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North Korean

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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Trump administration debating whether or not Trump should go to the DMZ on the South Korean-North Korean border
"As sanctions become more onerous, North Korean companies, whether dealing with licit or illicit goods, have...
North Korean cybercriminals implicated in Taiwan bank theft
Julie Bishop is all about the “suffering of the North Korean people” but her Government is all for bombing said people if US says so 🤔😂
She really should be on North Korean tv
These maps show what a North Korean thermonuclear bomb might do to major American cities via
‘Show Kim our POWER’ Calls for MORE US military on North Korean border
North Korean BEGS Donald Trump not to launch military strike against Kim Jongun...
North Korean propaganda leaflets found near presidential residency in Seoul.
World experts once laughed at cyber power; they are sitting up now https:/…
North Korean hackers tried to steal $1 billion from the NY Federal Reserve last year, a spelling error stopped them
If the argument here is that we should shoot North Korean missiles down during their boost phase, SM3s can't do it. http…
Insightful analysis of the increasing reach of North Korean cyberpower:
Wow. UP police reacts like North Korean cops to folks comparing Modi to Kim Jong Un, books 22 for putting up posters http…
Imagine the panic if a North Korean assassination unit was drilling with Mexico’s military on the US border
Joy's AMA is live! Joy is a North Korean who escaped to China and was sold as a bride. Join the conversation at
Twenty percent of North Korean govt hackers are physically stationed in India from where they steal Bitcoin globally.
'War is SCHEDULED' US General reveals future timeline of North Korean nuclear crisis
these B *** North Korean channels r just distracting from the core issue of economy
Businessmen of Kanpur have put hoardings all over the city n compared PM Modi Ji with North Korean PM Kim Jong-Un. Lol! Fu…
Trump Derangement Syndrome may actually be a true mental illness that affects only Bolshevik Americans,…
DC3 Duane Hodges was killed by North Korean fire on his ship, USS PUEBLO, while he destroyed TS/SCI b4 it fell into enemy…
And still they can't stop North Korean or Russian hackers
These maps show how much damage a North Korean thermonuclear weapon could do to major American cities
These blatantly communal debates on North Korean TV were unthinkable some years ago.If this isn’t incitement to violence, don’t…
The world once laughed at North Korean cyber power. No more.
PolticsNewz: Boris Johnson set to secure support for tightening of North Korean sanctions …
Missiles able to reach USA 'after modernization'...
Inside Life's hotel, a launchpad for crackdown on North Korean refugees
The U.S. military flew two bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a show of force.
It's all fun and games till North Korean hackers steal your entire digital wallet
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I’m disappointed. I thought he would shoot a 17 in order to best on North Korean president best score.…
'Jimmy Carter offers to meet with North Korean leader President'
US flies bombers over Korean Peninsula in show of force as Donald Trump discusses strategy with defence chiefs
reportedly stole military plans to wipe out Kim regime as its cyberabilities grow.
Q1: 2nd, the Korean people, North and South, are HUMAN BEINGS with rights to resolve the issues of the peninsula on their…
Secret military plans to "decapitate" Kim Jong Un may have been stolen by North Korean hackers…
Donald Trump may visit the DMZ. Oh, good.
A2: So many loved ones were separated by Korean War. 66,000 families are waiting for reunification. North/South is arbitrary.…
US-South Korean war plans reportedly stolen by hackers
U.S. and South Korean wartime operational plans, including a plan to wipe out the North Korean leadership, were...
"Park said the number of annual arrivals had almost halved since Kim Jong-un took power in 2011"
US flies bombers near North Korea as Trump is given briefing.
Secrets stolen said to include details on how to eliminate North Korea's leadership in the event of war.
US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula as WW3 tensions peak
A North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with a huge cache of weapons destined for a surprising buyer
Wonsan: The North Korean city where tourism meets tanks. A Special Report by and I.
Profile: Kim Yo-jong, sister and close confidante of the North Korean leader.
ALERT! "American bombers just flew near the -n border
Why Kim Jong Un is set on developing this North Korean seaside city: https:…
US deploys 'NUKE SNIFFER' plane as Trump's bombers fly over Korean Peninsula
Singapore’s ex-FM: Japan and S.Korea going nuclear is “the least bad option” for dealing with North Korean problem https:/…
No. But I'm sure the North Korean citizens will be told they did.
American bombers just flew near the North Korean border
Jimmy Carter offers to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
North Korean hackers suspected of stealing top-secret U.S.-South Korea war plans
28-year-old sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un takes a position in the ruling party.
Kim Jong-un promotes his sister to top ranks of North Korean government…. despite her once…
True but there’s that whole North Korean lunatic with a nuke aimed at us but yes co…
Who else thinks we're getting ready to hit North Korean nuclear sites ? . ...and soon.
Whenever I am watching North Korean channels, feel like it is History channel because they only talk about 2004-2014!
This is *such* an inspired spin on why the letters fell off the backdrop that even the North Korean News Agency would have…
In a movie and book series where vampires are also written badly? That's like North Korean…
We sat down with General Terrence J. O'Shaughnessy, commander of to discuss the North Korean threat facing…
Apparently, there is a style guide to North Korean packaging.
North Korean refugees worship their ancestors from behind the border fence at Chuseok festival
CIA says North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is not crazy, but ‘very rational’ -
US Customs ready to bar imports of goods made by North Korean laborers - the sale of which subsidizes the regime.
Escape to abduction: The horrific fate of North Korean women who escape to China
Waiting game for North Korean workers in China as deadline looms.
Spanning everything from data breaches and securities regulations to North Korean sanctions.
He's more of a North Korean kind of fella
The Associated Press has released an exclusive report revealing that North Korean workers.
An anonymous interrogator claimed herself the North Korean Citibank head planning on making me complain about choices being too painful.
North Korea is stupid *** they're the enemy 😂 if I'm standing in front of a North Korean with a gun, I'm taking his life.
My friend lives in Seoul. These are some of the North Korean propaganda flyers he found on his daily jog today.
U.S.: We're the most anti-communist country in the world. Walmart: lol North Korean salmon
Largest tour by a Korean artist in North America. - 8 shows✔️. - 8 cities✔️. Our superstar Kwon Jiyong! You did it. So proud!
Walmart gets its salmon from a Chinese company that uses North Korean workers whose salaries go to NK government. https…
US warship approaches Korean Peninsula for drills with South Korea
U.S. approves $113 million missile sale to Japan to counter the North Korean threat
What, you think you can just install McAfee on a North Korean malware test station and they’re going to keep it betwee…
Kim Jong Eun was murdered. . I always said. . So I have to dismantle the North Korean people and the people. Become u…
1973 Yom Kippur war memorial in Damascus, Syria (design by North Korean artists)
Rachel Lee spent her summer interviewing North Korean refugees. Find out how SIS did this year:…
this person does not know that North Korean already has Nuclear Weapons. She works for the American…
North Korean and American attitudes towards each other have not changed much over…
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Report and accounts describe last minutes of life of half brother of North Korean dictato…
Italy becomes fifth country to expel North Korean ambassador, as U.S. urges governments to isolate Pyongyang
Trial begins in Malaysia for women who wiped deadly nerve agent VX on North Korean leader'
Two women plead not guilty to killing North Korean leader's half-brother at Malaysian airport with nerve agent VX
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It is INSANE that is having discussions with his OWN Secretary of State on dealing with North Korean nuclear thr…
Great pick-up by North Korean dissidents reveal details of secret bid to fly Kim Jong Un’s nephew to safety http…
SHOCK MORE: China orders ALL North Korean businesses to close down, as the world power turns on Kim Jong-Un amid...
U.S. is now communicating directly with North Korean officials.
Donald Trump to visit Asia 'to confront North Korean threat'
The North Korean pairs team do not know if they will be skating Nth Korean OC will decide.
BREAKING: China has ordered the closure of all North Korean companies in the country
North Korea seen moving missiles from development center
Rex Tillerson in China as US presses North Korean economic squeeze.
North Korean children singing praise to Kim Jong Un
Every1 has an off day, no 1 can claim sainthood all days. But in overall scheme NDTV is beacon amidst competing North Korean Channels
Chinese government orders all North Korean firms to close in China
JUST IN: North Korean foreign minister says Trump's comments over the weekend were clearly a declaration of war
South Korean TV says North Korea has been spotted moving missiles.
One of the most gruesome anti-American visuals in the North Korean repertoire. Found it in my personal archive toda…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Genocidal American statesman calls for the extinction of the North Korean people. Americans still view NK defense measures…
The only one warmongering is the - has done what no other president has achieved, C…
.on Russia hosting North Korean diplomat for talks on new tensions: "Trusting Russia is like trusting a le…
Brave words from considering that just got China to close up fir…
Tillerson in China as U.S. presses North Korean economic squeeze
URGENT: Beijing orders closure of North Korean firms in China - official
South Korea's President Moon Jae-in is the son of North Korean refugees. Here, he tells their story https…
She's Linda "I eat rice so I can identify as a North Korean" Sarsour
.on the long history of North Korean declarations of war
North Korean to Barry Richard is the Bridge over the River Kwai - he is Major Kong - care to negotiate a truce - or gamble
North Korean diplomat says Trump has 'declared war'
In 2010, Pyongyang said it regarded a South Korean policy of a preemptive strike as a "declaration of war." .
North Korean foreign minister: Trump's remarks on weekend clearly declaration of war and North Korea has every right to t…
Here's an article from 2013 talking about how Pyongyang deems US-SK military exercises an "open declaration of war" . ht…
How are media outlets reporting on the escalating war of words between President Trump & North Korea's Kim Jong-un?
Are we gonna pretend this isn't happening or...? Because this is some really rough news right here.
Technically, we are still at war with North Korea. A Korean War cease-fire was agreed in 1953, but no end
.pushes back on North Korean claim, says: "We have not declared war" on the country.
White House: US has "not declared war on North Korea," and the North Korean foreign minister's assertion that it has is…
North Korean gas prices reported surging after new sanctions
."We've not declared war on North Korea. Frankly, the suggestion of that is absurd." ht…
BREAKING: White House pushes back on North Korean claim, says: 'We have not declared war' on the country.
North Korean official says U.S. has declared war and Pyongyang will down U.S. planes in international airspace
North Korean threats: yet another buy-the-dip opportunity?
Human Shield projected as stone-pelter by Indian media turns out to be a voter. None of the North Korean channel will apologis…
North Korean foreign minister says President Trump is on a "suicide mission".
not disagreeing with the sentiment, but 99% of North Korean refugees traveling to the U.S. do so as South Korean citizens.
Is there any evidence of North Korean refugees/immigrants coming to the US and being part o…
I don't see how this ban would affect them. North Korean defectors generally come to the US on one of…
North Korean defectors to the US often become quite involved in local Christian Evangelical groups. I wonder if any will speak out.
Trump: North Korean leaders 'won't be around much longer' if they strike US via the App
I can't think of another time when the North Korean leader has reacted so directly to a U.S. president, let alone with a p…
Markets rattled by North Korean tensions To read the full currency report go to…
Trump 'deranged', says North Korean leader Kim as Pyongyang hints it may explode hydrogen bomb over Pacific Ocean
BREAKING: North Korean official says country is considering a hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened to tame U.S. President Donald Trump with “fire”...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calls Donald Trump mentally deranged and i totally agree with him 💯
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un delivers unusual address in person to respond to Trump's speech at the UN; no transcript yet h…
North Korean leader calls Trump 'deranged' and says he will 'pay dearly' for his threats
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in an extraordinary and direct rebuke, called President Donald Trump "deranged" and…
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says Trump will "pay dearly" for threat.
5 things to know about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's unprecedented personal rebuke of Trump, by
Rhino horn for Rocket Man: Africa is a smugglers’ paradise for North Korean diplomats geekkenya
But you can only speak to the mad man that is willing to hear you out. The North Korean man and other'…
"When we saw what was happening to those North Korean launches, we had a hunch about what was going on"
BREAKING: Denouncing North Korean leader, Trump tells United Nations 'Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself'
The whole North Korean rocketry and nuclear test dumps are nothing more than an over exaggerated marketing campaign for Ta…
North Korean foreign Minister Ri Yong *** says Donald Trump's speech to the UN on Tuesday was like the "sound of a dog's b…
At a moment when Xi Jinping desperately craves stability, Northeast Asia is in turmoil
The main threat from a damage limitation strategy directed at North Korea may actually come from unintended targets
North Korean defector says she watched 11 musicians get blown to bits by anti-aircraft guns via Manyore Post
Reuters. South Korea approves $8 million aid to North Korea, timing to be decided laterReutersFILE PHOT…
: South Korean Media is Reporting a US Strike on North Korea is Imminent!.
If NOKO is peaceful why would it build tunnels to move 30K troops? Liberals think it's for humanitarian reasons? https…
Would literally kill for a video of the North Korean representatives translating to Kim Jong Un "he, uh..., he called you…
the North Korean nuclear program started in the 1980s. the first nuclear weapons test was conducted in 2006. nice try
As North Korean diplomats stated US diplomats are begging for negotiations.
Sir, I do not want to be pseudo-nationalist, as our North Korean styled National New Channels want…
Your diseased husband just threatened to kill 25,000,000 North Korean people. Spare us your platitudes.
"If he (Trump) was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking, that's really a dog dream" (North Korean Foreign minister)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The "Marshmallow Man" nickname pinned on North Korean Leader is a original.
: 8 DPRK ships left the port Vladivostok loaded with fuel as Putin helps them evade sanctions. http…
North Korea dismisses Trump's UN threat as 'sound of a dog barking' .Maybe,but the little Korean wont like it's bite if he teases it.
As stands up to a North Korean dictator - you...peddle fake propaganda. Spot the…
Instead of this US has to be more brave to fight Iran and North-Korean h
Sounds like weve got a North Korean sympathizer or a bot...
[Hmmm . . . thought cud] Commentary: The North Korean nuclear ‘crisis’ is an illusion
China says North Korean situation more serious by the day
US: occupies south of Korea, levels every city in the north, murders 20% of Korean population. US citizen: I think "North Ko…
Trump just delivered the UN speech that ultra-conservatives have been hoping to hear for years, says https:/…
Nigeria proposed d most realistic solution to the North Korean crisis, no name calling, no threats
Anderson Cooper hit by a North Korean aging beam.
I know exactly what is airing on North Korean News tonight as government Propaganda. "We will Destroy North Korea". Trump f…
This is reality in I won't feel bad for them, only the innocent ppl when they are…
How North Korean ships are dodging sanctions with sneaky ploy
Haley: Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ label is generating discussion about North Korean leader
North Korean defector witnessed people blown up by anti-aircraft guns under Kim Jong-Un - Metro
.Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ label is generating discussion about North Korean leader
North Korean regime insider opens up about Kim Jong-Un.
Thank you George. Btw, I'm 1/4 (maybe 1/8?) North Korean, my great grandma was from Pyongyang. Jaso…
US flies advanced bombers, stealth jets over Korean Peninsula and near Japan, days after North Korean missile launc…
NEWS - Russia and China join forces for navy drills off North Korean coast Anna Chlumsky
If another President had called the North Korean leader Rocket would also be clever. And not that important.
The President of the United States invents a new nickname for Kim Jong-Un, mocks North Korean poverty.
Asia could find itself locked in a new cold war if the North Korean nuclear crisis escalates
Iran from Becoming the Next North Korea. It is Pakistan heading North Korean way due China Strategy of proxies
. Hey! Hey! Americans, the source of the North Korean ICBM is pachinko in Japan!. Let's completely eliminate pachinko f…
When I was 8 I had to do a heritage project. My grandma is South Korean and I made the mistake of telling the class I was North Korean. Oops
Also, some additional missile still images not part of the KCNA package were shown on North Korean TV.
'Duck and cover': in Japan, North Korean missile alerts are becoming a fact of life
Paducah signs deal with mysterious North Korean entrepreneur named Jim Pong Bun for new missle themed restaurant.
Josh Rosen looks like an American on a North Korean propaganda poster
A look at North Korean missile tests that crossed over Japan:
North Korean Leader Vows to Complete Nuclear Weapons Program-BadNews! KJ Un more bellicose! He Needs Nukes to compete w/China sale to Iran!
Who wore the absurdly excessive and undeserved military medals better, North Korean Generals or Sheriff Clarke?
North Korean rocket puts object into space
I hope to finish my greatest poem before the North Korean nuclear war. Hopefully, the radiation won't kill my creativity. That is my worry.
This North Korean teenager has never heard of the Trail Blazers. Never heard of Portland. Doesn't know the NBA. "LaMarcus i…
Analysis: U.S. would let a nuke missile wipe out a Canadian city - then maybe it's time for a new ally?
The creative writers in North Korean state media would probably enjoy
When I see without all those fake *** medals like some North Korean general or not plagiarizing your…
It's interesting to get a North Korean perspective on the US and see another side to the country
House considers harsher rules for banks with North Korean ties
Pacific nations crack down on North Korean ships as Fiji probes more than 20 vessels via
How the U.S. would defend against a nuclear attack by North Korea
The North Korean regime teaches its citizens to hate America. But why?
Please read William Polk's informed take on our current crisis with North Korea and how it relates to our past. https:/…
We better get rid of Justin Trudeau and fast.
.explains why he supports taking out a North Korean missile prior to launch
North Korean defector exposes what life is like under the North Korean Regime.
I liked a video BREAKING : Trump Orders Military to Shoot Down North Korean Missiles
Kevin Hart was a North Korean agent sent by Kim Jong-un to ruin the image of the faithful black man. Stay woke.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un claimed that the country’s nuclear weapons program was nearing completion.
South Koreans and North Korean defectors are waging a cultural war in North Korea by sending in USB drives f…
If it does boil down to war, innocents will perish, but easy win for South Korea and end of North Korean regime is surely a better tradeoff.
South Korea responded to the launch by immediately conducting a simulated strike of the North Korean launch site.
North Korean missile flies over Japan - The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said Friday that, "North Korea f...
South Korea launches missile in response to North Korean missile launch
North Korean missile has landed in the Pacific Ocean
Only Dennis Rodman can fix whatever problem is with North Korean.
amemomo_M rt! "North Korean missile: press conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary. "Missiles, 7:16, collar and l…
US military detects 'unprecedented levels' of North Korean submarine activity and evidence of nuclear 'ejection
Per Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary, no planes or ships affected from today's North Korean missile launch (h/t
Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Japanese government started a press conference on launch of the North Korean missile.
That's one thing about North Korean dictator unn, he can't escape his dreams. The nightmares of starving children and families of his own
North Korean workers in Russia fear sanctions will send them home
The cost of a second Korean War would be far greater than the first one.
Egypt’s top commander says ties with North Korea severed |
My thoughts on China's role in resolving the North Korean crisis...
Check out this post in the Korean tensions vibe: "North Korea tells UN they will make US 'suffer the greatest pain'"
latest on China's financial institution vulnerability to sanctions -.
What can be expected from North Korean media...
An open letter to Google and the sanctions enforcement community Re: "North Korean YouTube" by
"The weakened language was a nod to Russia, a big user of imported North Korean labor." via
Listen to Scott Sagan on North Korea -- Important piece. NK= nuclear deterrence problem. via
Get your iPhone insurance today!
That's how North Korean people see America; and they are right!.
S. Korea and allies are training units to assassinate North Korean leadership. Civilized societies are using uncivilized tactics. Very sad!
America is the one moving heavy weaponry to the Korean Peninsula. North Korea hasn't move any weapon across the Atlantic Ocean
Is your Bitcoin safe? North Korean hackers are trying their best what is your preparation? Check it out!
North Korean hackers are stepping up attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges via
'We're scared, obviously': Japanese worry over growing North Korean nuclear threats
He is so credible when he criticize the North Korean regime
International Law News: "The Inherent Dangers of the US Proposal to Legalize Interdiction of North Korean Ships"
apple keynotes are just the super polite and PC version of North Korean state media
Cotton News - UN ban on North Korean textiles will disrupt industry and ordinary lives, experts say…
“My life could end instantly”. North Korean defector who escaped to China says she constantly fears for her safety.
North Korean state-sponsored hackers are trying to steal bitcoin to evade sanctions, report says
BJP must be putting together a package to discredit Cabinet ministers, North Korean media, vile trolls: all will be…
worse is going to be when the North Korean fat key the hydrogen
Imagine is a North Korean leader who just had a brain tumor removed came out and said this.
The North Korean threats mean less and less as Putin and Russia have now backed the United States. Aka The Art of the Deal
Can one man solve the North Korean nuclear crisis with nothing more than an overhead projector? Find out on Problem Solved…
Kim Jong-un is a Manchester United fan who believes North Korean stars will soon prove themselves among the best
Former Navy SEAL wants to solve North Korean crisis by dropping in 25 million iPhones with Free WiFi.
NEWS: Paul Richards, a seismologist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory puts the yield of the latest North Korean tes…
Kim Jong-un claims ‘great victory won by blood of North Korean people’ in sick party boast after missile launch…
Dear diary,. Mark has changed nationalities multiple times.. Nicaraguan, Romanian, North Korean, from New Jersey.. lol.
This is the sort of thing I used to hear North Korean loyalists say about their "Dear Leader." It's a blind trust that k…
2015 article about US bombing during the Korean War. Recommended for understanding hate. https:…
You call these reporters? A Channel that is owned by ruling party and its reporters paid by that party? Chinese and Nor…
Prof. Burton's latest, on the North Korean crisis
I liked a video North Korean soldier flees by crossing dangerous DMZ
I liked a video North Korean defectors beaten, killed
Tired of dying refugees or North Korean nukes? Divisive populist politics? Haters got you down? Check it.
This is perfect. (Can you hear me "This Pro-Hillary Website Looks Like North Korean Agitprop"
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Kim Jong Un's buddy just went into more detail about what exactly he does when he visits the communist country -...
& will mean nothing after this North Korean group of Internationally create a…
Leaked emails reveal how the Obama administration exacerbated North Korean regime change fears
Mexico expels North Korean ambassador after recent nuclear tests. A move to curry favor in Washington as Nafta talks conti…
This is interesting, but it assumes away the use of nukes in Korean War II. Would KJU really be that restrained? https:…
Mexico expels North Korea's ambassador after the country's latest nuclear test
Sad. Berlin backpackers will no longer be able to crash with the N. Korean government.
If Mexico just deported a poor oppressed North Korean then how will the left say Mexico is innocent?
Just steal a North Korean rocket.They got plenty of hem just left on trucks in the open
Now let's get real with North Korean nukes,extreme weather,O.J. getting out of jail, shouldn't we all b preparing 2 leave the…
Heart-warming scenes of Canadian pastor Lim Hyeon-soo's return to church after 2.5 years in North Korean detention https:/…
Mexico is expelling the North Korean ambassador. Kim Hyong Gil was given 72 hours to leave the country
North Korean students are mining for nuclear knowledge abroad, mostly in China
.and show that regional markets tend to shrug off North Korean displays of insecurity
Once a North Korean ghetto, this Seoul neighborhood is now a vibrant center of diversity
This week in 1950, US began carpet bombing North Korea in Korean War. The bombing was so extensive, it killed off 2…
Interesting note: Architects Dongwoo Yim and Calvin Chua modeled the apartment on the home of an actual North Korean official…
China has detected higher radiation near the North Korean border.
“Of course, it is strange that Mexico has a North Korean embassy at all!”.
"The drums of war are growing deafening, as that North Korean petulant man-baby continues to throw hydrogen tantrums." ~
Hrmmm, not locally. Charles Armstrong my prof at Columbia is a North Korean expert. Alumnus of Kennedy High School from WA
Navy SEALs that took out bin Laden are training a South Korean assassination squad to kill North Korean leader Kim…
Check out CC Predoc Fellow analysis on the situation in North Korean w/
How did we end up in a world where Dennis Rodman is the only person who's good friends with both the POTUS and a North Korean dictator?
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