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Northeast Corridor

The Northeast Corridor (commonly abbreviated as the NEC) is a fully electrified railway line owned primarily by Amtrak serving the Northeast megalopolis of the United States from Boston in the north, via New York to Washington, D.C.

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Is John Sununu Sr. terrified that the "Northeast Corridor" of political power in the GOP is "history"? Draft Romney is latest desperation!
Northeast Corridor of Grand Central. Near Park and 47th. It's where I buy my brollies. :)
If I wake up wanting to embark on a music career someday, I might name my 1st project Northeast Corridor b/c of my NJ Transit experience.
Had to repost this. My boy on billboards all up and down the northeast corridor and not with the law…
Good work/reporting by Christine Sloan on this ->Gov. Christie, Feds Discuss New Hudson River Rail Tunnel
CBSNewYork: SEE IT: GovChristie's response to CSloanTV's question about today's meeting about the
SEE IT: response to question about today's meeting about the
the entire NorthEast Corridor is ridiculous to live in. Only place worst if the Bay Area
It wasn't important back in 2010, but now that he's running for president in 2015, it's important!
I won't be satisfied unless I see a picture of hugging .
Will this be an expansion of the existing Northeast Corridor route (with which it shares NYC-Rahway) or standalone?
Northeast Corridor train the 6:44AM from Metro Park is up to 20 min. delayed due to late train ahead.
Northeast Corridor train the 5:07AM from NYPS is up to 50 min. delayed to operational issues.
Christie, feds to discuss how to fund new Hudson rail tunnel
"Christie, Feds to Discuss How to Fund New Hudson Rail Tunnel" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Eindhoven Weather - A heat wave in much of the Interstate 95 corridor will soon be replaced by lower temperatures…
(Correction - three shows. *** it's like Stevie's got his own private train running on the Northeast Corridor.)
New York’s Governor Waits on the U.S. Government to Save the Northeast Corridor
a storm could cut a critical link in the Northeast rail corridor that serves ~ 750,000 people a day on 2,000 intercity and commuter trains.
Cuomo reluctant to dig deep for new Hudson rail link
Infrastructure, especially along the Northeast Corridor, is both fascinating and frustrating.
Imagine if airplanes just stopped working in mid-journey as often as trains on the Northeast Corridor
"The Northeast corridor produces about 20% of the nation’s GDP and is home to 17% of the American population."
Not good news for who use the tunnel and its aging system.
'Transportation Armageddon' Is Coming to the Northeast Rail Corridor. Major investment is needed...yesterday.
The Northeast Corridor has doubled its ridership in the last 30 years as its old and overloaded infrastructure has begun to wear out
The Northeast rail corridor is being held hostage by political vanity
Amtrak to restore full Northeast Corridor service -
Baltimore Sun - Amtrak restoring Northeast Corridor service - Baltimore's Penn Station will be buzzing this mornin...
What's going on DC? Amtrak restoring Northeast Corridor service - Baltimore Sun Get found ->
Amtrak to restore full Northeast Corridor service Monday(Orlando news)
The rails of the Northeast Corridor are decaying, strained, and moving more people than ever:
PTC has been installed @ other locations along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor line including stretches from Boston to New Haven
You could say I'm a Northeast Corridor girl - my dad commuted on the New Haven line every day + I take it often still.
Due to the severe winter weather, Amtrak service on the Northeast Corridor will operate on a modified schedule on Friday, Marc…
The bay, LA, Miami and the northeast corridor is so warped. Our cost of living is insane in comparison
Northeast Corridor continues to cope with horrific winter weather.
Tonight was a good night for the Northeast Corridor air shuttle industry, thanks to incompetence.
The transit system in this nation is pathetic. Is there any way to get around the Northeast corridor in anything resembling a timely manner?
Areas of light snow will be possible tonight mainly northwest of the I-30 corridor of Northeast TX and Southwest...
Riding the Northeast Corridor to NYC from Boston. Rhode Island is much prettier than I thought.
Ten inches of snow to blanket the Southeast, only to skirt the Northeast corridor - talk about meteorological justice!
Train 79 southbound Carolinian is on time in the northeast corridor. Likely delayed in NC this...
Peter Jackson's next movie: "Northeast Corridor 3: the Desolation of Smaug, Who Misses His Meeting due to Amtrak Signal Lines."
What's the future of The funding debate happening now- v.
yep at south station so the end of the northeast corridor line anyway XD
Love Northeast elitism. Some shocked that Chick-Fil-A closed on Sunday's. I mean, get out of the Northeast corridor people.
Moderate to heavy snow continues to move northeast up the I-75 corridor. Road conditions will deteriorate.
Blizzard will bring air, train, and ground travel to a halt in busy Northeast corridor
Biden the Rails: A Thousand and One Poems Inspired by My Travels Through Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor
People outside the northeast corridor have no idea that you aren't exaggerating.
yeah this follower might be my husband i need to hop on that good ole Northeast Corridor to NY
Every time I take a northeast corridor train to work I wanna just stay on and go all the way home but instead I get off and go to work.
delays yet again on the Northeast Corridor. Really taxing patience. Any ETA on train 56?
I've found northeast corridor very welcoming to lay experts. There's also just a lot of population density out here.
With a friendly wave from the engineer a pair of former Pennsy E-44's hum along the Northeast Corridor as they...
Because of course NJ has a train full of all its politicians that travels along the northeast corridor and ugh I'm sick of everything.
ICYMI, the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak now has a pretty spiffy new web site:
Northeast Corridor train the 5:50am from Sec is up to 15 min. delay.
Some of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor service will run on a modified schedule today (Monday), due to ongoing extreme winter weather.
Amtrak service modified Monday: Amtrak service in the Northeast Corridor … to ongoing weather-related issues...
Modified schedule for Northeast Corridor on Monday, Feb. 23. More here:
Amtrak's Acela Express can reach a top speed of 165 mph, but it is restricted to 150 mph on the aging rails of the Northeast Corridor.
NJ Transit: Northeast Corridor Trains delays up to 20 minutes at Elizabeth, delay of 20 mins
Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line trains are subject to 15-30 min delays in both direct...
Northeast Corridor trains are subject to 15 -20 min delays in both directions, due to Amtrak signal problem near Elizabeth.
I think it's ridiculous that the Northeast Corridor doesn't have a high speed rail yet
High speed rail makes the most sense for the congested northeast corridor, not earthquake-prone California.
Amtrak launches website specifically dedicated to the Northeast Corridor! Check it out - Home
[Eugene Kontorovich] Upcoming East Coast speaking events: I’ll be giving several talks in “Northeast Corridor”...
Bridge: The Righteous Felon of the Northeast Corridor. One moment, A vital route, integral…
Which are the busiest stations on the Northeast Corridor? View in interactive NEC Amtrak Map.
Do you travel along the Northeast Corridor line? Amtrak launched a website that brings awareness about the...
Amtrak launches Northeast Corridor website with project info/updates, maps, infographics and other resources
smart to launch new website on needs and benefits of an improved Northeast corridor:
oh my god the schadenfreude of watching people in the northeast corridor freak out about snow while you're half a world away is UNPARALLELED
Excited to announce launch of new Northeast Corridor website today: about NEC infra pla…
Inter-city + local trains jostle for scarce paths on Northeast Corridor just as on Britain's north-south main lines
While our own spring PHIL/RS conference is obviously far superior, perhaps you would like to do a Northeast Corridor tour with one of your papers: CALL FOR PAPERS The George Washington University Philosophy Club invites undergraduates to submit their work for its annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, to be held this year on April 3, 2015. The George Washington University Philosophy Club, in conjunction with the Department of Philosophy, will host our annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference on April 3, 2015. We invite undergraduates to submit papers on any philosophical topic, but papers in the fields of applied ethics and political philosophy are strongly encouraged. Papers should be no longer than 3500 words, submitted by February 14, 2015. Please format papers for blind review, including an abstract of no more than 250 words. Additionally, authors should submit a cover page listing their paper’s title, the author’s name, their college or university, and year of graduation, along with a cont ...
NJ Dem Assemblyman says Christie may be responsible for the Northeast Corridor no longer existing as we know it
Lucky us to live in Philly with and the amazing Ready for a train ride?
NJ Transit Rail: due to Earlier incdnt, south Northeast Corridor Line from the Princeton Jct Sta (Princeton Jct) train
Northeast Corridor train the 5:33pm from Metuchen Station is delayed up to 65 min., due to earlier disabled Amtrak train ahead.
Northeast Corridor train the 5:44pm from Princeton Junction Station is delayed up to 50 min., ...
Northeast Corridor train the 5:30pm arrival into Jersey Ave Station is delayed up to 20 min., due to switch problem.
Northeast Corridor train the 5:16pm from Metro Park Station is delayed due to disabled Amtrak train ahead. Update to follow.
A Five-Mile-Long Work Of Art -evolving now in - BERLIN via Harvard University Carpenter Center for the Visual...
Katharina Grosse's monumental “psychylustro" organized by "Bright Passages Along the Northeast Corridor
BIG congrats to for feature in Happy to see credit given to a wonderful organization! -
Romanticization of Blight Along the Northeast Corridor - could we have funded more permanent change with this budget?
Wonderful article about PHL's own in the Bright Passages Along the Northeast Corridor
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The shouts out & for transforming post-industrial railroad stretches with public art!
in the New York Times -- Bright Passages Along the Northeast Corridor
Northeast Corridor train the 11:31am Secaucus departure is delayed up to 10 minutes due to congestion from an earlier bridge opening.
Northeast Corridor train the 11:24am Newark Penn Station departure is delayed up to 15 minutes...
New in-transit along through industrial Enjoy the ride!
Looking forward to checking out this new painting and audio installation (by Jesse Kudler!) by train
NJ Transit Rail: due to Earlier incdnt, east Northeast Corridor Line into NY Penn Sta (Mnhttn) train the 8:24am has up …
Northeast Corridor train the 8:24am NY arrival, is up to 10 min. late due to a late train ahead.
Northeast Corridor train the 8:02am from Secaucus Jct, is up to 10 min. late
Art - a reason to travel 's NE Corridor.
Bright Passages Along the Northeast Corridor - Views of out an window
My story on the amazing murals on Philly's bit of the Northeast Corridor in the NYT:
Evidently, it's not a new graffiti style but art called "psychylustro"
Northeast Corridor train the 7:12am from Newark Penn Station is delayed up to 10 min. Sent: 7:21 AM.
1040pm - A few showers & storms have popped up on radar across south central AL near the I-65 corridor (moving east/northeast)
I just hope and pray the NY Rangers can come back and win this Stanley Cup Final series with Los Angeles. LA is a very non passionate sports town (especially for hockey) and area unlike us folks in the Northeast Corridor like Phila, Pittsburgh, NY and Boston. We are passionate, intense, insane, live and die with our teams here in the Northeast Corridor. Would make me sick to my stomach to see another LA world title in pro sports, especially NHL. Half the dam fans at the games in LA are from New York!! If the Kings win the series it would be the 3rd Stanley Cup title for Southern California since 2007. Pathetic!!!
Stephen getting ready to dazzle the Northeast Corridor.
Official video for 'Where You're Sleeping Tonight' by Northeast Corridor. Available for download now at Track written ...
Ooo Amtrak opens bidding to improve its Wi-Fi network on Northeast Corridor.
Amtrak has plans to update their free WiFi network, boosting speeds from current 10 Mbps to about 25 Mbps, for the entire Northeast Corridor
The Northeast Corridor is starting to slow down due to weather. Keep an eye on your flight data.
The one thing that Amtrak does better than British trains is faster wifi (at least on the northeast corridor) . But that's pretty much it.
John & Brittany are making our way up the northeast corridor this week, with acoustic duo shows in NYC on Thursday and Boston on Saturday! Please share this with people you know in these towns! Gracias!
. What an advocate, considering thats more than half the women in AR & a large percent from DC through northeast corridor
An ongoing complaint of travelers on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor trains is that the Wi-Fi service is painfully...
.threatening to introduce broadband wifi in the Northeast Corridor
West Coast Amtrak conductors are so relentlessly pleasant. They should import them to the Northeast Corridor line.
Love this idea: wants to build a trackside Wi-Fi network along the Northeast Corridor.
Connecticut, Metro-North to push for federal funds to replace Northeast Corridor bridge - TRAINS Magazine
Amtrak aims to put Northeast Wi-Fi back on a less bumpy and faster track - Tech Times
Amtrak is "exploring options to upgrade its on-board Wi-Fi service in the Northeast Corridor (NEC):"
Amtrak wants to upgrade its Northeast Corridor wifi: Citing increased demand, the rail carrier is seeking bids...
.to increase Wi-Fi bandwidth from 10 Mbps to at least 25 Mbps per train for its Northeast Corridor ^RCW
Amtrak wants to upgrade its Northeast Corridor wifi
"GREAT news for people on the northeast corridor:
GREAT news for people on the northeast corridor:
.plans to upgrade onboard wi-fi. The rail carrier seeks proof of concept bids.
Amtrak is planning to create its own high-speed Wi-Fi network for passengers on its Northeast Corridor lines. The...
Training to DC is easy, convenient (Metro Red Line from Union Sta. to the hotel), & may come with better Wifi:
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I'm just so happy. "Amtrak seeks to upgrade Wi-Fi on Northeast Corridor"
Amtrak eyes WiFi upgrade for Northeast Corridor riders
Alhamdulillah! "eyes upgrade for Northeast Corridor riders
Amtrak announced plans to launch a high-speed Wi-Fi network to serve passengers on its Northeast Corridor.
The sprawling Big Apple and the bustling city of New Haven come together in the exciting new NEC: New York-New Haven route for Train Simulator, featuring many of New York’s famous landmarks and advanced signalling throughout. Joining the USA’s most populated city, New York, to Connecticut’s second largest city, New Haven, the original line was completed in 1849; classic American steam trains were the first to use the line before it was electrified in the early 20th century. It also forms part of the longer Northeast Corridor, which runs from Boston to Washington D.C. The 75 mile (120km) route for Train Simulator features two of New York’s most famous train terminals, Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station, both within four blocks of each other but serving two different routes through The Big Apple. The stunning and imperious Grand Central Station in New York – once home to the great passenger trains of the New York Central - is Metro-North’s southernmost point of its Harlem Line. An undergrou ...
Northeast Corridor train the 6:57pm New Brunswick departure, up to 15 min. delay due to earlier con...
"UK Band Northeast Corridor Teams with Homeless American Teens to Fight Hate Speech" (Huffington Post - 5/19/14) Education News: Ali Forney Center, Northeast Corridor, Maysles Cinema EXCERPT: When English songwriter Nick Hampson of the band Northeast Corridor learned how Harlem parents were uniting to protest homophobic hate speech posted on the ATLAH Missionary Church sign on Lenox Avenue, he knew he must do something. Within hours, he wrote the song "Where You're Sleeping Tonight," in honor of homeless *** *** bisexual, transgender and *** (LGBTQ) youth, many of who are forced from their homes due to religious-based rejection. But the 20 year-old Hampson didn't stop there. The Oxford University musicology major teamed up with the youth artists of Smash Street Boys, an American safehouse art program that helps sexually abused boys recover via art, filmmaking, photography and storytelling work. He also decided that proceeds from the sale of "Where You're Sleeping Tonight" will be donated to the Al ...
Amtrak boss urges higher speeds on Northeast Corridor. Read more at...
Amtrak boss urges higher speeds on Northeast Corridor via
Amtrak boss urges higher speeds on Northeast Corridor
All aboard! Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx blogs about the innovative new locomotives going into service on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.
UPDATE Around 11 30 a.m. NJ Transit announced that service has resumed in both directions on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Lines and trains were operating on or close to schedule. NJ Transit officials had feared a repeat … Continue… [ 11 more words. ]
NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line and Northeast Corridor lines are suspended again in both directions.
Does anyone know if the Northeast Corridor line for NJ Transit is suspended for today?
NJ Transit reports Northeast Corridor & North Jersey Coast Rail Lines service are suspended due to icing on overhead lines. We will advise as soon as service is continued.
MEMO Massachusetts American Party Future expansion due to Federal and State Gov. Ineffectiveness to lead. It is the Presidents responsibility to set forth a constructive narrative with action items see face book page To: Assembly of States under the Future Federation CC: Supreme Court /Justice Department /Whitehouse RE: The creation and recognition of the Northeast Federation Per the Federal Aviation Administrations qualifying of which states belong to the Northeast Corridor of which I am President of the Federation Of New England I accept the expansion as recognized by the Federal Union through one of it’s qualified agencies into that of the North East Federation expansion and shall be defined as below We the people of the New England Federation accept the unification and expansion under the United States of America through all powers invested in me through the State Department and legal status of being one in the same of the state of Massachusetts. New England Federation Federation - Definition [fed . ...
Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line trains have resumed stopping at Newark Airport station.
Christie's love affair with MSNBC appears to be over. WItness this gem: "It was a match made in moderately minded Northeast Corridor heaven. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey needed a TV network that would burnish his bipartisan bona fides and showcase his gleefully contrarian style. MSNBC craved a Republican who cut against the party grain and lit up the screen with his everyman-ish, Springsteen-loving spontaneity. An on-air romance blossomed, forged over chummy strolls along the Jersey Shore and heart-to-hearts in the studio about everything from overeating to education, embodying the aisle-crossing aspirations of this partisan era. Now, the improbable relationship between a governor with his eyes on the White House and a network determined to break into the top tier, up to now so beneficial to both, has curdled in a spectacularly public fashion. Related Coverage Governor Tells Donors: ‘Come See Me Next Year’JAN. 19, 2014 G.O.P. Advice for Christie: Pick a Better TeamJAN. 18, 2014 A Hiring by Christ ...
Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex (MOM)[edit] The Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex (MOM)[16][17] line is a proposed south and central New Jersey commuter rail route to New Brunswick, Newark and New York's Penn Station. This would restore service previously provided by the Central Railroad of New Jersey. The line was originally proposed by the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders in March 1980. It would run on a 40.1-mile rail corridor and would provide diesel commuter rail service from Monmouth Junction (South Brunswick), where the Jamesburg Branch partially joins the Northeast Corridor (NEC), south to Lakehurst in the interior of northern Ocean County. As of 2006, the line was opposed by Jamesburg and Monroe Township.[18] From Monmouth Junction the line would continue southeast to Jamesburg, Monroe, Englishtown, Manalapan, Freehold Borough, Freehold Township, Howell and Farmingdale. A new rail connection would be required in Farmingdale. It would proceed southward from Farmingdale to Lakehurst, passing through Howell ...
Northeast Corridor, train the 11:30am Newark Penn Station departure, up to 45 min. delay due to an earlier signal problem.
Northeast Corridor train the 6:01pm from Newark Penn Station, is currently stopped at Newark Penn. Please standby…
Northeast Corridor train the 7:53am from Newark Penn Station is up to 13 min. due to earlier police assistance.
Anne Heche, meanwhile, was responsible for ferrying a scientist through the madness that was the Northeast Corridor (Boston to D.C.).
Northeast Corridor train the 6:13pm New York Penn Station departure up to a 15 min. delay.
Hey New Englanders, (and those of you along the Northeast Corridor between there and Washington DC), how about a summer house party with the Glen David Andrews Band. Looking to fill dates between August 12 and 22nd. Message me privately if you are interested and we can discuss details.
New Jersey Transit rail passengers are facing new schedules because of track work along the Northeast Corridor.
 AP Top News at 8:49 a.m. EDT $590M-plus Powerball: 1 winning ticket sold in Fla AP Photo DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - It's all about the odds, and one lone ticket in Florida has beaten them all by matching each of the numbers drawn for the highest Powerball jackpot in history at an estimated $590.5 million, lottery officials said Sunday. The single winner was sold at a supermarket in Zephyrhills, Fla., according to Florida Lottery executive Cindy O'Connell. She told The Associated Press by telephone that more details would be released later. Probe into Conn. train crash giving way to cleanup AP Photo BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) - Investigators will look closely at a broken section of rail to see if it is connected to the commuter train derailment and collision outside New York City that left dozens injured, as the focus begins to shift toward cleanup and rebuilding ahead of challenging times for travelers and commuters along the Northeast Corridor. A member of the National Transportation and Safety Board said Sat ...
AP Top News at 4:54 a.m. EDT Probe begins after Conn. commuter trains crash AP Photo FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) - Two commuter trains packed with rush-hour commuters collided in an accident that sent more than 60 people to the hospital, severely damaged the tracks and threatened to snarl travel in the congested Northeast Corridor. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said five people were critically injured and one was very critically hurt in Friday evening's crash on the Metro-North Railroad, which serves the northern suburbs of New York City. Obama agenda seems to be weathering controversies AP Photo WASHINGTON (AP) - Despite Democratic fears, predictions of the demise of President Barack Obama's agenda appear exaggerated after a week of cascading controversies, political triage by the administration and party leaders in Congress and lack of evidence to date of wrongdoing close to the Oval Office. "Absolutely not," Steven Miller, the recently resigned acting head of the Internal Revenue Service, responded Friday when asked ...
The Spring Riot of 1963 flashed across cultural history like a pyrotechnic burst of wanton Americana. It lit on the campus of Princeton University on the first Monday in May and blazed up the Northeast Corridor, peaking in intensity on May 10 at New Haven where the boys exchanged beatings...
Well, here we go again. Josh Lewin, announcing Mets-Astros game on WFAN, laughing and making fun of the "no-name'' Astros. So, let's see, unless you're a baseball freak like me or are a diehard Mets fan, have you ever heard of players in the Mets lineup today: Justin Turner, Lucas Duda, Matt den Decker, Anthony Recker, Reuben Tejada (is that a sandwich?), Wilmer Flores, Jeremy Hafner, Robert Carson
Severe thunderstorms are possible across the southern Great Plains, or from southeast Oklahoma through central Texas, Saturday afternoon and evening. A secondary threat is possible across south central Nebraska and north central Kansas. Meanwhile, blizzard conditions are likely Saturday or Saturday…
Just posting so FB will tell me where the f*** I'm near to!! Ha ha
Information! There's a silly gimmie pig (auran username jimmy43771) who is annoying me. He 'stalked' me in skype with messages every 5 minutes. He was rude and unfriendly, never said please only sentences like 'load the NEC up to the dls' or ' gimme you capstone amfleets'. Only thing he wants is the Northeast Corridor. I think/guess that he'll try to ask some of you about giving him my nec. Please ignore him or report it to me, the last thing this person deserves is the NEC. He should learn how to be friendly!! If i find out that he is annoying one of you and insulting other members, i'll report this to n3v. Thank you for your attention. Felix PS: I really think about not releasing the route, i don't want that all those *** are able to get my content.
AMTRAK COVERS 88% OF OPERATING COSTS Federal capital investment supports future growth WASHINGTON – Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman told a Congressional committee today that America’s Railroad® is leveraging record ridership to reduce dependence on federal operating subsidies. He announced that in FY 2012 the federal government paid just 12 percent of Amtrak’s operating costs while Amtrak covered 88 percent with ticket sales and other revenue. Boardman explained that while the railroad has taken actions to chip away at operating costs and increase revenue, a vital component of its success has been the federal government’s willingness to invest in the Amtrak national network. Federal capital investment helps to reduce operating costs, supports the existing system, funds solutions to reduce future costs and provides the infrastructure and equipment to sustain ridership and revenue growth. “Previous federal capital investment levels have sufficed to keep the system going, but they are not go ...
Vastu for Offices In cities like Delhi, when houses are located in main centers and there is scarcity of space, a portion of residence is converted into office itself. For the purpose of office *** residence, the following points should be kept in mind: Southwest portion of the house should be utilized.The professional head can face East, North or Northeast. The secretary can sit in Northeast, near the entrance. The sofas and the chairs should be placed in such a way that the visitors should face South or West. For the offices, the following things should be considered: Reception should be in Ground floor and should face towards East or North. On one side of the corridor, officer’s chambers should be constructed and on other side halls for the staff should be provided. Lifts may be placed near staircase. All the storage of files or dump material should be placed in the southwest corner of the basement. Power generators should be kept in the Southeast side of the building. Cashier’s room or the cash ch ...
Mixed Precipitation, Localized Flooding and Fog All Possible This Weekend Late Tonight - Saturday Morning Mainly rain was falling over central Iowa this evening with temperatures in the middle 30s. Precipitation will move in late tonight. A wintry mix is expected mainly north of the Interstate 94 corridor. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect Saturday morning for this area to account for the icing threat from sleet and freezing rain. Rain will be the dominant precipitation type outside of this area. A light glazing of ice is possible. Travel could be impacted. Saturday Afternoon - Evening Heavy rainfall, combined with snow melt, could lead to localized flooding, and possibly ice jams on area rivers. Dense fog is possible Saturday night. Late Saturday Night - Sunday Precipitation will change to light snow late Saturday night and Sunday. 1 to 3 inch accumulations are possible over parts of northeast Iowa, southeast Minnesota, and into north central Wisconsin. Less than a 1/2 inch of snow is expected else ...
Chief Meteorologist Chris Yates Forecast as of 6:00 PM on March 8th Tonight: Isolated rain/snow showers will be possible through 2 AM. After 2 AM, moderate to heavy snow will develop across the region. Temperatures will fall in to the 20s. Winds will shift to the northeast and will blow at 5-15 MPH. Saturday: Blizzard conditions will be widespread across the region as heavy snow continues with snowfall rates of 1-2 inches an hour expected, especially in the morning. By mid morning, winds will increase to 20-30 MPH with gusts up to 45 MPH expected. These winds combined with heavy snow will make travel nearly impossible through Saturday evening. Overnight, temperatures will fall in to the teens with snow quickly coming to an end by 8 PM. Snow Accumulations through Saturday Evening: The heaviest snow accumulations will be along the I-80 Corridor where 6-10 inches are expected. We could see localized amounts of a foot or more, especially across southern parts of the Panhandle. Further north, snow accumulation ...
What a day, but im FINNALLY back in MY truck and sitting down to a well deserved drink. Got a sunday delivery to maryland and west virginia, guess i wontbe getting home this week.. Dammitt
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being fired from ABC's "The View" because market researchers found that her conservative views were out of touch with the show's audience, according to a report in Us Weekly. The magazine, citing unnamed sources, reported Friday that Hasselbeck will be leaving the show along...
Enjoy your carrot over ice on this blustery winter's evening in the Atlantic Northeast Corridor. Hug your one. -CT
My reflection on the Meaning “The country for Sell” Over the past years, I am struggling hard to understand a published report “the Country for Sell”. Indeed, this report was described by the government as untrue and was strongly rejected. After spending time to travel across the country, ranging from Koh Kong, Kg Speu, Kg Thom, Siem Reap, Preah Vihea, Rattanakiri, mundulkiri, Stoeung Treng, Kratie and Po Sat, Battambang and others, including my informal discussion with many people, I have eyewitnesses numerous stories and cases, where forests have now been designed as skin tiger pattern, the community forest is formed like an island trees surrounded by the plantations owned by either local business (tycoons) or international companies. Some places, big mountain areas have been prohibited for entry by villagers, and strongly fortified by armed guards, with Police, Military or Police Military uniform. The cases above have pushed me to think more about the report “Country for Sell”, whether this ...
yup. kind of like the northeast corridor. I kind of like that and kind of don't.
The next winter storm is expected to move into Arizona this evening and then toward the Four Corners area by late tonight. The storm will then track across the Colorado and New Mexico Border Southern Colorado Saturday morning before moving into western Kansas by Saturday. Snow will develop in the mountains late this afternoon and evening, intensifying later tonight and then continuing through much of Saturday. On the plains, a mix of rain and snow will develop tonight changing to all snow late tonight along the Front Range and then across the eastern plains by early Saturday morning. Snowfall is expected to be heavy at times with snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour as the heaviest snow shifts from the foothills and Front Range Urban Corridor Saturday morning eastward across the plains Saturday afternoon and early evening. Strong winds will dangerous winter driving conditions across much of Northeast and North Central Colorado with this storm, with blizzard conditions likely east of I-25. Snow accumul ...
One of the highlights of 2012 for the NEC FUTURE program was a scoping process that enabled agencies, stakeholders and the public along the corridor to learn about and contribute to shaping NEC FUTURE. A summary of the scoping process and the comments received is now available online. A hard copy or...
Status Update By Morgan County Sheriff's Office Well, here we go again, do I risk sounding like the broken record about snow that never really seems to materialize (or comes without warning)? My only concern about posting this would be to jinx the snow away.and we need it, BAD. Seriously though folks, if you have never experienced a real Eastern Colorado Plains blizzard, they can be more than hazardous. Besides risk of having your car stuck in a snowbank in whiteout conditions or loss of power for days, the wet snow and wind chills can create life-threatening conditions. And I'm really not crying wolf, just because the last few storms have not really turned into anything, we should still remain vigilant and prepared in case one not only do we get what the NWS says we could get, but if that "big L" decides to spend the night in the SE Colo/SW Kansas/Oklahoma panhandle, these storms can hang around for awhile. But for your Friday morning reading pleasure, here is the next Winter Storm WARNING, courtesy of o ...
Talk about spin! I can think of only 5 routes with at least a few miles of triple digit speeds: Boston - NY - DC on the Northeast Corridor, Philadelphia - Harrisburg on the Keystone Corridor, a small portion of the New York - Albany - Schenectady route on the Empire Corridor, a small portion of the Chicago - Detroit route, and as of a few weeks ago a small stretch of the Chicago - St Louis route. I guess more than half of Amtrak's trains run along one of those stretches for some portion of their journey. But in terms of miles or time spent above 100 mph, it's still a minimal percentage of the overall network. But still, it's progress...
Is fantastic. Love the Acela. My daughter & I have had great adventures traveling south and Northeast corridor. TY
Northeast Corridor Train the 9:37am departure from NYPS is Canceled Passengers to Train the 10:07am departure from NYPS.
From MNR: New Haven Line Customers should anticipate delays of 5 to 10 minutes in both directions due to weather related conditions. Please listen for announcements at your station.
9 inches of snow here in Colchester, CT. I'd post a picture, but you know what snow looks like.
The app launched by The Last Green Valley, Inc. is for visitors and residents exploring the 35-town National Heritage corridor in northeast CT and south central MA. Ut...
Storm's Official Chase Forecasts for Friday and Saturday: Friday: Anticipate that supercellular development will commence around 22z along the dryline in the eastern TX Panhandle, in the vicinity of Turkey/Floydada, as the speed max overspreads the region. Per the 18z GFS, storms will mature in an environment of 1000-1200 j/kg of CAPE, SRH values of 200-250 m2/s2, and 50+ kts of bulk shear. The storms will have a large hail and damaging wind threat, and, should they root down into the boundary layer, would have tornadic potential, as well as the potential for an isolated strong tornado, as the LLJ ramps up. This threat would be greatest between 00z-03z along the US 287/US 62 corridor from Childress to Vernon to Altus. If supercells don't root down into the boundary layer and remain elevated, the tornado potential will obviously be significantly reduced. Saturday: As the surface low moves northeast across western Kansas, 18z runs of the NAM and the GFS indicate that it will intensify, drawing a plume of lo ...
Coming up on WJHU "The Formative Hour" with emily bihl at March 07, 2013 at 09:00PM A veritable Kinder-egg of indie, folk, rock, punk, and unsolicited opinions, TFH strives to make you remember that ethereal, incandescent hour of your musical life after which nothing was ever the same. Listen on
I meant to talk about accumulations as well and forgot. 2-4 inches are possible across northeast PA and northern NJ. Maybe an inch just south of that area in the Lehigh Valley (eastern parts) and Route 78 corridor in NJ. Not much south of I-78. Again, a sharp cutoff is going to occur, so someone is going to lose out. Best guess would be the area close to 78.
Northeast Corridor train the 4:47pm Trenton departure, up to 20 min. delay due to a signal problem.
how is it that we can get better WiFi at 30K feet than on your Northeast corridor trains? Connectivity is now a must-have.
On a jam packed, smelly Northeast corridor Amtrak train sitting next to a woman with a faux fur coat that looks like a dead rat...someone shoot me now!
A pedestrian who was trespassing was struck and killed by an Amtrak in Croydon Tuesday night, Amtrak officials said.
Grant's Constitution team seeks help getting to nationals; Broadway/Weidler corridor: Northeast Portland news:...
Grant's Constitution team seeks help; Broadway/Weidler corridor: Northeast Portland news: North...
36 years ago these brutes were still hauling mile-long freights on the former PRR/PC Northeast Corridor. For anyone that didn't get a chance to see the E's and the GG-1's at speed.sorry. They were a real show !
Something to consider. I can't say I'm a Walmart fan but will say the author brings out some very good points.
LTE from AT&T now available along Northeast Corridor NJTransit line. But no data connectivity. Had to disable LTE to see the Internet.
uncertain of Saturn impact on northeast, except to say NY to BOS corridor likely to be a mess. Oh, FINE.
Here we go again! BU Travelers – Winter Storm Saturn prompts advisories. Snow, rain and high winds could disrupt travel in the New England area causing possible flight delays and cancellations. Delays are most likely along the Northeast corridor Wednesday night into Thursday. Please plan accordingly.
Sandy Boulevard High Crash Corridor safety meeting tonight in Northeast Portland: The meeting will be held at ...
Amtrak really has two systems in one. Its shorter routes are successful. Its longer ones have few passengers and lose $600 million a year. Here's how to deal with the latter.
Last night my Amtrak train was delayed 2 1/2 hours because of a "fatality" on the track (another train, a 120 mph Acela, killed a pedestrian.) As far as I can tell, this is the 4th such fatality on the Northeast Corridor in 2013. Murder or suicide?
Good luck northeast corridor, with the incoming unfavorable weather tomorrow.
Heaviest Snow Across Hills of Southern D-8 * Snow is now falling in the I-81 corridor of west-central VA, and in WV rain is now changing over to snow. These areas of precip will spread quickly into southern D-8 over the next few hours.arriving in Franklin county around midnight and expanding northeast across the rest of D-8 before dawn. As I have stressed, I expect the steadiest/heaviest snow to fall early on in this storm, especially over southwestern D-8 where most of the snowfall will occur before 2:00pm Wednesday. Temps and dew points look cold enough for all snow across most of D-8, except perhaps in Lancaster county where some rain may mix in at times Wednesday afternoon. Overall, this storm looks on track as forecast...
Stay tuned tonight for all the latest from the models. The Model Lineup is as follows: The main models: 0z NAM 10p | 0z GFS 11p & GFS Ensembles shortly after | 0z Euro at 1:30a in-between the main models will be the SREF, GGEM and other short term models that are used within this time frame. Are you hoping for a more white or wet scenario?
Ok - here's a northeast Georgia weather update - possible two inches of snow in the mountains, thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds and possible tornado in Gainesville. I thought hurricane season in Florida was rough - I don't know which is worse. Oh well - here's hoping for an uneventful night. Everyone stay safe.
Ok; Here is an update on The Impending Nor'Easter: OVERVIEW: This slow moving storm will move into the area Wednesday Evening, from the South. Precipitation will break out across CT between 3PM & 8PM, from Southwest to Northeast. For Inland areas, mostly snow & sleet can be expected from this storm. Along the 95 Corridor & SE CT, some mixing is likely at times, holding down accumulations. Precipitation will last through The Day Thursday, before tapering off Around Midnight Thursday Night. Storm Specifics: Expect Periods of (On & Off) Snow, & Mixed Precipitation to last from Early Wednesday Evening, through Early Friday Morning. The Heaviest Precip. Will be Thursday Morning. The Thursday AM & PM Commutes do not look too good. Snow accumulations are still very uncertain, as it is still unknown whether or not the temperature will stay below 32 for the duration of the storm. This will greatly impact snowfall accumulations. At this point, as an EARLY Call, I am forecasting 6" to 10" for Most of CT, with 3" to ...
Boardman added that the Amtrak long distance trains are an important part of a larger national network connecting rural communities to larger cities and major urban areas. They serve passengers with disabilities, the elderly and rural populations that are losing scheduled intercity air and bus service. In fact, long distance trains bring one million riders a year to the Northeast Corridor. The link below is to the presentation by Amtrak's Boardman to the US House.
Amtrak President Joseph Boardman gave a passionate defense of the national train network and explained the urgent capital needs of the Northeast Corridor in testimony before the House T&I Committee's Railroads Subcommittee this morning. His comments are summarized in this Amtrak press release.
So it's snowing here. What's the weather like for you all? Where is my spring??? lol Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, I'm not much into extreme heat or extreme cold lol
Updated weather forecast: Even though the snow will begin falling after midnight tonight, most roads will remain wet and not snow-covered through early afternoon Wednesday. Travel after Wednesday late afternoon will be difficult. - Total snowfall amounts (Expect 6-8” in most of downtown DC, 12” DULLES/Reston, 10” Tyson Corner, 9” Manassas and Bristow, 11” Rockville and 10” Bethesda along northside beltway to Greenbelt and College Park to 11” Laurel - Power outages due to heavy snow and strong winds (especially in Montgomery County) - Lots of school closings, mostly Wednesday and Thursday
Make Superconducting Maglev a RealityThe future in train travel is soon coming to relieve and energize the Northeast Corridor — the most congested transportation region in the nation.Show Your SupportShare this:
VERY light sprinkles and sleet are reaching the ground here at WTVR CBS 6 News.
**Winter Storm On The Way** A Major Winter Storm will affect everywhere from DC to Boston with a mixed bag of precipitation on Wednesday and Thursday. For our area rain mixing with and hanging to heavy wet snow looks to be the situation for most areas except far north and west which may start as a mix and go to all snow. Accumulations will range from 1 to 3 inches to 3 to 6 inches areawide. This forecast is very low confidence as being in March the sun angle makes the ground warmer and really hinders accumulation. That and being we start as rain it also hinders accumulation once we go to snow. A colder solution would up the snow totals and a warmer solution would make them significantly lower. It look like an area from approximately New Brunswick North can see 3 to 6 inches of heavy wet snow with south of there seeing 1 to 3. Places in PA such as Quakertown and Philly could also see 3 to 6 with the Philly-DC Corridor seeing as much as 6 to 12 Inches. Also in the northeast in the CT to Boston area ...
Raleigh has experienced the second-highest overall population increase and the third-highest job growth over the past two decades in the U.S. It also ranked among those regions seeing the biggest jump in new immigrants and is the No. 1 city for families with young children. The area is a magnet for…
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Another Winter Bang! Snow storm Midwest Tuesday, Mid Atlantic Wednesday, southeast New England possibly Wed. Night. Chicago 8-10 inches. They are 10 inches short of the normal to date snowfall. This can be made up in one storm. Washington DC finally snow. But remember, this system starts mix or even rain from late Tuesday into Tuesday night before storm intensifies. New GFS farther north with precipitation and a little warmer around DC. NAM is now colder for DC. European, which is still old, is farther south with less precipitation for DC. A corridor slicing from Northeast Maryland through DC area to western Virginia can have 6-12 inches. South Jersey into Southeast New England can also get hit hard, but hard to say this point on specifics for this area. After this storm, watch severe weather threat east Texas next Sunday late and lower Mississippi Valley Monday. Big upper trough comes out of Southwest. Looks like news story severe weather event. There can be several tornadoes with this system. Stay tune ...
Finally home after a VERY long ride!
Productive use of a cold, snowy winter evening? Let's read the 42 page "Amtrak Vision for the Northeast Corridor - 2012 Update Report"
Midwest | - Winter Storm Saturn targets the region early week. - On Monday, snow is likely across northern and eastern North Dakota, northeast South Dakota, Minnesota (except the northeast corner) and northern and eastern Iowa. Accumulations may top a foot in Fargo and 6 inches in Minneapolis. - Meanwhile, a few showers are possible from the central Plains into the Ohio Valley. - Strong north-to-northwest winds are likely across the Plains. - Daytime temperatures Monday will vary from near average to 10 degrees below average. - Lows will range from the single digits in northern Minnesota to the 20s in the Ohio Valley and the 30s in the central Plains and Missouri. - Highs will range from the 20s and low 30s north to the 40s south. - By Tuesday, the snow shifts into much of Wisconsin, southern Michigan, northern Illinois, northern Indiana and northern Ohio. Milwaukee and Chicago could easily accumulate well over 6 inches of snow. The showers will gradually change to snow in the Ohio Valley. Light snow ling ...
The models currently have the most snow falling west of the I-95 corridor along and east of the Appalachians in Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. The storm will hit Tuesday into Wednesday. All it will take is a small jog to the east to bring the ~foot snow totals right into the DC Metro area. Even if this happens, it won't be the end of the world or anything like what New England saw a few weeks ago. It'll still be the most snow DC has seen since 2010, and it'll screw things up for a few days, but it given that temperatures will mostly stay above freezing near DC, the angle of the sun is higher than it would be in the dead of winter, and the snow will be wet and more susceptible to melting, it shouldn't cripple the area for days upon days upon days. Of course, having grown up in Woodbridge (in NoVA just south of DC), I know how people up there handle snow. Flurries close schools for two days and cause a 120 car pileup on the Beltway. All you can do is take it easy and try to avoid the *** if you c .. ...
Being an "east sider" I appreciate the Mayors efforts with regards to this corridor. He is correct it has never looked better. A couple other business's to visit would be Jose Maria's mexican Restaurant (One of the best in the city) and Gregs shoe repair. Also, check out Sunrise Dental, Me and Dads Toys, Lou's used jeeps and car service as well as Interiors by Issac's. Issac's carries all sorts of antique furniture and do an excellent job of repairing damage furniture. They fixed one of our cushions that our dog Dylan ate. (my profile pic) Bad dog. The development of Settlers Hill will have a potentially huge impact on the east side and the city in general. Development opportunity exist on the southwest corner of State and Kirk as well as the northeast corner. The Mayor seems to have his eye on the ball and I appreciate his attention to the east side. It's actually quite charming and I'm hopeful that a few other business will see the potential. A coffee house with live music would be nice and I think a ba ...
For anyone who is wondering the 00z gfs continues to trend N again...those in SE VA and NC, better hope its wrong or your snowfall hopes will be narrowing...Meanwhile this continues to look all the better for the snow-starved corridor from DC-Philly.More updates coming.
The back edge of the clouds is rapidily approaching the I-55 corridor in central Mississippi. Should be nearing the state line by Midnight, and then the I-65 corridor in central Alabama by 4 AM, before leaving the state by 9 AM in the far east. Flurries should begin to end from west to east across the state between 9 pm and Midnight. No accumulation is expected.
Weatherwise, things will stay quiet until the middle of next week. A possible storm is starting to get a lot of attention. Looks like a rain or thunderstorm maker for the Southeast, but further north is where things could get interesting. Cold air will be in place ahead of the storm in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. One question is how strong will the storm be? Another one is how strong will the blocking pattern be? Blocking is needed to allow the jet stream to buckle and slow down, giving the storm time to intensify. Too much blocking, however, keeps the storm supressed. That means the fun stops at Delmarva... a scenario current computer model guidance is depicting. However, models often over-estimate the strength of blocking in this timeframe, and the area of high pressure north of the storm is projected to be around 1032 mb (notable, but not overly impressive). In other words, I'm not buying the out-to-sea scenario just yet, but it's still too soon to call a major snowstorm for the big cities of the I ...
Hey mainland friends, have any of you used AMTRAK to travel from city to city? Let me know your experience. Thinking about using it for an upcoming trip
With Syria's government recently cutting off the internet in the country, Dan Swinhoe investigates how easy it to shut down the web around the world.
The project involves the rehabilitation of the New York Avenue Bridge and approach roadways between Florida Avenue and 9th Street NE, including upgrades to the existing Amtrak electrical infrastructure in the rail yard. The existing bridge, built in 1966, consists of two side-by-side steel plate gir...
Passing Zoo Tower in Philly, on the River Line, the center of the Northeast Corridor Railroad!
Another Rant: I have to say that when weather events happen, especially here, it is much to my dismay and annoyance to immediately hear "why do you people in the Northeast have to be such babies - We get hurricanes here and are prepared, or we get heatwaves here and you don't hear anything about us complaining, quit complaining". First of all, try opening your mind up to something other than the Actual Weather, and think about the region that is being effected. How densely populated is your area? You live in Tampa? 2,960 people per square mile...Atlanta? 3,154; Miami? 11,000 Jacksonville? 1,100. Memphis? 2,543. New Orleans? 2,000. Charlotte? 2,457. Houston? 3,500. Dallas? 3,518. Compare that to the Northeast Corridor...New York? 27,000. Jersey City? 16,737. Boston? 12,793. Newark? 11,458. Do you have any idea how much more difficult it is to deal with any weather event when you have cities with people who are stacked up on one another versus others which are spread out? This does ...
.This was not written by me. Amtrak Called ‘Symbol of Government Waste’The federal government is going down the wrong track by continuing to subsidize an inefficient Amtrak rail service, an economist asserts.The bad news: Amtrak posted a loss of $361 million last year.The “good” news: That was the smallest operating loss for Amtrak since 1975, thanks to increased ridership in the Northeast Corridor.“Amtrak has never been profitable. From its outset in 1971, it has been backed by taxpayers with billions of dollars in direct aid and loans," writes Daniel Hanson, an economics researcher with the American Enterprise Institute, in an Op-Ed piece for The Washington Examiner.“Over the past three years alone, Amtrak has received more than $4.4 billion in federal aid, and it still was not able to finish any of those years in the black.”Tickets for trains running in the Northeast Corridor taking riders from Washington, D.C., to Boston cost about $150 — little more than a $125 ticket in 1997 — but ...
To reduce travel times and accommodate growing ridership, Amtrak said Thursday that it plans to replace existing Acela Express trains with new, faster trains on the Northeast Corridor. But don't buy...
Update: Northeast Corridor train the 5:01am departure from Secaucus is cancelled at Newark Penn Station, due...
Most Valuable National Union: Amalgamated Transit Union : With their Occupy Transit T-shirts and aggressively progressive approach to fighting for local and regional services, the 190,000 members of ATU are a force to be reckoned with in debates about economic and social justice. They gave critical early support to the Occupy movement, embracing its spirit with the declaration that “public transportation is a human right.” “Occupy understands that the transit system that took a century to build is threatened by the 1 percent, who want all of the financial benefits but none of the financial responsibilities of a civilized society,” ATU president Larry Hanley explained at the launch of 2012’s National Day of Action for Public Transportation. After Superstorm Sandy devastated public transit in the Northeast Corridor, Hanley made the right connections. “Ultimately, who should pay is the oil companies,” he told the most valuable “They’re the people who are polluting the envi ...
Woohoo. New high speed Acela train sets are on the way to the northeast corridor. Wish it didn't take 5-7 years.
ENED-0 has just entered the NorthEast Corridor for the run to Edgemoor, Del. note the open top auto racks. 1983,...
Information regarding the impending weather tomorrow/Thursday. As the forecast suggests it appears that we will be missing the brunt of the storm. It looks like the heaviest snow will set up Southeast of a Denison to Fort Dodge to Mason City line. The storm will move east/northeast and snowfall along the central Iowa corridor (Atlantic to Des Moines to Tama) will be in the 5 to 8 inch range with a potential of a foot in areas. In our area (northern tiers of Iowa) we might see about 4 inches of snow. The real problem will come with the winds. In the heaviest snowfall areas they will quickly be at or approaching blizzard or near blizzard conditions. Our area will still see high winds (25-35 sustained with gusts to 45) and with even the smaller amount of snow, visibility and travel will still be an issue. Temperatures will be moderate however with lows around 15 and highs around 20 to 25. Timing will likely be after 3ish tomorrow and continue into Thursday around noon. Keep a good eye on the weather conditio ...
Thur Dec 20 The cold front races eastward rather fast on the heels of the Monday/Tuesday cold front with a moderately strong low-level jet ahead of it and an upper trough charging toward it such that damaging gusts are likely all the way north to the Ohio Valley despite limited and rather shallow instability. Scattered damaging gusts and a chance of a few tornadoes along a line or line segments of low-topped storms in south IN, south OH, south WV, central and east KY, middle and east TN, AL, GA, SC, FL panhandle and northeast FL, NC, southwest and south-central VA. TORCON - 2 to 3
Hold on to your hats. In 2017, will release a super high-speed rail in the Northeast corridor:
YouTubers react to NEC (Northeast Corridor) railfanning! I'm a huge railfan myself, and it's (
Amtrak announced at a December 13 hearing of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure that it is advancing plans to acquire “new next-generation high-speed train sets” for the Northeast Corridor (NEC), “and ending its plans to purchase 40 additional high-speed passenger cars to add to ...
DISCLAIMER: Mid Level Pol is one of many columnists at We come from all sects of the Republican Party; if you disagree with him, don’t write off our whole organization. Find...
Northeast Corridor train the 3:59 pm Newark Penn Station up to 25 min. delay.
Interesting report, with great illustrations, from on high-speed rail in northeast US:
Northeast Corridor train the 2:16 pm Secaucus departure up to 20 min. delay.
Railroad industry Amtrak news about: Amtrak, Acela, high-speed rail, Amtrak, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Virginia, Wolverine Service. From the editors of Progressive Railroading Magazine
UPCOMING & ONGOING: KARAOKE: Monthly: Live Band Karaoke with Northeast Corridor at Chief Ike's this WED, Dec 19th -...
This is the most crammed, disgusting and sketchiest Northeast Corridor train I've ever been on. Get me to New Brunswick NOW!
Northeast Corridor train the 10:07am from NYPS is Cancelled. Passengers to train the 10:33am from NYPS.
Mica's parting gift to the Natl Transpo discussion: "Speed up Amtrak Upgrades"
Why is replacing the Acela trains for the Northeast Corridor
intends to procure a new fleet of hight speed trains for the Northeast Corridor and argue for a dedicate route
*** monster rides on the Northeast Corridor yet again
Northeast Corridor train the 12:11pm departure from New Brunswick is up to 15 min. delay.
Amtrak to buy new high-speed trains for Northeast Corridor - USA TODAY
Highlights of my day: a long conversation with the conductor on the Northeast Corridor Amtrak; my 6-year old niece telling me she loves me.
Train from northeast corridor unstuck! Can't wait for the show!!!
Trainful of distraught fans stuck in Northeast corridor!
Distraught fans still stuck in train on northeast corridor!
Hope no one's flying in the NorthEast corridor!!! Seriously don't think this is necessary - doesn't he have a Cliff 2 deal with?
511nyNJ: NJ Transit Rail: due to Delays Northeast Corridor Line out of Newark Airport Sta (Newark) train
Northeast Corridor train the 3:07pm departure from Newark Airport is up to 10 min. delay.
Will we see competition in the US on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor route? Time will tell...
Rail Staff: Amtrak announces plans for higher speeds on Northeast Corridor
NJ Transit Northeast Corridor service is suspended between Newark and Trenton due to a trespasser incident near North Elizabeth.
This 168 year old Quaker-built Farmhouse still stands tall and proud! She just smiled and winked when Hurricane Irene blew through the Jersey countryside and she just laughed in the face of Hurricane Sandy. They sure don't build houses like this anymore. You will find her listed in the Monmouth County Historical Registry, along with her six sisters which were all part of an original 2400 acre land grant to one Anthony Woodward dating back to the 1700's. This is an original Woodward house. The house is located in the geographic center of the State of New Jersey, you will have a hard time finding her nestled off the beaten path in southern Monmouth County horse country. Yet she is remarkable convenient to everything along the Northeast Corridor! By car she is only 45 mins from Philly, an hour to NYC and a half hour to the Jersey Shore. You can reach the NJ Turnpike in just 10 mins (exit 7A)! If you prefer the train, she is only 20 mins to Hamilton Station which will take you to NYC and Philly. This ce ...
The EDC, City, and REX all attended regional meetings regarding continued planning for the proposed Northeast High Speed Rail corridor last week. New Haven has a lot at stake here, but the process has been very receptive to comments and the numbers generally support us. Stay in touch for further updates in Jan/Feb!
At the *** end of its tenure, the BJP government approved the much-touted Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) peripheral ring road (PRR) phase-1project on Monday. The cabinet meeting gave the goahead for the Rs 1,028-crore phase-1 PRR after deliberations. Said to be one of the biggest infrastructure projects after Metro Rail in Bangalore, the 65-km phase-1 PRR project will be concentrated in the northeast of Bangalore starting from Tumkur Road to Hosur Road via Bellary Road and Old Madras Road. In order to relieve traffic on the ORR and major road networks of the city, PRR of 65-km at a radial distance of between 10km and 17km from the existing ORR has been taken up. In view of future traffic increase and more densified development around the city, 100-metre wide corridor will be developed on the PRR.
Above: Cities within three degrees of their daily record high temperature on Monday. Click the icons to view more information. As we head into Monday, get ready for a reality check that even though it doesn't feel like it, the calendar still says December. Our forecast temperature map for Monday illustrates the big change coming with highs in the 40s and 50s plunging into cities such as Houston, Texas, Little Rock, Ark. and Memphis, Tenn. This is a drop of more than 20 degrees from the highs over the weekend. Monday's Highs Meanwhile, milder air will surge northward into the Northeast I-95 corridor. Some cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including Washington D.C., will flirt with record highs on Monday. That said, it will not be an enjoyable sunny day since a cold front will bring rain and cloud cover into the region. By Tuesday, much of the warmth will be erased in the South and Northeast with temperatures returning to levels more typical of December.
A strong cold front continues to push towards the TN Valley. In its advance, very warm December temperatures continue. It is also moist and this will lead to eventual thunderstorm development across southern-middle Tennessee and northern Alabama. Thunderstorms have already begun to develop across the lower Mississippi Valley and western Ohio Valley. As the front continues to progress eastward, these storms will increase in coverage and strength and also begin to shift eastward. A few of the storms will become severe with strong damaging winds and hail. The line of storms will begin to arrive into the western TN Valley around Midnight but it will be weakening. The threat for a few of these initial storms to remain severe with the damaging winds and hail will exist. The highest likelihood for severe weather will be for Wayne, Lawrence and Giles Counties in Tennessee and Lauderdale, Colbert and Franklin Counties in Alabama. Additional storms are likely to regenerate closer to the front. The front will begin ...
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