Potter: The Exhibition in New York
"I can't imagine how it would feel to lose him. We've done everything together & to see him laying down just killed me inside"-Oliver Phelps
Ugh I hate breaks during movies. I want to see Dan Rad and Rupert Grint and Em Watson and James/Oliver Phelps and Devon Murray! Grr
James and Oliver Phelps are my idols :D — Mine too!!! :')
ah and I heard something about James and Oliver Phelps going to be there... ASDFGHJKL
I'm rather annoyed that I only discovered LFCC last year. In previous years I'd have had the chance to meet: John Barrowman x2 Eve Myles Bill Oddie James+Oliver Phelps and Karen Gillan (_-_)
James and Oliver phelps are gonna be at megacon in Florida in march I wanna gooo
oh Travis Clark!! :D James and Oliver Phelps too. Even if they aren't naturally ginger!
Oliver, can you prepare a tribute for my blog "Phelps twins brazil"
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