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Ohio Gov

The Governor of the state of Ohio is the head of the executive branch of Ohio's government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) Thank you so much for saying what so many including myself are thinking.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the GOP: “If the party can’t be fixed, then I’m not going to be able to support the party"
NEW: Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper responds to story of forming 2020 ticket with Ohio Gov. John Kasich.…
Ohio Gov. says budget balanced, saves $2B in rainy day fund.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks out against the Senate health care bill
Ohio Gov. John Kasich: "I don't think either party particularly cares about helping poor people" h…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper call for bipartisan re-write of Senate health care bill
Ohio Gov. John Kasich: Let’s focus on the rising costs of health care, “which this bill doesn’t even begin to do"
Was Ohio election system one of 39 states hacked by the Russians? I wrote to the Secretary of State to get answers. http…
Local govts & schools in all 88 Ohio counties have posted spending information on for taxpa…
With a medical certification waiver from your doctor, you may be able to stop utility
Share your feedback on proposed standards revisions in science, social studies and financial literacy!…
Ohio HB49 budget bill omnibus amendment and summary are at under June 20 Committee documents
Districts & schools: Reminder to submit report on nutrition standards for food & beverages sold. Details:
It's important for kids to bust summer boredom & avoid risky behavior. Here are ideas from
Congrats! new director of the Office for Exceptional Children | ODE,
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
has unanimously reversed the 6th Cir's grant of penalty relief to prisoner
Watch LIVE now - Senate Democrats propose amendments to improve the state budget bill:…
Marshals arrest a homicide suspect and a sex offender . Members of the U.S. Marshal’s Northern Ohio Violent...
A provision in Budget (HB 27) would shorten the window of time to file an injured worker claim:.
Superintendents: Here's a convenient way to upload your district’s 2017 Career Advising Policy! Learn more:
Want to know which SMBO rules were adopted or amended?
UA researchers work to boost accuracy of cancer drug screenings, so that resources can be used on drugs that succeed
Gov. has appointed lawyer Lance Himes to lead the Ohio Department of Health.
continues to reach local govts big & small. Now, is in all 88 Ohio counties & still going strong!
Welcome to events continue in through June. Check the calendar for details.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs bill to cut funding to Planned Parenthood in Ohio
Gov. John Kasich appoints Lance Himes permanent director of Department of Health. Himes had been serving as interim director.
Senate Bill 154 would help fight opioid crisis using just 10% of the rainy day fund:.
5thDistAppCt upholds 7yrs for Robbery for $561 worth of groceries + assault to flee
Bureau of Workers' Compensation Budget (As Reported by S. Insurance and Financial Institutions) - Budget in Detail
The Eastern prairie fringed at Pickerel Creek have started to bloom! Bring binoculars for too: https…
It's just how things are in Ohio.. Billionaires cut backdoor deals with Gov. Citizens foot…
8thDistApp upholds 8yrs for Fel Assault & multiple beatings of GF on 3 days w/broken bones
OncoSolutions in Akron, Ohio uses innovative approach, to speed up cancer drug development.
Did you hear the latest SMBO news? MD/DO/DPM license applications & payments are now processed online 🚫✏️🚫. Info >>>
The person to beat in Ohio Gov race is DeWine to make 'announcement' Sunday
With new Mercer County additions, local govts in each of Ohio's 88 counties have now posted their spending on
Proud of my work expanding health care to 630,000 Michiganders. I stand with bipartisan Governors against . htt…
Ohio lawmakers, Gov. Kasich about to shortchange kids, again: Brent Larkin
True. actually has a higher unemployment rate than .
Spread the word: Kids under 18 eat free this summer! Find locations at (866) 3-HUNGRY, or on our m…
.works for Ohio's businesses. Learn how to become a sponsor at
June edition of eNews available here: Read about the Third Billion Back, National Safety Month, webina…
Gov John Kasich argues Ohio is not Kansas, says he won't roll back $1.1B business tax cut that promised job creation ht…
The budget plan would balance the state budget and fund all schools:.
With the launch of these two Mercer Co. local govts, is now in all 88 Ohio counties!
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has appointed Bruce Langos and Austin Rains to the Wright State Board of Trustees. Read more:…
Key Words: John Kasich has his told-ya-so moment: Ohio Gov. John Kasich joined Vermont Sen. Bernie… MARKETWATCH
He's still a sexist warmonger who signed bill as Ohio Gov to defund planned…
Ohio Gov. releases statement on shooting death of Police Chief, asks for prayers
McCain still got one vote for president in this last election. Ohio Gov. John Kasich (a sore loser)…
Teacher to Ohio Gov. Kasich: ‘You are in the dark about life in the classroom’ - The Washington Post
Ohio Gov. John Kasich on GOP health care bill: "I don't think this bill passes the Senate"
Pence: Under this new law, Ohio will be able to help vulnerable people even more. . Ohio Gov. Kasich: No.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday that both the Republican and Democratic parties are "disintegrating before our...
Kasich signs bill eliminating alcohol limit on craft beer: Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed the bill eliminating th…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich just saved his state’s clean energy standards
Ohio Gov. Kasich vetoes bill extending freeze on renewables, efficiency standard by
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has two years to go -- and plenty of power: Thomas Suddes
Major businesses thank Ohio Gov. for his courageous leadership on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoes "heartbeat" bill but signs a bill outlawing abortions in the state after 20 weeks.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich should veto bill that freezes alternative energy standards: editorial
BREAKING: John Glenn, former NASA astronaut and U.S. Senator for Ohio, has died at the age of 95, Ohio Gov. says.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich: I said my prayers today for "the success of Donald Trump"
John Kasich: Tell Ohio Gov. John Kasich to recall 37 state troopers from North Dakota! - Sign the Pet... via
Ohio Gov. John Kasich voted today – he wrote in Sen John McCain's name.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich voted today – and not for the GOP presidential nominee. The former GOP hopeful wrote in Sen John McCain
Ohio Gov. John Kasich writes in John McCain for president in absentee ballot
adalberto A top aide to Ohio Gov. John Kasich criticized Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus after the party chairman war…
So excited to have fmr. Ohio Gov. Taft here to celebrate the 159th birthday of William Howard Taft!
Tried to entice Ohio Gov. John Kasich to be his VP candidate saying he’d let him control domestic and foreign policy https:…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he has no idea how he'll vote come November because he doesn't support Trump or Clinton.
CINCINNATI (AP) — Ohio Gov. John Kasich won't speak at the Republican National Convention where Donald Trump is set to becom…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), who is notably not speaking at the Republican National Convention being held in his home state, continued to
The head of Cleveland's largest police union is calling on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to temporarily restrict the state's open carry gun laws
Few convention snubs are quite as awkward and obvious as Ohio Gov. John Kasich's
Kasich to New Hampshire: 'I'll be back': Al Weaver CLEVELAND — Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke before the New Hampshire
My relative, William Dennison Gov/Ohio & Chairman at Abraham Lincoln's Republican Convention rolling in his grave.
Gov. Kaisch, governor of Ohio is skipping the RNC which is being held in his state... A battleground state. Chile!
Kaisch wins Ohio Gov again, HRC strengthens Ohio position. Win-win. Something to look at in the very least.
Gov ex-candidate not even going to in his own state 😬.
2 Former Rep Presidents, 2 former Rep Nominees & the Gov of Ohio not present at the convention...
How about this fool the Gov of Ohio . He boosts . My friends in Ohio have fed tax,state tax , county tax , city tax.
My 5th great grandfather, Gov/Ohio Wm. Dennison, was chairman of when Abe Lincoln ran. Look what we get now😖!?
the voters in Ohio are getting to see the sore loser , childish *** that they elected Gov.
Loser of the night? Without a doubt, it's poor sport, Ohio Gov. who broke his pledge...
Melania introduced/recognized Sen. Bob Dole. (Looking very old) BUT has strength to make the GOP, unlike the ohio Gov.
they r making a mockery of politics! It's bad when the gov of Ohio won't attend&hes from the same party! Smh
Gov of Ohio! Didn't use name can't spell. Don't matter. He's out of here! Pout on the sidelines Gov!! The End!
How team Trump's fight with Ohio Governor John Kasich could backfire
Update your maps at Navteq
Revised standards in English/mathematics now available for public review & comment! https:…
Video resource available to communicate Ohio’s options for a high school diploma | Ohio Department of Education
A sighting of Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Not at the GOP convention.
Or the Gov of Ohio in his own State!
"Ohio Gov. Kasich pushes for unity, but not for Donald Trump."
Reminder: Meningococcal immunization requirements changing for 2016-2017!
No Members of the Bush family at RNC first time in 40 years. Ohio gov Kasich also a no show. What does that say about Trump
No President has made it to the White House w/o Ohio, so naturally the campaign picked a fight with Gov. Kasich
the Gov. Of ohio, what ever his name is, is an EMBARRASSMENT. Watching the GOP Conv. Never in my life have I watched.
First GOP convention in 40 years without a member of the Bush family. Gov. of Ohio, John Kasich, also staying away.
Trump's campaign manager said Ohio Gov. John Kasich was “embarrassing the state” by not attending the
What Trump’s campaign manager said about Ohio Gov. John Kasich not attending the RNC
looks bad when gov of Ohio is afraid to go to Cleveland - broke his promise too.
George Bush 41 and 43, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich not attending the says all you need to know.
Unity convention, day one: Paul Manafort takes a shot at Ohio Gov. John Kasich — in Cleveland - Hot Air
Why didnt the gov of ohio greet all the delegates to his state? Is he the gov only of those who agree with him or those he likes ?
Gov. Kasich, for Ohio's sake, needs to appear at RNC. Face reality as he did with Medicaid
Ohio gov meets w Illinois GOP delegation at in Cleveland, never mentions ...
.Its a sad day for when our gov has sour grapes & refuses to attend convention. But w/ that atti…
Among big losses on bleak day resident thug needlessly offended Gov of machine is…
I only have one word to say to Ohio Gov, John Kasich... . Wa!!! Just a sore loser.
It takes a lot of balls to be the Gov. of Ohio and not show up to the convention in Cleveland, but I respect it. Katich a…
Bush and especially Gov Jon Kasik not being at in his home state of Ohio is shameful.
That fact that prominent Republicans along with the Gov of Ohio is not in attendance speaks Volumes
Why, if you're Team Trump, you probably don't want to pick a fight with OH's governor and the state GOP delegation ht…
Kasich takes backhanded shot at Trump in speech to Illinois convention delegates: Ohio Gov. J...
Ohio Gov John Kasich and Trump battle as GOP convention begins https:/…
You can almost feel the unity: Trump takes shots at Gov. Kasich in Ohio for withholding endorsement. .
Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Thursday he still isn’t ready to endorse presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.
Medical Marijuana Legalization Sent to Ohio Governor: A medical marijuana legalization bill has been sent to Ohio Gov. John Kasich (K...
Kasich joins Cruz, Rubio in keeping delegates as campaign leverage: Ohio Gov. John Kasich has become the ... Fox
America’s former top spy is worried about Donald Trump - Jeb Bush, swinging to Ohio Gov. John Kasich after Bush...
Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Friday distanced himself from discriminatory laws passed recently by some states and said some people are
Donald Trump has a new nickname for Ohio Gov. John Kasich: (Photos: DSK, Getty)
.& head to Germany this weekend to get more international biz to come to Ohio:
Washington Post Gov. Kasich's unusual positivity Washington Post OHIO GOV. John Kasich is as conservative as the…
Arrest and prosecute Donald J. Trump for incitement to violence. Legal precedent: Brandenburg v. Ohio.
and them prisons waiting on you young gangsta go ahead Marysville my homie Burkes said hey
terrible events, but happened in Ohio and it is customary and decent for the Gov to comment.
Ohio must be an easy state to govern. Gov Kasich has not been there for months and lives around the country pretending…
Glastonbury welcomed Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) with open arms this evening at Glastonbury High School
Gov John Kasich fails Ohio pets, as patients, and Ohio pet owners, as consumers via
23 Apr 1784: Continental Congress approves an ordinance saying territory north of the Ohio River must be slavery free & outlines its gov't
Maybe you can research Ohio's very high violent crime rate that Gov.Kasich never talks about it
Texas has flooding..Where's Cruz? Ohio has a killer on the loose. Where's the gov?
Ohio wildflowers in full bloom including this Shooting Star at Miller Nature Sanctuary... https…
sorry to hear about the shootings in Pike County Gov. Kasich. I'll prayer for your and all of Ohio.
An Endangered Missing Adult Alert has been cancelled 4/22/16 10:51 PM. See for details.
.releases new issue of Test Talk for Parents! Check it out:
Manhunt underway as eight family members slain in Ohio
Lt. Gov. "A trip to Hannover Messe to promote our industrial technology & Ohio's economic success" .
Watch: Gov. John Kasich calls to bring Ohio shootings suspect to justice
An Endangered Missing Adult Alert has been issued 4/22/16 9:50 PM. See for details.
News: Cruz super PAC returns to the anti-Kasich airwaves, dropping $1.6 million in Indiana to hit Ohio's gov. ht…
LATEST: Gov. John Kasich vows to bring killer(s) of 8 in Ohio to justice
Ohio Gov gets a warm welcome from in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge.
KASICH DESTROYED OH SCOOLS. Education Mess in Oh under Kasich according WP and all OH papers
I'll talk about some of the most disturbing comments later, but here's a link to the town hall transcript:
He gave us obamacare, kept common core, wouldn't fight for marriage, and blocked The Heartbeat Bill. Thanks you li…
BREAKING: FBI to Investigate Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Administration for Bribery Relating to...
Dear Lord, . Presidential candidate Gov. Of Ohio John Kasich said he loves that NewYork song by Rihanna it's Alicia K…
Library News: The official web site of the Ohio Public Library Information Network.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich is hoping to benefit from a contested convention. Kasich has stated multiple times that,...
Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Montgomery (OHC113) Ohio Issued by the National Weather Service
Ohio Gov. John Kasich to marketing campaign on Lengthy Island Monday
To MOMS everywhere. If you want your kids educated stay out of OH. We've gone from 5 to 23rd in USA under Kasich.
Ohio gov: 'I don't need your people'
Ohio Gov. John Kasich to campaign on Long Island Monday: The Ohio governor will be the first presidential hope...
Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans two stops in Long Island Monday to campaign before GOP New York primary
Troopers assigned to Kasich earn more - Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks at a campaign event in Wisconsin. Troopers...
BREAKING: Ohio Gov. John Kasich wins at home and stops Trump from carrying a big state
Romney is out campaigning with (Ohio Gov. John) Kasich and then he endorses Cruz. Does he know as to what he is doing?
Ohio Gov. John Kasich was endorsed by former speaker John Boehner just days before the OH primary. 3/12/16.
Great article from yet another newspaper endorsing Ohio Gov. John Kasich. This time, an Arizona newspaper. Their...
West Chester, Ohio (CNN)Donald Trump is training his sights on Ohio Gov. John Kasich ahead of Tuesday's winner-take-all Ohio primary. --
John Kasich rallies in Youngstown with Rob Portman: YOUNGSTOWN - Ohio Gov. and Republican presidential candida...
Former House Speaker John Boehner endorses Ohio Gov. Kasich days before the Ohio primary:
Both cruz/rubio r rookie Senators, so was obama, look what he did 2r Country. Ohio Gov a DC insider 4yrs, Ohio has suffered massive job loss
Ohio Gov. Kasich stumps in suburbs as part of Midwestern strategy
Around 800 listen to Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Palatine, Ill., community center.
Ohio Gov. will host a town hall at in this coming Saturday:
Ohio Gov. moving around in this Q&A session at Monroe Community College.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich sits down with 13 Watchdog team -
Join the Kent GOP in welcoming Ohio Gov. John Kasich to Holland this Friday. Details here:
GOP source: Romney "will praise Sen. Marco Rubio and. Sen. Ted Cruz, and perhaps Ohio Gov. John Kasich"
Former PA Gov Ed Rendell being interviewed on CNBC Squawk Box just now, pours cold water on claims Ohio Gov has a shot.
these conservatives should call on nonviable candidates Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Ben Carson to get out as well. https:…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich told a Virginia crowd Monday that women "left their kitchens" for him in an early statehouse race, quickly prompting
UGA student talks about presidentlal hope, and the hug, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich | Athens Banner-Herald |
Ohio Gov. John Kasich apologizes for saying women 'left their kitchens'
Ohio Gov. says GOP should be 'consolidating around me.'
The republicans great white rational hope Ohio Gov. John Kasich. We just got women to leave their Kitchens to go door to ge…
John Kasich on the campaign trail in Michigan: 'I didn't think we had a Democratic Party in Ohio': Ohio Gov. Joh...
Ohio Gov. John Kasich makes campaign stop at SC Chamber of Comme - - Columbia ...: Kasic...
Earlier this week, the New York Times endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich:
Ohio Gov. John Kasich in New Hampshire: “Hey, nobody said they liked my haircut!” via
1/27/1937: The Flood of '37 peaked with record crests on area rivers, including the Ohio.
Congrats to Community Corrections Facilities awarded reaccreditation by
It's a shame, he sounds like a reasonable, compassionate guy.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich says state will go back to its 'unpalatable' renewable energy standards if...
Check your fridge! CDC advises not to eat packaged salads from Dole facility in Springfield, Ohio.
Paper backs Kasich for GOP nod: The Boston Globe newspaper has thrown its editorial support behind Ohio Gov. John…
Ohio gov says he'll reinstate "unpalatable" clean energy standards if state lawmakers move to gut the laws
Ohio Politics Now: Who is behind attacks on Gov. John Kasich in New Hampshire? Koch brothers? via
Chairman Porter: Looking ahead as we welcome 2016
Former Ohio Attorney Marc Dann now arguing before Ohio Supreme Court. Here is livestream:
yesterday @ noon, we're joined by a guy whos tied for 2nd in Ohio gov
The Legal Glossary can help you navigate the Ohio court system
Aerospace Manufacturers - Join the State of Ohio as a co-exhibitor at the Farnborough International Airshow July...
Remember the entourage effect when crafting Ohio cannabis law.
Rotational is good for Livestock, Soil & the Environment.
Tonight at 6 & 11, is on the campaign trail in with Ohio Gov.
Talking to your kids about drugs doesn’t have to be hard. Free tips here:
Multistate Outbreak of Listeriosis Linked to Packaged Salads Produced at Springfield, Ohio via
Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he's 'not playing around' with state legislators trying to gut renewable energy standards
The HEALTHY U Ohio program can teach you strategies to manage diabetes.
Starting Jan. 30, everyone must dial the 614 area code. Here's what you need to know in preparation of the change:
Bill to defund Planned Parenthood likely to reach Ohio Gov. Kasich this week via
Should've been admitted in 1833, but Ohio Congressmen blocked us. Read up:
Questions about wildlife or recreation in Check out
Looking for a rewarding volunteer opp? Step up for consumer rights w/ LTC Ombudsman.
Immigrant teens enslaved on Ohio egg farm. What's worse? Fed gov may have placed them there
Gov. Kasich: An indefinite freeze of clean energy standards will not be acceptable in Ohio.
Interested in Ohio Programs? First application deadline is 2/19. Visit a USDA Service Center today!
Thank you for following Please help spread the word about the Ohio Military Reserve!
Organizational tips to help kickstart your year from +
AG Statement on the Departure of Steven Dettelbach as U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Ohio http…
January is Human Trafficking Month. Learn more, get resources on this serious issue:
List of states that received salads from Ohio Dole facility added to CDC outbreak site:
.. with TRUMP not interested...Look4Gov CC to lay out some distract.. and or Gov of Ohio Sp K2 step up 4 the establishment
Ohio Gov knows that NJ Gov will be aiming to "take some one out at the debate".. will it be Gov VS Gov?...Gov VS senator(s)?..
Ohio Gov has moved up the polls, and a NIGHT of him with less anger & more nice guy the better for Ohio Gov...// he was too madd b4..
What did Ohio Gov Kasich say about accepting Syrian refugees?
GOFFSTOWN, N.H. -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) tried to channel his inner David Bowie on Sunday -- but it got a little strange.&
Physical Therapists: Renewals are due on or before 1/31/2015. Renew at...
SputnikInt: Ohio asks US gov't to open into in Ohio …
Bruce Tarr, minority leader of Massachusetts state senate, warms up the Londonderry, NH crowd for Ohio Gov. John Kasich town hall.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich ready for his 50th New Hampshire town hall, in Hooksett American Legion post.
See the International Space Station over Columbus right now:
Not a perfect conservative, but if U want a consumption tax, John Kasich Is A Candidate Worth Watching
Ohio deer harvest report shows hunters in Coshocton County with the most kills statewide.
The Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force has created a training video! Learn more here:
Mike Dewine do more 4 missing persons, than Reynoldsburg OH LE did 4
We're so thankful for all of our volunteers! Take a look at what they have been up to:
Forbes: is candidate worth watching & its refreshing to hear clearly defined goals from a proven leader
feel real bad that needs snacks but I live in Ohio and would have to mail them but the is part of the gov't they're fightin
Kasich: If you like Grassley, you’ll like me: WEST DES MOINES — Ohio Gov. John Kasich told a group of Iowans on…
Living up to our profile of Ohio Gov. John Kasich today as the hugger-in-chief.
We know conspiracy was involved in of PA investigate
Additional practice materials and revised test specs available | Ohio Department of Education
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
What an embarrassing puff piece about a guy who increased his state's Medicaid spending by 33%
"Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he had not heard about the standoff…”
Proud reflect on our achievements in 2015 and those to come in 2016 in our Jan 2016
Standing-room only crowd for Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Manchester, N.H.
Content preparation resources for teachers on Ohio's State Tests:
crews have continually been on the water monitoring flooding on the Ohio R (htt…
ICYMI: Ohio Gov. John Kasich ad imagines Trump-Putin power team - but only one is shirtless via
Ohio Gov. meets with editorial board.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich to present plan at Council on Foreign Relations today to ‘defeat the terrorist threat’
Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he spent 18 years on House armed services committee “working with some of the great defense minds.”
"New anti-Trump ad from supporters of Ohio Gov. Kasich compares Trump to Hitler"
Ohio Gov. John Kasich no longer just banning M's for Michigan week - now it's khakis | -
Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh is not to be emulated in Ohio. Ohio Gov. had his own "freedom fries" moment
Who had the worst week in Washington? Ohio Gov. John Kasich. 👍
Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten, now John Lydon and an American citizen, may vote for Ohio Gov. John Kasich featured in NBC s Science of Love
John Kasich gets pushback at New Hampshire event: Ohio Gov. John Kasich has faced plenty of friendly New Hampshire
Speaking at the FOX Business GOP debate, Donald Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich go head-to-head over the issue of undocumented immigrants
Kasich 'leads with his chin' and gets walloped in debate: Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks during the Republi...
On campaign trail, Ohio Gov. John Kasich says GOP needs more pragmatism to win
Veteran pollster: This GOP candidate had the 'lowest score ever' in my focus group: Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) ...
Sure, Ohio Gov. The American taxpayer can arm the world and defend the world, but we can't manufacture our own national security needs.
Ohio Gov. Kasich says Republicans need to be responsible about tax cutting--and he's open to min. wage raise
Ohio Gov. Kasich signed a bill over the weekend overhauling the state's charter-school law. http…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave gas and oil companies the right to drill on ANYONE'S PRIVATE PROPERTY in Ohio without...
John Kasich pins presidential hopes on New Hampshire primary: Ohio Gov. John Kasich is running an ornery…
New rules for Ohio's now that Gov. Kasich has signed a sweeping reform bill
OH crime stats, REYNOLDSBURG covers up crime demand
Tomorrow is VOTING DAY unclear on the issues and/or just want a refresher visit
Applications open for Winter Crisis Program. More than 130,000 households received bill assistance last year.
3 diff tests in 3 years & U think your threat has credibility? We will SuptRichardRoss
Information for districts & families on student participation in Ohio's State Tests.
"FBI - Ohio Man Sentenced to Prison for Internet Extortion Scheme Targeting the University of Pittsburgh"
If you are T/Admin in Ohio and have anything to do with gifted ed, here is a survey on proposed rule changes:
Kasich calls for rebuilding families, neighborhoods: Ohio Gov. John Kasich says the Lord has blessed him and he’s…
Ohio Gov. John Kasich won't sign letter complaining about procedures at GOP debate
Go Vote! Do you have what it takes to vote? | | If you're registered and you plan to...
Calling all Get your Eagle plates and support your local council!
Case of former Ohio Secretary of State Amer Ahmad featured on website:
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill into law revamping charterschool oversight htt…
Why should Ohio workers face masks or termination when flu vaccine has low efficacy but the highest injuries?.
Ohio voters could legalize marijuana, but lawmakers are doing everything they can to not
Ohio agricultural manufacturer fined for exposing workers to amputation, machine hazards. Read news brief:
[FBI] Public Corruption Fugitive Extradited to U.S.: Former Ohio deputy treasurer returns from Pakistan to fac...
HEAP Winter Crisis program opens today. A financial boost for Ohioans threatened with gas disconnection.
If you missed please watch. Help fight heroin here: "Heroin in the Heartland"
Breast Cancer Awareness
Private employer reminder: Nov. 23 is application deadline for group experience rating.
report Franklin CO OHIO corruption here we want NOW
BREAKING: Ohio Gov. John Kasich announces run for president, prompting all other GOP candidates to drop out since he’s so …
Ohio Gov. John Kasich joins The Factor tonight in an election special hosted by Eric Bolling.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich runs the risk of being perceived as a jerk: Brent Larkin
“Ohio Gov. John Kasich should be our next POTUS!
Republican presidential hopeful and Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he would sign Ohio's bill to ban abortion in cases…
Kasich: Latino tip comments about honoring people: Ohio Gov. says he was trying to show appreciation for peopl...
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