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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland (Ulster Scots: Norlin Airlann or Norlin Airlan) is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom.

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Vital for Northern Ireland & Scotland- & even England & Wales that Progressive Alliance as suggested by Gina ensu…
On way to Uni. of St Andrews to give seminar on 'Victims, Imagined Communities and Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland'
You don't abbreviate United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland into United Kingdom do ya
Kathleen Lynch doesn't agree with comparing Ireland to East Germany, Northern Ireland or... .
Snap Election! . Time for the to decide what kind of Northern Ireland it really wants. Theresa May does not dese…
9 nationalist, 8 unionist and 1 alliance MP in Northern Ireland
I do hope Sinn Fein, SDLP & the Alliance and even the Greens work together in Northern Ireland for & keep the DUP out. Is it possible?
Times like this I'm glad Northern Ireland ignores the main parties and has us vote for DUP, Sinn Fe…
Alliance cause I live in Northern Ireland and it's a huge mess
Do the Alliance Party publicly support the adoption of the Armed Forces Covenant in Northern Ireland for our veterans?
When you travel 12 hours from Northern Ireland to see that team news... 😩🔫
The coast of Northern Ireland is absolutely beautiful! I love London & Lake Como, Italy too. Hoping…
Recently we brought you a video of a 10-year-old autistic girl singing Hallelujah in a choir in Northern Ireland.
The UK is a mess. Wales animal is a Dragon. England's is a Lion. Scotland's is a unicorn. Northern Ireland idk
England !..a word nobody seems to use any more ..Scotland , . Wales , Northern Ireland and the UK !but not England ! h…
The list of countries in the world includes the UK. England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland are not autonomous countries.
Today the RCN are asking its members employed by the NHS in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, what... https:/…
Politics in the UK;. England: We're leaving EU. Scotland: Wait...we?. Northern Ireland: Stop fighting, you two!. Wale…
People from the south of England say the word "space" exactly the same way people in Northern Ireland say "spice".
Can someone explain to me why money I got in Northern Ireland, part of the UK, was turned down in England?
Sad and frustrated to hear has been 'paused' in Northern Ireland. Youth Parliament won't be the same without…
Petition: England to become completely Independent from Scotland,Wales & Northern Ireland
How about an arc of prosperity with England Wales and Northern Ireland?
Please stop saying HERE when you cover Northern Ireland weather. You are in England, not NI.
Thanks Hoping sisters in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will get busy too!
Northern Ireland faces fresh elections or Westminster rule if the major parties fail to form executive by early May…
We've got & Brian Ervine in studio discussing Eamonn Holmes' ideas for a new Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is heading for fresh election or, potentially, direct rule from London.
Deadline for new Northern Ireland executive extended.  . Minimal progress made after six weeks of talks
Deadline for new Northern Ireland executive extended
Northern Ireland business and civic society appeal to politicians to restore executive. Vital issue. via
"Northern Ireland risks falling behind on essential medical drugs without an Executive," says .
Are your coaches encouraging kids so they could be "next Northern Ireland star"?
We also need some analysis of any potential special status' effect on Northern Ireland's links/trade with Great Bri…
Ulster Bank March PMI: Good news for employment in Northern Ireland.
Ellie Davies new exhibition 'Half Light', at at the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre, Northern Ireland,...
Ulster Bank survey suggests trends of strong exports orders and rising employment continue in Northern Ireland:…
Today on GJ 15 A b: The Provisional Irish Republican Army calls an end to its thirty-year-long armed campaign in Northern Ireland
How has not got a marketing campaign in Northern Ireland with people shouting YEO Valley 🌝
Henry Clarke the Northern Ireland paedophile who was allowed to flee justice by RUC despite vile crimes…
See Dr Frank Ferguson discuss his thoughts on Ulster-Scots literature this evening on BBC Northern Ireland
Do you have any darts exhibition in Belfast / Northern Ireland in 2017 Jeff
Couple others in Africa. Go back FEW years & u have Northern Ireland. Farthest back I…
Good Friday Committee to discuss retail issues in Northern Ireland
EU is involved in Good Friday Agreement? via incorporation of ECHR in2 law of Northern Ireland
Journalist: "Northern Ireland". Brendan: "I lived in the north of Ireland." As if I couldn't love this man more.
EU should say goodbye England welcome Scotland and Northern Ireland
Danny Blanchflower - Northern Ireland & Spurs legend honoured with Blue plaque at his childhood home in East Belfast
The talk is you'll lose Northern Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar which is great way to "take back your sovereignty".
The people of Northern Ireland already HAVE an agreement. . Mr. Donaldson's DUP have repeatedly reneged on their par…
Theresa May to exclude representatives of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales from negotiations.
This is Giant's Causeway located in County Antrim on the north coast of Northern Ireland. Over…
Free the occupied lands of the world. Ogadenia, Chechnya, Mindanao, Northern Ireland, Oromia, Palestine, East Timor, W…
Northern Ireland at Peace – 19 years on from the Belfast Agreement By Srimal Fernando .
A 'United' Kingdom for sure. Northern Ireland under the Belfast Agreement can automatically return to the EU in a '…
Theresa May said she wanted a U.K wide consensus before Brexit tomorrow. Scotland wants to leave, and Northern Ireland has no…
Dear EU, We the people of the United Kingdom.. but not Scotland... possibly Northern Ireland.. Wales?... anyone?
A non-story. Northern Ireland already has this right under the 1998 Belfast ('Good Friday') Agreement.
Tribute banner to Ryan McBride at Cork City v Dundalk photoshopped into a pic from last night's Northern Ireland game. Biz…
more SF/IRA anti Belfast Agreement clap trap. to the people of Northern Ireland recognised i…
Northern Ireland can choose to Remain, confirms David Davis (So why can't Scotland?
General practice in Northern Ireland is in crisis - here's what GPs are calling for:
Northern Ireland: "Fresh elections or direct rule from Westminster could be imposed within a reasonable period."
Northern Ireland could be set for a fresh election or direct British rule after government-forming talks stalled…
Fresh crisis in Northern Ireland as power sharing talks collapse, raising prospect of direct rule from Westminster…
Fresh election or direct rule looms as Northern Ireland talks fall apart
The Sinn Fein party says talks to resolve Northern Ireland's political stalemate have reached the end of the road.
Big day for Northern Ireland tomorrow // Sinn Féin withdraws from Stormont negotiations via
Now Sinn Féin has pulled out of talks, Northern Ireland could face either another election (its 3rd in 12 months) or dir…
Sinn Fein says Northern Ireland government talks have failed
Daydream-Nation are a garage-borne rock & roll band from Castlederg in Northern Ireland. Heading towards Bogans...
So is promoting Labour line of Scotland as new Northern Ireland. Ruth Dudley Edwards deluded about them being alike
Freedom fighters don't blow up families with bombs and then blow up emergency services with secondary bombs...
A big, possibly campaign defining, for Northern Ireland. Less than 12 hours to go!
A superfriendly welcome to Northern Ireland is what makes it such a great place to live
Excoriating stuff although sadly there is no proper analysis of impact of on Scotland or Northern Ireland   10% Off
SOCCER: good luck Northern Ireland,England,Scotland in World cup today! England v Lithuania 16.25 ITV3 today. 26th.March'17...
A species new to science in County Down, Northern Ireland: Abies toadstooliana
Aged 16-24? We have a paid Internship in our Northern Ireland office.Apply by 9am 12 Apr
With all we know about terror, how can we risk Northern Ireland’s peace? | Jonathan Freedland
EVENT: An election to nowhere? with *** Fealty - a discussion on 2017 Northern Ireland election
Learning a language should be 'compulsory' in schools, says report
Congratulations for coming to the all the way from Northern Ireland. 👍🏽
including groups such as USA in Vietnam and UK in Northern Ireland
Find a solicitor in Moira using our improved solicitor search function -
Northern Ireland bit risky against Norway don't you think? Backing it either way lol
Norway boss Lars Lagerback gives thoughts on links to England job ... - Daily Star
. then back to business with terrorists & for you Ian uncle Martin
You're right, the scenery is beautiful in Northern Ireland!
you must never have heard of Northern Ireland
remember when you sit down to negoicate with SF/IRA, this is what you are dealing with
24 people in Horsehay and Lightmoor, Telford and Wrekin were born in Northern Ireland
As a result, Scotland and Northern Ireland both stand 17 places lower in terms of MEPs than their population would sugges…
I should play a baddie in the next upcoming blockbuster. My northern Ireland accent should save me well
The Prince of Wales and The Prince and Princess of Northern Ireland will attend anniversary commemorations on 9…
He has said text messages were "modest" but declined to comment on the name of a Northern Ireland professional.
Northern Ireland: Opioids killed more than road deaths
it was like he had never heard of the Troubles in Northern Ireland or the IRA or UDA.
PSNI probing MOT 'pass for cash' allegations after businessman's warning Corruption is everywhere in society
Rejected petition: 'Vote to remove England from the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'
'Thank you' - Ian Paisley's words to Martin McGuinness
Some brilliant details in this well-argued piece about the risk poses to peace in Ireland
Nice morning walking home steaming lol, Northern Ireland 3-0 Norway later.. GAWA!
Minister is in Stormont today for talks with Northern Ireland parties on forming a new executive.
Dan Walker is joined by Andy Cole and John Hartson to preview Sunday's internationals, including England v Lithuania, Northern Ireland v No…
Sad to learn of sudden passing of Martin McGuinness. His contribution to peace in Northern Ireland will endure. Ar dheis…
Update your maps at Navteq
Belfast Waterfront and Tourism NI showcase Belfast to the world.
Genuine & sincere words from Bill Clinton on Northern Ireland, stability & peace.
Prem Rawat will be speaking at a themed event in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 21st June. More details here
joins desperate fight for jobs telling politicians to protect futures of Northern Ireland families…
If we do not support majority of British Muslims we risk making the same mistakes as Northern Ireland allowing a mi…
Northern Ireland have injury problems ahead of Norway tie
Reminder that the clocks go forward an hour tonight unless you're in Northern Ireland where they go back 30 years.
It's a cold start with patches of frost for north England, Northern Ireland & Scotland with temperaures as low as -3C. CF
It may be the smallest county in Northern Ireland, but what Armagh lacks in size, it makes up for in personality!…
Martin McGuinness funeral: Bill Clinton urges people of Northern Ireland to honour…
Visited Mount Stewart last weekend in County Down, Northern Ireland. There are a few Napoleonic links - it was...
Northern Ireland police targeted in explosion in Strabane
📷 DAY 7 begins - from Bellanaleck in Co. Fermanagh to Markethill in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. I...
"Vote for the reunification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland"
Daughter delays bank bid to repossess dad's farm in Northern Ireland -
Blair gave IRA immunity,but not to Royal Ulster Constabulary & Police Service of Northern Ireland,who fought terrorists
Albeit far from perfect, the current state of affairs in Northern Ireland would have been literally unimaginable 20 years ago.
A soldier who served in Northern Ireland tells Nigel he's returned his medal over the Martin McGuinness outpouring
Cliff walks, folklore, castles & more on Northern Ireland's beautiful
Bill Clinton pays tribute to Martin McGuinness: "His word was gold".
Solicitor confirms appeal to Supreme Court on behalf of relatives of IRA man shot dead by SAS
Watch: Martin McGuinness in emotional final interview before his death
his family deserve respect during this time. McGuinness was pivotal in bringing peace to Northern Ireland…
This is pretty good...BBC News - Martin McGuinness: Butcher of Bogside to brave statesman
Teachers' strike deferred following McGuinness' death: A planned half-day strike by teachers is deferred following…
After Martin McGuinness, peace in Ireland will face renewed pressure | Jonathan Powell
he was also a major player in the peace process of our country in Northern Ireland! World would be better off if you had died!
5,000 same-sex couples married in England & Wales in 2014. . Hundreds of couples in Northern Ireland still waiting for…
"BBC News - Ex-soldier Hutchings to face attempted GBH charge should sort him out
Temperatures will quickly fall away tonight, especially under clear skies across Scotland and Northern Ireland with a severe forming
Daniel Lafferty to miss game at Oldham on Sat. Has been called up for Northern Ireland World Cup Qualifier with N…
"And they gathered their six sons and daughter nightly for a recitation of the rosary." RIP Martin McGuinness.
I am finding the near-beatification of Martin McGuinness by the BBC rather nauseating.
Without Martin McGuinness, there would not have been peace in Northern Ireland
Walking with Martin McGuinness and Buttons the dog - reflective piece by
You criticise Trump and applaud a murdering terrorist who made life a misery for thousands in Northern Ireland. Channel 4…
If people could see the full extent of what members of the British army did in Northern Ireland, they wouldn't call McGuinness the monster.
Martin McGuinness helped negotiate peace in Northern Ireland after decades of sectarian violence https…
they're pulling out all the stops now to become our biggest political party here in Northern Ireland :/
Jess Fishlock will become the first Wales international to reach 100 caps when Wales Women host Northern Ireland:
The Northern Ireland Fan App is live now for iOS & Android
Queen sending private message to Martin McGuinness' wife following death of Sinn Fein chief.
Clifton House: Seattle family discover link to portraits
The IRA leader who became a peace negotiator - the life of Martin McGuinness, who has died aged 66
The peace makers in Northern Ireland are the UDR, British Army and RUC who stopped the IRA destroying our country.
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When Martin McGuinness met the Queen: Moments many thought would never happen.
Martin McGuinness death: Mourners applaud as former Sinn Féin Deputy First Minister's body arrives home in Derry…
Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's former Deputy First Minister, dies at 66.
Martin McGuiness, former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, has died, age 66.
ICYMI: Michelle from Colchester did three tours of Northern Ireland. She told why she won't mourn Martin McGuin…
Martin McGuinness: Former Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister's coffin is carried in Derry
Showing us all that change is possible, and peace in Northern Ireland is what we should strive for . Rest in peace - Martin McGuinness
Martin McGuinness played a huge role in bringing about peace in Northern Ireland. He was a great family man and my though…
From IRA second-in-command to Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister: The life of Martin McGuinness via . https:/…
Body of N Ireland's McGuinness taken home - The body of IRA leader turned Sinn Féin politician...
Ex-foes salute Martin McGuinness, the IRA man turned Northern Ireland peacemaker:
Martin McGuinness believed in a shared future for Northern Ireland and he was steadfast & courageous in its pursuit. https…
The Peace in Northern Ireland is a shared one.Everyone gains or loses.Don't surrender it easily to men of violence.Defend Equality & Respect
Former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and former IRA Commander Martin McGuinness has died aged 66
Martin McGuinness, Irish Republican Army commander who laid down his arms to become a key part of Northern Ireland's peace dies in Belfast
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Martin McGuinness, former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, has died
Martin McGuinness, former Chief of Staff of the IRA & Northern Ireland's former Deputy First Minister has died😔.
saying Northern Ireland will leave the Union and join the South 😂 what about Scotland Georgie Boy.
Stats obtained show bedroom tax impacting on tenants in Northern Ireland
If Dublin Ministers are exercising power in Northern Ireland over Northern Ireland affairs.
Promoting the tourism industry in Northern Ireland through the tax system via .
Richard Keys now looks like a Benidorm pub singer. Andy Gray looks like a leading loyalist who's been put out of Northern Ireland.
Sinn Fein asks U.S. Congress to support Northern Ireland bid to stay in EU via
Nothing is truer or more cutting than the profound apathy in the Republic for Northern Ireland's affairs. And yet.
Giants, Castles, Game of Thrones sites & more on Northern Ireland's beautiful
Bedroom tax 'impacting on tenants in Northern Ireland'
10 Must-Try Menu Items in Ireland and Northern Ireland by National Geographic. . http…
Theresa May is set to visit Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland before triggering Article 50
I will always remember this year. picked Northern Iowa to win because it sounds like Northern Ireland.…
It’s been a bit of a dull weather day today. More interest in the forecast later in the week…
The 'cash for ash' scandal that has rocked Northern Ireland needs to be seen as part of a bigger picture
In Northern Ireland, the Unionist majority has ended. This is a new time for Irish Nationalists. Unite Ireland now!
Calling nonprofit orgs doing great work in Ireland and Northern Ireland grant round is open ht…
around 55% of Northern Ireland's goods exports went to the EU in 2016
I dont think he is sure where NI is yet , FYI that is Northern Ireland , not Nat Insurance
Arlene Foster on "wake-up call" for Unionism in the Northern Ireland elections https:…
Northern Ireland as an EU member state in its own right. Fascinating idea, great read.
Work+ Apprenticeships - closing date 23 March. Shortage of girls.
In response to question from the PM rejects calls for a border poll in Northern Ireland.
Connswater Greenway bonfire site being removed due to 'pride in the area' say bonfire collectors
Scotland & Northern Ireland should cast England out of the union, they could then remain in the EU as UK. With little Englan…
For the record, SF supported the GFA and by referendum deleting A2&3 in Irish constitution which confirmed UK border http…
Wondered what was going on at Lagan today. BBC News Lagan College closed to public over 'white powder' investigation
⛵️🌊 Clipper yacht race set to drop anchor in Londonderry in 2018
Scotland: We're leaving the UK . Northern Ireland: Yeah that kinda sounds like a good idea... Meanwhile, in Wales: https:…
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which country is fighting within itself? Northern Ireland and Ireland are pretty separate
Go to Belfast, don't miss it. Or any of Northern Ireland.
I think he means this sort of thing:
Mum takes on Enniskillen school over haircut punishment
These were seriously talented musicians from Northern Ireland!
Man convicted of raping woman while on release from prison has sentence reduced: A man convicted of raping a woman…
Watch: discussion on Northern Ireland’s lessons for Israeli-Palestinian
leavers said would destroy a European union they may be proved right. Pity its the union of GT Britain & Northe…
Sinn Fein wants vote on Northern Ireland leaving UK 'as soon as possible' via
Belfast church on Ormeau Road to be turned into restaurant in £1m project
Ten things you don’t want to miss in Northern Ireland this year (for me) via
I want to be at Finn MacCool's in Bushmills, Northern Ireland for
News out of the United Kingdom--. The study of how the damaged brain repairs itself is being hailed as landmark...
Today's Find out who's representing Northern Ireland at Washington's St Patrick's celebrations.
'David Davis has said there is "quite a lot of design work to do" on system to monitor goods crossing Irish border'.
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For adults in Northern Ireland - please consider participating in this 20min experiment about trust between groups
Well done WASPI supporters from Northern Ireland for coming to Westminster protest..we must all keep pressure on Government for…
Tickets are selling FAST for the Final of this years Insanity Tan Miss Northern Ireland Contest !. To save...
This AM: EXCLUSIVE - 'a defib save my life' Belfast woman's remarkable story, join us
Did I nod off at the bit where the DUP dissociated itself from the UDA during the election campaign?
Calls for referenda to leave the UK come from Wales and Northern Ireland, the latter to join the Republic of Ireland. h…
Travelzoo: A2: Here is our list of 13 must-visit places across Ireland & Northern Ireland:
Northern Ireland sells more goods to the rest of the UK than to The Republic Of Ireland, the EU 26 & the rest of the world co…
British PM rules out referendum on UK membership
…wasn’t fit enough after being away with the Northern Ireland team
Theresa May's ignorance of Remainers risks splitting the United Kingdom
Belfast school closed after white powder 'sent through mail' - Belfast Telegraph
Sinn Fein calls for referendum on Northern Ireland leaving the UK ‘as soon as possible’
Benn: that means will have to be customs checks between Northern Ireland and Republic?. Davis: already customs checks, done…
OPEN THREAD: Varadkar and Coveney, how would they be different? Northern Ireland, Brexit, the UK?. Thoughts on a (…
UK (Northern Ireland): Sinn Féin (LEFT) leader Michelle O'Neill calls for a referendum on Irish unity to take place as so…
NEWS: Leeds United winger Stuart Dallas called up to Northern Ireland squad for World Cup qualifier v Norway on Sun…
"4 tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yorkshire. What have you done?" Silence
James Mckeown was born at Ballymena in Northern Ireland to Irish parents, William John Mckeown and Elizabeth Thompson.
EVENT: We are pleased to announce that Manchester United and Northern Ireland legend Norman Whiteside will be...
Michael O'Neill pleased to have 'top Premier League player' Craig Cathcart back in Northern Ireland squad
Belfast, Northern Ireland-born Mets left-hander P.J. Conlon discusses his first career Grapefruit League outing. https:/…
Mid Ulster have worst ambulance response times in Northern Ireland
Status: GREEN. Currently 31.0 % of is coming from renewables in Northern Ireland.
The Guardian view on the assembly election: a warning to
Disruption and chaos: the potential impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland’s and the UK’s political stability
. Has Theresa May told her Northern Ireland secretary to do his very best to reignite The Troubles in NI?.
Murder inquiry into death of man in Lurgan
Northern Ireland must choose stability over nationalism in wake of vote
Asperger's syndrome: Employers need awareness of challenges .
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Special Relationship, A Lesley Riddoch explores the relationship between Northern Ireland and Sc...
I said so the day after Brexit. After all, we have seen the German reunification. A united Ireland is now inevitable htt…
Sad. But saddest is how few in the media bother to tell the truth and report these things.
UK PM and Irish Premier hold talks to break deadlock…
That means a hard border going up between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
DJ Joe sure to be farm favourite at first learning pride day in Northern Ireland
political generation as defined by the northern Ireland agreemt is 7 years. Tory and lab definition
Irish-American politician calls on Pres. Trump to appoint special envoy to Northern Ireland
A Question of Sport next on BBC One HD: With Annabel Croft. (23:45 in Wales, 0:10 in Northern Ireland)
Amid claims of indifference, will Theresa May continue with the Cameron Doctrine on Northern Ireland or ditch it?.
Enormously important news... unless you work in Fleet Street, London, or in the BBC. can Northern Ireland survive...
Northern Ireland darts star is to contest the showpiece event in July
Rugby legend joined Northern Ireland as keynote speaker this week...
Excellent article from John Rentoul. Is May ignoring Northern Ireland? Certainly for now. Was the UK media? Yep. Wi…
One thing that unites both sides in Northern Ireland is how little the British establishment cares about them
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1982 World Cup. Billy Bingham and Martin O'Neill after Northern Ireland's victory over Spain
Its official- the DUP have lost so many seats that they can no longer block marriage equality in Northern Ireland. Huge…
NI Assembly election: Voters react to result - BBC News
Fein surge creates new Northern Ireland landscape -
Northern Ireland dropping the religious votes. Scotland heading for Indyref. England lurching from one crisis to next. Wes…
The DUP has lost its power to veto same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland
As Northern Ireland enters uncharted waters not one NI voice on tomoro. NIreland has already left the building https…
Giant step forward for marriage equality in Northern Ireland! The DUP veto has left the stage!
Assembly election: Sinn Féin hails 'watershed' result. Here come the terrorists again ! Should be in prison
Northern Ireland faces direct rule from London as election inconclusive.
Sinn Fein has cut the DUP's advantage to a single seat in its best performance in Northern Ireland election history
Sinn Fein surge creates new Northern Ireland landscape
. "To understand the kind of damage Brexit could end up causing inside the UK itself, time to turn towards Belfast". https…
Lack of British interest in Northern Ireland's crucial election is more evidence that union is dead | openDemocracy htt…
Unionists lose their combined majority in Northern Ireland. moves one step closer to breaking up the UK. .
Gerry Adams says "notion of a perpetual Unionist majority" in Northern Ireland "has been demolished," after election
one to Northern Ireland.. the other, to London 😢😢. have a safe trip to them..
Irish nationalists surge in Northern Ireland election
The obstacles facing Northern Ireland now Unionism is no longer in a majority
In quotes: Party leaders and senior figures react to election results -
Could Sinn Fein's surge see Northern Ireland leave the UK?
Theresa May was right to go to Scotland this week – but she can't ignore Northern Ireland forever
When you think you've got that Scotland situation wrapped up and then Northern Ireland creeps up on you
Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt resigns after party fails to make progress in Northern Ireland Assembly election https…
Stormont in crisis as unionists lose overall majority for first time
an earthquake of an election in Northern Ireland and you show a fire under the rr tracks in SanFran?! Pathetic.
Add this to Theresa May's bucket list of massive problems. - Brexit. - Scotland. ...and now Northern Ireland.
Heavy and persistent rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland through the past 24 hours have led to some large rainfall tot…
Northern Ireland talks to begin after transformative election as Brexit looms, Europe News & Top Stories -…
Could Sinn Fein surge spurred by Brexit see NI leave UK?
Today was Northern Ireland's first assembly election since last year's Brexit vote.
Assembly election: DUP MP says up to Foster to accept Sinn Féin ultimatum
Repercussions of vote continue, now contributing to the end of majority in .
Democratic Unionist Party returned as biggest party in Northern Ireland's... by via
Sinn Fein cuts DUP lead to one seat in Stormont Assembly as nationalists surge in Northern Ireland
Tight deadline for talks after nationalist surge in Northern Ireland
For £119, escape to a hotel in Northern Ireland that counts Hollywood stars and a former presiden TravelZoo
Northern Ireland election: DUP's Arlene Foster ‘to stay as first minister’
Northern Ireland isn't parochial when you come from the Central Belt of Scotland. We're all connected to it.
A poem from Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland to express my outrage at the suffering in Greece.' I…
I could cry 💚 finally, a time for change in Northern Ireland... here's to move forward... together 💚
Lagan Valley: Final word of the night goes to Pat Catney of SDLP speaking emphatically..."I want Northern Ireland to wor…
Sinn Fein surge in Northern Ireland election as country awaits result which could put future of UK in question
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