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Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria is a geographical region of Nigeria. It is more arid and less densely populated than the south.

Boko Haram Niger State Goodluck Jonathan Sokoto Caliphate

audio voice means "Buhari is the president of the Northern Nigeria"not Federal Republic of Nigeria as d constitution stipulates
Visionary governors in Northern Nigeria? . The Kogi one in northern central or the one that said fornication is responsible for meningitis
First female judge of the High Court in Kano State judiciary and the first female lawyer from Northern Nigeria.
Recruitment of young Africans into the Colonial British Army in Northern Nigeria, to participate in the Second World War,…
Northern Nigeria is a bigger joke. The East and the south have moved on. Not too sure about the west t…
There is poverty everywhere in naija,frm north 2 south,east 2 west, nt only in Northern Nigeria.
So there was once a Republic of Northern Nigeria under General . Yakubu Gowon? Just read about that.
I am happy HRH Emir Sanusi has lent his voice to promoting girl child education. Northern Nigeria can't progress without educati…
I have this idea of making a satire cartoon about Sardauna & Tafawa Balewa as ghosts making quips on the current state of Northern Nigeria
the only empire by even your definition in Northern Nigeria by that time was the Sokoto Caliphate.
Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo of Gombe State is undisputedly, the best governor in Northern Nigeria. . I'm really proud…
The highway will ease pressure from the present federal highway that links the south-south to the Northern Nigeria
Zahra is a movie about a young 15-year-old girl in Northern Nigeria who goes through the…
Preparing for pilgrimage in Northern Nigeria. Church leaders from various parts of the world will come alongside...
Buhari bombs displaced Christian community along with staff in Northern Nigeria. .
Northern Ireland’s first duty Minister resigns via of Nigeria
40 Christians were burnt alive jus for praying to GOD in the northern part of Nigeria
THE Northern Nigeria is about to be caught in a rapture
Northern Nigeria is still in the Stone ages,Why ?
Northern Nigeria: The making of another generation in poverty - Hir Joseph via
Boko Haram are not only present in some parts of Northern Nigeria. They are also present in some parts of Chad, Cameroon & Niger.
They made it a law in northern Nigeria didn't they ?
why are the terrorist don't use their families for suicide bomber. Illetracy in the northern part of the Nigeria is killing
Boko Haram suicide bombers blow up several buildings in Maiduguri, Northern Nigeria
is a platform for innovative young technology based initiatives to connect the whole of northern Nigeria to t…
I don't understand, please help me out. Why are Christians all over northern Nigeria under attack, Bible prophecies fulfilling? Yes? No?
What do people of Northern Nigeria, Fulani Herdsmen, BokoHaram contribute to ONE NIGERIA?.
My heart groans for the Northern part of Nigeria. Darkness!! Darkness!! Darkness!! Gross Darkness!!!
In order to escape from violence in Nigeria the northern leaders must make education free and compulsory
Let's be clear here, and other indigenous nationalities in Northern have been under two centuries of Occupation.
Blood thirsty Islamic extremists 👇 who have continued to hold northern Nigeria hostage.
how civilians& soldiers slaughter thousands of in Nigeria 1966 b4 the w…
Ex governor of Niger State Abdulkadir Kure dies at 60.Niger is a state in northern part of Nigeria.May his gentle soul…
Nigeria is deeped in a mess,underdeveloped and under educate it's people,
Northern Nigeria refused to answer any British English name. Check the fact. Di your research and find out.
Local Voices for Peace: 17 organisations on the causes of conflict and prospects for peace in northern https:…
British amalgamation of 1914 wasn't welcomed by the Northern Nigeria. Check the fact. Hausa / Fulani fought against it.
Zain Ameen d greatest lady of our time & you have my support anytime as our only voice in d northern Ni…
Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria should have been two separate countries from the get.
we also need such help to my country Northern Nigeria were Boko Haram terrorize
How about we let northern Nigeria's arid land get a taste of this goodness
very true, just remember to write northern Nigeria.
The Durbar ceremony; celebration of culture of Northern Nigeria.
This is the time for us in Northern Nigeria to morally change.
Rerun an arranged northern military invasion of Ogoni land in the name of elections
Our lands have exclusive values. We shall leverage on these exclusivity to improve our Edu. . Greetings from Northern Nigeria.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I'll be speaking at the prestigious along side other scholars on attaining environmental sustainability in Norther…
The perception most of these people from the South have about Northern Nigeria and Northerners in general is really sad an…
We Don’t Need Christian Courts, Northern CAN Tells Reps. The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria...
Taraba, Yobe, Kebbi, Adamawa and Zamfara are arguably the most backward states in Northern Nigeria.
I have a good reason why buhir an NFF refuse to pay them because dere is no northern dere DAT is why Nigeria are not move foward
People of Northern practice feudalism, they believe some are born to beg for food. They accept inequality.
They survived only to face the prospect of slow death to in northern
Even the Northern ruling class watched in shock as you people allowed this kind of a thing to happen; it was tragic.
The religious state some are attempting to build in Northern Nigeria cannot last. Not in the 21st Century - same applies…
This road is under construction in Kano state Nigeria. Don't worry pals, one day the northern…
Boko Haram got so many members because of the high rate of poverty and illiteracy in Northern Nigeria.
On this I'm standing up for children of IDPs in Northeast and child brides in Northern Nigeria.
Alarming levels of child malnutrition in northern Nigeria
People of Northern Nigeria should have own country. Nigeria is a BAD British experiment. from Nigeria.
PRESENTLY!! Northern Nigeria has almost nil contribution to the development of this country. U dont have to argue. Be ups…
Even illiterate Northern Nigeria have long stopped the spillage of blood during elections...
Premium yoghourt is made in Northern Nigeria. You can't be here and not enjoy it. Jeez
"Nigerians know that Yorubas regret supporting the northern warmongers to fight the…" — Matthew Chinwike Enyinnah
VoiceboxOFNaija "Days of oil are numbered in Nigeria | Ekweremadu: ...Northern were still being reaped by… >> …
That should make Nigerian Christians to promote Southern Nigeria and leave Northern Nigeria for the BH and "them"
The extremism and fundamentalism that led to Boko Haram is still dominant in Northern Nigeria.
Congratulations to the first female Local Government chairman in Northern Nigeria!
Wife slashes the throat of co-wife’s two kids in Katsina State, Northern Nigeria Japan today,what they did was simply looking inward towards their society. Bottom line is Northern Nigeria govern…
22.The fight against poverty should be the priority of all Northern Nigeria governors & it'll only b achieved in d reva…
3.Northern Nigeria governors we have now should stop OUTWARD LOOKING TOWARDS THE CENTRE & STARTS INWARD LOOKING TOWARD…
20.If governors of Northern Nigeria can wake up & tap all the enormous endowments & potentials the region has,the pover…
When there is a WorldSummit of ova 50 world leaders to "ReBuild" Northern Nigeria n press releases on "Dying" lake chad. we can only but ..
: He is an expert in the field, GM of the largest Farm in Northern Nigeria, he knows better
The political economy of Almajirci in Northern Nigeria. This is my take, this is my understanding of the Almajirci...
Why not also keep us informed about the tragedies in other region? Northern Nigeria today for instance
In the compound of the late Premier of Northern Nigeria, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello.
Assisting internally displaced persons, first step toward long-term stability in Northern
Nope!. BokoHarm was not the first jihadist group from the North. So,. Take out jihadism, Islamist terrorism,...
NIGERIA: Natural Resources (OIL, GAS, etc) is why Buhari, ruling APC & NORTHERN LEADERS are Slaughtering Southerners https:…
Buhari and team of incompetent sycophants running Nigeria aground – Northern Elders Forum http…
I added my social media skills to my CV&it got me a nice deal.I get enumerators for surveys I coordinate in Northern Nigeria 1/2
am a Biafran am scared if she wins ,win the Terrorist Muslim northern Nigeria would Genocide …
how did turkey became a muslim state. Kill and forcefully converting. Just the same way they came to northern nigeria
3 especially in northern Nigeria specifically N\E
6th&7th of April, Kaduna will be hosting an investment summit. First of its kind in Northern Nigeria
If this is one Nigeria and Fulani herdsmen deserve to have grazing areas in the middle belt, why is Pig Farming a taboo in Northern Nigeria?
In Northern Nigeria 97% of women need permission to go to a health facility
Amidst all the bombing & politicking, Dangote is like the only steady source of GOOD news from northern Nigeria. God bless you Dan!
Northern Nigeria can't afford another Boko Haram V.2.0, We have 12 Million kids roaming the streets in the name of almajiri…
Zungeru in Niger State was the capital of Northern Nigeria from 1902 to 1916, as well as the birthplace of Dr Nnamdi Azik…
After destroying crops across northern Nigeria, Boko Haram fighters are now apparently surrendering because they're starvi…
The Central Bank needs to do something about the state of naira notes circulating some states in Northern Nigeria.
The Argungu fishing festival is the most widely known festival in Northern Nigeria. Read full story >>
Christians in Northern Nigeria face a great deal of violence. One source of violence is the Fulani herdsmen that... htt…
Sanusi Lamido and Elrufai are the masters of propaganda in Northern Nigeria...ANYTHING will be done to keep the "integrity" o…
At the conference on inclusive education in Northern Nigeria with Honorable representing the executive governor of sokoto state.
Do we even have governors in Northern Nigeria?
The Islamic Development Bank has agreed to develop Northern Nigeria. SE & SS governors must be bold, push for some develo…
Northern Nigeria is the home of solid minerals- tin, columbite; tantalite; GOLD; marble; Quartz; etc...
that Zungeru in Niger State was the birthplace of Nnamdi Azikiwe & capital of Northern Nigeria in 1902?
Northern Nigeria has the richest Elites and the most Political Representatives in Nigeria, yet most Beggars in Nigeria …
Rah, the whole of Northern Nigeria will go bonkers. X Watch out for this, in a lickle while . Wuta Alhaji 🔥🔥🎶🎶
Atrocious! Beam your light on Islamic Northern Nigeria, same thing is happening there on daily basis.
Beast Of No Nation is emotional tho' 😥😥. Its kinda the definition of the war going on in Northern Nigeria.
Keep up with weddings, events, and all of the social life of Northern Nigeria. Subscribe to
Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna, the premier of the Northern Nigeria. .
Nigeria is the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)'s second biggest source of international postgraduate students.
. Can the world sit and watch Northern Nigeria abusing the girl Child in this manner?
What kind of MADNESS is going on in NORTHERN NIGERIA???
nigeria was created in favour of hausa Fulani d northern Nigerians. U no notin about azikiwe
Kannywood and the hypocracy of northern Nigeria.
Two female suicide bombers killed at least 10 people and injured 12 at a mosque on Cameroon's northern border with Nigeria,…
78 Ojukwu to colonial civil service he appointed military governor of northern Nigeria with Brigadier
People from Northern Nigeria has looted Nigeria treasure more since 1960 up till date
We want to do as much as possible to help displaced persons in Northern Nigeria
Northern journalists team up with health authorities to tackle misinformation & improve campaigns.
The famous & popular Sir Ahmadu Bello, the 1st Premier of Northern Nigeria was a direct descendant of Shehu Uthman bin Fo…
...just Imagine the amount of jobs this would create in the Desert region of Northern Nigeria, Economic integration,…
Some northern state governments in Nigeria have signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Bill Gates...
helping rig the first elections in Nigeria in 1959, in the favor of Northern Nigeria
World Richest man, Bill Gates is currently in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria. Gates is in the country to sign a...
The Penal Code of Northern Nigeria states that beating a woman is not an offense if she is your wife. Source:
A lot of Black Feminists have done so when it has affected them, see Somalia, Sudan, Northern Nigeria etc
Northern Nigeria, and North Mali could be defined as failed states...
tofa u re a beast in northern clothing, Boko Haram is d one making tins difficult in Nigeria
[Repost] Healthcare centers in the northern Nigeria 6/28.
just as their boys are making Nigeria proud in U17WC. Not just Northern states, SW too. Give it to their ladies, they're beautiful.
Breaking: Northern Nigeria struck down Southern Nigeria by producing the 1st democratically elected female...
Northern Nigeria may be ridding itself of Boko Haram's terrorist rule. But it won't be easy. ht…
who's ALWAYS championing Northern romance writers has infected some1 else w/the bug! Woohoo!.
Last heartbreak sent me to northern nigeria for a month! Lol!
attackBoko Haraman attackhis people from northern Nigeria
Everybody loves Kaduna state —the Capital of Northern Nigeria. The Center of Learning. The Governor's own City.
That is dependent on an agricultural basin in Northern Nigeria. Very very smart.
I must say has the most confusing political Hullabaloo recently in Northern Nigeria.
ALH Maitama sule is the best elder statesman in northern part of nigeria
Northern Nigeria has set an unprecedented record in the history of this Country. A first female…
what has northern Nigeria done for South south or south east region? Rather they exploit us and call us names
First Female elected Governor in is in Northern region, Aisha Alhasssan has a date with history
My Northern brothers ridiculing Biafra wahala should think of what ISWAP will do to them if Nigeria Army gets distracted with additional war
History has being made as senate Aisha Alhassan the 1st Female Governor in Northern Nigeria 🙋RT if u r a supporter
Nigeria's largest set of Elites are from Northern Nigeria, and the richest Nigerian Elites live there. Don't get it twisted.
I guess he's referring to the Northern part of Nigeria😀
Congratz Mama Taraba.Im rily hapy 2 see a female govrnor in northern nigeria.May dis serve as inspiration 2 al our sisters wit big ambitions
In northern Nigeria PDP, Gov Dankwanbo would be left alone after Abubakar Audu finally save Kogi from PDP in the coming days.
Away from child bride or the Almajiris, Northern Nigeria produce the first elected female governor in Nigeria. Interesting!
Beware of Another Civil war, US report warns Nigeria beams up satellite on illegal northern arms importation.
Northern Nigeria Produces First Elected Female Governor, When will Southern Nigeria accepts we support our women to achieve their goals?
U guys ar doing great things.Northern Nigeria must decide it's future:D Dubai of Africa or Africa's Waziristan
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Who would have believed that a northern state will produce the first female governor in so delighted its a northern state
The victory of Aisha is a big one for women and girls in Northern Nigeria & this should be a special delight…
Revealed: The Making of the first Female Governor in Northern Nigeria, Mama Taraba... Change!!!.
Come to think of it, Northern Nigeria has milked our resources & fed the West than anyother region at her peril
Northern Nigeria is so big. Touch down Katsina state.
, Lol. Finally what u guys sowed has finally yielded rotten fruits. Sai Buhari (Fed rep of Northern Nigeria).
Legal committee to examine criminal justice of Northern Nigeria inaugurated: Northern States Governors’ Forum ...
In traditional circles, marriages lik ds are sn as wys of cemntng relationshps btwn emirates n kingdoms in Northern Nigeria especially, 1/2
Have you heard of 'HERDSMEN'? . They are the ones killing people in some areas in Northern Nigeria. . Let's...
Displaced children in Northern Nigeria hits 1.4 million- UNICEF: The number of children forced to flee Boko Ha...
10 Northern Cities Every Nigerian Should Visit - For many, the thought of Northern Nigeria...
Ramadan: Northern Nigeria's jilted lovers: Muslims are preparing for the Sugar Feast which marks the end of Ra...
Can new Kaduna Governor turn the state into another State - the economic powerhouse of Northern Nigeria?
Power and Diplomacy in Northern Nigeria, 1804-1906: Sokoto Caliphate and Its Ene
Razak has lived in peaceful Ghana for so long, he's removed from the reality of Northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole.
As local vaccinators continue to work tirelessly to ensure a polio free Northern Nigeria and Nigeria in general,...
Nigerian military caught in war crime allegations: Northern Nigeria remains in the state of unrest that began ...
Where was Amnesty International when the Northern Nigeria government were committing genocide against the Igbos during and after d civil war
After Aguyi Ironsi, Goodluck Jonathan is the most hated President by the people of Northern Nigeria. . However,...
There's a LGA called Sardauna in Taraba State. It's named after the Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir. Ahmadu Bello. The S…
A woman elected as governor in a northern state ?? One of the best things that has happened to Nigeria, history has been made
It's very symbolic that a Northern woman would be first elected governor in Nigeria. Puts every negative statistic to shame.
I'm a sucker for working railways in northern Nigeria. This: half way from Zungeru to It's cool, not sad.
In Northern the prevalence of a woman delivering with no one present is 94%: via
Underage still rampart in today's election in northern Nigeria, see photos
Northern Nigeria. Proved us Wrong in all ways. Now! A woman is said to win Governorship Election. These People are Receiving Change :D
From yesterday at former capital of northern Zungeru. I wouldn't choose the term 'colonial pacification'...
children voting in northern Nigeria & u gave the INEC chairman Jega award of commendation
forget not the numbers of settlers from the Northern part of Nigeria in Lagos... They dominate some areas too!!
💕 "The first female governor could be a northern woman. You think Nigeria is one thing and it another."
Kaduna is the heartbeat of Northern ,Nigeria, anyone that is someone has a base in KD, it deserves to be a shining example of t…
Congratulations and congratulations Northern Nigeria, With Kano getting it right, Kaduna is about to Join the Prog…
The elections in d Northern parts of Nigeria have been largely peaceful.Rather, the SS & SE have d trophy for electoral violence & thuggery
Not only Kaduna but Northern Nigeria at first. We are so Proud our youths. Resisting Violence This time a…
1 I smiled laughed when some idiotic folks from SS/SE tells us under aged voters were allowed or accredited in the northern parts of Nigeria
If these underage children that's been accredited by in Northern Nigeria weren't favouring the APC, we'd ha…
Kudos to our Imams and Pastors for the awareness in Churches & Mosques of the Importance of having a peaceful Election…
Donate to Malala Fund & support girls' education in conflict zones in Pakistan, Northern Nigeria & more
More than 50 killed in Northern Nigeria attacks: . .
We need more people covering Northern Nigeria until people can live there without fear of Boko Haram
We believe that our feed farm, the largest in Northern Nigeria, will boost agriculture in Adamawa and North East
Thoughts on the Chadians, Boko Haram, and Northern Nigeria: Adam Nossiter wrote an article featured in the Feb...
Northern Nigeria was. landlocked until GEJ dredged River Niger up to Baro in Niger after years of neglect
Muslims in Northern Nigeria believe Boko Haram is connected to the government because Goodluck Jonathan wants to keep the north in chaos to
10) In his time as Head of State and as PTF chairman he has no single student from Northern Nigeria he can lay claim 2 as
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the most prestigious university in the Northern Nigeria today was created by Sir. Ahmadu Bello
Northern Nigeria descends toward chaos as Book Haram extends it's campaign of terror.
I have listened to a few messages from Bishop David Oyedepo, he's a man who doesn't like Northern Nigeria, and he never hid…
Be our guest super star Dj in our upcoming talent hunt show titled:"Xclusive Rock Night" in Northern Nigeria!
APC CHANGE: My FEARS, that Tinubu marriage with Buhari, bloods in Northern Nigeria. ...Provocative statements and it's consequence. = Since the emergence of the All Progressives Congress, Nigerians have been arguing whether the party is different from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party. Also, both parties’ presidential candidates, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) and the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, and their respective teams have come under the scrutiny of the electorate. “Good day, my Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. First may I Congratulate you over the successful conduct of the APC’s convention in Lagos to elect its presidential candidate for the 2015 election. Though you were denied the luxury to conduct the ‘selection’ in your bedroom as usual, you still managed to weep the Oshimholes into line behind your ‘beloved godson’, General Mohammadu Buhari (rtd). Having succeeded in forcing APC governors to ‘gang up’ against other presidential aspirants, you set the stage for the exerc ...
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