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Occupy Wall St

Occupy Wall Street is a protest that began September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City's Wall Street financial district.

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Occupy Wall Street my *** Obama scores another $400K speaking fee amid criticism Just like the Clintons via
I like to think it's the greatest, most subtle Occupy Wall St prank ever
My thing is that anger at Wall St increased big time after 2007 and Occupy. More that than ra…
Anger has 0 to do w racism, everything to do w his hypocracy re Wall St
He's just gonna use that $400 grand to occupy Wall St. You'll see!
I just don't find any use in labelling opposing groups with the same term. Occupy literally camped at W…
What I'm talking about is orchestration. It's the difference between the Tea Party who were a di…
Safe to bet a lot of these people were once occupy supporters. Now they're totally cool with wall…
Even though she lost the election, Hillary deserves credit as a political operator for forging a coalition between Wall St & Occupy Wall St.
Just that whole movement, it sort of kicked off with the Occupy Wall st thing. Since T…
I loved when was asking what to call it. In Occupy Wall St. it was known as "Sparkle Fingers".
Don't forget Obama made them strong...Occupy Wall-Street, BLM, St. Lious Riots and on and on!
She helped make the flawed "occupy wall st" ethos persist aftr movement died. As such our fiscal policy…
Hey Occupy Wall St. Can you join us on May 8 to shut down Chase bank if they continue to finance the
I walked by Occupy Wall St in NYC almost daily, I never pet any of them.
Can't seem to find any articles you wrote on the times Obama fanned the flames which led to BLM & "Occupy Wall St.
I agree that if occupy wall st would've changed tactics then the impact would've larger
Did you consider BLM or Occupy Wall St. provocative?
Me: Hey occupy the dog while i rub ointment on him . Son (making pooch talk to dog): Do you know about Occupy Wall St? Who's a 1% doggie? 🙄🤦
Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc, which would be really despicable and scary. Th…
Obama inspired Occupy Wall St protests, asked "how much ppl should make." Hypocrite!
Nice slant on the headline. Say it how it is, $400k from Cantor Fitzgerald, one of the Wall St "fat cat" 1…
Sad day for all the Occupy Wall St losers he encouraged
Micah White- the creator of Occupy Wall St. on why protests no longer work at
Were there a bunch of right wing protesters part of Occupy Wall St.? I'm sorry, but you're absolutely wrong about this.
I thought progressives blamed wall st and the 1% for all of our problems? Occupy, "fea…
He ruined the country, hated Wall St & encouraged the "occupy" people. Now they are going to financi…
Now, on the "Berners", they've wanted a fight with Wall St. since the '07 crash and Occupy Movement. Wall St. avoided this through crisis.
that Obama didn't do enough to reign in banksters on Wall St wasn't a…
Well, hopefully you'll see the truth before its too late. I used to gather Intel for Wikileaks…
Occupy Wall St. was cooked up by Clinton-hating leftists in anticipation of Hillary's 2016 presidential run.   10% Off
AWiseLatina "trish22bee thehill I remember Occupy Wall St. Saying he took money from Goldman Sachs and that was in 2008! They were right…
Ezra, I get that you liberals have an Occupy Wall Street foundation, but why pretend Democ…
If he hadn't pledged his support to Occupy Wall St, I might agree with you.
While Bryan believes their participation in Occupy Wall St will turn Taylor, they seem 2…
I was the one at Occupy Wall St doing mike checks about this. I have a few things to tell the NYPL about…
So true! Too many issues is what fell occupy Wall St. 100 issues…
I told my son this is what would happen if he joined Occupy Wall St. Children still need parental guidance !
Stoller is apart of the losers from occupy wall st (majority of sanders supporters)
Important difference: Tea Party had particular policy objections driving it, Occupy Wall St was about…
In 2010 Tea Party and Occupy Wall St had comparable passion. But which translated into actual elector…
Didn't you violate your parole when you went to Occupy Wall St?
Vote Le Pen! Don't listen to loser Democrats in the US! The Democrat party is dead ... the resistance…
it seems ridiculous Free Speech is being attacked by privileged whitekids & Occupy Wall St types. Bring it on.
FYI Breitbart hacked my email too. Occupy was all about the failure to prosecute Wall St, so AB couldn't have been too…
Dem Sen just blamed Russ for Occupy Wall St. Love it.
Occupy Wall St protesters are now protesting because the Wall St backed candidate lost.
Part 291 of "Off To Grad School" --As I prepare to travel to NYC to see 9/11 Memorial & Occupy Wall St, I'll be mis…
Notice how non-violent they are? Only leftist groups like BLM and occupy wall st thugs cause violence...sad
like a lot of men in his generation. Remember when he went to Occupy Wall St - gave speech
To Wall St. with Love: WikiLeaks on Clinton’s Corporate Cozying -
From Occupy Wall St to accusing Wikileaks of being disreputable w/no evidence. Interesting that.
Part 289 of "Off To Grad School" --just days before I will visit Occupy Wall St., the PVD chapters are up and inclu…
De Niro presents his rant with an Occupy Democrats logo. What a contradiction. Hillary is Wall St owned. Robert, we know what Trump is.
Occupy Wall St people, Hillary is their candidate. She is everything you hate, and she is thumbing her nose at the entire left
lmaoskamdsmznfnw I have a report on the occupy wall st. law enforcement and it's also almost thanksgiving
Actually has a point. BLM and Occupy Wall St. are well-funded organized armies
Ex-Democrat here too. Remember the Occupy movements where they were against Wall St. Corruption. Now its shut up and obey.
."More than half"?? I don't read that. You made that up. "Low social capital" clearly means Occupy Wall St
Anyone remember when Jeff Mangum played at occupy wall st? That made me woke
From Occupy Wall St. and Occupy Monsanto: Your food on capitalism:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
If you are saying Occupy was not harassing here is an article from one of your fav sites
Whats hilarious is this blogger was ALL ABOUT occupy wall st 5 yrs ago,oblivious that HRC in bed w wallst
Let's see, destroyed Occupy Wall St., took on the drs. & nurses advocating for single-payer, & waged war on whistleblowers.
Makes sense now why DCCC supported Occupy thugs 2 extort $ from WS banks, HRC acts as protection racket
are bizarre! Liars, cheats, corrupt as in DNC, intolerant & violent Trump rallies,…
Makes sense now why DCCC supported Occupy thugs as way to extort $ from Wall street banks &…
Occupy Wall St. shared Nick Hanauer's photo. We are over having our lives controlled by laws made for and by the 1%.
Occupy Wall St. Rising up in Puerto Rico against capitalism.
Send that over to all those Bernie Sander voters & Occupy Wall St. marchers, inner city folks suffering.
Hey remember when everyone was all mad about the 1% not putting in what they take? No? Occupy Wall St? No. Cool.
Of course it would, it would be an occupy wall st type movement and Fox News would side with them if he were conservative
not us dying at hands of police. Occupy Wall St. Orlando nightclub shooting.
Occupy Wall St. shared Bill Moyers' article: "Worker-ownership will be beginning of a transformed economy."...
as it is, the FBI spied on Occupy Wall St on idea that it was a "terrorist" group
Yes, they are thinking that way. It's from political agitprop running on 2 years now. (DNC's 2016 occupy wall st)
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OK genius, use ur best logic: How did Occupy Wall St, Ralph Nader, flip their position on ??
Left over *** from Occupy Wall St who are getting pay checks from George Soros!
BLM is just a pack of losers like Occupy Wall St. Trump would do way more for blacks than Dems by boosting economy.
To me it seems like Occupy Wall St led to Bernie Sanders' rise. What - or who - will Black Lives Matter lead to? A new party perhaps?
I actually dont..just googled it and it doesnt ring a bell. I was working at 60 Wall st. during the occupy movement too
please, Steve Bannon came out with a movie spewing hatred on the Occupy Wall St. movement (which Bernie supports)
I was googling Bannon, I wonder do Bernie supporters know he was responsible for spewing propaganda on Occupy Wall St. movement
Bernie was the result of an undercurrent of unrest that really kicked off with Occupy Wall St.
Not without changing ideas to mirror Occupy Wall St.
She sued NYPD at Occupy Wall St. She sued Decorated Hero Col Allen West for groping her all charges dropped!
and wasn't life better back then? We were all full of hope and plans to walk the Occupy Wall St protest...
... The Tea Party was a grassroots cause upon creation, untouched by Karl Rove, but Occupy Wall St. was a mob invented by Democrats.
Want to annoy a Bernie fan? Tell them you hope their little revolution is more successful than the Occupy Wall St movement.
Oath Keepers compare at to Amer. Indian activists, Occupy Wall St, Black Lives Matter
Oregon governor rips refuge occupiers, feds Where was she when it was "Occupy Wall Street?" Hypocrite Libtard!
"The BEST speech by ANY protester EVER - at occupy wall st
Rock Komoroski shared Occupy Wall St.'s photo. 41 mins · . All this Unfairness is just God's way of getting us...
Has very close ties with Wall Street claimes he didn't and supported occupy Wall st.
These armed anti-government protesters are NOT just like Occupy Wall Street unarmed protesters
"Atoms are what makes us all matter.". Protester, Occupy Wall St. Visit: :)
Arguable, but I see it differently. Occupy worked when it was on Wall St; became synonymous with *** as it moved elsewhere.
.food stamp recipients didn't cause the financial crisis, Wall St did = wow, Occupy State of the Union
Want to give the occupy Wall St movement teeth? Shop Small!.
Now GG is just another big trap for Social Justice and NYS is becoming the Black Lives Movement 2.0 or Occupy Wall St.
Bernie Sanders would not be where he is today without the actions of Occupy Wall St.
The Federal Reserve is the 1% that you and your dopey Occupy Wall St. Friends complain about.
Let's hear it for the | For Many Americans, It Never Ended via
I don't recall seeing reports and analysis like this before Occupy Wall St lodged it into the minds of all Americans, where it remains
Much like Occupy Wall St...But these would have a stronger legal basis than the ACA (which only lost on one major matter).
Occupy Wall St also claims to have solidarity with Palestine, while they're funded by Rothschild Zionist George Soros
Occupy Wall St. shared my US Uncut piece on Detroit Public Schools. :)
Party likes its 1 percent Guess who Wall Street supported in 2008
More like occupy Wall St and,Choking a guy to death for selling loosie cigarettes.
Occupy Wall St. is stronger than ever! . Too bad it's the corrupt "Heads we win - Tails you lose!" .01%ers still doing the occupying.
While Occupy Wall St thugs only protested for a Marxist revolution, Oregon protestors have legitimate Constitutional complaints.
At that point 1%ers will be 1/2 the population! Who will be there to occupy wall st.? Soylent Green 👉🏽 the choice of foodies
what's his face assumes any anti-gov nutbag is a RWNJ while ignoring anti-gov of Occupy Wall St, as one example.
Ted Cruz wasn't attacking like courage, integrity, and strength. He was after occupy wall st and a communist mayor.
yeah, that's what I had in mind. That's when Occupy should have hit Wall St.
Who are you polling the occupy Wall St gang? Pajama boys? Old hippies?
Allowing homeless men to occupy Wall st. and crap on cop cars.
Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying,. Has close ties to Wall St., but pretends to support Occupy Wall St.
not all, these people, yes. What the occupy wall st movement became, yes.
from what I remember of occupy wall st critics saying is that any disruption to everyday life is a terrorist act
occupy Wall St started the same way and became a disaster. Much like this will or they will get cold and hungry, then leave
Occupy Wall St. heroin addicts are now setting our economic policies. First he takes my guns now he takes my business...
Former NYC deputy mayor John Zuccotti dies at 78; namesake plaza was HQ for Occupy Wall St
This is why the Tea Party has ultimately been successful and Occupy Wall St. failed
The greatest movement this decade was the Occupy Wall St. movement. What did these young people want?
Who's ready to occupy Apocalypse Fundies on Wall St with me Opps nationwide, in your own hometown
That's right! And RA's head was from the Finance team's occupy Wall St tent...
They shouldve melted the bull during occupy wall st
Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protest about fixing food for homeless
Just cuz I'll listen to NN Taleb, doesn't mean I don't LOVE Occupy Wall St. and Class War in general. Hasta la Victoria..
IT is SERIOUSLY TIME for a MASSIVE protest day to be organized - nationwide. If Occupy Wall St Managed to organize - we can too!
So says All he needs is dreadlocks & he could be on Occupy Wall St I thought that's where Fox found him
HAPPENING NOW: Homeowners and housing activist crash Lone Star Fund’s office for buying up neighborhoods and…
Our team is majority women in finance, occupy meets Wall St, divesting from harm, investing in an economy in service to life.
You guys know where I loand politically and the Occupy Wall St. movement has plenty of faults but this is a...
I have to say that Cummings outrage was the best part about today's Dem. circus. He went full occupy wall st.
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Compares structure of occupy wall st. to BLM. Interesting thoughts on movements
Those two companies occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. Wall st might like both, only one is an innovation engine
Occupy Wall St. takes up the cause:
Sounds like an 'Occupy Wall St' event. Thousands of kids stranded overnight in music festival from ***
Today we give thanks to Occupy Wall St. who helped lay the foundation for Bernie Sanders campaign. go
Wow. That's bad...and as misdirected as Occupy Wall St. was.
we need to go in Occupy Wall St style
U want 2 see something mind boggling? Go 2 his page & check out his followers. They're the Occupy Wall St
"[regents like blum] are almost caricatures of everything the Occupy Wall St movement is opposed to: a hyper-connected investment banker…"
Rock Komoroski shared Occupy Wall St.'s photo. 3 hrs · . "Free" is not how it feels. I know you can't imagine any...
The words out: Im a woman, Warren says, and Im going to have...
First there was Occupy Wall St., then Black Lives Matter, now Clocks Matter?
Visual Impact – Creative Dissent in the 21st Century: From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall St...
BLM is a Lib mob group no different than Occupy Wall St funded by the left …
Occupy Wall Street iPhone 4/4S case: Occupy Wall St. We are the 99% Patriotic red white and ...
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the Occupy Wall St movement was the dumbest thing ever...yes shame the Street bc it's the shining beacon of American Capitalism gr8 idea
Seen Continuum? OK scifi but its politics are about as coherent as a 13 year old cribbing from an Occupy Wall St press release.
I liked a video How-to Film & Document Police Misconduct at Occupy Wall St and elsewhere Dec 13 2011
Apprently you can occupy wall st. but not a town that has random shootings.
"no time to occupy wall st/I'd rather Alexandra Kollontai wall st"
Privatize Social Security; let Wall St handle it. Soylent Green tastes like chicken!
I love all these Malaysians who say what we need is something like Occupy Wall St, and then hope someone else would organise it.
It's tiring when conservatives become occupy wall st protesters mocking one of the most successful people in US history.
Trump is a superstar capitalist. It's embarrassing to see these conservatives mutate into occupy wall st protesters.
lol. As if BLM will be allowed to change anything. They are Occupy Wall St. 2015. Never rock the boat and threaten the power.
Occupy Wall St. Just in American history, show me a social movement that succeeded without various leaders.
wait, soros... Didnt he bankroll occupy wall st too? Or no..
I'm tired of conservatives acting like occupy wall st protesters.
If continues like they did in Seattle, they'll soon be the next Occupy Wall St.
Spirited conversation on Liberation of the People! Analytical Trilogy and Occupy Wall St. via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
It's tough to give lefty protesters like Wall St & what they want because they have no objective/purpose
True. Student uncomfortable but it's impt. I do cover Tea Party & Occupy Wall St too.
pretty sure if it was WLM protesters would be tracked too. Occupy Wall St leaders were tracked...
Why we need unions. From Occupy Wall St on FB
he was an occupy wall st type in 1999. Supported raiding 1%er's wipe out debt. How can TEA partiers support?
Charge me with disturbing and naacp Aclu occupy wall st. Would save my *** we support one another's rights to live freely with equality.
they look like a bunch of people who had nowhere to go after Occupy Wall St ended
Dear This radical outsider will have u burn down ur city then leave u in ghetto ruins. >> http…
is just the latest manifestation of the old Occupy crowd, spun to solve diversity shortfall.'re talking about trinity church, and St pauls? The two churches that openly supported Occupy Wall Street?
"Black Lives Matter" heading for the same place as Occupy Wall St. Bye bye.
Yes, plenty of white ppl in Ferguson, Occupy Wall St, etc who wld rather protest than work. I didn't specify race.
real serious question. Trump admits to crony capitalism. Brags about it. Dont you think left / Occupy Wall St will highlight?
Is the Occupy Wall St account still run by the ironic(?) racist dotcommer?
how come cops boot the motorcycle club giving out hot food in new drop beach but you let dirtbags occupy Wall …
Bernie Sanders PAC drudging up an old Occupy Wall St slogan for his campaign buttons.
They now sell Occupy Wall St branded merchandise at Zucotti Park. Lol
Ron Darling dropped an Occupy Wall St. reference to counter Keith Hernandez's Gordon Gekko plug. Best in the biz bar none.
😂💯 "Occupy Wall St doesn't see the good side of finance
Cant we protest outside NYCACC, until they change their ways? A sort of "Occupy Wall St." thing, but at the NYCACC, ASPCA?
Can everyone please join the human race? Everyone? Like our page Occupy Wall St.
Alone in what? Occupy Wall St. and wiki leaks are on our side.
I saw it happen in person with Occupy Wall St by people who stood against corruption get drowned out by those who wanted hand outs
Public Lectures on Activism and the Future of Protest by Micah White, PhD—one of today's most innovative social activists. White is the former editor of Adbusters, the American creator of the Occupy Wall Street meme and the inventor of the innovative debt-activism tactic known as Rolling Jubilee.
Amen we must not Occupy Wall St. but our Polling Places & Demand our Right to Vote! This is 55 all over Again
Still in awe of this idiocy. Elite controlled Occupy Wall St for you.
That Occupy Wall St, was organized by DNC I am sure. Its things like that that stirs up the Uninformed.
how we do it in 'merica. One day will have to be different, if we want something different. Occupy Wall St.
nt Wall St!-is NOT talked about at all by th fake Left-but it's th absolute TRUTH tht wld abolish ALL slavery.
When was this picture taken? I'm in NY w/Occupy. Don't know of any major actions w/ big arrests since Flood Wall St.
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America has the attention span of a goldfish Zimmerman ferguson ray rice occupy wall st.
.BTW, occupy was a good movement. especially. We are still not finished with Wall St.
Deepak Chopra meditation at Occupy Wall St. Grounded TV Network, video 1: via
tell that to peaceful protesters in Ferguson and the majority of the occupy wall st. movement.
The charismatic aka Russell Brand occupying Wall St and is actually serious about this revolution
Russell Brand (occupies Wall St 'I'm dedicated and devoted to change' – video
He's a bit of a challenge 4 the ppl's mic @ Occupy Wall St., but is bang on.
Occupy Wall St. fb "Why is Denmark the happiest country in the world". The secret to success. Why are we told we
yea I can imagine i remember occupy wall st and how fast they rgew
honestly, just like the occupy Wall St. All crying poverty, while on their laptops, I pads and I phones. Lol
Top notch stuff coming from Occupy Wall St. thank you for sharing this. Eoconomics over our biosphere, our home.
"Police brutality shocks Hong Kong" All our struggles are connected by Occupy Wall St.
Pham Binh isn't some Western liberal interventionist, he's an Occupy Wall St Anarchist, so his critique of anti-imperialist…
.aka Russell Brand joins veterans on Wall St.
probably imported a few cops from Occupy Wall St clash or from Ferguson to show HK cops how it's done..
What I see is similar to Occupy Wall St. Few that mean well, but a bunch that eff it up.
Wall St. pumps more money to Republicans, as ideology trumps issues
More shots from today Russell Brand at Occupy Wall St.
Occupy Wall St isn't defined by left wing crimes. Tea Party isn't defined by right wing crimes. Why isn't the same?
- Occupy Wall St vet n organizer here - must definitely get in touch, skype, whatever
Speaking of bullying, why was the immediate response to blacks protesting riot gear? Didn't happen to Occupy Wall St for weeks
Pics from the Hawkins / Jimenez press conference at 100 Centre St. on Friday. Accompanying them was Occupy Wall... http:/…
Same goes with Occupy Wall St. If we want change then we need to take true action and elicit a reaction.
Was not space in my article to say, but so far Hong Kong response similar to original Occupy Wall St. Wait them out, no act…
My 24 y/o son happens to be incarcerated at the moment and since I have his captured attention (via phone and sharing of articles) on a weekly basis I have been using this opportunity to educate him as to my progressive worldview. Although it has taken a couple of years so far (3 more to go) he has moved from a teabagger worldview to a centrist view. The amount of needed deprogramming has been phenomenal. Fortunately, the prison that he is in disallows internet access and TV news access beyond CNN. No MSNBC unfortunately and no FOX News, thankfully! We hit upon this issue (government not being responsive to public opinion) last weekend which is causing him great consternation. As I know it causes us all great consternation. I tried my best to advise him to keep on the high road and work within the system to affect change. Get involved, peaceful protest, etc. He threw the (apparent) failure of the Occupy Wall St. movement back in my face. This is a call out to all who can assist in helping me (us a ...
It's incredible how the press in London and New York cover protests in far off places with so much glee. Remained silent on Occupy Wall St.
This Wall Street lawyer, Stephen Kass, was arrested for stopping to talk to Occupy Wall St. protestors on the way...
Democracy in action at FloodWallStreet. cc: Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Wall St.
I love it! The organizers who staged the infamous Occupy Wall St. protests against capitalism are now suing each...
African-American Conservatives. The organizers who broke the law to stage the infamous Occupy Wall St. protests...
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For all you Occupy Wall St drones who love George Soros for funding you... George Schwartz was born in Hungary in 1930 — not the luckiest time and place to be born a Jew. George’s father Theodore tried to change the family’s fortunes by changing their name to something less Jewish-sounding. It didn’t help. And soon war came. When the Nazis took total control of Hungary in 1944, the Holocaust followed. In two months, 440,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to death camps. To survive, George, then a teenager, collaborated with the Nazis. First he worked for the Judenrat. That was the Jewish council set up by the Nazis to do their dirty work for them. Instead of the Nazis rounding up Jews every day for the trains, they delegated that murderous task to Jews who were willing to do it to survive another day at the expense of their neighbours. Theodore hatched a better plan for his son. He bribed a non-Jewish official at the agriculture ministry to let George live with him. George helped the official confis ...
Decisions that affect everyone in the world shouldn't be made in secret by government bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists. ~Occupy Wall St.
Donna Pitts, I believe this fits in nicely with your 4% concept. I created this when I "Occupied" Occupy Wall St. I went down to NYC to distribute this because they were calling to save Medicaid. They were also crrating "I AM A PERSON" Posters, so I created this "I WAS A PERSON" Essay. I knew most people had no clue that Medicaid excludes federal funds from being used to pay for care in stand alone psychiatric hospitals, and "IMDs" (Institutes for Mental Diseases). If you go to the Paul's Legacy Project Website, I have links to explanations of an IMD and the history of the IMD Exclusion and the harm it has caused. Feel free to share this...
Haven't heard much from the Occupy Wall St. crowd lately.
Check out Take 10's Dylan Hock's "Notes" page, where you can read his daily live journals from his time with Occupy Wall St. in Zuccotti Park throughout October back in 2011, as well as May Day 2012 and the 2012 NATO protests in Chicago! the link above.)
Hey Raven! This so reminds me of the dancer on the bull statue at Occupy Wall St. Lnu style!
The word "God" should not be on our money and thinking it should, is delusional. via Justice For All & Occupy Wall St. Mother Erin Teresa
. Patrice Lamoree shared Occupy Wall St.'s photo. If people only knew the defiance I feel in being civil in certain situations, it might scare them. Sometimes, it's the only victory there is and so much more the sweet because of that.
Cap'n Deb Mathieu wants to make Occupy Wall St.'s portrait known by more souls! So many are attacking the messenger and ignoring the message. Shame on all of you.
BREAKING: Seattle City Council today UNANIMOUSLY passed $15/hour minimum wage! This could not have happened without people in the streets, on strike, and taking a stand. Now let's fight to make New York next: Occupy Wall St. Fast Food Forward
Via~~Christina Arechiga shared Occupy Wall St.'s photo. i am so sick of how blatant our politicians are about...
LIVE! Thank you Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez for bringing up the brutality and lies from the NYPD toward citizens and activists in the Occupy Wall St. movement.
Cecily McMillan was sexually assaulted by a police officer at an Occupy Wall St protest in 2012. She suffered a seizure and was left battered and bruised.
I wanna start something Occupy Wall St. would be proud of but don't know where to start, short of hanging a banner outside and blasting "Come Together" through the speakers...
I heard Jonny Football dropped out of the NFL draft and joined Occupy Wall St.
FROM Occupy Wall St. "As we speak, people are gathering at Liberty Square. Why?...
Me against the world? Fine, call me but it's not a new country I bring you, it's a new world. Whether Governor Scott Walker, President Bill Clinton's wife, or Ron Pauls son for president 2016. I'm the real news story, the boy who would be king. I am assembling a colonization party. We are going to become a type 1 civilization, no longer dependent on this 1 planet for survival. And I will rule the EARTH/TERRA from off planet safe from assassination. With the backing me up. The Tea Party, Occupy Wall St., Anonymous, Republican National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
Google Maps just got way creepier. I'm looking at a map of NYC. Only about six sites are labelled in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Among them: - WBAI - A lefty radio station I've been interviewed on several times. - NY Society for Ethical Culture - a venue that we are co-sponsoring an event at next wee. - Teraza 7 - a venue where we did an event in January. - Zuccotti Park - home of Occupy Wall St. - a place I get bread at a a lot A few of these I've done location searches on - creepy because it means Google is recording and using my location searches. More creepily, I most definitely HAVEN'T location searched WBAI (which is listed at an outdated address), but have visited their website, suggesting that they are now tracking websites I visit and crossreferencing them with Google Maps. I'm gonna stop using Chrome. Anyone know if Hopstop is less creepy?
I've been sitting in this railroad lounge car for 3 hours, and every single conversation I've heard is about the 99%/1%, Occupy Wall St. or social justice.
My best friends band's Lobby Art and No One and the Somebodies and O O' Great North. Played a show at Cecily McMillan's apartment a month or 3 ago. She was arrested for supposedly assaulting a cop while Occupy Wall St. protest/ encampment was happening, apparently the cop sexually assaulted her by grabbing her breast and it led to Cecily having a seizure. Now Cecily was just found guilty of some bogus rubbish and her sentencing is yet to be determined. Yet another martyr. The fact that I know her as an acquaintance fills me with a certain kind of perverted pride; that in my life, I am close to a person traveling in a vital vein of a future logical positivist history. Someone on the right side of Truth. Another part of me feels like I'm not doing enough. Another part of me feels like defiant vulnerability in a "post-" modern virtual world can lead to ostrisization or condemnation from ignorant, fearful, helpless, or cowardly minds. Another part of me is embarrassed to share a personal feeling of righteous ...
Occupy Wall St NYC on Livestream. Independant Livestream News, Events, and Film from the Occupy Wall St movement in Manhattan, NewYork - Watch live streaming Internet TV. Broadcast your own live streaming videos, like Occupy Wall St NYC in Widescreen HD. Livestream, Be There.
Tonight the NYC Light Brigade is going out with "CECILY" to bring attention to the horrible, unjust verdict that was handed down today in the case of Occupy Wall St. activist Cecily McMillan. This is a blatant attempt to chill dissent. Cecily is unquestionably a political prisoner. We ask other cities to join us, with whatever message you want.
This woman - Cecily McMillan - was assaulted by the NYPD during Occupy Wall St. and was found guilty of assaulting an officer in her trial. here's her interview with Democracy Now!:
We will be alive and in the streets on May Day in NYC. Check out this schedule for details to join the Creative Workers Action, The Immigrant Worker Justice Tour, The Free University, The Red and Black Contingent and more. Occupy Wall St.
Humanity has been divided and conquered. Here's a timeline to PROVE what's the root. "For every thousand hacking at the branches of evil; there's ONE who strikes the root." HDT Is your favorite protest group hacking the branches or the root? Occupy Wall St. blames Wall St. and corporations…
Cheryl Janachione shared Occupy Wall St.'s photo. The Justice Department is slowing addressing the issue of unfair prison terms, but this subject needs to be hit hard and directly. The sentencing for non-violent crimes in this nation is just unbelievable. How many lives are being ruined? How much money is it costing taxpayers to imprison people? We have law/policy makers that we pay and they are doing absolutely nothing at our expense.
We all are superheroes, we just need to realize the fact. Must watch video! Occupy Wall St.
Up next, the man who infiltrated Occupy Wall St. protests in DC joins us to see if that message still resonates…
How many of you would do this without hesitation? Occupy Wall St.
April 7, 2014. Houston. While the American people have given their government the power to execute US citizens without trial, charge or conviction, even American children, few are aware of the Obama administration plot to assassinate the leaders of the Occupy Wall St movement three years ago. The se...
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Guy tricks all of Times Square into thinking he's someone famous. Thoughts? Occupy Wall St.
Occupy Wall St. Outside courthouse for protestor death trial
Just a man playing with a fish. Occupy Wall St.
I was on the Occupy Wall St. page yesterday and one of these fools brought into question the FACT that I stated about Warren Buffet hiding his income in his company to avoid paying Capital Gains Taxes. I promptly gave him my proof, told him he was out of his league and was MORE than welcome to keep trying... STILL waiting.
So proud of us! Richard Scibek Jackie Marinez Patti Wiseman Bethany Burton and many more. We didn't need protection provided by the liberal nanny state. We lived and we learned and we can kick a hole right through this soft Occupy Wall St millennium generation of point the finger f**kers.
*** of the week: Occupy Wall St. cofounder wants Eric Schmidt named 'CEO of ...
Hey Friends I've got a photo exhibit opening at Union Theological Seminary on April 2nd at 6PM. Show covers a wide range of subjects from Cuba to Occupy Wall St. More info to come soon!
To all corrupt politics watch this video! Occupy Wall St.
When "Occupy Wall St." starts taking action again...Im just gonna sit down and laugh at a group of young kids thinking they had it all figured out.
They don't show this on the news. Ukraine riots. Occupy Wall St.
Always remember, we are the 99%. We are meant to rule our countries, not the 1%. Occupy Wall St.
Norwegians reactions to a lonely boy out in the cold without a jacket. Occupy Wall St.
Sometimes we should learn from animals! Occupy Wall St.
Beautiful. They're all beautiful just the way they are. Love the music in this vid. Occupy Wall St.
One video everybody must need to see ! Occupy Wall St.
Occupy Wall St. Rear video footage of Palestine in 1896. Although under the Ottoman Empire like many nations at the time-it appears that Palestine did exist. Further contrary to Zionist claims, it appears that Palestine was not an empty barren land waiting for Europeans to colonise it, but a very vibrant place.
Kazi Kearse shared Occupy Wall St.'s photo. Truth is they never ended slavery. They just switched it up, on us for modern times. Expanded it actually. And now ALL the people; black, white, brown, and every shade in between, may look at the men behind bars and never realize that THEY too are in a different kind of prison. A prison constructed around them as much as the thickest cinder block or sharpest razor wire... It will remain around us, and grow more oppressive, until we awaken to it, and stop complying with it..
Everyone should watch the special on the Smithsonian channel called MLK: Assassination Tapes. Its a chronological account 17days prior to Dr.King's murder that is only shown through Memphis news and television accounts. I believe it's very powerful. Made me cry; cry because his fight was cut short. Dr.King welcomed death, "he saw the promise land" and knew that his fight could cause his death, but what made me really cry is that 50years later we have no positive leader like him to help the American people understand that the constant injustices and inequality in this country will not be tolerated... but instead our country breeds *** that would rather be apart of a fad like "Occupy Wall St" then actually stand up for what they believe. Watch the special and take from it what you can.
Maybe not the whole Moral Mondays shebang (comp to Occupy Wall St.) but equality movement certainly is comparable.
Although Obama claims to support the Occupy Wall St. movement, the truth is that he has raised more money from Wall St. than any other candidate during the last 20 years. In early 2012, Obama held a fundraiser where Wall St. investment bankers and hedge fund managers each paid $35,800 to attend. In October 2011, Obama hired Broderick Johnson, a longtime Wall Street lobbyist, to be his new senior campaign adviser. Johnson had worked as a lobbyist for JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Comcast, Microsoft, and the oil industry. Read more at
"A time to be born, a time to die..." R.I.P. Pete Seeger. 94 years of fighting the good fight. From WWII to Occupy Wall St. What a life. ✌️
After thousands of arrests and occupations in hundreds of cities by tens of thousands we got income inequality to the We will need to to change lives and not just the conversation. We are ready. Occupy Wall St.
Rest well Pete Seeger knowing you have lived a full life... From fighting for workers' rights since the 1930s, standing up to McCarthy and the other bullies of HUAC, right up to marching with Occupy Wall St. in 2011, Pete Seeger was a man of integrity and principle. And it was his concert album "Live at Carnegie Hall, June 8, 1963" that I purchased in the year 2000 that introduced me to much of what Pete Seeger was all about- as a musician and as a man. Through his music, Pete Seeger further kindled within me an interest in folk and traditional music that had begun with Stompin' Tom Connors, and Doc Watson... folk music - the music of the people, whether it be called bluegrass or jazz, country or klezmer... Indeed, as Louis Armstrong said, "All music is folk music", and Pete brought the music of the world's peoples to us after his world travels, capturing traditional performances on homemade films, as well as learning the songs of indigenous peoples the world over, and playing them at his concerts. This . ...
This is a video in support of the Occupy Wall St. protest. We are the people, not corporations! Get the money out of politics! Give America back to the peopl...
dear Occupy Wall St. we changed the world.
This is the Occupy Wall St segment on
Occupy Wall St. Yesterday Governor 1% of NY continued his course of representing the rich. Daily News reported: "Senate GoP Leader Dean Skelos told reporters that Cuomo sounded like a "good moderate republican." Many Democrats are more buoyed by Mayor de Blasio's unabashed liberal agenda than by Cuomo's centrist polices. But Cuomo is also smart enough to know that come november, those Dems have nowhere else to go." Oh really? We will go to the streets, to Albany and wherever we need to go to un seat Andrew.
basically. Lol. I had this discussion with an Occupy Wall St type the other day.
Yeah, if you Occupy Wall St. participants can go home and take a bath, that'd be great.
.sues NYPD for illegal beating & arresting him as he reported anniversary of Occupy Wall St via
I wonder if Bill de Blasio's police commissioner will be a funky-groovy one. Occupy Wall St., take heart! Re-assemble!
Occupy Wall St. Options for this story what is your opinion on Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi? 8 hours ago
Year in Review: San Diego celebrates 2 years of Occupy Wall St. the Corporate takeover coup aka...
Video: Whether your sympathies lie with Occupy Wall St or the Tea Party, we may agree that this —...
Occupy Wall St. heeft dit geschreven: Feeding the homeless is illegal in many cities now. Would you break this law?
Occupy Wall St. Occupy Portland Occupy Denver Occupy Austin I only wanted to help you that's it, now they label us all. I won't be there.
Occupy Wall St. (with all its variations) and Lucida Garneau have tons of stuff worth sharing. Better I point you there than trying to share the tons ... Hope you find good stuff
Does anyone else ever wonder what happened to Occupy Wall St.? Wouldn't mind someone taking up the banner of campaign finance reform right about now.
"Love is the mindbomb." This new Tedx Talk by Ian MacKenzie shares the story of Occupy Wall St. in a new light,...
Occupy Wall St. Some people compare to Can we first put Obama in prison for 27 years before doing any comparison?
Occupy Wall St moron convicted of arson for leaving his rolex watch at the crime scene
Occupy Wall St. shared the following link and had this to say about it: Are you really free?
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