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Northern Ireland Assembly

The Northern Ireland Assembly (Ulster Scots: Norlin Airlan Assemblie) is the devolved legislature of Northern Ireland.

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Northern Ireland Assembly: what to expect and who will win?
Conservative Party poster for the Northern Ireland Assembly election.
Live: James Brokenshire statement on Northern Ireland Assembly: NI Secretary James Brokenshire is to give a..
The Northern Ireland Assembly will meet today to discuss the ongoing "cash for ash" scandal
RHI scandal: Assembly to debate motion to exclude Foster as first minister:
RHI scandal: Foster faces no-confidence vote: Arlene Foster faces an Assembly vote of no confidence over her…
Northern Ireland assembly faces vote of no confidence 1
The Guardian Northern Ireland assembly faces vote of no confidence The Guardian Arlene Foster is embroiled in a…
Amazing, this Northern Ireland Assembly QT with Jonathan Bell only has 78 views as we post it...some important...
Northern Ireland assembly faces vote of no confidence.
Full text of the motion which Sinn Fein will submit to the Assembly on Monday
Full text of the motion will propose at the Assembly on Monday calling for to step aside
NEW: Sinn Fein is to bring a proposal to Northern Ireland's Assembly calling on Arlene Foster to stand aside as First Minister.
Northern Ireland’s first minister faces vote of no confidence
Northern Ireland's first minister faces vote of no confidence - plus calls for independent inquiry
First minister could be forced to step down, triggering elections to Stormont parliament A vote of no confidence...
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We need adults to step into this utterly dysfunctional Assembly. Wouldn't trust this bunch to budget lunch...
Northern Ireland assembly faces vote of no confidence
Northern Ireland Assembly: Change the name of Belfast international Airport to Joey Dunlop Internat... via
[NORTHERN IRELAND] Polls have opened for the Northern Ireland Assembly election!
Support for Equal Marriage to be debated in the Northern Ireland Assembly | The *** Say
5 Years in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Not much has been achieved. We all deserve better. Progress.
25k of you have now said Northern Ireland Assembly must change abortion law. Sign & share:
UKIP manifesto launch for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections today
BMA issues manifesto for Northern Ireland ahead of Assembly elections
NI Assembly votes to ban smoking in cars with children and tax on sugary drinks - BBC News
DUP's Jim Wells 'to avoid assembly election hustings'
UKIP unveils its full list of candidates for the Assembly election. Read it here
The full list of UKIP candidates and where they are running in Assembly election.
We welcome Health Bill passage to further con. stage. Read our evidence on Tobacco use:
News | AMERICA : The North Down MLA, who is also Chair of the Assembly's Education Committee said, "The…
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DUP team at the launch of the new Northern Ireland Assembly Caucus!!!
DUP's Jim Wells to avoid' hustings ahead of assembly election
DUP MLA Jim Wells says he will not take part in hustings events ahead of the Northern Ireland Assembly election.
"Democracy Without Politicians Great cartoon showing how a citizens' assembly could help in Nort…
Committee for Justice report on Justice in the 21st Century now available at
News | : The Assembly Women's Caucus was launched by Karen McKevitt MLA, who said the group will work within…
Parties must prioritise public health and ill-health prevention. Read our manifesto:
.announces to the Assembly he will honour recommended 1% pay increase for all 'Agenda for Change' staff in Northern Ireland
Political parties must work to improve how we plan & deliver HSC. Read our manifesto:
Political parties must restore investment in General Practice. Read our manifesto:
Political parties must maintain safeguards for patients&doctors. Read our manifesto:
Political parties must work to recruit,retain&value doctors.Read our full manifesto:
OFMDFM Cmte Chair & Deputy Chair congratulate Marie Anderson on her new NIPSO appointment
The full list of DUP candidates for the throw in the towel fatalists, embrace the depraved Assembly election
Foster puts DUP in election mode by warning about threat of SF First Minister at Stormont :: ...
Ellen Murray, N I's first transgender election candidate, standing for Green Party in May Assembly poll via
Today's BBC live coverage of the Northern Ireland assembly here -
Northern Ireland first minister says the Stormont assembly should move to an expenses system which is similar to that at Westminster.
Tele (politics): Arlene Foster exerts her authority over Jim Wells selection in South Down: DUP leader Arlene ...
The Green Party leader in Northern Ireland says he expects his party to gain ground in the assembly elections in May.
Arlene Foster says they aren't running anyone to boost number yet are running someone in W.Belfast?
The full list of DUP candidates for Assembly election
Jim Wells to run for DUP in South Down in assembly election
"Blair created the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Ireland Assembly. He handed power away."
to the best of my knowledge the Northern Ireland Assembly has full legislative powers over housing policy and spending
While the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Féin Ireland have come to a deal to save Northern Ireland Assembly...
Tele (politics): Defector from DUP Jenny Palmer eyes seat in Assembly: A former DUP councillor who defected to...
Jenny Palmer may stand for the Assembly; says Spad Stephen Brimstone's promotion by Peter Robinson "totally wrong"
Tomorrow in Northern Ireland Assembly to debate same-sex marriage for 5th time:
UUP conference: Jenny Palmer might stand for Assembly
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Bid to adjourn NI Assembly fails. . A proposal to adjourn the Northern Ireland Assembly has been defeated.
Jenny Palmer hopes to stand as UUP assembly candidate - package on the conference-Sunday Pols BBC2 2230
UK News - Palmer hopes to be UUP assembly candidate
Palmer hopes to be UUP assembly candidate
Northern Ireland Assembly rejects motion on same-sex marriage.
DUP ministers in Assembly quit threat. . The DUP says if the Northern Ireland Assembly is not adjourned or suspended their ministers will qu
News | IE : The Assembly committee for the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister received a…
Criminality accepted by Assembly to pacify dogs of war? Out working of this policy blights our society.
Northern Ireland assembly set for FIFTH showdown over same-sex marriage
The UUP may leave the Assembly. They'd better be sure they hold a press conference or nobody will notice.
Another marriage equality motion in Northern Ireland's legislative assembly brought forward by &
The Northern Ireland Assembly uses the D'Hondt system. Which sounds superior to the Y'Cundt system failing us in England.
You see that Sinn Fein & the DUP can agree with each other sometimes! Special advisers' Bill defeated in assembly
National Assembly votes on sexual on November 2nd, All Souls' Day: a day for
Assembly set for 5th showdown over same-sex marriage
Full marks to for regular + comprehensive documentation updates on its inquiry. Way it should be http:…
Committee briefing by DHSSPS & on COPNI report Changing the culture of care provision in Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Assembly set for FIFTH showdown over same-sex marriage -Pink News-
Gareth Brooks cancelled, One Direction cancelled, Northern Ireland Assembly .nope still going
John O'Dowd: Make prayers in assembly optional for Northern Ireland schools to hold via
The Assembly is a very expensive experiment which has failed & Northern Ireland needs to back to Westminster rule.
Excited to speak to members of the Northern Ireland General Assembly at parliament today about autism.
A Stormont committee is to meet later to discuss a Democratic Unionist Party proposal to adjourn the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Ulster Unionist MLA Michael Copeland resigns his seat in the Northern Ireland Assembly due to ill health.
Former Alliance Party leader former Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly current peer in the House of Lords
The day before Pride in London too, Northern Ireland Assembly needs to wake up! Sadly can't go this year, 1985 was my first one.
Northern Ireland Assembly won’t punish ex-minister who compared homosexuality to child abuse
Northern Ireland assembly rejects equality for FORTH time, oh, how the Russians would be proud... 👏👏🌚
*** marriage rejected by Northern Ireland Stormont Assembly "There is no reason why the north of Ireland should...
Really Northern Ireland? First you want to pass a law to deny service to anyone LGBT and now marriage?
NI Assembly rejects *** marriage for the fourth time: The Northern Ireland Assembly has rejected same-sex marr... http:…
NI Assembly rejects equal marriage motion for fourth time
*** marriage rejected by Northern Ireland Stormont Assembly -
Sad news from Northern Ireland. "It is the fourth time the divisive issue has been defeated at the Stormont...
Disappointing. Interesting to see what effect a Yes in May's referendum down south might have
After 4 times, they should really just stop trying. Good decision for once, by the people in Stormont.
Northern Ireland assembly again rejects marriage equality. *Le sigh*
*** marriage rejected by the Northern Ireland Assembly it's 2015 for God sake wake up!
Northern Ireland Assembly rejects Same Sex Marriage again. No surprise with DUP blocking it, but SDLP needs to answer some serious questions
Get with the times Northern Ireland Assembly! Wake up and smell the coffee.
Northern Ireland still operating the old sort of democracy: be just like us or clear off!! via
Northern Assembly rejects Sinn Féin motion on same-sex marriage by majority of 49 votes to 47.
Very disappointing: equal marriage rejected for4th time by Stormont following Jim Well's anti *** comments last week
an embarrassment to my country... No surprise. Go back to the Middle Ages, please. Let us get on with LIFE
*** marriage: NI Assembly rejects motion for fourth time -
*** marriage: NI Assembly rejects equality motion for fourth time
MLAs reject *** marriage again: The Northern Ireland Assembly rejects a proposal calling for the introduction of…
Northern Ireland Assembly voted 49-47 against same sex marriage, and it kills me to add there were three abstentions.
Northern Ireland Assembly voted against equal marriage today. Heart breaks for friends who will need to travel abroad to marry for love.
I bet this won't be advertised a great deal on the BBC or main newspapers
As a Brit, I am truly ashamed that this is happening in the UK.
Sad to see the whole of the UK still doesn't have Equal Marriage, even the 2 vote gap can't be comfort for inequality h…
Is today's vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly an indication that furthering civil rights equality is not a Unionist quality?
bad news from Ireland I'm afraid guys. Sad times. By
*** marriage rejected by Northern Ireland Stormont Assembly A proposal to have *** marriage legalised in ... -
Bigot's at Stormont. Come on Northern Ireland, enter the 21st century.
BREAKING: Stormont votes against same-sex marriage for FOURTH time:
BREAKING: Equal marriage fails to pass for the 4th time in Northern Ireland Assembly, but by smallest margin yet, 47 Yes…
Depressingly, Northern Ireland Assembly have said No to Same Sex marriage once again :-(
Some British citizens are more equal than others - no in Northern Ireland sadly
Sinn Fins Martin McGuinness says the Northern Ireland Assembly is facing a very serious situation over the issue of welfare reform.
Sinn Féin warning over NI Assembly: Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness says the Northern Ireland Assembly i...
21 January 1981: James Stronge, 48-year-old Protestant, a merchant banker and a Reserve RUC police officer from 1973 to 1974 a Unionist member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Mr Stronge was educated at Eton and Oxford and had served as a Captain in the Grenadier Guards. From 1969 - 1972 he held the Mid-Armagh seat which he took from over from his father. He joined the Reserve RUC later on and was a member of the Derryshaw Boyne Defenders Orange Lodge. LEST WE FORGET!
Ulster Unionist MLA Danny Kinahan speaks during the Matter of the Day he secured in the Northern Ireland Assembly on the terrorist attacks in Paris
Scottish votes for Scottish laws happen in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh votes for Welsh laws happen in the Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland votes for Northern Ireland laws happen in the Northern Ireland Assembly. So where would the best place be to vote on English laws ?
Sammy Wilson MP on reforming & slimming down the Northern Ireland Assembly via Belfast
First Minister Peter Robinson denies he has any plans to stand down before the next Northern Ireland Assembly election.
Northern Ireland Assembly urges the Home Secretary to include Kincora Fiona Woolf says No.
THE LEGACY OF THE REVEREND IAN PAISLEY WHILE MANY PEOPLE WILL MOUTH PLATITUDES AND HYPOCRISY WITH REGARD THE DEATH OF IAN PAISLEY THIS PAGE WILL NOT!! ! .WE KNOWS WHO HE WAS AND WHAT HE WAS. WE ALSO KNOW HE WAS THE SWORN ENEMY OF THE IRISH PEOPLE AND ALL THINGS IRISH Ian Paisley was a Northern Ireland politician and leader of the Democratic Unionist Party died he was the Moderator (leader) of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, a member of British Parliament and of the Northern Ireland Assembly for the constituency of North Antrim. Paisley is well known for his vicious anti-Catholicism. He vilified the Catholics as being born out of ancient paganism, and depicts demons as infesting every aspect of Catholic life, as though Catholics secretly worship Satan. He frequently refers to the Church as the *** of Babylon”, “Antichrist”, insinuates the Church created Nazism as a means to exterminate Jews, and portrays Catholics as foul-mouthed, angry, abusive and prone to drunkenness. Paisley refered .. ...
Northern Ireland Assembly in uproar as First Minister Peter Robinson says "It's not fit for purpose"
Thank you to Independent MLA Claire Sugden from the Northern Ireland Assembly, for supporting The Danielle...
There is a Welsh Assembly, a Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly. Why no English? The other three vote in HoC... Erm...
13 June 1986- Secretary Tom King announced the British Government was suspending the Northern Ireland Assembly
The Evangelical Alliance is calling on the Northern Ireland Assembly to affirm the unique relationship of marriage tomorrow and reject radical redefinition.
Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly voted against a motion of support for extending civil marriage to *** and *** couples in Northern...
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Follow all the live debate ahead of the Northern Ireland Assembly's motion to vote on legalising same-sex marriage.
A Better Way to a Better Ireland Mulholland: Executive must act to address housing crisis SDLP Candidate Angela Mulholland has called on Housing Minister Nelson McCausland to commit to building an extra 4000 houses on top of the Programme for Government plan in order to tackle the North’s growing housing crisis. Ms Mulholland was speaking after the SDLP brought the campaign to the floor of the Northern Ireland Assembly. She said: “The latest figures show that there are 41,356 people on the housing waiting list in the North. Of these, 22,414 people are in housing stress and 9,878 are defined as homeless. In The Borough of Ballymoney there are currently 481 people on the waiting list. That is a shameful state of affairs in 2014. “Getting housing right is essential. It is essential for stimulating economic growth, for reviving our ailing construction industry and, on a human level, for protecting the dignity of every man, woman and child in our communities. The people of Ballymoney expect and deserve a ...
The big snag regarding an opposition in Northern Ireland Assembly - Belfast Telegraph: Belfast TelegraphThe bi...
In view of the horrendously lenient sentences handed out in yesterday’s cruelty case, the need to make the protection of dogs an election issue, is even more important, and it just so happens that the local and European Elections are coming soon in Northern Ireland. Remember it is:- • Politicians who decide the maximum penalties which should be imposed upon those who perpetrate such acts of cruelty and the resources which are allocated to help prevent cruelty to dogs. Clearly a MAXIMUM term of 2 years for dog abuse is not sufficient! • Councillors who introduce dog bans on beaches and in public spaces! • Northern Ireland Assembly members who have failed to act to lift the effective dog ban on Northern Ireland trains! So is your candidate dog-friendly? Let’s find out! Please download, print out or copy this checklist and present it to any candidates canvassing for your vote and let us know their responses or alternatively send a copy by letter or email to your local candidates standing for elec . ...
Martin McGuinness mixed up the IRA with the IFA (Irish Football Association) in the Northern Ireland Assembly. The slip of the tongue came when the deputy fi...
Mike is leader of the Ulster Unionist Party and an MLA for Strangford. Elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2011 he is Chair of the OFMdFM committee at Stormont.
Boundary From 1885, this constituency was one of four county divisions of the former Antrim constituency. It comprised the baronies of Massereene Upper, Massereene Lower, and Antrim Upper, and parts of the Baronies of Upper Toome and Belfast Upper, and so much of the Parliamentary Borough of Belfast as was in the County of Antrim. It returned one Member of Parliament. In 1922, it was merged into a new Antrim constituency. The seat was re-created in 1950 when the old Antrim two MP constituency was abolished as part of the final move to single member seats. The seat was reduced in size for the 1974 General Election, with the town of Carrickfergus and the areas between it and Larne town transferred to North Antrim. Additionally some territory was transferred to Belfast West.  Despite these changes, the seat had become the largest in the entire United Kingdom by the time of the Northern Ireland Assembly elections of 1982, by which time its electorate had passed the 131,000 mark.  For the 1983 General Electi ...
Planned changes to driver/rider training and testing Planned changes to driver and rider training and testing have been announced. A Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill has been drafted and will have to progress through the Northern Ireland Assembly's legislative process before the changes can come into effect. Proposed changes Some of the possible changes being considered are outlined below. Applying for a provisional licence you will be able to get a provisional licence at age 16 and a half you will need to have a provisional licence for at least a year before you can sit your first practical test you will not be able to get a full licence before you are 17 and a half Driving lessons you may take lessons on motorways when you are accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor in a dual-controlled car you will no longer be required to drive at or below 45 mph as a learner or 'restricted' driver your driving test will include driving on a wider range of roads at up to the posted speed limits you must complete th ...
St Mary's Welcomes Stormont On Friday 24th January, the Education Service from Stormont came to deliver workshops to Year 10 pupils. The morning was filled with activities and debates. We were also delighted that three MLAs, Dominic Bradley (SDLP), Mickey Brady (Sinn Fein) and Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy (UUP) attended the workshop. They discussed their roles as Minister and MLAs and the process of making laws for Northern Ireland. They answered questions about a range of issues including education and finance. It was an excellent morning and it was a great opportunity for the pupils to find out more about the Northern Ireland Assembly and to talk to their MLAs.
Selected Speeches in the Northern Ireland Assembly by Jim Allister MLA, of Traditional Unionist Voice, during the present sitting of the Assembly, May 2011 t...
Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights states that "everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion" and goes on to say that this includes the right to "manifest one's religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance”. The right to attend your place of worship on a Sunday is, therefore, recognised as a fundamental human right. Yet this week the Northern Ireland Assembly passed a Bill at consideration stage which endangers that right. The Road Races (Amendment) Bill is a piece of legislation which has received little attention from the press. In fact, it has received little attention from anyone as it is going through the Assembly by way of accelerated passage which means the Bill is not scrutinised. On the face of it, the legislation appears logical and non-controversial. It allows for road racing to take place, with 24 hours’ notice, on a “contingency day”. So, for example, if a race is washed out one day it can take place the following day. So ...
Minister 'asked for letter change' Last updated 4 hours ago The social development committee is investigating whether it was misled by minister Nelson McCausland A senior civil servant has revealed that he was told to change a letter to a Northern Ireland Assembly committee by a minister's private office. Michael Sands said he drafted a letter about a meeting held on 16 April 2012. Nelson McCausland's private office then asked for a reference to a firm called Turkingtons to be changed to the Glass and Glazing Federation and another company called Fusion 21. Questioned by committee members, Mr Sands said the change was inaccurate. The social development committee is investigating whether or not the minister misled the committee over a meeting he held with Turkington Windows on 16 April 2012. This follows an investigation by a BBC Spotlight programme. At the start of the hearing, Traditional Unionist Voice MLA Jim Allister declared a interest by revealing that when he was the DUP's European candidate in 200 ...
The Northern Ireland Youth Forum's Champions 4 Change programme wants to find out young people's views on a range of issues that are relevant to them. Our first survey is aiming to seek your views on the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Welcome to the Northern Ireland Assembly web site, which was set up to inform interested viewers of the day-to-day business and historical background of devolved Government in Northern Ireland.
Tackling human trafficking in Northern Ireland will be top of the agenda this week, as the Human Trafficking Bill will have its 2nd reading Northern Ireland Assembly today. On our next information day on October 1st, we will be discussing this issue at St Peter's church hall in West Belfast from 10am to 12pm. Everyone is more than welcome and lunch will be provided!
Not a revolution *at all* but marks the start of the work ahead to improve NI cycling
North Belfast has 6 members of the Northern Ireland Assembly, not one of them appeared this morning to find out if evacuated residents (1/2)
07:00 Northern Ireland Assembly: Social development questions in the Northern Ireland Assembly, from Monday 9 Septem…
What is Who is When is Danny Kennedy getting his Ministerial bicycle
hits the Northern Ireland Assembly: interesting day which could signal cycling progress
It was the start of at the Northern Ireland Assembly today, search that hashtag to see what happened
SofS Villiers answers Oral Questions at NI Grand Ctte at Northern Ireland Assembly Senate Chamber this afternoon.
Welsh National assembly, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland assembly and English ? . I support the union but equal treatment of all parts
Northern Ireland Assembly dithers - will not reform welfare lest parasites be offended.
Please Gary, show some support and help us to stop the hunt!
Britain Threatens n.Ireland with a reduced grant if it doesn't make 32,650 people poorer
Assembly warned over welfare reform -
Please support us and help us to STOP THE HUNT!
Ask your local MLA to protect our natural wildlife, please ask them to support a ban on hunting!
Very interesting reading! HT Northern Ireland Assembly Register of Members' Interests (as of July 3)
Free training at the Northern Ireland Assembly - Insight into how a bill becomes law.
SDLP rising star resigns from Northern Ireland assembly over payment
Excited to be at the launch of Thinkspace NI this evening. (@ Northern Ireland Assembly -
We believe that a small group of dedicated citizens CAN change the world!.
Over 3,500 sigs of support on our Epetition ♥ Please sign to STOP THE HUNT!.
in 1998, President Clinton spoke at the Northern Ireland Assembly in Belfast.
Neat interview with Steven Agnew, Green Party member of the Northern Ireland Assembly on NI planning and fracking
Today we witnessed the disgusting, disgraceful and continued assault on democracy being peddled by the chief sustainers and implementers of the Belfast Agreement, the DUP. The arrogance of some DUP members and the smug grins of Mr Edwin Poots and Jonathan Bell who marvelled in the fascist dictatorship shown today by the DUP and their discredited leader Peter Robinson who had the cheek to question Mr Jim Allister on donations. Given Peter Robinsons questionable history and links to property developers and the numerous land and property 'moves'' he has pulled on behalf of his associates, he has a cheek to raise this matter with anyone, least of all the only man in the Northern Ireland Assembly that seeks to see the fundamentals of democracy take precedence in Ulster ahead of the DUP/IRA carve up and power grabs. Perhaps the DUP's Nazi like grabbing of land planning powers brings into sharp focus for the ordinary citizen the evil dictatorship which seeks to hold onto their 'power base', which is built upon s ...
Our campaigns officer Andy Soar is back at Stormont today attending the All Party Group on Muscular Dystrophy in the Northern Ireland Assembly, chaired by Conall McDevitt MLA. The session will be attended by Michelle Tennyson, the lead for Muscular Dystrophy and related neuromuscular conditions in Northern Ireland. We hope there will be some positive discussion of the future for neuromuscular services in Northern Ireland and will keep you updated on developments from this session.
FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE. The Protestant Coalition today call upon the Northern Ireland Minister for Culture Caral Ni Chuilin to resign. We do so in the light of the Ministers failure to comply with the Assembly's Rules and Code of Conduct. Under the Code of Conduct the Minister was in breach of her Public Duty to comply with the responsibility placed upon her to uphold all aspects of the Rule of Law.Added to the above the Minister failed to consider that at all times that she should conduct herself in a manner which will not bring the Northern Ireland Assembly into Disrepute.We believe that because of the breaches of Code of Conduct outlined above that the Minister has no other option but to resign. We ask for everyone to share this about.
The housing minister has said it is a "scandal" that the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has overpaid £18m on contracts for planned maintenance of homes. Nelson McCausland added it was not clear if "incredible incompetence" or "wilful corruption" was to blame. He said he was "astounded" at the amount and the level of incompetence within the organisation. NIHE has commissioned an independent external review into the overspending. Mr McCausland, speaking in the Northern Ireland Assembly on Monday, added: "This is taxpayers' money that could have been used to build around 200 much-needed social homes." The Housing Executive review will investigate how the organisation has been dealing with planned maintenance contracts over the last five years, and may take legal action to recover overpayments. NIHE's planned maintenance contracts cover kitchen replacements, double glazing and external improvement in around 60,000 homes. The total expenditure is in the region of £172m. Nelson McCausland is 'astou ...
10 June 2013 Motion: Supply Resolution for the Northern Ireland Main Estimates 2013-14 We have reached the stage in the year again where we have no other real choice than to allow the Main Estimates today, and associated legislation through the Budget Bill tomorrow, to pass. Despite having voted against the four year budget in 2011 and having expressed serious concerns about the various aspects of that budget we have little option than to raise those concerns once again and move on. This stems from the fact that we have a financial process which is not fit for purpose. I have said that many times in this House and in many budget debates throughout the years. Good work has been undertaken by the Finance Committee in the past in attempt to remedy this. Indeed an inquiry was taken forward into the role of the Northern Ireland Assembly in Scrutinising the Executive’s Budget and Expenditure. Recommendations were made. Those recommendations included that formal agreement was needed on a regularised, or struct ...
23:30 Northern Ireland Assembly: Questions to First Minister Peter Robinson and deputy first minister Martin McGuinn…
Northern Ireland Assembly member Jimmy Spratt MLA asked the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety...
affraid it doesnt work in Northern Ireland Assembly, some have tried! Reminds me of West Wing & Sen.Stackhouse
Taking Antarctic Bill Legislative Consent Motion through the Northern Ireland Assembly- can't be accused of taking all the hot topics then!
So the motion that I helped draft has been submitted to the Northern Ireland Assembly :) Here's the full text of it: Ethical and Human Rights Trading Policy That this Assembly commits to upholding ethical and human rights trading standards; recognises that trade can contribute to national and international well-being; acknowledges that trade and investment should be suspended or withdrawn where there is international consensus that trade is a factor in conflict in a designated region, settlement or state; affirms that cases exist where the status of a designated region or state is considered illegal, these being Israeli Settlements in occupied Palestinian and Syrian Territories and the Moroccan Settlement in Western Sahara; and calls for robust leadership from the Executive for a Northern Ireland wide boycott of companies that are complicit in illegal settlement of occupied territories and goods from those territories.
Some time ago a member of my family began a personal campaign to raise awareness over the continuing inequality faced by men who have sex with men (MSM) in the blood donation policy still upheld in Northern Ireland.  In September 2011 the other member states of the United Kingdom moved from a lifetime ban for MSM individuals to a policy of 1-year deferral.  The Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety for Northern Ireland, Mr Edwin Poots, has however consistently refused to lift this ban and in doing so has disregarded all of the evidence championed by the medical and life sciences.  I have decided to adopt this campaign after the original proponent was intimidated into silence.  Here I will publish my correspondence with the Minister and the responses received.     Email of the 17th December, 2012:     Dear Mr Poots,   I am writing to you as the Minister for Health within the Northern Ireland Assembly, to humbly ask for clarification on the current policy surrounding blood donat .. ...
Answer this then!! Not in parliament on here!! EQUALITY THEY SAY! I SAY SECTION C!! NO SURRENDER MMC PLEDGE OF OFFICE 1.4 Under the Belfast Agreement and under sections 16, 18 and 19 of the Act, it is a condition of appointment that Ministers of the Northern Ireland Assembly, including the First Minister and the deputy First Minister and junior Ministers, affirm the terms of the following Pledge of Office. (a) to discharge in good faith all the duties of office; (b) commitment to non-violence and exclusively peaceful and democratic means; (c) to serve all the people of Northern Ireland equally, and to act in accordance with the general obligations on government to promote equality and prevent discrimination; (ca) to promote the interests of the whole community represented in the the Northern Ireland Assembly towards the goal of a shared future; (cb) to participate fully in the Executive Committee, the North-South Ministerial Council and the British-Irish Council; (cc) to observe the joint nature of the .. ...
DUP Leader and First Minister Peter Robinson has led a 'matter of the day' debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly on the recent street disorder and the threat to the democratic process.
Marie Stopes International refuse to answer questions from Justice Committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly
At Northern Ireland Assembly waiting for end of a big meeting of unionists discussing the flag issue. Nice building, beautiful grounds.
Somewhat dismayed that the Northern Ireland Assembly hasn't debated the new Bowie single yet.
The Parliament Buildings at Stormont. Built in 1932 and home to the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Support to see 20mph Bill through the Assembly: simple ideas to improve NI cycling in 2013
Hmmm interesting fact of the day - UKIP have a seat in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Didn't know that.
Northern Ireland Assembly report on the Criminal Justice Bill - Volume I is now available from TSO at
Bullet sent to Northern Ireland Assembly member in post via
Irish Times: Bullet sent in post to NI politician: A nationalist Northern Ireland assembly member has received a...
Bullet sent to Northern Ireland assembly member in post
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don't see how it's an illegal claim... Northern Ireland Assembly is constitutional and supported by Sinn Fein
Let Northern Ireland's terrorist inclusive Assembly send the message that..erm...violence does not
Also, The Northern Ireland Assembly is no longer suspended and there are 14 million people with no faith.
Information on visiting the Northern Ireland Assembly -
It's true that Both parties currently have their strong and weak areas - e.g. we have a member of Northern Ireland Assembly
Getting sick of living in Northern Ireland our local politicians and the assembly like snowballs easily melted in the heat of trouble
Watching Northern Ireland Assembly Highlights on the BBC Parliament channel at 1am on a Saturday morning. I love my life.
contact details for Northern Ireland Government departments. and downloadable spreadsheet
07:50 Northern Ireland Assembly: A debate on lowering the voting age to sixteen, from Thursday 8 November.
02:25 Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister's Questions: Questions in the Northern Ireland Assembly to deputy first…
saved money used to run assembly reallocated to needs of Northern Ireland ?? Aye why not , swop one bunch of clowns for another !
Assembly Members at Stormont unite for major Conference against abortion - A major Seminar on abortion held in Stormont on Tuesday 11th December was an great success in highlighting the dangers of turning the crime of abortion into a medical issue. The "Seminar on the Risks of Medicalising the Crime of Abortion" was organised by Precious Life and hosted by the All Party Pro-Life Group of the Northern Ireland Assembly (APPLG) - in the Long Gallery in Parliament Buildings. APPLG members, Jim Allister MLA, Alban Magennis MLA and Jim Wells MLA said the Group was unified in their opposition to abortion and the Seminar came at an opportune time to give a clear understanding of why we should not 'medicalise’ a crime. The event was well attended by politicians, health professionals, church leaders and students who heard how providing essential medical treatment to save the life of a pregnant woman is fundamentally different from the crime of abortion. The Emanate Speakers at the Seminar were senior experts in t ...
Street violence over flags is unacceptable and must stop, the Northern Ireland Assembly has warned.
The Alliance Party's office in Carrickfergus has been attacked and police officers have been injured after trouble flared following a loyalist flag protest. Police said that about 1,500 to 1,600 people had gathered at the Irish Gate roundabout earlier on Wednesday. They were protesting against Belfast City Council's decision to stop flying the union flag every day. Trouble broke out and missiles, bottles and masonry were thrown at police. The violence is continuing in nearby West Street and a number of baton rounds have been fired. Detectives said a number of officers had been injured and they had received a report of a fire at a building at West Street. Firefighters are at the scene. The extent of damage to the Alliance Party office in the County Antrim town is unclear. However, the party wants the Northern Ireland Assembly to be recalled on Thursday to discuss the attack. Meanwhile, in Carrickfergus, police are talking to community representatives in an effort to restore calm.
Sick to death of Hatred inciting of Northern Ireland Assembly members
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Sinn Fein MLA Megan Fearon is to propose a motion in the Northern Ireland Assembly calling for the voting age to...
Please take time to sign this online petition against Jim Allisters anti Irish political ex prisoners Bill
Why does the Northern Ireland Assembly have 108 members with 1.8mil population, and Wales with a pop of 3 million only 60 members?
In defence of InvestNI, the reason for FG Wilson's downsizing seems to be cutting transport, rather than labour, costs
Oppose the bill banning ex prisoners from special advisor jobs in the Assembly. 571 signatures are still needed!
To get you worked up about Northern Ireland Assembly members: and
Thought may be of interest to your party members
Consultation on measures to improve the operation of the Northern Ireland Assembly
At 18:02 23 Oct. 2012, "Northern Ireland Assembly website will return shortly. The site is currently offline for planned maintenance."
The UYUC yesterday submitted a response to the NIO Consultation on reforming the Northern Ireland Assembly. In...
Stormont Today: 22/10/2012: Mark Carruthers looks at the day's events at the Assembly and Northern Ireland...
If u dont want to see x-prisoners discriminated against please sign & RT
Please take a look&sign this petition for the Finance&Personnel Com. to VoteNO to Civil Service (Special Advisers) Bill
North of Ireland Assembly: Vote NO to the Civil Service (Special Advisers) Bill via
[Northern Ireland] The Social Development Minister told the Assembly he had negotiated a series of local (cont)
14/1 - An entirely new All Ireland Party to win seats in the Dail and the Northern Ireland Assembly by the end of 2020.
Northern Ireland Assembly: 20/10/2012: Recorded coverage of Northern Ireland Assembly proceedings from...
Hansard and Official Reports for the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland assembly to meet Marie Stopes to ensure Belfast abortions comply with law - VIDEO (IrishCentral)
Could everybody sign , and pass this petition on! End discrimination against ex-POWs!
btw Northern Ireland Assembly did recently vote not to allow same sex marriage. It will probably go ahead in rest of UK though.
At least it's not Northern Ireland. It puts my knowledge of Stormont Assembly members to shame.
The Northern Ireland Assembly backed the Welfare Reform Bill after a long debate. Watch the opening speeches at
Assembly backs Welfare Reform Bill: Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly have voted in favour of the Welfare...
Expelled UUP man joins UKIP: A Northern Ireland Assembly member, who was expelled from the Ulster Unionist Party...
What a major Disappointment that the Northern Ireland Assembly rejects *** Marriage Proposal!
£37m in debt NORTH Down Borough Council is in the red to the tune of nearly £37 million. The figure was recently published by the Northern Ireland Assembly, which also revealed North Down Borough Council has the second largest debt of any local authority in the province. Coming in at a whopping £36,888,706, North Down’s debt is almost one twelfth of the total amount of debt owed by all of the 26 councils in Northern Ireland. By contrast, even Belfast City Council is only in the red by £28m, while neighbouring Ards Borough Council’s debt stands at a comparatively paltry £14m. The Assembly figures give the arrears of each council at the end of the last financial year, March 31, and reveal that Magherafelt is the only district in Northern Ireland that hasn’t gone into debt. In total the province’s councils are just under £460m in arrears, the vast majority of which is owed to the Government Loan Fund. All of North Down’s debt is owed to that fund and the council says it has borrowed the money ...
We have created this petition to send a letter to the Northern Ireland Assembly, Northern Ireland Ministers,...
Link that gives you the email addresses of EVERY MLA in the Northern Ireland Assembly...
Some more contacts for you all. Please ask them nicely to put pressure on Michelle O'Neil to release Lennox to...
Northern Ireland Assembly examines measures to tackle human trafficking.
1973 – Elections are held for the Northern Ireland Assembly, which will lead to power-sharing between unionists and nationalists in Northern Ireland for the first time.
The is committed to sustainable development. Find out how we manage our environmental impact at
Northern Ireland Assembly opens up data for developers, researchers and app makers by
Northern Ireland Assembly opens up its data via
BBC Democracy Live: Search, find and watch the politics that affects you. Live and on demand coverage from the Northern Ireland Assembly.
VIDEO: Northern Ireland Assembly: The justice committee agreed to write to the Chief Constab...
13:30 Northern Ireland Assembly: Coverage of questions to Agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister from Monday 30 April.
We, the undersigned, call on the Northern Ireland Assembly to place an immediate and permanent ban on the process known as Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) and all related preparatory and exploratory work in Northern...
Gas fracking put on hold by Northern Ireland Assembly
13:05 Northern Ireland Assembly: Debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly on the coastguard service, from Monday 20 Ju…
Assembly site costing £400 a day: A property in east Belfast owned by the Northern Ireland Assembly...
Parties in ministries discussions: The two largest parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly are due to meet...
Northern Ireland Green leader elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly!
Election results 2011: Northern Ireland assembly results in full
Update your maps at Navteq
Latest Headlines : Assembly make-up' still unclear': The full picture of the new Northern Ireland Assembly will ...
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