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North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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Parts of a US-built anti-missile system designed to mitigate the threat of North Korean missiles have been moved to
U.N. food aid to North Korean children at risk of being terminated International food ai…
- Mystery burger is sole menu item on North Korean airline - Hamilton Spectator
Kim Jong Un party paradise: North Korean dictator's resort revealed as his people starve THINK ABOUT IT
Inside this one building, the North Korean border was penetrable
China will respond immediately if U.S. and South Korea try to topple North Korean regime via
Fresh off an immense North Korean parade that revealed an arsenal of intercontinental ballistic miss.. via
Britain freezes assets of North Korean company in south London
UK freezes assets of North Korean company based in south London.
South Korea develops new counter-battery radar against North Korean missiles. Operational by 2018 .
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un 'desperate,' ready to strike US, defector says 2 Madmen; sparring on world stage
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un once sat here, so nobody else will sit here anymore - at Science and Tech Center…
Its just an ad for North Korean spin off version of "The Voice"
I’m joining the movement to help North Korean refugees reach freedom: via
BLASTINGNEWS: North Korean secret weapon is not nukes but hordes hackers
Only because the average North Korean would rise up against Kim Jong Un if they knew that…
Why don't we try dropping big bags of rice on North Korean villages instead of big bombs and see what happens.
Why are parts made in UK STILL turning up in North Korean missiles?. via
LAVISH LIFESTYLE North Korean ruler living it up as his people starve
still behind North Korean Kims who get 100% votes. Those not voting get bullets in DPRK and pichwade pe…
A march for science organized around social justice warrior ideals is like a march for democracy organized by The Nort…
If they are aiming at Aus then NZ better be ready given the North Korean's success at launching missiles.
US unlikely to have been behind botched North Korean missile launch | TheHill
It seems numerous Russian tanks and armored vehicles have taken position on the North Korean border. Big if true.
'US has now gone seriously mad,' says North Korea as US strike group sets to arrive off Korean Peninsula
wonder how much these cool North Korean AK mags are gonna go for once that situation pops off and the BFPU's hit th…
BREAKING; There are reports that this is the scene at North Korean border in far east Russia as tensions continues to gr…
in Venice arrest in North Korean president of Chinese industry and see you would prevent their principal and incest.
The squalid and embarrassing North Korean regime can't be worth a fart to the Chinese.
She credits George Orwell's "1984" with illustrating how the North Korean state controlled her own psychology.
- - - China denies violations of ban on North Korean coal imports - Reuters - The Straits Times -
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Russia has moved troops to the North Korean border. China has put its bombers on high alert. And Trump hosts these three…
Behold the epic incompetence of Trump:. Trump's North Korean 'armada' was actually headed to Australia.
A new North Korean video shows missiles destroying a US city in a giant fireball - Washington Post. Washington Pos…
Monument of African Renaissance, 52 metres, Dakar. Built by North Korean workers (2010)
North Korean actions and upcoming ROK elections.
North Korean men can choose between 15 approved haircut styles. I had the most popular one - and it's not like Kim Jong Un.…
The United States has sent a further two more aircraft carriers to the Korean Peninsular as the threat level of...
During trip to Japan, Pence promised U.S. will “not rest” until the Korean Peninsula is free of nuclear weapons htt…
So I guess what I'm saying is bad reporting on a PACOM statement may have spurred a North Korean ASBM test. (?)
US marines arriving in NT ready 'for anything' in wake of North Korean threat.
Anyone interested in getting a glimpse of the North KoreaN people and how THEY view AMERICANS, watch 'UNDER THE SUN' on NET…
Thread: A war with North Korea will almost certainly kill more people than any US war since, well, the Korean War. /1
Pentagon now planning missile defensive tests in Pacific Ocean to practice striking down North Korean missiles, so that's where we're at now
Photographs from the past few years of North Koreans seen just over the border from parts of China and South Korea.
If you still have a friendship with the North Korean leader can you please speak with him and maybe try to deescalte things.🌎
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.Hey Donnie moron - any North Korean nuke will send radiation east to drift over America.…
Today on I learned that a Russian punching a Hungarian is like a North Korean punching Charles Barkley!
Former Ambassador to S. Korea Chris Hill warns Obliterating North Korea would come at the price of an American City
😂😂When the WH said the USS Carl Vinson was heading to the Korean Peninsula - it was going a different direction. 😂😂.
As much as I detest there's large part of me that wants to see the North Korean people freed from this tyranny.
Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see w…
We answer some questions about the airspace around the Korean Peninsula and Flightradar24 coverage in North Korea. . htt…
"US will test ability to shoot down North Korean missiles"
America 'will shoot down North Korean missiles' if Kim Jong-un doesn't back off testing
We were told warships were on the way to Korean Peninsula. Lie.
North Korean envoy warns that "thermonuclear war may break out at any moment on the peninsula"
“Trump seems confused about who is in charge of North Korea” by
"We are sending an armada," Trump said re N. Korean threat. But aircraft carrier was sailing in the other direction https:…
And they expect Iran and North Korean not to continue with their nuclear programmes?
North Korean boy dictator is responsible for aggression.
North Korean army are just noobtubers *2nd caption
'SEE WHAT HAPPENS': Trump warns North Korea as Pyongyang vows more missile tests
Australia conducts naval drills with US strike carrier group en route to Korean Peninsula
China's best-known historian of the Korean War said "North Korea is China’s latent enemy," renewing debate
North Korean envoy warns of nuclear war possibility
North Korean envoy at UN warns of nuclear war possibility
North Korean envoy at United Nations warns of nuclear war possibility
North Korean envoy unleashes torrent of threats, war scenarios and rhetoric at hastily called UN press conference
North Korean envoy warns of nuclear war possibility | Via
The 1st step to solving the North Korean problem is cutting loose. Perspective by
Did the U.S. use a cyberattack to take down the North Korean missile? - Atlanta Journal Constitution
John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear menace -
New post (John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat) has been published on Bonjournal-best Hub of News -…
John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat - Fox Business
I liked a video John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat
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John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat -
John Bolton on the North Korean nuclear threat
If the North Korean leader is a bit of a "looney tune" why is Trump provoking him? Unless he an even bigger ***
Vice President Pence arrives for a previously unannounced visit to the DMZ on the North Korean border.
Trump backs wrong horse again. North Korean missile segment pulled from sea is full of parts bought in... China.
Ex-ambassador: Trump trying to 'out North Korean' the North Koreans'
Former US Ambassador to South Korea Chris Hill to Pres. Trump "trying to out-North Korean the North Koreans"
Ex-ambassador: Trump trying to 'out-North Korean the North Koreans' via for iOS
Actually the BIGGEST losers who will suffer the most will be the poor North Korean citizens. Send in seal team 6 and t…
U.S.: North Korean test missile explodes on launch
South Korea's national security council has called an urgent meeting after this morning's North Korean missile launch, wil…
North Korean military parades, you never disappoint. North Korea's answer to South Korea's S&T Daewoo K11 paraded today.…
Let's see in the next coming hours what Trump's reaction to the failed North Korean missile launch will be. Pence is in So…
North Korean missile "blows up" almost immediately after test launch
North Korean missile 'blows up' on test launch as Pence heads for South -
Donald Trump golfs on a day filled with North Korean missile display and U.S. protests via
" The Syrian and North Korean problems are complex and can’t be solved by a simpleton." -- NYT column…
It's interesting how missing Korean voices are in the American media's discussion of the current North Korean crisis.
New post: Kim Jong-Un watches over massive display of North Korean military strength as world hangs on knife-edge
North Korean troops in NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL & CHEMICAL WAR suits mass in Pyongyang
REVEALED: Forbidden photos Kim doesn't want you to see of REAL North Korean army Pueden apreciar fotos de N.Korea
Following Sep 2016 nuclear test,North Korean state media warned that is is now able to mount a warhead…
More from interview with a North Korean official:
WATCH: spoke with a North Korean senior official about the possibility of nuclear war with the U.S.
Fri 14 Apr 2017 Kim Jong Un is about to Fall, North Korean capital Evacuated
I got mixed up about when his big surprise was coming out, so at first I thought it was this:.
Some quotes from the AP interview with North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Han Song Ryol in Pyongyang on Friday:...
Have Moleskine tendered for the supply of little notebooks to the North Korean regime?
North Korea been ready for war since the Korean War ended. Leave them *** alone
Gone is the campaign hardline. Up next: to tackle global warming problem. .
Breast Cancer Awareness
My and are not fooling around with this N. Korean punk. .
CNN reports that security around North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is 'getting tighter'.
Security is getting "heavier and heavier" around North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, notices
North Korea's vice foreign minister says it will conduct next nuclear test whenever its supreme headquarters see fit
I added a video to a playlist North Korean Girl Speech About her life in North Korea and Search
Pres Trump accomplished more in one meeting with China, than Obama did in 8 years, makes a big breakthrough:
Guam reactions to new North Korean rocket launch mixed...
North Korean official blames Donald Trump for region's 'vicious cycle' of tensions via
BREAKING: North Korea's vice foreign minister tells the AP the situation on the Korean Peninsula is now in a "vicious cycle."
If Trump pushes us into a war with North Korea we will probably be fine. But it could end up killing every person on the Kor…
North Korean official blames Trump for building a "vicious cycle" of tensions
This was posted on the North Korean News today ! KEEP BANNON FOREVER N KOREA MUST HATE HIM ALOT !!!…
DH: Quotes from North Korean official about tensions with US
I tell you how President Trump (The Master Persuader) reframed the North Korean situation to solve it:
BREAKING: US moves missiles into North Korean firing range to 'launch first strike' -
Little Giant Ladders
North Korean nuke test will be when leaders see fit, official says
Did Malaysia blow the prosecution of the Kim Jong-nam assassination by releasing North Korean suspects?
BREAKING; This video reportedly shows at least 160.000 chineese troops underway to the North Korean border.
North Korean supreme leader disagrees with the American supreme leader. Find out what happens next in the new sitcom "…
North Korean official: 'We will go to war if they choose'
how can any country take this North Korean clown seriously. If you are a close relative of his…
North Korean nuclear site 'primed and ready': analysts
North Korean official blames Trump for rising tensions on Korean Peninsula
The Latest: North Korean official says nuke test will be conducted when leaders see fit.
ARTICLE: Trump Doctrine Becomes Clear as China Cuts Buying of North Korean Coal, buys from US Instead
⚡️“North Korean official says nuke tests will be carried out when leaders see fit”. Fit? Like XXXL fit?.
Monitoring service says North Korean nuclear site is "primed and ready" for a test
VIDEO: North Korean official blames U.S. for tensions in exclusive interview with in Pyongyang.
50 North Korean submarines 'went missing' sparking panic in Seoul and Tokyo
Flashback to 2008, when the New York Philharmonic was in Pyongyang, playing "Arirang" between American and North Korean fl…
Thousands of people gathered to watch North Korean leader Kim Jong Un open a new street in Pyongyang https…
Trump credits China with 'big step' after North Korean coal turned back - President Donal...…
How did North Korean hackers become the world's most unpredictable bank robbers? - CyberScoop
As someone living in range of North Korean missiles, I'm so very relieved we don't have to worry about President Hillary & he…
North Korean ships head home after China orders coal returned. This after Trump met w/Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-…
Trump is confronting North Korean aggression with tools that have had limited success for the U.S. in the past
Warplanes based at Osan airbase in South Korea have been preparing to respond to North Korean aggression today. (Source ITVU…
North Korean problem should be solved before war erupts’: Interview with Malaysia’s Mahathir via
China 'moves 150,000 troops and medical supplies to North Korean border in case US attacks Kim Jong-un regime'
John Batchelor Show. (Does the Trump Administration see that Iran sponsors the North Korean nukes?
North Korean missile tests increasing in frequency, US sending naval forces to Korea to send and strong signal, and as if…
Donald Trump deploys warships to Korean Peninsula as a distraction from his Syria distraction
"The move of the Vinson strike group is in response to recent North Korean provocations, the o…
Good luck to all the sailors and pilots aboard as you steam north toward the Peninsula to project power
.. Awesome! The new ICBM missile cozees are in!💥Wanted North Korean granny to knit me one but…
President Trump has asked for a range of options for eliminating the North Korean nuclear threat.
Getting tense in the Korean Peninsula
North Korea is NOT Syria! Kim Jong-Un is as CRAZY as Donald Trump, so this showdown could have very SERIOUS consequences.'Ko…
Trump and Xi must take action on North Korea while they still can, writes William Tobey:
USA ship heading to Australia received provocation from North Korea. Trump said TURN AROUND and go towards NK Korean Peninsula
US Navy sends strike group to Korean Peninsula in show of f... via
Kwang Song Han, 18, becomes the first North Korean to play and score in Serie A after heading past Joe Hart for Cagliari.…
My hope is we attack North Korea. Take out it missile installations. Decap Kim. Free the North Korean people
It is time for the United States to use my version sit with the North Korean abolish the Embargo and get a Secretary of State a diplomat
Han Kwang-Song becomes the first North Korean to score in Serie A!
U.S. orders carrier strike group to move closer to Korean Peninsula in response to provocations by North Korea
Tillerson: Chinese Pres. Xi agreed North Korean situation "has reached a new level of seriousness and threat."
Kwang Song Han became the first North Korean to score in the Serie A with his goal against Torino today. Only 18 years ol…
Given how the West Coast didn't vote for is the North Korean situation a surprise? We get hit first ... just blue states
U.S. Navy sends strike group toward Korean Peninsula as the North prepares to celebrate big events - with a bang?
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can they bring back some of that North Korean barbecue? or how 'bout some Kim jong-un fried rice?
This is what you get when you threaten the USA for 8 years. If you don't like this, you must be North Korea or a libe…
US sends warships into waters near Korean Peninsula in show of force against North Korea's "reckless" nuclear threat
Kwang-Song Han became the first North Korean player to score a goal .
So a nut job in the U.S. is sending a carrier group to the Korean Peninsula to show strength over a nut job in North Korea,…
Today is Nt'l Former POW Day & We honor Chaplin Emil Kapaun. He gave his life serving other soldiers in a N…
USS Carl Vinson strike group headed back to Korean Peninsula as tensions remain high over North Korea
North Korea tested and now they are about to find out what he is made of. https…
I'm sure China sees the big picture here. It was a message to them about…
As USS Carl Vinson sails north, the North Korean navy has very little that can threaten them. Submarine overview
And sacrifice them also the North Korean will never forget the Korean War and the massive devastation of their villages they which strike .
Critical that we do face down this imminent threat to the USA, American forces, and our Allies. Good call by
Because Prime Minister Taro Aso, employers mostly about 10 percent of North Korean seniors have could not visit Basra.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issues a mic drop of a statement on North Korean missile launch .
SECRETARY OF STATE REX TILLERSON STATEMENT ON North Korea:. "We have placed a single can of Pepsi at the North Korean bord…
All purpose parts banner
Kim Thong-un! North Korean dictator blows £2.7million on racy lingerie for his band of girls plucked as virgins to
North Korean missile fired ahead of US-China summit
Can the US defend against a North Korean missile strike? The answer is NO and we all know the
CNN: White House: 'The clock has now run out' on North Korean nuclear program.
U.S. says North Korean missile test ended in failure — rocket spun out of control in fiery crash.
"The people in North Korea have been forgotten for 17 years.". A North Korean defector speaks out.
North Korean hackers have stolen top secret US war plans.
North Korean ballistic missile fired into the Sea of Japan
Kaspersky says that Lazarus, the hacker group responsible for Bangladesh Bank heist, is North Korean...
North Korean defector says Kim Jong-un will use nukes and needs to be 'eliminated'
A North Korean defector says Kim Jong Un is prepared to use nuclear weapons
Were the robbers behind the Bangladesh Central Bank job North Korean? -
If you come with a knife, I'll pull out a sword. N Korean 4 if you unclench your fist, I'll stretch out my hand
I added a video to a playlist US Military sends MOST DEADLY MESSAGE to North Korean Military
yes. It's on something about North Korean escapees and conflicting stories
Yeonmi Park gave an emotional account of her escape from North Korea
Coercion and cash incentives: Why do North Korean defector testimonies so often fall apart?
wants to talk to the US. Another proof that policy of was an epic fail
looksl like on of those stages North Korean propaganda photos.
US prepared to act alone to counter nuclear threat from North Korea "with or without China's help" -
US prepared to act alone to counter North Korean threat via
things are heating up. Trump will protect our country
Stunning pictures capture US and South Korean Marines training
Trump threatening military action against will help no-one. North Korean militarism and US militarism are fuelling each other.
[ ] North Korean official tells ABC News they want… |
Yeonmi Park, North Korean defector, on her escape to freedom
"North Korean are being dehumanised by the media...that why people do not care about them."
North Korean nukes will hit USA by 2020, warns Trump adviser Watch the agreements drop away, we pay the Price !...
Glad to see Trump playing hardball over North Korea. It's about time somebody put that little fat Korean dictator in his place. No fear.
[[ North Korean official tells ABC News they want to talk on...
South Korea, Japan, US start 3-day joint exercise on Korean Peninsula
A rare piece of inter-Korean camaraderie: South Koreans cheer on North Korean women's hockey team
FT Exclusive: The White House says a North Korean missile could reach the US by the end of Trump's first term
Heaven and *** South Korea in North Korean propaganda of the ’70s
"Because ATMs can speak, North Korean defectors thought there was somebody in the machine" via
North Korean hackers schemed to steal money from more than 100 targets, say researchers. We have their hit list https:…
North Korean murder suspects go home with victim's body as Malaysia forced to swap - Reuters
Report: The U.S. has an 'Active Cyber War Underway' to thwart North Korean nuclear threat
Gen Mike Flynn to turn a blind eye to North Korean terrorists allowed in the US to trigger an international incident; war with N Korea
Malaysia put the body of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on a plane to Pyongyang on...
North Korean defector floats balloons carrying news about Kim Jong Nam's death into the country from South Korea
-maybe Devon Nunez is preparing to be czar of California? Might have an inside avenue. These mind games seem very North Korean
When I heard Solid fuel North Korea Japan my ears perked up lets hope 45 knows we have troops over there.
"One North Korean worker was found dead in a storage container outside the stadium." cc: & http…
North Korean missiles might have constituted a crisis in a normal presidency, with Trump lost in the shuffle.
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A GREAT START in the struggle against North Korean propaganda! Thank you for all the ❤️ and support…
Super interesting to see the North Korean gates there, because how do you trust the numbers from the govt?
N Korean EMP attack could kill 90% of Americans within a year, this says. Have a nice day.
Welcome to enjoy the new stadiums. Built by North Korean slaves. cc:
Scores of Protestants expelled near North Korean border as tensions rise over THAAD missile defense system.
Replace capitalism w/ digital culture & imagine people joining this without knowledge to navigate it.
The United States should be prepared to pre-empt a North Korean nuclear attack by using its own atomic weapons, a former head of the Centra…
CNN - North Korean defector sends leaflets with Kim Jong Nam news over the border
North Korean defectors struggle to master money.
North Korean Defector Describes the Shock of Adjusting to a Society With Advanced Technology via
For North Korean defectors, financial life is hard and scams abound .
North Korean refugees have a difficult time assimilating into free societies on so many levels. This is just one.
Mentally unstable North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatens war after being pushed over edge by US fat jibes
WSJ: Former MP, navy chief among Malaysians who had stakes in North Korean firm (POE reported MKP set up DPRK bank) https…
I'm going to say it. I love this North Korean team. And I loved her fist pump. 🤘👊
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History allows us to understand that while Huey Newton incorporated Maoist doctrine to the Black Panthers, his North Korean
LOL...And one could almost buy it, were it not for Moonie Huey Newton's​ North Korean ties. But keep focusing on ideology, like
Paramilitary police officers cross a road in front of the North Korean embassy in Beijing. 📷
the commander of North Korean army claps on applause of the successful launch
Only by the North Korean-esque nature of the modern army uniform.
South Korea and the U.S. conducts exercise on destroying North Korean chemical weapons.
KIM Jong-Un and his North Korean army could “deal deadly blows” without any warning against the US and South Kor...
I can only think of Kim Soo Hyun's movie about North Korean spy.
Is a suspect in murder - Kim Uk Il - passing time playing snooker in the North Korean embassy in KL?.
In other news, North Korean missile launch failed after it exploded within seconds. Kim Jong was so mad he had his uncl…
The Home Ministry has barred North Korean embassy officers and staff from leaving the country with immediate effect - DPM…
Well, Malaysian newspapers I looked at from 1985 specifically mention a North Korean embassy so.
There was no North Korean embassy in Malaysia in 1985. It only opened in 2003. How could Malaysia have expelled non…
The "Needs and Priorities" assessment by Humanitarian Country Team said that North Korean had "crucial, unmet" needs
US probes North Korean link to Fed cyber theft after similar breach of Sony
Electronic Device Insurance
This is *both* of the classic blunders at once. Never go against a North Korean when death is on the line.
IGP: We know who is inside North Korean embassy
Malaysia's police chief: We know murder suspects are in North Korean embassy via
Wow .One of North Korean suspects wanted for murder caught playing billiard inside DPRK embassy . But what can M…
A new North Korean missile test failed, the South's defence ministry said.
North Korean counsellor upset with journalist who recorded him dumping items outside embassy via
North Korea 'fails' in new missile test: South - South Korean and US officials say they have detected a failed ...
"North Korean Missile Launch Failed.". Oh what a strange coincidence. I'm sure it was totally random, definitely not s…
Safe return of Malaysians of utmost concern, says S. Korean politician
North Korean attempted a missile launch, but it 'appears to have exploded within seconds'
Focus: nuclear ambitions ultimately ride on missile development. Here's why.
North Korea's latest missile launch appears to have failed, according to South Korean defense officials.
North Korean suspect in murder is son of ex-envoy to Vietnam: Report .
North Korean missile explodes on launch says U.S.Pacific Command after days of escalating threats + propganda video
Assessing the North Korean hazard. Part one of Stratfor's five-part series on the nuclear threat of
BREAKING: North Korean missile launch has failed
BREAKING: North Korean missile exploded within seconds of launch
Somewhere soon a North Korean scientist is getting tied to the next rocket launch by his knackers.
North Korea fired a missile off its east coast, but the test apparently failed, South Korean military officials said http…
North Korean missile explodes seconds after launch - Washington Post
A North Korean missile launch has failed, sources tell South Korean and Japanese media
North Korean soldier takes a picture of in South Korea. Photo by Yonhap/via European Press photo Agency. ht…
Everything about the North Korean aesthetic is so weird. North Korea is like a Hollywood parody of North Korea.
you sound like a brainwashed North Korean
Malaysia says it is hunting for more North Korean suspects over killing of half brother of Kim Jong Un htt…
Before takeoff, Pres Trump dropped by press cabin to comment on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying he was acting very…
Rex Tillerson photobombed by North Korean soldier in DMZ (PHOTO)
North Korean factory developing H-Bomb discovered as US forces flood into Korean Peninsula
Kim Shin-jo, a North Korean commando who failed to assassinate South Korean President Park Chung-hee, is now a Presbyterian minister.
No they don't mate. Have you seen some of there game time . Like a brainwashed North Korean
.North Korean experiment in this doesn't seem to be working very well...
People who think it's bad spending on defense but don't mind about North Korean's or Saudi Arabian's threats.
Take Kim out. North Korean government will be a relieved They R alive.
U.S. & North Korea had a deal to curb Pyongyang's nuke activities, but it collapsed when George W. Bush took office.
No. of visa-free nations for North Korean reduced to 39
Interpol issues 'red notice' for 4 North Korean suspects in Kim Jong Nam case
Two pastors have been arrested in China for helping smuggle persecuted North Koreans to save them from being...
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