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Ohio State University

The Ohio State University, commonly referred to as Ohio State or OSU, is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio.

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Couldn't be prouder of my sister for getting into THE Ohio State University! Can't wait to have you down there!
Proud to announce that I will be continuing my prodigious procrastination career at THE Ohio State University https…
For those who may not know Sutphen is from/around Columbus Ohio who's football team Ohio State University will play Clemson new years eve
The latest on what we know about the Ohio State University attack --->
Report: Ohio State University defensive coordinator Luke Fickell to become University of Cincinnati football coach
And here's how our students from Ohio State University found out they are finalists...they are coming to Chicago in February to compete!
So in the past two weeks beats THE Ohio State University in basketball and lands Lane Kiffin as Head Coach
Astronaut and senator John Glenn has died at 95 years old, Ohio State University announced Thursday ht…
John Glenn, former US senator and the first American to orbit the Earth, has died at 95, Ohio State University says.
The Ohio State University! Thanks to Coach Meyer for stopping by Bosco to catch some State Bowl practice.…
PHOTO: Students barricade door to classroom amid incident at Ohio State University.
On a college visit to The Ohio State University Monday with my daughter, Beck, we were at his office in the JG Scho…
*** VIDEO: Ohio State University students refuse to acknowledge terrorism, even after ISIS attack:.
This can't be because Ohio State University BANS all guns on campus! I feel sorry for all those…
Ohio State University police say the scene is now secure after reports of an 'active shooter' on campus
This hero at ended today's terrorist attack! Thank You Officer Horujko
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Get 1 free Ubers with this new Uber code Special Uber Code NICKD132 >> The Ohio State University system
up for former hospitalized at Ohio State University…
Proud to say I've directed an Ohio State University athletic broadcast. Made history of my own while also observing history on the court
this is why im happy I went to a state school synonymous with burning couches and enormity. no, not just any Ohio S…
Sending love and prayers to the Ohio State University campus and community following today's tragic events.
If the official name of your school is "The Ohio State University", why is it "OSU", not "TOSU"?
Kelsey Mitchell becomes fastest player in NCAA history to 2,000 points as the Bucks eviscerate Southern 108-73.
1.Alabama. 2.THE Ohio State University. 3.Clemson. 4.Penn State. Smh Washington can't get in cause their one test all year was a loss at home
Our thoughts go out to those affected by the tragedy at Ohio State University. Be Safe!.
Ohio State University administrator expresses sympathy for Abdul Artan who carried out campus attack
More than 1,2500 people are now calling for the Ohio State University to fire her.
The Ohio State University, Michigan State University, Akron, and Notre Dame College all in today to evaluate the MASSILLON…
Pray for the Ohio State University community and for emergency officials responding to an active shooter on campus.
my college I attended my bad. The Ohio State university. So go on about you're smarter than me I'll wait
OSU Somali Slasher may have inadvertently pushed US Senate toward serious consideration of pause in refugee program. ht…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Why did the Liberal Media Headlines Not Mention Ohio State Attacker was a Somali Refugee?
using the transitive property I discovered NAIA national champion Marian U is better than Ohio State.
Witnesses say police officer who fatally shot attacker at Ohio State University "saved lives today." https…
Ohio State University student says the terrorist attack was a misunderstanding. What has happened to this country? htt…
"The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemned an attack at Ohio State University..."
ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not hav…
Professor hit by car in Ohio State University attack says large cement planter that stopp…
UPDATE: Islamic State claims responsibility for Ohio State University attack by Somali student - group's news agency
Islamic State claim responsibility for Ohio State University attack
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Ohio State University, Calls Attacker 'A Soldier of the Islamic State'
helped Ohio State University jihadi resettle in U.S.
Officials probe possibility of self-radicalization in Ohio State University attack
Ohio State University student Sam Hyde identified as one of the gunman. Left note stating "The weak should fear the str…
More than rivals, is part of our Big Ten family. Our hearts go out to the entire Ohio State University commun…
Keeping the entire Ohio State University community in my thoughts and prayers as well. This violence has to end. 💛
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Keeping the Ohio State University family in our thoughts and prayers.
BREAKING: Ohio State University attacker was a student there
All KD members at Ohio State University have been accounted for. Our thoughts & prayers are with all those affected by th…
thank God the only active shooter at Ohio State University was the cop. Should students and professors be armed? Question remains.
Ohio State University attacker was a SOMALI REFUGE. Trump was right AGAIN.
Ohio State University knifeman SLAMMED US media for making him 'SCARED' to pray in public
Let's send love to Alan Horujko, the man who stopped the Ohio State University terrorist. Forever grateful to the men and…
Ohio State University attacker was featured in social justice swoonfest "Humans of Ohio State." This is just beyond em…
This clown thinks white people are racist for being thankful that cop killed the Somali terrorist at Ohio State University
You insisted Ohio take in Somali Muslims knowing the inevitable terrorism they'd bring. Ohio State University i…
Religion of peace attacks Ohio State University for lack of Prayer Rooms. Once again they are willing to kill to prove thei…
Ohio State University attacker is a Somali Muslim refugee. Imagine my shock.
Ohio State University assailant dead and multiple people injured at Columbus campus | Daily Mail Online
Our thoughts are with the entire Ohio State University community today! Thankful all of our sisters are safe!
Ohio State University officials credit Officer Alan Horujko, who fatally shot suspect before he could hurt others.
There was a shooting at Ohio State University. I'm sure it was another Christian cis white ma.annnd it was Muslim.
Police officer who took down Ohio State University attacker identified as Alan Horujko
All undergraduate and alumni members of Alpha Chapter (The Ohio State University) are safe and accounted for.
has confirmed that the Ohio State University attacker is an 18 year old Somali. NO DOUBT HE'S A MEMBER OF A CHRISTIAN CHURCH.
Before the incident at Ohio State University inevitably turns political, take a minute to remember the victims & all those…
Ohio State University didn't involve a white Christian male with a gun as the mainstream media were hoping.
Another attack at "Ohio State University" by radical murdering Christian terroris… Oh, muslim from Somali? Never mi…
"Ohio State University" Will Hussein Obama say, "this is because of the Christian crusades? Condolences to the families who lost loved ones
Ohio State University attack was a Somali radical islamic terrorist!. Why do we let the muslims into our Christian Nation!
Our hearts ache today. Praying for the Ohio State University community & for all emergency officials responding.
Calling for the registration of all Christian White Men. They are clearly terrorists. Ohio State University
CNN will probably blame Donald Trump for that Somali refuge attacking the students at Ohio State University.
Surprising quick... We're sure it was a Somali that did the Ohio State University attack? It HAS to be a white Christian Somali!
🚨BREAKING🚨. Another white Christian American goes on killing spree slashing people with a "large knife" at Ohio State University. Oh wait...
Ohio State University attack appears to have been planned, according to law enforcement. reports:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
WALL ST. JOURNAL Ohio State University says suspect in attack is killed...
UPDATE: A 20-year-old Somali man is the suspect in the Ohio State University attack
Sending prayers to all the faculty, students and families at Ohio State University.
From BREAKING: Ohio State University spokesman says a suspect in attack on campus has been shot and killed.
When was the last time a Jew, Christian, Atheist, Hindu, Mormon, etc carried out a terrorist attack? . Ohio State University
One suspect dead, 10 transported to hospital after reported shooting at Ohio State University | Fox News
Ohio State University students used chairs to block a classroom door after reports of an attack on campus
I'm so triggered from divisive rhetoric that caused Ohio State University attack. I'm literally shaking an…
DEVELOPING: Ohio State University reports “active shooter” on campus, urges people to “Run Hide Fight.” ht…
Watching the news unfold at Ohio State University. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the students and...
INCIDENT: Ohio State University UNTIL officially make statement anything else you read/hear is rumored.
My thoughts are with the people at Ohio State University
Our thoughts are with everyone at Ohio State University
Guns don't kill people,...they just make it very convenient for unhinged individuals to do it. Ohio State Universit…
Have people started arbitrarily blaming the Ohio State University shooting on Black Lives Matter yet?
My heart breaks for The Ohio State University right now. I can hear the choppers from my window. Stay inside, stay safe!
he was reading an official statement like "we are lifting the shelter-in-place order for THE Ohio State University", emphasized THE
Ohio State student: "I was going to class and just saw people running and was nervous"
UPDATE: At least seven people taken to hospitals after an active shooter was... by via
IMPORTANT! If you have friends at Ohio State University that may be in hiding please do NOT call or text their cell phones…
UPDATE: Fire officials say 7 victims taken to hospital after active shooter alert issued at Ohio State University
Student: I heard shots, saw people running: An active shooter has been reported on the Ohio…
My heart goes out to everyone at Ohio State University right now.
We are praying for the safety and for protection for Ohio State University students, faculty and first responders during thi…
JUST IN: Active shooter reported on the Ohio State University campus, according to the school
Here are the two other suspects that were arrested. Ohio State University
Fire Department says a suspect is dead in Ohio State University attack.
Prayers for the students, faculty and staff on the Ohio State University campus. Scary that people carry such rage.
Prayers up for Ohio State University's campus, students, professors, administrators and community. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
My thoughts are with the Ohio State University area this morning. Lots of good people there.
8 injured as gunman attack Ohio State University via
The helpline is ready to provide crisis counseling to anyone affected by the shooting at Ohio State Universi…
There are reports of an armed person on Ohio State University's campus. Here's what we know:
Ohio State University reports active shooter on campus by via
We lift up the victims and first responders of the tragedy this morning at Ohio State University in our thoughts and pray…
A suspect is dead after active shooter reported at Ohio State University, local media say
Stay with us for updates on the shooting:
Update: 8 patients with non-life-threatening injuries at area hospitals following Ohio State University attack,…
My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those hurt in the Ohio State University attack.
BREAKING: Hospitals say they are treating 8 patients from Ohio State University attack, none have life-threatening injuries.
AP: Ohio State University spokes. says injuries in the attack on campus included stab wounds and being struck by a vehicle
Prayers to the students, staff and 1st responders of Ohio State University!
If this story is correct, there were no guns on the scene at OSU except for those wielded by the cops.
I feel awful for what's going on at Ohio State University :( my heart goes out to everyone affected and praying for eve…
BREAKING: Officials say the shelter in place has been lifted at Ohio State University
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Ohio State University student says some military members in her class are standing by the door to protect others
Suspect in the Ohio State University campus shootings is dead
Active shooter reported on Ohio State University campus
Rivals on Saturdays, friends today. Stay safe Ohio State University
Today's top stories: Wasatch Front Winter and active shooter situation at Ohio State University. Updates on both:
Columbus Fire Department: 8 people transported to hospital after reported shooting on Ohio State University campus
Columbus Fire Department: Seven taken to hospitals from Ohio State University
"Run Hide Fight": Ohio State University students received this text after reports of an active shooter on campus
JUST IN: At least 7 reportedly injured in shooting at Ohio State University.
BREAKING: Active shooter alert issued at Ohio State University -
DEVELOPING: Ohio State University sends out alert about active shooter on campus
Ohio State University reports active shooter on campus
So pleased to announce that I've been accepted to my top choice school, THE Ohio State University!
greatest LB corp to ever play at THE Ohio State University, IMO.
Anti-Trump protester tackled from behind and sent flying down flight of stairs at Ohio State University   10% Off
Trump protester attacked at Ohio State University: via
OMG Ohio State University has the best marching band ever!
According to research from Ohio State University, famous celebrities, football players, and basically anyone who tak…
Great evening at THE Ohio State University talking to an amazing group of College Republicans.…
can he say it like the NFL players do when they say that they are from "THE Ohio State University".
112 years ago today Alpha Gamma Rho was founded at Ohio State University. Happy National Founders Day to all the other c…
Ohio State University's marching band cheered on the Indians with a special halftime message via
! Today, Students for Trump at THE Ohio State University welcomed Senator Elizabeth Warren to our school!
Very excited and blessed to be in The Shoe this Saturday to visit THE Ohio State University! 🏈
First and foremost, THE Ohio State University. I lean toward cincy in the NFL but really root for my fantasy team
Another of our students, Richard, just got back from Ohio State University's Marching Band Clinic:)
Looks like the Ohio State University marching band. I am from Ohio.
Ohio State raised a record $454 million last year: Ohio State University raised $454 million in its most rece...
What a great day playing ball with the guys at THE Ohio State University!! Thank you OSU for…
ryan brewer owned the Ohio State University, sorry Buckeyes your loss our gain
ahem, you mean, THE Ohio State University. Think of it as a compliment. Go Buckeyes!
Once again, Ohio State University will stop at nothing for a cash grab. In 2017 narcotic drugs will also be sold.
So proud of my bestfriend for graduating high school today!! I know you'll do great things at Ohio State University. Imysm💗💗
please consider the Ohio State University. Cardale Jones was the 3rd string quarterback and took us to our 8th national title
People who criticize superdelegates are now... I'd like to welcome Ohio State University to GG
CTC team in national competition at Ohio State University - The Killeen Daily Herald
I've narrowed my choice of colleges down to The University of Illinois, Northwestern University and THE Ohio State University.
I live at 1153 walters street in columbus ohio and suck of college guys at ohio state university daily. Public now?
Proud to say I just received my first offer to ohio state university to play d1 intramural dodgeball 💸😈😎 . https:/…
Never thought I would say this, but I'm proud to announce I will be attending The University of Ohio State next year!
With the 16th pick the Detroit Lions select Taylor Decker offensive tackle from the Ohio State University
Cutting it a little close but officially committed to THE Ohio State University today😊
Grabbed my degree, dapped up the university president, & raised my right fist up in front of all of Ohio State
Stop it. Just come to The Ohio State University and watch your become a first rounder.
Ohio running back Bridges commits to Michigan State: Bridges (5-foot-11, 191), a three-star prospect. is the ...
And with the 10th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, The New York Giants select running back, Ezekiel Elliot, Ohio State University.
Ohio State Spring Game 2016 Roster- The Ohio State University released its roster for the 2016 Spring Game today. https…
We have two public tours in May on the 12th and 25th. Sign up at
lol agreed. Mark May=Thee Ohio State University hater and complete moron
Multiple victims in shooting near OSU campus via
With the 4th pick 2016 NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys select Ezekiel Elliot from Thee Ohio State university!
My dad just asked if they have Michigan state university in Ohio 😂
With the 17th pick in the the Cleveland Browns select Michael Thomas, WR, The Ohio State University
I’m old. I was already at The Ohio State University.
With the 11th pick in the the Chicago Bears select Darron Lee, LB, The Ohio State University
With 3 whole days to spare, I've finally chosen to go to The Ohio State University!!
With the 8th pick in the the Cleveland Browns select Ezekiel Elliott, RB, The Ohio State University
Blessed to receive an offer from The Ohio State University. 🚨🚨
With the 5th pick in the the Jacksonville Jaguars select Joey Bosa, DE, The Ohio State University
Orton hall, home of the Harry Potter style library @ The Ohio State University
Bobby Knight played Forward at Ohio State University prior to his coaching career.
Discussing cognitive rigor with Dr. Karin Hess and 📕🔎📝 at THE Ohio State University
I fell in love with Ohio State University
A woman was flown to Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center after a crash Tuesday on West Main Street.
"The" Ohio State University players during and post college are truly inspirational role models.
Good to see Troy Smith applying his Men's Studies degree from The! Ohio State University.
say hello to the newest member of the Ohio State University class of 2020 😎🔴⚪️
I wonder if there will be extra charges brought against Troy Smith for answering "Ohio State" instead of "THE Ohio State University."
Shame on members of congress interfering with a student lead vote today at Ohio State University.
A federal judge has upheld Ohio State University's request to shield its communications with professional public...
Last month, Michelle Alexander, the Ohio State University law professor and author of "The New Jim Crow," which...
5 apps and video games that will make you happier: Scientists at Ohio State University have confirmed that rel...
CNN, TV One to host Democratic town hall event at Ohio State University
...played college football at the Ohio State University.
*someone in chicago*. "Oh you go to THE Ohio State University... you guys suck and cheat at football" . Hate us cause ya ain't us? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Thanks for telling your viewers, a few times, on your show last night my alma mater's correct name, THE Ohio State University!
It's the Peterman Reality Tour. I wonder if they have any @ Ohio State University
Every time I drive through the Ohio State University, I realize just how fortunate I was to go to
Ever notice that people who went to Ohio State University have to use THE. Is there more than one?
AMAZING experience at Ohio State University. Great conversation, tour of facilities, and networking! Thanks OSU!
I am grateful to have received an offer from Ohio State University for football.
1. Footballs kicked by Mike Nugent 2. THE Ohio State University rankings and 3 Buckeye Pride. Nailed it!
Quick morning workout of pullups, pushups, air squats. Now time for high school indoor track at THE Ohio State University.
Well guys, I'm at THE Ohio State University this morning to audition for the school of music! Wish me luck!
He pledged at the Ohio State University in 1935. Here's a picture with his chapter,
Acclaimed "The New Jim Crow" author and Ohio State University professor Michelle Alexander, one of the first to...
It's a Maize out against the Ohio state University! Be sure to swing by early to receive a free…
Congrats to Keandre Jones on his commitment to The Ohio State University! 🌰
Blessed to say I received a offer from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 🔴🔴
The Ohio State University. No way I would have survived living on this campus.
Dr. Jeff Volek from Ohio State University speaking on the benefits of for athletes at the...
I have officially committed to The Ohio State University to further my academic and athletic career!
looking forward to reading your work out there. Have fun. Btw college with most players in SB50? THE Ohio State University
Making Perfect (almost) Crystalline Materials for Spintronics - YIG Spin Pumping with Fengyuan Yang
We welcome Hadi Jorati of the Ohio State University into our Fellowship; visit
Blessed to receive a offer from The Ohio State University
good luck in Georgia *** love to have you join The Ohio State University...
Grab It!! NCAA Ohio State University Chrome Pub Table: To escape from your busy frustrating life, ev... Grab It!!
Germany Courses 77. Always Get the Name of the Dog - The Ohio State University 8686
you are cordially invited to the Ohio state university
Blessed to receive an offer from the Ohio State University!
Very Blessed to receive my 7th offer from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY !!!
Welcome to THE Ohio State University otherwise known as the best *** school in the land 😊
The Ohio State University majoring in Educational History and African American&African Studies
Yes, yes there's called The Ohio State University.
Serial rapist on the loose in Athens, near Ohio University, police say
Tragic news out of Mirror Lake: Ohio State's Afroduck is dead. Long live Afroduck.
On the road to Ohio State University, first meet of the year gets underway in the morning. Good luck, Go Flames!
The Men's Volleyball team is playing Ohio State University! Where are you?!
Ohio State University plans to add beds to hospital tower - Columbus Dispatch
I still can't believe this is your last semester at THE Ohio State University!
Andrew Gribble and Dustin Fox discuss some of the latest news surrounding players from Ohio State University at...
It's charter day for the eXquiste Xi Gamma Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc at THE Ohio State University! Come to the Union @ 3pm!
and in 1987 when my aunt Susan dotted the I for the Ohio State University marching band against Illinois
Bruh, you just lost to the Ohio State University (in basketball), not a proud day for Big Blue.
Shields Up! How the Earth Got a Force Field - Paul Sutter is a visiting scholar at the Ohio State University's ...
I'm from Illinois (not originally Chicago, but lived there). Huge a fan! Your co-founder go to THE Ohio State University?
Congrats to Jordan Richardson '16 on receiving the Western Golf Association Evans (Chick Evans) Scholarship to attend Ohio State University!
Extremely honored to announce my commitment to play at Ohio State University. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along …
RISING TIGERS: replaces the Ohio State University as AP poll No. 1; No. 17.
domain names
Ohio State University names major campus street after John and Annie Glenn
Two former Ohio State University students are accused of aiding a known terrorist.
Meeting is open to both Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College students.
Good luck to our Men's volleyball team taking on the Ohio State University today!
Ohio State University is looking for a in apply now!
Ohio State considering 7 new online degree programs: Ohio State University is looking to increase its online degree…
New opening at Ohio State University in - 1-Social
Ohio State University is hiring a apply now!
No plans for Sunday? Check out the screening of 'The Mask You Live In' Sunday @ 3 in McPherson 1000 tickets here:
“They not only dropped the ball, they aren’t even keeping their eyes on it!” says major donor re University of Akron
NeuvooDublinUS Check out this at Ohio State University in …
Major donor to University of Akron will withhold donations until issues resolved.
VIDEO: Panthers' Thomas Davis trolls his Ohio State teammate. THE...University of Georgia.
God I would love to go to Ohio state university 😩😩
It's sad to say if Ohio State University was 80% Black People, crime rate will be high asf
Welcoming today during 2nd Lunch UC Santa Cruz and at 2:15pm Loyola New Orleans and The Ohio State University
Planning to go to Ohio State, University of Toledo, University of Cincinnati? Note...they require you to take the Writing portion of the ACT
Call for graduate student papers on "Encountering the Interface" deadline 15 December
Right now: Allison Snow of Ohio State University speaking about at mtg
Venturing into the war zone we call The Ohio State University.
1955 Press Photo Wilbur Fulton to donate chicken to Ohio State University
whose this Erving dude? And what does he coach at the Ohio state University smdh
Threat of violence against Ohio State University posted online
Incredible!! ..the pregame show from "Ohio State University Marching Band" U.S.A last weekend in Wembley...
For the very first time the Ohio State University Marching Band performed before an International Series game at...
BREAKING: Ohio State University Police investigating anonymous threat of violence to the campus community.
OSU THREATS: From the Ohio State University Department of Public Safety: The immediate window of concern has...
Ohio State University is hiring a Search, apply now!
"Am I the only one who loves watching guys get chubby over time?" - Ohio State University
Postdoctoral Researcher in engineering at the Ohio State University, United States -
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Buckeyes Net Golden Goal with Just Three Seconds Left: Host Ohio State University scored with just three seconds…
Aspen Park Pharmaceuticals acquires worldwide rights to APP-111 therapy from Ohio State University
Assistant 1 needed in at Ohio State University. Apply now!
I watched many college football games last week and the best team that I saw was the Ohio State University and they had key players missing
Got an email from the Ohio State University asking my major department for submissions. This is awesome.
I kind of want to root against Ohio State simply because of the whole "THE Ohio State University". I went to THE St. Thomas Aquinas College.
Chinese lafd A former professor at Ohio State University with access to sensitive Department of Def...
Ohio State University president visits Mansfield campus for the first time:
It was an honor to meet and hear speak Dr. Michael Drake, president of THE Ohio State University today.
Hanging with Brutus and current Buckeyes at the Fisher College of Business at THE Ohio State University.
hey what college is that again Caroline? Oh yea THE Ohio State University
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: THE Ohio State University is back, RIP to all teams.
I'm not an expert, but you gave to move the ball against the college of Ohio State University in Columbus in order to win.
"If you don't contemplate dropping out and becoming a stripper are you even in college?" - Ohio State University
Air show. Jet skiing. Hanging at the beach. . Now it's time to eat and prep to watch THE Ohio State University!
All purpose parts banner
"Coach Woody Hayes" is ready for THE Ohio State University to repeat!
Sister: "where is the Ohio State University located?" . Me: "you are disowned from this family"
We at Ohio State University tonight... N I know it's goin crazy!!!
Sexist 'welcome' banners at Ohio State University and Old Dominion University ... -
I may be going to Kent State University, but my heart will always be with THE Ohio State University 😢
Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith formerly coached at the University of Kentucky (1992) and THE Ohio State University (1995).
"the u"? Thing of the past. "THE Ohio State University"? Now and the future. The shoe. Urban. Championships. Greatness. True swag
He-who-must-not-be-named: Ohio State University trademarks its coach. Or at least his name. Can I use his name...
A break in the schedule so we took a drive to Columbus to see the cathedral that is THE Ohio State University.
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An unofficial marching band song that made fun of Holocaust victims is the type of thing Ohio State University has
There's a reason they call it THE Ohio State University 😈🅾
NeuvooColumbus Ohio State University is hiring! in apply now! …
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