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Oak Island

Oak Island is a island in Lunenburg County on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The tree-covered island is one of about 360 small islands in Mahone Bay and rises to a maximum of 35 feet (11 m) above sea level.

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The Curse of Oak Island only gets better... 3.4 million viewers last night. in the ratings and in total viewers…
Better pics of guy tied to post...FYI- First Horned Helmet ever found! .
I want to know what is going on with Oak Island...
Scenic Drive North York Moors, England, U.K. Exquisite home for sale in Oak Island NC. Open floor plan and numerous
Bout to pop on Curse of Oak Island.
That's the Oak Island fake stash pit LOL
I added a video to a playlist Vanishing Gates ep. 33 Oak Island with Jordan Boneparte
So much. Imagine being an immortal (vampire or whatnot) and now you don't have to sleep or eat or use…
Pixy Stix martini and the Curse of Oak Island
My car looked sweet in the Christmas by the Sea parade today in Oak Island, NC
Unless his name is Richard and he just doesn't understand how to identify wh…
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND - watch the book trailer. This summer they find it...
I like you Senator you shoot straight Any relation to Craig Tester from Oak Island?
Come to Oak Island and enjoy the mild temperatures of the beach with a nice mug of Coco.
You wanna shelter money from the IRS? Take it to Oak Island...nobody will ever see it again. — watching The Curse of Oak Island
150 free no deposit bonus at Reel Island Casino. No deposit bonus code for Silver OAK Casino. 150 free no ...…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Love the mystery of Oak Island? Join the hunt for treasure. Search for Oak island Treasure boardgame.
Look out Oak Island! Here comes the Pride of the South Coast!
Oak Island is a JOKE to everyone but these two DORKS.
Are you into a show on History Channel called " The Curse Of Oak Island"?. We've been following it sin…
One of the most beautiful places on the Island? Oak Bay! Ocean, sky, a quiet peace, what more could you want?
The white oak ceiling treatment and island base help define the kitchen in the open-plan space. See more—…
On our way to Oak Island for the Oak Island Christmas Parade!
Headed to the Oak Island Christmas parade to watch Marissa March JROTC.
The Curse of Oak Island 🔥 🔥 doesn’t get much better than grown men searching for treasure
Curse of Oak Island let’s me down every season yet I continue to watch it hoping they’ll find some ounce of treasure
The Lagina Brothers get stunning news about a find from the money pit''s GAL- 1 shaft — Watching The Curse of Oak I…
Will you be making an appearance on Curse of Oak Island?
Watch out for these up and coming hair gods @ Oak Island Toronto
Law & Order and The Curse of Oak Island are similar, in that, neither one ever come close to producing the treasure of Oak Island.
Getting oil changed. Oak Island on the "History Channel". Lol. People are still morons...
This Oak Island stuff is just getting more and more ridiculous
Heading to Oak Island today for The Christmas by the Sea Parade? It startes at 2pm from Town Hall, traveling Oak…
Enjoying your stay at Atlantica Oak Island Resort & Conference Centre? Why not share all...
Who's ready for another exciting disappointment tonight on The Curse of Oak Island.
Been doing some shopping and watching lots shows on netflix lately. I am really enjoying the Curse of Oak Island. I…
I just entered for a chance to win the - The Trip to Oak Island Sweepstakes
Join us next week to discuss Oak Island, presented by ! Be there or be... treasureless.
I downloaded the History Channel app to watch The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer and The Curse Of Oak Island but I had to be in Canada :(
"The Australians despise the nasty short stabbing sword of the Romans": Nino Culotta
Maybe YouTube is the wrong venue moving forward? There are so many Ghost Hunters, Curse of Oak I…
Tired of shows like this that go no where and find nothing. Same with Oak Island . Year after year these shows never get no where
I am tired of nothingburger shows like this and shows like Oak Island. Year after year always goes no where
"Its human nature to wanta follow a dream and don't apologize for it." - Dan Blankenship of Oak Island.
It is well established that the Ice Road Truckers are hauling all of the Oak Island treasur…
Curse of Oak Island & Ice Road Truckers are my new must watch on no more.
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You're more likely to find buried treasure on Oak Island than Trump/Russian collusion . 😏😌😋
Beautiful canal front home on Oak Island with incredible ocean views!
I can't wait until they unearth the manuscripts on Oak Island along with the Ark of the Covenant a…
Anyone watch The Curse of Oak Island from the History Channel
2 weeks from today, I’ll be in North Carolina about 3 hours out of Oak Island. God bless.
Sunset from earlier this month at Oak Island. Thanks to Jack Lawrence for the photo!
Drinking and shopping (@ Lowes Grocery at Midway Commons in Oak Island, NC)
Emily's at the pool. Kendall's at Myrtle. Dads at the lake. Shelby's at cherry grove. Sherri's at Oak Island. I'm in my bed
Oak Island man who claimed he killed another in self defense Jul22 serves on advisory board w/Oak Islnd police chief
I'am going to see Oak Island tomorrow! Who knows the legend of the money pit?!
Oak Island treasure hunter on a mysterious new quest for Royal gold
Oak Island treasure hunter on a mysterious quest for Royal gold
To get to the closest major highway from Oak Island headed west, you…
Oak Island - Account Sales Executives - Text Messaging has become a global pheno...
April showers bring . . . time to read. in AverCust Rev: International Intrigue; Knights Templar; Oak Island
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
A little cloudy with a chance of rain.4-5-17 @ Oak Island, North…
Wow can't believe the History Channel conned me into watching The Curse of Oak Island... such a bull crap show and ending..
The Curse of Oak Island has become the Todd Hoffman Curse of channel.GIVE IT UP ALREADY.
The Curse of Oak Island: Why was President Roosevelt obsessed with the Money Pit?
I love the History Channel show The Curse of Oak Island! There, I said it.
the curse of oak island- History Channel. Real life illuminati. True story
. --counter tops and oak wood cabinets along with an island in the center of the kitchen. "I'll put you on the couch, ok?"
Ah hah! Curse of Oak Island will be the first to That's how it's done!
it's on oak island. The History Channel says so.
Last days of winter last year on oak island NC. . .
WARNING: NOT FOR THOSE WITH WEAK MINDS OR NEEDING SAFE SPACES: WHY has Oak Island and all its various treasure... htt…
A legend in Jim Raynor and Ancient Aliens cursed Oak Island.
How many millions of $, do the oak island brothers, have to waste ?
This Friggin Curse of Oak Island. Is getting on my nerves! Speed up find something. Get up earlier go to bed later. Phone me I'll go Help!
New artwork for sale! - "Angle Oak Tree in Johns Island of South Carolina" -
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Cursing the curse of Oak Island. Someone has to watch it so no Raptors for me until tomorrow. Smh
The curse of oak island is the most wildin' show
me too but moves sooo slow it's painful. I did the walking tour of oak island this summer - very interesting & met the cast.
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND "pieces to a different, older puzzle…no evidence"
Curse of Oak Island - the highlight of my Sunday nights.
The curse of oak island has got to be the dumbest show... and yet I can't stop watching
I've spent the day with the curse of oak island playing on the TV. At this point they've spent way more money than could possibly be there 😳
There will be no treasure found on oak island and Trump will not make America great again.
I think the really fascinating thing about shows like Oak Island is that people would spend fortunes to satisfy curiosity. I like that.
I hope these Curse of Oak Island people find something soon...
The Curse of Oak Island is my show lol
"This is the most wine drinking place I have ever lived (Oak Island)" --Grammy
I love love love wilmington. I frequent Southport and Oak Island quite a bit.
Curse of Oak Island is so good.. proper addicted
The curse of Oak Island has me hooked...
Very cool. Matty Blake from Oak Island to WAAF. That rocks!
Could it be? A piece of long lost tree that was a part of the treasure on Oak Island? Could it…
My theory of the curse of oak Island is there's not just on treasure on the island but you may be looking at two or three.
Even though they cover so little ground in an episode, I have to admit I'm a big fan of "The Curse of Oak Island."
Sorry Oak Island I find you a little hard to take seriously as a TV series with multiple seasons.
coming into a New Year and a New season of The Curse of Oak Island. Why did you turn tail on us and the investigation?
What should I do on the first day of 2017? Go to the gym or watch a marathon of The Curse of Oak Island and drink mimosas?
Maybe the real oak island treasure was all the History Channel money they made along the way
Hey Rick Lagena from oak island Happy New Year and i am trying to help you guys find out the solution tothe mysteryand i think that iknow!!!
U could combine important finds from all 4 seasons of Curse of Oak Island into 1 half hr show and you'd still have to fill 15 mins.
A year ago I drove down to oak island to meet a girl my aunt told me I had to meet. Now a year…
Last year it was Three Stooges marathon, this year Curse of Oak Island 🙈 I never learn.
Southport Waterfront with views of Bald Head and Oak Island lighthouses
4:25 PM: impact on Oak Island at 19th St./Davis Canal- thanks to Erin & Tristan Bennick for the pics! https:…
Waves break off large section of the Oak Island pier.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Sun rising over Oak Island. Mandatory evacuation underway for all visitors
The baby loved the aquarium and we really enjoyed Island Way in Oak Island. Wilmington had lots of cool places, too :)
Finally in Wilmington but work comes first and then Oak Island tomorrow night 🙄
Oak Island! Gonna try to hit up Wilmington as well
Thank you Pastor Charlie and the WMU ladies from First Baptist Church of Oak Island for bringing recyclables and...
I'm so fudgin' excited! We got tickets for the Oak Island walking tour!!! Tour guide is Charles…
After driving through 3 monsoons and having 6 close calls with deer in the road, we made it to Oak Island
5* "Last Assault on Oak Island is a brilliant must-read...a wild ride."
A small plane takes off over the Intracoastal waterway between Oak Island and the mainland.
Great getaways to take your family fishing in NC @ Oak Island Pier and Ocean Crest Pier
It only took crews one week to build the Oak Island Lighthouse. More facts:
Shout out to the Chips-Ahoy fishing team out of Oak Island, NC. We are looking for some good…
A heron takes off from the shoreline at Oak Island in Waterloo this morning.
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND. "It was brilliant! Well-written and well-researched...loved the truth of the treasure"
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND 5* novel on the world longest treasure hunt.
This summer they find it. LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND ~ 5 Stars
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND. Discover treasure, or the hoax of centuries.
I think all my tbt's take place in nc but it's ok @ Oak Island,…
"more work done there than just the Money Pit...marked in 1620 or 1780." 5*
I added a video to a playlist Oak Island and the Illinois Cave (Part 3)
"Will one last stab at the Oak Island treasure reveal the truth…?"
Hi Teddy!! That's right! Nature+lake+Oak Island for Oak Park!! I'm at a city park w a lake and waterfall! I saw ducks & turtles!!
Giving the Oak Island boys a run for their money...(see what I did there?)
.hosting Beach Town Update for members with staff from Oak Island, Ocean Isle, Sunset, Caswell & Holden Beaches
"Don't let uncertainty steal your identity. You are His. He is yours." -Bob Goff @ Oak Island,…
Working on my newest endeavor! It's gonna be a good one, super excited!☆ (@ Camp Big Kahuna in Oak Island, NC)
PSA: Oak Lawn, Alsip, Crestwood, Blue Island etc. is not Chicago nbs
(« Drake... What brings you all the way out here..? Oak Island? There can only be one thing that brings you out to the »
Home from another great fishing trip thanks to sunset lodge, oak island. Never a bad trip, better than work
5* This time they find it. LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND.
Why are people so into Oak Island Money Pit? It's a hole in the ground.
Binge with the team and watch every episode online or on the app now!
Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do.
Sometimes known as the island continent Where in the world are the dolls?
It's ironic how someone's cold heart can start a fire in someone else's.
You can't change how people treat you or what they say. All you can do is change how you react to it.
doesn't know it but the only thing at the bottom of the pit on Oak Island is an old dead mouse I buried last summer
When driving from Charlotte to Oak Island, I am very very thankful for the button!
When Dreams Collapse: the mysterious death of Maynard Kaiser - Oak Island Compendium
Early Oak Island diggers and the evidence they left, or didn't leave, behind
Some cool news from Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter of Oak Island!
5* "Last Assault on Oak Island is perfect for fans of Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, or David Gibbins."
I am happy The History Channel has a new series. only so much Pawn Stars and Curse of Oak Island one person can…
The Curse of Oak Island would be a great candidate for a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode.
I liked a video from Oak Island 90 Foot Stone Located - Forbidden Truth Hidden
I just watched The Curse of Oak Island 3x06 "Carved in Stone"
It's too bad the History Channel got their hooks into the Oak Island legend we were really hoping for a more recent doc that wasn't terrible
Oak Island looks like a baby elephant.
Thomas you stop. Go History Go! Find Hitler on Oak Island -- along with Black Beard and Ponce de Leon
I added a video to a playlist Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island : Documentary³
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND "must-read for...suspense and mystery...a wild the end."
Everyday I just think about how I should be in Oak Island
Your island home awaits, situated in a nice neighborhood between Anacortes & Oak Harbor.
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND "called to the historian and archaeologist in me. It was brilliant!"
not just my house. Whole Oak Island area. Started Saturday night and issue was known by TWC.
Sometimes the heart can be deceiving 🔮 @ Oak Island (OKI)
Gawsworth in European Oak with the Island units "In frame" and painted in "Battleship" with Oak dovetail drawers.
I have raped 3 weeks worth of oak island why are all episodes the same one ? How about actually showing the next episode please
I added a video to a playlist Templar Coin found on Oak Island?
I added a video to a playlist Rare Templar Coins FOUND ON OAK ISLAND   10% Off
I added a video to a playlist The TRUTH About History and OAK ISLAND - Irreverent Comedic Look Sneak
I added a video to a playlist EPISODE FULL REVIEW - Curse of Oak Island Season 3 - Episode 1 FULL
Decent game made with phaser Dig game. Play for free now!
LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND - 200 years of the world's most futile
Anyone watch The Oak Island Mystery? It airs on Sunday night at 10pm on History ch.(about buried treasure, Ark of Covenant, Holy Grail)
People from all over send their stuffed animals to Oak Island's teddy bear intensive care. https:/…
San Juan Island, that big landmass we see from the beach in Oak Bay.
The greatest mystery of Oak Island is that any fool would spend money trying to solve it
Jack and Todd should join Curse of Oak Island n let Dave take over. .
Put North Carolina first Mr. McCrory! Oak Island doesn't want oil on our beaches.
Oak Island maybe. I've heard there's hidden treasure there so it's quite fitting.
The curse of Oak Island on History chanel-I know you could tell them the mystery! I wish you could go do a walk there!!
The # Oak Island guys would have that whole swamp drained by now.
Last Assault on Oak Island (Rediscovered Book 1) by Jenn Rekka For 200 years, Oak Island in Mahone Bay
any info about the 14th st N Oak Island area
Not so accessible beach access in Oak Island at SE 75th St.
My book about Oak Island was released today by Check it out! Joann Hamilton-Barry.
:) Our modest place is at Oak Island. Caswell Beach to be specific.
Hunter just drove from Myrtle Beach to Oak Island in a downpour-at dusk 😁. BTW...he did great!!
Best pizza eva! (@ pepperoni grill at the beach in Oak Island, NC w/
So long Oak Island, it was fun while it lasted
Awesome time last night at Oak Island seeing Christine Campbell and Blake Johnson
Gonna miss these lazy days and the view!!! @ The Point, Oak Island. NC
I really enjoy the view on these Oak Island bike rides 😍
Great to get away - we LOVED Oak Island - but it is absolutely wonderful to be back home in the beautiful Queen City
This time they find it. Last Assault on Oak Island.
"can be retrieved by digging straight down through virgin soil. . .like the Swiss bank idea."
A museum curator and his assistant take on the riddle of two centuries.
Hello Ma'am. At Oak Island, NC for the week. Just wanted to say hello. NO swimming though (Sharks) :(
A museum curator and his assistant go up against 200 years of mystery and failure.
She had signed on as a museum curator's assistant.
"No government to. . .verify that it didn't happen, given the number of shipwrecks."
I was in waist deep water, ranting about the odds of me actually seeing a shark on Oak Island yesterday, when they pulled this in. Done swi…
Eighth shark attack just reported in Surf City. When will the government close SC and Oak Island beaches? Does someone have to die?
5* Greed outweighs reason for one treasure hunter as deals out a deft insult.
Coming at you live from oak island pt 2
Recent shark bites affect beachgoers decisions to enter the water in Oak Island
The team is planning their next move. Catch up online while you wait!
I don't like you everyday, but I love you always. @ Beachside @ Oak Island
Complete Video: Girl lost her arm after being attacked off the coast of Oak Island, North Carolina.
Accidently just had my first performance in about 20 years on Oak Island - — feeling hip. at Blue Sea Cafe
5 Stars! "must-read for those who love suspense and mystery...a wild ride right up to the end."
"Every twig on that island has been connected to the pit. . ."
Breaking news on North Carolina shark attacks 2015 via
My bro went w his church to oak island to the beach lucky bastid lol
I rem when I first moved down here Oak Island was affordable now it seems to cost and arm and a leg, amarite
3 nests with eggs and 1 false crawl. What a great day! Oak Island Turtle Patrol! Story soon on
5 bucks says they talk about Oak Island on shark week
Next 'American Oak Island man, 72, gets turn on conpetition TV show
Did you miss the fires works in Oak Harbor? Worry not, Island Movie Productions caught it for you. Enjoy!
The Oak Island Money Pit The Oak Island Money Pit has been the fascination of aspiring treasure hunters
At a ceremony for the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall at Oak Island, NC
"365 FRIDAYS" Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall is in Oak Island through July 7th at EF Middleton Park...
Hi Giorgio, how many times have you gone to Oak Island??!!
Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall comes to Oak Island for July 4th.
TONIGHT at 11: We're with the veterans who just brought the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall to Oak Island.
Bob Staub Andrew Keller Skip Crowther Kim Keller we need these for Oak Island!!!
A 3rd kid got shark-bitten 1st the Thursday before the Sun NC shark attacks. Ocean Isle beach is right by Oak Island. That's 3!
no, but the attacks are at the SC/NC border, Oak Island and Ocean Isle is an hour or less away from Myrtle.
A theory of mine that sharks follow magnetic lines. Recent attacks Oak Island, NC and see yellow magnetic line
My prayers w/ victims of the shark attacks near Oak Island, their families, and emergency workers that acted quickly to…
Glad to hear it. I also watch Turn, Lizzie Borden Chronicles and Curse of Oak Island. I'm grateful for my DVR.
Ginger Dale Rhyne Rhyne, both of Oak Island. Also surviving are her father, Glen Dale Ottaway of Holly Ridge, Nor…
mtDNA sequencing provides insights into competing theories of human migration into Island Southeast Asia & Australia: http:…
Quite the tunnel at oak island bailed out my par
Tight window 300' to peninsula green at oak island.
tessole7 loves lamiradadgc . I had a blast at oak island and "tall grass" in Albert Lea, closest to…
Ciao, bella! Italian island style sails in stores 4/23. Preview the collection:
5* "sample was a mixture of silver, copper...pitchblende and oak…" "Metal in loose pieces."
"If it's right, that second triangle is a mistake." "It wasn't a hard code to crack"
There's always the money pit at Oak Island!
5 Stars "brilliant must-read for those who love suspense and wild ride"
"British, from an officer's uniform...Circa 1770 to 1805... I can make out one fluke point." 5*
or of : 5-Star Novel based on legend and theory.
5 Star Novel~ Treasure at last? Legends, stories surround the elusive
Warmer air continues to sneak in from the south; Oak Island now up to 52, Wilmington is at 45, Fayetteville is at 30. http…
Easter season makes watching The Curse of Oak Island more relevant.
Topsail Beach Town Manager making moves to Oak Island -
"It's too thick to be a coin, but it does look metallic... It's a button." 5*
5Star Novel. 200 years of the world's most futile
or of : 5-Star Novel based on legend, possibilities.
A wartime journal leads a woman and a curator on a dangerous search for treasure.
5-Stars - 200 years of the world's most futile 1
or of : 5-Star Novel based on theory, imagination.
"Every operation for 200 years thought they were only days and feet away from a major discovery"
Making a laminated butcher block island out of oak. Here's the pre glued boards we planes and cut
If coin found on Oak Island is Templar & with your findings, what do you think is buried on Oak Island?
or of : 5Star Novel based on legend, theory
5Stars 200 years of the world's most futile Booth 1531
A quantum leap of insight is needed to understand that Oak Island and Rennes le Chateau are two versions of the same story. Few can make it.
Wintertime at the Beach Just because it’s wintertime, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful beaches of North Carolina! The mild climate in coastal Carolina allows for trips to the beach year-round! Enjoy the crisp air at our area beaches this winter, and maybe even take along your dog for company—many area beaches allow dogs on the beach during the off-season months. Enjoy the Sun and Sand Without the Crowds When summer ends, the fun doesn’t stop in coastal North Carolina! The off-season is the best time to really enjoy the spectacular beauty of area beaches. As any local will tell you, when summer ends and the tourists leave, the fun is just getting started at not only the beaches, but also local area waterways. Dogs at Beach There are several beaches near Brunswick Forest that allow dogs on the beach in the off-season and, in some cases, year round. Bald Head Island, Caswell Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island, Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Freeman Park, Fort Fisher and ...
The Lost Treasure of Oak Island and the Centuries-Old Quest to Find It -
History Channel series about Oak Island is fascinating. Read about the possible mysterious treasure as a kid. Hope they find some answers.
The Knights of Templar one of the first banks? I'm learning so much from the Curse of Oak Island.
The curse of Oak Island is a good show 😩. Watching it with Uncle Ray 😎
But on a serious note Wilmington will always be home, its just not for me. Maybe when I retire Ill live in Oak Island or the Outer Banks.
So, after watching 6+ hours of Curse of Oak Island and Finding Giants I am ready to drop out and go discover some lost treasure.
To date 84 artifacts have been submitted to the Government of Nova Scotia from Oak Island.
I've discovered a unifying theory! "Alien Knights Templar have buried a golden chupacabra mummy in the Ark of the Covenant on Oak Island."
I just want to be a billionaire so I can go explore Oak Island and The Bermuda Triangle
Oak Island guys need help to narrow search-I have equipment that will do that easily-have mining gear and 50 yrs experience!
OAK ISLAND: The Bones in the Pit: o The Pope hears the confession of a senior official of the Vatican Bank. What he l
You have to believe in everything that you do and say, otherwise your life will lose all passion.
Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep people away, but to see who cares enough to tear them down.
If you've ever thought about island living, this is your chance to explore! Hodnett Cooper Real Estate agents are...
The Curse of Oak Island being back makes me very happy. it's like The Goonies, but all grown up and real.
makes watching "The Curse of Oak Island" more rewarding. I’m earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Purse of Smoke Island or Curse of Oak Island...don your Capt's hat, we ride tonight!!
F1 photographer Darren Heath guides us through Oak Island the history of
Have to make a music feature for my audio class for the radio station here at Monmouth so I'm gunna talk about oak island by :)
Tommy Craddock of Oak Island looked at Oct. 30 like he does many other days. He had a little work to do and hoped to go fishing. The focus of his...
Hey my beautiful Oak Islander's. Is it raining yet ?? Y'all are gonna get it !.. Everyone!#
The menorah from the Temple of Solomon, pirates' gold: what treasures are actually hiding on Oak Island? Comment with your theories and tune-in to the season premiere of The Curse of Oak Island TONIGHT at 9/8c on HISTORY.
An island shrouded in mystery. Years of ancient artifacts buried deep into the earth. Who put these worldly treasures there, and how far down does it go? A 200 year old show in the making. Watch The Curse of Oak Island on HISTORY tonight.
Jed,Tracy,Riley and Elise are on their way to Oak Island! Stopping by for a couple of days! On their way to Florida!
Did you watch the Oak Island show last night? Well I did and I loved was worth sitting still for lol Magic is real, if you believe in it ..just like ah curse! ;)
love that my 10 year old daughter is up at 6am watching "The Curse if Oak Island" which she dvr'd
Oak Island voters reject subdivision parcel fee: During the weekend of Oct. 16-19, one of the last World War I...
The island is surrounded by a belt of trees including Oak, Alder, and Ash, providing shelter for stock and privacy.
anyone else excited to watch oak island tonight? What do you think is there, if anything?
Voters in the Oak Island subdivision rejected a proposal Tuesday to continue to pay parcel fees for...
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