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North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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North Korean soldier takes a picture of in South Korea. Photo by Yonhap/via European Press photo Agency. ht…
Everything about the North Korean aesthetic is so weird. North Korea is like a Hollywood parody of North Korea.
you sound like a brainwashed North Korean
Malaysia says it is hunting for more North Korean suspects over killing of half brother of Kim Jong Un htt…
Rex Tillerson photobombed by North Korean soldier in DMZ (PHOTO)
North Korean factory developing H-Bomb discovered as US forces flood into Korean Peninsula
Kim Shin-jo, a North Korean commando who failed to assassinate South Korean President Park Chung-hee, is now a Presbyterian minister.
No they don't mate. Have you seen some of there game time . Like a brainwashed North Korean
.North Korean experiment in this doesn't seem to be working very well...
People who think it's bad spending on defense but don't mind about North Korean's or Saudi Arabian's threats.
Take Kim out. North Korean government will be a relieved They R alive.
U.S. & North Korea had a deal to curb Pyongyang's nuke activities, but it collapsed when George W. Bush took office.
No. of visa-free nations for North Korean reduced to 39
Interpol issues 'red notice' for 4 North Korean suspects in Kim Jong Nam case
Two pastors have been arrested in China for helping smuggle persecuted North Koreans to save them from being...
Tillerson: Asia allies 'critical' for addressing North Korean threat via the App
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Me trying to keep silent about this North Korean girl giving a talk about how her friend's mum got killed for watch…
Really need to stop watching North Korean documentaries before I go to sleep
korean american dating in North Carolina
The State Department is asking the North Korean government to release a college student currently being detained: http…
Trump's North Korean-styled budget increases the military at the expense of the poorest people. Life expectancy will de…
We give our expert analysis on North Korea's military capabilities following a test launch of four missiles:…
Washington Post advocates free healthcare even for North Korean government -
Supporters of jailed Canadian pastor hope for his release despite North Korean
The North Korean nuclear issue is caused by Washington-Pyongyang confrontation.
Kim Han-sol, the nephew of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, is young, college-educated, fluent in English and liv...
Has anyone asked how Trump ended up presenting the North Korean budget?
China 'ready to counter' defensive US missiles meant to stop nuke attacks — via
Interpol notice issued for North Korean suspects
Few kilometers away from the North Korean Border, in Cheorwon 🇰🇷
Make America sick and stupid again. North Korean priorities.
You will find more fairness and democracy in North Korean than in London and Barking Labour party's.
From via Connecting the OSINT dots on Sri Lankan-North Korean military deals
North Korean group ‘Lazarus’ blamed for spate of cyberattacks in 31 countries
detains two South Korean for helping North Korean defectors. Learn more at https:/…
In another year, the likely-fratricide of a North Korean leader that brought Malaysia & NK to a standoff would be THE big story.
.inspires with his conflict management stories of helping North Korean refugees.
This is Bobby Lancaster. He took 100s of North Korean lives, and he also made 1000s just to help out on population.…
TIL North Korean law dictates a “three generations of punishment” policy: If you commit a crime, your children and…
Those who propose a North Korean budget. That's who.
Only dictators have rallies after the election...Hitler, Putin, All of North Korean leaders...Trump
Not sure why anyone would travel to Iran or North Korean and then yell for help to get out. Come on people, they ta…
North Korean hacker group allegedly behind attacks on banks and others:
Exploring the North Korean capital brick by brick
U.S. military creates a video to improve Japan and South Korea relations amid North Korean missile tests
A North Korean defector speaks about his efforts to smuggle information into the country:
Yes. I'm obsessed with North Korean escape stories. I have great Recs for those if interested.Politic…
Deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev has quiz on a North Korean basis but rejected the network's complaint.
[JUST IN] IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar confirms the identity of the North Korean man murdered at klia2 on Feb 13 a…
Tensions from North Korean missile launches test Trump administration and its uneasy allies. http…
A man believed to be the son of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, appears in a ...
Man claiming to be son of poisoned North Korean exile appears on video
wow wow wow. if i did not know any better i would have thought this came from a North Korean translation of Kim Jon…
Who is Kim Han-Sol, son of slain Kim Jong-nam and heir to North Korean regime? - International Business Times UK
Kim Jong Nam's son sends message from hideout: The son of the North Korean leader's…
Malaysian police want to speak to one suspect attached to North Korean embassy and another attached to North Korean airline…
Bab citizens kena tahan ni i still believe in DS Najib. If he can control abt MH17, surely he can w the North Korean.
No word from Trumpy on North Korean missiles in Japan sea, I guess Breitbart or Infowars hasn't written abo…
Breaking: Malaysia clarifies North Korean EMBASSY staff banned from leaving country, not all NK citizens --
Malaysian police have blocked the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur, where investigators believe several suspects are holed…
Malaysia responds by banning North Korean embassy staff and officials from leaving the country. http…
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Breaking news : IGP confirmed 2 wanted North Koreans in Kim Jong-nam's murder, are hiding in the North Korean embassy…
Reuters: Malaysian police sealed off North Korean embassy in to ascertain the number of officials inside…
North Korean embassy cordoned off, police stationed outside. - Bravo
UPDATE: Malaysia's DPM has announced that all North Korean nationals are now banned from leaving the country.
Malaysia bans North Korean officials from leaving in reciprocal measures
Not only did North Korea's expelled ambassador to Malaysia fly out in economy class. He had a middle seat.
Sarawak in talks with Home, Foreign Ministeries over fate of 170 North Korean workers
Wisma Putra confirmed that there are currently 11 Malaysians in North Korea. Sarawak CM said there are 170 Nort Korean in t…
BREAKING: Malaysia now bans North Korean citizens from leaving the country
If you think storming North Korean embassy would solve the problems, you are so uninformed. . That's basically a decl…
Only Sarawak has North Korean workers (in Malaysia). This is not (allowed) in the peninsular.
This North Korean diplomat in KL doesn't look too happy about "embassy arrest." Malaysians in PY must feel worse
[Video] Expelled North Korean envoy Kang Chol left Malaysia at 6.33pm today via MH360 to Beijing.
CNN would have staged 24/7 media assault on North Korean if US citizen were barred from leaving. They known to exaggerate & make thing worst
ALERT: Same place the North Korean leaders half brother was assassinated the other day.
The range of North Korean missiles. Time for you jingoes to think about your so-called military intervention
Officials: First pieces of THAAD, a defense system aimed at taking down North Korean missiles, arrive in South Korea
Why does Iran/North Korea test ballistic missiles?This is not good 4 the environment Where is UN? North Korean midget creates Global Warming
Boy would I rather be a North Korean in Malaysia than a Malaysian in North Korea
BREAKING: North Korean embassy staff in Malaysia are burning documents and three cars fled from building
Malaysia bans N. Korean diplomatic staff from leaving country
North Korean leader wants nukes ready to fly
After North Korea launch, Trump has spoken to South Korean and Japanese leaders and the previously ordered deployment of…
North Korean ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol-hwan left the embassy building in Kuala Lumpur after being expelled
Malaysian police have issued an arrest warrant for an employee of North Korean airline Air Koryo in relation to ...
In his first public comments on the death of the North Korean leader’s half brother, Prime Minister Najib Razak ...
South Korea to quadruple reward fee for North Korean defectors 》 》
quadruples cash rewards for North Korean
U.S. detects North Korean missile launch, no threat to N.America via
BREAKING: Following death by poisoning of North Korean leader's brother, Malaysia... by via
South Korea to hike rewards for North Korean defectors -
Malaysian warrant for North Korean staffer in Kim Jong Nam murder - from :
Kim Jong Nam murder: North Korean says Malaysia threatened to hurt his family
Jong-nam death: North Korean says arrest was 'conspiracy' -
Evening Edition 3 March . North Korean national Ri Jong Chol, who was earlier arrested over...
Women charged with North Korean's murder leave court in bullet-proof vests. By Rozanna Latiff Kuala Lumpur (Reuters) - Malaysia on Wednesda…
BREAKING: Malaysia's attorney general says North Korean man in custody in nerve agent investigation will be released and deported.
frees North Korean suspect in assassination
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia –   A North Korean man will be released from custody because of lack of evidence connecting him to th ...
Only North Korean held as a suspect in Kim Jong Nam death probe to be released & deported as a 'free man', according to Malaysia's AG
North Korean man held in murder probe of fellow countryman to be released and deported - Attorney-General
Kim Jong Nam murder: Malaysia to release, deport North Korean suspect due to lac
A North Korean man who has been jailed in connection with the Feb. 13 killing of Kim Jong Nam will be released, Mal…
Kim Jong-nam death: North Korean detainee to be released |
North Korean man arrested in connection with death to be deported from Malaysia on Friday
"North Korean leader has a favorite in U.S. presidential race"
If Military Force is taken to end North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un's use of Nuclear Weapons or to just simply...
North Korean suspect in Kim Jong Nam killing to be released via
Kim Jongnam death North Korean detainee to be released
Malaysia to release and deport North Korean linked to nerve agent probe
“This is a critical measure to defend the [South Korean] people and alliance forces against North Korean missile...
Interesting playthrough of latest Command Live scenario - based on a North Korean missile crisis
North Korean regime is finding new ways to stop information flows, report says State TV&radio onl…
Kim Jong-nam: North Korean team seeks body as women face charges
I haven't seen anything so ridiculous since the North Korean missile crisis in Mar-a-lago
South Korea says 4 North Korean spies involved in Kim killing in Malaysia
IndoChina: Police aware of North Korean companies linked to arms business - IGP - Astro Awani
Kim Jong-nam’s mistress wanted for questioning over North Korean exile’s death
Kim Jong-nam's killing was organized by North Korean ministries, South Korea finds
Democrats in 2020: "North Korean and Iranian intelligence agencies hacked DNC servers showing Tom Perez worked for JP…
Informal US-talks scrapped over visa denial to Korean diplomat
A chemical weapon of mass destruction was used to murder the North Korean leader's half-brother.
My latest... That "official" North Korean TV YouTube channel isn't so official after all:
Shame on you for using kids for your North Korean styled propaganda I hope you block NBC next!
North Korean diplomat warned of arrest if he refuses to cooperate
How the hit team came together to kill Kim Jong Nam.
The Latest on Malaysia’s investigation into the apparent assassination of the half brother of North Korean leade...
Kim Jong iI, the North Korean leader used to bought $800,000 worth of liquor every year.
Unknown man hands over documents to North Korean embassy
Maybe kan North Korean agents tu tau how loose is our country deswai they choose to attack here.
'Weapon of Mass Destruction' used to kill North Korean leader's half brother! Cc.
Watching videos about North Korean escapees... they don't even know what internet is there 💀 their stories are bone chilling
Malaysian police probe origin of ''weapon of mass destruction' used to kill North Korean leader's half brother
This WMD used to kill North Korean, could someone tell me how the women survived administering it ? We're told they 'stroked his face.'
Either a guest appearance by North Korean students on the Tsinghua volleyball court, or the hot new brand of athlet…
Breast Cancer Awareness
"says will issue arrest warrant for North diplomat in Kim Jong Nam murder" - Fraticide possible.
Despite reports, what IGP said stands - an arrest warrant cannot be issued for North Korean official because he has diploma…
so name media sources so you can have them assassinated. Learning from your North Korean buddy.
BREAKING: Indonesian suspect in assassination of North Korean leader's half brother was paid $90 for what she believed…
Clampdown on North Korean trade squeezes Chinese border towns.
Unless you are related to the psychotic North Korean leader that is. Due to his murders,his family tree is more like a small shrub now.
Kim Jong-nam: 2 suspects believed to be hiding in North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur via
Police tape put up in front of North Korean embassy in KL ahead of Umno Youth's visit to hand over a protest memo.
fallout: Protest by ruling party Umno's youth wing at North Korean embassy
"Clear intrusion into Malaysia's sovereignty and our process of law." - Umno Youth on North Korean embassy's critiques of
Assassination of North Korean leader's brother is a whodunit with geopolitical implications. http…
Ask a North Korean: What did North Koreans know about Kim Jong Nam?
Malaysia to blame for death of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, says North Korean news agency via
Malaysia names North Korean diplomat wanted for questioning in murder case: Kuala Lumpur (Reuters) -…
North Korean envoy says fact that named "Kim Chol" as suggests malaysia has close ties with South…
North Korean suspect in airport killing had fake job in Malaysia
Better question.. How is this American enjoying his North Korean hellhole?
Salam 1Msia. North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol should leave Malaysia now. He's not needed here!
Whenever a North Korean missile takes off, its trajectory can be beamed to US, triggering a Drone Assasination etc by Pine Gap base in Aus.
Its sad bro the Indian - Pakistan hatred is as deep as the South Korean and North Korean governments
There is growing speculation the dead North Korean's family could be seeking to reclaim his body.
Kim Jong-nam: Security high at mortuary as family expected - There is growing speculation the dead North Korean...
War of words between Malaysia and North Korea. What happened when NK envoy was summoned to MFA.
Dreamt I met a North Korean girl. She took me round Pyongyang, kissed me, then shot at me in a Restaurant shootout.
Malaysia searchs for 4 North Korean men who fled country the day Kim Jon.. Related Articles:
How China’s crackdown on North Korean coal could affect the U.S.:
Kim Jong-nam's killing one week on: What we know: Rumours still abound about bizarre attack on North Korean…
"North Korea's history of covert operations and secret killings"South Korea has accused North Korean agents of bei…
.What do Americans think about what North Korean citizens think about Trump?... .
Beijing banned North Korean and traders are scrambling
White House seeking to arrange visit by North Korean officials: report
North Korean ambassador read out this statement, accusing Malaysian police of contributing to news defaming its image.
What do North Korean citizens think of US President Donald Trump? - CNN
🔁 North Korean officials are preparing to come to US for talks with former officials 👈 se…
Korean visitors want to thank son's North Shore ocean rescuer... If they can find him
China banned N. Korean coal imports after Kim Jong Nam, China resident and half-brother of Kim Jong Un was murdered. ht…
Lacrosse banned by SU for next term after North Korean tour results in Ecstasy arrest after UCL match
'China won't buy any more North Korean coal this year'
Malaysian investigators, North Korean officials squabble over assassination probe
Beijing banned North Korean coal, and traders are scrambling
So incoming US officials can't talk to other governments, but former officials can?.
Tigers at Pyongyang zoo are lavish gifts to North Korean leaders. See more from the world's most reclusive country:
SKorean unification min: "it is highly likely that North Korean regime is behind the assassination" of Kim Jong Nam
Kim Han-sol, the son of murdered North Korean exile Kim Jong-nam, turned down a place at Oxford University bc might be k…
President Ramsay, what are your thoughts on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?. "He's A DONKEY!"
North Korean man arrested in Kim Jong Nam's death
Former North Korean spy Kim Hyon-hui said the alleged assassins of the estranged half-brother of North Korean...
North Korean held over death of Kim Jong Nam as second post-mortem announced
North Korean nabbed in assassination probe is chemistry expert
A North Korean was arrested on Saturday over the killing of Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia
Malaysia arrests North Korean man as row over Kim Jong Nam's death escalates via
Chilling final words of assassinated brother of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un
North Korean delegation arrives in Japan for Winter Asiad - Reuters
Malaysia detains woman, seeking others in connection with North Korean murder
Kim Jong-nam: jovial half-brother who lived with sword of Damocles over head
ask Lord if he approves of how the North Korean missile was discussed in public at his private club
Stores are already selling the 'LOL' shirt worn by North Korea 'assassin' via
Two more in Malaysia in mysterious of North Korean leader's half brother
Get ready to hear about the hordes of North Korean refugees washing up on American shores
Look how much evil these despicable North Korean cretins have been able to get away with over the years.
looks like a North Korean headline to me regarding "The Dear Leader."
Two more arrests in Malaysia in mysterious death of North Korean leader's half brother
Donald Trump and North Korean missile testing by Christian Adams - political cartoon gallery
Macbeth with nukes: assassinate brother See:
Between this and the LOL shirt, I think Kim Jong Nam is the first person in history to be killed by memes.
Third suspect arrested in Malaysia over murder of North Korean: Kuala Lumpur (Reuters) - Malaysian police…
It’s unclear how much the average North Korean knows about Kim Jong-nam’s existence.
Is this the smoking gun to end Trump's presidency?
Malaysian airport assassination focuses new attention on North Korean leader - The Washington Post Admired by
Yes he looked very composed & Presidential Piers. Were you watching the North Korean Presser of Kim Jong Un?!
Inside the brazen attack on North Korean leader's half-brother, Kim Jong-nam
National Security Advisor resigns. Brother of North Korean dictator assassinated. Russian spy ship at US coast. Are we i…
it makes one wonder how many of these North Korean women LOL agents are in the US-and if they could do similar attacks here.
Murder at the airport: the brazen attack on Kim Jong Un's half-brother
The Big Read: Inside the murderous, secretive empire of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un via there but
Little Giant Ladders
For those who wanna know how Kim Jong-nam, a North Korean who're killed in Malaysia, is the Supreme Leader of North Korea's…
"Where are these leaks coming from" - The guy discussing North Korean Missiles in a Golf Club Restaurant.
Intrigue surrounds woman arrested in apparent assassination of North Korean dictator’s half-brother
Police arrest third suspect in Kim Jong Nam killing
You at the side, the one who looks like the North Korean President, Yes you.
Both dressed to the nines in the latest North Korean Communist fashion too.
Kim Jong-nam assassination suspects claim they thought they were 'taking part in a prank'
"Illegal leaks," you say, Trump? Like you reviewing North Korean Missile documents in front of diners with cameras? htt…
Is this the real world? On the + side, he makes the North Korean guy looks pretty sane...
I read someone assassinated the fat North Korean tyrants brother I wonder when he'll be next
Murder at the Airport: the Brazen Attack on North Korean Leader's Half Brother
I have been scolded by Fox um Faux News I thought have North Korean prostitutes pee on U was the correct answer Jee…
3 arrested in death of North Korean leader's half brother; autopsy completed
Third person arrested in Malaysia over death of North Korean leader's brother Kim Jong-nam, police say
And now on North Korean nukes and race riots . The end of days...
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Police confirm on Thursday that they have a second woman in custody who is suspected of…
Kim Jong Nam, prior to his death, had sought mercy from Kim Jong Un, saying his family had 'nowhere to run and hide'.
Following the death of Kim Jong-Un's half-brother, we look back at examples of the North Korean leader's alleged brutalities h…
White House declines to publicly defend embattled Flynn -
Second arrest made after death of North Korean leader's half-brother
North Korean Strongman's brother killed, by two women, at Malaysian airport via
"Kim Jong-nam pleaded with North Korean leader to spare his life before his 'assassination'".
North Korean officials were at forensics dept all day yesterday. None seen today. They had not wanted a postmortem. https:/…
North Korean embassy has confirmed that Kim CHOL is Kim Jong Nam . He carries two passports : DPM Zahid speaking to media fo…
North Korean embassy has requested Kim Jong Nam's body, local press says
Kim Jong Un's half brother has reportedly been assassinated by two female North Korean agents in Malaysia h…
Older brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attacked at a Kuala Lumpur airport, died on the way to hospital.
[JUST IN] M'sian police confirm North Korean man who died after visiting Kuala Lumpur is Kim Jong Un's half-brother, Kim Jong…
Kim Jong Un behind the killing of the North Korean leader's half-brother who was murdered in Malaysia
Profile: Who was Kim Jong-nam, the exiled half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un?…
Half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been killed in Malaysia, South Korean government sources say
Israeli tour company says it'll start granting North Korean tourist visas to Israelis; Israeli foreign ministry says going is a bad idea.
Facts about the North Korean economy are not so much alternative as non-existent
A | : How to really deal with the North Korean nuclear threat - The United Nations has already gotten a…
Another fake North Korean missile truck and parade 2012.
"North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in his annual New Year's address that the North's preparations for...
You're about as smart as a North Korean bar mitzvah
Morning, fam! We're live in South Korea & Florida after North Korean missile test. Plus,
UPDATE: North Korean confirmed by Pentagon; South Korea says it flew about 500 km
in case of a North Korean, japan war . US military families are evacuating back..
What can be learned by not shooting down a North Korean
North Korean missile launch is Trump's latest test: Embroiled in a legal battle over his immigration order,…
With the North Korean ballistic missile test, North Korea is calling out the "Fool in the White House".
No way the North Korean leadership will back down on nuclear program. The US must speed up deployment of missile defence in Sth Korea
North Korean missile launch not happy Jan
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President Trump, in brief statement after North Korean missile test, says the United States "stands behind" Japan "100 percent"
WATCH LIVE: Trump and Abe deliver unscheduled joint statement after North Korean missile launch
Great coverage of the North Korean missile test tonight. your guests really clarified the issues
North Korean missile launch is Trump's latest test
After 20 years on run in Russia, North Korean defector facing repatriation and 'execution' via
North Korea fired a Musudan ballistic missile this morning, the South's Yonhap is reporting (Korean only)
Trump says nothing about North Korean ballistic missile test. I'm waiting for his response.
UPDATE: 'N.Korean leader likes to draw attention,' Trump’s administration was expecting the 'provocation' - official
US and South Korean officials condemn launch and agree to explore ways to suppress "North
In view of the new North Korean missile crisis, how reassuring that the Free World is led by such a stable, level-headed Pr... Oh, help!
North Korean missile launch is Trump’s latest test
Today, Chinese Internet users to North Korean missile launches
I'm actually encouraged that Trump didn't say much after the North Korean missile launch. He needs to be the opposite o…
North Korean missile launch is Trump&latest test
'North Korean test missile flies 500km, lands in Sea of Japan - South Korean and Pentagon officials
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thank you for proving that journalism in Istanbul is dead, or North Korean-like. These are the most ridiculous cl…
Dirty carpet bomb North Korean targets for sanctions lift... You give us Snowden, we give you Soros, or we can do it ours…
A&M will be assisting a private university in the North Korean capital with their agriculture department.
"A report said the expelled South Korean Christians were helping North Korean defectors in Jilin Province who...
North Korean defector in faces involuntary repatriation after spending years as a forced laborer.
Makes references to get support from her Iranian and North Korean ally's to get rid of our President
MWTH - North Korea's spy chief has been sacked, reports claim - Since taking power in 2011, North Korean leader…
Ted Cruz* scary social programs will make you a North Korean COMMUNIST! Run! Ah!!
| testified on "Countering the North Korean Nuclear Threat" watch the hearing here: ht…
In an old-fashioned way, the North Korean army can deter anyone!
I love how Charlie & his North Korean friend make fun of Dennis! 🤣
To get a feel for how economy works, go buy a roll of toilet paper.
Must watch. HFAC hearing on NKorea w/ Gallucci
If the North Korean ballistic missile can strike the American…
Want a little of North Korean culture?, go to Pyongyang Okryu-gwan. Read here about this weird experience.
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Chinese MRL technology goes global! The Belarusian 'Polonez', based on the A200, and the North Korean ''KN-09'', based o…
If anyone wants an intro to North Korean thought/attitude, listen to "I Think I'm Parnaoid" by Garbage
Watch live: testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on countering North Korean threats.
Kim Jong-Un, Dennis Rodman, and myself at the North Korean Pug…
This is Kim’s favorite still shot from the North Korean…
Tfw someone asks you if you're North Korean
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