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Obama Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law (along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) is the principal health care reform legislation of the 111th United States Congress.

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John Boehner U were critical of Obama Care, but U never gave an alternative. WHAT GIVES?
I'd rather hang upside down, in the nude, blindfolded and forced to listen to "Twisted Sister" before I join Obama Care.
My people caught the person who committed "forgery" of the James Gandolfini-Obama Care phoney quote attributed to me-f…
Trump is running for President to save money. He will eliminate SS, medicare, food stamps, Obama Care, and cut the military to lower taxes
I guess it takes others longer to catch on. If you like your doctor , We will repeal Obama Care.,. Huh? What happened?
John Kasich wants you to think he is the nice Republican, but it id just a ploy. He would gut Obama Care. Vote for Hiliary Clinton.
Question. Would former Pres. Jimmy Carter be able to get cancer treatment if on Obama Care? Or would he be told to take a pain pill?
in the words of Ben Carson... "I thought Obama Care was supposed to take care of all of that" Sorry Elizabeth Warr…
How Obama's getting Americans to care about
I like them all saying they will get rid of Obama Care on their first day. Clearly they don't know what the Supreme Court...
How can Obama Care Health Insurance help you are your family -->>
Not Schumer's fault Obama followers let antisemite flag fly. Some ppl actually care about wars and lives, first
Obama care impossible- and he HONESTLY REALLY screwed us. Obama screwed YOU & YOU let him
Not everyone tuned into the debate because no one cares but mf do need to care Obama term is almost up & if Hillary doesn't become president
We need to take care of our planet. Watch the President's speech on
not Repub concerns, they do not care about those things. Obama, Clinton, war, abortion, trump running 3rd party their issues.
Lets see here: Trump supported Obamas run for POTUS. supported Obama care. Will go after your PDW&make the "cooling off" period longer.
. You talk about your opposition, raise more money, then give it up to obama. Why should I care?
Obama hands Iran $150 B signing bonus to terrorize muslim O takes care of his barbaric bros
President Obama doesn't care about Lego ppl I don't blame him there always changing get it ...??? Bc you can change the way they look
I believe it too, that no one else will stop Obama Care & they will keep it there so the ppl who voted for Obama could suffer
Obama said all women now have health care from Obamacare. No one should need PP anymore.
Donald Trump hates President Obama. He doesn't even care if he makes sense. That hate is HERE.
Really what did Obama-care do for you you are still paying with or without and getting taxed to or pay out of your pocket it's a big joke
*** marriage,Obama care upheld,confederate flags removed,transgender cool and now it's ok you don't believe in God.
How Obama's getting Americans to care about climate change
Another reason to vote for Democrats. Your GOP has no problem sending vets to war but god forbid taking care of...
I don't much care either way on Obama, just saying that people in glass houses...well you know the rest.
As long as Obama has Amy Schumer's support for the Iran deal, he doesn't care about Chuck.
and we don't care cause Obama got the votes
John Kasich basically just said Obama Care worked in Ohio. Or wss I tripping?!
Electronic Device Insurance
exactly. What does PP do that the oh so incredible Obama Care can't?
Remember Obama's promise that Obamacare would decrease costs for American families? Not true. http:/…
I was born and raised queens NY, what are you going to do about Obama care?
When Obama leaves we need to just all take a day off. Have a BBQ and a day of mourning. Remembering that time our president w…
Why would you want to get rid of Obama Care?
Anyone: asks a republican a question Republican: ok but get rid of Obama care
Glad to see some really great Candidates that care about our Country. OBAMA can't hold a candle to any of them..
Obama care does not work at a national level because many people aren't getting the deals they had for insurance before
I love how they keep calling Obama Care a disaster despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Today is Obama's birthday... Do I care? Not at all
Care to guess how many Chuck Schumer gives about a MoveOn donor strike, carping from Obama WH vets, and a left-wing primary challenge?
Israel and Saudi-Arabia will take care of themselves no matter what Obama tries to dictate
Obama care better be abolished by the time I get out of college
To be clear: Donald Trump said he supported single payer Health Care. That's to the left of Obama.
Just so we're clear: Donald Trump is way to Obama's left on health care.
Obama is making a mad dash to Marxism. They control electricity they control you. They control health care they control YOU
Obama Care & voter registration forms will be available at the community block party & health fair today from 1-5p on Myrtle Ave. Neptune NJ
yeah! With over a billion dollars made in fines for not having Obama Care, that's just great.
I sure hope you're right. I'm afraid the effects of Obama Care won't come to roost until after the election. Hope I'm wrong.
"Finally the GOP and Tea Partiers will accept that Obama Care is the law of the land.", Said No One Ever.
Obama Care? Whatever the outcome-Scalia,Thomas will vote the way their Republican handlers want. Roberts will vote for corporate interest.
comments mostly from the peanut gallery. Brain deadfor Obama Care and Incorageable Revenue Sectarians
And just wait until the Obama Care bill "comes home to roost", to quote Obama's buddy Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Pretty witty ay
My new sounds: Andrea Clifford and Obama Care and the Supreme Court on
MSNBC Tamron Hall to oriental guest talking about Obama Care:. " It's the Cinque in the armor ". Hmmm. How insensitive.
Today, Rick Perry repeated that Obama Care is a train wreck. What does he think a repeal would be? Does this man think at all?
LOL at the fact you support the Affordable Care Act but hate Obama Care, cause they're the EXACT SAME THING 😒
not 2 mention Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and every other libtard Democrat that voted and still votes 4 Obama Care
Well, after puking and battling an incredible migraine, taking the shot of Imitrex, I thought I beat the migraine. Then I made the mistake of listening to Obama spew his BS to the World and basically told the Muslim extremist that they are welcome to the U.S. Along with the Illegal immigrants here in the US who have been given amnesty. I started feeling that migraine pressure behind my eyes at this point. He goes on to say that the economy is great and that Obama Care has made it possible for all Americans to have health care. News Flash *** printing money without gold to back it up is called counter fitting and I'm pretty sure that's a felony. The little flashes of light I see just before a migraine are kicking in at this point. How about that Obama "Affordable" care act. Are you kidding me!? Affordable? For Who You Freaking *** The only thing that Obama care is affordable for is the same lazy *** welfare abusing, dope smoking drunks, parents who can't keep their kids from spreading their l ...
. Good. The Republican who crafted the forerunner of Obama Care in Massachusetts.
Neighbor's Keeper will assist you with learning about the Affordable Care Act also known as "Obama Care". Neighbor's Keeper provides you an estimate monthly premium cost of a health plan, and an estimate of the amount of financial assistance available to you and will help you select a plan and make an application. Neighbor's Keeper is available at the following locations Salvation Army Yarborough Park II 1483 Old Bridge Rd Woodbridge, VA, 9am-4pm and also St. Thomas United Methodist Church 8899 Sudley Rd Manassas, VA, 9am-4pm. No appointment necessary.
Stephen Greene the biggest *** were Ronald Reagan George Bush Senior George Bush Jr Jeb Bush Sarah Palin Pat Robertson and the list of the *** go on UC that's why we chose a leader Barack Obama that could lead you see you're upset that the Democrats will overrule you once again in 2016 I love all of my beautiful people from North Carolina but I do not like the party of Republicans so you all can have a nice tea party when Hillary wins in 2016 now have a blessed day you should be checked for bipolar I think you're bipolar I will be laughing all the way to the White House once again 2016 Obama Care is here to stay praise God
Jeb Bush. Ha! I heard news anchors talking about Jeb like he was Luke Frickin' Skywalker, suggesting that he would bring balance back to his Gang, I mean party. Sorry, there's no way anyone could confuse a 2 party system with a stranglehold on it's citizens a gang.., right? This bhole. By the way, Jeb Bush has won The Sergio Revenge Shows very first award. The prestigious BHOLE AWARD. Coveted by flip floppers across the globe. You can win this BHOLE AWARD by being a hypocrite and demonstrating the "Do as I say, not as I do" attitude. Here's the winning bid. Recently, Jeb Bush was reported to be CUTTING TIES with TENET HEALTHCARE. He recently resigned from their Board. This company supported the highly controversial, incorrectly named "Obama Care". He says he's AGAINST IT, BUT his actions tell a completely different story. I would love to hear him say what some of you have suggested. I.e. "he's just USING THE SYSTEM", "he's allowed to do it", " he doesn't HAVE to support to profit from it. " You are ...
The Affordable Care Act/Obama Care will play a HUGE role in the kids that you will be able to claim moving forward! If you don't provide healthcare coverage for the kids you are claiming, you may have to provide coverage for them if they aren't insured.
Following the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care), some taxpayers may be eligible for a premium tax credit if they buy health care coverage through the government’s Health Insurance Marketplace, fall within certain income limits or meet other qualifications.
just like he got on Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ~ Only reason he changed his decision on Obama Care ~
Famous Presidential Lies Contest LBJ:We were attacked (in the Gulf of Tonkin) Nixon:I am not a crook GHW: Bush:Read my lips - No New Taxes Clinton:I did not have sex with that woman... Miss Lewinski GW Bush:Iraq has weapons of mass destruction Obama:I will have the most transparent administration in history. My father fought in WW 2. The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. I am focused like a laser on creating jobs. The IRS is not targeting anyone. It was a spontaneous riot about a movie. I will put an end to the type of politics that "breeds division, conflict and cynicism". You didn't build that! I will restore trust in Government. The Cambridge cops acted stupidly. The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my deskI. It's not my red line - it is the world's red line. Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration. We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest. I am not spying on American citizens. Obama Care will be good for America. ...
The Biggest Loser due to Obama Care is the American Small Business Owner. Absolutely screwed.
POLITICAL FACT (I don't make this up Folks): Our President Obama's approval rating is now down to 39%. It is also a fact that 53% of Americans think that Race Relations under President Obama has gotten worse. Al Sharpton has been indicted for Tax Evasion in the past. He is currently making payments to the IRS. Not one Democrat read the Affordable Care Act before it was passed.Yes Not One. Not one Democrat or Republican uses the Affordable Care aka Obama Care Medical Plan. Businesses, big and small have now reduced employee's hours from 40 a week to 30 a week to keep from paying for their Affordable medical care plans. The guy Prof Gruber who wrote the Obama Care plan said he Wrote it because Americans are too stupid to understand what it really is. More taxes. He is on Capital HIll right now explaining why he said that.
During the primary elections I spoke in firm words that Obama Care was executed and sold to the American people...
So gas prices are the same now as when Reagan was president, the economy is as good as when Bush Jr. took office for the first time (unbelievable 2 terms). Our military presence has decreased by 2 thirds in the Middle East. "Obama Care" is helping people that need it most. So I don't understand the switch in voting to kill the economy, education, the environment, and human rights all on the platform that our president is doing such a terrible job. I wonder if our country is inherently racist? (Insert sarcastic look followed by disgusted feeling).
For 33+ years I was prohibited from making any public statements on political issues because of Louisiana Civil Service law. Since I am no longer bound by civil service law, I can now give public advice to politicians. So here are two: 1) Vote the way your constituents want you to. If you are representing a red state don't vote for things like the Obama Care and anything that would lessen our Second Amendment rights. 2) If you choose not to follow rule # 1, don't tell your constituents to unelect you if they disagree with the way you are voting.Because they will!
It is time for the United States Congress to override this Administration Executive Orders.take the initiative laying aside other legislation business, go directly to the 30 day review process to veto this man's EO's The beginning of 2015, the majority of the both House of Representatives and the Senate, take the necessary action afforded by the United States Constitution, impeachment, criminal Charges against this Administration, the Democratic Speaker of the Senate, and minority speaker of the House of Representative...taking the necessary action to curtail all funding of Obama Care, and other Bills that usurp the Authority of the U.S. Congress , seeks to destroy the liberty, welfare of every legal American Citizen, Recognize the freedom of Religion, however lifting the Standard of Christianity as the Foundation of this Republic from the White House to every State of the Union. Pray for the Godly leadership represented in the Legislation, Judicial Branch, vote out, impeach those who seek to elevate th . ...
Obama's China visit: Funny how right after his Party suffered one of the most lopsided elections in modern American History he decided to go visit a debtor nation in China. He went there for one reason and one reason only and that is to confirm that China will continue to be paid the debt we owe it.We took out massive IOU's in the early 1930's with our Social Security program and again in 2010 with Obama Care. You see America, this Obama Care has very little to do with the health care of Americans. It is a system set up to ensure our debtors such as China a guarantee that each American will pay their fair share of this massive debt we have hanging over our heads. With Social Security nearly bankrupt and the echoes of wars being heard around the globe, they had to come up with a different system that will make every single American participate immediately. Not like Social Security where the average citizen get their first full time job after high school and then pay into the system which is the debt, Obama ...
Just about everyone in the Texas Congressional Delegation I've seen quoted today has made a point to pledge to repeal Obama Care in the next two years. This Texan will say again that the Affordable Care Act has been very good to my wife and me. Both of us had previously been quoted outrageously expensive health insurance prices ($1,000/month or more) because of our various "pre-existing" conditions. Now we are paying a fair price for health care (well, actually, it's still more than I'd like, but at least it's affordable for us) and this has been the best year we've ever had with doctors -- none of whose practices seem to be suffering. I, for one, like Mitch McConell's idea in which the Republican Congress would negotiate with the President to improve Obama Care rather than destroy it. The president seems open to that idea, too. Alas, my opinion on that puts me at odds with our outspoken Texas senator, Mr. Cruz. Please, dear friends, keep Cheryl and me in mind as you hear (or participate in) all the unfo ...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Open enrollment for individual healthcare is right around the corner. It will begin November 15 and ends February 15 for the Affordable Care Act A.K.A. Obama Care. So for rates, info., and to see of you qualify for a tax credit I will have my contact information listed on the 15th. If you would like to make a telephone appointment before the 15th send me a message and we can set that up (please make sure to include a contact number)
Racists internet people NRA *** ..Race.Angle OBAMA CARE RACISM Obama Care and how the websites would crash, and the media would report the how, why and what could and should have happened, well its all military issue spyware, because on all social networks, the government has been orchestrating my social network, basically watching me, and who I come into contact with, tapping my phones, computers and any radio active devices in my possession, playing both sides, GOOD and EVIL/GOD and DEVIL put out the dog, then play robber, shoot the dog, and take the merchandise, get away, return as the owner and collect the insurance. Who ever is Illegally tapping my phone, are one of the main components to this worldwide terror organization, and if the authorities were really concerned about stopping the violence around the world, then they would concentrate on the root of the problem, so people of righteousness, its me and you, against these criminal platoons of bankers, politicians, corporations, alumni's, federal . ...
People in 2000: Y2K in 2001: Anthrax in 2002: West Nile Virus in 2003: Weapons of Mass Destruction in 2004: SARS in 2005: Bird Flu in 2006: E. Coli in 2007: Vaccines in 2008: The Bad Economy in 2009: Swine Flu in 2010: BP Oil in 2011: Obama Care in 2012: The End of the World in 2013: North Korea in 2014: Ebola is going to kill us all! Have you ever watched the War of the world? Remember this statement at the end? It is true ya know, same principle applies to this planet. From the moment the invaders arrived, breathed our air, ate and drank, they were doomed. They were undone, destroyed, after all of man's weapons and devices had failed, by the tiniest creatures that God in his wisdom put upon this earth. By the toll of a billion deaths, man had earned his immunity, his right to survive among this planet's infinite organisms. And that right is ours against all challenges. For neither do men live nor die in vain. Wonder what the next "2015 .?. is going to kill us all!" will be? There will be one, can't let ...
We're in the studio with, Adam Jackson, CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, on the phone with Meredith Moise, Ordained Minister, Writer, Community Activist and Teacher alon with Raynard Jackson, President and CEO of Raynard Jackson and Associates Inc., talking about the Obama Administration. From Obama Care to his implemented public policy, has there been real change for the African American community?
Medicare changes at 76 years of age SURPRISE.THIS IS WHAT WE GET WHEN "LET'S PASS THIS LAW AND THEN FIND OUT WHAT IT IS" PELLOSI'S WAY. IMPORTANT ACTION INFORMATION FOR NOVEMBER, 2014 VOTE Subject: FYI - Medicare at age 76! If you don't read this, and do nothing about it, don't complain when it affects you or your loved ones! This is the second Judge to have read the Obama Care document comments. More highlights of Nancy 's "pass it and Then find out what's in the bill"! Show this to everyone nearing the ripe old age of 76. These are just a few of the things that we Seniors are going to have to deal with starting in 2014. Even far left Democrats will not like these. MEDICARE AT AGE 76, IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - ANYONE WHO DOUBTS THIS IS TRUE CAN DOWNLOAD THE NEW OBAMA CARE AND LOOK UP THE PAGES MENTIONED. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.THIS should be read by everyone, especially important to those over 75. If you are younger, then it may apply to your parents. Your hospital Medicare admittance has just c ...
Age 76? Watch ou for the ACA, they have included land mines, to force the elderly to pay for the indigent, by making you pay for your own hospitalization! In 2014, your hospital Medicare admittance has just changed under Obama Care. You must be admitted by your primary Physician in order for Medicare to pay for it! If you are admitted by an emergency room doctor it is treated as outpatient care where hospital costs are not covered. This is only the tip of the iceberg for Obama Care. Just wait to see what happens in 2014! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS... At age 76 when you most need it most, you are not eligible for cancer treatment * see page 272. (What Nancy Pelosi didn't want us to know until after the health care bill was passed.) Remember she said, "We have to pass the Bill so that we can see what's in it." Well, here it is. Obama Care Highlighted by Page Number: THE "AFFORDABLE" CARE BILL HB 3200: JUDGE KITHIL IS THE 2ND OFFICIAL WHO HAS OUTLINED THESE PARTS OF THE CARE BILL. Judge KITHIL o ...
I work at YALE UNIVERSITY and now we have the Eboli Virus here. I am not affraid but it seems like our Government says it will not spread here but it is, And Yale had these 2 people coming back from Liberia and I guess they told the Yale officials they had no contact with anyone having this disease and they followed what the health care workers told them to do, Well if that is the case then how can they have come down with this disease, well The UNITED STATES HAS THE BEST HEALTH CARE SYSTEM in the world before we had Obama Care, Which will only make our health system worse for Americans, But still it is much better than the Africans health care so there is a good reason to lie. I think it is about time we ban all comercial flights to and from Africa but we must look compassionate and we can be compassinate without risking lives
I hope he gets thrown out come election day….he also trashed Obama Care
You know it's bad when Super Lib Chris Mathews compares Ebola response to the Obama Care roll out!! How Funny, if it wasn't so Serious!!
An Open letter to Congress ! Last year, the MUSLIM GOATFUKER IN CHIEF spent an estimated 1.4 $billion on himself and his family. The vice president spends $millions on hotels. They have had 8 vacations so far this year! And our House of Representatives and Senate have become America ‘s answer to the Saudi royal family. You have become the “perfumed princes and princesses” of our country. In the middle of the night, you voted in the Affordable Health Care Act, a.k.a. “Obama Care,” a bill which no more than a handful of senators or representatives read more than several paragraphs, crammed it down our throats, and then promptly exempted yourselves from it substituting your own taxpayer-subsidized golden health care insurance. You live exceedingly well, eat and drink as well as the “one percenters,” consistently vote yourselves perks and pay raises while making 3.5 times the average U.S. individual income, and give up nothing while you (as well as the president and veep) ask us to sacrifice due ...
Do all politicians lie? Apparently! John Barrows claims he voted against Obama Care, but in his June 2012 press release he said he voted against the full repeal but voted for some changes. It would be nice to see a truthful campaign instead of a smear campaign. State honestly what you stand for so you don't look like a crook! It is time for everyone to look into the actual voting records.
Are you in need of Healthcare Insurance? Well my business will be offering HEALTH INSURANCE by way of Obama Care backed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. If you know of anyone in need of health insurance please call me for a quote at (334) 722-9011. Kookie Guilford
Shock provision in "The Affordable Care Act" (Obama Care) for Participants to be micro-chipped in 2017. Hot News Talk Radio is investigating
People in Michigan need 2 boycott Angeli Foods for lying about Obama Care in Dan Benishek's latest tv ad.
Here U go Michigan voters, let Angeli Foods how you feel about them lying for Dan Benishek about Obama Care.
Get. Out. Of. The. City! ANOTHER insurance policy closed this week! This time, for accident. When you don't qualify for Obama Care, and you can't get health insurance because you're self employed, get at least accident insurance to cover you "while you're on the job", which for us self-employed people is all the time! Accident reimburses you for expenses from an accident for MDs and ERs, both major and minor. And no, it's NOT like Afflac, because Colonial actually pays you when they say they'll pay you, and has way better customer service. Thanks, Colonial Life!
AMAC is a company all about senior Sr Citizens... AARP supported Obama Care and socialized medicine!
I liked a video from Dennis Kucinich at Burning Man! Not Happy w/ Obama Care
Dennis Kucinich at Burning Man! Not Happy with Obama Care: . In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to former Congr...
This was sent to me by a very close friend today, and I wanted to pass it along as asked to do. It is long, but well worth the read to be informed. This is what Obama Care is doing to seniors. This may have already been around, but bears re-reading. This is getting scary! This is from an MD, recently retired from Massachusetts Medical Society, now living in Florida. - While this doesn't affect many of you , should be read. It might make you think about how you vote in the next elections. Dear Family, Friends, Neighbors and former Classmates, I just found myself in the middle of a medical situation that made it very clear that "the Affordable Care Act" is neither affordable, nor do they care. I'll go back about seven years ago to a fairly radical prostate surgery that I underwent. The Urologist (a personal friend) who performed the surgery was very concerned that it was cancer, though I wasn't told this until the lab report revealed it was benign. Since that procedure, I have experienced numerous ...
Obama Care excellent. Health insurance companies are corrupt. Blue Cross blue shield has eliminated its Medicaid div.
$House Republicans are planning to spend as much as $3.3 million for this year's operations of the special committee they created in May to investigate the September 2012 Benghazi attacks, a bigger budget than the House Veterans Affairs and Ethics committees were given this year. Last year, CBS News calculated that the first 33 votes to repeal health care reform took up approximately 80 hours of floor time from the House, or roughly two weeks. The Congressional Research Service said it costs $24 million to run the House for a week, so the first 33 votes cost taxpayers approximately $48 million.(as of this post they have tried 50 times to defeat Obama Care). Now they are filing suit against the President. $
WhaHoo! Business news today--We added 4% to the GDP plus adding years to Medicare because the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obama Care is working the way it was predicted--greater savings! On another matter, John Boehner told a giant whopper yesterday, claiming that the WH started the talk about impeachment as a scam. He said Republicans didn't start the talk of impeachment. Darryl Issa,Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and a dozen other Republicans started the talk. In fact, Darryl Issa first suggested it in 2010! What's funny is that they were ALL caught on tape asking for exactly impeachment. Some people have notoriously short memories. When the Republicans impeached Clinton Most participants were voted out of office! You probably won't hear any of this on Fox news but facts and are facts.
America Is Globally Shamed For Its Pathetic Minimum Wage America is treating its low-wage workers so badly that it's starting to get shamed by the rest of the world. American Yall Qaeda or Y’all Qaeda. American political right wing ultra-conservative cult, possessed with extreme religious fanaticism and Misogynic Medieval-Christian attitudes towards everything. They typically have a low education and a fascination with guns, violence and being anti-abortion. They are opposed to Obama Care, a living minimum wage, clean energy and other social progress. They are opposed to women’s and *** rights. They distrust science, secular education and our federal government. 5 Extreme Acts of Greed that Screw the American People Examples of extreme inequality are becoming easier to find. Americans - especially young Americans - need to know the facts, and they need to know how they're getting cheated, and they need to get angry. The following should help. 1. $1,000,000,000,000,000 in Sales. Not One Cent for Sa ...
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching&Referral Hosp uses sick kids taken for treatment at Obama Care to do a malaria research against parents will
Obama Care is working. The Affordable Care Act is working. Don't listen to the Party that says it is not working and is bad for America.
Now some MSM admit Obama is "disengaged " - it's about time. O disengaged since he signed Obama Care. Valerie Jarret's been running it all.
Wow this is sad. Carol Johnson any thoughts on this one? You sign up for Obama Care you forfeit your right to...
Here is the 2700 page Obama Care condensed To 4 sentences.think about this one!
This just in - Obama Care is WORKING. Actually, evidence that the Affordable Care Act is working has been...
Rush Limbaugh is complaining about the changes to Obama Care AFTER they got the signatures and it's "law".. Well, that's the U. S. Constitution, too. I looked to see how many representatives of the colonial "states" voted "for" ratification, and it's puny when one looks at the "against" vote, go see for yourself. :v That's when they used "gerrymandering" to select the "for" votes as "states".. It's all boil-down politics. They don't even need or want our votes. :/ Voting-in voting is "cart before the horse" FRAUD, of course! Every (supposed, LOL) "amendment" was like inventing the hook already in the fish's mouth! Do we see any female signature on any of the so-called "founding documents"? NOPE! By the way, Obama Care creates a BANK and the USA didn't even get one! :O
This administration have a knack for naming celebrities experts. Remember Edie Falco(Nurse Jackie) as an expert for Obama Care?
I was going on John Conyers said some time ago I think on Obama Care, but I think your right.
"Roll-out fiasco" by Dallas Police Department. Worse roll-out than Obama Care. Bugs. Glitches. Long delays in...
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that Obama Care will cost 2
Here is a twist in american politics, sometimes history comes back to haunt the current wave of "extreme Tea Party Republicans": The Affordable Care Act, aka the Obama Care, ran a change in the US house and Senate in 2008, only to cause a angry American Public to change this "Do Nothing" Congress in 2014. "We the People" cant afford these type of politics to continue. Nor can "We the People" afford this FAR Right Wing, Tea Party escaped that blocks progress when it comes to true job growth, tax reform on the upper 1% that is keeping this Country from really growing, and supporting the fundamentals of a public education that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, and have a fair and decent education without road blocks or scrutiny of Political extremist. "REMEMBER TO VOTE THIS NOVEMBER" Read below how history may repeat itself: GOP senators turn against their own in '16 Alexander Bolton - 05-06-14 06:00 AM EDT Fearful of a third successive Democratic triumph, concerned Senate Republicans are turni ...
"Obama Care" The Affordable Care Act! How it can affect your Small Business and/or Non Profit Monday, June 23, 2014 11:30AM to 1:00 PM American Legion Hall 9535 California Ave South Gate, CA 90280 RSVP is required: Email to:
I liked a video Rep. John Shimkus Questions Sebelius hard about Obama Care and Tax payer Abortion
Wondering if ex-Presidential spokesman Jay Carney has signed up for Obama Care yet?
My Health insurance premium with Oxford Health just went from 1279/mo to 1999/mo their reason - Obama Care - the "affordable healthcare Act"
AGENDA 21. Read about the buzz. Learn what the Sierra Club, Audubon, even lots of sustainable propaganda is saying about your freedoms, property rights, where you can live, free enterprise, what jobs you can do.(hum, fishing anyone? ) even how many kids you can have, etc. I DO NOT agree with all the arguments against this, yet it involves CORE Education and of course Obama Care... Sound very Stepford... Heading towards Communist. We see this every day in the increase of gated communities, condo and town houses popping up everywhere ( check out route 114, and around the business parks of 128, great example)... Watch the, headlines, kids can not play outside, permits for everything, even children's birthday parties, to people loosing the right to own farm animals, chickens, goats, to building gardens.for real! Fined for having weeds in your yard. The list is INSANE ! This all falls under Agenda 21, the play book of enslavement for the 21st Century. Yet they will NOT STOP illegal immigration. I ...
Happy New Year America! Here is what happened on January 1st 2014: Top Income Tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6% Top Income Payroll Tax went from 37.4% to 52.2% Capital Gains Tax went from 15% to 28% Dividend Tax went from 15% to 39.6% Estate Tax went from 0% to 55% Remember this 'fact;' if you have any money, the Democrats want it! All these taxes were passed with only Democrat votes. Not one Republican voted to do these taxes. Remember this come election time. And make sure your friends and neighbors know this info too! These taxes were all passed under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obama Care!
Today at 4:46 PM Remember when Nancy Pelosi was talking about Obama Care and said: “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” A physician called-in to a radio show and said: "That's the best definition of a stool sample that I've ever heard." And that’s about what we got… One big pile of stool samples!!!
After applying for Nevada Health Link(Obama Care) in January it took me to spend all morning at food stamps to talk to my case worker to be
Dear Missy Irwin, I received your mail out stating that you were opposed to Obama Care. No amount of political gymnastics will get you off hook on this one - you voted to fund the Private Option ( Arkansas's version of Obama Care ) . It is a matter of public record. Yes, it is true that you " voted against it before you voted for it ". The truth is you voted for some innocuous amendment or resolution but when it was "crunch" time you voted with the Democrats to fund the P/O , You , Madam , remind me of the fellow during the Civil War who didn't know which side he was on , so he put on a blue coat and grey trousers , but they shot at him from both sides !
Ms. Bonnie couldn't get gastric bypass? Obama Care don't pay for that huh?
AMAZING! A friend of mine was scheduled to have surgery this morning for the third time. He has been paying Coventry for many years. He got to Memorial Hospital in Hollywood this morning and was told to go home because his insurance is now Obama Care and they won't approve his surgery!!!
I'm at the Rite Aid picking up a prescription. Just an observation here; we have to worry as a nation. Obama Care can't help these people :(
For goodness sake will this republican primary hurry and be done with. None of them have a platform to run on other than stopping Obama Care. The only good thing about this media blitz is watching them air their internal GOP dirty laundry in public.
Watch Conversation with Speaker John Boehner on I do agree with the quality of care of Obama Care. .
Got to love Obama Care. Just found out our insurance is going from BCBS to Aetna International, with a $500 a year premium increase plus we lose our dental and vision coverage! Good job POS President!
I just spent some time researching the candidates who are looking to replace retiring Senator Saxby Chambliss, there are 7 republicans competing for that seat, and I'm fairly certain I know who I'm voting for. There is little point in even looking into the Democratic side but in an effort to be fully informed I looked into the 4 contenders on that side too. Steen Miles (D) supports Obama Care, massive gun restrictions, she's against voter I.D. laws, etc. Michelle Nunn (D) supports Common Core (need I say more?). Dr. Branko Radulovacki (D) on his site starts out by saying: "Roe v. Wade is the definitive law guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose." needless to say I could never support a pro-abortion candidate (also a court decision and law are two different things). Todd Robinson (D) doesn't give any details as to what he'd do in the Senate but he's a Democrat so that should give a general idea of where he stands. Obviously none of these even come close to being my choice. On the Republican side here are ...
James Lankford is totally wrong in his ads about The Affordable Care Act aka Obama Care. I have better insurance, kept all my doctors and hospitals, have a lower premium, lower prescription drug cost, same doctor copays, expanded coverage. And I know many many more that will back me up on this. Lankford you are a typical Politician. Nothing you say is truthful.
LMS: Nathan Deal, Phil Gingrey an Jack Kingston. over 316,000 peoples in Ga has signed up for Obama Care. Do you all get the message?
An email I just wrote James it wouldn't go through...any ideas how to get this to him? James Lankford, You have the freedom of speech. You do not have the freedom to LIE.about Obama Care not allowing patients to have/keep their own hospitals and doctors. A man of integrity would pull that TV ad!
FYI to all those who think the Canadian health Care system is great,read on. Be careful what you wish for ... My son who lives in Vancouver needed an MRI .He is a welder and has a very physical job,therefore needing attention ASAP Well he was told he would have to wait EIGHT months for an MRI In Canada. Totally unacceptable. We had one booked within three days here in Calfornia.He came for the weekend and returned home with the results sent to him yesterday Monday. Hopefully he can get some treatment within a reasonable timeframe. My point,now with Obama Care we better get used to long waits and rationing. Pierre Trudeau did that to Canada and now it is happening to us. Be prepared and be scared.
This is exactly what has been in my mind since I left Lane Bryant today. "I am so ready for my Obama Care to kick in. I seriously need a breast reduction. These cup sizes are too expensive". Sheesh
And another thing, Maine GOP: "Obama Care," as you write it in your 2014 platform (is one word. ***
I am sure that some of you that can read and remember near History, can remember Monica's stained dress and the auction value it has now after Outing Bill Clinton? Guess what? Nancy Pelosi has a stained dress going into a Museum also. It's the dress she was wearing the day Mike Ross cast the Deciding Vote to pass the Affordable Care Act ( Obama Care) out of Committee and on to the full House for an Easy passing Vote!!! When asked why that dress deserved to be in a National Historic Museum. Mrs Pelosi said, " well its Historic because without his Vote that bill would never have become the Law of the Land", and besides that it still has Congressman's ROSS's Lip Prints on the Lower back of the Dress! So it's one of the most important dresses in US History! Now aren't You Taxpaying Arkies just so Proud of him for doing those things??? When I see his picture, I only see her in the Photo!!!
OMG I'm so frustrated, well mad. We are at the oral surgeons office to have Shaes wisdom teeth removed. They ask me for the special refusal from our dentist that we saw on Wed because she is in a lot of pain. Well no we were not given anything. Well we have to fill it out and send it to the insurance co to get an approval. Well can we just call them. She informed me that won't work because it takes at least. 5 to 6 weeks for an approval. What!! Her mouth is killing her now. They are so sorry. Then I'm informed that I can pay for it and then send the forms. But. They won't pay for it. So what the heck are you supposed to do tell you kid sorry you just have to suffer for about six weeks until we hear if they are even going to cover it. Well she's out sleeping soundly and we have to just suck it up. Moral of this story insurance these days just suck. What a scam they are making tons of money we seem to get screwed all the time our medical insurance isn't any better. BCBS *** thank you so much Obama Care.
Congress and the President stole from Medicare and Social Security to fund Obama Care you need to see it is put back!
Obama's giving parenting tips? 7 tips from the 1st fam. My guess Tip - Don't put your kids on Obama Care!
And since we're making this an "Obama Care" issue... What about the WW1 vets who didn't get proper care... WW2 vets... without proper care... Korean War vets. without proper care...Gulf War vets... without proper care! Where was Obama Care back then? -Now ask yourself this question... What ulterior motives am I promoting?... Because I don't believe that I recall Obama having any political power back then... and I don't think that back then he was even a forward thought towards ever having any political power. But the problem still existed within the VA systems. Talk to Veterans of those wars... and cut through the crap that's being pedalled currently!
Fact One, It's the Affordable Care Act not Obama Care. As all legislation it is was a product of Congress. It took the House, senate and president's signature to a become law.
Got a letter in the mail today from work saying my insurance is getting raised due to rising cost from the Affordable Care Act.(Obama Care), well Todd Hager and Christopher Lee i think im turning republican. Lolol
Never in a thousand years would I thought grown men in America would accept the government making them do something with their own money they earned. This pile of cow manure called Obama Care makes them do just that. So the next time you hear an Obama supporter say, "no one's going to make me do anything" just ask them this simple enrolled yet? Aren't we tired of being bullied by the people we hired? I do think its time to clean our house out and bring it back to order.
Obama to GOP: The Affordable Care Act is working. Fight it at your own risk!
Bill Clinton's 'Keep your plan' dilemma: The same concern at the Obama White House, of course, led...
New hope to defending the law - touts health care enrollment of 8 million.
Obama Care is screw over read into it
enrollment nationwide and in CA exceeded targets: via
Mr. thanks for my 30% Premium increase in my Medical Insurance. Affordable Care Act? Where is affordability?
Law Proposed to Punish Obama Officials Like Eric Holder Who are Held in Contempt of Congress
Y'all take the day off I can't have my best workers getting sick it ain't covered under Obama Care
Affordable Care Act enrollment has hit 8 million via
"Anybody want a 1 yr old?!" Does he come with Obama care already?
Really. pipe line, Obama care. Get off the site and let the real question come in u moron!!!. Do u have any dinars?
Im guessing the 4 americans on the Malaysian airlines flight had already signed up for Obama care or they would have found that jet weeks ago !!!
Wondering how PT might be affected by the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care?)
Who thinks obama care *** and is the stupids thing ever like and share if it is
Article: Obama touts health care enrollment of 8 million
1.4 million Californian's signed up for Covered CA because they were forced to, not because it is a good service.
Thune: Obama's victory lap on ObamaCare is an 'insult' by
No because obama's administration are forcing users to get the healthcare, Sony aren't so: PS4 >> Health Care
In Caalifornia "Obama Care" is called "COVERED CALIFORNIA" and instead of fighting it-- we embraced it! Thousands of our citizens signed up in every part of the state , in various communities and languages. Take a look at this short video and we proud of our state! (highlight and paste this link!) MILLIONS of Americans will benefit from this program!
Yeah we finally got all our perscriptions at walmart. Thanks to our new Obama care insurance. Gonna go ahead and stay here at walmart today and leave early tomorrow to head to Houston.
Obama: 8 million signed up for health care ()
Do I need to go on welfare to get health insurance!! Obama care just quoted me 275 a month *** are you cray cray?? Cobra is 400
What gives? Why are some Democrats running from Obama care?
Thkz Obama care jus got my teeth clean I feel so fresh
One would think Obama would care that the major nations of the world consider him a coward then again he's too ignorant to know it!
do a search for 6 mlm in google...oh look, even Obama enrolled 6 mlm to his O'care
Your understanding of car keys exceeds the Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Sebelius grasp of health care delivery [for less than 1 Tera$].
UPDATE: Obama: Time to end fight over Obamacare
I love showing "reps"/"dems" Obama care & Romney care and seeing their reaction when they realize those 2 docs r the same! Rep=dem
I was dropen dimes like dropen obama care lol
my family ghetto we don't have no *** gerber life insurance , we got UNIVERA AND OBAMA CARE *** !
Obama & his crony pals don't care b/c their personal info or LIFE will never be subject to
Obamacare IS NOT WORKING...Obama LIES AGAIN! *** hum.only every time he opens his lying mouth...
Given much of the slowdown in health care is byproduct of Obama mishandling economy, it is not great talking point
"Obama care", Barack whispered to himself as he holds his newborn baby in his arms. "Obama LOVE!!!" he shouts with a single…
This explains Obamacare better than anything Here is the 2500 page Obama Care condensed to 4 sentences. As it seems to be working, this is according to plan! In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the insured. Next, we require the newly un-insured to be re-insured. To re-insure the newly un-insured, they are required to pay extra charges to be re-insured. The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became un-insured, and then became re-insured, can pay enough extra so that the original un-insured can be insured, free of charge to them.
Finally, President Obama can say his health care law is beating the expectations via
Watch President Obama meet 6 families who wrote him letters about how the Affordable Care Act is helping them →
Obama tells Democrats: Defend my law. The question now is whether they'll will listen.
Um...Joy knows she posted this already. She decided to me more Republican on this Good Friday and hammer it! Over and Over and Over and Over cause the Republicans deserve a good thrashing! And FLOGGING at the way the been TRYING to undermine the President! Did somebody mention that infinity number..You know..When you turn 8 on its side that is infinity baby! Obama care shall be around through INFINITY and BEYOND!
How can you tell when your politician is lieing to you? If he is still saying Obama care is a disaster even though 12 million people have gained insurance 8 million thru the exchanges and 85% have paid premiums. The CBO announced that implementation cost would be well below initial projections. GO OBAMACARE!!!
For those of you that signed up for obama care...have u heard that u will be required to be micro-chipped
Everybody keeps talking about a Mimi Rod. I hope yall signed up for Obama care cause after yall bust your *** you're gonna need it. Lol. Stick to what you know
Just left the orthopedic surgeons office. My Achilles' tendon has an inch and 1/2 tear! Surgery next Thursday and my Obama care isn't in place till 5/1. Any and all help is appreciated! This surgery will all be out of my pocket not to mention my procedure today and the loss of work!
Another great fun and empowering event we have planned for today.Followed by our free clinic at 5:30 ..Yes thats right even during times of Obama care were offering COMPLETELY FREE CARE tonight!!!At washington west 1201 locust street We hope to see you there!!
Yep!!! And all their healthcare premiums have all shot through roof since Obama care became law!!!
I have been coughing a lung out sick all week and now cali is getting sick. Because of obama care she can't be added to our health insurance unless she is denied by peach care for kids. So frustrated! Been in this process since January what month is it again?!?!
This Market Place/Health Exchange/ Obama care PROCESS *** ! They still have yet to workout the glitches in their system. Now I have to wait till this medically urgent defect form is entered into the system. I've been put on high top priority list whatever that means. ***
Three of my coworkers who also got obama care has lost there health insurance because they did not know they had to pay for it.
All of you people out their who have some sort of dissagreement with the affordable healthcare act (or known to the uninformed as "obama care"), dont even have a clue as to why you even have a problem with it. You dissagree with it because the federal exchange website had some glitches on the enrollment and sign up part. So that is proof to you that the concept behind it and what is actually in the law its self, must be horrible. You needed technicial support that means it must be killing people right? You dissagree with it because its a government takeover. If you can explain to me what exactly the government took over, please comment and explain what the *** your talking about. You dissagree because you have been led to belive that millions have lost healthcare coverage because that must have been the goal of the healthcare plan right? You have no clue that these plans that were dropped were done by the private insurance market to keep up with the new standards set in place by law, that plans that offe ...
So you think raising the minimum wage is going to put money in your pocket? What you don't get is that the only reason they want to raise it is so you can afford to pay for health insurance on the Obama care program, you will be taking home less after Obama care even with your raise in the minimum wage. You are going to have less with your raise.
Some right wing *** named "Buck" Sexton is on the radio whining about the "redistribution of wealth", Obama care and how the evil Democrats are trying to "influence" the electorate! Hey *** Ever hear of the Koch brothers? !
The number of Americans going overseas for surgery is on the rise, I thought Obama Care works so well...
Well isn't it just lovely that Obama care requires all insurance companies to pay for a breast pump? Too bad there aren't any medical supply stores that will work with my insurance.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Vet bill sticker shock! Is there obama care for pets and where are the tax breaks for our furry family members? Doesn't seem right to pay so much and not have her back home...
So I'm just about to lose my patience. First they said my baby was due the beginning of May, and now it's the *** end of May! Aurg! Come on! I guess this is Obama care for Ya.
Obama care, what's you thoughts I'm curious, after 8 million through website and another 6 million through exsisting health care exchanges...what do you think?
Coworkers and working class I am wondering has our insurance been affected by Obama care this is for individual and family plans let me know please? I want to know positive and negative experiences and even yes and no's.
This is how I feel about Obama care~"For The Love Of Money!"
Noticed that the President and other liberals are singing with joy that there are now "8 Million" signed up for Affordable/Obama Care... Nothing is being said about how many of that 8 million are in prison, and their medical needs are paid for by the taxpayer...
I see that its going to be a good thing. Nobody can be denied healt care, and those with pre-exisiting care prbblems hjave to be accepted. Also it helps woman ought tremendously that have no health care. Yed it it is goog thing. And out of the shortcomings that I have heard, I have nover another being denied, esprcially because of pre-exixting conditions. At one time in American History, insurance companies cold deny you coverage if you did not meet their healh criteria standards. Now heat does that matter. (Ziltch and perhaps that is the governing qhy some factions are against it.)
Just received my first "obama care" issue 18 days in. I can no longer use walgreens for my prescriptions. I've developed a great relationship with my local walgreens (thanks Kristin Zeka) and their level of service was above and beyond. Gotta love the government.
Obama care sure helped my healthcare costs. Premium only went up 40%---but I do have that all important maternity care now
Can anybody tell me the website for stupid obama care! Hospital just called and said since I have no insurance and my hernia isn't life threating that they might have to postponed it till I can come up with some kind of insurance!
So this morning, Obama care hit 8 million enrolees!!! YAY!!! Last week they said the number was 12 million... Getting harder to back up the lies MR Obidiot?
Obama care *** I thought my health insurance was supposed to go down instead it went up.thanks Obama
Found out Tuesday I have two sight seeing infections in my right thats causing me to be blind. Wish Obama care hadn't denied me cause I don't make enough income cause now my medical bills are going to be a lot with $400 in meds each month for 5 months and going to the eye institute once a week. Gotta luv the government.
I wonder what all the back patting and smiles are all about in Washington, they are acting like they really did something with this Obama Care crap.
Well thanks Obama care... both of my drs quit practicing
Update your maps at Navteq
Are our war mongering Democrat friends about to pull the trigger on world war III ? Obama care from 30,000 feet? *B4Given*
I was trying to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes but I had to give up.So thank you everyone. Hoping Monday the eye surgery will improve my vision. Blue Cross doesn't want to pay. Could that be Obama care kicking in.?
I think playing in traffic is in order today.thanx to the government for taking badgercare away for obama care now I have no insurance.let's see how long before I end up in the looney bin.
So I found out today that I have to drop my health insurance because of Obama care my current coverage will double . I found a plan I can live with but I can't keep my primary care who I love !! Can anyone recommend a good pcp in williamstown or wash twp? Somewhere I don't have to wait 2 days to get into when I'm sick??
Why is the White House celebrating 8 million obama care sign ups? I thought obama care was supposed to insure 40 million uninsured?
All of you that like Obama Care, I can't wait till you are on a fixed income and your insurance leaped $90.oo in one month. THANKS AFFORDABLE (MY EYE) CARE ACT. Wake up AMERICA. Groceries have gone up over 4 per cent, we get a 1.4 % raise in our Social Security, Medicare goes up over 4 per cent so now we have more than $200.00 a month more to pay out of our Social Security. We can't afford to eat, or go to the doctors. Now tell me they are not trying to kill off the Baby Boomers. All you young people that are working and not leaching off the Government PLEASE start saving your money and get ready for a "Bumpy Road".
Okay everyone has their Obama care/affordable health care? all nice and warm and fuzzy that your have insurance now? Good now try finding a DR that takes it. LMFAO APRIL FOOLS~~~DR.s do not have to take it, but you have to have it! love our Government don't ya?
LOL only 292 million to fine for NOT signing up for Obama care. But hey the media is boasting success. So, success, I ...Um. guess. A
Iv read about Obama care and I'm leaning towards it some what but I think their goal for people to sign up for it is/was a little low ok a lot low. Their goal was to get 7mil to sign up well 8mil signed up. Funny thing is there is 313.9mil in the U.S. That means something like 0.027% of Americans signed up. Not a great goal for something that's suppose to be so great. I'm not saying it is or isn't a great idea however, it seems the American people aren't as dumb as our government thought. IJS
If u say the word God in a public school you get suspended but give em Good Friday off !! But then again we also have Obama care so why am I trying to figure anything out ??
They said vote or die, but really we bout 2 die cause we voted... There something strange about that Obama care I'm tellin u.
8 million enrolled in Obama care, 2 3 million of which are probably deceased, illegal or make believe.
We present the facts on Obama Care (ObamaCare), the health care plan for America. Our goal is to help you understand the Affordable Care Act.
What is Obama Care forced people to get insurance or be said we could keep our health care if we wanted.Not! Hasn't helped us at all.we are paying a lot an additional amount of 1% for others. So excuse me if I don't CELEBRATE! 309 million people live in the US and you are excited about 8 million signing up.
8 million people have signed up for Obama care. Woohoo! 4 more million and all the illegal aliens that are in America will have health care. If only we could get enrolled people to pay for it too.
Obama care says 35% of young adults under 30 have signed up for Obama care what they don't tell you is that if your on wel fare or assistance your automatically signed up ?
Thank u God for waking me up this morning,for my many blessings n breakthroughs,Thank u for my health, wrapping ur arms around the ones I love n myself! N Thank u for my 0.32 cents OBAMA CARE!
Anyone catch the presidents news conference / speech / commercial for Obama care,yesterday? Even WLS radio out of Chicago broke away from the speech and made fun of it, ran traffic, weather and commercials for their sponsors. 8 million sign ups is taunted as a huge success for Obama's signature health care take over. Why is it when given the opportunity to ask questions the media refuses to ask for proof of these numbers? Why can no one ask, how many of these 8 million are actually paying for this health care program they been forced to obtain? Someone needs to start asking hard questions on this and demand hard answers. America if you continue to just leave your head stuck in the sand someone will come along and stick it to you, it may already be to late.
We lost money with this obama care. Use 2 get 40hrs now only 28. Went from full-time to part-time this s*** crazy
I know a lot of those out there hate the affordable healthcare act/ obama care. I am a working American, I worked the entirety of my college life, and continue to work my adult life, yet I have only had the security of health insurance recently. I'm thankful to a US that sponsors a healthcare programs for anyone who needs it and am not going to complain about the taxes out of my pay check. I love to know my taxes are going to other's. It's time we help one another instead of a political or religious stance against human sustaining abilities! !
Obama Care.Its like signing up for college classes but you haven't paid yet.Get my point...
I love my job. I love my life. I hate this stuipd obama care crap!!! I have decided that it is time for me to take the next challenge... Counter person and one day keyholder and after that assistant manager!!! Long road ahead but you know what?!?!!?!?! I CAN DO IT!
Just making this of now I will no longer be making those delicious little Cinnamon Rolls or other tasty treats for the Nurses at ER.according to Obama Care my deductible has been met,But Ladies.If you want to keep you can keep him!
As of today i`m not longer talking about Politics. this is the only topic i`m not willing to discuss anymore... i`m tired of it and no longer in the mood to debate such discrepancies. it takes to much out of me to carry on such lengthy debates... so pnm.unc...PPP. Obama care. republicans.. no longer my business
Dammit.I had something really snarky to say about obama care...then eric spent the whole night telling me I made the BEST STEAK HE EVER now my head is all big and I cant remember my super awesome slam.excellent grilling skills foiled my sarcasm once again.
Obama care is a great option but not for me. $300 a month just for myself. Not gonna happen. What other options do I have for medical?
8,000,000 have signed up for Obama Care. How is the republican going to take that away ? I DONT THINK So. Obama Obama he's our man. If he can't do it nobody can. Whoop whoop. Lol
my oldest son is laying in the hospital because the dr he has had for years will not take the Obama care his employer tried to run down their throats
Don't think Obama care cover Scandal rehabilitation!
Don't think Obama care cover Scandal rehabilitation
"As an American and with Obama Care starting up, obesity will be reaching into my wallet and taking money from me. Obesity causes countless medical problems and those are problems that the government is going to be paying for and since the people pay for the government… the people pay fat people to be fat."
Seeing how scandal is about the president Obama care should cover my heart attack and/or stroke i can't wait till next season
Today James Dobson has won a temporary injunction preventing the federal government (obama care), from requiring his ministry to provide the morning-after pill and other types of contraception for those who are 12 years of age and older. I believe every church should be fighting this battle. As of now any church that is not providing this products, the government will come in and close the doors to the church. As of now Ted Cruz is fighting this section of the law.
Tonight we went to Malory's open house and visited her 2nd grade classroom. She proudly displayed an essay she had written about the laws she would pass if she were president. There were several that pertained to pets' rights, but the last one was to stop Obama Care. What?
I lost my health insurance that I had through my employer due to my oji/loa so I figure I'm going to have to bite the bullet and sign up for this Obama care thing. I go to the web site and put in all my info and the least expensive plan that comes up for me is $240 a month. For a single Mom of 3 this is affordable?! Seriously?! I'm in shock. And if I don't sign up for this I will be penalized? Is that true? I've had health insurance through an employer for the past 15 years so I never really had an appreciation for what people have to go through and admittedly did not research Obama care. Now I'm freaking out. :-/
The new UT fragrance smells like Obama care to me !
Obama care doesn't cover leg day does it?
Make sure you pay your taxes and Obama care fines or the government might send in swat teams and snipers or just shoot everybody like at Ruby Ridge when Federal agents shot 14 year old Samuel Weaver in the back while retreating; then shot the dog; then shot and wounded Randy Weaver in the back, while he was lifting the latch on the shed to visit the body of his dead son, and then fired a second bullet, killing Vicki Weaver, while she was standing behind the door through holding their 10-month-old baby Elisheba in her arms. Or they might just burn everybody man women and child alive like Clinton did in Waco
Mr President we don't believe you! Show us the proof that 8 million signed up for Obama Care under the age of 35. Even if they did are they paying premiums or are they getting subsidized and am I paying the premiums? Last time I checked Blue Cross said in 2015 my premiums go from $569 per month to $968 per month. Punishing success!!!
Granddaughter just signed up for Obama care family plan 2 children, mother father . $103 a month silver plan. Her dad teacher says it is better than his as public school teacher 3 in his family with private insurance including his 23 year old son. Obama announces 8 million enrolled. Time for a reevaluation by all Americans! States need to expand Medicaid to allow an additional 5 million to move off uninsured list! Most agree with expansion! Will save $ for states. My granddaughter is in private school.
I, we as a family have yet to see how Obama care is supposed to be helping us. With higher premiums this year coupled with me having to take out a my own policy thru Nationwide two years ago , yet visit after visit we are now responsible for more out of pocket costs than any time before this great legislation was passed. When will the hard working common sense people of this country stand up and be heard !!
Ok I need to vent! So I wanted to find out what Obama care was all about so I went on line filled out the application, and when finished was informed I do not qualify as I don't make over 20,000 a year ! So I am told I will be contacted by NC Medicaid! So I wait , we'll now that the deadline has passed I went back to the website to see what is going on and am directed to insurance companies and am informed I can pay for a policy ( 285) month with a 7500 to 10,000 deductible or I can apply to Medicaid but wait NC and 26 other states opted not to extend there insurance ! So where is this affordable health care? I hope all of you how voted for the freeloading President have to share in my fate !! Fine away Mr Obama in less the 2 yr your gone! I just wish you didn't get to leave with your free insurance and fat salary for life ! So when voting think first. I hope all of you who voted for him are enjoying your change !
I have a problem. After 41/2 mos of getting set up with Obama care I thought I was good to go. I go to my cardiologist today after entering my info I'm called to the desk and am told it came back ineligible? What ever that means. So after 52 minutes on the phone it was determined I either have, no coverage, or I have an HMO, or I have a PPO, or I have both !!! Blue Cross doesn't know what is going on, doesn't know what is going on. So here I sit with a mess on my hands. I wish Obama care was stuck up someone else's *** beside mine, and I think you know who I wish it was stuck in!
Obama Care and Obama are horrible, I get it also I can't believe I missed the blood moon, scary I think the time of the Lord is really near, got a lot of thinking to do this Easter.
Ok so today we saw a nice looking guy but his mouth was not right.. That can make or break a person Obama Care not high for dental 27$ or cheaper or a little higher.
REAL OBAMACARE. . . AND IT IS HURTFUL To get the real story on ObamaCare from those who have studied it go to “ObamaCare: A House of Lies” in Money Morning. This piece shows the deception , costs, and downsides of Obama Care. It is a critical piece. ObamaCare has become a great fraud for transferring wealth from middle income to low income. Many millions of middle incomers will be stretched to the limit, financially, when this shakes out in a few months.
ATTENTION! !please if your teeth are missing please use your Obama care and get them fixed this is not cute to be walking around with your ceiling missing lmao
Omg who does he think he is kidding of all things he interrupted my soap and he thinks Obama care is working he is a ***
Dont know why they say Obama care is work n 6 Million signed up but look how many million that didn't its a failure and the govt needs to see that Know of a couple both on disability the man lost his insurance enrolled in obc just his premium was go n to be 420.00 a month with a 5000.00 deductible and after that it paid out 50% who out but junk insurance like that
At hour and waiting for an appt that might take 10 minutes.. thats what i call some obama care!!
Obama care gotta love it...sarcastic...Making my 73 year old Mother take a pee test, so she can keep her health benefits. Oh she is real happy about this. (Not)
After Obama care said I don't exist after checkin my SSN for over 2 hours the IRS took my tax return (first in 7 years) in 3 minutes. Can I get paid for the molars I'm grinding into dust over not killing the next government employee I see? Can I deduct my ammo expenditure? If I use my bare hands can I file the EZ form? When? NOW
What the *** is this ppls swinging off of shower rod... Obama care... ((:
As long as we keep putting republicans back in the congress we will be in another 2 year stale mate with nothing getting done. These people running for Governor all promise the same thing, lower taxes, better education, get rid of Obama care. If you have an ounce of knowledge, you should know they can't full fill any of those promises. It also shows they do not care about our fellow Americans who don't have med. insurance and is willing to do anything they can to get rid of ACA and leave over 8 million floundering for med ins again. I'm a registered republican but I can't see myself voting for any of this lot that call themselves republicans. Listen to their commercials, same crap different year. Ex[lain to me what is the Nebraska way? Any different than the Kansas way or Iowa way or Minn. way? If these folks running for office want to help Nebraskans then get the license plate fees down to what South Dakota or Iowans pay each year. Go independent this year and use your head when you vote. If you see a ne ...
Watching the news in Nebraska. Looks like we have a choice between consevative Republicans. All will repeal Obama care. What a bunch of fakes.
Obama care? Who voted for this guy and who voted for health care!!! I can't think of one positive thing to come from this man's Robin Hood like tactics So let's punish people who work and give all the money to the con artist / lazy / poor non working *** kinda people This is gonna ruin our economy to the point of disaster and rebellion and then the government gonna start killing us and putting us in 6 man coffin s and putting us in these death camps that we pay for with our own money so then all that will be left is the needy and nobody to pay there way which will leave America open and easy to take
8 million enrolled in obama care. I wonder who these people are.i am sure they must be Americans right?
Just talked to my doctors office and found out he does take our new insurance from Cigna. So the insurance we got through Obama Care, will not only save us a bundle of money but we can keep our doctor.
Obama care you have screwed me over in more ways than you before birthday.broken insurance...sigh!
I did an hour Presentation on Obama Care Health Policies ! I Nailed It! I can do All thing through Christ!
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POTUS announces that 8 million have signed for BobDole /Obama Care .and all the talk about people not paying premiums.95% of those I helped enroll have paid. And the lies from Obama haters grits louder and they scream the same ol song...
50 votes to repeal Obama Care is 50 votes for job creation.
Out of curiosity, has anyone signed up and paid for obama care?
Only in America now.. The Liberals are whooping it up because they have (what they say) 8 million people enrolled into Obama care. Now lets see There is approximately 250 million adults over age 18 living in the US. Hmm 8 million out of 250 Million, That leaves 242 million that did not sign up and they call it a success. Lets get real. The actual sign up is less then 3 million and no one knows how many have actually have paid. 2 days up to the deadline they had no idea how many people had signed up but suddenly on deadline day 7.1 million has signed. Just out of thin air they pulled these numbers, to again lie to you Liberals, and you are all still drinking the Kool-aid. Wake up people
Obama Care just hit the 8 million mark. Cost for 10 years will total about 1.3 trillion dollars. Cost of illegal, unjust Iraq War which is still costing taxpayer's.2 trillion dollars, and will keep rising for decades to come. One cures, the other kills.
Don't sign up for "Obama care". read! Before you do anything! Even though his proposal sounds good, it's not! He wants to put the "rifd chip" in your right hand or your foreheads. They say "it'll help keep track of your health etc", but remember in the bible it spoke of such a thing? If you take this "rifd chip" you're lost forever! Your souls will not see heaven because that chip allows them to control your brain waves and mental functions etc! It will be a challenge to resist the chip because soon when the economy cal lapse, and it will! You won't be able to buy, sell, eat etc without it but fight the fight and save your souls. spread the message.
Okay kindle you trying to tell me something? Do I need Obama care cause that's all my notification are is Obama care. Look don't want Obama care! Geez this thing is stupid.
Why in the H%is someone's ugly mug discussing Obama Care during my Days of my Lives time ??? Give me a break !
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