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Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge located along the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona between the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona.

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Been right there. Scenic ride from Flagstaff descending thru Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona & Red Rock Country.
it's just north of payson. We can also go to oak creek canyon in Sedona too!
Oak Creek Canyon on Sunday with my pup
The road thru Oak Creek Canyon, from to is like Heaven's driveway.
40% off charming cabin in Oak Creek Canyon
After 3 nights of unplugging in Oak Creek Canyon . We r back to civilization. We r headed where…
❤️Praying to and Thanking Mother Water for all her blessings @ Oak Creek Canyon - Sedona, AZ
More pix from Oak Creek Canyon,I think I need to wash my windows.
I'm not sure what we were looking at @ West Fork Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek canyon pix taken with my flip phone(capable of Internet but don't need),way more connected than I ever thought I'd be anyway.
On the way to Oak Creek Canyon & just before hitting the switchbacks.
My jaw was open the whole drive down the Oak Creek Canyon road
I went through Flagstaff & had the most amazing drive down Oak Creek Canyon.
A relaxing weekend at Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona! Never turned on the TV, or a computer!
Nice drive up Oak Creek Canyon heading to Flagstaff to check out a new project in Pine Canyon! @ Oak…
Conquering the trail. Heading to Slide Rock next. @ West Fork Trail, Oak Creek Canyon
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An amazing place to be by yourself. So quiet. Zen. Favorite hikes. West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Ar
Fmt if when I get back you wanna take a roadtrip to Oak Creek Canyon with me?
Mr. Rowan is in Prescott Valley and will join for lunch today. Tomorrow will hike the West Fork trail in Oak Creek Canyon.
About 7:15am before dropping into Oak Creek Canyon.
Great shot of SR 89A from the top of the switchbacks at Oak Creek Canyon by
4.7 earthquake in Sedona...Oak Creek app. 11PM. 6 mi depth. We felt it in the Chapel of the Holy Cross area.
Steve, Mike, and Bob, were out yesterday enjoying the nice weather. Mike took these pictures with his cell phone. Very nice pictures! Over looking Oak Creek Canyon from Woody springs Road.
This is a fun hike/scramble/climb. It's in Cave Springs camping area near Oak Creek Canyon (off of 89A) AKA "The Doctors Office" and "The Pharmacy". To get t...
Enjoy a Fall Hike in Sedona, AZ this weekend! Colors are popping in Oak Creek Canyon!
Oak Creek Canyon near to reopen tomorrow - Just in time for Fall leaves!
Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona to reopen Wednesday! Time to go hiking! via
Oak Creek Canyon near to reopen tomorrow:
Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona to reopen Wednesday via
Glad to know: Oak Creek Canyon in to reopen Wednesday via
Just in time for Oak Creek Canyon in reopens Wednesday
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Yay! Slow but steady. Oak Creek Canyon in to reopen Wednesday: via
Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona to reopen Wednesday via
Flew over some great canyon lands on my way to Portland today. I'm not sure which canyons but I'm guessing Oak Creek Canyon in northern Arizona.
Adelle Bradford, Oak Creek Canyon, Summer 1940. My wife (25 years before she was my wife), with long hair (before...
HEADING NORTH: After our visit to Fort Verde we drove north to the head of Oak Creek Canyon so Libba could tak...
"Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon" [most of the extensive fire damage occurred up the canyon…
Round and round the mountain we went on up to about 7,000 ft elevation to the Oak Creek Canyon…
A lodge in Oak Creek canyon has a massive, beautiful Navajo rug that was woven pre-WWII. It's ringed with a border of them.
I spent one fire season @ Fernow Guard Station on top of the Rim above Sedona, between Oak Creek and Sycamote Canyon.
Be careful on the road! Driving home from through Oak Creek canyon and mudslides already starting.
Want to help Flagstaff and Oak Creek Canyon residents prepare for monsoon floods? United Way of Northern Arizona...
Breakfast at Indian Gardens, Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona. Love this old window.
Map of the Briar Patch Inn property in Oak Creek Canyon, featuring 19 Sedona cabins on 9 acres
Cozy Sedona cabin at the Briar Patch Inn in Oak Creek Canyon called The Blue Jay
Part of State Route 89A through northern Arizona's Oak Creek Canyon will remain closed for several weeks for highway work that was delayed by the Slide Fire.
Excellent idea for a Group Page Ms Skeem. I live n Oak City and will keep a sharp eye for strays - hey wait thats everybody! J/k Most animal owners obey the leash law in Oak City but occasionally a stray is seen now and again. Over the years. Dont call Animal Control unless the animal is unruly and or causing a problem which would endanger another. The fee's for a lost animal are outrageous, or if anyone in Oak City see's a stray - call me and I will come get the animal and find it's owner. If I can not find the owner immediately, i will take it to another level of which I have many resources at my disposal of those are NOT cruelty. Often times, people leave dogs up at the mouth of the Oak Creek Canyon because they are irresponsible. Keep in mind also, Millard County is full of Coyote Packs and Mountain Lions (this is why I have pitbulls) chances of a missing animal outside of the city limits after 48 hours is slim. BEST CHANCE is to UPLOAD a photo and there are a lot of people posting in here with no pho ...
Smoke rises from the Slide Fire as it burns up Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona
Oak Creek Canyon: Tour of Oak Creek Canyon and Garland's Oak Creek Lodge in the aftermath of the Slide Fire.
Slide Fire Update: The fire is now 90% contained. The fire burned 21,000 acres north of Sedona in the Oak Creek Canyon.
Information for residents and businesses impacted by the Slide Fire, which burned in Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona.
More than a week after the Slide Fire ripped through Oak Creek Canyon, residents are beginning to return.
Be aware if you travel this weekend, 89A between Flagstaff and is closed due to fire in Oak Creek Canyon.
I love the red rocks of AZ. My heart is breaking for Oak Creek Canyon right now
and I say "hard to reach" because it's in Oak Creek Canyon... a place I've been through. It's beautiful, and the area the fire's in...
AZ fire: my BF had to vacate her house in Oak Creek Canyon. Other BF is Great-Granddaughter of Sedona Scnebly. Lisa: just devastated
Thank you to the 840 fire safety personnel working around the clock to help save Oak Creek Canyon
The Arizona Cardinals send best wishes to all of the brave men and women battling the in Oak Creek Canyon. Stay…
Sedona fire in Oak Creek Canyon still burning. Our most beautiful resource being charred due to humans.
North of Sedona south of Flagstaff. A lovely area called Oak Creek Canyon. Sigh.
Smoke shrouds burned pine trees as the Slide Fire burns up Oak Creek Canyon on Friday, May 23 ...
Slide Fire, Sedona, Arizona - As most of you know, there's a huge fire north of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon that st...
.Photo: Smoke rises from the Slide Fire thats burning in Oak Creek Canyon in Northern Arizona
A highway improvement project set to start Tuesday on SR 89A through Oak Creek Canyon is on hold because of the Slide Fire.
PRAY FOR RAIN. The forest fire at Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, Arizona is so sad. One of the most beautiful, magical areas in America.
hope it rains asap and puts out the fire burning near Sedona & Oak Creek Canyon. Have you talked to your goddaughter today?
Back from Oak Creek Canyon. Thx to the command team for all the help and the people in Kachina Village and Forest Highlands for interviews!
Oak Creek Canyon fire expected to nearly triple in size
on the south side of Flagstaff in Oak Creek Canyon. 5% containment after 4 days.
My photos of the burning in Oak Creek Canyon:
Fire is in Oak Creek Canyon, between Sedona and Flagstaff near Slide Rock:
Delicious meal this evening with Beth Haynes Burleson, Bart Burleson, Lindsey Haynes and Butch at Elote in Sedona, AZ. Wildfire north of here in Oak Creek Canyon-absolutely horrible. We're headed east tomorrow and looking forward to seeing the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest on our way to Albuquerque, NM. I'm loving all these special memories we're making:)
I try not to use this page as a soapbox, but occasionally you just have to bear with me. An Open Letter to the Coconino National Forest and the City of Flagstaff As a business which has set up our home and dedicated our business model to the City of Flagstaff and the surrounding area, we here at Wanderlust Brewing Company are extremely disappointed to hear your decision to not implement Stage 2 Fire Restrictions for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. Flagstaff is our home, as it is yours, and as such, we are very proud of our home and the surrounding area. As with any home, we feel the need to keep our home in good condition and defended against events that could threaten our livelihood and enjoyment of this area. In this past week, we have seen brave firefighters from our community as well as communities far and wide descend upon Oak Creek Canyon to defend against one of these events. Although their valor and expertise is unparalled, and we have the utmost confidence that they will be able to save so .. ...
Oak Creek Canyon evacuated. Kachina Village on standby. 4830 acres burned. High winds and rugged country. Hard to fight this fire!
Just a reminder that $1 from all pints sold in the taproom this week will go towards fire disaster relief. Come in, have a beer, help Oak Creek Canyon!
I know Oak Creek Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the country.
"With in the high country covering the Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon. No homes lost. Firefighters are taking it on big!
Wildfire in Oak Creek Canyon reaches 4500 acres - AZFamily
The fire began in Oak Creek Canyon near Slide Rock State Park just before 4 p.m. Tuesday.
This is Sedona's beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, currently being consumed by a human-caused fire that started near Slide Rock yesterday. It has rampaged north, burning through West Fork. So many beautiful areas of AZ I have loved to hike have been devastated by fire since I've been here, and most of them human-caused. :( Suzanne can you see it now? I reposted. Elaine Davies, Bob Davies, Matthew Davies, Megan Davies - I know you really enjoyed Slide Rock when you were visiting.
Please send Prayers to Slide Rock in Sedona...Oak Creek Canyon. I have spent many hours camping and communing with Great Spirit in these Lovely and Sacred Places. The People who live there, our Four Legged s, Winged Ones...All..Are in Creator's Hands. Love and Gratitude, Patty
Arizona's beautiful Oak Creek Canyon is on fire. 3,000 near Sedona warned they may have to flee. via
The Sedona Fire is happening in my favorite place in Arizona. I love Oak Creek Canyon so much! 😔💔
ALERT: The Red Cross has opened a shelter at 3950 E. Butler Ave., Flagstaff, for those displaced by the fire in Oak Cree…
Our colleagues at the in Flagstaff are keeping close tabs on the fire burning up Oak Creek Canyon.
So sad: The moved through the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon this morning. Glad I hiked it when I did
Watching the Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon. Thanks to fire crew. Stay safe!
So sad that Oak Creek Canyon is on fire. We have so many fun-filled college memories down there.…
Inmate crews assigned to fight Slide Fire
Praying that the firefighters are able to put out the Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon. Lots of beautiful cabins up there including Garlands!
Oh, man. Oak Creek Canyon has burned... and its headed toward Flagstaff.
When We Say A Prayer, we light a stick of incense or a candle, and make it an offering. My friends, one of the biggest sticks of incense has been lit; oak creek canyon. Take this opportunity to make the most of this fire, in your heart. There is good in everything.
Wildfire in Oak Creek Canyon . my holy place´д` ;.
Please join me in sending prayers to the residents, animals and fire fighters in Oak Creek Canyon.
I'm sure every Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona resident who has family elsewhere around the state, country and globe are starting to receive calls and messages making sure they are ok. Toby and I are currently fine and our neighborhood is about 15 miles' away from the flames. Rhiannon is on a camping trip over 100 miles' north of town with her class. They have pretty well-thought-out trigger markers planned out at the incident mgmt centers - they are taking a currently evacuated forest road that is probably 5-10 miles' away from residences - the fire moved about 4 miles this morning - and saying that if the fire jumps that road they will evacuate the neighborhoods just south of town. We are just to the north of town - so approximately 15 miles' away or more currently. We're watching it closely. I have a full tank of gas in the jeep and loads of food and drink so ALL IS WELL. Our neighbors to the South are not faring well though. Fingers crossed.
Slide wildfire from the east side of Oak creek canyon. Left side is looking up oak creek canyon…
Very upset about this fire in Oak Creek Canyon.
We're sharing your favorite Oak Creek Memories. Thanks to Hannah Baker for this photo.
A hot shot crew heading to the wildfire in Oak Creek Canyon up 89A. Gonna try to get a good view of…
Inmate crews assigned to fight Slide Fire: Department of Corrections officials say inmate fire crews have been...
Alright...I've held off posting anything fearful...anything angry...but Oak Creek Canyon is my second home. My Grandfather's cabin stands .5 miles from Slide Rock, and I not only learned to walk in that canyon but taught my son to do the same. I know fires happen. I know the earth goes through destruction and regrowth. But I am having a hard time coming to terms with the thought of a grip of drunk college kids burning down a place so dear to me...I am about to attend a music festival in California- I will gracefully go into their state and leave it just as I found it- I will be responsible for my actions...why is this so hard...what is missing in our culture...I hold space for my family's cabin, the memories held there. I hold space for all involved. The canyon will heal. I know. But forgiving those that inflict wounds has been a difficult lesson. I am learning.
Jetsunma, please pray for containment of an out of control fire that's raced thru Oak Creek Canyon twd Flagstaff. A…
Even thought it's 50 miles away, you can still see the smoke from a fire that is in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona.
to had pleasure to hike a scenic Oak Creek Canyon a month before this horrible
Prayers go out to everyone affected by the Oak Creek Canyon fire
As most of us know Oak Creek Canyon is closed. My nephew Mark sent this selfie from the canyon this afternoon. He works for Sedona Fire and was on the job for 40 hours before they sent him home for rest. God's speed for these fire fighters.
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"Joining at 1:15 to talk about Oak Creek Canyon fire that is burning out of control. 1000 acres. No…
A photographer's thoughts about the burning in Oak Creek. I share the same sentiments:
Dang, a place I spent many a day at as a young boy in Arizona is on fire. prayers for all the folks in Oak Creek Canyon and south Flagstaff. ... skipped school and played in the creek many a day.!!
Inside Oak Creek Canyon at Rock State Park almost 10 years ago. Share your favorite canyon memories at...
These are pictures Janelle Cordova took of us a few years ago at West Fork in our beloved Oak Creek Canyon. This band was named after this beautiful canyon. Our hearts hurt knowing that is it being consumed by flames right now, and that the fire is only getting worse. Boundless love and prayers to everyone affected, and mountains of gratitude to the firefighters working to contain the fire. We wish we were home right now.
Arizona Highways contributor Derek von Briesen writes about the Slide Fire and what it means for one of the most...
Beautiful Oak Creek Canyon on fire. One of our members fighting it. Says it's out of control and 0% contained. Headed for…
Fire season begins early this year in with six weeks until the start of the Monsoon.
Powerful words from one of our own in Sedona. via
We're battling another nasty fire in AZ. Shades of Wallow.
So I'm so sad oak creek canyon is burning down...OCC is pretty much a chimney. The one place I truly love burns down.
Wow! Not expecting it to be this large. Slide Wildfire from the east side of oak creek canyon.…
Any word on homes inside Oak Creek Canyon?
2:30 p.m. update: Air support grounded due to winds, reaches top of Oak Creek Canyon
Prayers for all affected by the massive fire in northern Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon, for the fire-fighters and evacuees.
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Air support grounded on Slide Fire due to winds There is currently no air support for the Slide Fire. All aircraft were grounded due to the winds about half an hour ago. A DC-10 heavy air tanker was ordered when it reached the flats to the west of Oak Creek Canyon, but the plane has been temporarily cancelled. The Slide Fire has now reached the top of Oak Creek Canyon at the Highway 89A switchbacks, according to Flagstaff Fire Department officials. It is burning in the mouth of nearby Pumphouse Wash, but it's not clear how established it is at that point. Pumphouse Wash was considered the trigger point for pre-evacuation notices in Kachina Village.
Fire Station 1 on Southwest Drive is very appreciative for those people who are bringing by supplies for the brave fireman who are trying to save Oak Creek Canyon. They said that it takes a couple of days for them to receive resources so they would be so grateful to receive gatorade, water and protein bars etc. Please share and help spread the word so we can do our utmost to support them.
Why is Oak Creek Canyon so special to you?: As a fire continues to consumer the area, we're asking for your he...
It's sad to hear that one of my favorite places to go when I was a child, Oak Creek Canyon, in N. Arizona is under threat of a wildfire.
40 Hopi firefighters have been deployed to the almost 900acre 0% contained Slide Fire burning in Oak Creek Canyon...
If anyone hears anything specifically about the Pine Flats community's status let me know - I have several friends and followers on the Oak Creek Canyon, AZ page who need to know. I've been sending them to ask folks like the evacuation people at Sinagua middle school and haven't heard anything else so far...
.& I were here last year MT Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon is going up in Flames
Large plume of smoke over Flagstaff from the Slide Fire which is burning in Oak Creek Canyon.
If y'all could please pray for my family and friends in Flagstaff, they are on pre evacuation status due to the fire in Oak Creek Canyon! Thank you!
Hope they can control this Oak Creek Canyon fire. It's devastating being in flag and seeing ash falling 😔
Slide Rock park is closed due to Traffic into Oak Creek Canyon is not recommended; areas of Hwy 89A are closed
One of the most beautiful places on mother earth is burning. Please pray for Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, and my adoptive hometown, Flagstaff.
Oak Creek Canyon is on fire. Over 1,000 acres burned, 0% containment. Kachina & forest highlands are on evacuation watch
"This is not good." -SW Area Incident Mngmt assessing smoke and fire from Oak Creek Canyon overlook.
But be aware that if you take I-17 north you may be diverted or slowed due to the fire near Oak Creek Canyon.
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Prayers for Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, & Flagstaff. One of my fave areas on the planet.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those brave men and women fighting the fire in Oak Creek Canyon. May they receive the strength they need to carry on.
I just found out that there's a wildfire in Oak Creek Canyon, a beautiful area just south of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University. PLEASE prayer for a hedge of protection around NAU and Flagstaff and for the firefighters' safety!!
Oak Creek Canyon is about 60 miles as the crow flies, and we can see smoke billows rising. The wind is ferocious. The guys have been hit by several large dust devils while planting. Oak Creek could use a calm day and rain.
Out of the house but wanting to rush home cuz my new craft table calls my name everyday, lol Already on my fifth beaded belt and starting some earings I want for myself... I was at the promotion wearing my own jewelry and a lady sure comes up to me wanting to purchase my jewelry. aw lady I don't think so but thanks.. lol Njoy dolls except for all the smoke burning down oak creek canyon
For those of you in NY and else ware. We have a massive Forrest fire in Oak Creek Canyon. It's moving towards Flagstaff at an alarming rate. We already have ash falling like snow in the city.
For all of you who love Mother Earth and/or Sedona, AZ, please pray for quick containment of the Slide Rock area wild fire in Oak Creek Canyon, and the safety of the fire fighters.
Were you in Oak Creek Canyon canyon between Slide Rock and the Halfway picnic area yesterday? The U.S. Forest Service wants your help finding whoever started the Slide Fire. A tip line has been established -- (928) 527-3511
This is our view (from cottonwood) of the Slide Fire in Oak Creek canyon. This is truly heartbreaking!
The world seems to have gone a little mad. Guardian Air helicopter Angel 2 just launched to aid in rescue of two patients ejected from a vehicle on Highway180 near the snowplay area, a house fire in Doney Park, an attempted suicide and the major forest fire raging in Oak Creek Canyon. All within the last hour.
Watching Oak Creek Canyon burn is breaking my heart. 😪💔
Oak Creek Canyon continues to burn with 30 miles per hour winds ~ Please continue to pray for our beautiful Sedona & Oak Creek Canyon
There are NO EVACUATIONS, other than those already completed in Oak Creek Canyon, in effect for area residents. Sign up with Coconino County's emergency notification service, Code Red, to be alerted of any additional notifications at
oak creek canyon in Sedona is on fire. 450 acres so far. I live in oak creek canyon and so far, thank god, I don't have to evacuate. unfortunately others have had to. this is one of the top 10 scenic drives in the united states. please pray that the winds die down and the firemen can get a handle on it. run wildlife run!
Fire has reached the switchbacks all law enforcement and firefighters are being pulled out of that end of Oak Creek Canyon... Current scanner traffic.
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Packing & preparing for an evacuation due to a wild fire coming up Oak Creek Canyon. This totally bites! Prayers please for all the fire fighters & the residents here in AZ!
WANTED!! Oak Creek firestarter! Praying that they catch the Moron who is destroying my beloved Oak Creek Canyon! ;(
Just listened to Arizona Daily Sun reporter Eric Betz on the phone with Bill Morse getting an update. Eric will post in the next few minutes that the fire has reached West Fork and burned into West Fork. The incident command center is being moved from down in Oak Creek Canyon up to Fort Tuthill. Look to follow Eric's updates at He is in constant contact with law enforcement, emergency planners, fire departments and the national forest. I will keep posting info on my personal page also.
God bless all of the firefighters everywhere, and those on the newest Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon. I am very proud of my son, Tyler , who is with Summit Fire Department and was called out yesterday to be on this fire . Please keep all of them safe, and in our thoughts and prayers. I love you so much , Tyler, and I couldn't be more proud of you 😊
I'm hoping and praying that the West Fork of oak Creek Canyon is saved from this horrible fire. I have some of my best memories from hiking up and down that side canyon. Stay safe firefighters and may everyone come home 🙏
Well, in this dry year we knew it could happen. Oak Creek Canyon north of Sedona and Slide Rock is on fire. 500 acres of beautiful canyon country burned. The smoke is thick here in Flagstaff.can't see the San Francisco Peaks. 200 firefighters on scene with an additional 15 hot shot crews, 40 engines, and heavy duty air support on the way. High winds expected again today. Pray for the safety of our brave firefighters
Due to possible in-climate weather tubing may be delayed this weekend. We will be watching the weather and making sure you get only the sunniest of days. Call us for any information, please stay safe if you are in the Sedona, Arizona area as the wildfire in Oak Creek Canyon is causing evacuations!
The Slide Fire did not destroy any structures overnight in Oak Creek Canyon, but a second fire, possibly a spot fire, started along the rim of the canyon. U.S. Forest
A wind-whipped 450-acre wildfire near Slide Rock State Park in northern Arizona's Oak Creek Canyon forced the evacuations of businesses and homes in a two-mile stretch north of the area Tuesday evening, authorities said. Meanwhile, an estimated 100-acre brush fire sparked by a vehicle was...
I Wanna send good vibes and love to all those fighting the blaze in our back yard that we call oak Creek canyon may god keep you all safe!! God bless!!
I have been asked to share my favorite Bible verse. This one has special meaning to me as I read it the morning my precious Mother went to be with the Lord. My parents and my family own a beautiful cabin/home in Oak Creek canyon which is so very close to the fire today. There are so many precious memories made there and they all center around my parents. This verse came to mind last night when I was praying for Oak Creek. Psalm 91: 1-2 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." 9-11 If you make the Most High your dwelling-even the Lord, who is my refuge-then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. 14-16 Because he loves me, "says the Lord, 'I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with ...
A wildfire called the Slide Fire has burned over 400 acres north of Highway 89 in Oak Creek Canyon near the Slide Rock State Park.
Ok, besides the horrible fire raging below us in Oak Creek Canyon, there is another awful development--my children's school invited Sparky to their field day tomorrow!! To add insult to injury, there is a contest for which class wears the most maroon & gold. I am outraged! We don't own maroon or gold in this house, & I told my kids to tell their friends (those from decent homes, of course) that I will give candy to anyone who wears UA colors. This whole thing is insulting! ( But, I hope you all know I am really very concerned about the fire. Oak Creek is a gorgeous spot on this planet. We can actually smell the smoke inside our house this morning!)
Prayers needed to contain the Oak Creek Canyon fire, protect people, pets and wildlife. The Amitabha Stupa is ideal for prayers and intentions as those prayers are focused and magnified.
There is a somber feeling in Flagstaff today. Smoke fills the sky, no site of the peaks, the smell of burning forest in our schools, homes and city. Feeling heavy hearts for our sister community Oak Creek Canyon.
My Dad is out fighting his first fire this year up near Oak Creek Canyon... Please keep him and all the other firefighters in your prayers.
On behalf of all of us at the Haunted Group we send many positive thoughts to those affected by the fire in Oak Creek Canyon. We are so grateful for the individuals who risk their lives to fight these terrible fires. Be safe out there.
FYI everyone.~ at this point we are only affected by the smoke. Updates as we get them. "Fire activity is slowing toward the north and now concentrating on moving up the steep canyon walls," according to an update fire managers released at 7:15 a.m. "Resources are stationed above and below the fire. Smoke is heavy through Oak Creek Canyon and creating very hazy conditions in Flagstaff. Smoke will likely continue to drift north and be noticeable along I-17 as motorists approach northern Arizona."
SEDONA FIRE UPDATE. The Sedona Fire in Oak Creek Canyon grew overnight. Hundreds of people evacuated. Hiway 89A from Sedona to Flagstaff is closed. This is a very dangerous fire and winds are expected to be in 30-40 MPH today. Just released! This fire is over 500 acres and growing in very steep, rugged terrain.
Off to see my Mom for a few days and celebrate an incredible young mans's college graduation!! PLEASE keep the firefighters in AZ in your prayers today as they fight in Oak Creek canyon , a beautiful but dangerous place to fight. This one is *** this Momma, first big one of the season. Reinforcements coming in today, hoping wind dies down.
I have friends in Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona, Az. There are wild fires in the canyon and getting close to my friends and their families (and their critters). Please keep them all in your prayers
Hello All! Today's mtg postponed @ Dine College, Tsaile Campus. Gunna catch up on local chapter projects & admin work. Then to Flagstaff to meet w/ ADOT officials re: Construction on Highway 89 which begins nxt month. Prayn for firefighters safety on maintaining Slide Fire @ Oak Creek Canyon. Y'all enjoy Ur day.
Strong winds blow smoke up Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff in this video captured by Arizona Daily Sun Chief Photographer Jake Bacon. (Jake Bacon/Arizona Daily Sun)
Praying for our Hotshot firefighters battling a now 500 acre wildfire raging near Sedona, in Oak Creek Canyon, suspected to be human set.At 6 pm it was 20 acres, with evacuations of homes, Slide Rock tourists and businesses. It has grown to 500 acres and zero contained. There are also three other wildfires burning in Arizona now. In the Badger fire at Sunset Point, an RV caught fire, igniting both sides of I 17 with traffic backed up on both sides of the freeway for four hours between Phoenix and Cordes Lakes.
Lots of prayers for Sedona, AZ tonight. My absolute FAVORITE place in all of Arizona (Oak Creek Canyon) is on fire - 0% contained, evacuations ordered. After San Diego last week and now this, it's just so SO sad!!!
We close the night with thoughts of our neighbors in Oak Creek Canyon. May the winds calm for the crews fighting the fire.
Thoughts and prayers for the firefighters and displaced people in Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon...
Prayers for firefighters fighting the fire in Oak Creek Canyon. So many family and friend memories there for me.
Please send prayers to our loving Sedona and Oak creek Canyon. Pray for containment, pray for rain.we so appreciate your support.
Prayers to the families that live in Oak Creek Canyon, Mother Nature, the sweet animals and all the firemen/women.:'( Prayers for the wind to slow down and safety for all involved in this tragedy!
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Fires in Oak Creek Canyon and at Sunset Point. Please PLEASE be careful, friends. Let's take care of our beautiful state.
Sending prayers out to the communities near I-17 at Sunset Point and Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon. Prayers out to those risking their lives to gain control of raging wildfires burning right now. Try to avoid traveling in these areas. It is super windy and super smokie.
Fire across from us in Oak Creek Canyon at Slide Rock, just north of Sedona. PLEASE people - obey Smokey the Bear. No fires! If you can't do that then stay home and out of the forests!
This is a link for the latest Slide Rock Fire (Slide Fire) information. My Battalion Chief had it posted to Sedona Fire's website. Please read and share.! specifically Oak Creek Canyon is very near to many of our hearts and it looks like the fire has grown to 450 acres in 5 hours. The rapid fire growth and spread is worst case scenerio for wildfires. Oak Creek Canyon is a "BOX CANYON" meaning it has walls on 3 sides with one exit and entrance. Please keep all of my friends and coworkers in your thoughts as they attempt to gain some footing on this Monster. So many members of SFD, The Forest Service and Sheriff's Office are sacrificing their night for extended hours to battle this blaze. I am honored to be a small part of such a great organization with incredible leadership and training. Tonight is going to be a long night for everyone in BE SAFE GUYS!!
Ok our State that is such a tinderbox is having Fires. Oak Creek Canyon by Slide Rock near Sedona is my concern tonight. Craig will find out how close it is when he goes to work tonight!! Also at Black Canyon City. The freeway in both directions were closed this afternoon. Please pray for Arizona because we are sooo dry!!
It's breaking our hearts to see the smoke rising out of Oak Creek Canyon. Our thoughts are with those displaced tonight by the fire and with the brave firefighters working so hard to save the beautiful canyon.
Coconino National Forest officials say that 100 structures are threatened in the north end of Oak Creek Canyon. A U.S. Forest Service fire overlook tower, the East Pocket Lookout, is imminently threatened in the area.
The campground host at the Manzanita Campground in Oak Creek Canyon talks about the evacuations ordered because the Slide Fire. (Jake Bacon/ Arizona Daily Sun)
I know this is not LAFAYETTE but asking for PRAYERS as a CIGARETTE has set our OAK CREEK CANYON here above Sedona on fire , WE are Evacuating, and searching for hikers that are in Harms WAY
Our beloved Oak Creek Canyon is on fire right now. It started next to Slide Rock, on the north side. 89A is closed from Flagstaff to Sedona.
Bad day in Arizona. Fires have closed I17 north of Phoenix and 89A in Oak Creek Canyon by Sedona. It's going to be a bad fire season.
FFD is currently responding two of our Type 3 engines down to the Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon. Updates to follow...
Fires have closed I17 north and south of Sunset Point, which is 35 m n of Phoenix. Also Oak Creek Canyon being evacuated due to wildfire. Red Cross opening shelter and watch this page for location.
I'm sending prayers and good thoughts to all my friends In Oak Creek Canyon that are being evacuated because of the fire at Slide Rock. Please let this wind calm down...
There are just seven days left to enjoy the warm weather in Oak Creek Canyon before Flagstaff’s favorite swimming holes are a much longer drive away. The Arizona Department of
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View at the end of Wilson Mountain hike overlooking Oak Creek Canyon. The little tiny road and bridge…
Let the nausea begin. I HATE going through Oak Creek Canyon (hurl)
1913 when it rained on Oak Creek Canyon school doors flew open& guy on horseback shouted "creek's up!"&students fled.
So we completed the day driving up Oak Creek Canyon in blowing snow! It would have been prettier if I wasn't driving up the side of a canyon, but it was kinda neat!
Around Flagstaff, ephedra is found in Oak Creek Canyon (just a bit) and around Wupatki. It is its own family and...
Heads up to all the amazing wedding professionals in Northern AZ...Mark your calendars for Oak Creek Canyon (Hwy...
The Arizona Department of Transportation will begin making improvements to SR 89A located through the Oak Creek Canyon switchbacks within the Coconino National Forest in summer 2014.
Garden Fitness Opportunity! Join us at the Sedona Winds Garden tomorrow morning at 9:30 to fill the planters with the garden soil. That involves shoveling and moving the soil. We got a mixture of 3-3-3 from Verde Earthworks - three yards red earth, three black earth from Oak Creek Canyon and three "Verde Gold" sifted compost. Message us if you need more information.
Looking for a great hiking Sedona?? This is one of my very favorites, the AB Young Trail in Oak Creek Canyon! A good workout and excellent views from the top of Mount Humphrey in Flagstaff and the Oak Creek drainage far below.
A beautiful day in Sedona, two trips with the truck on the Oak Creek Canyon road (to get a fresh battery for the bike), followed by two trips with the bike through the canyon. Definitely much better on the bike. The weather is great. by the way the Grand Canyon service writer thought the problem might be that I had the security active and every time we hit a bump the system activates and that can drain the battery. Need to put the bike in transport mode.
An Amazing Place to be By Yourself - This place is so QUIET - West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona
Made it to Sedona. Taking the trailer down the Oak Creek Canyon road was interesting. Only bad thing is the battery in the bike is dead, this is the third one in less than a year. Anybody have an idea what could cause it to die completely?
I want a cabin in Oak Creek Canyon, or at least go for a weekend.
View of Oak Creek Canyon from first bench of Wilson Mountain
Bob and I went to Call 'O the Canyon. It is in oak creek canyon. just north of Slide Rock. It is so nice. We will be going back again. here are 7 photos that Bob took.
Went to church today then spent the afternoon up in Flagstaff showing Michelle around and having lunch. Drove up to Flagstaff through the Oak Creek Canyon and national forest it's beautiful this time of year and only gonna get better as the rain comes and makes the spring flowers bloom. My fruit trees are already starting to bloom
Headed up on a spring water run to jolly ole Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon!
Spent my Saturday hiking around Sedona. A morning hike through West Fork Oak Creek Canyon followed by a near scramble up Bear Mountain for sweeping views of the surrounding mountain mesas. Then a quick dusk run up to Devil's Bridge. I had just enough light left to get in a photo, score. I only wish I had more time to explore. This place is definitely in my top three favorites. Pics to follow tomorrow, hopefully.
A water cascade in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona this afternoon. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend!
Was hanging on for dear life to her seatbelt going up Oak Creek canyon on way to Flagstaff,should of taken a pic!
Thought I'd end the evening with a couple of pics of an area I ALWAYS stop at when I'm close. GREAT scenery but tooo expensive to buy things. Start my journey up Oak Creek Canyon from here after sight seeing!!!
This was my Answer: We would have a lovely breakfast and go somewhere fabulous, Slide Rock in Oak Creek Canyon and check out Montezuma's Castle, then the Well and Toozigoot, or Moonlight Beach in Encinitas... followed by some Boardwalk stroll and a trip to Del Mar to see the Horse Races and find an interesting place for Dinner... Even if we chose to never leave the house we would surely spend the day Laughing, reminiscing and catching up on the many years we have been apart... It would be fabulous!
We took a nice hike up into Oak Creek Canyon this morning. On the hike I came across three different hearts. The first was a stone heart then we went and meditated high atop this rock with an amazing View. Right after I found a heart chocolate gleaming in the sun completely unmelted as if it was just placed there, I'm sure it was. On out way out another heart rock. Big heart opening happening here in Sedona. Love & gratitude to heart opening❤️
Much to be thankful for... including a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon, home via Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.
Day 5 - California Trip Left Santa Fe at 7:30 am and headed to Albuquerque. Arrived at 8:30 am and we saw hundreds of balloons in the air. See photo From there we drove across scrub desert into Arizona where it was desert and relatively flatter. Crossed the continental divide. We seemed to go up hill and down a lot. As we neared Flagstaff, the wind was horrific and it was difficult driving. Although you won't know it with some of the rigs passing you by. As we neared Flagstaff the terrain turned very hilly and we were climbing. The vegetation turned to Ponderosa Pine. We left IS 40 at Flagstaff and took 89A to Sedona. The drive was through Oak Creek Canyon and over 9 miles we dropped 2000 feet. You could only drive about 25 mph at most, some of the winding turns were only 15 mph and a white knuckled drive. The view was spectacular. As we neared Sedona you could see the red rocks appearing. Sedona is a jewel and in pic's 1 & 3 you can see some of the red rock mtns. Tomorrow heading up to the Grand Cany ...
Okay, from teaching yesterday morning to raising a pint to my late friend Greg (didn't think the owner would appreciate me pouring a little for a fallen homie), to oysters with my buddy Rich, walking to Einstein Bros Bagels with Mom for Sunday breakfast, to Flagstaff (Macy's, Crystal Magic, and Lumberyard Brewery) to Oak Creek Canyon (Indian Gardens...YUM and BEAUTIFUL as always) to salsa dancing with Luis Valle all within 48 hours. Temps are breaking, fall is here in the valley. Hard to have to say good-bye soon.
Discovering gorgeous hidden gem in right now. Peaceful along Oak Creek Canyon stream
Seven Wonders Scenic Tours Welcomes you to join us for our special Arizona Lavender Festival Day Trip We will leave Sedona at 9AM traveling up Oak Creek Canyon towards Flagstaff. Our knowledgeable Guide, Cheston Trammel, will share his fascinating stories of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. In Flagstaff our founder, Mr Lloyd Taylor, will be joining us. From there we will travel east on I40 passing by Walnut Canyon and Meteor Crater. Mr Taylor will share his in depth knowledge of these fascinating places along the way. In Winslow we will stop at the Historic La Pasada for a wonderful lunch and tour of the grounds and gardens. Next we will see the magnificent Petrified Trees of Holbrook dating back millions of years and a short stop in Jim Grey's. Then we will enjoy a scenic drive along the edge of the Painted Desert. Finally we will arrive at the Red Rock Lavender Farms around 1pm. This is a special time of year for the Lavender it is in full bloom. We will be doing daily trips throughout the weekends of the L ...
Sweet 1940's reel about Oak Creek Canyon. We were there this year. The land has not changed much. Just the rules ;) -
So jealous! Make sure you hit oak creek canyon!!
Hey all, What's your weekend plans? Anyone doing something special for Fathers Day?
Did you know, that the first Waldorf School opened in September 1919 in Stuttgart. Today there are 1025 Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner schools in 60 countries around the world. TELL US WHERE ARE YOU FROM BELOW Let's us all connect - Waldorf Network
Yesterday's hike - West Fork trail in oak creek canyon. We did about a 5 mile hike. Susan was a trooper and did this with her injured toe! She didn't want to miss anything! :-)
Momma used to say "the best part of a vacation is looking forward to it". Ok. But I'm done lookin forward. Just get here already, would ya??!
Are there any aspen groves around here? I'd love to go hike in one...
Home safe and sound from a great day with the boys. Was so nice to crawl into that hot shower and wash all the dirt and grime away from the afternoon on quads in the desert. Hopefully David David Sternlicht and Jeremy Sternlicht get a good night sleep at Pine Flat Campground in upper Oak Creek Canyon in the "Mountain Cabin" (aka the 10x16 tent that could host a frat party).
Time to get the fudge out of the heat for a couple days ..
I wana head out ov town mybe sadona oak creek canyon and Slide Rock who's down
We will be collecting Hobble Creek Canyon on Friday. Message me if you would like to attend. We will be meeting in the morning in Orem.
WILDOMAR: Citizens’ group sues over Oak Creek Canyon development
Marko through Yarnell and Prescott. Still no sleep. Now it is time for Mingus Mountain, Cottonwood, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and Flagstaff.
Next stop Sedona Arizona. Any suggestions of things to see and do and eat!!!
Anyone else have questions from Royal Gorge Fire we can help answer?
Hathaway Fire update - * 2,850 acres * 30% contained * Growth Potential is still "High" . The Hathaway Fire started just before noon on Sunday, June 9 east of Hathaway Canyon on the northern portion of the Morongo Indian Reservation. It is currently burning in steep, rugged terrain in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Many of the fuels burning have been impacted by drought and bark beetle kill. Extreme fire behavior has been observed, including rollout and uphill runs. There is continued potential for large fire growth into the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Emphasis today is on continuing direct fire line construction, continue air operations until dusk, and night air attack flying. The Hathaway Incident Command Post has been established at Noble Creek Park in Beaumont, CA. Motorists should be aware of increased fire-related traffic along I-10 and Oak Valley Parkway. The San Gorgornio Wilderness area remains open, except for Vivian Creek Trail. However, other trails and local areas such as Pioneertown, Morongo and ...
We took a vacation way back early 00's. we stop at sliding water, oak creek canyon, there were lots of whites playing, sliding down. we got off, into the water we went, about 15 mins later, everybody was gone. we was wondering what happen? n e wayz we n-joy our time. we left, went to phx, California, back to Grand Canyon. we were still puzzled about the oak creek. we found out later it was during this time there was this "Navajo Disease". Hantivirus scare. LMAO..everywhere we went we scare the crap out of people.LOL..
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Our hiking adventures yesterday were amazing starting with sliding down the natural slides into the freezing cold waters of Oak Creek at Slide Rock park. Then, we hiked 3 to 4 miles into Oak Creek Canyon! It was so beautiful!
Cousin Todd visiting us in Arizona. We're getting ready to hike in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona today. Looking forward to our adventure !
Best fall riding in AZ is Oak Creek Canyon!
When most of us think about where we want to ride our mountain bikes, we consider how much climbing we feel like doing, how hot the day may be, how many people may also be on the trail, and if you are anything like me and extremely prone to poison oak, you are also thinking about which trails to avoid.  Mike Gourley is no exception when it comes to choosing trails nor to the wrath of poison oak, but he has a few secret weapons up his sleeve: shovels, gloves and pick-axes.  Working in conjunction with the National Forest Service and The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, Mike has been maintaining trails in Ojai for the past 15 years. Inspired by the many miles of trails and beautiful terrain of Ojai, I had the chance to sit down with Mike, to talk about his fascination with trail work. “We’ve gotta take care of our local trails, and they’re not gonna get done just thinking about them.”  As a boy scout, Mike learned that the more you take care of the outdoors, the longer they will be around to play in ...
Oak Creek Canyon - looking forward to being able to hike again.
Hey lubbock suck my balls lol I am never comming back
Are you ready to do some fly fishing in Sedona, Arizona?
Okay Arizona!! Where are your favorite places to go and take photos? Specific names, roads, or places appreciated!!
Enjoying the day with Paul Wasmer and David Wasmer...amazing beauty!!! Sedona Arizona:-)
Arizona Snowbowl Tuesday, June 11, 2013 SNOWBOWL OFFERS UNIQUE SUNSET CHAIRLIFT RIDE AND BARBECUE FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - While much of Arizona is living up to its hot, dry reputation with triple digit heat, Arizona Snowbowl is offering cool temperatures and cool views with the return of the Sunset Chairlift Ride! This Friday, June 14, and every second Friday of the month through October, the Sunset Chairlift will run from 3 to 6 p.m. A free barbecue dinner comes with the purchase of a Chairlift Ride ticket and live music! National Weather Service meteorologists say this Friday, Sunset lift riders can expect clear, sunny skies, as monsoon thunderstorm clouds won't start building until early July. "The view should be terrific. It looks like we'll have a westerly flow between now and Friday, which should push smoke and haze from the New Mexico fire away from us," said meteorologist George Howard. "The higher you go, the longer you'll see the sun sinking into the West. Right now the warmest temperature at 11,000 ...
Highlight of Arizona trip so far, besides hanging with Deb and Dan in the mountains, was a visit to Jerome, an ex-mining town built on the side of a mountain. Nothing like it in Texas. Or the rest of the country.
"Fun is good." -Dr. Seuss Enjoying the creekside deli while getting some work done in Oak Creek Canyon.
The morning drive is through Sedona and up the Oak Creek canyon to the gates of Forest Highlands just south of Flagstaff, Arizona. What's next is one of my favorite tracks of all time. The Forest Highlands Canyon course has been rated No. 1 in Arizona year after year. It's a pure mountain and canyon gem, with towing ponderosa pines and elk rubbing up against flag sticks.
Just a little sample of oak creek canyon West Fork hike today . It was incredibly beautiful .
More photos! Our cameras are always ready, so we ask: what kinds of photos would you like to see more of on our page? Campus shots, Flagstaff outdoors, local stomping grounds, etc? Be specific and we will answer the call!
That is one of those photographs that I wish I was the one that captured it! Great image! :-D
Left Phoenix yesterday noon with a working ac in the suburban and fridge in the trailer. Headed through Oak Creek Canyon (pic of Bell Rock) and Sedona. Camped at Jacob Lake (pic deer across from campsite) north of the Grand Canyon. Won't visit the GC since we were there 12 yrs ago. Headed through Utah towards Nevada for the night. Absolutely spectacular scenery!
Drunken Kung Fu Fighting. The Real Fighting Techniques of the Daoist 8 Eight Drunken Immortals by Jake Mace in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona with assist by Joac...
BOULDER CITY, Nev. (AP) — A Boy Scout group that took a hike in a Colorado River canyon over the weekend had tried to beat the heat by starting early, but they were no match for temperatures that soared to 115 degrees.
getting all the utillities up and running. Met the landlord and had a beer with him last night. Love our new home!!!
Our elders have always believed in supernatural entities & passed their values onto new generations.
Finding it hard to motivate myself to take a step ladder out to the mural site. I had noodle legs for hours after the fact yesterday. Too hot to be working out there. I guess it is as touched up as it is going to be.
George and I just got home from a all day date together :) We drove to Flagstaff and went to the Farmers Market, met Angie Clark there, went to her temporary home. Left there and drove down Oak Creek Canyon, through Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome, Prescott, Wickenburg and finally home! Had a FABULOUS DAY! Thank you Honey! Our GPS unit only got us lost course on some random gravel road for a hour and a half that SUCKED! Thanks LoLa (thats our GPS's name) :)
To all my ahs yl friends we are going to oak creek canyon this friday, we'll meet at 10am at the starbucks at 44th and indian school and we'll be back by 6, more details to come
Well, the oak creek trip, turned into the Sycamore camping trip instead. 9 people from all corners of the earth, crammed into a car and a jeep, and proceeded to wander off onto forest roads that lead towards sycamore, in theory. After (well before too, honestly), pronouncing the collective party lost without direction, I finally spoke firmly enough to ask if I could navigate, due to the fact that A-I was the only Arizonan, and 2-I was the only one who had been there...a lot. With about three fingers of space between the sun and the horizon left of daylight, we tribed down into the canyon, thoroughly enjoying the first swimming hole, then hiking back up, to further the evening; lacking a campfire, but ample in guitars; even a drum showed up to the shindig. This morning was spent hiking further up stream to the main swimming hole/ tall cliffs. On the way in, alone, I spent some time in the jaguar lounge; sprawled amongst smooth sycamore branches, practically above the Verde..'twas nice. The 89A backseat ...
I only post this stuff for some of my friends that will never have the opportunity to see this part of our great country and those that may like to, I hope. I am biased though, I'm crazy about the great Southwest, so ROAD TRIP! Santa Fe and Taos are nice to see but are basically tourist traps. Should have just went whitewater rafting or fishing on the Rio Grande between the two cities, but forces higher than me didn't allow that. Bummer! Winslow was just something I have wanted to do because of the song. Didn't know I was one of many!
Made breakfast for my mother and I. Time to doll up and cruise Flagstaff for yard sales! I want to take a drive down to oak creek canyon. reminds me of my childhood days when my grandparents and uncle were here along with all the rest of my tabaha family :'(
Musings from Mikepedia. One of the great blessings we have living in The West is the proximity of so many wonderful National Parks. The newest is Pinnacles, located not far from Salinas in NorCal. But though we have the majority of Parks in the country, other areas are needing this extra special protection that National Park designation affords. Such locations as Mount Shasta, Mount Hood, Big Sur, Mono Lake, Oak Creek Canyon, and The Columbia Gorge, among many others, are spectacular areas that need this designation. For a variety of reasons ( none of them good, in my estimation) these areas, while mostly Federally owned, have been passed over for National Park Status. Do you have any additions ? In my lifetime I hope to see a Shasta National Park, and a Mount Hood National Park ( and that already comes with a spectacular lodge, Timberline). Lets get the letter writing started.
I'm sitting here torturing myself, looking at old photos and posts from friends n family, n friends that are family one way or another, desperately missing you all n wanting to come home, NC. I miss n love you all! Xoxo's
Here we come Flagstaff oak creek canyon got $ on u
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Some of the gang at oak creek canyon!
Had a good little road trip with Tanner today. We went to Cottonwood, AZ so he could apply for a firefighter position there. It was a good day!
Vacation @ Northern AZ - Grand Canyon, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, you can make Vegas or Lake Havasu.
Body found in Arizona was man wanted by feds - FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A dead body found in northern Arizona has been identified as a Washington state man with a federal warrant out for his arrest. Coconino County Sheriff&officials say the body of 47-year-old Stephen Buck was discovered May 27 by a hiker in Oak Creek Canyon. The fully-clothed body was found behind some trees near a creek and authorities say there were no signs of ...
Authorities identify body found by hikers in Oak Creek Canyon -
I liked a video from Oak Creek Canyon Arizona Travel: "Roads to Romance" 1949
CBS5: CCSO: Body in Oak Creek Canyon was wanted man
Faeries DO exist. Nobody questions when they use their cell phone to make a call that it is actually happening, even though they can't see the energy leaving the phone going to the satellite, beaming back down to the person you are calling. Faeries exist just as much as cell signals do. and Elves, and Leprechauns...
Super excited for this weekend! Heading up to Sedona now for a two-day HeartMath seminar. Hiking, great Oak Creek Beer, fancy wine, good food... Yay! Love Sedona!
The kid woke up at 4:00am. FOUR A.M. On my vacation day. Awesome. The bright side of things - we have a jump-start to our power-day of fishing!
Tonight: Double Daggers Seminar at PLA, Tempe: Order Double Daggers Here: Friday June 7th Time: 5pm - 7pm Cost: $25 Bring: Double Daggers, Camera (for recording), Notes, Water, Training Clothes Info: This is the 2nd Kata or Tao Lu from the system of Shaolin Double Daggers. It is a 44 posture Kata and Jake will provide posture names and notes for all those in attendance! Golden Leopard Kung Fu from Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon: Order Golden Leopard Here: Saturday June 29th Time: Hit the trail starting at 8am Cost: $25 Bring: Hiking Shoes, Notes, Camera (for scenery, and recording the Kata) Info: Our first Seminar Field Trip!!! We will be releasing the traditional Golden Leopard Kata or Tao Lu This Style of Kung Fu is Super Explosive and Powerful and Utilizes Combinations in 5 and 7 hit sequences! Neck Breaks, Rapids Arm Attacks, and Incredible Beauty and Power makes this style of Kung Fu wonderful to practice and train. Golden Leopard is challenging for Black Belts and really fun for beginne ...
thanks again to all of those who have LIKE'd this page and supports the beauty of Palo Duro Canyon !!
Jim Thompson of Ireland settled here in Oak Creek Canyon in 1876. This three mile trail was built by…
Good Evening Family and Friends!! today is my 3th. day going out to CBQ lol. well we went out to Oak Creek to look for a cow but had no luck. Now I'm at Canyon day just kicking back and watching the NBA Game
Wall Garden- Today's post is another image from Oak Creek Canyon. The vibrant greens seemed to contrast well with...
Driving back from Sedona up oak creek canyon
This is a picture of one of (if not) my favorite short routes in Red Rock Canyon, Oak Creek Overlook. I have done it twice with the 52 Peak Club and once solo. The angle of this photo makes this look impossible, yet it's not as hard as this picture makes it look. So fun, this short route has everything.
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