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Ola Jordan

Aleksandra Ola Jordan (née Grabowska; born 30 September 1982) is a professional Latin dance specialist best known for her appearances on the British TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

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What has Ola Jordan done to her hair?
Ola Al Fares from new L'Oréal face in ME for the 1st time on Cannes red carpet
Why was the disembodied head of Ola Jordan floating about Australia's stage?
I have been dying at ola's snap all day why do these people always find him
Would love to do Charleston, based on Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan's on Strictly. Not my decision. x
Ola Jordan, I never been a fan, BUTT I am now :-)
Ola Jordan shows off her physique in red hot bikini via
Ola Jordan dresses for the sunshine in plunging lime green dress via
Ola speaks out about her devastation ...
Ola Jordan devastated as ex-Strictly partner Paul Daniels is diagnosed with terminal cancer: “My heart goes ou...
Ola Jordan voices support for former partner, Paul Daniels
Ola Jordan speaks of devastation at ex-Strictly partner Paul Daniels' cancer -
'Absolutely gutted' Ola Jordan speaks out about ex-Strictly partner Paul Daniels' cancer
Natalie u & ola Jordan can really dance💃🏿my fav dances were the ones with u & Ricky whittle, u guys lit up the floor with🔥🔥
New owners and a debut to forget: From Jordan to Colchester, BBC Sport looks at five of the things you may hav...
Internet Celeb Brendan Jordan Comes Out As A Member Of The Transgender Community!: We're so proud of you!. Bren...
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Axed Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan has criticism for the 2015 final - Daily Mail
Got to say ola Jordan is going up in my estimations
Ola Jordan shows off her gorgeous bum in stunning bikini pictures
James and Ola Jordanclaim the truth is the success to a happy marriage
Lovely to see looking stunning in our Black designer top 😊
EXCLUSIVE: Iwan Thomas admits he 'FELT SORRY' for partner Ola Jordan
Iwan Thomas would have liked to do better for Ola Jordan
EXCLUSIVE: Iwan Thomas admits Ola Jordan 'NEVER' told him she was quitting
what I've seen of her in interviews and stuff like that...just nope. Would have much preferred Ola Jordan
yeah I know those and the bottom one is ola Jordan
Ola Jordan sayingStrictly is fixed Funny that she didn't say that about the yearshe won itand coincides with her voted o…
Ola Jordan shuts down pregnancy rumours in the most heroic fashion – fellow female celebs should take note:
Can people stop moaning about Ola Jordan being low on my list. If you don't like it do your own list
If can have Ola Jordan then i can have Olly Murs 😍😍…
Might be a repost but this body is perfect! Ola Jordan
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Ola Jordan says she is not joining the celebrity @ Big Brother Uk.
Ola Jordan just confirmed that she won’t be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother
Scott timlin, Ola Jordan, and Jonathan Cheban are the latest stars to confirm they're heading into the house.
Ola Jordan says she is NOT joining the Celebrity Big Brother lineup. Ola Jordan has said she will NOT be taking...
Irish reality star set for Celebrity Big Brother?
Hollyoaks' Stephanie Davis promises to spill beans on Zayn Malik fling in ...
Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Who's heading into the house?
Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Ola Jordan just confirmed that she...
Is Ola Jordan heading for the house?
Ola Jordan will tell people straight, which I like. Stephanie Davis is cool I like her.
It was back-to-business for Strictly Come Dancing's Ola Jordan, 33, as she was seen arriving at the Blackpool Tower Ballro…
Ola Jordan says Strictly Come Dancing is FIXED by over-marking as she opens up on exit.
Ola Jordan to strip off for Playboy after quitting Strictly Come Dancing - @
The professional dancer, who has been with the show for 10 years and been a past winner of the BBC One talent ...
DTN UK: Ola Jordan quits Strictly Come Dancing after claiming BBC show is fixed: The professional dancer, who ...
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Lauren Goodger and Ola Jordan suffer same EMBARRASSING wardrobe malfunction at the…
Come Dancing 2015: Chris Hollins disappointment after Ola Jordan knocked out
Come Dancing pro Ola Jordan took time out from training with her new celeb partner Iwan TV AWARDS
Ola Jordan amazing at 2015 Pride of Britain Awards in London
why I respect Ola ! He's a gimp and she's loyal to Jordan
The Ola Jordan Show is back on BBC1…… sorry, I mean Strictly Come Dancing. 😍😍😍
Ola Jordan suffers wardrobe malfunction as her 'boobs pop out' on Strictly Come Dancing
Ola Jordan with the serious dagger eyes
Ola Jordan is my favorite ever since she came on
what you think of Ola Jordan as Iwan Thomas partner on Strictly Come Dancing
'My boobs popped out' Ola Jordan in on-stage slip
what you think of Ola Jordan as Iwan partner of Strictly Come Dancing
Caroline Flack will forever be the contestant who made out with Ola Jordan 😘🙊😳
Strictly lineup looking utterly rubbish lol. Although I think I am still in love with Ola Jordan :D
I don't see the point in all these other people on The Ola Jordan Show
I'm in love with Ola Jordan. Easily in my top 5.
Iwan Thomas from BT sport got Ola Jordan on Strictly Come Dancing
Would kill to have ola jordan's figure 👌😍
I've got the sex drive of a dead nun but even the merest look at Ola Jordan makes me want to spaff rivers
I bet Ola Jordan tastes like peaches and cream 😍😛
Omg Ola Jordan is so not happy. But Iwan is so lovely. She will never win anyway cos she is such a DIVA like her *** of a husband.
I am going on strictly next year but insist my partner is Ola Jordan!
I want to watch Spain but now I've seen Ola Jordan on switching over would be tantamount to a war crime.
How ticked off did Ola Jordan look when she got Iwan
Ola Jordan needs to get her head out of her *** so she didn't get Peter Andre stop looking like a stroppy child.
No Ola Jordan, I mean, what's the point
Ola Jordan, Breast size is important! Tell this Secret to your friend for a PERFECT Breast, A Secret is on my Bio
Ainsley Harriott & Natalie Lowe, ola Jordan and Iwan Thomas, Jay and aliona
Ola Jordan 😍 . . . . . Addicted to this show already 😂
Iwan Thomas is so happy to be paired with Ola Jordan, he nearly drops her! Feeling nervous about those lifts now!
Thoughts with the Mail Online intern that has to go thru that footage of Ola Jordan frame by frame for screen-capping right now.
Ola Jordan is the only reason I could conceivably watch Strictly..
James Jordan's already scripting some rules for where Iwan can touch Ola
Iwan Thomas. Guess the pro: I am going to go for Ola Jordan
Ola jordan is so fit. Honestly. Can't believe how fit she is.
Woohoo! Strictly's back! And with it, the sexiest women on telly - Ola Jordan and Aliona Vilani!! LOVE IT! 😁👍
Ola Jordan will be the highlight of the dancers (as ever) and it goes without saying that Claudia Winkleman will steal the show.
I thought they'd announced it as Ola Jordan?
I hope and pray all of Ola Jordan's outfits all shrink in the wash! Its a ten from len!!!
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Ola Jordan is the sort of woman you'd push your nan down the stairs if she asked.
Time for my weekly Ola Jordan pervfest.
is back let's celebrate by looking at Ola Jordan
Lovely Ola Jordan. I promise that will be the only time I say that this year.
I always wanted James Jordan because I loved him and Ola!
Ola Jordan and that Aliona one are unbelievable. Give me a break
Breast Cancer Awareness
Time for me to indulge in my Autumn/Winter hobby of gazing adoringly at Ola Jordan
Strictly's Ola Jordan had 'massive meltdown' after dance partners were revealed
Strictly Come Dancing's Ola Jordan had 'massive meltdown' after hearing she ... : 30
Major trouble in Strictly Come Dancing after one show's stars has a “massive meltdown”.
- Harry Judd is your favourite Strictly Come Dancing champion
my husband might think it strange if I put an Ola Jordan calendar up! Lol!
Ola Jordan in 'MELTDOWN' over new Strictly partner -
ITS STRICTLY DAY! I REPEAT ITS STRICTLY DAY - Ola Jordan is back on our TV screens at 7:15pm on BBC1 - don't miss it!
🎶 There is only 1 go on Ola Jordan she was dancing along singing a song walking in a winter wonderland ❤️💋
This years partners for have been revealed and Ola Jordan is having a 'metldown':
Ola Jordan in 'MELTDOWN' over new Strictly partner: According to reports, the 32-year-old had a 'massive meltd...
Ola Jordan really isn't happy with her partner
Strictly Come Dancing: Peter Andre wants to dance with Ola Jordan because they
Peter Andre admits to joining Strictly just to dance with Ola Jordan
Strictly's Ola Jordan WILL dance again after surgery - but still faces axe from BBC show Ola Jordan has been...
"Smooth, soft, and radiant. I love it!" Ola Jordan talks about and how it's helped her confidence:
"They're the easiest three steps I've ever had to learn!" Read how changed Ola Jordan's life around:
cat out of the bag. JUMP be safe no injuries like Ola Jordan have a great tims
The one thing anyone watcing Eurosport knows for certain is that Ola Jordan used to have bad skin.
Ola Jordan and that dumb Proactiv advert 🔪😶
Ola Jordan feels confident with her skin thanks to Proactiv+ and so can you!
[Daily Mail]Chloe’s filling a place left by Strictly’s Ola Jordan, who seriously injured her le...
You look fit enough already to me Mr Jordan!! 😜🙊😍 Glad you seem to be feeling a bit better now, hope Ola will do soon too x
did you see the ones of Ola Jordan from Strictly?! Amazin wot a bit of slap can do! xx
wait till Ola Jordan tells you about her skin care
ICYMI: A closer look at the 'Wolf Grey' Jordan Dub Zero. Drops in stores/online tomorrow. >
But like if I looked like Ola Jordan I feel like my life would be at least 89.6% better
Ola Jordan at last leaves hospital.
Ola Jordan seriously injured in skiing accident. James Jordan collapses with chest pains. Just hope Joe Jordan is having better luck!
Dr. double standards & injustice are the main reasons that push people to take extreme choices.
Ola Jordan left 'devastated' after ski injury puts her out of action for ...
There are only a few of Ola Jordan's Official 2015 Calendars left! Go to NOW to get yours, if you haven't already!
Throwback Ola Jordan rocking at last year:
James & Ola Jordan will be hosting 2 dance themed holiday weeks in Jamaica in April/May at Call 0800-596-0002 for details.
FCA bid to clarify savings accounts
Yeah boss. Along with Ola Jordan covered in honey.
can you also take Ola Jordan out of the Jump, she broke her leg about a week ago mate!
Ola Jordan and Steve Backshall put dispute behind them
Jaguars hold off Titans late, win 21-13 in home finale: JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) Jordan Todman juked one defen...
Best not start talking about the take that boysss know you want to watch Ola Jordan is unbelievable!
best class for me folks!! Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Looking forward to the finale on saturday. Sad times 4 Ola Jordan xxx
'I'm a tough cookie' Ola Jordan addresses rumours that she's been ...
This is just too freaky: Kim Kardashian fan spent $150,000 to look like idol via
Ola Jordan, Sally Bercow and Mike Tindall to take part in C4 show The Jump
Brand New Forum For The Gorgeous Ola Jordan come and join it's free.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Ola Jordan to miss remaining live shows after injury on
Ola & James Jordan amazing perfomance at a fabulous private party we organised.
Celebrity Gossip, December 17: Strictly Come Dancing performer pulls out of C4’s The Jump: OLA JORDAN has had ...
hope you enjoyed your stay in Jordan ! you are a great legend! :D we love you !. ❤
With regulars Ola Jordan and Kristina Rihanoff joined by the likes of Pixie Lott and Frankie Bridge...
Henry is the Michael Jordan of football. Smh Must have been said by a British person
After injuring her leg returns home looking glum and in a leg brace
you are in Jordan ? 😲 welcome to Jordan ! 😃 hope you enjoy your stay in our beloved country ! wish i can meet you :/
PICS: looks seriously glum as she returns home in a leg brace
TV: Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan pulls out of The Jump...: Ola Jordan has had to pull out of Channel ...
Regards and best wishes to Ola Jordan for a speedy recovery
The Jump: Ola Jordan pictured with leg in brace after horror fall | Strictly Come Dancing news,
Ola Jordan returns home on crutches after severe leg injury her contract should prevent her from doing the jump
Want to try Ola Jordan's beautiful skin secret, Proactiv+? RT&Follow to enter our
Messenger: Strictly star Ola Jordan, from Maidstone, injured while training for The Jump: Ola Jordan, who live...
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Ola Jordan and Heather Mills among celebrities CONFIRMED for Channel 4 show The Jump
Sally Bercow, Heather Mills and Ola Jordan to take on The Jump
Sally Bercow, Ola Jordan and Dom Parker to appear in The Jump: Sally Bercow, married to MP John Bercow, has be...
Ola Jordan is a million times better than you. Hope you're not back next year, you nasty bully !!
Strictly Come Dancing: Ola Jordan & Karen Hauer set for more spats via
Photoset: Hey Macarena. Ay! Let’s take a moment to appreciate how perfect Ola Jordan is 😍
Sad to see and leave We loved you guys!
The wildlife TV presenter was voted off Strictly tonight after the judges voted to save Sunetra Sarker in the...
Steve & Ola's exit proves this is the most backstage DRAMZ packed ever
Beautiful photo of Ola Jordan and at the Serious Fun Gala!
Gutted to see Ola Jordan out of Strictly. For obvious reasons.
Steve Backshall and Ola Jordan are sent home from Strictly Come Dancing 2014!
wrong answer Jordan. You need to take Ola on a massive shopping spree for all her hard work
Sad to see Ola Jordan leave . will not miss Steve Backshall
Steve Backshall loses out in Strictly dance-off The TV presenter and his professional partner Ola Jordan found t...
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Steve Backshall becomes the eight celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing via
Strictly Come Dancing: Steve Backshall and Ola Jordan axed from the ballroom competition
I feel for Steve Backshall in # strictly , his fun experience on the show is being ruined by the bullying tactics of Ola Jordan!
Strictly's Steve Backshall and Ola Jordan still at loggerheads
Come Dancing: Steve Backshall “desperate” to quit after Ola Jordan row drama
Robbie Savage talks exclusively to the Mirror and defends Ola Jordan:
I only watch strictly for Ola Jordan :)
Ola Jordan bullying row prompts hubby James to lob Artem Chigvintsev into the mix
Robbie Savage defends Strictly's Ola Jordan over bullying allegations: ''My experience was positive''
Strictly Come Dancing's Ola Jordan strips down to the bare essentials in steamy calendar (via
so.ola jordan has to fight for her place, really??! What a shame. Beautiful lady xxx
Strictly's Ola Jordan says competition is tough: He caused controversy in the Celebrity Big Brother house and ...
Ola Jordan reveals that a TV Show with James is still in the pipeline: Who would like a TV Show?. R…
the 1st mention of 'Ola Jordan' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United Kingdom!
if you're excited for Ola Jordan to be back on our TV screens!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
James Jordan attacks Strictly Come Dancing producers after newspaper claims about wife Ola
Ola Jordan THE BEST pro EVER on Strictly. Ignore the haters Ola. You r loved by so many Xxx
Strictly star opens up about baby plans:
'A baby would make me and James so happy' Read Ola's interview with -
'It was like a vicious brute': Steve Backshall and Ola Jordan give fiery dance
Ola Jordan is responsible for more monocles dropping in teacups in this house than I care to count
Even dressed as Wilma Flintstone skeleton I definitely would Ola Jordan
Ola Jordan set to 'quit Strictly Come Dancing' so she can have a baby via
Sexy dancer Ola Jordan denies this will be her final Strictly Come Dancing: James Jordan's wife insists: 'No I'm not quitting the sh...
Ola Jordan to quit strictly please say this is not true
I added a video to a playlist Steve Backshall & Ola Jordan Waltz to ‘I Wonder Why’ - Strictly
Strictly's Ola Jordan to QUIT BBC1 show because she wants a baby
Is it just me that wants Ola to have an affair with Steve Bagshaw - just to wipe the if smile off James Jordan's face..
Do you think Ola Jordan is the SEXIEST Pro Dancer on Strictly? Vote here:
Tomorrow's People reporting Ola Jordan is quitting Strictly to have kids. Only five weeks after I reported it
ola Jordan's dress tonight AMAZING 👀 I want one and I shall waltz to the super market in it!!
Is it me or does xfactor's Fleur East have a look of Strictly's Ola Jordan about her?
To purchase The Official Ola Jordan Calendar 2015, please go to the website: (all hand-signed)
NEW PHOTO: Black and White beauty! Ola Jordan looks naturally stunning in her Official Calendar 2015 photo shoot -
NEW PHOTO: A stunning close up of Ola Jordan showing natural beauty as she poses for her Official Calendar 2015 -
NEW PHOTO: Ola Jordan wows in a white bikini for her Official Calendar 2015 -
Strictlys Ola Jordan 2 QUIT at end of current series
Mrs A has just directed me to the Ola Jordan 2015 calendar. Yes, it's very useful for keeping track of important events.
Somebody got to my blog by googling 'is Ola Jordan pregnant?' …. …. … how would that get to TashaOnTv anyway?
I think ola Jordan is pregnant - don't know why, but just a thought!
Ola Jordan is so fricking beautiful 🙈🙊
I had a hunch last week but now I'm 99% sure Ola Jordan is pregnant!
Strictly's Ola Jordan to QUIT at end of current series because she wa... via
Is Ola Jordan pregnant?, cause she kinda looked it on there...
If ola Jordan or pixie Lott ever need any plumbing il gladly do it for free, in buff, at night, cha cha cha
looking at Ola Jordan and she looks pregnant. Is she?
Ola Jordan from Strictly is such a worldy! Come dance with me pls
Ola Jordan only reason i watch strictly 👀
En route from a very quiet Mallory Park Circuit. to Cadwell Park via an overnight near Loughborough. Ola Jordan...
I want The mint green dress that Olà Jordan is wearing! Not for dancing in, just for y'know , wearing round the flat. .
Would Ola Jordan to teach me to dance she is beautiful
Strictly's Ola Jordan to QUIT show because she wants a baby
Ola Jordan is my idol. I bloody love her 😍💖
In other news Ola Jordan is absolutely gorgeous
I would wife the life outta Ola Jordan
I admit I love Ola Jordan but I got that feeling this year will be her last one
Strictly stunner Ola Jordan gets nippy stripping off on Brighton beach!
Strictly Come Dancing's Ola Jordan has hinted that she is contemplating leaving the hit BBC One ballroom contest.
Be afraid... stars James and Ola Jordan are set to get their own reality TV show
Could James and Ola Jordan be the new Katie and Peter?
Will James and Ola Jordan soon have their own reality show?
NEW RELEASE - Ola Jordan's full length shot of the promo picture for SCD 2014:
James Jordan in talks for his own reality show with wife Ola
Check out Ola Jordan's STUNNING Professional Dancer shot AND updated profile for
Interesting news James Jordan and possibly ola Jordan lined up by channel 5 to do their own show on the channel
Ooh you're in this pic on the Metro website > x
James Jordan 'tipped to star in own reality show'. Be afraid...
Go vote for Ola as the game of the week at 🙌🎉
James Jordan set to star in reality TV show with Strictly Come Dancing wife Ola Jordan: James Jordan was the s...
What do we think of James Jordan starring in his own reality TV show?
James Jordan was the self proclaimed bad boy of the ballroom, and villain of the Celebrity Big Brother house, bu...
James Jordan has been tipped to get his own reality telly show with wife Ola!. What do you think? Are you a fan of James?
'James & Ola Jordan to land fly on the wall TV show' -
"James Jordan and wife Ola set to land their own Fly-on-the-Wall series like Peter & Katie"
RT“7) Face of Ola Jordan, looks gorgeous as the Lady in Red at the Proactiv Press Day: http:…
Early Christmas shopper? If so, The Ola Jordan Official Calendar 2015 is available to order! Purchase here:
he's a dancer on strictly and married to the dancer Ola Jordan!
James & Ola Jordan are papped as they leave London on Saturday morning after the CBB Final:
Strictly Come Dancing bosses James Jordan from watching wife Ola as fallout thickens -
is looking for a Python Developer in London - Great role paying £65,000! - Call 01491 411 020
Michael Ola gets bulldozed by Justin Smith and Jordan Mills gets called for holding. On the same play.
Ola Jordan ordered to stop criticising Strictly Come Dancing by TV bosses
Ola Jordan attacks Strictly Come Dancing for being too SEXY and overpaying … – Mirror.
Strictly Come Dancing's Ola Jordan sure isn't holding back her thoughts on the show
Ola Jordan agrees with hubby James - Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood should get the bullet
some of the wounded from gaza have arrived to Jordan and 10 of them are receiving medical treatment at the...
My subs can't even handle the bass in tip toeing in my Jordan's .
Ola Jordan · . Just finished my shoot on the Embankment. It was so hot!. Thank you to...
Well done to the all the amazing crew and cast for an incredible evening last night at the Ola and James Jordan...
Incredible evening supporting the lovely Strictly Come Dancing stars Ola and James Jordan with The…
Backstage antics at the Ola And James Jordan show. Lil' bosses and The Essentials
Tech rehearsal done! Looking forward to this evening supporting Ola and James Jordan from BBC's Strictly Come Dancing
Jordan Houghton taking Demba Ba's spot and impressive Ola Aina taking over for the injured Todd Kane. Get well soon, Toddy!
this is nearly as bad as the Ola Jordan spot treatment ads
Is it just me or does Deandre Jordan look like a you'd Wilt Chamberlain?
is Ashley Taylor Dawson and Ola Jordan dancing their Samba to "Love Is In The Air"
if you think Ola Jordan was the perfect choice for the face of
Where the Luella and Ola booty movement? Y'all falling behind.
ISIS takes checkpoints on borders with Jordan and Syria, as well as four more towns via
looking sexy as ever Ola we love you x. That Mr Jordan is a very lucky man
Ola Jordan . “Friends round for lunch today.Splashed out a new gasBBQ!
Miss Ola Jordan on Fear not! Pour yourself a beverage in this gorgeous weather and watch it here:
Ola Jordan is something special, at dancing of course
Still trying to get my head around "Ola Jabberwocky Jordan"
brought to kids in Za'atari camp through song. Watch: htt…
PASS Onazi...for goodness sake...Musa was free on the left...the Jordan Ayew approach to passing football.
My friend is at a party where James & Ola Jordan are samba rolling round a dance floor.
Ghana Wow! Great football but Jordan Ayew is a bit selfish, Ghana deserved a 2-3 Win than a draw...overally it was a great game ola
Ola Jordan on a question of sport. Wow😍
Of course Ola Jordan was on the winning team! Well done Team Matt! - brilliant entertainment!
I can only admire the self control it must have taken to keep looking at the camera and not at Ola Jordan!
“Ola Jordan in a catsuit, nice.”. Okay Jordan out of a Catsuit very nice!
Can Ola Jordan stand with her legs together or not? I'm merely assuming she's not been allowed sex between takes on Question of Sport...
Enduring a programme that has Louis Spence on it...purely because Ola Jordan is also on!! 😍😍😍
Anyone watching a question of sport: Super Saturday? Ola Jordan 😍👌
Turn your television over to BBC1 to catch Ola Jordan on A Question of Sport - Super Saturday! Also available in HD:
Don't forget! 6.50pm on BBC1 tonight to see the lovely Ola Jordan channel her inner sports brain on A Question of Spot - Super Saturday.
Mohammed Assaf opens festival in to a Sold Out! crowd. All the Love 442 . Photo credit:h…
Sorry we missed your email! Experiencing higher than normal comm. Pls email me at jordan.milksand I'll assist asap
Overall Erin but from the last season Ola Jordan. And not just for the obvious. She got no-dancer Chris to win.
Best Wishes With all of my Love and Respect . Jordan Super Star Ola Yaseen
James and Ola Jordan from strictly are at my work on my first shift, what are the chances
informed UN General Assembly he intends to nominate Prince Zeid of as new UN High Commissioner for Human…
So the fault in our stars is released in almost everywhere except in Jordan :)
Ola Jordan . .Oi you! You could have remembered about the passport too, but No...
Ola Jordan . Had a great time filming yesterday for "A Question Of Sport -Super Saturday" Make sure you tune in 󾌵
Ola you know Mr Jordan doesn't like to be kept waiting
Ola Jordan . Baby sitting today with my gorgeous niece. Watching "The Croods"!!!...
DavidRoads: I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying. - Michael Jordan
Axed Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan hits out at BBC! Not making it for Ola at all.. -
North Pole pub makes the Daily Mail. Do the paps really hang out there? Staged perhaps. .
Ola and I watched a Jordan Gavaris interview just to know how his real accent is, i think he's canadian? HE SOUNDS SO DIFFERENT!
.reveals he was SACKED from Strictly Come Dancing! Our fave J-Ola videos! -
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