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North Koreans

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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North Koreans and South Koreans talk tensions between the countries . - but Northerners can't speak freely.
"Man, I hope that stupid *** with the nukes doesn't go and do something crazy!". - Works for Americans AND North Koreans
Here are some North Koreans for you. Important to remember that the people are not the same as the regime.
War with the fanatical North Koreans will make the war on ISIS debacle seem like a walk in the park insanity
Trump is the stereotype of an American leader Kim Jong-un has prepared for his entire life, training North Koreans for i…
Praying for a peaceful transition of power. North Koreans desire to hear the gospel and li…
You know those Bangladesh & NY Fed bank thefts by Russian hackers? They were North Koreans. Russians as boogie man / whipping boy.
North Koreans may be robbing into your bank and your accounts.
Despite the fact that 41% of North Koreans are undernourished aid for the rogue state is declining as tensions rise.
All the people around him fake laugh like North Koreans laugh and clap at Kim Jong Un
Two in five North Koreans undernourished and more than 70% of population relies on food aid: UN. h…
You really justify the genocide and deaths of millions of North Koreans and millions globally under dictatorships a…
Let's put a daisy in the North Koreans Gun.
Will Robert Mercer still be happy when his grandchildren are nuked by the North Koreans while p…
One does not have to be an expert to exert the fact that millions of North Koreans are being forced into labor camps
Sarawak hunts 87 North Koreans with expired work permits -
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Bang on. This is the saddest part. And how about those independent, clear thinking North Koreans!
conf the Choson Exchange rep says do not take North Koreans for their government (sic!)
"Salvador Perez was hit with a nuclear missile fired by the North Koreans yesterday. The team expects him to be ready for…
Remind u either North Korea or South Korea, Koreans lie to breath & have been "behaving very badly" since before WW…
I did some ops with s. Korean ROK's in VNam. Bad *** all. Their only fear, North Koreans soldiers. Don't fool ur…
You wouldn't listen to Miami Cubans about Cuba. So why listen to South Koreans about North Korea?
It's better to keep on barking like a rabid dog rather than attacking North Koreans. They catch & boil dog before eating 😆😉
No, they need to be on board with what is right and not blindly follow him off the cliff.North Koreans love their leader
it is very sad how they treat their people there. North Koreans live their life controled by fear
Its about time this raving lunatic was brought to book,let's give him a right bloody nose and set North Koreans free,ASAP
Hi, North Koreans. I am a South Korean. Let's talk in Our language with me. To be honest, I cannot belie…
guarantee we see a Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis event with Trump and the North Koreans.
Too late. What took you so long to say it?
Trump: hey I'm not Russian. liberals: fake news!. Trump: the North Koreans, uh, feed their parents to dogs. liberals: yeah tha…
is it the Russians or the North Koreans..polonium isotopes bananas ❓ that's why I brought TeaRobot
Times of Oman Interpol issues 'red notice' for North Koreans linked to Kim murder Times of Oman More than a month…
Photo makes it look like North Koreans don't need to use microwaves to spy on U.S. diplomats:
I feel so sorry for the North Koreans. He needs assassinating . Watch "How Dangerous is North Korea?" on YouTube…
Two pastors have been arrested in China for helping smuggle persecuted North Koreans to save them from being...
- 50 North Koreans in Sarawak to be deported, says Malaysia's DPM - The Straits Times
Tourism minister: Only four North Koreans living in Malaysia as second home via
There are apparently 11 Malaysians in North Korea at the moment and around 1,000 North Koreans in Malaysia (poss up to 2…
Breaking news : IGP confirmed 2 wanted North Koreans in Kim Jong-nam's murder, are hiding in the North Korean embassy…
Ri Jong-Chol is among eight North Koreans suspected of involvement in the dramatic killing of Kim Jong-Nam.
Malaysia cancels visa-free travel for North Koreans following the killing of Kim Jong Nam, state news agency reports
Malaysia scraps visa-free entry for North Koreans amid row over Kim death..
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysia is scrapping visa-free entry for North Koreans traveling into the...
Malaysia will no longer allow North Koreans visa-free entry
Malaysia to cancel visa-free entry for North Koreans: agency
BREAKING: Malaysia's state news agency says the country will scrap visa-free entry for North Koreans.
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historyinmoment: The Korean Demilitarized Zone right after the war ended in 1953. North Koreans on the left Americ…
- More North Koreans sought in murder of Kim Jong Nam
I have a dream that North Koreans will be cluttered by their failures not their GPAs
8 North Koreans identified as suspects accused of putting poison on hands before attacking Kim Jong Nam.
Ask a North Korean: What did North Koreans know about Kim Jong Nam?
Malaysia requests INTERPOL alert on four North Koreans over Kim murder.
North Koreans sought in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam
Malaysia requests Interpol alert on four North Koreans over airport murder
My grandfather should've let the North Koreans win.
Whenever I see Pence clapping behind Trump, I am reminder if the North Koreans clapping for their dictator. The clapping looks stressed!
Recent on banking and finacial institutions are connected to North Korea by ht…
NutsO just won't give it up. Maybe drop the Russians and go with the North Koreans.
Those North Koreans do the weirdest shyte.
Four men convince small time Vietnamese net idol to play a "prank" on Kim Jong Nam (murder him with poison, 😂 )
In case you missed it, Kim Jong Nam's female assassin has a YouTube channel. Claims she was told it was a prank.
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A | : North Korea to Donald Trump: Challenge Accepted - He effectively demanded that all North Koreans…
2 women, 1 man arrested in North Korean’s death in Malaysia | Ozark Radio News
North Koreans eating American BBQ is a fascinating insight into the
North Koreans honour 75th birthday of Kim Jongil who "changed the weather with his mind".
Two foreign women remanded in connection with North Korean’s killing via
Shepard Smith dare questions our Dear Leader?! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE. (Fox viewers are officially North Koreans now)
North Koreans honour 75th birthday of Kim Jong-il who 'changed the weather with his mind'
Literally looks and sounds like North Koreans talking about Kim Jung Il.
The real question is who made Felix Felicis potion? People are saying that it was the North Koreans. Maybe yes, maybe no.
26 North Koreans are in Japanese custody after being pulled from a sinking cargo ship off the coast of Japan.
different circumstances. We had the same protocol for Soviets and North Koreans.
Japan rescues 26 North Koreans from sinking ship.
Japan rescues 26 N. Koreans from a sinking ship off JPN's coast...definitely more to this story...
North Koreans have a short life expectancy. It’s a side effect of too much happiness. It turns out high doses are fatal.
Japan: 26 North Koreans discovered as load boat sinks off
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Japan rescues 26 North Koreans from sinking ship j9
CNN world : Japan rescues 26 North Koreans from sinking ship
Japan rescues 26 North Koreans from sinking ship – breaking world news
92% of North Koreans view foreign media. What? Wow.
Japan rescues 26 North Koreans from sinking ship |
Nobody liked as a child either, now Mexicans hate him; North Koreans hate him; two thirds of America, & bi…
Japan rescues 26 North Koreans from sinking ship
TIL many ethnic Koreans in Japan send their kids to North Korean-funded schools that teach allegiance to NK...…
New poll reveals how North Koreans view foreign media:
I liked a video from What North Koreans Think Of South Korea | ASIAN BOSS
THE Japanese Coast Guard has rescued 26 North Koreans after their cargo ship sank on Wednesday evening.
North Koreans arriving at Lime Street Station,Liverpool for the 1966 World Cup.
Kim Jong Un orders North Koreans to celebrate his grandmother on Christmas via the Android app KNUCKLEHEAD
Pretty much anyone in the US can make this claim. Know any Japanese, North Vietnamese, North Koreans? I do
Aw shucks. The man who is responsible for deaths and starvation of North Koreans doesn't want to be called fatty.
What do North Koreans think about Kim Jong Un? This survey tries to find out.
UK tabloid claims North Koreans who fled to China during floods being sent back. DPRK putting them into prison camps h…
South Korean President Park Geun-hye has called on North Koreans to abandon their country and defect, just a day a…
Now Kim Jong-un wants North Koreans to eat DOG for 'stamina food'
North Koreans hate him. Find out who Kim Jong-un is supporting and who he isn't. .
Kim Jong-un labels dog meat a 'superfood' and encourages starving North Koreans to eat it. via…
Kim Jong-un orders North Koreans to beat dogs to death and EAT them – or starve: IT has finally happened – Ki...
Are Kim Jong-un’s apologists in U.N. aid agencies doing North Koreans more harm than good?
North Koreans travelling to Singapore will require visas from Oct 1 - The Straits Times
'Pyonghattan'? Kim Jong Un orders North Koreans to build more skyscrapers - Propaganda video allegedly shows North Korean missile aimed at …
I would not suggest the U.S. should sit down with the North Koreans bi...
By 1979, Chinese people were poorer, on average, than North Koreans. I...
Was it really a meteor or the North Koreans?
Al Gore collected money and campaign funds directly from the communist Chinese and the North Koreans
Collin of F7 kills Andrew of Kim Jong Il and the North Koreans. Now F7 is winning 2-1
On this day in 1951 The U.S. Eighth Army counterattacks to drive the Communist Chinese and North Koreans out of South Korea.
Tens of thousands of North Koreans packed a Pyongyang square Tuesday night to take part in a mass dance and torchlight parade, the second
North Koreans flood streets for massive parade: Thousands of people flood the streets of Pyongyang, North Kor...
Dom Santos of Kim Jong Il and the North Koreans kills Harrison of Silent Assassins
Proud to be part of coalition helping North Koreans fighting for freedom
N. Korean staff in overseas restaurant in mass defection to South hyhina would kill all koreans north and south nuke
On my way up to the dmz to see some commie North Koreans
Korea defends its nuclear capability: Group defections by North Koreans are also usually by families or those ...
Cruz stealing delegates from Trump, Hillary stealing from Bernie.The North Koreans are at least aware that their vote doesn't count.
Defection of 13 privileged North Koreans comes as Pyongyang has clamped down on escapees. https:/…
13 North Koreans defect to the south from state-run restaurant.
Surprisingly, North Korea’s state-run restaurant chain is a horrible place to work:
That's why resistance is so weak here. Some Americans are more brainwashed than even the most zealous North Koreans.
here's a clip of the schmaltzy songs that North Koreans sing, and South Koreans love, at NK-run restaurants abroad https:/…
Thirteen North Korean restaurant workers defect to South, Seoul says via the Android app
BBC News - Thirteen North Koreans defect from overseas restaurant
13 North Koreans working abroad defect to South
13 North Koreans working at the same foreign restaurant have defected, Seoul officials say
13 North Korean workers defect: 13 North Koreans who worked at a state-run restaurant in another country have…
Thirteen North Koreans have defected to the South after watching TV dramas
Arguments against gun control be like: stop trying to give my AR15 to ISIS, I need it just in case North Koreans invade my personal home
Thirteen North Koreans defect from overseas restaurant
"13 North Koreans Working Abroad Defect to the South" by CHOE SANG-HUN via NYT The New York Times
Thirteen North Koreans Defect, Bolting From Restaurant Abroad: In one of the largest known group defections of North Koreans in recen...
North Koreans flee to the South in wake of sanctions.
Thirteen North Koreans defect from overseas restaurant -
Thirteen North Koreans working at the same restaurant abroad have defected to South Korea, Seoul officials say.
A group of 13 North Koreans working at a restaurant defected to South Korea this week:
league of legends should totally put this on their DMZ loudspeakers and play it for the North Koreans.
the North Koreans like a good military parade.
Did Ireland consult the North Koreans before arranging this "large military parade"?
Had the weirdest dream about being on Antarctic ice fishing trip with the Geico gecko & Cap'n Crunch while being hunted by North Koreans...
Is this what the North Koreans refer to as "anime"?
Another question about China. Why don't they keep the North Koreans in line? Hayden: this is US logic. Says it is a "big ask" of us of PRC.
How my generation of dollar-loving North Koreans will shake up regime – I speak to Sungju Lee
Cruz accused Chuck Hagel of taking money from the North Koreans & Trump of having mob ties. This filthy *** has no place in our politics
Bring in the East Germans or North Koreans then. Accomplished fence builders. Or a President Trump, maybe?
in AIIB intense of the Communist Party of China in Chinese company SGI North Koreans other idea is
Indian headlines today: if it's not the North Koreans, it's the leopards...
Ask God to provide North Koreans with their daily bread - food is often scarce in winter
How North and South Koreans see NK's planned rocket launch: unaware or uninterested, writes &
US is harboring North Koreans missile technology by not disturbing them.
I wonder if North Koreans watch police shooting/violence videos and think America is the most oppressive country o…
1303-The restrictions placed on North Koreans at work.
.I didn't know North Koreans were in possession of much tp. Kind of like we will be like if Hillary or Bernie get in.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
the North Koreans are not playing games with us! THIS is a serious issue that needs to be addressed!
North Koreans should have attended Davos. Here's why...
Trust the North Koreans for the real news
. Plus, North Koreans sleep better because there are no electric lights to keep them up at night! 🌚
Pretty much all the calories North Koreans get!
Terryfiying. Please save us from the scary North Koreans King Obama.
hey, those North Koreans are doing it right by their people! Such an inspiration. LOL
I get it! Because North Koreans are starving under an oppressive regime government.
A fantastic! If you would, in accordance to Korea North Koreans dictated
The North Koreans test a nuke, then are launching a "satellite" around the time of the Superbowl on the US west coast. This is a bad novel.
Probably his playing in that film which made light of the very REAL struggle of North Koreans has something to do with it.
And yet Peyton Manning will still be lobbing more junk into space than the North Koreans.
Don't be fooled. North Koreans are troubled at this time. A country in disarray. Walking to class one day a North Korean named Daniel...
Sanders: "North Korea is a very very strange country." My guess is that the North Koreans think Sanders is a very very stra…
"North Koreans claim 'arrest' is latest clampdown by | Deutsche Welle
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So is Vicari implying that his missive provoked the North Koreans into testing the H-bomb?
Please pray that God will 'make seeing eyes blind' as our partners take risks to support North Koreans.
Beijing having hard time figuring out who is pissing them off more, the Americans or the North Koreans
North Koreans watched the FIFA 2014 World Cup on a 24-hour delay.
A Korean professor believed to be a spy for has been arrested in
North Koreans are dropping used toilet paper balloons on South Korea.
North Koreans claim 'spy arrest' is latest clampdown by Japan: A Korean professor believed…
"thought cause radiation hijacked the North Koreans are reported on a daily basis. This is China Communist Party operation is behind
Now devouring Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick. An insight into the lives of North Koreans and the workings of the DPRK
Why develop a hydrogen bomb if you already have a nuclear one?, some North Koreans wonder: htt…
North Koreans feel surge of pride after H-bomb test
Reuters: BREAKING: U.S. has determined North Koreans conducted some kind of nuclear test: White Hous...
I wonder if the North Koreans have the hots for Kim Jong Un. I definitely do.
I guess North Koreans can speak on African issues since they built the African Renaissance statue
The African Renaissance stature in Senegal was built by North Koreans. Why didn't Africans build it?
these claims are based on the per capita income of North Koreans but are compared to other countries' who all have adopted capitalism
Check out Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick. Great insight on daily lives of North Koreans. One of my favourite books ever.
Conversations with and photos of everyday North Koreans by Jason Kottke via
Wow, what an honor. I am proud that he is honored by the Koreans for his service. (I'm assuming they r South Koreans, the north is.)
What will happen to North Korea's middle class following reunification:
My favorite lifters will have to be the North Koreans, I've watched them lift and I have to say that they are very consistent
we should also ask ourselves what is planning with Koreans. He has been frequently visiting North Korea
Amazing photo & accompanying captions - yet all the more tragic that average North Koreans will never appreciate.
North and South Koreans reunite for 3 precious days after decades apart
The economic challenges for North Koreans defecting to the South contribute to unusually high rates of suicide.
Well, the North Koreans have their own distro, so why not? ;-)
This is a truly eye-opening and interesting read into the lives of North Koreans.“8 Days in North Korea” by
Forced North Koreans as forced laborers abroad
Work upto 20 hours a day, 1 day off per year:forced labor of North Koreans inRussia
For who see South Korea an alternative model to North-A Lonely End for South Koreans Who Cannot Live, or Die
Update your maps at Navteq
'God neither begets nor is born' is commensurate with 'North Koreans claim NorthKorea is the best country in the world'. Really?
UN investigator: North Koreans doing forced labor abroad to earn foreign currency for country
Conspiracy theory: plot by the North Koreans and are currently getting ready for an invasion RIP us
North Koreans are dying with too much care.
I'm getting my gun, is the North Koreans.
Not when their slave labor can make the regime more money sending them abroad as labor
Post-unification, a drab future for North(ern) Koreans
REPORT: Tens of thousands of North Koreans are sent abroad for forced labor vía
From the archives - Bright lights, not human rights: Why North Koreans envy their neighbors
How can you trust Russian Guards these days, Julio? Ask for North Koreans
Did you know that Castro regime shipped Cuban workers off to work in slave-like conditions in Curaçao?
Did you know that > 31K Cuban health workers who toil in 71 nations brought in $2.3 billion to Castro regime?
Doctors flee Castro's Cuba b/c they are paid so little they "could barely afford to buy a single egg to eat a day." https:…
Genetic differences are involved in the differences btwn East vs. West Germans & perhaps North vs. South Koreans
Who says the North Koreans can't grow crops!? Look at that one on the Dear Leaders dome! ha!   10% Off
Positive: Hundreds of South Koreans cross border to North for last set of reunions
Looking at this website filled with photos of North Koreans reuniting with South Korean relatives makes me a little sad.
What it's like to use a computer in North Korea - I honestly had no idea that North Koreans were even...
"Seoul needs 'quiet' unification strategy": good point but how about talking to the North Koreans? htt…
. In Qatar 200k North Koreans work as slaves and money is received by the government to get foreign currency
The South Koreans could handle the North by themselves. North are lice invested, starving midgets.
Indeed those starving North Koreans would eat if whites just died!
More than 900 American POWs were alive at the end of the Korean War but were never released by the North Koreans.
Chinese foreign ministry put on valiant effort to lift spirits of Six Party Talks, but when North Koreans are no show, tough to get anywhere
it was such a strange experience. We were specifically told not to "scoff" if we saw any North Koreans 😂
Bill Belichek and Tom Brady hacked Sony and blamed it on the North Koreans.
Monument to African Renaissance in Dakar, 2010, (built by North Koreans) is Africa's largest sculpture
I'm pretty sure even North Koreans know who Calvin Harris is. I mean, they know Dennis Rodman even?😐
North Koreans look at a Chinese boat for tourists on Yalu River
Why this North Korean Defector Wants to Go Back: Since the late 1990s, some 28,000 North Koreans have fled to South Korea. Only one, ...
Save refugees, get arrested by dictatorship. All nations should accept North Koreans.
"North Koreans hate the American government, but the Americans are all right,"
North Koreans defectors tried to convert me and like bruh "We believe in science!"
"The band was pretty good. It's the first time I've seen North Koreans."
The North Koreans are probably sending a man off as we speak, he'll be back by tomorrow if their trip to the sun is benchmark.
I don't care how many Koreans or Chinese or any other foreigners are on North American or European teams: they're still NA and EU teams
"I thought the North Koreans were attacking"
Boxer praising Wendy Sherman, who is responsible for the North Koreans getting nuke weapons. Yay her!
This morning North Koreans invited me to tour there! Thank you!
HORRORS OF North Korea: S. Korean women have it easy even compared with elite N. Koreans - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
To us, but South Koreans really hate North Koreans and if NK escape to SK they shun them bc they are very different.
North Koreans are forced to start their day at 5am. via
What happens to North Koreans defectors caught by the Chinese police? Read Kwang Il's memoir for his account:
Photos of the everyday lives of North Koreans by
Did you know that North Koreans once attended a UN meeting with AK-47s underneath their jackets.
North Koreans ordered to start work at 5 am during heatwave
Pet monkeys and the North Korean police:
at 5 am for North Koreans due to summer heat?
North Koreans tryna find the right number for the coordinates: via
Bill The Cat C. told reporters how he prevented Iran from getting the bomb by letting the North Koreans steal it.
It is only reality they know Like North Koreans believin theyr in workers paradise
New post: ". North Koreans ordered to start their day at 5am to cope with the heatwave... but it's so early childr…
Kim Jong Un sets the alarm for his people to start working during
North Koreans ordered to start work at 5am during heatwave | World news | The G… see more
North Koreans turn to squid to compensate for drought
And apparently North Koreans arent allowed to smile in pics with Americans... Like *** ?? Thats wild
This is like when the remake of Red Dawn came out and they replaced the Chinese with North Koreans.
'North Korea is not the “Hermit Kingdom” it once was...' Journalist followed North Koreans on their escape
North Koreans hesitate to move into Kim Jong Un's shiny, new apartment towers
That's what North Koreans said about Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un.
North Koreans and South Koreans are both korean
The Great Debate: Years after the famine, here’s how North Koreans really get by - The Great Debate Years...
China confirms three killed by North Koreans in border village
N. Korea ordered to pay $330 mln to kidnapped pastor's family Kim, who was helping North Koreans living in hiding...
Portable media players give North Koreans an illicit window on the world:
North Koreans believe the law was written by Kim il Sung who is worshipped like a god. North Korean law works. Lets follow t…
North Koreans subvert laws preventing access to movie and TV shows with $60 device: “The North Korean governme...
Portable media player gives North Koreans illicit window on the world
North Koreans take a lesson in business, starting with a ‘lean canvas’,
North Korea calls for South Koreans to join “patriotic struggle to check and foil the U.S. imperialists.”
North and South Korea speech differences growing (many examples here tied to English)
Imagine the North Koreans having a stand at Farnborough Airshow... Seen N Korean officials wondering last time!
[REPORT] North and South Koreans speak increasingly different after 70 years apart:
Losing your mother tongue: I just read this headline, “North and South Koreans are speaking increasingly different…
Following North Korea’s post-hoc support for the slashing of U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert, my two main questions...
Take North Korea for example. The North Koreans are almost all nationalist, this due to mssive propaganda and ha hirrid educ system.
Yep. They're embarrassing themselves for Dear Leader. They're like North Koreans. :))
Elections in North Korea are held every five years. At the national level, North Koreans elect a legislature, ... |
Do North Koreans know their country is the butt of so many jokes?
North Korea’s growing economy — and America’s misconceptions about it: Maquiladora for everyone, even the N Koreans!
If the North Koreans are going to have a war with the U.S, I would be there laughing at Kim Jong Un, are you getting this ?
There have been 2 Koreas for 70 years. Soon, there may be 2 Korean languages. S. Korean loans; N Korean ‘purifies.’
The Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans and Russians have much less interest in a governor's email, and for good reason. 2/2
Two North Koreans walk on a winter's day. Taken from North Korean waters in the Yalu River
A propaganda merry-go-round: what North Koreans watch on TV
North Koreans who were not seen mourning over the death of Kim Jong-Il were sent to concentration camps for 6 months.
To be fair, Jennifer Rubin probably also judged the North Koreans who didn't cry enough at the funeral.
How many North Koreans have escaped to South Korea the past 50 years? Walls work!
new book that authors say aims to document “North Korea, the country” including lives of ordinary North Koreans
"For all they have gone through, the optimism of the North Koreans is constant and unassailable." via
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