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North Island

The North Island (Māori: Te Ika-a-Māui) is one of the two main islands of New Zealand, separated from the slightly larger but much less populous South Island by Cook Strait.

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Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands to build an artificial island in the North Sea
Long Island NY Webster needs a or so he can head north this Saturday.…
Debbie's rain falls over Canterbury and Lower North Island, clears tonight
Stratford Primary are farming meal worms to feed Mt Taranaki's first Toutowai/North Island Robin in 110 years…
Why visitors are banned from going to this isolated island in the Indian Ocean
Town won’t do business with firms that boycott Israel via
I pretty much live in the big red area on the north island XD
Thank you to Green Party of Nassau for speaking out against attacks on the BDS movement:. Town resident Cassandra...
Live: Floods, landslides and road closures as record-breaking rain hits North Island
I can do that was just going have someone look for it at NAS North Island, Coronado and send to my duty station
North Island reps unhappy with Echo Bay spill response: "The minister has not given any… (s…
.Coronado is base for Seal training, *** week is just down the beach from the Del. Also the carrier fleet at North Island.
Thousands have been left without power in New Zealand, after storms ripped through parts of the North Island.
Auckland: New Zealand's city of 50 volcanoes - Sprawling between both coasts of the North Island, New Zealand's...
North Island x Temple of Reason custom collaboration.…
How is a flight from Auckland in North Island to Christchurch in South Island half the price of a bus Christchurch to Mt Cook 7 hrs away?!
I suppose gets the nod here - a on the East Cape of the North Island or the Gold Coast in…
A3 New Zealand! We saw the North Island, neon lakes & subtropical islands, much more to see!…
Hamurana Springs, the deepest water spring on the North Island. It's 50ft deep & produces 4 million litres of cryst…
Kath, one of our wonderful North Island guides, is trying to make us (the hardworking office team) jealous with...
Cloud bubbling up over the North Island ^PL
I fell a little bit in love with Napier, a town on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island,…
Tsunami warning along the East Coast of the North Island and my Dad is talking about the beach scene from Deep Impa…
Showers in the east of the North Island, easing elsewhere. Fine day in Nelson & Canterbury
NZ: Showers about the North Island now, afternoon showers & thunder Canterbury, Hawke's Bay & Wairarapa…
Cattle in front of Mt. Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand olafchristen1
Stock thefts on the rise in the central North Island
Palmerston is in North Otago. Palmerston North is in the North Island. North Otago is in the South Island😂
Inland tsunami inundation not expected following quake off East Cape. But marine and beach threat for eastern North Island.…
The East Cape of North Island in ..where it's mornihg 1st in the world for a particular day.
[Video] A virtual tour of perfect North Island is exactly what you need right now.
Student Jesse Hyde completes solo trek of the North Island during his school holidays
The view north over the island of Benbecula in the Western Isles towards North Uist. More:
King's Island & Cedar Point(never been). CP north OH & KI south. But you can buy a pass for double access to both.
Lower Keys Medical Nightmare: The debate over the LOwer Keys Medical Center on north Stock Island is heating up and…
Our experience at an retreat in Foxton, New Zealand.
Aupouri Peninsula - The top of the North Island and home to Cape Reinga.
"Come on girl, to New Island which is North from here. Ash is about to challenge Mewtwo."
Perfect over North Manitou Island to end our…
yes in cookstown in the NORTH OF IRELAND not northern ireland,time people realised and gave up this fight! Ireland is one island
Palaszczuk Government welcomes end to High Court dispute over North Stradbroke Island via
*** day so far in Gisborne, rain hits the east of the North Island tonight
those 2 places are about the only thing I miss about living up North. CP is so much better than Kings Island
Enjoy 48 hours on Long Island's with wine, fine dining, beaches & more
If i recall they claim the same space as China but only occupy a island or two towards the north end of the sea
A clam day for crossing the Cook Strait- South Island has been great, looking forward to everything the North offers
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Your island paradise awaits in the North West Island! 📷:
Meet 62 Long Island dogs you can adopt right now
Bear Island knows no Bear. But the Bear in the North. Whose Name is
Molly: "I'm Twilight Sparkle!". Me: "I am Jorah Mormont of House Mormont, Lords of Bear Island & vassals of House Stark in the North."
Meanwhile, intense heavy rainfall is pushing north into SE Long Island and will continue to inch northward.
Oceania, New Zealand, North Island, Whangarei: nice walk in the sunshine
Young man outside Petco Park was SO excited to have his HR Derby program signed by F/A18 flyover pilots rushed to park from NAS North Island
Heavy rain is flooding roads and causing landslides in New Zealand's North Island
Tuatara measure up to 80 cm & weigh up to 1.3 kg. They are confined to 32 small islands off the coast of North Island,…
North Island road trip for a week, then onto AUS after. Our honeymoon, it was unreal!
The very end of the North Island of New Zealand.
I live in the North Island. Chch is in the South Island. My good man is from there. City is still recovering.
harbor. I'm finally arrived at the end of the southern point of the North Island! Capital of
Gary, you should get plenty of military support being just outside North Island & Coronado. Thanx for all u do for us!! AZCS JAM
Cape Reinga Lighthouse sits on the most (accessible) northerly point of the North Island where…
Thanks to Helen Clark for this one. Interesting that the South Island seems a different colour than the North Island
That’s the one! A monster of a bog, and unfortunately one of the few left on North Island.
Most intnl flights go to either Auckland, in the North Island, or Christchurch in the South. NI has most biggest cities + hot pools
Tomorrow: Shower about AKL, morning cloud/fog North Island, sunny most of South Island
NZ tomorrow: Showers about AM cloud/fog North Island, sunny most of the South
Autumn mountain biking in Rotorua brillantly captured here! Dirt Is The New Snow in the North Island at Skyline...
Welcome back USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70) transiting back to home port NAS North Island. @ Fort…
IG: "Butcher's Pool, Reproa, North Island, New Zealand. This place is a kiwi gem, hidden away in the middle of fa…
is a deathly boring town in the North Island of New Zealand. Nothing ever happened, happens or WILL happen there.
Agree, this is Elephant Hill's coastal vineyard in Hawke's Bay on New Zealand's North Island https…
Was stationed on North Island for Fram school in 1975 before shipping out to Naples.
Not quite, riding from Wanganui to Cape Reinga, right to the top of the North Island. Will be doing the South next year.
Te Araroa Day 110 - Bit of rain, bit of mud, bit of fog. We're back on the North Island an…
If I'd live in NZ I'd probably live somewhere in the area around Lake Taupo... or Wakana but I'd rather be on the North Island
The ferry across the Cook Strait connects the North Island of NZ with the South Island and our ❌…
with That pool of water in the middle of the North Island? Lake Taupo
A man has died after an accident at a remote forestry block in the North Island.
If you're heading for the west coast of New Zealand's North Island this summer, download the Maui dolphin...
Going to a west coast beach in the North Island? Let us know if you see a Maui dolphin! @
No region in North Island, NZ has more character than Taranaki. Wherever you are, Mt Taranaki gazed down on you!...
We've had an incredible time in Auckland - tomorrow the next stop is the West Coast of the North Island.
This is from the ferry ride yesterday from the South Island back to the North Island. To get in…
Motorists travelling in the central North Island are today being warned to take care driving in strong winds as...
: Today and I explored a secret island on the north Shore of Oahu 💖 . As I …
Intriguing photos from neighbor, the North Brother Island.
right!? Like I want to move to the North Island so bad ugh 😩😩
"The pipeline" on North Shore. Most dangerous place to surf on the island.
She hates the sand 😒💜🍷 @ The north point of Anna Maria Island
Just got back from the North Island. Trying to work out how we're going to afford the next round of already-agreed trips to the North Island
It's an updated V. of Island-a poetry collection of Chinese immigrants detained in North America in the early 20th century
>> will not approach closer than 12 miles to Takeshima (37°15’ North Latitude, 131°53’ East Longitude) nor have any contact with said island
FINALLY! New Jersey... and Rhode Island... have come back... to the CST progress map!
Ah, North Sentinel Island. Why is it such a big deal when a certain ethnic group refuses to partake in society at...
Looking out to Orient Harbor. The Hamlet of Orient on Long Island's North Fork is quaint and…
OAK ISLAND - SECRETS put out in the OPEN: IF you missed the LIVE RADIO interview, here is the stream and we come...
Transport Agency warns motorists to take care on the roads as the North Island mops up after days of bad weather.
MusTrav: Touring Monocle: Happy New Year everybody.Now in Taupo on the way down to Waikanae near Wellington to...
Saturday Payware of the day: Treeline North America� Rhode Island Autogen Add-On for FSX/P3D
[MKV / 1.68GB] [WWW-026] [HD] MILF president of the North Island Rei to *** any switch…
I used this as a setting in my novel. Glad to see an effort to make it more accessible.
Relief in sight for campers after rain bomb washes out the New Year in the North Island.
yes! If you drive north on the GW Parkway, park at Roosevelt Island turnoff, then it's an easy hike up the river.
Cruised up to the north side of the island for some swimming and short hikes. Stood with one…
I haven't been for ages but Malapascua island north of Cebu was lovely
Rainbow Springs Nature Park on the North Island of has a unique environment. See what you'll find:
The Hellmilton Roller Ghouls are a Roller Derby league located in the central North Island of New...
Relief in sight for North Island campers
Relief in sight for North Island campers (News)
48 hours non-stop rain and wind on North Island, great NZ summer!
Taste of Jamaican cuisine you rightly deserve ! island cafe # 2 : location 2315 north…
check out Hurricane Cove Bungalows on the north western corner of the island.
No it's in Eriskay. North side of island.
Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean, Unbelievable ! via Please watch ocean pollution that is horrid‼️
NZ Her: Where has our summer gone? - The sun should reappear over the North Island in a day or so " but not for...
Born and raised on a dairy farm in New Zealand's North Island, Don Allen was destined to become heav
there are a few mountains on the North Island too ;-)
Traveled from North Island weather (80 degrees) to South Island weather (50 degrees) and could not handle it. Philly is gonna be ROUGH
Go hike Franz Josef glacier! Also, if you make it to the north end of the North Island, "sledge" Rotorua. :)
Where in the North Island can we find Kiwi
Napier - Art Deco of New Zealand. Fruit bowl of the North Island
Grímsey island, Iceland. It is 40 kilometres (25 mi) off the north coast of the main island of Iceland and straddli…
New Zealand: Giant ferns and waterfall in the Horo Horo forest on North Island's geothermal plateau.
Enough of indifferent island to the North – Tasmania better as third island of New Zealand. New Tazealand forever
Take a look behind the scenes at the M/V Delaware's trip up north, and what she's doing in Staten Island!
What are some of the 'must see' places on North Island that Krista and I have to visit when we are there in March 2016?
Our island nation belongs to its citizens. Not to a bunch of bureaucrats across the North Sea in Brussels.
Put North Carolina first Mr. McCrory! Oak Island doesn't want oil on our beaches.
Happy sheep on beautiful, rolling hills! took this picture on the southern side of the North Island...
📷 sixpenceee: The Waitomo Glowworm Caves attraction is a cave on the North Island of New Zealand, known...
A great story about the support from that led to a North Island man’s promotion at work. Check it out!
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society North Island is proud to be a part of this organization!
Depends on where - North island is subtropical, South Island is worse than Scotland.Pitches here are goodt until end of Feb
Puerto Rico is made up of one large island and an archipelago of smaller islands
Prince Edward Island, Canada. Hoping for a tour north of the border at some point.
Hawke's Bay which is in the North Island of New Zealand
North Island Silvertips working the ability ladders!
Casa Sandra is a paradise for art lovers located on the tiny Caribbean island of Holbox, north of...
An island off of the North American Continent. And Mexico... Which is out of the country. [USA is a country not a continent]
volunteers head to the Greek island of Lesvos to help Syrian refugees.
You can also visit Rotorua (North Island), ada geysers, and the smell was just bad, like the smell of fart level 999 htt…
t’s that time again. The next round of North Island Hospitals Project quarterly community information meetings is...
Apply now to work for Harris Teeter as 3rd Shift Stocker Mountain Island Marketplace in
Thanks for the photos Bill! And thanks to the hard working North Vancouver Island Chefs Association for bringing...
Valpo hangs on at Rhode Island! Great win for the Lutherans. Bryce Drew, the Legend by the Lake breaking hearts in North Indiana since 1998!
100 small breed dogs going up for adoption on Long Island at North Shore ... - WABC-TV
no I moved a few miles north of Atlanta. Kinda the distance Long Island area is from midtown NYC.
In spite of the wet, this Vancouver Island Loop looks fantastic:
. The only North of Ireland crisis is Northen Nationalists claiming equality on their own island. Give us that please Mr Robinson.
open cave, ahrax mellieha, Mellieha, Malta - and situated in the North of the island. Reachable by c
Made it to Masterton after doing 2,694km in the last 6 days. We've kinda done a big loop around the North Island!
Five unmissable experiences in the North Island according to
Be inspired by this guide to spending 10 days discovering New Zealand’s North Island
6:48 AM Eastern . Now playing on my IPhone (at HRBT/North Island) [pic] —
5:05 AM Eastern . Today is MY second work day of MY routine work week, I'm now here… (at HRBT/North Island) [pic] —
North Island all candidates forum in Comox - Comox Valley Record
Latest Weather Video: More heavy rain coming to the North Island's east coast - we track it: htt…
How to measure IQ among all animals. NZ North Island robin has an overall intelligence quotient much as humans do
The World’s Largest Burls: Port McNeill is a small town in the North Island region of Vancouver Island, in Bri...
Dates firming up for tour of We have an excited team gearing up to the North Island tour...
Right in the centre of the North Island lays New Zealand's largest Lake. The incredible Lake Taupo.
8:29, 8/29 Another Green Heron perches atop the tree at North Island.
it is in the North Island,the cottage is in Beachlands,will post the
Photo: Flying into North Island after a fun little day trip to my new site out on San Clemente Island.
7:12, 8/25 A Green Heron surveys the pond from a high branch of the tree on North Island.
Hey Kiwis :) I'll be North Island in Dec - have a good story for my urban farm blog or youtube channel? Let me know
All purpose parts banner
A fine day with light winds across the lower North Island. 12 Wellington, 14 Masterton & Palmerston North and 13 Kapiti Coast
Check out this - Sniper Team at Auckland, North Island, New Zealand in
New opening at Auckland, North Island, New Zealand in - - Sniper Team
The truly great mountain climbing paths as to the centre North Island pHP
Andrew Nicholas James Rawnsley is a tombolo at the northern tip of the North Island of New Zealand.
Heavy showers grazing east coast of North Island. Most expected to remain over the sea. ^PL
Western parts of the South Island & much of the North Island of sees rain today.
M5.6, East of the North Island of New Zealand, Hace 5 horas. Reportado a través de
North Island east coast sees bad weather hang around due to a large high that should push a ridge over the South turning the flow southeast.
North Island's Rotorua Lakes region is an ideal location for
North Island ski fields open beginner runs, hope for more snow this week (Sport)
Mt Taranaki first off the block for North Island ski fields
Mt Taranaki's Manganui Ski Area is the first ski field to open in the North Island this year.
An interesting beach is on Cape Reinga (sp?) the North Island, NZ - where the Tasman Sea meets the South Pacific Ocean.
Fisheries in New Zealand West Coast of North Island: Stop Net Fishing before Maui Dolphins go Extin... via
Three Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and are pierside at NAS North Island. htt…
is expected to cross north of island tonight, accompanied with heavy rain on both Sharqiyah Governorates for 24 hours
This year's in Captiva Island, FL is the first of it's kind to be held in North America
Starry nights over - 24hr beauty all around you, and above you... http:…
Holy Island safe crossing times until 9.45am. After that, it is between 2.35pm and 10.25pm.
Day 4: We headed back to Thames township today and have spent the day walking as it was too windy to go bikin...
Looking at North Korea from the closest point in South Korea,Ganghwa Island within the Southern Limit…
Washington...specifically, San Juan Island up north by Canada. I'm a research assistant for an internship this summer 😁
At the scene of the duplex fire on N Long Island Dr - North side of Appears to be vacant.
What a Island Tour. So fun to see the north again
North Wraxall couple quit the UK to bring up their children on Tonga island | Daily Mail Online
A truly inspiring TED talk by our CNSA president Dawn Tisdale from North Island College!
Now he's talking about a road trip up north or The San Juan Islands and/or Vancouver Island?😑
On Monday, after faking her death, Violet MacRae flew to an island near the north pole. There she found an...
Did you know? Relative to body size North Island brown kiwis have the largest eggs of any bird
Meadore is proud to be at New Zealand North Island Synchronised Swimming Competition . 24 hours to go! REGISTER NOW!
a remote island nation in the north Pacific Ocean. My galleries→ MT
just off island park at Byron...north side..
FREE House Sitting in Auckland - More than 50 homes that need a sitter! See More:
I mean you're basically aussie, just a good distance north and not on an island.
PHOTO: There are lots of hummingbirds in the Garry Oaks in North Cowichan. I Love Vancouver Island. Credit: Chris...
where are you going? We went to Cairns/Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane & Sydney + North Island of New Zealand. Such a great adventure!
On the North Shore of Long Island... everyone knows everyone!. Re-watch this hilarious scene: h…
Made the 3 hour bus trip north to enjoy the beautiful island of today! Played in the water,…
Have an amazing time The north island is truly breath taking.
Located on the North and South Fork of Long Island the area known as the Hamptons is one of the most popular...
Looking for a summer getaway? Consider NY's North Fork and its vibrant foodie scene:
Three orcas on the north side of the Bainbridge Island ferry this afternoon. Closer than the pod I saw a couple of weeks ago.
Huta Bolon Simanindo Batak Museum on Samosir Island on Lake Toba in North Sumatra. Reminds me so much of the...
Best young butchers in the Lower North Island are ...
Beacon editor Kevin Higgins drove along the coast of Bonavista North and captured photos of these majestic structures
yeah until about 10,000 years ago it was not an island, more of an appendage to North France.
speaks to the class about her video on the North Brother Island.
I was raised on Long Island, don't talk to me like I'm from north philly 😷👋🏼
This dude just arrived safely in Comoros today, an island north of Madagascar where he will be…
style "Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK" - Lyanna Mormont to Stannis
MusTrav: June 11 Grand Island Nebraska: *** to be me today I got up in the middle of the night to use the ba...
PHOTO: The campground at Goldstream Provincial Park, just north of Victoria. I Love Vancouver Island. Credit: Pam...
Still not done that yet.. I wen't to explore the far north of the Island, worth a look..
Not the lower North Island, thanks. she's Auckland's jewel.
From the North to the South, Ebudau unto Khartoum . From the deep sea of clouds to the island of the Moon
Lake Taupo is slap bang in the middle of the North Island with a vast diverse landscape and a...
Three Silver Ferns tests, all in the North Island. New Zealand's sporting apartheid continues
Best place to collect the on North Island @ Beaver Lake
go to the gas lamp quarter, North Island, Capilano suspension bridge and check out Vancouver Island if you get the chance!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sexuality Education Guide - PLD on offer for secondary and primary in the South Island and the lower North Island:
it is A Pohutukawa tree native to NZ and prolific on the Coasts Of the North Island .It flowers Around Christmas
yes - in thick winter. Of course the upper North Island where I am doesn't get very cold.
Jet that ran off runway at North Island a Navy T-45C jet assigned to Training Squadron 9 from Meridian, Miss.
BREAKING | An aircraft has gone into San Diego Bay at North Island: No word on whether anyone is injured.
We are having on NAS North Island on Coronado California our first authorized LGBT Pride on June 30 to coincide...
SAAPM event... SAPR 5K at North Island... good run this morning... @ NAS North Island, CA
I 💜 living in the best city in the world! @ NAS North Island,Coronado-Breakers…
Ollie after U18 RNZ North v South Island doubles with Elliott Jenkins. They won as did North Island over all
Ollie after U18 North Island Doubles with Elliott Jenkins. They won and North Island won.
The Unicorn Foundation NZ team is cycling the length of the North Island (NZ). Dr Malcolm Legget is a NET cancer... http:…
New Zealand bracing in Cyclone Pam's wake: New Zealand's North Island is ... -
Is exploring the top of the North Island on your bucket list? While it's still warm, grab a Lucky Rentals...
Congrats to North Island chief financial officer, David Stewart - CFO of the Year in the 2015 CFO Awards.
Terry Rogers and WUDU soundo - Glen Hall stumble on a treasure of the North Island of New Zealand on their way to...   10% Off
I will arrive at 24 The Warehouse Way, Northcote (Auckland District, North Island) at 7:25 (local time)
We have a strong Métis community on the North Island. Justin Trudeau on Louis Riel Day
Road Trip Day 39: Masterton to Napier. Back to the rolling hills of the North Island & Art Deco…
Happy New Year everyone, I hope you managed to get some time off and enjoy the beautiful weather. I enjoyed an awesome break with whanau in the North Island. The start of a new year is always a good opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months and acknowledge your successes. Then put a plan in place for the goals you wish to achieve over the next 12 months. Is your health and wellbeing one of them? If so, what actions have you taken so far this year to improve your health and wellbeing. Yes I know it has only been a few weeks.why wait, your health is important!! Quite often we make new year resolutions that include health and well being goals. Resolution = purpose, determination, you have a purpose, have your goal written down, know exactly what you want to achieve and just require a little motivation to help you get there and keep that determination alive? I have been fortunate to meet many new people this year who I enjoy spending time with, motivating and helping them achieve their goa ...
Napier,a very peaceful town in east coast of North Island,You could find lots of old fashion architectures in the centre areas,I'm interested in some vintage shops here~
Cape Kidnappers, hook of North Island. Significant part of its Maori history. Plus a large Gannet colony.
Police say all 13 people aboard the plane survived after it appeared to stall and crashed into Lake Taupo on the North Island
I've decided that if I had to live anywhere else in the North Island, it would be Mount Maunganui. Maybe I'll get job hunting. …
Road Trip Day 15: Te Papa Museum, Weta film studio and crossing from the North Island to the South…
with the weekend gone meeting being cancelled and we decided not to go to palmy (before it got canned) we have a lot going on this week with the car, with a bit of steel worked needing to be done. have a clutch issue that we have hopefully sorted and just general maintenance to be done. this weekend we are heading to Rotorua for the North Island champs. but we also have a run in wellington on boxing day to make sure the car is dialed in. see you all track side and hope everyone has a good Christmas :D
A man looking at Google Earth photos spots a sea creature in Oke Bay in the northern part of North Island, New Zealand.
The Cook Strait and Cape Terawhiti in the lower North Island viewed from Mt. Vernon, Marlborough on Thursday evening
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To mark World Polio Day, Edith Morris, former president of Polio NZ Inc, travelled to the central North Island town of Matamata (aka Hobbiton). She shared her polio experiences at the local Rotary Club dinner on October 21, and encouraged them in the continued global eradication of polio.
can we get the whole North Island supporting our UFB comp
Update your maps at Navteq
Gisborne is last North Island town in Gigatown comp we have great vision and drive to win can we talk to you? for ufb
Hi Shrikes, I hope this finds you guys well. The Blue Angels dedicated their show to LT Nathan Poloski today at Miramar. His mother was there. I'm a helo bubba at North Island (HSC-14) and was taking photos during the show. At one point I thought I saw a familiar shape, so I snapped a photo. When I got home, I saw the attached photo. It's a pretty cool unintended addition to their tribute to Nate and the Shrikes. I thought you guys would like it. -Tyler
the quake shook the North Island like a Wayne Barnes refereeing decision
do you get a chance to see the whole country? South Island is prettier than the North Island 😉👍
Heavy rain and severe gales are set to pummel the South Island and parts of the North Island today
Maui's dolphin or popoto (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) is the world's rarest and smallest known subspecies of dolphin.[1] They are a subspecies of the Hector's dolphin. Maui's dolphin are only found off the west coast of New Zealand's North Island. Hector's and Maui's are New Zealand's only endemic…
Deep breath, here goes... I’m going to run the length of New Zealand. There. I said it. On the 15th of January 2015 I’ll set out from Cape Reinga, the very northernmost tip of the North Island and ...
The 17th Annual Coronado Speed Festival will be held at the Naval Air Station on North Island - Coronado,...
Thunderstorms are possible over Northland and Auckland on Friday and over area between Auckland and Wellington west of Taupo to Napier on Saturday as a low from the Tasman Sea moves closer and closes in on the North Island. the main risks will be heavy rainfall and damaging winds with a higher risk of hail on Saturday. Storms should move in a general Southerly direction. Yellow storms possible orange storms likely image from BSCH (Squid)
Gales cut power, snow closes roads in North Island: Gales knocked power out to around 1,000 homes in west...
Eastern Rosella The eastern rosella is a rosella native to southeast of the Australian continent and to Tasmania. It has been introduced to New Zealand where feral populations are found in the North Island and in the hills around Dunedin in the South Island.
So my new vehicle officially has good karma. This morning when I was at Starbucks a lady approached me asking where a cricket store was in Bolingbrook off of 53. (Mind you, we were at the Promenade about 3 miles from where she was looking to go.) she thought it was close enough that she could walk until I told her how far away it was. So the BMW got its first passenger that was taken to a cricket store 3 miles from where she was going to walk from. Not exactly a hitchhiker but good, karma nonetheless. Funny enough she grew up in Bolingbrook but was from San Diego so we had lots to talk about in regards to the Navy/North Island. May the car gods keep my car safe and me safe in it!!
These are the veins of your city that I saw from space. North Island with shining bright.
Feeling blue? This could explain it the centre of the North Island is feeling blue too.
Ready to super size your "Beach Mode" destination? The world’s longest beaches are in Brazil and Texas. Praia do Cassino stretches from the southern Brazilian city of Rio Grande to the border with Uruguay, some 1,581 miles (2,545km) or about as far as London to Moscow. Padre Island is the second largest island in the US (after Long Island) and is essentially a sandbar, 1 13 miles (182km) long, off the southern Texan coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Ninety Mile Beach in the North Island of New Zealand turns out to be only 55 miles (88km) long. See "Cast Away" on July 24 at 6:30 PM in Central's Auditorium (1301 Olive Street) at Central Library Cinema Presents: "Beach Mode".
It is different listening to in the North Island. Feels like a local station reporting foreign news from the South Island.
3DSD draw the incredible designs on a beach on North Island, New Zealand.
Good Morning from Navy Town, San Diego, it is going to be an awesome day. The USS Carl Vinson CVN 70 is docked at North Island and I am going to see if I can get me a real blue shirt later today. Hope they let me on base ;-). Going to get ready to go play golf at Camp Pendleton Marine Core Golf Course. If I can get on base using my VA service connected card to get on this Marine base, North Island should be OK. This is a super duper golfing trip, plus enjoying the USA Police & Fire Games, which we sponsor. I won a Bronze medal for power lifting 198 lbs in 2005, in the over the 55 age group. Oh yea I have done many things in my life. Got me another challenge coin too, woot woot :-)
Sir Peter Jackson is involved in plans for a life-size WWI battlefield in the central North Island.
The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : June 22, 1964 (Monday) Town Hall, Cuba St. Wellington, North Island, New Zealand Four shows in Wellington, two per night, at the 2500 seat Town Hall, kicked off the Beatle's seven day visit to New Zealand, to where they had flown from Sydney on the 21st. His cords recovered from tonsillitis, Ringo resumed his one-vocal-per-concert quota with "Boys" at the first of these Wellington shows, returning the Beatle's performing repertoire to 11 songs. Meanwhile, George Martin, balance engineer Norman Smith and second engineer/tape op Geoff Emerick spent an exhaustive day undertaking mono and stero mixes of Beatles recordings. The Beatles Complete Chronicle - ML
Press Release - Update Contact - Jon Froomin (619) 522-7355 Two adult males, an adult female and a male juvenile were taken into custody today by Coronado Police for auto theft and conspiracy to commit auto theft. At about 1:20 this afternoon, the main gate to NAS North Island was shut down for about 2 hours, when the driver of a stolen pickup truck abandoned the truck at the main gate and fled east toward Orange Ave. Coronado officers located the suspects in area of 3rd St. and Orange Ave. and took them into custody. Once the abandoned truck was deemed safe, the main gate was reopened. The pickup was later reported stolen from the area of Mullinix Dr. in Coronado. The adult suspects arrested were: Jesus Alfoso HOLGUIN age 29, San Diego resident Josie Evelyn HOLGUIN age 29, San Diego resident Victor JUAREZ age 22, San Diego resident The Regional Auto Theft Task Force is responsible for large scale and multi-jurisdictional auto theft investigations. Due to the nature of this case, it was turned over to th ...
Anyone else leaving North Island see the white car at gunpoint on Orange Ave?
ISS040-E-007078 (3 June 2014) --- One of the Expedition 40 crew members aboard the International Space Station recorded this still image of much of New Zealand on June 3, 2014. Clouds cover the Tasman Sea at top. South Island is at left and North Island, at right. The orbital outpost was approximate…
from with repostapp. ---. We can see why North Island is such a popular…
Awesome and super successful test day today down in Ruapuna in the Formula Ford. I'm just about to leave back to the North Island so more pics and videos up later !! So much fun. Awesome!
Music video for the track 'Phantasm' from Flying Lotus' album 'Until the quiet comes'. --- Filmed over 2 days on Desert Rd, North Island of New Zealand. 2 characters…
This will be a great event, two of many happening globally that day. South Island ride Hosted by Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club, Nelson Marlborough West Coast Chapter. Details below. Hauraki Chapter are hosting the North Island ride, meet at Mt Maunganui RSA at 10.45, depart 11.00.
Forecast says its 7°c but "feels like 4°c". You'd be forgiven for thinking this wasn't a coastal North Island city.
USS Midway : museum ship in sunny San Diego. Great place to visit with views over airport and NAS North Island
Want to know about New Zealand -New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses – that of the North Island , or Te Ika-a-Māui , and the South Island , or Te Waipounamu – and numerous smaller islands. New Zealand is situated some 1,500 kilometres (900 mi) east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and roughly 1,000 kilometres (600 mi) south of the Pacific island areas of New Caledonia , Fiji, and Tonga. Because of its remoteness, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans. During its long isolation, New Zealand developed a distinctive biodiversity of animal, fungal and plant life; most notable are the large number of unique bird species . The country's varied topography and its sharp mountain peaks owe much to the tectonic uplift of land and volcanic eruptions.
29 second vacation, take a break and imagine you're here.the beach on North Island
On Tuesday, May 13th my shipmate and fellow VA-38 Squadron mate, lost his final battle with cancer. AW1 Tom Bell has departed. Tom and I served in VS-38 and on the USS Ticonderoga back during the Vietnam War in 1971-72. Tom is survived by his wife, Patsy and his three sons. Two of his sons are Naval Officers. Tom Jr. Is a Helicopter Pilot in HSM-75 Wolfpack, stationed at NAS North Island, we're Tom and I were stationed. GODSPEED TOM BELL Sr. RIP
USS Nimitz (CVN - 68) coming into port at Naval Air Station, North Island in San Diego.
08/05/2014 - Auckland - North Island - New Zealand 'A primary school in the Auckland suburb of Herne Bay has been closed due to health and safety concerns' Rod Smith
Yup Hoover's! *** use to fly over my house in San Diego on there way to NAS North Island, LOL, WOOP WOOP!!!
The United States Navy Assault Craft Unit FIVE, Navy Southwest Region, United States Marines 7th Engineer Battalion on Camp Pendleton, and 578th Engineer Battalion of the California National Guard, conduct an interagency Defense Support of Civil Authorities (or DSCA) training event to improve planning and coordination with regional Emergency management organizations. DSCA plans are improved through interaction with regional partners and their collective capabilities to support the federal, state, and local governments, in case of disaster relief. The Navy’s Assault Craft Unit 5 transported the California National Guard 578th Engineer Battalion along with firefighters from Federal Fire San Diego on North Island from Camp Pendleton to the landing on Coronado’s Silver strand. The ACU-5 transported tactical emergency vehicles along with a fire truck and is capable of carrying a 60-75 ton payload. The Assault Craft Unit 5 is one of the United States Navy Amphibious Assault Teams and is headquartered at Cam ...
Many thanks to Johann van Reenen and his family for providing a bed & a lively family environment for a few days (+ a taxi service & help with the aircraft maintenance :-) ). I left North Shore airfield just after noon today, initially for a short hop over to Great Barrier Island airport - for lunch :-) Then I continued down the eastern coast to Tauranga, then across the North Island to Wanganui, before continuing south along the western coast to Paraparaumu. Smooth flight, nice scenery, no problems of any kind - and after a cuppa with some of the aeroclub students & instructors, the Chief Flying Instructor gave me a lift to a nearby hotel, including a quick round-the-block deviation to point out nearby restaurants. A perfect day!
Looking for that TROPICAL EDEN? North Island in the Seychelles is a place of barefoot luxury for those seeking an unspoiled spectacular tropical retreat. North Island is located within the inner islands that make up the Seychelles and has been largely uninhabited. Taken over by new owners it has employed a ‘Noah’s Ark’ concept, helping critically endangered animals and wildlife by reintroducing and rehabilitating them. But it is a sanctuary not just for the wildlife; guests here are spoiled with extraordinary natural beauty, bright white beaches, warm azure waters and a tropical forest of coconut palms and takamaka trees. The lodge itself is enormous, sprawling over different levels and working with its environment to create unique shapes and structures. Guests are secluded in complete privacy in self-contained villas spread out and handcrafted from local woods, glass and stone. Villas each have a private plunge pool and the views are spectacular over the islands beaches and mountains. This truly is ...
Going to N.Z. will be a once in a life time holiday. Doing the ferry crossing from the North Island to the South and driving a camper van to all the best sights. (Waitomo Caves, Glow worm caves).White water rafting through a mountain!! To Blennim ( Wine country ) onto West Port and Pancake Rocks Maybe even duck hunting. Brrr time to break out the winter gear binnies scarfs and gloves. Might even see some snow. Can't wait am excited to spend two full weeks having fun with a special person. Stay safe and see you all when I get back.
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