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North Korea

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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The strange role North Korea is playing in the Gulf crisis - Middle East - Stripes
North Korea is the country who cried wolf.
Everyone should have the opportunity to fight for our country. I don't want to take on North Korea myself. We need trans help…
I understand why Russia, North Korea, and other countries hate this country because Donald Trumps our president
Oh but they do protect our country go live in North Korea
Just name Brownback ambassador to North Korea. If he does to that country what he did for Kansas, problem solved.
10 times more dangerous than the little fat guy in North Korea. The whole country is full extremist thugs…
North Korea is practicing launching missles and nukes and what does U.S Citizens do they make memes about it...God Blesss this country
You know, when Russia is running our country, North Korea will be our ally. We continue to rot from the inside out.
Name a country where people willingly worship their govt. Fear of govt is not worship so don't say North Korea
You might want to focus on North Korea. The country will need any and everyone willing and capabl…
Sen. Corker: sanctions bill will not include North Korea sanctions, only will deal with Russia and Iran
The North Korean part of sanctions package against Russia, Iran, and North Korea will likely get expedited treatment
If he doesn't start a war with Iran or North Korea, I'll be shocked. He will do anything to re…
North Korea says it will strike U.S. with "'powerful nuclear hammer" should anything happen to Kim Jong Un
Are you concerned about North Korea's military advances?My answer:Yes, they are a real threat to the world. Comment?
North Korea Faces Famine as Kim Jong Un Builds Nuclear Missiles to Attack the U.S. . North Korea having Nuclear Weapons are all up to Russia.
North Korea threatened nuclear strike on US if it attempts to remove Kim Jong Un as Supreme Leader.
North Korea threatens a nuclear strike "at the heart of the U.S." if it tries to topple Kim Jong Un
North Korea warns Putin: ‘We will NOT back down from nuclear war'
Will strike 'heart of US' if Kim Jong-un regime threatened: North Korea
North Korea could have an intercontinental nuclear missile as early as next year, report says
'U.S. spy agencies have detected multiple signals that North Korea is preparing to test a reentry vehicle.'
Breaking: North Korea will be able to launch a nuclear-capable ICBM as early as next year, U.S. officials warn
This little puke couldn't hit a barn with a sheet of plywood.North Korea will make for a nice big parking lot.
Mike Pompeo rattled the DPRK: North Korea threatens U.S. with 'nuclear hammer' .
'We will strike with a NUCLEAR HAMMER' North Korea vows to attack the US
Not only just a great set of visualizations, but an informative deep dive on the current situation in North Korea.
Congress reaches agreement to impose sanctions on Iran, Russia, and North Korea
North Korea ~Say Hello to Our little friend and if you keep fWith America🇺🇸 Your New Role as a Soccer field! https:…
The list of the countries that r stuck in border disputes with China is 2 long.Mongolia,South…
Guy diagnosis Trump as having very serious mental problems which will lead to wars wi…
US presses Burma to cease military ties with North Korea - Asian Correspondent
We urge S.Korean president,and to abandon North Korea friendly policy that is biased toward a few Korean c…
Unsurprisingly, this is what Melania Trump secretly said about North Korea: "Scarce revolutionized survival tips."
The CIA has a long history of helping to kill leaders around the world
Hawaii starting campaign to help people plan for hypothetical North Korea attack
When dealing with North Korea, peace through weakness will get you killed.
State Department announces ban on travel to North Korea via
The United States is banning American travel to North Korea. Read more about it, here:
Hawaii prepares for potential missile strike from North Korea
What does North Korea's missile test mean for Australia? via
"not biggest threat to US" (but US is worst threat to whole world - ask Iraq, Libya, Korea, etc)
North Korea can go to *** ! And any country that lets its citizens go there for travel are insane !
North Korea's intercontinental missile test: What does it mean for Australia?
North Korea's tourism website states beer festivals and surfing as must sees...
North Korea Submarine Launch imminent, USA bans Americans from travel to NK
People of North Korea have suffered so much for so long
J.Dunford: "Military option for N.Korea not unimaginable: Americans must be prepared for a military confrontation"
Distance from Ishigaki to North Korea? Japan government wants more sacrice from Okinawa,former Ryukyu Kingdom
Dunford: Military option for North Korea not 'unimaginable' -POLITICO (China + sold them the materials our $ helped)
JCoS Dunford: "Not unthinkable to have military options for NK. Unthinkable is allowing NK to land nukes in Denver" https:…
U.S. officials say the Trump administration will ban American citizens from traveling to North Korea.
Did North Korea really have to name their ICBM "nodong"?!?
Evey one knows North Korea wins this every year.
Congress reaches deal on sanctions bill for Russia, Iran, North Korea: via
House bill imposing Russia sanctions expected to pass with two-thirds veto-proof majority.
I was so woke this morning about North Korea but now I'm back to thinking about video games
An ideologue channel from China looking for an escape route via soft sarcasm on li'l bully bro North Korea. Revolting. http…
There's something especially weird about North Korea that makes it interesting compared to other totalitarian states
MNC:> [US NO MORE THE POWERFUL ONE!] is no longer America's 'single' biggest threat – top general
Electronic Device Insurance
North Korea has been out of the headlines for a while I don't think they have done a test, China would not allow it.
US issues travel ban to North Korea
Congress breaks impasse on bill to slap sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea
It's not known how President Trump might greet the legislation if it reaches his desk.
Hold up wait a minute! What? . Get em' . Iran will soon have ICBMs armed with nukes by way of N. Korea.
Russia is no longer America's 'single' biggest threat – top US general
Would really use its We have an answer from a former UK to North Korea. https:…
I liked a video Kit Harington May Save Us from North Korea
"since the North’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, took power in 2011, at least 25 defectors have resurfaced, claimin..."
In North Korea, marijuana is legal and is actually recommended as a healthy alternative to tobacco.
Anyone suggesting war with North Korea is an *** no matter how many stars on his uniform!
What sanctions? North Korea economy grows at fastest pace in 17 years via
Deadly botulism toxin ‘could threaten the UK’ as dozens of cases diagnosed in Europe. Simple, close borders!
North Korea should test and aim their nukes that way
"Those who threaten America and our interests should take notice — your actions have consequences," said McCarthy.
This is how, North Korea, China, Russia ended up we where they are. They allowed used car salesmen into their "White Houses".
Hawaii first U.S. state to prepare for ‘unlikely’ North Korea missile threat
Russia and China say North Korea missile test "unacceptable", demand moratorium on its nuclear and missile tests
BBC News - North Korea tourism: US to ban Americans from visiting
Unsurprisingly, this is what both of my dads had to say to North Korea: "It is smart enough to make a new car."
North Korea silent on South Korean offer for military peace talks
US bans travel to North Korea after Otto Warmbier death
This announcement will basically end American tourism in North Korea.
"China-based Young Pioneer Tours, which had taken Otto Warmbier to North Korea, & Koryo Tours said the ban will co…
U.S. to Ban Tourist Visits to North Korea. U.S. college student Otto Warmbier died from a brain injury after a tou…
US to ban citizens from travel to North Korea, tour operators say
According to AP, US will ban Americans from traveling to North Korea. Otto Warmbier's death was likely a consideration in this decision.
Following the death of Otto Warmbier, Americans will no longer be allowed to visit North Korea as tourists.
AP sources: US to ban North Korea travel after Otto Warmbier's death
North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier has died, aged 22, his parents say.
Trump administration bans US travel to North Korea following the death of Otto Warmbier.
After Otto Warmbier's death, US to ban travel to North Korea: US official
CIA chief Mike Pompeo signals desire for a regime change in North Korea
Lock this filthy treasonous queen up. She works for North Korea
The White House is a den of traitorous con artists, attempting to establish a kleptocracy modeled on Putin and North Korea
No reply yet from North Korea on offer of talks, South Korea says
A North Korean defector who became a modest celebrity in South Korea has resurfaced in North Korea
Trump says no red line given to:. - North Korea. - China. - Iran. - Syria. Who does he give a red line to?. Special Couns…
Today on the podcast: I speak with former Sec. of Defense William Perry about the North Korea threat.
I talked with former secretary of defense William J. Perry about North Korea and the threat of nuclear weapons.
Bernie Sanders on how to avoid war with North Korea
I'm going to go protest in Hebron, but not before I stop off in North Korea to visit the world's most oppressed govt.
Where are the bodies buried in North Korea? Investigators at try to prepare for future criminal trials
81% see North Korea as threat to US, including 66% who see it as a “serious” threat, new News/WaPo poll finds https:/…
So they aim for San Francisco and get LA?
Idk it kinda turns me on, he's like a big orange Dom daddy that wants to give North Korea a spanking
US should use military force if necessary to STRIKE North Korea, senator claims
General says North Korea "clearly" has missiles that could reach US, but is not capable of striking successfully
North Korea sarin more daily express self promoting. That's 2 topics they are paying someone to trend this morning
Senior diplomats of South Korea, U.S, Japan to meet over policy, North Korea
Where North Korea's elite go for banned luxury goods
North Korea committing ‘NAZI-era atrocities’ and executing people in SCHOOLS, report says
Nuclear shelter sales SURGE in Japan as fears grow over North Korea Sarin gas threat
"Defector to South Korea Who Became a Celebrity Resurfaces in the North" by CHOE SANG-HUN via NYT
North Korea wants to go to war with the U.S. but forgot one thing...
We should know about this before believing the war propaganda about North Korea.
The constant missile tests, threats from the leader & military of North Korea & increasing thei…
Is going to Iran or North Korea a wise decision? No. But does that give Iran or N.K. the liberty to torture and impri…
Birthdays in North Korea are not celebrated on July 8th and December 17th, since those are the days that Kim ll-sung &…
North Korea's media has fewer biases than CNN.
North Korea lacks capacity to hit U.S. with accuracy: U.S. general
joke: Korea should be unified under the north. "woke": Korea should be unified under the south. wired: Korea is rightful Japanese clay
Fund a terrorist join the ranks with North Korea. Sanction them till they can't afford to pay terrorist
Obama being in good physical shape isn't going to help him much when he le…
South Korea investigating 'abduction' of North Korean defector and TV star
North Korea conducts public executions for theft, watching South Korea media - report
I'm sure Democrats would be outraged had it been Russia, Iran, or North Korea who leaked the Access…
Stamp depicting warheads pointed at Capitol Hill features in the latest designs from North Korea (via
North Korea hasn't been to war in 60 yrs, yet look at the generals with their medals. We can defeat them with a giant m…
I'd love to hear your thoughts! Escape From Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom i...…
South Korea proposes military talks with North Korea
South Korea's proposal of a dialogue with North Korea is the first government-level talks since late 2015.
South Korea may propose military talks with North Korea this week, in effort to ease hostility on the border
South Korea offers talks on tension, family reunions with North Korea
North Korean defector who became a celebrity in South Korea returns to North Korea
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
South Korea offers military, Red Cross talks with North Korea at (File Pic)
South Korea proposes military talks with North Korea in attempt to defuse rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
North Korea has issued a forceful warning as US warships head toward North Korea
For peace in the Korean Peninsula. The US Peace Council lays out the facts on the US drive to war with North Korea:…
China wants to drive the United States off the Korean Peninsula and eliminate North Korea as a threat; a war w…
Breaking: North Korea launches a missile into waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.
North Korea may have more plutonium than previously thought, experts say
A new China-Russia declaration shows, "brand-new stance, principle, approach and purpose," on North Korea:…
At The Wall: Read "Escape From Camp 14" about Shin In Guen with Blaine Harden. You'll understand exactly what North Korea is {{SHUDDER}}}.
So the math of this I guess is cuz its social media-related we're not just North Korea praising Oh Glorious Leader?
You realize those aren't our troops, right? Russia & North Korea do great military parades; perhap…
Thinking about moving away and living my life as a gypsy, or street walker, you guys. Maybe to Cuba, or North Korea.
South Korea will be just as nervous about the deployment of these weapons once their potential uses sink in.”
How to handle a nuclear North Korea
NORTH KOREA threatens to turn AMERICA into 'ashes', what is the solution? qua
South Korea to deploy new radar to detect North Korea drones
In North Korea a woman is put on trial for laughing in public. . My mistake, it was the USA.
The reason for military use is nonsense for NORTH KOREA qua
Latest Russia sanctions drama: House GOP considering adding North Korea sanctions to the bill. Dems are not pleased https:/…
FOCUS NOW!!! NORTH KOREA is a touch more important than Women's Tennis. Please focus on the JOB and not on the OPTICS!!!
Not only did Tim Tebow hit a walk-off home run tonight, but the ball went on to completely destroy North Korea's nuclea…
South Korea unveils massive submarine in show of force against North Korea: via
This brainwashed woman lives in the wrong country. She should live in North Korea
Thermal images show North Korea could have more bomb fuel than US thought
House wants to link North Korea sanctions to measure on Russia and Iran sanctions
What would it take to defeat North Korea? A magnet |
North Korea says to take 'corresponding measures' if U.N. adopts sanctions
Time to give up on the unrealistic expectation that N Korea will give up its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles https…
North Korea may have more nuclear stockpiles than previously thought
Exclusive: North Korea may have more bomb fuel than thought - U.S. think tank
House Republicans are considering adding North Korea to Russia sanctions bill
A recent report ranks as the 2nd worst place on Earth for freedoms - receiving a worse score than North Korea http…
Pres. Trump supports Pres. Xi, still say he could "do a little more" in regards to North Korea.
Why there may be bigger to the US than North Korea, Russia, China and Iran
Forgotten in the frenzied coverage of North Korea: The Trump administration has been talking to the Kim government.
Tillerson: "We do not seek regime change in North Korea... We are seeking...a full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."…
The Trump admin. made clear that “all options are on the table” to deal with the escalating threat North Korea poses
Here is another advocate of accepting North Korea's nuclear program, hoping they will start to change eventually.
Missile Wars: Where North Korea stands after ICBM launch - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is on the cusp of ha...
North Korea has crossed a dangerous threshold & we must take action. Working w/ on strong sanctions. https:/…
North Korea's friends are promoting antisemitism. See this:
North Korea maintains it's high state of readiness to host another underground nuclear test on short notice.
North Korea, Russia, China and Iran not the only cyber threat: Fmr ... - Fox Business
Then China should stop playing dad of rogue regime North Korea and stop supporting it. But then you support Maulana Masood azhar too
All while this is going on North Korea is developing better missiles, a tyrant is rising unchecked in Turkey, and w…
Intelligence report says North Korea missile might not survive reentry. We say reentry not necessary for EMP attack!
North Korea unlikely to have attained ICBM tech: South Korean spy agency
.asked residents if they’re worried about war with North Korea, Trump or reunification of the two countries.
North Korea unlikely to have ICBM technology, South intel says as Kim celebrates launch
The high-stakes conflict between North Korea and the rest of the world at least appears to be getting worse.
On Tuesday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile thought to be capable of reaching Alaska.
North Korea says it has only one friend - Russia ♥♥♥♥
Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war via
North Korea news LIVE: Latest as US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula in show of power..
'Tipping point for NUCLEAR WAR' North Korea threatens to spark WW3 after US bombing drill
I like culture of N. Korea and S. Korean. but dislike government of North Korea. NK leader Kim Jong Un have chosen way to stupid.
Don't fear the Thucydides Trap. The case for action against North Korea:
Advisory Board member Richard Lugar interviewed by on Trump, Putin, & North Korea
Kingdom of North Korea celebrates 20 year leasing deal with USA to show Gomer Pyle reruns on State TV.
I would expect this in North Korea . .. lmao
North Korea is looking to develop its tourist industry. Costa del Pyongyang? [in French]. By
Three things to know about North Korea's missile tests
North Korea warns of nuclear 'tipping point' over US bomber drill . Read more at
"Many countries like North Korea see nuclear weapons as their only Deterrent against US Regime Change wars." ►Rep. Tulsi Ga…
LEGEND: When Emmanuel Eboué pretended he understood North Korea’s tactics at the 2010 World Cup. 😂👏
North Korea standoff: Amid heightened tensions, veteran scribes from all sides sound off
Nothing To Envy: Real Lives In North Korea by Barbara Demick is only £1.39 on Amazon today. Worth reading.
China's economic progress was driven by the US ---> US weighs sanctions on Chinese companies to punish North Korea . https:/…
Trump to Xi: North Korea must be stopped
In North Korea, people are forced to listen to propaganda. In the USA they do it willingly...
Trump keeps it friendly with Xi at G20 on North Korea threat . Trump keeps ...
I'm on Air Force One watching recordings of last week's to see what I missed. Wow! just said North Kore…
'North Korea issue has no military solution'
Is the North Korea situation really resulting in action on the part of the international community?
Fox News: North Korea threat: Alaska mayor says he's 'worried about moose, not missiles'
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📢 . Moscow offers evidence to UN that N. Korea tested mid-range missile, not ICBM
That moment in the 2010 World Cup when Emmanuel Eboué pretended to understand North Korea’s tactics.
Opinion: "A US strike on Pyongyang would provoke an all-out war on the Korean Peninsula"
Trump to China: 'Something has to be done' about North Korea: Less than a week after a…
A tiny detail from North Korea's missile launch points to an even more dangerous threat via
North Korea warns US and South Korea drills put region on 'tipping point' of nuclear war
Satellite miniaturisation + reusable rockets will allow cities to easily buy real time multispectral video feeds
North Korea probably wakes up to a anthem like this every day
Where's that Wrestling company where everyone​ has to cheer for the hero? Oh yes, it's i…
"When I get home I'm going to meet with Ironman and get him to sort out North Korea for us, I've seen his documentaries, he'…
China's bluff vis a vis North Korea is open now. With US China is going to face big trouble economically and militarily.
President Trump Lays the Law On North Korea! . I discuss preemptive strike with the ONE and ONLY [Video]. https…
Trump believes China and North Korea too meddled in US polls: aide.
Fox news is advocating attacking North Korea, CNN is pushing confrontation with Russia and all this is seen as normal. Thi…
Betsy DeVos Heads to North Korea to Reverse Its Progress in Math and Science
Wait until North Korea get equipped with some of those nuclear moose th…
2) North Korea. Trump should use the G20 to develop a consensus. Real leadership is bringing parties together to de-escalat…
How should the U.S. respond to North Korea's missile test? - Margaret Brennan, David Ignatius, Michael Crowley,...
pay close attention to the part about had Trump brought up North Korea at the G20 it would have been su…
President Trump is working 24/7 trying to prevent North Korea from killing millions of Americans, Trump Ha…
What happens to Americans detained in North Korea?. North Korea appears to go through cycles of detaining Wester
We’ve sovereign right to ruthlessly punish Americans – North Korea
Americans who are able to locate North Korea on a are more likely to prefer diplomacy
People of North Korea is not interested to fight with any other countries G.vasudevan Bhartiya Janata Party India
North Korea & United States: Americans sent to the borders of the DPRK bombers and dropped training projecti…
After this week, North Korea, Russia, G20 meeting disaster, shall we all just fast forward to World War III so we know how we're gonna go!
North Korea tensions: South's president seeks meeting with Kim Jong Un | Do you believe in talking to a mad man?
’There will be success’ Trump says he will be victorious over North Korea
You should demand the immediate release of the other 3 Americans being held in North Korea. If the…
Oh totally agree but they had better look at what a dictatorahip society such as North Korea does to Americans.
Most Americans see echos of a weak President Obama for letting North Korea get this far with no con…
After G20, hope Americans realize if Trump starts war w/North Korea, next war crimes tribunal will be held in NYC!
This bimbo keeps threatening North Korea. We have 200,000 troops in northern South Korea. Thousand of ci…
Men and Republicans more likely to correctly locate North Korea on map
Fine *** ask Iran or North Korea if they would be your ally when you *** off trump we Americans are sick of u flowers!
. Dear Mister President, as far as North Korea an China go, we Americans call Bull and You know the rest !
Americans have overwhelmingly negative opinions of North Korea, especially among college graduates…
They do when it's the heir apparent. Cuba (his brother, but still family), North Korea imme…
Yes. Americans believe China will invade North Korea like USA invade Iraq. Americans forgot about Vietnam
What we Americans saw was a weak leader who has been conned by putin and intimidated by North Korea
South Korean leader urges international support for people of North Korea
On July 8, 1994: North Korea's dictator dies and his son takes over
Trump says something must be done about "menace" North Korea, meets with leaders of China, Japan.
U.S. bombers fly over Korean Peninsula after North Korea's ICBM test
we given Nicholas Kristoff's 'diplomacy' to solve North Korea problem enough of the chance over last 25 years?
To get your Saturday off on the right foot, the John Facenda and NFL Films of North Korea...
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: There are three main components to the device and North Korea appears to be making rapid …
You mean the client state of Russia and the arms/missile dealer to North Korea, enabled by Wall Street and US globa…
This is actually truth about China - Pakistan friendship & the pole is North Korea . Both flying high but fixed at a point…
Two US B-1 bombers fly over China's man-made islands in the South China Sea after relations sour over North Korea
THAT's what everyone is talking about?!? Not trade, climate change, refugees, North Korea, Syria ...they're talking about…
China is using North Korea against the US, author Gordon Chang says
US will attack North Korea under Trump's presidency I guarantee it.
North Korea issue is about the nuclear plans given byDr Abdul Qadeer Khan in 2003 onwards? General Musharraf involved?
As life in North Korea has grown worse, the regime has had to rely more on its paranoid ideology
Julie Bishop defends Barnaby Joyce over China sanctions on North Korea comments
South Korea wants India’s help in tensions with North Korea
jaimeotero_: The U.S., Japan and South Korea keep up the pressure on China to rein in North Korea …
Rex Tillerson still has a skeleton crew at the State Department to deal with North Korea vi…
Do you want state controlled media like Russia, North Korea? Is that wha…
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What can I do to help to resolve David Louis Sneddon's disappearance and purported kidnapping by North Korea?
Korean war /LeMay, head of Strategic Air Command , we “killed off…20% of the population… eventually burned down every town in North Korea.”
George Clooney afraid that they are being followed by Terrorist? He can move to North Korea as for sure…
President Trump lays down the law on North Korea! I'll discuss on "Making Money" with on Fox Business 6:50 pm…
“If you know the history of North Korea's kidnappings of foreign nationals, it's not so crazy.”
Abdul Qadeer Khan is an interesting participant in this drama. Google the history of North Korea's acquisition of t…
What philanthropist is willing to buy one way tickets to North Korea for all the protestors? Need to find them a real ***
Danny From North Korea | Documentary by Liberty in North Korea (33 mins) via
Trump has an affair with North Korea. Rewrite beginning with; Affair.
“North Korea would do well not to test his resolve.” - VP Mike Pence April 17. Bluster looks bad th…
Bill Clinton is responsible for a nuclear North Korea, just as Barack Obama will be responsible for a nuclear Iran. htt…
Donald Trump calls on the world to stop North Korea | Daily Mail Online
Bro shut tf up about Rob kardashian and black Chyna, people are real life slaves in North Korea and they firing missles…
"The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations warned that her country will take military action against North Korea...
From Syria to North Korea, stay up-to-date on conflicts and crises with tracker:
Okay readers. What are you thoughts about North Korea being considered a co-host to some of the 2018 Winter...
Oped points out how Pak gave stolen nuclear weapons technology to North Korea. Will impact US policy on both rogue stat…
Ladies and gentleman, tonight Trump presents: " War with North Korea". Enjoy ignorance theatre. .
This is what the mailman had to say to North Korea: *** Cheney funded a new car."
North Korea says its ICBM can carry nuclear warhead; U.S. urges global action
Everyone worried about Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna while North Korea finna drop a nuke on the USA
If you honestly believe that North Korea or Middle Eastern nations are a threat to our safety, you've been brainwashed.
U.S. prepared to use force on North Korea 'if we must' -U.N. envoy
even North Korea acknowledges that climate change is real.
Trump is gonna get us in a war with North Korea to leave his mark..if only people didn't vote for Hillary bc she was a "war hawk" 🤔
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