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Say what? Ntsiki Mazwai sings Pearl Thusi's praises, here is what she said
Ntsiki Mazwai just blasted Cassper Nyovest- See what she said ( too bad) --Pls Share
"Ntsiki Mazwai is the South African version of Azealia Banks. So annoying 😑" Thixlo wase George kog😂
We have been here before-Don Mattera and Risen- Ntsiki Mazwai! Don't say Azania never showered u with gifts!
Bathi I look like Ntsiki Mazwai... I'm not sure hey hai
Azealia Banks is like the Ntsiki Mazwai of the states. 😒
MC Ntsiki Mazwai here with chair Xolani Kondile asks for sensitivity re rape issue
I just don't understand white *** racists. Somizi & Ntsiki Mazwai are outchere fighting for u & u call em monkeys? ***
She refuses to bath. "What does Ntsiki Mazwai do for a living?"
What does Ntsiki Mazwai do for a living?
I think that Azealia Banks and Ntsiki Mazwai are the same person.
Nomsa Mazwai & Ntsiki Mazwai - Sweet Poison . Loved, still love and will always love this tune.
MC of the event Ntsiki Mazwai has just addressed the crowd. Just under an hour to go till the run starts.
Oh...someone please ask Pearl Thusi why she blocked me. Like she and Ntsiki Mazwai have such an elevated sense of self. Blocked by both.
Lool she blocked me as well. She's starting to sound like Ntsiki Mazwai now.
Me and Ntsiki Mazwai used to be such close friends until one day I woke to her account only to find out I was blocked
On this Ntsiki Mazwai list: AKA at some point,Stone,Simphiwe Dana,Fikile bab' Hotstix Mabuza..shows she's bored & crazy.
Gareth Cliff: It happened because white people came here and in an armed, forceful way took what they want. Ntsiki Mazwai: Tha…
Gareth Cliff: I paid for all of this. Nobody helped me. Ntsiki Mazwai: Yes, because you get paid a whole lot more as a white m…
Catch me at 8am with gareth cliff...theme song The Mighty Have Fallen - Ntsiki Mazwai
The difference between Controversy and Truth is Khanyi Mbau and Ntsiki Mazwai.
Ntsiki Mazwai and bra Hugh are tiring.
We are a blessed country with so much talented Queens: Zahara, Zonke, Simphiwe Dana, Zandi Nelson, Ntsiki Mazwai. Big up to them
Ntsiki Mazwai theres no justice for ppl of South Africa Buti manamela nd his Boss Jacob Zuma expect us to keep quite abt it
What was Ntsiki Mazwai saying on SA FM maar this morning?
"We've put a lot of effort on 'Oh my better half, my better half'. Can people come into the relationship complete?" -Ntsiki Mazwai
I've interacting with her for a long time hey its Ntsiki Mazwai
Ntsiki Mazwai lol How do u know they dont bath? Do u live with them?"When someone who doesnt bath blocks you 😂😂""
I just wish Ntsiki Mazwai doesn't share her views on R50k topic.
Was watching I AM on vuzu last night..the one with ntsiki mazwai, was that thickleeyonce featured there?
I will just call Ntsiki Mazwai n Simphiwe Dana to sort you out. Now!
as long as the white market knows the NTSIKI MAZWAI name :) kisses
Ntsiki Mazwai x Happiness still does it for me ♥
Wethu! Were are de mazwai girls weed chimney thandiswa & vuilpop ntsiki? I want 2 buy Avon products 4 dem if they'll use it
Watching nice one love Ntsiki mazwai like *** since tracks like my heart skips a bit hard to blv she was bullied.
What a honor to meet this amazing lady 30 July Monte casino Cantare will be lit 🙏
What a dope night and great performance from
Lmfaooo"Imagine AKA and Ntsiki Mazwai as a couple lol...war waya waya"
Seems like Aka is becoming the new Ntsiki Mazwai, twarring with everyone
She's Anti-Ntsiki Mazwai "why does rihana always haave to be in bathtubs in her vids"
Its so cold,I won't bath.I'm on that Ntsiki Mazwai mode.
Meek mill is the Ntsiki mazwai of America. He twars himself and still loses
S/O to all the people that have me blocked 🙌 . Bonang, Ntsiki Mazwai, F. Mbalula, Eric Mathoho and others
Ntsiki Mazwai open letter to Mr minister Fikile Mbalula-: “Sir….as a local artist, your obsession with Beyonce is...
Shakes is the type of guy who would dump Amanda Dupont and go after Ntsiki Mazwai or Dineo Ranaka cos she's loyal
So i dreamt Julias Malema telling Ntsiki Mazwai that he had a space 4 her in Parliament(Eff) but not anymo. iyoh tht dream lol
Hamilton Collection
Mina namagenge ami. Ntsiki Mazwai, Niq Mhlongo and i at the Eastern Cape Book Fair in Port Elizabeth…
I hate people who lack vision dearest I mean why bangathi SK for president or Ntsiki Mazwai not abo GOGO Zuma --yerr Mxam
It'd have to be Kuli Roberts or Ntsiki Mazwai.
As we grow,im officially Sbu Maloya's manager.Finalising his music new ulbum to be release in September.He collaborated with Siyashezi,Ntsiki Mazwai,Gwayza.Very excited.
What comes to mind when you think of Ntsiki Mazwai?
Whats wrong with Ntsiki Mazwai girl get or noise out of mabrikado s business
People mustn't worry of ebola instead worry about Ntsiki Mazwai's foul breath
Ntsiki Mazwai wrote: U r not what people interpret u to be.u r your true intentions. No matter what they say.
Anele Mdoda, Ntsiki Mazwai and Bonang Matheba are a living proof that black people don't deserve nice things like social networks.
2nd Of August at we go Deeper and Deeper. Join me and my mini band, DJ Claude, T Deep, QT, Ntsiki Mazwai and Chil…
Do you guys think Zulu Boy and Ntsiki Mazwai shed a tear since they were scared of water?
Now that Zulu Boy and Ntsiki Mazwai overcame their fear of water, will they go to Ocean Basket for something to eat?
Ntsiki Mazwai did reply Brickz must twitpic the nudes now
He had her nudes :'D Bricks and Ntsiki Mazwai used to date? Oh well
I'd rather have worms “lol! are you having Ntsiki Mazwai for breakfast???”
I wonder how Ntsiki Mazwai makes her money
As for that lil twar between Brickz and Ntsiki Mazwai lol
Yuck! “lol! are you having Ntsiki Mazwai for breakfast???”
Must be hard being the sibling of a famous and successful person. I see why Ntsiki Mazwai always acts out.
No breadlol! are you having Ntsiki Mazwai for breakfast???
If im not gonna have lunch and supper today then i can zoom! “Would u zoom in on Ntsiki Mazwai's nudes?”
A lack of growth is what I saw in Ntsiki Mazwai today what she said is unlike her she needs to learn to mind her own besegheid
lol! are you having Ntsiki Mazwai for breakfast???
At some point I found Ntsiki Mazwai attractive... Till I got a pair of glasses.
Bricks is definitely on drugs if he really has Ntsiki Mazwai's nudes. Sies!
Need to start following Ntsiki Mazwai, just for this month.
Wondering why I haven't seen any RTs from Ntsiki Mazwai on my timeline yet
"Ntsiki mazwai but you bath everyday"
😂"Ntsiki mazwai but you bath everyday"
Ntsiki mazwai but you bath everyday
:O but. "Ntsiki Mazwai is the ancestor of all grenades"
LMFAO TF?! RT"Ntsiki Mazwai is the ancestor of all grenades"
Ntsiki Mazwai is the ancestor of all grenades
That Mandela statue ordeal has the makings of a Ntsiki Mazwai fan
::: So uSis Ntsiki Mazwai wakes up everyday to discredit Jacob Zuma and diss Girls that wear weaves . I think it would be more effective if ebe ncoma iPresident ayithandayo ne Hairstyle ayithandayo instead of bringing negativity on our Timelines everyday .
So you guys are saying, USA has Beyonce & Solange Knowles while SA has Thandiswa & Ntsiki Mazwai?
Somebody insisted that I should post this but if that was not the case I would have not posted this Open letter. Ntsiki Mazwai “DEAR ANC” Open letter to the ANC Dear ANC Re: The issue of the BOO BOO, a sound made to show disapproval or contempt. A sound made to show disrespect. People BOO when they don’t like someone. I write this letter as a fed up citizen of South Africa. ANC is the organization I entrusted with my vote and support in 1994. Being the biggest political organisation at the time, ANC had paid its dues to be the organisation that governed our people. There were many political parties who liberated us…a fact you like to blatantly ignore. The liberation of black people in this country happened because black people as a whole had had enough and not because ANC was our ’messiah.’ You are the organisation we CHOSE to lead us…something you have now taken for granted. I have never been at any of the stadiums where (hopefully soon to be ex) President Zuma has been booed lately, but I ...
Ntsiki Mazwai wrote an open letter to President Jacob Zuma: Listing her grievances, Mazwai touches on issues such as polygamy, Guptagate and Nkandla: 1. “Can your candidate not have any criminal charges against them? Yes politics are a dirty game but please can we also consider that you’re leaders and must set an example. 2. “Should your candidate be a polygamist, please can it be in the true African form. Not polygamy that has many girlfriends and children in and out of wedlock. This sends out the wrong message to our sons. 3. “Can spousal allowance only cover one wife? If a man chooses to have more, may that be his own personal affair and not affect our taxes. 4. “Can your candidate not allow rich friends to land at National Key Points. When the president, does not see this as a threat to our national security as a country, then I become worried. 5. “Can your candidate be well read on black consciousness? At this stage of Africa’s liberation from the West, we need a president who has an ag ...
invites ANC's Matthews Phosa 2 recite a Afrikaans. Ntsiki Mazwai, a poet, only gets an interview on LGBTI. Hmm.
I told yall that those black consciousness chicks with Afros who wear chucks and smoke weed are *** look at Ntsiki Mazwai's ***
and yet Ntsiki Mazwai cant marry me
Happy New Year to you all my idols.Simphiwe Dana,Ntsiki Mazwai and Poppy Ntshongwana,have a blessed year divas.
Presenting Lebo Mashile The poet, performer, actress, presenter and producer Lebogang Mashile, the daughter of exiled South Africans, was born in the United States in 1979. At the age of sixteen, she and her family returned to their home country. It was while she was studying Law and International Relations at Wits University in Johannesburg that the desire to work as an artist took hold on her. Mashile regards poetry’s expressive powers as the most effective tool to bring about those changes that are needed in the aftermath of socio-political changes in South Africa. Mashile began to achieve recognition as one of South Africa’s most popular young artists in 2002 when her hip-hop inspired poetry captured a large audience. In 2003, she co-founded the ‘Feel-a-Sista!’ Spoken Word Collective alongside Myesha Jenkins, Ntsiki Mazwai and Napo Masheane which rapidly gained wide spread popularity. Just one year later, Mashile made her acting debut in the Oscar nominated film ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and perform ...
This is year,I wl neva forget in my life,working with Ntsiki Mazwai,Punch Masenamela,Khune,Dj Pex,tjovo,Zola 7,Makhekhe,Big Up,FNB and I love to thanks everyone who was there for me and my crew
Ntsiki Mazwai wrote: Actually, in honour of Madiba- can Justine Sacco please LEAVE. Take your racism somewhere else.
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Brenda Fassie! Lebo Mathosa! Ntsiki Mazwai! Curse of the leading lady says u bear the cross! SIYABANGENA!
Ntsiki Mazwai shared the following link and had this to say about it: . featuring Ntsiki Mazwai Remembering Steve Biko
Ntsiki Mazwai just arrived in a matching jungle outfit with Kenny Kunene
Ntsiki Mazwai thinks she's a spokesperson of "African Women Forum of National Hair Enforcement". Angasixaki tu!!
Kunzima, 1st they said I look like Zahara, now its Ntsiki Mazwai, who's next, Kola Boof? :( or Whoopi Goldberg? Y not Halle Berry :'(
Whoop whoop this is gonna be a good night soothing songs by Lira n Ntsiki Mazwai now the full time score is 2 : 1 WOWZERRR...nyt y'all *hippodance*
Last Nights Ladies night Event with Ntsiki Mazwai, Miss Jones was epic, Nice one ladies...
Yes I am a Deep house dj and my soul always has a soft spot for Soul music and Acid Jazz like Maxwell, Anthony Hamilton, Musiq SoulChild, Jill Scotts, Eryka Badu and Sade, Ms Hill. With out a doubt I will buy the original album and my boys now that. You’ll really should take the time to listen to a Local band called The Muffinz Live and listen to Come with me, a live band that you should take your girl to… Ntsiki Mazwai, Real Talk. Standee
Headline Daily Sun: Ntsiki Mazwai, icheri grand is actually a man!...hw about that? Lol *hides*
Ntsiki Mazwai says she is anti-weave... because that is not what Steve Biko taught her
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