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Old Testament

The Old Testament, of which Christians hold different views, is a Christian term for the religious writings of ancient Israel held sacred and inspired by Christians which overlaps with the 24-book canon of the Masoretic Text of Judaism.

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They're soft brexiteers aren't they? I'll need to check what the Old Testament say…
Pastor Voddie Baucham says understanding certain Old Testament laws has a big effect on today’s gender debates.…
Do you ever find some of the laws in the Old Testament confusing? Voddie Baucham says understanding them helps
In present-day debates about sexual purity, Old Testament laws are sometimes discussed. Voddie Baucham provides
Images of the Old Testament from 1549 by. Hans Holbein the Younger, a famous 16th-century artist. https…
the Old Testament in the African language and we must study the words of the New Testament in the European Greek language. It is
The Bible’s Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, with a few passages written in Aramaic. The New Testame…
What is there to love about the Old Testament? See our latest article:
Nothing shocking about it as they used the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) to justify their actions.
Yes there are older versions of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). Not so for Christian bible
The Bible starts with the Old Testament, which is basically God getting triggered by sinners. Then the New Testament is more about love.
The Christian bible is just as bad (Old Testament) That New…
Reading the Old Testament after this trip, will give you more understanding of the middle east. Ne…
All 39 Old Testament books in chronological order. (via
Names derived from the Old Testament: Elizabeth, Sarah, David, etc. Not Greco…
If a city has dog boutiques but I cant find unfiltered cigarettes that counts as Old Testament inhospitable. Looking at you, SF & Long Beach
No, Shariah is a combination of Quran, Hadith and a bit of Old Testament, largely codif…
lol, not yet. I only know a few Hebrew words from when I took a Hebrew and the Old Testament course at school.
Sorry, Agnes Moorehead's role on Bewitched was 'Endora' not 'Pandora'. From the Witch of Endor in the Old Testament.
This carving made by the assyrians that mentions king Ahab from the Old Testament
Daniel could be called the Paul of the Old Testament. He was above all else a soul-winner.
He sounds like those dude that are those Oath Keepers whose idea of marriage is rooted in Old Testament traditions. NO THANKS
There's war's left, right and centre in the Old Testament. Freud who said God was made up due to…
MONDAY: THE LIVING STONE. Once again, Peter uses Old Testament language and imagery to describe God’s church. The...
As far back as I can remember (and I have a pretty good memory) I have loved the Old Testament. This was way...
Genesis, is the first book of the Hebrew Bible (the Tanakh) and the Christian Old Testament…
Totally FREE Bible Pages for lots of Old & New Testament topics!
Let us be apart of your reading experience with this O.T. Timeline Bookmark!...
The Old Testament reveals a God who pursues, saves and serves us...the only response is to be people who ser…
Now playing Ted Wright Archaeology in the Old Testament by Cross Examined!
Check out: Jesus and the Jihadi, Center of the Old Testament, Long-term Pastoring, Writing Tips, Overloaded Sermons
Once again you have shown you have no knowledge of the Bible. Old or New Testament.
It's important to understand how the Old and New Testament connect, really studying the scriptures for yourself is crucial.
Dear Jesus or Buddha or the psycho God from the Old Testament - please give John McCain AIDS via Lindsey Graham's anal fissures. Thank you.
I love love love learning about the Old Testament and the Kings of that period. I might study Hebrew next year as language at uni.
Old Testament Daily Scripture:. Isaiah 61:1. The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed...
You mean the Old Testament deity of the JEWS? Wouldn't you be a "Christian" wanting to steal a Jewish symbol?
my personal belief is that the stories of the Old Testament are representational, so trying to put a…
BLI is offering courses in Old Testament Survey, 1&2 Thessalonians, Homiletics, World Religions, and more this fall.
I just finished day 158 of the plan 'Old Testament'. Check it out here:
Wait, couldn't God give Lucifer a Pepsi. Or vice versa. Wouldn't that have solved everything in the Old Testament?…
Went to LDS for Old Testament study. But the study group no longer exist ... feel sad ... still brought some dessert back ( good news?)
Whose biography is the most developed in the Old Testament? . A. David...
Rev 5 (Introduction 4)– In chapter four we saw that the main Old Testament background was Ezekiel 1, with...
the God of the Old Testament isn't any better
People should understand that the old testament is a jewish book, not a christian bo…
Who's biography is the most developed in the old testament
I'm not trying to be ignorant, if you're Christain do you believe a lot of old testament stories like Adam & Eve, Noah's Ark etc as fact?
Old Testament history vile corruption of man BHO Adm HRC
But the mixed fabrics, I think they're on the Laws of the old testament not the New Testament...
Slain by God wasn't it? That Old Testament dishes out some old school karma.
How 7th century of them. Or Old Testament.
You may believe what you want, christianity did…
How can you call yourselves a Bible reader and believer but don't see the Messiah in the Old Testament lol?
The head of Islam is the Price of Persia. Read the bible (old testament ) and you will know who this is.
Which of these are more violent? Quran, New Testament or the Old Testament.
Read day 54 of the plan 'Old Testament – Major Prophets'. Check it o…
In the Old Testament, the Lord always helped His people during times of war. Today, God still promises to be with...
Today's quote is from an Old Testament woman named Ruth: “Entreat me not to leave you ..."
unlike Islam, does not command believers to kill or maim unbelievers ( and don't point to Old Testament verses. Those
For an unchanging being, the marked difference btwn the Old Testament God and the one Christ paints is sometimes too difficult to overlook
Little Giant Ladders
YouTube Bible Study: Why is God so violent in the Old Testament? via
What if An Old Testament God is actually mass-produced servant
FAQs: In addition to the Old & New Testaments of the the Book of is another testament of
If we truly believe the words of the Father that all scripture is profitable then we must dig into all of it both Old/New te…
So Gods punishment for fornication is a deadly disease but for stealing the masses wealth is good health? We need the God…
the God of the Old Testament was more merciful than these folks, amusingly (Genesis 18:23-32)
If you want to know how bad it's gonna get, read the Old Testament in the bible. God flooded the Earth…
If the new covenant strikes down laws from the old testament, why are Christians still crusading against ***
"And Abram fell on his face: and God talked with him, saying," - Old Testament (Tanakh) (Genesis 17:3)
12. You say, ‘But all those promises are from the Old Testament!’ Yes, but the Bible says, ‘He carries out and fulfils all o…
Though the first disciples regarded the OT as God’s Word, they subordinated its authority to the authority of Christ.
Moloch from the Tyrant Race. A cruel Canaanite god mentioned in the Old Testament who demanded children to be consumed by…
It's getting Old Testament-y at the White House. Soon the wolves will eat their ow…
Have a great day. Oh, and those wars were Old Testament. Jesus is new covenant.
This use of the word “gods” to refer to humans is rare, but it is found elsewhere in the Old Testament.
feels like I'm reading the Old Testament
PROOF THAT JESUS IS THE MESSIAH: The Old Testament speaks of Jesus in this verse & this is not the only one:...
One of the most chronicled men in the Old Testament. Moses overcame so much to bring glory to God. Come to...
I'm sure I have spent more time in the old testament than you, and yet I don't try to quote into belief.
why did so many critics pan XMen Apocalypse? I guess the relationship of the xmen with Old Testament went over their heads...
I guess you haven't read your old Testament or figured out a big source of anti-semitism.
How can u read the Old Testament and still believe u are worshipping a loving, gentle, and forgiving god
That's settled. So how is Jesus God? Very simple. Lets start with the old testament. [John 1:1,14 already answered it but…
"This quiz made me want to transfer to a secular school" -after Old Testament
most should call themselves Jews. They are more concerned about the Old Testament than the new. a true Christian follows new.
In the old testament, God introduced the law to reduce the effect of sin. -
Christ was concealed in the old testament but revealed in the New Testament.
who said Christians are like muzzles? Tell them to get out of the old Testament. Christ in New
The revelation of the father was progressive in the old testament.
and I prepping for the Old Testament Overview this Saturday from 9-3 at 1125 S. Broad. Send me a message i…
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The challenge they had in the old testament was that they had different shades of the truth.
just like Islam is completel made up, fact, so is the bible. Because they both based off the made up Old Testament
The only way to understand d different portions of d truth in the old testament is to look at Christ.
kinda like old testament laws and Christians. More blood was spilled during crusades
The Bible is a united testimony of Christ. Both preparation from in the Old Testament and the explanation of him, the New Testament.
In the old testament, God spoke in diverse manners.
Old Testament: the LORD hardened their hearts... To be really effective, opfers had to choose to harden their own - slow but sure progress.
The Old Testament offered no rebirth in Christ
“The Yahweh of the Old Testament is the same of the New Testament. And Jesus represents Him perfectly.”.
In the Old Testament they offered the blood of bulls and goats New Testament it's the blood of Jesus Christ offered once for all
The Old Testament in the Bible is more less a history lesson we're living under God's New Covenant with a human race
Jerusalem Post Editorial– ‘Stop calling it the Old Testament, it’s the Torah’
And it's been proven that the Old Testament was definitely first, through carbon dating. So it's really hard to argue with
The Old Testament predicted so many idky specific and accurate things that were told to be true in the New Testament
Prophets and Kings of Old Testament from Samuel to Elijah Full Urdu and Hindi movie: via
God said in the Old Testament, there shall be no peace.For in the end times He God shall set man against man brother a…
Highly recommend this philosophical article! Excellent defense of the Old Testament God and the judgement of the Ca…
I thought the law was fulfilled and that the Old Testament wad no longer a binding contact between Good and man. Focus on 1 Corinthians 13
Children of God, please TITHE..Dont believe folks who come with unproven theories of how tithing ended with the old test…
Just a hint, only PRETENDS to have read scripture. Or he's caught in Old Testament that Jesus…
Therefore, no more Old Testament animal sacrifice and eating kosher: Jesus is High Priest and offers himself as perfect sacrifice to Lord.
And if this was in Old Testament times, they would need an AC DC VC BC.
New Testament Book of Hebrews draws comparisons to the Old Temple rules of sanctification from Leviticus and dubs Jesus as new High Priest
A must-read for those who want to be enlightened. An article I read on the god of the Christian Bible being Satan.
To say nothing of the fact that other gods are specifically referenced and there is a God Battle in the Old Testament.
Some say parts of the Old Testament faded away after Jesus left. But how does that square with the Scripture itself? https:…
If you're curious about the Old Covenant and how it applies or doesn't apply today, read the New Testament Book of…
Jesus Christ is the son of God. Not a prophet. The Quran was based on old testament. Christians follow New Testament.
Old Testament God of Wrath, how does that square with New Testament God of Forgiveness? Religious wars kill humanity
Jesus Christ is the God of the Old Testament.
ACCA P4 March 2017 -questions tomorrow will repeat from the "Old Testament" but will test "New Testament" based on…
Consider that there are no examples of eroticism outside of marriage in the Old Testament. Everything happens In The Family.
The old testament is still part of the Christian bible.
there are examples in old testament of ppl hitting wives,but it was not sanctioned by God
the Lord of Christianity concerning the Old Testament is the Ancient of Days. The Lord of Hinduism is an incarnation, same same.
I knew someone who was attacked(broken leg) bc he looked Arab(is Hungarian and Jewish) in 2004. Now a prof of Old Testament.
A good suit, the Old Testament, Marriage and more on this Weekend Reads. .
Amazing Story. Amazing Info on Witnessing to a Jew ... Jew is stunned! Yeshua's Name Is in the Old Testament!...
Could he misunderstanding the Bible and living in Old Testament? How can their constitution on human right and freedom be harnessed here?
The sanctuary city is a Christian concept rooted in the Old Testament. Christians opposed to them are revealing their rank hy…
Feel like the Old Testament is hard to follow? Here it is in 5 min.
because we don't think about it? How do evangelicals ignore the Old Testament?
actually, Jesus never spoke about Homosexuality. That was the Old Testament. Christians, should not care about homosexuality.
yes, you can tell me "the Old Testament doesn't matter anymore" or "that's not what it ACTUALLY means"
I think it's interesting how in the old testament, people began trusting in God because they feared him???
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
If you don't understand key words used to describe the Law in the old testament in the New Testament you'll think the whole Law is done away
April 9 Psalms 19 and 20 Old Testament for the Daily Video Bible DVB via
Also the Old Testament isn't valid anymore as it was written before God died for our sins
I just finished day 2 of the Plan Old Testament – Major Prophets. Check it out here:…
Your rooted in the Old Testament. Jesus came and died for our sins, there is no need to fear god but only accept grace.
Hmmm, in Sharia, the Old Testament had the Hebrew patriarchs doing the EXACT same thing against thepromiscuous
Creeping Death by Metallica is the Heavy Metal version of the Old Testament, with better double bass.
Yeah yeah god.. look.. time to stop taking the mood modifiers. USA and the world need a good old fashioned Old Tes…
The Old Testament. What do you think they are?
How does that compare to the Old and New Testament?
"Was it OK to beat slaves in the Old Testament?" Click here for my response: 
But you already did it. You called it the Old Testament, as if that were a thing of the Jews. The Jews have no Old Testament.
The Old Testament was no more a guide for me than Lord of the Rings was.
What does “in Bible times” even mean? The events described in the Old and New Testament span ~1500 years.
In short -- and with apologies to Abraham Lincoln -- neither the Old nor the New Testament is a suicide pact (except m…
translated *** Jews who also use the old testament don't believe in *** And if there was, I'm fine with going there.
I've read the Old Testament and the Qur'an. The overall sense? I felt like I read 2 different translations of the same book.
Kaneh Bosm: The Hidden Story of in the Old Testament via
We heard about the old laws---ya know of the Old Testament.🤔 guess how that went...yup...I was glad I was dealin' w/3yro grandc.
Ma, Old Testament o New Testament o ... you have been warned
They are old testament people. They never heard the voice of Jesus. Thank you.
Depression is (was) never an excuse to kill one's self! Read the Old Testament, and see how some of those prophets were so depressed!
We need to go Old Testament on these *** An eye for an eye.
Your surprised that it's better than a 6 year old device? That's a testament to the Vita, not the Switch.
Old Testament>Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? P…
the old testament laws were ended by the coming of christ. Hence "I am the new covenant" =new laws. *** is ok, so is shrimp...
Please God we can't take much more of this cheeto colored *** please go Old Testament on his *** and his cronies and the Republicans
Yes. And in the old Testament you will find a commandment against killing. God gave freewill . Islam doesn't
I just finished day 6 of the plan 'Old Testament – Major Prophets'.
i just have to hold it in and pray every passage in the old testament that it wont come out but yes RT
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The collapse of Babylon ( Iraq ). According to the Old and New Testament the collapse of Babylon is mentioned as...
Please notice this verse from the Old Testament: . 21:9.
Please notice this verse from the Old Testament: . Isaiah 21:9.
Shared from Robin Mitchell's Time Line!!! Just read Obadiah 1:16 in the Old Testament...and know that...
- Her handle is Michelle Lilith. Lilith is a female demon in Old Testament scripture. Enough said.
This is a helpful book on understanding and defending some of the challenging parts of the Old Testament.
Now, in the Old Testament also says homosexuals should be put to death, it also says people that eat pork are unclean https:…
Old Testament Service • Tonight at 7:30PM. How does the God's wrath work with His grace?
Where is your compassion and understanding? Or are you strictly Old Testament?
I guess he forgot the Old Testament part where the prostitute lets the spies in so they can conquer her homeland.
Boi i'll tell you what, those flat earthers forgot to read past the Old Testament
No. The Old Testament was given to Jews as worldly doctrine. The New was given first to Jews, then Gentiles as spiritual.
Andrew Coleby speaking at Bishop's Bible Day 18 March - Use of the Old Testament in encounters with Muslims…
So do you assert that Christianity disavows the old testament? That's a rather startling statement.
Old Testament was also 2000 years ago...
.It doesn't matter what a book says. Do we follow the Old or New Testament literally? No.
the Torah and Gospels were corrupted by the Jews and the Christians. 3. The Original Old Testament prophesies the coming of both
anyone familir with THE Old Testament? "When they come to kill you; kill them first"
Click to read Today's Reading from the Old & New Testament Reading Plan: via
spent 4 yrs n private school,during which I learned the Garden of Eden was real, dinos existing during Old Testament, n how to vivisect a 🐸
"From Hippolytus we have the first extant Christian commentary on any book of the Old Testament...the prophecy of Daniel."–Michael Haykin
What does the Bible say about faith in the Old Testament?. Read Blog:
"Old has 3 letters and Testament had 9, there's 39 books in the Old Testament."- Chrisley Knows Best
to His teachings.God did use very unlikely leaders in the Old Testament for His glory
Bible Trivia Question:. Malachi deals with the same sins addressed in what other Old Testament book?. 1 Nehemiah. 2 Zechariah. 3 Hosea. 4 Daniel
Nat Hentoff looked like an Old Testament prophet. Here's his
the Quran doesn't even say it! No major religious texts besides the Old Testament specifies punishments for rule-breaking!
Encyclopaedia entry: Irish Archbishop, James Ussher, chronologist of the Old Testament, born 1581.
the New Testament is more violent, Old Testament more than twice as violent, studies have proven
Old Testament did not predict Jesus - Columns - Jamaica Observer Mobile
Like our Founding Fathers and the writers of the Old Testament.
How about putting the Old Testament down and living an adult life, Derick? Stop living off your in-laws and man up.
David is one of the few men in the Old Testament through whom we get an insight into what it meant to be a shepherd.
Reading Michael Palin's Halfway to Hollywood Diaries & today learned in 1984 David Bowie suggested they make Monty Python's Old Testament.
!!! Jesus was speaking of Jewish Law & The Old Testament. State your case.
I am sure you've read the Old Testament, it would be uncharitable to assume otherwise
Christians follow the Old Testament but much of the Old Testament are historical narratives such as book of Genesis.
"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1 (ESV). Get the wallpaper:
ISIS have got to stop executing people. This is the 21st century not Old Testament times. Beheading and eating babies only done when famine
This is old testament, which equates to before Christ
no the Old Testament said the earth was round before Newton did
God in Old Testament was vengeful. He gained 'Empathy' through Jesus's sacrifice.
thats nothing to do with what im talking about. im talking about the old testament Noahide covenant. "be fruitful n multiply."
I've been to church too and love the whole LGBT community. The Old Testament states otherwise. Can't just love Jesus lol
Can't we skip past the Old Testament law and move on to New Testament grace? 😇😇😇
The Crucifixion and Resurrection were never prophesied in the Bible's Old Testament.
Have met many Jews that didn't know that the Christian Old Testament was selective books from the Torah.
I'm surprise you believe in the Bible (even the Old Testament). Always thought Government secularism was you god.
This article from a Jewish publication makes clear the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, contrary to claims made by...
QUESTION: Didn't Congress, in the last 6 Yrs of OBAMA devote the majority of it's time to OLD TESTAMENT issues & the ACA❓
podcast - Christianese by Drew Fitzgerald. There's an episode that tells the story of the Old Testament in 20 minutes
Early church orthodoxy: high view of Old Testament and continuity with its God. Gnostic sects: devalued OT and set Jesus a…
The story of the Oil and 8 days is in Christian Old Testament, Exodus.
I could talk about the Bible for hours. I mean there's so many great stories in both the Old Testament and the New. Jesus and the rich ruler
with what they're discovering in Antarctica, looks like you may as well toss the 'old testament' in the...
being named yeshua/Jesus represents old testament Joshua bringing god's people to the promise land
they are extremely compatible as long as they dont adhere to the bible. Old and New Testament.
my favorite fiction book is the Old Testament
I'm not trying to be negative or anything but late 2016 is reading like a book in the Old Testament.
The Old Testament is about Jesus, especially the prophetic books. His life, ministry, suffering, death, and salvation...
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We are going to the Old Testament. Habakkuk. Subject tonight - Makes Me Want To Holla!
God should relive his Old Testament days and try the whole purge thing again. there still appear to be some scumbags left in the world.
The Old Testament God was a big, fat, phony. Actually, anything I disagree with in the Bible is false/didn't happen.
The Old Testament doesn't have much good to say
Jesus Christ and His teachings aren't in the Old Testament. Just saying.
Sorry, Nostra Aetate is not "irrevocable." Scripture affirms the Old Testament covenant is no longer valid
A Faith of Her Own: Women of the Old Testament by J. Ellsworth Kala
Much as they purport to love Jesus, from slavery apologists to Trumpistas: an Old Testament, jealous God seems more their thing.
My position on The Old Testament is that The Old Testament is mankind's first Bolshevik text.
This Old Testament final hitting me like...
There is no such thing as being unclean because of your periods. That's some old testament things. And we don't liv…
That was quick. You will be punished for your lack of faith. Did you ever read the Old Testament?
My little black book thicker than the Old Testament 👀😍🎓
Excellent points made in this clip. Judging others in the name of (Old Testament) Bible-quotation-thumping can be...
I just finished day 346 of the plan 'Old Testament and New Testament'. Check it…
oh please. The god of the old testament is the most unpleasant character in fiction. Jesus dad...if real is evil.
Actually, the nine Menorah is the symbol of Judaism. In Old Testament and represents Chanukah.
In the Old Testament they could not be Prophet and Priest.
. Compare the hatred of the Old Testament with the lessons in empathy of the New.
Lilith came first tho. But the old testament isn't taught so no one knows of her
. Compare the Old Testament to the New Testament. You can see progress here.
After a VERY struggling semester with my Old Testament class, ya boy just passed his final exam. God is good! 👌🙌🙌🙌
King displayed the willingness to become more aligned with nature because he desired “a clean heart”.…
Can we please stop defending the misogyny, ethnocentrism, and jackassery of men in the Old Testament as moral b/c its in th…
I was taught for years as a child that the Old Testament was fact. We couldn't learn abt dinosaurs/evolution.
Anyone that takes the new and/or Old Testament literally should not be allowed to represent the people of this country. Lala land
Check out what I found. Antique Holly Bible International Teachers Edition Old & New Testament via
is currently rivaling the prophets of the Old Testament for his predictions
solomon was the proposed writer of the old testament books proverbs, ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon, plus a few aprocrypha.
Sits down to study for Old Testament. Writes "youareok" all over my paper.
Watching University Challenge. Paxman just said, "Your bonuses are on the Old Testament, Jesus." Top trolling, that.
i may have accidentally submitted my Old Testament final paper by the label of "Old Testies Narative of Scripture paper" 😎🙃…
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is like a prophet of the Old Testament. He is warning just as the prophets warned - LISTEN.
Kindle Deal. Beginning at Moses: A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old Testament by Michael Barrett
the Gospel , the Old Testament is read everyday at every Roma Catholic Church
Watch Genesis to Jesus on !!Scott Hahn will blow your mind with the Old Testament and everything to know about t…
A little Christmas and early 80s 007 to aid a group project and Old Testament exam review. It's a good night in Orc…
"Don't follow unless you've read all of the Greek classics, Horace's Satires, the Old Testament + New Testament, and have logged 20+ hours i
.New Testament was translated from Greek, the Old Testament from Hebrew, etc..
Which is why most scholars call the Old Testament the Jewish Bible, they are Jewish scripture.
Dr. Bob Ellis, Associate Dean for Academics, and Phillips Professor in Old Testament and Hebrew will be speaking... ht…
The Hebrew Bible is written in Hebrew, *** . Translations of the "Old Testament" are from the Hebrew original. .
the way it was explained to me is that the Old Testament provided historical continuity, but Mosaic law was replaced by the...
Moral Objections to the Old Testament answers- Peter J. Williams, PhD via
there's this scripture in Old Testament (my fav) that says all God asks of you is to love mercy and to do justly... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Christianity is following the beliefs of Christ. He fully believed in the old testament. Tada!
there was no New Testament or Christianity until after Jesus died. Jesus was a jew hence the Old Testament
Lol Jesus backed the old testament 100% so why would it matter if it came before or after him? He called it the "commandment
Furthermore, the old testament is BEFORE Jesus and before Christianity. The teachings of Jesus are all the New Testament
I don't think they will be like Old Testament God or New Testament God.
Go to the Theatre at the Spire today to meet a young shepherd boy who's going to feature in the next series of Old…
September 29 – Jeremiah 11 and 12 from the Old Testament Jeremiah 11 and 12 – The People Have Violated Their Cove…
Me too! That one has done more miracles than the old testament, she's ai.
In the Old Testament, there is genealogical information, commandments, laws, customs, etc for that time; Jews.
Trump's adultery is more relevant. Under Old Testament Law it's required that he be stoned to death. Therefore, he should re…
that's pretty close 👀 Not gonna say anything about the old testament, but one thing that's peeved me is how people are so quick to
There are 1239 prophecies in the Old Testament and 578 prophecies in the NT. This gives us a total of 1,817 Biblica…
Handwriting analysis provides clues for dating of old testament texts
Jesus was lying. He is Lucifer. The whole New Testament was made to "do away" with the "old laws."
all stress caused by Bible classes in my 13 years of christian education combined is less than my stress for my Old Testament exam tomorrow
As it is in the Old Testament which btw still stands.
In the Old Testament, Michael is the archangel who wins all the victories at the head of heaven’s armies. And in...
then why don't all Muslims do it? Same in Old Testament- Lot -- here rape my daughter Judges 19:24
same in the Old Testament- here take my daughters and rape them judges 19:24
My perspective on the Old Testament has changed more in the last month and a half of seminary than it has in my entire life.
hm okay. I heard that the Old Testament god is evil though.
I just finished day 273 of the plan "As It Happened", marking the end of Old Testament.…
Doesn’t Luke 16:16 mean Jesus did away with...
Well, it's Old Testament as well. But it's part of theirs too. Fanatics.
A balanced life is to take your physical models from the Old Testament and your spiritual models from the New Testamen…
Today’s Old Testament Verse. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that...
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