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Oliver North

Oliver Laurence North (born October 7, 1943) is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, political commentator, host of War Stories with Oliver North on Fox News Channel, a military historian, and a New York Times best-selling author.

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Mark, remember when Col.Oliver North was being grilled in 1978 about why he spent money on his compound security. Osma Binlaudin.
Lt. Col. Oliver North and a Navy SEAL weigh-in on ISIS and the president's response to recent terror attacks:
Is U.S. taking right tack against ISIS and with allies? Lt. Col. Oliver North of and former Navy Seal Leif Babin are next w/Dave
Former Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Leif Babin talking about his part in Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North's television...
Less than 30 min to go before the Big Show! Special guests include -Lt. Gen. Mike FLynn, Col. Oliver North, David Limbaugh and more! Join me
Lt col Oliver North: "Maybe this time we'll hire a commander in chief worthy of the title". Love it!!
And what Lt.Col. Oliver North did during and for the operations "Iran Contra" was correct accurate and effective?
Lt. Col. Oliver North lays out seven steps the United States needs to take right now to defeat ISIS. Read his...
Lt. Col. Oliver North to speak at Jackson State Community College Foundation banquet —
Listened to Col. Oliver North on Greta tonight re Isis. Makes so much sense. He needs to be on the Trump team.
Maybe you need to have a conversation with Lt.Col. Oliver North ya think ?
I hope you get Col.Oliver North on your team. Real Deal. Was just on Greta and quite impressive ways to deal with terrorism
I would move Heaven and Earth to get Col. Oliver North on my team, sir!
What are your thoughts on Col. Oliver North? He seems to have a firm handle on military concepts... win! Tough S.O.B.
On 'Fox & Friends,' Lt. Col. Oliver North said officials should not have been "bragging" about capturing Paris...
Oliver North to speak at first JSCC Foundation Banquet: Lt. Col. Oliver... (via
Lt. Col. Oliver North on Fox: 'more airport security required at check-in?'. How about instead of inconveniencing us, we inconvenience them?
3/16/1988: Iran–Contra affair: Lt. Col. Oliver North and Vice Ad. John Poindexter are indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the US.
Hey Jake, screw Colin Powell. He is as irrelevant as the Ford Edsel. Will you ask Hillary a question based on an Oliver North comment?
Oliver North watching last night's Democratic debate: "Hillary gets it," he whispers. Sips whiskey & stares wistfully at…
Not to be confused with Oliver North whose birthday is October 7th.
"Barry Seal was murdered by Colombian hit men on orders from George H.W.Bush and Jeb Bush, carried out by Oliver North."
Million dollar meetings in the Polo Lounge me and my man Oliver North that's how I roll around...
I'd like to remind everybody that Oliver North is the Liberal Democrat!
Can you interview Oliver North course my favourite general was Norman (storming Norman)
WATCH: Pilot Expertly Slides Plane in for Emergency Landing: Col. Oliver North (Ret.) warned that the involvem...
Fed gov was told about Osama Binladen by Oliver North way before 9-11. Nobody paid attention. It'll be the same with ISIS.
Oliver North ran for congress after Gary Webb exposed him, Reagan, Bush and the Clintons.
(2/2) that dominated news. We asked Joe Gibbs about Oliver North; coach never heard of him.
I wonder if they took cues from Oliver North?
even in OH, Brie and Rash seem to care for each other. that part where Oliver entered the huge *** fridge which is basically north pole hAH
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Oliver North wouldn't have opened his front door after dark.
Would the ex commissioner be his Oliver North ?
Traffic accident with injuries at 29th Street North and Oliver.
Goodness gracious glory me, I love you so much Oliver North Lee
- Your response to N. Dakota's feeble attempt to side step the oil criticisms? .
Jamie Oliver opens up first North American (Yorkville/Toronto) restaurant. And sends a message to Trudeau.
There is a lot of talk about hiring Veterans but yet companies turn down a Veterans job fair with Col. Oliver North. I just wanted to thank…
Jamie Oliver's £7 million north London home has been raided by burglars after a break-in through a garage door. Thieves stol…
Watch: John Oliver thinks North Dakota has been a little too hospitable to oil companies—
Niche query: where can I find the passage in (I think) Oliver Goldsmith about the vast abundance of life in the North …
it was a good episode but without the nice lance and Oliver scenes it would be boring. Too little diggle and OTA.
seriously! Oliver this season just keeps getting hotter. Something about the 'so done' attitude is sexy af
North West tells paparazzi to stop, Mary-Kate Olsen's wedding & more
The Revolution Rewind: relive some of the best interviews of 2015 w/ Gregg Ritz, Tom Miranda, Lt. Col. Oliver North
in 2008, Tottenham Hotspur came from behind to draw 4-4 with Arsenal in the North London Derby.
Check out this - Oliver's Crossing at Great Clips in
I want to see a moderated by Oliver North, Newt Gingrich, and Alan Keyes. That would be worth watching.
Remember, there are four Norths. True North, Magnetic North, Polar North and Oliver North. -ancient "disinformation"
Don't bother. Jeb, GHW Bush, Oliver North, Bill Clinton did not mind at all in 1986 when Barry Seal was riddled with bullets.
Oliver North warned Al Gore in the 80s about OBL, Gore laughed. Famous man, educate yourself. Liberals do not care!!!
Can we just talk about how Felicity knew about Oliver running for mayor and helped him with the lair because they are a couple,…
I give props for choosing the name. We can easily reference Oliver North and
Oliver L. North I came here to tell you the truth the good the bad and the ugly. :-o
Great episode but I'm having a REAL problem this season with Oliver suddenly not being able to fight with just one person!
Oliver has fought much worse than this ***
I'm loving Oliver standing up for himself
I was afraid of the Lance drama this episode but Quinten and Oliver need this to move forward
Love Oliver Queen. He's so funny now and light ☺
Shirtless Oliver? Check. . Salmon Ladder? Check. . Felicity Smoak speechless?. Must be a new starting now!
you know it's only going to take one episode and all is forgiven. Unlike Oliver who has to pay for everything for years!
*** Protective Oliver is smoaking hot. Like seriously, wow
'Vladimir Putin is playing Barack Obama like Charlie Daniels plays the fiddle". - Lt. Col. Oliver North on Varney & Com…
Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, a great American, great Patriot, and great soldier. Fearless in combat and in life. https…
If the cared abt coverups Oliver North would be breaking rocks in a federal pen.
Please, Oliver North, tell us more about how to deal with Iran
"The ends don't justify the means." - Senator George Mitchell looking down his nose at Col. Oliver North
..Jeb Bush, Oliver North and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986
Wanna talk about Iran? Talk about Ronald Reagan & Oliver North. Where did Iran get their guns from to begin with? Hmmm, let me think...
I took Zimbio's 'Arrow' quiz and I'm Oliver Queen! Who are you?
exemplary? Oliver North bought a million bucks of AKs from the Syrian who bankrolled the murder of Leon Klinghoffer.
Oliver North - covered up/lied about arms sales to and from terrorists, including perpetrators of Marine Barracks Bombing. NRA board member
Col. Oliver North heads to Shreveport-Bossier. Find out how you can get tickets.
Would you like Elfie's Christmas letters or North Pole Christmas Letters?
talks about the tensions between North and South Korea. .
Joe Oliver still scheduled to speak at tree house, no girls allowed - The Beaverton - North...
[FEATURED MUSIC] Privazy (brings to us his 8track 'Gray Habits' produced by
5 sophomores ready to become stars in college basketball: Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland and Duke will each be counting on big co...
Got to meet Oliver North today, so that was pretty awesome
Al Gore called Oliver North "the colonel of untruth" Mr. North was counting on contributions from "the extra-chromosome right wing."
My heroes are actually Lee Atwater, Bob Haldeman, and early Oliver North.
I'd love to see Fox News bring out Oliver North to comment against Valerie Palme's opinion on Iran's nuclear program😂
Does anyone else find it ironic that Fox is blasting Obama's Iran nuclear deal while Oliver North is a frequent contributor?
In 1987, Lt. Col. Oliver North became a daytime TV star, pulling in more viewers than many game shows and soap operas.
ON THIS DAY: July 7, 1987-Lt. Col. Oliver North is sworn in before Senate Iran Contra Committee.
TODAY 1987, Lt. Col. Oliver North began his long-awaited public testimony at the Iran-Contra hearing,
1987] Ratting out the Prez: Lt. Col. Oliver North begins his public testimony at the Iran-Contra hearing. North...
I pray to the east on these beats, I'm Kanye West spitting Oliver North
Today in 1989 former White House aide Col.Oliver North escapes jail for his part in the Iran-Contra affair.
watching retired lieutenant Colonel Oliver North on Fox. I agree with what Ollie says. His strategy is sound.
oil for arms essentially. Shades of Iran-contra's affair. Who's the new Oliver North?
David Goyer co-wrote Nolan's Batman films, Man of Steel, and Call of Duty starring David Petraeus and Oliver North
Lt. Col. Oliver North: "This is uncharted territory and it's nice to hear the administration finally acknowledging."
Lt. Col. Oliver North: "What we're worried about are those 20,000 coming to the US and carrying out attacks."
Lt. Col. Oliver North: "If you're a Sunni, it looks like this administration is in bed with the Iranians."
Fox News seems like you guys forgot that Ronald Reagan and Oliver North sold guns to Iran every chance you get you lie on President Obama...
Oliver North to Fox News" I had a secret email address like Hillary Clinton,but President Reagan knew about it..
. Yet Bush, Cheney, the CIA, Oliver North are all free to walk the streets.
Marine Corp vet Oliver North entrepreneurship important for the returning vet
Good to see John Stewart call out Oliver North as we did earlier:
From John Pizzle. BEST QUOTE OF THE DAY. Don't ask a question unless you can stand the answer. . Oliver North was...
will we be boycotting Fox for employing convicted criminals like Oliver North or G. Gordon Liddy?
Don't you hate it when your Number 2 throws you under the bus?. What about loyalty, Gordon G. Liddy, Oliver North?.
Vladimir Putin is leading a dying country. Vladimir Putin's regime exports three things: petroleum products - coal, natural gas, and hydrocarbon energy in the form of petroleum. Number two, it exports arms, and, number three, it exports people. -Oliver North
You might be surprised what animal played an important role in both world wars... pigeons! TUNE IN Saturday for 'War Stories with Oliver North' on Fox Business. Here's the lineup: 8p ET: 'Animal Warriors' 9p ET: 'Baseball in World War II' 10p ET: 'The Big Red One'
Fox News using Mark Fuhrman for racial commentary is like using Oliver North to comment on illegal weapons sal…
How does survive as a network when they hire people like Oliver North, Geraldo Rivera, Karl Rove Mark Furman? Maybe Gruber is right
IF ANYONE OF YOU MY DEAR FB FREINDS AND LOVED ONES WOULD LIKE AN AUTOGRAPH BOOK FROM BOB HAMER HIMSELF! Please let me know. One of my heroes' and dear friends helped Ollie write this book. Amazing book. I love ya Bob Hamer! Just got off of the phone with Authur/coAuthur of this truly phenomenal book. No matter what party you are involved in, this is a Heart Pounding ride. In this new volume of his New York Times bestselling American Heroes series, North and Hamer describes in vivid detail the breathtaking courage, steadfast commitment, and resilient strength of those who serve—and those who love them. The term “selfless devotion” may be a cliché to many in our modern culture—but not to the men and women on the pages of this book. Their stories resound with bravery, a warrior ethos, and spiritual strength that ought to encourage us all. Bob Hamer brought the families into this breathtaking book. The wives that are at home holding down the fort, husbands whose wives are fighting for our freedom too ...
BREAKING NEWS: young boy Michael Tilley murdered in his home in Durham North Carolina sources say "he had no chill"
I'm like John Wayne. I only play good guys. - Oliver L. North
Oliver North in the cut dolce'd out though
"Blame Reagan for making me into a monster/Blame Oliver North and Iran-Contra/I ran contraband that they sponsored" ~ Shawn Carter
Sorry, know how much you guys adore the great hero/patriot Oliver North. My apologies.
Oliver north in the cut dolce'd out though 😍
The 24km Pyongyang subway has 700,000 pax/day. Which means, mile for mile, it's somewhat busier than  
Transportation in North Korea, where ride is 3 cents and traffic-directing cop cheaper than traffic signal:
Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver of North Carolina State University is the 7th recipient of the Blackwell-Tapia award!
I mean someone ask the Bushes & Oliver North just who murdered Barry Seal 1986?
Why do people hate North West's name? Have you seen what Jamie Oliver named his children?
Evidence shown by Oliver North, Geraldo Rivera, and Bil O'Reilly proves Patton died other than said by legend. I know story
All my students wanna talk about is dope running. Monday we'll talk about Ronald Reagan and Oliver North.
did you read Gary Webb's book? There's something really odd in it about Clinton, Oliver North, and the CIA, and cocaine
NEWSFLASH: Oliver North has the balls to comment on Really Iranians fired missiles at us. Th
Many in the GOP say the same thing about Oliver North. It's just vanilla tribalism.
Without spoiling it for you, consider this: It has to do with his best friend, Oliver North, the CIA, the DEA, and lots of cocaine.
"War on Drugs, Iran- Contra President Ronnie and Oliver North drug runs! The jailing of positive leaders.. Yeah ok
Oliver North to Speak at an Objective Rally Point Event on December 2
The answer is nothing. Oliver North ran it.
I just got added to a list that is in Arabic and now I am wondering if I should hire Oliver North to provide home securit…
There is a question that needs to be asked of Jeb Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Oliver North.
“They can hit our embassy.” Lt. Col. Oliver North told Megyn Kelly tonight that he believes ISIS fighters are plotting a “complex assault” on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
Somewhere, wherever he is, Oliver North just felt a mysterious tingling in his netherparts.
What in the world is going on my friends?! Bible Prophecy that's what! - Canada stocks drop on 7 day continued cycle of the Shemitah a midst terrorist attack, U.S. Dow falls too - ISIS lone wolfs attack soldiers in Canada twice in 36 hours, what's next? - Oliver North warns ISIS plans MAJOR attack on US Embassy in Baghdad - Multiple explosions rock Baghdad & Egypt - Terrorist attack in Jerusalem - Fresh threats across U.S. Public Schools
Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North claims that his sources have alerted him to a major, imminent threat. The Islamic State is planning a significant and barbarous attack against the United States embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. On the Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” North said that the leadership of the Islamic State is now largely composed of the former leaders of the Iraqi Republican Guard under Saddam Hussein.
“Whoever has the sword will have the earth.” . ― Oliver North, Counterfeit Lies
Oliver North sources: A serious attack is imminent on
think only Oliver North can claim to have made a bigger 'mistake'
Oliver North- ISIS threat: What Team Obama doesn't want you to know via
Oliver North to speak at Columbia Southern graduation Friday in
I saw that Ollie predicted this on Fox. There has been a mortar attack on the Green Zone since. ~JBenghaziM
Oliver North: ‘Any other president would be impeached’ -
"They know Baghdad. They've lived in Baghdad," said Lt.Col Oliver North, warning over the weekend that sources in...
Helen Oliver North London at aiming for resilient and innovative health & social care system
lol Uhhuh... We learned from the best. Prez Nixon, Oliver North, Tom DeLay, David Patraeus. Remember dem fellas?
Thank God - gave Oliver North a show on TV. Lois Lerner and Eric Holder will need jobs after prison too - Heads up
The DNC was spotted by TMZ photographers leaving a Oliver North pool party, when asked the DNC stated, "who is Mike Jones?"
RED ALERT! You know that I rarely ever say this, but this is yet another reason to stock up and secure your house.The Ebola scare is rampant in Central America and the word is that millions will soon run the border and it cannot be stopped - they want our medical care and resources - water, food, etc. - this will be a crisis beyond the ability of ANY law enforcement entity to contain and it will be everyone for himself to protect his/her family - we will need to stay home when it happens, as this plus the threatened quarantine of masses in FEMA Camps will be done under Martial Law - this was planned years ago - the FEMA Camp plan started with Oliver North when Reagan was President - REX-84 - the word has been for many years that FEMA Camps will be populated at first with primarily Blacks and Hispanics - this is clearly credible in that most of the crime is by young black men and illegals and they were lawless and militant in NO after Katrina and more recently in Ferguson, Missouri - it will be that to th ...
Sharon Douglas "Not one person prosecuted.Reagan, ''could not recall'' and Oliver North makes millions on the lecture circuit."
Dear Having on as a political commentator is just one example of why you don't have
Brandon Oliver, Oliver North, Oliver twist it doesn't matter the can't stop anyone today.
WOWOWO Oliver north and south tearin it up
One punter from the North East just needs an Inter Milan win tonight to get 15/15 on the and win an estima…
I watched Marines die face down in the mud protecting freedom, ~ Col, Oliver North
politics of the charade that is the Free Syrian Army another group of bandits like Oliver North's Contras of 80s
Parked in "Max's Tractor Shed" this weekend...this big, bad boy from North Oliver made 42 years ago.
Oliver North inna cut Dolce'd out though.
Oliver North never speaks of White Genocide. How can you be loyal to your people but ignore their genocide?
I wonder how often people ask Oliver North to say "The buck stops here."
Well, he is a cat. Maybe Oliver North was also a cat?
"That Oliver North guy? Totally cool to have him influencing our games!"
Solid North wind out but a 104KM roll to Oliver's Hill.
Also didn't you just say you weren't entirely sorry because of Oliver North? Is that not excusing it?
Given the latest Oliver North stuff I've been hearing, I'm not entirely sorry about that.
Oliver Stoned is North. Oliver Stone films with drugs or war. (Platoon, Born on the 4th, Doors, Savages)
North Korea "now very stable and like a family" Christian Oliver speaks to N. Korea's man in Europe:
SF North or South? we now realise they are 2 seperate entities...
Little Giant Ladders
I don't know why I expected anything different of a company that sought out Oliver North in order to give him money, really.
Many, many have said the same thing. From kissinger to oliver north to obama...
The fact that Oliver North got off entirely scot-free from Iran-Contra Affair is still just stunning.
North stand filling up nicely as the teams start their warm ups.
Harlem Oliver Hardy festival today. Come out we are in the north food court.
Interesting to see Oliver North described as an "Iran/Contra Icon". Quite vague. Rampant criminal scum or simply traitor wd be more accurate
Oliver North in tha cut dolce'd out tho
Watching MNF while guys next to me debate the biggest fall guy ever. They agree on Oliver North. I think it's Lee Majors.…
i kinda remember Oliver North but it's fuzzy.
Gamergate: more angry about a game developer dating Kotaku editors than they ever were about Oliver North and Blackwater sel…
Megyn Kelly: "What happens if Baghdad falls?" Oliver North: "A bloodbath of biblical proportions."
Check out : Operation Iraqi Freedom by Oliver North (2003, Hardcover) & DVD via
Subject: A Memory from 1987 (This is bone chilling!!!) I had forgotten all of this. Do you remember when the senators were giving Ollie North such a bad time? This brings it all into perspective doesn't it? Have a great day, but never forget. Do you remember 1987. Thought you might be interested in this forgotten bit of information. It was 1987! At a lecture the other day they were playing an old news video of Lt.Col. Oliver North testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan Administration. For some of us, this was half our lifetime ago, and we weren’t really paying attention! There was Ollie in front of God and country getting the third degree, but what he said was stunning! He was being drilled by a senator, 'Did you not recently spend close to $60,000 for a home security system?' Ollie replied, 'Yes, I did, Sir.' The senator continued, trying to get a laugh out of the audience, 'Isn't that just a little excessive?' No, sir,' continued Ollie. No? And why not?' ...
Don't forget, Reagan armed the taliban. Oliver North sold weapons to Iran. Reagan armed Sadam Hussein to the teeth. C A pattern
Oliver North, was implicated in the Iran-Contra affair and forced to resign. He was convicted of three felony charges,
how is Col. Oliver North opinion even valid? remember he lied about Iran/Contra affair.
Btw, I'll give you my pitch for free: 1986. Arlene & Betsy uncover Iran-Contra. Bob Newhart as Reagan, Jake Lacy as Oliver North.
Was sitting here thinking today that is I had the chance to pick 5 people to have lunch with living or dead I would pick 1) Warren Buffet 2) Derek Jeter 3) Fred Bear 4) My Dad 5) Oliver North
this = islam Lt. Colonel Oliver North on ISIS: 'Largest, Wealthiest, Bloodiest Terror Force' via
Uncle Napoleons of the pseudo-Left who seek to prevent the amelioration of human suffering by direct intervention in the name of remaining pure from the taint of “Western imperialism” are every bit as much imperialist as the more overtly imperialist neocons on the Right, especially those who repeat uncritically the party line coming from the Kremlin. The most reprehensible are the fake U.S. military in uniform hiding their faces to disguise the fact they are neither American nor military with messages parroting the Kremlin’s trolls. Were they really American, they would be cowards and traitors to their uniform in the same way as former Lt. Col. Oliver North testifying before Congress AFTER he had been forced to resign his commission.
Oliver North's version of the prisoner exchange for Bergdahl makes a whole lot more sense. Bowe Bergdahl was not a prisoner of war. He was being held "hostage".
Agreed Good point well made.Difficult in 140characters to convey everything that I would like to say. Contras Oliver North etc.
Dulwich is a bit far from North London, not sure they are still doing handball. Any plans to get a club going elsewhere
Fox News Oliver North The only way to deal with ISIS isn't by dropping humanitarian relief we've got to start dropping bombs on Iraq & Syria
Fox News: ISIS Oliver North (Ret) U.S. Marine Corps "The only place Christians can feel safe is in Israel."
Oliver North, except he didn't join the army and just hung around his hometown buying booze for teenagers and doing scleen.
finished Counterfeit Lies by Oliver North, Bob Hamer and gave it 5 stars
About to go into the Birthing Station! New Hope Kingdom Worship Center, 233 A North Oliver St., Elberton,...
55 million years ago, the North Pole had tropical weather, with alligators and palm trees.
Good interview right now, Oliver North on Lars Larson.
" We've got to start dropping bombs " Oliver North
The only place for a Christian to be safe in the Middle East is Israel - Oliver North
Oliver North should never open his mouth about WAR. You should be in prison. YOU'RE NOTHING BUT TREASONOUS FILTH. You have no credentials
The only place Christians are safe in the middle east today is Israel - Col. Oliver North
:yes! Oliver North is right. This is the way to change something.
We have to start dropping bombs on ISIS. -Oliver North. AMEN!
under direct orders from the President of the United States himself, and his fallboy Oliver North
Believe it or not, Oliver North is touring military bases still making bank off Iran-Contra. SMDH.
Hero Oliver North sold 1,500 TOW missiles to Iran and never served jail time. Brown shopflifts, gets shot dead & smeared …
. Likewise, Manuel Noriega was to be a asset recruited by Oliver North and John Poindexter against the
Lovely piece in the about Oliver's Army, children running the Junior GNR in support of their friend
North: mom how did you get famous . Kim:
I Dont know what the big secret is chalabi is the next pm ... Oliver North said it two days ago on Fox News ???
Oliver North took the fall for crack bleeding these here streets while Reagan's campaign Don't do Drugs
can you imagine if that happened now? We'd have an Oliver North film + lots of guys on you tub drawing lines & calculating traj
domain names
has scoundrels all throughout the news room - Mark Ferman, Oliver North, Geraldo, o'Rielly...they need to hire Cheney & Satan!
"When we think back to the Reagan Administration, there are so many loathsome characters. Oliver North."
Still convinced that Immortal - Battles In The North was recorded outside on the side of a mountain in the middle of a blizzard.
thank you for sharing our story. Oliver's army ;-
135 children are running junior the Great North Run for 1 brave boy & raising money for CLIC Sargent
NBCU's digital push. Oliver North lends hand to 'The Americans.' - After the coffee. Before losing the jet lag.
Listening to Oliver North.Love that interesting.
This is the wonderful view from Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery, Oliver, BC carmentome art photography
On LT COL Oliver North: gained significant ground while we were all distracted by
Oliver North was in favor of air strikes. But that was 2 hours ago before Obama authorized them
just heard this ex Marine's mother on the radio, has not even called her
Currently reading Oliver North: Obama Bound By Law to Demand Jailed Marine's Freedom ~~~ Yet their has been nothing !
John Poindexter, and Oliver North were tried and convicted of eight felony counts between
McFarlane and N.S.C. staffer Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North were involved in
"The New Normal isn't Tranquility, it's Terror". Great article by Oliver North.
In todays news: Tonight on The Kelly File, Lt. Col. Oliver North said the difference between President Reagan’s reaction to a downed Korean Airlines flight by the Soviet Union and President Obama’s reaction is that Reagan was in the business of “rebuilding” America’s defenses. “We all know now that Barack Obama is disabling America’s defenses. We are unilaterally disarming and everybody knows it,” North said. He told Megyn Kelly that Russian President Vladimir Putin knows the United States will not act. m Definition: Wimp – noun 1. a weak, ineffectual, timid person. —Verb phrase 2. wimp out, a. to be or act like a wimp. b. to show timidity or cowardice; chicken out.
These children are collateral damage from Reagan/Oliver North blowback & our drug wars. Re…
Oliver North faced a Court Martial and was found innocent. You on the other hand . . . READ! LEARN!
1989. Oliver North is sentenced for his involvement in Iran-Contra affair.
Any comments from Oliver North is a joke, he is the guy who negotiated with Terrorists, see Iran Contra..More Neocon BS.
Eric Dyson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Caesar Chavez and Oliver North and Roland Martin are in church of Philadelphia
Who ran all the drugs into USA during Iran-Contra?George BushSr.William Casey,Oliver North&both Clintons -
I wonder what Paul J Harvey would say?. "wolf" x&. Interview: Oliver North by Harvey
I was curious about Fawn Hall, Oliver North's secretary, and found this. Life after Iran-Contra: After the Iran-Contra affair broke, Hall briefly went back to work for the Navy in 1987. After her congressional testimony in June 1987, she left government service and signed with the William Morris Agency[8] and unsuccessfully pursued a media career in the Washington D.C. area. She later moved to Los Angeles, California and pursued a modeling career for several years.[9] In April 1993, she married Danny Sugerman, former manager of The Doors.[9][10] The Sugermans lived in an affluent section of Los Angeles called the Hollywood Hills.[9] It was reported that Sugerman introduced Hall to crack cocaine shortly after their marriage. She developed an addiction and suffered a non-lethal overdose in 1994. Afterwards, she went into rehab.[9] Sugerman died in 2005 of lung cancer, and in 2007 Hall listed the house for sale for almost $2.5 million.[9][11] As of 2012, Hall lived a quiet life in West Hollywood, working at ...
Fox News books Judy Miller to talk about Iraq, and Oliver North to talk about hostages. There is. no. bottom. to this network.
Oliver North holding book signing at Liberty U
Oliver North holding book signing at Liberty U
Fox News is too far to the right for me. They have neocons like John Bolton and Oliver North on there
Lt. Col. Oliver North will be signing copies of his new novel "Counterfeit Lies", Sunday, June 15th at 3pm at...
Lt. Col. Oliver North (ret.) dropped a bombshell on Tuesday as the former Marine claimed that there was likely a ransom paid for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the American deserter who was released by the Haqqanis, a terrorist organization with close ties to Al Qaeda, after the Obama Administration released five high-level terrorists from Guantanamo Bay.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
read an article in where Oliver North stated that original discussions for return only involved MONEY!
Former Lt. Col. Oliver North continued his campaign against the Obama administration on Friday, accusing officials of needlessly trading five detainees for U.S.
Oliver North says all they ever wanted was money. Okay, so the money couldn't be used to buy suicide vets, IED's and rocket launchers?
Naturally, Lt. Col. Oliver North has plenty to say about the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
LtCol Oliver North and the Frontlines team joined 94-year-old Perozzi on what is likely to be his last journey back to the site of the D-Day invasion.
You haven't heard it all until you've heard disgraced Iran-Contra official Oliver North blast the Bergdahl deal
Lt. Col. Oliver North blasted 50 U.S. senators' decision of to spend time sending a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the Washington Redskins while blocking the House VA bill that would
When Barack Obama announced the deal to exchange Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl for five dangerous terrorists, he expected another Osama Bin Laden moment. He was shocked that America was appalled and disgusted. When Obama has lost CNN, he has lost most of his base. Only the professional traitors at Think Progress are standing with him. The Bergdahl deal has stunk since the moment it was announced. But as we start to look into this deal, this deal gets far worse. Was something else going on? Was it so shocking that treason doesn’t even begin to describe it? The answer is yes. While many sloppy journalists have talked about Bergdahl being held by the Taliban, he was in fact held by the Haqqani network. The Taliban and Haqqani are far different groups. The Taliban are theological fanatics while the Haqqani are more of a criminal enterprise, being fronted by theology. Four of the five terrorists released by Obama were Taliban, not Haqqani. The two groups are rivals. According to numerous published repo ...
Oliver North: Obama 'Concocted' Taliban Trade For Bergdahl - Cheney now Ollie out of the woodwork opines not wanted
Last night they debuted their cd...tonight Kim McLean will lead praise and worship joined by Eve Selis. Cactus Honey special music at the Church at Rancho Bernardo Saturday night and Sunday Morning services. Special speaker Oliver North.
Oliver North says that the Taliban had a ransom demand on Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and someone had to pay it before he was released, and it was likely Obama.
"Normandy a heroes returns with Oliver North bless you Sir . And thank you fo…
Who is seeking out Oliver North's opinion about anything? He was part of illegal arms sales to release hostages & then fund an illegal war!
Oliver North went to jail. Who's going to jail this time?
just read a article that quoted Oliver North saying original negotiations were just wanting MONEY!
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I'm not sure why anyone would ask Oliver North to give his opinion about a hostage swap.
I think anyone can criticize Obama over this POW swap, but Oliver North? Sorry, slimy, underhanded faux Patriots just need to shut up.
I think the Bergdahl controversy has come full circle since Oliver North has offered his criticism
we should listen. If anyone knows about high treason it's Oliver North.
Oliver North, What an ignoramus! And anyone giving him a platform is even more stupid.
Tell Oliver North, that Obama learns from him and Regan.
Oliver "Iran-Contra" North would like to know if the US financed a terrorist org. in exchange for a hostage...seriously.
One of the hardest things about being an adult is differing between the real and the fantasy. John Wayne was a draft dodger who worried more about losing his career than fighting for his country. Yet he’s remembered as the archetypal American tough guy, as is another Hollywood hero who ducked service, Ronald Reagan. These tin icons came to mind after watching “Pale Rider,” Clint Eastwood’s masterful remake of “Shane.” At one point in the movie, before Clint goes off to kill eleven bad guys and save a group of blue collar miners from extinction, he tells them how they have to stand together against the oligarchs of the world (well, he didn’t use those exact words but you get my drift). I had to separate real from fantasy and just enjoy the movie, because all too vivid in my mind was an addled, fat-cat Eastwood debating a chair on behalf of the teabaggers at the most recent Republican convention. We worship the wrong heroes when we listen to the empty cowboy suits while ignoring the real men a ...
Oliver North: Bergdahl's Captors Only Wanted Money: HUGH HEWITT: Now the news of the week, of course, is the B...
Oliver North has no right to criticize anyone.
In other news, lying says what you'd expect: Obama 'Concocted' Taliban Trade For Bergdahl
And you know all about trading for hostages don't you, *** Shoulda spent a couple decades behind bars.
Thee time convicted felon and paid pundit Oliver North has something to say about a man who was elected President, twice. Let's all listen?
When You're Evil - Voltaire. Dedicated to: John McCain, Oliver North, and the GOP.
Oliver North has zero credibility. He sold guns to the enemy for hostages.
- Con-cocked is what Oliver North did to his military career.
Oliver North, the man who helped sell weapons to Iran and was later convicted for 3 felonies? Lol.
This should be standard AP style for how to refer to Oliver North
"The conservative commentator was infamously convicted of covering up 1980s Iran-Contra scandal, where he and...
Noted arms-for-hostages expert weighs in on Bowe Bergdahl swap
If Oliver North is okay in the Bergdahl discussion, gun smugglers should be allowed in the gun control debate.
Wonder what this Traitor is getting in return.
Oliver North criticizes Obama for 'financing terrorist organization' in Bergdahl deal. Fox News promotes North to Chief Irony Correspondent.
Hypocrisy! Then again, it's about what I expect from a man like Oliver North!!
Funny how Oliver North and G. Gordon Liddy morphed into "Ollie" and "Gordy"
I think it would be a fantastic idea to invite (Lt. Colonel Oliver North "Ret") to Guest Star on an NCIS episode. I can see The Colonel & Gibb"s working together. AWESOME ! I have been considering this for awhile. What do you think ?
Ronald Reagan let Oliver North trade weapons (some say paid for with laundered drug money) for hostages. And obviously the deal was made before Reagan even took office. How else could hostages and weapons change hands in different parts of the world as Reagan was being sworn in? Material support to the enemy is treason and not a single republican then or since has acknowledged it. Reagan should have been impeached and tried. Oliver North most certainly was NOT the hero he played on Fox Noise, but he did get a pardon from Reagan, I think before he was even tried (or is my memory failing me?). If so I stand corrected and they both still stand as two of American history's biggest liars and hypocrites. It is sad, really really sad. Uninformed and unknowing Americans kissed their butts and vacationed in La La Land everbsince. Me? I left the republican party right after he was sworn in. I didn't want to risk getting the party's backroom slime on me. I guess I was a liberal republican. Ya think?
Why is TLC accusing Rihanna of immodesty? Why is Oliver North accusing Obama of negotiating with shady characters? I'm about ready for the Easter Bunny to accuse the Tooth Fairy of being imaginary.
Oliver North joined me in my Californai studio today en route to an appearance at the Nixon Library to promote his new thriller, “Counterfeit Lies,” coauthored with long-time FBI agent Bob Hammer. I’m more than a little picky about thrillers, and have allocated air time in the past only to those...
Did I forget to say that Oliver North was a uniformed scumbag, Mafia heroin-dealing, gun running piece of utter filth who was a disgrace to any army!
Oh, you know, except that little thing about not notifying Congress prior to the swap. But he's a Democrat so the Daily Kos can overlook that technicality, right? If they had not glossed over that, they would have made a very legitimate point. Oliver North has zero ground to stand on to criticize anybody for breaking the law and negotiating with terrorists.
Oliver North is an ACTUAL traitor who sold weapons to Iran to finance South American Death Squads
When you throw Oliver North into the mix, you know you're in trouble
Oliver North is a great American, and honest to the core.
innocent til proven guilty. It is in the constitution these people are always spouting when it is on their side. I think this guy may have been a deserter, but I know Oliver North broke the law.
Wait, Oliver North is a Fox News commentator? Condemning the prisoner exchange for Bergdahl? If I had TV for real I think my head might explode.
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