North Korea & Red Dawn

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Red Dawn is a 1984 American war film directed by John Milius and co-written by Milius and Kevin Reynolds. 5.0/5

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I see nothing but conflict ahead with North Korea. The leaders want Red Dawn 2.
Where was North Korea when the remake of Red Dawn came out in theaters? I think that North Korea got angry because they simply don't like Seth Rogen as an actor.
One thing I have learned by watching the new Red Dawn. We have nothing to worry about if North Korea attacks. Their military is totally worthless against against teens with little to no training.
Watching a film called Red Dawn where North Korea invade Washington. It's 100% as ridiculous as it sounds.
Also, there was a remake of Red Dawn, apparently the enemy is North Korea with EMP bombs now.
Idk what I find more offensive about "Red Dawn", the fact that North Korea is spoken about or that Josh Peck plays a high school quarterback
I now believe Red Dawn is America's way of saying "step out of line, North Korea, watch what happens" Robbie the Black Waffle Kitteh
I've given in - we're watching the new Red Dawn. Wherein North Korea battles Arkansas and, like, a herd of guinea pigs or something.
One hour into the new Red Dawn... I kind of wish North Korea would invade so I would have something more interesting to do.
That moment you realize, Red Dawn made a year or two ago is a huge propaganda film depicting the USA as the victim, and North Korea as the aggressor.
So. the 2012 version of Red Dawn has got me feeling extra American tonight. I wish I was ready to take on Russia/North Korea during my senior year of high school. 'Murica!
Red Dawn- "Wolverines!" The cry echos from my childhood into the present with this fantastic remake. Chris Hemsworth is the main headliner and Josh Peck backs him up beautifully. They haven't stayed far from the original, mainly the city is bigger and North Korea is the aggressor. If you loved the original, you'll love this fresh breath of life into the old classic. If you're new, you'll love this racy action flick which gets going in zero seconds flat! ★★★☆
Red Dawn (2012) - The 1984 Red Dawn movie was a classic. Patrick Swayze, C.Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, and Jennifer Grey. It was an awesome movie. Then they decided to remake it with Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Josh Peck (Drake and Josh), and Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games). This movie was shot back in 2009. This was before Thor and before Hunger Games. The movie was pushed back for 3 years. That really isn't a good sign or faith from the movie studio. After watching this, I could really see why. Instead of Russia invading the US, we had North Korea. Okay, that's plausible due to current events. But then Russia was also part of this. What? Seriously, WHAT? The story was horrible and differed from the original. It stayed on point as the original, but it just played out bad. I still don't know if it was from the acting or what. But it really wasn't enjoyable. I do like Chris Hemsworth, but you can tell this movie was his first lead. He tried WAY to hard. I didn't buy Josh Peck as being a tough gu ...
And why is North Korea the villain in both Olympus Has Fallen and Red Dawn*? The Martians are a more credible threat. (* rhetorical)
Between 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'Red Dawn,' North Korea is officially the new Russia of Hollywood.
After watching I am watching Red Dawn. Is North Korea the new seriously underwhelming Soviet Union?
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Is it true that after watching Red Dawn, North Korea made the name "Josh Peck" illegal for being too bad *** !
The type of people that don't think Red Dawn is an awesome movie are the same type of people that probably wouldn't fight back if North Korea and Russia or Russia and South America (depending on what version you're watching). Long story short "Wolverines!" and wow Russia ***
North Korea And Red Dawn: A Real Threat North Korea and Red Dawn What do you get when you combine the fourth largest military in the world with backing from Russia and China and terrorist supporting nations like Iran? A recipe for America's collapse. North Korea has three times the number of special forces soldiers as America -- and they're trained for invading countries and apparently detonating nuclear weapons. "…the military threat from North Korea has not subsided -- here, the "Cold War" is not over, and the North's military remains formidable, unpredictable and dangerous. A significant concern is the North's SOF, designed to wage war on a "second front." –General John H. Tilelli Jr., Commander in Chief, Combined Forces Command In the new "Red Dawn" now in movie theaters (first released in 1981), North Korea launches a massive attack on the Pacific Northwest of the United States, involving fighter jets, bombers, and ground forces. Local defenses in the region are overwhelmed and fall. To make matt ...
My dislike towards North Korea went up threefold after watching Red Dawn. Such a Godless Commie nation. Too bad Kurtwood Smith couldn't make a cameo in that movie. Red Forman was always talking about dead Commies.
Out Today Wreck-It-ralph - Hilarious inventive Disney cartoon about a bad guy video game character who just wants to be good. Bonus points for having Q*bert in the cast. Red Dawn - Remake of the 1984 Patrick Swayze/Charlie Sheen classic about a US Invasion (North Korea this time) Thor's Chris Hemsworth and Hunger Games Jush Huterson lead the cast THe Master - Art House aggrivating masterpiece from Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Magnolia & There Will Be Blood) about a troubled man (An amazing Joaquin Phoenix) entering a Scientology like religous cult led by the charaismatic Philip Seymour Hoffman. Great Score,m Top Notch acting, Beatifully shot and it will work your brain. The Bay - Scary faux Documentry about an outbreak of Fish Lice in a small New England town thatleads to gruesome and terrifyuing results. Great stuff, really scary, you will look at seafood in a whole new light. The Marine 3: Homefront - Wrestlings Mike "The Miz" Mizanin stars as atough marine who takes on a threat to his family. L ...
Today i'm going to discuss the 1984 film "Red Dawn" and the 2012 remake. To me hands down the original is still the best. Let's look at the facts the original "Red Dawn" had a budget of 4.2 million but made 38 million, as for the remake it had a budget of 65 million and only made 48 million, so they actually lost money making the film. In the original there's a who's who of celebrities including Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen alongside of them rounding off team of Wolverines is C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Gray, Darren Dalton and Brad Savage. In the remake we have Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck as the two brothers and with them as their team of Wolverines we have Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas and Connor Cruise adopted son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. In the 1984 film the United States is invaded by the Soviet Union and its Cuban and Nicaraguan allies. In the remake the United States is invaded by North Korea. In conclusion the 1984 film had so much more of a story and an ...
So there's another movie ("Olympus Has Fallen") about the U.S. being invaded by North Korea. It's only a matter of time until *** (i.e., people who would not only vote for John Mccain but also pay $10 to see a remake of "Red Dawn") become convinced that this is a real threat. Quick, someone tell them that North Korea couldn't successfully invade a Greenpeace meeting.
Why china will eventually own America. ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL? Chinese Leads in Bid for US Taxpayer-Backed Firm, - Sent via the FOX News Android App. Anyone remember when GM went bankrupt and then sold the military version of Hummer to china? how much debt does china own from the US, $.68 for every $1, more than 1/2 of our debt. Technically, we are owned by china... China also owns a lot of movies that are American made, and video games, which is why you don't see movies that "demonise" china. A few years ago, a video game called Homefront was originally suppose to be China, but when word got out, it was forced to change to North Korea. The same exact thing happened with the remake to Red Dawn. China also owns 20 more movies coming out this year and are American made. not forget the Chinese militarys involvement with hacking into our major institutions.
My description of Red Dawn: Thor, Peeta Mellark, and Josh Peck all joining forces to kick North Korea out of our country!
Americans Under Attack - Some Fight Back, Survive in the Wilderness Red Dawn 2012: What if "Red Dawn" ever actually took place? Russia, China and other nations (think Iran, North Korea, and America's enemies in South America) knock out America's defenses and then send fighters and troops into our borders. Americans are shot, locked away in concentration camps. Cities and towns fall, one after another, even as an American resistance force rises up from the ashes. Young men and women take up arms, live off the land, and fight from the surrounding country side. Is It Really Possible to Live Off the Land? Yes. Before we go into a long list of survival techniques for finding food and water, surviving the elements, and hunting, trapping, and fishing, consider this: What if some other major disaster occurred ... what if the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted ... what if a new strain of bird flu or the black plague or another deadly virus knocked out half of the world's population? Perhaps a scientist contracted by ...
Just got out of Red Dawn. Quite possibly the most gung *** movie since Heartbreak Ridge. Still, North Korea didn't stand a chance against the god of thunder...
"In the new "Red Dawn" film, U.S. in invaded by North Korea to set up a central Communist government but finds Obama beat them to it" - Ann Coulter. Lol
Ok, guys, we need to talk. Might want to sit down for this one. You know how whenever there is a random act of violence, and the masses crying for justice cite to influence of media in whatever form it may come (movies, TV, video games). And rational minds say, "Calm down, clearly that was fiction. I loved Undeclared, but I'm not starting my own fake college." This morning I saw this: Come on guys. Red Dawn is fiction (and not even very good fiction). North Korea is far too busy starving to invade anywhere. But that's not even the ridiculous part! Most of these posts are about how terrible 'Asia' is...North Korea's land mass is .27% of Asia. Learn some basic geography...but that's not the worst part You watched a 114 FAKE movie, and are acting like your grandfather did when he got back from the Pacific Theater! OOOhhh, I watched some fake North Koreans invade a fake Spokane, now I have a free pass at being racist. HOW DOES THAT WORK! Guess what, if all it takes is a movie to trigger such rampant hate, it ...
This is too funny...shared from my cycling buddy, Robert Schmalle: 'So I was thinking of going to a movie this weekend after Thanksgiving and I saw an ad for Red Dawn. I remember seeing the original when it came out at the end of the Cold War in 84; it was a moderately entertaining movie with the U.S.S.R. and the Cubans invading the south western United States. But this is 2012 so who is supposed to be invading us now? Well, after reading some reviews it turns out it is the North Koreans that invade. No, you didn't miss read - it is actually North Korea! And I have to ask, has the intelligence level of movie makers dropped that low? I mean am I supposed to believe that N.K. transported thousands of troops across the pacific, and that it was. . .(wait for it). . . a surprise attack? Come on, North Korea is the country that can't even launch a missile, and has a hereditary dictatorship that has less to do with Karl Marx and more to do with the Marx Brothers. In fact, I think it is fair to say that North Kor ...
So the other day I was listening to some news on the radio. They were talking about how, in the new Red Dawn movie, the script was originally written with the Chinese as the invaders. And the movie was shot that way. After the movie was edited and being made ready for distribution some overly sensitive Chinese people raised a stink about Chinese people being portrayed as bad guys in a movie. The studio, in a display of absolute spinelessness went back into the movie to digitally re-edit all of the logos, emblems, insignias, and every other reference to China. Now the movie portrays North Korea as the invaders. *** Could imagine what someone like Orson Wells would have done if the studio told him that Citizen Kane was going to upset William Randolf Hurst? Actually, they did!. What did Orson Wells do? HE MADE THE MOVIE ANYWAY! I was actually looking forward to seeing the new Red Dawn. Now I've decided to boycot it. I am not going to waste my time or money seeing a film that had to be re-edited for such a p ...
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saw Red Dawn last night..they should have used Iran invading through Mexico, rather than North Korea invading.. It would have seemed a little better, especially being that the largest embassy is the Iranian one in Valenzuela..Hugo Chavez, and the Iranians coming from the south that would have been good...I hope nothing like that ever happens, but if my kids ever have to go to war I am glad they know how to handle weapons.. Me I will get native american on somebody and grab my kitchen Knives..Oh if you like Obama dont watch this movie..Its his weakness, and the slashing of military that gets us in trouble..just saying they have him in the movie.
Kim Jong Un ruler of North Korea walks in to go see "Red Dawn". Walks out thinking... "Dang it. They know our plan..."
RANT Thank you Hollywood *** bags for ruining Red Dawn, this is why you don't let the drama nerds re-write awesome 80's U.S. invasion war movies and allow Hollyweird *** corporate types take creative license with REALITY; they should just stick to romantic comedies and Michael Bay asteroid films. Lookie, North Korea's or Russia's Air Forces couldn't reach Honolulu, let alone Spokane, Washington without getting shot down like Duck Hunt. Those Russian made troop transport would GET WASTED before they even crossed into Alaskan air space, even if you MAGICALLY WERE ABLE TO EMP EVERY city on Western seaboard. We've got this Merica's might floating out on the ocean called the Pacific Fleet and they're not gonna just go, oh hey, look at all of those planes filled with North Koreans and Russians heading over to Alaska. Guaran *** teed we'd go all Maverick (pre-Goose death) on their *** Besides, the Canadians aren't just gonna sit back and allow all these guys to go through their air space, they'd get ...
I might go see the remake of Red Dawn this Thanksgiving... where North Korea, LOL! not Red China, invades America. In the real life Red Dawn, the Reds who will take over America will be homegrown American Reds, but we can't have a movie about fighting them, can we, so North Korea invaders here we come. At least they didn't make it Luxembourg who invades America.
Yesterday before I watched Ah Boys to Men I saw a trailer for the remake of Red Dawn and I have to ask: North Korea taking over the United States? No. Just no. In the Original Film it makes sense because it was the Soviet Union, the Cubans and the Nicaraguans that took over the States. I'm sorry that there is no way that North Korea would take over the Unites States.
MANAA's next General Meeting is Thursday, November 15th starting at 7:30 PM. Please join us in discussing how to improve media depictions of Asian Americans. Agenda items include: • Report on the APA Media Coalition’s annual diversity meeting with ABC & NBC plus our upcoming one with Fox (if you have concerns about their programs, be sure to tell us!) • Our upcoming annual Report Card grading the top four networks on diversity. • Press coverage of MANAA’s criticism of the Warner Brothers film Cloud Atlas • East West Players’ panel discussion about how to include more Asian Americans in stage productions • Upcoming remake of Red Dawn with North Korea invading Washington state. *Please note that next month, because of the holidays, as usual, we’ll meet on the SECOND WEEK in December, December 13th. If you are interested in participating in MANAA but cannot make the monthly meeting, please contact us at lettersand indicate your interest in participating in writing letters, reviewing movies, ...
The trailer for the new Red Dawn movie with the Leann Rimes version of the Star Spangled Banner song looks cool. I will probably go and see it when it comes out later this month. I was 10 yrs old when the original came out in 1984, and I loved that movie. This one probably won't be as good, they substituted the Soviet Union for North Korea for obvious reasons, since the Soviet Union is no longer in existence. should be a good movie overall though.
So, since no one now can come up with an original thought, Hollywood decided to remake "Red Dawn". Really? North Korea? The country that couldn't launch a bottle rocket in space without it blowing up? No wonder I'm going to see Steven Speilberg's "Lincoln".
Red Dawn remake: the Pacific Northwest is invaded by North Korea. Newsflash: this is the second most-believable movie Chris Hemsworth has been in this year, & the most-believable one involves an extraterrestrial invasion of NYC.
So, the end of the original Red Dawn contains a narration from Lea Thompson explicitly saying that the young American guerrillas all died without having any major impact on the overall war effort, the US Government never sent any real support for them in spite of the fact that they kept saying they would throughout the movie and that once the war was over no one visited the monument to them, making it very clear that all the plucky American teenagers died for nothing. This is because Red Dawn was secretly a damning criticism of how the US government treated rebels in other occupied nations during the Cold War thinly disguised as a patriotic film. Someone tell me how this translates into Chris Hemsworth singlehandedly killing all of North Korea? *Note: It's North Korea because most action movies get a huge profit from overseas sales in China, which they couldn't do if China, the only communist nation in the world that could possibly pull something like this off even though they have no possible reason to, ...
Red Dawn proposes that North Korea could somehow single handedly invade AND occupy a major portion of the United States of America? Facts, the USA has approximately 315 million people. North Korea has 25 million people. The FBI approximates there are 200 million privately owned firearms in the USA, not counting those owned by Law Enforcement and the Military. If each and every man, woman and child in North Korea was suddenly a soldier, they still would be responsible for controlling 12 or 13 armed Americans. This also somehow assumes that America's allies, everyone from the Canadians, Europe, Japan, Israel, etc would not join and help. Heck, one could even make a case that the Chinese would find it in their economic self interest to liberate the USA. Would the heavily armed drug cartels in Mexico be ok with a bunch of invaders cutting them off with a new totalitarian regieme? The USA is where they make their money! I believed the concept in the 80's when there was a Soviet Bloc, but in 2012? Nope.
I just saw the first episode of Romeo x Juliet. It's an anime based on the famous Shakespearean play. The opening's "You Raise Me Up" in Japanese. So far, pretty good. Japan, can you remake some other plays? I vote for "Hamlet in Space". Make it so. In other news: THEY'RE REMAKING RED DAWN??? SERIOUSLY? What a stupid thing to do! And with North Korea as the enemy? F*** that, man, I'm watching Star Trek. Original Red Dawn was good, by the way. Red One, standing by. Red Two, standing by. Red Dwarf, standing by. (Keep it going!)
Good news: we get to see Thor beat the crap out of Communist invaders! Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor, is playing the main character in Red Dawn. I never saw the original Red Dawn, but from what I've seen, can we call this Red Dawn by it's real name: Homefront? They swapped out the Soviet Union for North Korea (who are the villains in Homefront).
Well they're remaking Red Dawn. God awful camp movie built on a Soviet Union around the time it was already in the process of completely collapsing eternally. Total Recall makes an iota of sense to remake, in a world where Castro is dead, China is accepting free enterprise, and North Korea's leadership switch is still ambiguous, it's laughably irrelevant. Awful film, terrible remake, imagine how many starving children could be fed feeding money into such ridiculously unoriginal industrial schlock. The world's stupidity utterly astounds me.
So the final season of Breaking bad has been awesome. Now I have a very important topic to discuss. One of my favorite movies has been remade. Red Dawn. Now this movie did not need to be remade. It is perfect as it is. I mean I am still going to see the remade version when it comes out around Thanksgiving even though it has a completely unrealistic scenario of North Korea invading the United Sates. Lol, North Korea. It was originally suppossed to be China, but due to political and economic relations with China, the government was not comfortable with making China the invading force, and they changed it to North Korea. So, I guess we will see how this comes out.
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So they're remaking Red Dawn with the ridiculous premise of North Korea invading U.S. soil. Stars of the movie include the dude who played Thor and Tom Cruise's son. This all means one thing: I cannot wait to see this movie. BTW, since Hollywood is remaking every movie ever made, why not remake two other 80's Cold War classics (Rocky IV and Top Gun)? For Rocky IV, they could get modern bands to remake all the original songs for what could be the second greatest movie soundtrack album of all time.
Guess what a new remake of the great american movie Red Dawn is coming out around thanksgiving time. I ts about the take over of the Pacific Northwest by North Korea and or China and the ensuing guerrila war by young americans against the red foe. A sequel is already in the works and rumors have George Lucas will wright the script- YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT
likes that in the new Red Dawn we are invaded by North Korea but thinks they wouldve made more money if Kim Jong Il were still alive cuz he'd definitely seen that more than once.
Heres on thing about "Red Dawn 2012..err 2009" thats kinda bothering me The notion of North Korea being able to invade a Dennys, much less the United States, is still laughable on it's face, why China doesn't bomb NK into the Stone Age for invading a country they've got billions of dollars invested in? Let's get real for a minute here - before the Wolverines would've even had time to gather ammo, wouldn't a Red Army detachment be in Pyonyang asking that they please stop touching their stuff?
They're remaking Red Dawn, with North Korea invading the US? North Korea can't even afford to invade an Apple Store.
In lieu of a regular trailer-trailer, our first look at the Red Dawn remake comes by way of an Entertainment Tonight segment with an announcer talking over
They're re-making Red Dawn. This time, the threat is North Korea. It stars Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. I'm pretty sure that the simple act of typing that just killed a small piece of my soul. :-\
the new "Red Dawn" movie has North Korea invading the USA. I bet Kim Jong Un would love to see it.
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