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North Pole

The North Pole, also known as the Geographic North Pole or Terrestrial North Pole, is, subject to the caveats explained below, defined as the point in the Northern Hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface.

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Looks like the North Pole won't last as long as we think it will.
Melt the sea ice by burning fossil fuels and heating up the Earth. Have easier access to ice-locked oil under the North Pole.
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is just a racist elf who is bitter about being exiled from the North Pole.
Second time in a month! North Pole forecast to warm 50 degrees above normal Thursday:
Santa Claus is from the North Pole (Canada). nice red and white suit, eh?
Terminal D5 in Toronto airport looks like the island of misfit toys. We're all here waiting to go to the North Pole**. **London, Ontario
The most beautiful equation, exploring the North Pole, the wisdom of crowds, and more
Meet Beth Sanden who at 62 just became the 1st person to handcycle a marathon at the North Pole! Exclusive:
I remember saying he would move to the North Pole if Trump became President.
too. I'd legit watch 'The Exorcism of the North Pole' as lo…
Sen. Dan Sullivan is planning to hold a public town hall in North Pole on Friday
There's a 14 day North Pole adventure on offer by Paul Nicklen (Nat Geo) over on instagram. Sounds great. $28,000. Gulp.
'North Pole', 2009 by Sophie Calle is on view now as part of the Deutsche Borse Foundation Prize 2017…
Sierra Denny hat trick, Brooke Fisher fourth shutout of season for North Pole girls soccer in 6-0 win over Lathrop on…
Robert Peary was born 161 years ago today in Cresson, PA. Rear Admiral, reached the geographic North Pole.…
Improvised broadcast from the North Pole as the elves discuss last month's Barn Dance.…
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Arnie saves Christmas. tried to overrun the North Pole
Yes we even have scientists marching at the North Pole!!! They're marching for climate action
The March for Science stretched all the way to the North Pole
The surgeon general recommends round water in the North Pole.
runner wins North Pole Marathon, sets sights on an Antarctic challenge!
You're doing phenomenally well, Sean! Hope Alan is taking good care of you all. Can't wait to see the…
Go here ... the pizza is 🔥🍕🔥. Delicious and ready to go from The North Pole Bakery - 1210 Danforth Ave. Photo via…
Can we fly to the North Pole instead?
2 years ago captured these frames of North Pole
I'm getting closer and closer to the North Pole, but it's not easy... In fact, the conditions…
Our North Pole Marathoners complement good nutrition with strength and balance exercises to help with the icy terrain.
Oh, nonsense. Warmists have predicted ice free north pole so often normal people don't believe that anymore
Mega is getting stronger with the Jingles from The North Pole, Feeling Excited to Welcome Our Canadian Branch "Mega…
Mor action shots from the FWD North Pole Marathon 2017
the screen as my Seattle-Dubai flight crosses the North Pole
First batch of photos from the FWD North Pole Marathon 2017.
The shortest day of the year in North Pole Alaska
man Dean Attwell is on his way to the North Pole, in an attempt to reach the most northern point on the p…
who's guarding us against Russia coming from the North Pole
when the north pole is really the south magnetic pole :-( I hate physics
it's me, your enemy, the political mountain king of the north pole :D
I've seen somewhere that Elites keep agitating,an undersea volcano in the Gulf of Mexico.The current…
Fame always brings loneliness. Success is as ice cold and lonely as the North Pole. EDWARD LovesToKISS
I practically live at the North Pole according to your map Will!
Too bad it couldn't put her and her ilk on the North Pole.
On this day April 10th 2004, I ran as with Mark *** in The North Pole Marathon. Photo by
As soon as you take your lying-phony *** as far away as possible prefer the south or north pole.U HAD…
Me towards Kanya and me towards Marissa is like North pole and South Pole
Restocking​ this week: Top is Black Body Radiation, right is Carbon, left is North Pole. I'll…
The first group of participants have safely returned to Svalbard. The plane will now return to the North Pole...
I wish we could ship this country called Pak 2 somewhere near North/South Pole where they'll bomb each other to extinction.
North Pole now, already melted as small lake yet in week time it will be all 4.05km deep ocean there
Going to the North Pole to see Santa's house!
Enjoy the breeze of the north pole in the middle of the desert! Our air conditioner with flash cool is a must have,…
Another image from my trip to the North Pole. (The bear was barely 50 feet away from our ship).
Our hats off to Piotr Suchenia (POL), first over the line at the North Pole Marathon yesterday.
A scene you will probably never get to see in person, . so take a moment and enjoy God at work at the North Pole.
BigHit:Where should BTS go next?. European ARMY:Europe's cool they would love to be he-. BigHit:Yes North Pole sounds great t…
Just a selection of high carb/high calorie snacks and essential items needed for my North Pole challenge!!
Maybe they plan to use north pole in time... Maybe after one big war somebody pl…
This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon . at its closest point last week.
Santa, Santa. Yule log jingling and happily carving! Yule! Hang the wreath down the North Pole! Santa, it's Christmas time!
So there was gonna be a massacre in North Pole 🤔
Confused why the bell on campus is playing the "New York,NY" song but also why I sing "North Pole,North Pole" from Santa Clause 3 every time
What is the How has it changed in the nearly 100 years since it was first explored?…
I'm another two hours I should be directly over Santa's house in the North Pole!
Anybody else off to the North Pole to run a marathon this week? No, just then. Pse spt him &
around the exact point of the north celestial pole every day. That’s because the North Star is really offset a little-
So many great things happened on this day, April 6th... In 1898 The North Pole was discovered; Post It notes...
Love this time of year when you leave for work&have to dress for the North Pole yet by lunch time youre sweating like Piers M…
I know this too well. I would sweat standing at the North Pole.
Matthew A. Henson reaches the North Pole, 45 minutes before Commandeer Peary. (1909)
Recommend you follow latest North Pole expedition on Instagram. Great photos, interesting insigh……
Climate change is having a devastating impact on the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, not far from the North Pole
Guess I'm gonna be living in North Pole.
It's horrible. You don't need confirmation, Sully. Like they say, you don't have to go…
Gauge gets threesome with Kianna and North Pole
Close - the town of North Pole, AK is about 12 miles away ;) Happy Friday! Be safe out there!
what advice would you give two (relatively fit!) booksellers who want to reach the North Pole...?
Russia is insane, I'm very scared for the future with Israel backing them and I'm moving to the North Pole
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
At the north pole, all directions were right and wrong. 127
Donny lives in the North Pole how did he manage to find another bloke 😂
Barely had a dusting in Lakewood when I left this morning. Outside my office near Hudson looks like the North Pole.
Join our "How to Sell Ice in the North Pole" and beat your competition. Apply here:…
As far as I can remember Santa Claus been humpin around the North Pole with mrs claus until mid November thru December
Great end to the World Retail Congress with an inspiring session from and his swim in the North Pole
HUGE good Luck to our man Chris who is taking on the North Pole next week. Thinking of you. Such an inspiration! Co…
Robert Peary, Matthew Henson & 4 Inuit men claimed to have reached the North Pole on 6 April 1909.
Minnesota woman takes on North Pole after conquering Antarctica marathon
Fun Friday... Q. What did the dentist see at the North Pole?. A. Molar Bear
North Pole Marathon briefing! All going to plan we leave tomorrow for the North Pole! The North…
Also Ursa Major, very close to Polaris, can be seen from 90 degrees North (the North Pole) all the way d…
Matthew Henson, the 1st African American Arctic explorer, reached the North Pole in 1909 with Robert Edwin Peary.
I'm tellin ya it's just the trendy thing to fake like waldorf in the North Pole or sum 😂
The amazing is travelling to the North Pole - and has raised over £5k in the process
Went from living in a rainforest to living in the North Pole
Anytime come run to the North Pole *** *** *** 🌹🍺
Who would have thought that one day, the North Pole would be the safest place in the world.?
MN woman conquered Antarctica marathon — now she's taking on the North Pole
On this day in 1909 the first African-American Arctic explorer Matthew Henson reached the North Pole
Friday fun fact: a magnet's positive charge searches its opposite. Ergo when a compass points to the North Pole, it's really point to the SP
Enjoy your North Pole Expedition .. Take a good care of yourself and team .. Our prayer is with…
Where on Mars is this dune? - sort of pattern best seen in dunes near north pole | Blog
Knowing both you and I each belongs to north and South Pole. But why do I still dream of being with you. Why do I still miss you when u did
Gravity it's a tough one to swallow. The Earth is spinning like a pizza dough😂. The North Pole is a little chubby. Pear-s…
On this day in 1909, explorers Robert E. Peary & Matthew Henson reached the North Pole.
I went to the North Pole with and here are the drawings and animations I made on the ship:
Back from Christies. All clear for the North Pole. Got a new bag of chemo, just got to make sure it doesn't freeze…
Forego your Joe and and add a name to the in support of trek to the North Pole:
reminds me of Carlin joke about whether there's more rape per capita at the Equator or North Pole.
There r fern fossils at the north pole the ice age formed the great lakes.The Sun regulates Climate not man
Telling the grandkids to stare out the window for hours waiting for Frosty to return from the North Pole.
Redefining Impossible: Join on his trek to the North Pole
Scientists froze themselves into sea ice near the North Pole, braving storms and brutal cold via
and North-pole high prices that these countries
I move nearly halfway across the world... quite up in the North Pole... and I'm still relevant in these NON factors lives. Cheers to that.🍻
Doesn't switch, it spirals. Closest to the icewall in winter (hence winter in north hemi). Closest to North Pole in summer.
It could film at the North Pole. It probably won't but it could
In just 2 weeks, will be making his way to the North Pole. Donate a name to Sean's Flag of Hope!…
Continue to fly while you're at it, Canada, North Pole, Russia, the farther you go, the better it will be for all...
The North Pole (not the magnetic one). I hear it's pretty warm these days.
No injuries as SUV lost control into pole Cty Rd 45 north of Hwy 401 - Cobourg
Christmas in County actually performed at a London pub called The North Pole
Check out the new North Pole in your local CHS fine art hallway.
Carmelo Anthony looking like he's about to lead a North Pole expedition.
24,859.82 miles is the circumference of Earth between North and South Pole
Earth spins to east or counterclockwise looking down from the north pole!
priest_316 It's burr as the north pole in here. Closing windows and…
First-hand version of what happened to the aborted North Pole teams:
open!Up north use pole thingy to straighten free throw. Raise team fee $300k purchasecall
if, anybody wanna know what North Pole feels like.. then, come to my house BUT you gotta pay $10 to come in mi casa 😂. free if you're a girl😉
North Pole express almost kill me. LOL...
North Pole express almost kill me. LOL…
After eating 2 pizzas in 3 days I wanted to go for a run, looked out side.. Turns out I now live in the North Pole.…
PLEASE HELP! Seldom ask; whatever you can do to support and his trek to North Pole appreciated.
Completely improvised broadcasts from the North Pole, all year round! Elf Centered is a hoot!
Also , Donald, I or THE WORLD needs moisture to evaporate at the equator the flow north east towards north pole&Greenland
go to the North Pole or give me a list?
Great to see this article by People Magazine on He's a true
I used Shazam to discover Across The North Pole by The Fin..
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They are smoldering it can melt the ice caps in North Pole 😩😭
I'm ready for the warmer, 60-70 degree weather to return to Pa, NOT this weather that feels like being in the North Pole in March.
50F above normal today at North Pole. I'm at 70 NLat in Norway and it's in the 40s. Arctic heat 'off the charts.' https:/…
Have you sent a loved one to the North Pole yet? Do so & enter to win swag from & more!
Maybe if they didn't do the inspections at the North Pole it might save some money! ;)
Looks like I'm going to the North Pole in a few weeks. Who's got their xmas list I'll hand deliver it 🎅
It's not😂 the weather is like a never-ending spring and i get cold easily tbh 15 C is like the north pole for me
Great article, take away is dream big and don't claim dibs on the North Pole of the moon.
I'm gonna need it not to be the North Pole outside when I get out of class
Zeke: I guess the ice princess has come back from the North Pole.
I need someone to remind me that I live in the North Pole and therefore the middle of march is not the time for short sleeves or sundresses
Honey bc our winter is like being in *** at the North Pole. One day it's 76, literally the next it's 34... We stay…
We caught up with to find out about her exciting North Pole plans
Yo @ Mother Nature fix your life so I can stop dressing for the North Pole. Thanks.
Tell me why I woke up, and now I'm in the North Pole
If the South Pole is magnetic, why would my compasses red end still point north?
It's literally the North Pole system isn't designed for this
I've got talking North Pole & the adventurer's grand slam on on 2/7 to raise $ and na…
We're working with our coats on.It feels like the North Pole. /Estamos trabajando con nuestros abrigos puesto. Se siente como El Polo Norte.
From a hospital bed to a Grand Slam at the North Pole
1998: TNT premieres biopic of Matthew Henson and his 1909 North Pole excursion w/Robert Peary.
Matthew Henson: Arctic Explorer, first man to reach the North Pole. Thus, it was Henson who planted the America Flag at th…
Day 29: Matthew Henson was an African American explorer best known as the co-discoverer of the North Pole w/ Robert Edw…
Matthew Henson was the first-ever explorer to reach the North Pole, along with Commander Robert Peary in 1909.…
Dr. Charles Drew. His work on blood plasma saved millions. Matthew Henson first man to reach the North Pole.
Explorer Matthew Henson may have been first man to reach North Pole.
Michael Flanders UK 1960s "there will always be a North Pole, unless some dangerous twerp doesn't go and melt it"
out here lookin like Matthew Henson—1st black man to reach the North Pole http…
Heavy snowfall has left the Forbidden City looking like the North Pole. Lovely photo by Instagram user…
It’s about 50 degrees warmer than normal near the North Pole. Again. by via
Fierce North Atlantic storm to send temperatures soaring at North Pole (again)
On Thursday, temps at the North Pole will be 50-60F above normal. That seems unnerving
Tooth fairy brings Santa Clause back to the North Pole
North Pole senior travels to DC for leadership summit
Send it to the North Pole so that it can be on the last melting iceberg before Kevin Cosner takes over in Trumps new Waterworld.
Also every time I see someone say "not since Nixon..." I wonder if they spent the Bush years at the North Pole or something
Welcome to the team. Great city with small town feel. Mild winter so far but it will get cold. Bring a North Pole jacket
What is black and white and blue all over?. A Zebra at the North Pole. How do you cut the Sea in half?. With a SEA-saw
.. 3 Places To Find Toys:. 1. North Pole. 2. Your room. 3. On The Strand. =. You know the one-. On the Island of Galveston.
North Pole hits melting point in time for Christmas, so Santa can just swim to you now.
One was at the south end of the world. Another was the North Pole! Learn more!
Here is an interesting article about the North Pole's steady drift toward Siberia. Could this be related to...
black man discovered the North Pole to but is rarely mentioned. I think grandchild of the real "Uncle Tom"
More than a battalion of Russian paratroopers has been on North Pole
Santa Claus’s home in the North Pole listed for sale
Read about safety and health issues at the North Pole
"Temperatures at the North Pole could be up to 20 degrees higher than average this Christmas Eve, in what...
North Pole to warm to near melting point this week: 50 degrees above nor.. Related Articles:
🌎 . North Pole could be 20C higher than average this Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas! .
Science proves the obvious: The heat wave at the North Pole is because of climate change:
Temperatures today on North Pole hit 31 degsF, a 12/26 record. Wanted to see current info…
Santa is no saint and the reindeer are no friends to us: a class analysis of the North Pole “gift economy.”
Just found out I'm on the naughty list. Gonna deport all elves and build a wall round the North Pole!
New St Station announcer: Plse do not leave any presents unattended;they will be returned to the North Pole home
Santa was under the weather today so he returned early to the North Pole to get better for the busy night…
90 million years ago, the North Pole was as warm as Florida, and this newly-discovered bird lived there
"It looks like the North Pole puked all over this place"
North Pole above freezing despite the fact that it's in total darkness and is the North Pole
At the North Pole gentleman's club, credit cards are not accepted so remember your ABC's. Always Bring Cash.
In case you missed it, Santa Claus has begun his journey around the world and RTÉ has exclusive footage from the North Pole. h…
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Arctic to be 20C hotter than average in-record breaking North Pole heatwave
North Pole breached in massive hack.
Tipsy the Elf will at the North Pole for New Years Eve, but you don't have to miss out: Call 902-446-BREW for detai…
Temperature around the North Pole, 2013-2014-2015-2016. Just to get an idea how wildly warm this year is.
Tonight's late night service from the North Pole is shown as running on time.
More pics of The North Pole Express at . Had a great few hours with 🎄🎅🏼🚂
Not quite the North Pole, but you can probably spot a sleigh for this continental US state if you try… 🔭🎅✨ https…
location update! has just picked up taking off from the North Pole!!!
Notice to Aviators. All aircraft prohibited from Flying in the North Pole Airport Area for the next 12 hours to allow fo…
Arctic heatwave expected to break Christmas Eve records at North Pole.
Temperatures around North Pole close to melting point via
Made it to the North Pole... of course Thomas is there. @ Sullivan Hardware & Garden
Hi Marion, if all good boys and girls are asleep Santa is scheduled to leave the North Pole just after midnight.
A Christmas tradition! We pick them up at DIA tomorrow morning and head to Colo. Springs and the North Pole!
James Clark Ross (the "handsomest man in the ") followed his own to discover the North Pole. More:…
Sat watching The Nightmare Before Christmas with Ruby and she's busy telling me all about Father Christmas living at the North Pole 😊💞
New York or the North Pole: Find out what's the most Christmassy location in film history!
I wonder if other people think about how Santa's infinite stories claiming dominion over the North Pole mimic polytheistic hero stories
Climate change increased the odds of the current heat wave in the Arctic by "several orders of magnitude"
North Pole to be 50 degrees hotter than normal in pre-
Sweaty Santa? Looks like freakishly warm temperatures are headed for the North Pole.
Our Collage Stag Pillow Cover is so lovely that you’ll keep it around long after Santa heads back to the North Pole! https…
North Pole forecast to be 50 degrees warmer than normal this week via
-58F on Greenland icecap & over Russia east of Urals, but remarkable warmth, above 32F (freezing) in Spitsbergen 80…
Is it true that elves aren't getting a living wage? Elves speak to us at North Pole Monthly
Above freezing at North Pole! Raining and cold in LA! *** Oh, one month until Trump takes office ...
Where's going to move his workshop when the North Pole melts?
I can't wait until I have kids so I can do all the fun stuff for them to make it seem like Santa and everything about…
North Pole to reach 50 degrees warmer than normal. "There is nothing but that can cause these trends" http…
omg i was contemplating between noelle nainika and north pole nainika TBIS IS PERFECT
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
We'll have to move to the North Pole so it never melts... ;p ;p
Hermey the Elf left the North Pole, and what he looks like now is jaw dropping.
The is about 50F hotter than it should be
Is trending yet? Because North Pole is pretty amazing.
Can't believe Pierre didn't discuss his junior career with the North Pole Narwhals
The north pole is expected to rise 50 degrees, and it snowed in the Sahara desert... but don't worry guys climate change isn't real
Smiling is our favorite 😁. From the North Pole to North Campus, Happy Winter Break! ☃️
Santa is a fraud, only turns up for 1/365 days a year. Overall had a nothing career and a massive workhorse, Rakitic of t…
Temperatures in the North Pole are about 50° above normal. Not good.
This is how climate change is influencing the current Arctic warm spell
For those who don't believe in global warming, start looking at reality before it is too late.
•North Pole to warm to 50 degrees above normal. •It's snowing in the Sahara desert. •Antarctic sea ice at record lows. RT…
Last call for Santa Mail!. Mail your Santa letter from Long Branch directly to the North Pole! No postage...
I guess he's a little more North Side, than North Pole n'at... .
Logan asked if I wanted to explore his North Pole.🙄
Before we send them off to the North Pole, the Headlight-Herald would like to share the letters we have received...
Logan I have a video idea for Christmas, if you want to make a viral video In Alaska, the North Pole. Hit me up
Headed to cali to work but my kids think I'm going to the North Pole to holla at Santa Claus aha they keep me in the Chris…
"New Jersey a little less than halfway from the equator to the North Pole (40.0° N, 74.5000° W)
"New Jersey is located about halfway between the Equator and the North Pole, on the eastern coast of the United States...
“I need to grab some candy to bring back to Minnesota!” -- Logan, who is at the North Pole thanks to
Great lights last night in the Willow Glen area of San Jose 🎄⛄️. Had to see them even though it was as cold as the North Pole! ❄️🌨
Carol was on the nice list this year! Santa traveled from the North Pole to personally deliver Carol her 🎁 - a hand…
Hey Everyone! It's Todd James and I just spoke with Santa Claus!. I called the North Pole. I am on the nice...
One student asked "Does the North Pole have a flag?" Ms. Roberts found a photo online showing flags from visitors t…
This weekend: last chance to see Santa at Rhodes Hall before he heads back to the North Pole!
North Pole? Nope. Santa lives on the Dark Side of the Moon. Here's our sale newsletter if you missed it:…
Happening now at Garden Hills! Cutest reindeer this side of the North Pole!
OK, its -5 degrees, with a wind chill~ bringing the temp down to -29 (and I'm NOT even near the North Pole?) Incredible~ layers of clothing!
The amazing children at Huntington Memorial Hospital receiving a special visit from the North Pole!
It's tough being temporary chief profiler at the North Pole...but I have a great team of agents-Thi…
Sam you're an ignorant *** If you know so much about science, you know its never settled. North Pole melting/South freezing.
I'm pretty sure I'm in the South when I see this, but Santa, I thought you were from the North Pole? 🎄…
Being a part of the Delta Terminal - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International AirportTrip to the North Pole is...
and I dancing the night away on the train the North Pole. @ Essex Steam Train,…
Helping to reload the steam train with coal at Tenterden. Next stop: the North Pole...
Model runs in the extended look like Santa is constantly barraging us with North Pole air down here in the Southern Plains.
Don't forget to get those letters to Santa at the new North Pole..John MacLeod Bob Thompson Jeffrey A VanOstran...
Thank you for taking some of our pediatric patients on a trip to the North Pole at IAH!
Thanks to patients at had a chance to fly to the North Pole:
Hi Camila That's a nice test. How many k/d day will you be targeting for North Pole? : ) Ian
Two Canadian icebreakers reached the North Pole last night. A hockey game ensued.
So who is coming to write a letter to Father Christmas and post it in our North Pole post box tomorrow?
Santa Claus is coming to the library!!! Santa Claus will be making a special trip down from the North Pole to...
Zilllow announces value of Santa Claus' house in the North Pole... estimated at $656k+. See pics at:
WGIG Special Report: Scandal rocked the North Pole today, when DEA agents arrested the drug kingpin Elf on a Shelf after hi…
Off to film some football challenges at the North Pole!!
From the archives: 'Silly Season' in Resolute, Nunavut—base camp for expeditions to the North Pole.
North Pole above freezing in sign of 'sudden' and 'very serious' climate change.
Busy times here at the North Pole, santa 🎅🏻 came to visit the workshop and is very happy with progress!
Did all that hot air end up at the North Pole? Temp in 20C / 36F higher than usual, sea ice lower
If i wake up tmr as a block of ice, frozen to death. Please respect my wish to have my carcass droppes at the North Pole.
In March 2014, and Ryan Waters set out on a self-supported 500-mile journey to the North Pole.…
4 of 5 stars to Ian, CEO, North Pole by Eric Dana Hansen
It must have been terribly expensive for John Kerry to reach the North Pole on wind, solar and unicorn farts.
John Kerry could show he is serious about saving planet by making voyage to North Pole a one-way trip.
Come visit our little slice of the North Pole at Herald Square! 🎄 🎁 🎅 Our Holiday Lane pop-up is now open:
*** *** *** Have you ever wanted to explore the South Pole and the North Pole in one day? Look no further than...
Deputy: U want this Wicked broad dead or alive, sir?. Sheriff: Dead. Good 'n *** dead. & bury the remains in cement. In the North Pole.
🎅Crafty Santa has a mini North Pole in store and all the children aged 4-11 yrs old are invited to enter his Christmas…
when you hit the North Pole and go forwards you start going "down" the "back" side of the planet
it's worth noting too that if they pick North Pole, November 8 will feel like the most racist episode of Ice Road Truckers.
Buried in the side of a mountain in Svalbard, between mainland Norway and the North Pole, there's something best...
Explorers return to Bristol after circumnavigating the North Pole:
📷 historicaltimes: Matthew Henson, credited with being a co-discoverer of the North Pole with Robert...
Celebrating in Austin is like celebrating at the North Pole.
If I got to hear one more stupid excuse as to why Europe, China, Africa, or the North Pole is so much more ‘e...
My room has either the temprature of the north pole or the gates of *** there is no inbetween
We're fighting over where Santa lives. Northern Finland obvs, not North pole. Rafaël agrees with me, gonna ask Florian when he comes home
The Most Important Place in the World, Only 800 miles from the North Pole is the most important place in the worl...
Thank you This great Nation under God ?? only on the North pole are no American bombs I hope
Even in Antartica and the North pole. Shhh Santa still exists.
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