Northern Lights & International Space Station

Northern Lights is a common name for the Aurora Borealis (Polar Aurorae) in the Northern Hemisphere. The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. 3.3/5

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The crew onboard the International Space Station took an incredible Time Lapse video of the Northern Lights over northern Amer…
British Isles and the Northern Lights from the International Space Station -
A beautiful picture of Aurora (Northern Lights) taken from International Space Station.
FROM SPACE--- Take a look at the Northern Lights from the International Space Station.
The Northern Lights glow over Ireland and Great Britain, as seen by on the International Space Station. htt…
Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, and the Northern Lights as seen from the International Space Station.
The northern lights from the International Space Station
Great Britain and some Northern Lights from the International Space Station. .
A stunning photograph of northern lights seen from the International Space Station .
A stunning photograph of the Northern Lights seen from the International Space Station.
An absolutely spectacular view of the the Northern Lights from the International Space Station back on January 25, 2012. At the time, the ISS was flying approximately 240 miles above Manitoba, Canada Lake Winnipeg (lower right center) The city of Winnipeg (bottom center) is also visible.
"The British Isles and Northern Lights from the International Space Station such a beauty ♥
NASA releases Northern Lights time-lapse video from the international Space Station:
See stunning photos of Earth's dancing northern lights with these amazing aurora photos from Earth and space in 2014. Astronauts on the International Space Station captured the aurora views from orbit.
I was lucky enough to see the International Space Station tonight. Lindsay Haas and I sat on my front porch wrapped in blankets and sharing wine waiting for the Northern Lights. We were out there for over two hours and did not get to see them Our joke was we will go in and they will appear.
Picture from the International Space Station...Northern Lights in green as sun rises over Western Europe!
beautiful views of our beautiful & huge earth captured in lenses by astronauts working on International Space Station [ISS] !! really a borderless world ! from natural lights that r seen on North Pole called Northern Lights [Aurora Boraelis] to highly lit-up bright cities to lightenings & starry nights to sunrises seen from space ! simply amazing views !
A view of the Northern Lights from space! Awsome!
What a night last night in Brainerd, MN. We saw the Northern Lights, four satellites, half a dozen meteors, and the International Space Station. Incredible!
Time-lapse images recently captured by cameras on the International Space Station show the glowing Aurora Borealis in the night sky above earth. Known as the Northern lights.
The International Space Station has provided many opportunities for looking outward into the undiscovered territory of space. But in this video, the Space Station offers a unique perspective on one of Earth's greatest visual spectacles: the northern lights. "We can actually fly into the auroras [nor...
Nasa has released a series of videos of the Northern Lights taken from on board the International Space Station. . Report by Sophie Foster. Like us on Facebo...
Stunning images showing the glowing Aurora Borealis over North America have been filmed high above the Earth from the International Space Station.
This video from January 25, 2012 shows the dark Pacific Ocean, lit only by a strange ribbon of green -- the Northern Lights. This aurora arises when charged ...
A friend of Little SDO asked yesterday if we could hear the aurorae. Great question. And this morning we found the perfect picture to go along with our answer... the ISS over Wisconsin on April 12, 2012 with Northern Lights in the back: This question is not that simple to answer. What is easy to answer is that aurorae do not make any audible sounds. Native peoples living in regions where aurora are common, often seem to claim that they hear rustling or crackling sounds. When scientists bring recording and sound amplification equipment there, they hear absolutely nothing. Aurora never get closer to the Earth than 50 miles or so, and there is no known physical mechanism that could transmit weak sound waves to the ground from this altitude. So, the answer is that it may be a psychological effect. We know of many of these where the brain expects a response, and if none is provided, it manufactures one. Aurora are breathtaking. All humans expect that such a 'fiery' display should be accompanied by sound, and f ...
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