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Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is a protest that began September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City's Wall Street financial district.

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A protester at Occupy Wall Street proposed to his gf. His exact words were, ‘Will you occupy my parents’ basement with me until I get a job?
in their tents in Occupy Wall Street and then carry on with an actual effective way of living not a race war
Be on your guard against neo-Nazis using leftist movements to spread antisemitic tropes!
"Two months earlier, Occupy Wall Street had taken over Zuccotti Park in Manhattan to protest social and economic ...
supports the movement. She just wants to occupy Wall Street with her cronies.
Bernie Sanders and the Occupy Wall Street Wing of the Democratic Party
occupy Wall Street supporters for Hillary lmao
The only thing occupy wall street did and still does is defend rapist.
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Wrong comparison. Yemen and Saudi Arabia are different countries. Assad is the president of Syria. Remember Occupy Wall Street?
I disagree.They are Occupy Wall Street Trustafarians.Same racist hippies I fought when they were for O then Paul
Sexual Assaults in Occupy Wall Street Camps: submitted by /u/The_Kurtz_Do...
Yep,leaderless organizations have proven to be effective in the past.Worked well for Occupy Wall Street.
5 years ago, folks outraged by financial abuses kicked off . Made Change.
Five years later, influence of Wall Street called widespread
This reminds of this week: Measuring Occupy Wall Street's impact, 5 years later
Why dont you start with 5th Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street people 9/17/2011 started in Manhattan they revel in it
5 years after the Occupy Wall Street protests rocked the US, what kind of legacy was left?
Occupy Wall Street turns 5 today. Still so much work to do.
A beautiful portrait essay of Occupy Wall Street protestors photographed then and now
Occupy Wall Street reunites five years later: 'It never ended for most of us'
"It was as if Occupy had served as a crash course in activism and now the alumni were seeking to change the...
Throwback in honor of today, the fifth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The energy bikes at OWS.
Five years after the Occupy Wall Street began, demonstrators to gather again in NYC's Zuccotti Park.
Five years later, demonstrators to gather in Zuccotti Park to commemorate Occupy Wall Street
Five years ago this day Occupy Wall Street was born in Zuccotti Park Manhattan. The struggle continues. Photo: ODC
NEW Occupy Nation: The Roots, the Spirit, and the Promise of Occupy Wall Street
The jobs crisis has reached a boiling point, which is why we see Occupy Wall Street protesto
It blows my mind that people have forgotten about Occupy Wall Street already. It is such a landmark in internet history
50 years from the participants in the Black Lives Matter Movement and Occupy Wall Street will be seen as heroes https:/…
"Bernie Sanders endorsement of Crooked Hillary Clinton the other day is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sach…
Trump on Sanders endorsement of Clinton: "Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs"
Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.
OccupyWallSt: Occupy Wall Street stands in solidarity with Rodrigo Dute…
Occupy Wall Street endorsed by the Ku Klux Krat Party, by the American Nazi Party, by SPUSA, CPUSA, CAIR, Trump, David Duke..
Funny I ain't see that *** in Ferguson, or Baltimore, or at Occupy Wall Street.
Me too,most arab & muslims aren't violent like liberal Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter racists, only a few of them R bad
Gee.."thief" you sound like an Occupy Wall Street tool. enjoy your tin foil brotherhood of Cruzers.
This is why people hate protestors. Sit down and change the system the right way. It's like Occupy Wall Street...
the Occupy Wall Street movement and every other Leftist street uprising would be less stupid with less Guy Fawkes masks
left sure didn't mind Occupy Wall Street camping out,destroying property. 1/2.
Time to tell Bernie and his Occupy Wall Street crowd to go home!
Or interviewing dreadlocked drum circlers at Occupy Wall Street, instead of the organizers who were presenting a clear platform.
not any different from any of the other candidates . They might be a little more vocal since occupy Wall Street is behind him.
Im not sure I heard the DNC rebuke Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter for their threats, intimidation and violence.
Cryptocurrency is the real Occupy Wall Street The real value of bitcoin and crypto currency technology vía
Do we have to act like a combination of Trump & Occupy Wall Street to get you to report?
Google Ferguson. And Baltimore. And occupy wall street. Read before you ever @ me again. Ever.
In case you have not seen this yet... I was lucky to get to compose the music for it. It was narrated by Lou Reed...
These are the same people who told Ferguson/Occupy Wall Street protesters to stop sitting around and go get jobs.
this is meaningless, like the Occupy Wall Street rubbish
.This is covering what happened in Nevada like how Fox News covered Occupy Wall Street. Setting the bar real high there, NYT.
Thanks: Occupy Wall Street. Help us save 3 kids from execution by signing this petition
He continues to insist he created the intellectual foundation for Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street 3 Oct 2011 Singing Anne Feeney's "Have you been to Ja... via
Barack Obama is Occupy Wall Street. Barrack Obama is plugged into that worl...
Lol! The "expert" on KTN talking about the occupy wall Street was stopped by LAPD? LAPD uno!
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Has the Occupy Wall Street movement had significant influence on policy?
"The net is great to bring like-minded people together, but it hasn't always been good for making actual decisions"
its always the same with the left. From the occupy wall street, to obamas inauguration they are pigs.
"Before there was Occupy Wall Street or Nuit Debout, there was Paris, 1968".
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I hate to break the bad news, but Bernie Sanders and his "revolution" are ultimately just 2016's version of Occupy Wall…
She rented a rape tent and a blind dude at Occupy Wall Street.
No not Dems, they're leftover occupy Wall Street protesters who still haven't registered to vote. 😡
After months of debate, the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly could only agree on “More Zeus's sexual appetites.!”
Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis is arrested for joining the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011
Where did they learn this would be a great idea>. School of Occupy Wall Street?. Freaking. ***
Russell Brand thanks Occupy Wall Street for his awaking. I think all of us do Micah White...
Michael Moore, Trump, Ron Paul all endorsed Occupy Wall Street. Know your enemies.
"I watched Occupy Wall Street from bed & heard "we are the 99%." I knew there was room for me in that. I couldn't be there. Now I'm here."
On top of plagiarism, the Globe's Margaret Wente used a quote to fabricate an Occupy Wall Street protester who doe… ht…
Kitchen working group! Don't let anybody tell the story of Occupy Wall Street w/o telling you how women ran the biggest free kitchen in NYC
Banks Plan Attack. suggested banks attempt to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement.
What began at Occupy Wall Street is reverberating in today's
Israel teaches American police how to treat Occupy Wall Street protester... via
As an Occupy WSDemocrat, I support HRC. She's strongest by far on Wall Street reform.
He seems to be harkening to impotent, leaderless movements a la Occupy Wall Street. No leader leads to nowhere.
Sounds like Occupy Wall Street protests?any feces on police cars?
If you had a clear-cut objective,maybe.But, like Occupy Wall Street, u don't & you'll fail. Just like Occupy WS
Like former Occupy Wall Street people who have turned into techno fascists.
What's the difference?: Letter: Comparing the government's response to Occupy Wall Street and the Maheur Nati...
Another world is possible. This is our Movement. http…
The activism here is as altruistic as Occupy Wall Street. It's really not about a noble cause.
Jacobin finally figures out Occupy - "not on our side": Yep:
Not "occupy wall street", but rather "Occupy our hearts and souls and minds". Sometimes disruption is good and necessary!
What We Saw at the Occupy Wall Street Protest. Down with banks, ...
We knew Bernie would be this way. Some supporters r wall street occupy
Nuit debout protests are confirmation that France’s political system is broken | Pierre Haski
stood by our side many days at occupy Wall Street. He cares about
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Seems like hired Obama's Occupy Wall Street team to attack Cruz supporters in the void of poli…
Worth a read on Unsure if it continues as UK TV news hasn't reported it . .
i was very young, so i had no idea that the occupy wall street movement took place until now. Glad that i'm involved
Have you participated in Occupy Wall Street? — No. I spent time interviewing the participants, but no more.
America's divide over the rich and poor was becoming so wide that it sparked Occupy Wall Street. . 1 Term later a billionaire was President
may need to buy a vest to make up for the time i bought a ralph lauren jacket because Hipster Cop wore it at Occupy Wall Street
he's completely insane. What exactly did Occupy Wall Street accomplish? Nothing. Zero. Repeat: Zero. Fact. He needs to go away.
Unless BS & his Occupy Wall Street mvmt help add Dems to Congress, they hope in vain.
Occupy Wall Street and Student Loans. According to Prof. Chris Coyne, one of ...
Bernie's supporters look like the same "Occupy Wall Street" bunch of trash
While covering Occupy Wall Street, a photographer decided to head to Cairo. His book:
Looks killer - need to get to NYC Fair to Occupy Wall Street
When you hear the party that glorified Occupy Wall Street blast success; wh...
Canada is the future. That is why Occupy Wall Street had to come from a Canadian magazine and why my book had to have a Canadian publisher
Adam Corolla Epic Rant on Occupy Wall Street ***Must Listen*** Describes Hillary and Bernie supporters to the T
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I love how Occupy Wall Street was hailed as heroes and now it's fine for Occupy Wildlife Refuge people can be justifiably killed
Sanders is off tonight. It's like Larry Davis giving a dramatic recitation of an Occupy Wall Street poster discard pile
I learned from Occupy Wall Street about slice-n-dice tranches that caused misery for owners of real property titles
This Sanders thing is same as Tea Party and The Occupy Wall Street Movement. I chose to be in BlackLivesMatter
Occupy Wall Street activists in New York. The lord-peasant relationship was similar, with a much greater power differential.
Occupy Wall Street is taking credit for Bernie Sanders. Interesting.
Listening to Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders/Marriage made i... by MattthewJshow
Occupy Wall Street gave the Democratic party a way to make you think they will change. [shoots self in head]
NYC forecast Sun 5/17/15 night: Overcast. Low temp: 60F. Time for to get smart:
. White people neither, remember occupy wall street???
History: Political polarization like this does not end well. "Occupy Wall Street" tip of the iceberg.
Sounds like occupy wall street crowd. How does it feel, lefty media?
is the continuation of values. This is a People's movement. It's time to reign in Wall Street. https:/…
How comically hypocritical it is to watch "Occupy Wall Street" types lust after other people money that they had...
Like are these voters supporting Bernie Sanders the same people who haze me at college and said Occupy Wall Street was pointless?
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win 1 election at a time. = replay of Mondale/McGovern. Too much at stake to support an Occupy Wall Street candidate.
Bernie's appeal is only to the Occupy Wall Street movement period. He can't get vets, older women, blacks, Hispanics
NYC forecast Thu 5/14/15 night: Sunny. Low temp: 55F. Time for to get smart:
What happened to Occupy Wall Street? We are going backwards as a nation by supporting a candidate that embodies everything that is the %1
"Americans have the right to be angry," Says Hillary. Wonder how she feels about Government treatment of Occupy Wall Street?.
Two billionaires with occupy Wall Street. They probably sold the Tshirts to the losers who are part of this movement
I won't fight for anyone who doesn't help the Occupy Wall Street Kids, drowning in student loans, low pay, no future and no hope.
Occupy Wall Street his history now occupy RSS offices to paint it in three colors of nationalism
Photos from the New York City trip in 2011... the year of "Occupy Wall Street"
walking locked arms with Black Lives Matter & Occupy Wall Street down Pennsylvania Avenue
Wall Street analyst says Hillary would be the best president for health care investors
Bernie’s success is less surprising once you remember Occupy Wall Street My latest for
That feeling when an article by a marxist scholar about Occupy Wall Street costs $38 to read
Because the US Govt does next to nothing for them. Remember Occupy Wall Street? The NY Times did everthing to disparage it..
Jyns updates: Occupy Wall Street is out! Stories via
Pretty incredible everyone that protested in Occupy Wall Street is already deceased.
They remind me of the Occupy Wall Street kids who squatted in Zucotti Park complaining about the 1 percent.
Help Free Gov. Don Siegelman(Dem-AL) framed by Karl Rove, then help the Occupy Wall Street kids and we'll talk.
Fight for Aaron Swartz, Gov. Don Siegelman and the kids of Occupy Wall Street.
Saturday's March for Bernie was like an Occupy Wall Street homecoming
Like "Occupy Wall Street" can't accomplish anything, dead in the General, agenda dead in Congress.
just like *occupy* Wall Street, both groups are peaceful protesters, these just happen to be armed 😐
just admit you forgot about Occupy Wall Street
"Those seeking to capitalize on this movement or undermine it by appropriating its message or symbols are not a part of Occupy Wall Street."
Sure, let's not bail out a territory that we OCCUPY. Taxpayers bailed out GM and Wall Street. We should bail out Puerto Rico
Remember "occupy wall street"? They shut that down and erased it QUICK lol
I didn't see them wipe out occupy wall street or Black Lives Matter.
We the Sheeple believed Occupy Wall Street was about help us, but after Obama got elected it only helped him.
Occupy Wall Street took over public property all across the country - drugs, rapes, assaults & robbery
if you think this type of behavior by Occupy Wall Street Radicals is barbaric.
Uhhh only 1% are part of Occupy Wall Street. The other 99% enjoy life without a Womens Studies degree. . ***
Why didn't they do something like this to occupy wall street or stop thuggery in Ferguson
or maybe you were the one setting up rape tents during occupy Wall Street where they took over public parks? Or Wisconsin capital
occupy Wall Street was all about low taxes for billionaire and invading foreign countries for fun. Right?
I worked on Wall Street. I am skeptical Hillary Clinton will rein it in | Chris Arnade
And after Occupy Wall Street's takeover of public property wasn't attacked, we know it's selective enforcement.
Did The Man allow the Occupy Wall Street protestors to go home without criminal charges? We're all the rioters...
yet the government bent over for the Occupy Wall Street losers & BLM savage thugs. Obama created this
Occupy Rural Oregon fizzled out faster than Occupy Wall Street.
Someone who was all in for supports Clinton, 'cos Wall St - well, color me skeptical.
they didn't go after occupy Wall-street/Ferguson/Baltimore but they had to go in for this???
Oregon governor rips refuge occupiers, feds Where was she when it was "Occupy Wall Street?" Hypocrite Libtard!
These armed anti-government protesters are NOT just like Occupy Wall Street unarmed protesters
Note the difference in way CNN is covering the "Occupy Oregon federal building," versus the way they covered "Occupy Wall Street," etc. WTH.
It's like Occupy Wall Street minus all the rape and feces everywhere
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
It's just like Occupy Wall Street just without all the rapes and feces everywhere
Money tore us apart. Unity will bring us Together. ~ Sign at Occupy Wall Street ~
Your reminder that Occupy Wall Street didn't "peter out" but rather was crushed by the police state.
Hey : shouldn't you admit we were right about Occupy Wall Street turning into
Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street join forces to fight Establishment Republican Party and US Chamber of Commerce.
Ha ha remember when this happened to Occupy Wall Street
Because of gluttons like you, I was with Occupy Wall Street.
Remember when WWE actually DID an Occupy Wall Street angle THAT SAME YEAR and the protesters were the bad guys?
Show me a third party voter and I'll show you a low info voter who supports Occupy Wall Street and Donald Trump.
Yesterday's Democratic debate, with much of its focus on economic inequality, demonstrated the continuing influence of Occupy Wall Street
New York City spent A MILLION DOLLARS trying to fire a teacher for his involvement in Occupy Wall Street, and failed.https:…
Critics said it wouldn't last. It was a blip on the radar of protest movements. It would fade away like Occupy Wall Street. With no clear
Climate Change . 1 of these was The left's Occupy Wall Street the other a Tea Party Rally . Who causes Climate Change?
Paramilitary Policing From Seattle to Occupy Wall Street - Posted in honor of the Battle in Seattle.
David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall Street: via
Rock Calendar 11-15-11: Police officers in riot gear raid Occupy Wall Street encampment in NYC, evict protesters and demolish the tent city.
"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes." ~ Occupy Wall Street sign
mos are trying to vilify them just like what was done to the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.
Agree that we need to stand up to the billionaires. Unfortunately, we had the Occupy Wall Street movement and that failed.
If were running during the Occupy Wall Street movement, he'd be leading the race.
Bern-you sound like a commercial 4 Occupy Wall Street-that's NOT an economic plan-that's a propaganda movement
Sanders should be president of the wacko Occupy Wall Street movement...
If anyone tries to tell you that Kalle and I at Adbusters didn't create Occupy Wall Street just ask them why the movem…
“I wrote this play during the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York in 2011,” Noojin says. “I’m all about the...
Yes, but they are politically more akin to Occupy Wall Street than to traditional GOP politicians.
The reason there were no Occupy Wall Street protest songs like in the 1960s is because those songs then were our social media now.
>Snowden approves of Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. >Snowden also approves of
can only look forward to the day when like Occupy Wall Street these BLM knuckleheads just go away and this drivel can stop.
case in point, the Tea Party, although they tried with Occupy Wall Street but we all saw how that went
Occupy Wall Street vs. March on Selma: Which protest accomplished its goal?
Yeah, that and the fine individuals left over from Occupy Wall Street, Kool-Aiders one and all :(
I just saw a RushCard commercial on BET but wait a minute didn't he march on occupy Wall Street?How inconsistent is that?
there's a reason many of them we're apart of the failed Occupy Wall Street mess.
I see very little interest in Bernie Sanders from the anti-capitalist Left or the Occupy Wall Street diaspora.
Occupy Wall Street takes over New Poster Girl for ... I am stupid hear me roar! .
The students that asked questions were zombies from Occupy Wall Street. lol smh
LMAO - - that girl just left an Occupy Wall Street sleep in.
Agree .. Thought congress panel trying to solve problems was good, but did not like the Occupy Wall Street kids.
Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protest about fixing food for homeless
Sen. Warren embraces Black Lives Matter If it's bad for the USA, she's for it. She also embraced Occupy Wall Street.
Father John Misty is to John Lennon as Occupy Wall Street is to Arab Spring
[on resumé]. -precipitated Occupy Wall Street. -is the reason Edward Snowden fled the country
Characters + scenes seen in FiDi for Occupy Wall Street's 4th anniversary
Migrants from Syria, looking more like migrants from Occupy Wall Street every day
I don't like the Democrat Party and I don't like Occupy Wall Street so I certainly don't like them in...
And may I add, became a part of this and "white guilt" after Occupy Wall Street failed.
Tehran to host 'Occupy Wall Street' poster gallery - Ahlul Bayt News Agency (press release)
Occupy Wall Street: when tax payers who now have no home but a "share" in banks, camp out & await police b…
NYC forecast Sat 5/9/15 night: Overcast. Low temp: 65F. Time for to get smart:
As a fervent supporter of Occupy Wall Street I rejoiced that Bush hadn't sunk my SS into this ponzi scheme, & laughed!
Invite Micah White, the co-creator of Occupy Wall Street, to speak at your next gathering.
Guardian on the Debt Collective's expansion of the student debt strike to other for-profit schools
but, I'm still young enough to remember Kone 2012, and Occupy Wall Street. While I respect the efforts of these movements,
Court releases video of controversial Wall Street pepper-spray arrest -
Burning Man is what would happen if Occupy Wall Street was actually occupied by Wall Street.
I added a video to a playlist Occupy Wall Street Olympia And Everywhere
All Left-wing Occupy Wall street types should watch this Peter Schiff educates misguided people via
I thought for sure,after today,Occupy Wall Street would at least go poop on a stock broker's car.
The Occupy Wall Street crowd went from poopin' on cop cars to this:
. the same millionaires who funded Occupy Wall Street?
Today, after seven years of off and on sleeping in tents in central park, the Occupy Wall Street movement can now be called a success.
FLASHBACK jubilantly declares they can have sex w/ animals
Court releases video of controversial Occupy Wall Street pepper-spray ...
Court releases video of contraversial Occupy Wall Street pepper-spray arrest
I think Maher (and Clinton) are on point here. And I liked that he compared them to Occupy Wall Street. Yeah,...
Occupy Wall Street may be long over, but the lawsuits are still very much alive and kicking. (Maddie Stone/Gizmodo)'re talking about trinity church, and St pauls? The two churches that openly supported Occupy Wall Street?
Zero intellect! => Looks like a moron from Occupy Wall Street who live in NYC on welfare paid to protest!
I liked a video Social Movements in Social Media | (Arab Spring / Occupy Wall Street)
Jacob Appelbaum Talk at Occupy Wall Street. In this video Tor Project developer and security researcher...
a book about the Occupy Wall Street movement from someone who writes for The Nation. hosted by hedge funds at the Princeton Club in NYC
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