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Oliver Hardy

Oliver Hardy (January 18, 1892 - August 7, 1957) was an American comic actor famous as one half of Laurel and Hardy, the classic double act that began in the era of silent films and lasted nearly 30 years, from 1927 to 1955.

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Ah ok. I thought it kind of looked like Oliver Hardy.
You say it like they should be excited, it's not like Superman is coming to the rescue, more like…
At least know one can seh you look anything like Oliver Hardy anymore john... 😉
A true . Watch Oscar winning with Laurel and Hardy today on…
simply brilliant. There's never been anyone who can work a camera like Oliver Hardy
Fun Fact: Oliver Hardy cloned his partner several times and used them to stuff a mattress. I guess he was resting on his Laurels.
Oliver wants to open a restaurant called corn-norn. only corn. No anything else and no chicken.
I liked a video Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Liberty - Full Video (1929) ORIGINAL 👍
Scottish film comedian James Finlayson. Here with Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel, and Sharon Lynn in Way Out West…
45 minutes from my homeland, Harlem, GA, the birthplace of Oliver Hardy.
Its the look to camera that does it for me, oliver hardy, wile e coyete, riicky gervaise, they got nothing on this mutt
Why are you here? Oliver Hardy was one of the most kind and g…
Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin had that moustache long before Hitler,…
The choice of Oliver Hardy over Tom Hardy makes it more like one for the over-80s!
One guy, besmirches the toothbrush moustache & now everyone calls it an…
Comedy legends Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel use their viewfinders to watch a solar eclipse while at the Hal Roach studi…
Oliver Hardy had a rather beautiful singing voice.
I always got a strong Oliver Hardy vibe 😊
I wonder why the memorial art installation is in Redcar (near where I'm from).
wouldn't it be great if someday made Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy PoP's? (pic. is fa…
Heard about Season starting this September on 'If you must make a noise, make it quietly…
Actor, comedian Oliver Hardy (“The Music Box,” “Sons of the Desert”) died on this date in 1957. He's at Valhalla Me…
When his best buddy Oliver Hardy died, Stan Laurel refused to act in another film
Oliver Hardy makes a guest appearance in The Perfect Clown, up next!
1928 On the set Oliver Hardy w/ child star Jean Dapline, Hardy had been in movies close to 15 yrs before…
Don't take Oliver Hardy's name in vain
Yes, well, on the world stage he performed a passable Oliver Hardy.
It's like Oliver hardy but without the love that we all feel for Ollie
little lads 1sttraining session this morning. He's decided he wants to be you when he's older! OLE OLE Oliv…
" Oliver Hardy" its that look exactly ...well spotted sir
Do it! Send it to Hardy, Baker and sons! It would be so good! Also, Hardy played Bill Sykes in the b…
Please do not associate my beloved Oliver Hardy with this pathetic excuse for a man, I'm quite upset over…
Leah clearly has trouble distinguishing between Tom Hardy and Oliver Hardy.
Leah confuses the already laughable concepts of "real man" + "alpha male" with "laughable attempt to project high s…
It's Oliver Hardy, minus the bowler hat.
It's odd that his mannerisms are taken from Oliver Hardy.
I bet your lot never undertook any calculations of the net-cost benefits and no…
The more I see it the more he reminds me of Oliver Hardy. "That's another fine mess you've gotten me into, Vladimir"
It reminds me of a Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy film. The fat one is Trump. The thin one is Stoltenberg.
Oliver Hardy: 'What did he die of?' . Stan Laurel: 'he died of a Tuesday ... or was it a Wed…
Laurel and Hardy in a publicity photo, signed in blue ink by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
the image of Groucho Marx or Stan Laurel when punched by Oliver Hardy
One of the best pair of all times like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, but in horror!!
3 or 4 Oliver Hardy's was bad enough. Now we've got an Arthur Askey. And a Montgomery Burns in N/E Fife ??. Gonna be a Hoot 😂😂😂
John Candy, Oliver Hardy and Louie Anderson were/are funny but mostly because they were/are fat. Raymond Bur was..…
Steve , thank you for sharing a lovely photo of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy amazing gentlemen make whole world laugh !! x x
Orson Welles takes a brake from Jane Eyre & jams with Stan Laurel, and Oliver Hardy on the set of Jitterbugs at the 20th Cent…
Yes, that's Oliver Hardy from Laurel & Hardy w/John Wayne .
A few simple words from Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy talks about the fright he got when came to Glasgow in 1947
James Corden has a personal trainer, what did he tell the guy "Give me the Oliver Hardy."
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the last one was a give away
I say to this administration what the great philosopher Oliver Hardy said to Stan Laurel: " Here's another fine mess you'…
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy take a break during the filming of _Towed In A Hole�, 1932.
James Finlayson made audiences laugh with his famous 'slow burn', but no one was laughing when he suddenly caught fire next to Oliver Hardy
More than 1 million people are now demanding a second EU referendum William Oliver Hardy claims are not true
Oliver Norville Hardy has just turned on his radio and heard the news
He is turning onto the Oliver Hardy of EU politics - but without the humour or comic timing
David (Oliver Hardy) Cameron to Boris (Stan Laurel) Johnson. "That's another fine Eton mess you have got me into"
Got the policies of Oliver Hardy. Another fine mess etc etc.
Pugnacious face. Who is Ruth Davidson more like - Winston Churchill or Oliver Hardy? Can't decide.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Well this is a fine mess you've gotten us into" Oliver Hardy.
To quote Oliver Hardy 'I have nothing to say'
Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders put on the the best acting performance I've ever seen since played Oliver in 2012
that's what Americans say, I know because Oliver Hardy said it in that film I watched the other day
A group (A "Stan?" An "Oliver?") of young Laurel and Hardy impersonators visit an Angelmaker. As…
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the 1920s
Stan Laurel said he and Oliver Hardy "just sort of came together – naturally"
Maplin boss Oliver Meakin: People want advice, which is why 40% of transactions in tech happen online and 60% are in stores
"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!"__Oliver **Oliver Hardy** **Sons of the Desert** 1933 ?
That's another fine mess you've gotten me into.
Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel, Pack Up Your Troubles, 1932 I would have hired them
Oliver Hardy never bought a table, because he was happy resting on his Laurels.
1890 Stan Laurel was born, seen here in 1946 with Oliver Hardy. Click the image for one of his famous lines.
"You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead." - Oliver Hardy
Stan Laurel first appeared on screen with Oliver Hardy in 1921's The Lucky Dog, years before they became a team https:…
Imagine our delight when we spotted these Hardy's at the Norwich Rowing club! Our MD Oliver James was taking his...
As he gets older snooker player John Higgins looks more and more like Stan Laurel after eating Oliver Hardy.
Fred Karno to America. Stan Laurel was also fantastic...of course teaming up with Oliver Hardy later on.
Laughter is the best medicine - Blotto (1930) starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
The other day I said, Well, it's not like we're putting together `Pet Sounds.' They gave me what I call the Oliver Hardy look. I am so old.
But whenever would you get Pete Postlethwaite and Oliver Hardy in the same 'spot the ball' shot?
greatest BIG comedians of all time:. Oliver Hardy, Jackie Gleason, John Belushi , Chris Farley and Artie Lange!!
Dave, can you tell Ray that it's Oliver Hardy, Oliver Reed, even Oliver's Army, but it's OLIVIER Giroud...
RT🔒:Just realised that Stan Laurel didn't start working with Oliver Hardy til he was my age. Still time for me to make my mark on the world.
Mark Curry traces the early film careers of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
biopic coming soon. . Steve Coogan as Stan Laurel. John C Reilly as Oliver Hardy. . More info at
Steve Coogan is to star as Stan Laurel alongside John C Reilly as Oliver Hardy in a new BBC film about the comedy duo.
Steve Coogan & John C. Reilly to star as comic geniuses Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Jon S. Baird's Stan & Ollie
Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in a biopic directed by Filth' Jon Baird? Count me in!
Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel return to America after ten years of voluntary exile to find jobs.
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy dance to AC/DC and I can't stop smiling.
Silent film Sunday! Tomorrow we're celebrating the comedy genius of Harold Lloyd, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy:
we should ally, we'd be the new Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy!
And like an *** I JUST got the Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy joke on Green Arrow.
My favorite Shakespeare is the one where Oliver Hardy punches Stan Laurel on the nose and then Stan kicks him in the shins.
Blend the comedy team of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis with the comedy team of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, and you get Greg Hardy & Jerry Jones.
I added a video to a playlist Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: Atoll K (full movie)
Chafee now returns to his REAL identity .Stan Laurel !.Huckabee can be his Oliver Hardy ! he'll drop out by the end of the week
Stan Laurel (Top) and Oliver Hardy (Bottom) in their 2015 feature, The Irish Beget
Oliver Hardy: 'Didn't you once tell me that you had an uncle?'. Stan Laurel: 'Sure, I've got an uncle. Why?'...
RETAIL TIP:A model of a jaundiced Oliver Hardy is an easy & effective way to sensitively lure fat men into your shop
I'm a little late watching the Hardy riff, but still: John Oliver could not have delivered a better takedown. You are the bomb.
I'm Oliver Hardy and I'll fart if I want to.
In 1916, over 30 movie companies called Jacksonville home with stars such as Oliver Hardy.
Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy were seen for the first time working as a team in the 20 minute film The Second 100 Years, 88 years…
Joe was a chubby chap, rather like Oliver Hardy (though without the charm + sense of humour)
Orson Welles takes a break from playing Rochester in Jane Eyre to jam w/ Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
Ted Cruz is a dead ringer for Oliver Hardy
It's 50 years since Stan Laurel died. This short outlines the career he had with Oliver Hardy: htt…
RIP total comedy genius. I had fun getting nowhere near as good as you!
and Oliver Hardy, Morecambe And Wise - now for and Vic Reeves in at 10pm. BBC2.
Oliver Hardy singing, now this is quality stuff
When Oliver Hardy shared a bed with his buddy Stan he got a little frisky and that's where the phrase "Resting on your Laurels" came from.
Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and Oliver Hardy (1892-1957) Loved watching these two with my gr…
In 1965, US film comedian Stan Laurel died of a heart attack at age 74. His movies with partner Oliver Hardy were staples of early TV.
'Friends say I have about as much sangfroid as Oliver Hardy and little enough of that'. S.J.PERELMAN.
Today in film history: Comedy legend Stan Laurel dies in 1965, 8 years after the death of longtime comedy partner Oliver Hardy.
Jim Norton who was in Straw Dogs played Stan in a drama about Stan's final meeting with Oliver Hardy.
He looks a bit like a mostacheless Oliver Hardy.
Stan Laurel passed away on this date; watch his last onscreen appearances with Oliver Hardy:
50 years since death of funnyman Stan Laurel / With Oliver Hardy would have comedy quarrel.
Stan Laurel died 50 years ago today, his partnership with Oliver Hardy has never been bettered in the field of comedy, true comedy greats.
Dreamt I met Oliver Hardy, Stan was too ill.
Oliver Hardy's facial expressions are really amusing to me
Just noticed that his new manager looks like Oliver Hardy. He'll start fiddling with his tie if he stays there much longer.
Stan Laurel Interview 1957 (FULL). Recorded one week after Oliver Hardy died
Ok lasses and lads take it back to Stanley Laurel and Oliver Hardy 😂
In 1949 Oliver Hardy appeared alongside John Wayne in in "The Fighting Kentuckian".
Can't decide if the guy in front of me looks like Oliver Hardy or a fat hitler... I'm concerned.
Oliver Hardy reincarnated as a horse. The stuff of an eight-year-old's nightmares.
I am eternally amazed by the length of Oliver Hardy's silent conversational takes to us.
apart from Oliver Hardy, and Fatty Arbuckle, and Winston Churchill...
One of my favourite actors Oliver Hardy was born on this date, January 18th in 1892
Tune into Duckson Wednesday for a Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy tribute act. ...check out the resemblence :={ :-/
I have the suspect that in this moment we look like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
John Wayne and Oliver Hardy. Check out the size of Ollie's chair compared to the Dukes'.
There’s something about Pitbull that reminds me of Oliver Hardy (from Laurel & Hardy).
.Yeah and Boris copied both Norman Collier and Oliver Hardy. ***
Kuehn gets the start bt the pipes. L Oliver, Williams, and Hardy up front with Greig and Reichardt on Def
My new laptop is called Norville/Norvell. It depends on if I feel like giving tribute to Shaggy from Scooby-Doo or Oliver Hardy.
One of the things that Oliver Hardy did, before he became Mr. Hardy, was sing as “The Ton of Jollity”. He has a lovely voice.
The very first film in which Stan Laurel appears with Oliver Hardy:
Use Win+Tab keyboard shortcut in to switch between desktops. As Oliver Hardy would say, "Another nice feature you've got me into"
I'd have to nominate Michael Gove as Stan Laural against Eric Pickles as Oliver Hardy.
Can't look at Eric Pickles without thinking of Oliver Hardy.
Eric Pickles is doing a fabulous Oliver Hardy impression. He's got the gormless doofus routine down to a 'T'.
Did Eric Pickle just do an Oliver Hardy impression? bbcqt
I feel like there's a bang of Alec Guinness in Oliver off Tom Hardy here
Arthur Stanley Jefferson passed thru Ellis Island, later change his name to Stan Laurel partnering with Oliver Hardy.
The Chuckle Brothers chose a surname that sounds like laughing when said over and over. They got this idea from Oliver Hardy.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
J.J. Hardy to be extended by Orioles, but timing could be bad: The two-time Gold Glover reportedly gets a new contract, but is the da...
Also, John Oliver can be both educational and hilarious.
Oliver Hardy had Stan , Buster and Costello even Ronald had Nancy...😞
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in their dressing room at the Newcastle Empire (November 1953)
Oliver Hardy at a press conference in London (October 13th, 1953).
Oliver Hardy nominates Stan Laurel to the ice bucket challenge
Detail of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy from a magazine cover I did for Bartender Magazine. If you don't like...
Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel-Ice bucket challenge the original from two comedy legends x
Oliver Hardy nominates Stan Laurel for the ice bucket challenge
Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel-Ice bucket challenge: Charlie Chapin & Buster Keaton you have 24 hours
Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, and Oliver Hardy sing along as Jimmy Durante jams away:
Today I will be wearing an Oliver Hardy bowler hat and Harold Lloyd pair of spectacles.
today is the 57th deathiversary of Oliver Hardy. See what he & Elizabeth Montgomery have in common!
In this picture of young Oliver Hardy he resembles James Corden (
Today in 1957 Oliver Hardy, 50% of the greatest comedy team ever, died. Here's a slice of his genius https…
My favourite song about Laurel and Hardy is probably Adam and The Ants' Stan and Oliver.
Would the world be a better place if Oliver Hardy, Fats Domino and Hattie Jacques had been body-shamed into being thin?
Not sure about the new kit. Not great for us fellas that are more Oliver Hardy than Olivier Giroud
who would have guessed Oliver Norvell Hardy is exactly the same in Norwegian :-)
You know, we love a little man that can dance! Is he more a Stan Laurel or an Oliver Hardy?
Today I will be wearing an Oliver Hardy bow tie and a Stan Laurel look of bewilderment. And possibly making some James Finlayson doh noises.
The more the merrier, as Oliver Hardy once said!
"here's another fine mess you've gotten me into" Oliver Hardy
Thanks chum. Funny that... you're our favourite Oliver of all time (just ahead of Hardy, Reed and Stone).
did Hitler know that Oliver Hardy's mustache was funny?
*** happened to looks like Oliver Hardy.
Orson Welles and Oliver Hardy were wayy ahead of the curve on this one. MT Daily Beast: Fat's OK Now B/C Melissa McCarthy's Fat.
Another fine mess you've gotten me into (Oliver Hardy).
100th anniversary of Oliver Hardy's first screen appearance, 13 years before the birth of comedy duo ht…
I reckon Jamie Oliver throws a sick house party. Loads of food, gak and Sienna Miller might turn up.
Just found out that Oliver hardy died on my birthday hmm 😶
so, the guy on the left is Oliver Hardy, and the guy on the right is Moriaty. Yes?
"We never see ourselves as others see us." ~ Oliver Hardy
Buster Keaton, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel and Jimmy Durante do some thinking together (c. 1932)
Oliver and Hardy at the 1920's party night!
Had fun waving at lots of babies in this morning! Old man said I have bit of Oliver Hardy in my heart: no higher compliment!
Arsemov's 12th law: if partnered with smaller cheekier robot remember you are the Oliver Hardy.
Oh dear Neil Kinnock defending Ed Millibland is like Stan Laurel defending Oliver Hardy
Happy birthday to all born on June 16th. Here is a little of what happened and who you share your birthday with. 1858 - In a speech in Springfield, IL, U.S. Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln said the slavery issue had to be resolved. He declared, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." 1884 - At Coney Island, in Brooklyn, NY, the first roller coaster in America opened. 1883 - The New York Giants baseball team admitted all ladies for free to the ballpark. It was the first Ladies Day. Stan Laurel 1890 Early movie comedian with his partner Oliver Hardy. Phil Vischer 48 Voice actor and animator who became known as the co-creator of the animated series VeggieTales. As a voice actor, he played Bob the Tomato. Phil Mickelson 44-PGA and Major champion golfer. Lenny Leblanc 63-Christian recording artist co-wrote Above All with Paul Baloche.
If I could have 4 people over for dinner it'd be Satchel Paige, Oliver Hardy, Sitting Bull, and John Ritter
Who was your favorite sidekick in a John Wayne's career? Mine would be Willie Payne himself, Oliver Hardy. from the Fighting Kentuckian.
Lulz and Marcelo in the same defence... It's like Oliver and Hardy. Laughter is guaranteed
Kenny! What if u woke up and Jamie Oliver Hardy was snuggled up next to you and he was like “Good morning Sexual Kenneth, how you donig?"
What is The Dukes most UNDERRATED film? In my mind, it's a tie between "Pittsburgh" and "The Fighting Kentuckian". and it just now strikes me that he co starred with Shemp Howard from the 3 Stooges & Oliver Hardy, respectively in both of those. (oh, and I know it's been argued that "Pittsburgh was Randolph Scott / Marlene Dietrich film. Wayne was a third wheel." To which I reply, "He was the title character and drove the plot. It's a John Wayne FILM!"
Why is a lovely classic movie with John Wayne and Oliver Hardy on now?...should be on a Sunday morning...
Anyone unable to sleep... Just starting on Channel 4 is a film starting John Wayne and Oliver Hardy
You DO realize this is a film still/publicity.You DO realize that 2 of the occupants of the car are Stan Laurel &Oliver Hardy.
Stan Laurel offers Oliver Hardy a light in this MGM publicity portrait
As Oliver Hardy used to say "that's another fine mess you got me into". Enda Kenny needs a majority on the banking commission, why? Dose he want to influence the out come? At long last, the smell of corruption finally out in the fresh air. Kenny grow a pair and get on with it.
Only 4 months away from the 26th Annual Oliver Hardy Festival!!! I've sent out 3 mailings of applications for vendors and sponsorship. If you have not received either, or are interested in the 2014 Oliver Hardy Festival ... time is near!! I need your paperwork by the end of July folk!! Email me at shartfor more information!! Time is of the essence! Thank you for your interest!! :)
▶ Oliver Hardy Interview (1950) - YouTube It was 64 years ago today.
Chase Oliver Q and A Thoughts on Edge vs Matt Hardy Feud: via
I gotta say the SFX of Oliver Hardy landing on the ground after jumping off a silo in 1925's Wizard of Oz is spectacular.
in the words of Oliver Hardy "that's another fine mess you've gotten us in to".
I couldn't think of any and Google wasn't that useful Oliver hardy is this man From laurel and hardy?
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Lolly and Diane 10 each john and twitchy 5
*Oliver Hardy throws down his derby in disgust*
Aren't Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy dead? I think they are imposters.
64 years ago today Oliver Hardy was interviewed by Jack Mangan on board the RMS Caronia.
Tom Hardy sounds a lot like Oliver Reed.
RIP Rik Mayall. The funniest man since Oliver Hardy. Such laughter for over 30 years. Thank you.
Lord help this girl. Her eyebrowns look like they jumped off Oliver Hardy and landed on her face….
I love Oliver Hardy! I can't wait to see it! . Thanks again for letting me know! :)))
. The Wizard of Oz. This is weak for the late silent era. But stars Oliver Hardy!
John Oliver’s comparison of Abbott to GW Bush is starting to look unkind to Bush. He’s closer to Sarah Palin.
Silent Movies starring Oliver Hardy with 0 titles to watch.
I am too! Oops-I said this image was Oliver Hardy (who played the Woodsman)-the Scarecrow is actually Larry Semon!
Can't shake that Martin Short in The Three Amigos looks like Oliver Hardy in the 1925 (I've lost it)
The Wizard of Oz (1925): via with Oliver Hardy, and standard miniature and matte shots of the time
TCM! I didn't know Oliver Hardy was in silent Wizard of Oz 1925!
Watchin' a silent movie version of wizard of Oz and Oliver Hardy is the Tin Man 😁
I was going to tell you about Oliver Hardy being in this, but Ben stole my thunder.
Oliver Hardy is the tin man I think.
1925 Wizard of Oz on at 12:30am with Oliver Hardy playing Tin Woodsman! taping
The 1925 version of the Wizard of Oz on TCM tonight at 12:30. Oliver Hardy is the tin man. Lots of 20's colloquialisms
Claude Rains was an inch shorter than Stan Laurel? Oliver Hardy few inches taller
oh my! The Wizard of Oz w.Oliver Hardy comes on tonight! Oh, wish could watch that guys...
Late period Laurel and Hardy is terribly melancholy, but not without treasure. Oliver's final hand-gesture in "Air Raid Wardens" is lovely.
Starting to think the Lotus is made of papier mache. Mind you, can't help that their cars are driven by Laurel and Hardy.
Getta loada Jimi Hendrix on the fiddle! Oliver Hardy & John Wayne in the Fighting Kentuckian (1949)
(...hung by a nail) was hot. It was capsule heat. And S. Lee had kidney-failure-complexion as he panted in a Oliver Hardy suit.
If you’re a fan of silent films, tune to TCM at midnight for “The Wizard of Oz,” released in 1925. Oliver Hardy plays the Tin Woodsman.
There's some films of special interest this weekend on TCM. It might be a good time to set your DVR now before you become caught-up in weekend festivities. All times given are PST. Thu. 7PM- "Tarnished Angels" Douglas Sirk directs Rock Hudson, Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone Fri. 2AM- "Backfire" Dane Clark, Edmund O'Brien, Virginia Mayo Sat. 8:30PM- "The Mob" Broderick Crawford, Neville Brand Sun. 6AM- "Face of Fire" (1959) Rarely shown and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! James Whitmore stars as a burn victim who becomes the town pariah after rescuing a child from a deadly fire. Sun. 9:30PM- "The Wizard of Oz" (1925) Silent version stars Oliver Hardy as the Tin Woodsman. Sun. 11PM- "Black Orpheus" (1959) Beautifully filmed Oscar-winner with lots of music and exotic dancing. Mon. 1AM "Orpheus" Jean Cocteau's lyrical film of Orpheus and Eurydice told in post-WWII Paris. The special effects are quite special.
Four foreign language versions of the Laurel & Hardy movie PARDON US (1931) were shot. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy spoke their lines phonetically, but many supporting roles were recast, including Boris Karloff in the French version "Sous les Verrous" playing the role Walter Long played in the American release.
Remember Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy at the start of this weekend !
Nothing but trouble. Stan Laurel e Oliver Hardy in "Sotto zero" (1930)
LFC File Web: Well done Norwich City: As Oliver Hardy often said to Stan Laurel: "Well that's an... Check it out!
Goodbye Babe: A tribute to Oliver Hardy from Stan Laurels perspective: via
Photoset: Timo Hardy Dave Moore) is Oliver Strelly’s brother. These are the most popular...
the winters are not that bad. Provided you wear 200 layers, and sit in an oven :D You're a hardy Scot, you'll be fine.
“Oliver Hardy out for a walk with his mates."
according to him, if you meet someone called Oliver you remember a hat cos Oliver Hardy wore a hat?! Just remember his name ffs
Now I Smack My Head I've taken too many things seriously, for example: that there is inherent seriousness in everything, if we can just locate it, it being our duty to try. Now I smack my head and cry _How could I have been so stupid-- the rain is only the rain, my boy._ But then I am coming out of the library, late, after watching Laurel and Hardy in Sons of the Desert, and already I can't stop thinking of Oliver Hardy's face, the four thousand expressions, from horror to smirkey, that pass over it as he waits for his wife to let him have it, and rain is dripping from the aged ginkgo dumbly springing its leaves again, there is the smell of pizza dough, a wet dog crosses the street, and I can't do anything for about ten seconds but stand there with my heart pounding wildly, seriously in love with it all. --Charlie Smith
ryan giggs has given debuts to two manchester united youth players, as they take on hull city, their names are stanley laurel & oliver hardy. :P
Last night on the flight from Port Harcourt to Abuja, there was a four hour delay, so when we finally approached Abuja, I saw the city lights, as it was only one hour to midnight. My mind just drifted of to the thought of the terrorist group called Boko Haram, and how they set of some bombs and killed more then a hundred people these recent days. Suddenly it came to me, it would only take one Islamist loony, walking around in their traditionally styled walkabout night gown/pyjamas, with a rocket propelled grenade, to blow us out of the sky, and I would be singing in the choir, with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, like in the flying Deuces' from now on ...
The photo shows a 23 year old Oliver Hardy (from the famous comedy team of Laurel and Hardy) in Ithaca in 1915 co-starring in “The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford”. In the photo, Oliver Hardy is on the steps of the train. The series of 14 two-reel episodes were filmed in Ithaca by Wharton Studios at Renwick Park (Now Stewart Park). Oliver Hardy appeared in four of the episodes. In the fall of 1915, Oliver Hardy also made a film called the “Lottery Man” for Wharton Studios. The film is described as "a raucous romantic comedy about the captain of the Cornell football team who takes a summer job as a newspaper reporter at the Ithaca Journal to help support his mother." In the film, there are a number of Ithaca landmarks like; The Ithaca Journal Building, Schoellkopf Field, Stewart Park, the Chi Psi Lodge, the West End Depot (now the Greyhound bus station) and a set built at the southeast corner of State and Meadow streets. Local police and a judge appear as themselves and Cornell banners and t ...
I have noticed and much appreciate that the 'to camera' dead pan stare, 'coined' by a certain Oliver Hardy, was taken on by Martin Freeman on The Office, which then morphed as a technique to the American Office and is now alive and well and thriving on Modern Family! I know I'm right!
I think actor would be a great choice to play young Oliver Hardy in a biopic. Bit of a resemblance there
Nothing about coaching but had to prove a point. Donnie Tyndall vs Oliver Hardy of Laurel & Hardy. Nailed it!
Oliver Hardy. Funniest man ever to live, bar none, EVER.
A crew member helps Oliver Hardy prepare for the dump truck scene in
Stan Laurel had the grace of a ballet dancer, Oliver Hardy could show 1000 emotions without uttering a word.
More like Oliver Hardy. Or just Oliver with an exclamation mark.
"Stuart Smalley" is the most serious attempt at dramatic acting since "Oliver and Hardy" moved the piano down the stairs.
reminds me of a rare original Oliver Hardy photo roll I have. Combined the two:
another colorized photo of Oliver Hardy by Wcurls
Love it. I was listening to Oliver Hardy sing Lazy Moon the other day.
Oliver Hardy still from lost film Hats off.Same steps as used in later film The Music Box
@ recall an old Oliver Hardy quote " It takes sense that makes sense . "
Merlin's Beard Kenny - that IS a good sketch of Oliver Hardy and Poseidon!
With my friends from Olive Harvey College: Mia Hardy and Oliver Pergams at
Wondrous Reads: Review: Hank Zipzer - A Tale of Two Tails by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
There's a baby in here that looks like Oliver Hardy.
oliver hardy line. Other half actually laugh at that line.
'Expert' Dixon is beginning to sound like Oliver Hardy when answering Gerrie Nel
Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Jimmy Durante and Buster Keaton... all in one pic.
Check out Kids Klassics Be Big vhs Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy black & white via
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are getting the Wine
Oliver Hardy (1892-1957). Along with Stan Laurel, made up probably the funniest comedy team in Hollywood's history. Proof? Rent Sons of the Desert.
RSW "equal parts Oliver Hardy and Brian Cox in his more villainous roles a dominating presence in every sense of the word"
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The WIZARD OF OZ (1900) was only the beginning, L. Frank Baum wrote 14 Oz books, the last 2 published posthumously: 1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900), 2. The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904), 3. Ozma of Oz (1907), 4. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (1908), 5. The Road to Oz (1909), 6. The Emerald City of Oz (1910), 7. The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913), 8. Tik-Tok of Oz (1914), 9. The Scarecrow of Oz (1915), 10. Rinkitink in Oz (1916), 11. The Lost Princess of Oz (1917), 12. The Tin Woodman of Oz (1918), 13. The Magic of Oz (1919, posthumous), 14. Glinda of Oz (1920, posthumous) I have only read the original novel, which differs in many ways from the 1939 film. There were 2 film versions (both silent) prior to the 1939 classic; I have seen the 1925 version, which features Oliver Hardy. THE WIZARD OF OZ (25 Aug 1939, MGM, Technicolor), produced by Victor Fleming, Directed by Victor Fleming, with King Vidor directing the black-&-white sequences. Fleming left the project to take over directing of GONE WITH THE WIN . ...
Sad letter written by Stan Laurel just a few days after Oliver Hardy died.
Sometimes I like to change up my facial hair. Right now I have a full beard that is getting a little thick, providing ample opportunity for creativity and experimentation, and want to try something new this time. I have an idea, but that idea entails a design which is not popular nowadays - and I honestly cannot understand why.   I want a toothbrush mustache. Don't know what that is? Try this: the Hitler mustache!   If you understood the latter and not the former, you more than likely aren't alone. The mustache style was very popular and fashionable before WW2 and all it took was one *** to ruin it. But why?!   When I think of the toothbrush mustache I personally don't think of Hitler right away. As a devotee of comedy I think of Charlie Chaplin and Oliver Hardy, and today they are not equated to fascism and genocide due to their facial hair. Even Colonel Harland Sanders wore a variation of the toothbrush style with his goatee, and yet I see no one picketing KFC for their association with the Nazi ...
Happy Birthday Hal Roach from your friends Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
I'm hosting two shows this Saturday! (All times CST). From 9 to 10 a.m., it's Big Band & Classic Jazz. We'll celebrate the birthdays of comedy producers Mack Sennett and Hal Roach, and one of Roach's biggest stars, Oliver Hardy. Fun records from Bing Crosby, George Olsen, The Beau Hunks, Laurel and Hardy & more! And from 1 t o 2 p.m., tune into Adventures in Sound. It's our annual Pre Honk celebration! We'll interview several folks from the Honk! TX committee, and talk about the upcoming fundraiser. (It'll be Jan 24 at Spider House Ballroom Ballroom, and it's not to be missed!) Tracks from Minor Mishap Marching Band, Dead Music Capital Band, and many more will be heard. PLUS...a live cut or two from The Yes Ma'am Brass Band's set on Adventures in Sound last month! PLUS...we'll chat with bandleader Dave Quanbury about his upcoming shows. AND...we'll hear several tracks from Quanbury's group recorded by yours truly at Art Outside. All of this can be heard on 91.7 FM (or
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy on holiday at The Royal Marine Hotel in in September 1953.
Up now on the COASM site is a review of a classic DVD featuring three solo shorts starring the legendary Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy but do these shorts live up to their reputation as a comedy double act?
That's Oliver hardy from the comedy duo Laural and Hardy
Oliver Norvell Hardy whose given name was Norvell said also was his mother's maiden name
Ian Oliver Hardy was my great great uncle and yes I live in the US in Florida
we should shot a WBF together: Stan Local Laurel and Oliver Intl Seo Hardy. cc:
Great Photos of Stan Laurel and/or Oliver Hardy: Number three hundred and twenty-one in a series…
I look more like Oliver hardy or Charlie Chaplin than a magician. This was Elle trying to get me back
Ain't no better way to spend Christmas than watching the awful and quite racist 1925 Oliver Hardy silent film version of the Wizard of Oz...
BILLIE DOVE - AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED. UR57D05J5 - O2H178300 Check the availability: these deals too /T6173V9/: Billie dove - inscribed photograph signed; Ruth harriet louise and hollywood glamour photography (santa barbara museum of art); Babe: the life of oliver hardy; Catalogue 33 of the brick row book shop, inc. [cover title]: a new catalogue of choice and rare books in every field of collecting together with autograph letters and examples from ashendene, doves, kelmscott, nonesuch and other private presses; Holiday, billie. (1915-1959). important autograph letter to walter winchell.; Billie dove black pirate blondie of the follies signed autograph - memorabilia; Autograph letters & manuscripts, standard sets, kelmscott, doves & other press publication, first editions of english & american authors, illuminated manuscripts, color plate books.; Billie dove - autograph letter signed; Rare first editions, of english and american authors, doves and kelmscott press books, incunabula, americana, autograph le ...
My autobiography, It Takes a Portly Man To Sing a Portly Song, will soon be available as an audio book read by Hollywood legend Oliver Hardy
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