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North Koreans

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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Dramatic video shows North Korean soldier making a run for freedom: North Koreans running to shoot him, then the soldier l…
Little birdy told me many North Koreans in Pyongyang have what they believe are Chinese manufactured smartphones with a…
I asked 25 North Koreans what their life was like after Kim Jong Un took over. Here are their stories.
South Korea imposes sanctions on 18 North Koreans, a day before Trump visit.
North Koreans are all vaccinated from the diseasr . Now it's up to mcgruber to get the antidote back to America
North Koreans shoot soldier trying to defect to South through Joint Security Area
North Korea UPDATE. Soldier shot at NK border was defecting & was shot by North Koreans. Injured, not killed.
NEWS ALERT: North Korean Soldier Defects to South Korea & Is Shot by North Koreans. has the latest details.
US/World History 110-When the North Koreans seized the USS Pueblo that was on Jan, 23, 1968. The NVA and Viet Cong…
There is no such thing as Korean ppl. There are South Koreans and North Koreans. You sound as du…
A rights activist in South Korea says China has deported more than 100 North Koreans since early October
10 North Koreans, including a three-year-old boy, have been detained in China, a South Korean rights activist tells
Are you HAPPY for MURDOCH to ensure YOU put YOUR name to 25 million STARVING North Koreans?.
Policeman testifies that four North Koreans fled after Kim Jong Nam killing...
Trump meets families of Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Koreans - President Trump and first lady Melania Tr...
Ahhh, yes, awful options, like “nuclear war” and also “giving North Koreans food and medicine.”
And the North Koreans have kicked off proceedings
If North Korea is on the brink to devastate American cities, better dead North Koreans than dead Americans. 🎯
Australian Government . before joining America with war, you need to review immigration, as millions of North Koreans wil…
Dear President Trump please evict all North Korea Representative from USA even UN North Koreans he did say he would bom…
The ban on North Koreans must be his way of telling KJU he didn't mean all those nasty things he said.
Long history of North Koreans fleeing gulags and worse to find freedom in America. Incredible spirit and grit. No l…
Trump promises to nuke 25 million North Koreans if necessary? Are we sure that Kim Jong Un is the "Nuclear Madman?"
Reminder: threatening to kill 25 million North Koreans because you don't like their leader is threatening to commit genocide.
Here’s a rare look at Mount Paektu, a site sacred to North Koreans, as well as their neighbors to the south
General Bradley,under prodding from Eisenhower,put forth the idea of using nukes against North Koreans in 1950,but no support 4 the idea..
Them North Koreans learned how to make a good nuclear bomb right on YouTube
I put smash mouth over North Koreans marching. via
S.Koreans doubt North will start war: poll
A truly disgusting thing to say. Apparently this imbecile president doesn't know that millions of South Koreans have family i…
So you've fled North Korea in search of a better life. What do you do next?
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Always stayout this bottles >>Most South Koreans doubt the North...
Fascinating Q&A with B.R. Myers on North Korea's motives via
What the West gets wrong about North Korea's motives, & why some South Koreans admire the North via
"Better a million dead North Koreans than a thousand dead Americans.". This is genocide. This is genocide. This is geno…
North Korea has ratcheted up international tension and fear with its sixth and largest nuclear test on Sunday, but South Koreans feel incre…
Most South Koreans doubt the North will start a war: poll
China and Russia don't seem to give a *** about 25 million North Koreans and God knows how many South Kor…
South Korean Ministry of Unification notes potential exposure to radiation for North Koreans living near test sites. htt…
"Ok who gave the North Koreans access to the "Natural Disaster…" — Eugene Mosco
ummm... I'm fairly sure there were no nukes involved in Pearl Harbour... no North Koreans either...
Reassuring to know that Trump has tamed those pesky North Koreans . WE. ARE. ALL. DOOMED.
Totally love how North Koreans obtained materials and developed advanced technology since January.
Fit right in with the North Koreans.
Why were top-secret missile plans in a garage North Koreans were in?
If you play Feelings by Calvin Harris backwards it's actually a propaganda song used by the North Koreans.
Despite the intense risk, 9 million North Koreans — 36% of the population — still practice Christianity:
This would definitely confuse the North Koreans.
Why North is Mad at USA? . North Koreans are mad that US is preventing them from taking South under their control,by defending South Korea.
Scotland prevents World War III by getting the North Koreans absolutely blootered.
North Koreans have the smallest. Kim Jong Un is NOKO ergo; Napoleon Complex. Little…
North Koreans rally in support of the government - a day after US President Donald Trump gave Pyongyang an apocalyptic warning htt…
At least the North Koreans didn't elect a lunatic for president like the stupid Americans did. They didn…
Judge Derrick Watson from Hawaii, who ruled against Trump on Muslims, now blocks North Koreans travel to Oahu.
It's the North Koreans, they threatened war over a film b…
"The blood of the North Koreans will flow like the rivers of ancient Babylon."
"When the North Koreans look at our delegation, they cannot assume that we got permission from anybody.".
Clinton did the same exact thing for North Koreans... where was the outrage then?
North and South Koreans mark the anniversary of the end of the Korean War with events and celebrations in Pyongyang and Seoul http…
Do the North Koreans know how big the US is?
They seem as brain washed as North Koreans. "Great generous president". While the 🌎knows he's a fraud.
Oh look. The AP's Pyongyang bureau interviewed some totally random North Koreans & they all say they're ready to di…
Have you guys seen that video of these North Koreans living off the land because they were theyre picking up grass to eat
I liked a video I put Wii music over North Koreans marching
North Koreans love malicious updates and aren't shy about using them to destroy or disrupt.
I dont think North Koreans use iphones ..
Part 1. Emojis,..COURT:. all Koreans from North & south consuming Alcohol . 31.too unless they get permission. get this revoked,
Don't sleep on those North Koreans they got nuclear's cuhz
North Koreans when their nuclear weapons have a malfunction
North Koreans are so brainwashed. 24/7 propaganda over loud speakers and television...USA getting…
Though often referred to as the "Forgotten War" in the US, the Korean War is anything but forgotten in North Korea
On anniversary of war, young North Koreans talk of tensions (from
Who cares what you claim your gender is, if you can blow terrorists and North Koreans heads off you belong in the military
On anniversary of Korean War armistice, young North Koreans say they're ready if new war starts. By
Liberty in North Korea . They do great work rescuing escaped North Koreans hiding in China so they aren't sent back
North Koreans are facing famine as Kim Jong Un builds nuclear missiles to attack the U.S.
All purpose parts banner
I have a dream that North Koreans will be acceptable for their hair style not their model of car
Sounds vaguely like what North Koreans are told: Kim Jong Un drove a car at the age of 3.
The plot of this movie is that a Secret Service agent joined the North Koreans because the President sold out to Wall S…
>''North Koreans are brainwashed''. >*North Korean children name FC Barcelona as their favorite football team*. >*capitalis…
North Koreans still working in Namibian MOD and other African connections; but Pyongyang's network is global
Top Democrat: Working with Russia on cybersecurity is like 'inviting the North Koreans' to discuss nukes
“David was last seen (on a) known route for the underground railroad… used by North Koreans to flee the country”…
Boris Johnson 'felt somewhat disturbing that he seemed so caring of the North Koreans as in "just want to help them" 🤔
That's scary and the North Koreans are staring him down with nukes, we're in serio…
"North Koreans launch ICBM and President STILL thinks golfing all weekend OK?!
TIL that in 1952 during the Korean War, the North Koreans held a mock Olympic games in which UN POWs where forces …
The North Koreans would care less about brutally murdering you or your family. Theyre just a…
South and North Koreans were "slaves" of the Japanese rulers for centuries. There is no way they'll give up missiles and n…
Time is playing for the North Koreans for the rest of the world appears to be without strategy. It happens again, again.
Trump is crazy to even consider an attack on North Korea. Millions of South Koreans, Japanese, and most American...
and you're rooting for North Koreans to die.
North Koreans were threatened with Nukes for 30 years. You imposed harsh sanctions on N Koreans so that people would starve…
Fascinating snapshot shows how North Koreans view US tourists as countries face increased threat of nuclear war…
And 35 for u... Its a sad day for North Koreans...
North Koreans have been brainwashed for a century, I don't understand w…
And also born to see a war with the North Koreans. That will be fun. :^)
That statue was made by North Koreans. True story.
Aww. Poor widdle has to WORK on a holiday? Don't blame North Koreans, twit. It's your lack…
I added a video to a playlist I put Wii music over North Koreans marching
The North Koreans don't choose dates of missile launches randomly. They fired off missiles on July 4, 2006 when I was…
As a Korean, I'd kindly ask you to think of our people as well! Try to save the North Korea
North Koreans have suffered horribly but I don't know if it's feasible to stick Koreas back…
The North Koreans are threatened and starved to do stuff like this.. does it out of spite and pure evil.…
Middle easterners, North Koreans, Chinese and millions mo…
South Koreans are not allowed by their own government to go to North Korea . Neither are they allowed to own NK Books/…
North Korea's most threatening missile launch yet has the many South Koreans living in North Texas worried:
Freedom of religion. If Kim is North Koreans god, then that's their belief
I didn't mess up the airwaves that was the North Koreans
So the North Koreans celebrate 4th of July by firing a ICBM.
= Trump &Putin R great leaders. Unlike Obama who failed to stop the North Koreans 8 years ago from developing nuclear weapons
The reason we use fireworks on 4th of July is so that we interrupt the North Koreans spy planes view of us as we plot to overthrow Kim jung
That moment when it's 2017, the North Koreans have fired an ICBM, and is focusing its efforts on threatening to dox a Memester.
On the other hand its safe to assume that many North Koreans would starve to death in that scenario. 2/2
What even exiled North Koreans miss about home
Guess some of us underestimated the North Koreans' susceptibility to Democrat Party fundraiser mailings! 🤣
Call me crazy but I think the North Koreans tortured and murdered an American citizen and sent his half-dead corpse home…
*allegedly made a dumb mistake. I think his only "crime" was being American where the North Koreans could grab him.
North Koreans are always baffled when they find out how health care works in the rest of the world.
He single-handedly beat the North Koreans back up to China with the same bat, then fly-fished the Yalu River.
B-Y Kim: North Koreans' cognitive ability less than 40% of South Koreans'; on level of Syria and Nigeria…
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Can do same for North Koreans. I'm not even two weeks.
Well to be fair to the North Koreans, his last name is a crime against humanity
North Koreans are lucky. No diversity, they ensure their future. Even Marxism is better as diversity. Take that Soros, Satan!
Family of Warmbier to CNN: "The brutalization and terrorism the North Koreans have put upon Otto... have ended."
University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, said to be in a coma, released from North Korea Barbaric N. Koreans.
What did the North Koreans do to that put him in a coma?.
United Nations sanctions are slowly starving all the North Koreans to death.
The best way to avoid being imprisoned and brutalized by the North Koreans is still, Don't go to North Korea.
Haven't been there since the zombie Outbreak has it changed much? Anonymous 666
Any news if they quarantined him? I wouldn't put it past the North Koreans to try germ warfare with him.
I just realized th DEMOCRAT PARTY is Just like th North KoreanS! Just like NK the DEMS R tr…
I understand your anger but there are many peaceful North Koreans and its the governmen…
US student freed by North is back home via
Today the Cabinet lauded like the North Koreans laud their insane dictator! Stop the fascist insanity in USA now!
Come on you know what we're all thinking: he was beaten. Hopefully, a good trauma doctor can find s…
Dear President I pray that you make the North Koreans pay for what they did to Otto Warmbier
Looks like we are in an alternate universe where the Chinese arrested Forrest Gump and gave him to the North Korean
US student freed by North Koreans is back home - The Boston Globe
In the end, one American in a coma is a tragedy; 2M North Koreans starved to death & 100K in gulags are statistics.
Yes! Lord Trump used his magical powers to put the kid in a coma so the Nort…
(14) But to claim that tourism to NK is “unsafe” undermines efforts to increase personal and practical engagement with North Koreans...
The North Koreans probably beat him to near death.
So sorry for him and his parents! All he's gone thru for taking a flag! Pure…
Even the North Koreans are not that stupid!
This guy needs to teach the North Koreans the horror of capitalism, and how they should be grateful fo…
(8) A consequence of portraying NK as maniacally dangerous or comically insane is the obfuscation of 23 million ordinary North Koreans.
Otto Warmbier: American pupil freed by North Korea again on US soil
The kid is in a coma. The North Koreans probably don'…
Well, no shxt? What were you going to do? Tell the North Koreans we don't want him?
An ill US college student held by North Korea for more than a year is again on American soil.…
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*** I remember this story. Kid got accused of stealing a propaganda poster and them North Koreans sentenced him to…
Yeah congrats on bringing home a kid the North Koreans put into a coma..
When North Koreans read that their top defense official got executed because he fell asleep during a meeting
This young man was no doubt tortured by the North Koreans! Japan's medical evaluation will enlighten us all to his true sou…
That's right. A Canadian citizen and several South Koreans are also being held in North Korea.
North Koreans expected to participate in Track 1.5 six-party talks in Singapore in early July, Via
Dennis Rodman is going back to North Korea. If that does not scare the North Koreans nothing will.
You think the North Koreans know that too?
My heart bleeds for this young man that was beaten down & abused by North Koreans
"Who threatens our country more? The Iranians, the North Koreans, the Chinese, the Russians, or the Democrats?
It sounded a lot like the way North Koreans talk about their "leader."
We're looking at the possibility here that the North Koreans may have killed or permanently disabled a US citizen tourist.
North Koreans believe that Kim Jong IL didn't defecate Americans know that Trump defecates eve…
I guess, most North Koreans look like Ambani.
Tell that to North Koreans. Tell that South Koreans. Tell that to Israelis…
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I still stand a great video request? Just ask North Koreans, East Germans, Soviets, and the son was hinging on ever…
Reuters: South Korea will return four North Koreans 'if they want to go back'
South Korea will return four North Koreans ‘if they want to go back’
Newsweek: 50,000 No. Koreans work in EU, belying claim of &c that regime sends workers abroad as "slaves"
I remember when millions of Chinese "volunteers" fought for the North Koreans in the Korean War. China & Russia-2 very char…
North Koreans are prisoners in their own country
US: Korea a 'clear and present to world
Mattis called the N Koreans a "clear and present danger," chastised the Chinese for coercive behavior in S China Sea
U.N. council votes to blacklist more North Koreans - Reuters TV
Draft UN resolution would blacklist 15 more for and nuclear links
I wanted to hear what he had to say about housing, social care, NHS. Instead I got these eejit…
North Koreans found dead in Moscow 'had received injections' - Daily Mail
It Makes no Difference at all! UN slaps sanctions 14 North Koreans
I did unlike you, your the one who supports a dictator you the same as poor North Koreans who love Kim
Fifteen North Koreans linked to nuclear program added to UN blacklist - Fox News
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North Korea is a 'clear and present danger' to world, says US defence chief James Mattis
UN votes to add 15 North Koreans, 4 entities to UN blacklist
It really isn't that left wing. Com…
Defense Secy. Mattis turned up the heat on N. Korea and China, calling the N. Koreans a "clear and present danger"
The North Koreans are starving, all he wants is for someone to fall for his blackmail and give RPK $$ to further his nuke goals.
This man on claimed North Korea wanted to nuke UK. In fact their weapons if ever used will kill South Korean
UN Security Council adds North Koreans to blacklist, but Chinese opposition blocks tough new sanctions
The UN Security Council has voted to sanction 14 North Korean officials
U.N. Security Council sanctions 15 North Koreans with ties to nuclear programs
These names don't sound Korean. Mystery as two North Koreans are found dead in the same Moscow hotel via
WATCH: Okanagan man accused by North Koreans of being assassin hired by Donald Trump
And every time that Kim Jong Un. launches another missile. many North Koreans . they add another hole to the pants belt. -. -…
Just 18% of South Koreans are concerned about national security as an electoral issue
25M South Koreans live near Seoul, just 30 miles from North Korean border, but many of them don't live in fear.
I finally agree with the North Koreans on something
North Koreans only have one news service to be totally duped by. Americans have no excuse.
Well no because North Koreans aren't really immigrants they are Koreans. That's like building a wa…
So rumor from on high is that the North Koreans may be actually having successful middle tests for a possible EMP
Ordinary North Koreans are less careful about addressing Kim Jong Un in respectful terms.
"In the DPRK, anti-American hatred is a commodity never in short supply.". by
How many Americans know that “over a period of three years or so, we killed off … 20% of the [Korean] population”? https:…
"The North Koreans increasingly don't want Chinese products because they think they are poor quality"…
Steve Evans. Couldn't young South Koreans in Gangnam have some sympathy for fellow Koreans living in darkdictatorship to the North
North Koreans today believe that the United States and South Korea started the Korean War, the inverse of what actually happened
In my new column, I ask whether ordinary Americans are aware of how much violence they inflicted on North Korea:
We do not hate North Korea. Their leader is a tyrant who has enslaved his fellow koreans Stand up koreans stand up!
As tougher sanctions loom, North Koreans are seeing more local goods in stores
South Koreans go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for reconciliation with North Korea frontrunner Moon Jae-in would revive Sunshine Policy
The current situation for defectors paints a rather grim picture for future N.Koreans if unification were to happen https…
North Koreans have pretty good reasons to hate the U.S.
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"What if Russia or China gave the North Koreans the technology to explode the EMP above the center of…" — GonzoX
Please read these three books… They envision what would happen to America if the North Koreans are able to launch a…
I'd say teaching North Koreans how to read would be hostile.
I wonder if all North Koreans are as fat as this fat cat leader.
North Koreans showing less respect for Kim Jong Un because of market forces
North Korea threats? After six decades, uncertainty is nothing new for South Koreans
South Koreans will elect a new president on Tuesday and for many of the voters, North Korea's not the main issue
The Jihadis are rewarded with 70 beautiful virgins for blowing themselves up (or if we blow them up)... . Wonder what the Nort…
Why do North Koreans hate us? One reason — they remember the Korean War by most of the world hates you
What do North Koreans yell when they see Kim Jong Un? NK News takes a brief look at the history of the "manse" chant https:/…
"Defectors have reported the majority of North Koreans love Kim Jong Un."
Photographs from the past few years of North Koreans seen just over the border from parts of China and South Korea.
"Periodically, North Koreans write about Libya, noting what a sap Colonel Qaddafi was to give up nuclear program"
As tensions with rise, read what young South Koreans think of their neighbouring country
The North Koreans tested an ICBM yesterday--I see Trump is just taking it in the *** A failure is…
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Let's not put this all on Bill. Clinton gave the nukes to the North Koreans on the recommendation of…
have you ever been caught helping North Koreans out of China? If so, what did happen to you or what you think would happen ?
Maybe some 20 million North Koreans , which half are starving, will trick US into war
North Korea is no threat to anyone apart from North Koreans. It invades…
should send back over to negotiate with the North Koreans.
And ya wonder how it is all North Koreans are brainwashed, hm Kinda l…
The North Koreans are pushing the US and testing resolve. Missile launch might have failed but US looking at it as a…
No, those North Koreans are dirty animals
"Celebrate."Photos provided by the govt. The North Koreans live a life of daily performances to please Jong-Un. No…
However i also snigger at the fact that US Mil calls the North Koreans NORKS….. why not just call them boobs/love bumps/gazongas. etc
Do they know, the North Koreans fired off a firework display?
Some Americans are panicking about North Korea. Here’s why South Koreans aren’t.
Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans stand and pay their respects to Kim Il-Sung via
Dear stupid *** Americans:. North Korea has absolutely ZERO capacity to bomb you. Worry about all the Koreans 45 is poi…
Please help me share my statement about Kim Jung Un. We need to change the minds of the North Koreans about...
The comparison is not valid to any degree. Your privileged first world temper tantrum is offensive to legit…
You are aware the North Koreans have missile launch capability from submar…
Ex-ambassador: Trump trying to 'out North Korean' the North Koreans'
I just want to know what the 15 approved hair cuts are . North Koreans oblivious to failed launch - The Telegraph
North Koreans oblivious to failed missile launch
Former US Ambassador to South Korea Chris Hill to Pres. Trump "trying to out-North Korean the North Koreans"
Are there any North Koreans on Twirra ( pun intended ) . Looking for New friends 👍🏿
Ex-ambassador: Trump trying to 'out-North Korean the North Koreans' via for iOS
Chinese tourists take Boat Tours in North Korea, throw bags of bread & biscuits on shore for North Koreans to pick up…
We don't really know what the North Koreans want. Jus what their dictator lea…
North Koreans jump into the water to reach Kim Jong Un's boat!
North Koreans to work with local committee to bring back Barry Carnival
Only a liberal would walk in a over Trump's taxes on a day where the North Koreans are threatening thermonuclear wa…
North Koreans and South Koreans talk tensions between the countries . - but Northerners can't speak freely.
"Man, I hope that stupid *** with the nukes doesn't go and do something crazy!". - Works for Americans AND North Koreans
Hamilton Collection
Here are some North Koreans for you. Important to remember that the people are not the same as the regime.
War with the fanatical North Koreans will make the war on ISIS debacle seem like a walk in the park insanity
Trump is the stereotype of an American leader Kim Jong-un has prepared for his entire life, training North Koreans for i…
Praying for a peaceful transition of power. North Koreans desire to hear the gospel and li…
You know those Bangladesh & NY Fed bank thefts by Russian hackers? They were North Koreans. Russians as boogie man / whipping boy.
North Koreans may be robbing into your bank and your accounts.
Despite the fact that 41% of North Koreans are undernourished aid for the rogue state is declining as tensions rise.
All the people around him fake laugh like North Koreans laugh and clap at Kim Jong Un
Two in five North Koreans undernourished and more than 70% of population relies on food aid: UN. h…
You really justify the genocide and deaths of millions of North Koreans and millions globally under dictatorships a…
Let's put a daisy in the North Koreans Gun.
Will Robert Mercer still be happy when his grandchildren are nuked by the North Koreans while p…
One does not have to be an expert to exert the fact that millions of North Koreans are being forced into labor camps
Sarawak hunts 87 North Koreans with expired work permits -
Bang on. This is the saddest part. And how about those independent, clear thinking North Koreans!
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conf the Choson Exchange rep says do not take North Koreans for their government (sic!)
"Salvador Perez was hit with a nuclear missile fired by the North Koreans yesterday. The team expects him to be ready for…
Remind u either North Korea or South Korea, Koreans lie to breath & have been "behaving very badly" since before WW…
I did some ops with s. Korean ROK's in VNam. Bad *** all. Their only fear, North Koreans soldiers. Don't fool ur…
You wouldn't listen to Miami Cubans about Cuba. So why listen to South Koreans about North Korea?
It's better to keep on barking like a rabid dog rather than attacking North Koreans. They catch & boil dog before eating 😆😉
No, they need to be on board with what is right and not blindly follow him off the cliff.North Koreans love their leader
it is very sad how they treat their people there. North Koreans live their life controled by fear
Its about time this raving lunatic was brought to book,let's give him a right bloody nose and set North Koreans free,ASAP
Hi, North Koreans. I am a South Korean. Let's talk in Our language with me. To be honest, I cannot belie…
guarantee we see a Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis event with Trump and the North Koreans.
Too late. What took you so long to say it?
Trump: hey I'm not Russian. liberals: fake news!. Trump: the North Koreans, uh, feed their parents to dogs. liberals: yeah tha…
is it the Russians or the North Koreans..polonium isotopes bananas ❓ that's why I brought TeaRobot
Times of Oman Interpol issues 'red notice' for North Koreans linked to Kim murder Times of Oman More than a month…
Photo makes it look like North Koreans don't need to use microwaves to spy on U.S. diplomats:
I feel so sorry for the North Koreans. He needs assassinating . Watch "How Dangerous is North Korea?" on YouTube…
Two pastors have been arrested in China for helping smuggle persecuted North Koreans to save them from being...
- 50 North Koreans in Sarawak to be deported, says Malaysia's DPM - The Straits Times
Tourism minister: Only four North Koreans living in Malaysia as second home via
There are apparently 11 Malaysians in North Korea at the moment and around 1,000 North Koreans in Malaysia (poss up to 2…
Breaking news : IGP confirmed 2 wanted North Koreans in Kim Jong-nam's murder, are hiding in the North Korean embassy…
Ri Jong-Chol is among eight North Koreans suspected of involvement in the dramatic killing of Kim Jong-Nam.
Malaysia cancels visa-free travel for North Koreans following the killing of Kim Jong Nam, state news agency reports
Malaysia scraps visa-free entry for North Koreans amid row over Kim death..
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