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Old Habits

Old Habits is a single written and recorded by American country music artist Hank Williams, Jr.. Released in 1980, it was the second single from the album Habits Old and New.

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BEATING BAD HABITS!. a. Find a healthy habit. b. Put it in the timeslot of the old habit. c Expect flubs. d Forgive yourself. e Start again!
Wow so Daenerys and Jon eh?? Ummm i guess old Targaryen habits Die Hard.
The same old habits, black leather jacket, living on automatic, there's a bad taste in my mouth. I'm hollow now
Indeed. Old Habits Die Hard. Would be a miracle for any of them to categorically make these statements
Yes. Think she may teach them bad habits. She was boss of her old flock. Doesn't like cuddles or being…
Like how you were before,different people;different memories,old habits,wrong paths etc.
Old Habits Die Hard ... For Vader, spinning is still a good trick!
Same. Lost a lot of weight in my early 20's, got lazy and my old bad habits crept back in. Gained it all back and then some.
"Instead of trying to create a new routine, add to your old one." Good advice for creating new sustainable habits.…
Getting out of bed this week at a reasonable time has been so difficult... falling into old habits me thinks
⏰Don't go back to your old ways. Toxic habits, people, and energy always try to come back when you're doing…
Old habits are hard to break. Totally know where you are coming from. I guess we just need to keep on trying. X
Jim Schwartz: Tim Jernigan reverted back to old 3-4 habits early on, but is starting to get playing in new 4-3 scheme, especially last game.
Weirdly I think I still function best on my old college habits of eat 6 meals, sleep 3 hours a day.
I mained pac for 2 years and I'm still struggling to main a new character... it just takes a lot of pract…
This is old but well worth a read. Two great thinkers talking about habits. . .
At least knew to put Camila in the center. Old habits.
It's crazy how God can show you your old habits in someone else, really as a mirror of how other people experienced you.
After a good start the have drifted into their old habits of a knock on a-thon!
STOP saying you want to change and continue making the same old mistakes or falling into bad habits. If you want to ch…
In order to adopt a new habit, you have to unlearn an old one and replace it with a new behavior.
When everything's going well, those old habits are always just round the corner to creep back😅 3 steps forward, 10 steps back 👍🏻
🌴🍫🌴 "Old habits not working? Try something new this week! (and maybe something chocolate flavoured)" 🍫🍫🍫 📷:…
It's high time we break old habits and understand that electronic payments is good for the economy. Cash is costly.
Hardest part about letting something go, is forcing urself to kill all the old habits that came w/ it & convincing urself…
Old habits do indeed Die Hard. And its even harder to keep them dead.
I swear letting go of old habits is the hardest thing to do
I'm realizing that I'm falling into old habits. I'm trying not to have a type.
Picking up old habits I put down, kant backtrack
You cannot CREATE a new NORMAL until you are READY to BREAK old HABITS.
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Your comfort zone is no place for growth. If you want to make it, you need to put to death the old you with the bad…
I can feel myself slipping back into my old habits. Sleeping too much and caring too little
I reckon old Brucey boy would have crapped himself ..too many ppl know too much about his DV habits..incl moi 😡
I feel like I'm falling back into old habits
Plz come out from this paranoid .we know Old Habits Die Hard ..
Falling back into old habits.. Not good🙄
My life would be so much better if I set my priorities straight and quit going back to my old habits. Much easier said than do…
Chromiuccio have a great night and sweet dreams! (back to old habits..different time zones)😪❤
The truth is. I feel tormented... my thoughts keep. cascading into . a pool of old habits. & Im afraid . I may run away . with t…
Still I hold on to all I've known. Wherever I am, there you are. Cause old, Old Habits Die Hard
They won't be returning with you told you accountable of your actions. You're back in charge. This means old habits return.
Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form. Not if it is picked up early. As parents, it is...
Don't keep doing the same old thing. Try something different-even if it's small. Just don't get stuck in old habits…
(Old Habits Die Hard.). (I should really fix that.). (Seeing as Memento was my impulse control and he's not really here now...)
if you want success you have to stop old habits and create new morals. YOU are the one holding yourself back. stop making excuses.
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Back at it again with them old habits
As you end this year and begin another, remember you don't need to focus on perfection, just progress. Old Habits Die Hard,…
Trying to be better.Old Habits Die Hard...
It's easy to fall back into old habits.. Isn't it.
Old Habits Die Hard by Air Supply is in Robinsons Bistro, Belfast. Download it now at
Trying to break old habits is a strenuous process. You have to constantly talk yourself out of what was once your norm.
A new favorite: Old Habits Die Hard by on
Five Habits of the Heart for Democracy "old Jesus probably would've puked if He could see it." ~ Holden Caulfield
oh I feel ya, here's the whole can bet dad's on it! Old habits dying hard!
Jusko college na leave your old habits in high school 😩
"Prophets aren't always crones or old geezers." ~on five habits of the heart:
I think it's time to leave that world and concentrate in the real world. Getting rid of the old habits.
remember i use to "hlasel' amafutha" when i was by Buliebabes, then Plantar ntoza messed it up. Back to old habits ☺️
Thought this cud fix things but ion think anybody can help me at this point , I'm back in my old ways and habits
I was doing so good with actually eating for once but after today I can feel myself slipping back into old habits.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gossip Girl: The problems start when we refuse to let change happen, and cling to old habits.
That *** must have been chewin on the side of her gums jtfo pickin up them old habits huh
For some reason I have the overwhelming urge to do something that I know I really shouldn't. I probably won't do it but Old Habits Die Hard.
Everytime I get mad I revert to old habits smh the devil trying but I got to stay focus lol
Do you need to clean out your old habits?
Replacing old habits & respecting the one looking back in the mirror - Surpassing the Trivial
I can get away from old habits and enjoy some new ones
New number don't need any old habits
"You're such a gorgeous nightmare. Old Habits never seem to go away"🎵🎶
Old habits need to die first for you to grow.
Old habits may Die Hard but they still have to die
Here I go again, procrastinating. Old habits really Die Hard.
Old habits never die. Homemade apple pie lol good morning
Old Habits Die Hard...but you ought to try to change them , if you ever going to grow
Sometimes you gotta step back from the old habits that you do and see others do and go on bout your way.
Caroline Gabriel:’Old and new habits shape Apple's WWDC’: All about making the iPhone even more indispensable.
The best way to build a new & improved you, is to leave behind old not so good habits!
Old and new habits shape Apple's WWDC
Its hard to control old habits when you have so much to stress about...
Excited to see Bruce Willis uncontrollably shoot everyone & repeatedly shout Yippie Kie-Aye in the next Die Hard movie "Old Habits Die Hard"
such unnecessary statements is what told 2 avoid ! But Old Habits Die Hard for like characters !
It's a new day but old habits are hard to break.
Old Habits Die Hard... Say hello to the poor people in economy...
Stop the old habits. You're in college now.
This article was produced for Watts Revisited, a multimedia project launched by the USC Annenberg School for Commu…
horrible song for a 4 year old to sing but I'm dying it's so cute. Maybe My Gun or Habits or Not On Drugs would be better.
So good to be back on my old habits 😏😊
While we're busy sharing all with good intent, don't be just a Ramadan worshipper and revert to old habits o…
Yes, I agree...but it will take a while for users to get used to it. Many would still use button. Old Habits Die Hard
Grow light old-time habits linked to broad pap recipes: SpM
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Feels like im still under the thumb, Old Habits Die Hard
Old and new habits shape Apple's WWDC - Rethink Wireless
Don't wanna go back to my old habits ..
I've put down old habits and picked up new one that are actually better for me gods given me strength 🙌
Old Habits Die Hard for Do Kyungsoo.
Having my brother here has been fun, we all still have the same old habits around each other, still greeting each other with cuss words lol.
difference is bugaria on the road to its fascist past . Hard to kick the old habits
We need to monitor our thoughts and feelings VERY carefully. Constant vigilance is required to change any old habits.
Old Habits Die Hard: IRS still targeting tea party: Groups still awaiting agency approval
One has to get to the point of acknowledging the problem. To change old habits that are hard to die.
I need to break myself of old habits
Old Habits Die Hard... don't they... orz
I'm afraid old habits might start back up😔
Make this the time you throw away old habits that have hindered your happiness and success and finally allow your greatest s
is now afraid of India. Old Habits Die Hard
Cheers Colm, just trying to keep my mind off the old habits like! Still prefer to be calling notes through the Gap!
She smiled softly, trying to hide a blush. "What's that they say about old habits?"
Guess it's true, old habits really do Die Hard.
Sound Advice: Old habits, cloud the picture on SLR and the Micro Four Thirds camera system in par...
It's hard to do something different,break old habits & to go outside the box you created but sometimes that's what needed to better yourself
Have to admit I did slip into old habits the last couple days, but then I thought what would say and who...
The Moon in Scorpio urges us to uncover our own power; it's an excellent time to rid old fears & limiting habits
Ugh feels like I'm picking up my old habits
It's been 3weeks since I've stopped my old habits and it feels really good🌾
I hate how old habits never die. Mine will kill me one day.
You'll have to get a storage space for all the ideas you used to think were you. There is no room in your new apartment …
Movie Trivia Tuesday: 'Die Hard' was originally titled 'Old Habits.' Same basic story but instead of John McClane it was a few elderly nuns.
I'm waiting for a movie in which John McClane saves a nunnery. I can see it now: "Old Habits, Die Hard".
Old Habits - Hank Williams Jr. Has me feeling swell
Movie pitch: John McClane infiltrates a convent of elderly nun-terrorists. It can be called Old Habits, Die Hard.
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Miranda Lambert, Old Habits by Justin Moore ft.Miranda Lambert (LYRICS), video, single, teaser
The new MINI Hatch 5 door - Old Habits Die Hard but the new MINI Hatch is sure to start some new habits!
What was Rahul Gandhi smoking when in Loksabha he asked Supriya Sule by how many votes she lost - Read "Old Habits" -
look up that song "Old Habits" by Justin Moore! Idk if it'll be relevant to what you're talking about but it's SO good!
Old Habits & Outlaws Like Me are 2 of my favorite JM songs because they show how wonderful and pure his voice really is. 💗
My ex told me to listen to Old Habits by Justin Moore today & then he told me he wanted me back.. I've never been so confused..
When i leave South Korea, im leaving all the old habits and negativity behind. Im going to recreate myself for the better.
Old habits definitely Die Hard capturing life in his songs. Great music.
Going back to old habits... thanks for the book
Come out and enjoy great live music from GB4 on Friday the 4th from 7 to 11 pm, Old Habits on Saturday the 5th...
My future is looking quite bright. I feel sorry for those who can't get out of their old habits. Trust me, you need to grow out of it.
Igotta start payn attention in class again. I'm startn to fall back to old habits
his lover waist of course. Old Habits Die Hard. :D
♡♥ Where I'm goin' and where we've been are so far apart These old, Old Habits Die Hard ♥♡·
I have 25 minutes to decide if I want to jump into old habits or be a good student. Decisions, decisions.
Said I wasn't going to sleep in class anymore because finals but Old Habits Die Hard :(
Old Habits Die Hard. I really need to stop writing my papers right before class.
I did used to spend a lot of time with you. Old Habits Die Hard.
Where I am, there you are. Cause Old Habits Die Hard. ❤🎶
Starting today i am going back to my old habits
Just answered the phone and said "Hi thank you for calling Hooters of Toledo, this is Mariah, how can I help you?" Old Habits Die Hard 😑😶😧📞
Old Habits Die Hard when ya got a sentimental heart
... Else the resulting overhead is killing their impetus of the individual user and brings back old habits.
I said goodbye when you let go, still I hold on to all ive known, wherever I am there you are cause Old Habits Die Hard. ❤️🎶
Its that time in life to let go old habits
I was there for a little while. Old habits are hard to break!
If you miss old habits then maybe they were bad habit... — That was the point...they were bad habits and i have ...
Saw a picture of with MSU at . Old Habits Die Hard I see! :D
nope. Just have been saving ever since I could remember, so I guess it's old habits :)
I just got a glimpse of short hills mall and my old habits may have resurfaced
When you want a better life, drop the old habits, step into higher standards & choose to be a better person than you were yest…
is a great day to fresh! Breaking old habits, eliminating toxic people, gaining control and having a
Old habits and new vitality are equally apparent in Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID, which signaled a new Golden Age:
I can't resort back to my old habits. I'm On my way 🚶🚶 lol
Slowly slipping back into old habits
Decided to put down a few old habits and start progressing with life.
Welcome to a new month! Let’s bury our old habits and start fresh! . What will you be trying to achieve this...
Going back to old habits well because I'm stressed rn.
Ima really fallback from old habits
Never been a morning person...Old Habits Die Hard
I'm still addicted to mid calf socks. Old Habits Die Hard
ima be back to my old habits again ...I can feel it
Old Habits Die Hard, but they CAN be conquered
Getting into old habits again, benefits of not been pinned down!
I'm falling back to my old habits ❤️ no food. Fasting. Purging. Cutting.
It's close & old habits/places are hard to break. it is for Just waiting for phone to charge.
Old Habits Die Hard... Studying for a test worth 10% 8 minutes before it starts
I need to stop going back to my old habits of skipping class just cause I don't want to go 😒
THE "I AM" DISCOURSES BY THE ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN I S C O U R S E I (1) October I, 1932 SAINT GERMAIN INVOCATION: Thou Infinite, Mighty Presence, Thou All-Pervading Principle of Life! We give praise and thanks for Thy Wondrous Activity through all outer presence. Out of Thy Mighty Essence comes all that is, and ohl that humanity might understand, Thou art ever and forever Self-sustained. Thou Mighty, Active Principle of Life, surge forth in the outer activity of mankind and manifest Thy Supreme Justice now in all places. Mighty Presence of Light—God in Action! govern the minds of mankind, holding them to Truth and Justice, and see that Thy Messengers are placed in all official positions. Let naught of the outer interfere, that none of humanity may accept any thought of deception. Mighty Presence of God in Action, surge forth in the minds of all, expressing Thy Conquering Presence. Greetings: I bring you Greetings from the Perfected Ones, who are watching closely over and ministering to all. TH ...
hey admin i wnted to ask tht if we dream abt being brutally killed bt we wake up n realise tht it ws just a dream bt after some days we get to hear tht some one ws killed in the same manner which we were killed in our dream.. Wat does the dream symbolizes? N the other thing too? Wanna knw.. happened to a friend..?" ADMIN(^Zemira)-To dream that you have been brutally killed suggests that your actions are disconnected from your emotions and conscience. The dream refers to drastic changes that you are trying to make. There is a characteristic that you want to get rid of or a habit that you want to end within yourself. Killing represents the killing off of the old parts and old habits. Alternatively, the dream represents feelings of being let down or betrayed by someone in your waking life. You are feeling overwhelmed, shocked and disappointed. Coming to the next point.there is something called premonition.It's like sensing or dreaming a disaster before it actually happens.Seen the movie Final Destination??? ...
Peter Rowan on stage now. Great music in Raleigh! Old Habits plays 9pm-10:30pm on Fayetteville St near the...
Just got your new cd, the deluxe version. .. It's AWESOME!!! Is Miranda Lambert singing with u on Old Habits?
Old Habits by Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert is awesome!
Listening to Justin Moore's new CD. LOVIN IT. Old Habits is a duet with Miranda Lambert. Awesome.
THE GREATEST INFLUENCE IN YOUR LIFE. “~and HE went to the Synagogue as HIS Custom was, on the SABBATH DAY." ~st LUKE Do you Realise that the Strongest Moulding Influence in your Life has been Created by you over the Passing Years ? It is the Habit or Habits you have formed that are now Part of your nature. You Act without thinking because for Years you have Acted in the same manner until those Actions have become you. Hallelujah ! If you have Developed Destructive Habits they will be Reflected in your Attitudes towards Life~but if you have Deliberately Cultivated Healthy and Wholesome Habits these will be Revealed in your Character. What you are today, you have Created. Glory ! One of the Wonders of the Christian Message is that the Power and Binding Influences of Old Habits can be Broken by the Power of the Living Godhead, and New Habits can be Formed that will Build up your spirit and Give you Inspired Confidence. The Choicest Habit you can Form is to Practise the Presence of Godhead. This Habit you b ...
Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. HANK WILLIAMS JR. KICKING OFF SUMMER WITH "OLD SCHOOL, NEW RULES" TOUR Concert Dates Announced in Celebration of Latest CD NASHVILLE, TN (May 21, 2013) — Grammy Award winner Hank Williams Jr. is gearing to launch a 2013 summer tour in celebration of his latest album, Old School, New Rules. Cities among the concert lineup include Detroit, Orlando, Atlantic City, Biloxi and many more. Known for his powerfully charged performances and trademark style, Hank will take the stage with a string of hits along with new tunes that showcase his distinctive vocals and extraordinary musicianship. “I always have fun playing shows. I love to get out in front of my loyal fans and making my mark on this great country,” says Hank Williams Jr. Hits for the country superstar include "Family Tradition", "Whiskey Bent and *** Bound", "Old Habits", "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight," "A Country Boy Can Survive" and "Red, White & Pink-Slip Blues" and m ...
Album of the Week: Oli Rockberger – ‘Old Habits’ Here's your first chance to hear a great new British talent. Oli Rockberger is a gifted singer-songwriter and pianist who's roots are firmly in jazz. Since winning a presidgious scholarship to the Berklee School of Music, Oli has remained in New York and mixed with the cream of US talent.. He has played with Randy Brecker, John Mayer, Charlie Hunter and Jesse Harris (Who wrote many of Norah Jones' hits). Back at home Liane Carroll has recorded Rockberger's 'Hush Now' for her forthcoming album 'Ballads.' Old Habits is Oli Rockberger's second solo album is a fine collection of Rockberger's own compositions, both vocal and instrumental. Old Habits will be released on Monday 18th March, but you can hear it all this week on Jazz FM. Oli will be performing in his hometown a London's Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho on Wednesday 27th March.
Last night I had a great time working with Mirage, tonight I am at the Moose with Old Habits, tomorrow morning I am working with the Cowboy Church band and finishing up with my guys the Valley Brothers at the Wabash Valley Musicians Hall of Fame. I feel like one of the popular kids at the homecoming dance.
"Old Habits like you, are hard to breakk"-Hank Williams Jr. I like dayday's version better. Lol
I have a riddle for you. What is very large, loud and filled with 5,000 people wearing formal attire? The Innaugural Ball. We went last night. It was great fun to see friends from across the state, and of course to see all of the dresses. Black was the color of the night. Lots of sequins. GOOD tastes of food, from some of the state's best restaurants. A couple of my favorite tastes were a complete surprise. Seaboard 18 had fried catfish on grits, which was AMAZING! Mozelles's from Winston Salem had the FINEST collards that I have ever tasted! Some sort of magic seasonings made them delish! My only disappointment was that the deluxe chocolates that were mentioned in th N&O must have been "sold out" by the time we reached that area for a little chocolate cupcake. The entertainment made up for my lack of chocolate. What is NOT to like about the Avett Brothers? The NC A&T Drum Line was pretty impressive, too. My favorite of the evening, was a small local bunch of guys known as "Old Habits." ...
check out Tommy with Carolina Lightnin’ (Alice Zincone, Rick Lafleur and Tommy Edwards) this Friday, December 7. They will be joining Old Habits for their annual “Mayhem Christmas Bash” at the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Raleigh. Music starts at 9:00 p.m. and it promises to be a fun, festive evening! Advance tickets are $10.00 and may be purchased on line at
Check out the songs Running and Old Habits by Bon Jovi which are set to feature in Fisher Stevens' Stand Up Guys!(2013)
I favorited a video Hank Williams jr - Old Habits
Old Habits is from the upcoming Al Pacino movie
Old Habits are hard to break. Decided to add my own Lap Steel solo, Home-made Lap Steel (half finished prototype)
This Friday from 6 to 9 I will be with Shades of Country at the Valley Grill 3rd and Maple in Terre Haute. Saturday night I will be at the Terre Haute Moose lodge from 8 to 11:30 with Old Habits. Been working on some new tunes, hope to see you all there. Had a great time with Stray Bullet at the Terre Haute Eagles last Saturday, will be back next year
Carlos Santana Seeks Balance at Plate with Old Habits: Two clichés are applicable when it comes to the st...
I think the next installment of the Die Hard series should be called Old Habits: Die Hard. And it could be about how John McClane is addicted to drugs and everyone tries to take his drugs and his daughter and then he shoots down planes with his fist.
Old Habits Die Hard, my good lady, Stella. has been gone back east for a week or so and in the space of two days ive run out of socks and undies, not a clean plate or cup in the place, the fridge has no food left in it, the tooth paste has run out and no soap left.and have developed a three day growth. the dog has taken to begging for scrapes at the bbq area. I might go drop some crab pots in and fix this lot later.
Get up close and personal with Old Habits at our Parking Lot PARTY on Peace Street! June 24th, 2-5pm. Don't miss it!
~ The night the guys and I opened for Eddie Rabbit and Patty Loveless at the Ky State Fair …we were told we'd be using Hank Jr's brand new P.A. which was "bigger and meaner" than Van Halen's … and members of his sound team would be back at the controls to get it "tweaked" for Hanks Concert the following night in the Stadium…from the inbox for Sherry and Joey .. Old Habits ~
We know it is only Monday, but it is never too early to think about the weekend. This Friday night, come to the Garden to enjoy our third Spring Concert with Old Habits - 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.! Old Habits... The members have similar interests in playing bluegrass, country & americana, drawing influences from Old Crow Medicine Show, Del McCoury, Sam Bush and the Weary Boys. Old Habits has quickly developed a classic sound, fueled by powerful harmonies and strong instrumentals. Expect a fun show filled with a mix of originals, traditional bluegrass & familiar cover songs.
Had a great time working with Tom, George, Andy and Daddy John at the 346 for Tom's retirement party last night. The Wabash Valley will miss Tom Smith, not only a great musician and friend but a good guy as well, who lent his talents to many good causes and benefits in the area. Though I will be filling his spot with Old Habits, no one could replace him. Thanks to the musicians who came out and lent their talents as well. Thanks for everything Tom, and we wish you love and happiness in your future plans.
This is something that l want to share with everyone on this site... Ever since l was a child, l have spent every weekend dressed in a faded nuns Habit, And watching my all time favourite Bruce Willis movie... There you have it folks!! Old Habits..Die Hard..
Bruce Willis will do one final action film called, 'Old Habits'.
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