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Old West

The American Old West, or the Wild West, comprises the history, geography, people, folklore, and cultural expression of life on the American frontier and in the Western United States, most often referring to the latter half of the 19th century, between the California Gold Rush of 1849 and the end of the century.

Bass Reeves John Wayne Nez Perce Jesse James Civil War Wild Bill Hickok Native American Jackson Hole Wyoming Wyatt Earp Native Americans Ralph Lauren

It's possible a lot of those folks took is as some kind of Old West brawl, less consequential than getting thrown off a bronc...
Old West come to life before your eyes during the Fort Worth Herd's twice-daily cattle drive…
Four of my action/adventure novels, from the Old West, Civil War, and two books on special operations missions in Vietn…
Theory: Sheriff Bart was actually an incarnation of Aunt Nancy in the Old West.
Trusting Grace (Virtues and Vices of the Old West by Maggie Brendan
Senator John Kennedy sounds like the character actor Pat Buttram. He belongs in a saloon in the Old West.
If you've never heard it, it's a Snoop song w/ Old West theme. Jesse James & Josey Wales are mentioned…
Explore historic taking in Chicago, the Old West in Oklahoma or kick up your heels in Albuquerque.…
A great stop on US 50 in Southwest Kansas is Dodge City w/ plenty of Old West attractions.
Today’s moment in history: It’s the birthday of legendary Old West outlaw Robert Leroy Parker – better known as...
Discover the Old West at Bonnie Springs just 20 minutes outside of
Old West legend Wild Bill Hickok was killed in Deadwood, SD, by Jack McCall in Aug. 2 1876. Holding the famous dead man’s hand.
...Presents 'Wagon train boombox: Sounds from the Old West. 20 buckboard hits!'
Journey back to the Old West... Journey of the Heart:
A Charlotte Mason picture study of Frederic Remington. What do you think of his Old West art?
In 1916, vast portions of rural Texas and Oklahoma were still very similar to wild days of the Old West. Sam Bass...
Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air at 8pm on AM 880 KIXI. This week it’s action and adventure in the Old West with…
In the harsh Old West, young children were taught responsibility by painting the lettering on every bank, saloon and general store.
Fifth graders wax nostalgic for Old West, Charlie Russell
Ash Wednesday next week, all these Old West *** better be in line cuz y'all really need Jesus.🌚🌚🌚
She would have been scalped in the Old West...Even American Indians have more sense.
Join author Erich Martin Hicks as he presents a legend of the Old West- “Mary Fields, aka Stage Coach...
The Quarter horse became a popular breed with American cowboys in the Old West; it remains popular for Western style riding.
From ancient Rome to Regency England to the Old West and many places (and time periods) in between, check out...
The Coen brothers are planning their first TV show, a mini-series set in the Old West
Old West lives... Small Towns in Big Sky Country: 11 Wide-Open Spaces for You to Roam
In the 5th book, the Indian Path, the Old West comes alive with vivid images of Nez Perce life.
'The Tainted Dollar'. . The way the Old West used to be. Ride along with the sheriff!.
The Solitary Path of Courage-Perilous times face a woman abandoned in the Old West.
A retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in the Old West.
Police say the 28-year-old man had arrived in the country just two days before his death
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.Da Kate Hogan asks for an increase in Vail for Alexander west who killed 8 year old girl on
Since when do police carry long guns? Have we jumped back in time to the Old West?
When singer Barbara Lewis was 19 yrs old, she boarded a train in Vancouver for a 4-day ride to Montreal...
I'm more intrigued by your Lou Ferrigno reference. I know I'm old, but man, what year is it?
Workers restoring old church at West Fargo museum say it's too haunted to work there after dark
Alexander West expected in Warren County Court. Now facing 12 counts surrounding deadly crash on Lake George that k…
The park in is a fantasy world where we get to see what the old West would have been like if it weren't brutally racist.
Experience the Old West on the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad |
Man arrested over 29-year-old woman's death in West Bridgford
A lost kitten on West Street Only 8 weeks old, Concerned owner, not Chipped or Neutered, Please RT!…
Alex Iwobi reveals who he rejected to sign for Arsenal as a nine-year-old -
West Virginia police say woman was overdosing on heroin when she crashed car with her 2-year-old son in backseat.
Cujo is a young 18 month old Staffie cross who is looking for a new home. Cujo is very playful and ...
Susie is coded "yellow" She is a 2 year old black and white short coated collie. She ...
Tess is coded "Yellow" she is 7 year old neutered white and black medium coated ...
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true story I have been working on. old west cowboy/girl designs for a client this week.
judging by the way they did things in the old 5 class days calling region 3 as Powell Halls Karns CC Clinton Oak Ridge west
. In 1881, on this day: The Gunfight at the OK Corral. The most famous gunfight of the American old West. The more you know
The first gold strike in the Old West was made by Jose Ortiz in 1832 south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Forget the Old West, partner - Red Dead Redemption 2 should be set in the modern day via
Maybe they just think you run an Old West saloon and brothel on the side?
close but not quite:. in 1990 Morgan Freeman and Tracy Ullman performed "Taming of the Shrew" in an Old West setting.
Unbridled Spirits: Short Fiction about Women in the Old West by Alter-j Paperbac
You know a neighborhood's hipsterdom is out of control when they open a podunk Old West-themed "general store." Seminole Hei…
The unique country of E. Oregon is a taste of Old West & Pioneer Spirit! Be inspired with a visit now!
Reach for the skies! in 1865 Wild Bill Hickok fights 1st Old West showdown
and tombstone is an Old West mining town where the shootout at the OK Corral happened w/ Wyatt Earp. :D
Cassidy, Kid (Sundance) that is. Thieves, gangsters in the Old West!!
The Real West from the Old West is on the air on AM 1230 KOTS! Join me for some great Western Music and Cowboy Poetry!
Now watching 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford' a classical 2007 Old West film about the outlaw Jesse James.
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'Ghost Town Alive:' Visitors interact with characters in Old West drama at Knott's Berry Farm -
Visit the Old West where cowboys & an Indian outwit the enemies. UNDER STARRY SKIES https:…
FREE 6/9-6/13 Can time travel through the Old West lead to hidden treasure? Find out! Above the Bridge:
Great piece about the Old West's Muslim Tamale King & how the U.S. took away his citizenship because he wasn't white htt…
We visited the Old West today by going to the Fort Worth Stockyards.
Matt Preston is doing a disastrous impression of an Old West prospector
Stagecoach owned by couple from West Plains recreates historic Old West journey
On in 1836, Cynthia Ann Parker is kidnapped. Read More via Old West...
Just saw a guy @ the Crossville recycling center open carrying with what looked like an antique pistol & holster like he was in the Old West
Art of the Old West : From the Collection of the Gilcrease Institute by David...
Welcome to Laredo, the secretive purpose-built "Old West" town in the UK.
Odessa gallery highlights art of fine scale modeling: There’s a little bit of the Old West in Pasco County. *…
Fort Thomas, Arizona not only was an Old West military fort but the birthplace of Melvin Jones,…
Back in the Old West, Gunslinger/Bullies would seethe, "Smile when you say my name." I don't smile much, like NEVER. So going "Out" is.
I know y'all tired of old people that have been saved by now.
Watford will pay £2m to sign Liverpool's Jerome Sinclair, but Crystal Palace and West Brom are also keen on the 19-year-old winger.
Was there any Bill in the old West who wasn't "wild" like "mild" Bill or "tame" Bill.
"No! I used it last time I had to. I could use it in the old west, now could I, *** "
Can y'all imagine how sprung Sir Mix-Alot would've been if he lived in the Old West?
***NEW RECORD*** West Pavilion...Hector Gonzalez & Enrique Dominguez shattered the old record with a toss of 66...
Hey - was passing thru ur old stomping grounds in central Indiana...past Tri-West HS and the ice cream place in Lizton!
Victim in fatal motorcycle crash on Eisenhower identified as 31-year-old west suburban man:
Like Red Dead was one of the best games I've ever played solid game with a great dlc expansion. Really made me apperate the old West
Low key think we should go back to old west justice system
Cracking away day today at West Brom, bring on the Old Firm tomorrow 🐝🇬🇧
Update: Police searching for 24-year-old supect in west Detroit shooting that killed infant.
west stand. Me and my 15yr old son. His first old firm game 🇬🇧
If you lol'ed in the Old West, I'm pretty sure you'd just get shot.
Police: Two men in custody in slaying of 6-month-old
Kanye West: I push the boundaries . Old West: New frontier, who dis?
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Update: 2 suspects in custody in shooting death of 6-month-old girl in Detroit; shooting believed to be connected…
The adventures of Danielle West-Roebuck: "An old woman tried to sell me coke in Wetherspoon's yesterday". Sheffield is a magical place.
Detroit police say fatal shooting of a 6-month-old today is related to fatal shooting of a 3-year-old on Easter
This is how the West dies - a evil old hag kills comedy. What if the decides similar laws?
Great photo and story: Nine-year-old Baltimore boy wows Obama at science fair
1-year-old girl shot in head while riding in car on West Side via
The team sets a course for the Old West. Watch DC's at a special time – tonight at 8/7c!.
Historic Donner Memorial Park. What happened to the Donners is one of the most tragic stories of the Old West.
A Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the New and Old West by Frank Norris...
Amazing mash up: students in front of Old West, March 1861 / March 2016, credit to Ryan Burke
Romance spiced with betrayal in the Old West. FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
Author Judy Ann Davis gives you a taste of the Old West in UNDER STARRY SKIES
I liked a video from Sam Elliott On Being the Hollywood Embodiment of the Old West
Get a glimpse of the Old West in Eastern Oregon's John Day River Territory—gold panning, horses & more!
Old West, Aleks' in a bit of strife. FIX? Express…as a boy!?
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A cut and a portrait: This barber paints his modern-day customers as Old West characters.
How do you feel about a scary audio drama set in the Old West?.
(2 in 1 video) "Bandit Queen" takes a fun look at two notorious bank robbers from the Old West. Green screen...
Jackson Hole Wyoming. Clear and really Big Sky Cowboy Country. The Tetons are magnificent. Feels like Old West.
2/5/1848 — b. Myra Belle Shirley (Belle Starr), outlaw. Famous ‘Bandit Queen’ of the Old West in Texas and the Oklahoma territory
The guy that designed Old West (Benjamin Latrobe) spelled Dickinson wrong in his blueprint
Billy the Kid: Flea market find may be Old West gunslinger photo, worth millions: Billy the Kid showed up at a flea…
Mr.Browney leads jrs to Old West-frontier imagery & its role in the construction of American identity
Our two city slickers head to the Old West for their honeymoon and a special case. Don't miss it!
On in 1834, Stephen Austin imprisoned by Mexicans. Read More via Old West...
How Did Lewis and Tolkien Defend the Old West? (essay by Bradley Birzer)
Me. In a pink cowgirl hat. With a flight of beer. Ah! Life in the Old West!
Mary Fields - Entrepreneur and Stagecoach Driver of the Old West (PHOTO)
Witness the Salem Witch Trials, join up for the Civil War, watch the signing of the Magna Carta, & ride the Old West
exclusive clip: Booth and Brennan go undercover at an Old West saloon
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Old West floozy? I thought Ryan was dressed like Mary Todd Lincoln
Our asked, "Do you have a memory of visiting Tombstone or another Old West town?" Here's what it heard: https:…
- In the Old West a wagon train is crossing the plains As night falls thewagon tr
AS IF aylett has been shortlisted by labour in Old West, internal divisions bound to erupt soon lmao
The Solitary Path of Courage-A riveting story of the Nez Perce in the Old West.
Book Five of the Indian Path is a riveting tale of the Old West and the Nez Perce.
He may have been a legendary outlaw in the Old West, but Billy the Kid apparently enjoyed playing&A newly…
gunfighter wounded during Old West re-enactment
Travel back to the Old West today at Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show!
Fire roars through Old West shopping center in Canton
- locker room gun incident like 'Old West'
A vampire gunfighter in the Old West, somebody should take that plot and remake it.
Get a feel for the Old West on a horseback ride.
New Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier, an Old West bundle from Bundle of Holding
Get a taste of Oregon's Old West at Cottonwood Canyon State Park this Saturday:
• Frances Altman: It's a happy dog day. Check out a dachshund 's adventures with Indians in the Old West!
I wish the Old West rules were still in effect. If someone's driving 25 in a 40 zone, I would to be able to shoot them in the face.
Spirit of Old West alive in Cody, Wyo. via
The town of Cody in Wyoming has plenty of Old West spirit.
A black frontier lawman in the Old West. His name: Bass Reeves 1 . 2
! A riveting story of the Nez Perce struggles in the Old West. RT
This man reminds me of Bass Reeves, a black US Deputy Marshall in the Old West who was *** on crime!
I believe this man is a modern day Bass Reeves! Bass Reeves was a United States Deputy Marshall in the Old West!
Wyatt Earp and Bass Reeves weren't nice guys when they cleaned up the Old West and neither should police when they confront thugs and drugs!
December 1,1920 –. The Mexican Revolution ends with a new regime coming to power, which couples with the end of the Old West.
You can buy an entire Old West party town in TX for $400K:
Adidas' new "Blood Meridian" uniform concept design will be an eclectic tribute to the darker side of the Old West
When thinking of the Old West, it is nearly impossible to avoid conjuring up images of gunfights taking place in...
Steele County Historical Society’s Extravaganza is 11AM-5PM Sun, July 12, it's a family fun day with Old West shootouts, music and more.
A Chinese gunslinger searches for his wife in an Old West overrun by magic. Sign me up for KINGSWAY WEST:
(2003-08) High Noon: Wild Bill Hickok and the Code of the Old West (Great Moment
Arguably the first and greatest gunfighter of the Old West, Wild Bill Hickok wears his own clothing
Red Blood and Black Ink : Journalism in the Old West by David Dary (1998,...
we're reverting to some fantasy version of the Old West; every gun nut who's packing is John Wayne & will save us. Terrifying
Not too late to get your Weird West Wednesday fix. Hunt monsters in the Old West.
"Great Cowboy Heroes of the Old West","Recordings from The Grand Old Opry","Bob Dylan's Real Advice." "Rockn'Roll From the 60's
[Old West]. SHERIFF: This town's not big enough for the two of us. TOWN: Oh you boys *blushes* I've been doing CrossFit & cu…
Check out Guns of the Old West magazine Henry Repeating Arms Colt John Wesley Hardin via
Sixth Scale News: 19th Cent. (Old West, ACW, Colonial Wars) ".easy now, you don't bother him and he won't b...
Murder and mayhem in the Old West!. Join Oregon Public Broadcasting- OPB for a free screening of Oregon...
I bet in the Old West when there was a gunfight, telling the other guy that his boots were untied was a great strategy …
Nebraska Legacy : Four Men Become Husbands of Convenience in the Old West by...
Gorgeous tintypes of modern celebs shot with a vintage camera make everyone look like an Old West gunslinger.
Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is something of a 19th-century–style, Old West lawman living in modern times, whose unconventional ...
to Vardis Fisher, an american author-famous for of the Old West
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[Old West]. Sheriff: This town ain’t big enough for you. Bart: What do ya mean?. S: Your re-zoning request was denied. B: …
To *** on a Fast Horse: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and the Epic Chase to Justice in the Old West ~ By: Mark Lee Gardner ~ $9.78 to $1.99 …
19-year-old charged with murder in shooting of mother shielding kids in west Oakland
A 28-year-old man has been arrested over another man's death in
Rangers fan jailed for singing sectarian song before Old Firm clash.
Almost as hilarious as David West's "55-year-old man from the YMCA" kicks.
My first sermon was 5 years ago in the mountains of West Virginia at a church that was built on an old slave...
Me & at Genesis in 2009 LOL! Best Samus players on the East and West! My old Zune MP3 player tho lmao!
Minneapolis man charged with kidnapping 4-year-old - Minneapolis Star Tribune:…
Love the Old West! We stopped for snacks at this stagecoach depot est. 1875. Colo.
WEST LA, CA - FOUND DOG - 03/11, Beagle/Lab mix, 7 mo old, female, please share!!! this dog is not at West LA...
VIDEO: stops by Whitey’s Jolly Kone, one of the original drive-ins in West Sac, on FOX 40.
Man wanted in shooting of 9-year-old is arrested in West Virginia: A man wanted in a Lexington shooting that…
Man, 19, accused in stray-bullet slaying of West Oakland mom A 19-year-old man was charged
14-year-old country-pop vocalist from Summersville, West Virginia's first EP is now on Spotify! My favorite song i…
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Yo you should just move to the Grande in West Deptford in Maclins old house
West Brompton tube was always the one for a floral display. Then the old stationmaster retired.
Taz, a 4 yr old who will need an experienced Staffie owner, info http…
Jasper is a 12 year old German Shepherd who loves to play, adopt him at http…
West Ham will have to pay Arsenal £10million to make full-back Carl Jenkinson's move permanent. The 23-year-old has impre…
Going through my old pics and came across this west photo! 😂😂 *** !
A senior at west kidnapped at 10 year old??
I'm a cowboy kid with an old west theme,put on a show for every pretty girl I see
Clive needs a new home, he is an American Bulldog, ~1-2 years old, adopt at -
Tigger is a 4 yr old Male Staffie looking for a loving new home, info http…
Thinks they did a horrible job on Republic Rd west of National. Its been open a month & already has more pot marks than the old road.
is about 5-million-years-old, Angeles Times the Mark Boster http:/…
Got to see Old Key West resort today on the way to DTD! Definitely some place I want to stay someday!
how far away the Manchester Trafford west hotel is from Old Trafford football ground please?
I literally feel like a depressed old person sitting in the west park park by my self lol
a better way the improvement of Leone's style. 2) once upon a time in the west is chronologically the last period of old west
A 19-year-old man has been arrested and charged with the fatal shooting Monday of a mother in West Oakland. Via
Here's what the lawmen of the old west were really like.
Police: Hanover man was on heroin when he crashed car with 4 month old in West York
Getting a forward helix piercing, old school style. This was at work Gauntlet (body piercing studio) in West...
Chinese doctors bowing down to an 11 year old boy with brain cancer who saved several lives by donating his organs. htt…
Israeli soldiers (2L) stand smiles next to the body of Sabri Fayez al-Rujoub, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, in the West Bank city of Hebron
“My last visit to Old Trafford vs West Ham
My 10 year old sister is rapping Kanye West in the backseat. I have a mixed feeling of pride and worry.
A Pacific Red car traveling west on Santa Monica passing the old Beverly Hills fire station during the 1940s!
Played my new course, Dalmahoy West on Monday. Totally enjoyable. Played old 9 at Niddry Castle Tuesday and Niddry was in better condition 🚩
Lady is an extremely pretty 10 yr old Jack Russell Terrier x for adoption - http…
Plenty of injuries for this weekend then. . Same old West Ham, taking the ***
comic pitch: "It's basically THE STORY OF O….but set in the Old West and dinosaurs still walk the Earth!"
North West handles her own suitcase as she & Kim jet out of Paris: 21 month old North West looked like a mi...
Update your maps at Navteq
Old west is a maze, like why is there a whole horse ranch on campus.
Seeing young, hot men yesterday in key west compared to old winkley men in Marco all Sb almost made me drool 💦
Quiet weekend next week though, jut the match at West Ham followed by The Mahones & Dropkick Murphy's. Why do all the gigs land all at once?
The 'El Dorado Canyon Trekker Tour' presents a colorful history of the Old West. Join AAOS & register today
"The Big Country" (1958, William Wyler) - IMDb Link: A New Englander arrives in the Old West, where he...
African American family in the Old West. It certainly wasn't easy for them to get there, as recorded
Just released: Wagon Train Cinderella, an authentic, suspenseful story of the Old West.
Prince Charles,Lindsey Stirling should know Anna Johnson,can shake a leg in the Old West,to help save Gods habitat*
You know you are in the Old West when... @ Pueblo, Colorado
Word Balloons: Norse gods, Old West are subjects of Oklahoma artist's work
I liked a video from American Southwestern Style | The Beauty and Romance of Old West
"Over his 32-year career as a Deputy U.S. Marshal, Bass Reeves arrested 3,000 felons, killed 14 men, and was never shot himself. His reputation for persistence, his total fearlessness, his skills with a gun, and his ability to outsmart outlaws struck terror into lawbreakers in what we now call Oklahoma. Although other colorful characters made their way into our pop culture, Bass was the real badass of the Old West." Reeves was born into slavery in 1838 in Crawford County, Arkansas.[1][2] Reeves was named after his grandfather, Basse Washington. Bass Reeves and his family were slaves of Arkansas state legislator William Steele Reeves.[1] When Bass Reeves was eight (about 1846), William Reeves moved to Grayson County, Texas, near Sherman in the Peters Colony.[1] Bass Reeves may have served Colonel George R. Reeves, the son of William Reeves, the owner of Bass Reeves when he was a slave. George Reeves was also a legislator, in Texas, and at the time of his death in 1882 from rabies, George Reeves was the Spe ...
Is Ralph Lauren Exploiting Native Americans (yes/no) source: huffingtonpost The clothing company Ralph Lauren released an online advertisement for its RRL line last month that drew scathing criticism from Native Americans. The ad's imagery harked back to the Old West, with henley jerseys and rustic jeans displayed in faded sepia tones. And while one page touted bandanas and “Western-style” shirts, the opposite page showed a Native American sporting a feathered headdress, holding a rifle across his lap. Another page depicted a stoic Native American man with dark skin, braided hair and a Western shirt-and-vest combo. Critics charged that the ads reduced people, and indeed entire cultures, to mere marketing props. Many called for a boycott. Dr. Adrienne Keene, a postdoctoral researcher and citizen of the Cherokee Nation, wrote in a post for Indian Country Today Media Network that Ralph Lauren had reached a "new low." “Ralph Lauren has been doing this my whole life,” Ruth Hopkins, a writer in her 30s ...
I still have my pj's on. Not my sexy "ooh I wish Shane was home pj's".these fabric wonders look like leftovers off the set of "Rosanne" and I bought them at Good Will. They are way to big, way to fuzzy and at this point they are way to smelly because this is day 2 I've spent in them. I would be ashamed of myself.if my head didn't hurt to bad to actually think. I have begged, prayed,and even tried to barter a horse with God if he would just make the coughing stop so I could sleep last night.apparently God isn't in to barrel horses. I am now coughing at level "Mask". By that I mean I look like Jim Carrey when his eyes would pop out of his head and his tongue stuck out on the movie.Only my face is greener. This is how people died from influenza in the olden days. I'm sure of it. I have it. I always thought living in the old west would have been fun! That I was born in the wrong century.but every time I get sick like this.I remember back then they would have bled my gums, stuck a leach on me, and gave me ...
Easy!...on this day in 1989 Watford won 2-0 at home to West Brom in the Old Second Division
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Easy!...on this day in 1984 West Brom won 3-1 at home to Aston Villa in the old First Division
Trinity closed shop a number of shops round the old Next in the West.
of course he is! All old people move to Arizona to retire!!! And maybe help nfl defenses win NFC west championships!
Reading and enjoying Nunslinger by Stark Holborn. It's the "nun in the old west ends up on the run" novel I didn't know I wanted.
I want to read more fantasy books that have an old west feel to it
Teenager who stamped on pensioner in brutal street attack jailed: Connor Gallacher assaulted his 72-year-old victim…
That's the parallel version which is now the operational GFS. The parallel one was always much further west than than "old" GFS
Van wyk ur score will be forgotten once west indies come bat! U wasting, u old, go away!
there is a lot about especially on old trees. I try and cut out what I can but sometimes it's worth replanting.
Top 10 places to experience the Old West in
.give me a break. Adam Gase? Is he old to even remember the Joe Montana/Walsh west coast offense.
Listening to old west coast music...WC to be exact... remembering when we thought we were Gs C-walking and all.
A 50-year old West Fargo woman was killed in a 3-vehicle crash in West Fargo this morning. Police says speed and slick roads were factors.
NIRSA West Regional Basketball Tournament registration is open today. SIGN UP!
Llistening to old Kanye West while cruising through Chicago's downtown. What're you doing with your life?
Slick roads claim a life in West Fargo in 3-car crash. Looking for any friends or family to tell us about victim, 50-year-old WF woman.
power by Kanye west. You should know. It's old 😂
I meant Old West law turned on the Jihadists!
A new fitness center just opened up in the old DCFS building in west Humboldt Park. Hmm... may be time…
plus the AFC west getting weaker the qbs getting old and teams starting to get trash
World Cup Moments - West Indies captain Clive Lloyd tosses the coin at Old Trafford on the 4th of June 1975
Back-to-back record lows in Grand Rapids! 11 below zero breaks our old record for the second morning in a row
Teen driver turns himself in after a car doing burnouts hits 60-year-old woman in Sydney.
Loving these good old west coast school runs in the Ice rain hail snow rain hail gales wind rain. did I mention. Bloody rain ?
Barber decided to put on old Kanye West mixtape. Ok. He must want me to celebrate my Birthday early.
.Meeting tonight to talk about station at t'Old Sun Hotel West La affects too
Sometimes there are days when I love to be in back The Old West (as long as I don't get shot at). Life was way more simple vs today.
West Bengal: 4-year old girl molested by school bus driver in Purulia:
With my old mate Steve McManaman, great catch up @ West Ham Upton Park
After working out naturally and I reward ourselves with Old West
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Kanye West stronger the layers tune is timeless...old Kanye 🙌
Work in progress old west town, gun store and hotel to come plus scenic board. :)
seeing as you're acting like a 2 year old and blocking me. Am I still having Lacey tonight. Yes or no?!
Smoke trails, old wives' tales whispered in the hills where the west was won. A long time coming cant tell where I start and where I'm done
Kanye west old school went to hard. Big brother still gets me pumped.
Print your steampunk/old west/war story/historic banner on this stuff. Vinyl is so pedestrian.
-- Thanks for the now 10+ year old post I keep coming back to for a quick reminder on request path/url.
Dolly is a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel from West Calder. She loves to be around people and despite only having t...
""I met this girl when I was 10 years old, and what I love most, she had so much soul..."" MR WEST
A fun, entertaining read about the old west for an Christian woman whose life is out of her control
Going today to book Les Miserables again in the West End for the end of February to mark me becoming an official Old Age…
Go like my friend's page! NEW WHISKEY BAR COMING TO THE WEST SIDE SOON! Next to Tobys. Old Sandbar location on...
There are many mysteries in the Old West. Want to explore?
The good Old Pistolero from the Cowboy West a man of integrity
This is a culture that doesn't encourage people to grow up. John Taylor said, "people in the west don't grow up, they grow old"
unfortunately I don't have the maps for that far west.that area was pretty much still outside the city. Try Nepean Old maps?
SCARRED HEARTS- "a grand combination of romance, history and the old west, it works marvelously"- Readers' Favorite
Tanque Verde Ranch: The beauty, grandeur, and simplicity of the Old West
. Who's your favourite historical character from the Old West?. MT Buffalo Bill Cody
BRACKETTVILLE, Texas (AP) — Time and Mother Nature are threatening to dismantle the Alamo. Not the original, but the replica 18th-century Spanish mission and Old West movie set John Wayne built for his Oscar-nominated 1960 movie and that for decades was a tourist mecca and film production site.
Blake Griffin brings a car to the Old West in latest spot for Kia (VIDEO) - Blake Griff...
At convention for arts & education and my activity is Transcontinental Railroad. Already had a convo with a dad about *** in the Old West
Pls the wonderful & talented of THE SCARE, GIRLFRIEND TROUBLE & Sci Fi tale of the Old West
"Born on June 14, 1854 as a slave on Robert Love’s plantation in Davidson County Tennessee, Nat (pronounced Nate) Love would grow up to be one of the most famous cowboys in the Old West. Raised in a log cabin, Nat’s father had become a slave foreman on the plantation and his mother worked in the kitchen of the "big house.” Looked after primarily by an older sister when he was young, but she, like her mother, had duties in the kitchen so Nat primarily looked after himself. Though he had no formal education, with help from his father, he learned to read and write. After the Civil War, when the slaves were freed, Nat’s father worked a small farm that he rented from his former master, Robert Love. But, freedom was to be short-lived for the former slave, as he died just a few years later. Nat then took various jobs on area plantations to help support the family and found that he had great skill in breaking horses. In 1869, Love left his family in an uncle's care and headed west with $50 in his pocket. ...
Great inspirational story of life after abuse in the Old West."
Shadowfax kicks in the door like it's the Old West.
JADE'S MEN. *Romance spiced with betrayal in the Old West*.
Chief’s Blotter – Monday, November 3rd, 2014 Good Morning Friends, It’s currently 39 degrees and expected to climb to 57 being partly cloudy throughout the day. Today in History - Old West, November 3, 1883: Black Bart makes his last stagecoach robbery; On this day, authorities almost catch the California bandit and infamous stagecoach robber called Black Bart; he manages to make a quick getaway, but drops an incriminating clue that eventually sends him to prison. Black Bart was born Charles E. Boles, probably in the state of New York around 1830. As a young man, he abandoned his family for the gold fields of California, but he failed to strike it rich as a miner and turned to a life of crime. By the mid-1850s, stagecoaches and Wells Fargo wagons transported much of the huge output of gold from California. Often traveling in isolated areas, the Wells Fargo wagons and stagecoaches quickly became favorite targets for bandits; over the course of about 15 years, the company lost more than $415,000 in go ...
For any Old West or Southwest history buff, this altered art pendant of the infamous Doc Holliday is a must have. Remember his exploits with Wyatt
ALL STAR WESTERN TP VOL 05 MAN OUT OF TIME. After a confrontation with Booster Gold in the Old West, Jonah Hex is...
I posted a little Old West topic song on a group page, and shared it over here, but for some reason it didn't show up. I thought a little music entertainment might be nice, so I have re-posted it. Back in the 1980s when I owned a Country Music record label, I released a production titled "Frank & Jesse" by artist (and friend) R B Stone with his group at that time Highway Robbery. There was a music video too, but alas ... I can't seem to locate it. But ... since Brushy claimed knowing Jesse James well, I thought it might be appropriate. Actually, I just thought some of you might enjoy it... although diverting a little off topic. Enjoy!
NO NO NO! Yosemite Sam is NOT a hillbilly.he is a gunslinger.from the Old West. *big difference
I'm reading new steampunk from about Old West prostitutes. It's marvelous so far -- love the narrative voice!…
Didja know - While quarterbacks and running backs get most of the glory, NFL kickers almost always score more points than any other players on their teams. Despite being staples of the Old West landscape, neither horses nor tumbleweeds are native to North America. Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, 3 fell due to earthquakes, 2 due to fires, 1 probably never even existed, and only one stands today-The Pyramid of Khufu. President John Quincy Adams kept an alligator in the East Room.
You think Indians LIKE us? Your CRAZY. John Wayne and the Old West.
Department stores keep their perfume section near the front of the store because in the Old West, horses pooped on the …
I like how in Star Trek TNG, it's not the Old West, but the Ancient West
Hollywood loves a comeback. Look at Ben Affleck and the love shown him when he stepped behind a camera a few years ago, and is now considered among the best directors in modern film. This years comeback kid could be Oscar winner Kevin Costner who was the hottest actor in movies in the years spanning 1988-91, winning an Oscar as Best Director for his western epic Dances with Wolves (90) a film I love. Costner had come to fame in the late eighties for his work in The Untouchables (87), Bull Durham (88) and Field of Dreams (89) before directing his western which earned him his only nomination for Best Actor. He was the toast of the industry for Dances with Wolves (90) a three hour western, one third of which is spoken in Lakota with subtitles, making a film that was intelligent in its study of the plight of the Native American in the Old West. One year later he gave another fine performance in Oliver Stone's electrifying JFK (91) and hit box office gold with The Bodyguard (92) a terrible film which audiences ...
In the Old West a red Indian medicine man was approached by one of the tribe's braves. the brave said " tell me...
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