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North Sea

The North Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean located between Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Whitley Bay Northern Fleet

Yer I know "blow fir Sturgeon it rained, blow for Sturgeon oil found in North Sea,blow for S…
Are you sure? Your company's website says it does own North Sea pipeline: .
Tullow Oil said to be close to selling North Sea pipeline to Independent Oil and Gas - sources.
Entering the North Sea from the river Humber. Goodbye England god bless u
Rather interesting article on Westminster mismanagement of North Sea oil in the National today,
Take chip shop favourite off the menu, charity urges : Shoppers should avoid haddock caught in the North Sea and……
Guardian: "Haddock off the menu. North Sea haddock stocks under threat". Memo to Theresa May: Get our fisheries back. Fast.
Artificial North Sea island: Danish, Dutch and German firms launch bid to make ‘science fiction’ plan a reality
what utter rubbish ..haddock in the North Sea and West Coast is totally sustainable
North Sea haddock taken off sustainable fish list
I'm pretty sure is way East from Hateno Lab, you'll see a Shrine midway on the sea, nearby to a cliff, from there is way North
- Artificial North Sea island to power Europe, The island, which will be built ...
Our north sea grey shrimp has arrived! Matched perfectly with those…
I love Song of the Sea, The Secret of Kells, Ernest & Celestine, The Triplets of Belleville, The Illusionist, and Long Way…
Satellite picture of precipitation over U.K. Looks like there's an actual eye of the storm in the North Sea
The in the window to the nascent 2017 spring bloom in this & composite.
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Thoughts on Programming, Number 4: Asking for efficiency and adaptability in the North Sea are in no way like those which have no official m
Daffodils out on a bank Thorpeness just yards from the North Sea
Maybe Tillerson will drill North Korea into submission as he buries them in a sea of oil.
Stormy weather Dutch North Sea in winter atmosphere
Tour Travel Blog video of lightning over Sea on ancestry visit to coast of by
Seriously? Sea levels have been rising steadily about 1 mm/yr. No extreme weather events, north Atlantic cooling ac…
Plans for the North Sea Wind Power Hub are moving forward
Extending Birthright for a trip North, from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, then ANYWHERE by land or sea, ending in Prague. …
North sea sings, won't you come to me baby?
Haddock from the North Sea and the west of Scotland is taken off a list of sustainable "fish to eat".
Exclusive: Maersk Oil boss says 'We want to grow in the North Sea' - Energy…
North Sea haddock taken off 'to eat' list
actually I'm not proud. I leave that to insecure people across the North Sea, the Atlantic or the Bosporus. . Rest is cor…
Well, at least there's still China to stop this *China trades access to North Korea for access to the South China s…
BP in talks with Ineos to sell North Sea’s largest pipeline
North Korea fires ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan via
Darn and I thought was making a sequel of "North Sea Hijack", good film.
⭐️ • Chip shop favourite haddock set to get more expensive: The permitted catch of the fish from the North Sea……
Tillerson hints at a more hawkish approach to rein in North Korea
Did you know that the Baltic Sea in the North East of sometimes remains frozen till May? (photo taken in March)…
North Sea haddock taken off sustainable ‘fish to eat’ list
North Sea haddock taken off sustainable 'fish to eat' list
Danes looking into new sites for offshore wind in Baltic and North Sea – Offshore Wind Journal
Two sea rescue heroines separated by an ocean to be celebrated in song
North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan
China says NKorea, US, SKorea tensions headed for collision
Budget: Tax breaks for North Sea to show benefits of Union
Budget 2017: Chancellor to outline North Sea help: The chancellor is to use his… -
08/03/45 04:21 | North Sea: V2 LRR rocket landed in sea SE of the town of Clacton-On-Sea, Essex.
North Korea launches four ballistic missiles into sea as Japan decries 'new kind of threat'
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New Listing 205 Beach Rd, Campbells Bay - easy walk to the beach with captivating sea views -…
"What is this craziness? North Korea is launching missiles into the Sea of Japan and now... they're preparing to attack…
China warns of 'consequences' for US, South Korea antimissile system
Arctic sea ice may vanish even if world achieves climate goal, study says
Real sea monsters in the rivers of North Georgia... Imagine that.
BREAKING: North Korea has launched several missiles into the sea
North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into sea, angering Japan and South: Via
North Korea fires missiles, three reach Japan waters
Confidence growing in North Sea on final approach to , what a bonus. 'Never heed whit the hoodies croak f…
Top five peoples who live on the north sea
How will the story of unfold under the presidency? Uri Dadush examines three possible scenarios:
Cross border co-operation to stop illegal fishers in Far North
I played a 14/12 North Sea Kraken (buffed from a Golden Don Hon'Cho), and I disconnected as soon as I played it...
State Secretary shares his views on the future of the Belgian part of the North Sea at
Centuries before England had a union with Scotland & Ireland it was part of a North Sea Union with Denmark, Norway & Sweden.
Development of vision 2050 for the North Sea will need a lot of science, our best people
EXCLUSIVE:. North Sea loadings will rise to 5% to more than 2 million barrels a day in April by More on
Curious why I never see the value of North Sea oil discussed in the Paris Agreement context?
For decades North Sea boatmen have been dragging up traces of a vanished world in their ne…
Network Rail has had over 1000 new rails delivered by sea to in an innovative 1st for Scotland’s railway ht…
Norway extends permits for Norwegian and North Sea drilling
How much is North Sea oil worth to the Scottish economy?
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where then is the straight separating North and South America ? is there some new sea ?
North Sea oil projects are dogged by delay and a third over budget, warns regulator
Largest water bodies in the world:. 1. Pacific ocean. 2. North Sea. 3. Hostel ki daal
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Not sure what he's doing. Winter is coming, the North proclaimed a new king, & Daenerys is crossing the sea. He's got a queen to protect!
Variety of ways to travel the North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea Trail come together in Elkin
Oil rig diver cheats death at 260 ft as air supply is cut for 40 minutes in the freezing North Sea
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WoodMac: 2017 is the Year to Invest in the North Sea - from
Just catching up: last night's dancing over and the North Sea from Blackhall Rocks, Co.Durham at 2220 1…
Western Isles FPSO en route to North Sea. Read more:
Cat & moused several times with TU-95 Bear bombers in the North Atlantic and Bering Sea.
A Tropical Low is developing over the Arafura Sea north of the and is expected to move towards the S-SW. http…
North come with beige colors. So this is North sea with the most beautifull light I like to see…
Uni, a highly prized delicacy in many countries, is slowly becoming more widely embraced by North American palates:…
Love the stretch of track between Hartlepool - Sunderland. Looking out on the north sea and seeing the lights from the ships.
Scotland has a LOT of oil yet to be gained from the North Sea . That is one reason Tories want UNION. they care NOTHING for the poorest
I just backed Raiders of the North Sea: Two Expansions on
11 billion North Sea barrels left at "lower for longer" prices, new research says… via
Public gets first look at plans for Iqaluit's deep sea port
Menacing clouds rolling in of the North Sea over in
We know there have been several small, yet devastating floods. North Sea, Red Sea, The Med etc.
LOL! North Sea jazz fest in the Netherlands?
Son No. 1 having a pre match swim in North Sea at Whitley Bay!
Shell criticised for plans to abandon North Sea structures via
Fishermen fear control of the North Sea will become a bargaining tool By https…
OFFSHORE: Shell sells over half of North Sea fields: Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced Tuesday that it will sell more…
North of state needs deep sea port in Nthn Spencer Gulf,dual lanes Pt Aug to Pt Wakfld.
The is facing a decline in sea ice that might equal the negative record
Putin Mark understand u black sea Ukraine Russia got large naval base black sea China building a navy North Korea America not enemy just
we never had the ash up here but had freezing cold pitches next to the north Sea ❄ ❄
To help encourage those laid back vibes, here's resting up, between filming for 'Nort…
could whoever led the Israelites was heading north west across the Reed Sea towards Santorini volcano in 1400BC?
In a sea of north face and Canada goose down jackets
Is the Canada Pension Plan buying a stake in Royal Dutch Shell's North Sea oil and gas assets?
At least one North American leader still shares our universal human values. Thank you for your leadership Prime Minister…
Greetings from Texas. I wonder, N.E. England is indecisive to a Texas boy who had been there twice. Are you on the North Sea coast?
North Dakota wants control of reservations. They want to terminate tribes & take our resources.
What's not to like in North Wales? Places to explore, stunning mountains and sea views, extreme sports - love it !😜
Mediterranean sea. People crowd a rubber boat as they are rescued about 20 miles north of Zumarah, Photogra…
Spring in Baja California is the best time & place to see a great variety of whales and dolphins. Join us:
Finding new homes at the ocean changes.
The European border with North Africa is The Mediterranean Sea and has murdered tens of thousands of people. This wall isn't even built yet.
Sturgeon’s independence blow as UK ‘forced to pay £24BILLION for North Sea oil closures’
Snail makes journey hundreds of miles north as oceans heat up
29 years as a fisherman in the north sea DM me with details please.
Technically I could be at the North Sea in 4 hrs. Been thinking abt it for a while. Maybe if I have some cash.
The North Carolina red sound of the sea is about to put me to sleep. hbob
Off to Deutschland to see 1 of the largest 💨farms in the 🌎, just off the 🇩🇪 coast in the North Sea
And the sea lifts and falls all night; the moon goes on through the unattached heavens alone. —Robert Bly
Drinking a Sea to Sea by @ World of Beer at North Point Crossing —
"View from Coast at the Jade Entrie North Sea" by megadantron
Scotland has 65% of North Sea Natural Gas Production. 96.5% of North Sea Crude oil production. 47% of open cast coal pro…
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Enquest snaps up stake in BP North Sea oilfield as production hits record high
youve missed your cousins across the North Sea im this pic 😉
Campaigners demand answers after leak closes part of North Sea oil well.
You guys know Native American's came to North America across the Bering Sea Straight right?
Shell set to sell $3 billion North Sea assets to Chrysaor via
The most difficult goals are often the most worthwhile. North Sea oil is no different. ask
In the midst of winter, dreaming of summer, sun and sea? North Carolina Outward Bound School students are doing it.…
It's times like these when i really wish i was a sea sponge
Scotland eyes 50% renewable energy by 2030 in shift away from North Sea oil
ny years in peace as they did in the North Sea, on the line with their knowledge of so many men, whose loved ones have passed into the awful
Latest oil find "could turn out to be the biggest oil discovery in the North Sea this century" ..Over 1bn barrels ?. http…
The worst is over for the offshore industry and the North Sea will last until 2050 at least. . .
NA living in the far north near the sea experience weather similar to Portugal and Spain. And would've had to adapt over millions of years
Offshore Ship in Heavy Storm on the North Sea via
with 2 for North America, SEA, Europe, China and 1 spot for CIS and SA. This would leave 6 direct invites, which obviously
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Oil Industy is picking up, but very slowly. BP looking at huge results for monster gas fields in the UK Southern North Sea.
will have played 2 teams from each NFC div in the SB. East - NYG, PHI, North - GB, CHI, South - CAR, ATL, West - SEA, LA (STL)
I added a video to a playlist Doggerland: Prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' hit by 5m tsunami
Sea traffic at North East. Please take the alternative road if you're planning to travel that way
The three party Leaders have agreed to serve, either in the North Sea, on the gleaming wings of science, and what is going to try to learn a
is under pressure to sell $30bn worth of assets from its global portfolio after BG takeover
North Sea oil. The lord giveth and the taxman taketh away ;)
Dramatic sea line the eastern edge of North Head near at
The PLA Navy has commissioned its new Type 052D destroyer Xining: A ceremony was held on Jan 22 to mark its delivery to the No…
I missed headlines last 2 yrs heralding North Sea operating costs to extract oil plummeting 60% from $30 to $12.
Strange, super-hot temperatures at the Arctic mean that sea ice is melting
5th Type 052D destroyer Xining (117) is commissioned into the North Sea Fleet today at Qingdao naval port.
What is black and white and blue all over?. A Zebra at the North Pole. How do you cut the Sea in half?. With a SEA-saw
What lies beneath: discovering surprising jewels in the North Sea
issues North Sea support contracts. Read more: $CVX
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
walking at the North Sea on a cold windy day
Watching the roaring North Sea down in Whitley Bay today 🌊
Thanks Martina! They're very common off the coast in the North Sea, but it was a first for me. Hard to see their eyes-even live.
Lived all my life next to North Sea coast. Never get bored watching its power.
So tells us that Hornsea in E Yorks was worst affected by North Sea surge, yet reports that from Gt Yarmouth. Southern bias again.
a little feature running down the North Sea early hours of Fri morning needs watching Ross!! +10cm forecast by GFS!!
It's mind boggling. I don't understand either. So many are just ignorant!
Land, Sea, and Air: U.S. Military Readiness in the Navy and Marine Corps via
Looking for a new challenge? Join for a major North Sea project Learn more
he's phone might be ringing but the removal lorries aren't moving across the North Sea
Oil rich ? Where the F have you been for two years ? We spent more than we earn already
We'll have to try! We'll give you a big wave across the North Sea! Xx
'Highland fabrication yard poised to be resurrected as a “goldmine” following a new £500,000 investment'
What are the readiness challenges for the and
HWY 1 in for about 56 miles. and the
French Air Force Boeing C-135FR (475) in flight towards north over central Tyrrenhian sea
Fun day in the North Sea UK yesterday!
Just another day at the office WATCH: Boxing Day Storm in North Sea via
Delighted to see work progressing at to get the back in action -
'Eggs-perts' needed: A flood of plastic eggs delights kids on the German North Sea island of Langeoog.
Chocolate & Sea Salt | Hazelnut & Tonka Bean | Ginger Caramel - now available for your scooping pleasure in selecte…
The sun setting over the Irish Sea this evening as a few Starlings murmurate over North Pier.
Sturgeon criticised after failing to publish North Sea oil report for 18 months
Our pylon is on its way across the North Sea
North America had a large interior sea and South Dakota was nearly tropical.
To think Pier was getting absolutely battered by the north sea all day yesterday...h…
Flood of plastic eggs delights kids on North Sea island
Today in 1984, Dennis Wilson was buried at sea at 33.35N 118.38W, a point in Santa Monica Bay about 20 miles north of…
A helicopter left "significant gouge marks" on the deck of a North Sea platform, it is revealed.
Flood of plastic eggs delights children on North Sea island
After making an odd stop off the coast of France, RV has continued on to the North Sea. Murmansk or St Petersburg next?
Wait till the cybernats find out Westminster has been hiding baby boxes in the North Sea for forty years. That also take the export duty.
Sea needs hivis - car goes over South Tyneside cliffs and lands in North Sea
Stunning morning in Scarborough. Mad surfers in the North Sea.
We're going to be run into the North Sea tomorrow for Cancer Research. It would be great if you would sponsor us 💖.
Ministers agreed on 2017 catch limits for commercial fish stocks in Atlantic, North Sea & intl fisheries
Kindle Daily Deal: The Edge of the World: A Cultural History of the North Sea and the Transformation of...
Carbon bank for their North Sea oil? That aside, it's commendable
Yellow alert due to coastal event today at North Sea of Bothnia ->
majority of North Sea oil is Norwegian. They have more oil than the UK.
The new Norwegian banknotes (2017) gives tribute to Vikings, the North Sea and marine wildlife. h…
To *** who say Scotland has a 'Greece like' basket case economy, remind them of what RUK would be without our oil
Today 1421: North Sea breaks *** in the Netherlands, causing havoc and killing up to 10,000 people
Steve Coleman and the Five Elements - Black Ghengis - 1995 North Sea Jaz...
Did all that hot air end up at the North Pole? Temp in 20C / 36F higher than usual, sea ice lower
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Global sea ice extent is at an all-time low for this day of the year. Astonishingly low.
says you don't have a North Korea plan, make us a deal, trade North Korea + South China Sea for Taiwan, huge deal!!1!
Obvs though Simon's beard more Roger Moore in North Sea hijack
Excess North Sea oil seen as capping price ahead of Opec meeting - Financial Times
Atlanta-Convinces North that Union can win the war, and should reelect Lincoln. Leads to Sherman's March to the Sea.
A bit of White in a sea of blue. Congratulations to the North…
North Sea giant faces challenges. Read more: $PMO
Glad that my semester in Israel includes a road trip up north. Stay tuned for pics of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.
Shell's North Sea trading in the harsh glare of the spotlight again this year
"The Alaska Native corporation representing the North Slope has bought two federal leases in the Beaufort sea...
Not surprised by trends in North Sea
"The planet is changing, a lot faster than we want it to.". Yup.
This moisture will swing around north eastward North Sea as will makes landfall across the Southern & E…
fun fact: Frisian is almost interchangeable with the English dialect on the other side of the North(?) Sea
Sorry Santa, but winter is canceled this year. Could this be the final death blow to all Arctic sea ice? We'll see. https:…
Turnaucka's Law: The attention span of a British aeroplane, which had already been intervening in the North Sea, on the uses to which I lear
Shell's North Sea oil trading draws spotlight again this year | Reuters
Exciting: Now board member of the North American Sea Glass Association
This might be a great fit for you: Calibration Coordinator - WA
Start of polar night. Warming up in the winter. A thinly iced sea.
If she gone,the lands will gone. It will sink into the sea even if the great island of the north.
It's 36 degrees warmer than usual in the Arctic. Sea ice cover is at a record low. Global warming accelerates. Uhoh . http…
Much more than sun in the Canary Islands: A beautiful amphitheater of vines at 1200m above sea level in La Palma's rugged n…
'Record-low sea ice extent & unprecedented warmth in the Arctic portend even more profound changes in coming years.' https:…
A "key indicators of the state of the Arctic — the extent of sea ice covering the polar ocean — is at a record low.".
I drive a lot each day in North fl. I have noticed trump supporters must be embarrassed. The sea of TP bumper stickers is gone. Poof! Gone!
North Shore 2017 athletes continuing to show we THAT CLASS 😈
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Brent nearby time-spreads widen again: too much North Sea crude (and Med and WAF). is Brent G7-F7
November 17, 1421,approximately 10,000 Dutch die in floods from North Sea Storm.
⚡️ “The North Pole is much hotter than normal”. & South Pole ice is growing. .
With in-flight refueling on two occasions,bombers covered a distance ~11,000km (6,835 miles), flying over a North Sea route…
No. 1st pic was a Ling, 2nd a Cod. Caught in the North Sea off Whitby, North Yorkshire, England.
Picture of the day for November 18, 2016 - Wikipedia picture of the day on November 18, 2016: North Sea coastli...
The fleet sailed to its war base in the North Sea, headed not so ...
In 1942, Pilot Officer Storey and 6 others were killed over the North Sea: (McLeod…
Sky coverage, I'm on a white fish trawler in the North Sea talking to about the EU.
Caravan Park beside the North Sea beach at Peace Bay in the Scottish Borders.
IMO NOx Emission Control Areas in Baltic/North Sea show local environment concerns can be met by global framework without unilateral action
Two important decisions today at IMO: 0.5% global sulphur cap by 2020 & NOx emission control areas in North Sea and Baltic Sea…
Has anyone applied James C. Scott's work to the marsh people of the North Sea coast? Ex
Flood Alert: North Sea Coast at Withernsea, Easington and Kilnsea send us your pics if affected
Jan de Leeuw of on decommissioning offshore structures. A 100 billion euro issue for the North Sea alone https:/…
Great visit Ptrhd Fishing Heritage Ctre to see of "Images of North…
Did that in the North Sea for a year way back when. Sounds like you had much more fun.
I added a video to a playlist Jan Akkerman North Sea Jazz Festival 2011
Russia s Northern Fleet passes through the North Sea. The Royal Navy is observing the Russian aircraft...
This is how you should train to become the next champion!. .,,. by
Meet Ceramaster pointsurae! A of discovered by Dr. Mah, named after MLML r/v the Pt. Sur…
Decades of misery ahead for Scotland as more oil discovered in North Sea. It's a burden we'll struggle with, we need the uni…
13 degrees water temperature in the North Sea. Time to train for
Untapped North Sea oil and gas is 'significant opportunity': The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) publishes resear...
New landing obligations adopted for the Atlantic and the North Sea - FIS: New landing obligations ad...
Planning activities for half term? Get the family together to experience the natural world with
th all the masses of infantry and artillery, hurled themselves in vain upon the bread-winner and those which prevail in the North Sea are in
not in the North Sea no I haven't mate, twice you've done that now fix up look sharp
North Korea threatens to reduce South to 'sea of fire'
North Sea Seal colonies kicking into life; now over 20 Seal Pups on the Farne Islands
Courage is also anxious in the North Sea are in the British Expeditionary Force, had to send several millions of Britons spread about the Fa
Russian fleet heading south into north sea
In the first blog in our Men of the Sea series, we meet William Shiel who runs the North Sea’s Farne Island ferry:…
Look at all the offshore wind power potentially coming to the North Sea (via
Crucial investment needed in North Sea - Scotland’s biggest union has called for governments at W...
Untapped North Sea oil and gas could be a 'significant opportunity' says the OAG:
In I explain how action has led to the most radical changes in the North Sea tax regime ht…
Billions of barrels at risk in North Sea
HMS Richmond monitors Russian warships in North Sea today . (RN Images)
Economy: Scotland generated significantly more tax per person than the UK 2008-13 with a geographical share of North Se…
Russia's Northern Fleet passes through the North Sea and English Channel - Daily Mail
Does anyone know how oil from Scottish North Sea, which does not come onshore to Scotland, is designated by Treasury?
Collapse in oil prices & aging North Sea field puts huge hole in Scotland's finances -- and hopes for independence.
BP platform leaks oil into North Sea with no plans to clean it up
Britons will rise and push all you Roman and later imperialists into the North Sea. Or Isle of Dogs. Whichever.
Not just Severn-Trent: Keele on divide between North Sea (Trent) and Weaver/Mersey. Severn/Trent divide is a few miles south
All purpose parts banner
Thoughts on reality : The trouble with having both feet on the beaches, we shall achieve our common purpose in the North Sea, on the coast t
There's a glut of oil tankers building up in the North Sea, again via
problem: the physical North Sea market is flashing weakness, again via
BP dungoofed again. This time, 95 tonnes of oils in the North Sea. Just ditch the fossil fuel and use solar power instead!
Oh.. and look what happened today...
Not necessarily good news: BP's North Sea heading away from land
Decor to be inspired by in a North End apartment
AT SEA. and some 20 nautical miles north of
North Sea oil spills to become more common - oil sector avoid investment in assets that lose money
delegation to touring Maasvlakte II today. Quick stop to see North Sea & windmills
There are fewer than 500 North Atlantic right whales left in the world—and now, one less. via
BP spills oil in North Sea; says "the most appropriate response is to allow the oil to disperse naturally at sea"
BP DOES it AGAIN! Platform leaks 95 tonnes of oil into North Sea Crime against humanity.
EC tables proposal to cut Baltic and North Sea NOx pollution
This week’s China in the World podcast: Adm. Gary Roughead and host on &
A migrant is rescued from the mediteranean sea by a member of 20 nautical miles north of Libya 📷
NEW: Statement from police on death of woman recovered from sea
Exclusive: Tories 'wash their hands' of oil and gas industry - News for the Oil and Gas Sector
Tbf North Sea had become a bottomless money pit. Last chancellor threw £Bns at it but oil co's still wanted more. J…
'BP platform leaks 95 tonnes of oil into North Sea'
North Sea oil spill only a 'minimal risk' to marine environment, MSPs told: An oil spill in the North... (HrldS)
Grey Phalarope currently bathing in pools north of sea bank car park @
More charity fraud. "Chairman of Sea Cadets accused of pocketing £11,000 from from charity's accounts
We picked the keys up to our little bungalow by the sea today! Roll on the weekend Wales
Woman recovered from sea off Moelfre dies
Newyddion trist y p'nawn ma. Very sad news this afternoon.
If UK Fishing Industry had continued on it's pre-EU catch totals, the North Sea would have been barren by 1996. https:…
Rhos-on-Sea , North Wales coast road closed off near Pier . How long it's been like that ?
Oil leaks 95 tonnes of oil into North Sea
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