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North Korean

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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North Korean people clearly don't have a say so isn't it about time we finally helped the people not playi…
Of course, Premier Wynne & her corrupt Benchers had nothing to do with Canada's fight to free the Pastor from North Korean prison.
A look at the North Korean missiles that could hit Guam
Jeremy Corbyn's called on US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to "wind down the war of rh…
GERMANY: Angela Merkel says there is no military solution to North Korean problem and that escalating rhetoric is the '…
I'm more afraid of fellow white males than I am of any Muslim, Hispanic, North Korean, African-American, Indian, etc...
I have been told North Korean missiles may soon reach American cities on its west coast, but not
Maybe this guy should vacation in North Korea to get a true sense about North Korean leader.
When we find out the true horrors of the North Korean regime we will be asking why we didn't do something sooner.
If Rosie O'Donnell likes Kim Jong - un, the North Korean dictator so much, how about moving there?!?!
kicking is a joy to watch. More accurate than a North Korean missile or a Rory McIlroy 9 iron!
The all-girl North Korean pop group Moranbong Band perform – video
LIVE CHANNEL: North Korean territory seen from a border with South Korea (REUTERS)
'defensive in nature and crucial to maintaining a deterrent against North Korean aggression' -
Amid ongoing coverage of North Korean missile tests, little attention has been paid to South Korea's peace movement
A North Korean nuke would take only 14 minutes to hit Guam - New York Post
Update your maps at Navteq
The Korean War never ended. We did not sign a peace treaty. We have literally been at war with them since 1950.
See how the North Korean military sizes up to the United States
Sen. nailed it: 'For guidance on diplomacy, need not look far…
In the event North Korean nuclear attack on Guam Japan’s new defense ready to shoot down missiles before reach Guam
BREAKING: South Korea’s military says it is prepared to immediately act against any North Korean provocation - Reuters
Pwned, diplomatically, by a North Korean general. Nice work, What is it your *** supporters call th…
This is the bomber the Pentagon would use to strike North Korean missile sites
For all the opaqueness of North Korean regime, when it comes to their plans for attacking US, they have been very transparent !
... the danger that it poses nor draw a picture for the North Korean regime and his capabilities bigger than that really is , there is .
North Korean nukes are miniaturized, can fit on missiles, report says
I simply love the Korean people. If you know anything of them, they are good people. Unfortunately 1/2 are ruled by a Madman…
.Your B-1 story has multiple questionable elements, but this one is the funniest. P.S. these aren't B-1s.
MSM is OBVIOUSLY not American. North Korean? Chinese? Liberals sound a whole like Communist.
I say is correct to face down North Korean mad man. Obama was an appeaser Donald is the man. Agree?
This is why North Korea hates the U.S.
North Korea may have nukes, but we need to focus on the real issue. Lack of diversity in North Korean leadership roles.
No, Modi Government Is Not Untainted By Scams but North Korean Media does not want it to discussed on https:…
Luckily for Kim Jong Un, Democrats dont believe that North Korean hackers messed with Podesta's emails, cuz then they'd rea…
DIA in particular has suspected DPRK had miniaturization technology for a while. Here’s my piece form 2013 on this
U.S. would likely try to intercept North Korean missiles launched toward Guam.
UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE. Obama knew about North Korean mini nukes in 2013. He did NOTHING. 🤬.
This isn't very reassuring. Maybe we should just avoid nuclear war?.
Everything u need to now about the pathetic Dems is summed up by their anger at the President's words,rather than the North K…
Trump is a bloated buffoon, hence we have nothing to fear from Korean chaos. Except maybe nuclear annihilation.
Things nowadays: "So they had a guy who could break the North Korean coded military messages, but we sacked him because he…
I wish the North Korean leader would shut up and listen to the outside world. This is a big distraction from the ongoing war on Isis!
Are US defences strong enough to ward off North Korean missiles?
North Korean general, whose boss is Kim Jong-un, complains that Trump is “a guy bereft of reason.”.
Susan Rice: "A pre-emptive war on the Korean Peninsula, in the absence of an imminent threat, would be lunacy."
US constantly demands the end of North Korean threats yet the US Sec. of Defense just openly threats to kill all No…
President Trump vows America will respond to North Korean threats with "fire & fury" in a warning to the rogue nation ht…
A Canadian pastor has been released from a North Korean jail following concerns over his health
Gov. Bill Walker is “concerned” about a North Korean missile hitting Alaska. And that was BEFORE Trump's bravado.…
Sounds like something the North Korean government would say about Kim Jong Un
Gov. Bill Walker says on this week's podcast he's "concerned" about North Korean missiles hitting Alaska
We officially have the 1st global crisis Trump must deal with. What will you do about North Korean miniaturized nuclear w…
If you missed my piece on BBC & RTÉ about the former North Korean spy who now lives in NewYork, you can listen here:
When I go to a museum I'm not made to sit through lectures & bias reinforcement. It's like a North Korean museum!
Finally - a with the morals to truly do something about the evil North Korean regime.
BREAKING: North Korean navy leaves port to attack US.
“I no longer want to live here heartbroken,” says a North Korean defector, trying to leave the South to see his son https…
US, North Korean neighbors step up campaign of isolation - -
McMaster: Threat of North Korean nuclear weapon strike 'impossible to overstate'
The North Korean GDP is half of US annual spending on pets.
Dear North Korean Generals,. There hasn't been anything over an Armistice since 1953. . How have you earned all of…
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UN Security Council imposes harsh new sanctions on North Korea that ban exports of coal, iron, lead and seafood.
China's foreign minister said he has urged his North Korean counterpart to abide by the UN's resolutions.
WORLD NEWS TODAY: North Korean fishermen flee en masse as Kim orders more and more fish…
Hiroshima anniversary: Japan delivers urgent 'never again' message amidst North Korean missile tests - Firstpost
Strongest sanctions ever imposed in response to North Korean ballistic test. Fat boy: US will not tolerate your BS! .
UNSC just unanimously adopted US-drafted resolution imposing strongest sanctions ever in response to a North Korean ballistic mis…
BREAKING: Chinese foreign minister says he urged his North Korean counterpart to cease provocations, including missile tests.
Found a North Korean business card tucked in Selig Harrison's archive the other day.
Ambassador U.N. Security Council vote for tougher sanctions put the "North Korean dictator on notice."
North Korean who risked his life to escape regime wants to RETURN to Kim Jong-un’s kingdom
Found in the Selig Harrison Papers. A North Korean children's book that was translated into English.
Some swanky space age designs released last week by North Korean state media: light plane, new subway, and some kind of t…
[Arirang News] Tillerson will not hold talks with top North Korean envoy at ASEAN forum: U.S. State Dept.…
Democrat Sen. Mark Warner: White House appears to be showing "enormous naiveté" on the North Korean threat
says missile launch 'came close' to 777. Airline 'doesn't share the concerns'
Breast Cancer Awareness
.is heading north into the South China Sea. Possibly heading into the Korean Region, but it is still to early…
Does have an with a working reentry mechanism
Pres. Trump at Cabinet meeting: "We'll handle North will be handled. We handle everything."
Passenger jet flew through North Korean missile flight path
N. Korea's nuke tests are of seismic proportions - Green ... -
Great work, and North Korean defectors!. Mapping the Brutality, and Where the Bodies Are Buried
North Korean architect is a crypto buyer
The goal should be to protect our allies and our citizen's lives. Nuke the North Kore…
North Korean submarine activity is at 'highly unusual' and 'unprecedented' levels
me when the North Korean army busts thru my front door
The North Korean was at the launch site during last test. If he is at the next one.. hit him at the launch.
"When the North Koreans look at our delegation, they cannot assume that we got permission from anybody.".
"READY FOR WAR" - The United States with threats to the North Korean reg... via
I think we should talk about a North Korean Missile slamming into Victoria or Vancouver?
I am halfway done with a script with a viable idea on how to solve the North Korean problem.
NEW: U.S. weighing all options after latest North Korean missile launch!
The Administration is dangerously uncoordinated on North Korean et al. There appears to be no strategy and millio…
Secretary of State Tillerson says he wants dialogue with Pyongyang after CIA director suggested Kim Jong Un must go
He even has a theory that the Saudis could use the technology to target and destroy the No…
Ladies, if your boyfriend ain't excited about gettin' annihilated by North Korean warheards, then wyd
Guess Trump realized that Xi Jinping doesn't really like him! Revenge is dangerous especially with the North Korean threat…
Should the United States take out the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with the growing nuclear threat he possesses?
Read Mark Bowden on how the U.S. might have to deal with the very cruel North Korean regime (via https:…
Just wrapped up an interview with Reagan admin. National Security Advisor Ty Cobb about North Korean missiles. Watc…
I went to uni in Korea, and by my senior yr the North Korean Studies dept. was serving "Ki…
Hello? So is the Russian compromised so called president of the United States who deemed the North Kor…
This is North Korean level propaganda!! Y'all are traitors to the United States!! 🖕🖕🖕🖕
MORE: Japanese government believes North Korean missile was launched and fell in the waters off Japan’s coast.
MORE: U.S. official says initial assessment is that North Korea fired ICBM that traveled 620 miles into Sea of Japan
"North Korean Conventional Forces are the Main Challenge in the Peninsula" -read R. Burgess' report at the SEAPOWER.
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North Korea’s army of hackers has a new target: bank accounts via
Japan's official government statements on North Korean missiles launches are delivered with all the urgency of a weather report.
North Korean missile lands in Japan’s exclusive economic zone after 45-minute flight
No matter what happens, no matter who says what: NO US INVASION OF North Korea. US OUT OF Korean Peninsula.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who personally oversaw the 4 July launch, described it as a gift to the “American *** ”
BREAKING: Japan and South Korea to convene emergency meetings after new North Korean missile launch.
Pentagon confirms S Korean military's report of missile landing in sea off its eastern coa
Lord please give President Trump and our Generals wisdom and prudence on how to handle the North Korean situation, in…
Oh man. They are just asking to become a North Korean glass parking lot.
There’s a rule in the North Korean military that you can’t be taller than Kim Jong Un.
FULL STORY: North Korean missile launch detected by Pentagon
Why North Korea still hates the United States: The legacy of the Korean War
The North Korean missile flew up to height of 3,700km -- that would put Denver, maybe Chicago in range if it was fired on…
That short, Napolean complex having, North Korean man needs to chill the F out.
UPDATE: North Korea launched an ICBM that flew about 1,000 km and landed in the Sea of Japan
BREAKING: North Korean missile landed in Japanese waters.
North Korea launched "one unidentified missile" from Jagang province, the South Korean Defense Ministry announced.
JUST IN: The United States has confirmed a North Korean ballistic missile launch, according to the Pentagon
BREAKING: Newest North Korean Taepo Dong 2 missile can hit the vast majority of America, according to multiple reports.
'Guest workers': the North Korean expats forced to feed the regime
Hawaii Unveiling Preparedness Plan for North Korean Missile Attack . The news media in Hawaii, including the...
"A North Korean propaganda website warned South Korea to get its hands off the North's human rights" issues.
Hawaii is preparing for a potential North Korean missile attack that could come with barely 8 minutes warning.
This sounds like the kind of obsequious hagiographic adoration you'd hear from somebody working for the North Korea
In glorious North Korean paradise there are no such television clowns. Only the most reliable news cover…
MOVE: Move follows death of university student who passed away after falling into a coma into a North Kore…
North Korea silent on South Korean offer for military peace talks
Oh...but I thought 45 liked the current North Korean regime. Didn't 45 say he'd be "honored" to meet Kim Jong Un?
Third, tourism revenue contributes to the survival of the North Korean regime. How much is debatable; contribution is not. /3
Hawaii rolling out civil defense plan for North Korean missile attack
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You will be shocked after knowing the punishment policy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the failed...
Hawaii prepares for possible North Korean attack
never thought I'd say but seems we could learn something from the North Korean's
North Korean economy grew by 3.9% last year despite sanctions, highest in 17 years.
Buried deep in the article is the fact that US citizens were not allowed to visit Cuba until recently -
These 27 kids and adults have been touring New York City, savoring something they once lacked: freedom.
Global Times seems to be Chinese version of India's North Korean news channels. Totally cuckoo. Best not to take seriously…
I saw a video of a North Korean wan talking about Kim Jung Un and I swear he sounded just like her.
Hawaii to prepare residents for North Korean nuclear attack
Hawaii is preparing for a North Korean attack with school drills, missile sirens and more via
Well there goes the trade: "We do not want to cause any undue stress for the public … but there...
Hawaii rolling out preparedness plan for North Korean missile attack
the channels are ChosunTV and KCTV Online, both of which broadcast North Korean state media content that is usefu…
Schools at Hawaii will carry out drills to prepare for a possible North Korean nuclear strike.
Throw in "Our great leader..." and you have a North Korean press conference.
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China and pakistan are taking wrong advantage of North Korean support to them. Remember India is also a good friend of Nk sir
By foreign laws the madafakker can go to jail. Rot in *** in a North Korean prison?
CIA chief 'hopeful' that US will 'separate' North Korean regime from weapons programs
North Korean boomerang defector said life in South Korea was ***
Hawaii is getting ready for a possible North Korean nuclear attack:
So u LALS came up with a new terminology - our pvt North Korean channels. Now no harm if u are called our own *** media…
The author of this oped on seems deeply depressed. Please someone help
State to roll out plan on how to deal with North Korean nuke via
Scaramucci's watched this slideshow for tips. --Weird and wonderful claims about the North Korean Kim dynasty…
North Korean media say much the same about their dear leader, don't they?
Hawaii is rolling out a preparedness plan for a North Korean missile attack
Rockets boost North Korean economy, with the country's economy growing at its fastest pace in 17 years…
Speculation based on timing: U.S. might have asked China to help monitor anticipated North Korean SLBM test.
Wasn't a problem, INSOFAR AS, how would the US even enforce this? Shut down North Korean airlines Air Koryo out of LAX?
Otto Warmbier dies after returning from North Korean prison in coma
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The ban comes after U.S. student Otto Warmbier died following time in a North Korean prison.
Hawaii rolling out plan for North Korean nuclear missile attack at the Aloha state.
A North Korean defector who became a modest celebrity in South Korea has resurfaced in North Korea
South Korea investigating 'abduction' of North Korean defector and TV star
North Korean defector who became a celebrity in South Korea returns to North Korea
FIFA, you can do more 😡'Like prisoners of war': North Korean labour behind Russia 2018 World Cup
You just really never see North Korean license plates anymore
If Trump embraced the North Korean dictator, Tucker and Hannity would be on-board in a heartbeat. Boot was right.
China’s import from North Korean has been falling sharply for 4 consecutive months since March, as per China Customs
South Korean, you mean. The North Korean leaders are only removed by death
Okay but why did they name Putin but not "North Korean dictator"?
"There was a large, but brief, spike in Korean social media activity related to the death of Otto Warmbier
People often ask what to read to get smart on North Korean nuclear weapons and missiles and so on. So I wrote this: htt…
North Korean and Americans both stupid to make nuclear.
'Getting hold of a DPRK re-entry vehicle would be a Golden Fleece for any military intelligence service'
What is the history of the North Korean flag?
North Korean fans: are risking their lives to support their faves. Allkpop: proceed to put them at even more risk
North Korean belligerence...What should the U.S. do?
>''North Koreans are brainwashed''. >*North Korean children name FC Barcelona as their favorite football team*. >*capitalis…
Like I said: Minjok Tongshin is just Stormfront for pro-Pyongyang Koreans.
So Ivanka should have worn a hijab to show shes a feminist? Or maybe a North Korean dictator panstsuit like HRC?
Forgotten in the frenzied coverage of North Korea: The Trump administration has been talking to the Kim government.
North Korean ship raised weapons at Japanese patrol boat on July 7
Syrian children being gassed, not ok. North Korean drug addict continuing to threaten an…
I guess the little fat guy is going to boil.
Depending on results, we will solve the North Korean problem!
Peru orders downsizing of North Korean embassy in Lima
The tremor occurred at 4:18 a.m. North Korean time at a depth of 537.6 km below the East Sea, 176 kilometers...
Past Time for World to understand What the North Korean Leader is He's a con artist but y'a…
This July 4, 2017, file photo, distributed by the North Korean government shows what was said to be the launch of …
Tillerson: "We do not seek regime change in North Korea... We are seeking...a full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."…
I'm thinking of selling franchise rights to use those North Korean loudspeakers to broadcast the official Trumpite party line.
The is Ready to Fight but South Koreans Reject War as the Solution to Threats via
North Korean ICBM 'likely' to be able to strike San Diego with two years, analysis says | The Japan Times
Commentary: Why we will all learn to live with a North Korean ICBM
We had Korean flank steak for dinner and I had a resident yelling "I ordered the North Korean Flank Steak"😐
*Gulf crisis, Trump presidency, North Korean nuclear threat, human rights atrocities ongoing, Russia*. you: this font is a…
China: Quit blaming us for North Korean nuclear crisis | The New Daily
Wonder if it's fastest growing exceeding 1000% growth still??? Deep Shadow Govt doesn't want us to know
The Trump admin. made clear that “all options are on the table” to deal with the escalating threat North Korea poses
I sound like a North Korean ...Great Leader ..bah. Mamtha is a good rabble rouser..horrible as a CM
Here is another advocate of accepting North Korea's nuclear program, hoping they will start to change eventually.
Helping North Korean defectors overcome the language gap.
North Korean workers were sent to Russia and their wages were sent back to the government
34/ Also, the discussion of the Korean economic presence on the South Side despite most/all Koreans living in north suburbs needs to be had.
Democrats oppose US Coal being shipped to China because of Green House Gas, but support North Korean Coal to China.
Would be productive if CIA could neutralize North Korean lunatic.
Missile Wars: Where North Korea stands after ICBM launch - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is on the cusp of ha...
that song, tho. it's got a straight up North Korean vibe.
North Korea has crossed a dangerous threshold & we must take action. Working w/ on strong sanctions. https:/…
North Korea's friends are promoting antisemitism. See this:
The Republican House Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they solve the North Korean problem?
Kim Jong Un feted at concert marking ICBM launch - Tens of thousands of spectators cheered North Korean leader ...
So many Americans are being detained by the North Korean regime. action needs to be taken now!
Trump in Poland: President calls on 'all nations' to confront North Korean threat .
In photo op at start of US/China talks, Pres Trump again cites North Korean nuke & missile threat saying "something has to…
How is Trump handling North Korean threat? - CNN
Killing North Korean dictator is an option
South Korean leader urges international support for people of North Korea
Through a translator, PM Abe tells Pres Trump that the North Korean threat has made the security situation "increasingly s…
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President Xi is very disingenuous. This is the answer to the North Korean crisis
Pipeline of Peace: How Russian Gas Could Soothe Tensions in the Korean Peninsula: via
US B-1 bombers join S. Korean jets for live-fire drills in response to North’s missile tests
How will China react being told North Korean nuclear threat will end one way or the other
The U.S. must stay two steps ahead of the ballistic missile threat by improving current systems
Two US B-1B Lancer bombers flew over Korean Peninsula in response to North Korean missile and nuke threat, US says
US sends bombers over Korean Peninsula in response to ICBM test.
.releases a statement re the North Korean missile test (also note highlighted bit)
Trump says something must be done about "menace" North Korea, meets with leaders of China, Japan.
Trump, Asian allies seek counter to North Korean 'menace'
US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula in response to N. Korea's ICBM test
If anyone wonder what a North Korean drama looks like... 🙃🙃🙃
They were discussing the North Korean rockets when she saw the to be impeached Brazilian President
also one commentator just compared a guy's kick to a North Korean missile. lmao
'His boot shot off like a North Korean missle' - Martin Carney in sparkling form again in
Pres Trump bilat with Japanese PM Abe. Discussing trade and North Korean threat. sits in too. (Photos
2 US Air Force B-1 bombers fly near North Korean border in show of force by
U.S. bombers fly over Korean Peninsula after North Korea's ICBM test
"It is more likely that the North Korean situation deteriorates. Tension is high; thing are pointing the wrong direction" Yukiya Amado, IAEA
And where are the North Korean media channels?
JUST IN: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calls long-range missile test on the 4th of July a "gift" to "American ***
The US has requested a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council, after the latest North Korean missile launc…
ICBM launch escalates the North Korean threat and requires global action, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says.
US, South Korea respond to North Korean missile launch with joint missile test
North Korean state television images of the missile launch look like if Michael Bay directed The Sound of Music.
North Korean TV is eerie as all get out
I understood 'raketo' which pretty much means I'm now fluent in the north-korean dialect of korean!
...or PERHAPS if the North Korean leader was a WOMAN we could call her names and talk about her pr…
The North Korean leadership is clearly insane but lovely to know the US President is so welcoming and indeeed honored to meet Kim Jing Um.
North Korean TV, usually offline at this time, starts playing celebratory music ahead of "important announcement"…
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BREAKING: North Korean regime says: "We can target anywhere in the world & have stopped the US nuclear threat through resulting deterrence."
Maybe time to hand Alaska back to Russia too. That way Trump won't have to deal with that North Korean n…
Is NO ONE covering this North Korean breaking news? This is huge..
[Honolulu Star Advertiser]SEOUL, South Korea >> Tears and hugs after North and Sou…
Just watched several minutes of North Korean state TV.
Foreign Minister on the latest North Korean missile test
Lucky for America we have a wise even-tempered leader to deal with that North Korean NARCISSIST SOCIO…
2:27AM on a holiday. I've got a snack and I'm watching North Korean state media. How's your evening going?
North Korea launches a ballistic missile that jetted into waters east of the Korean Peninsula, South Korea says.
South Korea is looking into whether North Korean missile was an ICBM via
BREAKING: South Korean President says North Korea may have tested an intercontinental ballistic missile
North Korean missile flew more than 930 km Tuesday according to South Korean officials
North Korea fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile Tuesday that flew into waters east of the Korean Peninsula
If you had told high school me that I'd be watching North Korean state television with rapt attention on the 4th of July weekend, well...
South Korean military says North Korea launches ballistic missile, part of a string of test-firings in recent mon…   10% Off
...or PERHAPS if some nazi made a funny GIF of us slamming that North Korean fatso in a pro wrestl…
North Korean news just announced their missile launch earlier today was an ICBM.
Watching North Korean television right now. Might be the highlight of my day.
The South Korean military claims that North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the sea.
This is how the President of the United States responded to a North Korean ballistic missile launch.
I can now top this: am watching a live stream of North Korean TV at 2:25am. They're going to announce they have an ICBM. H…
North Korean State Media claims to have successfully test-fired a ICBM
Does have anything better to do with his life than launch
LIVE: North Korean State TV now, awaiting official announcement of ICBM launch, capable of reaching Anchorage, Alaska,…
China begs world powers to ease North Korean tensions or expect 'DISASTROUS consequences'
And on that day,millions of South & North Korean civilians on either side of the DMZ…
When the Bible was first translated into Korean, Jesus spoke with a North Korean accent.
Someone has raised the North Korean flag in Ingleby Barwick
"South Korea seeks to send 8 rescued North Korean sailors back home this week"
In the North Korean military, you are awarded a service medal every time you don't shoot a Kim Jung
.fled the North Korean borders as a teenager with her mother. Hear her story as part of
(ATR) Cooperation between South and North Korean sports teams could unify the peninsula, Jae In Moon said in Muju.
A great movie that shows the North Korean attitude toward negotiations is "Pork Chop Hill".…
180,000 North Korean special forces soldiers are making preparations to defend their country and leader from US att…
Dennis Rodman says he helped Otto Warmbier's release from N. Korea
We participated in talks with North Korean representatives. This is what we learned.
Tonight 8 PM, 1st time on Indian an with North Korean ambassador. As tensions with US peak, what's next for th…
The facts show North Korean lost 30% of its population as a direct result of US led bombing in the 1950's.So who really won the Korean War?
Well there's the North Korean experience to take into account too
U.S. Officials: North Korean military has carried out another rocket engine test.
SO North Korean in thought and design& for a man whose never done a days real work…
We typically don't take out parts of people's brains... your defending the North Korean judicia…
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