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Nuclear Option

The nuclear option, called the constitutional option by some proponents, is a generic term for a set of parliamentary maneuvers used in the United States Senate to achieve approval of certain motions by a majority vote, rather than the super-majority required by previous Senate rules and precedents.

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From the archives: What's next for Catalonia after Rajoy uses the ‘nuclear option’ of Article 155?
Catalonia crisis hots up as both sides take the nuclear option
I'd like to recognize for a moment Senator Harry Reid for the Nuclear Option. Even though it has backfired on the D…
Excellent insights on roles of judiciary & congress. Charles Krauthammer: Karma, Precedent and the Nuclear Option
Great piece by Krauthammer: Karma, Precedent and the Nuclear Option – Freedom's Back
HEY LOOK who 1 DC Circuit Ct judge confirmed by Nuclear Option is married to.
Democratic Party of New Mexico lets Republicans have it over "Nuclear Option" for Gorsuch! He may be a...
Sucker-punching? Stealing? Get another hobby. You're horrible at this. Nuclear Option was created by Dem Senate maj…
History will record the denial of a hearing for Garland as a major milestone in the decay of the Republic. .
"On Nov. 21, 2013, Senate Democrats used the nuclear option to require only a majorit…
If the GOP uses the "nuclear option" to forever change the Senate, it will have a tragic long term effect on SCOTUS.
FYI, the “nuclear option" is not like a nuclear bomb. The Senate will keep meeting after Gorsuch.…
The position is so important. They shouldn't do nuclear option!😐
On forcing nuclear option: Dems will get what they want, but they won't want what they get. Schumer's legacy and Ameri…
Republicans are attempting the nuclear option on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch.
Democratic Party is so irrelevant, they are getting upset over the "Nuclear Option", which i…
Now, there will no stopping a truly conservative court direction.
the delay tactic by has just been denied. LOL. The nuclear option has just been employed. BOOM!
Somebody said it a few days ago but the nuclear option was already invoked when GOP blocked a vote on Garland.
Republica Nuclear Option analogous to US Elections interference by Trump/Russia. Very similar in Sprit
Since call 4 ALL being done by the (book) Constitution~do you think Founding Fathers are proud of Nucle…
True but Nuclear option really screws D's if another scotus seat open w r majority. Is it worth the risk?
Nuclear option has been deployed Gorsuch is on his way. You can thank the Dems for their partisan vote and Harry Reed for changing the rules
you liked that nuclear option well enough when Harry Reid did it. I'll be glad when it's used for legislation too.
McConnell's explanation for invoking the nuclear option is akin to an abusive husband blaming his wife as he be…
Happening now -- the Supreme Court nuclear option has been deployed:
The Democrates would have used the nuclear option in a minute to get a HRC confirmation in
McConnell delivered a final warning to Democrats on 'nuclear option' via
Schumer has forced two votes to delay the nuclear option, but it’s coming.
If Senate Republicans proceed with the nuclear option, this will fundamentally change our democracy.
Neil Gorsuch will ensure a more lucrative kleptocracy for Trump&Co thanks to Mitch McConnell using the nuclear option.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
If it takes the Nuclear Option to replace Scalia and halt Obama's Fundamental Transformation then so be it for the repub…
Call your Senators TODAY! Tell them to keep up the filibuster and that the nuclear option is unacceptable!!!
And with that...McConnell will invoke the nuclear option. We'll have that vote (ending the 60-vote requirement) here ht…
.Here we go. McConnell is invoking the nuclear option.
Do you think it's right or wrong for the GOP to use the "nuclear" option to seat Gorsuch?
Democrats vote to filibuster Gorsuch in first act of nuclear showdown
When McConnell deprived President Obama of a vote on Garland, it was a nuclear option. The rest is fallout.
Republicans likely to follow Sen. Reid in 2013 and change senate rules to a majority vote to confirm Gorsuch
Have been covering Senate leaders for 4 years, including: 2013 nuclear option, 2016 blocking of Garland + now 2017 nuclear o…
If you think the Republican nuclear option is a gross disregard for precedent, just wait until Gorsuch gets his hands on R…
The Senate is about to go 'nuclear' as Democrats filibuster Trump's Supreme Court pick via
⚡️ “Senate on verge of the 'nuclear option'”.
Now that it's on: ReUpping my piece on why the Dems SHOULD filibuster, nuclear option or not. It's time.
The nuclear option will probably backfire on the GOP if Republicans on the Supreme Court allow us to have a free and fair e…
Durbin - you have no moral standing to criticize the Nuclear Option to confirm Judge Gorsuch. Total hypocrisy!
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Here's everything you need to know about the filibuster and the "nuclear option"
if you think it's hypocritical that the GOP blocked Garland from getting a vote and now wants the nuclear option.
Cloture vote for Gorsuch fails by 5 votes. Nuclear option imminent.
Do not let the media get away with blaming Demcorats when Republicans use the nuclear option
DecisionDeskHQ: Move to adjourn requested by Schumer now being voted on.
. It's a sad day when a rethuglikkkan *** gets appointed to a stolen seat on the Supreme Court by way of nuclear option!
Nuclear option in motion - nearing the detonation momentarily
"The rule hasn't changed, just the interpretation of the rule has changed." unpacks the nuclear option: https…
Senate Democrats blocked Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court on a 55-45 vote ht…
The "nuclear option" = forcing senators to do their jobs.
Sen. Jeff Merkley can as long as he likes. GOP will use Nuclear Option and thus, Surpreme Court Justice Ne…
GOP Senators may push through Neil Gorsuch with the “Nuclear Option,” which also happens to be the name of Trump's bron…
Shove it up Chuck Schumer's rear. Exercise the Nuclear Option & have done. Give Sen.McCain & Sen.Graham a Come To Jesus talk
It's not on Gardner. It's on Sen Michael Bennet(D) and whether Democrat Party will force Nuclear Option, aka The Re…
Translation: Only Democrat hypocrites get to use Dingy Harry Reid"s Nuclear Option.
domain names
Flashback: Harry Reid used the Nuclear Option to make sure the courts were stacked with LIBERAL JUDGES. They wouldn't be…
Stop calling it the Nuclear Option, it's the Reid Rule. Remind the Democrats they brought it.
urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to use the "Nuclear Option" if Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch
I'm ready for HRC to just go ahead and use the nuclear option in Bernies little war. This must stop.
The US has 99 nuclear reactors that create 20% of our power.. 1750 natural gas plants that produce 30%. Nuclear is the…
Watch Jeffrey Sachs discussion with Moniz at 4:20 mark
I suggest Silks are engaged via Crowdfund to formulate Nuclear Option and be prepared and/or fearlessly use it.
there is nothing to hide. Evidence is out there. Options are obvious. Press the Nuclear Option button. Win. real lo carbon option that will work in the real world will bhe able to omit get cracking.
Re-upping this great piece on the Pentagon's nuclear weapons spending binge:
The personification of nuclear option, in multiple meanings of that phrase
Nuclear Option is the only way to secure back earned dues otherwise options' tool box remains padlocked.
would the Nuclear Option help to highlight discrimination? Suggest it is the way to go.
If greenhouse gases are truly the big bad-guy, nuclear is the ONLY feasible option. Wind isn't always blowing, sun useless at nite
“Statistically speaking, is the safest form of
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.and I dropped the latest podcast last night all over and Link:
Energy Sec. U.S. must keep nuclear on the table to achieve low carbon future
VIDEO on Earth Day DOE Sec Moniz talks about role of nuclear energy \
This happens on every street here, but one underdeveloped numbskull thought the nuclear option was the only one.
RLT, it would be interesting to see data on similar sites that didn't deploy the nuclear option.
This is why there is no nuclear option for power
oh wow, the stuff I used was just spray on carpet and I could continue using the rooms. I guess you took the nuclear option!
Will junior doctors go for the nuclear option of an all-out strike?
U.S. and China will provide final sign-off on Paris climate accord this year, Energy Secretary says
Is nuclear energy the key to avoiding a climate change disaster? :
I can see why - sketchers can block narrow routes. Bit of a nuclear option response though
5.Via Canada's Centre for Research on Globalization re: Supports "Nuclear Option" on Iran
Nuclear option or nuclear meltdown? Toews and Kane have combined for one shot attempt, none on goal.
TFM Live The Nuclear Option via is the full podcast via and
See the documentary, Pandora’s Promise. Is it time to reconsider the nuclear option?
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Without legal action, aligned 'APPG' is without a 'Nuclear Option'. Should it be armed?
Personally, I'm very happy that the nuclear industry will soon be offering a 'small car' option
China could build nuclear plants for South Ch
Joe Biden: "This nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power."
Extending the option: Increasing number of insurers seeking to write nuclear risks
I have a 20 minute pre-prepared rant, reserve that as nuclear option for repeat offenders.
Charles Hurt, Nuclear Option: Trump will be the next POTUS
Tired of hearing RWNJ’s tell us that nuclear power is our only option. Australia gets an over-abundance of sun & wind. HELLO!!!
Reprocessing fuel is a sustainable and viable option.
Also, EVERYTIME I go to the Institute to complete the nuclear option for the railroad, it locks me in the bottom.
try some Isle of Jura, go for the nuclear option. If seems too cruel, Scapa (the expensive ones), Glenlivet or Highland Park
mcconnel only uses the Reid nuclear option to help Obama not to stop him. McConnell traitor
I'd love to know Pow's take on Nuclear as an option in carbon reduction, is there a statement anywhere? (apologies)
Did U know that Cruz did not push 2 use Sen.Reid's so-called "nuclear option" in the senate 2 STOP EXEC. AMNESTY
Villa fans going to press the Nuclear Option shortly.
I want to destroy the GOP and Cruz is our best chance to rebuild the party. Trump is the nuclear option.
so by that argument, McConnell can exercise the nuclear option to halt these Senate filibusters lead by Reid.
No. 45: The Nuclear Option - Fallout 4. Bit ironic that the solution to this problem is more nukes.
Nuclear power still a viable option -
we have to make Gourav seem like not a disaster to his parents but I'm the nuclear option
for current and future generations. While I’m not saying it is; the power option could easily be ‘hidden’
Not the full nuclear option but at least open up shop and start stockpiling assets
this competition only end in gossip and Revealing Shames, it'd be the nuclear option
Not the complete nuclear option but send out the word that the shop is open and start stockpiling futures and assets
Clinton’s Freudian Slip: “The Nuclear Option Should Not at All Be Taken off the Table”
One of the mythics was this guy: which looks like the M:TG version of the nuclear option.
I'm upset nuclear warheads weren't an option I want a re-poll
China, the nuclear option for France, UK... For this way:
I reckon you are correct on the nuclear option. will go NUCLEAR.
We need a President who will send ground troops to fight against ISIS and even consider the nuclear option.
The Samson Option - How Psychopathic Megalomaniacs Blackmail The World With Nuclear War . Good one to watch!.
taking from dead to option is brilliant Well played, well played!!!
You forgot the option 'nuclear apocalypse'.
So with fossil fuel out I assume renewable energy will. oh wait it means nuclear is the next option you sheep are mad
Hate to tell you this but nuclear option stopped working. Feed back to how it was including deleted posts.
I hope so, definitely the nuclear option
Greece’s Grand Decoupling, the Nuclear Option and an Alternative Strategy: A comment on Münchau via
Nuclear power still a viable option - Citizens Voice
If Michael Fallon is weaponised, then John McCain is the nuclear option.
Trump knows there's a racist nuclear option card to be played. Say "Cuba" enough, GOP voters will run from Cruz.
Nuclear power still a viable option - News - Citizens' Voice
Please promote nuclear. Best option to balance cyclical power like wind/solar.
With a rising energy demand in it’s best to pay heed to nuclear power as an option as the crisis is exacerbating.
Nuclear Option is everyone but Institute I believe
So I'm nearly finished Fallout 4 and I'm finally after 1 month and 2 days on the quest A Nuclear Option. I'll complete it tonight.
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Nuclear Energy is much cheaper option than the form of electricity that we have right now
Wouldn't get used to having power folks lol. . I mean nuclear would be the perfect option... But not enough subsidies or contracts in that...
Time for the Nuclear Option: Raining Money on Main Street: by Ellen Brown. Predictions ...
Gut laughing. Should have used that nuclear option when he had the chance, pillock.
Seems you didn’t hold the nuclear option after all, Vince
Cable's out! Where's your nuclear option now Vince?
Dump Dean Skelos now, Support the nuclear option.
Labour are experiencing the nuclear option in Scotland.
Scaping trident is a nice idea but we dont live in an idea war where a nuclear option is never gonna be a threat
Is Vince Cable wishing he'd used that nuclear option now? Signs look ominous for him...
Busting out the nuclear productivity-boosting option.
Haven't cracked them open yet. They're the nuclear option when the Red Bull and strong coffee run out. Still counting here.
Outrage after panel recommends moving forward with burial of reports:
Via U.S. nuclear energy is the best option to achieve America's energy, environmental & economic goals
Surely there has to be a nuclear option? A way of dealing with then improbable?
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"Saudi Arabia has resisted U.S. pressure and is leaving its enrichment option open."
Went straight to the nuclear option on that one.
If the league suspends Brady, I predict he takes the nuclear option and starts dropping lawsuits
Why do people think we'd be such a target without a nuclear option? Switzerland has gotten by without one all these years.
scroll down for my article on the Deep Geological Repository
The other option was Miliband's clumsy fingers on the Nuclear Button. Yes. It appears so.
"The proposal by Ontario Power Generation calls for hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of so-called low and...
You went there: the nuclear option of silly place names.
Ridding the world of is safest option. Say NO to make this trend people.
Opponents not swayed by report burying nuclear waste near safest option via
From the AM: on Deron Williams and the nuclear option
I hope Kim Jong-un and his wife released doves at their wedding cuz the other option they have is nuclear missiles.
dan, you suck! You selfish *** Why can't you just call in sick like everyone else. Why go the nuclear option, the jinx.
I can't be, that's the nuclear option.
If sanctions lifted 1st option to bring to Europe would be the
Breast Cancer Awareness
Apparently they do it for extreme causes of Reynaud's. It's definitely, if not a nuclear option, scorched earth for sure.
"2 top Iranian generals on Thursday taunted the U.S., saying the much-discussed military option to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.."
Can a new nuclear reactor design make the technology a viable power option again?
If wars were won by being the most annoying, rather than the most deadly, what would be the "nuclear option"?
Why are so many enviros changing their minds about nuclear energy?
Just 2 days after Councilman Leland raised the prospect of a "nuclear option" of ending fundin…
Hey since Dems have become obstructionists, as Harry Reid complained about the GOP, I think it's time for the Nuclear Option
MAKE NO MISTAKE: The cowardly GOP establishment must be removed from their stranglehold on political power – starting with House Speaker John Boehner, who showcased his willingness to fight for Wall Street bailouts, but not Main Street's security against an illegal alien onslaught at the American worker's expense. WE NEED A REAL LEADER AS SPEAKER – NOT A DOORMAT FOR OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, AND Harry Reid! If ANYTHING is EVER to change in Washington, we need YOU to help us by being unremitting in your demands for accountability and responsiveness from the Republicans, NOW! BLAST-FAX YOUR 'NO CONFIDENCE' TO ALL HOUSE REPUBLICANS – DUMP BOEHNER AS SPEAKER & REPLACE HIM WITH A TOUGH, PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVE FIGHTER LIKE TREY GOWDY, JIM JORDAN, OR MATT SALMON ...and click here to see our proposed 'Nuclear Option' Visit for updates and activist information.
AGAIN, this time Boehner claims it take 60 VOTES to Win in The House, what happened to DIRTY HARRY's Nuclear Option of 51 ? Mitch McConnell said it a few days ago.
Note to Harry Reid & Mitch McConnell: With some thought and consideration, I think I do like the "Nuclear Option"
Don’t mention the Nuclear Option to Greens -
All the way with energy ..low bills!!!"Don’t mention the Nuclear Option to Greens
Nuclear Option blows up in Harry Reid's face, as Dems cross over to vote with Rep. Obama is livid: Po…
I love the Nuclear Option & hope if it happens, Livonia can be a part of the new water authority!
So, I know people are taking it all seriously and whatever, but I've just had instant fun imaging how Obama chose the Olympic delegation in light of Russia's "No *** People" thing. Firstly, it was so intentional. When he's not President anymore, he'll totally admit it. Secondly, in thinking about how he chose whom, I have to imagine that, in a move of spite so delicious, Johnny Weir was the Nuclear Option. I picture the red, one-way telephone that's a direct line to Russia. Next to it, I picture a pink, rhinestone studded (with plush handle and feather accessories) phone that serves as a direct line to Johnny Weir. "Johnny, this is the President. Your country needs you. You are to report to Sochi immediately. Bring your pearls. Good luck, son."
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Tim Scott and U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Why have you not challenged Senator Harry Reid on the Nuclear Option and the destruction of the Filibuster? He did not have the 2/3rd Majority on this rule change, hence it is not lawful or valid! Challenge him & FILIBUSTER! Forward this to your Senator by tagging them here! Comment, share & LIKE! Make this VIRAL!
After their Nuclear Option, only way to prevent packing court with corrupt judges is to take Senate from Harry Reid and the De…
Mitch McConnell declares WAR with his OWN Nuclear Option after Dems stop the filibustering of EVERYTHING. Result? More actual WORK accomplished in 4 days than the last 4 months!
If you, your parent or a loved one is on Medicare, you need to educate yourself on IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board). It is a Govt. agency comprised of 15 members. NOMINATED by the President, subject to Senate confirmation, (yes, the same Senate that just invoked the Nuclear Option for Presidential NOMINEES). These members will have the explicit task of achieving specified savings in Medicare without affecting coverage or quality. If you think this is not a death panel, consider the case of Sarah Murnaghan... the young girl who needed a lung transplant. She was denied by Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of HHS... who will be a non-voting member of IPAB, because according to Sec. Sebelius in her ifinate wisdom, "some will live and some will die."
Reid in 2008 Said 'Nuclear Option' Would 'Ruin Our Country' - Sen. Harry Reid vowed in 2008 that he would never... Headline News is so corrupt they literally refuse to report on the Democrats "Nuclear Option" to seize total power in congress, this was front page news in 2005 when Democrats were in the minority. President Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Harry Reid and others were all over liberal propaganda news outlets like CNN MSNBC and ABC condemning the practice of shutting down debate on legislation and court nominees the very tactic they just past for themselves. Shame on Democrats !
May this day honor the late President John F. Kennedy. In his honor, and to protect our republic, Americans implore today's elected leaders to exercise virtuous truth and integrity in office. Shockingly to some, the White House and Senate Democrats, desperate for a winning political talking point before Congress’s Thanksgiving vacation, just did the opposite. Liberals just changed 230 years of enduring Senate rules by enacting the “Nuclear Option” that will now let just 51 votes approve the President’s nominees, and thus prevent dissenting Senators from filibustering controversial appointees who’ll be charged with decision making that affects our lives. This is significant as further proof that our government is so broken. When politicians can’t get anything to work, they change rules and hope we’ll just get distracted. The hugely divisive, dysfunctional “Nuclear Option” sets a terrible precedent. Mark Levin appropriately calls it “the latest act of leftist tyranny.” It’s also left ...
unbelievable!! you WONDER at the timing of the 'nuclear option'??
Filibuster follies -- will Obama, Reid, Senate Dems soon wonder if 'nuclear option' was worth it?
The nuclear option enables the president to make IPAB appointments, but has zero effect on his ability to use IPAB.
This is Reids exact reason on doing the nuclear option, it is so they can stack the deck of cards of legislative...
Harry Greed Invokes Nuclear Option; Republicans please don't get in the way of Liberal Oblivion
Just like Sen. Barrack Obama, Sen, Harry Reid seemed to be against the "nuclear option" before he was for it:
Does this president think everyone in this country is stupid? Does he really think that today, by pushing back parts of Obama care by a few weeks (so it now falls right after the 2014 mid term elections), that they can lie about the reasons and fool anyone? Does Obama, Reid, Biden, Hillary Clinton think they weren't videotaped back when they strongly used and spoke out for the need for the rights of the Senate minority to use the filibuster? (Democrats were the first to use them btw) Yet they now vote and pass what back then they fought against, the majorities so called Nuclear Option. Thus removing any power the minorities of the Senate have, changing over 200 years of law. People! - Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, Press Wiretapping, No transparency by not allowing any images or video of the president that aren't given to them by the White House, Keep your doctor and insurance PERIOD, Obama Care will lower prices and not raising the national debt, launches on Oct 1st, No security ch ...
I wonder if Harry Reid has realized that using the nuclear option was his HMBAWT moment?
Nuclear option forces Senate 2 function the way the Constitution prescribes
Rush Limbaugh likens 'nuclear option' to rape //
Reid's nuclear option smells like desperation -- at least I hope that's what it is
Rush Limbaugh likens 'nuclear option' to rape: Radio host Rush Limbaugh made an analogy to the nuclear option ...
Rush Limbaugh likens 'nuclear option' to rape
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid deployed the so-called "nuclear option,"
What is new about that. everything about this administration is fake. sista THE REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH ACT" AND THE 2014 ELECTION They called it the Affordable care Act. Everything they told us about it was a lie. They said we could keep our insurance if we liked it - but we can't. They said average household would save $2500/year - but they don't. They said it would lower the deficit - but it doesn't. They refused to allow us to delay it, and chose instead to shut down the government - but know they are delaying it. It isn't the Affordable Care Act. It is the Redistribute Wealth Act. Redistributing it from the earners to the state - and its favorite comrades and cronies. Remember: if you want to keep what your earn, then - according to Obama and his comrades - you are greedy. WELL, THE ROLL-OUT HAS BEEN "AN UNENDING FIASCO" - EVEN ACCORDING TO CNN. BUT THE MID-TERM ELECTION IS A YEAR AWAY. CAN WE KEEP PEOPLE CONNECTED UNTIL THEN? WE WILL NEED TO IF WE WANT TO RETAKE THE SENATE. WE MUST NEVER EVER UNDER EST ...
AWESOME: Mark Levin teaches Republican Senators how to respond to Harry Reid and his nuclear option
Talk about the nuclear option on catholic priest and child welfare,
Remaking the Courts: Dems 'Will Rue the Day' They Invoked Nuclear Option: On the game-changing radical move to... http:/…
Sen. Lindsey Graham: Those who want answers are hurt by "nuclear option" vote.
"Not since the Buddha have so many fat, bald men worked so hard to do so little."
Democrats who rewrote Senate rules on Thursday should also understand that they have now opened the door to repeal ObamaCare with only 51 votes. See my earlier post on Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their breathern on how horrible for America it would be to do what they did and invoke the "nuclear option." they will reap what they sow
The U.S. Senate voted 48-52 Thursday to invoke the so-called "nuclear option," making it possible to confirm most presidential nominees by simple majority. Democrat Sens. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Carl Levin (D-Mich.) voted with Republicans against the rule change. This is a...
Typical democrat move using the nuclear option. If you can't get things done the right way, just change the rules!
I HAD A DREAM! Funny how when you eat a dill pickle or some green olives ( You gotta love em ) before bedtime, You will have a Strange Dream. LOL! Last night I did. The Dream: Some how, a group of patriots broke into the senate chamber, locked the doors, called all the democrats to the front along with 5 republicans, and you can guess which ones. They told Sir Harry Reid, " You like the nuclear option so well, we're going to change the odds, and let the People get a chance to vote for new senators" After the shooting was over, 15 democrats, 5 republicans, (RINO'S) went to meet their maker. The people voted, and you can guess which party had control of the Nuclear Option. Sometimes Horror dreams have a happy, happy, happy ending.
Democrats evoked 'nuclear option'. Where is the outrage?
CNN reports that by a vote of 52-48 in the Senate, the filibuster of judicial and executive branch nominees has been eliminated. The nuclear option has been detonated. UPDATE: I was in the middle of writing a post about this The Senate has voted to change one of the chamber's most...
He can kick your *** The Senate Majority Leader had a long week levying the Nuclear Option against Republicans who are filibustering Obama's nominations. But before anyone thinks messing with Reid will be easy, here are seven thing y'all best remember. Win McNamee / Getty Images Reid had a tougher ...
There are few silver linings in the dark clouds rising from the nuclear option.
"Nuclear Option"!!! If I'd known we even HAD one, I'd have dropped it on the liberals YEARS ago.
Ok so let me get this straight. The Senate GOP are mad at Harry Reid and the Democrats for envolking the "Nuclear Option?" Mad b/c it stops the GOP from obstructing pretty much everything that keeps this country moving forward? Mad b/c it allows Pres. Obama to do the thing he was elected TWICE to do, which is GOVERN? Only in this country where you have a party that's willing to cut their noses, just to spite their faces. Shut the government down, in an attempt to repeal a law that had no hope of getting repealed. Was willing to bring the country to the brink of a 2nd recession, by defaulting b/c they didn't get their way. Restrict their own American citizens from doin what is their God given right, which is VOTING. All for what? To damage the legacy of this current President? Yet have the audacity to say they care about the American people?? Smh. I guess the Democrats could've did the same by damaging George W. Bush's legacy while he was in office. Unfortunately, pretty much did a good job doing that hims ...
That was then, this is now. “This is how democracy ends. Not with a bomb, but a gavel.” --Sen. Harry Reid, 2005, describing the proposed nuclear option that would end the filibuster
If you tend to ignore politics, PLEASE wake up and pay attention! As we sit here tonight, we're losing our country. The pace is quickening. The evidence is everywhere. The changes are as intentional as they are radical. Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), the Ranking Minority Member on the Senate Rules Committee, raises the alarm in the video below that today will be marked in history as a day in which America was fundamentally, drastically, and irreversibly transformed. Assessed individually, each of the countless radical changes to our foundational institutions, laws and values being rammed through by this President and his party would be frightening enough. But viewed together as a whole, only the hopelessly dull or willfully blind would fail to see that America is descending into tyranny. The implications of the "nuclear option" railroaded through by Harry Reid and the Democratic majority today should send chills down the spine of every freedom-loving American. Senator Roberts warns that today's move by the D ...
Washington (CNN) -- What was known as the nuclear option yesterday is known as the Reid Rule today. Time will only tell if the Reid Rule is productive or destructive. But we'll leave that to the historians.
I am Calling a Nuclear Option, all Holidays will be Held at My House!!? Only my vote counts! The Ayes have it!! All Holidays will Now be held at My House!! What a *** !
For conservatives to claim they're outraged over Democrats use of the "nuclear option" is an absurd distortion of reality.
It never was about health care, was always about consolidating more and more power-- right up to and including the "nuclear option" that the commie-pinko SOB Harry Reid pulled yesterday in the Senate. When the rules hold you down, evidently the Democrat way is to simply change the rules. Consequently, the voice that the Founders assured the minority viewpoint in Congressional debates is now meaningless and powerless. The self-proclaimed King of America now has the latitude to appoint whomever he wants, to whatever position he wants, with no danger of the process being slowed down or the appointee properly vetted. This now gives him virtual control of the Judicial branch as well. Woodrow Wilson, our first "Progressive" president, one hundred years ago, also had no use for the balance of power of the three separate but equal branches of government. FDR pulled the same kind of consolidation of power to the executive branch, and LBJ bullied his way through in the same manner. Thugs and haters of individua ...
Scary thought...when the Democrats pulledthe nuclear option requiring only 51 votes instead of 60...can you imagine an Obama admnistration like this...Obama could name William Ayers to head the Department of Education and Bernardine Dohrn to the Supreme Court and would need only 51 Democrat votes to get them approved. Obama could name Ed Schultz or Martin Bashir to key positions, for that matter.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) used the "nuclear option" yesterday to eliminate the free and open debate of judicial nominations. Harry Reid did this because he knows Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will let him get away with it. Reid Nukes McConnellThe only way to deter a nuclear attack is to make it clear that the response will be equally devastating. Unfortunately, weakness is the only message Mitch McConnell has sent the Democrats on this issue. He's been so ineffective that even his allies in the mainstream media are mocking him with political cartoons like the one shown here from Politico.
I havent seen many posts about the " nuclear option" the democratic party imposed. Was just wondering if other folks are as shocked and furious as i am. Where does this current administrative dictatorship end. I welcome feedback.
Does anyone notice the similarities between the Obama supported Democrat use of the so-called "nuclear option" and the way FDR responded the entrenched opposition to his political agenda by packing the court? Entrenched political opposition plays an important role in stopping radical transformational changes to our constitutional republic.
Friday Talking Points -- Harry Reid's Explosive Week - This was a big week in the political world, so we've got a lot to get through before we get to the big, explosive "nuclear option" story. In fact, it was even a big week just for political anniversaries. Fifty years ago this week, an event of no little importance happened. I speak, of course, tomorrow's 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who by the BBC. OK, I apologize for that, but I just wanted e...
"2. The so-called "nuclear option" -- which should be called the Constitutional option -- would end the use of the filibuster for judicial nominations. The Democrats are warning that if the Republicans change the filibuster rule, then all *** will break loose. I cannot think of anything worse than what they've done, and will continue to do -- which is prevent the president from appointing judges to the federal court." -- Rush, December 24th 2004. So it was fine back then, but now its all *** breaking loose, eh fatty fatty 2x4?
Alexander, Corker denounce ‘brute,’ ‘raw’ Democrats’ change of filibuster rules Tennessee’s two U.S. Senators, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander, joined other Republicans in denounc9ng the Senate’s Democratic majority vote to block filibusters against presidential appointments (except for the Supreme Court). From WPLN: Tennessee Republican Bob Corker says Thursday was a “really bad day for the Senate.” Democrats narrowly voted to take away the GOP’s power to block judicial nominations with a filibuster. What’s called the “nuclear option” arose after Republicans vowed to stop the president from filling vacancies on a highly influential appeals court. Corker has sometimes butted heads over his own party’s tactics, but yesterday he accused Democrats of a pattern of going around Congress. “At some point you have to just throw up your hands and say, look, they’re going to use brute, raw force to get what they wish. Let’s face it. This is about the DC Circuit. That’s the place w ...
I've tried tip toeing around politics with friends and family so as not to hurt anyones feelings. I truly believe we are appoaching a critical time where we will have to choose sides and stand up for what we believe and that might mean losing some people I admire. This president is usurping the power of Congress, passing laws and regulations, firing top military commanders, increasing dependency on govenment and now through the nuclear option, able to appoint whomever he wishes to our courts. He has repeatedly lied to us about Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, Fast and Furious, Syria, Egypt, and purposely steered us toward financial ruin. The gloves are off and progressives and liberals be damned.This note is from Lou
Mark Levin was not happy with the mediocre response from Republican Senators to Harry Reid's nuclear option play today and decided to help them out on his radio show as to how they should've respon...
Sen. Reid on the nuclear option in 2008.
Okay Jimmy Israel this is for you .Joe Biden on nuclear option in 2005."I pray to God" Democrats do not do this when we have power.
Harry Reid says nuclear option still on the table Senate Majori...
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid acted like a dictator in passing the "nuclear option" in a move the people of the United States will rue, Republican adviser Karl Rove said Friday.
Senate nuclear option [democrats against it prior to this administration] is an example of the arrogance of power.
So Harry Reid leads the Senate through to accepting the nuclear option. Harry, do you recall your quotes from 2005? Wow.
Voters will likely be exercising their own nuclear option in November of 2014!
I wasn't going to write anything about the "nuclear option" voted on by the Senate, but Johns Stewart decided to mock the republicans for making a big deal about it. If you don't know what the nuclear option is just go back to being uninformed. Just a few years ago, when the republicans where in charge, the democrats all came out and "prayed to God" (Joe Bidden) that no one EVER passed the nuclear option, and yesterday they overwhelmingly passed it...never mind, no one gives a f*(k what happens to our country anyway
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Obamacare : The real reason Harry Reid choose the Nuclear Option - the Affordable Care Act includes a board(IPAB) , that the President picks , is to be established to regulate Medicare spending . They we decide who & what treatments get paid for . With only a majority vote in the Senate on executive appointments , you will see the most radical liberals deciding who lives & who dies . Being disabled & on Medicare for over 6 years , very sick for over 20 years , I would just like to thank those who voted for Mr Obama . I'm sure you've shorted my life . Hope you don't have any loved ones on Medicare .
an eloquent critic of the practice stepped forward and convinced enough Republicans to back down and keep the filibuster. His name was Harry Reid, and he was then the minority leader. As he said on the Senate floor at the time: “For 200 years, we’ve had the right to extended debate. It’s not some ‘procedural gimmick.’ It’s within the vision of the Founding Fathers of our country. They established a government so that no one person — and no single party — could have total control.” Reid used to boast about his role in “saving” the filibuster. In 2008, he claimed: “In all my years in government, that was the most important thing I ever worked on.” He swore that as long as he was leader he would never use the nuclear option, saying it would be a “black chapter in the history of the Senate.”
One thing that has largely gone unnoticed in the "controversy" over the "nuclear option" is the incredible ...
The Senate's "nuclear option" of simple majority, today it's the greatest thing for one party and unAmerican for the other. Back in '05 they were each saying the same as the other is now. Question: were they born hypocrites, or did they learn it when they got elected?
I'm sure that the Republicans are SO horrified by the "Nuclear Option" that if, god forbid, they are ever in the majority again, they will set the rules back to exactly the way they were, so a minority can constantly obstruct and derail everything.
I have a feeling that this 'nuclear option' that the Senate passed this week will be used in the next couple of years by the Republicans. And we all can make a good assumption that the Democrats will flipping mad when it happens. But when that day happens, I would hope the Senate Majority Leader (R) will give individual thanks to all 51 Democrats that voted for it... We shall see.
This was written to be a message to children but I think it is very applicable to Obamacare, the nuclear option, the State Departments approach to Benghazi, the IRS scandal, voter ID, enforcement of emigration law, Fast and Furious scandal, green energy funding, Obama off-session judicial and cabinet appointments, (I'll stop the list here, it's getting much longer than I intended.)
Heritage Foundation points out that Barack Obama flip flopped on his opinion of the nuclear option of the filibuster. Does not point out that Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have, too. But meh. Only Obama does things like that.
IN 2005 THE WSJ APPROVED OF THE NUCLEAR OPTION Wall Street Journal: Using Nuclear Option Is Better Than Letting "A Willful Minority Deny The President's Nominees A Vote On The Senate Floor." The WSJ wrote an editorial approving the use of the nuclear option in May 2005: "Barring a surprise last-minute deal, this week Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will ask for a ruling from the chair -- Vice President *** Cheney presiding -- that ending debate on a judicial nominee requires a vote of a simple majority of 51 Senators, not a super-majority of 60. The nuclear option -- aka the "constitutional option" -- will have been detonated. Judicial filibusters, R.I.P. "This will not be the world's greatest deliberative body's greatest moment, and the only thing we know for sure about what will happen next is that the reputation of the Senate will suffer. It's a shame it has come to this. But at this point it would be worse if Republicans let a willful minority deny the President's nominees a vote on the Senate floo ...
Dear Senate Democrats: Remember your Nuclear Option ploy when in January 2017 Secretary of State John Bolton is sworn in.
Ezra Klein of WAPO writes today about the "Nuclear Option" in his Wonkbook blog. An interesting historical analysis of how we got here, and well worth a read: "Fifty years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, Texas. But a bit over 52 years ago today, Kennedy changed American politics forever. When Kennedy entered office, the Senate wasn't the only chamber where a small minority could block the large majority. It could happen in the House, too. The House Rules Committee, which was controlled by arch-segregrationist Howard Smith, could simply refuse to pass a rule on a bill. That kept the bill from going to the floor. It rendered the House a graveyard for civil rights legislation. One of the most consequential moments in JFK's presidency came when he decided to spend political capital on one of those "process issues" that presidents typically ignore. He partnered with Vice President Lyndon Johnson and Speaker Sam Rayburn to expand the Rules Committee's membership. The battle, a c ...
~ Hey y'all ~ this is a really big deal ~ The Democrats in the senate have invoked the "Nuclear Option" ~ and now the Republicans have lost the filibuster ~ only 51 votes in the senate allows passage of pending appointments and legislation initiated under the Obama presidency ~ stymied (sometimes) up to this point by Republicans ~ because it required 60 votes to stop a filibuster. ~ What's the downside? ~ If the Democrats lose the control of the senate in the November elections ~ resulting from a reaction by the voters ~ to the failure of the implementation of ObamaCare ~ the Republicans will be able to toss out ObamaCare with only a 51 vote majority. Read all about it below. ~ The last paragraph sums it up nicely ~ hmmm. Neil Barabas: Today's Democrats have grown up in the Saul Alinsky tradition, and on Thursday they proved it with a partisan vote to break the Senate filibuster rule for confirming judges and executive-branch nominees. The new rules will empower the party's liberals for as long as they c ...
Inquiring minds would like to know Sarah's thoughts on 'Nuclear Option'?
Patriot on Nuclear Option: Harry Reid broke his promise just like Obama
Today, the Senate Democrats, led by Harry Reed and blessed by President Obama, used what has been labeled as the "Nuclear Option" when they changed a Senate Rule, which had lasted for 225 years, by reducing the number of Senators needed for confirmation of Presidential appointees from 60 to 51. When the Republicans threatened to do this in 2005, but didn't, Obama, Reed and Joe Biden said to do so would be an arrogant abuse of power, destructive to Democracy and similar pronouncements. This action, while not unconstitutional, does strike at the heart of our traditions and division of powers. Think of it, for 225 years no matter the divisions in our country, the years leading up to the civil war, the great depression, the Vietnam War, no matter the stress present, this rule applied. Obama is a ground breaking President, all right.
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I'm amazed at the Democrats changing 225 years of history today by invoking the "Nuclear Option" and changing the balance of power. Joe Biden once said on the floor, "You won't always hold the power, just wait"! In the history of partisan politics, this administration will go down as the game changer, the most divisive president and senate our beloved country has ever seen. I serve my community as an elected official for free with the hope if providing a better education system for our youth. I shudder when I watch this transformation of the executive branch happening before my eyes.
Hypocrites. Reid, Joe Biden, AND Barack Obama ALL argued venomously against the Nuclear Option. But, now that they aren't getting what they want, they suddenly think it's a good idea now. If this doesn't finally prove to the American public they are being juked by these A**holes then you deserve what is soon to happen to you. The last 5 years have been the most destructive in the history of this nation and if we don't get those liberals out of there well you ain't seen nothin' yet. For the love of GOD American wake the *** up.
Hey What the Heck Just Happened... Harry Reid the slimy Senate Leader, pushed the Nuclear Option down our throat today! 225 years of Senate history is gone. WHY? The POTUS wants to stack the Judical bench with his Liberal JUDGES. These democrats are just jack-wagons. Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Diane Fienstein, and yes then Senator Obama ranted against the idea of the Nuclear Option. They all suck as leaders!
Orrin Hatch: Reid Caved to 'Hard Left' on Nuclear Option: Sen. Orin Hatch of Utah said Senate Majority Leader ...
You know, Mitch McConnell just burned himself and the Party this morning. If he would have allowed the President to fill the three vacancies on the 2nd Circuit Court, Reid would not have invoked the Nuclear Option. Foolish McConnell is solely responsible for the President now being able to fill all the remaining open vacancies in the Federal Court system that have been held up for 5 years. As it stands, there is a parity in court appointees with something like 390 judges appointed by Republican Administrations and 391 appointed by Democratic Administrations. Was holding up the three appointees worth the 93 vacancies that will now get filled? (Mark Levin is going to blow a vessel in his head today as he goes nuclear.) The Party can scream "Court Packing" all they want, but We The People understand the difference between filling a vacancy that's been unfilled for years versus creating new judgeships. McConnell needs to be primaried OUT!!
Here’s what’s coming up on today’s (Thursday, October 17) Sean Hannity Radio Show: The New Sean Hannity Show -More behind the scenes information on breaking news, and more bold inspired solutions for America! 1:05pm PT - Jamie Dupree Our Washington reporter joins us to talk about how small businesses around the country have given a unanimous and resounding THUMBS DOWN to Obamacare. 1:35pm PT - Senator Mike Lee is here to speak out about the Nuclear Option vote pushed and passed by Harry Reid and his cronies. This will change the rules of Senate in place since 1789, and passed with vote of 52-48. 2:05pm PT - Ellen Karis, Conservative comic, and Erica Payne, The Agenda Project will debate on the comments of Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin and Ed Schultz… and what MSNBC’s standards are these days. Palin has canceled an interview with Matt Lauer due to NBC’s silence and inaction on Bashir. Listen live on 1460 AM & 101.1 FM or online via iHeartRadio at:
Why Senate Democrats chose to invoke the Nuclear Option …
Why Senate Democrats had to invoke the 'Nuclear Option'
in 2005 the Congressional Black Caucus opposed to the Nuclear Option
Harry Reid should've used the "Nuclear Option" long ago in order to counteract what John Boehner & his cronies are doing!
Status quo Carl! Hey Levin, two words you hack: Nuclear Option. Time to fight back or move aside.
This is just ONE of many, many , many reasons I love Rand Paul and think he should run for PRESIDENT. ..(an email I received). Term Limits for the House and Senate now! Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Fellow Patriot, Rand Paul is a smart fellow. He gets it. He can see that when Congressmen and Senators go to Washington they get hooked on the power buzz. They start to represent the Establishment and not the Electorate. They think it’s OK to sign away our rights, just so long as they don’t have to do anything to jeopardize their seat. They worry more about reelection than fixing our nation. So he’s come up with the Washington equivalent of the Nuclear Option. He wants a Constitutional Amendment to limit the amount of time a Representative or Senator can serve in Congress. As he puts it: “Long term incumbency leads to politicians who seem to care more about what is best for their career than what is best for their country. With each successive term, politicians grow m ...
Senate 'Nuclear Option' Debate Shows Both Sides' Hypocrisy: Harry Reid plans to change the rules of the Senate...
Harry Reid is about to commit Treason if he pulls the "Nuclear Option." Tell your Senators to stop him, NOW!
What is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's "Nuclear Option?" And what will it do?
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Harry Reid needs to get a pair and implement the Nuclear Option, to end all filibusters.
I posted on Yahoo about the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may have the votes to apply the "Nuclear Option" to eliminate AFAP obstruction on the confirmation of Presidential appointments...I got two asked me if I wanted a tyranny and a dictatorship...the other asked why signing the Norquist Pledge made the 5,000+ signers's my response: Someone mentioned a "tyranny" and a "dictatorship" as if that's what I want.if I truly wanted that, I'd vote for the American Fascist Aristocrats Party, aka, the GOP/Republicans! What continues to amaze me is how AFAP voters continue to watch Fox "News" and listen to Limbaugh, Beck and other conspiracy theory lunatics and actually BELIEVE what they're saying! The AFAP have 10 Tenets, which they practice every day: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence, arrogance, insanity and comedy (last one not intentional). Their governing philosophy is, "screw the poor, middle class, elderly, disabled, women, chi ...
Via Harry Reid Pushes for the Nuclear Option - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is making moves to advanc...
Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): Nuclear Option: Senate Democrats are considering a majority vote “nuclear option” to stop Republican filibusters that are blocking confirmation of President Obama’s nominees, The Hill reported. After last week’s Republican boycott of a vote on Gina McCarthy for EPA administrator, Sen. Bernie Sanders predicted that the Republican minority would throw up more parliamentary roadblocks in the full Senate. “I think it is time for the Democratic leadership to do what he American people want and that is to have a majority rule in the United States Senate,” Sanders said. VA Backlog: As part of an effort to resolve a VA claims backlog, Sen. Sanders introduced a bill that calls for a working group within the Department of Veterans Affairs to look at ways to hire veterans and evaluate employees who work on claims, Military Times reported. “It is unconscionable that a veteran or family member had to wait, on average, nearly three years for a decision on an ...
Feinstein Pushes 150 'Gun Bans'; Reid Defeated Dear Supporter: Obama's bagman in the U.S. Senate - Democrat Harry Reid - failed to come up with the 51-votes he needed to crush Republican opposition by eliminating the 'filibuster'. This is huge, because if Reid had been successful, it would've allowed him to ram-through Obama's anti-gun crusade, amnesty for illegals, or any other liberal fantasy. Senate Republicans would be virtually powerless to stop him. In fact, away from the TV cameras, Reid gloated that it was his "Nuclear Option" to crush Republican opposition to Obama's radical Second Term agenda. But because of thousands of phone calls, faxes, and emails in the 'eleventh hour' by patriots like you, Reid was dealt a major blow. Instead of "nuking", Reid cut a face-saving deal with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. Here's Reid's surrender on the filibuster: "I'm not personally, at this stage, ready to get rid of the 60-vote threshold". That's because we beat him like a drum, deluging his fellow libe ...
HERE WERE MY COMMENTS THAT WENT ALONG WITH THE LETTER I feel very strongly about this matter.. I sit here everyday and feel my rights and freedoms are being stripped away from me and all Americans.. I beg you to ratify this hostile takeover by President Obama, his administration and the Democrats. My republican party seems to be silent on all accounts.. There is so many crimes committed by this administration from Fast & Furious, Benghazi, all the way to the rampant, blatant voter fraud and intimidation.. Congress is elected to work for We the people and lately it seems most of you are working for someone else.. I haven't figured out who though. If things continue on this path, you won't have a government to run..Don't you see what's happening to America..Don't you see this man, President Obama is fundamentally destroying my great country.. When will enough be enough.. Harry Reid is gunning for the "Nuclear Option", President Obama, Executive Orders, anything he can't pass through congress..Come on, Ameri ...
3:20 on KMOX, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri talks with Mark Reardon about the fiscal cliff and his "Stop the Nuclear Option" website.
should use Nuclear Option: Dems want 2 raise taxes on rich, first pass Balanced Budget Amendment & Repeal Obamacare
The Polar Express - Gail Collins gives us some HUMOR in this op-ed, something we sorely need! Comment from a reader: "The last time The Democrats were a minority in the Seanate and would filibuster from time to time, the Republicans threatened to exercize the "Nuclear Option, i.e. to get rid of the filibuster rule. It's a pity that they didn't follow through. Now that the Republicans are the minority party, they have abused the filibuster to prevent any meaningful legislation that would give Obama a "victory" from passing. When your number one stated priority is to make Obama a one-term president, even if it means continued misery for the country, you know there is something rotten in the body politic."
Federal Reserve using the Nuclear Option. Buying mortgages at the rate of 40 Billion dollars a month. Trying to stimulate the economy because of the poor economic outlook. I don't think PRINTING MONEY causes inflation! Where will gas prices end up? UP ?
Prevention, Pre-emption and the Nuclear Option: From Bush to Obama (Routledge Studies in US Foreign Policy): Des...
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