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Occidental College

Occidental College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college located in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Barry Soetoro Los Angeles Barack Obama Columbia University

Thanks Erin Handley and Chheng Niem for quoting me on "Analysis: In new propaganda documentary, Hun Sen attempts to…
This California winter has us reaching for our hoodie. 😎 Learn more about what it's like to attend college in L.A.:…
...Actually,you'll never be genius to when he studied at Occidental College in LA for 2 yrs transferred t…
The work after HS never stops & a few AZ QBs getting those reps in while home from college on winter break L-R: Aar…
Your comment shows your confirmation bias & ignorance! President Obama is a graduate of Occidental C…
FYI. Obama’s student records from Occidental College have never been released. He has not c…
Barack Obama as a college freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1980
I'm a play-by-play sportscaster for Cal State Fullerton and Occidental College in Los Angeles. Alwa…
Obama is a D student from Occidental College and a Pot head.
He went to Occidental College and refuses to release his school records ,,, why is that
He sold drugs at Occidental College in Los Angeles, while attending classes under a name of Berry…
The ND Girls Soccer Team hopes to wrap up a successful pre-season on a high note as the girls take on…
Best of luck to our soccer teams today! Varsity Boys' (at Occidental College-3:00pm) and Girls' (Ferraro Fields-3:3…
On campus at Occidental College. Met up with son Joseph. Apparently he stole Bro Mike’s Puma sweatpants. Normally n…
California dreamin' during the deep-freeze of 2018! Read my latest blog post to learn about Oxy and USC.…
In the vacant lots south of College Street between Washington and Bright, against Occident…
Occidental College faces hefty fines over crime reporting failures; public sounds off over LAPD drones
I'm excited to announce that I've received my first offer from Occidental College! .
He attended Occidental College as Barry Soetoro. Occidental College informed Newsweek that Obama enrolled as a foreign studen…
Yeah I know all about it what about Bill Ayers and what about Obama studying communism when he was at Occidental Co…
Apply to present at the 4th Annual Asterisk Trans* Conference at Occidental College!
Consul in Elysian Valley; fines to Occidental College; man killed when lying under truck https:…
Awesome to beat Occidental College. Alma Mater of Barak Obama.Great game !
Last night at Ventura was hella dope. Occidental College tonight! Students only so hit my line…
College Visits this week...Occidental College on Tue, UCLA & Gonzaga University on Thur. Please stop by Student Se…
Bad news: I'm going to miss college football Saturday. Good news: I'm calling Occidental College volleyball on the Oxy Sports Network.
Now on - Lisa Wade, at delves into as a form of
When mom sends you to college but you're on your worst behavior @ Occidental College
Students & faculty from Occidental College visited Villa_Aurora to learn about & German Exiles in LA.…
I gave a guest lecture about today for students & faculty from Occidental College
Aidan Seid signing to commit to Occidental College to swim for the tigers next year!
One hour until the home opener against the at Occidental College!
COLLEGE WOMEN'S TENNIS: Cal Lutheran 8, Occidental 1; All three pairs won for CLU— in doubles, five women won in singles.
There's no Guessing abt Barry Hussein Sotero- he left Los Angeles & Occidental college because he was…
The only justification for a Dodgers hat in orange and black is Occidental College night.
Adam Schoenberg is a Rising Star - Order Now “Currently teaching at Occidental College in Los Angeles, [Adam Sc...
Workouts at OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE! April workouts Tues & Fri 6am. Beginning in May Mon Wed Fri 6am. For more info go to
College student day. This is what matters!
BH0 knows Heart is not stupid he knows where 57 states are speaks Australian an…
Coach Bartlett and staff getting it done at Occidental College.
is at College today. If you have a chance to see this powerful exhibit, don't miss…
COLLEGE SOFTBALL: vs at noon Sat. PT. Watch FREE & LIVE at
📷 Demonstrating some printmaking techniques to Linda Lyke’s advanced print class at Occidental College...
Don't be stupid his name was Barry Soetoro on his passport. And when he applied as a foreign…
It was HRC who started that one! I'll be satisfied when Obama's Occidental college records…
George participates in events at Occidental College, University of Connecticut
Buy Miche Bag Online!
COLLEGE SOFTBALL: I have call at noon Sat. with University of La Verne @ Occidental College. Watch FREE & LIVE at
Excited to finally announce that I will be continuing my golf career and pursuing a great education at Colle…
At Occidental college Obama studied Marxism, and it be…
When he began his college studies@ Occidental College in Glendale CA, he applied as Barry Soetoro-his giv…
Congrats to the women's softball team who smashed 21 hits in to win over Whittier College 💪🏼
Back at Oxy College for workshop on designing multistakeholder initiatives of the future!
Yes to Barry Soetoro Obama Bin Lying illegal sealed and paid by a million dollars Birth Certificate…
More footage from Saturday's show with @ Occidental College
I'm excited to share that I will be attending Occidental College to further my education and continue my football care…
Occidental College: You are admitted!. Callista: oh sry! I OCCIDENTAL-LY sent you my application. 😏😂🥇🔥
He enrolled at Occidental College in California as Barry Soetoro on a Rhodes Scholarship, which went only to foreign students.
Premium 2017 QB Notre Dame Prep(AZ) had great visit to Occidental College. Holds 10 offer…
51/1776...while Obama was attending Occidental College, and the two men later became roommates in New York. "
Only match this week for is against Marlborough at Occidental College. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 on Thursday.
you know he went to Occidental, Columbia, THEN Harvard Law right? You claimed he graduated "college w honors"...
Most likely because Barry Soetoro was registered an an Indonesian student at Occidental College.
Rev. William Barber, friend of is speaking Occidental College this Feb! . Sponsored by . https:…
Congratulations to Occidental College Alumni Association (with us since 2006) for a beautiful, redesigned website!…
Looking at photos from MLK's visit to my alma mater, Occidental College (
all i want to do is go to Occidental College like that's it that's all please
When Obama entered Occidental College as a freshmen he told people he was starting an exploratory committee to become President of the US.
sure was Hillary's attack. Can you tell me why Obama was enrolled as foreign student @ occidental college?
Today's memorial gathering at Occidental College in memory of Richard Grayson was a fitting and beautiful tribute...
I can't confirm anything except his occidental college info was supposidly released.
7/7"Official Occidental College transcripts registered with the state declares that Obama is an impostor."
In assoc prof examines what college hookups reveal abt privilege, power and sexuality.
"Barry Soetoro attended the prestigious Punahou school in Hawaii, Occidental College and Columbia University"
Amazing performance tonight by the college club
just that his records weren't made public. I can't verify the occidental college records
Mission League Girls' Soccer: KK Bishop's amazing run and shot puts 1-0 up over FSHA at Occidental C…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I like that College put a halfpipe right in front of the chapel
are on the road in Mission League play against Game time 5:15 PM at Occidental College…
Occidental College wasted no time, Zach Baines started and scored 15 last night in loss vs Whittier.
Barack Obama, then known as ‘Barry’, as a freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles, 1980.
Instagram photo by Occidental College • Oct 5, 2016 at 6:34pm UTC
"Choom Gangers" Occidental college chumps involved in Arabic take over Florida port control!
I guess Occidental college must be a brothel.
What’s the punishment for breaking into cars at Occidental College? Not what you would expect
Thank you for making dreams come true for our
Biased b/c I'm alum, but how is Netflix's a movie about Obama's college years but completely leaves out his time at Oxy?
Obama has been funded since Occidental College days. I'm sure his "benefactors" will continue to pay for his lifest…
The photographic shrine to President outside his old dorm at College. Eagle Rock, Ca.
It's too bad Occidental college has no American history classes. Russia was a secret ally of the founding fathers
When will Hackers delve into records POTUS hussein hid--the ones proving he was a Foreign Student From Kenya while at Occidental College?
Best thing is to prove he had that Indonesian passport and was a foreign student at Occidental College...
College being a great partner and hosting Highland Park HS students of BD5 for their Mock Trial.
Rainy day schedule at Occidental College ... Mock Trial with…
Congrats to who will be continuing his Bball career at Occidental College! Hard work pays off!
The film is focus on the year Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University when he was a junior.
Do read this about the present President of the USA and make yr own mind up!
Huge congrats to sr. forward Ray Mueller on his acceptance and commitment to Occidental college!
And Obama apparently received financial aid at Occidental college as an Indonesian citizen
Congrats to Class of 2017 Setter Lara Minassians from Flintridge Sacred Heart on her commitment to Occidental College!!!
Congrats to Warrior Josh Rego (2016) on committing to Occidental College
Excited to announce my commitment to Occidental College! Big thanks to the friends & family that have supported me!.
Big time congrats to big "Ray Ray" for his commitment to Occidental College.. that a boy Ray!!
HUGE CONGRATS to for commiting to play basketball at Occidental College!
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO for getting into college! couldn't be more proud of you my best friend 💗💗💗…
Congratulations to my wonderful bff for committing to play lacrosse at occidental college😋 go tigers 🐯!!
At the American university Occidental College teach nonsense (Stupidity)
SO happy to finally (officially) announce my commitment to play laccrosse at Occidental college next year!! Go tige…
Call for Papers: “Literary Repasts and the Fiction of Migration” ASFS conference, Occidental College June…
Barry Soetoro from Hawaii came to Occidental College in California. Alias: Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Obama with his friends Mark Anderson & Romeo Garcia from Occidental College at Pasadena’s Central Park, 1980. htt…
Going to college in LA means lots of friends want to visit! Here's some don't-miss spots:
My alma mater has a not-so-favorite dorm rumored to have been built for '84 Russian Olympic team:.
Yes. At Occidental College this spring. He was very friendly and humble.
Obama's Occidental College Transcripts: Indonesian National, Islamic Religion. How did he do it? via
.Love your show! Can you Share UNiDAYS discounts plz! I know you went to Occidental College in 11'❤️-
Stolen from Occidental College Library. Much sought after and matches living room décor. Bonus.
John Doe vs Occidental College -- both comparably drunk, evidence shows she actively consented at the time, but ->
I had in mind were like John Doe vs Occidental College. Both parties were comparably drunk, woman was even sober enough to ->
Scanning the handwritten Occidental College Board of Trustees meeting minutes of 1896
Recently, “Americans for Freedom of Information” released copies of Obama’s transcripts from Occidental College,...
Good luck to who leaves today for Occidental College! Ball out bro and represent FHN soccer with pride! C U on the pitch soon ⚽️
Looking forward to an College reunion in D.C. at the bird meeting. We have TEN alumni & staff presenting!!
Hey media! We're still waiting to see POTUS college records from Occidental, Columbia + Harvard.
Excited to be attending Occidental College next year, while also playing some ball!
Blessed to say I will be attending Occidental College to continue my educational and basketball career! 🐯🏀🎉 https:/…
This looks like the same forgeries that was done on his birth certificate
Now there is documentation BARRY SOTORO,aka Barack Obama received FULBRIGHT SCOLARSHIP at OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE.Scolarship is 4FOREIGN STUDENTS
Occidental college & San Diego state campuses has me rethinking my transfers college list
Ganon Baker is coming to Occidental College! Sign up now at . Don't miss this chance!
The representation as to occidental college: RLse
Affirmative Action: got Obama into Occidental College; got Obama into Princeton; got Obama into Harvard Law:AXE A.A.
we don't even know if this *** American or not he's registered as a foreign Indonesian student in occidental college 😳
Pictures from yesterday's camp at Occidental College.
6 hours of Line Backer drills at Occidental College with
Today was my final shift at Occidental College, I love my coworkers and I'll miss them dearly.…
Congratulations to the happy couple! 💍 (@ Occidental College - in Eagle Rock, CA)
Thirty minutes until first pull as the take on the at Occidental College!
Great time at college's football camp. Thanks to all of the coaches!
I clicked on one of the links in article (Occidental College) and didn't see any support for her description.
Occidental College camps ain't no joke 🏈
At the Occidental College football camp with Zach.
How'd he git this.the prefix on the card 042 is a Connecticut assigned Occidental college in LA ,Columbia in NY
Occidental College resolves issues with Education Dept. -
Zach and I are heading to Occidental College's football camp this weekend.
What does it look like when a college finally resolves its DOE Title IX Investigation?
Occidental College in LA. I love their psych program!
Tomorrow. Aviators vs 7:30pm College get tix now!
Good luck. I'm taking Zach to the Occidental College tonight for the camp tomorrow.
So says Obama who was expelled from Occidental College for low grades. So says Obama whose law degree was bribed. Stupid Obama.
College cleared in federal investigation of cases
Reasons for which self have need to govern junior college mutual regard occidental cyprus: KbRQMn
Donald trump look in 1979 Occidental College in California yearbook for the real Obama "Barry" Obama soetoro.his photo with his real name !
Occidental College made a stand over 2 years ago on this issue.
Bills were odd bunch. Jack Kemp from Occidental, Cookie Gilcrhist no college, "Wheels" Dubenion from Bluffton, and lots of HBCU cats.
I wonder how much of his world view was shaped during his DWA studies at Occidental College
YEAH!! 2nd place!! :D I connected Wikipedia articles 'Occidental College' → 'Ring of Fire (song)' in 5 clicks at
my goodness people, Colorado and Occidental College both released full 100+ page reports.
BREAKING: Occidental College closes because of "crushing weight" of Lindy West's ego (and snack collection) Occide
Come join the Occidental College Football Staff this weekend!!
Any time! I've loved your music since that one fateful late afternoon show in the Occidental College student center =)
.announces agreement with Occidental College in resolving sexual violence, harassment investigation:
See 4 article detailing Occidental College's agreement with the US Department of Education resolving complaint
I'll be reading at Occidental College with Gerda Govine on Thursday July 21. Looking forward to that.
Occidental College is hosting an Interfaith Vigil, Tues., June 14,12:30 p.m. in Herrick Chapel to show solidarity for Orlando victims.
OCR investigation found College in compliance with via
The just resolved an OCR complaint at Occidental. The case was open for over three years:
Occidental College Reaches Agreement with Dept. of Ed. - Campus Safety via
I got invited to occidental college football camp 🙄🙄 why these college coaches asking about me now
saw one at around 9:30 the other night in front of the Jack N The Box by Occidental College.
ICYMI: Occidental College reaches deal to resolve investigation of sexual-assault cases:
is a past financial aid consultant at Occidental College and Pitzer College
Barry Soetoro attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, Never released any transcripts, writings or records of his attendance, Obama lies?
Senior Meredith Cook will attend Occidental College and will play soccer for the Tigers.
Had a great,short time speaking at President Obama's Alma Mater,Occidental College. Thank you Oxy. I will be back. http…
New week, new opponent, same grind. @ Occidental College
no problem, after the 14 paragraphs about all of Obama's sealed records and documents, especially Occidental College. Hmmm.
According to Obama actually was expelled from Occidental College & no one saw him at U. ???
And tonight marks the beginning of the debate between UCI vs Occidental in the college decision
Accepted in occidental college and Lehigh university 😅
Obama went to Occidental College and then transferred to Harvard so I'm gonna keep my head high!
Accidental front camera shot. Ill take it. Any day. @ Occidental College
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Doing a tour with students from College. Showing them the murals in at 10am.
Back to hunting ground... Occidental college of course has sexual assult reports and a punishment they had for the rapist was to make a
Come through! LA: Screening at Occidental College Monday, March 28th on via
On APRIL 2nd: Joan is honored to be amongst the speakers for TEDx at Occidental College!
Obama was known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia and at Occidental College ... via
Occidental College sounds like someone spelled "accidental" wrong...which is ironic because that would have been an accident! ah so profound
Important art exhibit at Weingart Gallery at Occidental College open through April 9. Be sure to view both rooms!
This acceptance letter to Occidental College is suh cute 🎉
Looking at my Occidental College financial aid letter like "Bless." UT Try to top it and you will be back in my # 1 spot.
So proud of for getting into Occidental College!!! One of the first of many acceptances I'm sure💡💸💡
Hooray for Citlaly, Diamond Ranch HS, she has been accepted to Occidental College and Lewis and Clark College!
MSA Executive President Meghan Miller has been accepted to Occidental College with a $100K scholarship!!
Congratulations to on her acceptance to Occidental College
Kalamazoo College women's lacrosse falls to Occidental -
Congrats to on his commitment to Occidental College.
Got into Occidental College with a $40,000 scholarship! 😱 Thank you God!
where did you apply for college? — Chapman, emerson, nyu, saic, scad, drexel, hampshire, wesleyan, occidental, usc…
I feel like crying right now..I JUST GOT ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE! I'm now officially going to be studying at Occidental Colle…
sunsets from oxy, personal campus tour. Great day. @ Occidental College
This Sunday! is back! 5 pm at Occidental College. Don't miss it! 😊…
I hope no one tells the flowers it's not spring yet... @ Occidental College
DREAMer murders 4.0 college grad day after she gets her degree, police release him. Didn’t she have “dreams” too?
Cool exhibit of prints by Emily Arthur at Occidental College to highlight CA Gnatcatcher: Starts 3/2
how can I get Darlene Nipper to speak at my college? We can find flights, fees, lodging! *** Student Alliance
The Green Bean is partnering with Occidental College's Black Student Alliance (BSA) for Black History Month and...
Fun fact Dr. Dre was actually pre-med at Occidental College before dropping out to pursue his music career
I might go to Death Valley Girls at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA - Feb 27
Rainy evening at Occidental College. Logan Miller comes out and scores twice. Claremont two-Occidental zero
I gotta say that for the biggest pot dealer my friends at Occidental College knew I early 80's ...who grew up to...
Occidental College getting some love on tonight 🤓
Why is it that Barry Soeotoro Obama Bin Lying Paid a million dollar to sealed his college occidental records.?
Bad News:The recent reports of Obama's College Transcripts release from Occidental College have turned out to be sorry for my error
Royal's new coach does have local roots as a graduate of Viewpoint High in Calabasas and Occidental College.
Football: New Royal head coach Matt Lewis was three-sport athlete at Viewpoint and played football at Occidental College.
NCAA D3 Occidental College (seeking to fill Feb. ’17 schedule dates. Details in ABCA Open Dates at
- as was his days during his first years of college at Occidental College in southern California, very near San Bernardino
It's been out one listened. Still think he's an American Christian?
lied about being a citizen the US. He claimed foreign student status at Occidental College records just released. NOW CAN WE IMPEACH?
Check out Paige Waters '15 playing hoops Occidental College
Class toured the chiller plant at occidental college
If you're on the alt-right and partake in casual sex at college, you're hurting the cause. . Have some self-respect. https:…
i live in East coast lol but when I go my grandparents live right across occidental college so san diego is a lil farther
Indeed! Reagan was a grad of small college. Obama started out at Occidental too.
Girls soccer will host Thacher in a wildcard match tomorrow at Occidental College at 3:00!
I went to Occidental College for a year before going to Iowa, as a fine art major. Where I focused on drawing and painting.
Cavite with fam. Batangas with college friends. Occidental Mindoro with highschool friends. SANA SUMMER NA 😍
Obama attended Occidental College in Los Angeles for two years. Then he transferred to Columbia University in New...
also. How did dude go from a C average at occidental college to getting into Columbia? Who is "Frank" frm book?
and has Occidental College alumna Jacqueline Nguyen as a possible Supreme Court candidate.
Glassell Park council elections go online; Occidental College’s first diversity officer makes her debut
Took my Official Visit to Occidental College! Thanks to Coach Semones and his staff for an Awesome visit!! https:/…
Turkish Youth Learn the Truth - a powerful message from Occidental College.
HIU - New Article - Hope Falls to Occidental College 6-3. Hope Falls to Occidental… -
*** Occidental rocks the vote!. Thank you, Fellowship Baptist College, Youth Vote Philippines, and National...
No, sorry, Occidental College I will not be donating to the annual fund. I'm still not over it
The transcript from Occidental College shows that Obama (Barry Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded...
Max Woods, RHP for Occidental College in LA came back to work on some mechanic specific inefficiencies to help...
If potus not of mized race, never would have left occidental college and life of drugs and Pakistan for harvard
HE'S either a non citizen or a their. In occidental college papers he stated he was a foreign student
I believe the Occidental College application states Barry is a muslim and an indonesian citizen; proving ineligibility for potus.
Breast Cancer Awareness
EAGLE ROCK, CA - LOST DOG: Lost Australian Shepherd canine, ROXY. She was last seen near Occidental College on...
Students at Occidental College think saying "God bless you" for a sneeze is a micro aggression.
So, you're saying we can't blame Occidental College for Barack Hussein Obama?.
love the Also want to get on that snapchat - Nick Yeh, Occidental College!!
Student activists demanded changes. How did the administration respond?
If you are found responsible for a sexual assault at Occidental College you may be required to construct a poster board listing 10 ways to
Get your college bowl game fix at the Occidental
The Hawkeye Marching Band is practicing at Occidental College. Friday is a huge day for them too.
Iowa marching band practicing at Occidental College in Oxnard, California today. Feature tonight at 5 on KCRG tv-9.
Wish I could be there. Wrote about the sexual assault crisis at Occidental College for
MBB | Huskies knocked off Occidental College 67-44 Monday night in non-conference action in California
As a Senior in HS, we shared the same gym at Occidental College in L.A. for practice.
󾁁 bowl practice at Occidental college
🌹 bowl practice at Occidental college
Obama was pegged as Marxist Leninist at Occidental College by PHD ..example of what no vetting does to America …
Great night performing at Occidental College- Amazing students!
Game Day! Huskies are back in action on the road vs Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA
Tell me how a guy with a C average at Occidental College was able to transfer to Columbia
why did Obama leave occidental college? How come no 1 remembers Obama at Columbia
Excited for the opportunity to play basketball and run track next year at Occidental College in LA!
Saying "God bless you" after someone sneezes is now considered an aggression at Occidental College. All right.
YES he pulled the same exact financial aid crap while attending Occidental College in Calif…
Students occupy in protest Whiny, entitled, self-absorbed ***
Hey check out what's happening at Occidental College!
Students stage protest at Occidental College via
Students still protesting at Occidental College due to lack of support for Black and minority students by administration
Congrats to Post Grad Baseball 1B/OF Matt Kurgan on his commitment to Occidental College
My alma mater helped create these bullies... now will have to deal with them:
Occidental College (President Obama's alma mater) rally tomorrow on racial tension and lack of institutional support
Occidental College students protest the administration's handling of complaints about diversity and discrimination. https:/…
Several former Berkeley high-schoolers are taking part in occupation on campus:
Here are 14 demands being made by Occidental College students, including immediate removal of Pres. Veitch.
After days of protests, students occupy building at Occidental College: The L.A. Times. .
After days of protests over diversity issues, students occupy building at Occidental College
Beyond excited to play Water Polo at Occidental College next year, class of 2020
Seriously,what do RWNJs/Ben Carson think is in Pres Obama's Occidental College records?Jimmy Hoffa? http…
It is time for Occidental College to release the grades of Obama. So we can see what kind of a genius he really is. How he got in Harvard.
But w/ O, he applied as a foreign student to Occidental College, a sealed thesis, Rev Wright & Aires, but that's ok? REALLY?
Bill Ayers and at Occidental College.. Buddies.. any wonder he supports BLM.. That's our Prez smh
At age 18, Barack Obama admittedly arrived at Occidental College a committed revolutionary Marxist. What was the...
Ay my buddy Atif doesn't think you're a true Canadian... Write him a response song (and come to occidental college) ❤️
Maybe Occidental College was supposed to be called Accidental College but they accidentally misspelled it as Occidental
Seniors if you are interested in attending an informational college meeting regarding Occidental come by during lunch in the College Corner.
FYI to all RHS seniors : Occidental College is coming to RHS during lunch in the college corner
Missed college prep opportunity. "The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie" was a course at Occidental College.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
and I think I just sent a farked link.. sorry getting a better one.
I met a kid who looked like him named Bari S-Hyphenated last name; Muslim Indonesian student at Occidental College.
You and should come to Occidental college as guests and speak ❤️ please?
Occidental and Whittier College are looking real good right about now
New opening at Occidental College in - Coordinator
Occidental is such a small college and it's very green lol.
(plays host 2 the Dons at Occidental College
My college teammate tried to talk him into Occidental College on a recruiting trip. Said he should be happy to play D3
I'm so sad that I missed Junot Diaz appearance at Occidental College. 😩
Football tomorrow vs Village at Occidental College tomorrow at 4 and 7
The under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a 'Foreign Student' from Indonesia. Records are from Occidental College..
It's at the Occidental College graduation yesterday.
Former Breitbart Reporter: Why Did Obama Join "the *** club" at Occidental College? -
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