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North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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US spy satellites detect new activity at a North Korean nuclear test site for the first time in weeks, officials say
As said today, the United States "condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn" the loss of Otto Warmbier...
On this day that Otto Warmbier has died from injuries experienced in a North Korean torture chamber, let us pause and re…
Mean we actually have a North Korean diplomat other than Dennis Rodman? *** Who would have thunk it!!
Hope "North Korean channels" dont demand sacking of Virat Kohli and his boys for losing to Pakistan!
Nick Bennett runs a service that uses gagging orders to hide his own inept processes…
Cybersecurity researchers strongly suspect that WannaCry was the creation of a North Korean cybercriminal group. https:…
The Government of the People's Republic of China: End China's policy of forcible repatriation of Nort... via
(Yonhap Interview) Art is borderless: North Korean art collector
CNN is an enemy propganda network... Same as North Korean News.
This Week in Pictures. North Korean leader poses with participants of the 8th Congress of the Korean Ch…
The aircraft carrier that the White House said was headed to N. Korea last week is finally heading that way Eyesopen
Richard don't you know Jeremy Corbyn, Islam and Labour are above criticism?…
The North Korean dating sim have made the SJWs salty 😂👍
Reminder: Deir ez-Zor was location of the Syrian-North Korean nuclear reactor. Imagine where'd we be if Israel hadn't de…
ME TOO ! My biggest Fears are the North Korean Lunatic and the Nazi nut Job in the WH potus 45 !!! br !
I feel like that's not going to happen if China keeps hiring North Korean workers and aiding NK
Milo is about as reliable as North Korean internet access.
North Korean man defects to South by crossing border.
How is this sort of a view different from the North Korean channels running down the opposition for petty gains?
Pyongyang says North Korean diplomats violently assaulted by US authorities at New York airport
Our government wants everyone of us God loving Patriots in a COMA...We are no different then a North Korea
Another North Korean defects to South by crossing border -
To get her North Korean subjects to open up, takes instant photos. After 3 yrs, her series of portraits: https:/…
Recorded Future research reveals that North Korean cyber actors are not crazy or irrational: they just have a wider…
Another North Korean defector says he’s stuck in South Korea, wants to go home
.Exclusive: Americans have held secret meetings with top negotiator for more than a year.
North Korean soldier swims across river to defect
N. Korean officials say that Otto Warmbier deserved his punishment, arguing that he sought regime change.
Otto Warmbler. Immensely likeable, intelligent. But North Korean powers would see that as you claiming to be better than they are!
We did actually see some WannaCry hits in North Korean, but could be researchers.
... a phony North Korean style "love-in" where they were forced to say how gr…
Peter Hitchens today refers to "the much-flattered ... Ruth Davidson, who bears a striking resemblance to North Korean despot Kim Jong Un."
Zenit Arena, which was built partly by North Korean workers sent out to make cash for Kim Jong Un's nuclear program…
A US Navy Martin P4M Mercator is attacked by North Korean Air Force Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17s off the North Korean c…
Doctors say freed North Korean detainee suffered 'extensive loss of brain tissue' and no evidence of botulism
Doctors at University of Cincinnati say ex-North Korean detainee Otto Warmbier has severe brain injury.
Dennis Rodman gives copy of 'The Art of the Deal' to North Korean official via
Release of Otto Warmbier will not improve US-North Korean relations, experts warn
Just your monthly reminder that despite sanctions everything is cool w/ the North Korean won rate and rice prices. h/t
The world is heading towards the cosmic holocaust and will enter it from the North Korean gate. When greed is ruled the worl…
North Korean flight found to be spying US Air Force
I've heard I'm too picky, but i'm just holding out until I find myself a nice, traditional North Korean Amish girl.
Warmbier released from a North Korean prison and returned to the US... in a coma. No explanation as to why or how.
US-CERT name Hidden Cobra as the North Korean group, also known as Group, and list IoCs for them
Rodman may be insane, but he gets results. Maybe he should talk to Trump? North Korean detainee is evacuated to U.S.
N.Korean soldier crossed the MDL to South Korea on Tuesday
Otto Warmbier finally finishes his degree in North Korean Studies
U.S. student in coma released from North Korean prison, arrives in Ohio
The NBA Hall of Famer considers himself to be a friend of North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Un.
At first I imagined myself watching a North-Korean cabinet meeting, it was only…
part of the 12,2 billion goes to N Korea. UK 'gave millions in foreign aid' to North…
The 300-odd 'traffic ladies' are unique to Pyongyang, an emblematic image of the North Korean capital http…
CINCINNATI (AP) — An American college student who was released from a North Korean prison is finally home but in...
US & North Korean relations rests in the hands of Denis Rodman...aka the 2 time DPOY, 8 times all defense, 5 time NBA cham…
UVA student, now in a coma, freed from North Korean prison
A North soldier crosses the heavily mined Parallel 38 and defects to the South. He is being questioned now. htt…
A North Korean drone carrying photos of newly deployed U.S. Thaad battery crashed south of the demilitarized zone.
North Korea could be shock hosts to hold the 2030 World Cup
An appropriate celebration of that glorious efflorescence of Romanian-North Korean cultural cooperation.
US college student, reportedly in coma, arrives back home to Ohio after being released from North Korean prison.
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For anyone who's sick of capitalism, Venezuela, North Korean, Cuba, they are all there waiting for you! Don't wait!
No loss there. If a man can be convinced by a North Korean show village that all is good in NK then something is seriously wrong.
Picture shows North Korean drone that was 'spying on US ...
North Korean drone was spying on a US missile defence system in South Korea before it crashed near the border, Seou
US student released from North Korean prison 'in coma'
American student who fell into a coma while imprisoned in a North Korean labor camp returns to the US
American college student Otto Warmbier returns from North Korean imprisoment, with ambulances waiting
[WATCH] of Took time to interview a North Korean defector at the Oslo Freedom Forum.
A suspected North Korean drone had taken photographs of an advanced U.S. anti-missile battery in South Korea before it crashed on its way h…
How can South Korea maneuver between China and the U.S. when it comes to North Korean aggression? h…
South Korea : THAAD photos found in crashed North Korean drone... (KBS World Radio)
North Korean drone espionage pushes 270 kilometers into South Korea. I wonder if that information was shared with. China.
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is en-route to North Korea, North Korean officials say; the purpose of his visit is unknown - CNN
North Korean officials confirm to me Dennis Rodman is expected to arrive here in Pyongyang in the coming hours
Tensions rise as a North Korean drone found on South Korea mountainside
What do you do if a North Korean missile is coming at you, Japanese wonder - Washington Post…
Pressured by Trump, missile tests, China finally cuts off all North Korean coal imports
How easy it is to counclude on the North Korean remark, even know the truth about that pl…
Top G-un! North Korean dictator grins as he watches air force display
TRUMP is gonna get us in big trouble. Which language to learn? Russian, North Korean, Chinese, German?…
no it's the reverse, the South Korean map is wrong, the North Korean map is active. the South Korean one is just a static JPG
North Korean fisherman drifting at sea spared death – but Pyongyang REFUSES to accept them
The UN Security Council has voted to sanction 14 North Korean officials
UN Security Council votes to expand North Korean sanctions after missile tests
What's the advice coming from Andrew Murray, the Marxist & North Korean admirer, to Corbyn? Keep on l…
Right now, North Korean missiles "are no threat to us," per Guam Homeland Security/Civil Defense at today. More soon at PDN.
North Korean envoy at UN warns of nuclear war possibility. Only at a North Korean press conference at the United
The U.S. must use the full range of tools to reduce the North Korean threat.
The launch of this game is like a North Korean missile it failed to even launch
America can not solve even the North Korean problem strongly. Just being frightened.
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"Suspected hackers try tricky new tactic" by - 🔒
Pence: No more 'failed policy' on North Korea. With North Korean soldiers standing less than 100 feet behind him
The North Korean *** ant really wants to start the fight???
This test of US missile defense system is big deal, especially against backdrop of very active North Korean ballist…
A look at every North Korean missile test this year
These names don't sound Korean. Mystery as two North Koreans are found dead in the same Moscow hotel via
I don't know. Labour are the worst, suppressing criticism and acting in a manner that would impres…
Watch: North Korean leader Kim guides test of new anti-aircraft weapon
Missile defense: not only is it expensive and doesn't work, it undermines the dire need for diplomacy with the DPRK http…
**Is there an engagement policy that works for SK President Moon & N.Korean citizens? [As Heard in North Korea]**…
China wants the whole Korean Peninsula you moron and will back the North to destroy the South and Japan get a clue
North Korea denounces US and South Korean plan to stage largest joint military exercises
Hope Hicks does a hilarious impression of North Korean propaganda in this quote to
Asian markets shrug off latest North Korean missile test
In a message to North Korea, two US carriers are expected to begin training together off the Korean Peninsula
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
North Korean tech company rips off Apple's trademarks by marketing the Ryonghung iPad
North Korean produced iPad comes with keyboard, HDMI, and over 40 apps!
If this quote was not identified as being from Hicks about Trump, it could pass for a North Korean quote about Kim:
More like, North Korean sleeper agent detected!
Golf banned by SU for next decade after North Korean tour results in LSD arrest after Oxford match
'I feer so ronery'. Must be North Korean instead of Team America from the makers of South Park.
Like a frightening western version of North Korean mind control. Be more like supreme leader Trump. Scary.
back channel - U.S, North Korean officials met secretly in March
Not a single British subject has been killed by the Russian or North Korean state in the past 50 years..Trident works. Feel safer folks ?
I ate at North Korea’s state-run restaurant chain in China. It was weird.
“Common love for a big rocket”: North Korean missile tests in film and TV
"Despite reported price hike, N.Korean imports of gasoline, diesel normal in April"
Still no actual footage available yet the whole country and…
No North Korean or Central Asian migrant workers were harmed during the making of this World Cup
"Hawaii begins new initiative to defend against possible North Korean missile strike"
The Seoul-based Korean Sharing Movement would be allowed to discuss how to deal with malaria in North Korea
That is really important issue. Newsweek: North Korean hackers are scarier than North Korean nukes.
- Five things you should know about Ransomware
Great new piece in RIPE on North Korean sanctions .
Japan’s top officer ‘cannot be optimistic’ about North Korean nuclear progress - News - Stripes
Trump tells Duterte highly classified information, which gets immediately leaked to the press
Hawaii is preparing for a potential North Korean nuclear attack. ..
Now waking up wondering if there's a *** North Korean sub sitting off my coast
Is war imminent on the Korean Peninsula? .
North Korean workers face conditions in Russia ahead of 2018 World Cup
Korean political tensions are high. What will that mean for the 2018 Winter Olympics?
A | : Trump calls North Korea leader 'madman' who cannot be let on the loose - North Korean leader Kim Jong…
From posters painted by North Korean artists and sold internationally by an Italian company:
Uhuru Kenyatta plans to blabber about the North Korean threat during the who? This guy...mind your own business.
I guess you advocate the very successful North Korean model instead.
The only difference between & The North Korean Fat Midget.Clarke has a better…
What Trump and Duterte said privately about North Korean nuclear threat by
North Korea was found to have used South Korean vehicles left in the closed inter-Korean industrial park in the...
SEOUL: After successful missile launches, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un often exchanges smiles and hugs with the same three men and share…
Lookin at those North Korean nukes going off be like
Hawaii is preparing for NUCLEAR WAR after North Korean missile tests shock state officials
Growing in North Korea Despite Persecution, Defector Says -. ""The one thing that the North Korean... htt…
House lawmakers pitch ban on North Korean tourism
Did North Korean leader’s brother meet with a US spy before he was assassinated?
North Korean hackers are much scarier than North Korean nukes
Who in the bloody devil travels to North Korea? US tourists 'set for North Korean travel BAN' amid high tensions
NK found to have used S. Korean cars in Kaesong complex without permit: North Korea was…
U must been on North Korean internet.
"South Korea dismisses reports of seeking summit with North Korean leader"
The Terrors Of New York’s Penn Station - North Korean bombs don't scare me as much as trying to catch a train i...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is always happy lunching the test missile
Mystery as North Korean flag is seen flying over suburban house in Middlesbrough - The Sun
Test: Name: _. Me: I don't support the North Korean regime, so no, I'm sorry
I think all North Korean children for that for Kim's birthday. No, really, i'm not kidding .
They are a kpop (Korean pop group with amazing talent actually.). South Korean not north - and their…
Because there are no North Korean branches. That we know of.
What's your sign? Find out! - New satirical North Korean Zodiac t- shirt. Enter for a chance to win!
I can assure you if we all left most of the libs would be eradicated would be speaking russian North Korean or ara…
Yonhap: North Korea launched what appears to be a ballistic missile Sunday afternoon, per S Korean military
The North Korean fat boy fires a missile and it makes it to the Sea of Japan...
"go overseas to find somewhere with better Internet services than North Korea so as not to leave a trace". http…
North Korea launched a ballistic missile on Sunday, according to U.S. and South Korean officials.
"Being submissive is looked upon as a weakness by both China and our allies." writes
So the North Korean leader has again grabbed world attention by firing another device.😃
The latest North Korea missile launch is a test for South Korean leader Moon's team of doves https:/…
Evidence thus far linking the WannaCry malware outbreak to suspected North Korean hacking team 'Lazarus Group'
The level of delusion in the SNP has reached North Korean levels
Residents puzzled as NK flag flies in British suburb...
North Korean Leaders = Axis of Evil, do you agree or disagree? Either you're with us or with the evils
The medium-range rocket was fired from near the North Korean county of Pukchang, and flew more than 300 miles. .
North Korean athletes to arrive at Winter through into -
I once visited the North Korean Embassy in Germany.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU North KoreaN !! Even tho I'm really mean to you, I'm glad we met this year and I appreciate ya l…
The first hints of the WannaCry ransomware’s origins may point to North Korea
Researchers: WannaCry ransomware shares code with North Korean malware
So, S.Korean experts think North Korea's new missile might be too fast for THAAD to intercept (K)
Researchers see possible North Korean link to ‘WannaCry’ cyber attack
It is distressing to read accounts of Nth Korean defectors. But ironically necessary to inform & protect yourself:
What you need to know about North Korea's missile test.
The self-spreading internet worm is now being linked to a North Korean cyber gang. htt…
Kim Jong Un is the most serious threat to world democracy & freedom. If he reaches nuclearization, he WILL USE IT:
The "code has not been widely used, and has been seen only in attacks by North Korean-linked hackers."
Please remember 22-year-old Otto Warmbier imprisoned in North Korean concentration camp. Please pray for him.
'I had to get out or die': North Korean defector reveals brutal horrors of Kim Jong-Un's sadistic regime Korea yes.
Even Vladimir Putin condemning the latest North Korean Missile launch. It appears the International Community is all on…
There are reports Iranian scientists have attended launches of North Korean long-range missile tests & even nuclear tests
Clues point to possible North Korean involvement in massive cyberattack - Washington Post
'WannaCry' ransomware showed traces of North Korean code
North Korean rocket flew away from Russia, was no threat – Russian MoD.
⚡️ “Trump speculates about Russia's reaction to North Korean launch”. Long Oil so I awake each day PRAYING for war! .
About that North Korean democracy thing though. They really should try more internet and less nuclear war
North Korean technology can only take fear so far. Our media partners deserve much of the credit for this.
So Bill Clinton really did a bang up job with that North Korean nuclear deal
In a statement about a North Korean missile test, Trump said "Russia" 3 times before he said "Japan" or "South Kore…
South Korea's new president is the son of North Korean refugees and wants to kickstart dialogue with Pyongyang.
Electronic Device Insurance
A senior North Korean diplomat who handles the reclusive country's US affairs has said Pyongyang would have dial...
is now on Steam! Tap some North Korean *** before the Glorious Leader himself taps that red button.
South Korea's new president talked to China and Japan as he shapes approach to North Korea via
Money of the bank is stolen from the North Korean world by a
North Korean group welcomed to Canada by "a rare opportunity"
What you need to know about South Korea's newly elected president & his positions on North Korea:
North Korean defector says conflict with Kim Jong-un is 'inevitable'
DPRK ruling party organ demands talks on maritime border, end to military exercises
CIA opens covert facility to deal with N. Korea via the app
None of that changes North Korean geopolictal reality. This is more of the same while NK believ…
.I read the comment 'North Korean spies aimed at South Korean lawyers' in BBS. There are lawyers similar to th…
China's Xi speaks with new South Korean president about North Korea
If u think comrade Corbyne is fit to lead then you must have North Korean blood
Those look like North Korean navy hats! 🤔😂
The Telegraph: Germany to shut down hostel run by North Korean embassy in Berlin.
.  Please, do not stop being attentive to The regime in Cuba is a friend and accomplice to the North…
👁️Watch Obama Henchmen Ben Rhodes Push granny off the cliff with the Communist North Korean 💩 Healthcare Plan "Obama N.K…
If this is the North Korean army America wants to go up against, we're getting swept first round.
MYSTERY OUTPOST CIA opens covert mission center to deal with N. Korea
*reads list of assassin targets*. "Eggs, milk...what the-". . [CUT TO] *wife at store looking desperately for North Kor…
The North Korean threat is not theoretical, it is reality
CIA to focus on North Korean threat with new mission center via
Theresa May on yet another North Korean style visit today
South Korea's new leader faces an emerging North Korean threat and a deeply-divided society at home
CISAC seminar today: Christopher Lawrence on the crisis politics of light water reactors in North Korea
Watching North Korean defectors talk about the crimes by the state so nonchalantly is unnerving
South Korea's elections and the North Korean threat
I liked a video jailed American Matthew Miller speaks about his life in North Korean prison!
A son of North Korean refugees, Moon Jae-in is poised to become South Korea's next president
Hi I'm from in Sydney - please email me re. TV interview on South-North Korean politics drinkwater.dale
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25M South Koreans live near Seoul, just 30 miles from North Korean border, but many of them don't live in fear.
Yep, I think Dump would look pretty good in a North Korean prison. . Go on other there and meet with him.
Kim Jong-un orders North Korean troops to be ready to break the enemy's backbone
A simulation of North Korean battle tactics.
Coming up: Billie Jean King shares her thoughts on the North Korean crisis.
TIL North Korean spies stationed abroad have to receive training on how to shop in supermarkets, use credit cards …
'Who Is the Dangerous Provocateur on the Korean Peninsula?'. Trump Threat “Major, Major Conflict w North Korea
What do you know!! Even North Korean media is accurate about 45s mental condition!!
BREAKING: North Korean ambassador to Malaysia ordered to leave within the next 48 hours -
An honor to our long list of North Korea disrespected the North Korean
A Chinese backed, internal North Korean military coup will take down the Kim regime.
Eating North Korean style! I was surprised by the quality of food in North Korea. Very good! You can read 8 reasons…
Armed Pak officials force entry into N. Korean diplomat's residence, beat him & his wife, put guns to their heads:. https:/…
North Korean diplomat & wife shot at, slapped, dragged by hair by authorities in Islamabad. Case filed .
Praising the North Korean dictator is not normal.
The North Korean's are flying 2 satellite's that approach from our South. We are blinded.
26 photos that show North Korea's obsession with weird, huge buildings via
Yet another example of close cooperation btw Iranian and North Korean rogue regimes.
South Korean white paper published 2012 says North Korea Has or can produce germ warfare
Hello from the udder side. Kim Jong Un reveals his sudden addiction to radioactive borscht smoothies . (Latest North Korean military news)
it's brilliant if the US is indeed hacking North Korean missiles & making them explode. Every failure, Little Kim execute…
kpop member: bombs an entire building, goes on a mass killing spree, is revealed as a North Korean spy . yall: BUT NAMJON h…
DEVELOPING: The North Dakota Air National Guard is deploying 150 to southwest Asia; the largest number of members since the Ko…
BREAKING: North Korea says it will retaliate against what it claims is a US-South Korean plot to kill Kim Jong-Un
Going to be very difficult for North Korean, learning to live outside of an extremely oppressive regime. Most like…
Amazon banned the confederate flag from being sold 2 years ago. It still sells ANTIFA, Saudi Arabian, and North Korean fla…
The library has numerous spacious computer rooms with modern computers providing access to the North Korean intranet
Yesterday, North Korean news agency criticised 'reckless' remarks from China Led the Chinese Foreign Ministry to...
Please allow North Korean escapees in China to go to South Korea and recognize them and their children leg…
3000 North Korean defectors will leave South Korea if Moon elected: activists
Cornwall journalists encounter Theresa May's North Korean style approach to news media.
Pres. Trump says he'd "be honored to" meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un amid rising tensions. http…
Donald Trump offers to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'under the right circumstances'. New hotel & condos? http…
... *** Americans probably not safe from North Korean nuclear threat
A former guard has revealed what life is really like in a North Korean prison camp
Donald Trump on a potential meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: "I would be honored to do it."
Trump says he'd be 'honored' to meet with North Korean dictator
when a North Korean paratrooper land in your hood
President Trump gives the Master Persuader answer to the question of whether U.S. sabotaged North Korean missiles: http…
In one week, Trump bounces from threatening a big war with North Korea to now saying he'd be honored to meet the North Korean d…
Secretary Tillerson outlines new strategy and actions to be taken to counteract North Korean aggression.
Is there a pattern to the North Korean missile test failures? Look here and decide for yourself:
Been dying to shop in a North Korean shopping mall!
Trump says he would meet with North Korean leader under "right circumstances"
President Trump on North Korean threat: 'nobody's safe'
Another day. Another obscure village hall. Invitee only. Come on journalists call Theresa May's campaign for what it is. A…
Trump and Spicer should read up on North Korean human rights before speaking of the “honor” of meeting Kim Jong Un.…
Iranian, Chinese, North Korean leaders are contemplating suicide; they wish they got Trump Towers built in their co…
President Trump: "China is helping us possibly, or probably, with the North Korean situation"
Trump administration, Republicans weigh in on North Korean missile test - President Trump...…
When the President thinks more of North Korean dictator than you know your network ***
President Trump during an interview that aired Sunday said he thinks North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a "pretty smart cookie."
US President Donald Trump has described North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a "pretty smart cookie. Takes one to know one
Donald Trump: N Korea's Kim Jong-un a 'smart cookie': The US president says he has "no idea" if the North Korean le…
U.S. President Donald Trump is stepping up outreach to allies in Asia to discuss the North Korean nuclear threat and make sure all are "on …
"Next up we're joined by Joyce DeWitt to discuss North Korean ballistic missile technology."
North Korean nukes can defeat even the world's best missile defense system via "experts" dk Iron Dome?
ASEAN, North Korea fires missile, me reading article about North Korean tour. Anuna self?!?!
Reading: ICYMI: Adm. Harris on North Korean threat "not a matter of if, but when"
BREAKING: Tillerson says threat of North Korean nuclear attack on Japan and South Korea is 'real'
South Korea says the North Korean missile test is believed to be a failure
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - A North Korean missile launch Saturday is the latest development in an…
North Korean mid-range ballistic missile failed shortly after launch, South and U.S. say https:/…
The U.S. Pacific Command and South Korean defense officials report that a North Korean missile was fired in the ea…
Guess who's been reading up on the North Korean dictator handbook!! He has the world at his twiterized fingertips.
🆕 From The White House: "The Administration is aware of the most recent North Korean missile test. The President has been briefed."
Only thing holding it back is the missing ragde North Korean dude that goes by the name Ruth davidson
I know how this makes feel. Imagine how the North Korean leadership feel. Maybe thats the point. What do I know? .
LISTEN: Here's what Trump had to say about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in interview. Full audio here:
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