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Off Their Rockers

Betty White's Off Their Rockers is an American reality comedy television series broadcast on NBC.

Betty White

These liberals are so off their rockers, they can't help themselves:
Thanking Gorka for his service as if he had served in the military? These people are off their rockers.
They will NEVER admit that because ALL Liberals are all off their rockers.
Old crow lol. Boy they are sure off their rockers. This is great stuff.
Zionists are out here truly off their rockers
2 years later and I'm still proud of the line "since they went off their rockers, made you clean out your locker" in Please Come Back, Tyler
Could there be so many Californians that are total off their rockers never mind they have unfettered illeg…
Bro they were off their rockers this morning
For doing his job. The left and rhinos are off their rockers.
Is the far left, FAKE NEWS and some RHINOS gone off their rockers.
Anyways, women are really off their rockers.we gotta be careful
I feel I fell asleep and woke up on another planet. The left is completely out off their roc…
So my new job is AMAZING... mostly admin type work, but the people I work with. OFF THEIR ROCKERS! flipping love them!!!
They are nuts, off their rockers, straight jacket print models, not dealing with a full deck, insert meme here😂
The media are off their rockers. This is why we have Trump especially
🙄Democrats are off their rockers. They want foreigners to influence our elections. This doesn't make any *** sense…
yeah, I saw that. Accused the ACLU of being "white supremacists" for it. Leftists a…
The Orwells are off their rockers and I want some
They are off their rockers if they think they will shut down the truth, I can't wait for these prats to fail 😨😩😨
These people are off their rockers. It's almost funny watching them lose their damned minds. 🤢😖😆
I only hang out with people who are off their rockers. It's official policy.
Ever since the eclipse, our patients have been off their rockers!! Like what gives?
The current people behind the Leave.EU account? Yes. They've gone all the way off their rockers.
These Chicago photographers are off their friggin rockers. I seriously can not believe some of the prices.
When becomes a 12mth jailing offence the legal establishment truly have gone off their rockers
I know McDonalds is closed rn but my cravings are off the rockers... it crossed my mind to go through their trash...
Pip squeek Good one! & co are off their rockers. Brains have left the building! . Great…
I think she & Waters both need to be scheduled for a mental health evaluation. They're both off their rockers. Wa…
.those WH people are off their goddamned rockers! How dumb can they be, playing politics with our security.🙄👎
Mr. had us aware of this one. I don't know whether to laugh or cry for these people. T…
Incredible. whole lot of them are completely off th…
Trump SHOULD call out the press. Other than Fox they're off their rockers! C'mon!
I know! How can ppl not tell they are off their rockers!
how does a fruitcake like u get elected 2 office in the 1st place? Wow are Californian's off their…
This is the same Liberal News Media that keep trying to make US believe Trump is crazy. We all know…
more proof the r all off their rockers. Not a real journo among them
so terrified off. Everybody is off their *** rockers.
Ridiculous!! His followers are as off their rockers as him!
Will be sharing a room in the asylum with . They are both off their rockers
The Dems are the ones off their rockers. Crybaby.
Completely off their rockers! What exec actually thought this made any sense?
Sandy is nearly 3 times Echo's age and he is so naught…
L O L, rubber bullets need to be used more often when these "peaceful protestors" go off their rockers
I enjoyed the beta, but if Ubi thinks they can ask for $60 on a modern game w/ no singleplayer they're off their rockers
Some people in this world really are off their rockers
The night is young and they are already off their rockers.
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absolutely off their rockers. Completely blind to the merry dance the snp are leading
These ppl that want that are completely off their collective rockers.
"Are these useful *** liberals completely off their rockers? Is this another opportunity for them to undermine the European nation state?"
After this work shift I need about a whole bottle of wine to myself, these children are off their dang rockers today
Betty White's Off Their Rockers on comedy central is my current fav tv show. These oldies do such random stuff
Cannot believe I've just been pied off by the woman from "off their rockers" when I asked for a picture 😂😁
Imagine Dragons rock out for charity — PHOTOS: Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons showed off their charitable s...
I''m pretty much going with Trump on every comment about the crappy media. The push Jeb! media is off their rockers.
Wow, these people in the video are off their rockers.
These Grandparents are off their rockers. Spare me. These poor parents.
Who ever said Bastian was past it was off their rockers!
Set It Off Debut Wild Wild World Video: The pop-rockers have unveiled their brand-new video for Wild Wild Worl...
Off Their Rockers is that show you can't stand but don't switch channels on because you feel bad for all the old people trying to have fun
Pisses me off when great bands get abused. The haters will eat their words when the last remaining rockers go.
S/o to the people off their rockers wearing Meninist sweatshirts and clothes with emojis on them bc they are the very bane of my existence.
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I think everybody I work with is off their rockers today
Rockers are taking their skates off (briefly) for this year!
Awesome show and this old folks are just amazing — watching Betty White’s Off Their Rockers
Surry Hills Festival shows its spots: Rock quartet I Know Leopard will top off their breakthrough year with th...
& Betty White's off their rockers these shows crack me up . Thanks 😊
Did anyones football team even win this week?! *** happened. Everyone must be off their rockers
Watch out for grandma's off their rockers
All the announcers are off their rockers!!
Like the only reason why the "fans" are getting off their rockers is because of a *** relationship. Like hooray you're an ***
This week on These boogie rockers play some new tracks off their upcoming album LIVE!
Most of the shags are now officially gone. Off their rockers. Mad. . And that's alright, ain't it bu?
SHAKE IT ALL UP rock them off their rockers; pull them out of their beds & stand them up 2 make them confront their damage
Betty White off their rockers best pranks: The Story With two Emmy nominations for her ro...
Seahawks are unraveling. Completely off their rockers tonight, bad penalties, poor decision-making, not ready to win games
Rockers CO go 3-0 in there round robin to kick off their season today. Just getting warmed up!!!
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the moms are off their rockers.. I think they secretly wish it was them dancing their way into our hearts 😍😂
Kochi/Bengaluru alt rockers Black Letters kick off their set with new material from 'Petrichor' EP at…
Both totally off their rockers Hurrah!
And I thought Bearcats fans were off their rockers.
Betty White's Off Their Rockers has 100% on RottenT's, 4.5/5s and 7/10s on many sites even though it is the unfunniest thing I've seen.
how I feel with these 18 year olds off their rockers on adderall trying to cause some beef
please let the Nanna's have their own show a cross between off their rockers & loose women would work
Nah you mean Redskin fans those dude are off their rockers, Cowboy fans are sophisticated and love America. 🇺🇸
"War on Christianity" folks are esp. off their rockers. Don't know how people don't laugh in their face more often.
I think fans are those crazy TV fanatics and think he will tell Obama he is fired. They all seem off their rockers.
Francine and her companions were off their rockers tonight
the Beyhive has been off their rockers lately
Janice will be on the next series of Off Their Rockers! 🙈😂
Ok they are all off their rockers, but it's made people more interested in politics for sure.
Had a really fun afternoon filming skate pranks with the crew of "Off Their Rockers" catch…
Hi! Betty, I love your show 'off their rockers'. It brings a smile every time I watch it :). Thanks for being an inspiration
Some of these gluten free people are straight up off their rockers
Why would anyone take you seriously when you cite people who are clearly off their rockers?
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