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Northern Australia

The term Northern Australia is generally known to include two states and territories, being Queensland and the Northern Territory (NT).

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Northern Territory - top and middle part of Australia. Are you going there? 😁
Little Bronze Cuckoo (F) - The little bronze cuckoo is found in Southeast Asia, New Guinea and northern and eastern…
We love these wool slippers, perfect for winter. Sourced from the Evandale Market in northern
any threat to Pacific/Northern Australia from earthquake off eastern Russia ?
The NT's mandatory sentencing laws are the harshest and most ineffective in Australia
Australia's NEWEST frisbee tournament is happening on 19 & 20 August in Darwin, Northern Territory. Be a part of...
Darwin Harbour gets overtaken by monsoon storm in the Northern Territory, Australia
New orders from remote northern Australia keeping our local production team and component suppliers busy with water relat…
Checking out amazing horticultural talent at Shelamar in With Office of Northern Australia staff https…
The lands right there in Northern Australia, I remember reading China is building a port in a…
In any decent society with honest politicians this would be a criminally treasonous act
Reports are coming in on unidentified craft sightings over the Congo and the northern coast of Australia.
Aboriginal landowners criticise Northern Land Council over drill permit.
Largest 'ship' in the world is on its way to Northern Australia. What an incredible human achievement.
Check out some of the Top 10 outdoor attractions in the Northern Territory...
Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund set up to funnel billions to Adani
New for updates for Orange and Northern.
.wants power + a new mine: don't blow the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility on yesterday's te…
The best sunsets I have seen are Mindil Beach, Darwin, Northern Territory
Canavan still pretending on Q&A that NAIF hasn't made up its mind? It was set up to fund Adani. .
To the bloke worried about Sunni, Shia Sectarianism, what happened to all the Northern Irish immigrants we let into Australia
Is the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) a slush fund for the coal industry &
Abbott would be a good minister for resources and Northern Australia
Which Americans think that North Korea is located in northern Australia?
Guys I'm thinking the people who said North Korea was in like Northern Australia were just dicking around
If you're involved in field work in Northern Australia - beware scrub typhus...
More concerned about the guesses that had North Korea in Northern Australia.
Senator the Hon Minister for Resources & Northern Australia visits exhibit today!…
Storm weakens and discharges over River in the Northern Territory. (📷 Jonny Weeks via
"Did you get my good side?" Northern rosella, NT, Australia Craig Nieminski https:/…
Help expose dodgy dealings by the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility by sending an FOI request its easy :…
Coffee with talking about & channels needed to create development in Northern Australia
Imreminder that this is a real advertisement for the Northern Territory
Some people thought the northern part of Australia was North Korea? Seriously?
My personal favourite is the couple that selected the northern tips of Australia. Oh yes, we're North Korea
I like that some are in northern Australia
The most northern tip of Australia. Everyone made it. Fantastic trip.
The rocket scientist who chose the Northern Territory of Australia was more right than they knew
Could be too. I just hope he doesn't nuke northern Australia by mistake
To be fair, some of them got the Northern Territory... of Australia! 😂
Where will the TMA Australia focus it's attentions next? South Australia & Northern Territory need a Chapter.
Australia:> Fake AirBnB listings: Tourist scammed out of $1600 - Northern Star
"Where is North Korea?". "Idk, like the northern coast of Australia or something lol"
nuclear stockpiles hidden in northern Australia?
Sri Lanka is the worst. What could Sri Lanka possibly be the “North” part of? The guesses in Australia are at least in Northern Australia.
Actually, I think half of Australians want to nuke Northern Australia.
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My hat is off for the people who basically want to nuke northern Australia...
Particularly the 7 who thought it was in northern Australia
Australia. Multiple people picked northern Australia. We should never allow just any breathing embicile to vote.
Federal Government approves Project Sea Dragon! in the NT. AGRF is a p…
Face Book Pages:. Numerology for Today's World. 9:9:9 Refuse to be part of the System.. From: Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia...
20 May - Rock out to some of Australia's best-known bands plus emerging Northern Territory acts.…
Risk factors for preterm, low birthweight and small for gestational age among…
Next up - Hon Matt Canavan, Minister Resources and Northern Australia, at his first APPEA conference.
Now Senator Matt Canavan Minister for Resources and Northern Australia. And his first
A growing number of farms in northern Australia are turning to the Seasonal Worker Program to fill labour gaps,...
I see it's that time of year when the Spring tides bring Australia into the northern hemisphere to take part in
▶ Australia: Spotlight on Northern Australia infrastructure: The Federal Government is committed to… NAB
Applications for collaborative research projects to develop northern Australia have been extended until 22 May!…
Is it tantamount into turning northern Australia into a mass “cattle yard” for other nations?.
Aboriginal man's death in custody in Northern Territory prompts scrutiny
Is Australia to snub China on road, port push and reject Chinese investment in Northern Australia?
Jason Clare gets Resources & Northern Australia, as well as Trade. Joel Fitzgibbon stays in Agriculture.
After finishing of El Nino it's time for LA Nina which will enhance the rainfall over Indonesia, Malaysia ,Northern Australia and India.
GP Locum in the Northern Territory - Australia, Northern TerritoryGP Locum in the Northern Territory
How to find the most jaw-dropping views in Australia's Northern Territory
tales of the black hand: a splendid podcast on the mafia's presence in northern australia, via bravo! 
16. This stateless area is called The Northern Territory of Australia is an area that is basically unoccupied.
Cop this: Central Australia officers bust a move via
Coober Pedy (Australia’s Underground City). Coober Pedy is a town in northern ...
Cop this: Central Australia officers bust a move
Kangaroo Island & Northern Queensland Holiday Tips | Australia Holidays: Australia is home to a range of nati...
A study measuring the extent of coral bleaching in Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef is branding some of the northern reef's problem
Flood watch remains in place for South Australia's northern districts:
You know I'm from Northern Australia didn't even see snow till I was 21 on a trip to a New Zealand
A stormy sunset near Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. Photo credit: Damon Wagland.
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[message] Farm locations?: The Tully farm in Northern Australia is at the estuary of the Escape River. . . http...
An tropical heatwave will turn increasing hotter across the Northern Australia with heatwave warning early April
Minister for Northern Australia will report directly to Rinehart. The tropical agriculture myth. Ord River. Humpty Doo
Part of the massive effort to supply Northern Australia during
Cape York Peninsula: . Cape York Peninsula is the largest unspoiled wilderness area in Northern Australia.
Josh Frydenberg now Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, does this make him the new assistant minister for Gina Rinehart?
Looking for a 1 - Head, Office of Northern Australia
Life expectancy in some parts of the Northern Territory, Australia is 45. Poverty related. Unacceptable.
Yes like Nigera Australia's Northern Territory also has extrajudicial imprisonment //
Recent research into the rock art and function of Nawarla Gabarnmang, Australia
Goodbye Northern Territory Australia. It had been an amazing experience. Off to the sun, sand, beaches and reef of Queensland.
Andrews Farm, South Australia: A Great Dane and a Chihuahua need sitting. A large house in the northern suburb...
A new favorite: Sasha and Digweed NORTHERN EXPOSURE 2, AUSTRALIA TOUR 1/1/97 by Shane Batt on
'Australian Icon' - Uluru dominates the surrounding landscape and is truly an icon http:…
If you are ever in the or any part of for that matter. Have a try of these if...
Northern Hemisphere dementia. In Australia that would be quite comfortable!!
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "Northern Thunder RLFC". Help expand it!
Inquiry on opportunities for expanding the industry in Northern Australia. Watch
I really wanna get out of Northern Ireland and go travel America or Australia and do something adventurous like sky diving or something 😆
Read the latest from our Chairman about how the is working in remote Australia through our trial in the
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Pretty dark brown. With the white markings. 4 of them had lived in Northern Australia. No disrespect shown.
Australia and I've never been to the northern hemisphere
Devils Marbles. This area of Northern Territory, Australia has many huge granite boulders - some tha
70 Chinese "electricians" replacing 70 Australian electricians in a northern mine - more unemployed in Australia Joe
Good perspectives from local friend, Glenn Morrison, on potential ways forward in developing North Australia.
Northern Territory of Looks like a combo of sweet and savory from for ht…
Northern NSW beaches to remain closed
Have you been to Darwin in Northern Territory of Australia?
Aug 3, Australia (Northern Territory only): Picnic day. Observed on the first Monday in August.
NT chief minister announces plan to create at least 3800 new indigenous jobs:
Significantly confirms the links bw TB and Diabetes already established o/s in northern Australia
Set in the steamy tropics of Northern Australia, a story of relentless abuse, tenacious survival and brutal revenge!
Northern Australia’s vanishing mammals. New Hot Topic from .
The Pearl Frontier: Indonesian Labor and Indigenous Encounters in Australia's Northern ... by Adrian Vickers et al.
Northern Territory Australia in the wet season.
A quick swim in the Northern Territory. Crocodile country that's why it was quick!
Motorcade parks the tip-top open door northern australia: iLdycsx
So we're now in the Southern Hemisphere, and Australia is now in the Northern Hemisphere?
australia: Fight over new privately run public hospital on the Northern Beaches
AUSTRALIAN CRAWL Daughters of the northern coas 45 AUSTRALIA EMI 1982 PROMO
About 20 prawn trawlers involved in the northern prawn fishery are based in Cairns
Northern prawn trawler at Cairns wharf
Sunday's is the northern rosella (Platycercus venustus), found in the savannah of far northern Australia htt…
We should be keeping track of the scale and nature of Australia's deportation of NZers - 100s each year and growing.
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Continuing the exploration of the Northern NSW Coast.
Two games left, Maitland battling to avoid relegation. Season after promotion. More info:
Food security an opportunity for Northern Australia. Need a single unified voice - to maximize our impact.
Graeme Barty - Opportunities in Trade and Investment in Northern Australia. Urbanisation and creation of mega regions, Asia, techn change.
Having a chat with the Prime Minster on funding for the area in the Northern Australia white paper last week .
Introduction of a $5 billion Infrastructure slush fund for Northern Australia to be invested in coal projects in Queensland's Galilee basin.
Fed Govt cannot rule out funding Galilee Basin with funds from $5 billion Northern Australia infrastructure scheme htt…
I don't recall the incompetent Gillard Government causing the Russians to send boats to Northern Australia
Yet another coalition of the willing? to join US air campaign in via
Welcome news: to join air campaign. More must be done. .
Or, as it was put in the press room, its the Revenge of the Northern Hemisphere. Australia defending southern honour!
There’s a new species of swimming around northern and New Guinea: Sousa sahulensis
Australia to send aid planes to northern after US request via
Darwin NT : Pharmacists and pharmacy staff required - Pharmaceeka
Northern beef boat could set sail for China - NORTHERN Australia could soon capitalise on...
it's a beginning. Australia now also sending humanitarian aid.
Two C-130 Hercules aircraft based in the United Arab Emirates that could be used to drop food, water & other supplies
Likely AU ADF humanitarian mission to Iraq to provide food & water to 1000s of refugees stranded on a mountain top.
Australia to send aid planes to northern Iraq after US request via
Australia to send aid planes to Iraq - The Canberra Times: Australia to send ...
*** goes down 11-9 and unfortunately that means we miss out on the cap by 1. Australia beats Northern Ireland 99-61
Photo: guardian: A family taking a trip around Australia were treated to more than they bargained for when...
AUSTRALIA - Public voices needed to protect northern Australia
Rupert is right!! Cats go feral Arnhem Land in Australia, and then get big. Real big. via
The Mo-Fo cats of Arnhem Land - or why the only good cat is a dead cat:
Cats go feral in Arnhem Land, Australia, they breed, and get big. Real big, via
contribution for and what it means in Australia.
Estimate that 4866-14,600 turtles caught by the 8690 ghost fishing nets found in Northern Australia. Cons Biol. http:/…
Australia. Where the only good cat is a dead cat | The Northern Myth
Great to discuss the Forsayth wind farm with the Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia
Tells Townsville summit: Major international investment forum in Northern Australia in 2015
Economic plan to ready Northern Australia for Asian population explosion and tap growing `middle class’ demand |
The Australian Government today will release the first draft of its plan to develop Northern Australia.
SUMMER ABOUT TO HIT BACK WITH A BANG! Good evening! As stated this afternoon, we have a period hot weather this week, which is set to remind us that summer has not yet finished. This created a lot of interest on the post, so therefore i think that most of you cannot wait! Our low in the Tasman Sea is set to drag in some hot air from Northern Australia until Wednesday, followed by another developing low on Thursday which will bring in yet more hot temperatures. So this week will pan out like this: Monday: a high of 29deg with N-NE winds and patchy high cloud throughout the day. Tuesday: a high of 28deg with N-NW winds and high cloud once again. Wednesday: a high of 24deg with NE winds and mostly cloudy skies, although there may be the odd fine break. Thursday: a high of 26deg with NE winds and cloudy skies, once again, there may be soeme fine spells. Friday: it looks hot! A high of 34deg is possible, with temperatures possible pushing 40deg in inland parts! Winds will be from the NW and any high cloud will ...
Epipremnum aureum has many common names: devil's ivy, golden pothos, Australian native monstera, hunter's robe, ivy arum, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy. It grows in many countries: from Northern Australia through Malaysia and India into China. When growing in the wild, it overgrows the trunks of trees (it is considered as an invasive species), even though it´s a very decorative plant. (In this video with Monstera deliciosa.)
READ and lets learn more ... The didgeridoo (also known as a *didjeridu*) is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia around 1,500 years ago and still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe". Musicologists classify it as a brass aerophone. There are no reliable sources stating the didgeridoo's exact age. Archaeological studies of rock art in Northern Australia suggest that the people of the Kakadu region of the Northern Territory have been using the didgeridoo for more than 2,000 years, based on the dating of paintings on cave walls and shelters from this period. A clear rock painting in Ginga Wardelirrhmeng, on the northern edge of the Arnhem Land plateau, from the freshwater period (that was begun 1500 years ago) shows a didgeridoo player and two songmen participating in an Ubarr Ceremony.
Australian environment ranges from virtually pristine Antarctic territory and rainforests to degraded industrial areas of major cities. 40 distinct ecoregions have been identified across the Australian mainland and islands. Central Australia is very dry due to a dry climate. HP 3MLX8TATP40 CPU Fan The interior has a number of deserts while most of the coastal areas are populated. Northern Australia experiences tropical cyclones while much of the country is prone to periodic drought. Agriculture and mining are the predominate land uses which affect the Australian environment. HP Pavilion dv7-1240us CPU Fan The management of the impact on the Australian environment from the mining industry, the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, forests and native animals are recurring issues of conservation. Major environmental issues in Australia include whaling, logging of old growth forest, irrigation and its impact on theMurray River, DELL yy529 CPU Fan Darling River and Macquarie Marshes, acid sulfate soils, soil . ...
From Joel at BOM. Weekly Tropical Climate Note issued 12 November 2013 The Madden-Julian Oscillation Convection associated with a weak Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) is currently located over the western tropical Indian Ocean, and has aided in the formation of a tropical cyclone that battered the Horn of Africa with strong winds and heavy rain earlier this week. The enhanced tropical convection over western Indian Ocean and the low-level winds show an area of broad-scale convergence in the region, further identifying this region as the location of the MJO. Meanwhile, the Maritime Continent is experiencing some enhanced convection associated with the passage of an Equatorial Rossby wave. The MJO is forecast to move slowly eastwards over the next fortnight. Most models forecast the MJO signal to be weak through this period; however, two models forecast the MJO to strengthen. No models forecast the MJO to reach the Australian region before the end of the month. In the meantime, tropical Northern Australia i ...
Got to visit here one day RT: “Gem of Northern Australia: Kakadu National Park -
PNG calls for economic zone with northern Australia Posted at 02:49 on 01 November, 2013 UTC Papua New Guinea’s prime minister is proposing a bilateral Special Economic Zone with northern Australia. Peter O’Neill has been trying to attract more foreign investors in recent months and says if the federal government decides to develop Australia’s north, he wants PNG to be part of it. He has told a business luncheon in Brisbane that it is important PNG consider establishing a Northern Australia - Papua New Guinea economic zone. Mr O’Neill says rather than a threat to either country, such a zone should be treated as an opportunity and a logical approach to strengthening links. The prime minister says the economic development of northern Australia would require a lot of resources such as electricity and water, and that PNG could provide them. News Content © Radio New Zealand International PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand
Northern Australia development plan is long overdue.
A recent article by Denise Chow reports the discovery of a “new mixed language” in Northern Australia by Carmel O’Shannessy, a professor in the department of linguistics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This language, now known as Light Warlpiri, is spoken by about 600 people in a remote…
A little strange this video has expired - so soon?? I oppose their lunatic development fantasies. Sharing this article, uhm, before it 'expires'... Northern tax zones not Coalition policy: Abbott By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen Updated Thu Feb 7, 2013 2:43pm AEDT Sorry, this video has expired Video: Abbott wants to 'make the most' of Northern Australia (ABC News) Tony Abbott has moved to distance himself from a draft Coalition discussion paper which proposes offering relocation incentives and different tax rates to encourage people to move to northern Australia. The document, called "Developing Northern Australia - a 2030 vision", describes the northern parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia as the "last frontier" and argues there is "tremendous potential" in the region for economic growth. It suggests developing "key urban zones" around Darwin, Cairns/Townsville and Karratha, with the aim of boosting populations in those areas through immigration policies, relocat ...
The Desert - The Land of Real Test of Patience and Courage 1 Sure, our planet looks like a watery blue marble from space, but one-third of Earth’s land surface is partially or totally desert. 2 The world’s largest cold desert is Antarctica. That’s right, an area doesn’t have to be hot to qualify—it just needs to lose more moisture than it gains. 3 There are parts of the Atacama Desert in Chile where no rain has ever been recorded. Scientists believe portions of the region have been in an extreme desert state for 40 million years—longer than any other place on Earth. 4 And yet more than 1 million people live in the Atacama today. Farmers extract enough water from aquifers and snowmelt streams to grow crops and raise llamas and alpacas. 5 If you get lost in the desert, you don’t have to urinate on your shirt and wear it on your head like Bear Grylls to avoid dying of thirst. You can suck water from the branches of some palms, such as buri and rattan. 6 Contrary to lore, cacti are not a s ...
Coverage may vary. Map denotes coverage for satellite two-way voice and duplex data only. Because of satellite outages, two-way voice and duplex data Customers may experience difficulty connecting or sustaining longer calls at certain times in certain specific locations. A web-based tool to identify...
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Seven Wonders Of The Underwater World 01.under sea image Many lists have been made touting the seven wonders of one thing or another but one list that still needed to be created was a list describing the Top Seven Wonders of the Underwater World. In 1989, CEDAM International, an international diving association, decided to write up their own list describing what they thought were the most spectacular underwater sites in the world. 02. The Galapagos Islands - Ecuador Located in the Pacific Ocean, west of Ecuador are the Galapagos Islands. The islands sprouted from the earth’s crust from a sub oceanic lava vent on the ocean floor. The relatively new volcanic geology created a habitat rich with flora, fauna, and animal life that have been studied and admired by numerous travelers, scientists, and nature-lovers from all over the world. 03. The Northern Red Sea - Jordan Some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world are located in the Northern Red Sea. Considered by some to be the underwater “Garden o ...
Oh my goodness, Katherine is such a dump, just went and did some shopping, have to pay to use the toilet and get the gate opened by security. Security and police all around town.stinky aborginals and trash everywhere. Glad we are staying out of town . Hope Darwin is a lot nicer...
New crime statistics show the Northern Territory leads Australia in murder rate and assaults
. "My Journey would take me North to Northern Australia then over the border to the South of the Northern Territory then further>
My model predicts precisely zero rainfall over northern Australia throughout the monsoon season. I'm guessing there's an error somewhere...
Gina Rinehart's son John Hancock has made highly disparaging remarks about his youngest sister which undermine his suitability as proposed trustee of the multi-billion-dollar family trust, a Sydney court has heard.
WEATHER || BOM | "above-average rainfall over southern Australia and the humidity over parts of northern Australia" for winter-spring likely
Doray Minerals expands gold acreage in the Murchison region - Doray Minerals (ASX: DRM) has acquired a number of gold exploration and mining leases within potential trucking distance of its Andy Well Gold Project in Western Australia from Caravel Minerals (ASX: CVV) for $150,000.The new leases will almost double Doray's land position in the northern Murchison.The Abbotts and Meeka East projects have been subject to limited recent exploration and contain a number of dril...
12 AFLPNG Flames join Australian team mates for National titles. AFLPNG players will participate this week in the AFLs National Women's titles to be conducted in Cairns. 12 women from around PNG will join a combined Arafura Squad (with players from North Queensland and the Northern Territory) to participate in Division 2 of the championships. They will play matches against South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania. Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales are competing in Division 1. The AFLPNG Flame's first match with the Arafura Squad was against South Australia today. The Arafura squad assembled on Sunday in Cairns under the coaching guidance of AFL South Pacific Development Manager, Andrew Cadzow. The PNG members of the Arafura Squad are: Maureen Bauwase (Taurama Suns/POM) Kylie Jesse (Mt.Hagen) Bianca Avia (University Tigers/POM) Sylvia Kotapu (Gulf Giants/POM) Mary Kove (University Tigers/POM) Rose Endoi (Taurama Suns/POM) Bronilda Kalepo (Mt.Hagen) Jacqueline Mc ...
Blizzardfield is a 5 bedroom self contained country home/retreat. Ideal accommodation for that weekend away or holiday in Dubbo, a great country city, the home of the famous Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Hidden Valley Results Mixed for V8 Supercars - June 17 Darwin, Australia Nissan Motorsport will take away sweet and sour memories from Hidden Valley Raceway in Darwin, Northern Territory. After Rick Kelly scored the best-ever result for Nissan in the manufacturer’s return season yesterday (fifth place), the team continued to display encouraging form, however, more record-breaking results were not collected. Norton [...]
Are you an Instructor of a Martial Arts School in the Northern Territory of Australia and looking to join an association with International Accreditation ... World Organiser of Martial Arts and Martial Arts Association - International may be for you ... Check us out for more information .
News Update 18.06.13 The Reserve Bank of Australia is to release the minutes of its latest policy meeting, which contain valuable insights into economic conditions from the bank’s perspective. The U.K. is to release official data on consumer price inflation, which accounts for the majority of overall inflation. Meanwhile, Bank of England policymakers are to testify on the inflationary and economic outlook before the U.K. Treasury Committee. The ZEW Institute is to release its closely watched report on German economic sentiment, a leading indicator of economic health, as well as data on economic sentiment in the wider euro zone. The U.S. is to release official data on building permits, housing starts and consumer price inflation. Meanwhile, finance ministers and central bankers from the G8 group are to hold the second day of a two day summit in Northern Ireland.
Young people take drugs for much the same reasons as older people however for young people the consequences can be much worse. Childhood and adolescence are critical times for brain development, and the brain is more sensitive to the influences of drugs and alcohol during these periods.
Dear friends! If you have no plans this Thursday night, I would love for you to come see me play some live music at The Great Northern Hotel - Newcastle, Australia. I'm a feature artist at this instalment of Wax Lyrical Newcastle, and am playing a set from 8:30pm (with the lovely Emily Leary joining me for a song or two). Come along and join me for a beer, hope to see you there! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Mousey, a five-month-old pit bull puppy, appears to have known little in the way of kindness in her short life. The pit bull puppy, who appears to be not only t
Current Affairs 18th June. 1.Eight new ministers inducted into Union Council of Ministers 2.Sri Lanka knocked out defending champions Australia, after winning the final ICC Champions Trophy Group match by 20 runs at the Oval in London yesterday. 3.The national selectors on Monday decided to retain the Indian squad that is currently taking part in the ICC Champions Trophy for the upcoming tri-series in West Indies starting June 28. 4.Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir has described the Indian judicial system as one of the most powerful in the world today due to the power of judicial review enjoyed by it. 5.At the G-8 meeting in Northern Ireland, US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have acknowledged that they have a common desire to end violence in Syria 6.In Andhra Pradesh, 20 members including of TRS and BJP have been suspended for two days from the Assembly on Monday on Telangana issue. Speaker N. Manohar has suspended the TRS, BJP members and also an independent member from ...
Honeybee pesticide poisoning, check your chemical use. Within honeybee industry circles, it is common to read reports or hear discussions relating to pesticides used in Australia as well as other countries, being responsible for honeybee deaths overseas, particularly in the northern hemisphere. Sometimes, hysteria follows, further discouraging beekeepers from engaging in commercial pollination. Whilst beekeepers are right to maintain an awareness of the international situation and to be on the lookout for emerging issues that may impact on their business, it is important to realise that there are a number of differences between the ways in which pesticides are used in Australia and overseas. This means that a pesticide that is causing bee deaths overseas, will not necessarily have the same impact in Australia. Such differences include product application rates and the growth period for crops. An example of this is imidacloprid, an active ingredient that is used in a number of insecticides including Confid ...
Women in the Tiwi tribe of Northern Australia are married at birth.
Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer has called for a standardised approach to officiating the breakdown by northern and southern hemisphere referees following Saturday’s 30-17 win over Scotland in Nelspruit.
I am not sharing this picture, because it is brutally painful, but know that live export is just that, and organizations such as "Animals Australia" need your support! These animals are shipped, alive, across the world and treated inhumanely at every step of the process. The link at the end shows the cows demise... not for the "faint of heart." This Australian steer was brutally killed inside a ‘full inversion slaughter box’ in Egypt. This box is illegal in Australia, the USA and the UK due to the extreme suffering it causes. But it is still deemed an ‘acceptable’ way for animals to die in the live export trade. We’re reaching out to farming groups, because despite our differences, if ever there was one issue we should agree on, it’s that no animal deserves to endure this pain and terror. And while live export continues for now, this needs to stop, IMMEDIATELY. What are we asking of them? It’s simple. We want them to recognise the suffering caused by these slaughter boxes and to choose to no ...
A new language has been discovered in a remote Indigenous community in northern Australia that is generated from...
Contrary to popular belief, your morning breath, not the box jellyfish of northern Australia, contains the strongest venom on …
Breaking news: New language "light Warlpiri" discovered in a remote corner of northern Australia made from bits...
Yet another sickening murder in London by a Muslim happened over the weekend when a disabled wheelchair bound man had his throat cut.
A brief look at Australia in 2013... what can we do? Although Australia is a big country, it is only big in land mass (Australia's national debt is threatening to crash through the $1 trillion mark for the first time because of government stimulus spending and private borrowing). As a country we can't afford to accept anymore refugee asylum seekers. As a country we are accepting approximately 16K asylum seekers every year. 90% of these asylum seekers are muslim. This is not counting the thousands of legal immigrations of Muslims per year. I truly believe in assisting people who are genuinely seeking asylum. I don't agree with allowing Muslims into our country. What can be done about this catch 22 situation? We can see where the UK and other European countries are heading. What can we do? What can the US do? I would like to open a debate on this issue.. any ideas?
I know a lot of our problem is more or less paranoia of a who to trust thing right now. I will also suggest that if you are open to linking up with others in your state to comment with your STATE and people can friend you in this thread. If you are in the same state as one mentioned, then"Like" their comment and people can open the "likes' that are there to see all the ones who are in that state. Hopefully we can take home some new friends! I'm not trying to be nasty in this comment against our followers but more to whoever just shows up on our site.please be skeptical for awhile with anyone you friend, and if you are a prepper.LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!!! -md
I just got an amazing 2:1 pass for my second year at Durham University and I did that off my own back and with my own determination. After a college night out to celebrate such achievements there were 3 occasions where my friend and I were discriminated against for being Northern and told to 'speak properly' and it has disgusted me. At the end of the day, my parents haven't paid for a penny of my education and I'm getting a degree just as good as anybody else's. Parent's need to teach their children how to respect others, and not depend on private education to get them were they need to be in life. My parents have taught me morals, respect for myself and respect for other around me and that hasn't cost me or them a single penny. It's a shame that being at this 'elite' university, I can't say this for many of my fellow students here. Such a pity. So much for being taught that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it.
Available cesarean rates for individual hospitals
PRELUDE TO REVOLUTION: CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE FIRST WORLD WAR Megan Trudell Over 80 years after it began the First World War continues to haunt our imaginations. The images of the trenches, the mud, the suffering, are ingrained onto our consciousness, whatever age we are. A drive through Northern France today means roads lined with cemeteries and monuments to the dead. Farmers still turn up tin hats and shells from the ground with every year's plough. The experience of war produced some of the 20th century's most provoking art in the work of Chagall, Otto Dix, Kathë Kollwitz and the German Expressionists, among others, and some of the most moving prose and poetry in the work of Graves, Owen, Sassoon, D H Lawrence, Blunden, Remarque and others. And the war continues to fascinate: some of the best selling books over the last few years­like Sebastian Faulks' Birdsong and Pat Barker's powerful Regeneration trilogy­have focused on the war, those who fought it, and those they left behind. The reason the ...
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Eric gave me the news tonight he's headed back to Iraq for a month:(
Well looky there! I'm a town in South Australia! At the northern end of the Oodnadatta Track no less. Who knew!?
WHAT DO YOU THINK? A planned Chinese cultural theme park at Warnervale could be under construction by next year after successful talks in China. FULL STORY:
SUMMER ADVENTURES WITH THE CAMPBELL DAUGHTERS This was Serene's recent post on TRIM HEALTHY MAMA, but I thought you may like to cash in on what's happening in our neck of the woods... How are all my THM Sistahs? Is your summer season shaping up well? Yes, the pun was intended… it thrills us to pieces to hear about how far and wide the message in our book is reaching and of the fantastic shape ups that are happening all over THM Nation. As we mention in the book, Pearl and I live in rural Tennessee. Our children’s summers are all about creek fishing and swimming. Pearl and I take our children to our local fishing/swimming hole and sit in the shade together. We keep busy praising all their aquatic acrobats, (some more graceful than others) and cheer on the fishing experts as they reel their beauties back to shore. In between this wonderful splashing chaos we try to get our noses back down to our research papers and writing material that we bring to the creek to keep all our sisters at THM in the know. W ...
NORTHERN ITALY (onsite work in progress). A certain LORENZO (b.1822) had seven siblings. His mother came from a different town than where these children were born, but died in the new town in 1827 still in her 30s and leaving Lorenzo when he was only a boy five years old. :-( Lorenzo's grandfather was born in the mid 1700s and married three times ! His parent's names are known from his death record in 1830, and they are people who were born probably in the 1720s ! (hey that's getting pretty close to the 1600s already). The researcher reports that she is only just getting started and will have more in a few days (with copies of supporting documents), and she is also looking for Lorenzo's death record in the initial town of VillarFocchiardo where the immigrant son who later went off to Australia was born.
The Northern Territory Government’s comprehensive sport and active recreation grants program is the cornerstone of its community development activities, aimed at building the capacity of organisations within the industry.
With a growing collection of contemporary, upscale accommodations in more than 330+ gateway cities,...
TIhey predicting the worst snow storms in twenty years lol we shall see every time, the weather gurus long range forecast they not right ,sure there may be some snow but I'm more of thinking its just, going to be a good one but not the worst anyway we bringing I'n the gas heaters and gas cookers from the shed just in case, we shall see lol
IMAGINE what would happen if pro-meat campaigners staked out a vegan commune and waited until the simple creatures were tucked up in their koala-suit peejays before bursting through the door with the cameras rolling.
My 2002 travel journal ; 18/6 - Travelling from Kununurra to Katherine hence going from Western Australia to the Northern Territory , putting clocks forward 1.5 hours (felt closer to home after doing this timewise). My first break stop in the NT was for lunch at TImber Creek roadhouse.
Gladstone defies doomsayers with 24% gain in annual median house prices… Larry Schlesinger Tuesday, 28 May 2013 Talk of the mining boom effect petering out in perennial property hotspot favourites Gladstone and Moranbah in northern Queensland appears premature with both bucking the trend of property markets that soar one year only to fizz out the next. Property Observer analysis of the 15 best performing detaching housing markets across five house price brackets published last May by Smart Property Investment magazine now one year on, shows that nine markets went from boom to bust in the space of a year, two tread water and three grew strongly, albeit at slower rates in the prior year. The biggest boom to bust occurred in Quindalup, a small town in the South West region of Western Australia in the shire Busselton and about 250 kilometres west of Perth, most famous as the hub of a thriving timber industry from the mid to late 1800s. Just a few original buildings remain, including Harwoods Cottage, now a ...
Available for Adoption at Denkai Animal Rescue (Northern Colorado): Princess is a sweet, 2 year old, 14 hand, dun mare. What a jumper! Since she was a baby she has made some incredible jumps just running and playing. She halters, leads, loads and has a really good head on her. She is an excellent prospect! Contact: infoor (970) 895-2337
If news copy was the determining factor youd be forgiven for thinking that car makers are the biggest players in Australian manufacturing The title actually belongs to food processors but its size
EDUCATION: According to The Sydney Morning Herald this morning too much homework combined with a lack of appropriate supervision was not an effective way to teach children in primary school. Do you agree or disagree? Do you think homework is a must for primary school students or is it something that can be stopped all together?
If you thought it was particularly cold last night you were right - it was the chilliest night so far this year and three incoming flights to Adelaide Airport have been diverted due to morning fog.
Hey people... us old rockers are not getting any younger and one by one we fade into the oblivion. Wouldn't it be nice before all of our lights go out that someone with some sort of real power get a few of us us old dogs together and do a real tour and you guys really support these tours? Cuz at the end of the day one by one we will all burn out. It is indeed better to burn out than fade away. Bride is giving everyone another CD after a 4 year hideous and who knows when inspiration will come again after this CD. If you want these historical Christian rock bands to remain you are going to have to sacrifice as much as they do. As the front man of a successful band I can truly say I keeping on because you guys ask for it yet there has been no grassroots organization to get us back out on the road. matter of fact the only country begging us to return is Brazil. In America Christian rock is dead. Is that what you want? Truth is truth and I do not need to sugar coat it or put some sort of wacky spiritual spin o ...
you want to go northern Australia near Brisbane, it's always hot there :)
Bacolod City mayor-elect Monico Puentevella (left) and Honorary Consul General to Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, Januario John Rivas share light moments with Gov. Alfredo G. Marañon, Jr. (center) during their courtesy visit at the Capitol, yesterday. Both of them congratulated and expressed…
Conveniently located just off of Stuart Highway, the hotel is only 15 minutes’ drive from Alice Springs Airport and within walking distance of downtown. Enjoy easy access to many businesses, government offices and attractions such as Simpsons Gap, Desert Park and Anzac Hill. Ideal for both corporate...
Wow who will be the three thousandth liker? Hello to all 2999 of you. Please say hi back so I can see if you are all here still.
We are pleased to announce that Art in Odd Places is coming to Australia for the first time - and you are invited to be a part of it. Art in Odd Places 2013:NUMBER / Australia will present visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces and is a celebration of creative works, projects and live performances that question the traditional notions of public space and art. With events being held in Warringah and Manly in September 2013, we are calling on artists from the northern beaches to propose imaginative projects that explore the theme NUMBER. Up to 30 artists will receive $250 for their participation and applications close 12 July. For more information visit
If you won a trip to go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
In The Wall Street Journal, David Gordon and Ashn Jain write that together, the U.S. and its democratic allies can advance common values and strategic interests.
East Timor plays risky game with Sunrise Drilling down By Angela Macdonald-Smith amacdonald-smithThe Australian Financial Review. 14 June 2013 The Timor Sea has never been famed for offering oil and gas operators smooth sailing over the years. However East Timor's manoeuvring over the treaty with Australia about royalties from Woodside Petroleum's Sunrise gas venture have escalated sovereign risk in the waters off our northern coast to a worrying new level. The espionage claims that East Timor hit Australia with in April, related to the negotiations on the treaty, have knocked the Sunrise venture for six. Any hopes the partners had of breaking the stalemate over how to develop the valuable resource have all but disappeared for the time being. That is troublesome enough, but the issue is spilling over to the other ventures in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) - the waters jointly run by East Timor and Australia - including ConocoPhillips' Bayu-Undan gas venture and Eni's $US1 billion Kitan oil p ...
If you could only pick one festival to go to this summer, what would it be?
the stone of scone The identity of the twelve tribes is summarized or given here by Herbert W Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God(now deceased)... Reuben - France (dignified but troubled, Genesis 49:3-4) Judah - The nation now called Israel as well as the Jews not in that land but who were from the area near Jerusalem (Ezra 4:12) Simeon - Scattered throughout the tribes (Genesis 49:5) Levi - Scattered throughout the tribes (Genesis 49:5) Issachar - Finland (sits between Europe and Russia, Genesis 49:14) Zebulun - Netherlands (haven by the sea, Genesis 49:13) and a few in South Africa Gad - Switzerland (will apparently have to temporarily accept EU domination, Genesis 49:19) Dan - Denmark, Ireland (on the outskirts--Genesis 49:17; the tribe that named places "Dan", Judges 18:12,29) (those in Northern Ireland mainly are descended from the Ephraim) Asher - Belgium, Luxembourg (wealthy, Genesis 49:20) Naphtali - Sweden (attractively described, Genesis 49:21) Benjamin - Norway, Iceland (former vikings, cf ...
Experience the most memorable sunrises and sunsets of your life at Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia's most recognisable natural icon. Part of the Uluru Kata Tju...
It is HOT! 85 degrees here today already, and supposed to break over 90. We're all panting in this crazy weather. What's the weather like where you are?
Interesting Fact: Since the year 2000, there has been an average of three magnitude 7.7+ earthquakes per year globally. This year there has already been three quakes 7.7+. And it's only June!
I will have a little insight into the forth-coming wet season soon, I am just doing some research. I will start making a quarterly long range forecast of what my opinion is. It will be based partially on technical information and partially on Wally's pattern recognition system (gut feel).
Where are you from?! Comment down below! Will be nice to find out if we have any foreign bears or Bearettes here on IFFRF1872 ~Jordz
River Oflife wrote: Pastor Rob (Canada) and brother Glen (Australia) are giving the interview to River of Life Channel Pakistan. Papa Joe is getting interview from them. Our Pakistani camera team is capturing their interviews. Please keep praying for River of Life Channel in Pakistan which is on air for the first time in the history of Northern Pakistan.
Ok lovely's no-one has picked the place I would most like to visit! I have loved reading your posts about all the places you would love to see! Please keep posting a little hint for you is (It has to do with visiting to learn more about my heritage) All my love Jodie xxxooo
What other countries would you like to see the K-1 World Tour stop at?
How bad are Tahiti! How did they get into that competition?
Hi all, I do not wish for my name to be seen Thanks. I am a little bewildered, please help. I think it's great that our children are encouraged to learn about Aboriginal history and other cultures, but I am confused as to why an Aboriginal child (5 years) is taught and encouraged he is more special than the other children in his class, leaving much confusion with children and them asking why are they not special. Special is the word the word that is used. Please Note I do not mean any disrespect to the Aboriginal Culture I am concerned about the impact it is having on the other children who are also the same age who now think they are not special in anyway. I believe this to be a very touchy issue and am not sure how best to approach the issue. THANKS
Bet you guys didn't know the highest population of dugongs is concentrated around northern Australia.
Ok EVERYONE. I would LOVE to see what country you are from. We have such a DIVERSE audience of Reptile Lovers...Please take a moment and tell us WHERE YOU ARE FROM! Thanks! Kevin
Radio show on reconciliation today- although I don't think the Canadian government knows the true meaning of reconciliation (or if they can even walk their talk when it comes to this topic), many people in society understand the concept. Reconciliation is a western word, ceremony is our way.
"How to describe the world, like quick? Well, roughly Earth-size; actually, a bit smaller, and more watery. -As for the main landmass, first hold a mirror up to South America, to get the big bump from the right side over to the left, then rotate it ninety degrees in a counter-clockwise direction and push it up into the northern hemisphere. Got that? Good. Now grab it by the tail and pull. Stretch it another six or seven hundred miles, slimming down the middle as you do, and let the last five or six hundred fall across the equator. There you have Cygnus, its big gulf partly in the tropics, partly not. Just for the sake of thoroughness, while you're about it, break Australia into eight pieces and drop them after the first eight letters in the Greek alphabet. Put a big scoop of vanilla at each pole, and don't forget to tilt the globe about eighteen degrees before you leave. Thanks." - Roger Zelazny
I was wondering earlier how far my page has reached? Where are you all? :) I'm in Derbyshire, UK! Hellooo!
If life had no limitations - where is the one place in the world you would LOVE to live?
TITANIC 2 Everyone knows about the historical ship TITANIC. It was a passenger ship which was sank with 1514 passengers and crew in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912 after colliding with an Iceberg on its first journey. According to this tragedy a movie was also released and run successfully all over the World and still today it is one of the great movies among the world. But our topic is not the movie. It’s the ship. Titanic ship is building again. “TITANIC 2” is one of the most attractive news of the world. One of the Australia’s richest men, Clive Palmer who is estimated to be Australia’s fifth richest person has made a plan to build a 21st century’s classic ship “Titanic 2 “in China. Its fast voyage will from England to New York set for 2016. “CSC Jinling Shipyard” of China will build “TITANIC 2”. It will build at the same Dimensions as its Predecessor. “TITANIC 2” will be every bit as luxurious as the original Titanic but the build company will use the art of 21st ...
We're recording 12 new songs next week end ! But the record shouldn't be out before a while (fall/winter), because we probably won't have enough time to finish the vocals and mix it before going on tour, and then I'm going to India for a few weeks. We're also announcing our summer world tour very soon, we're just waiting for the last gig to be scheduled. Exciting !!
Prince Harry could be coming to Australia this year, with NSW ACT and Northern Territory wanting him to visit. Rob Jobson reports.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The UK Government has been accused of failing to address problems facing Scottish fishermen. Following a statement on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) by Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Richard Benyon, SNP MPs Mike Weir and Angus MacNeil have said th...
Carbon Farming - Early season burning for carbon profit in Northern Australia
these people have no idea of the situation in Northern Australia
Barramundi is distributed in the IndoWest Pacific region from Persian Gulf, through Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea & Northern Australia
Goannas have roamed northern Australia for thousands of years, living on the walls of ancient rock art and in the...
The best way of avoiding crocs is just to never go to Northern Australia. They have box jellyfish too. ***
Scientists predict more major floods in northern Tasmania | via
How are you helping farmers in Northern Australia now no market and a drought?
Lavender: There has been an increasing intensity of closed lows over northern Australia since 1990.
"Federal treasury spokesman Joe Hockey says new abattoirs in northern Australia should be considered to help the...
Box jellies live primarily in coastal waters off Northern Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific.
How does the converse wage reduction northern australia companies activity?
Blog: Unlocking the urban myths about northern Australia ^SO
US Forces given the nod - approves larger rotation of 1150 US Marines to northern Australia in 2014
Blog: Why we're so fascinated by northern Australia ^SO
That's talking sense about alcohol legal issues in Northern Australia in this week's Eureka Street
The four Northern QLD RDA Chairs welcome the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum to Cairns:...
Maybe Rupert has discovered that GINA & him will have a lovely future in Northern Australia.
WSPA's Campaign Manager, Jodie Jankevics talks to about the economic alternatives to live export http:/…
On way to Cairns from Mackay for the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum
manipulated the Govt. into letting cattle starve in Northern Australia, now that's a
Is letting cattle starve in Northern Australia are more humane way to die? I doubt it
Is that when Gina was giving them her instructions on Northern Australia?
Almost no soil maps for northern Australia. Peter Stone, CSIRO
Julie Bishop says a Coalition Gov will create a development plan for Northern Australia.
Indigenous workforce participation at a mining operation in Northern Australia: The potential of th...
The Cassowary is a large, flightless bird from northern Australia..
Very interesting specially here in thanks! northern Australia's fauna in big strife
First Kakadu, now the Kimberley, northern Australia's fauna in big strife
have you seen Gina Rinehart plan for Northern Australia? Fill it with people - dangerous woman
Scientists predict more major floods in northern Australia, Tasmania
Scientists- more major floods in Aust economists warn huge cost to economy & people might take…
Monsoon winds in Indian subcontinent originate from the Indian Ocean to the south of this land mass. Since they come from SW these winds are called 'southwest monsoon winds'. Because the land gets heated up in summer creating a low pressure area, the moist winds full with water vapour arrive on the ground causing rains. Himalayan mountains also play a role, by cooling the moisture laden winds as they climb higher and higher causing rain drenching in the southern slopes of Himalayas. Indian sub-continent & SE Asia form a contiguous monsoon (climatic) zone characterised by heavy 'summer' rains. 'Summer' rains is the expression used by westerners as per their concept of seasons. In the subcontinent it is called 'rainy season'. Quasi-monsoon areas of the world are the Gulf of Mexico & Central (meso-) America that includes the northern coast of S. America, Gulf of Guinea in Africa and Northern Australia (particularly the eastern coast & York peninsula).
Asylum-seeker backlog: Norway turns more away. From the Sydney Morning Herald. Norway expects 20,000 asylum-seekers will arrive in the next twelve months, writes Simon Mann in London. First it was a trickle. Then, steadily, more and more asylum-seekers were arriving. On one Sunday, 169 turned up. Within a fortnight the tally topped 400. "We fear there are many more on their way," said a police official. The authorities talked tough. These people would be returned home immediately. Some asylum-seekers went on a hunger strike. Northern Australia? No, this was Norway, in June and July, when in the space of a few weeks almost 1,000 Bulgarians were dumped in central Oslo to claim asylum. Not one application was granted: by last month all had been returned. The Bulgarians had been conned by advertisements in their homeland promising they would be welcomed in Norway, one of the world's richest nations, and given jobs. But the authorities acted swiftly, establishing temporary processing centres. Norway was within ...
Horoscopes Thought for the day 9 May 2013 People in Northern Australia or the Southern Pacific get a gorgeous annular eclipse early tomorrow. During an ordinary eclipse, the Moon appears to be the same size as the Sun and it blocks out all the light. When an eclipse is annular, the Moon appears slightly smaller so we end up with a big dark 'central space' surrounded by a glorious ring of fire. The simple, symbolic key to what that means is 'transformation.' Wherever you seek transformation now, it is possible to attain it, regardless of what sign you are or whether you actually witness the eclipse! Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 aquarius When we are too cautious, we risk making mistakes. But then we expose ourselves to a similar danger when we are too careless. You are currently conscious of a potential risk. What if you put a foot wrong? What if you find yourself being blamed for a series of regrettable developments? The eclipse is now encouraging you to banish such thoughts from your mind. If you are now acti ...
Jupiter, Mercury and Venus get together. Using binoculars, see the Virgo Cluster and Sombrero galaxy. The Eta Aquarid meteor shower rains and an annular solar eclipse is viewable in Northern Australia.
The Yolngu people of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory tell the story[2] of Barnumbirr, a creator-being associated with the planet Venus, who came from the island of Baralku in the East, guiding the first humans to Australia, and then flew across the land from East to West, naming and creating the animals, plants, and natural features of the land. The Yarralin people of the Victoria River Valley venerate the spirit Walujapi as the Dreaming Spirit of the black-headed python. Walujapi is said to have carved a snakelike track along a cliff-face and deposited an impression of her buttocks when she sat establishing camp. Both signs are currently discernible. The Rainbow Serpent followed a path across Northern Australia, creating rivers and mountains as she went, and stopping at especially sacred places, such as Ubirr. A song, created by her, is still sung by Indigenous Australians, and describes her journey, and the features along it. The Native Cat Dreaming Spirits who are said to have commenced their jou ...
Today in Weather History... 5 March 2007 The morning temperature dropped to -51° at Key Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. 5 March 2000 ~ A major wildfire near Miami, FL threatened homes as southern Florida continued in its worst drought in 200 years. Rainfall amounts were as much 5 feet below normal over the preceding 3 years. The Florida Aquifer, which supplies most of the potable water, was reportedly at its lowest level in history as intense development combined with the drought reduced water levels. ~ Minneapolis, MN established a new record for the fewest number of days between 70° temperature readings; from the last date in the autumn to the first date in the spring. This season only 113 days passed, the previous record was 131 days, the average, 175 days. 5 March 1998 The airport was closed in Burketown, Australia due to the runways crowded by kangaroos & wallabies seeking refuge from flood waters. An area of Northern Australia half the size of Great Britain was underwater. 5 March 1990 ~ Thunderstorms ...
4-MINUTE NEWS: Wichita breaks a 100-year old snowfall record, tropical cyclone Rusty has made landfall in Northern Australia, and the third day of the earthquake watch sees an uptick in activity but no significant quakes (M6+) so far. Solar activity = quiet. That's the news; be safe every0ne.
We take an in-depth look at the flaring monsoon over Northern Australia and where the upcoming cyclone could hit the coast next week. Our next update will be...
Eagle Radio News Headlines Fri. Feb 15, 2013 The Eagle Tribune is reporting today that The Lawrence Teachers Union will be playing a key role in the management of a new elementary school and the hiring of its principal next year. The Oliver Partnership School, which will involve about 400 students in grades 1 through 5. -- Police in Tyngsboro are searching for two men from Nashua, NH who allegedly used stolen credit cards at several Tyngsboro businesses. Arrest warrants have been issued for 23 year old Michael Perez and 23 year old Jonathan Escobar, -- Funeral services will be held tomorrow for Jaquelyn “Jackie’’ Kastrinelis of Groveland, the performing artist and Pentucket graduate who died unexpectedly on a cruise ship in Northern Australia on Feb. 3 -- Republican Sean Bielat [[ BEE-ah-let ]] has officially jumped into the Massachusetts Senate race to replace John Kerry. Bielat joins the Republican field, with State rep Dan Winslow and former Navy Seal Gabriel Gomez. -- Former Salem, NH Zo ...
Weekly Tropical Climate Note Issued on Tuesday 12 February 2013 MJO moves over Indian Ocean This past week has seen the MJO weaken and then strengthen again over the African region. It is expected to quickly progress across the Indian Ocean this week and enter the Maritime Continent region next week. As the MJO moves across the Indian Ocean the risk of tropical cyclone development will increase across the basin. This includes the region off Australia’s northwest coast where the current sea surface temperatures exceed 30 °C. Northern Australia, which has been under suppressed convective conditions since late January and has been experiencing a wet season much drier than usual so far, may begin to see a return to near normal wet season conditions by late next week. However, it is still unclear whether this will be a large “burst” period in the North Australian Monsoon as there is some uncertainty regarding the strength of the MJO as it enters the Australian longitudes. See the Bureau's MJO Monitoring ...
FROM THE ARCHIVES: AUSTRALIA NEEDS VISION, NOT FREE MARKET-BRAINWASHED WIMPS Tony Abbott’s Liberals triggered a minor controversy during Parliament’s first week back, when a party discussion paper on developing Northern Australia was leaked to the media. The paper discussed a free market approach to developing the Top End, by creating a Special Economic Zone with lower taxes and less regulation, to attract “capital” to invest there for profit. The kernel of the idea is similar to the call Gina Rinehart issued last year for a Special Economic Zone, to include lower wages for migrant workers. Labor’s response wasn’t to ridicule the obvious oxymoron of free market development, because they are free market zombies too; instead, they attacked the idea of building infrastructure in the north, pooh-poohing it as “white elephants” and “gold-plating”. Spooked by the controversy, the spineless Liberals disowned their discussion paper immediately. Following is an example of a vision to develop Au ...
Did you notice that infrastructure development in Northern Australia, on the cusp of the Asian Century, is now, a wacky, crazy idea?
Each species of grasshopper has its own song. This is important, as the varied species cannot breed with each other. The female needs to be aware that she is listening to a male from her own species. Compass termites of Northern Australia build tall nests that are wedge-shaped. They measure up to 3.5 m in length. Flying frogs change color in the day. They are greenish-blue in sunlight and green in the evening. At night there are black. Boas, as well as many other snakes have special heat-sensitive organs that are called pits. These pits are on their heads. They can detect the heat given by a warm-blooded animal standing close to them. The king Cobra can grow to the length of 5.5 m, and is regarded as the largest poisonous snake in the world. A tiny amount of its poison can kill up to 30 people. Anteaters protect their long claws by walking on their knuckles. This makes them look as if they are limping. Bats eat all types of food. There is no restriction where their diet is concerned. The hippopotamus’s ...
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The northern Australia plan is good. Vast parts of our country are underdeveloped. Shame Abbott backtracked.
Northern Australia proposal is a good start, though I'm not keen on federal govt distortions. Rather, create autonomous zones in the region.
Scott Morrison & Julie Bishop looking for CES sites in northern Australia after a verballing a Tamil MP.
is thinking outside the square with his Northern Australia vision. Good job. Look forward to hearing more
Northern Australia - the food bowl of Asia plus tax breaks
Climate and weather in Australia • Summer- Dec-Feb • Autumn- March-May • Winter- June-Aug • Spring- Sep-Nov • Main Intakes- Feb/July and universities have mid year intake for some programs. • Australia is temperate, most of the country receiving more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. In summer (December to March) the average temperature is 84°F (29°C). The hottest region is the northern two-thirds of the continent, which experiences humid and wet conditions in summer. Further south summer is warm with occasional hot spells and mild nights. Winter (June to August) averages 56°F (13°C) for the country as a whole, with warm days and mild nights in the northern areas, becoming cool and showery in the south (although there are still plenty of sunny days).
Ross Gittins: Northern Australia economic zone idea is DOA.
Have I understood - Tony Abbott now wants to stop the boats LEAVING northern Australia?
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