North Korea & Kim Jong Un

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Kim Jong-un also romanised as Kim Jong-eun or Kim Jung-eun, (born 8 January 1983 or 1984), is the current Supreme Leader of North Korea. 5.0/5

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Missile Wars: Where North Korea stands after ICBM launch - North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is on the cusp of ha...
Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war via
North Korea news LIVE: Latest as US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula in show of power..
'Tipping point for NUCLEAR WAR' North Korea threatens to spark WW3 after US bombing drill
I like culture of N. Korea and S. Korean. but dislike government of North Korea. NK Leader Kim Jong Un have chosen way to stupid.
Don't fear the Thucydides Trap. The case for action against North Korea:
North Korea tensions: South's president seeks meeting with Kim Jong Un | Do you believe in talking to a mad man?
🙄🤔Hmmm... I think North Korea 🇰🇵 & Kim Jong Un is test launching these missiles, is making way for Ob…
Everyone is worried about Kim Jong Un and North Korea, but we got our own crazy leader with nukes to worry about.
Kim Jong UN: "If we lose, I will burn the world. What good is the Earth without the Glorious Land of North Korea?"
Vladimir Putin rounds on North Korea with chilling threat as Kim ... - Daily Star
"Smart Cookie" or jobless leader? | Donald Trump needs to make up his mind about North Korea's Kim Jong-un -
just insulted Kim Jong Un and suggested Japan, South Korea and China go to war with North Korea. Get this psychopat…
"Trying to talk to supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is a waste of time." North Korea will not denuclearize.
While was dying in North Korea, said he would be "honored" to meet Kim Jong Un.…
Amid an escalating nuclear threat from North Korea, Kim Jong Un faces a double-edged sword from Japan and America
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In retaliation for Kim Jong Un murdering Otto Warmbier, Trump should bomb North Korea to kingdom come!
WATCH: South Korean president on dealing with North Korea and Kim Jong Un
North Korea might have camps that cut open the wombs of pregnant women. But at least Kim Jong Un didn't support Gamergate! h…
The only Americans in North Korea should be Navy SEALs sent to give Kim Jong Un an overdose of lead and Freedom. Merica.
North Korea accuses CIA and South Korea of plotting to assassinate Kim Jong Un
TIME "Dennis Rodman is performing the role of U.S. diplomats by engaging with Kim Jong Un. And that's a worry
Interesting point from "Donald Trump has called Kim Jong Un of North Korea a 'smart cookie' and called James…
North Korea demands that the U.S. hand over would-be assassins of Kim Jong Un
North Korea says it's seeking punishment for anyone involved in an alleged CIA-backed plot to kill Kim Jong Un
North Korea says it has right to 'ruthlessly punish' captured American citizens NO! Why is nothing being done??
Is Kim Jong-un cutting back on public executions for fear of growing unrest in North Korea? -…
North Korea vows to "mercilessly wipe out" Kim Jong Un assassination plotters, including the CIA http…
North Korea accuses CIA of plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un
North Korea's claim of plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un using biochemical weapons mimics its own misdeeds h…
A turncoat assassin sent to North Korea armed with “nano poison” to kill Leader Kim Jong Un? It is only the late...
North Korea thinks the CIA hired a lumberjack to assassinate Kim Jong Un with nano weapons
The consequences of open conflict between North Korea & the US would be catastrophic.
Iran and North Korea ‘SHARING EXPERTISE on ballistic missiles’ amid tensions with the US
North Korea is accusing US and South Korea of attempting to assassinate Kim Jong Un with a "bio-chemical substance"
North Korea accuses the U.S. of a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un
Trump says he'd be 'honored' to meet Kim Jong Un under right conditions: President Donald…
Trump: I'd be 'honored' to meet Kim Jong Un under 'right circumstances'.
CNN reports, Donald Trump says he would "honored" to meet assassin Kim Jong Un of North Korea. At this point, I'm thinking that if Satan(1)
Donald Trump on a potential meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un: "I would be honored to do it."
BREAKING: Trump willing to meet in person with North Korea's Kim Jong Un if circumstances are right. . h…
Tension with North Korea at a Fever Pitch: Inside the Mind of Kim Jong Un - Fox News: Fox News. Tension with North...
Trump to launch military action after North Korea fires ANOTHER missile
Lmao Kim Jong Un wildin out, is he tryna get North Korea vaporized off the map? 😂
North Korea fires another ballistic missile, the 75th of Kim Jong Un’s tenure.
Sec Tillerson lays out pressure campaign for North Korea at UN - love his unwavering steady ability via
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Trump: Xi is "a very good man;" US could have a "major" war w/ North Korea. And is that respect for Kim Jong Un?? https:…
North Korea elites see 'ineffective chief' in Kim Jong Un
North Korea has a death wish. Kim Jong Un is a hardliner but still a mellenial - kill em w/ kindness and attention.
First images from North Korea of military exercise overseen by Kim Jong Un, said to be largest of its kind in…
China puts bombers on 'high alert' as tensions with North Korea escalate
The USS Carl Vinson made headlines by being dispatched off of North Korea to guard against Kim Jong Un's...
‘Develop your country, not nukes’ Australia HITS BACK at North Korea over missile threat
What would happen if Trump went to war with North Korea?
Kim Jong Un visits pig farm while people in North Korea starve
North Korea threatens to sink US aircraft carrier
Russian television turns on Trump in favor of North Korea.
Kim Jong-un and North Korea: How propaganda and a cult of personality blinds and binds…
China’s DEADLY new warship fires missiles off coast of North Korea as WW3 fears mount.
Uh...Trump says Bill Clinton was "outplayed" by "this gentleman..."Makes clear he things Kim Jong Il is Kim Jong Un. ht…
NEWS! Kim Jong Un dead... North Korea say its leader has died of envy after seeing the hairstyle of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson!
Kim Jong Un shows off North Korea missiles as world on edge [Orange County Register]
Who is Kim Il-sung? North Korea prepares to celebrate Kim Jong-uns grandfather
North Korea news LIVE: Latest updates as Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump inch closer to WW3
1) So many people have no idea how dangerous North Korea is, they are dangerous in a different way than ISIS. Kim Jong Un…
China warns countries not to allow North Korea situation to go down 'irretrievable' path
China warns war could break out 'at any moment' over North Korea
A military parade is underway in North Korea where Kim Jong Un is expected to show off some of the country's arsenal
North Korea displays apparently new missiles as US carrier group…
Fact is will strike North Korea how, when and where he wants and there's nothing lil Kim Jong un can d…
North Korea threatens to fire nuclear missiles if attacked first .
Iran warned to TAKE NOTE as US claims nuclear blast by North Korea is 'closer than ever'
Reporting from Pyongyang, North Korea where we saw Kim Jong Un for the first time this trip unveiling a new skyscraper &…
1st images of North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly, presided over by Kim Jong Un, w/ giant statues of his father & gr…
Spying on North Korea: US Air Force keeps eye on Kim Jong Un
See parts of North Korea Kim Jong Un never wanted the world to see in “Secret State of North Korea.” 4/4 on
Trump plans on dealing with North Korea by challenging Kim Jong Un to a Bad Dictator's Haircut contest.
Donald Trump: I'm willing to act alone on North Korea
North Korea defector says Britain and the US need to 'eliminate' Kim Jong-Un now
Why Is Kim Jong Un Our Problem? - "If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will." So President Donald Tr...
Donald Trump vows to 'solve North Korea' problem
If Kim Jong Un wants to avoid war, he must offer Trump a sweet deal on hotels in North Korea *immediately*. It's his best h…
The body of Kim Jong Un's murdered half-brother is returning to North Korea
It should be Kim Jong Un's barber the people of North Korea should be worshiping
North Korea accuses John Mccain of 'blasphemy' for calling Kim Jong-un 'that crazy fat kid' via
today released body of assassinated to the half brother of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un
North Korea says there'll be *** to pay John Mccain called Kim Jong Un a 'crazy fat kid' via
Senator John Mccain called North Korea's Kim Jong Un a "Crazy Fat Kid". I think I like John Mccain again. For now. LOL ..
Calling Kim Jong Un fat might as well be a declaration of war, North Korea says
McCain knocks North Korea over criticism for calling Kim Jong Un "crazy fat kid"
Now I Get It: What we know about Kim Jong Un and why North Korea is isolated
I'm sure Kim Jong Un said the same about North Korea at some point
North Korea's Kim Jong Un is starving his people to pay for nuclear weapons
Sounds like something they'd say in North Korea about Kim Jong Un.
Humiliation for Kim Jong Un as his rocket EXPLODES seconds after launch
North Korea's Kim Jong Un talks a lot about striking his enemies via
I think we can all put aside our differences & thank John Mccain for calling Kim Jong Un “this crazy fat kid that’s runn…
Somewhere in North Korea, Kim Jong Un, Satan and ISIS are cheering for Duke.
Kim Jong Nam's murder not the first time North Korea has run into trouble in Southeast Asia. I dig into the history.
Kim Jong Un needs to be eliminated! People of North Korea been abused for 2 long! Hate war and violence, but time 4 him 2 die💣
A photo timeline of the tangled history of North Korea's Kim Jong Un
Inside Trump's looming nuclear crisis with North Korea
China to take measures over U.S. missile system deployed in South Korea hours after North Korea missile launch.
North Korea and its Leader Kim Jong Un continue to unsettle world leaders
US says it has to see 'positive action' from North Korea
Malaysia says it won't release body of Kim Jong Un's half-brother to North Korea without DNA from the Kim family.
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45 is to Amurika what Kim Jong Un is to North Korea: Big Threat. Fret not: Califo…
It takes one to know one. Trump now believes NK is the greatest immediate threat because "Kim Jong Un may be crazy" . https…
Trump worried Kim Jong Un 'may be crazy'
Me: h- . Fox News: North Korea's Leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly stolen all the babies and cooked them in a stew.
North Korea 'executes five officials over false reports to Kim Jong Un'
Report: North Korea executes officials for 'enraging' Kim Jong Un No wonder I have no followers from N. Korea !!!
Assassination of Kim Jong Un's half brother is a reminder of North Korea's chemical, biological weapon stockpile
Russia to CRACKDOWN on North Korea after Kim Jong-nam’s murder
North Korea denies it was behind the killing of Kim Jong-Un's half-brother in Malaysia
JUST IN: North Korea insists man murdered at Kuala Lumpur airport is not half-brother of Kim Jong Un, wants joint inves…
The CIA found out Kim Jong Un had a daughter from Dennis Rodman. That's how little we know about North Korea.
Kim Jong Un consolidates power in North Korea's Game of Thrones
North Korea has been trying to assassinate him for years. by
murder: Kim Jong Un cements power in North Korea's Game of Thrones.
Big up Kim Jong un assassinating your half brother just to be the dictator of North Korea 🇰🇵 have to say like your style
The head of Kim Jong Un's feared secret police has been purged via
North Korea,s Kim Jong Un welcomed by an American celebrity😜
North Korea sacking minister of state security Kim Won Hong marks 'crack in the elite', says key defector
the most interesting thing I've learned in college: Kim Jong Un's brother couldn't be North Korea's leader because he snuck into Disneyland
'Kim Jong Un wants to meet Trump, and one day North Korea will attack America' says high profile defector
The people of North Korea begin to revolt against their Leader Kim Jong Un. MORE HERE:
Poor ...maybe he'd like living in North Korea with his pal Kim Jong Un
. I understand that Kim Jong Un is very popular in North Korea. It is puzzling. 🤔
As inauguration nears, similarities between Trump & dictators like Putin, Kim Jong Un & Duterte become more evident. http…
Anime actually originates in North Korea, though the Japanese simply stole it from our Great Leader Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong Un sanctions the biggest rave in North Korea " the bass will conquer the south "
Freedom and Human Rights in North Korea: Five years of Kim Jong Un: Are Human Rights gettin...
Kim Jong-Un's sister has been put on a US sanctions list over North Korea's Human Rights record
No great fanfare for Kim Jong Un's birthday in North Korea
Preparing for the worst: How to escape Kim Jong Un
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Kim Jong Un hints at North Korea test of intercontinental ballistic missle - CBS News
North Korea 'close to testing long-range missiles': North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un says it is ..
North Korea's Kim Jong Un said that the country was close to test-launching an intercontinental ballistic missile…
Kim Jong Un says North Korea is close to test-launch intercontinental nuclear missile
Kim Jong Un says North Korea is in "final stages" of developing long-range missiles.
KimJongUn bans Xmas, replaces it with Grandma worship. North Korea is more ridiculous than
STEALING CHRISTMAS: Kim Jong-un demands Christians in North Korea celebrate his grandmother's birthday instead of Jesus…
Sky News Sky Views: Kim Jong-Un is having the last laugh Sky News There was a time when North Korea's latest leader…
I don't know why Kim Jong Un is so upset. An apologist like Ban Ki Moon would be perfect for North Korea!.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un has been invited to be DNC Chair. Liz Warren, Keith Ellison & Howard Dean argued Un is just too mode…
Defying skeptics, Kim Jong Un marks five years at the helm of North Korea — the world’s most repressive regime…
North Korea is officially my favorite improv troupe.
Report: North Korea on alert after anti-Kim Jong Un flyers found
Signs of instability in North Korea? -
Send Michael Moore over to North Korea to impress Kim Jong Un with his windbag rhetoric!
Kim Jong Un's wife spotted in public for the first time in nine months
It's Kim Jong Un he heard how well you Latvia trip went and wants you to do a promo…
Kim Jong-un bans sarcasm in North Korea fearing people will only agree with him 'ironically':
Survey: 9 in 10 North Korea defectors say life worsened under Kim Jong Un
People in China are calling Kim Jong Un fat, and North Korea isn't happy about it via
North Korea has made a state request for officials in China to stop calling Kim Jong-un "fat":.
Kim Jong-un reportedly wants North Korea to produce the next Lionel Messi.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has 'promised' that North Korea will produce players more talented than Lionel Messi... ht…
North Korea asks China to block search results for Kim Jong Un nickname ‘Kim Fatty the Third’
South Korea can kill Kim Jong Un, if North attacks
North Korea just released a propaganda video that features Kim Jong Un dancing to Pitbull while wearing a Rutgers basketball jersey
bae: come over. Kim Jong Un : I'm busy leading North Korea . bae: my parents aren't home
Kudos to Kim Jong Un for putting his time & resources into the major flooding problem in North Korea's northeast.
US ends B1 strike bombers to scare North Korea...halted by RAIN
'North Korea will probably keep testing nukes no matter what the US does': can China help UN in restraining
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
North Korea ‘will be reduced ‘to ashes’ if Kim Jong-un continues to threaten nuclear war
How far will they go this is as corrupt as North Korea's Kim Jong-un getting 100% of 'yes' votes in election in 2014 htt…
North Korea : Kim Jong-un is playing with Battlefield PC games. Kim Jong-un is a game freack. *** leader
Imagine Kim Jong Un of North Korea is ruling Quota India? WoW!! Kannada cat will not mew at TN rat.
North Korea preparing to test another nuclear weapon
"Kim Jong-un’s growing nuclear arsenal could force US back to negotiating table with North Korea."
North Korea has secret nuclear tunnel & will carry out bomb tests despite severe warnings: North Korea ha...
North Korea says Obama's push for sanctions laughable: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is pictured all the wa...
Kim Jong Un has banned sarcasm in North Korea
Was he being sarcastic? Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm in North Korea:
Kim Jong Un, perhaps he will invite Obamy and his administration on how to run a Utopia like North Korea, Sarcasm naw.
I want to live in North Korea. Bijj Kim Jong un
North Korea executes TWO MORE cabinet officials as Kim Jong-un's reign of terror goes on
North Korea: Kim Jong-un reportedly orders two officials to be executed by anti-aircraft guns via
North Korea executes vice-premier for showing 'disrespect' by falling asleep during meeting via
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I'm sure North Korea would give Kaepernick a home. I hear Kim Jong-Un likes athletes. He could have his own team.
North Korea has executed a vice premier for showing disrespect during a meeting presided over by leader Kim Jong-Un, and banished two...
Fall asleep on the job in North Korea? Get blasted to pieces with an anti-aircraft gun.
Report: North Korea's Kim Jong Un has man executed for nodding off.
Mike is looking more like Kim Jong Un everyday, the only difference Mike is that this is NSW not North Korea.
Continuously, the ruling class in North Korea flee the country. In fact, they could be sings that regime of Kim Jong Un is collapsing.
Obama to Kim Jong Un when he goes to North Korea to try and sort this out
North Korea to the US: You can kiss a nuke-free Korean peninsula goodbye: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un (C)...
Wow, this is huge: The U.S. has sanctioned North Korea's Kim Jong Un by name for Human Rights abuses.
U.S. imposes first sanctions on North Korea's Kim Jong Un over 'notorious' rights abuses:
US sanctions North Korea's Kim Jong-un for the first time.
North Korea's parliament awarded Kim Jong Un a new post, adding to a long list of titles for the young leader.
Pyonghattan 2.0: More Skyscrapers Go up in N. Korea Capital: At the order of Kim Jong Un, North Korean
North Korea after Kim Jong Il: The Kim Jong Un era & its challenges (2012) by R. Frank &
Emmigrate to North Korea. Walk around carrying a sign that says "Kim Jong Un is a poopy head" in Korean.
Kim Jong-un inspects the arms: Don't kid yerself folks. North Korea duz have weapons of mass destruction.
Imagine going to North Korea and defacing posters with Kim Jong-Un's face on it? Imagine being that thick?
reaffirms his commitment to North Korea sanctions. Kim Jong Un's message to China. betrayed. htt…
North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un calls for more rocket launches
Kim Jong Un says North Korea has a miracle drug that can cure cancer, AIDS and Ebola.
North Korea: Having nukes in his pocket is Kim Jong Un's ultimate security blanket
gives credit to North Korea's Kim Jong Un for doing away with uncle & generals https…
Kim Jong Un cannot be the current President of North Korea, since Kim Il Sung, his grandfather, holds the title...
Pro snowboarders head to North Korea to test Kim Jong-un's new ski resort
Kim Jong-Un has invited snowboarders to North Korea (and threatened war, again)..
North Korea is ready for war - Kim Jong Un - GhanaWeb: GhanaWebNorth Korea is ready for war - Kim Jon...
Kim Jong Un has been testing out North Korea's new subway system in Pyongyang. Kim was spotted lounging around on red leather seats while
or Kim Jong Un taking credit that North Korea did it,but yes ISIS will make such a claim
SKorea report says UN chief to visit North Korea for possible meeting with Leader Kim Jong Un
A state funeral in North Korea has sparked another fresh round of purge rumours after one of Kim Jong-Un's most powerful aides was omitted
How did North Korea report on this week's family reunions? As a victory for Kim Jong Un, of course.: North Kor...
Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea during his glorious days as a student at UTM Skudai,…
You planet's leader, Kim Jong Un, has already been to Mars and claimed it for North Korea.
Kim Jong-Un turns surfer dude in his latest bid to win tourists to North Korea
Here's what North Korea will apparently look like if Kim Jong Un gets his way...
North Korea has almost 3 million people at risk of starvation, while Kim Jong Un spent $500 million on yachts, parties, and food in 2012.
Surfin' North Korea: Kim Jong Un wants to build surfing resort in secretive state
Kim Jong Un wants to turn North Korea into one of the world’s top surfing destinations.
Kim Jong Un keeps North Korea famously under wraps. Rare photos of life in the Hermit Kingdom:
Aliens from Pluto make 1st Contact in North Korea! Kim Jong Un angers the aliens! They unleash the Zombie Plague! …
CNN: Younger sister of Kim Jong Un gains power in North Korea
A rising power behind the throne in Kim Jong Un's North Korea might be his own sister:
North Korea: We're not interested in Iran-style nuclear talks
North Korea bans foreign diplomats from possessing media critical of Kim Jong Un via
who pleaded guilty to conclude North Korea, even if Kim Jong Un's regime collapses - Yonhap
Invitation to former first lady Lee Hee *** to visit North Korea came directly from Kim Jong Un
North Korea faces worst drought in a century. Kim Jong Un said to be unavailable for comment.
VIDEO of Kim Jong Un watching submarine missile launch! [North Korea]
. North Korea stiffens control of Japanese AV. :-/.
turns out Kim Jong Un is the only football fan in North Korea ^^
Sources in North Korea suggest Kim Jong-un's popularity is rapidly declining,
Kim Jong-un in pictures: The bizarre photoshoots of North Korea's leader
Reuters has picture of North Korea's Kim Jong Un touring new orphanage -- raising next generation of sociopaths. http…
Overheard at new photo op from North Korea's Kim Jong-Un
More on the recent North Korea purges:
The Beautician and the Beast 2:Curls in North Korea. teaches Kim Jong Un how to love again.
"My dream is to go to North Korea and kill Kim Jong Un. I promise you I will kill him." - Sarah Kelly
North Korea 'could DESTROY London and kill THOUSANDS with devastating cyber attacks'
Just in case Kim Jong Un decides to leave North Korea, he should also contact Poroshenko for a governor job.
Nobody's safe in North Korea. Dan Pinkston on Kim Jong-un's latest victim in the
Kim Jong-Un to come to New Zealand to watch the North Korea games?
3 WEIRD similarities between North Korea's leader and our own
Congratulations To Kim Jong-Un on winning the Eurovision Song Contest for North Korea. Awesome performance
I wonder if Kim Jong un will tell the people of North Korea that they won eurovision?
Kim Jong Un has just announced that North Korea have won
America absolutely loved how North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un killed it on -
On the orders of Kim Jong Un the Defense of North Korea was executed with a Flak.
North Korea's titular head of state to visit Moscow instead of Kim Jong Un: SEOUL (Reuters) - North Kore...
North Korea's troubling nuclear progress North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un stands on the snow-covered top of Mount...
I promise I will never do a deal with Kim Jong Un to supply North Korea with hamsters
New pictures of North Korea's Kim Jong Un raise more questions:.
Kim Jong Un learned to drive at age 3, according to a textbook in North Korea.
North Korea reportedly recruiting women to join 'pleasure squad' for Kim Jong Un
Breaking news (North Korea): Beloved Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, has landed a plane on a golf course, scoring 18 holes in one.
Add brilliance! Digital artist asks why we laugh at North Korea
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Korea Advisor - Dean Gaffney goes to North Korea to see if he can sort out the troubles with Kim Jong-un http…
Kim Jong UN is a traitor to the people of North Korea!! He murders and imprisons his own people!!
look at President Kim Jong Un of North Korea,he is a young man,but he's chubby-cheeked, short,rounded&a dictator,I don't like him
a longer article about Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un looks set to visit Russia in May: After three years in power, North Korean leader Ki...
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un could be opening a restaurant in Scotland and serving national favorites such as dog, experts said.
Watch the video North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un observes flight combat drill on Yahoo News . North Korea's state-run television releases still photographs of its Leader Kim Jong Un observing a flight combat drill by fighters and bomber groups.Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
.Let's send Sumanadasa to North Korea and make him bless Kim Jong-un.
"And I say to you that many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven" Matt. 8:11 God Morning to you, Prayer Warriors, aka, "WORLD CHANGERS" today's prayer focus is our Christian brothers n sisters in North Korea and the Chhetri people group of Nepal and South Asia. thank you for joining me in prayer, God bless, simply brother hubert. PS. Please say a prayer for North Korean great Leader Kim Jong Un, and his lovely wife Ri Sol-Ju. thanks!
Qld LNP has been receiving secret donations from Kim Jong-un of North Korea... Unless you can prove otherwise Campbell?
.Reality is: Revolution60 looks like the North Korea of games, and is crazier than Kim Jong-un.
Russian FM: North Korea's Kim Jong Un is 'positive' about invitation to visit Moscow in May: Russi...
Pack your bags: North Korea, even if Kim Jong Un to "protect the supreme authority" of the current leader - Yonhap
North Korea has a election every year. There is only 1 person to vote for, Kim Jong Un.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un mulls Russia for his world debut
As of recent not only has the United States been under attack from the White House and law makers over 1st Amendment rights but the outsourcing of that fight has been underway.  North Korea decided the movie titled, "the Interview" was to risque and made cyber threats that if the movie were to be released it would hack major movie makers. The threat was met with extreme caution throughout all of Hollywood. A petition was presented to major stars to support the movies release presented by none other than George Clooney and it wasn't received well at all. Clooney was unable to get a single signature and after a very short stint the petition was dismissed. Later it was learned N. Korea had help in the hacking scheme and was indirectly responsible.       The hack took place even though Sony Pictures pulled it and the U.S. in defiance grew angry over the inability to see the film due to threats from a Dictator like Kim Jong Un. The idea was that of how could any extension of the U.S. bow to demands over C ...
Secrets of North Korea... Just a matter of time. Crazy to think that Kim Jong Un was brought up just like a regular person... But has no experience or credibility...
North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un says open to summit with South - Reuters
Kim Jong Un has upgraded himself from 'Leader of North Korea' to 'Supreme Leader of North Korea' by adding sour cream and extra cheese.
If 32 year old Kim Jong Un lived like his father up to 70 while in control of North Korea, who himself only held power for 17 years versus Kim Jong Il's potential for a 38 year reign, then I can expect 38 years of a relatively stable economic climate...this affordable technological platform made in China.
Kim Jong Un issued a mandate for all men, women, and children in North Korea to over-tweeze their eyebrows to a length lik…
To our Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy): Please don't make it hard for Pope Francis. His main purpose to visit the Philippines is to go to the poor and the typhoon victims.which is something YOU hardly ever do. That State Dinner with him is really unnecessary. And most likely, that OUR money that you're spending it on.perhaps a million something pesos. The Filipinos are suffering.and you won't do anything to fix the problems such as the MRT-LRT price hike. Seriously, you might as well just shut down the MRT and LRT, because everyday, train commuters get robbed of their hard earned money...just thru the train! You were never pro-poor, Mr. President. You are only just power tripping, just like the incompetent Kim Jong Un of North Korea. You are both the same. - Concerned Citizen
North Korea shouldn't have thrown a fit about the interview. If anything, I want to be friends with this Kim Jong Un.
As the rhetoric heats up, we argue that America was too quick to blame North Korea for the hack attack on Sony
North Korea has officially stated that Kim Jong Un mastered driving at the age of 3.
.How can you be worried about Kim Jong-un and North Korea when Joseph Kony is still on the loose???
Yesterday, President Obama announced he would slap sanctions on North Korea in wake on their cyber attack on Sony. When the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was informed of our president's actions, he threw a temper tantrum which lasted over 20 minutes. In response to this inappropriate behavior, President Obama announced additional sanctions aimed directly at The Supreme Leader. As of today Kim Jong Un's membership card to Chuck E. Cheese has been revoked for an indefinite period of time, his Netflix account has been frozen until further notice, and starting Monday, every day after school the Supreme Leader will go straight to his room where he will find his Playstation 4 has been removed. After his room restriction has been completed, The Supreme Leader will be allowed an hour a day of play in the yard. In addition, The Supreme Leader will not be allowed to play with Dennis Rodman for 6 months. It is unknown at this time how The Supreme Leader responded to these new restrictions.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un open to 'highest-level' talks with South
On 17 December 2011, Kim Jong Un became the leader of North Korea. Two days later, on 19 December 2011, I started my first scan of North Korean Internet space. I was curious to see if their new leader would result in change on their Internet. That was three years ago. I've been keeping an eye on tha…
Sony is bringing The Interview to cable and satellite TV Hundreds more independent theaters will show the movie The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony Pictures has completed deals that will bring to cable and satellite packages in the US, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirectTV. The company says the movie, which sees James Franco and Seth Rogen visit North Korea to blow up Kim Jong Un's head, will be available to rent or buy on major pay-TV services over the next few days. CEO of Sony Pictures, reportedly stepped in to personally orchestrate the deal that will make the movie available on the small screen. The move will mean that the controversial film, the target of ire from the North Korean regime, can already be seen online, on subscription TV services, and in hundreds of independent theaters, little more than a week after its official release. THE CEO OF Sony Pictures REPORTEDLY SPEARHEADED THE DEAL Sony Pictures said last week that the movie had pulled in $15 million through digital sale ...
For anyone who missed it, spend a half hour with and Rodman in North Korea. Feels like taking crazy pills: https:/…
2012: North Korea - Kim Jong-un was officially declared the new Supreme Leader ~ at age 28 or 29, he is the world's yo…
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un said in a New Year's speech Thursday that he is open to more talks or even a summit with his South Korean counterpart, a statement welcomed by Seoul, which in turn urged the North to...
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