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Odd Future

Odd Future Records is an American record label founded by rapper and producer Tyler, The Creator in 2011 after the release of Goblin.

Loiter Squad Domo Genesis Adult Swim Earl Sweatshirt Mac Miller Frank Ocean Odd Future Records Pro Era Joe Budden Channel Orange Willow Smith Taylor Swift Wolf Gang Casey Veggies

Odd Future, ASAP MOB, Casey Veggies and probably Joey Badass are catching dust in my collection. Not sure why though...
That whole fake weird/depressed movement that started in 2011 is all Odd Future's fault
Odd Future rly changed my life and the way I look at things. I'll forever be a fan even if they aren't technically a group anymore
I'm honestly a massive fan of early era Odd Future. I could talk about the genius of it for hours. Such distinctive flows and beat styles
Frank and Odd Future at the Grammys, moments after winning Best Urban Contemporary Album for Channel Orange
The Internet. •One of Odd Future's most slept on acts. •Talented as a band. •Music is mostly very chill & laid back https:…
do you find it ironic that the two best talents (imo) that came out of Odd Future are Syd and Frank Ocean?
That summer when ASAP Mob, Odd Future and Pro Era started blowing up was classic
I added a video to a playlist Odd Future - Radicals - Pitchfork Music Festival 2011
MadeinTYO goes the soulful route for 'Lamn' produced by Odd Future alum Left Brain
I go from Andre Nickatina to Odd Future, Kodack Black to Raury, Currensy to Erykah Badu, Outkast to Kings of Leon.. I'm all over the place
wait... And the rest of odd future ??
boy get out my mentions before I odd YOUR future
Took a look at PSA's Sevelnord medium Peugeot/Citroen van plant, also home to the odd Toyota
Every now and then I gotta reminisce on when Odd Future was a thing
Gender neutral bathrooms in our new game, It takes place in the future, unlike the past you envision. ht…
I may do this in the future - it's odd this isn't more common, people reading poems they like. It'd make a good night.
I miss 2012 when Odd Future was in their prime :(
Download tune into the Odd Future station !
Odd Future will always b top fav rap collectives..
JB . • had a weird odd future phase in year 10 . • known for getting a wine off every girl at prom . • an enigma
Never understood the whole odd future hype.
Tyler The Creator dropped 2 albums, ended Odd Future and became a homosexual since Frank Ocean last put out an album https:…
Listening to Odd Future by JAHKOY; this has been non stop in rotation for a month now. on
Off the top -- Killer Mike & El-P, Odd Future, Big Papa Warrior (most definitely), Open Mike Eagle. Do it for the youth culture!
I liked a video Domo Genesis Tells All: What's the State of Odd Future? Talks New Music + Freestyles
if you want a couple recomendations I'd go with Chance the Rapper, Odd Future's Radical and Cannibal Ox's Cold Vein
Wolf is the second studio album by Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator; it was released on April 2, 2013, by Odd Future Records and RED Dis
For the record, I never "left Odd Future." Odd Future is a label. Ego Death was released under Odd Future Records.
[NEW] Odd Future meets King Krule in the form of "midnight rides". .
Happy 25th to Domo Genesis (currently 1/3 of MellowHigh & a member of the Odd Future collective)
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Listen to Odd Future - Domo Genesis - Super Market Ft Ace Creator by flyergoodness on
this summer I want Odd Future to host their carnival in London 😭 pls
For some odd reason listening to future while working at a nursing home increases productivity by 500%
Tyler the creator and all of odd future make fantastic music
wit that Odd Future in the latest episode of 😎
I'm about to get this Odd Future backpack
*** I want from odd future to Abel and now I'm over here tearing to wicked games like let me go put on wolf I'm tryna be lit
I try not to be judgmental but if I see you wearing an Odd Future shirt I know exactly what kind of person you are
Odd future made me the person I am today.
new Mike G tape up on soundcloud.. bless tf up odd future
Me & Steph use to cruise the streets listening to odd future .. Ah the good ole days
I showed my roommate old Mac Miller and Odd Future the other day and he's been listening to both non stop since 😂🔥✊🏼
I will never meet Odd Future until I stop having sex with random girls. According to Bre, that was the message in church today.
Listen to Analog 2 (feat. Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean & Syd) by Odd Future on
Odd Future fell off like Wu-Tang Clan and Tyler is like Method Man
Odd Future never making a comeback Earl & Tyler dont fw eachother anymore and we don't know where Frank at lord help h…
Odd Future is the most talented music group out right now
Odd Future is dead. Pro Era ain't that hype . Who's that dude next to chance . Kendrick is ugly. Ab Soul is ugly
it would be cool to have a group like Odd Future they always doing something
Lmao Frank Ocean part of Odd Future, Wolf Gang etc etc. People be forgetting that I think. Always jokes with them
Are you wearing that because you actually listen to odd future or do you just like doughnuts
Chloe from odd future is the cutest kid ever
Odd Future was so good I'm sad they stopped
What am i gonna do without odd future socks :'(
Future wife this gotta be you. In the wedding dress and all.
A few months ago I deleted all the Odd Future from my iTunes library and it felt like a weight being lifted from my shoulders
Lucas from odd future used to be so cute but now he looks like a crack addict that's gonna shoot up a school
First off, you were listening to Odd Future yesterday, so you can't. And you like Travis Scott, the banshee of hip hop.
I wish Odd Future was back together :(((
I bet your dad is an Odd Future kind of guy isn't he?
Clarkson is going to be something serious in the future
Any music affiliated with odd future really just makes me happy
There's some odd past present back to future Baltimore mashup on ESPN radio right now
Future pup may be home by December if everything works out. O-o Now there's an odd thought.
I feel like my journalism career is taking a very odd turn if I'm honest. I'm glad I picked it as my future, but still, odd.
I'm gonna download some odd future and remember when I was in jr high
Is it odd that I want to name my future daughter Mavis after the children movie Hotel Transylvania
Why does Jaden Smith look like Taco from Odd Future little brother?
October 9th 2015, one of my biggest shows of the year beside the odd future show, I still got a few…
on - Doms By Odd Future ft. Domo Genesis from the album The Odd Future Tape…
U know wat's odd how delegates DUNCE &they decide the MP's future. . If he wins it's based off Crazy's hardwork. Dats crazy!
Can go from Odd future, to indie, to edm real quick
Here's some Earl from Odd Future. Earls the best one!!
on - Clancy Mullet By Odd Future Radio - Listen here:
Playing odd future over family guy an it looking like the music video
I remember when odd future was cool to me in like the 8th grade but now I look back at that and I cry
My playlist went from Odd Future to Richie Valens lol😅
That of Odd Future playin that tonight at Los Globos... Pour up and pull up!…
Spoke w/ Tyler the Creator (about the end of Odd Future for this week's ht…
Blowing haze tryna clear the doubt that's sitting… ♫ Sam [feat. Domo Genesis & Tyler, the Creator] by Odd Future —
Wowowowoow "100 Grandkids" is fire. Mac stopped using Odd Future's flow and started rapping like Mac Miller again
TDE, Dreamville, Pro Era, Odd Future, Funk Volume, The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies & VMG is all I'm listening too from now on 💯
Pro Era had Steez and Joey. A$AP has Rocky and Ferg. for a while Odd Future (to me) only had Tyler and Earl (but this is only about rappers)
Earl Sweatshirt on Odd Future, "It’s my teenage boy club that got famous that I’m trying to not be defined by."
Awful Records is really the new Odd Future
Mike G on Odd Future; Groupies; Being on Tour with Eminem - TI50: . Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spok...
Earl Sweatshirt confirms that the Odd Future era has come to an end:
Odd Future at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston (5/12/11) -
Lucas Vercetti - the only white member of Odd Future
Odd Future or fight Kimbo Slice in the streets
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Some of that Horror(9) raps are pretty cool, it's like an odd future kinda thing. The rock element is just GG allin, no?
What i miss about hs is how we'd have speakers playing odd future, throwing apples into crowds & getting high after school at veterans park
I will forever be an Odd future fan😌
I just want to listen to Odd Future.
Odd future literally got banned from a country like *** i wish i was able to say that happened to me
Painting over old wood; odd statistics and the future of horticulture, with mentions for
he's heading to LA to record his new album with odd future
Odd Future's very own came in and knocked out several tracks.
Wolf Gang! Odd future! This is what I'm going to sleep to every night :)
Getting lost listening to these odd future tapes
"Odd Future Fans" don't even know that Earl released an album a few weeks back
Exactly. Earl the only relevant dude from odd future nowadays
I love listening to Odd Future while studying
Treehome and this are the BEST songs made by all of Odd Future.
Odd Future is Trash. I dont like them tbh.
I have a bad obsession with odd future
Odd future is not anywhere near J. Cole
Never trust a girl that listens to migos or odd future.
Lucas Vercetti of Odd Future Crew showing some t-shirt love with his boy
Cooper told me today that he likes odd future
Me flirting: let's make out to odd future
my friends used to think i was a devil worshiper bc I listened to odd future lmao
Wiz, Curren$y, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Ye, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, Odd Future, Amy Winehouse, all influences and acts who will forever be dope to me
The only things I've seen sell out faster than Grits and Biscuits tickets are Yeezys, Virgin Mobile Freefest and Odd Future tickets in 2011.
It makes me so proud when I hear my brother playing Odd Future from his room
My brother and I are always first in line for a concert if it's Odd Future related, and we always bring like 50 donuts to share in line 🍩🍩🍩
When you trying to run North Korea but Odd Future is playing a show tonight
Matt Martians (of Odd Future drops a mellow new groove, "Overload.". [
If you like Curren$y, Action Bronson, Odd Future and Flying Lotus you gon love Toony TuneS. Toony Tunes is for the children and the people.
the Jenners, all of Odd Future, and Jaden & Willow Smith kick it together all the time!!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I went to DASH, Odd Future, Diamond, Marc Jacobs and Supreme today and did not spend a penny
Greenwood Lake: You all need to listen to Odd Future
"Odd Future, Wolf Gang, Golf Wang, Floq Gnaw, free Earl mobbin'. I know it just seems like I'm slobbin on your kn...
i really wouldn't mind going to a Mac Miller, Kanye West, or Odd Future concert
same for you! I appreciate your love for Odd Future and other artists it sets a good foundation, you gotta love what you do
Had a dream that I was going to an Odd Future concert in Atlantic City & I had to go through an obstacle course 😂
In 2011 all I listened to all day was:. SGP, Raider Klan, Lil B, Curren$y, Odd Future and ASAP.
How does my music preference change from Odd Future to Luke Bryan to Jake Miller in a matter of hours
Putting a bit of odd future on to cheer taz up xo
Domo Genesis will always be my favorite from Odd Future
'Odd Future' rapper calls out Taylor Swift's new video: 'It's offensive and harmful'
Odd future Wolf Gang kill them all 😂its like a satanic phrase and has to do with tyler the creator
When someone tries to diss Odd Future...
In the mood to listen to some odd future, man 👌
2. Upon driving home I noticed a woman in the lane next to me who was at least 20, with an Odd Future sticker on her mini cooper
Our penultimate award is best odd future fan, this goes to , and well done lads
sorry but the Odd Future movement is stronger than Taylor Swifts.
Casey Veggies would be huge if he stuck with Odd Future
All I want is something from The OF (Odd Future) store.
.and used to record songs in the Apple Macbook microphone for their first mixtape "The Odd Futu…
If you don't like Odd Future what do you like??
Why does no one listen to odd future
I should of been a member of Odd Future
I liked a video Odd Future at Wembley Stadium
LOL @ Earl Sweatshirt, or anyone from Odd Future for that matter calling anything offensive.
One of Odd Future complaining about Taylor Swift selling black culture up the river to white kids. My irony o meter just exploded.
I have seen Odd Future, Best Coast, Sugar Ray, Jeff Mangum, ADTR, Sublime with Rome, Ghostland Observatory, and so much more
I can't recall the last time I heard some Odd Future
Watching Jeremy Paxman trying to interview Odd Future is definitely worth a watch
My special guests at Wembley will include and Odd Future. But not I guess.
I heard Frank Ocean is leaving Odd Future Records and 4strikes:((
“Guess my grandma been bumping Odd Future lately or drinking Old English...
If your avi is the odd future logo I'm just gonna assume you're a huge beauty
Guess my grandma been bumping Odd Future lately
Whenever I feel like I'm not doing something right or insecure about my future, I think about success & it keeps me inspired.
Odd Future is really all kids with emotional problems
That odd future freestyle at the key club have me in tears 😂😂😂
Just had a dream that I went shopping for Odd Future clothes. Jonah Hill wore exclusively Golf in 22 Jump Street. This is how nazism began.
Odd Future likes to do this thing where they use really bellow-par beats and people pretend they are genius.
Debating on getting an odd future case
my biggest Hollywood dream has to be partying with Odd Future, either that, or going on a date with Ariana Grande
Mom: brian are you listening to that song again? oh god what are you doing?!?!. Me: stfu mom odd future goblin yonker htt…
Save the whales the dolphins and the trees. Please Odd Future
No offense to Odd Future but some of you are straight dumbasses
Perfect date? — smoke, listen to Odd Future, and talk about the meaning of life
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I thought this kid was really cool but he just walked in w an odd future shirt :-/
Warning signs of future obesity: ate chicken and then a cookie with chicken unknowingly still in my mouth. Odd but not too nasty
I can like odd future again cause all the mainstreamers left
I want to go to an odd future carnival 😩
odd future is gnarly radical bro. Tyler the creator is my boyfriend omg
my brother wanna be in Odd Future so bad
P featuring Hodgy Beats and Tyler the Creator off OF Tape Vol. 2. Fan-made video with Odd Future's footage from the 2012 tour.
Odd Future came from the bottom and its gonna take a couple armed armies tryna stop em
Mom: what concert did u wanna go to yesterday?. Me: Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. You are never allowed to hear their music ever in life.
Watch full episodes from seasons 1 and 2 of Odd Future's Loiter Squad, starring Tyler the Creator, only at
The music industry capitalizes off the ignorance of the consumer .. As long as you continue to buy and listen to this brain numbing, uncreative, repetitive garbage in MP3 form they will continue to make it and sell it to you !!! That's why artist like Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Scarface, Twista, E-40 and Busta Rhymes are few and artist like Souljah Boy, Lil B, Odd Future, Migos and Chief Keef are MANY !
Willow Smith wanna be affiliated with Odd Future so bad
Pearl Jam, Jay Z, The Hives, Rita Ora, Skrillex, Odd Future and more share screen time in new film
Atta Boy, Odd Future, you're not in our category.
We are not together in this time known as my Odd Future but a normal past says otherwise why am i losing I'm still thinking about it even when the song is done can someone yell love potion becus you with the wrong one - Kool T-RAP
Great interview w/ in about Made in America, Odd Future, Jay Z, Arrested Development..
on Made in America: 'Jay Z was worried what Odd Future might do to me' -
Steve Albini trapped in a spaceship with the members of Odd Future on a trip to Mars
he's good. He's like a more serious religious type of Odd Future sound to me.
Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle,Odd Future and Overdoz.A lot of different style coming out of the West.
Watch Earl Sweatshirt impersonate Joe Budden in the trailer for the next season of Odd Future's "Loiter Squad"
Odd Future poke fun at the 'Love & Hip Hop' star in new season of 'Loiter Squad.' By Nadeska Alexis
Somehow, Odd Future's Adult Swim sketch comedy show Loiter Squad has made it to a third season. And in a preview of the new season, we get to see Earl
The fine folks over at Odd Future and Adult Swim are gearing up for an all new season of the hilariously oddball sketch comedy show, Loiter Squad. In the most recent trailer, for the upcoming third season, famed rapper Earl Sweatshirt dons everyone’s favorite beard to impersonate Joe Budden in humor...
Odd Future releases the Loiter Squad season 3 trailer, featuring an official appearance by the nefarious "Earl Budden." This is the thing jokes are made of.
Adult Swim has brought back the Odd Future collective for a third season of Loiter Squad. The trailer for the up-coming season shows clips of what...
Odd Future just released the trailer for season three of their sketch show Loiter Squad and as usual, nobody is safe from the slander.
Odd Future is prepared to air the third season of their sketch comedy show Loiter Squad on Adult Swim. Today, the trailer for the upcoming season was released. Mac Miller makes an appearance during the three and a half minute clip.
I'm pretty sure I have the only phone in the world where the music is comprised mostly of Alt-country, Hank Williams discography, and Odd Future. I get musical whiplash when I shuffle my music.
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