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Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are a professional American football team based in Oakland, California.

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I may win the lottery and buy a controlling share of the Oakland Raiders and live in a penthouse looking over hte L…
Sebastian Janikowski aka “Seabass” aka “The Polish Cannon”, has been a staple of the Oakland Raiders special...
Adam Gase speaks after the Miami Dolphins lose to the Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders get 2 TDs from Marshawn Lynch to beat Miami Dolphins
Dolphins do plenty right, but way too much wrong, in 27-24 loss to Oakland Raiders.
Latest venture around the NFL for Joel Stave: He tried out for the Oakland Raiders.
Bout *** time Cooper shows up... — watching Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs at Dr. Gonzo's Batcave
Beating the Oakland Raiders on the road Sunday was cause for special celebration. Philip Rivers, 35, hopped up an…
Oakland Raiders' pro-bowl left tackle Donald Penn screams fans in the parking lot: “What you gonna do, b—h *** n—-a." .
It's like watching the Oakland Raiders offensive line allowing the beat down of Eric Carr. 😂
"I want to tell you what I like about the Oakland Raiders. I don't like a $thing about them!" -- Red Miller.
Chinstrap contact a problem...incidental but still now a penalty.not the Oakland Raiders of Jack Tatum b…
broadcast by Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans: Keys to the game, matchups ...
broadcast by Oakland Raiders, kicker Sebastian Janikowski embroiled in contra...
Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders perform before a preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington,…
to the Super Bowl Parade in 2014 🏈 Kick-off for tonight's game is at 7:00pm vs. the Oakland Raiders!…
Oakland Raiders for a hit they put on Len Dawson before I was born.
[Fansided: Just Blog Baby] - Oakland Raiders: 5 matchups to watch vs. Dallas Cowboys
.JustBlogBaby: Never Forget: How does Denver Broncos QB situation impact the Oakland Raiders?
Still in need of the Oakland Raiders Lincoln Kennedy jersey, 3xl where can I get it??
Oakland legend passes away at 78:. via
Top oakland raiders articles from last 48 hrs
I liked a video Rebuilding the Oakland Raiders: My Most Successful Rebuild Yet
Been banging this drum for years, JT:
[NFL Nation: Oakland Raiders] - What should Raiders do with less than $10.5 million in salary cap space?
Even Amy Trask said in 2007 the Oakland Raiders were happy with the Coliseum and not seeking a new stadium
Kicking extraordinaire Marquette King of the Oakland Raiders played at Fort Valley State University.
NFL Classic presents University of Alabama graduate & was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1967, Kenny Stabler https:/…
Super Bowl 52 prediction on February 5th 2017: Green Bay Packers vs Oakland Raiders. You heard it here first...
Former Southern Miss and now Oakland Raiders running back Jalen Richard getting it do…
BREAKING: Tragedy just struck the NFL. Condolences from Oakland Raiders on 247Sports.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jim Quinn hopes to know in the next couple months whether there's a case to be made against the Oakland Raiders'...
Former Bayside star QB EJ Manuel battling for No. 2 spot with the Oakland Raiders
I love the Oakland Raiders, I love the Los Angeles Raiders, and I will love the Las Vegas Raiders.
Mr. Marcus Allen, the great running back of the Oakland Raiders and Mr. Jim Mcmann, both are Superbowl Champions.
NFL .. Seriously .. Cliff Branch, WR, Oakland Raiders .. Needs to be in the NFL Hall of Fame .. sort it out, it's a disgrace He's not 'in' 😡
Slight correction: Marcus Allen played for the Los Angles Raiders. He never played for the Oakland Raiders.
This is what Marshawn Lynch is going to do all season for the Oakland Raiders. 😂😂😂
What Prince William County can learn from the Oakland Raiders
Boo everyone who isn't the Eagles: Dan Williams released by Oakland Raiders
Marshawn Lynch agrees to terms with the Oakland Raiders
😂💪 Marshawn Lynch has agreed to terms with the Oakland Raiders. Beast Mode is back!
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Jay Schroeder autographed card Oakland Raiders
BREAKING: Oakland Raiders sign Marshawn Lynch to 3-year deal that includes 1.5m bags of Skittles.
Franco,do you realize that by your Oakland Raiders being allowed to leave to go to Las Vegas,every NFL owner gets...
[East Bay Times] - Oakland Raiders: What was the team’s first mascot?
RIP Oakland Raiders. The story of pro football in America will never be told without you.
Wow, looks like the Oakland Raiders are heading to Las Vegas. My favorite team in my hometown, fantastic. Much respect to Oakland fans...r
Props to him...Same Stephen Ross mindset that kept Dolphins in South Florida wanted to keep Raiders in Oakland https:/…
Sure there's 40 to a class but they'll have the raiders!
Really tho, Oakland should tell the Raiders to GTF now...don't wait.
In a 31-1 vote the owners have spoken and approved the relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas. This is not a drill…
Love the city of Oakland, I wish the would have stayed, but I bleed silver and black. Gonna go watch one in Oakland B4 they leave!
Oakland Raiders get NFL’s approval to move to Las Vegas via
NFL approves Raiders move from Oakland to Las Vegas
Raiders ➡️ Las Vegas. "That will be very, very difficult for Oakland." (via
Huh, I wonder if the might end up moving to or too if the are leaving for Vegas?
“I would like to welcome and congratulate Mark Davis & the Oakland Raiders on their relocation to the great city of Las…
The greatness is its fans, in Oakland.
Wonder if beast mode wants to play for raiders now they sold out Oakland 🤔
i was gonna bring my 7 month old son up a proud oakland raiders fan. No more. No chance.
Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas just to give there money to the casinos 🤔🤔
The Raiders definetly deserve a new stadium but i'm just upset it won't be in Oakland😕 I seriously hope this doesn't ruin our franchise
BREAKING: With NFL owners' approval, the Oakland Raiders will officially relocate to Las Vegas.
Oakland Raiders forever in my heart. ❤️☠️
I just have to say..,..the NFL will not be the same when Oakland Raiders moved to Las Vegas! Oakland Raider fans are one of a kind!
The staying in until 2020 is like dumping a girl but staying at her place until u get your own, only the girl is 2mm fans
Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders off to Las Vegas like... 😂😂😂.
Luniz predicted the raiders going to Vegas when they made the anthem. "Im a raider, an Oakland raider. From the bay to LA…
NFL approves Raiders' move from Oakland to Las Vegas
WATCH: Willie Brown on move: 'If anybody's to blame, it's city of Oakland'
What kind of morally bankrupt culture robs poor school kids to help billionaires pay for football stadiums?
NFL owners approve Raiders' move from Oakland to Las Vegas
They will still be called Oakland as long as they play in Oakland
On the 20th anniversary of the Hartford Whalers' departure, it appears that Oakland, Calif. will be losing its NFL Raiders…
Oakland residents say paying for Raiders stadium is literally the least important priority in the city
The Love here in Oakland is 2nd to none. Let's control what we can control, &That's the love! All The Real Raiders fans w…
shout out to all my Oakland Raiders fans. unfortunate news. yet another another another reason why the NFL is going down th…
The not in Oakland, just seems wrong. Came to terms with them being in LA but they moved back to Oakland. But to leave for Vegas?
Joke: How bad was the Raiders stadium situation in Oakland? Punchline: So bad that they might be playing in it for anothe…
lol. Bro, raiders dipping outta Oakland would be like sabres hoppin outta buffalo!!
Jerry Jones to cash in big with Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
I'm no Raiders fan but this smart piece by made me ache for Oakland's football fans and their wise mayor https:…
owner Mark Davis became a made man today, and the Las Vegas, & Oakland are changed forever
Also, as a San Diegan, I feel for you Oakland.
2017... such a crazy year. The Raiders are moving from Oakland to Las Vegas & control over America moved from Washingt…
If I'm the Raiders players, I'm playing on a whole new inspired level for next 2 years. Playing for a Super Bowl for the Oakland faithful
Had Giants not blocked A's move to SJ Raiders would've had stadium in Oakland by now and all parties happy. More reason 2 ha…
Good night, Raider Nation. Oakland...we stand with you!
Mark Davis addresses Raiders' upcoming seasons in Oakland:
Purdue just outlines instances where Oakland dropped the ball on A's and Raiders and he's been covering Bay sports for years man
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
At least the Oakland Raiders fans still have Insane Clown Posse to love
The are still likely to win a Super Bowl in Oakland before they head out
So Goodell wanted to evict the A's? God I hate him, and his corrupt, overhyped league.
Raiders will continue to play in Oakland at least this season, maybe longer depending on LV temporary option. Divorced ye…
The Raiders moving to LV from Oakland is some White Devil nonsense
Interesting read on what led up to Raiders decision to leave Oakland, from a longtime Bay Area reporter: http…
The owners approved the relocation of the Oakland franchise to Las Vegas. Here's what happens next → https…
Las Vegas found cash for an N.F.L. stadium but not its public schools, points out https:/…
Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas: Relocation approved by NFL club owners
WATCH LIVE: NFL press conference to announce relocation of Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.
On Dec.14th,1974 Ken Stabler and the Oakland Raiders defeated the Dallas Cowboys 27-23 on a…
1/9/1977: QB Ken Stabler threw for 180 yds to lead the Oakland Raiders to their 1st Super Bowl victory. Raiders 32 Viking…
Sources:Atlanta Falcons Running Back Devonta Freeman Traded to the Oakland Raiders. Details to come.
Have talked to 2 other NFL owners about They have questions, don't like the deal. BUT they don't see alter…
Raiders in talks with RB Eddie Lacy, but Oakland wants a low guarantee number to guard themselves from Lacy's weight gain.
Oakland Raiders are on the verge of selling out their season tickets for the first time in history
Latavius Murray has led the in rushing yards for two years straight. The last Oakland player to do that is…
Not happening love on Oakland. Yes they deserve it but sometimes in life you don't get what you deserve. Oakland tr…
NFL owners to vote on and approve Raiders relocation this month Now that the Oakland Raiders have…
** Oakland Raiders free agency rumor tracker -
** Oakland mayor presents Raiders stadium plan to NFL owners -
What is going on? Raiders have taken our $$$ for 2017. This would be bad for city of Oakland!
SportsCenter Video: Adam Schefter believes Raiders will get necessary approval from owners to move franchise to La…
will fans go? They don't go in Oakland, didn't go in LA. like a peep show. People just like to watch.
This Las Vegas thing makes me sick. The Raiders belong in Oakland with their blue collar fans. Don't be the Oakland Traders again.
A shame that Raiders apparently may have gotten lip service but truth be told, lot more pressing matters in Oakland.
The Oakland Raiders have told the NFL they have found a new partner to finance their proposed stadium in Las Vegas. https…
Everything you need to know about the Chargers and Raiders relocation saga
I have a question for the If they plan to move to Las Vegas in 2020 why would anyone attend games in 2017, 2018, & 2019 in Oakland?
It is certainly a loss for Oakland but I believe in the long run will be good for the team & the NFL.
.QB has empathy for in face of uncertain future in Oakland.
Take a look ahead at our upcoming free agents going into the 2017 season. Read:
[NFL Nation: Oakland Raiders] - Why Sheldon Rankins made sense for Raiders in NFL Nation 're-draft'
Someone close to Adrian Peterson says don't be surprised to see Oakland Raiders be very strong candidate for landing spo…
NEW: Undrafted RB Jalen Richard is really good already, and has given Oakland another dangerous weapon.
UPDATE: The chairman said he is confident the Raiders will find an investor or a group of investors to fill the gap.
Oakland Raiders’ proposed Las Vegas stadium still lacks financing
1-15, but sure. Darnold or Rosen? The move this year is clear cap space, find star OL. blueprint here:…
65 tackles. 5 interceptions. 2 fumble recoveries. Reggie Nelson's best shots from 2016:
if that was true you would stay in Oakland! So frustrating for a fan since I was 10. 40 years! Stay in Oakland!
Securing funds to build a new NFL stadium is tough. Just ask the Oakland Raiders.
Now that The Oakland Raiders season is over, here's how NFL star will live like kings.
good stay in Oakland now ! Build a new stadium tear down that prison you play in now
i agree the raiders deserve state of the Art. I believe it should b done in Oakland. But that is out of all our hands.
Oakland Raiders fans know a thing or two about waiting. The Raiders missed the playoffs for 13 consecutive...
Downtown Oakland would've been set on fire if The Raiders lost a 28-3 lead
Raiders president: Las Vegas stadium financing on track
What's Elizabeth's and stadium plan? They got one? I sure hope so.
Proposed Las Vegas Raiders stadium still lacks financing
Proposed Las Vegas Raiders stadium still lacks financing - Yardbarker
5 draft prospects who make sense at 24th overall for Oakland Raiders - 247Sports (blog)
Iz u listening and ??? U have the power to help the stay in Oakland, stop being greedy, s…
NFL_Raiders247 Forget the Dallas Cowboys, The Oakland Raiders should be America's team.
Rickey Henderson sees A’s being in position to promote Oakland and East Bay if Warriors and Raiders are gone.
Roger Goodell dishes on Oakland Raiders' situation in press conference
I am still hoping it will be Oakland Raiders vs. Los Angeles Raiders in the Superbowl.
On this date in 2002, Tom Brady & the Patriots' defeated the Oakland Raiders, leading to the creation of The Tuck Rule. h…
Tom Flores, Oakland Raiders, Signed, Autographed, 8X10 Photo, a COA with the Proof Photo of Tom..
Sources in ABC7 news Bay Area tell me Fortress Investment Group has submitted a stadium proposal to the Oakland Raiders and…
Oakland Raiders have not won a road playoff game since 1980 and Detroit Lions since 1957. Lions last won a playoff game in 1991 season. Wow!
I really miss Derek Carr playing quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.
How a 23-year-old kid suddenly became the Oakland Raiders' best shot at a championship
Connor Cook to Start at QB for Oakland Raiders in First Playoff Game
Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans Tickets for the AFC Wild Card Game at NRG Stadium on January 7th:…
Looking like we got our mojo back 😀 — watching Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at...
I am a Oakland Raiders fan and I feel you should sign Johnny Manziel to help us in the playoffs.
A look at plight of suspended Aldon Smith of the Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders fans, meet your new starting QB -
Oakland Raiders fans, meet your new starting QB , Sports News Online: via
Oakland raiders got it worst this year
.is TOO much for the Colts D. Hello, end zone!
Raiders QB out indefinitely with broken fibula
Congrats to DeAndre Washington scoring his first 2 NFL TDs and rushing for 99 yards in the Raiders win, Oakland Raiders win…
Video: Fans watch Oakland Raiders play last home game –
It's not the best of news, for us long suffering Raiders fans, but.. McGloin is capable if the Defense steps up.
With Derek Carr out injured, the Raiders are going to need Khalil Mack more than ever in the playoffs:
Here to support Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders
"We’re a team...we have to continue to work and work towards our goals.". Quote Sheet:
Andrew Luck looks DEEP for the end zone... But it's PICKED by Reggie Nelson!
Hawaii takes down Middle Tennessee for first bowl victory since 2006
still strong despite losing mvp candidate QB.
Vote on Raiders' potential Las Vegas relocation could come in March
Raiders and Colts both left dejected after Oakland's win
Sheldon Adelson Attempting to Block Oakland Raiders Move to Las Vegas, Team Still Poised to Migrate to Sin City
What a shame it would be if the Oakland Raiders get to 12-3 and lose their MVP candidate quarterback.
Oakland Raiders fans, meet your new starting QB
Raiders and Colts both left dejected after Oakland’s win
Oakland Raiders DE Mario Edwards Jr. gearing up for Week 16 return
Inside the mind of Khalil Mack, genius pass rusher:
Christmas comes early for 15 families thanks to Dan Williams - debut piece for
Playoffs = Clinched - But there's more work to do in Oakland says rookie
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson on the call for CBS Saturday for Raiders vs. Colts at Oakland Coliseum. https:/…
2016 Oakland Raiders Hype Video - "Welcome to the Show" "paper champs" looking like AFC west champs soon 🤔
You just witnessed the 1st rookie in the NFL during the SB era with TD's off a punt, kickoff, catch and rush.
ohhh it's bc of her fam...I live in LA that's why there's a lot of raiders fans here smh...prolly more here then Oakland
Oakland Approves a New Stadium in a Hail-Mary Bid to Keep the Raiders - SF Weekly
Oakland Raiders (12-1, Previously 14-1): Took care of business in San Diego. Now they just need to close strong.
Our seven Pro Bowl selections lead the NFL. Read:
DT Dan Williams personally shopped for 15 families of the East Oakland Boys & Girls Club through his Filling…
It doesn't get much better than this... A DIME from And a little MAGIC from 🔥🔥🔥
Email from president Marc Badain in 2015 defends the "most honorable, transparent, and generous" Mark Davis https…
Heard it on Oakland radio 2day that Raiders have a pile of $$ waiting for A. J. Bouye when th…
AFC Pro Bowl team list is out. Do you know who made the cut? News for Grades 7 & 8
we miss you Bruce!! But glad you are tearing it up in Oakland. 💚💙
The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Trump is President. The Oakland Raiders are going to the playoffs. Go home 201…
Short week, getting back to work. . Hard work, in photos:
Oakland Raiders claim Derek Carr's finger not an issue
City, county approve talks on Oakland Raiders stadium plan
Three and Out is a weekly series that will examine three areas where the Oakland Raiders played well, and three...
This sneaky stat may spell Super Bowl for Oakland Raiders in 2016
RAIDERS WIN! . Oakland beats San Diego 19-16 and is playoff bound for the first time since 2002.
Oakland Raiders-San Diego Chargers post game wrap: Silver and Black going to the playoffs
The 'reward' for fans for cheering to great year is for Mark Davis to move the team to Las Vegas.
FINAL: 19-16 . Oakland are in the Playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season!.
"has been tremendous for us and is a really great addition to the football team.”. Quote Sheet:
The Jets are a dumpsterfire and the Oakland Raiders, typically the hepatitis of the NFL, are fun and likable. This is why T…
The NFL has never liked the Raiders, so who are they punishing? Raiders or Oakland? I say bring on the Las Vegas Dragons ML…
Very proud greatful for the playmaker it's been awhile since playoffs divisional Superbowl champions I always belie…
They're in!. With a 19-16 win over the Chargers, the Oakland Raiders will be in the postseason for the first time since the 2002…
The Oakland Raiders are PLAYOFF BOUND for the first time in 14 years.
Oakland Raiders clinch first playoff spot since 2002 - UPI
Warriors going crazy as usual, Raiders going to the playoffs, and two Oakland high school teams won state the town tur…
** NFL Week 15 Blanket: The playoff-bound Oakland Raiders are officially back -
** Oakland Raiders end long playoff drought in San Diego -
By defeating the Chargers in Week 15, we have earned a spot in the postseason. Read:
Bruce Irvin made his presence felt, took over Qualcomm Stadium, and more. 5 Takeaways:
We fought hard and defeated the Chargers, 19-16. We're now 11-3 and back on top of the division. Recap:
Crabtree said he's happy for "all Raiders players past and present, fans, and people who live in Oakland. No more waiting for…
And we have to win out, which starts with next week. Against the Raiders. In Oakland. While they're playing for a 2 seed.…
Is having the Oakland Raiders being relevant again good for the NFL? Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen came...
Did you hear U of Alabama's offensive coordinator, and former Oakland Raiders coach, Lane Kiffin will take over…
OAK punts it away. It's muffed by the RECOVER. 📱💻: 📺: NBC + NFLN
Travis Kelce is not going to let The Oakland Raiders punter get away with his goofy antics tonight.
[SB Nation] Alex Smith avoided an illegal pass by an inch and made one of his best plays of the season
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Raiders...come out and play... — watching Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs
LA Raiders sweater here... No Oakland on that *** .. s/o NWA ✊🏽
Just back from Oakland. We got this. Raider fans are amazing!! Go Raiders
Feeling solidarity with the good folks of I really hope the can pull off a win.
KC vs. Oakland Raiders AFL Championship Program (January 1970) Cool group of AFL logos on the cover
I believe Pastor Nap the Oakland Raiders will come back and win
.➡️ The handle says it all. TOUCHDOWN 📱💻: 📺: NBC + NFLN
P.S.A. The Raiders are a second half team, Relax. We right where we wanna be .
The level of disrespect Travis Kelce just sent The Oakland Raiders way is otherworldly.
We really have some great things happening in Oakland Raiders are looking good and so are the Warriors.
Get rid of the ball QUICK. Or... this could happen. 📱💻: . 📺: NBC + NFLN
I've never met an Oakland raiders fan I Iiked
November 22nd, 2015: Matthew Stafford decides to put the team on his back against the Oakland Raiders.
Dude is so confident despite the score and the KC fan senses what's coming. This is the 2016 Oakland Raiders summed up i…
Speechless. Best observed with the eyes.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Derek Carr has that classic, "You have the right to remain silent" look you love to see from the Oakland Raiders…
Alex Smith & do not care how cold it is tonight... 📱💻: . 📺: NBC + NFLN
Living in Ohio, I grew up an Oakland Raiders fan.
Green Bay Packers vs. Oakland Raiders for Super Bowl LI. You heard it here first.
"King of the DOT, muscular dystrophy patients inflicted with. Inflammation, barricaded with Oakland Raiders placing wages"
Let's all take this time to remember that the 7-2 Oakland Raiders are in first place in the AFC West
Can the Oakland Raiders ride their running game all the way to the playoffs?
I've been saying since before the season that the Oakland Raiders are going to win the AFC West.
Any football stadium that Oakland Raiders billionairre Owner Mark Davis builds should be known as "Fantastic Sam's Field".…
Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders will get destroyed tonight. It won't be close. So if you expecting a tight game turn on m…
I don't care if Beane is the architect, I respect him and am a non-Oakland Raiders fan, so I get to blame Lew Wolff. YAY!
Did the Oakland Raiders submit an to cover Mark Davis? Or is Carol Davis first in line?
Here is my statement regarding Oakland's efforts to keep the Oakland Raiders from being ripped away from Bay Area fans a s…
Former Buccaneers LB Danny Lansanah worked out with the Oakland Raiders today
the San Francisco 49ers are 1-3.. the Oakland Raiders are 3-1.. doesn't this remind you that the warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals
— Oakland Raiders rookie linebacker Shilique Calhoun's extra work before and after practice has earn...
News: Former standout Jake McGee was cut today by the Oakland Raiders as teams get rosters to 53 players.
Always my team but Oakland Raiders has been such a losing brand name for so long, "Las Vegas Raiders" might actually reinvent it.
Las Vegas moves closer to having Oakland Raiders move to Sin City. $2.0 billion stadium rendering was proposed today
Oakland Raiders file trademark applications for 'Las Vegas Raiders' for potential move to Sin City... which could …
The latest: a 20-12 victory over the Oakland Raiders. A handful of the Packers stars, like Aaron Rodgers and...
True, the Oakland Raiders did not necessarily devise a game plan for Thursday's exhibition game at the Green Bay...
** 5 Green Bay Packers who stood out vs. Oakland Raiders -
Oakland Raiders top 2 receivers in their first preseason game...were Red Raiders! Red and black to silver and black
Odds on Oakland Raiders to win Superbowl 30-1 San Francisco to win Superbowl 100-1.
Damontre Moore cut by the Oakland Raiders via
SJ Sharks, Giants and Oakland Raiders score big rides to and from event venues
Damontre Moore cut by the Oakland Raiders - Big Blue View
Some of former Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler's possessions are set to be sold in an online auction on...
ALAMEDA, Calif. -- As the Oakland Raiders' interest in Las Vegas as a new home remains strong, the Southern...
Order Miche Bag Online!
1937 Press Photo Ben Davidson of the Oakland Raiders and his sporty moustache
With the 14th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select: S Karl Joseph (West Virginia)
Beth Mowins and Raiders move the NFL in right direction: Oakland Raiders will have Beth Mowins in the booth doing…
Alden Smith from the Oakland Raiders stopped by today to get tattooed by our very own David Parker. Just another...
Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis, left, and Edward Roski Jr., president ... “We tried to get something done in...
Oh yeah...then there's Me, my son, and Hall of Famer from my Oakland Raiders...Tim Brown!!
Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis reiterated his interest in moving the team to Las Vegas. David told the Las...
Dexter McDonald has been doing work during OTA's with the Oakland Raiders. Being taught by NFL legend Rod Woodson 💪
Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has received a great deal of praise recently after digging the...
Newly signed Oakland Raiders safety Reggie Nelson was brought in to replace the legendary Charles Woodson with...
... Illinois, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks After three fights broke out this week during organized team...
Oakland Raiders gave David Amerson new life - Forums - Scout via
Oakland Raiders gave David Amerson new life (Last post on 05/30/2016 at 11:48 PM PDT): David Am...
David Amerson joined the Oakland Raiders in the early portions of 2015. His arrival went better than planned, as...
'Oakland Raiders gave David Amerson new life' via
Oakland Raiders gave David Amerson new life - NFL Spin Zone
Oakland Raiders tight end Clive Walford was little more than a fantasy spot starter in 2015. He produced 329...
In the 2016 NFL draft, Joseph was drafted in the first round by the Oakland Raiders with the fourteenth overall...
Aside from late former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, I don't know of an owner who did well as a GM.
I'm starting to wonder if this football thing is meant to be for Oakland Raiders receiver Andre Debose. The guy...
Move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas? No way says National Football League Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott and a group...
It was only a formality after he was waived with an injury designation Tuesday, but Oakland Raiders receiver...
Hip-hop — both classic and new — blasted through the Oakland Raiders training facility Tuesday, providing a...
I see Oakland Raiders signed former Wyoming receiver today.
Report: Ex-Raiders leading effort to keep team in Oakland - Two former Oakland Raiders players want to help the...
Amy is the former CEO of the Oakland Raiders. Part of crew and NFL shows on
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