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Officer Candidate School

Officer Candidate School or Officer Cadet School (OCS) are institutions which train civilians and enlisted personnel in order for them to gain a commission as officers in the armed forces of a country.

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i came from a so very poor of poor when we were in the Philippines.our so beautiful family couldn't afford a plane ticket to USA because we are a US me and my sister Tia Miranda joined the US Army and i was only 17 and my sister Tia is 19 years old. nagkahiwalay kami sa South Carolina, USA and i was crying so hard. we ( Tia and I ) got sent to a place that we don't speak their languages ( English ).during that training to become an US Army.we did all we could to survive. yung kaya ng malalaking tao.kinaya ko. libre ang lahat sa amin so ang buong sahod ko ay i was sending sa family ko sa Philippines. things changed when i graduated from an AIRBORNE school ( a mark of a man ). while serving the US Army.i continued my EDUCATION from the University of Washington major in Physical Fitness and Education and graduated a Magna *** Laude. hindi ako a West Point but i became a military officers thru an Officer Candidate School and retired as a Colonel. THE BRAIN. i am now working for the US Postal Ser . ...
I'm proud of my military family and my heritage. Being a member of a family who has so many people who have served their country is a very big source of pride for me, and since I work with a veteran based company, I consider myself very fortunate to work with so many great men and women who have served their country. I'd like to introduce you all to my military family, starting with my grandfather James Taylor Hamilton. "Jim" Hamilton was born in Glen Campbell, Indiana County, PA on February 9, 1914. His father Robert Hamilton was a miner, and his mother Anne was a housewife. At the time of his birth his mother was 19, his father was 23. My grandfather only completed 8 years of grammar school, yet was almost put into Officer Candidate School after his ASR test results indicated he finished just a few points shy of the requirement. He was drafted into the Army in New Cumberland PA, and began his service on February 14, 1942. He deaprted for Europe on November 2, 1940 and was soon in the European Theater of ...
Gunnery Sergeant Monica Plank, 34, of Stafford, Virginia passed away Sunday morning, February 16, 2014 at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Monica was born in Uruapan, Michoacăn, Mexico April 29, 1979, to Jaime and Margarita (Legorreta) Chavez and they survive in North Hills, California. On May 23, 2013, she married GySgt. Christopher J. Plank in Jacksonville, North Carolina and he survives in Stafford, Virginia. Also surviving are her children, Jocelyn Nuño, Adriana Nuño and Gabriel Nuño; step-children, Skylah Plank and Baylie Plank; sisters, Brenda Ochoa of Avondale, Arizona and Laura Campos of North Hills, California, and a brother, Gustavo Chavez of North Hills, California. Monica was currently on active duty with the United States Marine Corps stationed at Quantico, Virginia where she was a Sergeant Instructor at the Officer Candidate School. Having served for 16 ½ years, Monica had been deployed to Afghanistan, been a mechanic on Huey and Cobra helicopters, and was a drill instructor at P ...
Officer Candidate School training this weekend then two days off work...Study time...Getting my PHD is looking great in a couple years...
The Virginia National Guard’s Fort Pickett-based 183rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute has been awarded a certificate of accreditation for an “Institute of Excellence” status by U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command according to a letter dated Jan. 23, 2014, from the TRADOC commanding general. The schoolhouse underwent a thorough accreditation process that evaluated both the RTI facility and the staff, and earned an overall score of 98 percent, marking it as one of the best U.S. Army learning centers in the nation. The RTI consists of the RTI Headquarters and three battalions. First Battalion conducts infantry training, including the infantryman military occupational specialty qualification course, Light Leaders Course and rappel master, while 2nd Battalion conducts the 88M Motor Transport Operator Course. Third battalion includes both Officer Candidate School and Warrant Officer Candidate School and also trains Soldiers as military police officers. See more at:
Officer candidates from Class 57 of the Virginia National Guard’s Officer Candidate School conduct land navigation training Jan. 25, 2014, at Fort Pickett, Va., during the Zero Phase of the course. For many of the candidates, this was their first drill with the OCS program.
Subject: America Don't Make Them Like It Used Too This below list is really worth going over. It's not in any particular order, and the younger generation may not recognize many of these Hollywood star names of the past. These were REAL MEN, from a period in America's history, when some of HOLLYWOOD'S BEST - wore the uniform of the United States of America: Sterling Hayden, the original Renaissance Man. During WWII, He joined the US Marines as an enlisted man. He volunteered for O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) and was commissioned a 2nd Lt. He then volunteered for the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services), the precursor to the CIA. His undercover agent name was John Hamilton.He worked directly for General William 'Wild Bill' Donovan, the WWI Medal of Honor recipient, chosen personally by FDR, to head up the OSS. Hayden's top secret missions included parachuting into Yugoslavia and Croatia to smuggle guns and explosives. He was also responsible for establishing air crew rescue teams and E&E (evade & esca ...
A preview of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced phases of Warrant Officer Candidate School in Fort Rucker, AL. Assists with the National Guard to train...
On January 12th I will begin Naval Officer Candidate School at Officer Training Command Newport. I will not be in contact for about three or possibly more months. Just a heads up to anyone trying to get in touch.
Officer Candidate School is that leadership course.
That means I go through officer candidate school my junior year and then serve at least 4 years active duty after
So proud to say I'm on my way to Rhode Island to watch my little bro graduate from Naval Officer Candidate School:)
BLACK HISTORY ALL DAY EVERY DAY! Bobby C. Wilks 1931-2009 Bobby Charles Wilks was born on 12 May 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Harris-Stowe Teachers College in 1954 and enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserve in 1955. He was ordered to Officer Candidate School soon thereafter and was commissioned as an Ensign in the Reserve in 1956. He attended flight school at Pensacola and received further training at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi from 1956 to 1957, earning his wings on 25 March 1957, He was designated as Coast Guard Aviator Number 735. He qualified for helicopters in 1959 and became Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot Number 343. He transferred to the Regular Coast Guard in 1960 with the permanent rank of Lieutenant. Captain Wilks saw distinguished service at many Coast Guard Air Stations during his career, including oversea tours of duty at Coast Guard Air Detachment Sangley Point, Philippines and at Naples, Italy. He participated in many search-and-rescue cases, including one in which ...
The State Officers are very excited and ready for State Officer Candidate School. It will be on Saturday the 25th...
Received a call from the US Marines today that if I wanted to do my process within 2months because their closing male applicants for Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia in two months or I will need to wait till next year.. Should I or wait till next year.. We shall see wat happens umm
Glad I found this site. I was only on the Truxtun from early 1972 until early 1973 when I got an early out to start college. Four years later I was back in the Navy as I had a house payment, a wife and a son and a daughter a few weeks short of being born, AND there were no jobs available in San Diego because we were still coming out of a recession. I could not get a job interview. So, since I was a former nuke, I asked the Navy about Officer Candidate School, and they accepted me. I had a darn good time as a Junior officer, but a head hunter hired me away to work Data communications management for Pacific Bell (AT&T). I worked that for 17 years. They paid me too much, so I retired at age 52 and have been writing books and having a wonderful time with life. MY division officer on the Truxtun was Iron Mike Hallett (football player for the academy). After I was commissioned in 1978, I was in Subic walking towards the main gate, and who should come walking towards me, but none other than Iron Mike. I salute . ...
So Edward Jones has graciously accepted my request and will postpone my interview process so that I may attend Officer Candidate School. I feel so blessed and thankful for the opportunity of continuing my chance at this career and to possibly become an Army Officer. Much thanks to all the NCOs that have helped me along the way during my time as an enlisted.
I have an opportunity to make some dreams a reality through the Army Officer Candidate School. As my packet goes before another medical review board I ask for everyone's prayer that it pass. I'm praying to use this opportunity to make things better for my family, soliders, and self.
I am sad to report I did not get a 110 GT score on my asvab.I got a 113! Officer Candidate School here I COME!!! HOAH!
My mom is not only okay with me applying to Officer Candidate School in the Marines, she's encouraging me to do so. Am I dreaming?
Richard Winters Richard D. *** Winters was a United States Army officer and decorated war veteran. He commanded Company "E", 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, during World War II. Wikipedia Died: January 2, 2011, Hershey, PA People also search for: William Guarnere, Carwood Lipton, More Books: Beyond Band of Brothers Education: Officer Candidate School (1942–1942), Franklin & Marshall College (1937–1941). He was just in the movie that I watched. I have been watching the movie band of brothers for the past week it's really good and this guy is a great inspiration
Big Announcement: Over the past year I have taken tests, interviews, and wrote essays in the pursuit of becoming an officer in the United States Navy. On Friday I got a call from my recruiter informing me that my application was accepted. I was recommended to be a flight officer when I graduate from Officer Candidate School. It will be my life’s honor serving all of you and our great country. I start Officer Candidate School on the 12th and then actual flight school a few weeks after I graduate from OCS. Thanks to all my friends and family who supported me, wrote letters of recommendation, and offered to be interviewed for my security clearance application, I could not have done it without you!
Good luck to Benjamin Treseler, Benjamin Lyles, William Hinkamp, and Greg Gonzalez who shipped to Officer Candidate School this morning. Today is the next step in their quest to become a Marine Officer.
Officer Candidate School in Virginia for the Marines lol you know this!
I will be checking into Officer Candidate School in a few hours and then the 10 weeks of "fun" begins. Please keep my family and I in all of your thoughts and most of all your prayers as I embark upon this journey to becoming a Marine Officer.
should join and go to Officer candidate school. It'll be fun.
Get your Bachelor's. Join Officer Candidate school in a branch of the military. Become a lieutenant and get your loans paid.
Did you know. After graduating from Officer Candidate School in 1959, Peter Boyle (most well-known for his role...
Communications going dark in 2 hours. I had a nice holiday break now back to training. If anyone wants to write letters my address will be: OC Adam Jackson Officer Candidate School Class 08-14D Officer Training Command Newport 1356 Meyerkord Avenue Newport, RI 02841-1641
This time next week I'll be at Officer Candidate School to begin my career. Stoked, this week can't go by quick enough.
I remember his drill sergeant saying he should go to officer candidate school after he did that.
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My son Ben just left for Quantico Virginia to attend the Marine Corp Officer Candidate School on a flight contract! Go get 'em Ben Meinjohans, proud of you!
A week to go until OCS! For those who would like to send me some motivational mail, my address is: Officer Candidate Jeremy Aaron Officer Candidate School Class 09-14 Officer Training Command Newport 1356 Meyerkord Ave. Newport, RI 02841 Chances are I will not write back for a while, if at all, but it'd still be great to get! And keep it simple, write on regular paper and plain envelopes! Anchors Aweigh!
I miss Dax McDaniel horribly. However, we will meet again, and I do take comfort in that. He's the most amazing man, and I'm sure will do more than the average in OCS. I invite you all with me in sending him the upmost positive energies all throughout his duration in Officer Candidate School.
Just got medically qualified to join the Marines...looks like going to Officer Candidate School this summer is actually a possibility!
Congrats to Alma Ruelas who was selected on the last PLC board! She will be attending Marine Corps Officer Candidate School this summer in Quantico Va.
Pocket paradigms A lot of folks like the center because it makes them sound reasonable and moderate. It also allows them to call other people extremists or gadflies or wishful thinkers for disagreeing with the conventional wisdom of the moment. Some members of the American elite have made whole careers of being measured and cautious. They like to write somber columns asking pompous questions like "Can the Center Hold?" What they really mean is: can they hold on to their power? But even if you do find the center, it's not necessarily the best place to be. My navigation instructor at Coast Guard Officer Candidate School explained it well: "If you take a navigational fix and it places you on one side of a rock and then you take another fix and it places you on the other side of the rock -- don't split the difference." Unfortunately, it's a rule not often followed in American politics.- Sam Smith
American Greatness - Soldiers' Stories SEAL Michael Murphy Michael Patrick Murphy (May 7, 1976 – June 28, 2005) was a United States Navy SEAL posthumously awarded the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in 2005 during the War in Afghanistan. He was the first person to be awarded the medal for actions in Afghanistan; and the first member of the U.S. Navy to receive the award since the Vietnam War. Michael Murphy was born and raised in Suffolk County, New York. After graduating from Penn State with honors and dual degrees in both political science and psychology, Murphy was accepted to several law schools, but decided to attend SEAL mentoring sessions at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. In September 2000, he accepted an appointment to the U.S. Navy’s Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida. On December 13 of that year, he was commissioned as an ensign in the Navy and began Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, Ca .. ...
I know what you're saying and there's always officer candidate school!
About bungee jumping. A lot of my family were around me and I was contemplating on what to do around my 80th birthday on May of 2015. Bungee jumping was one of the suggested but I have always thought of a parachute jump because that is one of the few things I did not do during military service. I was suppose to go to jump school upon graduating from Officer Candidate School but could not go with the rest of my classmates because I was over 28 years of age. However Amy prefers a trip to Alaska, Australia, Spain(one of my great grandfather's country of origin), or Ireland( my other great grandfather's country of origin), however it may just be Island hopping in Hawaii which Amy and I have been planning for our 60th anniversary. I could at least get by doing some parasailing. I will keep all of you posted. "Geronimo"!
I'm an OSU Grad and fan, but not an anti-OU, OSU fan as can be seen by my shirt. As much as I hated OSU to lose to OU(again), I was hoping OU would annihilate Alabama but mainly for selfish reasons. "Suck it" Alabama OCS(Officer Candidate School) Cadre who gave me all kinds of crap for being from Oklahoma. I wish you many sleepless nights and inner turmoil over the loss to the inferior State of Oklahoma.
I kinda, well really, wanna do Marine Corp Officer Candidate School, Navy as a combat corpman, or just move somewhere cool after I graduate this summer, need a change in scenery!
Well, it's been fun and relaxing. My family, friends, and especially Marie made sure this few days of leave was well spent. Thank you to all of you. Now...I return back to Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island for four more weeks of 'fun and adventure'! Let's do this.
It is with great sadness we announce the passing of MG (Ret) Nicholas P. Kafkalas. Here is his obituary; An icon of the greatest generation, MG (Ret) Nicholas P. Kafkalas, 93, of Camp Hill, died peacefully in his home on Tuesday, December 31st. Born September 1, 1920 in Monessen, PA, to Peter and Pearl (Burk) Kafkalas, Nick was an exceptional student (the other students called him "The Pro," short for the Professor) and graduated two years early from high school, then enlisted in the PA Army National Guard in 1939. When WWII broke out, he attended OCS (Officer Candidate School), and then was assigned to the 54th Infantry, 10th Armored Division, serving as a rifle company commander in the European theatre. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, was wounded in battle on the last day of February 1945, treated in an English hospital and sent back to Germany right after VE Day. He returned home in November 1945, and attended the University of Pittsburgh, and received his B.A. in Political Science in 1949. Dur . ...
Naval Slang Terms The Navy has a long and colorful history, one that matches the naval slang terms sailors use with aplomb. The slang is genuinely funny, once you get someone to explain to what all those acronyms mean. It is often developed to say something colorful without getting into trouble with the brass. The slang communicates a very wry sense of humor, with an arched eyebrow towards officers, protocol, and anyone with a supercilious attitude. It’s All in the Numbers The “90 day wonder” - this is the mocking description designated for officers who just graduated from the Officer Candidate School. Sailors also typically expand upon the description with sallies such as “90 day blunder” or “90 day miracle.” Women are at a premium at sea, and sailors are extremely attentive...but a woman who may not be a beauty queen on land becomes one when members of her sex are in the extreme minority. Sailors call a less than gorgeous woman a “2-10-2”; that is, she’s a 2 on a scale of 10 when you ...
My New Year resolution of which I've never cared to do before is to finish my 200 hrs of internship and my 7 ARE's and become a registered architect as well as taking the LEED AP exam and becoming a LEED AP. Also to get back into shape for Officer Candidate School!
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Recap of the year: Met some outstanding people. Found some positive influence in my life. Passed the hardest phase of officer candidate school even when my own OCS recruiter doubted me. And best of all, Got reacquainted with an old friend who will walk this journey of life with me. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, but I've had some good times and it was worth it. My hopes are that 2014 will top that. I guess I will have to stay tuned! Happy New year's everyone!
These Army years have been fun, stressful, demanding, life-changing, and above all, unpredictable. 2009 saw a cross-country move, Basic Training in Kentucky with Ryan Owen Williams and Officer Candidate School in Georgia with Natasha Fultz. 2010 brought two more moves with the family to Georgia and North Carolina before 2011 sent me to Iraq with Jonathan Gribben and Kuwait with Jessica Yahn. 2012 welcomed me back to Fort Bragg with never-ending work days with Patrick Mitchell that made me yearn for another deployment. 2013 began with recovering from a botched ankle surgery and a fond farewell to Active Duty with Ryan Dolak. After another cross-country trip, me and Lina M. G. Martin are back where we started in sunny LA. After 9 years of marriage, life is good. It's hard. It's unpredictable. But it sure is good!
In 2013 I went to Basic training, moved into my dream apartment, found a man who is unbelievably special, and started Army officer candidate school. It has been a pretty big year and I am SOOO excited to start 2014. I love choosing happiness!!
2013.. Has been a roller coaster for me. This year: I was blessed to return from a deployment knowing it would be my last (in the foreseeable future) safely. I am leaving an organization of the most professional and lethal fighting force I have ever witnessed. It has been an honor to serve with each if you. I was awarded an extremely prestigious award for something anyone in my formation would have done. I lost a very good friend during a training accident. This one hit me very hard and you are missed very much WOC Darrell Mc Nealy. I completed Warrant Officer Candidate School. And I am currently still in training. My family is healthy and growing quicker then I would like. For those of you still reading this, let share a drink with those that are not able to. Remember them while gathering with friends and family. Please be safe everyone and have a blessed new year.
2013 Reflections: This was a very difficult and challenging year; I endured a very emotional divorce and let go of the one thing I was determined to achieve; Officer Candidate School. I never knew or understood the power of emotion (love), its impact on one’s spirit or its ramifications … I knew deep inside I was resilient and wouldn’t endure my difficulties alone. I learned a great deal (and continue to) about myself. I learned quickly that my strength came from- morals, values, faith; from my daughters, aunts, brothers, friends, besties (Case for ALWAYS siding with me, Jayme for going with me on my unknown adventures), exes (lol), and my loving co-workers at WPD (Lucy sharing diet Coke with me). Positive things also happened this year; I received my Master’s with a 4.0 GPA (last semester), started body building with awesome results, ran a 10k and took 1st place, Received an autograph from VON MILLER, attended the best BRONCOS game ever, FIRST TIME GRANDMA lol, found my 3rd white hair, watched on ...
I'm so ready to go to OCS (officer candidate school) I've finally made weight now I just have to get ready for the physical exam in the spring. Scoring nothing else but off the charts. Ur hopes and dreams will only go as far as ur body takes u
December 12, 1946 The Army Ground Forces authorized the discontinuance of the Officer Candidate School program at Fort Sill effective December 12, 1946 and Field Artillery OCS was officially closed when class graduated 21 individuals. Since opening on April 10, 1941, 26,209 Second Lieutenants had graduated and received commissions from the Field Artillery OCS. On December 31, 1946 all activities pertaining to OCS were transferred to the Army Ground General School at Fort Riley, Kansas. At that time Fort Benning, the birthplace of OCS, bade OCS a reluctant but short lived farewell. The Branch Immaterial OCS would remain at Fort Riley until after the reactivation of OCS programs during the Korean War. Seven OCS programs were activated during the Korean War (Infantry, Field Artillery, Signal, Ordnance, Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Fort Bliss) and Fort Riley (for all other branches). By 1954 only the Infantry and Field Artillery OCS remained.
No, this is just a tour. I go off to Officer Candidate School in February or March in Rhode Island.
Praying when the board convenes in March 2014, I get selected to Warrant Officer Candidate School.…
Last quote is from a diving author who heard that repeated in Aviation Officer Candidate School. Applied it directly to diving as well.
the same place where Officer Candidate School is, the same place where the FBI trains,
I start my engineering internship on Monday and ship out to Officer Candidate School on January 7th!
I take my Marine Corps PFT on Friday. Hoping it goes well so I can get accepted into Officer Candidate School
stuff off. Malone is famous. The award for the top graduate officer at Officer Candidate School is named for him.
Aviation Officer Candidate School. It was in Pensacola back then. Good times. And a tough time for hubby!
Ten soldiers graduate from the DEARNG's Officer Candidate School! Check out the story and photos!
If i don't get accepted to Officer Candidate School, I will certainly enlist , go to boot camp and go through the enlisted to officer path.
how can I fix my credit before officer candidate school?
I did Officer Candidate School but I root like *** for the Academy when they play Notre Dame.
Big bro in Newport. Only a few more weeks till he graduates from officer candidate school!
check into PLC contracts if you are seriously thinking about it. It gives you a straight shot into officer candidate school.
You better get promoted quick!. And yeah. I might go in for officer candidate school if I can.
Feel like I honestly might fully commit to Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Navy next fall.
Hypocrisy. Team Pence arrested "school resource officer candidate, when the candidate brought information forward on Coach Wolf.
Off to Fort Drum today with my daughter! First a trooper exam while I read a book and then shopping at the commissary for items she needs for Officer Candidate School!
The most decorated marine in history chesty puller served in the banana wars, both world wars, and Korea received 5 navy cross's an army distinguished service cross, silver star, bronze star, and purple heart. And led the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines during the battle of Guadalcanal, Battle of Henderson Field, Battle of Cape Gloucester,and the Battle of Peleliu. When he was growing up in Virgina Puller grew up listening to old veterans' tales of the Civil War and idolizing Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. then when he heard of the heroic actions of the 5th marines at Belleau Wood he enlisted in the Marine Corps then went to OCS(Officer Candidate School). After Graduation he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps but because of reduction in force from 73,000 to 1,100 officers and 27,400 men following the war led to his being put on inactive status 10 days later and given the rank of corporal. As a corporal, Puller received orders to serve in the Gendarmerie d'Haiti as a lieutenant, seeing action ...
Roger H.C. Donlon Captain, U.S. Army Detachment A-726, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces Roger Donlon always felt that the military was his destiny in life. His father had served in World War I; all four of his brothers served in the Army or Air Force. He had wanted to go to the newly established Air Force Academy and learn to fly, but an eye examination detected the beginning of a cataract. Instead, Donlon graduated from the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School and qualified for West Point in 1955. After two years he resigned to join the Army. He graduated from Officer Candidate School and was eventually assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group in 1963. In the spring of 1964, Donlon, now a captain, was sent to Vietnam as commander of the twelve-man Special Forces Team A-726. Their mission was to train, advise, and assist a civil defense force that provided physical security and improved the living conditions for approximately five thousand peasants in several villages in the Nam ...
A Mother's Prayer for Her Soldier Son Man's best friend teaches her son the priceless lesson that kindness always pays. By Gloria Cassity Stargel, Gainesville, Georgia The day our younger son Rick left home for the Marine Corps was a heart-wrenching one for me. Beside the fact that I just hate good-byes, this was my “baby” going off to become a fighting man. I couldn’t help worrying that military training would destroy Rick’s loving, compassionate spirit. Dear Lord, make him tough, if necessary. But, please, Lord, I prayed, keep him tender. Now who but a mother would make a request like that? Rick endured the rigors of basic training and Officer Candidate School. Then, after advanced instruction, he was assigned to the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina. There—seeking a little off-duty peace and quiet of his own—he rented a small house out in the country. Always athletic, he looked forward to the solitude of his daily six-mile run along picturesque fields and meadows. A p ...
I've thought about it alot. I'm gonna go to officer candidate school so I can become an officer. My parents support me
I can't wait to go to officer candidate school ;o
no. You can do no ROTC and just go to Officer candidate school after college. ROTC just makes it a little easier
yes officer candidate school in June after graduation hopefully.
hey im goin to Officer Candidate School, we'll see about that
Getting my packet together for Officer Candidate school for the Army 👍🇺🇸
officer candidate school but thanks for trying, and engineer, you know the guys that clear the way, I see you are FA
me training mode for officer candidate school i'm gonna join the US Air Force :-)
I separated so I can switch to the Army & apply for their Officer Candidate School. Couldn't do six yrs as a cop.
Enjoying a little break from the job hunt with the family in Pismo Beach. The wife's graduating from Officer Candidate School in San Luis O…
Congratulations to all my friend graduating from Marine Corps Officer Candidate School today! America's newest commissioned Marine Officers.
This is it!!!... In an hour I will officially graduate from officer candidate school and by 1300 on 9…
... studying electrical engineering and considering Officer Candidate School for when I graduate.
Paul Burgess Fay, Jr. (8 July 1918, San Francisco, California – 23 September 2009 Woodside, California) was the Acting United States Secretary of the Navy in November 1963, and a close confidant of President John F. Kennedy. Background-Fay attended The Thacher School in Ojai, California [1] and later Stanford University. After graduating from Stanford in 1941, Fay worked for his father's construction firm, Fay Improvement Co, a Bay area paving contractor, and enlisted in the U.S. Navy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Fay attended Officer Candidate School and was assigned to PT boat training at Melville, Rhode Island[1] where John F. Kennedy was his instructor. They were assigned to the same base in the South Pacific, though they were not on the same boat. Fay received a Bronze Star during his war service when his boat was disabled by a torpedo that was dropped by a Japanese plane and pierced the hull below the water line but failed to explode. Fay got the boat back to base where it sa ...
my bro is your biggest fan and in austin before leaving for Navy Officer Candidate School. Are you up for a beer & autograph?
Revised 7/03 -- Paul Maloney's service information has been added. (Thanks, Paul!) That necessitated a correction in the number of officers and in the totals listed for the USA and USMC. (See next paragraph): Subject: Prep Grads on active duty in the Military, 9/11/2001 – Present Several Generalizations: Since 9/11/2001, eighty-six (86) Prep Alums have served (or are serving) in the U.S. Military. Of those, seventy-eight (78) have served as commissioned officers, including one who entered as an enlisted man and then later received a commission through Officer Candidate School (OCS). One alum has served as a warrant officer, and seven have served as enlisted men, including at least four non-commissioned officers (one corporal and three sergeants). I am still checking on the three others. The service breakdown is as follows: USN=29; USA=27; USMC=25; USAF=5 JUST TWO GUYS LEFT TO VERIFY SERVICE DATES and/or rank: John Rico and Napoleon “Paul” Magpantay. If your name appears on the list below, please dou ...
Fort Leonard wood. He's still in Basic. But he comes home in October to go to college and officer candidate school.
Can't wait to watch graduate from Marine's Officer Candidate School with on July 6th.
I cant wait to call myself a United States Marine. Tajee's advice really got me pumped. The countdown to Officer Candidate School...
7 days until I report for Officer Candidate School.
I'm goin to college 4 years then officer candidate school for the navy.
thanks Alex!! That's a good choice also! Then you'll be eligible for officer candidate school (:
Passed my interview. I'm now officially cleared for Officer Candidate School
Welp my cousin graduated from officer candidate school and is on with life. Pretty cool I guess
Thanks to Megan Peterson I got back into reading some larger novels a few years back and the author whose books I absolutely fell in love with were Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series. I heard on the radio this morning, just moments before getting into the office, that Vince succumbed to his battle with prostate cancer this morning at age 47. Vince was a Minneapolitan through and through, a product of Saint Thomas Academy and the University of St. Thomas, pursued a career as a pilot in the Marine Corps and was preparing to go to OCS (Officer Candidate School) when he was medically disqualified from the aviation program. Vince wrote 15 books, worked as a story consultant for a season of 24, and was a frequent contributor on Fox News Channel. "I started reading everything I could get my hands on, Hemingway, Ludlum, Clancy, Tolkien, Vidal. I read fiction, nonfiction, anything, but I especially loved espionage." -- Vince Flynn April 6, 1966 - June 19, 2013
  Henry Grady Howell in TX /AZ and Martha Lillian?Jessica? (McGinnis) Howell Sanders in MO/ AZ. Son – William Grady Howell and Daughter – Margaret Ann Howell   William Grady Howell – m. Jerry Althea Fitzgibbon, Drew, Sunflower, MS Upon graduation from H.S. in Phoenix, he joined the Navy going to Memphis, TN for training. In Memphis he married Jerry. The coupled moved to Jacksonville, FL and then back to Phoenix. He earned a degree from Arizona State while rearing a family.  Upon graduation the family moved to San Diego. William then joined the Air Force and and graduated from Officer Candidate School. William and Jerry separated and eventually divorced with Jerry already having moved to Sunflower County, MS with their three children - Martha Lynn, Michael Grady and Patrick William.  William remained in the service and reached the rank of Captain with tours in Vietnam. While flying one combat mission, he earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. Two of his favorite hobbies were photography and road ...
Thomas Wayne Mewbourne, age 75, surrounded by his loving family, went home to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on June 7, 2013, after a battle with cancer. Wayne grew up in Atlanta, GA and graduated from Georgia Tech in 1960. He entered Officer Candidate School and went into the Air Force as a 2nd Lt. He was a navigator in the 26th Air Refueling Squadron (SAC), served in the Air Force for 4 years, and the Georgia Air National Guard for 3 years. His career, after serving our country, was in sales of industrial equipment. He is survived by his loving and devoted wife of 33 years, Shayne (Jean). They met, fell in love and married in Orlando, Florida. He has one sister, Janet (Michael) Genest, 4 children, Denise Mewbourne, David (Tara) Mewbourne, Ernie (Susan) Ferrell, and Timothy (Donna) Ferrell. He was a loving Papaw to Cindy (Steve) McKnight, Shane Ferrell, Hannah Ferrell, Abigail, Lindsey, Erica, and Carter Mewbourne. Great Papaw to Stockton McKnight, and a loving uncle to many nieces and nephews ...
Wishing my cousin Ian good luck as he head off to the Officer Candidate School for the Marines. 🇺🇸
Best of luck to my little with his Officer Candidate School this summer.
hopefully make it into officer candidate school. But its just an option right now. Nothing set in stone yet.
Good luck to all those starting Officer Candidate School today.
officers live off of what enlisted soldiers do, but I ain't mad they get paid a lot. I might go to officer candidate school
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My modest contribution to Memorial Day: In the summer of 2008 I was stationed at Fort Benning, GA as the Chaplain for Officer Candidate School. I had agreed to perform a wedding in Kalamazoo, MI for a former Captain with whom I had deployed to Kuwait and Iraq the year before. My journey began at the Atlanta airport. After experiencing the agony of airport security, I made my way to the gate, and the flight was getting ready to board. I ran into 15 members of the Michigan National Guard who had just flown 20 hours from Kuwait and were flying with us to Chicago and then on to Michigan. None of them had a cell phone, so I gave them mine, and they took turns calling their loved ones to let them know they were safe and sound on U.S. soil. I looked around the packed terminal for anyone to volunteer their cell phone, but everyone averted my eyes. Finally a woman stepped forward and handed me her phone. By the time we boarded the aircraft all of the Soldiers had either made contact or left a message with a family ...
Congratulations to our brother on entering the Officer Candidate School today!
Did you know that Jackie Robinson was also one of the first black soldiers accepted to Officer Candidate School?
I can't believe the time has come.. He's off to Officer Candidate School. These next six weeks better…
My buddy Bee is leaving for Officer Candidate School with the Marine Corps today! You have so much support behind you!
No better day than Memorial Day to send my little brother off to Officer Candidate School for the USMC.
The Courage of Sam Bird By B. T. Collins From: READER'S DIGEST, May, 1989 "I didn't learn about leadership and the strength of character it requires from an Ivy League graduate course. I learned by watching one tall captain with proud bearing and penetrating eyes." – B. T. Collins I met Capt. Samuel R. Bird on a dusty road near An Khe, South Vietnam, one hot July day in 1966. I was an artillery forward observer with Bravo Company, 2nd/12th Cavalry,1st Cavalry Division, and I looked it. I was filthy, sweaty, and jaded by war, and I thought, "Oh, brother, get a load of this". Dressed in crisply starched fatigues, Captain Bird was what we called "squared away” ramrod straight, eyes on the horizon. *** you could still see the shine on his boot tips beneath the road dust. After graduation from Officer Candidate School, I had sought adventure by volunteering for Vietnam. But by that hot and dangerous July, I was overdosed on "adventure," keenly interested in survival and very fond of large rocks and deep .. ...
Quick shout out to my brother before he heads off to Officer Candidate School for the The Marine Corps
On the eve of I'm folding fatigues and helping my brother pack for USMC Officer Candidate School. Amazing feeling.
Everyone say a prayer for my brother as he ships out for Marine Officer Candidate School tomorrow. He's a doofus, but I love him.
Friends-- Nathan's off to officer candidate school
Last day in Colorado, before driving to Rhode Islamd to begin Officer Candidate School. ⚓
Can't be more proud to stand next to Aaron as he leaves for Officer Candidate School; his first step…
taking classes first session then Quantico for officer candidate school the rest of summer.
I have to start applying for Officer Candidate School in less than a year.
We have a School Resource Officer position open for a qualified candidate...
Living the good life in Philippine Officer's Army Candidate School. Score.
looks like officer candidate school is in my future. 14 more years in the ARMY and i'll retire.
If you really loved America, you'd congratulate for joining the US Navy, the Officer Candidate School, and Pilot Officer Program
Have an appointment with my recruiter tomorrow to see about officer candidate school. Still haven't decided or
My oldest brother got accepted into officer candidate school!
idk if I can pin one as "happiest"...but one of my favorite was when I was at officer candidate school for the Marines...
Thinking about joining the marines through officer candidate school.
I'm going to officer candidate school the end of may
Had a nice chat with a shipmate just now.. Officer Candidate School for my future?
Scared for Officer candidate school mainly because I don't know what happens during those 2 weeks and…
Now I just have to decide if I want to try for officer candidate school or just go to basic training
I'm getting paid, but I don't begin until June 2. Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI.
Finding out about his officer candidate school application on the 20th hopefully!!!
School Board candidate denies allegations of impersonating officer.
Rockford: School Board candidate denies allegations of impersonating officer
training for USMC Officer Candidate School. I took off a few semesters, but ill graduate next may
wow.I wonder what the charge is for doing this?? Seems all too common...
Today marked the end of basic and I will start officer candidate school It wil be a challenge but a challenge that I accept and wil complete
Slain Marines were staffers at Officer Candidate School - via
Congrats to my brother for being accepted to go to Officer Candidate School this summer. Oorah devil
Proud of my older brother who just got selected to Officer Candidate School for the Marines
Off to Ohio for my interview for Coast Guard Officer Candidate School
.. a national officer candidate at the Texas national meeting (2014) but my school isn't gonna have a chapter next year, and I..
I really hope the North Koreans wait until I go to Officer Candidate School.
“aw you becoming a police?!” Either that or a State Trooper NC or Officer Candidate School for the Military
Shipping out to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School on 27 May 2013. Updates to come 🇺🇸
In the issue to be introduced today, we'll go scuba diving, join an improv group in Japan, and take part in Marine Officer Candidate School
Thinking about going to Officer candidate school, whatya' think?
...making rank and prevent many from entering into and/or completing Officer Candidate School.
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.yes they have a separate officer candidate school which is much more proactive than our ACC or SCO entry. They're flexible.
My big brother is leaving tomorrow for 13 weeks to go to officer candidate school :(
Family is not complete. Eldest is in school for a two-night Cadet Officer Candidate Course (COCC) camp.
Lol. It's how you become an officer. You either take ROTC, graduate from a military academy, or go to Officer Candidate School.
Congratulations to our son Riley Cornett. He was sworn into the United States Navy on Friday as a Naval Flight Officer and will be leaving in two weeks for Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island. Thank you to his brother Brennen Cornett, my father Joe Zimmerman and his Uncle Ed Major and other family members who have served and inspired him. God Bless all our troops who serve our country. We are so happy for you Riley! You have a wonderful career ahead of you.
Link: COLLEGE STUDENT PRE-COMMISSIONING INITIATIVE (SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM) Imagine having your college junior and senior years fully funded. Now imagine getting a salary while you complete your college degree. That's what the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI) scholarship program offers college sophomores and juniors. Better yet, this scholarship provides students with valuable leadership, management, law enforcement, navigation and marine science skills and training. It also provides full payment of school tuition, fees, textbooks, salary, medical insurance, and other benefits during a student's junior and senior year of college. The CSPI program's goal is to train future officers for success and prepare them for the rigors of Officer Candidate School (OCS). Each student is expected to complete his/her degree and all Coast Guard training requirements within 24 months after acceptance into the program. This includes attending Basic Training following selection, performing Coast Guard duties ...
The adventure begins! Leave today for Logan's graduation from Officer Candidate School in Mobile AL. I'm a proud Mama!
The Officer Candidate School or OCS is a military institution for future officers of the Armed Forces of the...
Good luck to my brother as he reports to Marine Corps Officer Candidate school today. They couldn't have a better candidate @ OCS.
heading to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School today. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated
I'm going to college first then going to officer candidate school hopefully
Watching the movie Annapolis and dreaming of the Naval Academy officer candidate school..
You'd have to go through officer candidate school if you qualified.
Congratulations to SPC Harvey and SPC Sigdel from Delta Troop on their acceptance to Officer Candidate School! All the Way!
Looking for a job as superintendent or chief school financial officer? Subscribe to the AASB Candidate Registry info
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Thank god Its friday. Going to a meeting on the fourteenth about possibly getting in to officer candidate school and going to college early
Today is the day. My first interview for Officer Candidate School. It's great feel but also nerve-racking.
When my husband was in officer candidate school in the Navy they were told to carry them to clean their uniform in emergencies
TPS chief academic officer Jim Gault a candidate for the Rossford superintendent position.
Even tho I have a few months, ive been studyin all day tryna prepare myself for Officer Candidate School. Time for a workout break
Im thinking about officer candidate school for the Marine Corps after i get out of bootcamp
Im gonna go to Officer Candidate School while im in the Army. I wanna see what kind of Career I can make being in the military.
I'd select the Navy's Aviation Officer Candidate School football team if it got me Debra Winger 30 years ago.
Because today Mr. Louis Pearce, dear friend to Mike, Chase, Binion and Scotty was laid to rest, instead of results and chit chat, please read of man, beloved by many that will surely be missed. You are with the angels Mr. Pearce. Louis Monroe Pearce, Jr. passed away on Wednesday afternoon, the 26th of December 2012, in Houston, Texas. A native Houstonian, Louis was born on the 17th of February 1917 to the late Louis Monroe Pearce, Sr. and Rosa May Pearce. Louis attended grade, junior high and part of high school in Houston, and in 1936 he graduated from Texas Military Institute in San Antonio. He attended The University of Texas from 1936 to 1939, majoring in Business Administration and was a member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Louis proudly served his country by joining the army in 1940 where he reached the rank of sergeant in the horse cavalry. Louis received his commission after attending Officer Candidate School in Fort Riley, Kansas, and was deployed overseas in 1943. He served in all phases of the Ita ...
Thinkin i should go to Officer Candidate School so tht way i can go in Marines as a First or Second Lieutenant
The O’Donnell family is no stranger to service. As Charles O’Donnell graduated from Officer Candidate School and commissioned as a second lieutenant on Dec. 14, he fulfilled the fourth generation of a history of Marines.
25 Dec, 2012 Bahrain Jobs JOB OPENINGS in GULF DAILY NEWS (ENGLISH DAILY OF BAHRAIN) for :DECEMBER 25, 2012 - TUESDAY PS: Don't forget to share this mail with your friends everywhere who might know someone looking for a job. Please add Area Code (971 for UAE ) (966 Saudi Arabia), (965 Kuwait), ( Bahrain 973) (Qatar974) , (968 Oman) before you call or send Fax from other country, MOST JOBS ARE FOR BAHRAIN IF NOT COUNTRY AND CODE IS MENTIONED - Job # 1 Swimming Pools Company (Kuwait & Dubai) A Leading Swimming Pools Trading & Contracting Company based in Kuwait and Dubai requires the following personnel to join its team: MECHANICAL ENGINEERS: Installations of new pools from pricing to handover. PURCHASING & SALES EMPLOYEES: Experts in all types of equipment and accessories available in the market. Only those with relevant experience in the swimming pool industry can apply to: candidates_2011* * Job # 2 A leading Hotel and Facility management company based in Kingdom of Bahrain since 1973 is inviting appl .. ...
Officer Candidate School ❤ no such thing as a dumb question either ;)
"Do gooders and *** raisers" - by: Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed “The hands that tie up the hyena are those that will free her.” Hausa Proverb Senate President David Mark last week pleaded with Nigerians not to lose faith in the indivisibility of Nigeria. He asked constituents in his senatorial zone to pray harder and rally behind leaders so that together leaders and led will overcome the nation’s current problems. Senator Mark spoke two days after the Benue State governor Gabriel Suswan told a church congregation that the dwindling number of Christian governors in the North is a source of concern. He reminded them that the death of Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa and the hospitalization of the Taraba State governor has left him and Governor Jonah Jang as the only two Northern Christian governors standing. Those in the congregation not shocked by the statistics were jolted further when the governor revealed further that he is himself an active target of Boko Haram, and appealed to them to pray for him. You coul ...
HQ Quota UNIT HEADQUARTER QUOTA ENROLMENT 1. Enrolment under UHQ Quota has been introduced as a welfare measure for enrolment of wards of servicemen, ex-servicemen and war widows to enable them to get their wards enrolled into the Army, with minimum competition. 2. Allotment of UHQ Quota vacs facilitate the enrolment of following cats:- (a) Sons and grandsons of servicemen and ex-servicemen/battle cas and war widows incl legally adopted son(s). (b) Sons-in-law of war widows having no son (one son-in-law) incl husband(s) of legally adopted daughter(s) or real brother of serviceman/ex-serviceman/battle cas. (c) Sportsmen of merit. 3. Priority for Enrolment. Relatives of servicemen/ex-servicemen are prioritised for enrolment under UHQ Quota as under :- (a) Priority 1 (Own Regt/Corps)(Battle Casualty/Liberalised Family Pension). (i) One Son of War Widow in receipt of Liberalised Family Pension to include legally adopted son. (ii) Real brother of Battle Casualty who marries the widow of the Battle Casualty. In ...
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Administration Officer at The City School Candidate must be graduate with 01-02 years relevant experience. Must possess strong...
While I was at Navy Officer Candidate School we called a Diet Coke & vending machine cookies "the breakfast of champions" :)
looking forward to serving with you. Officer Candidate School is in the works after graduation.
people of Banihal comment about the contribution of congress,National conference and PDP for the development of Banihal and who diserves your vote in coming eletion.
Guidelines for Applying Online through Credit Card Step Activity 1 Filling of JEE 2013 Application Form Online 1.1 Visit this page regularly to view updated information. 1.2 Payment through Credit Card/Debit Card(Approved by Master/Visa): You have to provide certain details from the Card at the time of filling online application. Therefore, you must have the Card ready before filling up the Application Form. You are required to pay a fee of 900/- for General/OBC categories and 450 for SC/ST/PD categories. In case of any Payment Error Due to any network communication/connectivity problems, if your application form does not get materialise and the amount has been debited from your account, the same will be refunded back to your account after the reconcilation with Bank and declaration of the JEE 2013 result. In Such cases candidates are advised to register again. 1.3 Fill Online Application Form: With the Credit Card ready, you can apply online application. You are to exercise sufficient care while furnish ...
calls for armed police in every school, but they just supported a presidential candidate calling for police officer cuts. Huh?
The NRA endorsed the presidential candidate that called for fewer cops. Now it wants an armed police officer in every school.
Dear NSTC, Families, and Friends, As many of you may know, I assumed command of Naval Service Training Command two weeks ago. Midshipmen, cadets, Sailors, officers, staff and families, thank you for the warm welcome aboard. The Navy is a great career choice and as the families and friends of Sailors, you will join them in their adventure supporting the Navy and the nation. Since I checked on board, I have been very impressed with the superb young men and women who have volunteered to serve our country and communities. My sincerest congratulations are given to Officer Development School Class 13020. The 49 graduates are among the Navy’s newest commissioned officers. Welcome aboard shipmates! This Friday, Dec. 21, will be the first Recruit Training Command and Officer Candidate School graduation, since I assumed command at NSTC. For the parents, families and friends who are attending, I welcome you to Great Lakes and Newport. The Navy’s newest Sailors and officers will march before you with a p ...
naw u gotta have that degree or go to OCS (officer candidate school)
Finished basic training. Feels good to be done. Off to see the family for Xmas, and then Officer Candidate School!
Early June 1969. Fire Support Base LZ GRANT. When I was in Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia, a Major was teaching a class in Land Navigation. His comment was "the most dangerous thing that is, has to be a Lieutenant with a map". I believed that I was excellent with a map having graduated from the Army RANGER course. Anyway what did he know? On reporting to Vietnam I was taken to LZ GRANT where I met the Battalion Commander LtCol. STOTSER. He assigned me to Bravo Company which was in the field. I left LZ GRANT by helicopter enroute to Bravo's location. There I met the Company Commander CAPTAIN WALL. He assigned me to 1st Platoon. After meeting the Platoon members 1st Platoon was to go out and set up a night ambush along a known enemy route. We spent the night in the rain laying in the mud waiting for someone or something that never came. The next morning CAPTAIN WALL met with all platoon leaders and gave us our new location for the night. We receive orders from Battalion every evening a .. ...
In Memory of Pap Robert Lincoln Booker was affectionately known as “Pap” to his family and “Bob” to his friends. Pap started his life in Lufkin, Texas, the second son of Ila and John Olin Booker. After graduating high school, Pap joined the Marine Corps to follow his brother John into battle during WWII. Just after boot camp, the war ended and Pap enrolled at Texas A&M University. Before graduation, the Korean War broke out and Pap was called back to serve his country. During his second tour, he was assigned to be a Drill Instructor to train new recruits. After successfully training several platoons, Pap was assigned to the range to be a Rifle Instructor, an assignment that he was most proud of during his Marine Corps career. He was next sent to Officer Candidate School in Washington DC to entice him into re-enlisting as an officer. Having enough of military life, Pap returned to Texas A&M to finish his degree in Geology. After graduation Pap began working for Midwest Oil Company where he remained ...
Inviting all Navy OCian: The SRC/AFPOCS Alumni Homecoming with the theme "ONE OCS, a force towards AFP modernization", is scheduled to be held on 24 November 2012, at the Officer Candidate School, TRADOC, PA, Camp O'Donnell, Capas, Tarlac with LT GEN EMMANUEL T BAUTISTA AFP, Commanding General, Philippine Army as the Guest of Honor and Speaker. Following are the schedule of activities: 0700 - Registration 0800 - Skydiving Exhibition (PA Parachute Team) Confetti/Flower Drop 0830 - Slow/Silent Drill Exhibitions (OCC "Manandata" Class 40-13) 0930 - Arrival of GOHAS 1000 - Program Proper (Parade & Review) 1200 - lunch (OCS Mess Hall) 1300 - Fellowship Day/Fun Games (OCS Mess Hall) The school will dispatch the OCS Bus (55 Seat Capacity)to fetch fellow alumnus without transport/vehicles in going to OCS. Assembly area is at HPA Grandstand in Fort Bonifacio and will leave at exactly 0530 in the morning of 24 November 2012.
This is who Lt. Michael P. Murphy is and now his ship that will carry his name. Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy United States Navy (SEAL) May 7, 1976 - June 28, 2005 Lt. Michael P. Murphy, fondly referred to by friends and family as “Murph,” was born May 7, 1976 in Smithtown, N.Y. and grew up in the New York City commuter town of Patchogue, N.Y. on Long Island. Murphy grew up active in sports and attended Patchogue's Saxton Middle School. In high school, Murphy took a summer lifeguard job at the Brookhaven town beach in Lake Ronkonkoma -- a job he returned to each summer through his college years. Murphy graduated from Patchogue-Medford High School in 1994. Murphy attended Penn State University, where he was an exceptional all-around athlete and student, excelling at ice hockey and graduating with honors. He was an avid reader; his reading tastes ranged from the Greek historian Herodotus to Tolstoy's "War and Peace." Murphy's favorite book was Steven Pressfield’s “Gates of Fire,” about the Spartan ...
This whole "swearing in" thing is ridiculous. If I get elected to office, will I be allowed to "swear in" on George H. Smith's Atheism: The Case Against God? Maybe a stack of George Carlin DVDs?
congrats DIV 364! looking down the line 4 yrs from now and focusing on one thing: USMC Officer Candidate School
"..Eternal Father, grant we pray, to all Marines, both night and day, The courage, honor, strength and skill, Their land to serve, thy law fulfill. Be thou the shield forevermore, From every peril to the Corps.." Congratulations to my son, Zachary on his acceptance to Officer Candidate School, United States Marine Corps
America’s First Ever Hindu Congresswoman Will Take the Oath of Office Over the Bhagavad Gita Erin Gloria Ryan Last night, Hawaii not only elected Japan-born Mazie Hirono to be the first ever Asian-American woman elected to the Senate, they also elected Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as the first ever practicing Hindu to the US House of Representatives. Hawaii has been declared a Fox News Disaster Zone. Thirty-one-year-old Gabbard is the daughter of two conservative Hawaii politicians and first ran for office at age 21. After her first term, she voluntarily served on a 12-month tour of duty with Hawaii's National Guard, and then became the first woman in the history of the Accelerated Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy to be designated a "distinguished honor graduate." When she's sworn in this January, she'll take her oath of office over a Bhagavad Gita, a sacred text for followers of Hinduism, or Sanatana Dharma.. According to HuffPo, Gabbard's favorite verses include,
ROTC Reference: ROTC is a reference guide for any Army Reserve Officer Training Corp or Officer Candidate School...
When I graduated from Army Officer Candidate School on 6 November 1963, we lieutenants were cautioned to not do two things: buy a new car and get married soon. On 9 November Virginia L. Beard, from Dundalk, Maryland, and I were married and bought a new car!!! Two decisions that turned out extremely well, blessed by three wonderful children. Forty-nine years ago today; Happy Anniversary Ginny! Happy Veterans Day also to all the good guys.
I want to go to officer candidate school!
I jus accomplished all my requirements for Army Officer Candidate School... I'mma b a 2LT Nov 15th
The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise ended a storied era of service at sea in all the nation’s wars and conflicts since the Cuban Missile Crisis 50 years ago on Sunday.
As your local Army Recruiter, I’d like to tell you about the many opportunities the Army has to offer students like yourself. Whether you know the path you want to take after college or are still deciding, the Army has many opportunities to suit your needs. Army Reserve As a Soldier in the Army Reserve, you can train near home and be ready to serve full time when needed. As a Soldier in the Army Reserve, and take advantage of benefits such as: An extra paycheck every month More than $20,000 in education benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill and the Army Reserve “Kicker” Up to $50,000 to pay off your federally insured student loans through the Army Loan Repayment Program Up to 100% tuition assistance for classes taken while serving Officer Candidate School Receive training from the finest Army in the World, this training can be used in today’s competitive job market You may qualify for a Secret or Top Secret Jobs Active Duty If you’re close to graduating or are simply thinking about giving col ...
Finally an America soldier ! Man so far it has been a crazy ride .. But my next stop is officer candidate school. So college here I come.. 92 alpha HOAAAH!
It is Super rare for Submariners to be out in Cali, but if this officer candidate school package
AS a young girl in grade school I remember learning the Pledge of Allegiance, and even at that young age, saying it with pride and my hand across my heart. I remember singing America The Beautiful in choir and being so moved over, "purple mountains majesty and thy golden wheat of grain". Back then children were taught pride in being an American. I remember in the early 60's the very real threat of communism and some of my parent's friends building bomb shelters. I remember hearing stories of my Uncle Boyce who as a fighter pilot was killed at the age of 19 defending this country against communism. 19!!! His mother, my grandmother, never got over her only son giving his up his life for his country at such a young age!!! My own daddy went to Officer Candidate School so he could fly with the Air Force. He became a Lt. And all of this was to keep America and the world SAFE and free. It was to fight against the forces that wanted to cripple and destroy freedom. If my daddy knew what was going on in the world n ...
God is great! Got selected to Officer Candidate School this morning. The power or prayer and hard work always pays off.
Just got word that I received a spot at the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School for this coming summer!!! God is good.
On a lighter note, I can't wait for my brother to graduate from officer candidate school :)
What a day! Publicly announced that Josh Kollar and Allison Lovenberg Kollar are moving to PA in 9 days to prep for Josh going to Marine Officer Candidate School. We've had some amazingly special years serving and growing together that I will always cherish! So excited for them and proud of their faith and courage. Bitter sweet. They will be missed greatly in LA and at Clarity. We also got to baptize 5 amazing people in the very cold ocean today together along with Josh Houston! So honored. Nothing like it!
Very excited to be applying for Officer Candidate School in the Marine Corps! Almost done with that first rough application.
Sad to leave our amazing friends, family, and church here in Santa Monica. But we are excited for the next adventure that God has for us. Next week we will head back to PA so that Josh can spend next year finishing his degree and then go to Marine Officer Candidate School. We are really excited for the road ahead!
Budget cuts at the officer candidate school:
How about a shout out to who is half way through Naval Officer Candidate School, on his way to Naval Aviator.
After much discussion, prayer, and fasting, I announced this morning at Clarity that Allison and I will be moving back to PA. Big decision. I will be finishing my degree as quickly as possible and applying to Marine Officer Candidate School. Time to really put this Missional Living thing to the test. Pray for us as we prepare to move in the next two weeks and I prepare for borderline stupid obedience.
I'm applying for Officer Candidate School I stead of directly enlisting in the Marine Corps
I am home with my new United States Marine. You can't imagine, well, for those of you who know me really well and have had years of experience with me, know I sobbed buckets of proud tears. I needed to be hooked up to a saline drip ~ dehydration came quickly. Tre is home for about 8 days and then he reports to Camp LeJeune in NC for school of infantry training. You know what was really wonderful - he couldn't wait to see me and hug me. I don't think he was overly thrilled when I ran beside him [yes, in heels] during drill practice shouting I love you Tre! Mommy loves you Boo! Oh well, he should have known it was coming; I did the same thing at Officer Candidate School Graduation for Chris and lord knows, I was in the line of scrimmage as often as I could be with Baby Aaron. This Mommy loves her 3 sons. Happy and proud.
At Bethany Beach Training Site to do an Officer Candidate School (OCS) Site Assistance Visit (SAV) in preparation for an Accreditation visit by the Infantry School House on Fort Benning, GA. Got to talk to the crew who was tasked with cleaning up the Indian Inlet Bridge that was covered by up to 4' of sand by Hurricane Sandy. They say it looks good and should be open by tomorrow (Sunday).
Today I enlisted in the Army National Guard. I'm starting out as a Private First Class. I report to Basic Training on 02Jan2013 @ Fort Benning Georgia. After Basic, I will be enrolled in Officer Candidate School. All of this, of course, is contingent on there not being a Mayan apocalypse. :)
I am very very proud of my son Kevin. After losing 52 pounds, today he officially PFC Calvert. He will be headed to Ft. Benning Georgia January 2, 2013 for basic training and then off to Officer's Candidate School. Another military person in my family to defend and protect our Constitution. He is going in as an E3 because of his college credits which means more money to start.
Day 10 of my diet... down 12 lbs. 26 days to go and 13 lbs more to lose. Officer Candidate School here I come...
As a Marine, Zak Beasley is used to pressure and stress, even as law school presents challenges of a different kind. Before he joined KU Law's Class of 2014, he successfully completed ten grueling weeks of U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, and lived to write about it:
Army National Guard says they have a guaranteed track into officer candidate school. Hmm...
The ACT includes four multiple-choice tests covering English, Math, Reading, and Science. There is also an optional Writing test. For more information about the test, see our website
Navy Officer Candidate School or take my law enforcement degree and become a cop after graduation? What do I do? I don't know, please my friends help me!
During the one-day trip MCPON stopped by the Command Leadership School and Officer Candidate School for a quick meet and greet, sat down with the Navy’s Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) director, Command Master Chief Charles Dassance, had a working lunch with the SEA staff, had a discussion with the current SEA class, and met with the President of the Naval War College, Rear Adm. John Christenson.
It's now official: I am considering Navy Officer Candidate School after I graduate.
Shout out to my good friend Graham Stapleton who recently finished Navy Officer Candidate School
Officer candidate school or not. im confused. XD
Beautiful shot. Great town but always tainted by my having been in Navy Officer Candidate School there, pushups at dawn, etc!
My sister leaves for Army Officer Candidate School in one month 😢
Good Luck to Candidate Hannah Cox who has reported to Officer Candidate School!! She was our only OCC-211 candidate selected. Positive mental attitude!
Got approved for Officer Candidate School. Gonna be 2nd Lietenant instead of an E-4 when i go active.
Im so ready to go to Warrant Officer Candidate School! They gone be saluting ya boy lol
officer candidate school lol. Gotta go through that to become an officer.
This reminds me of another binder full of women from Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School.
"I don't think so, candidate." Pres Obama o Gov Romney.Dang! That gave me flashbacks to Officer Candidate School
Thinking about joining the Marines through Officer Candidate School.
Just learned that the first and only 2 females to attend Infantry Officer Candidate school Dropped On Request after the initial combat conditioning evaluation. One of them made through the evaluation before she DOR'd. That's rough
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My son,Cody, is at Marine Officer Candidate School until 12-14-12. Would you please send him a card-if you have a chance? Thanks! I know that he would love hearing from a friendly person right now! Bless his heart! (c: Candidate: White, Christopher, C / 1264 Officer Candidates School, C Conpany, 4 Platoon 2189 Elrod Avenue Quantico, Virginia 22134-5033
The Military is not a bad option for you right now. The least you can do is look into Officer Candidate School.
Initial medical and dental packet submitted to OSO means the ball is officially rolling for officer candidate school, now waiting to hear from DODMERB in the next 24-48 hours to get the next step moving.
My daughter was just selected for the Army Officer Candidate School. She swears in on Friday. She is
Check out our job opening for a Officer Candidate School in GA, !
Michael Murphy, of Patchogue, joined the Navy in 2000, went to Officer Candidate School and then to BUDS for SEAL training. He was stationed in Hawaii, Florida,…
32 years ago today my parents dropped me off at Quantico, leaving me to the tender care of the drill instructors at officer candidate school. they shaved my head and started yelling at me...
thinking about doing officer candidate school after college. What are everyone's thoughts?
Hard work pays off! I'm beginning Officer Candidate School in January! Ah so excited!
Ceremony marks the anniversary of the U.S. Navy this morning at Pensacola Naval Air Station.
Well 1 year today I lost my husband of 39 years.seems like yesterday.So much to learn so much to do.Forever changed my life. But today there also will be a bright spot my son Craig graduates from Officer candidate school National Guard.So proud of him.His dad is looking down so proud I know.Won't be an easy day in some ways but the family will be all together an an angel above! This happened 3 hours before his birthday 10-14. God Bless You Rob xoxo
1. Finish remainder of bachelor’s degree 2. Go to Officer Candidate’s School (OCS) 3. Graduate and get commissioned as an Ensign (O-1)
Big day today. Reenlisted for six years and sent out my Officer Candidate School application. !
Photo of the Week caption: Soldiers, friends, Family, and even the Chick-fil-A mascot, gathered at Camp Fretterd Military Reservation in Reisterstown, Md., June 9, to participate in the Maryland Army National Guard Officer Candidate School's 5k run, organized to help raise money toward a charity set up in memory of a Fallen Soldier. OCS Class 53 initially planned the run as a way to raise money for their class dining-in; however, after the passing of Maj. Robert Marchanti II, Feb. 25, due to wounds received during an attack on the Afghan Interior Ministry during his deployment to Afghanistan, the candidates decided to dedicate their run to a cause.
My Nephew Jake at Officer Candidate School in Newport. He is in the shirt going through inspection. Graduation next early next month.
Tonight, I will be praying for my friend Jamo Williams! He will be heading out to Marine Corp Officer Candidate School on Tuesday morning! I can't wait to see you after OCS and foremost excited to be serving alongside you in the Marine Corp soon! I will be wearing one of my Marine Officer shirts in representation to how great it is an opportunity take this initiative to journey into earning a Marine Corp commission. I'm looking forward to being by your side in the Fleets soon my brother. OORAH! Semper Fidelis!
Fox & Weeks is privileged to serve the family and loved ones of Colonel Daniel Thomas "Tommy" Fogarty, AUS, Retired, who passed away on September 19 at home surrounded by family and under the care of Odyssey Hospice. He attended Sacred Heart School, Marist Brothers School, Benedictine Military School Class of 1938. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Health Science. He was inducted into the Army on September 16, 1940. He was a member of Battery E, Irish Jasper Greens. He completed Officer Candidate School on December 4, 1942. As a second lieutenant his first assignment was with the 645th Tank Destroyers, 45th infantry division in Africa. His division was part of the invasion of Italy. Colonel Fogarty received several battle field promotions earning his first on Christmas Eve of 1943. In a span of sixteen months Colonel Fogarty advanced to the rank of Major. He served in the Korean War with the 1HQ 40th infantry Division Japan earning ...
Started the marine core officer candidate school application!
Earth life is like Officer Candidate School. Those who wash out have simply decided they were not yet ready.
Officer Candidate School! has some great information for anyone looking at the Marines OCS or PLC, including physical fit...
I found out today that I'm ineligible for Officer Candidate School after my 29th birthday... Not a whole *** of a lot of time to make my mind up. Deciding to put things off to coach a final year may bite me in the *** ..
Officer Candidate School for the Navy is no joke...serious commitment. Then after you make it out they put you on a ship for 6-15 months smh
Man, I just passed one of the the hardest test ever taken in my life. AIT complete another check in the box now on to OCS (Officer Candidate School)
I'm trying to get more information about officer candidate school
Upcoming January OCS. Two of my Soldiers will be attending Officer Candidate School in January. Please inbox me if you are a college graduate who in interested in using his/her degree towards leading Massachusetts Army National Guard Soldiers!!!
absolutely. My dad bought it for himself when he graduated from Army Officer Candidate School. Passed it to me recently.
Ran for the 1st time in forever. Pumped to run in the Navy Officer Candidate School Grad Run in Newport,RI w/ my bro as he graduates nxt Fri
lol thankfully he was at officer candidate school. So I just assumed the marines gave it to him lol
Mike has been accepted to Warrant Officer Candidate School. We are so proud of him! He has been working very hard...
I have been a very fortunate man, I have made many mistakes in my life and have enjoyed both incredible happiness as well as sadness. When I was going through Officer Candidate school I was the only one there without a College degree. I had never considered going to college and asked my my fellow cadets why they chose to go to College it was what was expected they said. One cadet said, it was my dad, he told me a mans real success is best measured by that of his children. I want to tell you, I have become incredibly successful and it is, because of my children.
Thanks everyone for your support. I'm really excited to be selected for Warrant Officer Candidate School and hopefully I get a class date soon.
Just found out I'm going to flight school! Warrant Officer Candidate School here I come!
I just want to say congrats to my oldest son Justin for having been accepted to WOCS (Warrent Officer Candidate School). It will be one of my proudest days when I will have to salute him for the first time once he is pinned!!!
New areas for armor and infantry at Benning Main Post Main Post houses various garrison and smaller FORSCOM units of Fort Benning such as 36th Engineer Group, 988th Military Police Company, the 43rd Engineer Battalion, and the 29th Infantry Regiment, as well as a number of TRADOC-related tenants, e.g. the Officer Candidate School, the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, and the Airborne School. McGinnis-Wickham Hall (formerly known as Infantry Hall) is the post headquarters and Maneuver Center of Excellence. Adjacent is a monument, the Ranger Memorial. Kelley Hill Kelley Hill houses the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), the parent unit of two combined armed battalions; First Battalion, Fifteenth Infantry, Second Battalion, Sixty-ninth Armor, as well as Third Squadron, First Cavalry Regiment, First Battalion, Tenth Field Artillery Regiment, and two support battalions; 3-3 BSTB, and 203rd BSB. Sand Hill Sand Hill is the primary location of the Infantry Training Briga ...
so are you going to officer candidate school to be an officer or are u enlisting? There's a BIG DIFFERENCE
B.. look at this photo and compare...those were my bad *** days.
The Missouri National Guard celebrated its 50th Officer Candidate School Graduation. (video)
When our son John left for Marine Officer Candidate School last January, his brother Jim wrote and recorded this song about a brother leaving home. John is still in training at The Basic School at Quantico, VA but, as the members of the US Marine Fleet Anti-Terrorism Team deploy to secure our embassies in Libya, I think this is worth sharing...
Missouri National Guard celebrates 50th class graduating from Officer Candidate School: It's something that even the...
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