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Obama Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law (along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) is the principal health care reform legislation of the 111th United States Congress.

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I seen on the news last night that the obama care fine will be much higher than first told. instead of a $300 fine for a intire famley the first year.the fine will be $100 per person in your family the first year. than up to 2% of your anule income
Fear... Anyone heard of the Obama Care program? Wher children will be injected/given an "electronic chip" to track a child going missing. Is that not a plan to keep our children safe...right? Wrong! When the child is untraceable within hours & if the kidnapper try to remove the "chip", the system will de-activate/disintegrate and Lithium will be released in the child's body wher he/she dies a painless death!
This is what Obamacare has done to my company healthcare. No copay but every dr. Visit must be paid for until I meet my 8500$ deductible. Makes me feel like I should have taken the Obama care tax.
God help anyone who has to deal with the new Obama care! It took me 3 months to get the coverage. Now that I am on Medicare I can not get off of it! I have been since March trying to get cancelled. You are on hold forever then. I again tried today and after being transfered to 6 different people! I HUNG UP! Guess if I don't pay it they will cancel it!
Just got letter from insurance company. My payment just went up over 100$ a month. My deductible went up 1500. Wait. I thought premiums were not going to be increased! Thanks Obama Care!!
Why are politicians so full if you know what? In the past week I've heard about dropping teachers ( a few lazy ones ya!), the rest SHOULD GET A RAISE. And how constituents complain constantly and they wish they could get their votes and leave them alone. And they wonder why we don't trust them. Myself, I want TERM LIMITS. 4 years max, not twenty or thirty. And they HAVE TO BUY OBAMA CARE for their insurance. YEA, that would be a "I HAVE A DREAM" moment.
The news is that Obama care is going to cost one hundred milion less than was expected ,if I really can believe that uh.Then ONE hUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION that the Obama's spent on travel and golf outings ONE HUNDRED MILLION could have been given to help with that figure and they could still have fifty million to play with. Hum!!! This whole administration is a sick joke. Time to clean this mess up throw out the trash and go to a new program called CAPITALISM. Jp lower taxes create jobs fRACK for oil. ECT. Ron Reagan is looking down on us and asking what has HAPPENDED sinse I left? Reincarnate this great man please. ASAP
Obama Care has screwed up my life. I tried to get the insurance only to find out it was $450 a month and with no job I did not finish the enrollment process. How in the world could someone with no job pay that kind of cost for health insurance? Well the healthcare system went ahead and decided to finish it and has sent me a bill for April and May. I have been on the phone for 1 hour and still holding, transferred three times just to cancel what their system did. UGH!
Obama Care, Went to the doctor and got a prescription for my meds.. Doctor puts "no generic" on the prescription.. Take it to Wal mart Monday.. they don't have it,, Reggies picks uo meds last night and guess what. Generic.. well I called the pharmacy and the girl says no its on on there then she says oh.. I messed up. I am sorry.. I will go talk to my Pharmacist I hold for 4 minutes.. She comes back and says Reggies insurance does not cover my prescription and If I want them to Order. Will cost me. are you ready for this. I sure wasn't... $517.00. moral of the story,, Check before you order anymore.. use to cost $17.00. Have a blessed Wednesday and know that no matter what happends God is in Control// Love one another and Pray one for Another...always... your sister in Christ... Emma
In response to many questions, a simple way to understand Obama Care: 1. In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the insured. 2. Next we require the newly un-insured to be re-insured. To re-insure the newly un-insured, they are required to pay an extra charge to be re-insured . 3. The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became un-insured, and then re-insured can pay enough extra so that the original uninsured can be insured for free...even if they don't want to be :)
250 for contacts. Well, its about time I grab that Obama care.
Apparently the new "selfie" study that was just put out that's states its a mental disorder is covered under Obama care for treatment. I literally am speechless !
Today I found out that the wonderful Obama Care isn't so wonderful. Even though I have a policy through Blue Cross, since it is through the healthcare exchange these policies are not the same as say the same policy from an employer. They have a bunch of things that are not paid for or that the deny. Thanks for getting the hopes up for so many Americans Mr. President!
Phil has an infection in the bone.he will have to have antibiotics through iv drip through an infectious disease dr,waiting on that referral,after 2 of those he will have surgery on the tip of his finger then 4 more ivs.all I can say is thank God for Obama care
Someone I know was talking today about if you haven't signed up for Obama care and you haven't paid your taxes (IRS), if you own property the government will take it. Does anyone know anything about this??
Thanks to Obama Care, my insurance company changed it's policy on some of my medications, now I can only have three months supply of one I have taken for over 12 years
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For the record no dinosaurs have died since Obama care has went into effect.. Before Obama care all of the dinosaurs died.. Am I wrong?, AM I WRONG?!?
The Democratic Party would win everything if they followed his example. Instead we get Obama care and the threat of carbon taxes.
Obama care you are signing up to be part of his army whether u want to are not do y'all see how people worship this man like he is God well y'all will be at the bottomless pit when God defeat him.
Obama care doesn't. Cover falls from shower y'all be careful. Out there now Ya hear..!! 😂😭😂😭
Interesting to watch two college kids outside the dmv being paid to get people to sign a petition to "stop Obama care..." Have absolutely no information but they were paid to basically make other young people think it's bad.
ShowerRod accidents not covered under the Obama care plan...Lmao
If Obama care is anything like Masshealth we are all screwed! Apparently all the rude, morons work there!!
Funny how the VA did the exact same tests as my civilian doctor, and they say everything is fine, while the civilian doctor found major concerns! So confused.Welcome to Obama Care I guess :(
Last night I was thinking about the moon being red and theres a hole in the sun theres this thing in the bible say theres going to be a mark of the beast which is obama care its a chip in the hand or the four head just like the bible says and theres also a war starting it said nations will go against nations and were gonna have 7 years hard time
They say if . U *** get hurt ..falling off the shower rod.That u r not covered under the Obama Care .becareful
It's my understanding that "Obama Care" was to provide "affordable" insurance for the uninsured or those who have been denied because of pre-existing conditions. So why then did Tiger Woods sign up and why did he wait until the deadline was about to expire to do so ?
Just got a call from my Dr. That my insurance approved a medication I need for my arthritis, now I just have a copay... I never thought I would say this but, with my condition I am thankful for Obama care. Without It, I Wouldn't Be getting the care I really NEED!!
Gotta love Obama care You work hard to pay necessities you pay more for health care it covers LESS so you pay more for dr visits, meds. How is that better for hard working middle class when we already pay for welfare and now more are getting free health care and a lot if them have more money than us and drive better cars while we have to let little 'extras' go so we can pay house note
I honestly feel sorry for those of yall that signed up wit Obama care!
By Jamie Munal MEDICARE AT AGE 76, IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - ANYONE WHO DOUBTS THIS IS TRUE CAN DOWNLOAD THE NEW OBAMA CARE AND LOOK UP THE PAGES MENTIONED. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.PLEASE PASS THIS OUTRAGE TO EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST!!! THIS should be read by everyone, especially important to those over 75. If you are younger, then it may apply to your parents. Your hospital Medicare admittance has just changed under Obama Care. You must be admitted by your primary Physician in order for Medicare to pay for it! If you are admitted by an emergency room doctor it is treated as outpatient care where hospital costs are not covered. This is only the tip of the iceberg for Obama Care. Just wait to see what happens in this year and 2014! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS... At age 76 when you most need it most, you are not eligible for cancer treatment * see page 272. What Nancy Pelosi didn't want us to know until after the healthcare bill was passed. Remember she said, "We have to pass the Bill so that we can see wh ...
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Hard to respect a President on the world stage who disrespect his own countrymen on the home front. Any leader who impose his will on his own people deserve neither international trust or local respect. Obama Care is his Revolution against all freedom loving people of our country. He fired the first shot, history will determine the outcome.
Well april 15 has passed-Many of you received a shock I know I did! If you think this year was bad wait till Obama care kicks in and you start paying for 2/3 of americans unemployed or on the poverty level.
I know everyone has ther own opinions on this topic but I just have to throw this out there. Thank you obama care it feels nice to have AWESOME insurance now and be able to recieve the proper treatment by reputable doctors. Rather then ones that I would sware recieved there medical license out of a *** jack box.
I try not to not get into politics as I have friends on both side of the fence. I have a wait and see attitude. The whole Obama care slapped me in the face last night. I have a friend, a regular customer at my rest. He works for Steak and Shake. The store is staffed by part time employees. There are only 4 full timers allowed per store. Thanks to Obama The big corporations, Steak and Shake, McDonalds, and how many other Corporations? Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Kohl's etc are only allowing employee's to work 27 hours per week,. If the employee works 30 or more hours per week? They get benefits. So, not only people are not receiving any benefits, they are also losing income as well! What is wrong with this picture? Any thoughts?
Car insurance went up $60 because of freaking Obama care and stupid michigan no fault. I want out of this state!
John Roberts, Supreme Court Justice - Left us an out, Seems no Lawyers or Congressman are willing to do it. Obama Care was instituted and placed into law and passed the Supreme Court because it was considered a TAX. Just one problem, Congress EXEMPTED Themselves. Here's the UNCONSTITUTIONAL part. "Why hasn't the media discovered this?" Congress can make no law that also doesn't apply to them. They CAN'T TAX you and I without having the same tax on themselves. If Obama Care according to Chief Justice Roberts is legal because it's a tax, Then Congress either has to include themselves or We don't have to participate! I need some smart *** Lawyer to debate this, Where is O'Reilly and Napalatono?
Tried out Obama care, because of my hubby's line of work, he has almost a third deductions, take home. They don't go by what your family of 5 lives off of! They go by your gross. Gr. Take out 600$ a month for insurance. What are we gonna live on? !!!
Now that Obama care has came to an end. Did you end up with a huge deductible? Or maybe you waited to long? Here is a great plan to help cover that deductible and give you coverage. Ask me how I can help!!!
If Obama care is so good, why do we have to be forced to buy it?
Got on my winter coat I ain't playing with this weather can't afford to get sick no Obama Care over here. Anyways have a good daii fb
In a manner similar to--- Real ID, Obama Care, implements a national ID system disguised as something else . " The individual mandate " portion of the bill requires every American to purchase health insurance , or break the law and face penalties and fines, making them criminals if they refuse to buy insurance from private companies. .The act contains a "data hub" an information exchange system that is used to verify such things as income , family size, immigration and incarceration status..In addition new rules require health care organizations to electronically verify eligibility prior to providing care..This will necessitate the creation of a "unique patient identifier" for use on patient ID cards ..In other words, it sounds like a national identification system. HEALTH CARE REFORM, IMMIGRATION REFORM, AND REAL ID-ALL CONTAIN SOME FORM OF NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION.REVELATIONS 13:16-17
I heard this morning that if you get an Obama Care subsidy, it will be counted a earned income and you will have to pay income taxes on it.
I’m going to retire soon and live off my life savings. After government takes out the tax and Obama Care saves me all of that medical money, I will retire on what’s left. What I’ll do the second week, I have no idea.
Obama Care was put together behind closed doors, and not one Congressmen or Senator read Obama Care before they had to vote on the bill. And if that does not *** you off you are a waste of Our Liberty.
DEATH PANELS - Does anyone remember Michelle Bachmann and her Republican colleagues dire warnings about Death Panels in Obama Care. Has anyone heard of them yet? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Gal at gas station. I decided to bite the bullet even though I cant afford the 180 bucks a month for Obama Care but I need health care so I signed up. Nearest GP is a 3 hr drive away, my old car can't make that. Guess I am not making first payment they can come after me at tax time I guess.
Big thank you Obama care! Single parent ,working ,child on medicade. Trying to get by and get fined for not having ins. 800 something. Take it out of her tax refund next year! This has to stop!
Thanks so much to Obama care I get to go to a annual physical and I have affordable insurance for the first time in 9 years where as I had non and was self pay which cost me more then my premium. So I am one grateful gal this AM. Again to all you Obama haters and his Obama plan stay off my page with your nasty comments just do not read it or just keep your mouth shut for once I posted on my page not yours like I said before un friend me if you can not handle that we may not share the same ideas about him as a president or what he has done. AND anyone who private messages me like last time will get unfriended. I care not to have all your negativity in my life. I respect differences and can even hold a conversation to those what I do not respect is the childish tantrums that get thrown cause you all do not get your *** way and got to pitch a fit. And to all my friends who understand that respect and show it to me I thank you dearly.
Apparently Obama Care has affected Mother Nature and she can't afford her BiPolar meds.please help...
Our health insurance went up $120 a month, which is now a total of $800 a month. Just filled my sons monthly prescription that we were paying $55 for and it is now $70. Thanks so much Obama Care!!! Cannot wait til we get a president in office that really cares for the working people of this country.
Having Obama care is like having Michael Jackson's personal Doctor tuck you in at night. Dennis Miller
Obama care prices. How do u feel about this crap If you make under $15,000: it's just over $59.00. If you make between $50,000 and $100,000, it's $6,069.90. And if you make between $200,000 and $250,000, it's $38,200.66
Well after spending time trying to get my Obama care the site would not let me finish the application which I started before the deadline. Looks like year 14 in a row of not going to have medical insurance.
Obama Care and Covered CA-whatever. Now people are penalized 1% of their salary this year and 2% next year for choosing to stay uninsured. Not the states business if one goes without insurance for a while. Robbery. And, The Affordable Care Act? Affordable for whom? The plans offered are very pricy. This is not right. I do not support this law.
Thanks to that God *** Obama care, the weather can't make up its mind and now it's snowing. Thanks Obama!
31 minutes to spare...I finally reached the decision! No Obama care for us we will stay with our private insurance. I really don't like how they are forcing everyone to go to Aurora!
Obama Care kicks in and everyone one and their momma wants to hit up the ER...what the?? Lol
Aye obama care do not cover shower
I have been on line and phone to finish Obama care and can't get online to work so call number and have 30 min wait half way threw keep getting disconnected ggr
So gas is now 3.50 a gallon .guess who will be paying for Obama care...everyone because hidden taxes are going up on Everything .I don't know it all and I feel so bad for people who will not be able to pay for their utilities and gas for work and everything that will have the hidden taxes on ...but the saddest part of this all is the people who are loosing hours on their job or their job because their company can not afford to keep them on because of all the new taxes and the outrageous tax laws. I normally don't post my political views and sorry if this offends you but the Government is miss leading people in every way possible to make you believe that Obama care will help everyone. The truth is there is no money to fund this so it has to come from the very people who need it one way or the other. It is a total scam .I was shocked to find out just how this insurance works. I can only pray that the right people will be put into office with a solution to the Disasters America will be facing .
Originally they said not signing up for Obama care would result in a $95 fine, now they're saying that it's going to be based on your income, $95 is the minimum. If you make $30k/yr you'll be fined $199, $50k/yr = $399!!! The whole *** thing is one lie after another and people are sucking it up!
I went to CVS tonight to fill a regular Rx that costs me $10.00 pre-Obama Care. Tonight, Post-Obama Care, it cost me $100.00. I'm very fortunate that I am able to afford the difference, but I feel really sad for the people on fixed incomes that cannot absorb such a cost increase.
Mama had good day, I put her in her wheelchair before lunch, she is still sitting up. Scoping bladder tomorrow and then should go home. I do hope the dr who came in this morning doesn't show up tomorrow, I don't think I will very nice. As far as I am concerned Obama care and it's rules can kiss my --- it's a sin and a shame how our country is treating the elderly. She's my mama and I'm not ready to kick her to the curb, I've not given up on her and neither has she on herself so we shall continue to have a good time, go to Gondola for lunch on pretty days as long as she is able. Don't ever tell me again when a person gets old there us no need to give meds/fluids, just let the toxins build up in their body and let nature take its course and die!! The Lord will be the one to decide when my mama dies not a dr that apparently has no compassion for elderly folks. Now on to planning her 90th birthday!
So who's all happy with there Obama care plan?.
Can we really end the shower curtain talk. Go ahead and be cute. You better hope Obama care gonna cover your bill when you break your *** Now folks wanna act like Circ De Sol with their sex life. IjS
Hope everybody got there taxes filed and sent that big check. Obama Care needs every penny.
It is my constitutional right as an American citizen not to buy goods and services from the government, so how can they make us buy Obama care? The government is in the process of breaking us up as Americans and as people of each other. soon will be police state and they will turn our own military against us, how far does it have to go before someone or something set's it off? What about our children and our children's children (slaves of the state) the future is now and abrupt we have rights and we are still alive. Stand, speak, fight.
I think I figured out what's wrong with Mother Nature. She is bipolar and they dropped her insurance due to Obama care and she can't afford her meds anymore...
So all parties aside, how is Obama care actually helping? So far it's over $150 more than out of pocket was for me and covers less while paying doctors less who threaten early retirement.. I've heard it said "Ron there's thousands of suffering uninsured kids it'll help" How? By costing them more out of pocket or by financing their DES healthcare better now that others are forced to buy from the fed bad not private..? In other words did the gov't get jealous of the income insurance companies were making and then made a law that you buy there's to help pay welfare costs..?? Weren't we already paying it in our regular taxes..?? So "healthcare act" is merely a clever way of taking more from us without actually raising taxes and in the name of "helping"?? Also a form of "legacy" for Barry? If I'm wrong help me understand it's better purpose please? No sarcasm I'm serious :)
Mimi gonna make everybody use Obama Care! Somebody big *** is gonna hang from the curtain rod!
Geesh can I get some Obama care over here.medicine ranging from $50-$180 a piece smh...let me call some of these ole folks and get some of them home remedies.inhaler $75 can I just use a paper bag...smh
I apologize Obama care but Im not gonna pay 250 a month for a 6000 dollar deductible... ill take the 95 dollar tax penalty and keep it pushin
Just so everyone knows "Obama Care" don't cover "Shower Poles" incidents :-) I'm just sayings.Lmao.Mimi is a Hot A** Mess
Had a total knee replaced today ! Thanks to the Obama Care . I am fixed . I am happy . Thanks to my husband & son for being here all day . I liv
Obama care! Mixed emotions about it for me. But it is what it is. I am now insured for my health. What's next I wonder, taxation on daily oxygen intake. Quite possibly can be a reality soon people. As 21st century folk we need to learn how not to depend on our government and provide for ourselves. I will say this, the healthcare market place is cheaper then quotes I have received giving my anemia. I am definitely looking forward to setting up a primary care doctor.Any suggestions\ can mend a shins on a good primary Dr. Or on a good gastrologist and hematologists.
PRAYER WARRIORS HELP.Just home from doctor. Possible CANCER. We don't have insurance and our OBAMA CARE isn't effective until May 1st.IF WE COME UP WITH THE $454 to get it started. My lump in breast was found 8mo. ago NOW I have a large knot in lymph node on same side (left). Can't do ANYTHING DR. WANTED TO DO THIS WEEK UNTIL INSURANCE IS PAID & EFFECTIVE. Dr. Is not happy with that but.THATS where we are.
How can I get my kids Obama care. We've had some circumstance changes.
My daughter is 11 now and she says, dad did you know that obama care is about some people having to pay more so some people can work less and Payless, I said yes I know this. she then says why don't they understand people have their own place in society based on how much effort they put into it. she's 11 and she gets it
Ok I am done sitting by as many are doing anti-Obama care postings. Especially those who want it repealed. Well guess what it is here to stay DEAL WITH IT. So if you could repeal Obama Care tomorrow what would you tell those people who now have health insurance and who can afford it. What would you tell those people who have diseases that require medication that at one time they could not afford. So sure lets repeal it, and tell those people sorry no medication for you, you will just have to go back to suffering and DIE. IM TIRED OF IT. At least Obama and the democrats and yes even some republicans got something going. Is it perfect, no. The Affordable Health Care Act can be tweaked, bugs worked out. All I know is that people are getting care and medications now. If we wait for the republicans to put something together millions will suffer painful Deaths. This is America I said my peace. If I have offended some face book friends to bad. I believe that true friends are there for you no matter where you par ...
Obama care or pay the fine, U be the judge!! 4/15/14.
paying for obama care and for what nobody takes it within a 3 hr drive. which is what we were told. we could drive 3 hrs to Toledo because a dr. there takes it. I say impeach his happy *** and get someone in the office that at least knows something about what they are doing. I have seen a lot of presidents some good some bad but never one this worthless !
Obama care is more complicated then I thought. smh I hope I dont get fined
Over $200 bucks for 2 epi pens.the stuff that saves your life in an allergic reaction. Tell me insurance doesn't stick it to you.his other meds 0-20 bucks.but the real necessity. It wasn't this way until Obama care and it all changed this year. Thanks Obama sheeple and spineless Senate and Congress. You all need a reality check!
*** OBAMA CARE - I went to my Lymph. Doctor Yesterday and was told that due to Obamacare, she has to treat me as an entirely new patient beings I was not there for 3 months (new Rules as of January 1st); my response, I have Personal Choice and have nothing to do with ObamaCare, Told Per my Doctor (This is effecting everyone regardless of your insurance in many ways that the general public is now finding out about, of course who the *** would know that beings noone really knew or knows what Obama care really is about); Thanks Mr. President, another lie you told the people. We are all sucked into this mess like it or not.
So if ur jobless u don't qualify for Obama care I thought that's what it was there for less fortunate
I need you all prayer!!! My throat is bothering more everyday!!! :-) :-) So I got my Obama care im going TO doctors!! 4-REAL!! Just pray!
ATTENTION!!! Obama care does not cover accidents that happen while hanging on shower rods so I advise reading of instructions that are included with your rods to CYA IJS rotflmao
Another Tax day is here. Rates went up this year. The Death tax is back, we're seeing the beginning of Obama care's taxes and fees, and the government still can't spend within its limits. Click like, if you dislike, and intend to replace Mark Begich this year!
For all you parents with kids 14 years and up. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! Now OBAMA CARE says that even though I am both the legal guardian and the one financially responsible for my child's medical bills I cannot have access to her medical information including her insurance benefits/appeals process without her written consent and a verification process via the insurance companies (to make sure I did not forge her signature.) This means that if the insurance denies a claim and I want to appeal (and most insurance companies only give you so many days to reply to them) I have to get this document/process taken care of first in hopes I am not stuck with a HUGE medical bill later. The Affordable Care Act is a farce and needs repealing. I am not a political person but this law is cutting off real care and benefits to families in need. It does not do what it says!
Lmao. let me found out y'all women got the emergency room on lockdown cause you wanted to try the Mimi in the bathroom... Obama care don't cover that!
Whoever hates Obama Care Like this! just another reason to take are taxes away people earn at the end of the year for the lower class who cant afford health care...
Mimi, Mimi, Mimi! That's all I see and hear. WHO'S KEEPING UP WITH LEONARD ROWE? Who's reading up on the connection between OBAMA CARE and SERCO? . I'll wait!
Does anyone knows the website to sign up for Obama care insurance
Senate Majority Leader Reid, D-Nev., told Reno-based KRNV: "It's not over. We can't have, in America, people that violate the law and just walk away from it. " *** Lois Lerner? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama care? Undocumented immigrants?
Obama care don't cover falls from bathroom poles
Obama Care ( ACA Regulations ) are a an absolute train wreck that is destroying this country. Why would the Democratic Party fight so hard to pass regulations that give consumers many extra protections in their health care coverage that shifts the lions share of the cost of health care nationwide on the insurance carriers instead of the tax payers and the insured which will result in a savings of billions of dollars in reductions to our national debt each and every year ? The new regulations have been designed in a sense to protect people over absurd profits that have been made by Insurance Providers for decades because they have been able to deny coverage to those who need it most by means of a pre-existing conditions clauses and small lifetime caps on coverage . Isn't that a direct attack on our free enterprise system ? Putting people before profit is somewhat Un-American isn't it? We are the only developed nation in the world that denies guaranteed Health Care to all of it's citizens ... and up until n ...
The deadline for Affordable Care Act is Tuesday April 15,2014 if you haven't received health insurance inbox me, call me, come to my office asap.Obama Care!
MUST READ; Will the Mandatory Microchip in Obamacare End Up Being the Mark of the Beast?On March 23, 2013 the microchip in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 will become mandatory. There's a pretty startling thing in the bill that 95% of Americans won't like. Obama Care has a microchip implant for you… The Obama Health care bill includes (under Class II, Paragraph 1, Section B) “(ii) a class II device that is implantable”. Then on page 1004 it describes what the term “data” means in paragraph 1, section B: 14 (B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to 15 information respecting a device described in paragraph (1), 16 including claims data, patient survey data, standardized 17 analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of 18 data from disparate data environments, electronic health 19 records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the 20 Secretary As approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is an “implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identifi ...
In response to the political statement just posted 5 hours ago: The reason Republicans voted against "Equal pay for women" is that this attempt by Democrats in office is a deceptive way for the Obama administration to get more women to vote as progressives in the next election. In actuality, the White House ITSELF does not give equal pay to women, a fact they choose to ignore. However, in the private sector when the hours subtracted for other activities away from work (eg., for child birth, home care) plus many other legitimate factors too numerous to detail here (time of service, level of education, choice of some to remain part time, etc) are taken into consideration, women take home as much pay as men for time worked. Remember this and VOTE THE PROGRESSIVES OUT in 2014 & 2016, for the White House lied about Obama Care, Fast & Furious, Tea Party targeting by the IRS, the Benghazi murders, & Mexican border safety. Do we really want the Feds' IRS managing our health care penalties with loss of privacy? Do ...
Obama Care! 1. This is not Obama's, he is the President that is set in place in the time that the Govt. was ready to start the health care bill. Funny how the Gov. waited till the first Black President took office. Sounds like a prejudice move to me. Why didn't Reagon, Bush jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., or another White President get the Bill they created? Because they wanted to leave the mark on someone other than the white man in case it fails. If we were all blind we would love each other the same. Love to all. All we need is food, water,love, shelter, and forgiveness for our sins.
There is something morally wrong, as far as I'm concerned, with putting the entire blame for the Obama Care problems on the shoulders of now-resigned Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.
Kathline Sebelius anounced her resignation, hope they make her sign up for Obama Care and she chokes on it! But their nominating Pro-Abortionist, Anti-Union, Clinton "trained" Aid, Sylvia Mathews Burwell. Jeez!
When will Holder stop playing the race card? Can he truly believe what he calls lack of respect to his office and to the "Radical Chief in Charge" is soley based upon color. He needs understand that his race baiting just stirs the pot. People are upset with this administrations handling of Fast and Furious, Bengazi, Irs scandal, ignoring immigration laws and Obama Care lies. There lies lack of respect.
Lee Elci on 94.9 News Now and Stimulating Talk 12 Hours from our 2nd Birthday Bash at the Cabaret Theater over at Mohegan Sun.Terrible 2's!. Today's Guests:: 6:35 Mike DiMauro from The Day 7:05 Tom Cantone Entertainment Executive of the Year 8:10 Mitchell Etess from The Sun Topics:: Birthday party, Obama Care, Crash, Barack Obama, Modern Man, 6 Billion, Pot, Time, The history of your life
You just wait people. The Sebelius replacement is a Bill Gates person. Remember when I told you about the integration of Obama Care and Common Core? Guess what.I wasn't kidding. Think McKisney Consulting in your health Care. People... this has to be blocked in a major way. We can do this.
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My buddy Jim turned down a Job offer for Lock Operator on the Canel in Waterloo this Morning. Now that he had to get Obama Care he would have to Pay another $100.00 per week for Insurance and $100.00 a week Gas. So he will just stay retired.
"man hospitals are for rich people an my Obama Care ain't kicked in yet"
Sarah Palin: We need to take back America. A following bill needs to be put on the ballot: All politicians can do a 2 year term limit in any political office. i.e.: representative 2 years and that is it, no senator, no mayor, zilch, nada. A Bill: That any law that is passed, the politicians must agree to abide by that law. example. Retirement, they should put their money in the Social Security System, Obama Care, they must join the rest of us in Obama Care, their retirement, they must adhere to the retirement system as us citizens know it. Not just a one or two term and retirement benefits. They pay their taxes, just like everyone else, then fight the IRS through amended returns, or the court system. I believe you are the one that can make this happen. Maybe it should be done state to state. put on the ballot and let the voters decide.
This president and his administration are a phenomenon in my life time, if not in American history. It is amazing how they stand before the American public and outright lie or bend and hide facts with such alacrity. Senator Harry Reid for example saying there has been “no delay with Obama Care, or on national television claim that every story of failed Obamacare was a lie and then a few days later deny he said it …… on National Television. Weird stuff. The latest White House example is the wage gap issue. The White House is using the statistic that there is a 23 cent wage gap between men and women in the workplace. Economic experts simply say it is not true. Even CBS News, if you can believe it, described it as “a complete myth” And in fact even one of the president’s own economic advisors Betsey Stevenson admitted she was wrong and apologized when challenged by a reporter. But that means zero to the White House. White House robot Jay Carney, just keeps saying it. And the president himself ju ...
: " April 5, 2014 11:38:35 AM EDT " The following listed new taxes rates were all passed under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obama Care and will effect your taxes for this year COME NOVEMBER on voting day, JUST REMEMBER THIS Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6% Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2% Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28% Dividends tax went from 15% to 39.6% Estate tax went from 0% to 55% Remember this fact: if you have money, the democrats want it. These taxes were all passed only with democrat votes, not one republicans voted for these taxes. “How long are we going to tolerate this government’s silently stealing us blind?”
**A Message from WVFRW President, Gladys Lemley** We had a great weekend at the Spring Board Meeting hosted by the ladies of Jackson County Republican Women. Our weekend was spent in learning where we sit at the table, as our theme carried over the NFRW "There's a place for you at our table". Dena Barnes Member at Large of the NFRW presented a program, to help us grow and retain our members in our clubs, how NFRW can give us the tools to recruit, educate, train and elect Republicans. Senator Donna Boley, brought us up to date to what was going on in our WV Legislation. Conrad Lucas gave us an update on the WV GOP. Shelley Moore Capito, candidate for US Senate, Candidates from the 2nd Congressional District and others spoke too us sharing their position on issues that are facing our country, Obama Care, War on Coal, War on Women, issues that matter and effect us all. We adopted a resolution that refutes claims of "Republican War on Women issued by the NFRW and excepted by the WVFRW. Which states "Resolved ...
Health Insurance - I worked at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida; once Obama Care came into the picture; froze my pension 2
The Rand Corporation is reporting that only 1/3 of the 7.1 Million enrollees in Obama Care (reported by the White House) are actually new health care enrollees.DUH!
Especially the lies and promises never kept by RINO politicians. I think it time to change the name RINO (Republicans In Name Only) to Progress Liberal Republicans or PLR. Because that is what Boehner and the Republicans who voted for Obama Care, the Patriot Act and the Free Trade Act are! BTW, if you want the real news tune in Alex Jones's Prison Planet. There is an app for your Android as well as on the Web. Six days a week, twice a day, he provides the real story and insite that even Fox News won't cover!
Mike Grabarits, Nicely written. So you work hard, save your money and invest it. Watch out because Obama Care is taxing you an additional 3.8% Nice Mr President. Don't you think 39% tax was enough tax the first time I earned the money? Oh yea, in addition to capital gains tax you will see an additional 3.8% for our friends in Washington. Thank you again Nancy Pelosi. Lets read the bills BEFORE we pass them. Oh and while you are at it, let's write the bill before we read it and before we vote on it. This was the biggest scam in our history. Keep your doctors, pay less and pay a fine if you dont follow the mandate. Oh we are not doing ANY of that. Geez Mr President. Did you fib to us during a campaign? Mm. How dumb are we? Politicians normally never live up to promises made on the campaign. They thrive on our apathy. Let's get a new one in there next election. And not another Senator. Please. Go Jeb Bush.
I heard one person today insist that we should keep the Affordable Care Act but that Obama Care was anti-American, would cost too much, and must be repealed. I would like to think everyone I know understands how totally stupid this statement is. But be prepared to be shocked to find that some you know will agree with this statement 100% and will fail to understand why they are being singled out as morons.
Well I know this May upset some some people and I am sorry for that but I feel I need to say it!! I am a person who is VERY GREATFUL AND THANKFUL for the Affordable Care Act or Obama Care because it has SAVED MY LIFE!!! I have full insurance and have my many prescriptions paid for because of it!! These many prescriptions I have to take daily are keeping me alive and we could not afford them without this insurance! I have a very rare brain disease called Moyamoya Disease that causes me to have many Strokes and has caused other Heath issues. I understand it is frustrating to get through to them and to get the Website to work but I actually went to the Financial Aid Department of Harborview and they did it with me and all the hospitals can help with it!! I am in no way trying to start any kind of political debate. I am just saying I am actually one of the people that they had in mind when they came up with this and I am one if the success stories!!!
Group of old truck drivers talking loud about Obama Care.
I am surprised no one fights against Obama Care. It violates our civil liberties and I would fight this all the way to the Supreme Court!
Excerpt from the case regarding Obama Care/ The UnAffordable Care Act. “Is your claim limited to sensitive materials like contraceptives or does it include items like blood transfusion, vaccines? For some religions, products made of pork” are objectionable, asked Judge Sonia Sotomayor. “Is any claim under your theory that has a religious basis, could an employer preclude the use of those items as well?” “Just take one of the things that Justice Sotomayor asked about, which is vaccinations, because there are many people who have religious objections to vaccinations. So suppose an employer does and refuses to fund or wants not to fund vaccinations for her employers, what happens then?” queried Justice Elena Kagan. “I do think in the context of vaccinations, the government may have a stronger compelling interest than it does in this context,” Clement replied. Kagan asked about blood transfusions, and then concluded, “So really, every medical treatment. And Justice Sotomayor is quite right t ...
Wall street gets juiced everyday now. Those Obama liberals and his Republicans don't care. Why don't they care? Bribery!
Well yesterday was the deadline to get the Obama care/ health insurance. I guess they will have to penalize me.. Obama's new name is "Black Bush" MESSAGE!
How come I got super sick right before the Obama care deadline thingy? or good timing springtime allergies, way to deprive me of sleep. Gotta make a list (I'm ocd about writing stuff down on paper, then checking them off. My handwriting has gotten horrible))lol
Shucks the deadline to sign up for Obama Care was yesterday!
Does a military retiree and spouse have to be enrolled in Obama care if we have Tricare ??
Why get Obama care when we get kid care it pays for everything
Only fools in April is the ones that signed up for Obama care.
Obama Care reaches Goal 7.08 million sign up Bill Progress Marches on
Obama (Soetoro)care has led to health coverage for millions more people - As the law's initial enrollment...
Let's review the Obama Care stats.. -Up to 7million ppl "signed up" -30% of those will not pay premiums -4.7million people LOST there coverage due to the new law -49million people were without healthcare before this law took effect -Congressional Budget office predicts 30million people will STILL be without health insurance once the law is fully implemented... WHY THE *** DID OBAMA DO THIS??
Obama care claims 7 million sign-ups...I guess those out of work accountants from Enron finally found a job
This guy on the news talking about obama's Affordable Care Act is just pissing me off ✋👊
Obama care is up and running. Everything is working as planned. Everyone will have affordable healthcare and I can keep my doctor. The Benghazi murders was a a response to a video, Russia is not a threat. North Korea is a playing games. Iran does not have nuclear capabilities. Obama is a great leader. April Fools!!!
Ok, Sooo the Democrats Want to SWEEP Benghazi Under the "Carpet" Along with Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal, and let's us NOT forget "Obama Care" which IS A HUGE Failure and HAS NOTHING To do with Healthcare! Because if IT Did, 1700+ MD's would have been HIRED! Not 1700+ IRS Agents! It has EVERYTHING to DO about Government Control! I guess if I were Hillary, I'd want to Sweep Benghazi "under the carpet" As Well! But I'm Sure I COULD NOT GET AWAY WITH NEGLECTING MY DUTIES AND WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP WITH THE DEATH OF FOUR AMERICANS BLOOD ON MY HANDS!! Then instead of Replacing her with a "Real" Sectary of State, They Appoint John Kerry??! A Trained Chimpanzee has More Balls & Brains Than Kerry!!! Folks, we are "headed" for another "Civil War" but This time instead of "War between the States" it will be the "States Against the Government!" So Be ready Fellow Patriots! Onto the 2016 Elections, Hillary Thinks she has "Sewn Up" and she just might, if she can get the Benghazi "Monkey" off her back! But I'd l ...
This is health class. Why are we talking about Obama Care
All purpose parts banner
So...All news channels are reporting the @ 7 million Obama care enrollees as huge. There are 7 million people in Houston...
According to the White House "Obama Care" (Affordable Care Act) is a success, because approximately 7 million people have signed up. I thought there were 40 to 50 million American without Health Insurance, to me that's not a success, seems more like a failure with all the changes that have come on the fly to make it work. I wonder how many of the 7 million were people who already had insurance...
I spend 5 hours in the ER just for them to tell me I'm going to feel like this for a month they can't do nothing then walks back in to tell if I want to wait longer he can write a prescription since he just looked and I have insurance fu Obama care you can suck I guess I'll be dealing with it a little longer I didn't want to wait another 5 hours because y'all were to lazy to look my insurance up before you came into the room ugh
Rachel Rays brother probably would not have been dropped if Obama care wasn't here.Too many sick ppl will cause failure-debacle
Obama (Soetoro)Care sign-ups reportedly on track to hit 7 million – but will they pay? -   On the last day...
Discovered a trick to removing front fenders from a car last night. You may think it's a simple process of unbolting the body part and removing it, but you would be mistaken. Since the car is 98% rust anyway the fenders become an intrical part of the rest of the vehicle. To separate apply carb cleaner along the seam between the fender and the engine well. Be sure to use at least and entire can. Then apply heat with an open flame. Bingo, the fender separates from the vehical on it's own. It also does the major part of cleaning out the garage, taking out the old garage door for replacement and gave me a nice haircut without the use of scissors or a razor. I did find that under Obama care volume discounts at the local ED nolonger apply. I still get a person greating though " Hi Kevin, it's been a couple weeks since you have stopped by, what is today's problem, oh yeah I see. Sure makes it easier to treat when the problem is so obvious".
Washington — Beating expectations, President Barack Obama's health care overhaul was on track to sign up more...
I can't believe how I met your mother is over.THANKS OBAMA CARE.
I have yet to see on the news a white person standing in line for the stupid obama care...
Obama (Soetoro)care Website Fails as Deadline Arrives - Maggie Fox Maggie Fox is senior health writer for...
So now my President Have reach 7million people on Obama Care #
Obama (Soetoro)care Website Down as Deadline Arrives - People trying to apply and enroll for private health...
OK so all of you that thought that the OBAMA Care was wonderful this for this country-let me fill you in on a secret-NOT!! I am a Finance manager for a small manufacturing company, we just received our renewal rates for BC/BS Anthem-an group increase of 35.7%!! But the best part is I have employees (with spouses) who's plans increased by 100%! Please tell me how this is saving them money? If they can continue to afford the insurance they will have much less money to spend. Less money to spend means no "extras" that help keep this countries economy growing. I don't think I have been this utterly disgusted in a long long time!
Howdy, y'all. I'm Pauline and I'll be your tour guide. If you look on your left, you'll see Max Gillis holding liquid Obama Care.
Does anyone know where I can get health insurance for a family of 4 that is affordable?? Went to the obama care websight and the rates are crazy.
Good thing President Bush didnt come up with Obama Care because than it would be called Bush Care & these days not a lot of w…
Whitehouse is so stupid how many of these people that sign up for Obama care will pay there premium to keep it
I figure Obama has until midnight to reveal that the Affordable Care Act is one of the most elaborately planned April Fools joke in history.
Sink Obama care... Save America... Stupid is as Stupid does... LAL Laugh at Liberals. LAL
Breaking News: After review they have announced that Obama Care is The Biggest April Fools Joke to date.
WASHINGTON (AP) - AP sources: Obama's health care law on track to hit 7 million sign-ups on deadline day.
Checking out "Obama Care Victims (video)" on Tea Party Command Center: This is a disaster and needs to be repealed
"of the billions of people in the United States, only 6 million signed up for Obama care"
What happens if I dont sign up for obama care will I get fined .I already have health insurance Blue Cross
During the health care debate,GOP plans was to cover 5M.ACA will enroll 7M.As a result,Obama care is considered successful .
Omg...we got all signed up for Obama Care and we only pay 100 bucks a huh?
Obama care." -The Hulk giving an impassioned speech within an Obama fundraising dinner he hosted"
I guess I will have to pay a fine bc I sure as *** didn't sign up for Obama care!
Just don't register same as don't sign on to Obama Care.
I'm not a fan of Obama care so I've opted out .
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
You can keep your doctor on Obama care April Fools or should I say American fools
I forgot to do that Obama care thing too
The deadline for Obama Care has passed, but you may still be eligible for healthcare the government says you...
Well new chapter in life, I'm quitting the oil field. Going to have to sell all my guns and maybe a kid or two so I can stay afloat. Going be a long day enrolling in obama care and signing up for welfare. Who knows with gov assistants I might start a chain of 711s in jones county. Happy April Fools day.
Big April crisis in Insurance and Cableone in the Ville. Obama care and Channel pulled. Which do you think is worse?
President gets blowback in online chat
Obama Care started out as. as a helping hand, but now. it's just a gloved finger with. no lube.
Its april 1st. The day after the deadline of the obama care sign ups. Fine me, fine me, fine me!! Take your health care law and shove it!
God Bless Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for solving our health care crisis.
tries Democratic trick of conflating insurance with health care - & when shortages begin he'll blame insurers.
1: voters don't care. 2: no reform without Enforcement First We all know Obama will just blow it off otherwise
More people signed up for 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu today than they did for Obama care.
Obama supporters are saying republicans do not want people to have health care but we say why did you take ours away
Remember Obama and the Democrats and 30 million people don't have health care so why didn't all of them sign up already
I wasn't going to post anything, but after reading the Obama Care Act I had to! ...I seen that if a Parent has a child on Obama Care that the non custodial parent will have to Pay Child Support even if the custodial parent didn't file on the other parent. This whole "Act" is going to leave a lot of dudes in a ditch.
The USA is home to, 340, 000, 000 Million! People. 6 million signed up for Obama Care, or The Affordable Act... what ever they're calling it. That's less than 1% of the US Population! I'm willing to bet 1/2 of the 6 million people who signed up, did it to avoid the $95 tax return fine for 2015. (kinda like being Forced to buy) If your idea/product is so good, you wouldn't have to force people to buy it! They would be begging for it and 99% would have signed up.
For all the people who are whinning and complaining about The Obama care website the last 2 days being slow and cant get it to work because everyone is on it trying to get last minute health insurance. YOU HAD 4 MONTHS TO SIGN UP. NO EXCUSES
Is this Obama care some kind of April Fools day joke? I seriously can't believe they are forcing American citizens to buy health insurance from the government. .well guess who's not buying?
Man I woke up this morning and decided to take advantage of the extension to sign up for Obama Care. Maybe I have been too *** the guy about the economy and jobs. He really is a strong leader overseas too with great respect by leaders as well as our troops. And I've always agreed with his imagination policy. I'm sorry I can't carry on this facade any longer. April Fools. *** on Obama. Stupid douchenozzle.
So I'm forced to get an e-mail address to get Obama Care then the e-mail is flooded with offers and spam within 24 hours. So that's how they plan to pay for it? Selling my address? Um
My friend Liz is a nurse and has health insurance. She noticed that $20 every other week is taken out if her check to help support Obama care. That's 500 a year. That's jacked up!!
After taking a second look at Obama care, and the Democratic Party's agenda and platform. I must admit I think Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama have shown true leadership for the American People, and our economic prosperity and future. Here ends the lesson. .
So I got on line last night & I got me some Obama Care! What a great deal! For a hundred bucks a month I'm completely covered. All basic medical, dental & mental health issues are covered & with minimum to no co-payment! Some nice extras too! For instance I can get my *** dipped in Nivea for free with every hospital stay & I'm allowed a free pipe cleaning with every visit to any massage parlor in Nevada as long as I show my health insurance ID & sign a statement that I'm not a cop. *** I don't get that with AAA & I'm a platinum member! Oh, by the way---Happy April Fool's Day!!!
Is this the day we find out that Obama Care has been one big April Fools joke?
Glad everybody is signed up to start paying their healthcare tax. Wonder what will happen when they want services? Where will they go? I haven't seen any Obama care stores opening up?
I signed up for Obama care and got accepted on my first try.The Government does work smooth & efficently. April Fool! Have a great Spring!
Thank god for obamacare been hearing bout a lot people that couldn't get help is getting help and a new chance at life the congress get Obama care so why shouldn't we have it it mite save your bleeping life one day,,,
Everyday is April Fools with this *** in charge " if you like you doctor and your health plan , you can keep it . It's less expensive , Obama care is a success , spontaneous uprising in Benghazi , exc ! This guy is the joke and it on us .
Ok i give up.. cannot beat them.. join them. Just signed up for Obama care this morning. My Obama phone should arrive by Friday.
Senator Rubio made a statement that put words within the public's mouth. He said that people are dissatisfied and want to reverse Obama Care. Channel 13 New's political "Truth O Meter" concluded that his statement was grossly FALSE. Do not allow yourself to be taken in by false statements that political opponents make during the course of electioneering.
Wow Fred that's great. I just found out I'm pregnant also. I got layed off last wk & also got Obama care & welfare. Maybe we'll see u at the welfare office. Take care.
So I missed the Obama care deadline. Psshhh...Obama care can kiss my ace. Who names a healthcare program after themselves anywho? Smh ;)
Has everyone heard the breaking news from DC? Apparently they realize Obama care is unconstitutional so they are repealing the law and giving EVERY American 100K, your check should be in your account by midnight tonight.
Im over hearing about this Obama care!! Your making people get insurance that barely can make it now on what income they do have and to make them pay another bill your a *** ! So on that note hey with all the money you make for messing our country up even more why dont you pay it!!! Oh wait you dont have to worry about lights, housing, food, water, and everything else we do!!! You suck!!
Ok so now if u don't have insurance the IRS will fine u. And this "Obama care" is going to be forced upon people and from what I been hearing the cheapest plan is 300 a month if my info is wrong let me know
7 million people signed up for Obama care by midnight last night. Only good thing about this is job security.
So if you guys don't get on Obama care you get a tax penalty. W-t-f!?
So let me get this straight.there are over 300 million people in this country and these *** are excited that 6 million signed up for Obama Care??? Yep! Thats Awesome!
I heard on the radio this morning that Obama care includes a tattoo tax? *** is that? Another way to rob the poor people! That's exactly what that is.
What can I do? If I am going to be a good moral person... all I can do is be compliant with what my rulers tell me... Tonight I will be quitting my job so that I can sign up for Obama care.
Stayed up till 1 this am finishing my Obama Care form. APRIL FOOL you worthless SOB.
Obama care is 275 a month for us...Fine once a year at tax time is $95. or 10 percent of income...i will take fine
Missed the deadline for Obama care sign up ... Oops well at least the president says using the honor system if you tried and hadn't yet you won't get a fine. Well here's my honesty I didn't try and am not going to.
So... I actually caved and tried to sign up for obama care last night. Only problem is I tried to sign up and the program said it can't process my application. It then gave me a number that told me " sorry we cant process your application."( and what was the point of that number?) So. Basically obama care actually doesn't work? And technocrats tricked me into putting personal information online for nothing. That just makes me all warm and cuddly inside. You had one shot obama and your phony crony business is dropped. Peace
I refuse to sign up for Obama care. I have a huge problem with a complete government take over of Americas health care system and ignoring the objections of a majority of Americans. 85% of American were happy with their health care situation. So this take over was done to somehow benefit 15% of people either unhappy or without coverage. I am not OK with the IRS now being even further into my business and a host of other issues related to the Obama care law.
Watching National news, 7 million signed up for Obama care , government is acting like it really something, what the *** did these *** expect, it is now illegal to not do it.
Common Core- Obama Care for education. Best quote I heard on the news this morning.
EPIC FAIL...and does the media and our ELECTED government officials honestly believe we buy into the crap that comes out of their mouths? - Pelosi said only a week or two ago,"Obama care is a Winner in my book." Really?!?! - Common Sense dictates, "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a's probably a duck." RANT COMPLETE.
Ok, so I guess it's time I just simply admit to everybody... Maybe I'm a bit crazy. I'm going to go to a shrink today to find out if I have O.D.D., which I'm sure I most likely do. The fact is that maybe people really do just need to accept that we need to be told what to do, for our own good. Maybe the reason there are all those laws against non violent crime, and the war on drugs simply because we really can't be trusted to do the right thing. I know that things like murder and war are different, and that when innocent people die it is necessary. It is collateral damage, and that in some way, politicians are doing the right thing by invading all those countries and setting up their bases around the world to protect us over here because the people in those countries are savages and might kill us if we don't kill them first. I know the system we have relies on violence as a means to control people who are disobedient, and that dissent is ultimately a bad thing and that we all need to stand by our leaders, ...
obama care has 7 million people enrolled... Such dim numbers its unbelievable. To put into perspective Pennsylvania alone has 12.76 million residents... EPIC FAIL
The Deadline for "Obama Care" has come and gone, some of us are at the mercy of the Government, I'll be keeping my eyes open for the Obama paddy wagon.
Fox News is reporting all those people who used a pencil when they took the Obama Care test, will have to retest within 10 days using the proper pencil.
95$ fine if you don't sign up for Obama care. I'll pay the fine
Broke my fingers bowling last night. One was a compound fracture. I took two Tylenol and duck taped a Popsicle stick to my finger. Thanks Obama care. April Fools. There is no Obama Care!
It's official. .I am on Medicare. .. Whew that was close on the last day to sign up for Obama care!!!
I wrote up this morning and I realized that it was April 1st, April Fools Day. Please tell me that OBAMA CARE is an April Fools joke!
People can knock "Obama Care" all they want - we're saving over $1,000 a month! My wife was basically un-insurable - except at a ridiculous cost: she has Lyme Disease - which the Insurance Companies don't want to act as if it exists - because it's incurable, and can be very debilitating. She's now insured - at a much better cost - though the Insurance Companies still won't pay for everything...
Turning 50 soon .I feel great I look good for my age . Glad I was not a heavy drinker or hard partier in my younger days .I still love my rock and roll music .I am in a wonderful relationship with the most beautiful woman in the world ,she is my best friend . I did not feel my age until those rotten liberal *** who supported Obama care at AARP sent me a membership card with an application to fill out . Well they can go suck a root I will never join there group .The alternative AMAC they are more in line with my conservative beliefs .
Well. I did it! I signed up for Obama care. It was easy and very cheap for the best doctors in the world making house calls 24/7. Oh and they even threw in a free obamaphone and food stamps for my family in Mexico! Great START to April!
Kathleen Domingue Mar 25 (7 days ago) to alison4, bettywdoucet, betty_vilar, nannybren10, cbertrand, efont, Kristy, daiglepat, hg1940 Forward via my email. msaucier71this from my sister-in-law today. This is critical to our religious freedom. Please pray that God gives the "powers that be" pure hearts and minds so that they can choose the path of Christian values in our country. Dear Family, Today the courts will begin hearing the case of Hobby Lobby vs Government/ Obama Care concerning religious freedom . You probably already know that they are staking their futures on exercising their religious belief that it is morally wrong for the government to require them to have to pay for insurance to cover medical procedures that they are opposed to , especially abortions ,contraceptives and drugs to cause abortions. This decision of the courts will have far reaching and lasting consequences and weight for years to come , just as another horrendous decision in a court was made back in the 1970's -- Roe vs W ...
Obama care *** penalties are coming to those who didn't sign your freedom as American citizen of this country...ARE GONE!!!.Communist we are becoming... you are being told how to live according to your health this sorry *** leader some of you *** voted into office will tell u how to spend your hard earn money.where u can live.who u with.keep voting *** holes like him in office.we'll be a communist country for sure. just a matter of time.way to go Obama.
I signed up for Obama Care yesterday and beat the deadline. I just checked my email, and since I was one of the last to sign up from Nevada I qualified for post medical assistance, and they are sending me a $25,000 check to cover all my previous medical bills! God Bless America! If you haven't signed up already you have till tomorrow to submit your paperwork and get the same deal. Burningman here I come!
How many on my friends list made the dead line for Obama care
The meeting in Samoa will be the tenth nations of the world that will result in the Holy war.Obama care is a new term or name for dictatorship.(New World Order) They call the last nation Small Island Nation. "SIN"and it doesn't include us because we are under the United States of America. It will include only the islands that have their own currency.The new world order is one leader, one currency. 10 new leaders like the bible with the 10 kings.made up with richest people in the world.
This just in from Washington ! was a scam !!! The 20% of American that did not sign up for Obama care were rewarded today half a million dollars . From the United States government , for not giving into terrorist threats .
I could afford my medications before I got Obama Care...NOW They are outrageous!!! Now what?? Sorry I got Obama Care!
Wow they actually shut Obama care down I'm shocked lol
Well, I missed Obama care. That's alright. Jesus care is way better.
As yall may know.. My bornday is next Friday and applications for bday sex is going fast. so yall better get aboard like Obama Care!
Ok I am sick of the yearly increases to my health insurance. It has gone up again probably 20%!!! I know nothing about Obama Care or AARP but I'm wondering if I should check out those 2 places for possible better rates! I am so close to saying the *** with insurance, but I guess I should not!!! I am totally medication free and as far as I know in the best of health! GE always trying to keep us down!!! Any ideas??
I don't need Obama care I need my state care hello!!!
I started to do a April Fools joke about Obama Care. I thought about it for a minute and decided, there is no way on Earth I can improve on a perfect "Joke"
Ok! It's done , I've done what most people didnt do! I have given all my guns up, signed up for obama care, applied for my free cell phone, applied for my ebt. card and have decided to have the rest of the dumb blue collar workers pay my way for the rest of my life! !!!
What a sad,evil joke Obama care and the state exchanges are. We qualify for coverage that will cost us between $1307 to $1719 per month. I thought this was supposed to be affordable. Hello! I don't even bring home $1200 per month. Now I'm going to be fined because I can't pay for their "affordable" coverage? Obama and his ilk lied. They should be removed from office and held accountable for betraying the public trust, abusing power, and stealing from the public to say the least.
I'm really excited about Obama Care. We just received a resignation from our pediatrician who has been in business in the North State for 16 years. According to his resignation letter 'the drastic changes in healthcare over the past few years have made it increasingly difficult, stressful, and more expensive to stay in private practice'. Not only are we losing quality physicians in the North State, but the people they employ are losing their jobs as well. Doctors are moving to larger organizations which are centralized in larger metropolitan areas. Bravo Mr. President. Apparently 'if you like your plan you can keep your plan' doesn't apply to your physician when he closes shop.
omg just did my OBAMA CARE thing n i saw the cheapest one was of 8.45 with one doctors visit and one proscription
I think it's the deadline today for Obama care. Did everyone get signed up!
Soo, there giving, get this, certificates to all those who haven't gotten "Obama care" a 3rd chance to get this BS health insurance. Really? ?? Give us a break. Humm, all those who are dead, never of this country, and should note be able to vote: keep telling everyone why he is still our president. I remember when the constitution ment something. The "ONLY" way you could be president is be of this country- if you were born here. This guy has lied sence the get. Yet people follow him blindly. He has brought this country to it's knees and yet we still dont speak up! Him and his globe trodding family should be done. I'm not paying for this. Stand up Americans!!!
So today was the 2nd deadline for OBAMA CARE. They have now changed it to April 15th or ELSE. No worries my friends they will have another deadline. Why because people are not singing up like they thought they would. Besides I would rather pay the $95 penalty rather than $100 and up a month plus a copayment every time I went to the Dr if I didn't have money.
Obama care health program have extended out till 4/15 to enroll for no penalties!! MSG me if you need health, auto, life and home or business policies ! :) rate has just decrease..
so i am not sign n in for ObaMa Care why would i did i sign for WHEN george bush JR was PRES No!! so obama care go to *** i need bush CARE
Um, I just saved a ton of money on my health/vision/dental insurance by switching to Obama Care! I have better insurance now than I did with The Cheesecake Factory for less than half the price! I am SO awesome right now!
Cheers Obama care for screwing me over!
So how many of you didn't sign up for OBAMA CARE??
If u did go and apply for health coverage on OBAMA CARE U R ONE STUPID INDIVIDUAL.
Is today the deadline for the exemption application for Obama Care or is it the end of the year? (Already filed my Taxes and my PFD but forgot about this one)
After dealing with Obama Care for 3hours I've gotten absolutely no where!
There is nothing like waiting till the last sec to sign up for obama care.tooo many choices.anyone has any advice? Seems like it is really no coverage at all.with $6,000 deductible.I went to the Dr. 4 times last year, which was really a lot for me.cost me a total of $ all the monthly premiums I am paying in, I guess will help someone else.
Obama care for those without jobs, cannot even afford, get fined in taxes, crap the USA ***
So I'm on the Obama Care website... who is this really for??? Because it's not affordable for me personally. Smh... Sad to say I won't be signing up, the website down anyway. Blah!
Today was really cool. I broke my leg. But. I went to the hospital for the first time in 7 years with health insurance. Yep --- kidney disease didn't exclude me from having insurance like it had for years.? When I hear the "are you better off now than before Obama care" there is a simple answer. You bet your *** I am. Oh yeah my leg hurts like an SOB.
Aye did anybody get the Obama care cause this mf talking bout if don't get it you will be penalized $95 however long you wait to get it
I just checked our Medical coverage with Obama care. The Affordable Care Act says that with the bronze plan that we will only have to pay $1061.32 per month with a $12,600 dollar yearly deductible. That means that we would have to pay $25,335.84 out of pocket yearly before we would be covered. That is messed up. If we ever loose our insurance We will just have to go without and they can fine me all that they like because you cannot get blood out of a turnip. The really messed up thing about this is between us all together we may only go to the doctor about 3 times a year.
So I cut my hair ! AND I signed up for Obama Care all in one night :)) Not sure why but they both seemed like the Right thing to do tonight ! Lmao :))
I just signed up for obama care. April Fools. Kiss my *** obama
Ugh this obama care insurance *** signing up for it for the past 2hrs shouldn't of waited last min smh
I did it. I went on line at 11:43 on MArch 31 and registered for OBAMA CARE! I think it is great.
I need me some of that Obama care for my sore ***
Get ur Obama care on, it's no reason u don't have health insurance. . . . It's out there take advantage. . u have until 12am
Trying to sign up for this Obama care health and still cant get through
Obama care if u don't like it we will force u to like it.yes its such a free country.osama oops I mean Obama gotta hate u oops I mean love u...thanks for making my bills go up n up so I can cater to lazy bums...clowns who live with their parents ect.I thought I fought for freedom.wait we might as well call America north korea
This obama care is really pissing me off! sure i want health insurance, but i dont like being forced to pay for it when i cant really afford it! affordable health care my *** why cant we have universal health care like everywhere else!?
So I heard that the Obama care website had overloaded due to too many people joining at once. The company I'm with just had the same problem. Don't believe me? Just ask anyone on my team. So many people are setting their self up for financial freedom so why aren't you. Don't let everyone leave you behind, we will help you succeed. All you have to do is inbox me your number and I will tell you how.
I dont mean no harm but this Obama Care is just crazy. It costs too much the more you make the more it is I mean is everything now days based on income?! I'll just pay my penalty and wait for open enrollment at work High Deductibles DENTAL coverage is horrible what in the world nah I'll pass
Really stinks that we are forced to pay for obama care but the site is not working and we can't sign up. today is the deadline. i only waited till the last minute because i really really do not approve of this move from my government!!
Can anyone tell me if I need to apply for obama care if I already have ohp ?
Applied for Obama care 2 hrs before deadline!!! I dislike government control!
Awe man! I forgot to sign up for Obama care !
Well does everyone have the Obama Care. Who is he to tell someone that they can afford healthcare. by the time my son pays his child support and his bills he is lucky he has enough to pay everything. he doesn't have any money left for this.
Help! What's the website for the Obama care??
I was going to finish Raggedy's tonight, but now I am totally aggravated. The guy I talked to on the phone was trying to sell me an insurance plan so I had coverage, but here is the kicker, it wasn't one that was approved by Obama care, so in 2016 I would still be facing the same problem. ( the reason for in not be up to standards was it didn't cover maternity or pediatrics). Mind you I am only looking to cover myself, my husband has insurance, and so does Mikey. When I said then why bother getting it if it is going to have me in the same position that I am in right now ?? His brilliant answer was, well you have home owners insurance and car insurance don't you??? I'm going to bed... LOL
Today we'll find that Obama care was really a big joke! April Fools!
I just want to take a minute or two to THANK YOU! EVERYONE who wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was enjoyable. (except for trying to file for Obama Care) But an enjoyable day! I have the very best when it comes to family and friends! God has truly BLESSED ME!
Y'all get your Obama care yet lmfao what a joke
Does anyone knoe the website for that obama care thing-a-mabob! lol
Looks like I'm not going to get insurance from Obama care, I've never been so confused in my life. Just don't know how I'm going to get insurance I can afford.I haven't seen a Dr in months, my meds are running out... just venting sorry Goodnight friends :-(
Ain't nobody on here my friend. Why didn't nobody post about that Obama care foolishness deadline today? Now I have to hurry up before 12 and everywhere done closed!⏳
Ok your time is running out if you havnt got your Obama Care. Just Sayin
So who did not singe up for Obama Care
Still online trying to get Obama care :( yes, I waited till the last minute! Don't judge.
T minus two hours until these words become history "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Obama care diffuses everything that was put forth in this declaration and it's a *** shame that the Shepard has this kind of power over his sheep when the sheep pay him !
Obama care is a load of crap! It's not affordable its ridiculous!
So I am still watching this stupid movie and trying to sign up for Obama care threw the Nevada health exchange... I am the only one who needs insurance Jeff and the kids have it and they want everyone in the houses info ss numbers , income, etc. I feel like I should not have to supply this Jeff claimed the kids so on my taxes it's just me... So I'm confused! Am I lying if I don't add them? .. Help! And insight would be good .. Thank you
Last nite for Obama care. I'll take the fine. Time to bear arm people.
What is the true nature of Obama care. ? Does Anyone have the full knowledge behind Obama Care and a person will be subjected to and what will be required from one under Obama Care ?
Can someone tell me is this really mandatory does amber really have to sign up for Obama care or she will be penalized for wth???
I finally figured out this Obama Care chaos!! Yes most people are seeing big numbers for premiums. Only if you don't choose the option to use your tax credits. However, I believe you will have a remaining balance to pay when you file taxes. Geez why did I not get my insurance at work when I had the chance to!! And Yes some People may say, oh" I'd rather pay $95 or 1% of my income next year", good option if you're not one to get sick. Accidents happen and no one wants to get stuck with a $10,000 bill from the hospital.( Not gonna happen again! Lol) OK there .
Just got signed up for Affordable Care Act/Obama Care!!! I'm Exempt!!! So what do people who are exempt do if they have to go to the Doctor?? Didn't get that question answered!!!
So sad to hear that many FB peeps procrastinated about signing up for the Affordable Care Act. Guess they were hoping, praying that Obama Care would simply go away. Not going to happen! I have friends and family members who have not had affordable insurance for quite a while. They either lost their jobs due to company down sizing, relocation of companies to another state, or had their hours cut and no longer qualified for insurance. Now these people can go to the doctor, get their medication and live without fear of not being able to pay their rent, car payment, purchase food, and pay their monthly utilities if they should get sick and have to get medical attention. As someone who does have insurance, and may I add the best provided by my employer...why shouldn't everyone have quality medical coverage. After all we are blessed to live, work, and die in the greatest country🇺🇸 No hand outs here, and I whole heartedly support OBAMA CARE. A healthy nation is a powerful nation.
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