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Off Their Rockers

Betty White's Off Their Rockers is an American reality comedy television series broadcast on NBC. 0.7/5

Betty White Betty Whites

Plaid want to bring in rent control? - off their rockers! Force banks to lend at decent rates first?Landlords cud then afford to reduce rent
rakerjkblame them!That's the only sanity left in town!When the Islams get off their rockers they just tear place up
if that's the Clifton ice cream van tune I can hear they are more off their rockers than I thought 😶
Americans are off their rockers aren't they. Brought enough to feed the 5,000 for a 3 hour train journey and won't stop taking pictures.
you might like it. Betty Whites off their rockers. Been on for a few years. Old people punk young people. Hulu or Netflix
I love my job but bit an I tired, residents going off their rockers tonight lol
So I was told that I am not allowed to talk today or sing... are they off their rockers... If I can't talk who...
about to knock Clemson off their rockers.
if the nation is shifting conservative, then the conservatives are REALLY acting totally off their rockers
Sba teachers are off their rockers right now
Train ride from LB to DTLA I always so entertaining. Folks truly be off their rockers at ALL TIMES!
- Bet you're on that Betty White show "Off Their Rockers"
Joe & Ryan explaining how crazy TP compare SLAVERY to Don't make sense/off their rockers!
Hope all the girlies are off their rockers
Our senior class is the next generation for Off Their Rockers
The females here have completely fallen off their rockers
The Maldives: Off their rockers via The Economist. "This looks ridiculous. No basis of wrongdoing in the first...
High school east is a prison. Thank you crack *** that had to come into our school & steal. Now everyone is off their rockers
Hot in Cleveland star and host of NBC's Off Their Rockers' Betty White said she will change her name to Betty Purple for
All my teachers have gone off their rockers
I aspire to be like the people on Off Their Rockers when I'm old Roberto Luongo, Id be furious if I were a Canucks fan,
Abject attitude of the Supreme Court in the "Off their rockers" | The Economist
Prepubescent bieber fans are off their rockers
Ever wondered what your grandma gets up to in her spare time? 'Betty White's Off Their Rockers' returns to with Season 2. CC
This is so embarrassing. The Economist called us "off their rockers". .
is there a lot of raider fans in London? Or are they gonna think that these American raider fans are off their rockers?
The Maldives: Off their rockers | "Foreign protest and criticism is surely warranted". The Economist
Track and Field Group Me is off their rockers tonight 😂😂😂
for real man. Every single one of them is off their rockers.
GOP is off their rockers! Throw them all out now. If they can't stand up against the wackos..Throw them all out!'
Also as the Lefty Administration goes farther and farther off their ROCKERS is there a time when you clowns will say ENOUGH
The Economist calls this one right - The Maldives: Off their rockers |
Off their rockers: The Economist: "Just why were the people of the Maldives asked to vote in a presidential el...
The Maldives: Off their rockers |SupCt annuls electin India, the US, EU all shd make a strong statement together
Love the Vancouver housewives so much, they're all literally off their rockers
Washington in lockdown. Shootings - only injuries so far. Off their rockers...
Me and Stacey just been doing a casual bit of filming for 'Off Their Rockers'
Uncle Si and his scooter should guest star on Betty White's "Off Their Rockers". Now that would be funny TV!!
So the AHA is "insidious"?? Right up there with the laws that created the Inquisition, etc. Representatives are off their rockers.
East Coast! Just 15 minutes until the Season Finale of Off Their Rockers - tonight I'm spending time with a very special f…
This whole family done fell off their rockers.
What is going on These twins are seriously off their rockers.
Betty White off their rockers is to funny
Ppl be off their rockers I'm convinced lol
I've always thought the moms on toddlers and tiaras were off their rockers for making their girls do pagents, until I saw a boy on the show.
Not everyone is off their rockers. It is segments. Don't see to much shenanigans out here in Mayberry...
I'm starting to think it's not segments of society, I think everybody is off their rockers.
The larping and foam sword people on campus are just a little off their rockers.
Oh lord help me. I'm ready to be off work. 🙏😭 My residents are off their rockers this morning.
Man...these libs r really aggressive & totally off their rockers. Like lil kids who don't get their way & throw temper tantrums
Betty White Off Their Rockers is hilarious ,. this old lady motorscoots by ppl with her phone ringing & it is a death metal ringtone lol
PNC Park is off their rockers tonight and I absolutely love it!!
you were on the Betty White senior citizens prank show "Off their rockers"
What I learned in college today: Tarantino and Cohen are off their rockers.
Will Marlena and Victor discover what Kristen was really after? NO BECAUSE YOU'RE WRITING THEM "OFF THEIR ROCKERS"
Follow this stream of the House live. Decide for yourself who is off their rockers.
I'm fa real. The human race is completely off their rockers lol
I think Rockstar has really gone off their rockers with the newest GTA. They basically have made Saints Row 3, just self-righteous
House Republicans are off their rockers!
Seriously, Betty White's: Off Their Rockers is one of the best shows ever. Makes my life complete.
sharing Our top moments of the week: - TV Guide
From the title of the talk, looks like these guys are off their rockers.
Amish people are seriously off their rockers. i know I don't have to worry about any of them seeing this because their Amish
They must have been off their rockers if they thought I was going into the Conjuring looking house. 😳 .
what? I guess the NJ women are off their rockers lol
Laughing childishly at off their rockers! I wish they were my grandparents! On the plus side my nan is a
I love my parents... but they are a little off their rockers today
yes it is. But we have a segment off their rockers. Angry. Crazed
Is it me or are all of the politicians off their rockers. It's way past term limits.
The Fashion Police are off their rockers for this years Emmy episode. Most dresses they like, I found quite ugly.
Ya know. Periods make females fall off their rockers..
The liberals on CSpan tonight have gone completely off their rockers. Liberals are so full of hate and vitriol. They should all sit down
Ziam girls that hate little mix are hilarious and quite off their rockers
Can't wait to see my DAAPers off their rockers tonight.
I'm so exhausted. My back hurts and I think I bruised my knee. Plus my co workers are off their rockers. Please let this day be over
Remember when the ESPN announcers thought LSU was off their rockers for for not taking the five yard penalty on 3rd and 23?
Order Miche Bag Online!
German TV has their version of 'off their rockers' but it's called 'old *** *** this news pleases me
lmao i swear this was on an episode of Off Their Rockers :)
Really want 'Off their rockers' to come back on
People who are comparing Moyes start to SAF's start are off their rockers, and missing the forest for the trees (1/2)
Feels strange not waking up early to go and film Off Their Rockers, but had a great week of work experience with them!
Friday game of the night!! Off Their Rockers vs Rocky Mntn Oysters was a close one all the way thought with Off...
The way we played tonight, Wahoo should be scared off their rockers!
Betty White's off their rockers is the best, I get abs from laughing so much.
Someone save me orla and chloe r off their rockers and I want to sleep
Do u think the members trying to shut down the are fiz-ucking off their rockers?? Do they stand a chance in 2014/16? 888-6-LESLIE
These celebs are off their rockers mate. The lot ov'em.
Lool she is! And omg our old saying 'they're off their rockers'!
This people are actually off their rockers!
First Italian wedding. These guys are off their rockers ha ha.
You're telling me. Clients going off their rockers, very basic file conversions can't be done. Because ONE Mac is out of commission.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Have you ever watched the TV program "Off Their Rockers" on a Sunday, I think both you and Seb Coe should join the show.
Did you have a falling out with Nicole Ritchie? She is on Off Their Rockers and my wife and I were wondering.
Betty Whites: Off Their Rockers. Lol best thing ever!
Episode 19 In the last episode of Raccoon Manor the Coyote Clan made their return known to man and beast and Bandit and the Lady were about to set out on a new adventure. Another bright and beautiful morning and Homeowner walked about the yard with a cup of Earl Grey and a bucket of dog food. The tea was for her. The feed was for Beau; companion of the Princess. Of course the Princess was away, leaving the care of the dog in Homeowner’s hands. Again. Beau rewarded his caretaker with a wagging tail and a lick on the hand. She could have done without the germ-infested saliva on her hand so early in the morning. She was relieved to see him alive and well because it made her nervous to chain him at night with the coyote activity so close to home turf but she also didn’t want him running free wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. With the chain released she patted his head and off he ran, presumably next door visit Rocker. Rocker was Gator’s boxer; THE best dog in the world. He had been in the family since ...
Which team was well organized during 2012/2013 season?
TOPIC: WILL HE MARRY YOU? Are you the perfect girlfriend? Do you do everything in your power to please him and gain his affection? You want to make his life easy because you love him, you may cook for him, clean, and do everything you can to please him and make him happy. Did it occur to you that this is why you don’t have the ring yet? He has it all already and he knows you are not going anywhere. Why should he marry you? What will inspire him to commit and propose to you? Will he ever marry you? Imagine a world where the roles are reversed. Men cook for the woman, do your laundry, pick up after you and dote on you. On top of this he can’t wait to get married. He owns a hope chest filled with household items and silk bow ties for his grooms’ men to wear at his wedding, he greets you at the door in silk boxers and boots ready to do a pole dance for you. He looks at and remarks about every baby he sees, then he adds a few ultimatums. Where is my ring? Why can’t we get married? Chances are good, you ...
Northlandz: the world's biggest model railroad The world's biggest model railroad Northlandz in Flemington, New Jersey, was created by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino. It boasts more than eight miles of track and features more than 100 trains, as well as almost 400 bridges. The attraction, called Northlandz, in Flemington, New Jersey, contains more than 3,000 miniature buildings in cities and villages, 50,000 trees and 40-foot bridges spanning huge canyons, meaning it's anything but small-scale. The owner and creator Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, not only built the 52,000 sq ft building it is housed in but also painstakingly designed and handcrafted almost all of the scenery. It has even attracted several celebrity visitors, including famed model railroad fan, rocker Rod Stewart, and rocker Neil Young, who went to the attraction in disguise. Stewart and other stars signed a special 'celebrity wall' inside the exhibit. The path through the exhibit, spread across 16 acres, is almost one mile long. Visitors are told ...
The most accurate thing I've ever read, ever. Just proves you should always listen to Alex Skolnick
Do any locals have a couple legless or short-legged lawn chairs that I could borrow for a few days?
Benidorm *** (Off their Rockers) first and afterwards gonna watch the Smurfs movie
So all my friends should read this.I have 185 mutual friends with this Caden Riley person.this is what is posted on HIS (cause it does say his) page. 2. Visit the stores on SALE days , use your Gymbucks and other credits towards your items. 3. Resell the items online for more or wait until the SALE is over and return the items ( w/ no receipt ) for FULL PRICE store credit !!! 4. Use the store credit at the Next STORE SALE and repeat steps 1-4 ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! THESE AWESOME RESELLERS DO NOT RIP THE THE STORE OFF LIKE THAT!.MAYBE THIS IS YOUR WAY BUT DON'T DRAG THE REST OF US GOOD SELLERS IN TO YOUR CRAP FEST! RANT OVER
Another awesome night last night at the museum. Met a family from PA and spent a long time talking to them. The dad had experienced seeing a huge UFO that was on the ground in a field in PA when he was around 8 years old. He has seen others since then. Another man was telling me his story while the rest of his family (wife and two daughters) continued on through the museum. We spent so much time talking the wife had to come back looking for him. Nearly every time I am in the museum, I hear fantastic stories of people who have had experiences. I feel so honored to be able to reach out to these people and validate their experiences, for so many of them, even after years and years, I am the first person that they have shared their stories with. Sometimes when spouses are with them, they are shocked to learn of something that their mate has never shared with them. I know that some of you may think I am off my rocker, but for me, this is such an honor to be able to be a safe person for these people to share wi ...
Headed to the beach! Solo! I can listen to KACC gulf coast rocker with no complaints from the back seat! Weee!
Some people are just so off their rocker they have to pretend their life is perfect.. wow you people are weird and I'm happy to have the life I do nothing fake here ... its scarey really to see how some try to hard to look so perfect that they would do anything to cover up even ignore that their spouses are cheating. Really.
Listening to papa Papa Roach tall class of whiskey and lemonade
The bluebirds have been doing flybys of my patio door. I couldn't figure out why my door was so interesting. Now I find that they are using the rocking chair on my patio for their bathroom. Any suggestions? I love to watch the birds in my backyard, but I don't want to have to clean up poop off my chair daily!
What better way to spend the weekend than watching hilarious pranks?!
What's a person supposed to think when their spouse tells them that they feel trapped and that they have "settled" in life??? :-(
I would like to thank everyone for their condolences on my loss of Klown. Klown was a wonderful kitty and I loved him with my whole heart. He was also my friend, and my buddy. When I was sick he stayed right with me until I got better. When I was sad, he gave me loud purrs and kisses. He was one of a kind. I don't think I will ever have the privilege of meeting or having another kitty like Klown. For you that don't know me personally, you may think I'm off of my rocker but if you do know me you know how I feel about my fur babies. Thank you again.
Some people just done fell off their rockers.😳
Willie Nile -- “American Ride” “It’s a ride alright... on foot, on horseback, with the occasional roller coaster thrown in. There are a few Americas here to discover. The mythic, the magic, the very real. One of the great guides to unraveling the mystery that is the troubled beauty of America.” – Bono “With American Ride, Willie Nile ascends to the uppermost tier of the most revered American musicians and esteemed populist pundits, an elite and exclusive circle of venerable troubadours whose numbers include Springsteen, Dylan, Fogerty, Petty and Mellencamp.” “American Ride resounds like a victory cry – urgent, enduring and unfailingly affecting.” – Blurt “The strongest material he’s ever recorded” – Relix “Better than most performers in 2013 have to offer by far.” – Rolling Stone "Four Stars! * "There isn't a weak track in the bunch, but you could stack up its first six against almost anything in the vernacular that been released since 1975's Born To Run.” -- All M ...
Who knows if there is gonna be a sequel to the Hobbit? We FINALLY watched it and jeez it was LONG and didn't end at all huh..I spent 3.5 hours watching the great cinematography and telling Jimmy Vega to be still and watch the hobbitses only to see the dragon lounging in the gold? Did I miss something or what cause I need closure!! Oh well gonna clean my house before the boys get up.
Monster. at ALLIANCE lockhart, we wanted to share the news that American Rock Band
GM. and to the city of Philly. I would like to take this time too applause this city for having the bad 4th of July anywhere. to all the artist that , brought their a game thank you, I have a new respect for J. Cole I 'm not a rapper fan. but he got me with the song crooke smile. too cute. I also say hats off to John M. who play as if he was on another planet. and the young lady rocker that brought her a game thank you, YOU rocked. everyone torn the house down, but these weren't fans, but now are. and too Quest love who never miss a beat , for all those that he had to play for you are amazing, but I've known this amazing man now, as a young boy I knew, he lived on my block an I would be awaking by this drum rehersal, and didn't mind because I love music, and he was good I would wake up jamming to and awesome beat, I wrote an paper about his future and that he would do and be where he is. thanks for making a mature women proud. another one that step up to god's assignment. give love to your mom ...
I have finally been to John Legend live! John Legend is the Gorgeous Beast of Sensuality & the True Artist. Even stage guards danced and applauded. Ben Howard is a killer live. Sexy, bewitching, and extremely talented control of the audience emotions. Blur iz 2 hours of meeting and hugging family. Damon is cool even if he just stands on stage and smiles at the floor under his feet... And it's really tough explaining what's going on to people when this kindred spirit starts Whoohoo, the song Number Two :) Day 2 at also boasted: The top popular Kings Of Leon = the super healthy wholesome mainstager, but oversilent gaps between songs slowed the possible effect. The Hives = from-dawn-till-dusk tickticktick mad off-hatters :) Two Door Cinema Club = well-behaved candies glammed it up in their trademark way. Ke$ha = well, her 3 main singles sound real good live. Phoenix is Phoenix. The Lumineers = wonderful!!!
FB is quiet, everyone must be watchin eagles :-( I'm watchin pirates of the Caribbean
These Egyptians are off their rockers. They chose the last PM then decided they didn't like him so riot and have him nicked.
Fan rant Minirant, I guess. Post? I wish more young mothers chose to breastfeed and more young fathers would support it. I feel like most young mothers that choose not to base their decision on how everyone will judge them and how it will inconvenience them when really, its easier. The local WIC office will supply you a pump and no need to worry about running out of powder or needing baby water. No need to carry around a huge diaper bag full of several bottles because your supply is always there! I know its their choice. I just feel like they arent informed enough on the benefits for both them and their babies. Makes me sad really. -Gabbi
Wakeboarding Glossary The following is a glossary of wakeboarding and wakeskating terms. For trick defintions, please see the Wakeboarding Trick List. If we're missing a glossary term, submit it here. A-Frame: A term used to describe a slider or rail that has an up rail, horizontal rail, and down rail that makes the shape of the letter "A". Air: Getting in the air, the amount of space between the rider and the water. Air Trick: A trick performed using line tension for lift instead of the wake. Backside Boardslide/Lipslide: A Boardslide or Lipside where the rider approached the slider or wake with their back closest to the object being used. Backside Spin: A spin where the rider rotates with the back of their body towards the boat first. For a left-foot forward rider this would be clockwise. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as a "blindside spin". Bail: A term used to describe falling on your wakeboard. Ballast: Extra weight added to the boat to make the wake bigger. Ballast can be people, fat sacks, lead, ...
Former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins has defended her comments about judging children by their names on This Morning.
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In regard to tonight's gig at Jerry's: NEVER AGAIN WILL WE COME BACK TO JERRY'S! They ask us for our help to fill their calender and repay us by shorting us on pay. Jeff, just continue to wallow in your myre; Your fake concern about Tina's well being was priceless. DENISE, DO NOT EVER CALL THE TRUCKERS TO BAIL YOUR *** OUT AGAIN! You had a packed house and then u decide to f**k the band??!!?? May the leeches of Styx eat out your *** until rapture. Goodbye.
from 2. Final inspection standards General test samples according to subject customers to confirm and follow the order price, the buyer requires focus, special specifications and inspection habits, when approved in accordance with reasonable physical appearance and the inspection test. When there is no special agreement, the basis of Chinese national standards, international standard or other standard shoe industry. Inspection and Grading determination principles are: critical, major, minor, minor, no drawbacks such as five, are defined as follows: shoes manufacturer Where the right shoe constitute serious flaws fatal flaw, which is characterized by destruction of the function of the shoes themselves, affecting the appearance of unsightly wear safety and should be considered as a serious flaw. The main drawback of the finished product can also constitute a fatal flaw, which is characterized by itself sufficient to reduce the function of shoes, although can be repaired, sorting, but no ...
What do you like watching the most on television? — Betty White's Off Their Rockers
Quite simply George Zimmerman never exhibited any fear or emotions when confronted by police. His story was quiet, convincing and coolly calculated. He was not shaken as someone would be after the alleged attack. He was far too calm and collected to be someone who had just moments before been in fear of his life in a violent and surprising attack.
Are Baby Boomer Off Their Rockers, Yet? - How did we change the world? by being fattest generation ever?
I miss the "darkside" You *** need to come back and see me again. Stephanie Linda-Mae Hemsley,Brittaney Sard,Mike Castle, Kristina Waxfroetic Ackerman. Here's to lotion slip and slides in the girls locker room, beating each other up on a regular basis. Almost getting kicked outta the movie theater. Being stabbed with a safety pin. Surviving being pushed downhill in a cart and slamming into a door. Going to dunkin donuts at 2 am and making tutus :) I love you crazy people.
Ok, so I laugh at the stupidest things! Betty White's Off Their Rockers is pretty funny.
Some people are just off their rockers honestly...
I slipped my disco when I was dancin' with you! :)
Zimmerman Trial Question: Zimmerman lived in a gated community, which most of them only have one way in and one way out, the photo showed in court indicated only one . If Travon was on his way home what was he doing there?
Just finished the documentary Craigs List Joe. It was awesome. Interesting to see where I fit in the grand scheme of how we interact with other humans. Great film to do a little soul searching through.
i think fair is fair, if you honestly think you wont get whats coming to you. then you must be off your roker.. or insane. but I think people would rather be off their rocker.
I've decided that everyone in this fandom is off their rockers but that's okay because you're not a true directioner if you're not insane
Just watched the 50 "Best" Finishing Moves in WWE history DVD, color me slightly disappointed. The Moonsault was on 2x for Bam Bam Bigelow & Lita, when it was the setup hold for both, Great Muta's should've been the only one the Frog Splash made it 2x as well. Once for R.V.D. & once for Eddie Guerrerro. No Twist of Fate, No Boss Man Slam, No Frankensteiner, No Kane Chokeslam, No Van Daminator, or Van Terminator, No Earthquake Vertical Splash... At least theres a good smattering of matches for bonus features.
You know it really baffles me how people want to throw the BSA under the bus because they voted to allow openly *** boys not leaders into the scouting program. The program stood for over a 100 plus years with VERY high morales of what it expects out of its scouts and still does today. So why not pray for the program instead of knocking it off it's rocker for having to bow to the way the world thinks today. We need to pray for our country because it is in a very bad shape right now and does not look any better down the road. Until we put God and prayer back into the White House and back into our school nothing will ever change.
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HAPPY, HAPPY FRIDAY. RIGHT?? Maybe not. This is what I came home to after my grueling day at work. SO, Ms. Haylee worked the latch open that Allen just repaired. Once she opened the kitchen gate, I am sure she had help with this. She/they also stole two bags of chips, a new bag of twizzlers, and two packages of peanut butter *** for my birds. Only torn wrappers were left. Allen was really mad at first, then saw humor in it.
does anyone else have totally annoying neighbors? OMG I DO! GOD HELP ME. I've NEVER seen or heard anyone so off their rocker in such a long *** time. they are pitiful! i hate being harassed!
I just received a lovely message, by some *** who was calling me every name in the book because I crack Ford jokes. I'm going to make myself clear on something. First of all it is a *** TRUCK. Just because I crack jokes, does NOT give you the right to call me such filthy names. If you can't take a joke, then perhaps you should leave the page. I have also cracked Dodge jokes, and Chevy jokes. It states at the top of the page in the "About" section that no drama, trolling, or plain ignorance will be tolerated. I will not have anybody treat me like that. Especially someone I've never met. ~Miss Realtree~
NEW BLOG! Before my first was born, I read TONS of parenting books, trying to prepare myself for impending parenthood. What I found out once he was born was that they were all either full of bologna, or made me feel totally inadequate. That doesn't help ANYONE! Pisses me off to this day enough to put down what I learned that is ACTUALLY helpful as a parent, and I'm sharing that with you tonight! "'What to expect,' my *** " is linked below in the comments. Do you agree with my findings??
Some people need to learn how to read.
Early July is a very important time when you're dealing with music. MID YEAR FAVORITES TIME! What are some of your favorite records that have graced us so far in 2013? Don't be shy to include your favorite movies, books, tv shows, and comics, too! -Kevin
If there weren't HIPPA laws, I would so video my meth induced psychosis patients and play it for my boys so they can see these people totally off their rocker and being restrained in 4-point leathers and totally violated for vitals, blood, urine etc...maybe they would steer clear for sure then!!
*Give Me Something To Live For* Name: Jessica Nicole Malfoy Year:4 Age:14 House:Gryffindor Friends: Lucius Malfoy (brother), Dawn Black, Elana Wells, Ashlyn Potter, Linsey Lupin,Bellatrix Black, Narcissa Black, Severus Snape, the Maruders, and Lily Evans. Enemies: Regulas Black Crush: Sirius Black Hey my WONDERFUL FLOATING MUFFIN OF JOY! I'm Jess, that awesome random chick that everyon knows is a tad bit off her rocker, but they love her anyways! Except for Reggie...Anyways! Obviously, I was not blessed with the signature blonde hair, but oh well. I LOVE llamas. I am going to marry a llama one day...or maybe I'll marry meh kitteh Chloe. :3. Yup, you read correctly I am a Malfoy (makes gagging noises). Well technically I'm another Sirius, being a 'disgrace to the Malfoy name'. Pshhh! They do that enough on their own. Speaking of good old Mr.Black, when our families host parties, we wander off upstairs just to get away from our families' company. I love the Marauders. *** I am one, illegal animagi amd prou ...
The state Senate in California approved a bill Wednesday that would allow transgender students K-12 access to public school bathrooms based on their chosen gender identity and to play on their school's one-sex sports team of choice. The bill, which already passed in the state Assembly last May, pass...
Nate Shaw: Does anyone know if I can take my dog to the concert in the park tonight at El Dorado?
The standoff at Bellevue Avenue E. and Denny way started around 3 a.m. Police say neighbors claimed they saw a man with a gun and heard a shot. He allegedly came out with a cell phone and a gun.
Be yourself. Always move forward. Learn. Express yourself. Defend yourself. Follow your mind. Love. Party✌️! Don't judge. Smile. Take risks. Surprise yourself. Get laughed at/with. Dance. Expect the best, defeat the worst. Change lives and help ones in need. Live today as there is no tomorrow. Live in the moment and act from an up to date past.
UGH not a good day for Preds fans out there. David Poile got taken to the woodshed by free agents. He spends 36 million dollars today, but he fails to bring in a legitimate top 6 forward. Staleburg is the closest thing to be of any value.3.85 million/yr for Matt Hendricks and Eric Nystrom.UGH. Days like this make want to be a Blues fan again. I am disgusted today!
And Pacers fans must be off their rockers if they think we trading them Eric Gordon.
New Doctor's report their most embarrassing moments. Sent to me by a friend. At the beginning of my shift I placed a stethoscope on an elderly and slightly deaf female patient's anterior chest wall. 'Big breaths,' . . . I instructed. 'Yes, they used to be,' . . . replied the patient. Submitted by Dr. Richard Byrnes , Seattle , WA While acquainting myself with a new elderly patient, I asked, ' How long have you been bedridden? ' After a look of complete confusion she answered, 'Why, not for about twenty years - when my husband was alive.' Submitted by Dr. Steven Swanson- Corvallis , OR I was performing rounds at the hospital one morning and while checking up on a man I asked . . . ' So how's your breakfast this morning? ' 'It's very good except for the Kentucky Jelly. I can't seem to get used to the taste,' Bob replied. I then asked to see the jelly and Bob produced A foil packet labeled ' KY Jelly. ' Submitted by Dr. Leonard Kransdorf , Detroit A nurse was on duty in the Emergency Room when a young woman ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Betty White is not dead yet. Who was the fool grump, heartless that called the shot to cancel NBC Tuesday "Off Their Rockers" When did laughter become a ban on television. Cancel Betty White and all the senior mothers and fathers the NBC world is off its rocker. What are they going to put in it's place some no laugh crap
Tramps Music and Books, like much of its inventory, is about to become part of history.
A 21-year-old man is under investigation for allegedly impersonating an Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy...
Is punk having a global revival? So. any punks out there, or is it a myth?
It's hardly surprising that the final stages of the Senate's immigration debate saw painstaking negotiations on complex border security provisions to assure the solid bipartisan majority the measure received.
Just had an appt at my OB/GYN's office!! Being there made me miss being pregnant, big time!
Just watched that clip of "This morning" Apparently my name causes quite a stir!!! Lol!!
Betty Whites off their rockers is freaking hilarious behind belief.
I've finally come to my senses. I've been really off my rocker with these animal rights posts. The food chain point is accurate so just continue confining animals in unnatural squaller and supporting their torture and suffering since we refuse any alternatives . Carry on..
Rob Scuderi has signed a deal in Pittsburgh. Thoughts on the Kings defense moving forward?
When I get to be an old person I'm gonna do the things they do on that Betty White show Off Their Rockers😂
AMEN!! But am afraid it will happen and we will pick up the horrible pieces later.
So who remembers the days of Skins and Rudeboys? I recall a Bad Manners gig in Ipswich at the Gaumont Theatre for my 14th birthday. The sight of a couple of thousand skins queing up outside and then into the foyer and they made us all take our 12hole boots off. Doing the Can-Can in our socks.
Anna Marie Pelkey, I am your mother, and I do love you. And no matter what you say,think or do that won't change...the same goes for Josh.
What do you think of the Giroux deal? IT'S OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE! Take 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER using code "USA13" at Bark Tees!
Happy to say that we start on the new series of 'Off their Rockers' next week.
Hey, you know that thing we do when we get together and help someone who needs an extra push to get through a rough patch in their lives? This adorable little music fan is named Jonas. His mom is local music fan and radio personality Erin Lee. Jonas is about to go in for scheduled surgery on his heart, and Erin will be taking some time off work to be with him. Please throw a few bucks into their bucket so she doesn't have to worry about their finances while Jonas is recuperating. Thanks.
I am not young anymore. I can no longer sit up with those in their 20's, have a few drinks, play a few games. Just call me "Memaw" and set me in my rocker. Ill hold the babies kiss the booboo's and laugh my *** off at everyone else. My body says that yesterday was a very very long day but my mind says I can't wait to do it again.
I'd say that about three times a week I am very paranoid that I'm secretly on an episode of "Betty White's Off Their Rockers."
With series 2 out in 2014, find out how filmed some of their stunts
Love off their rockers Betty,follow me
We need YOUR help in designing the next new Kosherlamp! We are working on several new designs, and want to know. Would you like a Kosherlamp that lights up the whole room, or directs it at one person as it does now?
The Red Rocker Sammy Hager rocks country this weekend. The Eagles kick off their "History of the Eagles" tour tomorrow at the KFC Yum! Center. The surviving members of the Doors will do at least one tribute show and Dean Torrence rocks the Vets next month. Read all about it on the WAKY Music News Page at
This has been a fantastic release week for new books! Which ones did you read and love???
Are you ready for your dose of early morning rage?
The draft Royal Charter on press self-regulation was agreed amid some fanfare on 18 March, but more than three months later nothing at all has been done to put it into action. And unless something changes in the next few days, nothing will happen until October.
1 Corinthians 3:11-15 11 For no other foundation can anyone lay, other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 12 Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13 each one's work shall be made manifest; for the Day shall expose it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall test each one's work, as to what sort it is. 14 If anyone's work which he has built remains, he shall receive a reward. 15 If anyone's work is burned up, he shall suffer loss; but he himself shall be saved, yet so as through fire. The importance of being correct in teaching. Do not inherit scripture as a canal man, but through the Holy Spirit. Be of open and willing heart to understand the word of God.
When's the last time you had a good laugh?
So are we somehow producing more and more thunderphobic dogs every year? Either by lack of training, lack of exposure, or breeding? Seems like it. What do you guys think?
The only way a person should be judged by their name is if they have somehow manage to be called rapey Steve! That burds off her rocker!!
Our aim is to break down the wall of silence that traps victims and protects those that abuse brick at a time if that is how it must be done. The way we choose to do this is by making a noise...both online and in the real world...standing up and letting those silenced victims know that the...
The early reviews of the show at London's Meltdown Festival (curated this year by Yoko Ono) speak of Iggy Pop's boundless, youthful energy as he bounds on to the stage like a jack-in-the box who's just escaped the confines of the toy cupboard, cajoling, teasing and captivating his audience with the…
'They can't go a day without talking about me,' says Megadeth mainman.
With series 2 on the way in 2014, find out how filmed some of the stunts
Omg just watched the video of this morning with holly and that frightful woman Katie.well my little boy is called Tyler and I love the name.and I love my boy...he's a little character xxx so stick ure posh names xxx
I lost my phone...hopefully it'll turn up tomorrow.
To metallica fans - Go guys liquidate everything or sell *** get the money and go. You truly enjoy and respect these legends, their presence will make you cry. Go and mosh, headbang and scream, recall every second of the time when you got your first metallica album, how the music touched you and how it reconnected your soul to the world. Every true fan deserves this opportunity. Remember that this might be a once in a life time thing. Go see them with pride as fans, before its too late. \m/ To metallica 'fans' - Dont do it. You have no idea how sacred these legends ring in a true fans head. They deserve metallica and metallica deserves to play for true fans. The whole point of the music is to fight against the mentality of having to conform and pretend. So please save the tickets for the proper diehard fans that require alil more time to pile up the coin. (If you can only think of only master of puppets and enter sandman as good metallica songs you are probably guilty of being a metallica 'fan') To slaye ...
I'm growing annoyed with the authoritarian dictatorship that is the homeowners association of my building and their malignant leader, the manager of my building, that appeases them. There's nothing like going to work everyday and dealing with people often having the worst day of their lives, being beaten by their significant other, losing loved ones, or going to jail... only to come home to check my email and find another "friendly reminder" in my inbox from the building manager advising that my welcome mat in front of my door is against the rules and regulations, my mid-January Christmas lights are out of season, or this week's "violation:" that our brand new bicycles being kept on my balcony is degrading the "luxury look" of my building. If the worst part of your day is that you're walking around downtown Elgin, looking up at the 5th floor of my building, and your feelings are suddenly hurt when you see my bicycle on my balcony, I've got news for you... you're living the dream. (hash tag, hash tag... fi ...
So we have 3 children who have been looking forward all week to a disco at Whenuapai Primary, Ryan takes them and spends $12 to get in, money on sausages and drinks and is there less than half an hour and Tia is asked to leave by the principal because she doesn't go to the school. Despite Ryan saying she is the older sister of Paige and Noah still asked to leave. No refund and now 3 children who have had their night ruined. Good one Whenuapai Primary, I know where Tia definitely WONT be going next year.
I'm thinking that pretty soon it's gonna be about time for me to have a talk about the birds and bees with Max, *** and Mart Jr. because pretty soon they're going to be wondering how that all works. I'm looking for ideas about how I should approach them. Any help is appreciated!
Well another great show.. Betty White, off their rockers.. I love Betty White. She a hoot.. lol
Almost finished reading Dee Snider's autobiography. One of the best rock bio's I've read so far. Unlike 99% of the other rock books, there are no stories of drugs, chicks or booze! Dee is the real deal. 100% rocker
I just realized,4th of july in marcum terrace,sounds like all of the other nights
Breaking News: Egyptian Soldier Killed An Egyptian soldier was killed and four injured after attacks by unknown individuals near the Egyptian Gaza border at Rafah. Yehia Mohammed Abo Al Maged, 22, died of a gun shot wound to the head. Two other soldiers are currently in critical condition. The attackers used rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles, and a RPG in their attacks on four military checkpoints near El-Arish International Airport and on a police station in Rafah. It is not yet clear who is responsible for the attacks as they happened within the last hour. More information shortly.
What have you been listening to on your 4th of July? I'm currently listening to Ice-T's Body Count (yes, yes, I know they're not punk rock, but I just dig their music).
Update your maps at Navteq
People who dont take care of their cars should not own them.. please dont touch cars unless you know what ur doing you are ruining them for the rest of us
Tonight. As I was scrolling thru FB posts I ran across a friend's request to post a fav story about a sweet rambunctious boy I used to babysit. John and his brother. Jim and sister, Michele, were three of my regular charges as their parents went to dairymen's dinners about once a month and needed a babysitter.. They would pool their children together with the Pittman's girls, Jennifer and Brooke who was just a baby and I would keep all five children for a dollar and hour, a very good rate, even for back in the day.. On one occassion, John had become fascinated with roping and he practiced lassoing in the house and tying off pieces of furniture and his younger brother for much of the evening.. As I had my hands full, I left him to his fun until Jim would holler then I would untie him and go back to tending the baby.. While I was rocking the baby to sleep, John got the bright idea to tie me up by winding the rope around the rocking chair.. I didnt say anything because it kept his brother from being tied up ...
People should stop worrying about what color people are or their sexual orientation. There are battles like poverty, hunger, hatred that are worth fighting against.
I'm looking up some of these PS3 prices on craigslist. These guys are off their friggin rocker. Asking 180-225$ for a 160GB PS3 with NO games!! Dude I bought an UNCHARTED 250GB slim PS3 bundle from Gamestop Brand *** new for $199!!!
Wenger : Shaqiri is better than neymar and he would be the best at premier league! What so you think abou Shaqiri coming to premier league?
Is there a medication that can be given to people who sit in their backyard all day long and shoot off one firecracker and bottle rocker after another? Is this what our forefathers had in mind for this day?
So do these things actually talk to us and give us similar lessons or all we just off our friggin rockers? ~w~
Wow! I'm overwhelmed by all the kind comments. Thanks for thinking of me and wishing you all an amazing day! ~Michael
Are You Fighting Against the Wrong Enemy? One of the biggest mistakes I make as a Christian is that I underestimate the spiritual battle I’m a part of every day. For years, I thought that people who talked about spiritual warfare were a little off their rocker. I knew it was in the Bible, but in my mind it wasn’t relevant today. I didn’t want to make everything from a hangnail to a flat tire a spiritual attack, so I mostly dismissed it. If I’m honest, I still discount its presence at times in my life. Here is what I’m reminded of today: If you are a Christ follower that longs to make an impact with your life, you will face opposition. So often we make the wrong person our opponent. Our spouse isn’t the enemy. Our friends aren’t the enemy. Our kids aren’t the enemy. Our family (even your mother-in-law) isn’t the enemy. We have one Enemy that seeks to kill and destroy. He will attack the relationships that mean the most to you. He will distort truth. He will confuse motives. He will make i ...
Wow...only 4:30 and some people are already drunk off their rocker...actually, it started sometime last night...
you gotta watch aussie version o off their rockers its a *** Have a gr8 day xxxM
I'm flipping hot wish I had a pool need to get wet
New boards arrived in the shop today and along with replacements of boards sold were some new eye candy. Three new season Rusty's and a rare mal. The Rusty range is as simple as always, great solid shortboards designed to go well in not so great conditions. The kind of sticks that people who rip get on so well with as well as for those who believe their ripping. Plenty of volume under the chest/front foot with sharp rails and well balanced single to double concave. The Happy Shovel has a lot more volume than the other two with a wider tail, haven't surfed one yet but its a small to fun size wave board that will go well in anything. Perfect for summer lazy days and those borderline shortboard/longboard days. The Neil is the same kind of concept with more volume through the chest/frontfoot but with a narrower tail and nose with slightly more rocker through the tail, making it a dream all rounder needing more effort than the likes of the Happy Shovel but less than your off the shelf shortboard. The Kerrosove ...
Sister Phenom and I are watching Betty White's Off Their Rockers and THERE WAS A COMMERCIAL FOR HENRY V :O :O :O
Ibiza was full of em they're off their rockers! Put a shrimp on the bahbeee Sheila!
when you say 'imaginative' all I hear is 'total off their rockers' but omg just imagine...tumblr creepers.
I told her that there's a show with Betty White called off their rockers where old people mess with young people :)
Watching Betty White's off their rockers
OMG these haters are off their rockers I mean serious... — Exactly idk why people are ganging up on me like its ...
when ever I watch Betty White's Off Their Rockers, I think of you. Ugggh. I miss you. :c
why can't all old people he like the ones from Off Their Rockers?
dude they have a doomsday isle at Walmart these ppl are off their rockers
I'm watching off their rockers lol there 80 year old people pulling pranks omg
Betty White/off their rockers is prob the best show ever. 😂
I want to be pranked on Betty White's Off Their Rockers
If you have never watched Off Their Rockers I feel bad for you.
They are off their rockers. Not an ounce of fat on him!!
TV Ratings: 'Talent,' 'Dance' and 'Big Brother' Drop on Tuesday: "Betty White's Off Their Rockers" and "Extrem...
are off their rockers this morning. I need windshield wipers for the inside of my windshield because there is coffee everywhere
I agree with my father, some ppl r just simply off their rockers, that's just the way they are.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Betty Whites off their rockers is seriously so funny
Betty White's Off Their Rockers should not be watched by little kids but yet they are still watching it..great
Starting my day off right with some Betty White & Off Their Rockers before headin to school.
When me and randomly find out we are on the show off their rockers
Alert: there has been a jason giambi sighting at camden yards. Is this some sort of Betty White off their rockers prank?
Betty Whites Off Their Rockers show... Had to hold back my laughter at the gym
Betty White's off their rocker is hilarious!!!
Betty Whites show "Off their Rocker" is hysterical! All random events. This gentleman approaches one young lady, strikes up a conversation by by saying I need to ask you a few "security quesions". First women - he asks "Did it hurt" She says did what hurt? His response "When you feel from heaven" Then he asks will you go out with me. Her answer was no. Second women - same first line.I need to ask a few "security questions" Then he asks "How do you like your eggs" Women says - how do I like my eggs? He said yes - I'd like to know how you want them so I know when I cook them for you in the morning. Again, he then asks will you go out with me. This one said yes. This show is so funny!!!
yeah basically. I absolutely HATE Off Their Rockers. It's so dumb lol
I'm definitely the only person who watches off their rockers but it's just so *** funny
Man I just love Betty White's Off Their Rockers!! Here's the theme song for ya!
Off their rockers is the funniest show of all time
Betty White off their rockers is HILARIOUS. Sometime sold people are funny!
I'm watching Betty White's Off Their Rockers (1688 others are watching)
just realized that we were both watching off their rockers and O.o thats weird ha
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Just watched show, "Off Their Rockers" on NBC, and can't believe I've been missing this. It's hilarious!!
While all of you were watching pll I was watching Betty White Off Their Rockers 👌😏
When I get old I want to do the stuff they do off of Betty White's off their rockers!
OFF THEIR ROCKERS next to last Original Episode airing tonight at 8:30PM PST & a repeat episode at 8PM PST. Enjoy!
So Betty White's off their rockers is pretty hilarious 😂
waiting for Off Their Rockers Betty White show is terrible, it needs to, "Get off my stage!"
When I'm old I wanna be like they are on Betty Whites Off Their Rockers. Lol
But really...when I'm old I am going to debut my acting abilities on Betty Whites Off Their Rockers. I just wish my name was Pearl...
Betty Whites "Off Their Rockers" is a pretty funny show lol. That's how bad tv is right now.
The show , "Betty White's Off Their Rocker" is histerricle. (Laughter is good for the soul Prov.15:15)
Checking out Betty White's "Off Their Rockers". It's like a geriatric version of "Punked".
Photo: I just unlocked the Betty White’s Off Their Rockers: Grocery Store sticker on GetGlue 1480 others...
Betty White off their Rockers was all I needed!
watching 's Off Their Rockers. Definitely needed the good laugh!
Now im waiting for to start, but Betty White's off their rockers is on meanwhile
Betty White's Off Their Rockers is hysterical and I can only hope I'm as ridiculously funny when I'm old and grey
I love how my residents watch off their rocker and think its so funny !
Omg.Betty White/off their rocker. Set down 4a min...LMFAO, Wow..Betty White she's funny as ***
Watching "Betty White's off their rocker". Its hysterical. I needed a good laugh today.
Betty Whites off their rocker, is hilarious! Thanks you Marian Bentiporto-Butler for turning me on to it... I know my grandmother would have LOVED this show!
The greatest pick up line ever: How do you like your eggs? Why? So I know how to cook them in the morning!! Oh boy Janae Bamberger!!!
Oh my... I have watched for the first time this evening. Betty White's off your rocker. The pranks are hilarious. Brian, Mandy, Marcie... We could totally have our own show! Their pranks are funny but don't even compare to ours, however we might not be allowed on public television.
Do any body else watch that show Betty White off their rocker them old people is crazy
A im sitting here watchn this Betty White "Off Their Rocker" this ish is hilarious! Check it out on NBC. NOW.
Yes I'm watching Betty Whites off their rocker right now. Try and judge me
Betty Whites off their rocker is funny!!
So there's a show on NBC called Betty White's Off Their Rocker, it's about senior citizens playing pranks on young people, highly recommended. By the way, I'm not gonna advertise for free forever. (I'm talking to you NBC.)
What cheers me up a little bit of Betty White off their rocker lol
Watching Betty White's Off Their Rocker show so far pretty *** funny you gotta love that old woman you can tell she love life
Watching Betty White off their rocker. Lol sooo funny
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My show off their rocker with Betty White. Is the best show ever y'all know she 420
Thank heavens Betty White off their rocker is back...hope i havent missed too many episodes... and lovin me some beyond scared straight!
Betty Whites off their rocker. So funny on KCEN! I love Betty:)
New season of off their rocker, has to be awesome
Is there anything on TV Accept reality shows... It's out of control. What happened to real shows with real actors. why would I want to watch real life drama.. *** we all live it.. oh well... guess it's the Big Valley reruns tonight. LOL
Watching Betty Whites Off their Rocker on NBC...that show is hilarious!
Betty White Off Their Rocker is on, watch it!!! So funny!
Golden Girls marathon tonight. My husband is going to kill me LOL
FQ: Post anonymously please How old was your LO when you put them in their crib and own bedroom at night time? Obviously I'll have a monitor to hear her cry but I'm still a little hesitant seeing she's only 6 weeks old. rpb -shanda-
“In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out.”
Is super excited about America's Got Talent tonight!
Here's the TRUTH of the Facts about White Privilege... from a white woman's perspective... to all my fellow black and latino and asian and etc all the NON White ppl, check out her LIST!!! JEEZ that list is amazing!! Wish I! had all those awesome things listed! White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh Through work to bring materials from women's studies into the rest of the curriculum, I have often noticed men's unwillingness to grant that they are overprivileged, even though they may grant that women are disadvantaged. They may say they will work to women's status, in the society, the university, or the curriculum, but they can't or won't support the idea of lessening men's. Denials that amount to taboos surround the subject of advantages that men gain from women's disadvantages. These denials protect male privilege from being fully acknowledged, lessened, or ended. Thinking through unacknowledged male privilege as a phenomenon, I realized that, since hierarchies in our society ...
Character assassination is a deliberate and sustained process that aims to destroy the credibility and reputation of a person, institution, social group, or nation. Agents of character assassinations employ a mix of open and covert methods to achieve their goals, such as raising false accusations, planting and fostering rumours, and manipulating information. Character assassination is an attempt to tarnish a person's reputation. It may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument. For living individuals targeted by character assassination attempts, this may result in being rejected by his community, family, or members of his or her living or work environment. Such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is likened to a literal assassination of a human life. The damage sustained can last a lifetime or, for historical figures, for many cen ...
“(Are We) Doing That” is what MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee Oliver Sean will be asking a worldwide audience via a live Television Broadcast from New York City this July as the International music star gets set to release his brand new single and music video and kick off his Television and Radio Promo Tour in New York. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEW.O.A International (Press Release) - Jun. 25, 2013 - NEW YORK -- MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean is getting set to officially release his highly anticipated new single ‘(are we) Doing That’ as he kicks off his New York Television and Radio Promo Tour this July. The worldwide premiere will take place on 27th July as Oliver Sean performs the song on Evan Ginzburg’s ‘Legends TV’ live from New York City.   The new song, which hits radio stations worldwide today, features Oliver Sean’s distinctive style of percussive rock placed on a bed of foot tapping Indian Tabla’s, lending this main stream pop/rock song the inimitable Oliver S ...
You slept with a VERY CLOSE family member of mine, you married my ex husband and got knocked up, left him for another of my ex's who lies and says my child is his and YOU try and get my to lend an ear and give you advice? Are you off your freaking rocker? Here is advice. Get an abortion (I am usually pro life but you guys don't need to breed), get your own place, get your daughter back from the state, get clean, leave me alone and stop looking for love in all the wrong places.
if a certain drunken Buffoon named Chris Thorn shows up at my trailer again, I am going to give him an enema with a fork. *** jerkoff tried to kiss me, & really offended my best friend Dede..
Brainwashing is not, as some anti-Christian educators and students contend, the Biblical process of training our children to love and follow God. The word "brainwashing" refers to a planned, step-by-step attempt to "wash" family-taught beliefs from the minds of those who oppose government ideology. In America, it would mean replacing the old Biblical values and world view with a new way of thinking that would support a totalitarian agenda. In other words, every child must become a peace child, a willing and active servant of a new world order. A massive world-wide partnership is pioneering new strategies for social transformation. The media, the entertainment industry, computer companies, government agencies, educational institutions, the United Nations and its accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have all joined together in a common quest toward a global mind change. They seek solidarity -- a worldwide unity based on a new set of beliefs and values. "Obsolete" and "exclusive" loyalties to n . ...
Question? Read all and Answer. Its been brought to our attention that some folks have a problem with the way we present our material. Some have said our logo is to harsh, that our name is too " violent" and that we are to supportive of the Nation as it should be. What do you think?
Rocker Bono, in an interview with Focus on the Family President Jim Daly, urged Christians to live a bold faith, noting that Jesus was not polite about acting out the gospel.
Watch this video by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and follow the band on Instagram!
Just about a month away until we play The Getty Museum, Los Angeles for their Saturdays Off the 405 Concert Series. You can't beat the price! FREE with an RSVP at Dola -- hope to see some familiar faces in beautiful spaces.
Why has there never been a cop buddy movie starring Tommy Shaw and Ted Nugent? Their chemistry was so delightful in *** Yankees that it should have been a no brainer. And due to "Kilroy Was Here", we know that Shaw has stage presence. But what should we call it?
Russia is engaged in a major violation of the terms of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with the United States by building a new medium-range missile banned under the accord, ac
So the verdict is back... Firstly the spark plug cap has gone bust. This was probably the reason my bike was cutting out at low revs. Secondly... and this is the bad part... the rocker bearing arm has failed. All the shims are loose and lying around (fortunately they haven't been sucked into the engine or the bearing exploded as that would have been super severe) and yeh. It needs a lot of work. Thirdly... to top it all off... it's KTM's anniversary this week and they're having their annual meeting which means most KTM dealers are off to Austria. The Rocker Bearing Arm is back ordered too and only one tech guy is running the show over here in the USA and he's trying to find something now. If he doesn't have a part... well. It's a long waiting game. One we really can't afford hotel wise. Hoping it is all covered by warranty although waiting to hear. Bit... sad and trying not to stress out about the costs! UH OH! Nevermind :) These things happen, the guys here at Motor Bike Plus in New Hampshire are ...
My new hair l love it thanks Cara Forbis u did a great job
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