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North Vietnamese

North Vietnam was a communist state that ruled the northern half of Vietnam from 1954 until 1976. It was officially the Democratic Republic of Vietnam , and was proclaimed in Hanoi in 1945. Vietnam was partitioned following the Geneva Conference at the end of the First Indochina War.

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Ah yes, the guy who bragged about killing a North Vietnamese soldier at a Dem primary debate.
U.S. had thousands of troops killed in the Vietnam War by North Vietnamese-supplied and funded Communist China.
the return of by the North Vietnamese should have been considered an act of war!
*** he even qualified as an Ace for the North Vietnamese Air Force.
Vietnamese Salad. healthy with a perfect balance of sweetness, saltiness, and acidity.
Ia Drang was the first major encounter between North Vietnamese regulars and the U.S. Army. . RIP, Gen. Hal Moore.
... while Kerry was still a Naval Officer & we were fighting the North Vietnamese in a shooting war ... but no problemo
isn't supporting Assad any more than Rep Patsy Mink was supporting North Vietnamese…
"Songbird" McCain, a nickname given to him by the North Vietnamese. he started 'singing' about everything he knew
Up yours Hanoi Jane go shove a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun turret up your butt...ooops too late.
We can hope. Nixon's treasonous dealings with the North Vietnamese and HW's treasonous kowtow to the Iranians for R…
I joined a gym in South Philly & the surrounding blocks are v. Vietnamese & Mexican and it makes me so happy, reminds me of north OC (CA).
Yes... Despite his re-invention as a 'Patriot' he worked for the North Vietnamese while in 'Captivity' later claimi…
Not surprised that Hanoi Jane is perfectly ok with killing babies like she was with the North Vietnamese killing our boys.
McCain's own tale of his torture and the confession he recorded for the North Vietnamese comes largely from his boo…
Remember Nixon committed Treason against America before taking office too,colluding with the communist North Vietnamese!…
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The North Vietnamese killed double that when the South fell. I would be interested in your source for that number
This is unfair. . George Wallace never turned over our air bombing routes to the North Vietnamese in exchange for s…
. Please when touting your dads pow status. Don’t leave out the fact he made recording(s) for the . North Vietnamese
While John McCain was tortured in a North Vietnamese prison.
Well, Kissinger secretly promised the North Vietnamese a better deal under Nixon and he got a Nobel Peace Prize for it.
CNN, like Jane Fonda, dining with the North Vietnamese while prisoners rot, savors propaganda not truth. No Trump ball - Boo hoo!
That works for me. North Vietnamese used it very effectively against us.
A Vietnamese look from inside North Korea – Conclusion: Aspirations for reunification
which in fact was the war against communist Russia and China. Now, there are documents, in which the top military North Vietnamese generals
Why not he helped the north Vietnamese he's the biggest traitor Trump was right he's no hero he's a coward n SISI boy Graham
Let's remember that McCain used to be a spokesman for the North Vietnamese.
.John McCain has been a traitor ever since he broadcast Communist propaganda for the North Vietnamese.
Morgan Hardman is interrogated by North Vietnamese military authorities …
Well, it's also an uncomfortable fact that he did a broadcast for the north Vietnamese
hehe, ya know in 2005 a declassified internal NSA study revealed that there was not a single North Vietnamese naval vessel p…
John Kerry had close links to the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong . . . Dems didn't seem to mind
so are you like half black half Vietnamese? I'm not part black at all I'm white and North African I just look lightskinned lol
mccain, who cooperated with his north Vietnamese captors and turned on his fellow servicemen. that mcain?
A North Vietnamese tank rolls through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon, signifying the fall of South…
A female Viet Cong suspect is questioned at gunpoint by a Vietnamese national police officer at Tam Ky, 350 miles n…
*** you know the North Vietnamese broke John McCain because he came back willing to work for Trump.
In 1968, Nixon conspired with the North Vietnamese to win the election. In '80, Reagan did the same with Khomeini. I sense a pattern.
alumnus Jess from helping to build a boarding house for school tudents in a remote north…
Pretty much anyone in the US can make this claim. Know any Japanese, North Vietnamese, North Koreans? I do
North Vietnamese soldier stares in confusion as he is told to "kill the enemy with this net". (Colorized, 1970).
A U.S. Army infantry patrol moves up to assault the last North Vietnamese Army position at Dak To, South Vietnam du…
The North Vietnamese also looked to the American public, but an emotional and violent attack.
the USA is the empire, the North Vietnamese are the rebels. It was rough, but they eventually overthrew the empire ://
but you see my point how the North Koreans, Cubans, and Vietnamese are yet to fly planes into the Kremlin?
“On the Other Side on the DMZ,” on North Vietnamese experiences of and responses to American bombing:
The north Vietnamese built a tunnel system to have a quick and easy escape route Now only if I had that when I'm grounded
The BBC have North Vietnamese tendencies. That should give Trump a legal pretext.
Quick, someone tell him the steelworker is North Vietnamese. He'll get a deferment from that one quick
I would say one of the few people that didn't fear us were the north Vietnamese. I seem to recall them beating us.
Check out the new window display at the North Korean board game cafe. It's a broken Vietnamese radio.
The crimes committed by the North Vietnamese regime against the Viet...
Where in SD specifically? All the good Vietnamese/Asian food is north of downtown in Kearny Mesa.
Diversity brings change to North Texas Tarrant told to provide ballots in reports
Now that makes as much sense as not bombing the North Vietnamese airfields during the 60's as LBJ didn't want to rile Russia
Rare picture of a North Vietnamese soldier defecting to the South after facing harsh consequences of the government…
apparently Trump broke him... something the North Vietnamese never did.
"The North Vietnamese sent a guy after me once. He was very good. He is also very dead.". - Carlos Hathcock, USMC
A U.S. Marine is pinned down by North Vietnamese sniper fire in the Citadel during the Tet Offensive, 1968!
What about Vietnamese people who fought for the south against the Communist north? Simplistic to make it US v Vietnam
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No, the North Vietnamese regular Army won the war. Viet Cong were utterly crushed in Tet and not effective afterword
Buffalo News Robert Pempsell is proud of what he denied the North Vietnamese Army — weapons…
An American Marine looks at the body of a North Vietnamese killed during Operation Prairie near the
Because Pres. Obama refused to name the North Vietnamese as our enemy we lost the Vietnam War, too.
1964: Vietnam War - North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked the destroyer USS Maddox (DD-731) in the Tonkin Gulf missi…
W. Bush obviously forgot China supported the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War that cost us thousands of troops lives?
North Vietnamese troops on tarmac of Tan Son Nhat base in Saigon, April 30, 1975
The Tet Offensive launched in January 1968 involved over 70 North Vietnamese and Vietnam Cong fighters
Operation Wandering Soul - this is an actual audio mix the U.S. military used during the Vietnam War against the North Vietnamese, in an at…
Neat: rare photos of the Vietnam War from North Vietnamese and Viet Cong
The United States and the South Vietnam were unable to defeat the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces.
Have you ever had a picnic interrupted by an armed North Vietnamese Army? Alumnus Michel Eckford has! Read his blog
You have to remember that he agreed with the Comunist North Vietnamese during the war. And that makes him a _?
the North Vietnamese leaders are evil
BFD...and the North Vietnamese won 0% of major battles with US/ARVN, but somehow won the war.
Iranian Lira, Somali Shilling, Vietnamese Dong, North Korean Wong are among the least value currencies in the world, Somali is resilient.
What's going on KC? Northland's new Bun Mee Phan offers 'fusion Vietnamese' -… Get found ->
Vietnamese inspired French cuisine has arrived at Cliché in North Adelaide! Read all about it here!!...
His scope glint gave him away, as in the legendary 3-day hunt between sniper Carlos Hathcock and North Vietnamese sniper
Identifying radical Muslims is like trying to identify North among South Vietnamese in the 60's. How?
glad to see you standing up for North Mariana Islands. Shepherd doesn't have a clue but I served there during Vietnamese evac
A Marine winces as North Vietnamese mortar rounds slam into the besieged base at Khe Sanh, 4 Feb 1968
I was at dem conv 68 when riot broke out. Bill Ayres and his commi buddies carrying north vietnamese flag.
Discussion question 3 week 3Popular support for the Vietnam War soured about the time of the North Vietnamese Te /free/308770
The North Vietnamese Army then moved in in their tanks to take over when the U.S. pulled out.
Couldn't engage Vietnamese inside North Vietnam during the war. Don't want to engage ISIS inside Iraq
Unfortunately just grabbed stuff from the Vietnamese roll place just outside of north, but I'm still keen to hang
got John McCain so right. McCain killed more U.S. sailor's than he did North Vietnamese with his A-4 Skyhawk 134 Forestal
1965 S Vietnamese & US aircraft strike barracks & depots on Con Co (Tiger) Island, just 20m from coast of North
-fought engagements of the Vietnam War begin when elements discover North Vietnamese Army at Dak To, Thursday: A drill
In 75 we rescued the Vietnamese. Couldn't tell north from south so all were kept at gun point. Just saying.
Two men killed in an in Victoria's north were filming version of The Amazing race. via
Two men killed in an ultralight plane crash in Victoria's north were filming Vietnamese version of The Amazing Race.
McCain was really a traitor who gave valuable information to his North Vietnamese captors that got USA pilots killed.
"You! Jane! Remember your father's glance in MISTER ROBERTS as you met with the North Vietnamese"
Heading North: Breakfast was Vietnamese style a thin broth with vegetables fried rice and a meat dish. We were...
Well, Kerry has experience collaborating with the North Vietnamese Communists so he has that going for him.
in 1975, Ban Me Thuot, capital of Darlac Province in the Central Highlands, falls to North Vietnamese troops.
North Korea denies cyber attacks on South Korea officials for Vietnamese (like me :D)
Nixon wanted to expand the war into Cambodia to deny the North Vietnamese "safe haven" and close *** Chi Minh Trail.
Congress voted to cut off funding, giving the North Vietnamese the green light to roll through the South
North Vietnamese commanders were actually shocked how easily they overran the south when US withdrew.
in 1968 the Vietcong and North Vietnamese launched a series of major attacks in South Vietnam known as the Tet Offensive
On 1/31/68, some 70,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces launched the Tet Offensive, in South Vietnam.
in 1973, U.S and North Vietnamese sign Paris Peace Accords ending U.S war in Vietnam
Yes, please go on how civil the VC and North Vietnamese were to American POWS at the Hanoi Hilton. We'll wait.
1968 Press Photo Pres Johnson in talks with North Vietnamese in Washington, DC
when as a prisoner of war McCain trained North Vietnamese air defense forces to shoot down American planes.
Not unless Syria magically becomes an unarmed North Vietnamese kid he can shoot in the back, that's his wheelhouse after all
South Vietnamese lovers making some anarchist statement in North Richmond today?
North Vietnamese tanks and AFV destroyed by NUH-1B Helicopters with XM26... qua
Heading up north on a night train with ze Germans... An a few creepy crawlies, Vietnamese economy class for ya 🐜🕷🐀
if was or is a treaty, then it was broken as soon as north Vietnamese invaded the south and our congress didn't send aid.
And it was because of politics that we didn't many innocent died under brutal north vietnamese commies. U are heros
to try to carry out a North Vietnamese Army death solider verbal death insults battle of the battle of the siege of the Khe Sagn
and Mr. Robert Wiess and Mr. Finkel the North Vietnamese Army death solider, firearms death insults battle of the Battle of
It's an ancient north vietnamese secret.
📷 “Rocket Attack: A 106mm recoilless rifle team become victims of a North Vietnamese rocket attack. The...
Another wasted effort to destroy the west and spread the wealth. You sure you fighting for the North Vietnamese?
One Veteran Shares What It Was Like to Be Surrounded by the North Vietnamese for 77 Dreadful Days
unless they are North and South Vietnamese. The accents and terms are slightly different too
The Passing of the Night: My Seven Years as a Prisoner of the North Vietnamese
North Vietnamese woman fishing an American F-8 out of the South China Sea in 1965
On 3 April 1975, North Vietnamese forces captured Cam Ranh Bay and all of its military facilities.
Were we at war with North Vietnam in 1960s or just small segment of North Vietnamese military leaders?
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North Vietnamese Double Agents - NViDA - if you start at the D and go through the A and around back to the V, you get DAVID -
true. It also took nearly ten years and over 1 million dead North Vietnamese
Aye girl are u the North Vietnamese Army? Cause I'm Saigon and I'm about to fall
If the West had any sense it would back the Syrian rebels against as the USSR backed the North Vietnamese against the USA.
it was my Vietnamese driver who is convinced the gov in the north has brainwashed the younger gen. He's also Recently single.
[Vietnamese Culture]. "Water puppetry is a form of folk arts originating in the Red River Delta in the north of...
u know that I'm implying that the US/S. Vietnamese committed far more atrocities than north did right? get what you're doing tho
Why is it so hard to find the "Original Banh Mi" in the north end? There are hundreds of Vietnamese restaurants/cafés here.
was the model that seen the most use with forces that used MiGs, such as the North Vietnamese Air Force (NVAF) (2/2)
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A fundamental rule of life is not to *** off a Vietnamese girl who comes from the north
NEW! My most memorable dishes from the north to south of Vietnam
During the chaotic final weeks of the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese Army closes in on…
And he was at the Paris Peace talks sitting on the North Vietnamese side!
North Vietnamese civilians work amid the rubble in Hanois Kham Thien (March 1973)
Vietnamese Cuisine – A journey from North to the South: Vietnamese cuisine is simple, yet exciting and loved b...
people and the white people are the majority of the population North Vietnamese Army death soliders, psycholigical verbal
I want to return to the North Vietnamese village
It puts me to shame, b/c North Americans & Britons have languages like Cantonese, Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, etc at uni.
I found where all the Vietnamese people hang out on the North side of Houston! @ starbucks 1960-249
On June 11, 1970 his squad of fifteen men came under fire from 2,500 North Vietnamese troops. Cessna was struck...
I'm not moving the goalposts: Jane Fonda's photo shoot on a north Vietnamese gun battery was treason
.or, for that matter, how a photo shoot was supposed to give the North Vietnamese any aid against U.S. soldiers.
.how exactly did a photo shoot help the North Vietnamese against U.S. troops? Be specific.
She did a photo shoot on a North Vietnamese anti aircraft battery. You should educate yourself.
I wonder what the North Vietnamese Army would say about that?
On in 1964, North Vietnamese Army begins infiltration. Read More why was America ever there?
that traitor Yuan Shu joking North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong.
Where to Find the Best Vietnamese Food in Ottawa - When I return to North America in the summer months to visit fr... h…
Vietnamese isn't that spicy up north!
ThisDayInHistory in 1972, Hanoi releases three POWs. Read North Vietnamese officials cautioned the United States
and Mr. Charles Wilson would hide 100 feet below the city of Vin Yan, in the country of North Vietnam, in the North Vietnamese
When we recognize North Vietnam as a country or North Vietnamese as the army we fought in Vietnam, we have no...
1964 – Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving LBJ broad war powers to deal with North Vietnamese attacks on American forces.
“McCain told his North Vietnamese captors, highly classified information, the most important of which was the...
release of reports on North Vietnamese
1/ Anyone who knows McCain’s story must admit he’s a war hero. It has nothing to do with the fact he was captured by North Vietnamese Army.
On June 29, 1966, U.S. aircraft bombed the North Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, for the first time. via
US Vietnam War began in 1955 and ended in 1975 when North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon. US lost around 60,000. Why?
A fascinating documentary covering the final North Vietnamese push on Saigon and the subsequent American...
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Gen. Wesley Clark: "They [the North Vietnamese] were in favour of communism, atheism, and war."
NEW Unheralded Victory: The Defeat of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Arm
In April of 1975, the North Vietnamese Army was closing in on Saigon as South Vietnamese resistance was...
A hip hop song by a Hanoi-based rap group has re-ignited age-old cultural clashes between North and South http:/…
Vietnamese still feel north, south divide
Reunification Palace was once the site of the end of the Vietnam War, when a North Vietnamese Army
During the Killing Fields in Cambodia. America didn't lift a finger to help. the North Vietnamese Army went in and stopped it. Hm. :o|
Extraordinary piece on the 'victors' of the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War, as Seen by the Victors Very interesting
Whoops i read the NVA hashtag... Its not North Vietnamese Army lmaooo
after LBJ said we were attacked by the north Vietnamese this was passed
How North Vietnamese remember the war 40 years after the fact.
Dress Reid up in a North Vietnamese uniform and Nugent will stay as far away as possible.
How the North Vietnamese remember the Vietnam War, 40 years after the fall of Saigon
Seeing Vietnam War from the perspective of the North Vietnamese
How the Vietnamese view the American War 40 years after it ended Love this change of perspective.
I'm sick of reading abt 40 yrs of Vietnam War but this one is an exception: The as seen by the victors- http:…
"But you never see any pictures of a North Vietnamese soldier hugging a South Vietnamese soldier" h/t
Review: Vietnamese Noodle House in North Syracuse, where pho is king via …
“She keeps talking on and on about the war. It's really boring, so I don't really listen,” Vietnam generation gap.
North Vietnamese comrades. On our way to the *** Chi Mihn Mausoleum @ Keangnam Hanoi Landmark…
The U.S. Military & CIA told N. Vietnamese that "Christ has gone South" or "the Virgin Mary has departed from the North." Cold War politics
The Vietnam War, as Seen by the Victors -
“People didn’t even know what communism was,” Vu told me. “They just knew what was going on with their lives.”
How the North Vietnamese Remember the Vietnam War, 40 Years After the Fall of Saigon — The Atlantic
July 15, 1972 (Saturday)[edit]. Actress Jane Fonda posed for photographs at North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun at Hanoi
on 1972 Vietnam War: The Easter Offensive begins after North Vietnamese forces cross into the Demilitarized Zon…
Here’s John Kerry meeting with the North Vietnamese in Paris in 1970:. Against the law and Treason.
TIL North Vietnamese author Bao Ninh went to fight with a 500 man unit, the Glorious 27th Youth Brigade. He was on…
On this day in history; One for Y11 1968 North Vietnamese troops capture the imperial palace in Hue, South Vietnam.
Vietnam War was started by North Vietnamese. Iraq I was started by Hussein invading Kuwait.
Then me and Ted Nugent fought the whole North Vietnamese Army . . .
Liberal actress Jane Fonda has renounced a famous anti-war picture she posed in. Speaking of a 1972 photo featuring her sitting next to North Vietnamese anti-aircraft battery, Fonda called it a "huge, huge mistake." The actress appeared at an event in Maryland that was protested by Vietnam vets.
AND remember that met w North Vietnamese in Paris during the WAR w/o authorization in violation of Logan Act?
On This Date In Vietnam - January 25 Vietnam War – military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from 1959 to 30 April 1975. The war was fought between the communist North Vietnam, supported by its communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam, supported by the United States and other member nations of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). 1963 – 1st Seabee Technical Assistance Team arrives in Vietnam 1968 – Operation Windsong I in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. 1969 – The first fully attended meeting of the formal Paris peace talks is held. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, the chief negotiator for the United States, urged an immediate restoration of a genuine DMZ as the first “practical move toward peace.” Lodge also suggested a mutual withdrawal of “external” military forces and an early release of prisoners of war. Tran Buu Kiem and Xuan Thuy, heads of the National Liberation Front and North Vietnamese delegations respectively, refused Lodge’s proposals and cond ...
Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) Ask the prisoner of war how he feels about fonda after she passed his note to North Vietnamese prison guards. .
a Vietnamese relative told me north generals were beat, we left too soon
She still doesn't get it after all these years. It isn't just the picture she took. She turned notes over to the North Vietnamese Commander that were handed to her by POWs, some of whom were just trying to let people know they were still alive. She lied about the prisoners treatment. She and she alone is responsible for some horrendous torture that these soldiers endured after her visit. Please don't ever forget that Hanoi Jane Fonda was, is and always will be a traitor.
PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS TO THE VERY END. Barbara Walters on Jane Fonda: Jane Fonda was on 3 times this week talking about her new book. . . And how good she feels in her 70's. . . She still does not know what she did wrong. . . Her book just may not make the bestseller list if more people knew. Barbara Walters said : Thank you all. Many died in Vietnam for our freedoms. I did not like Jane Fonda then and I don't like her now. She can lead her present life the way she wants and perhaps SHE can forget the past, but we DO NOT have to stand by without comment and see her "honored" as a "Woman of the Century." (I remember this well.) For those who served and/or died. . NEVER FORGIVE A TRAITOR. SHE REALLY WAS A TRAITOR!! And now President Obama wants to honor her! In Memory of Lt. C. Thomsen Wieland, who spent 100 days at the Hanoi Hilton [infamous North Vietnam prison] This is for all the kids born in the 70's and after who do not remember, and didn't have to bear the burden that our fathers, mothers and older ...
Jane Fonda finally admitted that her famous photo of her on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun was a huge mistake. Hit " LIKE " if you care.
McCain- or as the North Vietnamese called him "Songbird" best just shut up about Vietnam.
Pastor William Smart compare America's to North Vietnamese soliders! Outrageous and shameful.
True. Those North Vietnamese never really had a chance, up against unlimited air power and nukes.
Suck on this, Republicans. McCain is welcomed home by Nixon after Nixon traded 5 North Vietnamese POWs for his return htt…
1970: Kerry in Paris to surrender to Vietnam. 2014: Kerry in Paris to pretend Islam and terrorism are not linked.
How about the North Vietnamese snipers who killed US servicemen during the Vietnam War. Hero or not?
2 million plus Vietnamese where killed by the French in the North out of 8 million
Fonda turned these over to the north vietnamese.
she posed with North Vietnamese who were killing American soldiers for propaganda pictures
Vietnam Jane Fonda, doesn't want to be known as a Communist traitor to her country for supporting the North Vietnamese. TOO LATE, JANE!
The North/South Vietnamese family rivalry is too real.
Never forget: was never anti-war; she was pro-war on the side of the North Vietnamese who were killing Americans.
My narrative as a South Vietnamese is different from a North Vietnamese. I don't pretend that my viewpoint stands for everyone in conflict
I like the picture of her sitting on an Anti Aircraft gun surrounded by North Vietnamese better.
General Giap (mastermind of North Vietnamese war effort) was a history teacher, that's my fave
Kermit Washington and Mr. Mike Tyson like a North Vietnamese Army solider at Dr. Goldstein and Mr. David Berkowitz from
Wounded by the North Vietnamese, Killed by Monsanto - via
The most unusual MiG killer: the Skyraider air-to-air victories on North Vietnamese MiG-17s via
Did Sec of State Henry Kissinger bring a singer to the negotiations with the North Vietnamese? No.
Is this the new American diplomacy? God help us all. We are so screwed. The North Vietnamese really screwed up.
01/16/1964: US President approved plan for US military to gather intelligence and conduct sabotage to destabilize the North Vietnamese.
Probably learned with the North Vietnamese, I think they spoke French.
Last time John Kerry told someone in Paris "you've got a friend" it was the North Vietnamese. So this is actually an improve…
I realize that the countries involved are not at war and I agree that the President could have made a more public announcement of his and the American people's support of the French government and people. Having said that, the terrorism was not on the same level as ours and this letter sounds so reminiscent of Jane Fonda and her apology to the North Vietnamese during the Viet Nam War. I cannot support this.
WHILE IN NIGERIA SOME EDUCATED ILLITERATES THINK IT IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THE GREAT MAN, MUHAMMADU BUHARI, TO BE RESPECTED AND BE GIVEN THE MANTLE OF NIGERIA'S LEADERSHIP because of his military education and experience not the usual civilian paper qualifications we are so much used to., IN THE LAND OF THE BRAVES, THE SUPER POWER OF OUR TIME, United States, MILITARY EXPERIENCE FOR ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE OR POLITICIAN IS A GREAT ADVANTAGE. No wonder their leadership is firm and focused! John McCain (the Republican candidate who contested with Obama) followed his father and grandfather, both four-star admirals, into the United States Navy, graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1958. He became a naval aviator, flying ground-attack aircraft from aircraft carriers. During the Vietnam War, he was almost killed in the 1967 USS Forrestal fire. In October 1967, while on a bombing mission over Hanoi, he was shot down, seriously injured, and captured by the North Vietnamese. He was a prisoner of war until . ...
Decades back, in late 1972, South Vietnam and the United States were winning the Vietnam War decisively by every conceivable measure. That's not just my view. That was the view of our enemy, the North Vietnamese government officials. Victory was apparent when President Nixon ordered the U.S. Air Force to bomb industrial and military targets in Hanoi, North Viet Nam's capital city, and in Haiphong, its major port city, and we would stop the bombing if the North Vietnamese would attend the Paris Peace Talks that they had left earlier. The North Vietnamese did go back to the Paris Peace talks, and we did stop the bombing as promised. On January the 23rd, 1973, President Nixon gave a speech to the nation on primetime television announcing that the Paris Peace Accords had been initialed by the United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, the Viet Cong, and the Accords would be signed on the 27th. What the United States and South Vietnam received in those accords was victory. At the White House, it was called " ...
"Welcome Home" is a new series which tells the story of Vietnam Veterans, from all branches of the service, in their own words. It is a thank you -- and a welcome home that is long, long, overdue. For updates on the series visit our website, infoAugust of 1964 -- when the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave President Lyndon Baines Johnson license to prosecute the Vietnam War using American blood and treasure -- until April of 1975, when Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese, some 2.7 million Americans served in Southeast Asia. Fifty-eight thousand of them never returned. Those that did return found themselves in a country very different from the one that sent them off to war. Vietnam veterans came home to a nation that did not wholly comprehend where they had been or why, nor what they had seen and done. But, there, "in country", as they say, they found something else: The brotherhood. That was one thing on which they soon learned they could bet their lives: The sacred bond Vietnam Veteran ...
Napalm will make Hamas & Hezbella understand what he'll on earth is like. Viet Cong & North Vietnamese hated!!
John McCain's finest hour: On the subject of torture, few can say “I know from personal experience,” like Senator John McCain can. And after the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday released a damning report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation methods, the Arizona Republican, a former prisoner of war who was tortured by the North Vietnamese, delivered a powerful condemnation of agency’s actions. While many other Republicans criticized the Intelligence Committee and its chair, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, a Democrat, Mr. McCain offered nothing but praise. “The truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow,” he said, standing at his desk on the Senate floor as Ms. Feinstein and other colleagues looked on. “It sometimes causes us difficulties at home and abroad. It is sometimes used by our enemies in attempts to hurt us. But the American people are entitled to it, nonetheless.” He called waterboarding “an exquisite form of torture” and “shameful.” The C.I.A. ...
of competition, and I try to fight to death against Mr. John Schwartz and Mr. Kevin Lawless like the North Vietnamese
All wars are for profit! and all are based on a pretext crated by our own government. 1915: World War I CONTEXT In 1915, Europe was embroiled in war, but US public sentiment opposed involvement. President Woodrow Wilson said they would “remain neutral in fact as well as in name.”23 PRETEXT On May 7, 1915, a German submarine (U-boat) sank the Lusitania, a British passenger ship killing 1,198, including 128 Americans.24 The public was not told that passengers were, in effect, a ‘human shield’ protecting six million rounds of US ammunition bound for Britain.25 To Germany, the ship was a threat. To Britain, it was bait for luring an attack. Why? British Admiralty leader, Winston Churchill, had already commissioned “a study to determine the political impact if an ocean liner were sunk with Americans on board.”26 A week before the incident, Churchill wrote to the Board of Trade’s president saying it is “most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hopes especially of embroili ...
Wow! USSR helped North Vietnamese Army and Vietcong during the Vietnam War!
St. Aloysius school booth in Caulfield North KILLING it. Vietnamese chicken rolls, sausages, bacon and egg rolls and cake stall!
Pho Vietnamese Delight Peanut York Black and white challenge day
Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese forces.
- North Vietnamese troops had opened up with small arms fire after ... Hawkins' Leathernecks, along with…
LRT one thing i observed & admired with Vietnamese women (ok, to be precise, of North Vietnam) is that they don't take *ish :-)
now that's just ridiculous. Were ALL the people in Germany Nazis? Were all the North Vietnamese communist?
I switch talking between North and South Vietnamese dialect without realizing it 😂
North Vietnamese bled more than US in Vietnam War, yet it's the US who lost it - in the end, that's what counts
Just like the placement of the north Vietnamese flag in the '68 protests was too far, so too is this.
I just said North Koreans rather than North Vietnamese I'm really smart too if you were wondering
RE: The North Vietnamese side of the Vietnam War.: Not just Vietnam either,... -
well the southern Vietnamese didn't like these religious characters from up north so they then became the Vietcong
11/22/1972: US lost its first B-52 of the war, brought down by a North Vietnamese surface to air missile near Vinh.
This reminds me of when Nixon's handlers sent an envoy to North Vietnamese to forestall a peace agreement til post election.
1967- US commanding General William Westmoreland announced that the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong were losing the Vietnam War. Right.
Toads and turtles at an amazing Vietnamese store in North Beach/Chinatown. Todays dinner?…
IS (2) August 1964, Vietnamese torpedo boats shoot at US destroyer & air strikes ordered on naval bases in the north
Fallen North Vietnamese soldier with a picture of his beloved in his wallet. Photo by Don McCullin
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I recall the way the North Vietnamese engaged the United States, a bigger and stronger opponent.
he's already dead you jerk. He died in Vietnam as a war hero. Even now the North Vietnamese speak of his bravery.
Every one of those deaths is the fault of the politicians who would not let us fight for victory. The soldiers/sailors/Marines/airmen deserve all the glory -- the politicians deserve all the blame. They are just as guilty of mass murder as if they had personally lined the 58,272 up and shot them. We were entirely capable of fighting a victorious war. We could have seen the day when one of our aircraft carriers anchored in Haiphong Harbor and a North Vietnamese delegation came aboard and signed an unconditional surrender (just as the *** did on the USS MISSOURI in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945) and my brothers in arms and I could have all received the Victory in Vietnam Medal.
Today on GJ 163 d: Vietnam War: The Battle of Ia Drang begins the first major engagement between regular American & North Vietnamese forces
Estimates of North Korean dead in the Korean war: 1.6M. American dead: 38,000. Had we just nuked PyongYang, far fewer than 1.6M North Koreans would have died – and NO Americans. The morally correct choice was nuclear weapons. Estimates of North Vietnamese and VC dead in the Vietnam War: 2M. American dead: 58,000. Had we used nuclear weapons on Hanoi in 1963, far fewer than 2M enemy, and zero American dead. The morally correct choice: Nuclear weapons.
Double Standards - Soapbox 10/6/14 Anybody who even makes a cursory effort to keep up with the news would, in all honesty, have to admit that there is a double standard when it comes to who gets handled with kid gloves and who gets handled with a pitch fork. For instance, Paula Deen was harassed and hounded by the media causing her great loss for racial slurs she supposedly had made years ago concerning African Americans while Jesse Jackson's "Hymietown" comment, a term disparaging to Jews, and the comment about wanting to castrate President Obama passed either over or under the heads of the media. Al Sharpton’s Tawana Brawley charade was totally fabricated, an out and out lie; yet the media still follows him around like a hungry puppy lapping up every race baiting statement he makes, and even gave him his own TV show. Jane Fonda was photographed in the 70s sitting on a North Vietnamese tank obviously giving aid and comfort to our enemies, yet she came back to this nation and received an Academy Award a ...
October 2, 1966: The Soviet Defense Ministry newspaper, Krasnaya Zuezda, reports that Russian military experts have come under fire during U.S. raids against North Vietnamese missile sites while the Soviets were training North Vietnamese soldiers in the use of Soviet-made anti-aircraft missiles. This was extremely significant because it was the first public acknowledgment that Soviets had trained North Vietnamese missile crews and were observing them in action. U.S. officials had long maintained that the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China were providing military aid--including training advisers, weapons, and equipment--that permitted the North Vietnamese to continue the war. Until this pooint, both the Soviets and Chinese had denied they had personnel in North Vietnam. The North Vietnamese fired over 10,000 SA-2 SAMs (surface-to-air missiles) at U.S. aircraft from 1965 to 1972, and each of those missiles was supplied by the Soviet Union. This was also true for the T-54 medium tanks, 130-mm fi ...
OBAMA’S VIETNAM: IT’S DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Consider this February 13, 1965 entry from the “This Day in History” files at President Lyndon B. Johnson decides to undertake the sustained bombing of North Vietnam that he and his advisers have been contemplating for a year. Earlier in the month, the president had ordered Operation Flaming Dart in response to communist attacks on U.S. installations in South Vietnam. These retaliatory raids did not have the desired effect of causing the North Vietnamese to cease support of Viet Cong forces in South Vietnam, and out of frustration, Johnson turned to a more extensive use of airpower. Called Operation Rolling Thunder, the bombing campaign was designed to interdict North Vietnamese transportation routes in the southern part of North Vietnam and slow infiltration of personnel and supplies into South Vietnam. The first Rolling Thunder mission took place on March 2, 1965, when 100 U.S. Air Force and Republic of Vietnam Air Force (VNAF) plane ...
Congratulations to former Army Command Sergeant Major Bennie Adkins of Opelika who yesterday was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor at a White House ceremony. He is a true American hero whose valor and sacrifice in 1966 during the Vietnam War are the stuff of legend. Here is the narrative of Sgt. Adkins' truly amazing heroism that day 48 years ago: When Adkins’ camp was attacked by a large North Vietnamese and Viet Cong force in the early morning hours of March 9, 1966, Sergeant First Class Adkins rushed through intense enemy fire and manned a mortar position continually adjusting fire for the camp, despite incurring wounds as the mortar pit received several direct hits from enemy mortars. Upon learning that several soldiers were wounded near the center of camp, he temporarily turned the mortar over to another soldier, ran through exploding mortar rounds and dragged several comrades to safety. As the hostile fire subsided, Adkins exposed himself to sporadic sniper fire while carrying his wounded c ...
1968 Tay Ninh city is attacked by circa 1,500 North Vietnamese & They capture a part of the provincial capital. ARVN respond
"North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces launce Tet Offensive against the South"
a mushroom soup north vietnamese style for independence day celebrations at Nanhs family house in Mao…
Why is it that MOST Americans have no clue that the US Federal Reserve supplied arms to both the North & South Vietnamese & US Military?
how did it work out when we released our strategy with the North Vietnamese, sometimes saying less is doing more
This week's honors a Medal of Honor recipient and U.S. Navy chaplain, Vincent Robert Capodanno. Chaplain (Lieutenant) Vincent Capodanno was a Catholic chaplain who served in Vietnam beginning in 1965. Known as the "Grunt Padre", Capodanno spent seven years as a missionary in Taiwan in his first assignment as a priest. He then received his commission in the US Navy Chaplain Corps and joined the First Marine Division in Vietnam in April 1966. On September 4, 1967, the 1st Battalion 5th Marines were attacked by 2,500 North Vietnamese, with 26 confirmed dead in the first few hours. Though injured in the face and hand, Chaplain Capodanno continued to give last rites to the wounded when he was killed in action.
Obama not ordering attacks on in Syria is like the US not attacking (until 1970) the Viet-Cong and North Vietnamese in Cambodia
Exhibition with North Vietnamese photographers covering the war in Vietnam at Visa pour l'image in…
- His parents, both officers in the North Vietnamese Army during the war, ... generations of Vietnamese…
John Kerry, as I recall, thought the North Vietnamese were nice guys, too.
yeah, right. Just like the u.s. chased the North Vietnamese Army and Vietcong to "the gates of *** "
on 1967 Vietnam War: Operation Swift begins: U.S. Marines engage the North Vietnamese in battle in the Que Son Valley.
That would be nice. North Vietnamese Army was battle-tested. The last war fought by Iranians was a draw involving teen soldiers.
- Far worse was the disorderly and ignominious evacuation of Saigon as it fell to North Vietnamese forces…
smh he prolly not only one either to help out vc and north Vietnamese
- Herring noted that Mr. Langguth's interviews with North Vietnamese and National Liberation Front…
Doan Cong Tinh at a group show of North Vietnamese war photographers (including Tinh) at Visa pour l'image
1972 During attack on Phuc Yen airfield north of the 47th North Vietnamese Air Force Mig shot down by US aircraft
Ask that *** Ayers if 1-2 million S.Vietnamese killed by the Commies of North -pol pot etc. would have done it if we stayed?
The fact that Vietnamese translations translates the sentence in north viet makes me laugh 😭
North Vietnamese accuse South Vietnam and the United States of attack
~ More & more is showing signs of being a North Vietnamese "Manchurian Candidate".
That was his nickname when he recorded propaganda radio programs in his collaboration with out North Vietnamese enemies.
North Vietnamese pilots being trained in Soviet Union - It is reported in three...
ashamed of: simultaneously, the North Vietnamese Army beat back the Red Chinese in the North. A 2-front war demonstrating Vietna
No, that was a tactical sacrifice, next thing the Americans woke up to the North Vietnamese tank corps sweeping like Panzers
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