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Northern California

Northern California is the northern portion of the U.S. state of California. The San Francisco Bay Area (which includes the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose), and Sacramento (the state capital) as well as its metropolitan area are the main population centers.

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Grew up in Southern Oregon, w/ family in Northern California. Know a ton of Kings fans in friends & family. I feel for them tonight. Wow.
Oxford University worries in Northern California after deadly storm hits south
Flood worries in Northern California after deadly…
Northern California Episcopal churches turn out for Oroville Dam evacuees
I'M in Northern California! Does this mean you're actually going to show some RESPECT to our president now???
attending NCDCS in next wk,please contact me to meet up there .
The Local Northern California government keeps arresting me from my home off of my computer and video games for no reason for continuous..
Fear, confusion and as Northern California residents wait out mass evacuation
High water level due to unusual snow & rain in Northern California causes the dam to collapse. Climate change?…
a criminology professor from an obscure university in Northern California? Just a guess...
I'm still waiting for Justin to bring the stadium tour to Northern California so I can see his lil *** *** again
Life near Oroville Dam now shadowed by fears and concerns: OROVILLE, Calif. (AP) -- Northern California…
Great artwork by Ken Berman - Northern California artist. Check out his website
Tomorrow I get the results if I get to go to the Northern California trip
what is up with the Russian spy ship off the east coast? And they are doing missile launch practices off Northern California
Meanwhile: The president has yet to comment on the Oroville Dam crisis in Northern California.
Time to start our 2017 Shinty season, there are sightings of Northern California Camanachd balls coming out of...
u dont know Brotha Lynch Hung unless u from northern california or someone is putting u up on game. and LBJ had an OG gaming him
Evacuation lifted for 200K Californians living below dam via
A modern cabin in the woods of Northern California
when are y'all coming to Northern California. I love yall and we have a rock deficiency up here.
CBS News - California school becomes first to lose chairs for standing desks You guys helped make this…
Repairs made to failing Northern California dam via
Haunted prison you need to check out in California!
Northern California (incl is >1 month ahead of the previous rainiest rainy season on record. 221% of norma…
oxalis in abundance on the Northern California coast
Even after water levels drop, damaged dam still poses a flood threat to Northern California towns:
The best plays from the Kings in the matchup between the two Northern California teams
Nearly 200,000 people are able to return home in Northern California after they were forced to evacuate
1988 was an unusual year for the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival; it's the only year where there was...
VIDEO: Officials raced to drain more water from a lake behind battered Oroville Dam as new storms began into Northe…
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February's Setting Sun creates the. at Horsetail Falls. in Northern 🔥. via
be one of the larger Hispanic markets in Northern California but this does not help your already dwindling reputation.Can't
Well, at least I can confirm the greatest arena in Northern California is:
ICE-led probe leads to indictment of 10 alleged Northern California gang members on drug trafficking and extortion
what are you talking about? I live in northern ca. We provide water to the entire state!
If goes down, possible West Virginia type scenario for Northern California, State of Jefferson. .
can you add more in stores for your Northern California fans? 😏
There is only one team in Northern California right now. The Warriors have proved that.
Trying to watch tonight's game but not in Northern California? Watch on NBA League Pass »
Check out our interactive map of more than 220 breweries in Northern California: Cheers!
Repairs made to failing Northern California dam
Red Bluff, CA - House for sale in Northern California: For sale by owner (FSBO) property in…
Beer map for those traveling to Northern California
Wow! The weather in Northern California this winter has been crazy. I'm ready for summer 😏
Show me the Money: New rules in Northern California call for early disclosure of damages in... | by
The HDSA Northern California Chapter has begun organizing the 2017 HOPE Walk and all the board…
Right. Everybody knows the best place to bus liberals in from is California. NORTHERN California. (Early-onset dementia?)
Northern California is Mountains, Forests, Deserts, etc., Its really really pretty. Look up Mount Shasta and Mo…
Heavy snow across parts of New England & heavy rain over parts of northern California & the Pacific Northwest.
I wanna know why Keith Sweat isn't having a concert in Northern California..
Come stomp your feet on the first Pump It Up Prime 2 cabinet in Northern California! 24/7 live stream at...
you should add more in stores to your Northern California fans 🙏🏽😭
So I'm moving back to California, but I'm moving to Northern California... no reason... no reason at all
** A few days of needed relief finally come after torrential rains pound Northern California! **
Yes its true you should have seen the people driving into Northern California Election day
it is the 2nd largest dam in Northern California. .. I love how they say integrity of the dam is okay...
Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.
yes I live in Northern California and I'm a conservative
.LOL .. I stil lhave lots of family in Northern California .. they were just talkng about that! :)
We have 80+ mil and a good situation. The drought is over in Northern California. It's a good situation.
The Snow Moon lit up the cloud-covered night sky over Northern California tonight
An 1870s Victorian farmhouse finally shines in Northern California
For my part of Northern California, it would be Shasta, Trinity Siskiyou, Glenn, Butte, Tehama, Modoc, Lassen count…
Northern California tracking to have wettest year on record
Wow Northern California got so much rain that one particular lake is at 98% water capacity but the spillway from the main dam is busted.
any plans on coming out to Northern California this year?
I added a video to a playlist Northern California Road Trip Day 2 | UNI_UNICORN |
funny thing is, there are plenty of jobs out here in Northern California but no one wants to work.
Child drowns as storm delivers wallop to Northern California
Evacuations in Northern California be safe on your journeys
Flat Ready to roll. Running for a cause. Legal Services of Northern California. Thanks…
any teams in northern california? Took a year off football due to an injury and still tryna make it. Let me know please bro
The powers that be have asked for Southern California one month after Northern so now both books…
A massive landslide on Highway 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains has been causing problems since first blocking nor...
Nearby residents on alert as hole in in Northern California is expected to grow:
In Northern California derailed freight train fell into the river:
Northern Calif. highway partially re-opens after deadly mudslides
Circle K on Fair Oaks and Walnut is the best gas station in the Northern California region don't @ me
64 have either pleaded guilty or been convicted as result of investigations into bid rigging at FC auctions in CA
Northern California & Southern California may as well be two different states
Check out this dashcam video of a flash flood in Northern California on highway 23
Northern California dam copes with crisis as region tracks to have wettest year on record READ MORE
It looks & feels like NE spring time here in northern ☺️ pink on floral tree
Our story tonight: California suffering from Drought and Deluge at same time: via
The National Weather Service in Reno has extended the * Flood Warning for... Alpine County in northern California.…
Its a must I take a trip to Oakland northern California be locked in wit my people
Playoffs in some sections start next weekend. A peek at the best of the best in NorCal (players, teams, yada)...
22 freight train cars tumble into flooded Northern California river after derailment
it rains game in Northern California
This might be a great fit for you: District Sales Manager - Northern California - CA
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Join us in wishing Natalie well as she heads to Northern California!
Pacific Union is the BEST real estate company in Northern California and in LAMORINDA!! I'm so proud to be apart…
Glass Alliance of Northern California and Association of Clay and Glass Artists, Call for Artists: Glass Currents
Right back at you. Northern California is swimming in lots of water. Hopefully this put a dent into our drought!!
Storms are walloping parts of Northern and Central California, but how much rain will Los Angeles get?…
After powerful storm, forecasters expect another half foot of rain to soak central and northern California:
I loved that tree and the park it is in - Calaveros State Park in Northern California. Some of the widest trees in…
Northern California’s iconic tunnel tree and popular tourist spot knocked down by storm
Ug!Makes my head feel like a balloon!I used 2 b a firefighter in Northern California & the firehouse would be GREEN!
After all the rain in Northern California someone snapped this photo in the small farming town of Ferndale, CA.
A week of heavy snow and rain in Northern California and Nevada has caused some of the worst flooding in a...
New years resolution Use my weekends better (backpack more)
Storm brings widespread flooding across Northern California; more rain on the way
Crews rescued a person trapped in a home by rising floodwaters in northern California.
Awesome! I grew up in Northern California on a farm.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Southern California to get 'good saturating rains' this week: The monster storm that has beaten Northern California…
Hills Of Gold - Nat Young, Kolohe Andino, Luke Davis, and more find offshore treasure in Northern California
PHOTOS: Wine country is among areas hit hard by storms in Northern California.
Northern California topping 100" of snow for the month and counting ->
Paddleboarder takes advantage of swollen Truckee River in Reno, Nevada, as massive winter storm slams region.
Great video here: Snow piles up, rivers rage after Northern California storms
Northern California now on pace for 'wettest water year on record' ...what drought?
Monster storm barrels into Northern California; woman killed by falling tree amid heavy winds
Iconic tunnel tree in a California state park is no more after huge storm
The world really is coming down around our ears.
Former Lovebugs Rescue mommy dog Fenway, now Arya, is living the life in Northern California with a wardrobe any...
Storm topples iconic tunnel tree in northern California
Tree you could drive through in Northern California fell down.
Today is a sad day in Northern California. Have you been here?
"How bad is the storm in Northern California?"
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Iconic tunnel tree topples in NorCal state park as major storm hits region
It's hard to come back to Northern California and lots of rain after sunrises like this in San Felipe.
Looks like Central and Northern California will be getting A LOT of rain/snow within the next 24 hours.
We ship from Northern California, but it'll depend on the shipping method you choose! Feel free to…
to my first of Northern California's many under-attended music festivals @ Monterey County…
don't forget Point Pelee is same latitude as Barcelona and Northern California, & home to Florida birds
And for you who don't know what THE STATE OF JEFFERSON is that's Where Northern C…
Meet the Sea Forager: Purchase this book The Sea Forager’s Guide to the Northern California Coast by Kirk Lombard…
Check out the New School Publications exploring the rivers and streams of Northern California
So How about it Northern California lets do it you've been talk…
no one moves to Northern California
New post on my blog: VenSource Capital Appoints Regional Director for Northern California
The Comedy Spot is Northern California's largest comedy school! Take an Improv, Stand-up, Sketch Comedy Class!
Video: What to expect from once-in-a-decade storm poised to hammer Northern California
We're Read about our latest opening here: HIM Coder I - CA
You asked for it and we delivered a Roundtable Conference in Northern California! . Now lets see about 2017 CCFP...
Flooding/Sleet likely for Northern California on Monday 01-09-17. Rain/Snow continues throughout the week.…
New Literary Voice Examines Pathos and Life in Northern California Creative, original and
We are having one of the coldest winters I can remember, in Northern California. Those who live in cold states...
This might be a great fit for you: RN- Registered Nurse - CA
Everyone is going to freak out about the increase in STIs but the real story and headline needs to be: PrEP works...
Sales roles for leading client now available. Georgia, Texas and Northern California.
.welcomes the Northern California bar and bench to attend part of our Annual Meeting.
We have homes available to close by year-end! Stop by our Sales Gallery today to learn more.
It won't be long until James Twyman will be right here in Northern California for an ALL DAY workshop for only...
An original in Northern gets a much needed that honors the modernist developer’s...
Enjoying all the snow here at home in Northern California. Happy 2017.
You wouldn't go to Northern California to visit Oakland instead of San Fran, basically.
deploys tow-plow for first time on snowy Northern roads
In Northern Our is open through Jan. 8! Stop on by:
Big Thursday in Hoops - More HUGE games tonite in & PacWestMBB in Hawaii and Northern Calif…
Northern California has a way of making offshore A-frames look all too attainable. Trust us, it's not that easy. Photo…
As weather storms continue to hit Northern California, stay safe on the road with this useful bad weather checklist!.
Flood watch issued as torrent of rain heads to Northern California this weekend - Sacramento Bee
This might be a great fit for you: RHC Nurse Practitioner - CA
Wet, Winter Storms Pummel West; Headed for Rockies: Much of Northern California and the Sierra Nevada braced for…
Hey everyone! If you're located in Northern California/Bay Area and thinking about adding a…
Northern California foothills. We have trees, wine, pot, and great produce.
Hiking though the Northern California redwoods while filming a commercial for Chase and their Master Your Passion c…
'Atmospheric river' forecast to hit Northern California this weekend -
Santa Cruz area KP members can now receive care at three new medical offices & Watsonville Community Hospital!…
One thing about living in the Bay Area that I don't miss ...
I'm going to "Volunteer at SF-Marin Food Bank with USGBC Northern California"! Check it out on Eventbrite.
I'm 43, born and raised in Northern California and have never smoked it.
A Dimensional Doorway seen in the Northern California foothills.
The rural areas the farmers Northern California are all held hostage by the state Elites that use illegal to vote them into power
Northern California the Central Valley Fresno area rural areas were all held hostage by the Elites from the coast in big cities
Swarm of earthquakes rattle Northern California. Just a little shakin' going on. hope everyone is safe.
The great Boxer Day tsunami struck 11 years ago yesterday. Oregon and Northern California got hit with a couple...
Dear Chem Trail Pilots: Stop it! For the sake of Gaia & Humanity. Merry Christmas from Mt Shasta, Northern California region.
Northern California districts win key round in Klamath River takings case,
Storm system moving into Northern California will bring a slight chance of rain Friday. reports.…
of Black Friday brawl at Northern California mall goes viral - Santa Rosa Press Democrat :
MORE: Earthquake off Northern California coast is downgraded to a 6.5. No reports of injuries or damage -
6.8 magnitude earthquake hits off Northern California coast...
The USGS is reporting a magnitude 6.5 earthquake off the coast of Northern California -- no tsunami alert.
UPDATE: Northern California downgraded to 6.5. People report feeling it from San Fran/Bay Area to southern O…
Quake shakes northern California coast but no Tsunami warning
DETAILS: No tsunami warning issued after 6.5 magnitude off Northern CA coast.
⚡️Breaking News Alert. Earthquake off the coast of Northern California. •
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A 6.5 quake hit off the coast of Northern California this morning
Northern California rocked by strong earthquake
USGS reports earthquake magnitude 6.8 off coast of Northern California
Felt reports for this mornings M6.5 off the coast of Northern California - contribute your info here:
6.8 preliminary magnitude earthquake hits off the Northern California coast. No expected More:.
In all honesty, all of Kansas, Missouri, and Northern California should have today off of work.
BREAKING: 6.8 magnitude earthquake off Northern California coast
What is going on?!?!. Northern California then the Solomon Islands... where will be next?!
Two large Earthquakes along the ring of fire today! First Northern California and now the Solomon Islands. Wonder if there w…
Strong quake strikes off northern California, no tsunami threat
6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes 100 miles off Northern California coast. Latest on livest…
'Earthquake magnitude 6.8 reported off coast of Northern California -USGS'
6.5 magnitude quake reported off the coast of northern California euronews
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Magnitude-6.8 earthquake strikes off Northern California coast
BREAKING: A 6.9 magnitude earthquake reported off coast of northern California - USGS
Just in: 6.8-magnitude earthquake shakes ocean floor about 100 miles off the northern California coast, USGS says
Earthquake magnitude 6.5 reported off coast of Northern California.
No threat from 6.8 magnitude off the coast of northern California.
Major 6.8 off the Coast of Northern . No word of Warning!.
United States Geological Survey reports a 6.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northern California.
Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits off Northern California coast
Two big earthquakes today - they happen in waves. First off the coast of Northern California, now the Solomon Islands.
We hope all our friends in Northern California are ok after the 6.5…
USGS is reporting a 6.8 earthquake off the coast of Northern California.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Northern California on Thursday, jolting...
Magnitude 6.5 earthquake reported off northern California coast
YEP YEP is ready...see ya soon Northern California. Major League Lacrosse
. Any chance you will be in Northern California for Fred Korematsu Day?
Why is Northern California so much better than Southern California?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I'm really about to move mean from far up Northern California to deep Southern California all within a week. ✈Jetlife.
Living presidents from 40 years of the Associated Builders & Contractors chapter in Northern California:
Photo of the Day | Darin McQuoid - Joe Jackson on the Klamath River in Northern California. Darin McQuoid...
New video: winter kayaking on the South Fork American River in Northern California
Why aren't you showing an early NFL game in Northern California? How about the Super Bowl Camps?
The best 'hippie towns' in the Bay Area and Northern California via
you need to come to northern California to paradise for some four wheel in fun !! I can be your guide. Can I get a follow !!
These two photos make me want to live in Northern California
(LA Times) is underway for a missing couple in the California mountains : Rescue crews are..
Spending time with Matt and Bri and her family the Hammond's picking out a Christmas tree in Northern California.
A 34-year-old mother of two has been found safe after she vanished while jogging in northern CA, authorities say
resort report: Plenty of snow leads to early openings (Photos)
But I'm in Northern California and it's snowy outside :)
Stanford Men's Tennis supporting a legend & mentor @ her induction into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of…
President-Elect Trump Will Soon Have the Keys to the Surveillance ... - ACLU of Northern California (blog)
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Rain and snow pushing back into northern California right now.
Butte Football would like to thank all our friends, family, fans, and loved ones for all of your support in...
Went on a little mini adventure today... saying see you later to Northern California.…
. So your privilege can get you into northern California where its scenic. You are where you can barel…
Videos: incredible intellectual exchange about at Northern California event
Celebrating Great Grandpaw (and EO) Dad Greg Chiles' 80th Birthday in Northern California this evening! Credit to...
I'm in northern California.. so if anything LA is usually a pit stop for everyone, but that's 6 hours away lol
girl. I didn't know he populated Northern California. All by himself.
Its raining in Northern California. A car alarm is sounding. I'm on the back porch smoking. Wondering what has happened to my world.
Definitely going to visit Northern California more often
Looking out of a fence in northern California.
Pro-Trump Flags Fill Family's Lawn - A Northern California family was shocked and unsettled after someone cut e...
come to Northern California so I give you a tour of San Fransisco
Missing California mother was found 'heavily battered,' dispatch records show: Sherri Papini, the Northern……
1st team all conference (Northern California) top line backer in north Cali follow back coach 6'1 235
Northern California law enforcement community gathered Tuesday to bid farewell to deputy 'executed' in line of duty.
Sharks are 4-3-0 in their last 7 against New Jersey in San Jose. Sharks had 3 wins in the teams' first 10 meetings in Northern California.
Omg there's a Bigfoot Museum here in Northern California! Lol
You don't have to live in Northern California in order to experi ...
Northern California counties revive an old idea for a breakaway state
Northern California congressman shocked by Confederate flags at Veterans Day parade - Los Angeles Times
Northern California Rep. Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), was riding in a local Veterans
Father and son die in hiking accident near Northern California lake
brewed in LA with recycled wastewater + stolen water from Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Northern California.
Friday’s Daily Briefing: A pair of endangered gray wolves have been spotted in Northern California:…
the meat is safe to eat but toxins were found in the guts of some samples of crabs caught off northern California
CK Mondavi is giving away a trip for 2 to Napa Wine Country! This trip for 2 to Northern California includes ..
See how we're partnering with & to help the condor population take flight:
Video: High surf brings surfers to northern California coast
See our latest CA and click to apply: RHC Receptionist -
Our S2 is on its way to Northern California.
Northern California! Tonight-San Jose, Tomorrow-Sacramento. Come slap my gash at Splash & see me with them hands at Badlands.
Drought update today. Some improvements in the northern parts of California.
Judge Whyte Retires: The Northern District of California is a different court today than it was last week:…
Wow, bellissimo with love & xox From Northern California. Be well my friend
We have no Fox or CNN on Directv here in Northern California! going on?
Thank you Northern California Carpenters Regional Council & Carpenters Local 22 for showing up to help our cam…
Now hiring for Regional Manager - Northern California in Emeryville, CA
We're Read about our latest opening here: Outpatient Physical Therapist -
maybe outside of Northern California. But he was talking about the Dubs, here. And our millennials forsure align with
Yipikayay! The Emperor of Dragons won an award at the Northern California book festival. My last 3 novels are all now
More excitement with Harlequins investing in RIM and committing to Northern California rugby growth and development!
Proud of 's support 4 . Let's cultivate vibrant communities in !
"Reform camp in Northern California to open $4 million conference center" thx to gift via Mazal t…
The Raw Coast trend celebrates the rugged beauty of the northern California coastline
In Northern California, the architect Douglas Burnham has made temporary buildings dramatically consequential.:
You live in California in the United States of America, I live in Kukuo - Tamale in the Northern Region of...
I'm coming from Northern California. It's going to be a short flight, but it beats an 8 hour road trip.
Our Sales Gallery is open daily! Stop by to learn about how you can own a new home at pre-model pricing.…
Much as I don't want YYC to be a Northern California or Washington state but that's what I'm getting
Join us for our next IRL Staff Planning Meeting this Sunday, 11:00 am @ the Open to the public!. Details:
. Day 4 of the 61 Days of Hope. Join us!
We're Click to apply: Senior Practice Manager (Northern California & Reno) - CA
Want to work at Adventist Health NorCal ? We're in Click for details:
2.1 in Northern California, users download the Earthquake app for more information,
Good morning from Northern California! Beautiful day. Perfect for a hike. 🐾Sending you ❤️ and ✌️ and gratitude on this day. 🍁🍃
"I like to think of Southern California as the low cost version of Northern California"
Leaves change color in Northern California, too. Here are three trips for foliage seekers, including in Tomales Bay:
I'll be discussing today's in Northern California on KRON at 8:00, 10:00 & 11:00 p.m. this evening.
Only way I would move to California is if I moved to the northern most city or whatever city that it snows in. Miss the snow
Merritt College Head Coach Keenan McMiller mentioned as one of the top 10 Head coaches in Northern California JC!
AlwaysActions: Sheriff'sDeputy in northern California,has been shot and killed.
"PV is that you?". "No sorry this is the residence of the biggest group of *** in all of Northern California". "So PV.".
We're Read about our latest opening here: Regional Manager - Northern California -…
Death of Deputy tonight 4th law enforcement officer in California to die in line of duty in the last two weeks. RIP.
We are so proud to be voted the "Best Hotel in Northern California Readers Choice Award" by…
Sheriff's deputy in Northern California is killed on duty; a suspect is in custody Democrat's America
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the family and colleagues of the Northern California Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed today
"Miguel came from a small town in northern Mexico. He came north with his brother Louis to California three years ago"
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