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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland (Ulster Scots: Norlin Airlann or Norlin Airlan) is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom.

Sinn Fein Theresa May

Martin McGuinness, Irish Republican Army commander who laid down his arms to become a key part of Northern Ireland's peace dies in Belfast
Martin McGuinness, former Chief of Staff of the IRA & Northern Ireland's former Deputy First Minister has died😔.
Martin McGuinness dies: Former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland has died aged 66 | UK | News | …:
Richard Keys now looks like a Benidorm pub singer. Andy Gray looks like a leading loyalist who's been put out of Northern Ireland.
Sinn Fein asks U.S. Congress to support Northern Ireland bid to stay in EU via
Giants, Castles, Game of Thrones sites & more on Northern Ireland's beautiful
10 Must-Try Menu Items in Ireland and Northern Ireland by National Geographic. . http…
Theresa May is set to visit Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland before triggering Article 50
I will always remember this year. picked Northern Iowa to win because it sounds like Northern Ireland.…
It’s been a bit of a dull weather day today. More interest in the forecast later in the week…
The 'cash for ash' scandal that has rocked Northern Ireland needs to be seen as part of a bigger picture
In Northern Ireland, the Unionist majority has ended. This is a new time for Irish Nationalists. Unite Ireland now!
Calling nonprofit orgs doing great work in Ireland and Northern Ireland grant round is open ht…
around 55% of Northern Ireland's goods exports went to the EU in 2016
I dont think he is sure where NI is yet , FYI that is Northern Ireland , not Nat Insurance
Arlene Foster on "wake-up call" for Unionism in the Northern Ireland elections https:…
Northern Ireland as an EU member state in its own right. Fascinating idea, great read.
Work+ Apprenticeships - closing date 23 March. Shortage of girls.
In response to question from the PM rejects calls for a border poll in Northern Ireland.
Connswater Greenway bonfire site being removed due to 'pride in the area' say bonfire collectors
Scotland & Northern Ireland should cast England out of the union, they could then remain in the EU as UK. With little Englan…
For the record, SF supported the GFA and by referendum deleting A2&3 in Irish constitution which confirmed UK border http…
Wondered what was going on at Lagan today. BBC News Lagan College closed to public over 'white powder' investigation
⛵️🌊 Clipper yacht race set to drop anchor in Londonderry in 2018
Scotland: We're leaving the UK . Northern Ireland: Yeah that kinda sounds like a good idea... Meanwhile, in Wales: https:…
which country is fighting within itself? Northern Ireland and Ireland are pretty separate
Go to Belfast, don't miss it. Or any of Northern Ireland.
I think he means this sort of thing:
Mum takes on Enniskillen school over haircut punishment
These were seriously talented musicians from Northern Ireland!
Man convicted of raping woman while on release from prison has sentence reduced: A man convicted of raping a woman…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watch: discussion on Northern Ireland’s lessons for Israeli-Palestinian
leavers said would destroy a European union they may be proved right. Pity its the union of GT Britain & Northe…
Sinn Fein wants vote on Northern Ireland leaving UK 'as soon as possible' via
Belfast church on Ormeau Road to be turned into restaurant in £1m project
Ten things you don’t want to miss in Northern Ireland this year (for me) via
I want to be at Finn MacCool's in Bushmills, Northern Ireland for
News out of the United Kingdom--. The study of how the damaged brain repairs itself is being hailed as landmark...
Today's Find out who's representing Northern Ireland at Washington's St Patrick's celebrations.
'David Davis has said there is "quite a lot of design work to do" on system to monitor goods crossing Irish border'.
For adults in Northern Ireland - please consider participating in this 20min experiment about trust between groups
Well done WASPI supporters from Northern Ireland for coming to Westminster protest..we must all keep pressure on Government for…
Tickets are selling FAST for the Final of this years Insanity Tan Miss Northern Ireland Contest !. To save...
This AM: EXCLUSIVE - 'a defib save my life' Belfast woman's remarkable story, join us
Did I nod off at the bit where the DUP dissociated itself from the UDA during the election campaign?
Calls for referenda to leave the UK come from Wales and Northern Ireland, the latter to join the Republic of Ireland. h…
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Travelzoo: A2: Here is our list of 13 must-visit places across Ireland & Northern Ireland:
Northern Ireland sells more goods to the rest of the UK than to The Republic Of Ireland, the EU 26 & the rest of the world co…
British PM rules out referendum on UK membership
…wasn’t fit enough after being away with the Northern Ireland team
Theresa May's ignorance of Remainers risks splitting the United Kingdom
Belfast school closed after white powder 'sent through mail' - Belfast Telegraph
Sinn Fein calls for referendum on Northern Ireland leaving the UK ‘as soon as possible’
Benn: that means will have to be customs checks between Northern Ireland and Republic?. Davis: already customs checks, done…
OPEN THREAD: Varadkar and Coveney, how would they be different? Northern Ireland, Brexit, the UK?. Thoughts on a (…
UK (Northern Ireland): Sinn Féin (LEFT) leader Michelle O'Neill calls for a referendum on Irish unity to take place as so…
NEWS: Leeds United winger Stuart Dallas called up to Northern Ireland squad for World Cup qualifier v Norway on Sun…
"4 tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yorkshire. What have you done?" Silence
EVENT: We are pleased to announce that Manchester United and Northern Ireland legend Norman Whiteside will be...
Michael O'Neill pleased to have 'top Premier League player' Craig Cathcart back in Northern Ireland squad
Belfast, Northern Ireland-born Mets left-hander P.J. Conlon discusses his first career Grapefruit League outing. https:/…
Mid Ulster have worst ambulance response times in Northern Ireland
Status: GREEN. Currently 31.0 % of is coming from renewables in Northern Ireland.
The Guardian view on the assembly election: a warning to
Disruption and chaos: the potential impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland’s and the UK’s political stability
. Has Theresa May told her Northern Ireland secretary to do his very best to reignite The Troubles in NI?.
Murder inquiry into death of man in Lurgan
Northern Ireland must choose stability over nationalism in wake of vote
Asperger's syndrome: Employers need awareness of challenges .
Special Relationship, A Lesley Riddoch explores the relationship between Northern Ireland and Sc...
I said so the day after Brexit. After all, we have seen the German reunification. A united Ireland is now inevitable htt…
Sad. But saddest is how few in the media bother to tell the truth and report these things.
UK PM and Irish Premier hold talks to break deadlock…
That means a hard border going up between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
DJ Joe sure to be farm favourite at first learning pride day in Northern Ireland
political generation as defined by the northern Ireland agreemt is 7 years. Tory and lab definition
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Irish-American politician calls on Pres. Trump to appoint special envoy to Northern Ireland
A Question of Sport next on BBC One HD: With Annabel Croft. (23:45 in Wales, 0:10 in Northern Ireland)
Amid claims of indifference, will Theresa May continue with the Cameron Doctrine on Northern Ireland or ditch it?.
Enormously important news... unless you work in Fleet Street, London, or in the BBC. can Northern Ireland survive...
Northern Ireland darts star is to contest the showpiece event in July
Rugby legend joined Northern Ireland as keynote speaker this week...
Excellent article from John Rentoul. Is May ignoring Northern Ireland? Certainly for now. Was the UK media? Yep. Wi…
One thing that unites both sides in Northern Ireland is how little the British establishment cares about them
1982 World Cup. Billy Bingham and Martin O'Neill after Northern Ireland's victory over Spain
Its official- the DUP have lost so many seats that they can no longer block marriage equality in Northern Ireland. Huge…
NI Assembly election: Voters react to result - BBC News
Fein surge creates new Northern Ireland landscape -
Northern Ireland dropping the religious votes. Scotland heading for Indyref. England lurching from one crisis to next. Wes…
The DUP has lost its power to veto same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland
As Northern Ireland enters uncharted waters not one NI voice on tomoro. NIreland has already left the building https…
Giant step forward for marriage equality in Northern Ireland! The DUP veto has left the stage!
Assembly election: Sinn Féin hails 'watershed' result. Here come the terrorists again ! Should be in prison
Northern Ireland faces direct rule from London as election inconclusive.
Sinn Fein has cut the DUP's advantage to a single seat in its best performance in Northern Ireland election history
Sinn Fein surge creates new Northern Ireland landscape
. "To understand the kind of damage Brexit could end up causing inside the UK itself, time to turn towards Belfast". https…
Lack of British interest in Northern Ireland's crucial election is more evidence that union is dead | openDemocracy htt…
Unionists lose their combined majority in Northern Ireland. moves one step closer to breaking up the UK. .
Gerry Adams says "notion of a perpetual Unionist majority" in Northern Ireland "has been demolished," after election
one to Northern Ireland.. the other, to London 😢😢. have a safe trip to them..
Irish nationalists surge in Northern Ireland election
The obstacles facing Northern Ireland now Unionism is no longer in a majority
In quotes: Party leaders and senior figures react to election results -
Could Sinn Fein's surge see Northern Ireland leave the UK?
Theresa May was right to go to Scotland this week – but she can't ignore Northern Ireland forever
When you think you've got that Scotland situation wrapped up and then Northern Ireland creeps up on you
Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt resigns after party fails to make progress in Northern Ireland Assembly election https…
Stormont in crisis as unionists lose overall majority for first time
an earthquake of an election in Northern Ireland and you show a fire under the rr tracks in SanFran?! Pathetic.
Add this to Theresa May's bucket list of massive problems. - Brexit. - Scotland. ...and now Northern Ireland.
Heavy and persistent rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland through the past 24 hours have led to some large rainfall tot…
Northern Ireland talks to begin after transformative election as Brexit looms, Europe News & Top Stories -…
Could Sinn Fein surge spurred by Brexit see NI leave UK?
Today was Northern Ireland's first assembly election since last year's Brexit vote.
Assembly election: DUP MP says up to Foster to accept Sinn Féin ultimatum
Repercussions of vote continue, now contributing to the end of majority in .
Democratic Unionist Party returned as biggest party in Northern Ireland's... by via
Sinn Fein cuts DUP lead to one seat in Stormont Assembly as nationalists surge in Northern Ireland
Tight deadline for talks after nationalist surge in Northern Ireland
For £119, escape to a hotel in Northern Ireland that counts Hollywood stars and a former presiden TravelZoo
Northern Ireland election: DUP's Arlene Foster ‘to stay as first minister’
Northern Ireland isn't parochial when you come from the Central Belt of Scotland. We're all connected to it.
A poem from Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland to express my outrage at the suffering in Greece.' I…
I could cry 💚 finally, a time for change in Northern Ireland... here's to move forward... together 💚
Lagan Valley: Final word of the night goes to Pat Catney of SDLP speaking emphatically..."I want Northern Ireland to wor…
Sinn Fein surge in Northern Ireland election as country awaits result which could put future of UK in question
41% Jewish & Tory candidate was a rabbi. Religion trumps politics at the ballot box. Not unlike Northern Ireland.
thinks it's appropriate to include the Northern Ireland election as headline for its World News report
Northern Ireland has a plan to replace hundreds of millions of Game of Thrones dollars - Winter……
Looking like quite high turnout in Northern Ireland: official figures show turnout up ~10% in Strangford and North Down
Talk about not understanding the subtleties and the reality of identity in Northern Ireland ! LMAO :o)
New project aims to give young people a say in Northern Ireland's future.
(It's still Northern Ireland's No.1 music station, by the way.)
Only 15 of 94 on this list were playlisted on Northern Ireland's No.1 music station during 1994. 4 of those were "s…
Chris Brunt backing Northern Ireland to secure 2018 World Cup play-off spot
2 Mar 2017 there will be an Assembly election in Northern Ireland
Here's preview of the Northern Ireland election, and 10 things to watch for
Northern Ireland voters go to the polls to elect new assembly
"I think there's every danger that we could go back to direct rule" - Jonathan Powell on Northern Ireland
You’ve helped make such a difference to Northern Ireland
Ceuta, Melilla, Jersey and Northern Ireland aren't colonies, . They are sovereign territory.
'Northern Ireland and the Disunited Kingdom' good summary of issues around &
only just bought a 1st edition of Dervla's cycling trip through peak-troubles Northern Ireland. Class.
Northern Ireland heads to polls to end political deadlock
SINN CLAIM NO THE SHAME CULT . School allows letter from Sinn Fein hopeful Gildernew to be sent home with pupils
In the absence of a Culture and Arts Strategy, where next for the arts in Northern Ireland asks -
Find out all about Derry - Strabane Enterprise Week 2017 in Culture Northern Ireland
Is this the best that can come up with against 2 days before the
Sending positive karma to Northern Ireland in solidarity from North Carolina.
Well done Shelley leading by example. Great support by
suspect in court today for supply of in joint case between NFCU, FSA in NI and Ards & N Down…
Northern Ireland Assembly: what to expect and who will win?
Latest on the obscure group which gave a secret £425k pro-Brexit donation to Northern Ireland's DUP.
Opening up medicine to students from a wide range of backgrounds in Northern Ireland
Only a foreigner to Northern Ireland wouldn't know the UVF killed Douglas and McVeigh! Yet you say UDA? This is why I ignore!
Northern Ireland is facing big uncertainties ahead of the A principled, constructive party can help> We support
GAA submits new planning application for Casement Park
Final poll ahead of Thursday's Assembly vote .
We support the call for NI parties to support 'mental health champion' for NI
Delighted to have so many representatives & products from all over Northern Ireland in Brussels!
Looking forward to meeting colleagues in Northern Ireland next week to discuss THRIVE
Ensuring that Mental Health is not forgotten is in all our interests. NI needs a Champion. Please sign our petition: https…
Pastor who was prosecuted over Islam remarks set to address Muslim leaders at conference
Football club artwork to replace UVF mural
Good luck to Northern Ireland captain and Reds hero Marissa Callaghan! NI in Croatia for Istria Cup.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hero Northern Ireland postman Darren saves life of little boy suffering seizure https:/…
Martin McGuinness: His career in pictures - BBC News ➜
Almost 200 years before Northern Ireland, France decriminalised homosexual activity (after the Revolution, in 1791).
We also need to end the idea of having a cultural fit in the workplace. Difference is good.
Injured racer Ryan Farquhar gunning for shooting stardom
Northern Ireland heads to polls amid Brexit uncertainty:
Ireland's only land border was basically invisible. Until Brexit.
PUP manifesto: Kyle says DUP and Sinn Féin 'involved in cultural war'
speaking of education give him a lesson on the United Kingdom or Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Lisa Dorrian: Renewed appeal with poignant video message on 12th anniversary of disappearance
.in the 'Northern Ireland and the Disunited Kingdom'
.recruiting |This talk explains why I am on its |Info ht…
Man arrested over Palace Barracks van explosion .
Perhaps one of the more important votes in Europe this year will happen in Northern Ireland in a…
Due to the falling pound Southern Ireland are shopping in Northern Ireland you couldn't make it up 😂😂😂
BBC News - Man gets community service for crash death
Northern Ireland did not introduce the equal marriage rules from Westminster (2014). Glover also highlights the famous…
A brief history of across the globe. Northern Ireland is still waiting
NI parties urged to support 'mental health champion' -
NI parties urged to support 'mental health champion'
Ferrari crash: Drunk Belfast millionaire who ploughed into cars found guilty after defence 'fails spectacularly'
'Employers need awareness of challenges'
A very good read from on Northern Ireland, Brexit and the border
28 Drawings Later Northern Ireland. 'Equality' A4 pen and ink on paper 🌈🎨
Dobson to write to civil service chief over Pengelly email
Northern Ireland parents distressed over lack of services.
The fact that SF cannot see what's wrong with this tells you what is wrong with them
“Power can only change hands if people vote for change”. Via
why just mention England Rab? What about Wales and Northern Ireland? Always seems to be forgotten.
Northern Ireland's election: Will Arlene Foster pay the price for a domestic scandal?
Northern Ireland's 2010 U.S Open Champion, joins the field for the 2017 Valero Texas Open.
A huge week for politics in Northern Ireland. Really hope this wee countries voters move away from Orange v Green.
29' | GOAL fourth coming off the peg of Anna Fahy as she grabs her second of the day! Republic of Ireland 4-0 Northern Ireland
I'm from Northern Ireland, just watched last night's Tag team with - brilliant!
DJ and Production duo from Belfast, Northern Ireland join the line up in Helsinki this A…
And the same terror organisation that Margaret Thatcher and John Major sucked up to in order to bring peace to Northern Ireland.
Nelson Suburbs have signed goalkeeper Corey Wilson, a 23-year-old from Northern Ireland.
Julian Lewis' suggestion of a whitewashing statute of limitations for murder by British soldiers in Northern Ireland is disgraceful.
David Cameron announces that the 39th G8 summit will be held in Lough Erne, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland on June 2013. (Iris [1/2]
Well done julian lewis MP standing up for Northern Ireland vets.
Hampshire MP Julian Lewis pressing PM on prosecution of former soldiers in Northern Ireland at Wants cutoff p…
Conservative MP Dr Julian Lewis MP asks about former military personnel in Northern Ireland
South MPs with Julian Lewis New Forest on legal protection for former Northern Ireland soldiers "equivalent to former paramilitaries"
Greens protest at being kept out of Northern Ireland leaders’ debate
"I sincerely believe that having male leaders in Scotland & Northern Ireland is important." Katie, political correspondent
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
.are currently recruiting for volunteer leaders throughout Northern Ireland. More info at…
Squabbling party leaders shows just why Northern Ireland needs a fresh start with representation in Assembly…
they are on the same scale as the yearly riots in Northern Ireland which also never get reported on.
The tour with has landed in Northern Ireland! We're very excited for the week!
Fantastic Mrs Fox... vixen 'goddess' that incredibly survived 100ft plunge off Co Antrim cliff…
Worth remembering this is about England only, because Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all clear that they…
Good to see the old neighborhood is doing well.
"The Strand has lost a gentleman, an inspiration to the kids he coaches, so so sad.".
What do you think is likely to happen in Northern Ireland?
Support equality by adding your voice here;. Northern Ireland:! . Australia:
Fresh air & fresh food. Two of our favourite things! Here's how to walk, wine & dine around Northern Ireland:
Think this ref is Northern Ireland's version of Willie Collum. 😳
"It was going in from 90 yards, 80 yards, 70 yards...". Austin MacPhee proud of Hearts' derby-day battlers.
definitely not me, I'm a Northern Ireland fan🙄
Streetart in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast's city centre is becoming a major attraction
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I guess I chose the right socks for flying. .
Great to see your Honeyspot IPA available in Northern Ireland from - Tastes great in my…
Majorities across UK think it will break-up within a decade because of Brexit:. England 54.6%. Wales 54.7%. Scotland 56%. No…
Cardenas (2016) "Sport and Peace-Building in Divided Societies: A Case Study on Colombia and Northern Ireland"…
One of these candidates is serious about changing Northern Ireland for the better. The other is called Paul Givan .
Antrim and Armagh draw hurling matches
Hurling League: Antrim and Armagh involved in drawn games
It is part of entire design, as airline Northern Ireland's downturn Nobel Prize has won the partisanship's championship.
>yer da. what is this accent suddenly. are you secretly also in Northern Ireland. can i go to your house and sniff your hair
NEWS: Bangor : Woman critical after two-car crash on A21 - BBC News | Details:
Listening now. Do you really think "the good guys lost" in Northern Ireland? Why do you believe that to be the case?
MWIE - Brexit the most 'dangerous thing for Northern Ireland since partition' - We have a lot of work to do to…
Nothing to do with equality. Key fault-line in Northern Ireland is still nationalism vs unionist. That's what designation does.
Sign the petition to on Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland - Sign the Peti... via
Never forget the courage and sacrifice of many Scotsmen who played a huge role in keeping Northern Ireland safe from re…
to play first ever concert in Northern Ireland
Watching highlights against . Great atmosphere from northern Ireland
She's my hero, says husband of woman who battled back from
'Border Communities Against Brexit' hold protest that halts traffic at Irish border
Man injured in gang sledgehammer attack at Larne home.
and were looking for comedies to watch. We settled on the Northern Ireland leaders debate
It did have 2 welsh teams and 2 teams from northern ireland in it. Linfield brought 2k fans to QOTS
Tourism NI has put together a list of 10 exciting things to do in NI next week (20 – 26 February).
Dunseverick Castle is situated in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, near the small village of Dunseverick and the Giant's Caus…
IRA fighter fires an AR-18 at Pro-British troops during skirmishes in County Armin, Northern Ireland, 1972.
What a beautiful moment captured on a breathtaking road in Northern Ireland - Michele Rossetti
We partner for success and support retailers, businesses and communities in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Spain
what date u back in Northern Ireland again not saw u in a long time
Hi, we have qualified from Northern Ireland district for senior 5s football. Do you have any details of the UK final? Thanks
An Urban Middle ended Sprint Weekend. Thanks to for organizing a great orienteering weekend in Northe…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Meet the artists claiming Belfast's streets by via
NI Assembly election: Continental views and milk price posers
if I purchase a car in Northern Ireland with by visa debit card what rate of currency will I pay visa rate or boi rate
"Conflict and Peace: What can Somalia learn from Northern Ireland?" / 6pm Thur 16 Feb/ Shaftesbury Community Centre…
I live in Northern Ireland, i have no fear Irish language, i use it in every day conversations. I see bo need 4 an act tho
Scotland's A&E stats are way ahead of England and Wales right now, but what the fcuk is going on in Northern Ireland?…
'England, shorn of Scotland, Northern Ireland & maybe even Wales, contracts into a small isolated one-party state'
hi i was wondering i live in Northern Ireland but i cant get the irish channel rte 2 but i can get rte1 why is this
When France was to me what Northern Ireland & rest of (with customs/Immigration controls) will be to me from Jan 2019 .. FOREIGN
Northern Ireland to get another bite of the Big Apple with and Jet2CityBreaks
Northern Ireland-born former All White John Hill unsure who he'll be cheering for in… (Sport)
😍 We love this photo of Belfast City Hall by who visited Northern Ireland recently. Come back soon Lucy!
right but you LIVE in Northern Ireland? I don't understand how you 'support' a team you don't live in the same place?
you're from Northern Ireland yet support Manchester City?
Help love win in Northern Ireland - Support the campaign for equal marriage - Join the thunderclap:
Northern Ireland power sharing: Brokenshire accused of being biased
Cash-only bar? Good thing Barwick was the only guy with the foresight to bring Pounds with him to Northern Ireland.
Newspaper review: A clown wedding and an apology - :
But sure just pick and choose what to believe..
Bertie Ahearn on a looming political disaster: A new border between Northern Ireland and the Republic .
No hiding place for suspects involved in Troubles killings, says SDLP leader
Today put country first. This is the leader modern Unionism needs. This is the leader Northern Irela…
..and this is the same paper .. Alliance Party and
..and there are people who think in Northern Ireland we should all just put our differences aside and get along.. t…
Using this Tory's own 'logic' would mean that The Prime Minister has no mandate for any type/colour in Scot…
Not sure about this but glad to be supporting Down to Earth NI putting some ecology into new woodland burial sites
As part of Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme with the supports those in need.…
Ideally should be a focus for Northern Ireland diabetes services too.oh yeah & preventing obesity-type 2 via best public…
Not strictly true. Northern Ireland, Balkans, etc but your point still holds.
Stormzy knows how to sell a gig in Northern Ireland
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Video of amazing places to visit in Northern Ireland via :
Have you ever dreamed of representing Northern Ireland? Here’s your chance
Tomorrow morning, please arrive quickly! Northern Ireland, I am ready. But are you...?
"She's saying not that there'll be no border but that the border won't be as difficult to create problems"
Did you know that same-sex sexual activity was illegal there until 1982? History of LGBT Rights in Northern Ireland via…
Strange, quite a few people seem to have forgotten that the Northern Ireland Executive is a mandatory coalition.
Look world this man is a member of the Northern Ireland Policing Board. Yes you heard right a terrorist on a Polici…
Theresa May is risking peace in Northern Ireland to pursue anti-human rights agenda of her Little Englanders
PSNI officer hurt in Newry after being knocked over by suspect
Northern Ireland peace was hard won after years of violence and suffering. Brexit pisses on that peace. Good job Mrs M…
Officially calling for every MLA in Northern Ireland to stop calling opinions they don't like "Alternative Facts" and "Fake News."
Point is, they are not English notes that they could recall. Same for Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland's peace generation frozen out by politics of war
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