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North Korea

North Korea , officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; Chosŏn'gŭl: ), is a country in East Asia, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

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Latin American Herald Tribune - Trump: North Korea is a World Problem, it Will be Solved
Trump says North Korea is a “big problem” – but assured Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe "it will be solved"…
North Korea is a proxy battlefield front for an unspoken China-Russia axis whose common adversary is th…
The Seoul-based Korean Sharing Movement would be allowed to discuss how to deal with malaria in North Korea
A | : Trump calls North Korea leader 'madman' who cannot be let on the loose - North Korean leader Kim Jong…
North Korea was found to have used South Korean vehicles left in the closed inter-Korean industrial park in the...
Who in the bloody devil travels to North Korea? US tourists 'set for North Korean travel BAN' amid high tensions
NK found to have used S. Korean cars in Kaesong complex without permit: North Korea was…
NPEC's latest video briefs of import: North Korea: Spark Plug for Trouble, Part 2
North Korea sends balloons over border with South, prompting retaliation - The Sydney Morning Herald
Donald Trump told Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that America has 20 TIMES the firepower of North Korea
North Korea says it is ready to deploy, mass-produce new missile.
North Korea says ready to deploy, mass-produce new missile - World - NZ Herald News
Symantec links global cyberattack (WannaCry) with high likelyhood to North Korea hacker group
South Korea fires warning shots at North Korea after an 'unidentified object' flies over DMZ
South Korea fires 'warning' shots at North Korea
North Korea hackers have been linked to NHS cyber attack
It's the worse election in my lifetime for lies & coverage being twisted, she's a disgrace…
Researchers mull North Korea link to cyber attack
Seattle wants to plan for possible nuclear attack by North Korea
John Terry's farewell 'a bit over the top', says North Korea
North Korea says it's ready to mass-produce new missile after latest test: - Home -
North Korea has learned a lot from Chinese hackers the attackers had very detailed information on the UN Monitors work https…
Actually, kpop comes from North Korea. Try n visit there!
If it was a strategic attack from North Korea, they would trumpet their victory over all the worlds on all TV channels.
Strong North Korea links to global cyberattack .
Opinion: North Korea is addicted to missiles – if intervention fails, it’s war.
WW3 RED ALERT: North Korea vows to fight EVEN HARDER for nuclear weapons as Trump puts pressure on Kim...…
WannaCry connection to North Korea hacking group ‘compelling’
UN calls on North Korea to stop missile tests
.is hiring a reporter in Seoul to cover North Korea. A great opportunity for a bilingual journo/🇰🇵watcher! Ple…
"KIM JONG-'BOOM': North Korea threatens to obliterate US military bases in Japan with radioactive mushroom clouds" htt…
Haley: 'We're trying to reassure' allies on intel sharing | Via
"South Korea dismisses reports of seeking summit with North Korean leader"
20th Pyongyang International Trade Fair kicks off in North Korea
WannaCry connection to North Korea group 'compelling'
"China's imports from North Korea sink as coal ban bites" -
North Korea’s latest missile: Longer range, less warning time by
What Americans worry about when they worry about N. Korea. (And China, too.).
UN experts hacked while investigating violations of sanctions on North Korea
It's about time. Previous POTUS wouldn't do it. Sec Mattis says Trump's orders will annihilate ISIS
Cybersleuths have unearthed more clues linking recent ransomware attacks to North Korea
China coal imports from Russia, Australia rise in April after ban on North Korea cargoes
Lt. Gen. William Jerry Boykin gives his opinion on the rising tensions between North Korea, China, and the U.S.
Yonhap: North Korea launched what appears to be a ballistic missile Sunday afternoon, per S Korean military
"go overseas to find somewhere with better Internet services than North Korea so as not to leave a trace". http…
North Korea launched a ballistic missile on Sunday, according to U.S. and South Korean officials.
The latest North Korea missile launch is a test for South Korean leader Moon's team of doves https:/…
North Korea can reach Oakland right? They can solve the NBA's playoff problems with one push of a button.
send BTS back to North Korea and give us Kim Jong Il instead
Internet experts say North Korea's hackers probably responsible for on govts & hospitals
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. North Korea in new missile test, South says -
North Korea in new missile test, South says - BBC News
North Korea fires an unidentified projectile from Pukchang in North Korea, according to South Korea’s military.
North Korea in new missile test, South says
BBC News - North Korea in new missile test, South says
South Korean President Moon Jae-in, has called an emergency security meeting in reaction to the latest missile launch by North Korea.
North Korea has fired a midrange ballistic missile from area near Pukchang, in South Phyongan Province, U.S. and South Korea
North Korea fired a medium-range missile in its latest ballistic test, according to U.S. and South Korean officials
North Korea fires ballistic missile that flies more than 300 miles, South Korean officials say
Don't worry Oakland. North Korea isn't dropping bombs into the outfield stands, that's just the A's Field Artillery Unit.
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North Korea's dead leaders: My encounter with the Kims in Pyongyang - Daily Star
THE CRYPT OF THE KIMS: My encounter with corpses of North Korea's leaders.
Interesting point from "Donald Trump has called Kim Jong Un of North Korea a 'smart cookie' and called James…
BREAKING: South Korean media says new president will visit the White House next month amid worries over North Korea.
South Korean President says there's a 'high possibility' of war with North Korea, reports
The only ray of light from a Pyongyang, North Korea apartment block - photo by Hendrik Schwartz
Everyone supports your wise decision...for North Korea
Did the dog eat your homework on North Korea?
Umpteenth time am reading the comment "india is too democratic". *** does it even mean? Do people prefer dictatorship? Be…
2 with the scene of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of North Korea
Why North Korea’s latest missile test is more worrying than any to date:
Whenever North Korea invades, i'll be right here
Pompeo working on CIA operation for North Korea regime change
Trump could ask Dennis Rodman to be Ambassador to North Korea. Somewhat surprised he has not.
.gives us a glance at the profile of North Korea's Hwasong-12 missile:
North Korea, Iran, and the Challenges of Dealing With Cyber-Capable Nuclear States - Lawfare (blog)
USA has no leverage anymore. . "New ferry links North Korea and Russia despite US calls for isolation" >>
This is what would happen if North Korea fired nuclear missiles at the US
Each dot is a US adult's guess about the location of North Korea.
Congressman Brad Sherman worried North Korea could smuggle nuke in "bale of marijuana" | via
Symbolic peace gesture will see North Korea athletes travelling through DMZ to 2018 Winter Olympic Games.
There are no good military options against North Korea. Zero. None. And North Korea knows that.
North Korean athletes to arrive at Winter through into -
- North Korea showed off a lot of missiles. What might be its targets? - Washington……
China criticizes North Korea's missile launch, warns other countries not to "escalate tensions."
On BBC News: Russia has begun ferry service to North Korea in spite of international sanctions.
Citi on North Korea “risks are ratcheting higher now than in the past”
Finally, he talks about Trump confronting North Korea, something that by all accounts doesn't seem to be policy preferen…
You know what other countries support punching of people who disrespect leaders? North Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ch…
New ferry links North Korea and Russia despite U.S. calls for isolation
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Be reminded this was a State Murder, not a legal execution. This is one of the moments the SG government is acting like…
LOL... North Korea's take on the USA's new unhooded
Prefer if Decided to liberate North Korea rather than another war in the Middle East. 🇰🇵 bigg…
South Korean President says there's a "high possibility" of conflict with North Korea, reports
World junior champs moved from N. Korea over security. LAUSANNE: North Korea will no longer host the Junior Worl
Sad it's like we live in North Korea not America. Only liberal propaganda gets thru. Ugg
The craziest thing is that North Korea now being able to deliver a nuclear missile to America isn't even in the top 5 biggest…
Why does North Korea hate the United States? The Washington Post 1 hour ago
The Lazarus Group is for North Korea what the Dutch West India Company was for the Dutch Republic.
Why does North Korea hate the United States? Let's go back to the Korean War. - Washington Post
. As I argued in my oped North Korea could launch a massive cyber - attack against the US
North Korea is conferring privileges to scientists that others could only wish for in the relatively isolated cou…
scholar talking about North Korea with Tim Shaw on here
system was down this morning, so they were handing out free coffee. Nice try, North Korea! # Starbucks
Almost 20 Americans were asked to point out North Korea on a map. This was the result.
We toppled Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, now working to topple Bashar al-Assad, and wonder why North Korea wants NUKES??? DUH?? 🙄
Clues point to North Korea-linked hackers as suspects in ransomware attacks, U.S. officials and private experts say
North Korea fired a ballistic missile early Sunday into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan
The first hints of the WannaCry ransomware’s origins may point to North Korea
So, S.Korean experts think North Korea's new missile might be too fast for THAAD to intercept (K)
What you need to know about North Korea's missile test.
Corbyn DEFENDS appointment of ex-communist & North Korea sympathiser on election team
One expert thinks that ASEAN can play the role of a facilitator for dialogue between North Korea and the international community, but other…
I'm the ones who think North Korea is the new Mongol empire
We need real dialogue with North Korea and welcome NK into the international community.
Which Americans think that North Korea is located in northern Australia?
1746 American ADULTS were asked to point to North Korea on the map. This was the result:
I can't point out North Korea on a map but I also cannot point out Colorado and I've been there.
CNN is reporting that North Korea sent a missile up 1,312 miles in altitude, the international space station is on…
More concerned about the guesses that had North Korea in Northern Australia.
Some people thought the northern part of Australia was North Korea? Seriously?
Nikki Haley says US will 'tighten the screws' on North Korea after recent missile test via
North Korea missile test "is not the way to sit down" with President Trump, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says
My personal favourite is the couple that selected the northern tips of Australia. Oh yes, we're North Korea
"Where is North Korea?". "Idk, like the northern coast of Australia or something lol"
Just awful. Andrew Murray, recent member of the Stalinist franchise Communist party & defender of North Korea
North Korea says Sunday missile launch was new type of rocket and they can now reach continental US…
In other news, North Korea says Kim Jong IL walked on the moon
North Korea's new IRBM missile flew 787km, as high as 2115.5km + was launched Sunday at 04:58 Pyongyang time, state media said…
North Korea uses Trump's troubles to fire missile
Trump cannot go to war with North Korea: Analyst
North Korea faces collapse as China threatens to AXE Kim Jong-un's last lifeline
Looks like we found something more to say about North Korea this time
BREAKING: North Korea launched what is believed to be a ballistic missile
I get the impression that this is a plea for Russia to join SK and Japan, in viewing North Korea as a…
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North Korea launches a ballistic missile that flies about 435 miles
Can't be a coincidence, North Korea is in on the whole scandal.
You're out of your mind, hate America, and probably took North Korea at +18 for 5 units.
"U.N. Security Council to Meet Tuesday on North Korea Missile Launch" by REUTERS via NYT
Russia mentioned three times in White House statement on North Korea
After North Korea missile test, White House issues statement: "The president cannot imagine that Russia is pleased." http…
North Korea Launches a Missile, Its First Test After an Election in the South
North Korea fires missile that lands just 60 miles from Russia
Awesome. White House releases statement on latest North Korea missile launch, and begins with how Russia feels about it. htt…
Launching missiles is not the path to talks with the U.S., Haley tells North Korea
North Korean rocket flew away from Russia, was no threat – Russian MoD.
South Korea must engage NK direct talks instead of asking for help,
South Korea's new president didn't even get his books on the shelf before North Korea's first missile test
17/Even when it is about North Korea it is about Russia. Something so deeply wrong here.
North Korea, China and the US walked in a bar right. Nothing happened.
North Korea missile launch due to 'state of paranoia' - U.S. envoy to U.N.
President Donald Trump called for tougher sanctions against North Korea after it test-fired a ballistic missile
North Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South via
Trump calls for tougher North Korea sanctions after missile ‘so close to Russian soil’ .
Seriously think about it, every time a major thing happens in North Korea fires a missle. Has to be part…
An unusual Trump administration statement on North Korea - it begins with a Russian perspective.
Had a very good call last night with the President of China concerning the menace of North Korea.
Did you know that the US killed around 5 million people in North Korea in the 1950s? Subscribe:
North Korea fires missle, threatens to blow up US. US responds verbally. N. Korea agrees to talks. Kardashian makes news.…
The White House statement on North Korea's missile launch begins with Russian perspective. Vladimir, the strings on your p…
White House: North Korea has been 'flagrant menace for far too long'
I traced a bogus North Korea story from it's origins to the airwaves of Fox News
REVEALED: "North Korea has kept Brit and US prisoners of war caged for 60 YEARS"
Trump just issued an unprecedented statement on Russia and North Korea
A war with North Korea would have included China & Russia in the 90s. 183,000 Chinese & 300 Rus…
North Korea fires missile in test for new South Korean President as war fears rise
North Korea has just launched unidentified projectile; appears to be a ballistic missile.
DEVELOPING: North Korea fires ballistic missile off its coast, Pentagon confirms
North Korea fires ballistic missile days after new South Korea leader pledges dialogue
North Korea has fired what appears to be a ballistic missile, according to reports from South Korea
North Korea test-fires a missile, challenging new leader in the South
North Korea launches missile from test site, U.S. officials confirm I blame Trump for stirring this cr…
North Korea open to dialogue with US; US & South Korea both willing to talk with the government of Kim Jong-un: https:/…
North Korea fires a ballistic missile in an apparent test of the South's new president who backs engagement
North Korea missile lands in water 60 miles south of Russia's Vladivostok region, home of the Russian Pacific Fleet (US…
North Korea fires an apparently new type of ballistic missile with greater range than previous projectiles
North Korea paves way for potential dialogue with US
North Korea's rockets have gone farther then the Houston Rockets
Exclusive: U.S. complains to China about North Korea's attendance at Silk Road summit | Reuters
What do North Korea and Houston have in common? Their Rockets fall short. ~ Alian Hernandez
So said today that they had better rockets in North Korea than what Houston put on the floor last night.
“North Korea had better rockets than Houston last night.” . Dayum. 🏀🔥
Best thing I've heard today per they have better rockets in North Korea than what showed up in Houston last night.
North Korea has better rockets than Houston.
USA President Trump Beware: China always Backstabs & is An Aggressor. China will always favor North Korea than Amer…
Here we are: North Korea, ISIS, the ME, Russia, extremism in Europe, BREXIT and what is America doing about it? Creating it’s own problems.
North Korea sends protest to US Congress over sanctions - New York Daily News
Kim Jong-un and Theresa May? One is a sociopath, supported by the naive, brainwashed by the media and the other is from North Korea.
Did send Lindsay Czarniak to North Korea or something? Asking for a friend (cough)
I would rather have any governor, including LePage or the jarred head of George Wallace, handling North Korea.
South Korea's new president talked to China and Japan as he shapes approach to North Korea via
North Korea demands that the U.S. hand over would-be assassins of Kim Jong Un
What you need to know about South Korea's newly elected president & his positions on North Korea:
China's Xi speaks with new South Korean President about North Korea
North Korea says it's seeking punishment for anyone involved in an alleged CIA-backed plot to kill Kim Jong Un
North Korea says it has right to 'ruthlessly punish' captured American citizens NO! Why is nothing being done??
Is Kim Jong-un cutting back on public executions for fear of growing unrest in North Korea? -…
North Korea vows to "mercilessly wipe out" Kim Jong Un assassination plotters, including the CIA http…
CISAC seminar today: Christopher Lawrence on the crisis politics of light water reactors in North Korea
Leftist Jews like Noam Chomsky are more dangerous than ISIS, North Korea or the Republican Party.
Noam Chomsky says the Republican Party is more dangerous than ISIS and North Korea. This is what hysteria looks like. ht…
Tensions continue to run high on the Korean Peninsula due to North Korea's bellicose posture…
CIA creates a special unit to deal with North Korea
Stasi files provide a "rare glimpse" into North Korea's intelligence practices and thinking during the Cold War
So they are worse than ISIS, Al Queda, North Korea, Iran, Russia - to name a few?
When your chemistry exam is tomorrow and hasn't started a world war with North Korea yet
Singapore is the only country in the world whose citizens don't need a visa to enter any of North Korea, South Korea, China…
Atrocities in the 21st century: Syrian civil war, North Korea internment camps, Comey doing his job
Radios in North Korea r preset to government-set frequencies & only receive news from the Korean Central News Agency. http…
Leftist kumbaya is so effective... New South Korea president vows to address North Korea, broader tensions
North Korea learned to test nukes by building a carbon copy of the US test site in Nevada via
All Americans are welcome to visit North Korea. We need more hostages. I mean tourists.
BREAKING: South Korean President-elect says he is prepared to visit North Korea under the right conditions
"A brief history of the N.Korea-Myanmar friendship: a long history of friendship & healthy ties"…
South Korea's elections and the North Korean threat
South Korea's sworn in, says willing to go to North |
Chinese military launch missiles and test weapons close to North Korea amid WW3 fears.
Tell North Korea to meet me here and we'll settle this for good
"S. Korea's Leader Willing to Visit North, Talk to US, China" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Follow the top North Korea stories for May 10 on our topical page:
South Korea's new leader pledges more assertive role in resolving North's nuclear crisis
The US destroyed much of the northern part of the Korean Peninsula yet North Korea rebuilt while facing a severe econom…
initiative to reach that goal. The leader of North Korea wants to strengthen his leadership. He's facing s…
South Korean President-elect hopes for greater dialogue with North Korea
broadcast by Incoming South Korea spy chief says too early to talk about summ...
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You appoint the FBI chief and, because you don't like what he's doing, you fire him? Almost as bad as North Korea.
Moon Jae-in wants to visit North Korea. It would be fun to see supreme leader Kim Jong-un meet with prominent rulers.
India & North Korea are not enemies for sure; their relationship is a bit complicated though
NUMBER ONE enemy of America. Not Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc. . BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA, who is still trying to destro…
Right now, re Comey, watch 15 minutes of Fox, then 15 minutes of CNN. It's like watching the news in North Korea then Sout…
Seriously, what could possibly be the journalistic purpose of this in a country that's not North Korea?
South Korea’s Moon sworn in, says willing to go to North - Read:
Moon Jae-in’s comments signal he will take a softer approach toward dealing with North Korea, writes
Germany to clamp down on North Korea's Berlin operations
“Of course we’re worried” – Safee Sali on playing North Korea in Pyongyang. READ:
North Korea, US face new dynamic with South Korea's new leader. Read more:
Australia has excoriated North Korea over its "illegal nuclear weapons". Yet Australia is boycotting UN disarmament eff…
South Korea’s New President, Moon Jae-in, Promises New Approach to North: Mr. Moon said he was willing to meet with…
Japan interested in Tomahawk missiles to counter North Korea - reports
S. Korea's leader willing to visit North, talk to US, China
South Korean leader open to North Korea visit
North Korea shoots and fails to launch a missile From: 04/16/2017
New South Korean President Moon Jae-in said as he took office Wednesday that he was open to visiting rival North Korea under the right cond…
South Korea's new president wants to reverse its North Korea policy
S. Korea's new president willing to visit rival North
North Korea warns US will be 'ashes' pledging 'we are not afraid' of Donald Trump - Daily Star…
North Korea travel warning: Tourists told to stay away after 16 citizens held in 'gulags'
CNN Dealing with North Korea is not an option CNN Jonathan Cristol is a fellow at the World Policy Institute and a…
Trump was serious when he said, “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.”
Why the US is mistaken to take a softer line with China over North Korea
Another article from The Christian Post on threats from North Korea.
With China, North Korea, the South China Sea, and trade are chief problems, but Washington will try to exhaust diplomatic options first. 4/5
Forget Trump or North Korea, the market may just be struggling because of Tax Day.
She did name North Korea which is the U17 & U20 world champs & she was on Org C'tee. >
How would you like to see South Korea’s next government deal with North Korea?
Opinion: South Koreans are on the horns of a dilemma about North Korea policy ahead of the presidential election
South Korea election: Record turnout as voters go to polls amid growing North Korea crisis
i can only hope North Korea nukes California,the rest of USA would not miss that dump. Trump should let NK nuke Cali,then respond
South Koreans head to the polls to elect a new president amid concerns about the economy, corruption and North Korea
Why don't we have a missile defense system to protect us from Putin, Iran and North Korea?
Another American citizen is detained in North Korea, taking total to four
North Korea says Cory Gardner is "human dirt" who "has lost basic judgment and body hair" *** !
North Korea a Shared Strategic Concern for the U.S. and Australia -
North Korea has threatened to fire a nuke at the United States. But first they need to find someone tall enough to reach t…
US missile defense: Getting to 'ready' on North Korea threat
Trump bussed every senator to the White House to tell them nothing new about North Korea.
In my new column, I ask whether ordinary Americans are aware of how much violence they inflicted on North Korea:
South Koreans go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for reconciliation with North Korea frontrunner Moon Jae-in would revive Sunshine Policy
North Korea threats? After six decades, uncertainty is nothing new for South Koreans
South Koreans will elect a new president on Tuesday and for many of the voters, North Korea's not the main issue
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North Korea detains another American over alleged hostile acts
Remember when Donald Trump pretended to send warships to North Korea, and then nothing happened? That was fun.
North Korea has detained a US citizen on suspicion of "hostile acts" against the regime, the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported.
Four Americans held now by North Korea - w/the arrest of what Pyongyang claims is a U.S. citizen tied to a Christian-ba…
Fourth US citizen Kim Hak-song held in North Korea on 'suspicion of acts against the state'
North Korea captures US citizen in Pyongyang – four Americans now detained by Kim Jong-un
BREAKING: Four US citizens now CAPTURED by North Korea amid fears of growing 'hostage situation'…
BREAKING: North Korea arrests ANOTHER US citizen to 'use as hostage for war talks'
U.S. Navy officer overseeing military operations in Pacific says crisis with North Korea is at worst point he's seen
North Korea accuses the CIA of plotting to assassinate Kim with bio-weapon wielded by a lumberjack…
DENNIS RODMAN drank the Fatboy KIM kool-aid shamelessly. . Maybe USA should deport him to North Korea.
‘Reduced to ASHES’ North Korea threatens the White House with a NUCLEAR STRIKE
North Korea provides no hard evidence for claim of plot to kill dictator Kim Jong Un The latest …
North Korea accuses CIA of plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un
North Korea to launch Korean-style attacks on US and Seoul spy agencies over Kim Jong-un murder plot
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North Korea's claim of plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un using biochemical weapons mimics its own misdeeds h…
North Korea's claims of a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un with a biochemical attack, mimics his own misdeeds. Sound familiar?
US to ‘increase its spy capabilities on Kim Jong-un’ with new North Korea bill
Some Unique and rare promotional photos from Mangyongdae Funfair, North Korea in 1984, There are a LOT more here:…
Plot to kill Kim Jong-un: SEOUL: North Korea on Friday accused the US Central Intelligence Agency and South Korea's…
Dr. Kelly says North Korea has been building tunnels for decades in preparation for an aerial attack making surgical strike difficult.
North Korea needs a Deng Xiaoping: Some Westerners have always enabled, protected, and rationalized the actions of…
A turncoat assassin sent to North Korea armed with “nano poison” to kill leader Kim Jong Un? It is only the late...
North Korea thinks the CIA hired a lumberjack to assassinate Kim Jong Un with nano weapons
North Korea accuses CIA and Seoul of plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un
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