North Koreans & Red Dawn

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Red Dawn is a 1984 American war film directed by John Milius and co-written by Milius and Kevin Reynolds. 5.0/5

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This is like when the remake of Red Dawn came out and they replaced the Chinese with North Koreans.
In light of the recent fiasco concerning "The Interview", may I suggest the following film lineup for your holiday season...Team America: World Police (puppets fight North Koreans), Die Another Day (James Bond fights North Koreans), and the remake of Red Dawn (Thor and Peeta fight North Koreans)
watching Red Dawn thinking the North Koreans don't have that sorta capability using technology invented by the Ancient Egyptians :L
Just watched Red Dawn and I hate North Koreans even more than before. Ugh..
In this version of Red Dawn, the Wolverines, led by Thor, are fighting the North Koreans.
I remember when things in Mother Russia were always so much better than the U.S. Heck, things have gone so down hill they replaced the Russians with North Koreans in the remake of Red Dawn. Sign of the times...
Watching the new Red Dawn with Cody and all I can think while watching this stupid remake of one of the greatest movies ever made is why doesn't Thor call his hammer, where is Loki?? And since John Winchester has appeared does that mean the North Koreans are demons? And are Dean and Sam off getting salt and dragon's blood to fight Crowley?
Watched most of the remake of Red Dawn with Braaten. It's a movie that was screaming to be rebooted (not really) ...but Josh Peck - of Josh and Drake fame - just doesn't fill the shoes of Patrick Swayze. That and the North Koreans had hummers. And US Army designed camo. And looked quite well fed. However, for fan service they threw in some Russians too. How this slipped by the Cannes jury and the Academy I don't know ;)
What did the remake of Red Dawn teach us? Unless you're Dennis Rodman it's okay to hate North Koreans. Wolverines!!!
After watching Red Dawn and Olympus has Fallen I am left with no reasons to like the North Koreans
Red Dawn Movie, where USA got invaded by the North Koreans, time to watch something :)
Red Dawn is home alone with North Koreans and the Woods
Double Movie Rant 1.) Silent Hill Revelation: DONT'T SEE IT!!! 2.) Red Dawn: This movie has a ton of bad things going against it from the start. Bad Director, Bad Marketing, 0 star power outside of Thor, that midget who played Peeta in The Hunger Games that no one likes, over acting *cough Josh Peck*, and worst of all. North Koreans. Despite all this, I didn't hate this movie. It kinda reminded me of the movie Flight... only opposite. It didn't give me a reason to dislike any of the characters so I felt that my 5.99 wasn't completely wasted. Someone needs to remake this remake. Seriously, North Koreans invade Washington just to *** off Starbucks isn't going to cut it.
So I'm watching Red Dawn (the remake) and I'm wondering, how exactly did the North Koreans get Humvees?
Just found out the Red Dawn remake is about North Koreans invading the US and fighting Josh Peck. How is that even allowed to be produced
Watching Red Dawn for the first time and it makes me even prouder to be a Wolverine fan! I see it like the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry. Wolverines are the good guys and the Buckeyes are the bad North Koreans!
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I love how it's the North Koreans invading America in the movie Red Dawn. Crazy ***
People who think America should have harsher gun control need to watch Red Dawn. With stricter gun laws Josh Peck would not have been able to shoot all those North Koreans. An America where Josh Peck can't shoot North Koreans? Thats not an America I want to be a part of.
Red Dawn a movie about a bunch of *** North Koreans invading a country but getting there *** whooped by teenagers.
then today I was reading reviews of the Red Dawn remake. Excuse me the North Koreans invaded us? The North Koreans? Excuse me they could not successfully invade the other half of the country when they are attached to it. I think this would be like Delaware or Rhode Island invading Russia or China?
Thing I liked best about Red Dawn was that the Subway was still open and operating after the North Koreans invade. Weird product placement.
About to see Red Dawn. So the North Koreans invade America??
Watched the new "Red Dawn" movie last night. Made me want to go out and buy some guns to be ready when the North Koreans come.
Rhythm had a nightmare about North Koreans killing his turtles, thanks Red Dawn
Violence Night Movie: "Red Dawn" by Fredd Garvin on January 10, 2013. Few remakes are as good as the original, to the point that some are obviously not worth distributing, yet Hollywood never learns that lesson. Even Chris Hemsworth, a notable Thor, couldn't breathe much life into this mishmash of explosives, propaganda, and lapses of logic. Yes, there is plenty of action and shooting. Yet somehow the North Koreans invading Seattle with some vague help from the Russians just isn't as believable (I know, I know.) as the Russians assisted by Cubans and Nicaraguans suddenly splitting up the middle of the country with paratroopers and grabbing the high ground in the Rocky Mountains circa 1984. Character development isn't usually that important to your reviewer in these movies, but in the original you couldn't help but sympathize at least a little with the Main Bad Guy, the Cuban commander who really just wanted to go home, and whose final scene with the Eckert Brothers was much more poignant than anythin ...
When you put American marines, a bunch of high school students who just learnt to shoot, North Koreans, and Russians, you get Red Dawn.
Red Dawn – Movie Review Director: Dan Bradley Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Connor Cruise, Jeffrey Dean Morgan b! Says: **1/2 Red Dawn is a Junior Expendables movie in disguise ‘Red Dawn’ is a mindless entertainer, featuring plenty of coming-of-age beefcake and boom boom. Think of it as a Junior Expendables – where aeging, alpha superstars are replaced with pimply teenagers doing what they do best – huff and puff till they make a million teenage girls feel faint. The movie may prove a little too ‘pretty boy’ for fans of the original 1984 movie, but it’s still a fun ride. A sleepy American town receives a nasty jolt when the North Koreans launch a surprise invasion. As enemy paratroopers fall from the skies, a bunch of youngsters manage to escape arrest. The group consists of jaded marine (Chris Hemsworth), his love interest (Adrianne Palicki), his little brother (Josh Peck) and others (Josh Hutcherson, Connor Cruise, Steve Lenz). As more refugees a .. ...
"who the *** thought a Red Dawn remake would be a good idea? And North Koreans invading the US? Might as well be the Canadians"
Still musing over how bad the Red Dawn remake is. I was actively rooting for the North Koreans by the end.
Just saw Red Dawn. And man i am hyped up and ready to set up a militia and go after North Koreans if they wish to attack. But i have a bad back and allergies. I will hold off. Otherwise frickin awesome movie. I must own it!
In the 1984 film Red Dawn, the Soviet army destroys Washington DC. Cuban spies, posing as immigrants, cross in from Mexico and disable America's strategic air command; Russian paratroopers occupy the town of Calumet, Colorado, and a group of patriotic high school students enact guerilla warfare agai...
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"Red Dawn" -- North Koreans invading the northeastern United States. Uhh... I don't think so.
Ok, guys, we need to talk. Might want to sit down for this one. You know how whenever there is a random act of violence, and the masses crying for justice cite to influence of media in whatever form it may come (movies, TV, video games). And rational minds say, "Calm down, clearly that was fiction. I loved Undeclared, but I'm not starting my own fake college." This morning I saw this: Come on guys. Red Dawn is fiction (and not even very good fiction). North Korea is far too busy starving to invade anywhere. But that's not even the ridiculous part! Most of these posts are about how terrible 'Asia' is...North Korea's land mass is .27% of Asia. Learn some basic geography...but that's not the worst part You watched a 114 FAKE movie, and are acting like your grandfather did when he got back from the Pacific Theater! OOOhhh, I watched some fake North Koreans invade a fake Spokane, now I have a free pass at being racist. HOW DOES THAT WORK! Guess what, if all it takes is a movie to trigger such rampant hate, it ...
According to the Washington Post, the Red Dawn remake that appeared in theaters, Wednesday, is perfect for paranoid Tea Partiers who fear being placed in “internment camps.”
I couldn't figger out how they were gonna remake Red Dawn. The Russians are a big, friendly bear now and we owe China too much too much to tick them off. Well, it turns out to be North Koreans. Really? What, a bunch of them come running across the Bearing Straights with really sharp chop sticks? Gimme a break. I ain't scared.
Filmgoers who go see MGM's "Hot Tub Time Machine" this weekend will catch several references to "Red Dawn," the 1984 Cold War action film that MGM is remaking.But ask John Milius, who directed and co-wrote the original, what he thinks of that remake and the answer is simple. Not much. "I think it’s ...
Well, here's my summary of the movies I caught this weekend: "Red Dawn": Dopey, to be sure, and I suspect that entire change of bad guys to North Koreans from the Chinese happened because one of the potential buyers of MGM was Chinese. Not that it mattered anyway, since MGM sold it. Anyway, the casting is slightly better. Chris Hemsworth is a perfect swap-in for Patrick Swayze, but he's becoming seriously overexposed. "Cloud Atlas": Kinda like a "2001" for the modern age, but with a higher body count. I don't quite understand a whole lot of it, but I did get the general idea of everyone and everything being connected with each other. Excellent performances all around, and it was especially interesting how there wasn't just gender-bending involved, but even ethnic-bending (is there really such a word?) I see an Oscar nod for Tom Hanks again, and Halle Berry--if they can get over Lana Wachowski's back story... "Tron": Well, it was "Tron." I really think Disney should have put a little bit more into its 30th ...
how's this for Hollywood selling out? from NBC News ""Red Dawn" arrived at movie theaters four years after it was shot by MGM, but was delayed when the studio filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Last year, MGM decided to digitally alter the villains in the movie, inserting North Koreans instead of Chinese, after Hollywood began courting Chinese companies to help finance its films."
The 2012 "RED DAWN" remake is in theaters. Originally, the invading villains were to be the Chinese, but the filmmakers changed them to North Koreans using C...
Just saw the Red Dawn remake. A couple critiques: 1) Shaky cam, way too shaky. 2) Umm... didn't the Cold War end 20 years ago? 3) Even when occupied by the North Koreans, that town was way nicer than Spokane, it is obviously not the Spokompton we know and "love".
In 711-712 the Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula and in the current movie Red Dawn the Northwest seaboard of the US is invaded by the North Koreans who are used to living without electricity and suffered a massive power blackout similar to us in 1988 and India in 2012. Could you ever live without it? Scary thought eh!
The remake of Red Dawn represents Hollywood at it's worst. They took a country that Americans are fearful and misinformed about- China- and turned the Chinese people into faceless drones only to be mowed down by Machine Gun Fire. Nothing but a nameless, faceless, evil force. There was really no reason to choose the Chinese as the villains of the film other than to play on our fears. We are not in an engagement with China, nor is this based on a historical event. Long after the movie finished principal photography, they went "Wait, the Chinese Box Office is a large source of income! We can't portray them so negatively!" So, digitally, they changed the characters to North Koreans. They didn't change the characters, oh, no, there was nothing to change with this evil "Force" that exists without purpose, other than conquest. Just change the symbols to North Koreans! After all, they both have yellow skin and are feared by white Americans, right?
The new version of "Red Dawn" appears to be, like the original , cold-war version, a piece of paranoid right-wing propaganda plying on the fears and bigotry of the same folks who voted for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul in the last election. In the original movie America is invaded by Cubans and fought off by brave American guerrilla fighters. In the newer version, the invaders are North Korean. Please note that in each move, the invaders are brown. In the earlier film, we knew who the real bad guys were, the Soviets pulling the strings, but it's easier for Americans to hate brown soldiers so the Cubans were handy stand in. I the later version it appears that the North Koreans, who pose no more threat to the US than did the Cubans in the earlier film, are probably the alternative choice for the real threat, the yellow peril, China. Of course our economic interests are too tightly interwoven with the Chinese and it would not do to directly implicate them as evil invaders. They might stop sending us cheap go ...
I want to see Red Dawn, but North Koreans invading North America? Kind of stretches the limits of reality doesn't it? What load up their navy of 2 WWII surplus LCVPs and hit Long Beach? That might happen ;-)
They made a movie remake of the Red Dawn, supposedly filmed here in Spokane. But it wasn't really that much. One scene of the Spokane skyline. This time The North Koreans invade. I guess they rather go inland, instead of fighting liberals in Seattle!
Went to see the remake of Red Dawn with my daughter and I am not convinced the North Koreans of today scared me as much as the Soviets of the 80s did.
Soon to find out if 'Red Dawn' with Chris Hemsworth and invading North Koreans stands up to 'Red Dawn' with Patrick Swayze and invading Russians.
So is this Red Dawn remake for real? I know it sat on the shelf for 3 years (as Chris Hemsworth became a star), but seriously? How's this for a pitch: North Koreans(!?) invade the US. The president refuses to act, leaving it to a group of high school students -- football players wielding guns -- to defend "the country." I feel like I lost a few brain cells just writing that synopsis. lol
saw Red Dawn. It's pretty much a zombie apocalypse, but with North Koreans instead of zombies.
So my thoughts on the new Red Dawn. Is is the original no, and if you go in expecting that you will be disappointed. On the other hand , the gunplay was pretty good , and the insurgent tactics we're pretty well done. SPOILER ALERT - If the final scene where the Americans are charging out of the reeducation camp with a U.S flag mel gibson style and slaughtering all types of North Koreans doesnt give you a little bit of a chub you are a lost cause , please identify yourself for deletion.
Just saw Red Dawn. Why would the North Koreans want to take over Spokane, Washington... lol.
Went to the mall downtown portland today. Also, saw an old friend Kira Brower that was nice have not seen here in years! Also, got to see the movie Red Dawn. Was pretty good. About the North Koreans trying to take over America.
Was reading reviews for Red Dawn, by far my favorite comment about it: "If the North Koreans invaded and saw this movie, they'd probably just turn back."
Went and saw the new Red Dawn. I give it a meh & 3 hotties. The show fails to capture the truly *** and terror the old one managed to build up in a person. It has some good fight scenes but over all it just didnt have a lot going for it. Things I noticed. In 1 scene before the Wolverines attack they show a picture of a guy with a weapon with a sniper scope on it. Okay cool, except the cover on the rear of the scope was down. The Koreans where using Humvees, PVS-14's and a personnel favorite 50 Cals!? and their version of the AK has a flip top cover when you need to field strip it?! Some of it I could see as captured stuff but in my eyes the show fails in the cool army stuff catagory Here is the ending in 1..2..3 The North Koreans invaded the US and where able to take the westeren seaboard while the Russians took the eastern seaboard. They where able to get on US soil because they used some kinda weapon to knock out all of our powergrids, radar systems anything pretty much needed to run the country or resp ...
My review of "Red Dawn" which my son Josh insisted I go to...well I saw the first one 20 years ago and thought it was stupid. The second one is just as stupid and now I feel like the stupid one for falling for the same trick twice. Some good action scenes but had the same feeling I had 20 years ago... really... The entire military establishment of the United States simply collapses and disapates into thin air? This time it's the North Koreans, yes the same North Koreans who can't afford to feed their own people or provide electricity to half their country and yet they manage to completely take over the United States without barely a fight? Really? Oh but thankfully we have 7 high school rebels who teach us stupid Americans how to fight back! Oh brother the premise is so far fetched and stupid I couldn't stop looking at my watch. Acting was bad and so was the dialogue. I think it was written by some rebel 17 year olds. Pass on this one.
Bowling with the Nephew and his friend and mother at Walkley lanes- overpowering while underaiming leads to fun times and sore arm! Red Dawn *** Thor fights the North Koreans - like they have a chance.
Take a 14 year old all American kid to see Red Dawn and then spend the next few hours listening to him talk about what he would do to the North Koreans. He's brutal! Atta boy!
Red Dawn review: 5 out of 10 rating. 1: Chris Hemsworth did not sell it as a Marine. 2: Unlike the group of Wolverines of the original, these kids were soft. Couldn't shoot, couldn't hunt. 3: They could have killed a lot more North Koreans. Conclusion: Had the potential to be awesome, the director botched on the opportunity.
I saw Red Dawn last night with some old friends. It was odd seeing Thor fighting North Koreans.
This is too funny...shared from my cycling buddy, Robert Schmalle: 'So I was thinking of going to a movie this weekend after Thanksgiving and I saw an ad for Red Dawn. I remember seeing the original when it came out at the end of the Cold War in 84; it was a moderately entertaining movie with the U.S.S.R. and the Cubans invading the south western United States. But this is 2012 so who is supposed to be invading us now? Well, after reading some reviews it turns out it is the North Koreans that invade. No, you didn't miss read - it is actually North Korea! And I have to ask, has the intelligence level of movie makers dropped that low? I mean am I supposed to believe that N.K. transported thousands of troops across the pacific, and that it was. . .(wait for it). . . a surprise attack? Come on, North Korea is the country that can't even launch a missile, and has a hereditary dictatorship that has less to do with Karl Marx and more to do with the Marx Brothers. In fact, I think it is fair to say that North Kor ...
Had a great 2 days of movies by myself. While the kids (mine, a friend, and a niece - talk about an expensive couple hours) watched the should be Oscar winner Breaking Dawn, I saw Lincoln and was completely enthralled! When you get past an Irishman playing the most courageous present ever, I was engrossed by the story of a man torn by civil brutality, the weight of his party, a wife who was strong but weak at the same time, and a decision that united brothers and paved the way for equality for ALL of our citizens. Absolutely AMAZING! Then, while my daughter and her friend troll for bargains (or the flippy haired heathens), I watched a remake of a movie from my childhood - Red Dawn. While nothing compares with Swayze leading the guerrilla posse against the Red Army, "Thor" was valiant in his quest to stop the North Koreans from possessing Spokane. It didn't hurt that my favorite Friday Night Lights Hottie filled the screen with her mesmerizing eyes! Not a bad couple days!
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Red Dawn remake was awesome! Sure the North Koreans wouldn't try that crap down south!
"It's beautiful," says Tripp Vinson, a producer on the remake of the 1980's classic Red Dawn. "It's really worked out for us."
The rebooted Red Dawn lacks the original's topicality, but at least pays tribute in delivering the same short shrift to character development and general logic.
We went to see the remake of "Red Dawn" last night. It was good. You know it was shot about four years ago ans was originally intneded for release in 2010. In the original version, the invaders were Chinese. They were digitally changed to North Koreans when the bankers backing the film were threatened by the Chinese government. Remember the golden rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules. China has managed to transfer much of the world's, and America's wealth, to their own coffers. China is making rules that affect the world now.
Anybody else realize the huge difference between the original Red Dawn and the remake? Cause I noticed the original focuses on Russians and the remake focuses on North Koreans. Something seems off there.
So, Red Dawn was an amazing movie because not many Russians were killed but a metric but-ton of North Koreans were. ^_^
Just saw Red Dawn. When the North Koreans were talking, all I heard was Gangnam Style.
Just got through watching Red Dawn in a crowded theatre full of soldiers, which was great. Just one question...where did the North Koreans get all the Humvees?
The North Koreans cheated in the new Red Dawn.. they somehow got an emp without getting any kills, frickin hackers
Red Dawn is probably on of the most awesome, kick *** patriotic movies I have ever seen! Everyone should go see it and I swear if someday North Koreans invade us I WILL FIGHT!
North Koreans invade Spokane, xenophobia invades box office by Sarah Stuteville · November 23, 2012 · 0 CommentsA North Korean army (or is it Chinese?) invades Spokane in the remake of Red Dawn, opening this weekend. (Photo by Sarah Stuteville)A sunny morning in Spokane — shaggy green lawns, puffy c...
Red Dawn wasn't bad at all. I haven't seen the original but this one seemed pretty good... Unrealistic as I originally thought, but good. North Korean's, or anybody for that matter, would never attempt, or be able to invade this place!. AMERICA!!
Did you know the recently released remake of Red Dawn takes place in Spokane? That's right, the North Koreans have conquered Spokane. A Mother Jones review said it's "less plausible and less amusing than Nazis from the moon," and pointed out that the last time North Koreans were portrayed as a threat was in Team America: World Police.
So "Red Dawn," originally a movie about a Chinese invasion of America, is now about a North Korean invasion of America because the Chinese government objected and, presumably, the cast of thousands could pass for North Koreans. Are the makers of this movie, and the movie itself, the dumbest in the history of cinema?
Saw Red Dawn tonight. The new one that has Josh in it from Drake and Josh. I went into the movie thinking they probably failed mostly because of the North Koreans instead of the Russians or Chinese or something, but I wasn't disappointed. If you like the first Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze then make sure you don't miss it on the big screen. It's worth the time to go and see it. If you like action movies you won't be disappointed by this.
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I just saw Red Dawn. It was a good movie. I liked that it was set in the Pacific Northwest and the North Koreans that occupied us in the movie spoke really simple Korean, so even a white guy like me could understand it ;-) Fun movie... I love it when the Americans kick the North Koreans butt :-)
We ninjed target, in and out in 25 minutes. Took out the North Koreans and spetznaz in Red Dawn. Hit up children's place and now about to close down old navy
just saw Red Dawn and there will be no North Koreans left if they ever try to take over PA.
The new Red Dawn... Seriously? The North Koreans are going to invade the United States. I think the Canadians would be a more menacing threat than the North Koreans staging a land invasion of the US west coast.
Wow, the new Red Dawn is so bad I found myself rooting for the North Koreans...
In the Red Dawn remake the invading force is supposed to be the North Koreans. The original had Cuba, Russia, and Nicaragua all invading. Does North Korea even have electricity?
Red Dawn = good movie. Keeping the bad guys Chinese and not switching them to North Koreans because you're too afraid of offending people = better, more realistic movie.
North Koreans? North Koreans are the ones who invade in the new Red Dawn. Come on Hollywood you can do better than that!
My review for Red Dawn: The 2012 remake of the 1984 smash hit is an action lovers dream movie, though it otherwise lacks the creativity and the finesse of the original. The poor character development and lack of a true plot, as well as a hasty-sure-to-be-a-sequel ending really takes away from the fights and shootouts. Though a dismal homage to the original, it's still good for anyone looking to see a few acting North Korean's bite the bullet I give the film 3 out of 5 stars
Just saw Red Dawn. I must say not as good as the original but then again when is a remake ever better than the original. Definitely a must see tho, especially if you wanna see some North Koreans get they *** whooped. Wolverines!
The only reason to see Red Dawn is the excellent second unit action. Otherwise, the acting and story are utterly unconvincing, unless you believe North Koreans would actually send paratroopers (with Russian Spetznas assistance) into a Spokane, Washington contąining all kinds of obvious Michigan landmarks including prominent Wayne State University signage.
RANT Thank you Hollywood *** bags for ruining Red Dawn, this is why you don't let the drama nerds re-write awesome 80's U.S. invasion war movies and allow Hollyweird *** corporate types take creative license with REALITY; they should just stick to romantic comedies and Michael Bay asteroid films. Lookie, North Korea's or Russia's Air Forces couldn't reach Honolulu, let alone Spokane, Washington without getting shot down like Duck Hunt. Those Russian made troop transport would GET WASTED before they even crossed into Alaskan air space, even if you MAGICALLY WERE ABLE TO EMP EVERY city on Western seaboard. We've got this Merica's might floating out on the ocean called the Pacific Fleet and they're not gonna just go, oh hey, look at all of those planes filled with North Koreans and Russians heading over to Alaska. Guaran *** teed we'd go all Maverick (pre-Goose death) on their *** Besides, the Canadians aren't just gonna sit back and allow all these guys to go through their air space, they'd get ...
So somebody decided to do a remake of Red Dawn with the North Koreans as bad guys. I loved the original Red Dawn, how can you beat Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey? Hope the remake does it justice but not sure it can.
In “Red Dawn,” a remake of the 1984 film, young people band together to fight North Koreans who have invaded Spokane, Wash.
Ok, we had Red Dawn in the 80's with the Russians attacking us. Now here we are in 2012 and they remake this movie with the North Koreans attacking us. Really ?! Hollywood ! pull your head out of your *** and quit insulting our intelligence with these cornball remakes that show you guys have zero imagination.
Okay, stupid ramble time. Saw the Red Dawn trailer. This time, it's the North Koreans. So let this be a lesson to the Hermit Dictatorship: If you invade, we won't bother the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard or even the National Guard. Our high school football teams are more than a match for you. Seriously though, would the North Korean army even make it past the first Golden Corral they saw? Just sayin. Although, after reading this, maybe it's my blood sugar that's too low. Thanks for playing.
if only. My other hope that the "Red Dawn" remake was about killing off vampires/werewolves instead of North Koreans.
I noticed something when I was watching the trailer for the new Red Dawn movie. They're being attacked by the North Koreans, but Chris Hemsworth is carrying an AKSU carbine. There's only one problem. The North Koreans have never used the AKSU. *facepalm*
So the remake of Red Dawn have replaced the Russians with North Koreans. how exactly do they see this ending well?
Just saw the Trailer for the New "Red Dawn".I feel safe "Thor" can save us from the North Koreans.he saved us from his brother. Same thing.
sees there is a Red Dawn remake coming out soon. The original was about a Soviet invasion, the remake is about a North Korean invasion. Seriously? Who is afraid of the North Koreans?
Well at least the new Red Dawn with its freedom loving fight against the evil Chinese - er - North Koreans (with apologies to our Chinese overlords and investors) can't be as strange as the original which now comes off as a story about the heroic Taliban.
Seeing how the Red Dawn remake has already bungled the enemy for the new film. Replaced China with North Koreans... I mean... give me a break... weak... truly... weak... Now a change that makes sense, Jed's grandad's revolver should be a Colt 1911. I know they will just mess this up too. Jed will probably have a 38 snubnosed revovler or a Browning Hi-Power.
'Sirens' By Eric V. Lustbader was a phenomenal, and deliciously dirty, novel. It quickly became one of my favorites. Today, and later tonight, I will hopefully make quite a dent in John Hersey's 1965 masterpiece: 'White Lotus'. The novel is about a Chinese invasion of the U.S. Think "Red Dawn", only the Chinese, not the Soviets *** or the North Koreans. Also, it's told through the eyes of a 15 year old POW/slave. And it was published on my birthday in 1965. So it's awesome from the beginning!
The first clip from the Red Dawn remake is out, and it's filling the American sky with computer-generated North Koreans. Well, the paratroopers were Chinese first, until moviemakers decided they didn't want to lose the Chinese market.
Politicians are, if nothing else, amusing. George Romney: " We are going to take back America." I know I'm aging, but did I miss the invasion? Was it "The Walking Dead" or "The Falling Skies" scenario? Or, maybe it was the North Koreans who will invade us in the new movie "Red Dawn." Although I'm against guns, I guess it's time to arm myself.
So Thor is in the new Red Dawn, and this time it's North Koreans. Uh huh.
They remade Red Dawn? With the North Koreans this time .
I'm pretty sure this remake of Red Dawn is going to be like the episode of South Park where George Lucas and Stephen Spielburg rape Indiana Jones over and over again. North Koreans... Phooey!
They remade Red Dawn with North Koreans instead of soviets? And it had josh from drake and josh? Interesting?
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Red Dawn: Once upon a time the North Koreans magically took over some states and then the Americans said "Nope" and killed them, the end.
Red Dawn is getting remade with North Koreans
We saw the first glimpses of footage last week, and now Red Dawn is here to blow us away with a full-length trailer. Get ready for explosions, evil North Koreans and Chris Hemsworth establishing himself as leader of the Wolverines.
So... They've done a remake of "Red Dawn" where the imvaders are North Koreans. The Olympics of stupid continues.
Red Dawn is being remade with North Koreans instead of Soviets? Hopefully they don't get mad at us. Or get any ideas...
Russia sub in Gulf---must heard Red Dawn got remade with North Koreans
Even with Chris Hemsworth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, there's no way I want to see the new "Red Dawn" remake. Wolverines v. North Koreans = 8(
And now they are remaking 'Red Dawn' but with North Koreans invading instead of Soviets. Can Hollywood become less original? Laziness.
Looks like they're remaking the movie Red Dawn. Instead of Russian forces invading the U.S. it will be the North Koreans.
The remake of Red Dawn looks sweet! Instead of Russians invading America like the 80's versions it's the North Koreans.
Anyone else find it ridiculous that they are remaking "Red Dawn?" - except now it's the North Koreans. Probably would be more plausible to be the Chinese...or Israel.
so theyre coming out with a new Red Dawn except its with North Koreans, better be sweet
Play movie trailer for Red Dawn: A group of high-school teenagers are put on the front lines when their country is invaded by hostile forces in this remake of John Milius' 1984 war...
'Red Dawn' explodes onto our screens with this new trailer. Check it out here!
Ok Hollywood, NO MORE RE-MAKES! quit wasting time and money on terrible eye-candy-only versions of formerly great films. Robert Pattinson as Lawrence of Arabia?! North Koreans in Red Dawn!?! This is why upward mobility is so important, we have the same 12 people making movies which is why we are basically getting the same 12 movies every year. Whoever is writing and approving these films need to move aside and allow people with actual genuine ideas make up for the re-hashed swill that no one will want to see.
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Liberals.Do you remember the movie "Red Dawn"??...Let's make sure we re-elect Obama so he and Hillary can push for MORE behind closed door talks for UN gun bans...Or..You guys can continue to live in your fantasy world as you hold hands and sing "KUM BA YAH"!!...Try singing it with the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and our good buddies, the Iranians!!!...
They actually remade Red Dawn. But instead of soviets, it's North Koreans. Instead of Red Dawn it should be called 헛소리. Even bad movies aren't safe from the meddling fingers of Hollywood Hacks and Moneybags Magoo.
They are remaking Red Dawn. But with North Koreans invading instead of Cubans and Russians.
Honestly?! The remake of Red Dawn has North Koreans instead of Russians? Who's bright idea was that?
Red Dawn remake? With North Koreans. Wow. sounds like big piece of crap.
The 'Red Dawn' trailer shows us some changes the new movie has made to the 1984 original.
Hmmm...saw the trailer to the Red Dawn remake...looks like at first that the chinese were invading..but after reading some more about it...they changed it to the North comes out in Nov...guess we'll see how see how it does
So the Red Dawn remake is about the North Koreans taking over America instead of the Russians. Wasn't the name Red Dawn, a metaphor for the Russian invasion. It feels a little out of context now.
So I just watched the Trailer for the remake of "Red Dawn". I am not sure about it. It looks action packed, but the First one is a classic and on top of it who invades? The Chinese, The North Koreans, or a mixture of the two. I couldn't tell from the Trailer. I just don't know.
I went earlier this morning because I had to see it so here is my opinion: Total Recall. It's being called a reboot and it's nothing at all like the first one. Do, however, look for subtle homages to the Schwarzenegger version (including the girl with 3 breasts!) I say go see it, a little drawn out but still great. Also, keep an eye out for the trailer for the reboot of Red Dawn starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor). this time instead of the ruskies taking over, it's the North Koreans and they take over the Pacific Northwest. So they can have Starbucks and Pearl Jam I bet!
A remake of Red Dawn (1984) is coming up this time instead of Russian and Cuban commies ... North Koreans!
is as saddened as anyone about the shooting in Colorado.that being said, I just watched a piece on TV on how to survive if you are in a theatre and someone opens fire.the solution, hide behind the is another one.if it is hot, turn on the air conditioner.if you are thirsty, get a drink.if your hungry, eat.are we seriously this we need the news to tell us this.I feel so sorry for wonder the North Koreans occupy the streets in the soon to be released remake of the classic "Red Dawn".and by the way, the movie is awesome.go see it so we can talk.
So their remaking RED DAWN but instead of the Soviets its the North Koreans? Hm wonder if thats gonna *** a couple people off
Saw Red Dawn for the first time recently.. I was expecting more of a Toy Soldiers vibe, but it was more intense, albeit a little Swayze-overdramatic. Interesting to see a remake is happening, replacing the Cubans/Russians with North Koreans. Gotta keep up with the current villains I guess heh.
I heard a "Red Dawn" remake is in production, only this time, instead of Russians, the enemies are Asians, North Koreans to be exact. But here's an interesting fact: they were originally Chinese invaders, but then they changed it in post to attract the Chinese market. I'm sorry, I can't watch this film, I CAN'T! It's too uncomfortable, you know why? If they originally spoke Chinese.. and then... dubbed in Korean... and being a native Chinese speaker, I'm gonna be looking at the lips saying one thing, then hearing another thing in Korean, and then the English subtitles are gonna say something else entirely. It's like... Godzilla films dubbed in reverse! Not even in reverse, it's like being dubbed... sideways!!! (cuz everyone knows Japan, China, and Korea all live right next to each other). I can't support this film... you shouldn't either, save yourself from bad dubbing... it's a serious issue.
I can't believe they've remade "Red Dawn." North Koreans are going to invade and occupy the U.S.? I can suspend disbelief as much as anyone else, but seriously, any Poly Sci undergrad can tell you that couldn't happen.
every small town cop needs a LAV, didn't you see Red Dawn? this stuff will be handy when the Russians (or North Koreans) show up
They remade Red Dawn... Instead of Soviets invading the US itll be munchkins... Oh sorry I mean North Koreans
A new Red Dawn...with the North Koreans invading.. *** they can't even invade South Korea
I hear there's a "Red Dawn" remake coming near end of this year.this time it's the North Koreans
Red Dawn is a great movie. I hate it when they kill their own friends who turned on them to the Russians. I am really looking forward to this remake only of that movie. It's coming out in November this year but this time we are invaded by North Koreans.
So apparently they're remaking Red Dawn, only instead of Russians it is going to be North Koreans who invade lol
So they've made a re-make of the movie Red Dawn...except instead of Russians, the high school kids will be fighting North very unrealistic :p
The had to remake the remake of Red Dawn because the Chinese government told MGM they wouldn't allow them to release the movie in China, if they didn't change the enemy to the North if the North Koreans can invade the US?!
Oh my god! They are re-making Red Dawn! I am so freaking excited! This time it's the North Koreans! It was gonna be the Chinese but they flipped out lol
Just found out they are re-making Red Dawn!! only with North Koreans.WOLVERINES!
Wwait a second. If the RED DAWN remake has North Koreans as the villains, where exactly does the "red" come in?
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