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Officer Candidate School

Officer Candidate School or Officer Cadet School (OCS) are institutions which train civilians and enlisted personnel in order for them to gain a commission as officers in the armed forces of a country.

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Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, was tough. During an inspection, a fellow soldier received 30...
Then he said he'd try to go to OCS after college. (Officer candidate school basically how you become an officer if you already have a degree
I'm in college. When I graduate I'm going to apply for officer candidate school. I want to be a pilot.
Lynnfield native Patrick W. Martin graduated from the United States Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS) on...
something I learned at Officer Candidate School- Leaders inspire!
Tomorrow is the big day! Army Officer Candidate School Board interview. s/o to everyone who had supported me & been there during this process
Tomorrow I start Warrant Officer Candidate School. Hopefully next time you'll hear from me is in late February when…
Had my interview with the Commanding Officer today, I cannot wait to go to Officer Candidate School
My brother graduated Navy officer candidate school today! I guess we're both anchored 😉.
more fragile than think: Marine Corps officer voters must defeat Donald Trump
Here is some info on the FY17 Officer Candidate School ->...
Looking for a new for a new School Crossing Patrol in for More @
He was commissioned via Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island.
Q: Will apply for or Officer Candidate School?. She's gonna fight right?
We will be on hand to discuss while here in school but also post-degree Army options such as enlistment and O…
I ended up going to Dartmouth, and I did Marine Officer Candidate School d...
Josh got his PT visits approved by the military! Woo hoo! Road to Officer candidate school round two in full affect!
sir distt education officer is asking school principal to come personaly with candidate for signing experience certificate. Why?
Bro Bill Peterson graduated from Officer Candidate School. Great asset to our lodge and the US Air Force Reserve.
The Candidate Results website is administered by schools, not by us. Please speak to the exams officer at your son's school.
Former Army spokesman now heads the Officer Candidate School in Capas, Tarlac after turnover ceremony Wednesday morning.
Congrats to one of our alumni, Jacob Dominy, on recently completing Marine Corps Officer Candidate school!
always do. I plan on going to the Air Force once I graduate though. Going to officer candidate school then working there
This is why i love my job! . I helped a friend train for OCS officer candidate school. . I'm am…
We are so proud of our sister, Alia for graduating Marine Corp Officer Candidate school this weekend!
The 193rd Regional Training Site, Officer Candidate School is looking for new recruits. If you are interested in...
Well...I was suppose to be on a plane headed for Warrant Officer Candidate School today, but I got pushed back. Hoping for the October slot
Congrats to basketball alum Brandon Mitchell '14 on his graduation from officer candidate school!
Officer candidate school sound tough asf but i kno i can do it
I can't believe my amazing brother graduated from Marine Officer Candidate School a year ago!!…
Big shoutout to my brother for graduating officer candidate school keep killing it🇺🇸 Semper Fi
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I'm getting out of the Army when Ashlyn is born so I can do Officer Candidate School. I'm nervous.but ready.
Graduated. Luke Armstrong graduated from Officer Candidate School with the United States Navy on July 9, 2016. He...
On my final Liberty weekend. Next Saturday I will be Graduating Officer Candidate School and earning that title of Marine Officer.
"Let me tell you 'bout my best-friend". He did it! He graduated Officer Candidate School in the Marine Corps🇺🇸
This morning, welcomed the largest class of Officer Candidate School graduates since 2009.
July 1st - Kevin at Family Day at Officer Candidate School
I still contemplate Officer Candidate School but I really want to get my PhD after I get my masters 🤔
She did it! Our very own has graduated Officer Candidate School. We are so proud! 🇺🇸❤️
The Sound of the Gun This Is Part 3 and Is Day 2 of Aviation Officer Candidate School AOCS in Pensacola, Florida on
Look at Swaggy all graduated from Officer Candidate School. Can't describe how proud I am …
Officer's Candidate school in 1972 When Nam calmed down. I would be a General today and could arrest Obama!😠
Company D Officer Candidate School Quantico VA. My boy is not in site but his brothers do the company proud!
man I'll never forget this day...OCS (Officer Candidate School) me and my…
My gf gave my ticket to my mom since I'll be reporting to Marine Officer Candidate School the day of the concert.
Air Force hopefully. Applying for a spot in Officer Candidate School and Undergraduate Pilot Training!
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ASVAB tomorrow 🤘🏼 one step closer to officer candidate school
Hope for the benefit of the perfect candidate while Democrats are in LA school officials say police officer
I liked a video U.S. Army Officer Candidate School - Behind the Scenes
A letter from Joe Louis helped Jackie Robinson in his bid to attend Officer's Candidate School.
Proud of my brother Mitchell for graduating from officer candidate school today
Finance Officer - LoughboroughJob Description - The successful candidate will assist the School Business Manager...
Excited for this opportunity to attend the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School…
Officially selected to attend Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps. So thankful for this opportunity. Truly blessed🇺🇸
I'm in-processing at Warrant Officer Candidate School so bye
DECA Chapter Officer Candidate Applications are available to you in F125 (Mr. Rachlins Room) for School Year 2016-17!!!
Do I take the option to leave UNCC for the Naval Academy or stay and go to Officer Candidate School for the marines?
Congratulations to WOC Class 16-07, Gold Valkyries, on thier graduation from Warrant Officer Candidate School!...
Congratulations to WOC Class 16-05, Purple Direwolves, on their graduation from Warrant Officer Candidate School!...
Today after school is the DECA officer candidate meeting and that officer candidate packets are available.
JLC WAS A BLAST TODAY!! For our new event we had 18 members attend State/District Officer Candidate School.
I always love meeting new FFA members, and seeing old friends👌🏼 great day at the first ever State Officer Candidate School!
This stud officially began his 12 wk journey of Officer Candidate School today at 0545 & I couldn't be more proud❤️
Hey BTW I'm a big fan, Spartacus war and masters of command two books I recommend for officer candidate school.
If your grave says Rest in Peace on it you have options including officer candidate school for the skeleton war
Decided to give Officer Candidate School a shot.. this will be interesting.
If you or your school is running a candidate for an officer position, remember that completed nomination forms are due March 25!!
5 of our officers attended State Officer Candidate School today! They learned a lot and had a great time!
State Officer Candidate school is officially underway!
Got a date for my board interview next week, last step before Coast Guard Officer Candidate School assuming all goes well.
I have lots of time before officer candidate school but I want to be fit before college
Officer Candidate School/Course for Philippine Air Force. I'm coming for you. Next year maybe or the year after next *fingers crossed*
So one more month and I move on to the next big thing in my career.6 more years until I can even think about Officer Candidate School
New London is home to several Coast Guard units & the CG Academy & Officer Candidate School
Congratulations to Class 16-02, Gold Minions, on their graduation from Warrant Officer Candidate School.
Military News: Maxwell R. Phillips has graduated from Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning in Columbus, Ga.,…
Full Time School Admissions Officer required by based in the civic centre Closing 14th Dec
I have decided to take my talents to the USMC to become and officer and a pilot. I was selected for Officer Candidate School in January.
Officer Candidate School is like Boy Scout camp in 2003 except you get yelled at everyday and get 4 hours of sleep
Gotta find out 1) Do I have to have my degree before going to officer candidate school & 2) Do I start getting paid right after finishing?
Just wanted to give a S/O to the older bro who leaves for Navy Officer Candidate School tomorrow can't wait to salute you one day love u 🇺🇸
In today's Military Times Frontline Photos: Candidates in Officer Candidate School jump into a muddy pit right...
answer: In 1917, Ft. Des Moines became the first officer candidate school for African American men.
Our neighbor up the road, Fort Des Moines, became the first Officer Candidate School for African American men in...
"We?" Are you going to officer candidate school to lead the troops on the battlefield?
A big congratulations to our six Officer Candidate School graduates from OCS Class 1-16. These six started out in...
Immensely proud of the 2015 alums who graduated from officer candidate school today.
Ready to be an American Leader. Come in and find out home to go to Officer Candidate School or…
Warrant Officer Candidate school then flight school?
Reminds me of this movie about Aviation Officer Candidate School. Gunny Holt was one of my DIs
Military recruiter told me that he would get me into officer candidate school. Was a lie - ended up as a PFC.
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Eric, Carson needed to let everyone know he took ROTC. SR. ROTC is what the II guys & gals called Officer Candidate School.
J got accepted to go to Officer Candidate School over the summer!
Today my daughter contracted with the USMC. Next summer she will be going to Officer Candidate School after she graduates from
Before sunrise, candidates at Officer Candidate School are putting in the necessary work to become Marines.
Learn the elements of leading and inspiring fellow Marines. For many, the path begins at Officer Candidate School. https…
Today Tuesday!: Today we want to send out the invitation for our Second State Officer Candidate School of the year!
Clark County school board candidate on ballot despite felony charge stemming from her former probation officer job:
Madison County probation officer charged w/ theft in office but she's running for re-election today for school board
School board candidate on ballot today despite felony charge: A former longtime chief probation officer in Madison…
Im not gonna enlist again... Imma get my *** to school, get an electrical engineer bachelors and go to Officer Candidate School
the bad part is I got it...had to visit that battlefield during officer candidate school
F/T Secondary School Admissions Officer required by London Borough of based in Closing 8th Nov
Pres. Candidate had the PERFECT response to the .
I can only imagine what my life would be like if I had gone into Officer Candidate School and not public college.
CW5 Smith attended the Warrant Officer Candidate School Class 15-23, the Wookies, graduation ceremony on 6...
Sir, I was in the Army and in Officer Candidate School, the instructors stressed to us: When ambushed, attack the ambush.
Army OCS Officer Candidate School commission...: How to become an officer in the United States Military. In pa...
Congratulations to Class 15-22, Blue Marauders, on their graduation from Warrant Officer Candidate School.
Capt makes me not want to bail out on Officer Candidate school, and actually be an officer omg
Congratulation to the most recent selectees of the Chicago Recruiting Battalion Officer Candidate School Board.
Vacancy!!! School Admin officer for a school in Ajah 25/30 years old male interested candidate should send cv to wandea…
Just found out another good friend of mine is currently going through Officer Candidate School! Hope he does well--and prayers up for him.
when i get my B.A. so i can go in and enroll in the Officer candidate school
Does the Army still pay off your college loans? Seriously considering re-enlisting for Officer candidate school...
NEW: 4th candidate is Lloyd Martin, chief executive officer for Universal School Solutions, LLC in Florida
Alternate way to learn this: Go to Officer Candidate School at the military service academy of your choice.
.That is going too far. Holders of 4 year liberal arts degrees can become an Army Officers.
My mom is seriously against me applying for officer candidate school
U.S. Coast Guard on Instagram: “Members of Officer Candidate School (OCS) Class 1-16 and NOAA's...
Congrats to the older bro for graduating officer candidate school!! So…
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Now I have to get myself a sponsor to join the Officer Candidate School woo
I had an opportunity to see this future Naval Officer at Navy Officer Candidate School. It's been a…
"Semi serious" Marine friend is taking his last test for OCS (Officer Candidate School) he's nervous, so I'm trying to send positive vibes!
Phase 1 of Officer Candidate School for the next 2 weeks. Won't have my cell back until July 25th.
Congratulations to Mike Korona,Class of 2015. He has been accepted to Naval Officer Candidate School as both a Pilot & Naval Flight Officer.
Officer Candidate School applicant Jok looking to join the reserves next week. Combat Engineer in Des Moines.
I am now officially a candidate for the USMC Officer Candidate School 💪🏼
What's something you want to happen in your life the ... — Fly get selected for officer candidate school for the...
Well I didnt join but I went to Officer Candidate School. Tryna go in after college
A history prof. was named to the Army's Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame for his leadership merit!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS)? Follow Fort Benning’s...
I was gone for 6 weeks at Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, but I worked my *** off and…
Cheers to Fourth of July weekend and this guy coming home from Officer Candidate School! S… http:…
Congrats and s/o to my buddy , on his way to Marine Officer Candidate school! Good luck and slay bodies bro
Heading to Virginia, Officer candidate school awaits.
Today my not-so-little little brother ships off to his first round of Officer Candidate School,…
Only person missing is fiancé, ashrader12. He's at Marine Officer Candidate School! We…
After this summer I'll be going to officer candidate school until college graduation and I'm having the bare minimum of fun
My best friend leaves to Virginia tomorrow for Officer Candidate School. My heart is full of joy but…
My bro just graduated officer candidate school. Now he's a marine. Yay.
oh maybe lol for army they have a program called OCS officer candidate school and if you pass youre a 1LT
Going to Quantico, Virginia for my first duty station! Gonna be working at Officer Candidate School!
I added a video to a playlist Officer Candidate School (OCS)
Taking my oath of office for Navy Officer Candidate School in 1985
Congrats to SPC Peyton selected for Officer Candidate School. Enlisted today and leaves in mid - March.
Have any of you ever tried Officer Candidate School?
TAMPA TRIVIA: Did you know...Braulio Alonso was born in Ybor City on December 16, 1916. His parents were both cigar makers in Ybor City and members of the Centro Asturiano social club. Braulio went to work at the age of 10 in order to help support his family. He graduated from Hillsborough High School as valedictorian in 1935. He graduated from the University of Tampa, also as valedictorian, in 1939. Braulio married Adelfa (Bebe) Diaz, an elementary school educator, in August 1941. They had two children. Braulio entered the US Army in October 1941. He entered as a private and was immediately sent to Officer Candidate School. Dr. Alonso served with the 85th infantry Division in North Africa and the Italian Campaign as Battery Commander in the 328th Artillery Battalion. He was in the first group of allied officers to enter Rome. Major Alonso was discharged in November 1945. He received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart with Cluster. Alonso began his teaching career as a chemistry and physics teacher at Henry ...
Tomorrow my brother leaves for Officer Candidate School. I'm proud of you and can't wait to hear about…
2015 Lookin up!! been chosen to go to leadership opportunity conference out of my unit for a spot in officer candidate school 😎
I DO! but I'm going to get a degree first so i can be eleigiblle to officer candidate school
I'm so proud of my brother for being accepted into the Coast Guards Officer Candidate School!! It…
I think I officially decided I'm going to apply for Marine Officer Candidate School.
Glad to announce that I am taking a big step for my future and applying to become a candidate for the U.S Marine Officer School.
COD Zombies one more time before my bro leaves for officer candidate school👊
Sissie Nell Montana ships out for Officer Candidate school at the Coast Guard today. Not…
I was almost peered out of officer candidate school. The tacs used me to lecture. "You might not like Cernovich but you will remember him."
Vacancy at Karachi School of Art. RECEPTIONIST / FRONT DESK OFFICER. The ideal candidate should:. - Posses good...
congratulations to graduating officer candidate school. That is huge, congrats buddy
An interesting read on the kind of exercise regime in Marine Officer boot camp. The Marines need a culinary re-think.
Lin just graduated from tank officer candidate school.
Two weeks 'til graduation, and I'm already looking ahead. There's no time to celebrate. CG Officer Candidate School is on one of my horizons
I GOT ACCEPTED!! I will be leaving in June for Officer Candidate School!💪
I was informed today that I have officially been selected to attend Officer Candidate School this summer!
Can't wait to reenlist in the Marine Corps and attempt Officer Candidate School
Kiss a Veteran today and say thank you! I did! (Jim on graduation day from Officer Candidate School,…
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Happy 239th birthday I can't wait to get to Officer Candidate School and join you! 🇺🇸
My Nike Frees are beginning to rip. I need suggestions for a good pair of track and street running shoes here at officer candidate school.
Yup! Next'll be Officer Candidate School for the commission of an "officer and a gentleman by act of congress."
Met with a recruiter to discuss Officer Candidate School. Naval Flight Officer, INTEL Officer, or Service Warfare Officer
Finish graduating Officer Candidate School, and what's the first thing I do? Change into civvies.
S/O to my brother for graduating from Officer Candidate School today!! Congratulations can't wait to…
Just wanna get through my last 2 years of college so I can get to Officer Candidate School
Just got word that I've been accepted to go to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA for 6 weeks this summer!
My strategy for getting chosen for USMC Officer Candidate School is, if I can't "out-muscle" the competition, I'll "out-endurance" them.
I think I should look into how hard it is to get into Coast Guard Officer Candidate School...
180 Soldiers from 17 states enter the final days of a two-week training phase of Officer Candidate School in Niantic h…
Today in 1941 the 1st class of the Infantry officer candidate school graduates 171.
Arkansas National Guard Commissions 11 New Officers ROBINSON MANEUVER TRAINING CENTER, North Little Rock, Ark.—Family, friends and fellow National Guard members packed the Patriot Hall Auditorium at the National Guard Professional Education center here Saturday as Class 57 of the Officer Candidate School was commissioned as second lieutenants in the Arkansas Army National Guard. Brig. Gen. Kirk VanPelt, commander of the Joint Force Headquarters for the Arkansas National Guard, was the featured speaker and provided several pieces of advice to the 11 new officers joining the leadership of the Arkansas Army National Guard. “Always lead by example, never let your integrity waiver, and always take care of the soldiers under your command,” said VanPelt. “These are key tenets of a good officer and hallmarks of great leaders.” The ceremony marked the end of many months of mental and physical training for the officer candidates. Smiles abounded as one by one the new officers came forward and were pinn .. ...
>any tips for Warrant Officer Candidate School
Gordon then Benning for officer candidate school. Are you enlisted? I can't remember.
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Iowa National Guard will send 12 Warrant Officer Candidates to Camp Atterbury, Indiana, for FINAL Phase of Warrant Officer Candidate School.
If I don't have 2-3 certs and/ or going to officer candidate school then I'm prolly getting out of the navy
Obituaries today: David D'Alessandro studied naval aviation at Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I.
September has finally arrived which means I only have a couple of weeks before Navy Officer Candidate School starts.
Wow, this was a lifetime ago. This is my official DA photo for my application to Officer Candidate's School,...
Alice (WAF Book 2) by Bunny Alice has dreams of becoming an officer. Will Officer Candidate School fulfill her dreams or will she succeed.
Congrats to the 74 ensigns commissioned today at the US Navy's Officer Candidate School here at Naval Station Newport!
15 Soldiers commission as second lieutenants By Sgt. 1st Class Theanne Tangen SDNG Public Affairs Office MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL PARK, S.D. – Fifteen South Dakota Army National Guard Soldiers took the Oath of Office and commissioned as second lieutenants during a ceremony Saturday, Aug. 16, at Mount Rushmore National Park. The second lieutenants recently completed Officer Candidate School through the SDNG 196th Regiment, Regional Training Institute, at Fort Meade, the first step in their officer training and development. The guest speaker for the ceremony Maj. Gen. Tim Reisch, adjutant general of the SDNG, explained to audience members what it means to commission as an officer. “Receiving a commission as a second lieutenant puts an officer on a distinct career path that can lead to the very top of our organization,” said Reisch. “These 15 Soldiers were initially selected and approved for the OCS program based on the potential others saw in them. Their successful completion of this course is absolu ...
Congrat's to former AC Baseball player, Matt Desrochers, for graduating from Marine Officer Candidate school.
Kansas National Guard Officer Candidate School induction and graduation ceremony is Aug. 16
It's official. My brother and also my biggest inspiration made it through Officer Candidate School for the Marine Corps.
To become an Officer in the US Armed Forces u enter by 4 ways : Senior Academic and Senior Military Colleges, ROTC, Officer Candidate school
My Dad was lucky enough to attend Officer Candidate School, USN in Rhode Island and see Celtics in '60's.
OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL (OCS). HQDA will conduct FY15, OCS Selection Panels on or about 12-16 January 2015. AC...
Officer Candidate School is going to be a lot harder than I thought
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So pumped to destroy officer candidate school
Break down of my 26 hours of libbo at Officer Candidate School=Sleep: 8hrs. Eating: 4hrs. Phone calls home: my ears: 9 hrs.
Great time in VA this weekend! Best friend graduated Officer Candidate School.
navy! I got a head start and my commander could help me Deciding if I should try to go to officer candidate school or just join
My best friend is home! 2nd LT Grange is home from Officer Candidate School!
Congrats to my good pal Jimmy Long for graduating Officer Candidate School this morning. Grabbing life…
My best friend graduated Officer Candidate School this morning and just became a Lieutenant in the…
What a great day. Glad I got to be here for his graduation from Officer Candidate School and…
Proud of my guy for completing Officer Candidate School! Big things come to those who work hard -
So honored to spend the morning watching my brother-in-law graduate from Officer Candidate School. Out of 197...
I cannot wait until the day i graduate college and go to officer candidate school. and go to the navy.
Siobhain and I legit spoke about joining the army today! If we can do the buddy program I'm sold & in for officer candidate school!
This is Matt. He is home from Officer Candidate School. He is now a marine. USA.
It's official, I leave for Air Force basic training Nov. 4th!! That is, unless I make it into the Officer Candidate School
yes, but I'm not going to boot camp I'm going to officer candidate school (OCS) hopefully! I'm pretty strong 👊💪
All i know is these next 3 years are going to fly by. School, work, working out, then officer candidate school for the navy.
Took a big step in getting into Officer Candidate School today by taking the ASTB for pilot training...AND CRUSHING IT!!! 😁
Washington. That's where navy had Officer Candidate School and Warrant School. Think Officer & a Gentleman filmed there think
Members of the Albanian Officer Candidate Class 001 learn how to identify and react to improvised explosive devices at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., June 4, 2014. Albania is the first State Partnership Program country to send its officer candidates to the United States to attend an Officer Candidate School program. The 12-week NJARNG OCS program is modelled after the active-duty program at Fort Benning, Ga., and includes classroom instruction, physical and leadership training.
Excited for my niece to get home tonight after spending a month at Officer Candidate School (ie: boot camp). We are so proud of you Taylor!!
Good luck to Law and Society alumnus Matthew Michanczyk as he heads off to basic training and Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning.
Nick will report to Officer Basic Candidate School in August after his leave.
Dropping this handsome fella off for Officer Candidate School! I'm going to miss you! Good luck, you…
In order to from our Officer Candidate School, there was a requirement to present a "change…
"Don't just learn the tricks of the trade, learn the trade itself!" - at today's Officer Candidate School
One of the key components of our Officer Candidate is teaching our emerging how to…
The Officer Candidate School is in its third year. Today more than 10 personnel will
Our officer candidate school is the first of its kind! It equips emerging w/the tools they need to lead powerfully & effect
Exciting day ahead at Convention! Middle school competitions, Day of Service & state officer candidate interviews!
Yesterday I had some time to reflect on what happened 45 years ago:  May 27, 1969 was a great day for me. My mom, dad, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother and girl friend (ex-wife but still dear friend) were all at Fort Sill to see me commissioned as a 2LT in the Field Artillery.   I have been back at Fort Sill now for nearly ten years and a few things really struck home:   1. I now have the keys to Building 3025 at Fort Sill (I reported to that building in November 1968 to begin Officer Candidate School). At that time it was the OCS Headquarters. Now it’s the Fort Sill Artillery OCS Hall of Fame.   2. I took care of some business in Building 3025 yesterday afternoon and as I left I took a look at the sign out front, displaying the names of the occupants in charge: Mr. Randy Dunham and Mrs. Penny Dunham. Very Humbling.   3. On May 27, 1969 I certainly never thought about where I would be or what I would be doing exactly 45 years later.   4. Then some other things came to mind: I was wrapping ...
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*** .Good luck to my cousin who's gonna be in Marine. 'Officer Candidate School' until July down at Quantico! Don't give up and Semper Fi!!
Yesterday my little brother Zachary Weinbaum started Marines Officer Candidate School. Even though I don't understand half the things he does and sometimes explain to people he's a pilot in the army/navy/something else incorrect I'm so proud of him. Love you Zachy-hope they have lots of hummus to keep you going!
Thought a lot of my father over this holiday. He was in the Air Force in WWII . He was a tail gunner and radio man .. He told many stories of his wartime experiences , but what really told the tail was when I came across the paperwork detailing some of his missions and the recognitions .. He was awarded a purple heart and the distinguished flying cross . One of his missions was the bombing of the polesty oil fields ...the pivitol move that pretty much shut down the enemy. He had bee reccomended for officer candidate school , on his way to be a pilot . The paperwork stopped there . Nothing more , and I know he never became a pilot . When I asked my mother about it she pulled out a picture of him that I had never seen before . Wow , his eyes looked like he had seen a thousand ghosts .He was honorably discharged with battle fatigue . He loved his country and served proudly .
Any one who wants to write me while at OCS Address is Wheeler, Jonathan Officer candidate school, Lima Company, 4th platoon 2189 Elrod ave. Quantico, VA 22134-5033
I am currently attending USMC Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia and will have very limited communication for the next 6 weeks. I'll reply to texts and FB messages when I get the opportunity. Thank you to all of those who have helped me along the way.
Memorial day is a time for us to remember and honor all those that choose to serve their country. These men and women who are willing to put the needs and protection of many over their own. Their duty, to protect and serve the United States and the citizens. whatever is required of them..Their lives and memories should always be remembered by those that got to live in freedom due to the the soldiers, sailors and airmen. For me however, there is one who stands out as an example of the honor , bravery and sense of duty . The post may be long but it is a story worth telling. It was my father Ray M. Carson.The two attached photos show the full spectrum of his career. In the first one, a young newly commissioned Second Lieutenant sits for a portrait before heading to the Korean War. In the second photo , Colonel (ret.) Carson stands by his parents grave in Arlington. His father was a veteran of WW 1. Ray Carson joined the military in 1950 as a private. The 1952, he took the opportunity to attend officer candi ...
S/O to 2 of my friends who are currently in Virginia. One of them is at Officer candidate school for the marines
My interview (1995) with MOH recipient Maj. Robert H. Dunlap, USMC (Ret.). It may also be read on by website at R.I.P. Bobby. Zedric: When did you enter the Marine Corps? DUNLAP: I enlisted in February 1942. I was graduated early from Monmouth College [Illinois] because of the war and went straight to Quantico, Virginia for Officer Candidate School. Zedric: Where did you go after OCS? DUNLAP: I was commissioned at Quantico, and then I attended the Officer’s Training Course there. Zedric: What was your first assignment? DUNLAP: My first assignment was the Paramarines at Camp Gillespie, San Diego. We did our parachute training there. Zedric: Did you deploy overseas with the Paramarines? DUNLAP: Yes. My first action was at Vella Lavella with the Paramarines. I also got a campaign star for Guadalcanal. Zedric: Did you see action at Guadalcanal? DUNLAP: Not action, but we brought in equipment. Zedric: Did you work with Edson’s Raiders? DUNLAP: Yes. We went to several critiques where the ...
Happy Memorial Day! Today I did the crossfit MURPH workout and today I remember this and many of my brothers who fell defending our country. Thank you all for your courage and sacrifice. "Murph" For time: 1 mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 1 mile Run Murph” is a CrossFit Hero WOD named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. He was 29, of Patchogue, N.Y. Lt Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after his death. The workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it ‘Body Armor.’ It first appeared on the CrossFit site 18 August 2005. Engaged in a frenzied firefight and outnumbered by the Taliban, Navy Lt. Michael Murphy made a desperate decision as he and three fellow SEALs fought for their lives on a rocky mountainside in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province in 2005. In a last-ditch effort to save his team, Murphy pulled out his satellite phone, walked into a clearing to get reception and called for reinforcements as a fusilla ...
Some mourn the loss of beloved family members or comrades in arms, who gave the most precious gift they had - their very life's breath - for the cause of country and in the name of honor. Some of us haven't had our lives touched personally by such a loss. I fell into that group of Americans until May of last year. It was then that I met Lieutenant Kyle N. Drake... Son of Texas, Aggie, USMC, KIA at Iwo Jima... or at least became acquainted with the spirit of the man. And then we introduced him to you, through his wartime Aggie senior boots and other personal effects. Through research on these ephemeral items, I tried to flesh out who he was. I learned that he was a hardworking son of a South Texas rancher. He studied animal husbandry at A&M to follow in his daddy's footsteps. He had a *** of a sense of humor, was respectful and athletic, and always up for an adventure. With no kin left to tell his story, I hoped that I did him justice. The responsibility was a heavy one. There was one thing that I couldn' ...
My son Dan Miller, is on his way to Quantico today; back to Marine Officer Candidate School! His foot is healed, and he only has 6 weeks of "boot camp" this time (he finished 7 of the 10 weeks last time, then broke his foot). Nice that there is a shorter program available in the summer. Praying that all will go as planned, and by the 4th of July, he will be Lieutenant Dan! (his joke) I am so proud of you Dan!! ~~I believe there is a reason for everything, and I think maybe he needed to be back in Arizona this spring to meet a certain lovely young lady, Allie Anderson, who is also sending along her prayers and well-wishes~~ : ))
Well the time has finally arrived. I am finally leaving for Officer candidate School. See y'all in six weeks!
After the death of his wife Carole Lombard, Clark Gable joined the Army Air Corps. He was eventually promoted to major, and served most of his time in the U.K. (BIO) Clark Gable training in Miami, 1942. Clark Gable marching with other Army Air Corps Officer Candidate School students in Miami, 1942.
Today, the love of my life gets shipped off to Virginia to complete his officer candidate school! The…
As many of you know our son Kris left this morning for Officer Candidate School. Can't express the pride we feel! Keep him in your thoughts over the next six weeks!🇺🇸
Lots of folks forget that this is what Memorial Day is for: James Regan was born on June 27, 1980, in Manhasset, New York, where he grew up and showed impressive athletic and academic talent from an early age. According to the Manhasset Press, Regan graduated high school with honors in 1998. He was an All American in lacrosse and an All State Scholar in football. James, known as Jimmy to his friends, was awarded a lacrosse scholarship to Duke University, where he helped the Blue Devils win the ACC Championship for two consecutive years. At Duke Jimmy met and fell in love with Mary McHugh, an Atlanta native, to whom he would later become engaged. Both graduated from Duke; Mary went on to the Emory University School of Medicine, while Regan, with a bachelor's degree in economics, was offered a job by the Swiss-based global financial services firm UBS. He was also offered a scholarship to the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. Jimmy Regan turned down both of these prestigious offers to enlis ...
THE COURAGE OF SAM BIRD By B. T. Collins I met CPT Samuel R. Bird on a dusty road near An Khe, South Vietnam, one hot July day in 1966. I was an artillery forward observer with Bravo Company, 2nd/12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, and I looked it. I was filthy, sweaty, and jaded by war, and I thought "Oh, brother, get aload of this". Dressed in crisply starched fatigues, Captain Bird was what we called "squared away" - ramrod straight, eyes on the horizon. *** you could still see the shine on his boot tips beneath the road dust. After graduation from Officer Candidate School, I had sought adventure by volunteering for Vietnam. But by that hot and dangerous July, I was overdosed on "adventure," keenly interested in survival and very fond of large rocks and deep holes. Bird was my fourth company commander, and my expectations were somewhat cynical when he called all his officers and sergeants together. "I understand this company has been in Vietnam almost a year and has never had a party," he said. No ...
Good morning ladies! After almost three years of waiting and going through the selection process I am finally shipping off to Officer Candidate School today. It is only the first 6 weeks of training but I am expecting to be challenged mentally and physically. Keep me in your prayers as I start the process of becoming a Marine Corps officer. OOrah! and Semper Fi!
Off to Quantico for USMC Officer Candidate School in the morning. See ya all in 6 weeks when I'm lean and mean.
I will be heading to Officer Candidate School in the morning. I will be mostly out of contact until 03 July. If you really need to get in touch with me I will try to post my mailing address. If you know my mom or Jesse you can get it from them.
Tomorrow I leave for my final portion of Officer Candidate School. Please keep me in your prayers.…
Good luck to my brother who is leaving tommorow for officer candidate school for the Marines Corps
Almost done with Warrant Officer Candidate School. 4 days and a wake up.
You finally made it, son, after combining work and school, we're proud of you. Good luck on your Officer Candidate School in the US Navy. One down, two to go.
speak for yourself I go to Officer Candidate School in 2 weeks.
Fit interning at Disney, PA school, and officer candidate school for the military somewhere in there
Mike went to Officer Candidate School and married his high school sweetheart just before being deployed to Afghanistan
Got my OCS rank insignia for Officer Candidate School.
I'm a slim 256 now... Training to go into Officer Candidate School for the Navy.
listening to your speeches before I go train for Navy Officer Candidate School
I'm at Japanese Officer candidate school and basically it's a year of plebe summer with 2 detailers called blue devil and red devil 😳
Like flying with a broken leg to Boston when I was 21 to attend my (now ex)boyfriend's graduation from Navy Officer Candidate School.
Awesome. I'm going to get the M.S. in Security Studies once I get picked up for Officer Candidate School.
When you are commanding, leading men under conditions where physical exhaustion and privations must be ignored, where the lives of men may be sacrificed, then, the efficiency of your leadership will depend only to a minor degree on your tactical ability. - General George C. Marshall, speaking to the first graduating class of the Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, Sept 1941; quoted in Roger H. Nye, The Challenge of Command, 1986
Jacob Close, Sylvania, Ohio, passed away Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at the age of 94. He was born May 6, 1919, in Toledo to the late Max and Dora Close, who immigrated from Russia in 1912. The fourth of six children, Jacob was a precocious child who started kindergarten at age 4 and excelled in academics. He grew up in the Roaring '20s, helping out around his father's shoe repair shop, playing in neighborhood football games, and roller skating the streets of Toledo. His family worked hard six days a week, but always made time for Sunday dinners and occasional picnics and trips to the zoo. Jacob was a cheerleader at Scott High School, and graduated in 1936. After graduation, he worked as a grocery store manager. In 1941, he joined the U.S. Army and served as an infantryman in the 37th Infantry Division, or "Buckeye Division" of Ohio's National Guard. Jacob began his military career as an enlisted man, and was commissioned as an officer through Officer Candidate School. During World War II he deployed to the ...
Today In Black History HBD Luther..and check the 2 CMA recipents...each time I see this its someone else. • April 20, 1906 Everett Frederick Morrow, businessman and the first African American to hold an executive position at the White House, was born in Hackensack, New Jersey. Morrow graduated from Bowdoin College in 1930 and was employed by the National Urban League and the NAACP as field secretary before entering the United States Army in 1942. He graduated from Officer Candidate School in 1943 and was discharged in 1946 as a major of artillery. In 1948, he earned his Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers University. In 1955, he joined President Dwight Eisenhower’s staff as administrative officer for special projects where he served until 1961. In 1963, Morrow published his account of the experience in his autobiography “Black Man in the White House.” In 1964, he became the first Black corporate executive at Bank of America. He received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Bowdoin in 1970. Morrow d ...
nah I got selected for officer candidate school for the USMC...
I recently got the news that I will be starting Navy Officer Candidate School on May 18! My new life starts in Rhode Island soon! I have a future!
Nervous about going to officer candidate school to become an but I know God will be there for me every step of the way
OK Repub candidate just lost me w armed officer for every school - that is his focus
Army Officer Candidate School is so close, I can taste it! Love being an girl! 💪
29 days until Rhode Island. 29 days until I get to see my big brother again when he graduates from Officer Candidate School for the US Navy
Need to stop watching military officer candidate school videos before bed because I get too hype and want to smash things
RAPID CITY, S.D. – Soldiers in the South Dakota Army National Guard’s Officer Candidate School and cadets in the Reserve Officer Training Corps from universities throughout South Dakota and western Ne
Congrats to on getting selected to go to Officer Candidate School, but know I'll never salute you.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Boxer Joe Louis helped Jackie Robinson get into the OCS (Officer Candidate School).
In 1944 Jackie Robinson was one of the 1st African Americans accepted into the United States Army Officer Candidate School.
When I was in Army Officer Candidate School, the tactical offer yelled in my face, “Make a decision candidate, right or wrong, make one…”
officer candidate school for the guard is kicking my *** I'm interested to know what the academy is like.
Military Jokes: Sargeant Williams was the newest drill . instructor at AOCS, Aviation . Officer Candidate School...
Hey everyone welcome 1LT Ryan McLellan Sr. to the team. Ryan and I attended OCS (Officer Candidate School)...
i came from a so very poor of poor when we were in the Philippines.our so beautiful family couldn't afford a plane ticket to USA because we are a US me and my sister Tia Miranda joined the US Army and i was only 17 and my sister Tia is 19 years old. nagkahiwalay kami sa South Carolina, USA and i was crying so hard. we ( Tia and I ) got sent to a place that we don't speak their languages ( English ).during that training to become an US Army.we did all we could to survive. yung kaya ng malalaking tao.kinaya ko. libre ang lahat sa amin so ang buong sahod ko ay i was sending sa family ko sa Philippines. things changed when i graduated from an AIRBORNE school ( a mark of a man ). while serving the US Army.i continued my EDUCATION from the University of Washington major in Physical Fitness and Education and graduated a Magna *** Laude. hindi ako a West Point but i became a military officers thru an Officer Candidate School and retired as a Colonel. THE BRAIN. i am now working for the US Postal Ser . ...
I'm proud of my military family and my heritage. Being a member of a family who has so many people who have served their country is a very big source of pride for me, and since I work with a veteran based company, I consider myself very fortunate to work with so many great men and women who have served their country. I'd like to introduce you all to my military family, starting with my grandfather James Taylor Hamilton. "Jim" Hamilton was born in Glen Campbell, Indiana County, PA on February 9, 1914. His father Robert Hamilton was a miner, and his mother Anne was a housewife. At the time of his birth his mother was 19, his father was 23. My grandfather only completed 8 years of grammar school, yet was almost put into Officer Candidate School after his ASR test results indicated he finished just a few points shy of the requirement. He was drafted into the Army in New Cumberland PA, and began his service on February 14, 1942. He deaprted for Europe on November 2, 1940 and was soon in the European Theater of ...
Gunnery Sergeant Monica Plank, 34, of Stafford, Virginia passed away Sunday morning, February 16, 2014 at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Monica was born in Uruapan, Michoacăn, Mexico April 29, 1979, to Jaime and Margarita (Legorreta) Chavez and they survive in North Hills, California. On May 23, 2013, she married GySgt. Christopher J. Plank in Jacksonville, North Carolina and he survives in Stafford, Virginia. Also surviving are her children, Jocelyn Nuño, Adriana Nuño and Gabriel Nuño; step-children, Skylah Plank and Baylie Plank; sisters, Brenda Ochoa of Avondale, Arizona and Laura Campos of North Hills, California, and a brother, Gustavo Chavez of North Hills, California. Monica was currently on active duty with the United States Marine Corps stationed at Quantico, Virginia where she was a Sergeant Instructor at the Officer Candidate School. Having served for 16 ½ years, Monica had been deployed to Afghanistan, been a mechanic on Huey and Cobra helicopters, and was a drill instructor at P ...
Officer Candidate School training this weekend then two days off work...Study time...Getting my PHD is looking great in a couple years...
The Virginia National Guard’s Fort Pickett-based 183rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute has been awarded a certificate of accreditation for an “Institute of Excellence” status by U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command according to a letter dated Jan. 23, 2014, from the TRADOC commanding general. The schoolhouse underwent a thorough accreditation process that evaluated both the RTI facility and the staff, and earned an overall score of 98 percent, marking it as one of the best U.S. Army learning centers in the nation. The RTI consists of the RTI Headquarters and three battalions. First Battalion conducts infantry training, including the infantryman military occupational specialty qualification course, Light Leaders Course and rappel master, while 2nd Battalion conducts the 88M Motor Transport Operator Course. Third battalion includes both Officer Candidate School and Warrant Officer Candidate School and also trains Soldiers as military police officers. See more at:
Officer candidates from Class 57 of the Virginia National Guard’s Officer Candidate School conduct land navigation training Jan. 25, 2014, at Fort Pickett, Va., during the Zero Phase of the course. For many of the candidates, this was their first drill with the OCS program.
Subject: America Don't Make Them Like It Used Too This below list is really worth going over. It's not in any particular order, and the younger generation may not recognize many of these Hollywood star names of the past. These were REAL MEN, from a period in America's history, when some of HOLLYWOOD'S BEST - wore the uniform of the United States of America: Sterling Hayden, the original Renaissance Man. During WWII, He joined the US Marines as an enlisted man. He volunteered for O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) and was commissioned a 2nd Lt. He then volunteered for the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services), the precursor to the CIA. His undercover agent name was John Hamilton.He worked directly for General William 'Wild Bill' Donovan, the WWI Medal of Honor recipient, chosen personally by FDR, to head up the OSS. Hayden's top secret missions included parachuting into Yugoslavia and Croatia to smuggle guns and explosives. He was also responsible for establishing air crew rescue teams and E&E (evade & esca ...
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