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Notting Hill

Notting Hill is an area in London, England, close to the north-western corner of Kensington Gardens, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

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Set in the heart of Notting Hill on Westbourne Grove, Daylesford Farmshop &Cafe is all about organic, seasonal and delicious...
Check photos of Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, Westbourne Park & Westway in the past 100 years. 📸 https…
Police officer dances at Notting Hill Carnival – video 🌟🏅🌟
Stations at Notting Hill, Ealing, Southall, Uxbridge and Chiswick could close
all night long! And all day Notting Hill get your tickets now before they're gone! http…
Celebrating our diversity in Notting Hill - London is open for community, for diversity & for carnival!
Notting Hill Carnival begins with ceremony to remember
Notting Hill boards up windows ahead of carnival as police prepare for worst
Notting Hill entire neighbourhood has just turned into an absolutely massive block party
Incredible quotes from Dave Musker, the man in charge of policing Notting Hill Carnival
Why you should be channeling at this weekend's :
Organisers of Notting Hill Carnival say they're preparing for an increase in acid attacks. Are our public spaces getting less and…
Police to form 'protective ring' around Tower for Notting Hill Carnival
Fashion advice. This summer in Notting Hill stab vests are de rigueur.
Police to form 'protective ring' around for Notting Hill Carnival
Roadman getting ready for Notting Hill Carnival this weekend
28 awesome places to dine out in Notting Hill.
'I can't remember a single murder at Glastonbury': Police hit back at Stormzy's claim force only targets 'black ...
Police are profiling an entire event using intrusive despite there being no legal basis for it
Find us at these parties this carnival weekend 😱🚚🎉🎶
Going to Notting Hill Carnival? Wear and observe the minute's silence at 3pm on both days
Now the officer in charge of policing the carnival has defended his tactics - Daily Mail… UK New Entertainment
Notting Hill Carnival was for the community – and the kids – in those days’
"youth steel orchestra marches on to Notting Hill Carnival"
This clown has no point. He's an *** Notting hill is RAKED with crime, on a different level to Glasto…
Notting Hill Carnival 2017: everything you need to know | British GQ
Are you a resident in the footprint? Sign-up for our free garden clean-up service: h…
Some helpful family friendly tips for those making the trip to Carnival this year
BLOG POST: Meet the tutor delivering Fire Tech Crew, our Saturday programme for 9-12 year olds in Notting Hill.…
Why is the Notting Hill Carnival referred to as "Carnival" instead of "The Carnival"? It is annoying.
PRESS RELEASE: Response to comments made by David Musker, Commander in Charge of Policing at Notting Hill…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
It's a necessity as he's the queen of Notting hill on Sunday.
“I don’t really care what we arrest them for; I’ll be [as] lawfully audacious as I can to get them off the streets"
Uncompromising on the safety and security of Notting Hill Carnival 2017.
Rich history of Notting Hill Carnival’s sound system culture is unveiled in Rampage Sound documentary…
London Gears up for Notting Hill Carnival, in Shadow of Grenfell Tower – U.S. News & World Report
Is the fun being sucked out of Notting Hill Carnival?
Notting Hill Carnival goers will be stopped from taking selfies at Grenfell Tower this weekend, LBC has learned
This weekend! Notting Hill Carnival. All you need to know.
Met Police has reviewed policing plans to ensure that everything possible is done to make Notting Hill Carnival safe
Thugs ‘will use Grenfell as pretext for chaos at Notting Hill Carnival
Met's message ahead of this weekend
"London gears up for Notting Hill Carnival, in shadow of Grenfell Tower"
will start at an earlier time of 9.15am this Sunday to respect those affected by -
'I can't remember a single murder at Glastonbury': Met Police chief hits back over Notting Hill Carnival
Catford is about 12 miles away from Notting Hill, in a different borough and takes about an hour to get to on t…
All purpose parts banner
Ordered Five Guys on Deliveroo for a while now but Kensington High St and Westfield no longer deliver to Notting Hill? Help!!
Notting Hill has more to do with David Cameron and George Osborne than Milliband. do you even have an actual point?
Remember watching 'Notting Hill' and seeing virtually no black faces in Portobello Market, ridiculous
Tory Govt has audacity 2ask Sadiq Khan 2move Notting Hill Carnival away because of
Watching 'Notting Hill' and know, because exhaustion, emotions & young Hugh Grant just pushes me over the edge 😭
He would gossip about which Notting Hill stars were generous and which were mean *** He had a soft spot for Hugh Gran…
A repost of our latest Oliver Spencer store fit-out in Notting Hill, West London. As with the previous stores in Sh…
London great city. Of to Canary Wharf, Notting Hill and then Twickenham Stadium.
The pride celebrations can go ahead, but GrenfellTower insists the Notting Hill Carnival is cancelled. What gives them the right to dictate
Esp. as it originated from the Afro Caribbean immigrant community of Notting Hill & North Kensington. Wr…
Life is but a Richard Curtis movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts @ Notting Hill
The new building at the Notting Hill end of Church Street, Kensington. Abysmal architecture.
I mean: Persuasion, Le Week-end, Changing Lanes, Notting Hill, the first half of The Mother. But also: Morning Glory, Hyde Park on Hudson...
"London is burning"...Tower fire broke out near Notting Hill. There is an illuminati card called combined disasters. htt…
Interior of the Day! Notting Hill steam room by Meta Interiors
Notting Hill pastor blames 'disgusting' treatment of poor for inferno. He has a strong point.
Just received this from a friend living near Grenfell House in Notting Hill, if anyone wants to help:
Looking forward to another great weekend showing Top Gun and Notting Hill! Visit for ticket…
What a gorgeous sunny day in Notting Hill! Reminds us of this beautiful trip to see our yarns being dyed in Shiraz…
sunny london days are hard to beat @ Notting Hill
August's month in & Notting Hill! Time to organise your summer event. .
Might be late but re: Q.9 didn't Roger Mitchell direct Notting Hill not Mike Newell?
Parisian childrenswear retailer Bonton has leased space in Notting Hill, West London for its first store in the UK.
RHYS IFANS in Notting Hill...I love that man ❤️ You look like him ;)...Perfect 👍🏽
Notting Hill - Rhys Ifans "Thank you God" when he walks in on Julia Roberts bathing.
OLIVER GLADWIN - Star of the show tonight! The co-owner and Head Chef at The Shed in Notting Hill, come and say hel…
“Ken Marsh of the Metropolitan Police Federation said that at the Notting Hill Carnival last year 16 officers need…”
Watching Notting Hill cause why not, right?
on one tenant owes their notting hill landlord £26,000 - so one month's rent then . . . .
Try they have a showroom in Notting Hill Gate, really contemporary and stylish...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Indulging in Italian delights this afternoon at The Italian Job's new outpost in Notting Hill 🇮🇹…
Peter Oborne: Welcome death of the 'Notting Hill set' | Daily Mail Online
Scroll to read "Shame on this Establishment Mr Fixit" Double standards AGAIN! So much for Equality via
Everything you need to know about the home of Europe's biggest carnival
live your dreams. not your memories. . -Notting Hill
Looking for something interesting to do this weekend? Visit the David Mach exhibition in Notting Hill
Hi Konnie! I have just finished school at Notting Hill and ealing high school and made a leavers video!
Playing some tunes this evening from 6:30 in Notting Hill!! Come munch out and…
Rehearsal underway for our concert tonight with in Notting Hill. Sounding co…
...and here in this renovated Pub in Notting Hill is a bit of old London. Probably a regular of this pub when it wa…
Psycho was my pick for saturday movie night. My sister's was Notting Hill (Yes, I played no part in influencing that choice)
Experience a true British afternoon tea and a hands-on baking workshop with Caroline!
hi guys just booked to see you at Notting Hill 28th July can't wa…
Notting Hill Carnival is more than a motive this year
We're pretty sure the sculptures are still at Trencherfield but the Opie…
Brilliant spot! Jump in, go back to 1962 and buy a stack of houses in Islington & Notting Hill!!
"Don't forget i'm just a girl... Standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." ~Notting Hill
Things you only know if you are a CARNIVAL ARTIST: There is no such thing as a Notting Hill Carnival co…
Did you know that Notting Hill used to be a racecourse?
If you don't reference 'Notting Hill' as much as James Corden what are you doing with your life?
Wonderful family house in Notting Hill with direct access to communal gardens
The Local of Notting Hill in the District of United Kingdom gathered together in unity to propagate their faith...
Well done for completing the acquisition of 50% of restaurant in Notting Hill with a happy client…
Notting Hill Carnival is Europe's biggest street festival, but it got off to an unlikely start! find out more here:…
He was the 8th choice for Notting Hill.
Queue is around the corner at Notting Hill this morning 😐
Jung Chang has objected to her neighbour's application to build a wine store at their Notting Hill home, claimin...
DOMINIQUE DE BEAU OFFICIAL has a show on 2017-04-23 at 19:00 @ Notting Hill Arts... in London
Here is the Official Trailer for the CarnevaleNetwork 2016 Notting Hill Carnival Video.
ooh! you can see American Pie and Notting Hill posters. 1999, what a great year.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
This avant grade gown is just what every head turner bride needs! Get it at our Notting Hill store.
Notting Hill might just be my favourite movie. 😊❤️ so good!
Paris in the Springtime shot at a private residence in Notting Hill 💕. Bloggers, please do comment or email if...
Here's a map on where we are located at. 127 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 2AQ
Black and White Cat found in Holland Park/Notting Hill/Shepards Bush (W11) on 21st April 20…
This Video provides a Slideshow of the 2016 Jouvert Morning at Notting Hill Carnival.
Wild Swans author Jung Chang in row over neighbours' plan for massive wine cellar beneath Notting Hill home
Check out PART ONE of our Interview with Sonny Blacks and discover the origins of the largest Carnival in Europe!…
A new street in named after Sam King MBE, Jamaican born 1st black mayor of Southwark, WWII veteran, founder of Notting…
Shooting at Notting Hill Carnival last year is something I'll never forget, thank you 🤗
Just had the most unexpectedly amazing & reasonable meal in -American West Coast fare in Notting Hill
Perfect night in with margaritas and Notting Hill. Oh Hugh Grant I love you💖
I feel sorry for people that never experienced Notting Hill Carnival around 2007-2010 proper good times
Been in London this week and got lucky enough to see this beauty! Notting Hill forever.
The walking through the seasons bit in Notting Hill is one of my favourite scenes in film, ever ❤️
From Railton Road, Brixton to All Saint Road, Notting Hill saw an enormous community turnout, with...
Pretty woman is an awesome movie! It is in my top three with Notting Hill and Erin Brockovich.
Our local history podcast is back. The Westway Walk, Saturday 11am, includes all three. The real Notting Hill. RIP htt…
investigate suspicious death in Notting Hill
it was a good piece. Didn't realise you were from Notting Hill. I grew up there, though more he Ladbroke Grove end. Went to
Visit us at 102 Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hill today to get your brows bank holiday ready 🙌
Spring is in the air in Notting Hill! @ Notting Hill Gate
Landed in London. Buzzing for this week. Come along to the Gate in Notting Hill to see some acting. Or just have a drink
Why am I watching Notting Hill again? Cos there's nothing else on, it's a fabulous movie, Hugh Grant is funny & Julia Roberts is gorgeous 😍
The stunning 'Notting Hill' from Carl Robinson Edition 14 - Visit for more details
Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts aren't important in Notting Hill it's all about the love between his best friend and crippled wife
Today's weather is the exact same weather as the scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant spills his drink on Julia Roberts.
High St Ken and Notting Hill have been doing it for sometime, you have to show your receipt at customer…
Notting Hill, starring Jude Law and Robyn Malcolm. Directed by Terry Jones, music by Don Henley. Budget: $100 billion
A pleasant bedsit room in Notting Hill
Find out why Little Venice, offers a better bargain than nearby St John’s Wood and Notting Hill here:
Samuel L Jackson seems to have a bizarrely sunny notion of the history of interracial dating in UK. Notting Hill ri…
Notting Hill is going to get a brother all in his feelings
A great evening in Notting Hill talking about mentoring more young girls and women through programme http…
i remember the new judge from Notting Hill (Spike)
When your falling asleep but want to finish watching Notting hill, love this film 😍
Wow you guys weren't kidding. At this rate. Drakes gonna be at Notting Hill Carnival securing whines in a North face jacket and sliders.
aka Notting Hill cause that movie will always be my fav romantic movie 😍
I am simply in love with notting hill
I dont go to Notting Hill Carnival if weather is bad
If you ever needed me to, I think I could do Notting Hill as a one woman show. I possibly know all the dialogue by heart.…
wish I was watching Notting hill to
has anyone tried NAMA in Notting Hill?
💥Playing Thursday - Cortex(Hotbox) at Notting Hill Arts club. Advanced tickets to the event here: . See you there!💥
Hugh Grant in Notting Hill is the perfect hangover cure 😍
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Paid Technical & Design Assistant Placement at Monsoon in Notting Hill, London . info:
Accident in Holland Road, 2 cars involved the not way to Notting Hill or Shepherds bush. Use alternative route.
did you hear the creators of Notting Hill got funding from the government to make that movie? It was a Hugh Grant
I love that line. Julia Roberts to Hugh Grant in the book store , scene from Notting Hill. RIGHT
Notting Hill on Sky Valentine and Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts are just about to fall in love, spread the word❤❤❤
2 of my favourite actors are Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant so you can only imagine how much I love Notting Hill
All great, but you left out the great kiss Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant share in "Notting Hill" (after they go over the fence).
My Listening to Andy Williams, followed by a meal for one, a 37th viewing of 'Notting Hill', before…
It would be fun to deprive Malcolm Tucker of anyone to yell at for a couple of days and then let him loose inside the movie "Notting Hill".
do you use Virgin Active, Notting Hill? Think I was working out next to you two weeks ago...
Jennifer Lawrence in is like Anna Scott in that Helix film in Notting Hill
A3: Spike (Rhys Ifans) from Notting Hill, gets me every single time!
Hello all, I would love you to come and see the premiere of Angels in Notting Hill. The budget was microscopic but yet, we…
"The end of Notting Hill completely falls apart if Hugh Grant thinks that Julia Roberts is kinda 'aight'." 😂 .
he's like the *** in the Notting Hill film that walks into Hugh Grant's travel bookshop looking for cookery books
"The end of Notting Hill falls apart of Hugh Grant thinks Julia Roberts just 'aight'." - best quote
She wants me smelling nice. Jacqui got me Notting Hill from the British fashion house English Laundry. I have no idea what it means but I ❤️
Im trying to sleep and I can hear dad watching notting hill down stairs, so badly wanna go down now
*Rolls eyes* and yet the background is pure K then. ⚡ Notting Hill Carnival 'a real risk to safety'.
if you loved SPIKE in Notting here:
Euan commenting on Alec Baldwin in Notting Hill - 'he looks like a pint'
The more colorful the better🌈 @ Notting Hill, Portobello Road Market
This 19th Century pottery kiln is 1 of my 5 historical top spots in Notting Hill!
Ellora is one cute, yet sexy girl from E.Europe
Local councils are not securing all the social housing they should be. Letting developers get away w rip off rents htt…
- We met at Notting Hill Carnival almost 10 years ago and I'm still following my passion for radio…
Do you know that excellent fish and chips restaurant behind the Notting Hill cinema? Can't remember its name...but it's on me x
Tom Walker onstage at the 18th anniversary bash. @ Notting Hill Arts Club
Date Night in wearing my new fave velvet details!
I am watching Notting Hill When you said nothing at all
Finaly got down to the Notting Hill cafe today! Stocked up on gluten free cookies, protein panc…
I'll be playing at ALL AGES event at Acklam Village Market in Notting HIll! Come…
We've got you covered for in Notting Hill and Shoreditch
Other than that article is riddled with myth making nonsense. Isn't a screening of Notting Hill. He was a useless, reckles…
live right now at Notting Hill Arts Club
KARINA - Karina is a passionate, fun and vivacious young Top-Class gorgeous l
Sections are selling out fast but you can still join & associates at Notting Hill Carnival 2017...
Mad respect for the guy at Notting Hill Gate wearing a Marge Simpson head piece and outfit
no Diet Coke, no sweet potato wedges, no ice ... Notting hill branch not on point 👎🏼
Thanks to Baron of Notting Hill for chatting with us today... what a life! Thanks for sharing your
when did you live near notting hill? Maybe we were neighbors?
back open in Spring, fear not! Sorry. E&O Notting hill does great cocktails.
Cat dress & socks seen in a shop in Notting Hill Gate. Portobello…
The ultimate property swap?Scottish mansion for sale for the price of a one-bedroom Notting Hill flat.
Someone else has said it's Notting Hill!
Did u know that all these products were once made in Newcastle upon Tyne? Fab displays spotted in Nottin…
How are there people who haven't seen Notting Hill and/or Love Actually??? Can you even be considered British???
'Slow ride, take it easy...'. District line buggered out of Notting Hill Gate. Got Central line to Bond Street. No...
Notting Hill Carnival last year was safest I've felt in Ldn, 4 stabbings out of 1mill people?! What abt Glasto safety?
Their is more offences committed in Glastonbury than Notting Hill Carnival will ever produce
Always good seeing you man! Brunching at in Notting Hill. We are well and truly Insta boyz now.
Ha! Tbh happy I didn't know the difference. Never seen Notting Hill, hope never to!
this isn't about 'safety' it's about rich people, trying, as they do every year, to stop Notting Hill Carnival going ah…
I once saw Damon Albarn on the street in Notting Hill and said 'Hello Damon' for the first and only time in my life. He grunted
I love Notting Hill and Hugh Grant so much
Chelle as taken over my living room! Wanted to watch Notting Hill tonight but she's watching Justin Bieber in concert on…
I want to look as effortless as Julia Roberts looked in 'Notting Hill' everyday of my life.
It's cool how Julia Roberts in Notting Hill (1999) is this year's Instagram Aesthetic
The neñas plan for tomorrow will kill me:Notting Hill,Hyde Park,Covent Garden,Harrods,skating at the NHM 😳😲😰
We LOVE the interior design in this STUNNER of a house in Notting Hill / Holland Park >> Available to   10% Off
A Notting Hill studio house with products by Michael Reeves Associates.
. Shes a double for Spike in Notting Hill.😆
The scene from Notting Hill where Hugh Grant says, "oops-a-daisy" is my lifeblood.
Okay, tell no-one but I have a soft spot for Notting Hill. I really fancy Gina McKee and I have a friend EXACTLY like Spike.
The way Hugh Grant says 'Bernie' in Notting Hill is the finest acting of his career
Spike in Notting Hill is everything I aspire to in life
that's like Hugh Grant's character saying 'oopsie daisy' in Notting Hill.
It's nice. Baby Boom, First Wives Club, and, again Richard Curtis, Notting Hill are the films I watch with me mum.
After watching Notting Hill and Ocean's 11 and long being a fan of Closer and Flatliners I can admit to myself I just love Julia Roberts
Notting Hill flat above bookshop from Julia Roberts film on sale for £1.5M -
💔 Is anything better than Hugh Grant in Notting Hill
Would you like some tea? 🍵 @ Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London.
you can buy them in Notting Hill, Portobello Road, R. Garcia & Sons. 248-250 Portobello Road
The Ultimate Ankle Boot..Check out Martine.. Available online and at Notting Hill store...…
"I had to raise my game," says the 'Notting Hill' star, nominated for best supporting actor at the Hollywood Film...
For june who loves this garden, . And joseph who sit beside her., ★ Notting Hill —
Random question: best eggs benedict in Notting Hill? (must be open and serving brunch menu tomorrow...)
Don't miss out on seeing BLAKE's final London show of 2016 in Notting Hill on the 9th of December! R…
Why A-listers can't get ENOUGH of Notting Hill's Casa Cruz! Welcome to the hottest nightspot in London...
Awesome AWESOME workout down Notting hill yesterday with feeling tight today 💪🏻💦
Been working in Notting Hill this week (yup right posh) and every day buy the same wrap and a soup from -
...we are seeing Nerina in Notting Hill 10th December. ..12th time 😆😆
Rubbish. Notting Hill was a brilliant place to live before colonisation by neo-liberal *** Creative, diverse, tolerant.
"Notting Hill, the London address for people who do not know any better"
Firefighters tackle 'severe' blaze in Notting Hill - two people rescued after flames 'ten feet high' engulf block
If you love you'll love Notting Hill Carnival
Drainage Notting Hill: All of our drainage engineers are fully trained and are provided with the latest equipment...
sums it up doesn't it. Notting Hill set and Westminster bubble come to mind.
Possibly not, although I did see Jimmy Page looking very dapper on a bicycle in Notting Hill a few years ago.
We aim to please. 😉 Why don't you pop into our Bristol (Or Notting Hill) office when you're next in the area?
From farm to fork - it doesn't get better than in LOVE.
Luck is on my side, somehow left my phone in the middle of Notting Hill on the floor and handed it in to my local coffee shop
literally just ran for the wrong bus I was on the 28 going towards Notting hill???
Brit chef Gareth Sanderson creates new California-inspired Pomona for Notting Hill…
Corner of the serene master bedroom at our Notting Hill project
Pomona, a new all-day restaurant and bar inspired by America’s West Coast, will open in London’s Notting Hill next month.
Today's newspapers will be lining tomorrow's wastepaper bin. citation from " Notting hill" movie. Be positive !
Sunday, noon. The real Notting Hill. Bookings/Details at Seen the film? Come and get the re…
Check out my favourite spots in Notting Hill:
I will be performing TOMORROW @ Notting Hill Arts Club!! . You can't miss it! 😜. Grab your reduced ticket here:...
Israeli participant at "I wanted my life to be a movie like Notting Hill or Love Actually. Instead it's Top Gu…
Teun A. Van Dijk analyses the media in fuelling disturbances such as the Brixton and Notting Hill riots. Read more https:…
Bright colored doors and ornate iron gates, the Notting Hill neighborhood was definitely f…
I was wondering, what was the name of the bar you first came to see Tori in? In Notting Hill? I'd love to go! Much love!x
What a scene! We talk about the HOTTEST nightspot in London...
Notting Hill 2016 shaking your body heyyy: via
MP calls on Mayor to rethink Notting Hill Carnival - Soca News
Matteo Ranieri has a show on 2016-10-22 at 19:00 @ Notting Hill Arts Club in London, LND
A new Californian-inspired restaurant, is coming to Notting Hill - see what's on the menu here:
"It's like I've taken love heroine and now I can't ever have it again" - William, Notting Hill
One off Monday morning taster classes available in Notting Hill and Highgate. Musical fun for babies & toddlers.
Meet Andrew Lawden. He plays a gangster, a part of the angel's shady past, in Angels in Notting Hill. We are glad t…
That looks mint. Bit like the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill
Kenwood House in appeared in the films Notting Hill and Mansfield Park.
Pop into our Notting Hill farmshop today from 11am to meet the inspiring
You will find both and her new cookbook 'Life In Balance' in our Notting Hill farmshop tomorrow…
I want to respond like Mischa Barton in Notting Hill when people ask me if this is my first time in the stadium. "No, it's my 27th."
Meet the truly inspirational at our Notting Hill farmshop on 24th September
Charlie Philips documented the shifts within the cultural landscape in 1960s Notting Hill:
450 arrests, multiple stabbings and officers injured at Notting Hill Carnival but don't kick up a fuss because it wasn't…
Seven-foot wide 'life-size doll's house' is for sale in Notting Hill
They are planning to use several Notting Hill gardens as public lavatories.
Watching Hugh Grant in Notting Hill is the sole reason why I'm awake right now.
not had rum in ages, although Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. You're still on good terms with him? Good on ya
Cardi.. Catch me at Notting Hill Carnival on Monday 👌🏾
The same 'angry' ones who moved in fully aware of the carnival and wanted to live in Notting Hill for the culture :/ https…
Police at Notting Hill Carnival: 'It's difficult not to want to dance, we're only human'
I have same sympathy for Notting Hill arrivistes moaning re Carnival as I do for berks who get up petitions trying to get Fu…
fam search up Notting Hill Carnival on your search bar and pree
it really breaks my heart to know I'll be missing Notting Hill Carnival this year 💔
our Notting Hill shop will Sunday & Monday due to Carnival and South Kensington will closed on Monday
Notting Hill and Moscato kind of night. 🎶You say your best, when you say nothing at all🎶.
Sam and Kevin came across that Blue Door from Notting Hill in which Anna Scott confessed to William Thacker.
Every weekend Richmond, Notting Hill and them rich places would get hit up and youts will go home with empty pockets.
Star Wars, Some like it hot, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Shawshank Redemption, Somewhere in time, Notting Hill, The Time Machine
Notting Hill is a very cool lil place
Im sitting across from Hugh Grant and I am imagining myself to be Julia Roberts in Notting Hill. Oh, Jesus help me. What a…
Daydreaming about a William Thacker via Notting Hill sort of man.
Mangrove Restaurant was a Caribbean restaurant in Notting Hill owned by Trini activist Frank Crichlow
1959, Claudia Jones organised a series of Caribbean Cultual events which then led to the 1st Notting Hill Carnival in 64.
But due to gentrification and the ecobomic changes of Notting Hill, The Mangrove restaurant closed down for good.
Notting Hill, since the 50s, has had key events in post-war black british history. As black brits, we should know this, unfort…
The caribbean immigrants were received with racial hostility, especially from the "Teddy Boys". Racial tensions came to a head…
after banning brixton splash I just know they're going to try and do the same to Notting Hill Carnival
May’s regime change: a sulphurous hiss, and the Notting Hill set is gone | Polly Toynbee
I want someone to look at me the way Hugh Grant looks at Julia Roberts at the end of Notting Hill
Little girl in Notting Hill (to me): Yesterday was my birthday and now I'm five!. Her mum (to me): I'd love to be that p…
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