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Obama Administration

The Presidency of Barack Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009, when he became the 44th President of the United States.

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we can't forget Hillary, Clinton Foundation, DNC, Obama Administration are being investigated by FBI/DOJ Bill was impeached
Why was it ok for Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration communicating with…
This makes Clapper the number four liar in the Obama Administration. 1 Barack Obama. 2 Hillary Clinton…
Antonin Scalia was assasinated by Obama Administration, we need Justice for Antonin.
."I think the Obama Administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago."
Tom Cotton: 'Susan Rice Is the Typhoid Mary of the Obama Administration' - Breitbart
My interview with Fox News journalist Adam Housley & his breaking news about the Obama Administration's abuse of... http…
McCain & Graham back the attempted Democrat cover-up of Obama Administration intelligence activity
Congress should be investigating the Obama Administration,not Trump transition team.Accusations based on illegal intel co…
Rep. Peter King on O'Reilly. Prob 100% chance that Obama Administration had surveillance on Trump trans. team.
Rand Paul explains how the Obama Administration spied on Trump and his associates without technically "wiretapping" them…
Thanks to the Obama Administration not doing anything about North Korea, Japan is now considering rebuilding it's Military,
This is true and started under the last part of the Bush administration and put on steroids under the Obama regime htt…
The corruption that was the hallmark of the Obama administration is scary enough. Imagine following that up with Soros l…
U will need to explain to me which of his policies brought this about or is the legacy of the Obama administration ?
I liked a video from OBAMA'S Administration SABOTAGE and she say's NO IT'S WORSE
Get 6 Free VitaTops
The first meeting Jeff Sessions had with the Russian Amb was set up by the Obama Administration under education progra…
Discredited Obama-era insiders back from the dead to slam Trump - The Hill (blog)
Did Obama spy on campaign? Here is proof the Obama administration spied on our journalists
Former officials coming forward with claims they were told by Obama to work against incoming Trump Administ…
Republicans cut $1 billion in funding for jobs in coal country
122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible…
Since a much-ballyhooed vote in early Feburary, this is how many new coal jobs have been created in Appalachia: Zero
"...he believed that the C.I.A. had become a political tool of the Obama administration." .
The slippery Obama ordered Eric Holder to spy on James Rosen of FNC. In 2013, the Obama Administration secured a...
Did the Obama Administration use a Nixonian type bag of "Dirty tricks" to undermine the incoming Trump Administrati…
I haven't had sex since the Obama Administration, which doesn't sound that bad until I also say that John Boehner was Speaker of the House.
Translation of ICE: federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, aka the Obama Administration assuming this murder too…
Why am I not surprised: Obama Administration gave NSA the broad new powers that were used to take Flynn out. htt…
. We believe that our constitution on the second amendment was tramples by Obama Administration on the secret law he sign before
Tulsi Gabbard is right, Obama Administration was funding terrorists in Syria to remove Assad. Globalists want their pip…
Obama Administration 'gets' it way too late. Internet of Things must be regulated: to protect privacy & security:
Kevin Corke, White House Correspondent for Fox News joins us to access the Obama Administration and what significant changes we will see
If MLK is alive today, he would be disgraced about Jesse Jackson,Al Shapton,Obama Administration and BLM too.
Assange: Obama Administration literally destroying public records right now
Gutsy Michele Bachman states Obama Administration used our tax money to push LGBTQ agenda on other countries. "Now it should end!"
Let's just hope Monica Crowley and all the other Trump picks plagiarize everything from the Obama Administration
This is Obama Administration's version of last-minute Marc Rich scandal, but far worse.
Today at the UN, instead of acting, Samantha Power and the Obama Administration chose to do "nothing."
Obama Administration to Block Drilling in Parts of Atlantic, Arctic Oceans - Wall Street Journal…
Obama Administration sought nuclear enriched fuel for Iran from Argentina.
The former Clinton and Obama Administration panel members on CNN are bravely pro-Hillary.
Anyone else so sick of the Obama Administration? Let's get the show on the road, can't wait for President Trump to drain…
Standing Rock Sioux tribe says it will be "forever grateful to the Obama Administration for this historic decision” https…
Obama Administration says it strongly supports passage of the 21st Century Cures Act in its revised form
What measurable effect did having an Obama Administration have on incarceration rates of black Americans during his term in Office ?
Thank you for exposing the Obama Administration. Hang tough til Trump takes office.
Obama administration set to strengthen Iran Nuclear Deal via
Correct. The President is supposed to be separate from our justice system. Unlike, the administration.
The Obama Administration by all índices set high standards for the incoming Trump Administration with a four year duration to make a change
Article II Section 2 of the Constitution establishes the Cabinet. Check out the members of President Obama's...
Republicans are still watching for Obama appointees who try to wrangle jobs in the Trump administration
"The governor has pressed the Obama administration for federal aid in responding to the escalating conflict. He... http…
Instead of focusing on reducing drug and violent crime rates, the Obama administration has waged a war on our law enforcement. Sad.
In October, Obama and other officials urgently sounded warning on Russian interference in election
Obama grants clemency to 79 federal drug offenders, a policy the Trump administration is unlikely to continue
Glad to see Pres. Hanlon support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program
Obama contraception mandate in limbo awaiting Trump administration. -
"Your administration would be sending a message to the future.". 30 American writers call for Pres Obama to pardon Snowden in
The Obama administration must use its authority in its waning days to permanently stop the Dakota Access oil...
This was prepared for the Obama Administration and agrees with me:
Obama has protected more land and water ... than any other president.
This is the Obama administration at work. The dems wanted more of the same with Hillary. Great vetting. Wow.
The correspondent blaming an administration that isn't in charge, while Obama has been for 8 years.
I didn't even think about it, but you didn't hear a peep out of them during the Obama adminis…
Trump's policy can finally correct for Obama, Bush failures &
Pastors: The Obama Administration not only could have, but should have:
Obama administration rushes to protect public lands before Trump takes office
Koskinen has aided and abetted the Obama administration in covering up a scandal of monstrous proportion.
BREAKING: Obama Administration removes the Arctic Ocean from its offshore oil drilling plan >> ht…
In Kenya, the Obama Administration. has over the eight years given about. $3.5 billion (Sh350 billion) in health...
Trump addresses those protesting around the country. Why is there silence from the Obama Administration?
Texas judge continues to fIght Obama Administration on bathroom equality
"This isn't a Justice Department anymore. This is a political arm of the Obama Administration." ~ Giuliani
So the same day the Obama Administration announces that the Social Security increase for 2017 will be 0.3% now this? https:…
While liberals compare Trump to Hitler, the Obama Administration continues to act like North Korea with this.
Washington State voters, do not bring back Patty Murray or Inslee. They are the Obama Administration in this Washington. We need change.
Obama Administration goes out of its way to insult the memory of Shimon Peres by denying Mount Herzl in West Jerusalem is…
It seems clear to me that the Obama Administration has no human rights policy. That is, whil
Director James Comey is the biggest Political Hack in the Obama Administration ... Justice is DEAD in America‼️…
Committee releases final urges Obama Administration to declassify as much information as possible: http…
Can we talk about how the Obama Administration stood up for Native Americans fighting the Dakota pipeline?
National Congress of American Indians Issues Policy Statement to Obama Administration over… htt…
Michelle Root: "Sarah's life cannot be just another life that was lost because of the Obama Administration."
They don't care.CBS's top dog's brother works in Obama administration or did.I guess they all are moving on or…
The Obama administration will privatize internet governance on Oct. 1 via
The mysterious deaths & Clinton Foundation sagas expose the corruption of Obama Administration
With the $400 million ransom payment, the Obama administration has set a price on the heads of American citizens.
Watch the Obama administration try to avoid the painful truth that they paid a $100 million ransom.
Scenarios thing remains the same with the Obama administration. They Lie. Lie. And lie some more.
[PODCAST] Would a foreign policy differ markedly from that of the Obama administration?
Hamilton Collection
Obama Administration gives Iran ANOTHER $1.3 billion State Department can't say who in Iran got another $1.3 billion ht…
Kashmir issue not on Obama Administration's radar - Business Standard
Didn't the CEO or someone high up just get hired by the Obama administration?
An Obama administration rule could take the wind out of renewable power on public land
The Obama administration is the only reason why North Carolina has done any good in the last few years https…
- Hillary has Obama in her pocket. I love seeing how his "most transparent" administration sends unmarked bills to Iran.
Straight from the Obama administration source. Looks like we gonna get jacked in the future.…
This is 7yrs of the Obama administration shoving crap down our throats
The Obama administration promised that health insurance premiums would go down. Instead, they have absolutely...
Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated obama Administration. Sleeper terrorists now in charge of White House htt…
Obama administration. never tires of lying.
It was the Obama administration that cut a faux deal with the Iranians that will not disarm Ira
Robbins : It is time for the Obama administration to admit that its policies are doing more harm than good.
Congress and the American people deserve answers on the Obama Administration's possibly illegal payment to Iran.
This should be straightforward enough to answer but for some reason the Obama administration won't answer it.
Kashmir issue not on Obama Administration's radar
How totally petty: US demands election $$ from Haiti since Haitians refuse to rig election for Hillary's choice. ht…
Judge blocks Obama administration directive on transgender facilities use via the app
that's literally the stance of the Obama administration right now
This new article systematically dismantles the Obama administration's excuses on Iran ransom
Darfur was forgotten by the Obama Clinton Administration. A Administration won't https:…
Ohio and Warren County File Lawsuit against Obama Administration over Ob... via
STEVE INSKEEP: Would you say you're better or worse off than you were before the Obama Administration?. DYLAN: I use the word "folks" more.
Obama Administration uses Nixon era NEPA law to require "in all policies" approach
I fought the Obama Administration at the Supreme Court and won. If you want that experience in your next attorney general ple…
the Catholic church being funded by the Obama Administration as a bribe to bring more into the United States it's a scam...
Dr Savage discusses the deliberate race wars being caused by Obama Administration:
Any progress on race, social relations and etc has been erased by 8 years of "Activist" Obama Administration rule.
with the Obama Administration deporting nearly 2 million immigrants, more than any other president before him. many Mexican…
U.S. Dept of Homeland Security whistleblower Phil Haney exposes the Obama Administration at a press conference.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Thank You Mister Speaker for being blunt and to the point. Wake up Obama Administration!
Ben Shapiro lists the crimes of the Obama Administration
Fact: the Obama Administration failed to stop an Islamic radical they were following. And now blame law abiding citizen…
Here's my official statement about the Supreme Court decision in my 31st lawsuit against the Obama Administration. https…
.to Hold Hearing on Cover-up of Islamic Terror by Obama Administration . by: . .
The GOP is failing to point out how inept and terrible homeland security has been during the Obama Administration.
While Holder says Snowden performed a public service, the Obama Administration is doing this: .
The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration | FThis is insane.
The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration | Frontpage MagStop taking up for Bloody Hands
Tennessee General Assembly stands firm against executive overreach by the Obama Administration. An Editorial by...
General David Petraeus was set up by the Obama Administration to have a female autobiographer so that he would fall prey!
More Federal Race Baiting: Controvercial and ideologically RACIST views from the Obama Administration... AGAIN! .
Chairman Gowdy's own fmr counsel reportedly praised the Obama Administration for its response to Benghazi attacks:
Are you aware Obama Administration is banning Syrian Christian refugees?
Meanwhile the mainstream media is silent and refuses to comment on this, and Obama Administration flat ignoring it
Obama Administration on Pace to Place 52K Illegal Minors in States Across U.S. via
Missouri AG Koster parrots Obama Administration talking points to deny lifesaving medicine to Missourians
Obama Administration stages p.r. events, even as it ignores the ~200,000 languishing in federal prison.
Obama Administration: Golan Heights Are Not Part of Israel. TEL AVIV – The Obama administration does not consider...
REPORT NOW: Filing of Impeachment Resolution on Executive Branch & Obama Administration - Arrest Obama for Treason
Justice Department : feign surprise at Clinton's private e-mail while it's SOP in Obama Administration
rising Illegal Alien Kills Woman, is Released by the Obama Administration and then Disappears!: This is...
...Mitt isnt in jail...because of Obama Administration policies .
High Court asks Obama Administration to weigh in on predatory lending case.
Do not bet on it, that Hillary will not be changed. If it can get by the corrupt Obama Administration (G.A. Loretta Lynch).
In 2011, the Obama Administration embarrassed itself by mistaking Colorado for Wyoming. Four episodes out now.
Yes indeed, and it will not an easy mission, after 8 years of destructive Obama Administration!!
to be America's closest ally. in the Middle East?". The real estate tycoon. answered by criticizing. the Obama Administration's. (cont)
Protect the Little Sisters of the Poor from the Obama Administration's unjust coercion of conscience.
Obama surprise. I wouldn't seven years ago have believed this story from this source. Now.I dunno...
Little Giant Ladders
Another sign of trouble in GOP was when base rejected Huntsman for serving in Obama administration.
Drug makers and some cancer doctors criticized the Obama administration's new effort to rein in drug spending
I like Kasich but he's no Trump. Kasich is good as a V.P. To weak, and part of the problem of not fighting against the Obama administration.
Should any presidential candidate bring the full Obama administration to justice for their crimes?
"The U.S. government stands virtually alone in refusing to acknowledge the genocide.".
Did the Obama Administration Backtrack on the IAEA’s Dumbed-Down Iran Reporting?
There are many good things about his administration, but I'm most proud of Obama's presidency for bringing thinking back.
Obama Administration will host White House Water Summit on 22 March for
Only under Obama's administration terrorism supporters are praised as heroes. ISIS must love the propaganda from CNN
We sued to find out who was behind the secret plan to kill transparency reform. We won.
Obama's administration has turned America into a 3rd World Nation. President Trump will put a stop to that!
Witch hunt: Look what Obama admin is planning for climate change "deniers"
It all began when the Obama Administration tried to shut me up.
Obama narrows Supreme Court shortlist down to three
Anti-Trump GOP, DEMs & MSM claim Trump has created toxic campaign. None admit to what 8 years of horrendous Obama administration has caused
Fantasy is not reaping the results the Obama Administration promised.
"Obama narrows Supreme Court shortlist to three: There's a shortlist?
Granite was largely owned by CCMP Capital where Nancy DeParle was managing director before joining Obama administration. /2
It took a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to expose how the Obama Administration killed Reform
The sooner Trump is elected the better.Trump will back the police..NOT HANDICAP THEM like Obama administration.
Wow I can't believe the Obama administration sent the FBI to break up the Trump rally. The first amendment really is in trouble.
Obama narrows Supreme Court shortlist to three:
Perry Ellis been at Kansas for the entire Obama administration
The only thing transparent in the Obama and Hillary administration is the CORRUPTION
Proud of Obama's presidency except time he pushed snubed the risks and pushed approval of 'Frankenfish'
Professor Devin Robinson discusses what it's like working with the Obama Administration! Join Devin today!
I'll send you the link once again. >> Racist Comments from Obama Administration, Top Democrats
Family of Warren Weinstein talk of negotiating with al-Qaeda and the apology from the Obama Administration
We have to hold the Obama Administration accountable, and that is what trade-promotion authority will help do:
A List of Goldman Sachs Alumni & Ties in the Obama Administration including Elena Kagan | Dregs of the Future -
“Obama Administration is blatantly breaking the law, a law the President himself signed,” htt…
[Jonathan H. Adler] Does the Obama Administration ever let the law stand in the way?
Montgomery County leaders to Obama Administration: Our police will not cooperate with ICE immigration raids.
Once his GOP friends left office, Greenberg sued the Obama Administration because – get this – the bailout wasn’t gener…
I couldn't find this in media, here is clear outline of what Obama Administration announced today re: Gun Exec Order
History looks favourably on both Teams. Clinton, Bob Gates, Biden,Richardson were popular members of the Obama Administration
Marking the new year in Washington DC is this continuing Malaysian 'special', where the Obama Administration...
PD records of hip hop interest involved with the Obama Administration. Circa 2009.
Praise to the Obama Administration encouraging dealing with drug addiction as a medical problem, versus...
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's Astonishing Admission on Obama Administration negligence in Syria
Despite intense negotiations between the Obama Administration and Chinese President Xi Jinping during hi…
.tedcruz "A HillaryClinton Administration would be NO DIFFERENT than an Obama Administration."
Iraqis think the Obama Administration is in cahoots with Islamic State. So do Americans.
Climate change is the "Look a squirrel" fleecing the American taxpayer distraction of the Obama Administration.
Tell Congress to defund the Obama Administration's plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into America. Click here: https:…
Obama Administration is controlled by Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission members >>
Mike Michaud Confirmed for New Job in Obama Administration: After coming out during a failed run for governor in…
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former director of DIA says Obama Administration pressured that community to downplay ISIS.
Mr Frank J. Larkin,The entire Obama Administration is guilty of violating,Article 3,Section 3 of the US Constitution!. Arrest Him
Obama Administration announces actions to sustain and advance nuclear energy in US
BREAKING: Obama Administration announces there is not likely a Middle east peace settlement before the end of his presidency. Ya think!!!???
Oh, the irony of the Obama Administration!
Time for a New Israel-Palestine Peacemaking Paradigm: The Obama Administration enters its final 14 months in o...
Obama administration acknowledges health insurance premiums to climb in 2016: via
Obama backs transgender teen in restroom dispute: The Obama administration is arguing that s...
Follow the coverage of the Obama Administration's K12 assessment news in our roundup:
"puberty hit you like a truck!!". I'd mainly like to thank the Obama Administration
The Obama administration is using science and data to be better prepared for the long-term costs of climate change:
Obama administration warns Texas: Kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid may… http…
Remember, GDP has increased by 14% since the start of the Obama Administration 
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
New name for CNBC is Don't C CNBC. John Harwood is a liar and a deutchbag. Shill for Obama administration. Left wing nut job. Deutchbag.
Help me shout this out to all America! The government's hypocrisy MUST be exposed.
You're aware that his commitment to come back means Espionage Act charges dropped. Obama administration 👉 🤐
5 things to know today:Obama administration warns Texas against Planned Parenthood defunding https:/…
Obama administration acknowledges schools are over-testing, but many new assessments are driven by policies
"The Obama administration continues to prioritize its political agenda over the security needs of the nation."
Obama administration to appeal ruling exempting March for Life from birth control mandate:
Paul Ryan won't be compelled to compromise with the Obama Administration, writes. Here's why:
CBS starts to rewrite history to continue the coverup. The Obama administration is totally illegimate
Obama praises DC cop for 'Nae Nae' dance-off:
Obama Admin names 9 communities chosen as finalists for pilot to improve the outcomes of disconnected youth
Condoleezza Rice on Obama's Iran Deal: A '$100bn pact to destabilize the Middle East'
The war on police needs to cool off... it's driven by the media and the Obama Administration
Christie accuses the Obama administration of bias against Obama administration official David Petraeus.
Obama administration attacked by Condoleezza Rice over Iran nuclear deal
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Women's groups pressure Obama to close "boyfriend loophole" in executive action on guns:
When Christie says the Obama Administration is a political Justice Department... Dude being president is political..
How Should Educators Respond to the Obama Administration's Concession on Test and Punish?
If the Obama Administration hadn't thrown Libya into chaos during Arab Spring, there would have been no
It's a known fact that security requests were denied & the Obama Administration completely changed their story after the attacks happened
'Cold War:' Egypt Kept Secret Strikes Against Libya from US Due to 'Deep Distrust of Obama Administration'
Did you know Jay Carney, former Obama Administration press secretary, now barks for Amazon?
Democratic is demanding the Obama Administration release deal details http:/…
Help me here: after a short stint working for the Obama Administration why is Peter Orszag a Citi Vice Chair and a notable pundit?
Obama Administration released new recommendations for improving the U.S. student loan system via
How Innocence of Muslims Could Put Google and the Obama Administration on Par with Charlie Hebdo via
Tell the Obama Administration: Stop Garnishing to Pay Sign the petition here:
The new smog standard is a missed opportunity for the Obama Administration to protect public health
The ENTIRE Obama Administration *** .it is a product of a misinformed public.
Pls sign/RT:. Tell the Obama Administration: No more drilling in the Gulf.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Russia defies Obama Administration by launching airstrikes in Syria: Bolton on Fox Business Network’s ‘Lou Dobbs T…
Tell the Obama Administration: Stop Garnishing Social Security to Pay Student Loan Debt. Sign the petition here:
The College Scorecard is a new tool launched earlier in September by the Obama Administration. The data-rich Web...
Proof Michele Bachmann is Correct: Pro-Islam Infestation of the Obama Administration. Why protect Obama?
NEW Commitments 2 Action, a Report & set of ed data plans from Obama Administration focused on
Pushed by the Obama Administration, the Pentagon, DC think tanks and Richard Armitage & Joseph Nye.
Rep. Scott Garrett : With Iran Nuke Deal “the Obama Administration failed the American people, it failed our a...
ASI Senior Fellow quoted in on dividend taxation rise under the Obama Administration
When someone brings up the topic of mass incarceration and asks the Obama Administration to do something about...
Obama Administration teams with Apple, HP, Boeing on new wearable tech hub in Silicon Valley via
Look out the Obama Administration might just follow suit, whether ur guilty or not
Thank the Obama Administration for fighting climate change:
Read my statement on the Obama Administration's potential attempt to transfer prisoners to Ft. Leavenworth: http:…
Jon Stewart just Pulverized Fox News and the Obama Administration with His Buzzfeed Rant on Donald Trump's Tinder Profile
Checking out "Obama Administration to Use Trackers on Freed Illegal Immigrants" on Tea Party Command Center:   10% Off
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