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Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere is the half of a planet that is north of its equator—the word hemisphere literally means “half sphere”.

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Yes the Autumnal Equinox is Friday it ushers in the Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Can't wait for…
The autumnal equinox marks the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, but the beginning of spring in t…
Northern Hemisphere runner enter quarantine for Victoria
Meanwhile on Earth...comet debris will put on a celestial show for the Northern Hemisphere this weekend. ✨
Q6. Would you travel to see stars? For example, if in Northern Hemisphere, would you travel to see Southern Cross?
Well, good for you Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County, California of the Northern Hemisphere. 🙄.
Beam me up too Laurie..we need to visit our friends in…
You study in the Northern hemisphere?
Thinking of Portugal 🇵🇹 and all those in the Northern Hemisphere facing a wicked heat-wave season
This will sound bizarre to all of my northern hemisphere friends, but my god, this weather makes it feel like Christmas.
in Northern Hemisphere begins tomorrow . Tuesday 20 June and ends on Friday 22 September.Are you prepare…
Toilets in the Northern hemisphere flush clockwise while n the Southern Hemisphere, the water goes down the drain counter clockwise.
In the northern hemisphere, the first day of summer is 21 June, the Summer Solstice, when the Sun is farthest north.
Yes indeed, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in the Northern Hemisphere. Those of us south of the Equa…
With Planet NIBIRU & Planet X showing up in the Northern Hemisphere our concerns are growing for the safety of Eart…
Ha, that's what you get for living in the northern hemisphere
Nahuat is the Northern Hemisphere. It has a population lives in poverty.
Busy week ahead with the astronomical start of summer on the way across the northern hemisphere at Tuesday, June...
How was your weekend? Most of our Northern Hemisphere contingent were scrambling to get off some Father's Day...
990→About 90 percent of the world's population is concentrated in the northern
Well the problem being usa is in the northern hemisphere. They're in the South I thought. So they're benefiting.
1) Since Ecuador is on the Equator, you can see the northern & Southern Hemisphere stars! Southern Cross & the Big dipper in t…
Hope all you Northern Hemisphere people are enjoying SUMMER
This coming Wednesday, June 21 is the beginning of Summer Solstice! In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the longest...
"Isn't that when you travel to the northern hemisphere?"
I'm gonna appropriate the northern hemisphere's Father's Day & say thanks dad for unloading in mum & buying us a PlayStation for xmas 1997 ❤
Astronomical summer begins on the June solstice, strongest sun angle in the Northern Hemisphere. This Wednesday ear…
*Whoa*: Cook pine trees lean towards the equator -- one way in the Northern hemisphere, the other in the southern:…
Two a.m. darkness,. Northern hemisphere plough turns,. Slowly in night sky.
Seeing a lot of Father's Day FB posts from northern hemisphere. Gotta feel for all the father's in Australia who...
Dacey working with the best line out guru in the northern hemisphere can only be good for Welsh development. Gatland is no fool
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On June 21, the Sun will reach its highest point in the sky, marking the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.
This episode discusses the basics of moon and star navigation for the Northern Hemisphere; but the same principles…
LOL, the guy still hasn't realized that circular star trails in the northern hemi…
First: Northern Hemisphere. Second: Atlantic Ocean. Third: Never gets warm. Think about this, people. Poor Tom.
Bloody Northern Hemisphere Fathers Mothers Days being on a different date to us and giving me a heart attack that I'm a bad son EVERY TIME.
The June New Moon comes just after the Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) while Moon is transiting Gemini and...
Happy Father's Day, northern hemisphere dad! One day I will find you. Run and hide if you wish. It shall be for naught. The hunt is on.
Mental note: within the context of economic warfare, global warming benefits countries in the northern quartile of the hemisphere.
1 hour before sunset. . Few days to solstice ☀️ . . Summer solstice in Northern Hemisphere will be at 05:24 21 June https…
For all the dad's in the northern hemisphere, Happy Father's day!
Well, it's summer. So there's more hours of sunlight in the northern hemisphere in general.
If we cld harness the energy generated by founding fathers spinning in their graves we cld power the entire Norther…
I panicked when I saw the fathers day stuff on the Internet bc I forgot the northern hemisphere has their holidays backwards
"Sharks can only be found in two places, the Northern and Southern Hemisphere."
For those in the northern hemisphere, summer officially starts in one week. Have you planned your vacation yet?
The climate of the Northern Hemisphere will change dramatically due to abnormal solar activity.
Our garage has a wrecked car, car parts, stuff from other people who dont live here, and all the bugs in the northern hemisphere.
I love all the beautiful sunny summer photos from the Northern Hemisphere, but quite happy to not have th…
2. the morals of capitalising on your own marginalisation 3. saying too much/little 4. Western First World Northern Hemisphere Enough To $?
Happy Father's Day to all my/our great Dads in the Northern Hemisphere - enjoy your special day!!. Larry and Bronwen
The seasons and the school time zone is switched from the northern hemisphere so it's wi…
Make the most of the long evenings (northern hemisphere), there's less than 1 week left!
Almost all the emissions are in the Northern hemisphere!
Longest Day on the Northern Hemisphere. bringing in summer. join me for an online gathering. Sign up…
Happy Father's Day to the smoothest man in the Northern Hemisphere, the oil color 👨‍🎤 artist Don…
True, just south of the Tropic of Cancer, well north of the equator, about same latitude as Mexico city: Northern Hemisphere.
Summer solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 9:24 PM Pacific Time :. Tuesday, June 20
Massachusetts. The national bird is still spoken in the official language but Nahuat is the Northern Hemisphere. It has a
I just learned that the ONLY Gold Star Dark Light Preserve in the Northern Hemisphere is in Kerry. . Feelings of...
🌊ITCZ zone moved over Northern Hemisphere from Southern Hemisphere, shown over East Pacific. South West Monsoon condit…
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This Golden Slipper winner is going to have her next foal on Northern Hemisphere time. MOSSFUN has been confirmed i…
First cultivated in China, radish crops spread through the Northern Hemisphere and into Europe in the 1500s.…
It's spring time in the Northern Hemisphere over the coming couple of months so if you're out star-gazing/night-watching any…
Do you agree the Challenge cup should be expanded to include more clubs from "Tier 2" nations in Europe & the Northern Hemisphere?
Today the Northern Hemisphere marks the first day of spring with a full of flowers and sunshine →
Spring equinox 2017 Google doodle marks 1st day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere
Conrad Smith barely able to contain his distain for this Northern Hemisphere drivel
Something worthwhile reading until I can find my friends as World Leaders of the Northern Hemisphere. Quelle Heure e…
Green Mountains, White Plains: Effect of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets on global energy budget
Spring Equinox 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 5:28 AM on. Monday, March 20
Mandy Moore: It&winter, and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, chances…
For those of you who think the Northern Hemisphere is's only warm in the British Isles & Western Europe http…
Happy solstice! Today the Northern Hemisphere welcomes winter and the Southern Hemisphere welcomes summer. Great Grey Owl by…
December 21 is Winter Solstice and therefore the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.
The Winter Solstice is at 5:44 EST tonight. This marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. https:/…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The win sees the Irish become the 1st Northern Hemisphere nation to beat New Zealand, South Africa & Australia in a calendar year.
Wales are hammering SA as well. Another good weekend for Northern Hemisphere. Wonder if France will do NZ later?
Scotland must be the most improved team in Northern Hemisphere. Forget 8 World Cup seed place. Look out France, here we come.
Southern Hemisphere rugby in disarray. They best they can produce dismantled by a middle of the road Northern Hemisphere team 😀
Just in time for Fall (here in Northern Hemisphere)... ON Green Apple Amino Energy in a 65…
I have heard that on the Northern Hemisphere's autumnal equinox day,
.confirm as spring target for one of Northern Hemisphere team.
Wednesday, September 21is the last day of the (astronomical) summer (Northern Hemisphere) 2016. Can we please...
As we bask in the summer heat of the Northern Hemisphere, Kathy Millatt shows us "How to model a muddy road" -
Check out your Around lunchtime in the northern hemisphere today, your shadow is the shortest it will be all year!
***Have a Lovely Summer***. Today is the longest day and shortest night in the northern hemisphere, it's a summer...
It's the in the Southern Hemisphere. Thanks to northern dwellers for trending
Happy first day of summer, Northern Hemisphere dwellers
It's the longest day of the year in terms of daylight for the Northern Hemisphere. Don't forget your shades!
Happy disinfonauts. It’s the Northern Hemisphere’s first summer solstice full moon since the Summer of Love in…
As the Northern Hemisphere heads into summer, learn more about seasons: http…
Happy Summer Solstice to the pagans of the Northern Hemisphere.
* Wiccans in the northern hemisphere, but anyways
Longest day of light of the year today in the Northern Hemisphere -- taking a moment to reflect on how to appreciate it.
Happy first day of summer, northern hemisphere!
Good news story. Senior team should be helped into Six Nations/ expanded northern hemisphere tournament ASAP.
Happy Summer Solstice to all in the northern hemisphere! 🌞 Happy Winter Solstice to all in the…
The sun's rays shine bright and long in the Northern Hemisphere today!
Morning. Today is the in the Northern Hemisphere - longest day of the year. Have a good one
Happy first day of summer northern hemisphere!
Happy to the Northern Hemisphere, and to my publisher, !. Enjoy this beautiful, longest d…
Happy to the Northern Hemisphere! Make it an active one with these healthy Recipes
The June solstice is the in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
Yes, Gargoyle, I see that today's the Northern Hemisphere's Summer Solstice today. Yes, I know there's the full...
Happy Summer Solstice, people living in the northern hemisphere.
If you live in the Northern Hemisphere prepare for warm. If your in the Southern Hemisphere CHILL
Tonight in the Northern Hemisphere, and for the first time in over 50 years, the full Strawberry Moon, will...
Um. The equinoxes are equal day and night. Lots of daylight today in the northern hemisphere!
i give up attempting to understand the "northern" hemisphere as far as I'm concerned it is a failed experiment like europe
It is the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. The mountains are calling.
Happy summer: The solstice is today. It's the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.
Today is the longest day in the northern hemisphere! This is at Stonehenge https…
It's official,today's in the Northern Hemisphere.Keep it cool! (Video by:Ido Sapir & Roy Ben Yair)
This summer solstice not only brings the longest day of the year to the Northern hemisphere but also a full moon. First s…
Happy first day of summer here in the northern hemisphere
Namaste. It is June 20, 2016, the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy it by sleeping all day in air-con…
Ducks of North America and the Northern Hemisphere by John Gooders, Trevor Boyer
New favorite thing: using for . Happy Spring, oboists in the Northern Hemisphere
Italy’s Euro 2016: Italy’s Giacinto Facchetti with the trophy in 1968. With the Northern Hemisphere football se...
I'm only person in the Northern Hemisphere to walk into a pub as the "big fight" was finishing... Don't buy the lottery ticket 😀 👍
There's a Rugby Championship game coming to the Northern Hemisphere:
The British & Irish Lions are a good initiative but it shows that Northern Hemisphere struggles against South.
Peace Flash ~ To all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, ☮ Heather McCloskey Beck & ☮ Fiona...
…from March 20 to June 19 in Colorado and throughout the northern hemisphere.
First Day of Spring? - Sunday March 20th. Spring Equinox . In the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal (Spring) Equinox...
Since 2007 in northern hemisphere atmosphere up 40% due to & production.
Spring is coming for the northern hemisphere and male frogs are starting to call!
Is Glasgow the only city in the northern hemisphere to not celebrate . Is Larkhall a city?
Ostara is a celebration on the spring equinox, which is between March 19 and March 22 in the Northern Hemisphere.
Instagram pic by WINTER’S NOT OVER IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE! Plan your April or May stand up pad…
best teams (ie each other) more often than the Northern Hemisphere teams. It's like how in boxing you improve by sparring...
2). The real reason that SA, Aus and now Argentina are better than their northern hemisphere rivals is that they play the.
This was the last swimming bird to exist in the northern hemisphere. I never heard of it until studying the history…
Half the northern hemisphere must have been on the Vautour, Thistlecrack, Limini treble.
I'm pretty sure most people in the Northern Hemisphere are now. Been a very strange Winter.
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The largest solar farm ever completed in the Southern Hemisphere is in operation in De Aar in the Northern Cape, South Africa.
making ridiculous comments despite only being involved in Northern hemisphere rugby for a strawberry season...
Report: February 2016 recorded the 3rd smallest Northern Hemisphere snow cover in the last 50 years - NOAA
For the good of the world game, they should be acting before the end of the northern hemisphere season.
This is how the Moon cycles through its phases, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere
Winter temperatures continue to rise in Northern Hemisphere, shatter record
📷 sciencealert: Watch out Northern Hemisphere, spring is coming. 😷 Image:
Ah. They must be in the northern hemisphere.
one of my lifetime goals has always been to host the hottest shuffle-board parties in the Northern Hemisphere.
Interesting it's mainly concentrated in Northern hemisphere, and Arctic circle at that. Can't be El Nino.
Unnamed craters high in the northern hemisphere of Ceres, by spacecraft.
Probably anywhere in northern hemisphere will be cold 2dy? LOLGW
March Equinox is Sun Mar 20. It's in Northern Hemisphere & (Fall) in Southern.
Fritz: gamma diversity associated with primary productivity across the Neogene in the Northern Hemisphere
As it's St Pat's Day in the northern hemisphere today, we've got time for one more post - this is a beauty from...
it’s like how the drains go backwards in the northern hemisphere. London accent = aging backwards.
Keller: Indication of large scale particle relocation from south part to northern hemisphere via lift of and subsequent airfall
Something green for and spring (here in the northern hemisphere), Great Smoky Mountains National Park http…
Alarming—Last week, temps in the Northern Hemisphere crossed threshold of +2°C above normal for the first time ever: ht…
February was scary hot - for much of the Northern Hemisphere, there basically wasn't winter.
TEPCO plan has already failed.Japan should ask for international collaboration, it was time.Otherwise the Northern Hemisphere is destroyed.
Oh yes. Six Nations going on but I don't care much for the Northern Hemisphere sides :)
When will a northern hemisphere government do the decent thing and declare a war against winter?
Happy Sunset to all you Northern Hemisphere lovers.
The astronomical spring (Northern Hemisphere) of this year begins on Sunday, 20th of March, so we can finally say "Winter is Going".
awesome! Do you mean summer in the northern hemisphere, or summer in the Southern Hemisphere?
Winter in Australia is Summer in Northern hemisphere - Enphase AC battery in Australia in mid-2016:)
A look at how circulation has evolved across the Northern Hemisphere from November to February (through the 16th)
I liked a video Elites Plan to Nuke Northern Hemisphere Before 2015!
You say 50% geographically but realistically much more than 50% of sales are in the northern hemisphere and the US
Why are there no direct flights to Sydney, AUS? Why fly up into the northern hemisphere first?
The only Penguins in the Northern Hemisphere. We usually associate penguins with the lower latitudes in the...
It looks like Denver is only on the edge of this. But, 80F in February?! In the Northern Hemisphere?!
To the best crew in the Northern Hemisphere, eat me!
This is aesthetically pleasing to the entire Northern hemisphere.
The sun enters Pisces. This is the last month of the zodiacal year, and . the last month of the winter in the northern . hemisphere.
Who is the Northern Hemisphere's best stepper? I'm quite curious. Who is the best with their feet? 😕
Must be in the northern hemisphere 😃
Dogs wind their leads around trees in a clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere, in addition to pooping in alignment with the poles.
Beautiful dish 📡. Thinking of you shivering in the northern hemisphere while we bath in summer's heat ☀️😎
.this is an incredible commercial. I speak for the entire world, well, at least the northern hemisphere, when I say BRAVO
Moving into Spring in the northern hemisphere, time to start planning your garden - this is a great no dig way.
*** 90% of the world's people live in the Northern Hemisphere
It's not so bad here :) All the more the reason to come visit the northern hemisphere, eh?
The government say they are the only parties with direction. For the health service, that direction is clockwise in the northern hemisphere.
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. 90% or the world's population lives in the northern hemisphere . . I don't :P
Hello everyone. Currently , the northern hemisphere winter , the Southern Hemisphere it is summer . Winter of Japan is cold .
Just thought I'd let you know this country is on northern hemisphere and air con isn't required in February...
Serene blue hues highlight this view of Saturn's northern hemisphere from Cassini
News | IE : With that record, in Jones' eyes, Ireland are the team to beat in the northern hemisphere despite…
A Northern Hemisphere winter means a difficult warm up for
Huge storm moving through theAtmosphere in Saturn's northern hemisphere overtakes itself as it encircles the planet http…
This is in Australia, but it's coming to that time of year again for the northern hemisphere. Please keep an eye...
I'm not joking. Top 5 nicest water towers in the US, maybe Northern Hemisphere.
That's a wrap for the 2016 northern hemisphere winter. Stoked to finish it off in Japan with a…
Some of the brightest stars in the northern hemisphere. All have outstanding colours to show off!
I mean seriously what's a penguin doing in the northern hemisphere
I can't help but wonder, when summer comes to the northern hemisphere, will spread to northern countries?
"Where's Iceland?". "It's in either the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere I'm not too sure"
One of the few places in the northern hemisphere where it can be warmer in February than in July
Sleeping early has not been a crime since the almagamation of the northern and Southern Hemisphere of Nigeria.
Get your cold on at these 16 stunning European Resorts ❄️⛄❄️
Just under 88% of humanity lives in the Northern Hemisphere; 82% lives in the Eastern Hemisphere. Graphs/map:
Care to explain why the moon is upside down in Southern Hemisphere relative to the moon in the northern?
Try to find colder air in the Northern Hemisphere at 850mb then in New England. You can't.
The rise of coincided with the most dramatic cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the past 2000 years.
“As global temperatures rise, moisture patterns will shift. Northern Hemisphere drylands are likely to expand...
Hey, Northern is the first day of so the darkest 3 months of the year are behind us
If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter blues are probably starting to set in, so last week
Talk about a drop in atmospheric angular momentum (avg about the Northern Hemisphere)!
Actually at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere it's mostly grey
Uganda's perfect weather attracts multiple bird species especially from the Northern Hemisphere. Now is the time...
Belated Happy Winter Solstice to all the Northern Hemisphere peeps and belated Happy Summer Solstice to all the Southern Hemisphere peeps! 😂
The Northern Hemisphere shares the same seasonal changes, no matter the continent. So we are featuring winter...
The Advent of the Kingdom - Where I live, in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, Northern Hemisphere, the darkness des...
Yay for those of us in the northern hemisphere! 🌞
Things to see: Northern lights, glaciers, the Southern Hemisphere stars.
GF is responsible for the best in the Northern hemisphere. benefit!
Not what I think of as a party town, but if I had to be in the Northern Hemisphere over New Year, that's where I'd be!
Fair dinkum mate, I'm the cutest baby koala in the northern hemisphere by Liz
I was afraid you would be, & I know it is winter in the northern hemisphere
there are no Penguins in the northern hemisphere. Not outside of zoos anyway!
Newest adapt 2030 video is out. Friends, prepare for a cold winter! "Record Snow, Ice & Cold Northern Hemisphere"
[Technical Comment] Comment on “Atlantic and Pacific multidecadal oscillations and Northern Hemisphere temperature…
mostly those in northern hemisphere till SRILANKA were Aryans and those in Southern Hemisphere were Dravidiabs
This is what winter in the northern hemisphere is all about
a puffin is a sea bird which lives in mostly the northern hemisphere. They live where I'm from, they're quite funny looking.
Wrecking the food chain? Study shows sharp decline phytoplankton in Northern Hemisphere. http:/…
Favourite Mine is But I also I only don't love Feb, in the Northern Hemisphere.
So pretty! Is it visible from the northern hemisphere already?
El Niño will continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16. Transition to ENSO-neutral during the late spring or early summer
Ugh. Winter in the northern hemisphere
In fewer than two weeks days in the northern hemisphere will begin to grow longer?
Enso update: . Synopsis: El Niño is expected to remain strong through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16... (1)
Too broke to afford a plane ticket to the northern hemisphere.
winter in the northern hemisphere, man. It gets us every year.
that's because you're in the Northern hemisphere, if you were in Australia, you'd only be able to turn right
Yet another day in over 50°! This is the Northern Hemisphere, right???
what are some northern hemisphere constellations I might be able to see in Beijing ?
This is from yesterday but boy is the Northern Hemisphere on fire!
Northern Hemisphere in the Tower, and arms them well for the Crucible.
UPDATE: (to remain STRONG thru Northern Hemisphere 2015-16
When I'm president, people ordering iced lattes in December* will be shot [*northern hemisphere only]
Well, off to trying some jogging for the first time since I aggravated my knee. AKA: WHY IS WINTER SO COLD IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE?!?
probs meant december 10 in the northern hemisphere? So december 11 here?
Lots of Northern Hemisphere "warmth" today, relatively speaking, for December 10.
lucky you all! Winter falling over the northern hemisphere ;)
Winner of the Marauders in Action: Northern Hemisphere category is "Hiking through Cinque Terre" (Location: Italy)
When did I move to the Northern hemisphere? in
Those who were planning on crossing the border to the Northern Hemisphere these holidays must be having headaches now...
Winter in the Northern hemisphere doesn't stop Southern Hemisphere field season is underway!
Because we're in the northern hemisphere, you see, says Everything goes counter-clockwise.
Not merely geonormative, but northern hemisphere centric.
League for me enjoy Southern Hemisphere Union Northern hemisphere Union is too snobbish and elitist for me
Northern Hemisphere, take courage. “We’re not fair weather sportsmen”
This is a very important announcement for the Northern Hemisphere; in 10 days time the days will be getting longer. Thank you. The end
Would move to northern hemisphere just to have pet otter 😀 Sah cutes “Me when the alarm goes off
Possibly the finest midget rental agency in the Northern Hemisphere:
I feel like a Northern Hemisphere chauvinist when I see the Southern sky. Looking South from Lake Ben Ohau in NZ.
I'm in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere. I'm on the north bank, I'm on the…
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it is a hot, dry climate. the pitches produced in the Southern Hemisphere are not green or dusty like Northern Hemisphere
Throughout the northern hemisphere beekeepers have struggled to maintain adequate numbers of honey bee colonies...
Last time I checked these weren't supposed to be blooming on Nov 12th in the Northern Hemisphere.
"Evolution and dispersal of mammoths across the Northern Hemisphere"
AUS Flu figures are 47% up on last year. AUS figures are benchmark for Northern Hemisphere
Trends in mesospheric ice layers in the Northern Hemisphere during 1961–2013
The Taurid Meteor shower is visible anywhere in the Northern hemisphere with a clear sky. This includes Bradford and Essex ;)
I want to wish a huge happy birthday to my brother on the other side of the northern hemisphere hope you have a good one!!
Actually fall is technically over on December 21st in the northern hemisphere.
My 'to do' list is literally this size of the northern hemisphere 📝📝
that can not be a 'World Tour' there is no Australian dates. Maybe rename it a 'Northern Hemisphere ' Tour. Or come Down Under
Almost 2bn people live in areas of the northern hemisphere that rely on melting snow as a crucial source of...
Q&A with Climate debt of northern hemisphere & social justice is needed
Interesting that after years and years of bagging Southern Hemisphere rugby, northern commentators now want a southern coach …
Geo: "Sardi hai ke rukne ka naam hi nahin le rahi..." Dear scriptwriter, we're actually moving towards winter in the Northern hemisphere.
Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop IPA now available on tap.
Kerry is the best place in the Northern Hemisphere to view space.
lol earth too heavy to rotate caused by SAND,only poor countries not allowed into northern hemisphere? Bit suspicions they frying?
Every Diet Starts With the Shopping Cart - So it's spring here in the Northern hemisphere and people start to t...
Interesting read as that was the model in place at RFU until end of 2006.
Its still the 12th in the northern hemisphere therefore it's still my birthday for a while longer
Spectacular Auroras appeared also in the Northern Hemisphere and skywatchers photographed them:
NOAA: Synopsis: El Niño will likely peak during the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, with a transition to...
Jakosky: showed 'Christmas lights' aurora in northern hemisphere b/c that's where it was pointed 1/2
Battalio: Global dust storms stabilize the atmosphere and reduce vertical wind shear, less eddy kinetic energy in northern hemisphere
From 10th to 6th position in the Northern Hemisphere, inspiring work Alice Smith students!
The last team to beat Australia in the Northern Hemisphere in the Rugby World Cup. England 2007 QF
The autumnal equinox will officially bring the fall season to the Northern Hemisphere tonight at 10:29 p.m. EDT.
England coach McNamara wants to restore Northern Hemisphere pride
Steve McNamara is aiming to lift English spirits after the Northern Hemisphere's blowout.
England coach Steve McNamara wants to restore Northern Hemisphere pride as his side prepare for New Zealand Test
Southern Hemisphere 4 - 0 Northern Hemisphere.. The Rugby Championship has been extended to England.
it seems the Northern Hemisphere sides are having bans but southern are getting away with warnings?! Hmmm
Heavy crop anticipated.Close to 800KMT,the Northern Hemisphere crop is will be the highest in 5 yrs,led by increases in Italy & Greece
If Wales don’t beat Australia then all quarter finals will be Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere. And semis could be all southern
England dumped out of by Australia. Southern Hemisphere rugby wins against Northern Hemisphere again! Go you good thing! 👍
Don't understand why other home nations are supporting Australia. I'd always support a Northern Hemisphere team over southern any day
Think I'm not going to live to see a Northern Hemisphere side win the rugby cup again! Ireland's Dads Army is our best hope
MOUNT ISA, Queensland - We're winding down in the Northern Hemisphere while Australia is anxious to crack out and...
People of the Southern Hemisphere experienced less than half of the Strontium 90 exposure suffered by the people of Northern Hemisphere.
Everyone working at the Jamba Juice at 1450 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533, U.S., Northern Hemisphere is very mean.
Northern Hemisphere dementia. In Australia that would be quite comfortable!!
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