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Oglala Lakota

The Oglala Lakota or Oglala Sioux (meaning to scatter one's own in Lakota language) are one of the seven subtribes of the Lakota people; along with the Nakota and Dakota, they make up the Great Sioux Nation.

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Russell Means ... born an Oglala/Lakota in 1939, was raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near the Black H…
Remember Oglala Lakota woman Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow (1989-2017) found dead in her Sioux Falls apartment Jan 6.
If you're Lakota, which of the 7 subs? Sicangu? Oglala? Hunkpapa? These identifiers are really important to us. We are not just Sioux.
WBB: Dickinson State 102, Oglala Lakota, SD 22. - DSU had 2 players with triple-doubles & 2 others with double-doubles. (1 of 2)
Do u remember "Red Cloud 1822-1909" Perhaps one of the most capable warriors from the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) tribesmen
Listen to KDIX & for Blue Hawk hoops as they host Oglala Lakota, SD with the women @ 5:30 & the men @ 7:30.
A young Oglala Lakota man. Photo from 1890-1891. Source – Denver Public Library.
My mother spent part of her youth on the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota…
The 28-year-old member of the Oglala Lakota tribe was part of the group Sioux Falls Two-Spirit and Allies, which...
Oglala Lakota youths from Pine Ridge Reservation decided unanimously to stay the winter to keep the water...
I am a Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge Reservation in that Native American enough for questions?
champions in local policy and the sovereign Oglala Lakota Nation.
"Honor does the right thing, . even when no one is looking." . John Two - Hawks . Siyotanka Oglala Lakota
Last two days on set of 'I Am Thy Weapon' dir. by Oglala Lakota/Navajo filmmaker Razelle Benally 🎬
"Know the Power that is Peace". - Black Elk, Oglala Lakota visionary
Honoring community leaders like Candi Brings-Plenty, Two Spirit Oglala Lakota Sioux, at the 2016 Spirit of Portland…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Great interview with Twila about her story and plans to help:
I'm heading to Rapid City, SD tomorrow to speak at the 3rd Annual Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing Summit at the...
Russell Means, Oglala Lakota, activist for the rights of Native American people,AIM leader, libertar
Woe ksue yea. Doksa ake waunkte - In memory of those who passed before me. I will see you again. .
If you can, donate to the Oglala Lakota kids at Pine Ridge Res for Christmas. Anything helps
Lots of beautiful in this link - Aaron Huey, Shepard Fairey, Ernesto Yerena, and Oglala Lakota people via
When Oglala Lakota elder Lee Plenty Wolf heard I planned to sleep in my car at camp, he offered me his tepe…
Thank You Mrs Noem 4 your open house to help the children on the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota Nation, very very nice.
Oglala Lakota First Nation Mothers Against METH need our help to fight this lethal drug!
Also today on an interview with water protector Lee Plenty Wolf of the Oglala Lakota Nation on the ongoing struggle.
SONG FOR THE PEOPLE . Isaac Weston, Oglala Lakota dedicates his song for all the people who are at Standing Rock
AHE'HEE' to my beautiful sister Yonasda LoneWolf (Oglala Lakota Nation), The Standing Rock Sioux Council, and the... http…
These are “our” Oglala Lakota heroes from Pine Ridge, taken on 12-8-16, toughing it out in their tent at Standing Rock, d…
I was hosted by the Oglala Lakota people and they are very similar to Māori in terms of practices and values
Will you please help America's poorest of the poor, Oglala Lakota tribe in Pine Ridge Reservation,
the county formerly known as Oglala Lakota County
Don’t miss an incredible concert from Alter-Native Rock Duo of Oglala Lakota ancestry tonight 7:30
We as Oglala Lakota, Indigenous people as a whole have faced much worse. I am proud of who I am, not one person of power will change that.
Oh well I still love being Oglala Lakota ✊🏼
Native Teachings: One does not sell the land people walk on. ~ Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Sioux (circa 1840-1877)
Making last stand, Democratic challenger Henry Red Cloud is 93% crushing Republican incumbent Chris Nelson for PUC in Oglala Lakota County.
Life in Lakota riders pause during a day of activitie…
I am Oglala Lakota Sioux and Navajo and my family stands by kratom to help overcome drug addiction
“I don’t think anyone here votes,” said Julie Richards, an Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge Indian…
I am Oglala Lakota, and I have signed petition for my people to protect sacred lands and the water
My father supports the protectors https…
Oglala chef Sean Sherman digs into Lakota lore to build new restaurant's cuisine in Minneapolis via
Transcending cultural boundaries and scattering their music far beyond their Oglala Lakota reservation home in S.D.…
Great grandmother with my great aunts Molly Vivian Cynthia and my unci Louise Mary dubray
John Steele leads off with endorsements and list of his past accomplishments including BOT for Oglala Lakota College.
[Thursday Thought] from Billy Mills, a member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Tribe located in South Dakota.
'Civilization' has been thrust upon me & it has not added one whit to my love for truth honesty & generosity
Jrake, 4, an Oglala Lakota bustle dancer, traveled w/ his parents from Pine Ridge to protest the pipeline. http…
What may be the oldest recordings of the Oglala Sioux Tribe are being repatriated from the
btw 1987 one of the AIM founders Russell Means (Oglala Lakota) ran as Libertarian, Presidential nominee
i'm an Oglala Lakota and I stand with Standing Rock, native pride 1,000,000%
Hopefully next year we will stage a big right here at
Waiting for the moon to peek through the clouds by
Of people whose biographies would make for a fascinating film, Oglala Lakota holy man Black Elk would be an especially good choice.
iNWS Alert New event. Fire Weather Watch from 10/16/2016 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM MDT for Oglala Lakota C… Read more at
Historic mtgs. going on now. Tawa Ducheneaux, Archivist, Oglala Lakota College; John Yellow Bird Ste
A flag for the American Indian Movement at a funeral for an indigenous rights activist. Oglala, Pine Ridge, Lakota…
I liked a video from Oglala Lakota Indian Tribe Arriving at Standing Rock Camp
First Peoples Fund is gratified by the return of our songs to our People, and we were honored to host National...
I support this fundraiser, please check it out: 'Wild Oglala Camp' Support Oglala Lakota defenders!
History is being made. "Black Elk, a holy man of the Oglala Lakota, prophesied that after generations of...
We should be as water, which is lower than all things yet stronger even than the rocks. - Oglala Lakota teaching
Highest Peak in South Dakota Renamed for Oglala Lakota Medicine Man: A federal board has officially changed S...
I know a little Lakota, you might want to reach out to the or the Oglala Lakota College
~40% of the inmates in Sheridan County jails are Oglala Lakota arrested in Whiteclay.
Don't miss the October Artist in Residence is Jared Lanz (Oglala Lakota, South Dakota) with his traditional Plains I
The National Endowment for the Arts repatriated an 1896 Lakota song recording to the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Learn more…
At Oglala Lakota College listening to music returned by American Folklife Center
Oglala Lakota chef Sean Sherman is seeking out & revitalising original sources of sustenance and culture h…
I am Oglala Lakota of the Great Sioux Nation. Where are you from?
"I am Lakota Oglala Brule Sioux of the Rosebud tribe. This isn't about Native Americans, Phil Freeman
As a Oglala Lakota, I feel there are numerous comparisons to actions at both Alcatraz & the Siege
Wakan Tanka Kici Un... these are my Relatives! I'm a lucky. who is off the
Click here to support Winter Supplies for Oglala Lakota in Standing Rock by Ali Thomas
Oglala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse was killed while trying to escape Camp Robinson in This is where he wa…
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Nick Tilsen w/ member of Lakota tribe looks into misleading coverage, support…
Oglala Lakota union member Roben White on & "You can't separate Economic Justice from...
I am Oglala Lakota/Seminole & I stand with my brothers & sisters against this atrocities against our people & our l…
My mitankela's and the boys from Pine Ridge, presenting their Oglala Lakota Project!
us, he was called a "famous fullblood Oglala Lakota" but images show that there is no way that is t…
One Spirit - An American Charity in Support of the Oglala Lakota - Support Us While Shopping
Frost Advisory until 7:00am for Oglala Lakota and Bennett Counties. Temps are currently in low 30's in these areas.
Frost Advisory tonight for Oglala Lakota and Bennett Counties. Be sure to cover your gardens and flowers.…
Oglala Lakota 1964 Olympian gold medalist, Marine, and leader Billy Mills. He is still the only…
Whoa! Frost Advisory has been issued for Bennett and Oglala Lakota counties! Look out everyone, winter is coming!…
'We are enacting our sovereign right to say what happens to our children, water & land' - Regina Brave,…
My grand mother bottom right..her mother was Elizabeth kills enemy 1918
Pls tell your friends about the need for Christmas gifts for Lakota kids in poverty
Today on HD 168746 b: Chief Crazy Horse of the Oglala Lakota surrenders to United States troops in Nebraska (1877/5/6)
Oglala Lakota Co fips isn't in a lot of shape files. Took me a bit to track that down in my code.
Custer is SDC033, Fall River Co is SD047, & Oglala Lakota Co is SD102
Support Olowan, an Oglala Lakota Mother and Grandmother, who has been held in jail since 9/13:
Toddl Little Bull, shot to death on his birthday
Little Turtle's Tipi has been a great supporter of the Oglala Lakota through ONE Spirit! We just wanted to share...
❣My love & prayers go out to my wise, brave brothers & sisters of the at...
Video: Jules from the Oglala Lakota Nation explains why she is locking down to stop Dakota Access Pipeline.
Black Elk Speaks: the story of the Oglala Lakota holy man
Worst US Calvary defeat by Warriors!. 140yrs ago today .
Oglala Lakota paid for their healthcare education & housing with their lives and lands, WHY are we still waiting to receive our purchase's?
We the Oglala Lakota traded our land for health, education and housing, but America lied. We were NOT defeated in war it ended with a Treaty
Great piece on Chef Sean Sherman bringing Oglala foods and cooking traditions to his new restaurant.
Please fill a backpack for an abused child served by the Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center on Pine Ridge Rez
These 10 quotes from the great Chief known as Standing Bear will be sure to disturb much of what you think you...
10 Quotes From an Oglala Lakota Chief that will make you question modern-society - Knowledgeroom2
Remembering Chief Blue Horse. Best known as: One of the first Oglala Lakota U.S. Army Indian Scouts and signatory of
Why does the classify organizers as DOMESTIC but not Organizers?
"Brave Heart, Oglala Lakota and former schools superintendent, has been with the system for 20 years. “We do what...
Check out Lakota Country Times this week for story on Oglala Team "Brew Crew" Wins World Indian Relay Crown!...
Storm in northern Oglala Lakota County is capable of 1.75" hail as it moves east over the Badlands at 25mph.
"Survival of the world depends on sharing what we have, and working together." - Frank Fools Crow (Oglala Lakota)
I liked a video Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center: Caretakers of the Children - Trailer
“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” -Winston Churchill I spent my Fourth of...
Heart breaking Wounded Knee Account located in the Oglala Lakota College Archives and read at the Pourier Family...
My mom's side of the family are Oglala Sioux. We are Lakota.
In the Shadow of Wounded Knee. After 150 years of broken promises, the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge...
We probably should have paid more attention.
"The people of the Oglala Lakota Nation deserve better."
Lyft is partnering with you & giving you 10 free rides Use Lyft Promotional Code: FIBER *** Oglala Lakota County
Cante Tinza Chuntayeenzah. Yesterday at 6:25pm. My people, the Oglala Lakota, like other Native American Tribes,...
Consolation Race # 2 Winner was the Brew Crew Team with rider Hermes Tall representing the Oglala Lakota Sioux...
Lookin a lil wild but another from today!
"A great vision is needed ... follow it as the eagle ..." --Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota
Thrilled to be grantee for the Oglala Lakota Artspace project with Lori Pourier and !
12 Native American Artists will be featured in this year's Oglala Lakota College summer artist series.
I thank you, Wakantanka, for what you've given me. - Billy Mills , Oglala Lakota
My mom is 100% full blooded Oglala Sioux. We are Lakota from the Reservation in Brule Creek, SD. Semper Fi.
powwow/ graduation for Oglala Lakota College students in Kyle, SD..please come!
Shia we r a lincsed your guide service. We give a great traditional oglala Lakota/northern Cheyenne
Oglala Lakota College graduation this weekend in Kyle, SD! Please come! Filled with traditional celebrations, you'd love it
Severe thunderstorm warning for Bennet, Oglala Lakota and Jackson counties in SW South Dakota until 6:45pm MDT
. Worst in US HISTORY? . REALLY? Massacre at Wounded Knee by the US Army, 1890, 300 were murdered.
Largest mass shooting in US history was in 1890. White ppl of US Army massacred more than 350 men, women, & children of the Oglala Lakota
My father's side is Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Indian from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. My Mother's side is of Pagan/Wiccan faith.
“The Holy Land is everywhere.” -Black Elk, holy man of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux)
Red Cloud (Lakota 1822–1909) was a war leader and a chief of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux). He led as a
This is a Picture at Re-member on the Pine Ridge American Indian Reservation, South Dakota. Im Oglala Lakota!
"It is the mothers not the warriors who create a people and guide their destiny" - Luther Standing Bear - Oglala Lakota
No one has authority over the Oglala Lakota Nation and their lands except the Oglala Lakota. It's their right to...
Did you know that Shannon County, South Dakota, is now named Oglala Lakota County?
Met a girl who said she was part Oglala. It's always a great day to be Oglala Lakota!!!
The old lakota was wise. He knew that man's heart away from nature becomes hard. -Luther Standing Bear. Oglala Sioux 1868-1937.
“- what our elders have spent a lifetime to earn.” — Simon Moya-Smith, citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation and journalist
Last yr, of Oglala Lakota College from Manderson, SD, played in front of scouts in Tampa.
It is Dine College vs. Oglala Lakota College in the handgames finale!
Greedy Republican Legislators are profiting by selling us out‼. ===. Feds ignore Oglala Lakota on grizzly bear...
Oglala Lakota Ledger Artist Joel Pulliam on exhibiting at the
Bringing back the Native diet! Chef Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota, born in Pine Ridge, SD, has been cooking in MN,...
What a fantastic idea and I love the word play of the restaurant name! Might just have to take a trip to...
Jones County ranks No. 1, Oglala Lakota County ranks No. 66 for proportion of adults working in SD
forthcoming Minnesota restaurant will serve Lakota "pre-colonization" foods. so cool.
Good morning Elizabeth, I love your story about the Oglala Lakota!. You are an amazing woman!
Hand game sticks made by Shotay Waters (Oglala Lakota) and parfleche from Butch Thunderhawk, UTTC Art instructor,...
Impoverished Oglala Lakota look to rejuvenated relationship w buffalo to improve life on reservation.
A Meat House will put buffalo processing back in the hands of the Oglala Lakota—if they can fund it. What is of...
From the Badlands to Alcatraz — Oglala Lakota youth join the annual swim to Alcatraz (some had to learn to swim 1st)
The Oglala Lakota tribe harvests a handful of buffalo each year. The most the tribe has ever processed in a year...
More on Wiyaka's, Oglala Lakota, courageous storytelling on the Hill for
Buffalo are raised, slaughtered on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Oglala Lakota want to process them there too:
The Crazy Horse Backpack pays homage to legendary warrior of the Native American tribe Oglala Lakota. Fully equippe…
I'm Coming Home: the trailer of the documentary of the Oglala Lakota Nat... via
Pine Ridge tribal officials ask for more help to curb violence in the area:
Mount Marty men finish 1-28 this season, only win was a forfeit to Oglala Lakota. Now begins a crucial offseason.
Beauty. Reminds me of scene in my Oglala Lakota Indian Reservation memoir The Dark Horse Speaks by Little White Bird
A mini project done on Lakota Identity with some fellow students at Oglala Lakota College.
The Oglala Lakota Tribal Council decided against taking the issue of marijuana to a public vote:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
0/ I NOT Surprised, my Father is Oglala, Lakota~I was surprised I wasn't da only Polynesian/Lakota on da Rez!!! ◊
The Oglala Lakota should be allowed to plant and harvest industrial hemp for the benefit of their people. Here is... ht…
Today: Dr. Warne, on trad'l approaches to health disparities. Free, public
It took hatred of Native ppl to do this in Black Hills, sacred to Oglala Lakota Nation. struggle
because some White guys aren't really white.. Their mixed like me I'm part Lakota(oglala)
At this afternoon, a glimpse into life for the Oglala Lakota Nation
I couldn't melt the frozen roses in his heart.~The Dark Horse Speaks~Oglala Lakota memoir by Little White Bird
Check out what Oglala-Lakota chef Sean Sherman is doing to bring back Naive traditional foods!
Thank you! :) Little White Bird memoir: The Dark Horse life with the Oglala Lakota on Pine Ridge Rez SD
born of Oglala Lakota heritage, now this Sioux Chef travels the world introducing
Red Cloud—the life of an Oglala Lakota leader:
"Without your language or your land, you are not who you say you are." Loretta Afraid of Bear, Oglala Lakota
What the calvary did to our Cheyenne relatives at sand creek, The Oglala Lakota did to them at Fettermans massacre,
Be it practicing or this is a feast for
The fierce Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota, Crazy Horse.
yes sir, that's why his triumph at the Games made waves. It finally shined a light on the Oglala Lakota Tribe.
My sister made our Sicangu/Oglala Lakota mom some 'Four directions' earrings and…
This daycare in South Dakota offers a immersion program
Yesterday, at the Oglala Lakota Sioux Housing Conference, Faith Red Eagle spoke of the passing of Justin...
(1822 – December 10, 1909) was an important leader of the Oglala Lakota
Luther Standing Bear, an Oglala Lakota chief, was notable in American history as an Native American author, educat…
Oglala Lakota leader Red Cloud died on the Pine Ridge Reservation on this day in 1909.
Great wisdom. . Thanks for finding and sharing this Rob Quist.
George Steinberg-Caudill ~ Little Big Man, or Charging Bear, was an Oglala Lakota, or Oglala Sioux, who was a...
Jack Red Cloud,1822-1909,war leader,chief of the Oglala Lakota,Sioux,Indian
Mahpiya Luta better known as Red Cloud, a member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux), Red Cloud was one of…
The Lady Panthers are at home tonight facing off against Oglala Lakota College at 7 and tomorrow…
Presentation College basketball cruises to a pair of wins over Oglala Lakota.
Walt Pourier (Oglala Lakota) talks about suicide prevention in Native American communities. htt…
Native Sun News: Oglala Lakota County citizens can serve on juries again in South Dakota
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Oglala Lakota President points to alcohol as the real culprit behind RC hockey game incident:
Judge Jeff Davis violated the civic rights of residents in Oglala Lakota County
Big congrats to Lakota youth & photographer her doc won Best Short Narrative at Gallup Film Festival https:/…
Russell Means was an Oglala Lakota activist, and a very smart man. This is a must watch for anyone that cares...
Got to listen & be inspired by Billy Mills, 1964 Olympian from the Oglala Lakota Tribe today.
Thomas Shortbull of Oglala Lakota College calls for free college tuition for black, Hispanic, and American Indian students at
Thomas Shortbull, Pres Oglala Lakota College--minorities are owed free tuition due to hundreds of years of injustice.
The rent is due. Minority people should not have to pay for college - president Thomas Shortbull, Oglala Lakota College
President Thomas Shortbull (Oglala Lakota College): when the white man came he made treaties but then broke them
SD's Supreme Court tossed judicial order that excluded residents of Oglala Lakota Cty from serving on juries.
Ruling clears Oglala Lakota County residents for jury duty.
"Everywhere is the center of the world. Everywhere is sacred." . ,',',','->> Black Elk, Oglala Lakota http…
Congrats to Men's & Women's Basketball who swept Oglala Lakota this weekend! Come support!
SD Supreme Court tosses order to exclude Oglala Lakota County residents from serving on juries. WATCH on
Residents inside Oglala Lakota County will be able to serve on juries
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Everyone in Oglala Lakota County, SD, was excluded from jury duty by a judge's order that has now been thrown out:
Court rejects ruling that excluded Oglala Lakota County residents from jury duty: via
Its just to acknowledge that I'm biracial I guess, and that I'm proud to be Oglala Lakota.
The Oglala Lakota tribe of South Dakota tried to grow hemp for three consecutive years but were raided each time... https:…
10 quotes from a Sioux Chief: . LUTHER STANDING BEAR WAS an Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Chief who, am...
I am Oglala Lakota. We don't celebrate a murderer in our home.
To celebrate check out my interview with Oglala artist Keith BraveHeart for .
My family is Lakota Oglala, and we celebrate Columbus Day. Thankful for another year of not chasing buffalo!
Wearing it, even imitation, belittles what our elders spend a lifetime 2 earn: Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota Nation
Super awesome to train with my Oglala Lakota Brothers and Sisters!! These two are from my GMom's Rez, Pine Ridge
Its been awesome training with Breezy and her brother, Wayne. They are Oglala Lakota Sioux from the…
The Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge Reservation need your assistance with propane and firewood supplies for the...
More information on the Oglala Lakota Nation. You should know others who struggle for freedom too.
Oglala Lakota Nation representatives are speaking now at Did you know? Native American children...
of the Oglala Lakota people speaking "we are all related, brothers & sisters, trees, rocks..."
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
suitable housing, food, and more of my time to the Oglala Lakota on Pine Ridge
They are Oglala Lakota but their nation is called the Oglala Sioux Tribe
42 years ago, over 200 Oglala Lakota liberated the area of Wounded Knee a 71-day standoff w/ the u.s. government.
Oglala Lakota Co residents: You can add the new SAME code (046102) in your weather radio receivers-just don't delete Shannon Co until Oct 1
Socrates: "You must forgive me, dear friend; I'm a lover of learning, and trees and open country won't teach me...
Oglala Lakota College has acquired a new collection of recorded songs, oral histories and photographs from .
" We learned to do what only the student of nature learns, and that was to feel beauty." Luther Standing Bear-Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Chief
School supplies donation drive for students on Pine Ridge Reservation (at Oglala Lakota College) completed today--thank you!
... We do not want riches, we want peace and love." --Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota
Isn't it time to release the LONGEST SERVING
9) …the old Lakota was wise. He knew that a man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of...
. Wakan Tanka Kici Un. . Thank You for helping our people in ways they can not understand yet! .
Always love listening to the great and inspirational Billy Mills. Oglala Lakota who grew up on the…
My friends, I live in Nebraska and am in an Oglala Lakota frame of mind this morning, therefore want to share this Sioux verse with you.
Today on Viva la Revolucion we will have longtime hemp activist and Oglala Lakota elder Alex White Plume. Tune in...
It is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost. ~Black Elk, Oglala Lakota
Pls support Oglala Lakota College students with some school supplies!
Owe Aku Bring Back the Way. Debra White Plume is Oglala Lakota. Debra has traveled to many indigenous communities...
"My lands are where my dead lie buried." - Crazy Horse (Oglala Lakota)…
Hippies and New Agers to Gather in Sacred Black Hills in Face of Online Firestorm
Three generations of Chief Red Cloud's family. Oglala Lakota. 1909. Photo by J. A. Miller - Library of Congress.
We are mothers, aunties, and grandmothers of the Oglala Lakota Nation from Wanbli Hohpi (Eagle Nest). We are...
Chief Iron Tail on the Nickel Coin of the Oglala Lakota Nation
On Oglala Lakota, Thunder Valley org. is building homes for the community
Listening to my Oglala Lakota sis call in on and join the conversations
lol yes. From the Oglala Lakota people that are now in a reservation in the U.S.
Voices Against Tar Sands from an Oglala Lakota Nation Tribal Member in South Dak - via
Ok well I'm Oglala Lakota and I'm from the plains. I'm a member of my own nation and my history.
The circle has healing power. In the circle, we are all equal. ~Dave Chief, Oglala Lakota
Oglala Lakota women and children sit inside the home of Mrs. American Horse.
At the Oglala Lakota and really missing my
Please support the nursing students at Oglala Lakota College with school supplies
World famous Oglala Lakota College graduate decided to come to training…
\0/ S/O for his unique designs at the 30th Annual Oglala Lakota Nation Wacipi~Epic weekend Style ◊ ♥ \m/\m/ ♥
Oglala Lakota Sioux - Pine Ridge Reservation. Still here, still proud (Vine by
"You can find hundreds of books, stories, and information written about the Lakota people, but hardly none...
Tree burial of the Oglala Lakota near Fort Laramie, Wyoming. American Indian Select List number 18. Found on...
Being able to come to is HUGE for Pine Ridge!
To us Nature is tame, Earth is bountiful, & we are surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery. - Black Elk, Oglala Lakota Sioux
Recent works by Emil Her Many Horses (Oglala Lakota), beadwork and quillwork artist
Lakota Solar Enterprises founder & Oglala Lakota tribal member Henry Red Cloud had to say: “We believe that...
Oglala Lakota camp, on or near Pine Ridge 1891. No other info given.
Outside Circle: Young cowboy loses life, Lisa Wins Calgary, Oglala Lakota Nation Rodeos, Day of the Cowboy program
Wings is very proud of Oglala Lakota Head Facilitator, James Pine, for his efforts on the Pine Ridge Reservation...
Handling business & Preparing for the PowWow. Oglala Lakota PowWow & Rodeo 2015!!
... if every step you take is a prayer, then you will always be walking in a sacred manner - Oglala, Lakota Holy man
as an I'd wanna know if you'll Free longest serving
I met Stephen Yellowhawk of the Oglala Lakota Nation on my Trafalgar trip.he is inspirational
A man's heart away from grows hard. ~Standing Bear
Guided by the aspirations of the Oglala Lakota Indian communities we serve, Re-Member seeks to improve the...
For this I'm writing: Oglala Lakota artist Keith BraveHeart​ talks identity and his calling as an .
It's time for tribal nations trapped in Jackson County to secede and join Oglala Lakota County.
6.9.1870: Pres Grant receives Oglala Lakota leader Red Cloud, who had forced US Army off Bozeman Trail, then agreed to peace.
What do you think about ufc fighter ? he's a Oglala Lakota fighter. very exciting fighter. cool IG too
Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing works with stakeholders to improve systems dealing with water & waste:
Check out 1987 10c Red Cloud, Chief of the Oglala Lakota Scott 2175 Mint F/VF NH via
Hope this question isn't too personal but are you Oglala Lakota?
Well I was suppose to be almost full blood Oglala Lakota but just found a blonde hair in my mustache. Idk. 😏😂
Oglala Lakota and Todd Counties at the top. Again. This map shows the deadliest counties in America via
10 Quotes from a Chief that remind us of true American values:
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