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Ole Lenku

Raila Odinga Joseph Ole Lenku President Uhuru Kenyatta Cabinet Secretary State House John Michuki Head of State Manchester United Al Shabaab First Lady Githu Muigai Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta Kazungu Kambi Tom Mboya

ole kaparo is the only "ole " thats threatening admins and the Kenyans citizen. Ole lenku used to threaten terrorists
Why is ole lenku always lying to innocent kenyans
You have started excuses of ole lenku , enter the forest the way you promised and flush out al shabaa…
Ole Lenku is out there Winning medals for Kenya
hypocrisy of the highest order Mr Joshua was busaa. I remember you saying nkaiseri was ten times worse than Ole Lenku
Mike Sonko and Kajiado Jubilee politicians led by Ole Lenku have paid jobless youths to heckle Raila Odinga in the funeral
Jubilee politicians led by Mike Sonko and ole lenku have paid Jobless youths to heckle NASA leaders during General Nkaissery burial.
Wouldnt dare after he rubbished Nkaissery saying he was 10 times more incompetent than Ole Lenku.
Dr Fred Matiang'i can be likened to the failed former Interior CS Ole Lenku when it comes to matters security. Wrong dec…
He was nominated by for the post of Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security, to replace Joseph Ole Lenku
And disgraced former CS Ole Lenku is running for Kajiado Gubernatorial seat
Ole Lenku alisema "Nkaissery is dead. We'll go and perform a chec…
Hehe Ole Lenku will be the end of me. Alisema "Nkaissery is dead.…
Raila is on record saying Nkaissery was worse than Ole Lenku 10 times he was not a friend let him not pretend too.
Raila has been bitter and labelled nkaisery a failure ten times Ole Lenku. Wanjigi pumped in Billions to kill Nkaiserry.
They end up like ole lenku , or have we forgotten why we need experience.
It's not about death here, but seriousness of the docket. Same happened when Ole Lenku was sacked immed…
The guy who told Ole Lenku to say "terrorists are burning mattress" at Westgate.Mr.Karangi is now top advisor to Uhuru,clueless.
Raila Odinga Disowns longtime friend Gen. Nkaissery that he's ten times worse than Ole Lenku
But Ole Lenku was the most incompetent cs to ever walk this earth
RAO before: Nkaissery is worse than Ole Lenku. RAO now: Nkaissery was a hard-working man
My question to the nitpicking analysts of the Interior Cabinet Secretary docket; is Ole Lenku dead as well ?
Just in case folks start rewriting history.
"He was 10x worse than Ole Lenku I'm embarrassed that he had been part of ODM" Raila description of Nkaissery .
Reporter: Remember when you said that Nkaissery was worse than Ole Lenku . RAO:
ANNE Waiguru. FRANCIS Kimemia. Joseph Ole Lenku. AMOS Kimunya. GLADYS Boss Shollei 📷. Could all be back in positions of…
Notice how anybody that was govt and was hounded out has won waiguru , kimemia , Ole lenku ...
Nkedianye is un-tunyable in Kajiado. Ole Lenku is jst a joker who won JUBILEE nominations in a contest of lame competitors
We are living at a very sad time, we could have the following as Governors; Waititu, Waiguru and Ole Lenku.
Ole Lenku don't "think" with Kajiado residents the way you did at the time of Westage attack..."I think terrorists are burning mattresses"
I don't know which is more disappointing. Ole Lenku or Waiguru
That guy of "I think the terrorists are burning mattresses" Ole Lenku is back to THINK with Kajiado residents
Ole lenku wasnt a failure..just given the wrong docket
In politics, they say, there is nothing like negative publicity. Ask Anne Waiguru, Ole Lenku, Waititu and co.
Ole lenku after demonstrating indecisiveness in a public office where lives were lost is the choice of the people>mediocrity season is here
POLICE SORROUND Kajiado tallying centre over reports that supporters of losers might storm hall; ex-CS Ole Lenku headed…
Ole Lenku wins Jubilee ticket for top
Surely people do live if Ole Lenku is still alive.
Kenyans should stop complaining when they elect people like Waiguru, Ole Lenku, Waititu among others,
Joseph Ole Lenku clinches Jubilee ticket for governor's race with 88,105 votes in Kajiado
Ole Lenku has won Kajiado nominations for governor, he joins Anne Waiguru in pursuit to serve the people albeit on a l…
ole Lenku arap mattresses is back. Well done. You have cooked this one well.
Ole Lenku wins Jubilee ticket for Kajiado top seat.
Bifwoli Wakoli, Ole Lenku and Zahra Moi among others appointed to chair the boards of several government corporations.
Mutua? Naaah as I said earlier Ole Lenku is still burning our mattresses not to mention vile kiangasi naleta shida
so you vote in Kajiado but say they won't be voted again.. Please deal with ole lenku or is it nkaisserry featured in NBC s Science of Love
On behalf of the maasai, we have Ole Lenku, maybe Mijikenda are willing
Be advised we maasais should not be considered. Ole Lenku is still fresh in our veins
Law is made for man and not man for law. Uhuru is not sincere. How did he remove Ole Lenku?
woow! This man nkaissery.who are his handlers. He is outdoing ole lenku bigtime
Today hon ole lenku meet with kajiado governor aspirant mr kingori and agreed to work together in jubilee team
How did I even end up following Ole Lenku? Geez.
When men in a society comes to realism that women are stronger & capable,Then that society gets REBORN.Hon Ole Lenku
I would rather have Kuria for my governer than Ole Lenku
Ole Lenku was an incompetent Cabinet Secretary,hundreds died in his watch.He was fired. He now wants to be governor ht…
Better th devil you know than th angle you don't know...Ole Lenku is a million times better than Nkaissery
What is the difference between Nkaissery and Ole Lenku,?I dont see any. The knee that was hit by the police...
Ole Lenku drew a line. Nkaiserry can even draw a green line. We will legally cross and beat the fools.
When Kalonzo Musyoka said Ole Lenku was 20times better than Major Nkaissery, I sat back and thought - is this...
The Interior Ministry headed by Nkaissery is descending into total farce. "Ole Lenku was 20 × better" Kalonzo Musyoka
Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka says Ole Lenku was better than Nkaissery just because of Governor Joho issue.
Ole Lenku back on TV again. Ole Lenku for Governor Kajiado County. God help us.
The only other Kenyan at par with president Kenyatta in being clueless and incompetence is Ole Lenku
if and saw potential in Ole Lenku and Kazungu Kambi, then we shld no be suprised?
I thought the problem was Ole Lenku?
Did someone advice He is so silent on this strike case. The better coz he is another Ole Lenku whenever he speaks
Kindly you need to act on this or you Ole Lenku pap LMAO
When ole lenku used excessive force in Narok riots, it marked his downfall, am sure Nkaisery is disturbed by Kitengela riots
A device capable of explosion was detonated yet the IG dismisses it as amateurish! Is Lenku the standard in security?
PR gimmicks is no solution, who are terror suspects? you're no different from your predecessor Ole Lenku
Nakumbuka ole lenku akisema they are about 15 terrorists at westgate alafu ati they are burning mattresses smh
The security guards saved Nkaissery from Giving an Ole lenku kind of speech
This is Kenya dude,even ole lenku killed 3 on the spot and later 2 escaped with minor injuries
Mugo Wa Wairimu. I repeat it once more- NKAISSERY,is just. another Ole Lenku or probably worse; Lots. of tough...
Ole Lenku: We couldn't bring the terrorists to book since teachers striked.
The last time a CS failed in handling not one but several crises, he was laid off slowly. That was Mr Ole Lenku. Prof Kaimenyi might be .
Jack Tirkolo Wilshere . Let Uhuru now say Nkaiserri is. embarrassing his government as he said. Ole Lenku was.
Do you believe that Ole Lenku embarrassed kenya?. President Uhuru Kenyatta for the first time has spoken about his...
Ndugu zanguni ni maoni tu. 1. Our quarrelsome while sometimes great, over the years, it has verged on serious ethnic chasm with 2007-08 a prime iteration. 2. During Moi’s era, a compact involving the religious groups, the civil society, donors and the media worked hands in gloves. 3. That compact was broken after 2002, when they all glibly thought that with Moi, we in an ideologically free zone area. 4. The donors began channeling money through the government, some civil society joined the government and religious group went silent. 5. But when the state showed its true colors, it was too late. 6. Even the little of what was left of the quartet, was swept away by the 2007-08 when they took sides. 7. Post-2008-2009, the biggest ideological battle was the superficial dichotomy re the ICC- you are for= imperialist, against= nationalist. 8. The 2010 Katiba, which was meant to the epochal achievement of the pro-reform movement, has instead turned into a poisoned chalice. 9. Ruto was viscerally opposed to it ...
President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to appoint Joseph Ole Lenku as the new Tourism Cabinet Secretary, a source at State House has said. Tourism is currently under the Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism held by Phyllis Kandie. It will be hived off as a soft landing for Lenku. The sour…
21/30 This has left the loosely organized like-minded groups referred to us If you doubt their capacity just ask Ole Lenku and Kimaiyo
Insomnia is real its 2 AM in the morning and sleep has pulled an Ole Lenku on me, But in my defense I was waiting for the Cavs game.
what can he do different from Ole lenku. He was just a military general who was being carried in military land rovers.
I have unfollowed ole lenku and am now following interior cs
Ole LENKU to be named as Tourism CS as KINGORI MWANGI tipped to be new police boss.
he just did...wished Ole Lenku all the best.
set to appoint Joseph Ole Lenku as CS. Good or bad move? The industry needs a MAJOR miracle.
let me hope he's not another Ole least he's got experience
First time I heard of Ole Lenku was during the Westgate fiasco.. Where that dude go though?
For Ole lenku it's ok but kingori am not sure. He is the one to implement the draconian law
exactly for example the issue with IG and Ole Lenku
Ole Lenku set to be appointed as tourism C.S
Firing of Ole Lenku n resignation of David Kimaiyo will not solve insecurity matters when we continue with politicking on security matters
Is IT? tipped to be new IGP? Where does this leave police Reforms?
My gr8 moment was whe Ole Lenku finally Resigned,
My best moment was when Mr President Sacked Ole Lenku, my sad one when Kenya lost 50+ people in Mandera
Joseph nkaissery is just another ole lenku in the making no different.
Freddys wordplay on Ole lenku being on the "security docket and he cant secure his job" lol
It reached a time i was contemplating on becoming a chief chef little did I know pals to hate Ole Lenku
How come only the Star covered the Ole Lenku move to tourism and Kingori Mwangi as IG?. Nation too busy focusing on bashing women?
We dont expect Nkaissery to follow the footsteps of Ole lenku. Atlist its prudent that Lamu island has been excluded in the outdated curfew.
Terror news dominated the headlines with scores of innocent Kenyans losing lives, and as ussual, Mr Ole Lenku & Kimaiyo issuing threats
So they didn’t let Ole Lenku have a last hurrah press conference and say goodbye.
So Ole Lenku is being appointed for CS for tourism gosh
"Ati Ole Lenku for Tourism PS? Now what did Tourism ever do to this country?" . LoL.
Hope ole lenku or sorry nkaiseri is out there looking for miliitia alshabab they promised us merryxmas too
So we are going to see Ole Lenku as CS again?The comedy continues.
so ile group yetu ya WhatsApp ya Raia jobless naona Ole Lenku has been added...
Ole lenku to be appointed Tourism Cabinet Secretary
Uhuru to appoint ex-Security chief Lenku as Tourism secretary (ie, the only thing he was ever possibly qualified for)
"The smoke you're seeing is as a result of the terrorists setting some mattresses on fire...!" Ole Lenku best moments.
"Ole Lenku" should have been sacked after the mall attack His sacking has actually delayed attack
The Head of State sacks Ole Lenku and nominates the MJ.GEN.Nkaissery to be the CS Interior.Meanwhile Kimaiyo resigns.
but Ole Lenku has just been named as the head chef of State House
Head chef pale.. "Ole Lenku might be given another job in State House. Like to be in charge of the president's meals you know!"
Ole Lenku will stay on and get a Head of State commendation
sending Ole Lenku and Kimaiyo to parking is not enough. A thorough scrutinization of the security system is wanting. the institution is in dire need of surgery. Increasing budgetally allocation to the policing unit will reduce corruption and increase the responses to criminal activities. This will erase those senior officers who colude with criminals. This will reduce terror attacks and threats. The buck stops with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto
Those who say Ole Lenku must go but when you agree that pres. Kenyatta should fire him they catch feelings thus "leave Uhuru out of this" :)
US Defence Sec Chuck Hagel,a Vietnam war veteran resigns under pressure from white house.Ole Lenku and Kimaiyo continue to serve effectively
Hey ,yesterday my governor Alfred mutua sent home some mediocre officers,why cant you do this to Ole Lenku?
You have now turned your hate from the Kalenjins through William Ruto to the Maasai through Ole Lenku? All the best.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Why use Public Administration for that? CS Ole Lenku had to send a Memo!
CS OLE LENKU SAYS KENYA WILL NEITHER COMPROMISE NOR NEGOTIATE ON SECURITY MATTERS The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government Mr. Joseph Ole Lenku yesterday told the General Assembly of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) sitting in Geneva that Kenya will neither compromise nor negotiate when it comes to matters affecting the country’s security. The Cabinet Secretary was giving the country’s position during the on-going 65th UNHCR Executive Committee (EXCOM) conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Later in the day, Mr. Ole Lenku held a bilateral meeting with Somali Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Prof. Buri Mohamed Hamza who is also attending the EXCOM conference. In their discussions, the Somalia Minister thanked Kenya for the hospitality it had shown towards Somali refugees and said that the Somali Government would cooperate fully in the implementation of the Tripartite Agreement. “Somali people are very successful o ...
Cord leader Raila Odinga asks Ole Lenku to avoid politics, calls for dialogue via
That authorization of putting up a hotel on grabbed State House Land in Mombasa is Unbelievable, Weird, Crazy and Ridiculous ! Where were the NSIS, Inspector General, CS- Ole Lenku,CS- Ngilu wa Ngilu na hata General Karangi ? Are you guys mpaka sasa kazini? You mean it has reached a point that you Compromise the Security even that of the Head of State and His Deputy ? Surely, WHY ??? Entertain this kind of nonsense on Corruption ? Are you party to this ? What do you tell us Wananchi ? Doesn't this bother you since its like opening State House Gates to terrorists !!! What a shame ! Just the other day, An Official Presidential Limousine is stolen, nowhere to be found. Ngai.! Surely, what is really happening ? Something is seriously and dangerously WRONG.! I implore you on behalf ya wananchi to take stern and immediate action to remedy this mess. God Safe Kenya Yetu...
Ole Lenku : The vehicle stolen belongs to Jackson Makini aka Prezzo and not the Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, lets not mix the two.
Yesterday must have marked 4yrs since we last saw Mama Lucy Kibaki in public. I can only pray that she is doing well. I still think the Kibaki family should have kept the country aware of what happened to her. That is my opinion. But this gives me the opportunity to thank God for our current First Lady. I thought about it last night when I saw her addressing us on TV. She shares name with several people in my family line. Maggie is so humble, she is not the type that will push us off the queues at Nakumatt just because she is shopping. She will not stream into a shopping mall with six bodyguards just to deminstrate she in Mrs Kenyatta. She will not fire Uhuru's bodyguards or summon Ole Lenku over insecurity. She wont storm Nation Centre because there is nothing fishy to write about her. She will not stop business at JKIA because she has been held up. She will not recall boats at Lake Victoria to return and pick her up. She cant have gone to State House to measure the windows for change of curtains. She wi ...
yu tell us the Defference between RAILA AND OLE LENKU.? Just look at the photos bellow.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2014 How Lenku cleared terror suspect in work permit scandal Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku. A businessman linked to an alleged work permit scandal in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government Saturday came out fighting and denied he was a terrorism suspect In Summary According to the intelligence agency correspondence seen by Saturday Nation, the Wasim family owns several companies allegedly used for money laundering and other crimes.Despite this damning record, investigations by Saturday Nation reveal how top government officials, including Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku and a senior Jubilee member of Parliament, intervened for Mr Wasim to get the work permit.The expose comes 11 months after the Westgate mall siege — the worst terrorist attacks in 15 years — and the recent killings in Lamu, both of which exposed massive security lapses.In January this year Pakistani national Mohammed Iqbal Wasim applied to renew his work permit in K ...
again so the copy up boko harm here never Ole Lenku put off that fire
if Ole Lenku was ur dad wud u ever take his threats serious?
Witches from the village,Safaricom, Traffic Jam,Ole Lenku unemployment,Socialites,Djs & now Ebola Virus fear .Why us Lord? Why Kenya!
Ole lenku be like,"I took alcohol jana,got drunk AF,is that supposed to happen...??"
If Ole Lenku was manager of Manchester United, I bet he'd mistakenly sign Ken Wa Maria instead of Angel Di Maria.
Ask Cheff Ole lenku :)"How long should you boil peas before you fry them?"
1/2 Saturday Dn "if NIS provides me with evidence that he is a terrorist,i will terminate his permit immediately"~cs ole lenku.
Ole Lenku has denied claims that he illegally issues working permits to a terror suspect . He has blamed poachers and the opposition
Uhuru fired Gichangi because he gave evidence in Waki commission. I knew he didnt do it for Kenyans no wonder Ole Lenku is still in office
Ole Lenku "We have intelligence information that the opposition is planning to import Ebola into the country"
As Ole Lenku's name gets dragged through the mud,I wonder how much more he can take.
Also waiting for Ole Lenku and Kimaiyo to "Resign" due to security lapses.
On the EPL table Manchester United has crossed the RED LINE; they just vindicated Ole Lenku.
Ole Lenku has confirmed that it's not Manchester United that played against Swansea but a team of poachers RT
Ole Lenku be like: David Rudisha lost the 800 M race because the opposition led by Amos Nibel schemed a plan to get rid of him.
Another attack in Lamu and Ole Lenku will still be enjoying his "hard earned" pay as usual.But it ain't my business.
Government of Rumors. The president, Deputy President and Ole Lenku needs to apologize to CORD leadership n...
Gamba police station attacked in Tana-river, many houses were burned near mpeketoni, unconfirmed reports are that the attackers get away with a suspect who was locked in that police station in connection with the mpeketoni attacks, they also killed other innocent Kenyans on the attacked villages, & a police road block. Poleni sana wakenya wenzangu, wote ambao mmevamiwa na maadui wa amani ya nchi, usiku wa jana. Remember, yesterday Mr hustler, was politicking in coast region together with other costal leaders, in the name of fundraising for area development, Can the attacks now be termed as politically instigated/ connected, or this attacks are terrorism activities? Ole Lenku, kimaiyo, ndegwa muhoro, and their deputies; arachi & kaindi , seems to have lost their sense of responsibility and accountability. Yesterday in a press conference were talking tough on Monday's sabasaba day, on Wetangula, Kalonzo and Raila. Kimaiyo is taking Kenyans for granted, to tell kenyans that Cord principles will be held accou ...
Alfred Mutua started off on a bad note, constantly confused, giving contradicting stories but he turned out extremely well. Ole Lenku on the other amount of prayers, wishes or Croissants can help this guy out
Ole Lenku says you cannot target "one community" while a whole community was rounded up by Kenya Police and locked at Kasarani.
Candid reply to Ole Lenku's allegations on MRC/Mungiki/Cord alliance
Italy manager Cesare Prandelli announces he is resigning with. immediate effect.our own Ole Lenku is still in office and not ready to resign
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The National Assembly speaker has given MPs a go ahead to table the to oust Ole Lenku...bye bye cook!!
WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO OTHERS & MORESO OUR COUNTRY? I always ask myself lots of questions when we point fingers at others especially those who've done great to Kenya yet we are never appreciative. What has RAILA, Uhuru, Moi, Kibaki, Jomo, Tom Mboya, Kabando wa Kabando, Kamanda, Sonko, Martha Karua, Prof Wangare Mathae, Ole Lenku, Rachel Omamo etc done to Kenya? The other day Mpeketoni took close to 80 lives leaving many homeless and properties torched, today a similar incident took place a 7hours operation just afew meters from the police station and now people are rendered homeless with properties torched. What's happening in Kenya?
Now today am going to indulge myself in some unfamiliar territories: I gotta a problem with those calling for Ole Lenku's resignation. Anyone appointed to this position now will have the same challenges hata kama yeye ni Patrick Shaw, Major Ali, Senior Army or Police guys this is a deep rooted problem in the Security agancies in this country. We Kenyans have a problem bcoz we look at quick fix for our problems forgeting there will be a repercussion. Just wondering why people are obssessed with calling Hon Ole Lenku sijui Pancake, Chapati bcoz he is a hotelier and not a security expert now check the list and tell me if he is the first to be appoint to a portofolio he aint an expert in: James Orengo - Ministry of Lands - he is a lawyer Pro. Nyong - Ministry of Medical Services - he is a professor of politics Hon Charitu Ngilu - Ministry of Health Kalonzo Musyoka and Wetangula - Foreign Affairs Ministry - Both lawyers Hon Mwai Kibaki - Ministry of Health Hon John Michuki - Transport Ministry - He is a forme ...
Raila Odinga PRESSER: Ole Lenku says I've crossed the red line. He crossed it a long time ago.
President Uhuru Kenyatta is the problem. He's clueless nature of tackling insecurity, he's cowardice nature of taking bold decisions. If political leaders are the ones responsible for Mpetekoni massacre, why are they not arrested(and he knows them)? Why are they still roaming free in our streets? If these happened in UG or Rwanda some fellows would be in dentention or dead. Again I don't understand how by now Ole Lenku, Kimaiyo, Gishangi, Muhoro etc are doing in office. They should have been fired like yesterday for sleeping on their job. It's at these times that we miss John Michuki when he was minister of security and Major Hussein Ali.
We will never know the truth, no one will be arrested, Uhuru Kenyatta and Ole Lenku will lie to us ,the same way they did for Westgate attack. What we will see in the next few days is propaganda, conspiracy stories and ethnicity hate speeches. Today blame game will continue, but one thing for sure, Raila Odinga will not be allowed to hold any political rally. We are following closely!
Did Raila Odinga have to personally respond to inventionary and jujitsu allegations of Ole Lenku? Who is Raila Odinga--a statesman & a former PM,but who is Lenku--a jubilee errand boy.This was supposed to be the work of ODM/CORD communication secretariats and associated lobbies(ists) when I read a press statement from Raila, I was like; did he have to respond to these burst-ups? what if these was a minefield laid for him,was he just walking blindly into it by immersing himself in diversionary fights which opens him for further goofs,flack & ridicule.In the USA MUCON & TEA PARTY are supper active among other serious interest groups in DP & GOP parties who fire back on time with stealth and rage like the bush fires of manhattan when such injurious voodoo allegations are still fresh & their toxic fumes are yet to visit serious harm on an image/brand.maybe I am a lone voice in this jungle--but Raila needs a benchmarking lesson from TNA where Uhuru Kenyatta hardly responds in person and has outsourced su ...
i understand Ole Lenku has no direct command to the police...police service is independent..
President UHURU remains in Nairobi but sends Ole Lenku, Inspector-General of Police KIMAIYO and CID Director, Ndegwa Muhoro to Mpeketoni #
Ole Lenku will tell you the casualties are between 40 to 50 and the attackers were either Al shabab or Boko haram, - (its upto you to determine the exact figures and the attackers) but 'we are investigating and those responsible shall face the full force of the law'..I think people should just restrict themselves to their professions, where you can safely say the meat soup will require between 2 to 3 onions etc..
Arise arise from the dead thee John Michuki, or resurrect inside Ole Lenku, whichever is easier
Ole Lenku finally convinced Githu Muigai and Kimaiyo to drink his herbs. They are now speaking in the same tongue.
CJ Mutunga, Gichangi, Muhoro and Ole Lenku, your meeting is suspect. Raila Odinga has an intelligence far much better than the government's. You like it or not, the storm is here, deal with it!
I woke up to news headlines that the Sultan of Kalenjinistan,Wil-harm Samoei Ruto has drawn a knife against his own URP political hustlers in parliament.Now Mr Wil-harm is physically in gov't but he's not the government.The parliamentary hustlers were baying for the blood of Ann Waiguru who dismissed a grandson of Koitalel Arap Samoei and replaced with a Mount Kenya species.Wait! If they were interested in service delivery and accountability,why can't they remove the Maasai herdsman Ole Lenku who can barely give sound press conference?Even journalist who interview him are forced to edit some parts before they release the news to Kenyans.It is world class jokes that the likes of Lenku who delivers lies,bombs and pomps are spared and Waiguru who works best can be censured.All these Rift Valley Mps should stop taking methanol
God morning Ruto is Waiting , Ole Lenku is Arresting , Governor Mutua is building , Al Shabaab are bombing, police are shooting, pipelines are breaking, accidents are increasing, Mudavadi is wondering, Eng Kamau is delivering, Duale is decamping, First Lady is running, Governor Isaac is chewing more than he can swallow, Governor Cheboi is stealing, Kaimenyi is explaining, Doctors are threatening, Garissa county assembly is impeaching, Mandera county is collapsing, Lectures are striking, Poachers are Poaching, people are protesting, Kenyans are watching, you are Browsing, I'm posting. This makes me wonder. stolen*
Zetech is a great Institutions, It has produced dignitaries like. 1.Ole Lenku. 2.Robert Alai ...just to name a few
ARE WE SERIOUS ABOUT FIGHTING TERRORISM? ARE WE KEEN ON THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF KENYA, HER PEOPLE AND THEIR PROPERTY? IS THE GOVERNMENT PLAYING HER CITIZENS? A government serious about security of her people will investigate Moses Kuria's clues below with vigor and the agility it deserves. They will not wish it away just because there is a Kuria, Kamari or a Thiong'o involved. Nobody likes what happened in Naivasha or elsewhere in the country and anyone who can have the guts to publicly admit on a global social media that they did what "we did in Naivasha" when hundreds died, others still in IDP camps and thousands maimed for life should be a blessing to the need to connect the dots of 07/08 mystery. I am just as clueless as Ole Lenku or Ms. Omamo when it comes to security matters because that is not my field but in this one, and if I was Ole Lenku, I would run away with this evidence without even calling "mheshimiwa rais" for what to do. I will show the public that at least I can achieve something.
Uhuru We voted u over 6M and we demand for our security. Are NSIS' Gichangi, Kimaiyo, Ole Lenku, Mombasa n Nairobi County Commissioners Indespensible? Mr. president keep ua word. All shud b sent parking. For Moses Kuria Seems to Knw the bad 'kuys with the kuns' who r terrorising us. I smell blood come 2017 unless u unite kenyans. Remember I and the millions of Kenyan Voter will correct the mistake we made in March 4th
I must say that Uhuru Kenyatta is good at 2 things. 1. Talking and giving speeches. 2. Blaming someone else for incompetence in his government. Corruption in State House - Blame it on his staff, Anglo Leasing - Blame it on AG, ICC - Blame it on Raila and imperialists, Westgate - Blame it on his staff, Inflated budget - Blame it on computer error, Insecurity - Blame it on Ole Lenku, Non Performing government - Blame it on his Cabinet. When will Uhuru start being President, he was inaugurated over a year ago? A LEADER DOES NOT BLAME OTHERS. HE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY AND LEADS.
A drunk Tony Gachoka makes some tough statements on KTN... and they say that drunkards are always very open. 1. Anglo Leasing payments are a loot of public money. Uhuru was the minister of finance and chaired the Public Accounts Committee 2. On Security Uhuru should work together with Raila not Museveni. It is getting out of hand... 3. Prof. Githu Muigai is an embarrassment to the lawyers. Not advising the ministers, commissioner of police running riot. 4. Ole Lenku is a failure...and things are getting worse and out of hand. 5. State House is asleep poor Kenyans are suffering 6. The chinese deals are not honest. 7. Kidero should remain the Governor of Nairobi. He has better managerial skills.
"The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him." ~~Niccolò Machiavelli in The Prince. Our beloved President Uhuru Kenyatta has Aden Duale, Joshua Kutuny, Kimaiyo and Ole Lenku among others. Haleluya!!!
In the BIG QUESTION CITIZEN TV Cabinet Secretary of interrior and coordination Ole Lenku was asked about the issue of Kenya sending troops to Somalia and the fact that since the invading of Somalia by the Kenya Defence Forces the terror attacks have increased and he was asked whether that has contributed in the security threats in the country. Ole Lenku stated with confidence that if the Kenyan troops could not have invaded Simalia the attacks could have been more compared to the current threats and attacka. There was no such attacks before Kenyan forces were sent to Somalia and that is the fact on the ground and statistics speaks vividly for itself since the last few years the attacks have been on the rise. Kenyan lives are more important than any other things and the state should do everything possible to maintain peace and prosperity across the nation.Kenyans are learned people and they know where things are going wrong. Recently a researched was conducted by IPSOS SYNOVATE and the polls says 60% of Ke ...
Many Kenyans believe that Ole Lenku was a simple hotel Deputy Manager...I have a feeling he was more than that,...
From where am seated Ole Lenku should have removed himself like Charles Taylor of Liberia
The decision by the interior cabinet secretery , Ole Lenku to suspend the 52 government officers in relation to the stunning loss of lives of the methanol-laced drinks was a pragmatic move but I will not be surprised if the same will be declared null and void by the high court possibly tomorrow .Good percentage of alcoholic drinks being consumed daily by alcohol-thirsty Kenyans are counterfeits and those brewers are known by the very people who are supposed to wane them. How I hope/wish/pray that our able investigative journalists should converge their energies these coming weeks in anraveling and ashame those behind those businesses and how they are protected by some state mercenaries who according to me belong behind bars. I know majority of Kenyans will be surprised and some won't believe. Billions of shillings are lost annually to these drug barons and innumerable unreported health-related defects associated to these drinks !
After Wilkista decided to abandon our love that has blossomed for years citing the war on terror as the main reason for this I was completely crushed. But as christians say God works in mysterious ways. My redemption was on the way. I camped at Topista's cottage nursing my emotional wounds. It was during my sojourn here that I made the greatest scientific invention that might as well be my ticket to stardom and propel my career beyond Mechimeru county and beyond. I was feeling particularly tired on this day of the Lord. My laziness had reached a new level that even stretching my hand to pick leaves for my trip to the latrine looked like the impossible dream of expecting Aromat to sharpen Ole Lenku's security instincts/knowledge. You see Topista's toilet is situated on top of an ant_hill whereby it's sinking was a natural process. An environment friendly process that actually had the interests of the people at heart. I planned to be quick and slide down the hill on my rear quarters as I painted the grass a ...
Dear Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, please replace Ole Lenku with Bruno Mars, he will catch these grenades for us,.,
Dear Uhuru Kenyatta,replace Ole Lenku with Bruno Mars.He will catch grenades for us!
If I were Uhuru Kenyatta. I would replace Ole Lenku with Dennis Nthubi.
Dear Mr. President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Deputy President William Ruto, millions of kenyans voted for you because they believed that you were young ,energetic and therefore able to deal with the issues affecting this country affirmatively. Now i hate to be the bearer of this bad news but your Excellencies the scorecard on your Administration is 2 out of 10. Unlike other Kenyans who complain about the problems but they dont give solutions i will try to give solutions and hope that this gets to you. Problem no 1.Security-immediately fire Ole Lenku,The I.G Kimaiyo, and Michael Gichangi this people have proved to us they have no clue on what they are supposed to do in terms of security, i mean the world is identifying us more with the many blasts happening rather than our wildlife or athletes. Problem 2:Unemployment,Stop talking show us some actiom so Uwezo was established who has beneffited from it to date?Start projects for the Youth,Women and The disabled and oh while you are at it fire Kazungu Kambi and ...
Where is the George Saitoti's, John Michuki's..the talking tough in a action! Ole Lenku is our headache
If David Moyes went after failure, who is Ole Lenku? We're tired now, very tired!!! Tough talking doesn't help Kenya!!
It'll be interesting to watch when Ole Lenku deports five thousand refugees back 2 Somalia & Nairobi becomes safest city in…
Uhondo:Muslims call for mass action tomorrow following the recent crackdown in Eastleigh.Each contribute 5,000 to fund the demo which will start right at the city centre to teach the govt of Uhuru kenyatta and Ruto a lesson for messing up with the wrong guys. Meanwhile shoot to kill order still effective to any suspicious persons according to Ole Lenku
Tarifa! "If Man U have not sacked Moyes who am I to sack Ole Lenku.?" Uhuru Kenyatta defends
Ole Lenku = Ole Mattresses 101 with the one and only legendary journo JEFF KOINANGE.
If only Mr.Marwa,Mombasa County Commissioner was swapped for Ole Lenku
And sometimes things like what has happened at Mlango kubwa are just police intelligence strategy to threaten any other hidden terrorists. Its more than meets the eye...on the other side of my 5 cent some of my beloved muslim brothers & sisters are now seeing some sense.but Ole Lenku is one funny guy; the fellow is still using some cheap language to threaten enemies..eti thy will FACE MUSIC.
In Nairobi, Day 3 of Cabinet briefings to media. CS Ole Lenku, CS Omamo, CS Rotich in security cluster chaired by Special Adviser Abdikadir
This is the same Ole Lenku who pulled a Rambo saying Nairobi is safe right?aki this one needs Prophet Owuor's prayers
Its funny Mr. Ole lenku claims Nairobi is safe, why then walks with over four armed body guards. Its ironical mheshimiwa just do it without the armed men and prove your fact to kenyans.
Mr ole lenku there is certainly nothing your doing ,
And yet ole lenku guy comes out boldly and says Nairobi is safe after walking in cbd with five bodyguards,,,
Ole lenku was walkin arnd streets of Nairobi wid bodyguards sayin its safe nao one mp has bin shot meanin..
Samburu MP shot by thugs?Just days after Ole Lenku shamlessly lied to Kenyans about security in Nairobi.
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operation usalama was extended to Ongata Rongai yt criminals stil exist.who did Ole lenku a.k.a "Town Sherrif‘’ arrest?
Ole Lenku should be answerable to this. I don't see how he deploys 500 policemen in Nairobi and Mombasa yet we have some crime
Samburu East MP, has been shot by unknown gangs in Nairobi, where just two days ago, Ole Lenku said in safe, when he had his armed security officers surrounding him. Its sad that it's also a day ago when the Head of State, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, gave his speech on State of Nation, where he also talked about security in, no no, it's doesn't add up at all, what is going on in Kenya, on the side of security? ?
Just a day after the President talking tough. We are safe. Ask Ole Lenku
Samburu east mp short n injured within nrb,this has happened a day after security miniater Ole lenku took awalk within city centre accompanied by 6 bodyguards n claims nrb is
Ole Lenku should have been with him to understand security in Nairobi.
I was all dressed up for a furahiday night on the City, Ole Lenku style when the credit card company called to...
Interior CS ole Lenku says govt. in charge...
any one recall the name of one history teacher 98/99. Resembled Ole Lenku and famous for statements like 'they sssot the son of Mboya..'
Between and Ole Lenku who is whose spokesman?
Congrats ole lenku for ua night walk in u know how nrb is safe at night but do it tomorrow alone frm 9pm on kirinyaga rd via nyamakima tocoast bus join luthuli ave then make a press at kencom will all know how nrb is safe
I hope this has nothing to do with ole lenku's daily vague reports
On Uhuruto and crime, İ give this inept government a straight E. You can't fight crime by harassing innocent, law abiding citizens on the streets thereby killing the very rights enshrined in our constitution. Yes, we want security, but any security operation must embrace modern techniques and tactics. Sticking to mundane outdated methods in the fight against crime will not yield any fruits. After all, criminals have proved smarter than our "highly-trained" security personel. As such, İ don't believe they can risk being on the streets when the so called operations are conducted. Hence, only innocent pedestrians going about their businesses are getting into this indiscriminate police trap. Up to when will Uhuruto stomach the conspicuous inexperience of one Ole Lenku?
Dear ole Lenku, u do not test security with bodyguards n media in tow. Kwani u think thugs are stupid enough to rob u then? U blithering buffoon!
"why does he find it so hard to follow the law?when he first appointed them it was rather unfortunate that Ole Lenku stood behind him and supported this utter disregard for the law"
The other side of there is MBWA and there is when you are defeated to delegate; Ole Lenku and KWS Director go on the prowl themselves to ensure that the streets of Nairobi and Lake Nakuru National park are safe respectively
People should give Ole Lenku a break. The guy was running a restaurant...don't expect too much.
So the president has asked you and I to work hand in hand with the government concerning insecurity. After watching KTN's Prime Time News yesterday night as Ole Lenku walked on the streets to prove Nairobi is safe, I beg to differ. The Nairobi I have walked at night isn't the one I saw Ole Lenku walking in. Besides, what did he expect to see with all the security detail he had? Furthermore, with the ongoing security operations who would dare go to the streets? There is something amiss in our nation and all we call do is pray for a change of heart. As for Ole Lenku's assertion that Nairobi is safe, I think what he is doing is providing comic relief when sobriety is seriously needed!
Ole Lenku is just hilarious.doing a night vigil with 4 armed body guards then telling Kenyans Nairobi is safethat to the birds#
why do i have this feeling that uhuru is the best president kenya has ever heard..lets call him a prince with rather unique personality..luk at this,during the cabinet appointment our DP anounce that there isnt going 2 be a politician in the cabinet but only him and president..This mean it was uhuru's TNA that appointed hon Balala,Charity and kambi..Uhurus wing also went ahead to pick Ole lenku,Adan,Wakhungu,Rachel all frm different comunities in glad DP decided 2 reciprocate his community..hehe,i recal the book "ITS OUR TURN TO EAT".. Uhuru is finaly stealing my heart,and come 2017 i might b tempted 2 ignore the demi god from nyanza.
Central, Rift Valley and Eastern leads in homosexuality and bestiality cases according to CS Joseph Ole Lenku. It is from one of the regions that you find some virulent bigots who pretend to hate homosexuals etc, they would kill them. Is a problem of self-hate? That news should be wake up call for us to love all God's children without judging and hating them.
Ole Lenku walked through town at night with his entire police force in tow to prove what? LOL! Who still needs Eric Omondi's jokes anymore?
the Government of Malaysia and Ole Lenku have one thing in common... Not giving the correct information when a tragedy happens..or can one call them confused elements..
If I was to meet CS Ole Lenku,my first question to him would be if he knows the residents of at least ten houses in his neighborhood- in the spirit of 'nyumba kumi' initiative.
But some tweeps have simpler minds than nursery school kids. So Ole lenku is supposed to walk W/out B.Guards 2proove its safe..
Man! I love these cops. Eti Ole Lenku says infront of cameras Nairobi is safe at night and yet he had almost 7 guards with him!
Joseph Ole Lenku: What motivates the tight security around the Cabinet Secretary every time he is addressing wananchi?
So, Ole Lenku walked across CBD at midnight with his 5 bodyguards & declared Nrb safe? Inform him April Fools day is only 3 days away. Nkt.
Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Ole Lenku, wants to convince you that Nairobi is safe when he himself was flanked by SIX bodyguards when he was walking through the streets the other night.
westgate was no one's fault. I would not blame ole lenku for being ignorant
If Ole Lenku really wanted to demonstrate to Kenyans how safe it is to walk on the streets of Nairobi at night, then he should have left his bodyguards at home.
ole lenku, doesnt need to walk at night to show us, people who live in this nairobi, that we are safe. He needs to drive around globe roundabout, with his car window open holding a phone,at about 7am when the street families are having breakfast at globe roundabout. Am willing to bet,even with cameras and cops following, he wont have the phone by the time he is past globe
So Poachers ar waiting 4 him? Saw Ole Lenku walking with 4armed police 2 demo that NRB is safe? Jokers.
Ujinga is Ole Lenku walking in town at midnight to show the city is safe with armed security personnel. Fail
Ndio tu shikwe na ole lenku"1st of April. No it's not a prank,we have the best surprise offer for our night shoppers.
My heart goes to the brave guys of tuum led by lomosingo lempisikichoi who have lived their word to follow the cows to the end hole yu guys have made us proud and we celebrate yu the miles yu have covered and the step yu ve taken even the kenya army have and cant go. to the county leadership and our hon respected mps who left their comfort zones and flew in, around and out of the valley to be with the people and give them morale support they needed i believe the scorchin sun in the valley burnt yu well and have sharpened yu guys more to the beautiful nominated mca hon statian and naserian for doing the marvellous work of reaching the affected families yu were more than hope to them .yu left a memorable mark in our hearts and we are proud of yu two to mundia lengaur who pushed his vehicle where there was no road to help the people logistically. to the tuum guys who ensured and mobilized the support to reach that far end. to our able mca who was on official duty .your co odination was excellent to the e ...
Ole Lenku should go back to his hotelier career, for crying out loud stop insulting me intelligence ati nyenyenye
I agree with you guys. Ole Lenku should leave his bodyguards behind ajiskilie.
To prove Nairobi is Safe,Security CS. Ole Lenku took a walk along th streets yesterday,...but he was accompanied by BODYGUARDS, fooling who?
A man walking around with 6 armed bodyguards and a bullet proof jacket can NEVER convince me that Nairobi is safe. Ole Lenku shud be serious
I believe that ole lenku is nt in heaven and i wl soon meet him!!!
I finally met those cops who have been shaking down Nairobi last evening. After sheltering from pouring rain at the petrol station I decided to duck into my local for my after-work pint. Suddenly there's frantic shouting and banging from next door, and the next minute the proprietress has switched off the lights, slammed closed the doors and switched off the TV. Well the short of it is that I couldn't stand the hiding in the dark any more. I am not a criminal, and I wanted to go home. So I get up and shoot back the bolt. The lady, cowering behind the counter, whispers at me to lock the door from outside. Outside, the street is vacated, the boys in their long navy and khaki coats sweeping down my end of the street in a tight cordon. I approach, and as I am about to step past one sees me. "Kuja hapa wewe, wapi kitambulisho ya kazi na ile ingine?" I look at the guy, wondering how many young men in this city of hustlers have "kitambulisho ya kazi". In the end he grins sheepishly and waves me on. Honestly, Ole ...
Cabinet Secretary for Security Joseph Ole Lenku walked in town at midnight with bodyguards & said that Nairobi is safe.
Are you in a matatu going to work,school,hospital,to visit a freind or going to idle around archives,mr price,hilton? Are you bored my the state of things in your life and the country as a whole maybe its your governor, boss,the sickness,the love gone sour,the end of sem exams,the business deal which is not 'comming' propely,the job transfer,the child with a bullet in the head,the interview that never came to be,the conductur whom you have now asked him for your change thrice n its now like you are begging him for your money,the insecurity in kenya? Would you realy want to do something that will really spice up your day and weekend? Ok its pretty simple just look at the person sittin next to you in the matatu,get closer to him or her and look straight into his/her eyes dont just look but also stare,continue looking,dont shy off pliz this somethin i have tried several time n it makes wonders. Ok now, are still there looking and staring?now shout this words to that person 'OLE LENKU NI WEWE' most probably t ...
It is utter nonsense and defeatist of sorts with exhibition of lack of ideas for Cabinet Secretary of State under whose docket Internal Security fall, to go out on a round up mission on the streets of Nairobi County City at night in the guise of taming insecurity. Which terrorist suspect would be idling on the streets of Nairobi City County at night? Intelligence calls for utmost secrecy in its operations. Rounding up innocent Kenyans who lacked fare to go back to their walls for a night is in itself abuse of power. More so, officers on intelligence mission are not suppose to arrest their targets. Their mission is actually to thoroughly investigate and gather airtight evidence against their targets, then signal the arresting team to swing in action. In real facts, the arresting team always arrest the targets in the company of the intelligence officer, including the officer himself who eventually part ways with the target at the criminal investigation department cells. So, what The Cabinet Secretary in cha ...
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Julius Ole Lenku should for bringing hotel techniques to security.We shall all die at this rate! Support this by writing 'yes' and share.
Not surprising that a Kenyan politician says one thing and proves quite the opposite. Lenku
Ole lenku yawa. Why walk with body guards when it is safe to walk in town at night waah. Kenyas security is a joke.
thats a reactionary tactic, Ole Lenku must come up with a better plan than Nyumba Kumi Initiative and reporting refugees
ole lenku. Duale. Both in one day means its been a long day nimechoka sana...
"Ole Lenku is going to stroll in town tonight with his bodyguards to *** how safe CBD is."The irony.
So Ole Lenku walks the streets of Nairobi at night with four bodyguards and claims it's safe
I hope ole lenku is watchin jeff koinange on ktn coz he will learn a thing or two from constable mohammed elgoye a true peace loving muslim
I think this police constable Elmoge should change places with Ole lenku. Life can be unfair.
So Ole Lenku was walking in Nairobi streets last night with more than 5 armed security officers, alhafu anasema nai…
There's a curfew in Nairobi we are not aware of ..stay indoor so that Ole Lenku can walk in the streets
That Kambi, Ngilu, and Ole Lenku are still in Cabinet tells us all we need to know about
Ole Lenku should give Mr a befitting job owing to his zeal, dedication & qualificatins
Ole Lenku sir, a REFUGEE should be inside the camp always NOT NOT outside!If outside should apply for asylum and government also take those records.How can a foreigner be in Nairobi or mombasa and you are still calling him/her a refugee?..This is what i call management lapse!
Watching Jk live. Sam1 tel ole lenku nd all those who asume dat all muslims nd somalis r terrorist dat mohamed elmoge a police muslim constable who payed his salary for third time most recently now to da child who was shot in likoni is asomali muslim nd dat is wht islam is giv us abreak wit shot terrorist at sight treats of your nd learn frm constable elmoge.
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last night Ole Lenku went for a stroll along Tom Mboya street flanked by over six bodyguards and then he tries to convince me that the city centre is angepiga lap solo hadi huko chini karibu na grogon ndio nimuamini...!!!
Cabinet Secretary to the ministry of internal security, Mr ole lenku, walk along street of Nairobi with tight security personnel and confidently saying security is k.nkt
This guy is a hotelier, ati anachekesha journalists halafu anawaambia hiyo ni take away! Ole Lenku u never cease to amaze me!
Ole Lenku made ma nite! New ways to curb security in the Nation. Are u 4 real!
Those of u who think they own the night beware,Ole Lenku's men are even more vigil,from now u can add another right to ur bill of rights,it's ur right to be accomodated as a guest of the state yani ni haki yako kulala ndani,unatembea usiku,wewe sio polisi,sio (expletive),sio watchman,sio mrogi,sio alshabaab,sio mwizi,sio Ole Lenku,wewe ni nani?we ni who?
Dualle couldnt defend his side and i liked it when he chided Ole Lenku for giving roadside orders.
I dare ole lenku to try and cross a street at night without his four bodyguards and he will be attacked so viciously he would b thinkin he's being eaten up by some blood thirsty pirahnas.
Your security is in safe hands".ole lenku makes wonna weep each time he makes this statement..protect us all.
Ole lenku we aint that stupid ok...u dnt walk around in the middle of the night with ua security to demonstrate how safe our streets are. si ungetembea solo. nkt.
So Ole Lenku thinks going to take a walk in town in the middle of the night just to prove to us normal civilians that the streets are safe. We don't have security detail walking around with us carrying guns. Please address Insecurity and stop playing games. We are not going to buy that CS.
Ole Lenku should pursue comedy! he walked around Nairobi CBD (uptown) at night with several armed bodyguards (and the press) to prove to citizens that Nairobi is safe! he actually said it when asked!
Someone tell Ole Lenku u dont go for a security operation @ night with a bright shirt n media cameras on tow.
Ole lenku is like the Moyes of Jubilee =D
hmm Mr. President was that the best you could do? Promising the future yet the present is *** Kaimenyi so you want them to know how to milk and cook? Ole lenku will you b patrolling the streets that way? Be practical guys. You make me sick! And sum it up by sending that zombie of uas to the studio nkt
so this *** Ole lenku walks around in the CBD past midnight in company of armed officers, trying to show how safe Nairobi is.maan no mug has a cockroach's brains.
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Cabinet Secretary Ole Lenku is quickly turning into a comedian ,,, how does he walk around the CBD with three armed bodyguards and news crew in tow ... Then proudly states that our streets are safe ... And the gesture is meant to instill confidence?
ROFLMAO @ Ole Lenku walking around Nairobi, at night, to disprove the insecurity issue!
Ole lenku,shame on u,how can u say nairobi is safe at night wen u ar being guarded by 6 body guards,tembea alon tukuogope!
Ole Lenku walking out at night with a full fleet of security hehehe
CHILL!! So alcoholblow is for those with cars, then there is the usalama watch raids by ole lenku for those walking. Jameni, hii Kenya Tu iuzwe kila mtu apewe share yake.
Ole lenku and police publicity at its best.
Kaimenyi insists no tuition in skuls. Ole lenku agrees on shoot to kill order. Kenya is a jungle or ituri forest with jubilee gvt. A suffering nation
To prove to Kenyans that there is no insecurity in Nairobi at night, Ole Lenku moves around with hefty security men and because no thug dares attack him then everybody is safe! This is like moving around holding hand grenades in your hands and expect any sane thug to attack you. This is nothing but mockery of victims of thuggery in Nairobi! He should move alone, especially in River Road at night and if not attacked then we can without doubt conclude the obvious.
Ole lenku walking in the streets of nairobi with five bodyguards and tells us how safe the streets of nairobi are.SERIOUSLY!
He! he! he! he! that Mr. Ole Lenku walks thru' the streets of Nairobi at night yesterday to show us how security has improved? With 5 body guards on tow! My foot!
The Wise Man Wahome Thuku has spoken... Ole Lenku: What you need to do is this. Dress like an executive lady complete with a handbag, then walk from Heile Selassie roundabout, over the Uhuru Highway bridge to Nyayo Stadium, fairly fast, alone, at around 10pm. Do it several days. Then you will confirm that Nairobi is safe indeed.
Ole Lenku;Nairobi is safe you can move around at night no Ngeta people! He walked around downtown with his security in tow. So guys go out its safe!
Sob now our streets are safe!! says Ole Lenku after walking down one street at night, should drop all goons around him and go down town not Kimathi Street,
STATEMENT BY CIVIL SOCIETY ON RECENT TERROR ATTACKS IN KENYA Nairobi, 26 March 2014 Via as civil society condemn the terror attacks in the country and most recently in Likoni where 6 innocent lives were lost. We offer our condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed and our prayers for a quick recovery of the injured. Terrorism poses a threat to us all. We as civil society support all legitimate efforts by security agencies to find the perpetrators of these heinous attacks, bring them to book and to forestall and prevent further atrocities. However, to be effective, it is important that such efforts are undertaken with due regard for the rights of the innocent, as protected by the constitution, and without wholesale victimisation of entire communities. Today’s reported declaration by Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa of a shoot-to-kill order on all terrorism suspects is therefore most disturbing and must be condemned by all.It is unacceptable in modern society for the Commission ...
Ole Lenku try to walk without those bodyguards wako on Nairobi streets at night nkt
What's ole lenku showing kenyans by walking at night in the streets of nairobi with his security and declaring that nairobi is safe!! CAN HE TRY THIS WHEN HE IS ALONE IN RIVER ROAD AND SEE IF HE CAN GO 5metres
Nairobi is so safe ! Minister Ole Lenku proved it by walking in Nairobi by the night BUT surrounded by 5 bodyguards. Do u believe him?
That Ole Lenku could traverse a street in Nairobi to prove presence of security is nothing but a petty political scheme.y did he not walk alone?wat street did he walk through?oh no!stop playing with our minds n provision us with security.
Ole Lenku assures all and sundry that your security guaranteed as he patrols Nairobi at night with his security detail ha ha ha. No more Ngeta in downtown Nairobbery.
This Ole Lenku guy could be a retard. Walking around Nairobi with a security detail and claiming its safe? Nugu hii! Give us a security detail too.
Ole Lenku you have to be serious,sasa tusihang out tao tena
Ole Lenku trying to pull a Michuki...
Thats the way to deal with kenyan thugs ole lenku
Police condone and encourage terrorism in Kenya KENYA CONFIDENTIAL Security Editor - Nairobi, March 27, 2013 Police warned of Likoni attack two days earlier A police officer or Chief to whom a report about threat to life or potential terror attack is made and ignores to take appropriate action is no better than a traffic officer who allows defective vehicles on Kenyan roads that are killing innocent Kenyans. The Swahili say “Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako”. Such an officer is indeed, condoning and encouraging acts of terror and the run away crime in the country. In a civilized government that values and protects the sanctity of life such an officer would have no place in any security and safety related organ. Those are the kind of officers the Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku should remove from the interior security system and stop issuing empty threats and talking of heightened security when criminals and terrorists easily strike targets of their own choice at will. More -
Ole Lenku will probably address the Nation to tell us that it was mattresses shooting people at the Likoni church.
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