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North Sea

The North Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean located between Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

South Seas Irish Sea

Yes, the British taxpayer pays for it all. North Sea oil and gas is now making a loss, by the way.
Shell launches bid to leave massive, sludgy oil rig remnants in North Sea for 500 years | The Independent
TP Gate Contract awarded to for two DONG Energy in the North Sea.
1/106 He115 shot down in North Sea by Lockheed Hudson. 1 NCO wounded
Funding for North Sea carbon capture study announced by Nicola Sturgeon
North Sea on track for the biggest year of oil & gas field startups in a decade as new fields will pump some 230 MB…
A lovely autumnal and salt-laden North Sea sunrise this morning from my cabin on the crossing from Aberdeen to S…
Decommissioning in action: The huge North Sea platform Brent Delta being dismantled by on Teesside
Ravens on tour! Today's edition: Coach Jane visited Skagen, the place where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea flow t…
This impromptu trip was one of our many attempts to disconnect from the world we are used to .
If our flag upsets you, we got a one-way ticket for y'all back up North! Share if you agree! SEA RAVEN PRESS:…
Norway confirms gas discovery in North Sea Natural gas found in new area of Norway's North Sea 🌊 ⛽️
...dressed as his dad, obviously - they respect at the bottom of the North Sea.
At sea 1500 miles west of Washington state, 80 miles north of totality. Sorry about quality.
... against tidal surges from the North Sea.[112]
ICYMI: The North Sea's first FPSO, the Petrojarl I, was delivered to owner Teekay . be used as an EPS off Brazil.…
deals in August. in the North Sea; Rosneft in India with Essar oil. Why now? take a look.
Perth Harbour just 30 miles from the North Sea connects easily to Perth's transport network.
Total expands in North Sea with purchase of Maersk Oil
- More North Sea crude heads east as storage clears
But, but... Scotlands oil is worthless. A free for all except the Scots
The Danish shipping conglomerate AP Moller-Maersk is selling its oil division for $4.95bn
deals getting done with crude in the North Sea and moving into India for Essar Oil.
Hear Woodmac's Corporate team talk a bit more about that $7.45bn Total/Maersk deal... .
Thanks, I have not eaten herring since either a) I lived nearer the North Sea than I do now or b) w…
Within five years the UK may look to Norway to store industrial emissions under the North Sea
Dolphins + Wellness + Sun + Desert + Sea + = Baja Basecamp, our new expedition. See it:
Exactly. Labour & Tories had 40 years to upgrade A9 with all that wealth from the North Sea. National Party of Scotland…
Okee intruders of our village by the north sea first you have to learn our lesson to speak by singing this song [
why the North Sea what's wrong with the English Channel
Martyn McLaughlin: North Sea should be ashamed of the Malaviya Seven’s fate
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The South Shore laughed and played with their fountains of meat, their sea filled with it, and the North sat quietly in fear.
I liked a video Securing the North Sea | 13 | Germany - Hearts of Iron 4 The Great War
Another great swim/snorkel/freedive, playing in the North Sea As always in my trusty fourth element…
The drills involve land, sea, and air military exercises as well as computer simulations.
Can we not make an island in the north sea and populate it with all the racist swine who are dragging the whole UK into the gutter
This is really a retro argument based on the usual grievance-based politics we see so often from the nationalists. http…
Oh dear. Have you been washed into the North Sea(?) yet?
Why could it not be an ancient fracture zone? North Sea ext. may have reactivated weak area w/ previo…
You can achieve whatever the *** you want. We wanted to walk alongside the river and get to the North Sea? And...
Rhosneigr Bay loaded an accommodation module on board for a job in the North Sea. This is a self contained unit.
Hats off to the public of North Sea jazz festival!concert tonight at Django Reinhardt will be recorded and broadcas…
Not the 80s soap opera set on a North Sea ferry?
I head to the North Sea and early 80s Roger Moore for this week's Missed Connections.
Latest pictures of latest and largest ever warship on sea trials in the North Sea
Sea breeze at the shore keeping it 75-80 there while some showers & thunderstorms have popped up to the north and w…
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And an other and both rags are not known to be partial to Scotland's cause!
Here is more proof he was lying as were the lot of them.Still are! .
That's the next step- could be anywhere on UK coast, or North Sea (I'm guessing latter)
produces new records and North Sea becomes burden
My take on dodgy migration deals. https…
There is no magic money tree... apart from for drilling in the North Sea. We're paying oil co.s $312m/year to drill htt…
I know. I use gas for cooking which I imagine comes from the North Sea. And, our…
North Sea oil project to support up to 1,500 offshore jobs
Sea otters from the North Pacific are endangered & have the densest fur in the animal kingdom!
HEAR HEAR👍😲 MPs get11% and rake in tax free ex's but cap real workers at 1%. Then in cahoo…
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China to step up air and sea patrols after U.S. warship sails Trump talks to China to press for North Korea
You might actually find some of your ancestors. They've been hiding from you in a North Sea reef since the 70s
North Sea Wind Power Hub: A giant wind farm to power all of north Europe.
reveals effect of North Sea windfarm on wind speeds in the
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Why is it important MEPs reject fisheries ministers’ attempts to water down the North Sea plan? Our latest blog:
North Sea development to support 1500 jobs - Belfast Telegraph
Beijing lambastes US warship patrol in South China Sea as tensions ... - The Japan Times
There is no magic money tree, except for handouts for BP via
North Sea Crude-Differentials rise on tighter August supply
Lou peering out to the North Sea on our penultimate day on the walk. Final day…
Statoil brings field on stream in Read more:
I just liked “Oceana - North Sea Expedition 2017. The Expedition kicks off” on
Vexed at NKorea,Trump irks China's Xi on Taiwan, trade, trafficking, S China Sea before calling him
My guess is Mueller doesn't want 2 "Ollie North" chances of a Manafort conviction&they have…
North, south east and western --> "... They clearly are trying to stop us watching what is going on at sea." .
Where the sea meets the sky. . We went to this outstandingly beautiful beach today. It's huge! . North Norfolk, UK . 03.07.…
Third of seabirds in North Sea suffering 'widespread breeding failure', warns report:
Also jumped on some trampolines by the North Sea
flee en-masse as Kim orders more and more fish to eat
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citizen are reported to be heading eastwards over the North Sea as UK fishermen threaten to nationalise them. Fish are cleverer.
Alnmouth beach enjoying the cold North Sea 😄
Chair of Trevor Garlick, speaks about the opportunities ahead for the industry via…
Landscape drawing - ink diluted with North Sea water - O made of mud and oil from creek edge - smells strange - intere…
North Korean fishermen flee en-masse as Kim orders more and MORE fish to eat
Around 1,500 jobs will be supported by the next phase of a major North Sea development by oil and gas firm Stato...
Oil production from the North Sea fields just under 30% of 1999 peak. .
UK Government welcomes the first delivery of oil from one of the largest new drilling operations in the North Sea. http…
What will we lose control of when we have to make our own trade deals? The…
EnQuest releases the Kraken: North Sea field expected to produce 50K barrels per day for 25 years by
Breaking on North Sea cod, already back in meets standard, good news for
Europe, North Sea- Statoil says that a final investment decision for the Norwegian Johan Castberg field development is to be made towards t…
Nation's flagship anchored on the Firth of Forth. She will undertake sea trials off the north-east coast of S…
Probably my all-time favorite flight--BA 48 out of SEA on a Gorgeous views of the north Cascades and beyond
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North Sea’s largest new project in a decade begins flowing
is coming to "North Sea to South Seas: Norwegian Sugar Cane Story" July 11, @ 7:00 p.m.
Your map skills are pretty weak then. I suggest starting by finding the Mediterranean Sea, then go right.…
Impossible! According to and the radical Climate Change alt-Left, sea levels are on the rise!!
Another balmy summer's day in the North Sea... from the bridge of Quite a view.
Unite Legal Services secures £13,500 for scaffolder injured at work in the North Sea:
didn't say the sea levels were rising? New island appears off coast of North Carolina - CNN.
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4th partners meeting: Offshore Energy planning provisions, planning criteria, and future trends in the N…
New island appears off coast of North Carolina just in time to get drowned by rising sea levels
North Sea’s largest new oil project in a decade begins flowing
Fantastic news on 1st oil reached at Kraken field. UK Govt £2.3bn support for the industry means the North Sea remains…
Current sea temperature which we believe is record hot for this time of year - never reached 27°C to the north of...
Weathered bird facing North Sea but at least it doesn't steal your chips or pooh on the car
We did ask but they wouldn't tell us. I think we need to find more North Sea Oil to fund it!
EnQuest produces first from Kraken field in UK North Sea
EnQuest produces first oil from Kraken field in UK North Sea
Boost to UK oil as big find off the South Coast of England
Govt subsidises Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant. And North Sea Oil. Subsidies for Renewables? "No, it has to follow marke…
Melt the sea ice by burning fossil fuels and heating up the Earth. Have easier access to ice-locked oil under the North Pole.
Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyes. I know the North Sea like the back of my hand. Watch this space..…
🎨 Robert Henry Smitn Birth: (1927 - Colorado). Painter; Etcher; Illustrator. "Conqueror' and Escort in the North Sea"…
UK OIL FOUND: Firm finds 'significant' reservoir in Weald Basin and North Sea delivers
Dr. Andy Samuel says the Kraken is one of the most significant oil field projects in the UK Continental Shelf.
It's a grey day in the North Sea - as HMS Sutherland has found escorting HMS Queen Elizabeth as the carrier puts...
"The North Sea drilling industry’s best days are still...behind it, but its future isn’t as grim as it once looked"
Consortium gears up to capture North Sea decommissioning work | Decom World
Well, during the Stayxit and after there is still to pay the bill for what the EU comes short, they'll invent a...
At St Bees ready to start walking from Irish Sea to North Sea in 14 days
Completed the placing a pebble from St Bees on the Irish Sea into Robin Hood's Bay on the North Sea.
Stunning lightning storm, over North Sea off the Scottish Borders, seen from 40 miles to south. Must be quite so…
I'm old enough to remember when we were promised abundant, cheaper gas when it was found under the North Sea. This…
Only faint traces of oil found in North Sea effort - The Norwegian government said Monday efforts to find new r...
The North must come together to face the small gods of the sea. The daughter of Chaos trilogy
The European Commission has allowed Chrysaor to buy Shell assets in the North Sea — Ramble...
Lots of best cases in ocean management around the world Check out the European North Sea for example. Happy to eat that fish.
I sat down to read while crossing the North Sea on a ferry, and laughed out l…
Large parts of the North Sea were once dry. Together with & we study SeaLevelRise…
Enjoy / we are gonna be 7 miles north west of Stranraer - just us and the sea (and midges).
Arme Feddersen and I on the pier at List on the north end of Sylt today. This is summer weather in the North Sea!
First-known case of a two-headed porpoise caught in the North Sea by fishermen
This is a special! North Sea bouillabaisse, chock-a-block with freshly landed fish straight out of the North Sea…
North Sea expertise can be applied to growing wave and tidal power market
approach into Calais, a busy French port on the Strait of Dover which divides the English…
It's that time of year again when noctilucent clouds come out to play. This one spotted over North Sea last night by pilo… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Me as well until earlies Monday. Meant to be raging hot Saturday and Sunday. North sea wading at S…
China buying more oil from US, North Sea- Nikkei Asian Review
Oil companies shake the magic money tree
Two-headed porpoise pulled from the ocean in the North Sea via
Shell has been handed a £112m tax rebate by the UK Government despite making billions in profits
Karmate. Nayino a nice song from Laz-land (by the Black Sea) in North Turkey
Twins are rare for porpoises and cetaceans—and conjoined twins are even more rare.
Another stubborn anticyclone over the Arab peninsula tht disturbs monsoon's progress to the north Ara…
Tropical Update (Friday):. For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:. 1. Cloudiness and...
Fears Russian yacht and 3 crew seized by North Korea in Sea of Japan
As Scottish unemployment falls, North Sea employment starts to climb again via
North Korea detains Russian yacht in Sea of Japan 'by mistake' — embassy |
Unite at the Heliports. It's clear huge numbers of members are standing together across all North Sea installations and…
Lt. Colonel William R. Purinton, second from left, middle row. interned since his Marauder bomber was shot down ov…
Try fresh from the North Sea at the Mizen Head!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
by 1200 western Europe was already rich, and by 1400 the North Sea was breaking away trade + good gvnt…
Tory manifesto points to North Sea future decommissioning, says sov. wealth fund to be mainly funded by fracking:
Walls are but a part of tight control. The UK has a natural wall - it's called the North Sea, English Channel, and Atlantic Ocean
A little more 'Italian Riviera' than 'North Sea trawler,' Arpenteur's linen smock is a fresh update on a classic.…
What’s giant, yellow, and hanging out in the middle of the North Sea? Our wind farm power converter.
The battle of Jutland began in the North Sea on this day in 1916...
offers to divest most of Amec's UK North Sea assets. Read more: $WG
Wood Group offers to divest most of Amec’s UK North Sea assets
Number of Radio Operators for future Offshore Projects in the North Sea.
secures 4 new professional services contracts with oil & gas operators in the North Sea and Asia Pacific:
🇳🇱 . The Netherlands has opened one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms in the North Sea.
The Netherlands has opened the world's second largest offshore wind farm in the North Sea
Full tilt: giant owind farm opens in North Sea. .
The Netherlands opens the world's 2nd largest offshore wind farm, with 150 turbines in the North Sea.
Giant offshore wind farm opens in North Sea this month. Today I just happened to take this photo of it from above!…
Full tilt. Giant offshore wind farm opens in North Sea. Gemini will meet energy needs of about 1.5 mil…
they began with a small, but busy, wealthy, island in the North Sea, their soldiers were great in number, quickly overwhelming the populace
Reading a book from the small library in the sweet B&B on High Street in Banff, Scotland, on the North Sea.
Submerged landscapes of the North Sea and Channel
The first Brexit: Submerged landscapes of the North Sea and Channel
In the middle of the North Sea. Read more:
China is looking at W.African & North Sea crudes, taking oil from Mexico, Brazil & US
North Sea oil is in its death throes. But the industry has one last grand act left.
Radar's Fundamental Truth: The grass is brown on both sides of the globe and in the North Sea oil project, the cost increases, if you stick
How important is Britain's largest discovery in decades, in the North Sea west of
Independent Oil & Gas to buy Thames pipeline in North Sea - Ahead of first gas export, the Company is also aimi...
Hurricane Energy triples estimate of North Sea oil recovery
The UK govt not competent to manage North Sea oil. Time to end the secret deals & ministers with 2 jobs.
2 PhDs on reusing North Sea oil infrastructure
Wait!. England produces 85%+ of the revenues from the North Sea, you know Scottish oil/gas fields?
North Sea oil belongs to Britain as a whole. Going indy to claim it for Scotland alone is greedy and selfish.
Wood Group Secures New Engineering Contract with Premier Oil in North Sea - Oil Industry News - Oil and Gas News
Tullow Oil said to be close to selling North Sea pipelines to Independent Oil and Gas - sources - part 3.
Concern over plans to leave oil platform legs in North Sea
British engineers attempted to destroy the entire North Sea island of Heligoland in 1947. More info: https:/…
Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands to build an artificial island in the North Sea
NEW: South Korea says ballistic missile fired by North Korea flew about 37 miles into sea off its east coast.
Malteasers. Micky the boatman sailing the north sea.
Take her for a walk on Whitley Bay Links!. When did she last see the North Sea?
nears one-month high as North Sea oilfield disruption helps tighten supply. http…
Sturgeon independence blow as North Sea oil and gas is 'a DRAIN on British economy' -
North Korea test-fires a missile into the sea just before Trump meets with China's Xi
BREAKING: North Korea has fired a missile into the Sea of Japan
North Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan.
North Korea fires missile into sea off east coast, South Korea says
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This is not just desperate. It's plain stupid.
US says it has 'spoken enough about after new missile launch
US says it has 'spoken enough about North Korea' after new missile launch.
BREAKING: North Korea fires missiles into sea. 'We hit it too!!!' says delighted Kim Jong-un.
North Korea test-fires missile into sea ahead of Trump-Xi summit. Via
Jersey confirms rig for North Sea Verbier well
South Korea to 'strongly deal' with missile launch as US-troops flood region
China holds up Asia stocks; oil gains on North Sea outage ReutersUK
North Korea has fired four ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, Japanese officials say. .
North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea just a day before Trump-Xi summit
North Korean ballistic missile fired into the Sea of Japan
North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea in show of strength
North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan, days after Pyongyang warned of retaliation
Yer I know "blow fir Sturgeon it rained, blow for Sturgeon oil found in North Sea,blow for S…
Are you sure? Your company's website says it does own North Sea pipeline: .
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Entering the North Sea from the river Humber. Goodbye England god bless u
Rather interesting article on Westminster mismanagement of North Sea oil in the National today,
Take chip shop favourite off the menu, charity urges : Shoppers should avoid haddock caught in the North Sea and……
Guardian: "Haddock off the menu. North Sea haddock stocks under threat". Memo to Theresa May: Get our fisheries back. Fast.
Artificial North Sea island: Danish, Dutch and German firms launch bid to make ‘science fiction’ plan a reality
what utter rubbish ..haddock in the North Sea and West Coast is totally sustainable
North Sea haddock taken off sustainable fish list
I'm pretty sure is way East from Hateno Lab, you'll see a Shrine midway on the sea, nearby to a cliff, from there is way North
- Artificial North Sea island to power Europe, The island, which will be built ...
Our north sea grey shrimp has arrived! Matched perfectly with those…
I love Song of the Sea, The Secret of Kells, Ernest & Celestine, The Triplets of Belleville, The Illusionist, and Long Way…
Satellite picture of precipitation over U.K. Looks like there's an actual eye of the storm in the North Sea
The in the window to the nascent 2017 spring bloom in this & composite.
Thoughts on Programming, Number 4: Asking for efficiency and adaptability in the North Sea are in no way like those which have no official m
Daffodils out on a bank Thorpeness just yards from the North Sea
Maybe Tillerson will drill North Korea into submission as he buries them in a sea of oil.
Stormy weather Dutch North Sea in winter atmosphere
Tour Travel Blog video of lightning over Sea on ancestry visit to coast of by
Seriously? Sea levels have been rising steadily about 1 mm/yr. No extreme weather events, north Atlantic cooling ac…
Plans for the North Sea Wind Power Hub are moving forward
Extending Birthright for a trip North, from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, then ANYWHERE by land or sea, ending in Prague. …
North sea sings, won't you come to me baby?
Haddock from the North Sea and the west of Scotland is taken off a list of sustainable "fish to eat".
Exclusive: Maersk Oil boss says 'We want to grow in the North Sea' - Energy…
North Sea haddock taken off 'to eat' list
actually I'm not proud. I leave that to insecure people across the North Sea, the Atlantic or the Bosporus. . Rest is cor…
Well, at least there's still China to stop this *China trades access to North Korea for access to the South China s…
BP in talks with Ineos to sell North Sea’s largest pipeline
North Korea fires ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan via
Darn and I thought was making a sequel of "North Sea Hijack", good film.
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⭐️ • Chip shop favourite haddock set to get more expensive: The permitted catch of the fish from the North Sea……
Tillerson hints at a more hawkish approach to rein in North Korea
Did you know that the Baltic Sea in the North East of sometimes remains frozen till May? (photo taken in March)…
North Sea haddock taken off sustainable ‘fish to eat’ list
North Sea haddock taken off sustainable 'fish to eat' list
Danes looking into new sites for offshore wind in Baltic and North Sea – Offshore Wind Journal
Two sea rescue heroines separated by an ocean to be celebrated in song
North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan
China says NKorea, US, SKorea tensions headed for collision
Budget: Tax breaks for North Sea to show benefits of Union
Budget 2017: Chancellor to outline North Sea help: The chancellor is to use his… -
08/03/45 04:21 | North Sea: V2 LRR rocket landed in sea SE of the town of Clacton-On-Sea, Essex.
North Korea launches four ballistic missiles into sea as Japan decries 'new kind of threat'
New Listing 205 Beach Rd, Campbells Bay - easy walk to the beach with captivating sea views -…
"What is this craziness? North Korea is launching missiles into the Sea of Japan and now... they're preparing to attack…
China warns of 'consequences' for US, South Korea antimissile system
Arctic sea ice may vanish even if world achieves climate goal, study says
Real sea monsters in the rivers of North Georgia... Imagine that.
BREAKING: North Korea has launched several missiles into the sea
North Korea fires four ballistic missiles into sea, angering Japan and South: Via
North Korea fires missiles, three reach Japan waters
Confidence growing in North Sea on final approach to , what a bonus. 'Never heed whit the hoodies croak f…
Top five peoples who live on the north sea
How will the story of unfold under the presidency? Uri Dadush examines three possible scenarios:
Cross border co-operation to stop illegal fishers in Far North
I played a 14/12 North Sea Kraken (buffed from a Golden Don Hon'Cho), and I disconnected as soon as I played it...
State Secretary shares his views on the future of the Belgian part of the North Sea at
Centuries before England had a union with Scotland & Ireland it was part of a North Sea Union with Denmark, Norway & Sweden.
Development of vision 2050 for the North Sea will need a lot of science, our best people
EXCLUSIVE:. North Sea loadings will rise to 5% to more than 2 million barrels a day in April by More on
Curious why I never see the value of North Sea oil discussed in the Paris Agreement context?
For decades North Sea boatmen have been dragging up traces of a vanished world in their ne…
Network Rail has had over 1000 new rails delivered by sea to in an innovative 1st for Scotland’s railway ht…
Norway extends permits for Norwegian and North Sea drilling
How much is North Sea oil worth to the Scottish economy?
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where then is the straight separating North and South America ? is there some new sea ?
North Sea oil projects are dogged by delay and a third over budget, warns regulator
Largest water bodies in the world:. 1. Pacific ocean. 2. North Sea. 3. Hostel ki daal
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Not sure what he's doing. Winter is coming, the North proclaimed a new king, & Daenerys is crossing the sea. He's got a queen to protect!
Variety of ways to travel the North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea Trail come together in Elkin
Oil rig diver cheats death at 260 ft as air supply is cut for 40 minutes in the freezing North Sea
WoodMac: 2017 is the Year to Invest in the North Sea - from
Just catching up: last night's dancing over and the North Sea from Blackhall Rocks, Co.Durham at 2220 1…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Western Isles FPSO en route to North Sea. Read more:
Cat & moused several times with TU-95 Bear bombers in the North Atlantic and Bering Sea.
A Tropical Low is developing over the Arafura Sea north of the and is expected to move towards the S-SW. http…
North come with beige colors. So this is North sea with the most beautifull light I like to see…
Uni, a highly prized delicacy in many countries, is slowly becoming more widely embraced by North American palates:…
Love the stretch of track between Hartlepool - Sunderland. Looking out on the north sea and seeing the lights from the ships.
Scotland has a LOT of oil yet to be gained from the North Sea . That is one reason Tories want UNION. they care NOTHING for the poorest
I just backed Raiders of the North Sea: Two Expansions on
11 billion North Sea barrels left at "lower for longer" prices, new research says… via
Public gets first look at plans for Iqaluit's deep sea port
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