North Korea & Hermit Kingdom

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Hermit kingdom is a term applied to any country, organization, or society which willfully walls itself off, either metaphorically or physically, from the rest of the world. 5.0/5

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Just look at North Korea vs South Korea to see what hermit kingdom's really look like. [Race of co…
OMG! Before we know it, North Korea won't be the only Hermit Kingdom.
Hermit kingdom. . North Korea and my house.
broadens sanctions on (understanding North Korea in the age:…
South Korea is preparing to hit North Korea where it hurts, if the Hermit Kingdom strikes the first blow.
North Korea&&Men&A sign of capitalism in the Hermit Kingdom? - Christian Science Monitor
Trying to make sense of North Korea, the "Hermit Kingdom":
North Korea's 'Mad Men': A sign of capitalism in the Hermit Kingdom?
Latest blog post about our week in North Korea without the tandem but with
Photographer snaps beautiful scenes of happy, prosperous North Korea.
Even a hermit kingdom like North Korea has better roads than Kenya or most of Africa, are we cursed?
North Korea's only ally, China, is being urged to use its influence to rein in the Hermit Kingdom. CNN's Michael Holmes talks to the
North Korea's new satellite flew over Super Bowl site: The Hermit Kingdom now has two satellites circling the ...
News Update Patience with North Korea is running out - Telegraph View: Unless the hermit kingdom is made to pay...
The international community is scrambling for solutions to deter North Korea from further weapons testing.
Time for America to realize the role atheism (a religion) has had in keeping North Korea a "hermit kingdom"
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Fiorina "isolate North Korea" HUH? Aren't they called the hermit kingdom ?
North Korea is called the Hermit Kingdom cause they're already isolated...
Fun fact: punishing families for the actions of people is what North Korea does to keep its hermit kingdom in line
An extended portrait of North Korea, "the Hermit Kingdom"
Kim Jong Un keeps North Korea famously under wraps. Rare photos of life in the Hermit Kingdom:
North Korea 'cures Aids, cancer and Ebola with single wonder drug' The Hermit Kingdom has done it again 👍👏
'North Korea is not the “Hermit Kingdom” it once was...' Journalist followed North Koreans on their escape
A cracking from the Hermit Kingdom: Has North Korea cured AIDS?
A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom. A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Year…
While the world’s attention focuses on North Korea’s cyberwar with Sony, the Hermit Kingdom is rapidly increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons material, with little real pushback from the United States. A new analysis of North Korea’s nuclear...
ALERT -- Sony Hack is Almost Certainly an Inside Job (by Paul Joseph Watson) -- The FBI will release a statement today blaming North Korea and its allies China, Iran and Russia for the Sony hack, while President Obama will also give a press conference in which he will finger the Hermit Kingdom as the culprit, despite the fact that the evidence overwhelmingly suggests North Korea was not responsible for the attack and that it was more likely an inside job. The Stalinist state will be implicated for the hack attack despite the fact that, as the New York Times reported, “It is not clear how the United States determined that Mr. Kim’s government had played a central role in the Sony attacks.” It is also likely that the hackers had “inside help” from a Sony employee given that, “Embedded in the malicious code were the names of Sony servers and administrative credentials that allowed the malware to spread across Sony’s network.” Despite the FBI as of just a few days ago focusing on a Sony employ ...
In another bizarre report from the Hermit Kingdom, members of North Korea's Workers' Party were executed for secretly watching South Korean television broadcasts. more Source:: Zee News
Known as the "Hermit Kingdom", North Korea puzzles the outside world with its secretive culture and devoted admiration of Kim Jong Il. Nepalese eye surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit and a team from National Geographic team up to document its hidden realities.
Kind of puts that report last week about the leaked plans for a collapse of the North Korean regime in a new light.but then again, maybe if China had somewhere legitimate to focus their recent angst, they could quit pissing on every other leg in the region. In fact, People's Republic of China (Communist) and the Republic of China (Nationalist) could start a war with North Korea and South Korea and give their troops and their officers some hands on combat experience, because God knows there's not an soldier in the entire PLA and ROCAF that has any real combat experience other than latrine duty on peacekeeping missions, and the only officers who've seen combat are well over seventy. And we could have that wingnut with the bosky hairdo out of power and North Korea could go from the Hermit Kingdom and South Korea to being People's Republic of China's (Communist) and the Republic of China's (Nationalist) new Special Administrative Region . SWEET!!
We all know North Korea is weird. But for curious travelers, this spooky controlling-ness is exactly what makes the Hermit Kingdom such an alluring getaway. Nor...
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North Korea Day 1 The day had finally arrived - the day I boarded the train to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, North Korea to most of us. The country is known as the 'Hermit Kingdom' and has a policy of Isolationism and as such a country full of Mystery & intrigue. Like many others I've watched the documentaries on YouTube and so it was now my chance to experience it first hand (well at least what they will show me). Before boarding the train I collected my visa and my train ticket. The visa is not in your passport, but a separate piece of paper. I boarded the train in Dandong, the Chinese border city with the DPRK, officially left China, crossed over the river dividing the two countries and entered the Korean border city of Sinjinji?. This is where the Passport control, immigration and custom formalities take place to enter the DPRK. I'd read horror stories about these 'formalities'. A big long list of prohibited items - No GPS devices, no mobile phones, no newspapers, no video camera's, no ina ...
Mike Hucksterbee (sic) thinks "sometimes there is more freedom in North Korea than in America" If you truly believe that the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea has more freedom than here in the US - 2 things are come to mind. 1. You are an *** and 2. Those of us who have working neurons would like you to move to the Hermit Kingdom.. put out your soap box and attempt to speak your glaringly misinformed opinions - the over/under on your life expectancy starts at 15 minutes and I will take the under.
Vice's "Hermit Kingdom" episode about North Korea is the most fascinating, bizarre installment yet.
flying ORD-PEK last fall before a trip to FNJ (Pyongyang, North Korea). Anticipation of visit to the hermit kingdom was killing us!
My friend Barney Warf, a geography professor at the University Of Kansas, is presenting the following paper which may be of interest to Korea RPCVs living in the Tampa area: Abstract Title: The Hermit Kingdom in Cyberspace: Unveiling the North Korean Internet It is part of the Paper Session: New Spaces of Internet Activity 1: Cyber-infrastructure, Cyber-geopolitics and the State. Association of American Geographers annual meeting in Tampa, Florida. Scheduled on Saturday, 4/12/2014 at 8:00 AM, in the Tampa Convention Center. Abstract: Arguably the world's most secretive government, North Korea remains largely isolated from the global information economy. However, despite stereotypes that the country lacks internet access entirely, it has recently shown signs of an emerging cyberstructure and population of netizens. This paper examines its internet in three stages. It opens with a contrast between the enormous differences between cyberspace in North and South Korea. Second, it explores the details of the in ...
While it might be called the “Hermit Kingdom,” North Korea is seeing a lot of change.Some of those changes were evident in the recent Frontline docume
A unique glimpse at life in North Korea from a man who recently visited Pyongyang: via
North Korea photojournalist named 'Instagram photographer of the year'
A groundbreaking new documentary is using smuggled footage to paint a new and dramatic picture of the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea. Much of the world sees Nor...
An amazing look at Hermit Kingdom: My trip video to North Korea
.As a lover of 'places less traveled,' this is a great portrait of the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea.
Students from North Korea study at Tsinghua University, China: "...light at the end of that tunnel."
Meth-making in North Korea: talks to a dealer from the Hermit Kingdom.
Call it NK360? I did an interesting hit earlier today with Singaporean photographer Aram Pan who flew to North Korea to shoot a series of 360 degree professional panoramic photos in Pyongyang and around. Pan says he hopes his work can build bridges and open minds and that he never felt unsafe in the oft-called hermit kingdom. Check out his photos and listen to what he says.
North Korea in panoramic splendor. New images surfacing give fresh perspective of hermit kingdom.
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Home sick today but trying to get caught up on my reading. "The Hidden People of North Korea. Everyday life in the Hermit Kingdom. By Ralph Hassing and Kongdan Oh. Fascinating book.
23,000 disappeared from North Korea prison. UN investigating.
What happened to the 22,000 prisoners that were at North Korea's Prison Camp 22?. Guess. Or maybe Rodman knows.
Pure Evil in North Korea...RT: Harm in the Hermit Kingdom via
North Korea proudly announced that their hermit kingdom will soon launch a manned mission to the Sun.
Rights Commission: grave violations of human rights in North Korea: via
Please join me in prayer today for the 24.6 million people in North Korea; religious activity almost nonexistent. The "Hermit Kingdom" is a repressive nightmare, where the people are kept ignorant of the outside world and forcibly indoctrinated into the bizarre doctrines and policies of the "Dear Leader." He has made 70 bronze statues and tens of thousands of other monuments, towers and figures of KimII-Sung. Food shortages are often severe, forcing starving North Koreans to desperate measures to feed their families. Pray that, in some form, food might arrive to sustain their lives without their resorting to crime or sin. This is a very difficult country for Christians; up to 100,000 Christians are interned in labor camps. Possessing the Bible, saying "GOD" or "Jesus" and meeting believers are punishable by death. Pray for North Korean believers, that they persevere in what is probably the most difficult country in which to be a Christian. Many South Korean Christian broadcasts reach far into Nort ...
E-Mail This 12 Jang Jin-sung knows what it’s like to grow up brainwashed. As a child in North Korea, he had only happy memories — but that’s because he didn’t know any better, he says. “I hadn’t seen the outside world,” he told FRONTLINE. “I didn’t have any reference points to distinguish between good and evil.” As a young man, he was appointed as a government propagandist, writing editorials and columns that touted the North’s successes to South Koreans, along with “epic poems” about the Supreme Leader. The job came with a major perk: As a trusted official, Jang was allowed access to South Korean books and television shows that were banned for ordinary North Koreans. “The instant I saw those books, my thoughts just changed,” Jang said. He saw how much more developed South Korea was, and how far behind his own country had fallen. “The more I realized these things, I felt myself more and more alone.” “North Koreans have lived for so long with an absence of real informati ...
New article: Back to North Korea - Northeastern Adventure! This is the first of 10 postings about my second trip to the DPRK, which was basically nothing like the first one. Experience the rougher side of North Korea and let me show you some areas only a few people outside of the Hermit Kingdom have ever seen! feel free to share this link with anybody who might be interested - I am happy about every additional reader and feedback!)
Today we will have posts about the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea. ASSC will share a great video from CNN, touching on Dennis Rodman's recent visit and the cracks that may be developing in Kim Jung-Un's grip on power. On a more optimistic note, we'll look at how the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a joint venture of the North and South Korean governments, might be a positive way forward to better relations on the Korean Peninsula.
DENIS RODMAN of Hermit Kingdom fame aka North Korea, former NBA World Champion, has entered rehab after that last new conference. Rehab has already named a sandwich after him, an he has his own golf cart.
China - supporting dictators world wide not a good investment? --- a commentary China’s Dictatorship Diplomacy Implodes All around the world China’s support for authoritarian states is backfiring. By Zachary Keck January 11, 2014 A few years back it was fashionable in some circles to talk about China’s dictatorship diplomacy. This term referred to Beijing’s close economic and sometimes political cooperation with international pariah states, particularly resource rich ones. Core members of this group included Iran, Venezuela, Sudan and Zimbabwe, and to a lesser extent, North Korea and Burma. Often times, China’s dictatorship diplomacy was portrayed as an important advantage Beijing had over Western governments. That is, China was willing to overlook these governments’ human rights abuses, while Western governments largely shunned them. Beijing was able to reap the benefits of a lack of competition. I always felt this notion was problematic on a number of counts, starting with its suggestion th ...
North Korea has been back in the headlines. From the execution of Leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle to former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s latest trip to Pyongyang, events tied to the so-called Hermit Kingdom have left many observers scratching their heads. So what does it all mean? Is Kim firmly in control of the country? How does his leadership compare with that of his late father’s? Is Rodman’s “basketball diplomacy” likely to be effective? Daniel Pinkston, deputy project director for Northeast Asia at the International Crisis Group, will be taking GPS readers' questions on North Korea. Please leave your questions in the comments section below.
Demystifying the Hermit Kingdom: the constitution and public administration in North Korea
Inside the Hermit Kingdom: The grim present and uncertain future of North Korea: Kim Jung-un has big shoes to ...
There's a reason that the historical nickname of the "Hermit Kingdom" for the old unified Korea is now applied to the closed North Korea - officially known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).
Christmas in North Korea!.. Brilliant idea. British company "Koryo" offering Holiday trips to the Hermit Kingdom. Fa la la la in Pyongyang.
Dennis Rodman Returns to North Korea: The retired NBA star says he's heading back to the Hermit Kingdom to... THR
Want to watch something interesting? Watch vice's vid on North Korea. YouTube the hermit kingdom.
Don't tell me I did not give enough notice A great speaker 9/5 Bob Canepa on North Korea: The Hermit Kingdom.
Wow! I just watched this North Korea show. Unbelievable VICE on HBO: Episode 10 - The Hermit Kingdom:
Inside North Korea: Peter Goodspeed recalls the grey, empty streets of the Hermit Kingdom. .
What North Korea could learn from Myanmar? (CNN) -- One question that policymakers might have overlooked in trying to come up with a long-term strategy toward North Korea is this: Could the Hermit Kingdom be the next Myanmar? Myanmar, widely known by its former name of Burma, was once a pariah, but it has surprised almost everyone by becoming a Western investor's dream. While there are significant differences between Myanmar and North Korea, there are similarities that prompt the same Southeast Asian investors who correctly predicted Myanmar's turnaround to be optimistic about North Korea's future. Until recently, Myanmar's only ally was China. For over a decade, the international community placed sanctions on Myanmar for its human rights violations, including the house arrest of the prominent activist Aung San Suu Kyi. But the junta drastically changed direction and endorsed a U.S. road map for reform -- a process that led to the U.S. lifting its export ban in September. Today, an emancipated Suu Kyi is ...
The persistent, ineradicable, and always-confounding Hermit Kingdom of North Korea, in
"It all relates to Choco Pies": smuggled goods in North Korea's Hermit Kingdom (story by Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, BBC)
Smuggled Choco Pies and the "Hermit Kingdom" of North Korea. By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes on
Travel and life in North Korea: 9 secrets of the Hermit Kingdom
By now, you probably know that North Korea's Kim Jong Un is a "die-hard basketball fan" who told former Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman he had a "friend for life" in the Hermit Kingdom. (VICE magazine has just released photos, including the one above, of Rodman and Kim taking in a basketball game...
Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Chairman Eric Schmidt is out of North Korea after paying a four-day visit to the Hermit Kingdom.
Commentary: Most of what we hear about the Hermit Kingdom comes from defectors, but there's a lot more to the country.
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Cell phones have become an accessory in Pyongyang Pics of rush hour in the Hermit Kingdom
The controversial Unification Church founder, remembered for his eccentricity and wealth, also made some of the very first cracks in the Hermit Kingdom.
Traveling to the Hermit Kingdom is already bizarre enough, but when we heard that North Korea would be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Great Leader & eternal president, Kim Il-sung, there was no way to let such an epic birthday party slip…
In much of the world, the role of the first lady is so public and accepted that is has become mundane. Not so in North Korea, the so-called "Hermit Kingdom",...
An Architectural Tour of North Korea - a rare glimpse inside the Hermit Kingdom
From About 30 km outside the North Korean capital, the Hermit Kingdom's only golf course cuts through heavily forested slopes running down to the waters of Lake Taicheng. The late Kim Jong Il is rumored to have once frolicked there on a luxury yacht.
Golfing in North Korea: One intrepid sportsman putts his way through the Hermit Kingdom |
North Korea expert Victor Cha’s portrait of the Hermit Kingdom does not bode well for its future.
North Korea is universally regarded as the most hostile environment for Christians, so balloon launches provide one of the only ways to do mass distribution of Scripture and gospel messages inside the Hermit Kingdom.
ETHNOS-ASIA daily prayer request: 05-09-2012. North Korea. Under new leader, Kim Jong-un, threats & deceit still mark the Hermit Kingdom's diplomacy. Pray for a real change in the heart of its leader that he will stop getting his way by threatening others.
Smuggled DVDs Spread in Hermit Kingdom: Authorities in North Korea find banned South Korean videos are popping u...
CBS Evening News: North Korea likely to remain the "Hermit Kingdom" - Kim Jong-Un displayed a comfort with the North Korean military in a public appearance indicating a strong grip on power
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