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Obama Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law (along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) is the principal health care reform legislation of the 111th United States Congress.

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Big day today, markets can swing either way depending on how this Obama Care repeal vote turns out.
Senator Schumer. What have you contributed to the process of replacing Obama Care? Since you have conceded it is failing.
As 1 of 65M who love and voted for you & Pres Trump, most of us don't like the House bill to replace Obama Care. Pls help.
John Roberts was blackmailed, threatened big time if he did not support the Obama Care. Good Grief.
Racist: "Who needs Obama Care? I have the Affordable Care Act!" . "Obama Care is the Affordable Care Act". Racist: https:/…
SERIOUSLY?! How do people NOT know that Obama Care is another name for the Affordable Care Act?🤣
Donald j Trump was able to quickly find a new answer to Obama Care he is going to call it.
Remember the time Jimmy Kimmel asked people which they preferred - Obama Care or ACA & they didn't know they're the same thin…
The old man in doc office said: I thought they were getting rid of Obama Care not the Affordable Care Act."
Well, The White House has lied many times before about Ben Ghazi, Obama Care and many other things.
Governor Dayton DFL Governor of Minnesota has complained about the costs of Obama Care
Obama Care is in Crisis. So glad I use Young Living Essential Oils to support a healthy lifestyle. Info at:
NO! Legacy? He has no legacy, benefaction. He has Obama Care, Black lives Matter, He has Ann Dunham, Frank Marshal…
To me voting for Hillary,keep Obama Care, no borders, no guns,high crimes,racism,new Supreme Court Judges,reduced military,more tax
Obama Care architect defends plan in spite of growing costs & hardships on John Q Public! 2X
Pls research - You're not aware of Rubio's work w vets, opposing Obama Care, spinal chord injury, etc.
how much of right's reaction to Obama initiatives (even of cons. ideas like O'care) rejected because it's him? He's black?
Please Please Please!.Let it come down to a game winning shot! Ion care who I just want a great game n...
The Clintons care for our vets as much as Obama.
"I hate you the way republicans hate Obama care" no😭😂
You guys need to get your heads out of the sand. Obama’s restored the country’s honor, whether you care to admit it or not.
Obama found Osama bin Laden, so it's surprising he didn't get Carmen Sandiego taken care of during his term.
clan in Republican will do anything to bring down president Obama Affordable Care Act that Hillary Clinton supports
. Obama has many friends like today's men. He's taken care of them-. They use Girls bathroom now & serve openly as *** in Military
UK Police Nationwide search 4 sausage thrower as nutty as Obama priority instead .
Not Obama, Hillary or Bernie or the trash that follow them and Hollyweird, they don't care!
We don't care what Obama says. He's a horrible excuse for a President.
Obama gives the lazy, I don't care about Marines, salute.
Obama care is failing. 2 out of 3 candidates want to replace it. But not
The only thing he can undo is all of those pesky Executive orders and that abomination called Obama Care
Instead of groveling in Japan, Obama should apologize to the families of every Vet who died waiting for health care.
I see we were still stuck with Obama care, establishment conservatives have NO backbone
If only he were in a position to do something about veterans' health care.
How he gonna wear that millionaire jacket with those Obama care shorts and fishing hat
The same people who want to see taxes are the same people that could care less about Obama's school a…
Obama has exposed the communist intent of the Democrats. Waited until society got so dumbed down the majority doesn't care.
How Obama’s $3 Trillion Health-Care Overhaul Works: Medicare wants to end the fee-for-service system, but it…
If you buy sporting goods , you pay a Medical Excise Tax. Due to the Affordable Health Care Act. Thank the Dems & Obama.
Great on the Obama administration's thinking about the legal status of Obamacare cost sharing subsidies.
Obama doesn't care about our veterans, he cares for some illegals and that makes me really sick!
Trump will void Obama's executive orders. Repeal Obama care. Rebuild our mi…
but u do that if ur interested in protecting American lives. But Obama. Clinton don't care
how would Obama have anything to do with this. Seems GOP did not care when they swift boated Kerry
Bet Obama will be happy when THIS day is over so he can stop faking care for sacrifices made for a country he DOESN'T love…
the r8ch lawyers don't help. Obama care helps even less
Obama says the U.S. must do more to care for its veterans and their families 'He cares more bout LGBT' -
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Romney care using the same team that constructed Obama care... Now? He's a hero?
We don't care what Obama thinks at all..
"After failing to win congressional approval... the Obama administration spent the money anyway". I'd say "stole.".
Vince really dont care about roman he put him on right at tipoff
An I.R.S. ruling is an obstacle to new health care networks promoted by Obama
President Obama urged us to honor the fallen by taking better care of their families and loved ones.
Read that1000 page report on this Obama Care bunk! All in Congress Should get Our Health Care.We The, Would
Answer : Well they just mide end up in Walls street for promoting Obama Care !!! LOL !!! Very right for the white wash project !!! LOL !!! YES YOUR Bianca Dordrecht Holland Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Obama care was a program DESIGNED for insurance and big pharma
ok Hillary you no longer support Obama care.
Here in Norway we really dont care what you wote.But we see that what Obama did,where only a price for freedom. And what did he do?
We know Obama doesn't care,Hillary is following him,so no she doesn't..
Super annoyed right now. F* Obama care only for people that don't work!!!
Obama care is the worst thing ever done by a president, he is a disgrace to the whitehouse
if Obama's fine with it, why should they care?
While the Veterans Administration scandal lingers over multiple years, the mainstream media continue to...
Sorry but no way the Obama administration is going to indict their nominee. Comey may resign but they won't care.
Voters that didn't vote 4 me tonight want Obama Care, support Women & LGBT Rights.
has brought to light the GOP & Dems care less for voters. No different from Obama's exec orders. thug Mafia
Obama doesn't care about our warriors, nor their honorable core beliefs, Thomas. He is a civilian street punk afraid to serve.
all the while pay more tax & expand Obama Care. I am not an economist but WHAT MATH ARE THEY DOING?
Cameron & Obama taking EU/US love in a bit far. But neither care about Britain. Its MONEY over SOVEREIGNTY of Brits https…
Who wouldn't be scared of support on failed Obama Care and the elite money in hollywood?
She would destroy our country even more the Obama she didn't care about Benghazi and she surely doesn't care about r security
Wants U.S Taxpayers to be burden with paying for illegal aliens Obama Care and lawyers
They know he's unqualified, they just don't care. If a black guy can do it, it must be easy. Anything is better than Obama.
Mrs. Clinton complains about health care.aren't we in year 7 of Obama Care?
well clearly u have welfare. Bcus if u dnt ANY insurance u have to get Obama care or be penalized. ‼️‼️
I can't wait for the stupid Obama Care to be repealed and replaced. The crazy premiums are killing us.
I voted for Obama twice. But Obama care *** Insurance companies made the rules. How is that fair. Bernie could fix.
This fat *** michelle obama just outlawed frosted flakes and any fried foods in day care centers! Maybe her far *** should try this first.
Dr. Kris Held - Dissects Obama Care & how it strips YOU of your Health Care Freedom on Operation Freedom:
neither do I but they offer it and i dnt have obama care either
then take down Obama are and affordable care then reform a real med insurance that is affordable
Things Obama did while in office . 1. Got unemployment down from 7.8 to 6.7. . 2. Passed health care reforms . 3. Ended the war in Iraq
really Obama put us in the hole with Obama care.
Obama never called us Super Predators I don't care how long ago that was I know she hasn't changed
The Dy(nasty) has always divided us! You help dictate Obama Eugenics! Called Obama care! We have no rights, U took them away!
Did she promote Obama on health care? Anyone benefitting from it? Love to know who
Great analysis, Ben. Trump's base wants gov't to take care of them. He'll spend more than Obama. Sad days.
And Obama care wasn't free. But whatever man 😂
If u work everyday why would u be forced to get obama care
Obama care wasn't all what it was cracked up to be. I know bcus I was forced to get it by OBAMA..
I'm not on welfare so Obama care was love for me
People of P.A. Hillary will keep Obama's policies in place. She don't care for the blue Collier worker the middle class.
Even if I did pay for obama care in my "taxes" it *** sure would not reach the total amount of money child delivery costs in hospitals. bye
Obama helped a lot the welfare they gave ppl and Obama care different, college was never free
She said we don't know if it was Obama who did that & it's called "Obama care" LMAO come on Erin
when Erin??? What *** u kno got off a life sentence b4 Obama was president?? And Obama care not welfare
"You're lucky I got you out of there before she started talking about Obama care." 😂😂😂
Gettin money Granma we don't need Obama care 🎧🎧
that is a fact Jack u condemn Obama Care but u signed up 4 it. I was going to say 2 faced but hard 2 look at one of u
OK and tell use his you r going to do that? All bull and hot air. Heard what u said about Obama Care, tell the truth u signed up 4
Bottom line, doesn't matter what Obama thinks. Trump WILL take better care of this nation then OBAMA!
Did u expect anything less before Obama leaves office? Only to leave the next Pres. To take care of his trouble
Trump said he would get rid of Obama care first now your a lier and copycat.
is against Obama care always has been. More lies.
Just watched you lie at your rally. Claiming Trump is for Obama care and against the 2nd Amendment! You are such a Liar.
People were so mad Obama was in office for 8 years they just trying to get anybody in office they don't even care who
I don't have Obama care but I'm glad he didn't rush card you guys.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Obama and Hillary don't care about black folks issues. That's why they are voting for Trump.
Black folks are going to knock out *** who disrupt Trump at his rallies. They figure Trump will care more about them.
I thought president didn't matter until everyone for pregnant from the water last year. Without Obama care I woulda had mad hospital debt😭
He also says backs and agrees with Obama care & thats a lie all he does is lie is a born liar!!
I've been predicting Obama is working to destroy our medical care in the country. The premium costs will triple...
Trump is fir cutting taxes on middle class and business, u said opposite (lie). Trump to repeal Obama care, u said opposite (lie).
Obama tells other countries what to do and yet he can't take care of our country, what a joke.
Chinese Threat 2 US Is Growing And it seems Barack Obama couldn't care less about it 123
Sheep don't care the Fed is juicing wall street with endless debt. Sheep will always be sheep.
C-span, we don't care about terrorists attacking. Wall street loves it. Same as it ever was.
Obama,Clinton&Sanders wants to take care of Syrian refugees,Trump wants to take of our Vets,V4TRUMP
John kerry and Obama government only care about selling weapon to Taiwan. They don't care about Taiwan arresting
Those Russian planes buzzed America. Each ship is a part of the USA. Those planes threatened everyone of us. Obama doesn't care
Get it checked out, no doubt. Apply for Obama care and take care of yourself. All the best, man.
Tell Obama we want our refund for the implementation of Obama care. What a POS.
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And YES_Obama dont care about EITHER party-really-he just wants America DEAD! Like no action against Putin on plane actions
If u care about stopping the drug war, sign the petition telling Obama to address UN; US can lead on
Umm you put words in my mouth. A obama care already took care of that & you are lucky to have that passed
Roberts threw us under the bus with Obama care. He will do it again!
I don't care after 8 years of Obama I have to go with Trump2016
Me too- we all just care so much about our country-esp after this obama reign of terror.
religious people should believe in health care reform. Americans all deserve the right to not only live but thrive.
why does the Obama administration care more for illegal immigrants than our military veterans
Hey Steve you moron, Obama care is a failure here in Nevada it went belly up BANK RUPT!! why's that not in your article?
When President Obama signed our precious health care bill, whose help did he speak of? Hillary Clinton's!
GOPe don't care, They would rather have Billery than Trump or Cruz, LOVE Obama, Name 1 thing they have stopped
could get ugly quick. Anti Obama GOP have to agree with PBO if they don't they *** off big donors. for the victims they don't care
Obama isn't bush but he really didn't do a lot besides change health care and alter educational spending
My father was murdered at the V.A. in 2010 under Obama's watch because they didn't want to pay for his care that they OWED HIM
2nd year in a row Obama care has slowed down my tax refund
Trump needs to take care of stuff like this after being elected. Obama deliberately demoralizing military.
why we only get 8hrs sleep and 16hrs work schedule. It should be flipped! Obama care pls
Liar you don't use Obama care it's okay for your voters but not u vote Trump
The Obama administration is doing everything they can to block the 9/11 bill and none of you sheep care
Tellya what lets do.Send obama & hillarys salaries to illegals and let THEM take care of them! AMERICA does NOT want them here!
Allen, Obama does not care what the decision is, if he looses he'll just issue another order.
It won't. It barely works here. I'm an American living in UK for half my life + I'd give an arm for Obama Care.
Iraq; Obama's still sending our military there & no one in the media seems to care. More boots on the ground frm BHO
"its okay. if he doesn't care at least we know Obama does."
A Cuban female human rights activist was beaten this weekend. Do you care, President Obama?
what does Romney care lost to obama by not campaigning and debating the last month before vote. Shut up loser L
They do hate Obama, care about populists & just as mad at same things, just don't want a phony dictator TV clown.
taxes went up on capital gains, Obama care, gasoline, coal, and how did he not raise taxes.
Sounds similar to the Russian Jet flyby. Obama doesn't seem to care if it has an impact on the USA or not.
muster congress because if he repeals Obama care without something in place there is gonna be chaos.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
ya know i dont care if u hate obama's decisions while in office but let me ask u this WHAT DOES HIS SKIN COLOR HAVE TO DO WITH THEM?
Media not reporting this either. . Would Obama care if there is an American Military casualty?. No. . via
Those, who took care of their health and did not enroll are punished with Obama "taxes" and extra "late fees." Why?
By bailing out banks, auto industry & destroying health care, Obama has contributed a great deal to the expansion of unlimited government.
Oh I'm sorry - I filibustered Obama Care but nobody back my efforts - You're neutered Ted - Get a Grip
I only wish they could stopped Obama care and the numerous Obama overreaches.
"the only people I care about in life are my mom, bernie, and Obama" relatable
I don't really care who our next president is but whoever it is better do something about these *** unlike Obama
Our gov is broken,illegal executive action,Obama Care,and more. business talent is needed to trump this trash
sure but I refuse to vote for someone who says he's not fun of Pres.Obama's & Do not care about Southern voters.
.we want to repeal and replace Obama Care. We want to end Common Core. End it, end it, end it!
She said i hate you like republicans hate Obama care😂😂😂
if only lipo was covered by Obama care
Health insurance for all says Obama, not health care for all. Insurance companies biggest winners in Obama fraud
You voted for the Obama budget funded Obama Care and Syrian refugee relocation funding. Not this time Doug.
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"The unwinding of Obama Care can't be done with the stroke of the pen." former Attorney General Eric Holder
mitt you are a moron, you supported Obama Care, you could not defeat Obama & you are a sore loser.
& Scott Brown won in MA the last vote to stop Obama Care but cheating DEMs used Parlimentary trick to deem as passed.
how about you rally House GOP to support Cruz since he was the ONLY senator to fight to repeal Obama Care!
Dear President Obama. Please continue to make health care more affordable to individuals and employers!!!
Republicans NOT Obama have cut Vets medical care funding for the last 10 years,,
Obama spends American taxpayers` money to help the Middle East and doesn’t care local authorities steal this money https:/…
OBAMA..its so sad and makes me angry that our reps werent paying attentn or didnt care!
Trump sd his healthcare 'd take care of EVERYONE. It's going to cost him votes. He didn't mean "the poor". He meant Obama-style healthcare.
climate deniers are plain dangerous. The climate doesn't care that they hate Obama. Damage will be real.
Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level offenders. Thank you, . You encourage me because you care about people.
Trump isn't Conservative. Re Health Care. Trump is going to take care of EVERYBODY. Make a deal. It means GOVERNMENT pays (like Obama wants)
current Gun laws! and the left could care less about enforcement via youtube
Thank you for your service and sacrifice. The VA is a disgrace, a reflection of Obama's disdain. Homeless no med care
Bernie, you're no Obama, not even close. PBO cares about the govt, country and the people, you care about your Marxist ideology
Breast Cancer Awareness
By the way, see what health care Bernie has through his govt. position, cause it's not Obama care.
I don't care about the article. I care about the reasons why, so it can be fixed. You care about blaming Obama
Trump, 60 Mins, re Universal Health Care: I'll take care of everyone, make a deal. PScott: It means GOVERNMENT pays for it (same as Obama's)
Obama, Clinton , Washington D.C. Republicans all work for foreign owned Wall Street. Don't kid yourself they don't care about you.
Who was KY Dems' 1st choice? If it was yet another white, heterosexual male campaigning against Obama, I couldn't care less.
Ted shutdown the government twice because Obama care but his family is now on it.Use that and poof not Ted Cruz!
Your family is on Obama Care hypocrite but you shut the government down twice to kill Obama Care.Trump will find that fact!
you shutdown the government twice over Obama care, now your family is on it.As president you will destroy it nasty man!
OBAMA: im *** GEORGE BUSH: me too. ELTON JOHN: i am as *** well. OBAMA: we dont care mate. GEORGE BUSH: yeah *** off mate. ELTO…
Russia can't be trusted only Obama doesn't know or care
yes &I'm sure Obama takes great care of the military, let alone Bernie or Clinton. My 3 best friends were all in the military
I signed it, but why would Obama care what we think.
I have heard nothing but good things about Obama. he was trying to introduce free health care, like we have in the UK.
I really don't care about Bill or Obama.
.Obama lives in fantasy land assuming Republicans actually care abt governing & representing ALL Americans not just their Party
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Obama couldn't care less about our military. He has decimated our military pushing out highly qu…
Don't 4 get mid class families going broke trying to pay Obama Care HI tax H-insurance! Solution =
Whether Trump supports the care of women's health can cherry pick a bill . we fought and loss on Ob…
The most righteous man. Being true man must care for his wife and children. And never dreamed at the ,,,
we need not care of where Obama was born His Father born in Kenya is enough to dis-qualify him as a NON-NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!
In the weekly address, President Obama encourages people to check out their health care options and
Anyone that voted for Obama and plans to vote again for a Democrat should be issued a muslim refugee family to take care of.
And everyone including POTUS on down should have Obama care. Do you have Obama care Bernie? If not why?
You sound like the Obama voters. They didn't care about the truth either. It was all about the rhetoric.
Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles?? How much do you have to baby these ppl? Seems he's all about taking care of criminals lately
all I really care about is Barack Obama getting a national holiday
What's his stance on replacing health care then he was for single payer last yr.repeal Obama care to repl.with what!
Well, Obama care has done some damage to small business. Trump care will help finish the rest of em off.
I don't care what says... is NOT a He defies all that America stands for!
dont vote 4 Hilary she believes in Obama Care that fines the's PEONAGE !
Donald Trump as not ever mentioned that American is one big business. . "I'd stick with Obama care's any day! LONG LIVE OBAMAS! !!
It's that time of year again ... Crazy phone calls people screaming about "Obama Care".
I had an equal opinion when Obama ran as well. Supported him, but could care less what upperclassmen's opinions were.
Cruz did lead the fight to defund Obama care, a fight that proved he is not a leader. Vote for a leader
I care very much about unsustainable debt, but you morons said the same thing about Obama, too. :)
So U think America is a REPUBLIC? it's not, why? Supreme Court, NINE PEOPLE CONTROL U WILL! (Obama Care)
in honesty there was no reconstruction,BLK R POLITICAL REFUGEES as of TO DATE,OBAMA CARE is PEONAGE&JIM CROW LAW
Don't care that Trump was joking about his 5th Ave comment,which he got a pass for.Imagine what would happen if candidate Obama had said it?
. And I have no doctor with my mandatory health care, thanks Obama
Obama has no care about infuriating the public by releasing them. I think the public would care far less than you think.
Obama does not interrupt fundraising to save Benghazi staff he ignored and let be murdered by terrorists.Oh wait you don't care
[Obama] this government don't care about Black people. (Almost in the words of Kanye West re Katrina).
A lot of them say they DO NOT CARE...they just want Trump, matter what he says or does! Obama 2.0
Obama's claims collide with health care realities
John Boehner U were critical of Obama Care, but U never gave an alternative. WHAT GIVES?
I'd rather hang upside down, in the nude, blindfolded and forced to listen to "Twisted Sister" before I join Obama Care.
My people caught the person who committed "forgery" of the James Gandolfini-Obama Care phoney quote attributed to me-f…
Trump is running for President to save money. He will eliminate SS, medicare, food stamps, Obama Care, and cut the military to lower taxes
I guess it takes others longer to catch on. If you like your doctor , We will repeal Obama Care.,. Huh? What happened?
John Kasich wants you to think he is the nice Republican, but it id just a ploy. He would gut Obama Care. Vote for Hiliary Clinton.
Question. Would former Pres. Jimmy Carter be able to get cancer treatment if on Obama Care? Or would he be told to take a pain pill?
in the words of Ben Carson... "I thought Obama Care was supposed to take care of all of that" Sorry Elizabeth Warr…
How Obama's getting Americans to care about
I like them all saying they will get rid of Obama Care on their first day. Clearly they don't know what the Supreme Court...
How can Obama Care Health Insurance help you are your family -->>
Not Schumer's fault Obama followers let antisemite flag fly. Some ppl actually care about wars and lives, first
Obama care impossible- and he HONESTLY REALLY screwed us. Obama screwed YOU & YOU let him
Not everyone tuned into the debate because no one cares but mf do need to care Obama term is almost up & if Hillary doesn't become president
We need to take care of our planet. Watch the President's speech on
not Repub concerns, they do not care about those things. Obama, Clinton, war, abortion, trump running 3rd party their issues.
Lets see here: Trump supported Obamas run for POTUS. supported Obama care. Will go after your PDW&make the "cooling off" period longer.
. You talk about your opposition, raise more money, then give it up to obama. Why should I care?
Obama hands Iran $150 B signing bonus to terrorize muslim O takes care of his barbaric bros
President Obama doesn't care about Lego ppl I don't blame him there always changing get it ...??? Bc you can change the way they look
I believe it too, that no one else will stop Obama Care & they will keep it there so the ppl who voted for Obama could suffer
Obama said all women now have health care from Obamacare. No one should need PP anymore.
Donald Trump hates President Obama. He doesn't even care if he makes sense. That hate is HERE.
Really what did Obama-care do for you you are still paying with or without and getting taxed to or pay out of your pocket it's a big joke
*** marriage,Obama care upheld,confederate flags removed,transgender cool and now it's ok you don't believe in God.
How Obama's getting Americans to care about climate change
Another reason to vote for Democrats. Your GOP has no problem sending vets to war but god forbid taking care of...
I don't much care either way on Obama, just saying that people in glass houses...well you know the rest.
As long as Obama has Amy Schumer's support for the Iran deal, he doesn't care about Chuck.
and we don't care cause Obama got the votes
John Kasich basically just said Obama Care worked in Ohio. Or wss I tripping?!
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exactly. What does PP do that the oh so incredible Obama Care can't?
Remember Obama's promise that Obamacare would decrease costs for American families? Not true. http:/…
I was born and raised queens NY, what are you going to do about Obama care?
When Obama leaves we need to just all take a day off. Have a BBQ and a day of mourning. Remembering that time our president w…
Why would you want to get rid of Obama Care?
Anyone: asks a republican a question Republican: ok but get rid of Obama care
Glad to see some really great Candidates that care about our Country. OBAMA can't hold a candle to any of them..
Obama care does not work at a national level because many people aren't getting the deals they had for insurance before
I love how they keep calling Obama Care a disaster despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Today is Obama's birthday... Do I care? Not at all
Care to guess how many Chuck Schumer gives about a MoveOn donor strike, carping from Obama WH vets, and a left-wing primary challenge?
Israel and Saudi-Arabia will take care of themselves no matter what Obama tries to dictate
Obama care better be abolished by the time I get out of college
To be clear: Donald Trump said he supported single payer Health Care. That's to the left of Obama.
Just so we're clear: Donald Trump is way to Obama's left on health care.
Obama is making a mad dash to Marxism. They control electricity they control you. They control health care they control YOU
Obama Care & voter registration forms will be available at the community block party & health fair today from 1-5p on Myrtle Ave. Neptune NJ
yeah! With over a billion dollars made in fines for not having Obama Care, that's just great.
I sure hope you're right. I'm afraid the effects of Obama Care won't come to roost until after the election. Hope I'm wrong.
"Finally the GOP and Tea Partiers will accept that Obama Care is the law of the land.", Said No One Ever.
Obama Care? Whatever the outcome-Scalia,Thomas will vote the way their Republican handlers want. Roberts will vote for corporate interest.
comments mostly from the peanut gallery. Brain deadfor Obama Care and Incorageable Revenue Sectarians
And just wait until the Obama Care bill "comes home to roost", to quote Obama's buddy Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Pretty witty ay
My new sounds: Andrea Clifford and Obama Care and the Supreme Court on
MSNBC Tamron Hall to oriental guest talking about Obama Care:. " It's the Cinque in the armor ". Hmmm. How insensitive.
Today, Rick Perry repeated that Obama Care is a train wreck. What does he think a repeal would be? Does this man think at all?
LOL at the fact you support the Affordable Care Act but hate Obama Care, cause they're the EXACT SAME THING 😒
not 2 mention Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and every other libtard Democrat that voted and still votes 4 Obama Care
Well, after puking and battling an incredible migraine, taking the shot of Imitrex, I thought I beat the migraine. Then I made the mistake of listening to Obama spew his BS to the World and basically told the Muslim extremist that they are welcome to the U.S. Along with the Illegal immigrants here in the US who have been given amnesty. I started feeling that migraine pressure behind my eyes at this point. He goes on to say that the economy is great and that Obama Care has made it possible for all Americans to have health care. News Flash *** printing money without gold to back it up is called counter fitting and I'm pretty sure that's a felony. The little flashes of light I see just before a migraine are kicking in at this point. How about that Obama "Affordable" care act. Are you kidding me!? Affordable? For Who You Freaking *** The only thing that Obama care is affordable for is the same lazy *** welfare abusing, dope smoking drunks, parents who can't keep their kids from spreading their l ...
. Good. The Republican who crafted the forerunner of Obama Care in Massachusetts.
Neighbor's Keeper will assist you with learning about the Affordable Care Act also known as "Obama Care". Neighbor's Keeper provides you an estimate monthly premium cost of a health plan, and an estimate of the amount of financial assistance available to you and will help you select a plan and make an application. Neighbor's Keeper is available at the following locations Salvation Army Yarborough Park II 1483 Old Bridge Rd Woodbridge, VA, 9am-4pm and also St. Thomas United Methodist Church 8899 Sudley Rd Manassas, VA, 9am-4pm. No appointment necessary.
Stephen Greene the biggest *** were Ronald Reagan George Bush Senior George Bush Jr Jeb Bush Sarah Palin Pat Robertson and the list of the *** go on UC that's why we chose a leader Barack Obama that could lead you see you're upset that the Democrats will overrule you once again in 2016 I love all of my beautiful people from North Carolina but I do not like the party of Republicans so you all can have a nice tea party when Hillary wins in 2016 now have a blessed day you should be checked for bipolar I think you're bipolar I will be laughing all the way to the White House once again 2016 Obama Care is here to stay praise God
Jeb Bush. Ha! I heard news anchors talking about Jeb like he was Luke Frickin' Skywalker, suggesting that he would bring balance back to his Gang, I mean party. Sorry, there's no way anyone could confuse a 2 party system with a stranglehold on it's citizens a gang.., right? This bhole. By the way, Jeb Bush has won The Sergio Revenge Shows very first award. The prestigious BHOLE AWARD. Coveted by flip floppers across the globe. You can win this BHOLE AWARD by being a hypocrite and demonstrating the "Do as I say, not as I do" attitude. Here's the winning bid. Recently, Jeb Bush was reported to be CUTTING TIES with TENET HEALTHCARE. He recently resigned from their Board. This company supported the highly controversial, incorrectly named "Obama Care". He says he's AGAINST IT, BUT his actions tell a completely different story. I would love to hear him say what some of you have suggested. I.e. "he's just USING THE SYSTEM", "he's allowed to do it", " he doesn't HAVE to support to profit from it. " You are ...
The Affordable Care Act/Obama Care will play a HUGE role in the kids that you will be able to claim moving forward! If you don't provide healthcare coverage for the kids you are claiming, you may have to provide coverage for them if they aren't insured.
Following the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care), some taxpayers may be eligible for a premium tax credit if they buy health care coverage through the government’s Health Insurance Marketplace, fall within certain income limits or meet other qualifications.
just like he got on Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ~ Only reason he changed his decision on Obama Care ~
Famous Presidential Lies Contest LBJ:We were attacked (in the Gulf of Tonkin) Nixon:I am not a crook GHW: Bush:Read my lips - No New Taxes Clinton:I did not have sex with that woman... Miss Lewinski GW Bush:Iraq has weapons of mass destruction Obama:I will have the most transparent administration in history. My father fought in WW 2. The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. I am focused like a laser on creating jobs. The IRS is not targeting anyone. It was a spontaneous riot about a movie. I will put an end to the type of politics that "breeds division, conflict and cynicism". You didn't build that! I will restore trust in Government. The Cambridge cops acted stupidly. The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my deskI. It's not my red line - it is the world's red line. Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration. We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest. I am not spying on American citizens. Obama Care will be good for America. ...
The Biggest Loser due to Obama Care is the American Small Business Owner. Absolutely screwed.
POLITICAL FACT (I don't make this up Folks): Our President Obama's approval rating is now down to 39%. It is also a fact that 53% of Americans think that Race Relations under President Obama has gotten worse. Al Sharpton has been indicted for Tax Evasion in the past. He is currently making payments to the IRS. Not one Democrat read the Affordable Care Act before it was passed.Yes Not One. Not one Democrat or Republican uses the Affordable Care aka Obama Care Medical Plan. Businesses, big and small have now reduced employee's hours from 40 a week to 30 a week to keep from paying for their Affordable medical care plans. The guy Prof Gruber who wrote the Obama Care plan said he Wrote it because Americans are too stupid to understand what it really is. More taxes. He is on Capital HIll right now explaining why he said that.
During the primary elections I spoke in firm words that Obama Care was executed and sold to the American people...
So gas prices are the same now as when Reagan was president, the economy is as good as when Bush Jr. took office for the first time (unbelievable 2 terms). Our military presence has decreased by 2 thirds in the Middle East. "Obama Care" is helping people that need it most. So I don't understand the switch in voting to kill the economy, education, the environment, and human rights all on the platform that our president is doing such a terrible job. I wonder if our country is inherently racist? (Insert sarcastic look followed by disgusted feeling).
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