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Notre Dame

Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is the football team of the University of Notre Dame.

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Counting down the days to help our friends at the Holy Cross Village of Notre Dame on November 21, the Joy of Saint…
Ah, that time of year when the College Football Playoff race heats up! . No. 3 Notre Dame fell in a tough road match…
Colts RB Frank Gore proudly sporting his Miami sweatshirt after they dominated Notre Dame on Saturday
New post (Wichita State guard Fred VanVleet drives past Notre Dame guard Pat ...) has been published on Payday ...…
I'm a huge fan of stat nuggets. Here's one for you. Everett Golson was the starting QB for Notre Dame for three sea…
Monday Beauty Tip: Being a grad student at Notre Dame doesn't make you smarter than me.
What Ohio State needs to make the playoff: . -Win out . -Georgia beats Auburn/Alabama. -Notre Dame beats Miami. -Clemson,…
"She was kind of the heart and soul of the team.". Irish coach Muffet McGraw is super excited for former Notre Dame sta…
Notre Dame gets blown out by Miami and the next day the Bears are trying their hardest to lose to a Rodger-less Packers. I love football.
- Former Hurricane players react to win over Notre Dame
Miami belongs in the top 4 after routing No. 3 Notre Dame:
Is Bob Stoops next man in for Notre Dame?
Admittedly, this is after watching Miami destroy Notre Dame. But the Richt-Miami anecdotal is worth…
Notre Dame has it’s choice of high school quarterbacks every year and this is the best they can do?
Believe it or not, the CFP race got more orderly with Saturday's Georgia and Notre Dame upsets. . My column and predicted new…
Under Mark Richt, Miami again looks like a big-time program. The Hurricanes dominated Notre Dame on Saturday night http…
Miami wears out Notre Dame, turnover chain on statement night -
Notre Dame fans are gonna have to put away those T-Shirts away and put on a turnover chain
In outclassing No. 3 Notre Dame, Miami has its new most impressive win of a magical season
Some opening thoughts from head coach Mark Richt after the Hurricanes routed Notre Dame, 41-8.
Miami head coach Mark Richt speaking after the 41-8 win over Notre Dame. .
Regis Philbin must be on the committee to have put Notre Dame
Miami Head Coach Mark Richt addressing the media after 41-8 win over Notre Dame.
Notre Dame fans outnumbered 2-10 and still winning this fight lol
Alabama slips by Mississippi St. Auburn takes out Georgia. OU rolling over TCU. Miami blasting by Notre Dame. Live look at th…
Notre Dame will be the convicts tomorrow after they murder Miami on the field
Didn't I see somewhere that Notre Dame was gonna have a touchdown chain? lmaoo
The Irish will destroy the U this weekend... Anyone who knows football and has watch…
.and put a little wager on the Miami - Notre Dame game
It’s like Rudy started at every position for Notre Dame tonight.
Takeaways from Miami's blowout win vs. Notre Dame: Time to give the Hurricanes their due via
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UM beats Notre Dame 41-8. Last time Irish played unbeaten team on road in November was 2004 at USC & Irish lost 41-10.…
Notre Dame will beat UM tomorrow and I wish I could've been in the stadium tomorrow night to watch it.
Miami is the place where Notre Dame's championship dreams go to die. Just continuing the tradition.
At least someone from Notre Dame showed some fight in Coral Gables tonight
Notre Dame will tame The U with unparalleled ease today.
Breaking: FEMA has been called in for hurricane relief to help Notre Dame's football team.
Beat FSU ✅ Beat Notre Dame✅ next is Clemson and the National Championship
There are two types of people in this world: Ones who enjoy Notre Dame getting embarrassed on national television, and…
Remember when the Notre Dame coach was talking trash about the turnover chain. He screwed up. .
Little makes me happier than watching Notre Dame getting their teeth kicked in on national television.
Sorry for your lost streak Notre Dame.
Miami has a chance to prove themselves against Virginia Tech & Notre Dame and make a statement in the ACC championship game…
postgame after 41-8 win over Notre Dame: HC Mark Richt
CANES? I am a Notre Dame fan, you have lost all of my respect, oh wait YOU ALREADY HAD NONE
Notre Dame fans said we only taking one L tonight.
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Miami WR Braxton Berrios right after the 41-8 win over Notre Dame!
This loss will severely damage Notre Dame’s chances to win a conference championship
Notre Dame is underrated for the first time in school history. Tomorrow will prove they are (right now) the best team…
When they said Notre Dame was gonna “dominate”. 🐸☕️
Time to investigate where Notre Dame’s offense went
Not personal Notre Dame, anyone was getting this work tonight.
Watching Notre Dame get curb stomped on a national stage and embarrass the entire program always makes me smile https:…
I love how Notre Dame haters are quick to jump in on the 1 bad game we've had all season. Yet...they've all been si…
Miami gave Notre Dame its own chain tonight 😂
Always a good night to see Notre Dame proved to be overrated. Even better when my Canes blow them out 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Upset weekend!. Auburn over Georgia. Stanford over Washington. Miami over Notre Dame. Texas over Kansas
Big Ten (Wisconsin, in particular) absolutely jubilant about Notre Dame getting waxed. . Power 5 league most at risk o…
Notre Dame looks like a 1980s Big Ten team. Slow. Lumbering. Unable to push the ball downfield. And Miami tonight loo…
The only thing left on my sports wish list is a Notre Dame championship* (that I’m old enough to appreciate in my l…
Glad to see Notre Dame is playing well.Jamal do your thing
Notre Dame coach Mike Brey on Wintrust Arena: "This is a beautiful facility. It's probably 20 years overdue. This is what DePaul needs."
DePaul christens Wintrust Arena with a 72-58 loss to Notre Dame. Nice new building. It's on the program to do something with it.
New arena, similar script for DePaul: It's a game for a while, then the breakdowns come. Notre Dame up 15 with three and a half left.
Notre Dame has hit 9 of its last 10 shots. That is...good. Notre Dame has hit 8 of 10 three-point attempts in the…
As I was saying, concern about Notre Dame's shooting is way overstated, as Irish have hit four 3s in the second half to go up nine.
DePaul's Wintrust Arena housewarming party going...OK. Down just four at half to Notre Dame, despite shooting 28.1%…
DePaul has tied it late in the first half against Notre Dame, and it kinda sorta sounds like an actual college basketball arena in here.
Notre Dame's shooting might be a real concern this year. Missed 50 of 64 threes in exhibitions, just 1 for 7 against DePaul so far.
First actual basket in Wintrust Arena history is a three-pointer from Notre Dame's Matt Farrell. Still awaiting th…
Indianapolis answers as Purichia completes an 11yd TD pass to Willis. PAT is good. Notre Dame: 7, Indianapolis: 7.
Notre Dame baseball's Will Ferrell turns commitment into LOI with Murray State signing.
Disney films that deserve so much more attention: . - Brother Bear . - Hunchback of Notre Dame. - Treasure Planet. - Atlantis…
Senior defenseman Jordan Gross is moving 🆙 the career points list for Notre Dame defensemen!.
Haven't been this excited for a Notre Dame game since Everett Golson
His choices were Notre Dame for QB, or North Carolina for point guard. Maybe the best football-basketball athlete ever fro…
No this is an argument that Chris Hale made to excuse Notre Dame cooperating with con…
Notre Dame girls soccer team makes unexpected journey to final four
Notre Dame's Robotics Team Electric Fire would like to give a big shout out to the newly formed First Lego Le…
did you see that Rick Neuheisel said that Saturday’s game is gonna be a home game for Notre Dame? 😭
The announcement comes a week after Notre Dame became the first university to publicly take advantage of a new Trump admi…
PRIMER: Wichita State, Michigan, and Notre Dame highlight this November’s
Rick The *** Neuheisel just said the crowd is gonna be 50% Notre Dame this weekend. I know they have a good follow…
Notre Dame had long fought the birth control mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act, citing religious freedom.
Breaking: Georgia stays No. 1 in CFP rankings followed by Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, Oklahoma and TCU (ESPN)
Only Miami could pull a power move like bringing back Ed Reed to help the safeties out for Notre Dame week.
The University of Notre Dame is reversing its decision to end free birth control coverage
The ‘pave’ in ‘shave and pave’ taking place on Regent @ York, Lasalle @ Roy, & Notre Dame @ Newgate thru to Wed. Thanks for your patience!
Forward Pass: The return of Miami-Notre Dame as a big game -- sanitized from the '80s. The U as a feel-good story?.
Before we dive in to Notre Dame week, what we learned about Miami after its big win over Virginia Tech, ICYMI...https:…
The Miami Hurricanes host Notre Dame in a prime-time matchup that has major College Football Playoff implications.
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Mark Richt had one thing wrong last week, you didn’t come to Miami to play VT. You came to Miami to play top 5 Notre Dame in prime time.
Stop telling me the Canes can’t compete with Notre Dame. With this atmosphere and defense, they can. Must protect ball bet…
Enjoy the win tonight and let’s get ready for notre dame. Go canes!
INSTANT ANALYSIS: Putting Notre Dame’s 48-37 win over Wake Forest in perspective on an uneven night.
I won’t act like I thought Miami was a true top 10 team. But they proved something to me tonight. They are. Notre Dame will be brutal test
It's not about the number on the truck. Saturday's game had everything to do with the destination:
The last time Miami and Notre Dame played with both in the top 10 was 1990.
ESPN College Game Day is headed to Miami for next Saturday’s game against Notre Dame!
Easily most overrated team in nation. Gonna get blasted by Virginia Tech & Notre Dame. Canes season gonna crash…
.was beating himself up after a big drop. He responded in a bigger way. ($):.
You know which fanbase is REALLY going to hate the Turnover Chain?. Hint: It's Notre Dame
That Miami verses Notre Dame looks to be a nice game.
"We need a packed house and I believe we'll get it." Richt on Notre Dame game.
It wasn't pretty, but Notre Dame produced the only thing it really needed to on Saturday: a win. via
Irish offense gains more than 700 yards in 48-37 win over Wake Forest at Notre Dame Stadium ht…
Snap Judgments: Chase Claypool emerges, Brandon Wimbush improves and the Irish D takes its first step backwards.
Lightning around the stadium forced Notre Dame players to hold there prayer circle in the tunnel.
Just know I love notre dame over UM 👀👀👀👀 who like UM next Saturday
Notre dame ain't played nobody with a defense like Miami. Most overrated in history.
Y'all know what time it is. Victory cigar, baby!!! Bring on Notre Dame. See you next week in MIA
I can't stand Notre Dame... I'm talking crap all week!
Georgia will face Auburn at 3:30 on CBS next Saturday. Notre Dame at Miami. UGA at Auburn. Next week is going to be crazy.
Notre Dame at Miami is going to be massive next week. Catholics vs Convicts all over again. Can’t wait.
Official: GameDay coming to the 305. Miami-Notre Dame, 8 p.m. ABC. . First time UM has hosted as the home team since 2001.
Notre Dame won, Northwestern won, and so did the Blackhawks! It was a good sports day today!
For the first time in more than a decade, we're headed to The U!. Notre Dame. Miami. We can't wait.
What Dave Clawson said after Wake Forest’s loss to Notre Dame
If Wake Forest beats Notre Dame, Dave Clawson will be a hot commodity...he already is in my book. And, he’s a good guy too.
Notre Dame junior WR . Equanimeous St. Brown is the captain of my All Name Team.
Per, "Intriguing receivers in the 2018 NFL Draft" Equanimeous St. Brown (Jr., Notre Dame) would look great in a uniform
Q and A with One Foot Down on Wake Forest - Notre Dame football
.Touchdown Jesus! Vince Dooley and I callles unbeaten Pitt and Notre Dame in 1989. Mike Gottfried Coac…
Does my boy Equanimeous St. Brown still go to Notre Dame?
Notre Dame will now stop covering birth control for students, faculty & staff because Trump altered laws.
Georgia tops the first ranking, with Alabama, Notre Dame, and Clemson joining the
Notre Dame players say No. 3 playoff ranking 'exciting' but are focused on Wake Forest - Chicago Tribune
I'm just twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the Hunchback of Notre Dame remake. Let's hope they go full throttle with that one!
Dave Clawson on the turnaround at Notre Dame from last year, "Well, they hired two guys from Wake Forest. So I think that i…
Appalachian Football • Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson top 1st CFP rankings - Join the discussion on Appalac…
Don't like how Notre Dame is in contention with only playing 12 games. How do you compare that to a 12-…
If the season ended today, Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson would be in the College Football Playoff
Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson top first College Football Playoff rankings.
Notre Dame is No. 3 in first College Football Playoff poll - Indianapolis Star
Jesse Palmer can't keep talking about Notre Dame's PHENOMENAL loss. . If you're looking for a team with 8 PHENOMENAL l…
The 1st College Football Playoff Rankings are out, and UGA is No. 1 over Alabama, Notre Dame, and Clemson . 🐾…
Notre Dame will haunt the first College Football Playoff rankings, wherever it lands – Washington Post
2 years ago today when was ranked taking on Notre Dame and had grace Philad…
Josh Sanguinetti is the latest top target to lock in a Miami visit for the Notre Dame game next month.
Notre Dame's gang of Steve Jobses is the year's most unsettling Halloween costume. Via
Arizona, Houston, Northwestern, and Notre Dame claim Week 9 knockouts, and we're down to 14
This is the third time in six years that Notre Dame and Brian Kelly enter November with a chance to play for a title. Think…
The first college football poll released on Tuesday will look like this:. 1. Alabama. 2. UGA. 3. Notre Dame. 4. Clemson…
My projected top 4 in the College Football Playoff are: 1. Alabama, 2. Ohio State, 3. Clemson, 4. Notre Dame
Happy birthday to the sixth all-time leading rusher at Notre Dame, Josh Adams! 🎉. ☘
October 29, 2011 - Notre Dame won at home over Navy, 56-14. Jonas Gray three TDs, Cierre Wood two, George Atkinson, Michael Floyd one each.
Notre Dame had not knocked off top-15 ranked opponents by at least 20 points in back-to-back weeks since Nov. 25 an…
No, Notre Dame is College Football Playoff bound
Looks solid to me. Committee might put Wisconsin in over Notre Dame only because undefeated. But I believe ND belong there.
Notre Dame is 6-1, ranked 9th and hosting NC State. I don't care if it's cold. That's way too many empty seats in…
2019 WR/DB Jalen Jennings enjoying his visit at Notre Dame today!
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Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem right that there’s turf in Notre Dame Stadium. Real football is played on grass
Hi, Matt. I'm I, too, LOVE Notre Dame. A great win today!!
Any time I see or hear anything about Notre Dame, it just makes my heart so happy ❤️
ACC goals still ahead of NC State, but Wolfpack will look back and regret loss to Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Alabama and Georgia all would whip Wisconsin’s *** by 30 points or more
10th straight district championship for volleyball. The Arrows will face Notre Dame in a regional match. https:/…
Never thought I would ever see this in person! Great time at South Bend today. The Notre Dame faithful are good fol…
Here’s on Irish RB Josh Adams’ Heisman statement tonight with Barkley/Love coming back to the field. http…
Better get their act together before the Notre Dame game! (In two years)
Prediction: Notre Dame debuts at No. 5 in the College Football Playoff rankings next week.
It’s all out there for Notre Dame: a shot at the playoff, the national championship and the Heisman for Josh Adams. htt…
NC State is a tough matchup for Notre Dame: Great against the run, and a strong passing game working against the Irish…
Yeah. Notre Dame is crazy. But we sell out in Dublin Ireland…
Just seeing this. After the Georgia game Drue Tranquill said this to Notre Dame’s in-house postgame show. Worth reading.…
Notre Dame is up to 2,543 rushing yards this year. That means in eight games they’ve surpassed all but one Kelly era full season.
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The left side of Notre Dame's offensive line for Heisman.
Had a great time visiting University of Notre Dame!! 😈 Hope to come back soon.
Can’t imagine the energy at Notre Dame Stadium today. Let’s keep it rolling
Halftime on a chilly fall day in South Bend, Indiana . Notre Dame leads NC State 21-14. Let’s keep this lead for the EN…
Josh Adams ran over N.C. State for 202 yards.and into the Heisman Trophy conversation:
17U Scrappers are registered and ready to go for the 17u World Series at the University of Notre Dame!
No one in college football has made a bigger statement the last two weeks than Notre Dame. . Murdered two really good teams.
Josh Adams and Notre Dame are so underrated it's crazy 🍀👀
Ryle, Notre Dame advance to state soccer semis
Notre Dame Proves It Belongs in the Playoff Conversation With Domination of USC - Sports Illustrated
Notre Dame gets 3 in the 3rd but lose tonight 5-3 to Flin Flon. Chaz & the Hounds back at it tomorrow afternoon at 3pm against La Ronge.
Notre Dame football: Josh Adams runs over N.C. State, into Heisman Trophy conversation
And act like a total *** again while covering the Notre Dame game. need someone who actually knows football
Notre Dame has three wins over current AP-ranked foes. The rest of the top-10 combined has seven... .
Notre Dame fan for my entire life, naturalized Penn State fan out of location, and…
Big Shout Out to our Jr Girls BB Team and Mrs. Ronson-coach! SJC Junior Girls win the Notre Dame Burlington Tourney!! https:…
Notre Dame steam rolls Miami but Wake Forrest might be an issue.
Back to our regularly scheduled Munsoning: UGA’s best wins are against Notre Dame and SunBelt Conference member App State.
The principal of Richmond Heights-based Directional Aviation Capital has donated $100M to University of Notre Dame
From Wisconsin (easiest) to Notre Dame (hardest), schedule strength for all College Football Playoff contenders:
Florida defensive back eyes Notre Dame official
Notre Dame, N.C. State would rather forget last year's game //
Iowa State and LSU are in. Notre Dame is surging. Our latest Power Rankings:
Notre Dame rockets up to No. 9 in the latest AP Poll. First time in the Top 10 since preseason ’16.
Punt, Pass & Pork: goes inside Penn State’s O and welcomes Notre Dame into his playoff field
BREAKING: Huge WSU recruiting win over Notre Dame, etc on safety who will 'loosen your teeth' (sub) https:/…
Notre Dame, the team everyone loves to hate, can disrupt the CFP Dream on. ND and Brian Kelly and still pretenders.
Notre Dame in the Big Ten West would make the conference the best and they would get Mich., PSU, OSU, MSU etc often
Anthony Wayne defeats Findlay 4-0. Generals had 18-2 edge in shots - advance to face Notre Dame at 7 p.m. on Thursday in district final.
GSOC Final: Anthony Wayne 4, Findlay 0. AW will play Notre Dame in a District final at 7pm on Thursday at Springfield HS.
Anthony Wayne senior forward Emilie Reese has now scored twice. Generals up 2-0 over Findlay. Would take on Notre Dame in district final.
Findlay and Anthony Wayne will begin at about 7:55. The winner will play Notre Dame on Thursday.
Notre Dame and Clay are headed to PK’s. The winner will play the winner of Findlay/Anthony Wayne in a Dist. Final at 7pm on Thursday
GSOC: Notre Dame and Oregon Clay are tied 1-1 heading to a 2nd overtime. Findlay takes on Anthony Wayne soon after.
I can listen to Don Criqui call Notre Dame football on the radio all day long. He's the best.
Hurricanes coach Mark Richt talked close wins, Ahmmon Richards, Notre Dame and more with WQAM's today...
Notre Dame fans are lucky to have Don Criqui calling their games. He's so good.
Definite Sun Devil Stock Report question for the next "Buy or Sell: It's good for ASU that USC lost to Notre Dame."
Ha don’t kid yourself their they are still the old Notre Dame.
None of the above! Josh Adams of Notre Dame is the best candidate for this year's Heisman Trophy!
I hate to say it, and it may be too soon, but it seems Notre Dame is making a comeback.
My column on USC's debacle in South Bend. ND piece coming soon.
Chris Hawkins on why tackling was a struggle against Notre Dame: "I don't know. We do tackling drills every day, so I hav…
I like a one loss Notre Dame over an undefeated TCU if this all shakes out.
Notre Dame crushed USC 49-14, removed USC from the CFB playoff picture & took Sam Darnold out of the Heisman discussion
Notre Dame offensive line for the Joe Moore Award!!! 🍀
Man.I know Alabama or Georgia would be so afraid to face Notre Dame in the playoffs.We might have to play our firs…
Column: Notre Dame is ... underrated? Believe it. And now fix it.
Is this the greatest Dame picture ever? Babe Ruth (in ND shirt) and Lou Gehrig (in SC shirt) in Chicago night bef…
This is Michigan's 15th consecutive loss to a ranked opponent on the road. Last win: at Notre Dame in 2006.
Wolf: USC charade comes to an end at Notre Dame
Notre Dame is a bunch of BAD mamma jammas
UNO misses out on a chance to sweep. It’ll head to No. 5 Notre Dame on a short week for a TH-FR series.
WV Wesleyan goes on the road and defeats Notre Dame
Is good at stopping the would be notre dame…
If you missed Clay Helton's post game presser, link to it is here:
My column after Notre Dame's huge win over rival USC
Penn St, ND can legitimately dream now perhaps more than any time in BCS era (since 1998).
A big win over USC still leaves a tough road ahead for Notre Dame according to
Wait who beat Notre Dame at home... oh yeah them dawgs!
Is Notre Dame actually descent or is USC just bad?
Notre Dame's 35-point win over USC is its largest against a ranked opponent since beating No. 9 Boston College by 47 poi…
Notre Dame in the first half against USC
I don't understand how Notre Dame can be good. All the Kizer supporters told me the coaching staff ruined him & the team st…
Just showing off the intelligence of Notre Dame students who clearly didn't do their research
➡ USC. FAV ➡ Notre Dame. 47 alumni on one field, tonight in South Bend.
Notre Dame has revealed a truth about USC. The Trojans never looked like national title contenders this season.…
Notre Dame controls line of scrimmage in rout of USC
Can we start over and have Notre Dame play Penn State tonight?
Mazurek: Despite big win, tough road lies ahead for Notre Dame
After Notre Dame lost to Georgia, Drue Tranquill said this, vowing ND would punish teams. ND has since outscored its oppo…
"USC’s return to national prominence over the past 11 months or so came to an abrupt end here Saturday night.”
Notre Dame is the best one loss team in the nation.
Here's the full game photo gallery from myself and
YOU: America has never been more divided and toxic. ME, whispering: imagine a notre dame-Penn State national championsh…
Notre Dame firmly in the playoff discussion. Now has best resume of any 1-loss team. Oklahoma 2nd. Notre Dame also has…
Wow, Notre Dame just destroyed USC. 377 rushing yards? 6-1? Is going to coordinate his way into a HC job somewhere?
Can we all do a golf clap for Josh Adams and the whole Notre Dame offensive line
Seems as if Penn State and Notre Dame are playing a we bit better than Michigan and USC so far.
FACT: Notre Dame is a having a good Saturday night. Enjoy the regal pipes of legendary play-by-play…
Game 7 and USC Notre Dame. Jimmy murphy gonna regret goin to my house tonight 😂
George Karlaftis chose over offers from Michigan, Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Alabama, Penn State and more.…
Notre Dame again picked as favorite in ACC women's hoops - The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Not a huge surprise here, but worth noting that pass rusher Porter Gustin now OUT for USC at Notre Dame.
Results from Porter Gustin's MRI and CT scan are in. Clay Helton said he's "just not right." Gustin will be out for Notre Dame.
Porter Gustin is officially out for Notre Dame.
Good Luck to GIRLS VOLLEYBALL as they compete in CL Championship vs. Notre Dame at Moravian Academy. Match is set for 7:30pm 🏐
Porter Gustin will have an MRI and CT scan on his toe and biceps to determine if he can play against Notre Dame.
Calling all St. Patrick, Notre Dame, Sacred Heart Academy, St. John and Mercy Cross graduates! Unite the Legacies...
Today is the Feast of St. Edward, my patron, and therefore Founder's Day at Notre Dame. Similarly, USC celebrates on Lucif…
Update your maps at Navteq
Notre Dame will play an exhibition game in men's basketball against Holy Cross this Friday at 7pm, with all proceeds ben…
Congratulations to Amelia Academy guard Kam Harris who has committed to Notre Dame!! See our feature:
Academy takes the third set against Notre Dame, 25-19. The teams now prepare for a fourth set.
I’ve had Notre Dame circled for 3 weeks. ND -3.5 vs USC is exactly the kind of line I hoped for. Your boy will be on the Fighting Irish.
University of Denver outlasts Notre Dame for first win of 2017-18
Congrats to Doyle Kelly- Champion of Future Collegians World Tour golf tourney at Notre Dame this weekend
Really like that Torii Hunter Jr. As you know he played football at Notre Dame.
Also... an update on WV prep soccer, Notre Dame holds a 6-1 lead over Pendleton County. Anthony Cistaro has 5 goals
Good Luck to PAVB as they travel to Academy of Notre Dame (PA) today! JV 1:15, V 2:30
Monday's college visits: Notre Dame, Judson, William Woods College, U of IL and Mizzou. Please register by 2:30pm today to attend any!
5-1 Eagles, 5-1 Notre Dame, 4-1 Freshman Hounds. Solid first half for my squads.
Notre Dame prep cheer hosting the countdown tonight! 7pm win tickets now!…
Uni of Notre Dame seeks an outstanding Dean, School of Education, Sydney
In our house we have Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida Gators and Tennessee Vols gear. But NO WAY we would ever wear…
We congratulate Mary Ann Glendon, on our board of advisors, for receiving pro-life award from Notre Dame!
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Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly will wait until kickoff to name starting QB for the No. 21 Fighting Irish
Tyler Palko, 5 times. One for each TD against Notre Dame.
TONIGHT: Reps from Notre Dame, Columbia, UCLA, & Williams College at 7 pm at the Del Mar College Economic Dev. Center across from Ray HS
Look...he knows someone has to be the hawks opponent at Notre Dame so he has to meet the quota.
Crescent Point Energy Wings came home last night with OT win over Notre Dame up at home Sat Oc…
He need Barkley & st.brown from Notre Dame or kirk from Texas a&m or ridley from bama
Josh Adams is now the 10th all-time leading rusher in Notre Dame history! . ☘
Josh Adams rushes for 159 yards as Notre Dame crushes Miami (Ohio) 52-17
Notre Dame's Josh Adams to the house. . Has 5 carries for 151 yards and two TDs.
Commitment to running game, Josh Adams exactly what this Notre Dame football team needs
Still is. Nationally people don't care about bama. Nationally people don't care about USC. Maybe Notre…
Stay humble & Continue to Grind! S/O to on picking up an offer from Notre Dame while on his Unofficial Visit toda…
Former LB Greer Martini nabs his first career INT at Notre Dame!
Let me know when Notre Dame beats someone.
5 of 5 stars to God, Country, Notre Dame by Theodore M. Hesburgh
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Gulp... dare I now say Notre Dame gets TV 1 in the house thru remainder of season?
Vorel: Notre Dame serves up a beat down, not a letdown, in third consecutive win
Here are a few more photos from our meet on Friday at Notre Dame
Upper Darby football represented on Notre Dame's field.
I think Notre Dame is actually good this season
Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame. Wake up the echoes cheering her name,. Send the volley cheer on high,. Shake down the thu…
What though the odds be great or small. Old Notre Dame will win over all,. While her loyal sons are marching. Onward to Vi…
Mississippi State was ranked, and what’s a Notre Dame? And ranking don’t mean anything Georgia not going to beat Au…
Brian Kelly challenged his team to treat Miami like a faceless opponent. The opponent didn't matter. The mindset did
Instant Reaction: drops 50, allows less than 20, and can be better Have to he happy wi…
Sammamish (Wash.) Eastside Catholic 2020 WR Gee Scott has been offered by Notre Dame on his unofficial visit. 1 of Top…
From CC to Notre Dame Stadium. Heading to South Bend today to watch take on the Irish!
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