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Notre Dame

Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is the football team of the University of Notre Dame.

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French police shoot man 'armed with hammer' at Notre Dame. Thousands are in lockdown – no one is allowed 2 leave yet mos…
Hand will not play West Haven, Notre Dame, North Haven, Fairfield Prep, or Xavier this season.
how long before mass incarcerations...Police in Paris disabled an attacker at Notre Dame and recovered knives
A man armed with a hammer and kitchen knives attacked police officers outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Police shoot and injure attacker by Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Read more:
Notre Dame Terrorist ID'd as ISIS, Admits He's a 'Solider of the Caliphate'
This Notre Dame attack was obviously work place violence - the guy was holding a hammer!!! 😀🇮🇱
BREAKING: French interior minister says Notre Dame attacker cried `it's for Syria'
Not a charismatic revival: this is "occupied Europe", attack on police outside Notre Dame in Paris & search of everyon…
The Notre Dame, Paris, earlier this afternoon, as a deranged Muslim attacked Police outside. The hands up is increasingly symbol…
Algerian student claiming to be attacks policeman at
Notre Dame attacker shouted 'this is for Syria' before being shot
Tourists locked inside Notre Dame after policeman attacked – video
Suspect 'shouted "This is for Syria" before attacking French police with hammer
UPDATE: Notre-Dame hammer attacker shouted 'this is for Syria' - AFP
Glad to see we're skipping over that "Is it is or is it ain't a Muslim" stage with this one. via
An Algerian student shouted 'this is for Syria' as he attacked a police officer outside the Notre Dame Cathedral
French police gather near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris after a man attacked an officer with a hammer outside the church
Notre Dame: Man 'armed with hammer' shouted 'This is for Syria' before attacking police officer in……
"Notre Dame" is the perfect photo representing the western world right now
Paris: Assailant at Notre-Dame said 'This is for Syria,' official says
Last yr, Muslims murdered more people in France,than were killed by terrorism in the country during the entire 20th century. Not…
Notre dame in lock down you and the guys stay safe. 💕xx
Student claiming to be ISIS 'soldier' screams 'This is for Syria' as he attacks policeman at Notre Dame Cathedral
So. Police are telling Parisians to stay away from the main Cathedral in Paris. Let that sink in.
Notre Dame Hammer attack, also had knives "for Syria" .
"I’d rather die standing up than live on my knees." - Stephane Charbonnier (1967-2015). Notre Dame
Trump's first leaking case, Notre Dame hammer attack, George and Amal Clooney's twins. Today's top stories:
BREAKING: Terror Attack at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris - Suspect with Hammer Attacks Police (VIDEO)
Notre Dame: Attacker shouted that he was a soldier of Isil as he attempted to strike police officer with hammer
Man shouting 'It's for Syria!' is shot outside Notre Dame Cathedral after attacking police…
I'm sure the man attacking people with a hammer was being peaceful, why did they have to shoot him? https:/…
So Notre Dame is fabulous but to me, Chartres has so much more character. So many individual pieces that shine with…
Notre Dame attacker shouted "this is for Syria" during assault on police officer, French interior minister says
Man who tried to attack officer near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been shot and injured by police, reports say
Notre Dame attacker shouted "this is for Syria". Radicalized loons running around on a whim with hammers now.
Attacker uses hammer on officers near Notre Dame in Paris – Washington Post
Weird. Why would ppl not at all motivated by religion attack a notable church? Just another day in Paris https:/…
France has over 751 “no-go zones,” i.e. areas of land ruled by Islamic law & totally unrecognizable as French! . Notre Dame
To no ones surprise whatsoever the attacker at Notre Dame was an Algerian muslim
BREAKING: Gunfire reported at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Is this the "Religion of Peace" again?
Breaking : "This is for Syria," the Muslim man yelled as he struck a police man with a hammer.
Paris police warn public to stay away from Notre Dame Cathedral
Police shoot man who attacked officer near Notre Dame Cathedral (via
BREAKING: Paris police say officer shot and injured an attacker near Notre Dame Cathedral.
Notre Dame attack sparks Paris terror fears as cops shoot man armed with hammer and two knives at cathedral-treating as terrorist attk.
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French police "shoot man attacking them with hammer" outside Notre Dame
Paris police shoot man who attacked officer outside Notre Dame Cathedral
Police shoot man who attacked officer at Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, French officials say.
Breaking News: Terror in Paris as Police respond to reports of gunfire at Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral.
Shots fired as police attend an incident at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.
BREAKING: 'Gunshots' at Notre Dame in Paris as man 'pulls hammer' on police officer
Police respond to alert at Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral amid reports of gunshots and panic
Graduate student and ASU WR Cameron Smith will head to the land of the Irish. Transferring from ASU to Notre Dame 🍀.
Crenshaw designed the Warren at Notre Dame like tha…
News National safety target a big Irish fan - Virginia sophomore Cam’Ron Kelly grew up on Notre Dame ...
Maddy falls to the 2nd seed (from Imlay City) 6-3, 6-2. Great tournament & season Maddy! Thank you for representing Notre Dame so well!
Ja'mion Franklin is ready to commit. And with a High School coach who's a Notre Dame fan, the Irish could get a fit…
Notre Dame's is among the NJ Hoopers starring at the UAA California Session -
ICYMI a former Notre Dame commitment is looking forward to working out for corners coach Kerry Coombs
I could think o9f a couple other former Notre Dame players for this one Kyle Rudolph & Tyler Eifert
Hyland’s Higher Education team is headed to the University of Notre Dame. Join them on June 28!…
“Nobody knows Mike Pence like Hoosiers do.” - on the Notre Dame student walkout
These students at Notre Dame walked out on Mike Pence's commencement speech.
That took guts. Especially the first one to stand. Students Walk Out of Pence's Graduation Speech at Notre Dame
Gotta make that happen, man. WHen is Notre Dame gonna invite me?
On paper UGA was better than Nicholls St, Vandy, & Ga Tech. I wouldn't bet on them beating Notre Dame in South Bend.
No Spin News Monday on analyzes President Trump's trip and dopey Notre Dame students walking out o…
.Reaction on both sides to walkout on Mike Pence's Notre Dame commencement speech was overblown…
The Notre Dame students walked out of a speech by a man complicit in destroying democratic norms & rolling back decades…
Notre Dame Students Walk Out During Mike Pence's Commencement Speech - as well they should pence is odious!
A bunch of students left Notre Dame's commencement while Mike Pence was speaking.
On this Graduation Day at looks back at the ups & downs of the 2013 recruiting class:…
Huuuge student walk out of students at Notre Dame's commencement during Vice President Mike Pence's speech.
Protesting Notre Dame students walk out of Pence’s commencement speech
2017: Sinking six figures into tuition is a poor predictor of both employment *and* manners.
Notre Dame graduates walk out on Pence as he touts free speech
"Either we are all Notre Dame or none of us are," says student who walked out during Pence commencement speech
the first of the Notre Dame graduates to join the protestors! you go!
Notre Dame students walk out of Mike Pence's commencement speech over policies including LGBT rights.
4 the benefit of any employer hiring a Notre Dame grad who walked out of Pence's speech post photos & names
Notre Dame grads that walked the address will soon be walking the unemployment line since its impossible to find a boss…
The Notre Dame students that walked out on should be not allowed to Graduate!. & Join us @ https:/…
In protest students walk out on Mike Pences Notre Dame speech
Notre Dame students walk out of commencement as Vice President Pence begins to speak
Student's walk out of VP Pence's graduation speech at Notre Dame.
SEE IT: Dozens of Notre Dame students walk out in the middle of VP Pence's commencement address.
students at Notre Dame walked out of their graduation when Mike Pence came onstage
.grads walk out on Pence as addresses commencement
WALKOUT ON PENCE: Graduates walk out on Pence at Notre Dame commencement:
Notre Dame (85% Catholic) students walk out as begins his address.
Pence sticks with faith and family, as Notre Dame grads walk out on his commencement speech - Fox News
Valedictorian at graduation where spoke urges "stand against the scapegoating of Muslims." https…
The walkout was a planned protest to Pence's policies, organizers said.
A large group of students just walked out of Notre Dame's commencement during VP Mike Pence's address.
From a Notre Dame faculty member re: the students who walked out during Mike Pence's commencement speech:
Re: Notre Dame students walking out on Pence. I was to get my diploma from Dean Rusk--in 1970. Many of us refused and turned backs to him.
Up next: Mike Pence delivers the commencement address at Notre Dame-- as students deliver their own message. Stick with us
Notre Dame is going to make them do some remedial work If the…
Notre Dame students walk out on Pence. students heard about real life from Astronaut Commander Scott K…
B1| Notre Dame gets an RBI triple by Morgan Reed, followed by a two-run home run by Caitlyn Brooks - Irish lead, 3-0
“Notre Dame students are protesting the Vice President’s commencement speech” by
Notre Dame students plan to protest Pence speech by walking out
WBB: More on Brenna Wise choosing Indiana; the Hoosiers last month picked up Notre Dame transfer Ali Patberg
Street of the bell tower of the church of Notre Dame de la Mer in St Maries de la Mer © sansa55
News Irish offer elite ’19 lineman - Notre Dame just offered one of the nation’s best ‘19 offensive l...
Docs: Notre Dame finishes its $18 million buyout payment to Charlie Weis -
Notre Dame's cornerback board is all over the place. Our Kevin Sinclair makes sense of it.
Along with the cadets from Notre Dame, three Saint Mary's seniors will enter the military after graduating.
Notre Dame, announce new football agreement through 2037. . Here's what it means.
Isn't Notre Dame a Catholic college? This is completely off the chain.
Congrats to all the Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN graduates! The 2017 ornament is the perfect gift!...
Notre Dame wants a safe space at graduation. Ya'll know once you leave college, your safe space (& all hopes & dreams) disappear right?
Big day for college softball. Auburn faces E. Tenn St. in Regionals. Winner plays tomorrow against the winner of Cal vs. Notre Dame game.
Addressing now >>> Notre Dame to have new pricing model for football tickets in 2017
Commencement is this weekend at Franklin College & DePauw University but it's Notre Dame that's making headlines. Why?? 530am
WATCH: Buzzer-beater at Notre Dame could end up sending Georgia Tech to tourney
Sandor Rene Rodriguez to sign with Linfield College for hoops & Braxton Rico is heading to Notre Dame de Namur for X-Countr…
South Torrance boys volleyball falls in semifinals at Notre Dame via
. are back to back MCT champions with an extra innings win over Notre Dame by
Per Jon Rothstein this morning, Mount St. Mary’s is playing at Notre Dame as part of their 2017-18 non-conference schedule.
Notre Dame's Lauray punches double ticket for states at D-11 2A track
For instance, Notre Dame paid Brian Kelly about $1.6 mil, but he's permitted by ND to receive outside compensation
On the increased intensity of Notre Dame's new strength program: 'Every day you anticipate somebody puking'
Notre Dame paid Charlie Weis nearly $19 million to go away via
Notre Dame paid Weis nearly $19 million to go away via bad deal sad
Charlie Weis received $18.97 million from Notre Dame as a buyout for being fired:
The final tally for Notre Dame's buyout of Charlie Weis: 18.97M
Notre Dame's official final tab for buying out Charlie Weis in 2009 is $18,967,960 as of its end in 2015:
Charlie Weis' buyout from Notre Dame goes final: $18,967,960, with last payment disclosed on new tax return:
Okie State and Notre Dame would make the CFB playoffs.
The very 1st college game my dad ever saw was this guy Austin Carr of Notre Dame in 1970. He scored 61 in the NCAA…
This is an beautiful spacious home in Mill Creek Indiana. Just 30 minutes to Notre Dame, 15 minutes to Laporte,...
I did not expect to hear Tony Jay (Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame) in this show, let alone voicing this charac…
5:30 game vs Notre Dame moved to Saturday due to rain. However our 8:30 game vs O'boro Catholic is still on at the Centre College field.
[Orlando Sentinel] Want to plan ahead? Miami to visit Notre Dame in...2037
11 May 1625: Proxy wedding of Charles I and Henrietta Maria celebrated at the door of Notre Dame
Pres Obama's 1st yr in office he gave commencement speeches Notre Dame…
We are excited to celebrate the 2017 Notre Dame Humanitarian Award Winner Mr. Gerald J. Maier'46 tonight!
Is The Hunchback of Notre Dame actually about gender?
Checking out Hunchback of Notre Dame, West Side Story, and The Bodyguard before Man of La Mancha starts up again.
No spring ball motivating Notre Dame Prep football players like never before via
Congratulations to Notre Dame graduate Amy Wallace - the 2017 Nurse or Midwife of the Year. Well done!
[Chicago Tribune] Investigators meet with woman at center of UNC probe
Senior Day for Bridget Garrity...Notre Dame bound in the Fall
Steven Brown lecturing last night at University of Notre Dame Sydney in the MBA Entrepreunership. Steven's...
Happy to receive my first offer from Notre Dame College ! 🔵⚪️
CVA Boys Golf now 7 - 2 with wins over Notre Dame and Proctoe. Team shoots 203, Nolan Stone shoots team low of 39.
I do what I want, been that way since I was 13 crashin Notre Dame parties
Come out and support the seniors tomorrow! Game starts at 3:30 against Notre Dame 💚
Hey, where you around for Aladdin, The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame? 😉
ngl i will STAN this show if they bring in disney's hunchback of notre dame
Vanessa Gonzalez allows just two hits while striking out seven for Notre Dame. Aly Gomonet and Spencer Hyosaka each had tw…
including those silkworms delivered from Notre Dame laboratory and our own in house hatchings. $KBLB
When first established, this facility received all of its silkworms directly from the research labs at Notre Dame. $KBLB
Does DT Jarron Jones want to be great? Giants aim to find out
Thanks Notre Dame, Penn State, and Georgetown for coming to North Canyon to watch practice! We appreciate it !
That or one of the other worlds Thanos wipes out is the Disney sequels. Because screw Mulan II a…
"Proudly in the heavens, gleams thy gold and blue...And, our hearts forever, Love thee Notre Dame."
Jewell Loyd keeps looking forward in the WNBA:
Horrific attack on Woman by Paris Refugees took place within sight of Notre Dame Cathedral
Won 7 awards tonight, one being an Illinois State Scholar and received almost a full ride to Notre Dame, being smart is…
It has been 2434 Days since Michigan scored a TD at Notre Dame. Michigan cheered for Foreman over Ali. 37-0
DB Kalon Gervin talks decision to de-commit from and what schools he wants to visit next:
Watching Hunchback of Notre Dame the musical, wondering are those same stage props they use in
I am thankful to receive a scholarship offer from the University of Notre Dame. Thanks and h…
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: BODEN NOTRE DAME TWEED PENCIL SKIRT. via
Why it feel like I'm still too young too watch Hunchback of Notre Dame
Day 9: A movie I know practically the whole script to? CHARADE! Whenever I pass Notre Dame I say, "Who put that there?"
Students at Notre Dame wouldn't boo PRESIDENT (that's right, you yokel,…
I'm looking for writers of the following teams for - Colts. - Purdue. - Notre Dame. - Butler. DM me if you…
Roundup: Rich pitches Horseheads past U-E in softball; Watkins Glen golfers improve to 11-1 with win over Notre Dame ht…
Horrific attack on woman by Paris Muslims took place near to Notre Dame Cathedral
We compete & want to beat Cal & Notre Dame (& we want to beat them by a lot🤔) but who we compete with is ourselves to get better -Coach Shaw
I am extremely blessed and honored to receive an offer from Notre Dame!
Go for 2, why play 60 minutes to only start where you started. - Notre Dame football. Also, LSU's coach drinks 10 monster drinks a day.
This ESPN 30/30 taking me back to HS. Notre Dame v. Miami '88. Walsh. Searcy. Gary. Watters. Rice. Brown. Oh, Johnson and Holtz.
~ Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and even the Paris Opera house. . But it's still there in the back…
Paris: see the Rodin museum and Sainte Chapelle (near, but way better than Notre Dame) and Paris Opera House. Unbelievable.
Hunter Greene hit two home runs in Notre Dame's 13-2 win over St Francis. 7 strikeouts in 5 innings for Lucas Gordon.
that quote should be attributed to his speech at Notre Dame, IN. against William Lane Craig.…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Junior from Notre Dame gets top rating at state choir festival: Congratulations, Emily!
“With the 52nd pick, the Cleveland Browns select … DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame.“. Watch on
Hunchback of Notre Dame live action casting: Charles Dance as Frollo
Katie Washington of Gary, Indiana is a biological science major at the University of Notre Dame. . The school's first…
ICYMI: Spring takeaways from all 14 ACC teams + Notre Dame. Stock reports, position battles to watch and much more…
Another reason for ppl to hate TT he is interested in DeShone Kizer QB Notre Dame just talked on The Z…
The 2015 Temple defense was downright terrifying. Tyler Matakevich, Matt Ioannidis, and Haason Reddick. How did Notre Dame beat that team?
The 3 Best Major OOC Sports Moments of last 5 years for Florida State, Boston College, and Notre Dame:
Brian Kelly: We have touchdown Jesus... Harbaugh: Hold my helmet... Your move, Notre Dame.
Notre Dame was an offer 4-star linebacker Jack Lamb always wanted. He got it Tuesday. An Irish visit is in the works http…
RB Dexter Williams: 'It could have been my last chance at Notre Dame' //
Two student-athletes from Notre Dame sign to play college athletics:
Absolutely. It's the logos for Catholic University and Notre Dame, where I went to college and grad…
Here are some of the lessons I learned from being both a football coach and student body president at Notre Dame
Notre Dame's writes a first-person piece for SI on leadership and service
Notre Dame's Corey Robinson: service is big theme from college
Washington, D.C. to Denver in 15 minutes? Notre Dame is building a hypersonic wind tunnel that may make it happen:…
24 April 1558. Mary Queen of Scots, aged 16, married Francis, the French Dauphin, aged 14, at Notre Dame in Paris.
Just as he did in the 2015 Elite Eight against Notre Dame, Andrew Harrison hits two big free throws late.
What if? How a surprise commitment would impact Notre Dame's class and where it would rate among the Kelly era best. http…
*You - I don't know their ranking, but I picked this game because Notre Dame had Sheldon Day Jaylon Smith on D.
Notre Dame taking the whole Golden Domers thing pretty seriously today
Love the classic gothic style of Notre Dame juxtaposed with the modern style of Centre Pompidou…
Brian Kelly says Notre Dame will add a second indoor field, something we’ve been talking about on Irish Illustrated since last fall.
Vice president Pence set to speak at Notre Dame. Some students complain that it made them feel unsafe. Give them a col…
Notre Dame's schedule will take them coast to coast to take on Stanford, UNC, and Michigan State this fall…
The year was 2015…The 14th ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame were about to take the field against USC.
I'm Irish and the fighting leprechaun of Notre Dame doesn't offend me in the slightest. It's a cartoon drawing.
[South Bend Tribune] What might Plan B at QB look like for Notre Dame? | Notre Dame Inside
Taking a look at Notre Dame's 2017 schedule: How will the Fighting Irish handle the coast-to-coast travel this fall? http…
Funny thing is, if you read the mission statement of Notre Dame,it's on the wall,you would find that Pence is the e…
Starting lineup for game one vs. Notre Dame, just 20 minutes from first pitch at Dail Stadium!
[ESPN: College Basketball] Colson's return means Notre Dame will contend -- again
We auctioned off a Notre Dame football signed by our founder John Huarte, 1964 Heisman Trophy winner, at our 40th A…
[Fanrag Sports] Chip Long calls the shots for retooled Notre Dame offense
.takes a look at Notre Dame's 2017 schedule, which is one of the most intriguing in the nation
[ESPN: College Basketball] Colton's return means Notre Dame will contend -- again
Notre Dame not happy with VP Pence to speak at commencement? They better examine their mission Charter. Their values are not Catholic.
.addresses the comments of his former Notre Dame head coach like a pro:
Up Next: We'll host Notre Dame in a three-game series this weekend at Dail Stadium - doubleheader Fri. at 4/6 PM single game Sat. at 12 PM
Concord's McKenzie Loge helping take on Notre Dame at Cook Stadium.
Any kid at Notre Dame, which is in South Bend, Indiana, has more to feel unsafe about just taking…
Back at Dwyer Stadium where Notre Dame is hosting Holley for a GR League matchup
South Bend and University of Notre Dame team up for March for Science. I will be there.
Some students at the University of Notre Dame are not happy that Vice President Mike Pence is going to speak at ...…
Is The Hunchback of Notre Dame actually about love?
Notre Dame is no longer recognized for anything but Liberal whining and their footbal…
Does anyone remember that 300 year old substitute at notre dame that believed that men were basically subservient pieces of meat
Check out our senior feature on V.J. Beachem from last night's 'An Evening With Notre Dame Basketball'
He needs time and work, but the NFL will be better for him than Notre Dame.
New post (Leave The Recruiting To Us - Notre Dame Athletics Compliance) has been published on CatsPaw Running -…
Here is our feature on senior Steve Vasturia from last night's 'An Evening With Notre Dame Basketball.'
She believed she could, so she did. @ Notre-Dame Basilica
Notre Dame students DESERVE SAFE ZONES...where bad things only happen in private & hidden from view by Vatican
So long as Notre Dame exists in South Bend the Joe Donnellys of the world will have country in Indiana
IRISH WIN! Notre Dame defeats Detroit 10-5. Irish and IUPUI to play on Wednesday at 6 p.m.
Casey Anthony is a Notre Dame fan. Everything makes sense now
As a Notre Dame fan, I agree. Pence is scary. I feel much safer knowing my Priest will protect my children.
We have a bf to doctrinate in the arts of the hunchback of notre dame
Disney's underrated masterpiece. — watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Our 2017 designs are now available at select piercing shops! Check out the new Notre Dame and Owl hoops
Notre Dame students have certainly nothing in common with Rudy any longer.
Notre Dame students feel unsafe around VP Pence, but feel very safe around pedophile priests hidden by the church.
Notre Dame no longer in the running for Clemson grad transfer Scott Pagano via
"ND Students Turn Snowflake As Mike Pence Comes To Town" - In '69 Fr Ted said ya got 5 min to cease or be expelled.
trailed Notre Dame 8-2 after 16 minutes of play and has outscored the Irish 8-2 over last 42 minutes.
.Like I have been listening to the Hunchback of Notre Dame for three days straight
Notre Dame frosh Jackson fans 17 in one-hit shutout -
Just received an offer from Notre Dame! 🍀
Here's the Spartans' lineup & defensive alignment with freshman Mike Mokma on the mound for today's game vs Notre Dame.…
You look like "Touchdown Jesus" from the University of Notre Dame library.
1st day in Paris: Notre Dame, Latin Quarter, metro, and 500 year old tree
The characters never sang "Someday" in the body of HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME.
Really! Students will never make it in the real world! Better st…
"It makes them feel unsafe to have someone who openly is offensive"
Meet Benjamin Fouch, who was inspired to major in business after ithe 2008 financial crisis:
Honestly, folks, I never really thought I would have to bear witness to THIS from Notre Dame. Silly me!!...
ND students 'feel unsafe' with Pence as speaker: senior
Boys golf: Notre Dame with a 169-180 win over Lake Orion. Carlson with low score for the Irish.
Tim, what does your gut tell you about the kickoff time for Michigan State - Notre Dame? Night game? Thanks!
The Girl's Track & Field Team will host Notre Dame this afternoon in their season opener. 4p in the stadium.
Lesar: What are Muffet McGraw's options after Notre Dame's departures?
Former players reflect on McGraw’s Hall of Fame career, legacy after her 30th season at Notre Dame //…
Former players reflect on Muffet McGraw's impact and legacy after 30 seasons at Notre Dame
Sun Devil Stadium was dope. Senior year was dope. Notre Dame was not. November, 2014.
Was at Notre Dame this weekend. The football stadium is becoming unrecognizable. Not completed until next year.
My student interns from Notre Dame of Dadiangas Univ and General Santos Doctors! ♥
U guys have the wrong venue on a couple of Notre Dame games. 10/30/93 (Veteran's Stadium) & 10/16/04 ("old" Giants Stadium).
Wish girls lax luck today as they head out to Notre Dame's Arlotta Stadium for a game against Loyola! 🐻
GAMEDAY!! Headed to South Bend today for a game vs Loyola (IL) at Notre Dame's Arlotta Stadium
Bus to Durham leaves RJR/Wiley gym lot at 8 am. Practice at Duke followed by lunch in the stadium and Duke v Notre Dame.
Per ESPN: Football Power Index projects Notre Dame to go 8-4 this coming season. You're thinking as accurate as HRC wins polls!
Game story with quotes: DU Pioneers cruise past Notre Dame to advance to NCAA championship
Game story: Denver Pioneers cruises past Notre Dame to advance to NCAA championship via
As a Junior in High School, LeBron James was offered by Urban Meyer to play wide receiver for Notre Dame.
Halftime at Fifth Third Bank Stadium and trails 14-3 to Notre Dame. Farwick, Swift and Palermo with the Owls goals
Flash back Friday from Notre Dame stadium Happy St.Patty day !
Hi Emily it's Stefan from Utica NY area good season I saw your Notre Dame games in High School
The Dexter High School Basketball game at Notre Dame has been moved to Dexter TODAY. Varsity only at 5 p.m.
I mean it would make me hesitant to go to Notre Dame if I was a High School QB
Getting ready for Cape Central at Notre Dame baseball. @ Notre Dame Regional High School
If I am a High School QB prospect the last place I go is Notre Dame. As a coach you don't do that to a kid.
Notre Dame 'clones' helping to power Lady Pios' success
If you're a High School prospect planning an NFL career, are you gonna pick Notre Dame now? Do you trust Kelly to have your back?
You wouldn't have been able to get in to Notre Dame any other way, High School. Except maybe to work in the cafeteria.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
defeats Notre Dame to move to NCAA Final Four
Excited to announce that next year I will be continuing my academic and athletic career at Holy Cross of Notre Dame!🏀
1st time since 2006 the championship will not have one of the women's powerhouses; UCONN, my Tennessee Lady Vols or Notre Dame participating
Harvard and Minnesota Duluth will face off at 5pm on April 6 at the followed by Denver and Notre Dame http…
I don't care for college football but this on Notre Dame changing everything is interesting from process perspective
Notre Dame's Brian Kelly sees improvement in strength and conditioning
also this new offensive coordinator, hand picked by Brian Kelly, is bringing a lot of great concepts to Notre Dame... like blocking
.on Notre Dame's DBs, behind the scenes with Brian Kelly and his next opportunity at Northern Iowa:
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