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Obama White House

The Presidency of Barack Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009, when he became the 44th President of the United States.

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Join me 2nite at Forum 7pm Chelsea Hotel cuz TPP ratification down to the wire in waning Obama White House
MPAA Chairman & former Senator Chris Dodd brokered the deal with Obama White House to destroy Megaupload for re-election sup…
Obama White House broke with the Clinton campaign over attacks on FBI Director Comey ⬇️
What does Hillary Clinton think of the Obama White House denying that Mount Herzl in West Jerusalem is in Israel?
It’s time for the Obama White House to drop the charade and admit it paid a $400M ransom to the world’s leading state sponsor o…
Obama White House decisions. No comment required… dead black singer matters more than many murdered cops.
Glass ceiling at the Obama White House? Women earn $8,270 (& 10.75%) less than their male counterparts
Glass ceiling at the Obama White House: Female staffers earn $8270 (and 10.75%) less than…
This is what the Obama White House's denial of Islamic terrorism looks like in black and white.
The Boy Wonder Writer of the Obama White House: the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications
Christopher Stevens, Robert Levinson - What happened with no man left behind? No honor in the Obama White House.
This is an old article but see who Soros is. Does George Soros Control the Obama White House? via
Obama Denied a Record 77% of FOIA Requests: So much for transparency in the Obama White House: The Obama admin...
Don't trust McConnell to stop Obama. He is afraid of Obama White House. And Valerie Jarret.
there was a reason that the left didn't want Clinton holdovers like Larry Summers in the Obama White House
Lawmakers blast White House delay on Iran sanctions this is all down to Obama this is going to bite us in the ***
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The White House has delayed imposing new financial sanctions on Iran...: President Barack Obama holds a press ...
That time stopped by the White House (somewhat unannounced):
From sharing a touching moment with the First Lady to hosting staffer's children for a Halloween party
Lawmakers blast White House delay on Iran sanctions Obama Admin is the JV team.
Rand Paul: 15 Reasons Obama’s Unqualified To Occupy the White House - The Obama White House has the nerve to say .
Things I’ve learned today: I won’t be asking for coffee at the White House.
Obama may be the riches president to step in the white house. Anyone knows why?
Obama's official photographer shares pictures from the White House via
Say what you will, President Obama is the most real, human, in touch w/ the people's reality POTUS in memory.
Obama in Selma: The march was a defining moment for America Trying to Do a Jack Kennedy
Evolution from snail to Obama's people | Fox News |
Israel's occupation of the White House? LMAO - I assume that must only be happening when Obama is away
Obama Admin may not give a timeline for imposing these sanctions on Iran, but I will. The first day of my presidency
Making friends with one elephant: This is the first time the same child has made two appearances ...
President Barack Obama enters his final year in the White House set on putting in place gun control measures. It's reported the president w
Lawmakers blast White House delay on Iran sanctions
White House South Lawn becomes first lady's grassy stage: Michelle Obama's affection for the White House South...
Today I would like to put a mirror in front of the Obama White House and show them the top ten things that make HIM unqualifi…
Meanwhile, in 2011 the Obama White House considered leaving 10,000 troops but *their* negotiations with Iraq broke down.
To believe anything that US State Department or Obama White House says about war on terror is suicidal!
And if Obama White House has its way, unknown numbers of these Gitmo detainees will be dumped onto U.S. soil.
Obama encouraged to close Guantanamo as commander-in-chief: Gregory Craig, former Obama White House counsel, t...
The oath : the Obama White House and the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Toobin
Beyond a reasonable doubt, and the Obama White House blatantly lied to America about "the video." . .
Obama White House: Trade is awesome for the economy . Obama White House wants to veto exports
Russian President Vladimir Putin defying the west and the Obama White House by launching air strikes in Syria.
The Obama's are the best looking couple to ever live in the White House
White House Deputy Chief of Staff Nabors accused of leaking whistleblower complaint 2
Michelle Obama isn't the only sistah in the White House.Olivia Pope😜
Obama To Engage Putin on Global Relations! My questions to before
Obama Engaging Putin on Global Relations! My questions to before
'Candid and productive' Obama and Mr Xi meet at the White House: via
A group of like-minded scientists has written the White House to ask President Obama to prosecute we
Ukraine will be top item of Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin meeting: White House
Here we go again. Obama-Putin Meeting: Kremlin, White House Spar Over Who Invited Whom via
Michelle Obama broke the Internet with gorgeous gown at White House state dinner
When you're having a discussion with your mum and that one annoying Auntie tries butting in with her opinion . http…
President stands with during an arrival ceremony at the White House. via
Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama are swagging that White House OUT right now and I am LIVING.
Obama and Xi Jinping of China Agree to Steps on Cybertheft, via
U.S. President Obama says "Nihao" in Chinese to President Xi when opening his welcome speech at the White House.
We paid to host the Chinese President and his entourage to visit our White House. and got nothing .NOTHING.. it's how Oba…
"I'll make a clock and then get arrested and then Obama will invite me to the White House!" . -Ibrahim talking about his science project
Obama and Xi Jinping during official arrival ceremony for Xi at White House. Modi left out in cold to fend 4 himself
State dinner for Xi Jinping draws VIPs from business leaders to Ne-Yo
Maine lobster is on the menu when President Obama welcomes Chinese President Xi at a White House state dinner
When obama get out the white house he gonna turn up. He gonna be in mad music videos, on yachts smokin cigars with hov.
Obama White House reaction to the execution of Deputy Darren Crickets.
Republican House Speaker John Boehner lambasts Obama White House for abandoning Ukraine in new lette...
who is going to first member of Obama White House to tell the truth about Clinton e-mails ? How abour ?
While everyone was freaking out over a lion, the Obama White House just declared war on Syria & hardly anyone even noticed
White House says Obama would oppose any efforts by Congress to defund http:…
Indicted Dem traveled on AF1 with Obama to criminal justice reform event:
threatening to shut down government over Planned Parenthood funding. says:
claims videos are the work of 'extremists' it's NOW extreme to expose illegal activity
Big story: The Pentagon wants to challenge Chinese aggression in the South China Sea. The White House does not.
President Obama will host the first-ever White House Demo Day on August 4th” by
White House to on whether Obama will watch Planned Parenthood videos:
I’ll remember this next time I read an article about Obama summoning Jon “Mouthpiece” Stewart to the White House
The president of has visited Obama in the white house 39 times.
Will Obama ever watch the Planned Parenthood videos? "I don’t believe that he has that planned for his weekend".
Most lobbying groups beg the White House for a meeting with Obama. With AIPAC, the White House does the begging
President Obama welcomes telepresence robots into the White House via and LawrencePublic Schools has them!
paid multiple visits to Obama's White House then went on air to report the "news" Nothing but a minion!
White House vows to veto budget bill that defunds Planned Parenthood:
Via The relationship between the Obama White House and Jon Stewart:
Obama White House says Turkey has right to attack Kurds
All the Obama White House cares about is race-baiting, which is why he was all over Martin, and Brown, and Garner, and Charleston victims.
Glass ceiling at the Obama White House, Gender Pay Gap of ~16% vs. ~9% for DC
Marijuana research just got a green light from the Obama White House
It is legislation that has made strange bedfellows out of the Obama White House and Republican party leaders who...
Obama White House declares war with a 'success,' but for whose side? via
There are little things that I appreciate in the celebration of Black culture in the Obama White House
On Let's Call for End to the 18% (and $14,300) Gender Pay Gap at the Obama White House
Is pork ever served to Obama family in White House?
Before President Obama, was the first time I had seen black people in the White House 😂😂😂
I think I'm going to bestow my first "sick, burn" ever to the Obama White House.
Russian hackers penetrated a White House computer system and found secret details about Obama's schedule:
Watch President Obama explain how the would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.
Obama calls for an end to conversion therapy for *** transgender youth
Watch to find out why says "that's the best cover shoot we've ever done!"
Remember when Ariana sang I have nothing in the White House and she made Obama laugh and Michelle and Obama gave her a standing ovation
Utah man dons polo shirt for meeting with "senior White House official" and ends up at the table with Obama:
Pres. Obama has called for an end to 'conversion therapy':
Obama: climate change will start affecting the health of Americans in the near future via
White House condemns therapy to 'cure' *** youth - The Obama administration late Wednesday called for a ban on so-...
It's the Obama White House's dignity and maturity I'll always appreciate.
White House calls for ban on conversion therapy for LGBT youth: President Barack Obama is calling for an end t...
5 things to know about White House state dinners: WASHINGTON (AP) — Guess who's coming t... Via
Obama regime is so incompetent at EVERYTHING that it let Russians breach State Dept and White House computers.
The administration has announced it supports banning the use of *** conversion therapy.
Obama administration backs movement to ban 'conversion therapy' for LGBT minors
White House Says Biden Is Qualified to Speak on Iraq and the Islamic State Instead of Obama | htt…
"What's infuriating is that the White House believes that Americans are dumb enough to believe that…" — Garth Haycock
Ramadan at White House OBAMA refers to as "blessed month" & "sacred time." Not like those ugly-expression CHRISTIANS http:/…
We may never know who wore the Easter bunny suit in the Obama White House
HEAR NO EVIL: While Iran's Supreme Leader chants "Death to the USA," the Obama White House pretends not to notice https:…
Does the Obama White House really believe the American middle class has stagnated for 40 years?
The real reason Obama White House doesn't want it via
Democrat Jeanne Shaheen conspired with the Obama White House to target conservative groups
Al Sharpton has been cancelled he will now work full-time in the Obama White House.
David Axelrod talks with Amy Chozick about campaign promises and life inside the Obama White House.
Just days after the Obama White House accused House Speaker John Boehner of “breaking protocol” by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, a team of up to five Obama campaign operatives has reportedly arrived in Israel to lead a campaign to defeat t…
You simply have to watch this. Fox News slamming Netanyahu, defending Obama White House in latest uproar
Embattled Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner is resigning her post overseeing Obamacare just months after she admitted that the Obama White House's highly publicized 8 million Obamacare enrollment figure was inflated by at least 1.3 million.
I call this the "BLACK HOLE" in the Obama White House! Black Bigots in positions of power who despise all Whites!
Checking out "Is Obama Helping To… Yes . it's called the Obama White House and the Democratic Party .
Obama Adds More than 1200 New Regulations Before the New Year! Posted on December 26, 2014 by Onan Coca — 21 Comments Well, the Democrats do love their regulations – so this news that the Obama White House would be cramming through over a thousand new and cumbersome regulations shouldn’t be too surprising. Yet, the audacity of the move coupled with the sheer volume of new regulations… really does take your breath away. The Obama administration is cramming like a college student trying to study for a final exam, publishing more than 1,200 new regulations in the last 15 days alone, according to data from Energy and environment rules are the biggest category, with 139 published by the federal government in the last 15 days, according to One of the most contentious new regulations is the Environmental Protection Agency’s coal ash rule. The rule has been critcized by the coal industry and environmental groups — though for entirely different reasons — and has a pr ...
Who Is Really Running The US Government? BY DOCVEGA With the recent defeat of the Democratic Party at the hands of the GOP during the November 4th primaries one would consider that the plight of the people would have been remedied by a valid opposition party who had listened to the voters. Wrong! The recent 1.1 trillion dollar budget to keep the US federal government operating through the lame duck period has fervently demonstrated that! Almost every agenda being recklessly promoted by the Obama White House have been upheld by the GOP except for one thing. That is the proposed changes to the Dodd Frank bill which basically sought to prevent banks from causing another financial meltdown again. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory Yet, even after being thoroughly beaten in the primaries and facing a GOP majority like never before it’s not enough for the Democrats! Elizabeth Warren threatens to shut down the government if the Republicans insist upon the changes to Dodd Frank! Ironically, the ones who ...
Deaths connected to the Obama White House http:/…
At Ebeneezer Baptist Church, Eric Holder's climactic wrap up of his speech on Ferguson, led him to declare that he would end racial profiling forever... But he must have forgotten, President George W. Bush had already done that... How nice it would have been for the Attorney General to acknowledge all of the shoulders he was standing on as he took the stage. Perhaps grace that wouldn't suit the Obama White House's brand of political theatre... too bad.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said he is “disgusted” with the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder, and accused the Obama White House of “fanning the flames of racial discord.”
Obama White House + Mayor Walsh wants your help with Black and Latino boys and young men who need it. More info -->
At this late date in the Obama presidency, there is no surer way to elicit paranoid whispers or armchair psychoanalysis from Democrats than to mention the name Valerie Jarrett. Party operatives, administration officials—they are shocked by her sheer longevity and marvel at her influence. When I asked a longtime source who left the Obama White House years ago for his impressions of Jarrett, he confessed that he was too fearful to speak with me, even off the record. This is not as irrational as it sounds. Obama has said he consults Jarrett on every major decision, something current and former aides corroborate. “Her role since she has been at the White House is one of the broadest and most expansive roles that I think has ever existed in the West Wing,” says Anita Dunn, Obama’s former communications director. Broader, even, than the role of running the West Wing. This summer, the call to send Attorney General Eric Holder on a risky visit to Ferguson, Missouri, was made by exactly three people: Holde ...
It isn’t often that left, right and center agree about the Obama White House. But the firing of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel this week produced a near-unanimous reaction: President Obama’s foreign policy team is dysfunctional and in need of a stronger tonic than the exit of a low-profil…
Obama, Biden, Jarrett, Pelosi, Reid -- all the circus performers in Circus Maximus AKA the Obama White House.
The inside story: Circus Maximus A.K.A. the Obama White House. What really happed to our president?
In yet another deadly blow to the Obama White House, Darrell Issa, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman, is calling Jonathan Gruber, MIT economist and Obamacare architect to testify about “transparency failures and outright deceptions surrounding Obamacare.” Jonathan Gruber made comments referencing how the “basic lack of economic understanding of the American voter” would enable the health care act to pass. Gruber has gained notoriety this month after several videos show him saying that: Obamacare required “a lack of transparency” and “the stupidity of the American voter” if it was going to pass.
I'll give the Obama White House this: They certainly have audacity. Not of hope, just audacity.
Democrats to Nancy Pelosi: You Totally Screwed Us The circular liberal firing squad has formed–and Nancy Pelosi is facing incoming fire from all directions, according to Politico. After being shellacked in 2010 and bludgeoned in the 2014 midterms, members of the shrinking House Democratic Caucus are making their feelings known about Pelosi’s leadership. Additionally, some House members think that Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, Rep. Steve Israel, wasn’t honest with members of his own party about the electoral disaster they were heading into on November 4. It seems Israel and others are trying to talk Democratic donors off the ledge after a being eviscerated by Republicans, which could make them hesitant to cut checks in the upcoming 2016 elections. Right now, House Democrats are definitely pointing a lot of fingers at the Obama White House, but are also looking for ways to retool their messaging that they felt was not being hammered home to voters by Ms. Pelosi (via Politico): ...
Why is the Obama White House getting directly involved in Freedom of Information Act requests
BREAKING ENTERTAINMENT NEWS. Just days after comedian and actor Tim Allen denounced President Obama and called his administration the most vile and corrupt in history, he was found dead in his Hollywood home today. His body had 47 fatal stab wounds. A special FBI Investigative Task Force commissioned by the Obama White House has ruled the death a suicide.
Give it up for Al Sharpton, ladies and gents! Special Advisor to the Obama White House.
Media stops reporting on suspected cases. Why? Well, the Obama White House told them to stop:
BOMBSHELL MEMO: Jeanne Shaheen conspired with Lois Lerner and Obama White House insider on IRS scandal
Reports suggest that the Obama White House has made additional concessions to Tehran and is now willing to let the country keep thousands of centrifuges in operation. Faced with this prospect, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned: "We are standing before the danger of an agreement that will leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state, with thousands of centrifuges through which Iran can manufacture the material for a nuclear bomb within a short period of time. This is a threat to the entire world, first and foremost to Israel, and it is much worse than the threat of Islamic State."
It's the Democrats' year of speaking stupidly from top down. Obama White House bothered, bewildered and on the ropes
Blog: WaPo investigation finds pre-2012 election intimidation of inspector general and cover-up by Obama White House
"President Barack Obama announced today that he has appointed his administration's Ebola czar." The Associated Press reports: "President Barack Obama (pictured) is naming Ron Klain, a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and a trusted adviser at the Obama White House, as the point man on the U.S. government's response to the Ebola crisis, the White House said Friday. "Obama has been under pressure to name an Ebola "czar" to oversee health security in the United States and take action to help stem the outbreak in West Africa, where nearly 4,500 people have died from the virus. "Klain has been out of government since leaving Biden's office during the Obama's first term. The White House said that Klain would report to national security adviser Susan Rice and to homeland security and counter terrorism adviser Lisa Monaco." Read the rest here:
I just can't imagine there's a culture in the Obama White House that would condone this behavior.
Obama White House not even hiding subversive hook anymore-just throwing dynamite in water
Good news: Eric Holder resigns. Arguably the most divisive, polarizing, politicized, hacktastic Attorney General in our history is leaving. Bad news: Obama gets to pick his replacement and Al Sharpton says the Obama White House is seeking his input. What can even POSSIBLY go wrong?
Obama White House: Want proof is working? Watch this 'Daily Show' bit
Speculation: WHY NBC GOT RID OF THE FUNNIEST MAN ON LATE NIGHT - JAY LENO News is leaking out from Hollywood executives in-the-know that the Obama White House had been leaning on, pressuring executives at NBC for the last two years to replace Jay Leno because the comedian was criticizing President Obama every night. Obama didn't like it and considered it a racist attack on him. Since his inauguration in Jan. 2009 Obama had enjoyed three years of very, very friendly routines from all the late night comics on ABC, CBS, and Leno at NBC - there was no criticism at all. But after data came to light that $100's of millions had been spent on First Family vacations during a recession, Mrs. Obama's unpopular new laws that changed food in America's schools and other negative news including the disastrous Obamacare roll-out & website mess, Jay Leno took his comedy to a different level and his ratings skyrocketed - none of the other comics were so bold. THESE ONE-LINERS MIGHT BE THE REASON NBC GOT RID OF THE FUNNIES ...
CNN chief Jeff Zucker's business plan to steal MSNBC's left-wing viewers got another boost Wednesday with the cable news network's hiring of former Obama White House spokesman Jay Carney as a paid contributor. Carney's CNN career begins tonight. Obama's former flack will offer commentary on Obama's big primetime ISIS speech tonight. According to CNN, after tonight Carney will contribute to various CNN programs. [ 84 more words. ]
MM is a literal white house front group that spews any talking point Obama hands them. The definition of state run media
Michelle Obama has us eating no calorie pizza and pretzels at lunch while she is probably sitting in the White House eating 3 Mcchickens.
Obama's cautious move toward a strategy for taking down the Islamic State.
Obama counting the days 'til he leaves. Eager to 'cut and run' from White House for celebrity circuits.
Obama Sends 350 More Troops to Iraq - In a statement to the press, White House press secretary...
And with Obama in the White House, they will!
Who in the Obama White House seriously thinks they'll earn A SINGLE vote for Dems by delaying immigration action?
Obama has a bunch of muslims in position in the white house, some advise him what words to use not to offend muslims
Literally just watched Michelle Obama drive into the White House.
Obama the opposite, Bowing to our Enemies, a Negotiating w/ the Enemy for a Muslim Deserter, & Acting Proud at the White House !
We are finally getting truth about Bengasi, We are hearig from people that were there ON THE GROUND ! And Obama's white house shakes !
Brooke Goldstein on Why Obama is the Most Naive President That Ever Sat in the White House -
obama is surounded by muslims like Valerie Jarrett in the White House, & Pentagon, thats who r in on his agenda
Original: On Tuesday, President Obama met with President Park Geun-hye of South Korea at the White House,
I love the way US hacks ask questions that have been approved by the White House in advance. Free media in acti…
Job creation significantly slowed this summer. Are the Obama White House's policies to blame? via
How can congress do their job unless Obama HHS tell The Truth, you're all liars and you've stained our White House
You missed a few links, then. Here's one:
Vladimir Putin is a Christian Man I have more faith in Vladimir Putin than on our impostor in the White House - Obama
Six years in the Obama White House Or "Multi-tasking is the ability to Screw Everything up Simultaneously"
Republicans: We Were Not Told of White House Briefing on ISIS via very secretive
he's a *** Muslim they probably have stupid prayer mats all over the White House.
Holly *** I'm attending a ceremony on the White House lawn and Obama will speak. Just a perk of doing national volunteer service!
Man get Obama half black, I'm born in Hawaii, I'm married to the female version of Patrick Ewing, Muslim *** out the white house b
WH Reporters Are SOL On Hearing Obama So - all they hear are more pathological lies to parrot …
Obama administration seeks $30M for CDC's Ebola efforts: The White House on Friday sent Congress a request for...
White House reports Obama saddened by new of Joan Rivers passing, forcing Republicans to say they always hated her and are…
If you consider the 6 radical Islamists hired by Obama to work in the White House, Islam has already successfully claimed the White House.
Is Obama visiting Stonehenge to communicate with his alien overlords? Why won't the White House release what he said with …
US troop frustration over White House ISIS direction: How the f**k are we going to do…
Drunk man chases White House honored 'Champion of Change' Muslim activist in Brooklyn, New York, while...
I WISH Obama was homeless. At LEAST kick his *** out of OUR White House!
'Star Wars': Obama White House says no to Death Star petition - The Obama administration has responded to a...
Three things you should know about Al Sharpton’s cozy relationship with the Obama White House:
Politico: Obama White House hearts Al Sharpton, thinks he really 'gets it'.
Get your hands off my unreasonably casual fashion Obama!
Twenty-six members of the Senate are calling on the Obama administration to increase planned,. - humm !?
Uber announced they'd hired on President Obama's former campaign manager and then White House advisor, David Plouffe.
ISIS notified The White House on August 13th of their intent to kill James Foley. Obama didn't respond.
What does the Obama White House stand for? via
Obama's Columbia classmate Wayne Allyn Root: "I believe we have a Sociopath in the White House"
Obama can go ahead and forgive my student loans and crip walk out of the white house on the last morning. And he would be the GOAT
President Obama's resuming his golf,enjoying the rest of his vacation was and is far more reaching than a panic to White House "WAR ROOM"
has anyone started the White House petition yet to get obama to change the national anthem to
Obama improves his lies on the golf course, & compounds his lies in the white house
The Lord has put Obama in the white house and he kept him there
The blame for civil unrest in Ferguson STOPS at the White House Steps Mr. Obama and the steps of our non-represetatives.
Obama is the fraternity man in the White House ! Party all the time and work as little as possible ! It's rap party tonight!
President meeting with big leaders regarding executive action on
With Obama in the White House, what else could happen..
The Pioneer: White House scrubs 85000 fake signatures from the petition that asked President Obama to scrap invitation to …
One year after Obama's "Red Line" was crossed, chemical weapons victims of remembered outside the White House.
"Before the White House press pool, the president is also golfing at the Farm Neck Golf Club Thursday."
even the white house pool reports are ridiculing the amount of golf that Obama is playing now. all I'll say is he takes the game v seriously
Coder, dragooned into suit and tie, to Obama: "This is literally only because you're here."
200 years ago the British burned the US Capitol and the White House. All because Obama didn't lead.
Do We Have A Sociopath In The White House? via Listen and learn some facts about Obama, if you dare.
Is There a Sociopath in the White House? via
the White House is required to respond to mail It isn't Obama it is the mail committee.
White House who, reportedly, knew of ISIS’ intentions before the beheading
Oh. The White House is "appalled." Yet the Prez has to return to his golfing. I'm appalled at Obama! What a disgrace. http:…
God help and save us from the stupidity of the Obama/Valerie White House, till we make the change in Congress for mid-terms. Maybe!!!
Always amazed at what this White House finds necessary to keep confidential, unless they think it may benefit Obama politically
The Real “Dirty Wars” in the Horn of Africa –'Expiration by Starvation” Sanctioned by the Oba White Hse via
I think we need to move the white house on the golf course then Obama might be able to do some work and we might...
President Obama needs to get off the golf course & get back to the White House as we are being attacked by terrorists. Leadership is MIA.
Ferguson 'day of rage' at White House | TheHill via It's all your fault Obama! Limpwrist response to murder!
More proof Obama is Muslim telegraphing to enemy how & what we did to try to rescue hostages, with lies
Obama can't complain about the amount of people who go to college when it costs more than the White House
Richard Olsen has just wetted his pants. Obama is hiding in White House fearing for his life.
“This is literally only because you’re here” programmer to obama in reference to his jacket and tie.
A group of 26 senators are calling on Obama administration to increase spending to secure nuclear weapons materials
I get aggravated when we compare bush to Obama . like they both *** but I wouldn't want another bush in the White House
Obama, Global Post knew of threat to kill Foley 1 week prior to execution
Meet Black Singles 300x250
UK's Dailymail: White House Obama goes back to his golf
(RNS) It’s starting to seem as if the Obama White House operates on a time delay. In the case of Iraq’s religious minorities, the results have been deadly. On June 10, …
"Horsesh:t" - Obama's keepin' it classy up in the White House:
President Obama Issues a Statement on the Death of Michael Brown | The White House
Hillary Clinton Calls Barack Obama to Clarify Syria Remarks: Hillary Clinton, a likely Democratic contender for the White House in 20...
Did you notice that this White House blog post on the CARES Act mentions LEND specifically?
I am so glad the Obamas could find a way to fit in a vacation paid for by us while the world burns.
President Obama's remarks on Iraq - The White House has released the...
Obama: "We should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds"
Obama turned blind eye to human rights record of Africa 's evil dictators & homophobes by opening WH doors to them ht…
Obama appoints Obamacare czar who has no background in healthcare. health-care
So the no-fly zone over is intended to keep news helicopters out? That doesn't seem... American. Clarify? http:/…
The federal government is getting more involved in as protests continue
President Obama: 'The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking' - White House; read full statement:
This is both hi-larry-ous AND sad!! The generation of voters who put Obama in the white house.twice!!
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Ppl won't say anything to the racist *** that taunts them everyday at work but expect Obama to go all Malcom X from the W…
Did White House press secretary Josh Earnest just tell the biggest whopper of the Obama era?
“It’s the number one song in the country right now"
Obama is the most disruptive human being to ever walk into the White House. Worse than LBJ, Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Bill…
White House: we're not at war w/ ISIS. Obama will be surprised when he learns from newspapers they're at war with us. http:
Youtuve Funny Videos - Obama pokes fun at Hillary Clinton at White ... - . President ...
Mayor’s lawyer cops out - You’d think a former attorney for the Obama White House now serving as deputy...
Check out this article from FOX NEWS POLL: Voters say Obama White House incompetent at governing:
On Monday, Snoop Dogg told Jimmy Kimmel that he smoked pot in the Obama White House.
Obama White House's chilling attempts to stifle its detractors: “Chilling” is the word lawyers use to describe...
Crisis management in the Age of ObamaAnother week, another crisis for the Obama White House -- this time all the Central American children who have crossed i...
Worse than Nixon? Obama White House accused of hiding public information
Is the Obama White House worse than the Nixon admin when it comes to transparency? My guest says yes.
Obama White House accused of hiding public information
Conservatives to Obama White House: Pay for contraceptives yourself - via
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
From John Paul Shimek. Did you hear the latest out of the Obama White House? We've got another fight for...
"Picture White House staffers arriving at their wee little desks this morning and then reviewing the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. Then imagine their mouths falling open in stunned disbelief as someone walks in from down the hall holding their own copy of the newspaper, their eyes wide with fear and disbelief as they too point to the polling data and exclaim *** Yeah, it’s getting to be a real hard slog for anyone connected to the Obama White House these days…"
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 From: Gary L. Bauer BREAKING NEWS: U.S. special forces have captured Ahmed Abu Khatallah, a key suspect in the 2012 Benghazi attacks. According to Rear Adm. John Kirby, Khatallah was captured Sunday and is "in U.S. custody in a secure location outside of Libya." This news comes on the heels of a new CNN poll finding that 61% of Americans feel the Obama White House "has generally been dishonest" about the Benghazi attacks. Tehran Rising Barack Obama is on the verge of fundamentally transforming decades of American foreign policy. Ever since the Islamic revolution turned Iran into a radical theocratic state and an international pariah, American policy has been clear: Counter and block Iranian power. Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. Its leaders routinely refer to America as the "Great Satan." They talk openly of wiping Israel off the map. Moreover, the Iranian regime has the blood of American soldiers on its hands. But Barack Obama has repeatedly reached out to t ...
From: Gary L. Bauer Border Security Is National Security President Obama will honor 10 "Dreamers" at the White House today. These are individuals who came into the country illegally, but qualified for Obama's 2012 amnesty for children. Obama will reportedly hail these individuals as "champions of change," all of whom will undoubtedly have inspiring stories. There's been a lot of change on our southern border too. The "humanitarian crisis" created by Obama's amnesty pronouncement is worsening. The Los Angeles Times describes the surge of illegal immigration in the Rio Grande Valley as "seemingly endless," noting that illegal immigrants "are now arriving at a rate of more than 35,000 a month." While the Obama White House dismisses complaints that its open borders policy is to blame, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) seems to agree with the critics. She recently dispatched members of her staff to a Border Patrol station in Arizona. Senator Feinstein told the Washington Post: "After engaging with the children a ...
Why is the Obama White House ignoring the violence in Chicago but they want to take the law abiding citizens guns away
Will the Obama White House use the Las Vegas cop-killers as a pretext for new civil liberties... It's only...
By Sher Zieve - There are no depths to which the Obama syndicate will not sink, in order to suppress and destroy the truth. And there is no tactic too demeaning for them to use against their enemies. Now, it appears the soldiers who daily protect Americans have been targeted by the Obama White House collective as i…
Hypocrisy... Scooter Libby, Leon Panetta and now the Obama White House all did what John Kiriakou is in prison for. http:…
Shinseki Resigns. Now What? VA Secretary Eric Shinseki submitted his resignation this morning. After meeting with Shinseki at the White House, President Obama told reporters, "With considerable regret, I accepted. We don't have time for distractions. We need to fix the problem." While I agree that Shinseki needed to go, the Obama White House is counting on Democrats and the media to fall in line now and go back to ignoring a problem it has known about for at least five years. Brace yourself for all kinds of rhetoric about how decisive Obama has been and how he is taking charge. But rhetoric doesn't matter as much as the record, so let me remind you about Obama's record. • After the 2008 election, the Bush transition team warned Obama about "data integrity issues" at the VA that were "delaying -- and potentially denying -- deserving veterans timely care." Five years later, nothing has been done. Other warnings were ignored as well. • In 2009, Obama promised to merge medical histories from the Pentago . ...
Well now we know why Obama White House negotiated w/ terrorists for Bergdahl's release; He held the same beliefs as Michelle
The rats are leaving the Obama White House. Press Secretary Jay Carney announces he is leaving.
You complaining about Obama isn't going to get him out of the White House any faster, so please stop with the pointless updates.
White House identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan via + admn should be tried…
Don't you just wish Obama would run thru the White House w/ scissors in his hand?
Obama to meet with Ukraine prime minister at the White House Wednesday - The Globe and Mail
Highlights of White House youth concussion summit: Some of the commitments President Barack Obama will announc...
Obama to tackle concussions in youth sports at White House summit
.fires off new subpoena threat to the Obama White House:
.Please tell me that this is a medieval interpretation...
Why was Earl Thomas visibly mad at during the White House visit? So good…
More evidence that this Obama Administration is totally incompetent.
Sign our White House petition to pressure the Obama administration to act to
The race is on for to see if it will be legal for him to in the White House before his presidency ends.
Today's front page: White House announces plans to keep US forces in Afghanistan for 2 yrs: htt…
President Barack Obama is bringing several groups to the White House to help educate the public about youth...
Some of the commitments announced by President Obama related to youth sports concussions:
Harry Reid: President Obama may have to act on via
Meanwhile, back at the White House, is getting us involved in Al Qaeda adventurism in Syria!
Obama to Host Sports Concussion Summit: The White House supports new funding for youth-focused head injury res...
CNN: Obama White House Blows Cover of CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan---video --->
ICYMI: "At the end of 6 weeks, if something hasn't been done..." supports admin action:
Long-time Obama aide to leave White House - KTVL
US President Barack Obama welcomes Ukraines new PM to the White House and vows to "stand with Ukraine" in the dispute with Russia.
Headed to the White House summit on healthy kids and youth sports concussions. Looking forward.
So the Obama WH is transparent. But they skim for phone data through NSA on all citizens. & now they take their DNA.
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